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FroMasterIs there a JeOS 64-bit or only 32-bit at the moment?00:28
stephen|sflcdoes the resolve.conf need to be the local IP address.. or the external IP address?02:06
kgoetzstephen|sflc: it has to be the nameservers ip02:10
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SteckelBudbroken apache mod_rewrites- I installed apache on install, then added rewrites, but still doesn't work with drupal--any hints?03:11
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hadsmod_rewrite can do logging, that's useful to see what's wrong.03:16
kgoetz!greet Poweruser04:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about greet poweruser04:09
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-server!04:09
Poweruserthanks :)04:25
Poweruserneed some slapd help :)04:25
kgoetzah oh :o04:25
Powerusersorry starting to get used to empty IRC channels04:25
Powerusercan u ghelp me ?04:25
Poweruserkgoetz, can u?04:26
kgoetzPoweruser: ask your question - if someone can help, they will04:28
Poweruserneed somhe help getting a basic slapd and samba conf going04:28
kgoetzpretty sure wiki.samba.org has info on that04:30
kaushalwhen i do W: A error occurred during the signature verification.05:20
kaushalwhen i do aptitute update05:21
ropetinDo you have any non-standard sources in your apt sources?05:24
ropetinOR not05:24
kaushalwhen i do apt-get update05:31
kaushali get05:31
kaushalW: A error occurred during the signature verification.05:31
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mdzI noticed on a test install that the landscape-sysinfo status doesn't get displayed on first login, presumably because the cron job hasn't run yet09:53
mdzlikely not a problem, but it was noticeable09:54
danielm_mcanyone in here?10:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #276292 in linux-meta (main) "Metapackages for virtual flavour are missing" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27629210:26
goukiHi. How can I list all locked accounts? I don't see any changes in /etc/passwd to grep it.10:33
ivoksthere are changes10:34
ivoksin /etc/shadow10:34
goukiI'm also getting login incorrect when trying to login with a locked account. Is there any way of changing the output given?10:34
goukiivoks: Thank you. I'll check it.10:34
ivoksthere's '!' in front of the password10:34
goukiivoks: I see. So when locking a user, we're actually just 'changing the password'.10:35
ivokslocking account is actually changing password to something that won't work :)10:35
gouki:) Got it! :) So I believe that second question is no. There isn't a way to change the output when a locked user tries to login.10:35
ivokswell, it's open source :)10:36
goukiWithout changing pam, or something similar :)10:36
ivoksnothing is impossible10:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #277053 in openldap (main) "appamor prevents slapd.d to write cn=config" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27705311:06
Kamping_Kaiserthat bug looks familar12:16
sommeryay  http://www.linux.com/feature/14862913:55
bosky101 hi , would be gr8 if u threw some light upon a thought of partcular interest14:40
bosky101im just moving from a single node setup to a multi-node one. how do u implement session mgmt14:41
bosky101point user to the same node (persistent load-balancing) / no state (just urls/rewrites) / some mixture of state shared across a db ... ?14:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #277103 in freeradius (universe) "[intrepid] freeradius modules are missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27710314:51
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mathiazkirkland: hello mister RAID ! :D15:31
mathiazkirkland: I did some more testing yesterday with raid0 and raid5.15:31
mathiazkirkland: I've put raid0 and raid5 on / (with /boot on the same partition) and the system got stuck at grub loading15:32
mathiazkirkland: which makes sense since grub doesn't support booting from RAID0 or RAID5 AFAICT15:32
mathiazkirkland: however the installer didn't emit a warning15:33
mathiazkirkland: or grub-install didn't fail15:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #277120 in openssh (main) "openssh-server init script contains irrelevant --pidfile argument to start-stop-daemon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27712015:41
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cyris|any idea why I'm getting this packages kept back ? bind9-host dnsutils libbind9-30 libisccfg30 linux-image-server linux-server16:07
shamejust discovered /etc/crontab had been modified on 7/21 and apparently hasn't been used since, but I don't see anything in logs and it looks fine http://pastie.org/28364116:23
shameanyone have an idea what to look for ?16:24
shamethe cron.daily etc scripts have not run since 7/3116:25
shame7/21 I mean16:25
shamethe box has been rebooted since, too16:25
shameOct  2 10:33:14 tug cron[28304]: Error: bad username; while reading /etc/crontab16:35
shameoh jeez.. got it16:36
shameif anyone's curious, there was a piece of the /etc/crontab that was omitted from the pastie that emailed an admin account on @reboot, something like @reboot echo "$(hostname) rebooted $(date)" |mail foo@example.com -s "$(hostname) Rebooted"16:40
shamepopping a 'root' after @reboot fixed it16:40
brouschI can't find any info on tomcat5.5 in the server guide, help, or wiki. Are the docs as neglected as they seem, or am I missing something?16:53
ScottKsommer: ^^?16:56
sommerbrousch: here's a link to the development serverguide on tomcat6: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/tomcat.html17:15
sommerbrousch: not sure if that's what you're looking for though17:15
brouschsommer, that is what I'm looking for, but I can't find it by searching the web site. If you start at http://help.ubuntu.com and follow the Server Guide link, that version does not mention Tomcat17:19
brouschAlso, I don't see tomcat6 in the ubuntu 8.04 repos, I only see tomcat5.5. It looks like tomcat6 isn't coming until ubuntu 8.1017:23
mathiazbrousch: correct. tomcat6 will only be available in 8.1017:35
nxvlkirkland: ping17:37
kirklandnxvl: yo17:37
nxvlkirkland: did you already played with patch-tracker?17:37
kirklandnxvl: only the debian frontend17:38
kirklandnxvl: i have not looked at the code or tried to install it17:38
nxvlkirkland: so just as an user?17:38
kirklandnxvl: right17:38
kirklandnxvl: you wanna set up the server?17:38
nxvli've just cloned the git repo17:38
nxvland was about to give it a look17:38
toonewhi there - ne1 out there17:40
toonewhey hey17:41
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lastdaysHelp:Fresh JeOS,I need use pppoe with my xDSL,how to!18:26
sainzeohi all - I just installed Ubuntu Server into a virtual machine and am having problems with it as it doesn't seem to be accepting incoming connections - it can see the world and can ping others, but nothing can see it or ping it - any suggestions?20:05
brouschsainzeo, is it NATted?20:06
sainzeobrousch: i've tried using the Shared Networking option in Parallels as well as using the ethernet connection directly..20:07
brouschsainzeo, does it get a non-NAT IP address using either of those methods?20:08
sainzeoyeah - using the ethernet connection directly, I get a normal network IP address20:09
brouschI'm not really familiar with parallels, but could the OSX firewall also be applying itself to the VM?20:10
sainzeobrousch: i don't believe so as I had no problem with Ubuntu Server Gutsy....I am currently using Hardy though...20:10
[Solars]where is a good spot to put a multimedia directory within the directory hiarchy ... going to be used to store media by multiple users20:14
sainzeobrousch: does Hardy Server install some kind of firewall along with the LAMP installation or something?20:14
brouschsainzeo, not that i know of20:16
brouschwhat happens when you ping to the VM IP address?20:16
sainzeobrousch: times out :(20:17
brouschsainzeo, I have no other ideas. The symptoms point to a NAT/routing/firewall problem, and I don't see anything similar on Google searches. :)20:29
sainzeobrousch: yeah i know - i wasn't able to find much either...hmm...maybe i'll just put gutsy back on and see what happens - thanks for your time though!20:30
kirklandmathiaz: ping21:44
kirklandmathiaz: i have a new upload of mdadm in the works, fixing 2 significant bugs21:44
kirklandmathiaz: i could probably attach that debconf wording change onto here, if you want21:44
ivoksmathiaz: drbd thing ended up being more complicated than we tought - i'm working with TJ from kernel team on this one21:45
kirklandmathiaz: actually, i think we missed string freeze21:46
ScottKivoks: clamav with your apparmor change uploaded.  Thank you again.21:48
ScottKjdstrand: ^^21:48
ScottKBeta is released, so we're free to break stuff now, right?21:49
NafalloScottK: -> slangasek21:49
ivoksScottK: no problem at all21:49
slangasekno, you're not free to break me21:50
ScottKslangasek: You aren't stuff.21:50
ScottKMaybe that didn't come out like I intended then.21:51
* Nafallo laughs21:51
* NCommander just had a horrible idea involving breaking stuff, slangasek, and a cast21:51
* ScottK was thinking 'stuff' = non-living items.21:51
NCommanderScottK, well, its easy to make someone non-living21:51
* ScottK doesn't want to know.21:51
ScottKThen they can at least be stuffed.21:52
NCommander*things_to_be_broken = (stuff) slangasek;21:52
* NCommander runs21:52
NCommanderalthough if we accept that to be broken it must be stuff, and to be stuff, it must be non_living, then we need to a call to homicide()21:53
NCommanderI'm going to shutup now21:53
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[Solars]whats the best way to see what packages are installed on my server so i can systemactically go through each one and decide if i need it or not22:46
RediXeHow would I change a group ID to a custom #22:50
trashguy[Solars], dpkg -l22:55
[Solars]heh wow got lots of stuff installed22:57
trashguydkg -l | wc -l23:10
trashguyshow u how many pkgs are installed23:11
[Solars]i should start from scratch23:11
[Solars]if thats possible23:11
[Solars]have a bare bone system without any updates23:11
[Solars]then install what i want :P23:12
[Solars]else i just end up installing packages i don't ever use except for that one time23:12
[Solars]or have stuff hanging there from an old dependancy23:12
[Solars]1154 pkg23:13
[Solars]doesn't help that ihave X installed :)23:14
trashguy,y email server has23:14
trashguyrunning zimbra23:14
RediXedrwsrwsr-x     what is the s for?23:15
[Solars]i want minual stuff installed but at the same time kinda need gui for the wife23:15
trashguyfor a server?23:16
trashguyRediXe, im aussiming those are permissions23:16
RediXeyes for a directory ..23:17
trashguyo dunno what thsoe s are23:18
nxvlmathiaz: is there any easy/quick task in the RoadMap in need of attention23:18
mathiaznxvl: make sure 8.10 rocks !23:19
mathiaznxvl: done ?23:19
mathiaznxvl: awesome - thanks :D23:20
* nxvl is quick23:20
mathiaznxvl: what you could do is have a look at the ebox packages23:21
mathiaznxvl: https://launchpad.net/~ebox/+archive23:21
[Solars]how many packages does the server install does?23:22
mathiaznxvl: I've started to test them but then got stuck in testing for beta23:22
trashguy[Solars], 200ish23:22
mathiaznxvl: what's you could focus on is testing and reviewing the changes between the packages in hardy and intrepid23:22
trashguyim used to freebsd, all linux distros feel bloated even server versions ;)23:23
mathiaznxvl: we should try to get them updated before release - in order to do that we'll have to ask for FFe as this is a new upstream version.23:23
nxvlmathiaz: ok, wrote on my todo, i will take a look in a few minutes that i finish seting up my schroot23:23
mathiaznxvl: but as of now, the packages in intrepid don't work (because of the cn=config ldap change)23:24
nxvluhg, did you worked that with foolano already?23:24
mathiaznxvl: there are a couple of source packages that needs to need to have a FFe request prepared23:24
[Solars]trashguy last time i ever used a *nix was several years ago with FBSD23:24
nxvlmathiaz: is there a list of them?23:25
mathiaznxvl: the testing I did with the packages in the PPA are good23:25
mathiaznxvl: the packages in the PPA seem to work correclty.23:25
trashguy*nix ^^23:25
trashguyLook alike oses23:25
trashguyalthough freebsd is rooted a little more23:25
mathiaznxvl: now we have to do the work to get them uploaded to the archive.23:25
nxvlmathiaz: i'm looking for things like testing and writing FFe, since they are a lot and quick, so i can do it after my work hours23:26
trashguyi use ubuntu for my desktop and i recently had to install zimbra which doesnt run at all on freebsd23:26
[Solars]well i used slackware, redhat, debian, fbsd, and now ubuntu to name a few23:26
[Solars]what is zimbra?23:26
mathiaznxvl: awesome - ebox would fit perferctly then ;)23:26
nxvlmathiaz: yes, that works perfect for after work hours/dead times while waiting for a process to finish23:28
[Solars]which flavor of desktop enviroments is user friendly and not extremly bloated?23:32
trashguyZimbra is an exchange alternative23:51
trashguyI run gnome23:51
[Solars]i am going to reinstall ubuntu23:51
[Solars]this time starting from a server disk23:52
[Solars]then build up what i need23:52
trashguyi just install desktop23:53
trashguythen install server kernel23:54
uvirtbottrashguy: Error: "^" is not a valid command.23:54
[Solars]trashguy in any case i want a fresh start ...and its a good way to relearn the system building from the base up23:55
[Solars]that way i know whats installed etc23:55
trashguyproblem is23:55
trashguywhen yu do23:56
trashguyyou mind as well just installf ormt he cd23:56
[Solars]not sure if i want to do ubuntu-desktop yet or not23:57
[Solars]hard to say23:58
trashguythat sthe pkg the recommend23:59
trashguyif u want a gui23:59
trashguyand all your sound and stuff working23:59

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