henoslangasek: should the kubuntu desktop have fairly complete translations in Spanish?00:00
henoit's not showing up00:00
slangasekI don't know00:00
slangasekyou're talking post-install?00:00
slangasekheno: and using the 20081001 image?  (since it was a langpack bug that forced the reroll...)00:01
davmor272% come on00:03
henoslangasek: yep, the md5sum checks out00:04
henoit worked fine on the ubuntu install00:04
heno(in German)00:04
davmor2heno: re-ask Riddell00:06
henoRiddell:  should the kubuntu desktop have fairly complete translations in Spanish?00:06
Riddellheno: I believe all translations are mostly incomplete00:07
Riddellrosetta didn't import kde languages for no apparant reason and language packs havn't been uploaded since that was supposedly fixed00:07
henoRiddell: ok, what package should I check for to see if it has at least installed correctly in theory?00:07
Riddellmore worryingly is if you start up a new user kde doesn't pick up the system locale, I need to look into that00:08
davmor2Right bed I'll pick up again tomorrow night00:14
henoRiddell, slangasek: it was not installed00:26
slangasekthat's... very strange00:28
henono -es packs were installed AFAICS on kubuntu00:29
henoswapping them now: german kubuntu and spanish ubuntu00:31
Riddellheno: did you have internet access during the install?00:35
henoRiddell: I didn't check specifically, but I assume so. The spanish lang packs are on the ubuntu CD, are they on kubuntu?00:39
henoI used direct ubiquity install, not Live CD mode00:40
Riddellheno: they are not00:40
Riddellfrench and german only on the kubuntu CD now00:40
henoah, ok00:41
henoI'm doing a german kubuntu install now00:41
henowe'll see if that's better00:41
henoit should still have pulled it from the net though I guess00:42
henoI assume the installer logs can tell me if I had net access00:42
henoah, there are some German translations in kde now and Spanish in Ubuntu00:55
henovery incomplete but installed00:55
henoRiddell, slangasek ^00:57
Riddellheno: did you have to tell KDE to switch to german or did it pick up the system language?00:57
henoRiddell: it just worked00:57
henoKonq has some german bits00:58
henoI should do a Spanish install with confirmed network for completeness00:59
sbeattieI just saw language-pack-kde-pt-base get set up in my kubuntu live session install.01:04
sbeattie(portugese language selection, of course)01:05
henosbeattie: that was running it from a Live session (not direct install)?01:07
sbeattieyes, not a direct install, but installation from within a live session.01:08
sbeattiehmm, despite that, the menus post-install don't seem to be translated01:15
sbeattiemy shell is definitely got LANG=pt_PT set, though. Wish I knew portugese at all. :-)01:17
sbeattieI've got the following installed:01:18
sbeattie                                     01:18
sbeattie                                                                                                          01:18
sbeattieI'd really like to codify/track how to submit patches to individual01:18
sbeattieupstreams.  I mentioned this[1] on ubuntu-devel today, and I think it01:18
sbeattiecould be valuable to collect and create language for each policy a given01:18
sbeattieupstream uses.  On top of that, tracking key people to poke to get01:18
sbeattiemotion on patches would be nice too for the cases were a patch stagnates01:18
sbeattieeven though all the "rules" were followed.01:18
sbeattie                                                                                                          01:18
sbeattieThe OSS Security community started something kind of similar[2],01:18
sbeattiebut it's not even close to being useful for doing contribution work.01:18
sbeattieI'd prefer to link our information to packages, much like the Vcs tags01:19
sbeattiewere done, but I think we'd be limited by the scope of what we could01:19
sbeattiedescribe (e.g. "needs test case" (wine), "needs documentation" (lkml proc01:19
sbeattiechanges), "must be patch against HEAD" (lots), "specific coding style"01:19
sbeattie(lkml, samba, ...) etc).01:19
sbeattie                                                                                                          01:19
sbeattie                                                                                                          01:19
sbeattie[1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2008-October/026635.html01:19
sbeattieack, thpppt01:19
sbeattieTrying again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53024/01:20
sbeattieanyway, I've got to run. Back later to poke at dvds.01:21
henosbeattie: looks like the install worked ok01:21
henojust that the lang packs are mostly empty01:21
henoHi TheMuso! It'd be great if you could help with some install tests today as well. We've respun desktop CDs and are running a bit tight on time.01:26
henothere are various alternate and upgrade tests in need of love too01:26
slangasekheno, sbeattie: so, not yet confirmed that we have a problem with es kubuntu?01:30
TheMusoheno: Will do.01:30
henoslangasek: I'm watching it install successfully now01:30
henoslangasek: the difference is it's now a Live session + install vs. a direct install before01:31
henoit's not on the CD and I may not have had network01:31
henoI guess that would be a different bug ...01:33
henoslangasek: confirmed that the Spanish installation worked this time01:44
henothat was i386 - I'll try amd64 as well later01:44
RiddellNobody expects... the Spanish installation!01:44
slangasekheno: ok, thanks01:47
slangasekubuntu dvd is up, 2008100201:48
slangasekwhat needs the most attention now?  Looks like there are no test results for xubuntu desktop yet; is anyone working on those already?01:50
henoslangasek: cody-somerville said he was01:51
slangasekah, did he?  I only saw him say "\o/"01:52
henoin a different conversation01:52
henoin a galaxy far away01:52
TheMusoI can help test xubuntu if desired, and I see one test for amd64 desktop that needs to be completed.01:53
* heno wanders off to sleep (really this time)01:53
slangasekTheMuso: upgrade testing will also need some attention, if you have resources for that01:54
slangasek(I don't, at present)01:54
TheMusoslangasek: Sure. I could never quite work out how to drive update-manager in that instance, but I'll get a VM set up with hardy to test an upgrade.01:55
slangasekand the ubuntu DVD livefs build clocked in at 1.5h to build, plus another 20 minutes to build the ISO; I would advise Europe not to wait for kubuntu dvd before getting some sleep, since we have at least an hour to go :-)02:00
slangasek(though we probably lost Europe already anyway? :)02:01
RiddellEurope still hanging on here02:42
slangasekis that wise? :)02:43
Riddellwell, I got into reading the new Terry Pratchett book during installs today, and I've not got to the end yet02:44
slangasekheh :-)02:49
slangasekkubuntu DVD posted03:51
slangasekwhoever finds the next beta showstopper bug gets scolded for not finding it yesterday >:)03:52
Riddellheno or someone, please test kubuntu dvd amd64 live, it didn't work for me, hopefully just a bad burn04:38
Riddellotherwise Kubuntu is all good for beta05:07
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aramorning all :-)07:42
davmor2Hello everybody08:32
davmor2slangasek: all the images up now?08:32
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* ara goes offline for some minutes to test xubuntu live cd in her own laptop09:03
* heno starts on Ubuntu 386 DVD09:10
* davmor2 will blitz through Xubuntu 64bit09:10
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 386 in baz "change to removed files does not conflict" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38609:10
* davmor2 re-installs windows for wubi testing09:13
henoRiddell: what problem did you have on the kubuntu amd64 dvd Live? Here I'm getting a mangled display09:26
henowill try safe graphics mode09:26
henocould be a vbox issue perhaps, I'll try it later on real HW09:29
henoif anyone else has kubuntu amd64 dvd handy, please try a boot09:29
heno(safe graphics mode also failed)09:30
davmor2ara: are you able to drop an audio cd into the xub box?09:33
ara_davmor2: i haven't tested that, sorry09:34
davmor2heno: I'll try it on hw after09:36
* davmor2 takes the rest of wubi again09:40
* ara confirms that she hates pulseaudio10:24
mvoheh :)10:29
davmor2ara: why?10:34
araI updated yesterday my laptod (running intrepid) and the sound didn't work afterwards for: skype, lastfm, and flash videos10:34
araI have spent 2h this morning trying to get that back up10:35
arasolution: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio; sudo apt-get install esound10:35
araand everything back to normal10:35
davmor2ara: there is a lastfm plugin in rhythmbox10:35
* heno ticks off some Ubuntu dvd 64bit tests10:38
davmor2heno: do you want all the wubi tests testing on xp and vista again or will just xp do (same for m-a)10:39
henodavmor2: just xp is fine10:40
* liw wakes up10:40
henowubi itself should not have changed, though I guess a new livefs could impact wubi (but not the part that runs in Windows)10:41
sbeattieara: are you running i386 or amd64?10:46
arasbeattie: i38610:46
sbeattieah, hunh. dunno then. :-)10:47
davmor2ara: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4526648&postcount=9 and 1010:50
liwrsync has finished -- is there anything in particular that would be good to test?10:51
davmor2but you are ofcourse right pulse was meant to make this all easier not harder :)10:51
aradavmor2: "However, this breaks Adobe Flash 9 completely. Choose what you need..."10:51
araremoving pulseaudio and installing esound did solve the issue10:52
liwthere's four upgrade tests that haven't even been started -- I'll start on the ubuntu server amd64 one10:53
henoI'm doing the edubuntu 64 bit upgrade10:54
araI am doing edubuntu i38611:05
* ara steps out to buy some more blank cds11:08
davmor2ara: Wow I'm jealous I have to walk all the way up town to buy cd's and you have a cd shop outside of you door :)11:12
henodid anyone manage to boot the amd64 kubuntu dvd live session?11:14
henoin virtualbox it's borked11:14
* heno grabs a dvd to burn it11:15
davmor2heno: I'm on the last xubuntu install and then I'll do it about 10 minutes11:15
* liw recommends dvd-rw's (+rw's?)11:17
henothanks. checking the image integrity now11:17
davmor2liw +rw is better don't need to do a full format each time :)11:18
aradavmor2: nice thing being in the city centre :-)11:25
davmor2ara: to be fair I'm only about a 5 minute walk :)11:26
henothe physical kubuntu dvd 64bit starts fine11:29
henointegrity check was fine too11:29
davmor2heno: have you run memtest from the cd's at all11:30
henoRiddell: was your boot failure in a VM as well?11:30
henodavmor2: no11:30
henodavmor2: to test the memtest functionality you mean?11:31
davmor2yes it was failing before I'll try in a second11:31
liwsome days things don't go my way... read a blog entry in liferea, liferea crashes; restart liferea, decide to comment on said blog entry, open it up in a browser, click "post comment", click "openid", browser crashes; repeat, browser crashes again; switch to another browser, comment successfully; then add link to that entry's comments to liferea, liferea crashes _again_ *sigh*11:33
liwgood thing the upgrade test is going well :)11:34
davmor2Yay memtest works :)11:37
davmor2sbeattie: memtest seems to be working now :)11:38
* liw takes on xubuntu amd64 upgrade11:38
davmor2burning dvd11:39
sbeattiedavmor2: yay! AFAIK, we papered over the actual compiler problem...11:41
* davmor2 hopes that's all the wubi and m-a tests done now11:46
* heno does edubuntu i386 upgrade11:48
* davmor2 tests kub dvd11:51
araheno: I am doing that now, you can go for another one11:54
henoara: ah, ok cool11:55
* davmor2 has a look to see what is left11:55
liwis anyone doing edubuntu amd64 upgrade?11:56
araI think heno did11:56
henoliw: I'm just starting it actually - I needed to stop for a bit to do a physical test on that box11:57
liwthen all the completely untested ones are in progress11:57
henoI'll convert the 386 edu upgrade test to a larger overloaded upgrade test11:58
henotaking advantage of he morning bandwidth :)11:58
davmor2heno: I been thinking about that too.  Are the images built on one machine and then upload to the local machines?  If so that could explain crap bandwidth issues why the re-rolls are being done11:59
* davmor2 takes Ubuntu amd64 alt12:05
aramy i386 edu upgrade test is upgrading 1228 packages :-)12:10
* heno waits to see his upgrade package count12:19
henoonly 994 packages :)12:20
Riddellheno: my test was on real hardware12:24
henook, well that worked here anyway12:24
davmor2I just noticed I missed ticking of auto resize on xubuntu alt from yesterday D'oh12:28
davmor2build list is looking happier now \0/12:29
* persia starts the download for the Ubuntu DVD amd64 Install (debian-installer) test12:33
davmor2heno: we at the passing stage yet or does it all need to be green :)12:44
henodavmor2: I think we are into bonus territory :)12:45
davmor2God the dvd install is slow :(12:50
persiadavmor2: Which case are you doing?  I'll switch (when the download completes) to get more coverage.12:55
* ara -> lunch12:55
davmor2ubuntu alt 64 and kubuntu dvd 6412:55
davmor2persia ^12:56
persiadavmor2: OK.  I was planning Ubuntu DVD (d-i), so no conflict :)12:56
davmor2cool :)12:56
stgraberanyone doing ubuntu alternate amd64 - ltsp ?13:11
stgraberotherwise I'll do it as soon as I'm out of meeting (2 hours)13:12
davmor2stgraber: I'll gladly leave that one to you sir13:33
liwhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/DesktopUpgrade and other pages say to run "sudo update-manager -d -c", the "sudo" is unnecessary, does someone have the ability to do a search/replace?13:34
stgraberdavmor2: ok, starting it now, it'll install during my meeting :)13:35
davmor2liw: why is sudo unnecessary it a key root function surely?13:36
liwdavmor2, mvo can explain it better, but I assume it is because update-manager switches to root when necessary itself (policykit?)13:37
davmor2liw: ah right yes for hardy it might but for older version it doesn't13:38
liwmvo, is that true?13:39
mvoI can't remember when, but hardy for sure has support to run update-manager as user. it will prompt for a password when it needs it13:41
mvothe regular update-manager we run as user too13:41
mvo(still uses gksu thought, not policykit)13:41
davmor2modified let me know if you see it anywhere else :)13:44
sbcis alpha 6 the latest 8.10 image? If so, when is the next image comming out?13:58
davmor2some time soon13:59
sbcdavmor2:  Is that before or after Friday (tomorrow) ?14:00
davmor2pass it depend when the RM says it's a go14:00
sbcok, ill wait a bit then. Thank you.14:01
araI updated bug 276657 with the xubuntu results. it does not look too good :-(14:07
liwI don't seem to have an Examples folder in my Xubuntu home/desktop, where should it be?14:07
charlie-tcaliw: Xubuntu does not include the Examples folder14:09
liwright, so I can't follow the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/DesktopUpgrade script14:10
davmor2liw: It's a general doc rather than specific the specific ones are at the bottom of the screen :)14:13
liwdavmor2, yeah, but it's confusing for a test monkey like me to have to think14:14
* davmor2 slaps liw to see if it helps ;)14:14
* liw eats a bananana14:14
* heno afk14:14
liwok, the xubuntu amd64 upgrade test is finally done14:15
luca__hi everyone14:15
luca__could someone please help me set up an Intrepid live usb?14:15
davmor2liw: to be honest that is a older doc the new ones are being created on our own wiki and will be correct :)14:16
araedubuntu i386 upgrade went ok as well (> 1000 packages)14:17
davmor2kub dvd 64bit complete \o/14:22
davmor2with stgraber doing ltsp on ubuntu 64bit alt and me doing expert now that's complete too14:23
* davmor2 I'm going to start hitting the remaining kubuntu alt tests14:24
liwanyone working on Ubuntu Alternate amd64 expert?14:26
davmor2liw me now14:26
liwah yes14:26
liwUbuntu DVD amd64 seems to have a couple missing tests, I'll tackle those14:27
persialiw: I'm *almost* done with the download for the (debian-installer) test, if you wouldn't mind hitting the other one first.14:31
liwpersia, I'm doing both in parallel, but don't let that stop you :)14:31
* persia wants liw's HW14:31
liwkvm is luverly :)14:32
liwkvm + several gigs of memory is especially luverly14:32
davmor2meh I do things in parallel all the time I have 2 machines for testing though14:32
persiaI tend to get massive I/O swapping when I use more than 1 KVM session, so I think the several gigs of memory is the missing bit :)14:32
liwpersia, yeah, I warmly recommend maxing out your memory slots14:33
persiaUnfortunately, that's done: all my KVM-capable hardware is in form factors with limited slots :(14:34
liwI sympathise14:34
davmor2guys we might have re-spins on all the Xubuntu cd's14:42
slangasekheno: "bonus territory" - you don't want full matrix coverage for beta?14:43
liwdavmor2, if it helps, I can probably do several of those tests14:44
liwdavmor2, assuming testing under kvm helps14:44
davmor2liw: pass just waiting to find out if we are or not.14:45
davmor2slangasek: how long till noon your time?14:45
liwit should abe 06:46 where he is, so about five hours until his noon14:46
henoslangasek: I do, but there are some tests like expert and rescue that I'm not too worried about covering everywhere. When we are low on time we should hit the highest impact cases first14:47
henostgraber: it's not possible to remove certain cases from certain ISOs, right?14:47
slangasekdavmor2: I never said I was targeting noon my time, for the record :)14:54
davmor2I saw on #u-dev :)14:55
slangasekheno: ok, that's fair.  What else are people still working on testing?14:55
davmor2ubuntu 64 expert and kub alt 32 resize14:56
henoit was noon UK time AFAIR :)14:56
davmor2well that's gone :(14:56
davmor2right be back in half hourish14:58
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persiaI'm not done with my list, but if there's sufficient coverage, I can add the results later.14:58
persia(unless there are new dailies being pushed at the moment of the beta release)14:59
slangasekpersia: what's on your list?15:00
liwouch, pressing alt-f4 to get to the virtual machine's virtual console 4 was not a good idea when the focus wasn't grabbed by the window15:00
slangasek(no, I won't push new dailies today)15:00
persiaUbuntu 64bit DVD Debian-installer, some more Ubuntu Studio coverage, and looking for missing cases.15:01
liwpersia, if you're doing the ubuntu dvd 64-bit d-i one, I might just as well not re-start it... since that's the one I managed to accidentally kill just now15:02
persiaheh.  What luck :)15:02
liwoh, henrik already did that :)15:03
liwthere's not a lot of cases left, and I think everything has someone working on them, am I right?15:04
persiaWho has Ubuntu amd64 alternate LTSP ?15:09
liwpersia, stgraber I think: "<davmor2> with stgraber doing ltsp on ubuntu 64bit alt and me doing expert now that's complete too"15:11
persiaSo it's just the Kubuntu tests remaining?15:12
luca__tested ubuntu 64-bit live usb \o/15:13
luca__where should I report?15:13
luca__sorry dumb question15:13
liwpersia, yeah, but I thought they were under progress, too, hmm15:14
* persia will download some Kubuntu after the current meeting if they aren't claimed first15:15
liwI will go out to get some foodstuffs; I can continue testing when I get back (about 15 mins), if there's stuff that isn't being tested yet15:21
* pedro_ testing kubuntu i38615:21
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persiaDownloads just seem to keep getting slower.  I'm guessing people are excited, and pulling the images pre-beta.15:44
* davmor2 I'll take Kubuntu 64 alt then 15:47
stgraberheno: no, you can't but you can add the request to the wikipage and I'll do that before RC15:52
henostgraber: cool :)15:53
davmor2kub alt 64 encrypted and whole partition on there way15:56
liwdavmor2, are you keeping track of who's doing what and what's not being done?16:03
davmor2I think kub 32bit needs love as do one of the kub dvd 2 ticks16:04
davmor2stgraber: are you doing the ltsp on both ubuntu's?16:05
davmor2pedro_: kubuntu i386 alt is that?16:05
pedro_davmor2: i was doing kubuntu desktop but i can give some love to the alt also16:06
stgraberdavmor2: no, I'm doing amd6416:07
stgraberand it failed16:07
* liw takes on Kubuntu DVD i38616:07
davmor2pedro_: liw: in that case there is ltsp 32bit ubuntu,  2 on kub alt 32 bit, 2 on i386 kub dvd, 3 on kub 64bit desktop16:08
davmor2I can 32bit alt or the dvd if you guys want to take the others16:09
davmor2i can do even16:10
davmor2take you picks16:10
liwI just started on the kubuntu i386 dvd, but I can easily switch to something else16:10
davmor2liw: that fine16:11
davmor2pedro_: can you take amd64 desktop or do you still want to tackle 32bit alt?16:11
pedro_davmor2: i can't do amd64 don't have a hw for that, i'll take the 32bit alt16:12
davmor2and I'll take the 64bit then :) yay sorted :)16:12
davmor21 left on current and starts on 64bit16:20
davmor2slangasek: do you want ltsp testing on 32bit it failed for stgraber on 64bit?16:21
* ara starts doing kubuntu i386 alt entire disk16:23
slangasekdavmor2: which image is the ltsp test case under?16:27
davmor2sorry ara I hadn't seen you were still online :( Fail on my behalf16:27
davmor2slangasek: Ubuntu alt 32 and 64bit16:27
aradavmor2: what do you mean?16:30
davmor2I forgot you when we were sorting out cases remaining sorry :)16:30
slangasekdavmor2: hmm, there's no failure reported for ltsp on 64bit according to the tracker?16:31
davmor2stgraber: ^16:32
davmor2slangasek: (16:07:07) stgraber: davmor2: no, I'm doing amd6416:32
davmor2(16:07:23) stgraber: and it failed16:32
sbeattieslangasek: this is what he pastebin'd: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53211/16:32
slangasekthat doesn't make sense unless either he was using a stale ISO, or we botched the reroll16:33
slangasekwell, or if LTSP is doing something special to apt :/16:34
davmor2slangasek: I can double check for you but not till the kubuntu's are out of the way16:35
slangaseka double-check would be nice, I think16:35
davmor2don't let it stop you releasing though ;)16:36
persiaIsn't that file:/// issue the one mvo was discussing earlier on -devel?16:37
stgraberslangasek: not yet16:37
persiaMissing because the uncompressed files are absent?16:37
stgraberslangasek: see #ubuntu-devel16:37
slangasekpersia: except that's a warning, not an error16:38
davmor2stgraber: slangasek: right I'm burning 32bit Ubuntu alt to test this then16:39
davmor2and another one bites the dust16:47
=== asac_ is now known as asac
davmor2slangasek: run ltsp now16:55
davmor2running even16:57
henoback (finally)17:13
* heno takes some kub alt i386 tests17:13
davmor2slangasek: Fail on 32bit too for ltsp17:14
slangasekdavmor2: ok17:14
* pedro_ finished kubuntu expert install17:16
sbeattiehrm, apt-cdrom in hardy is having trouble adding the kubuntu intrepid dvd.17:16
davmor2just resize to go on kubuntu desktop 64 as long as this oem plays nice17:21
davmor2stgraber: is there a bug for the ltsp error I think you got more idea about what is going on with than I have :)17:26
davmor2last test installing now17:38
* heno hugs davmor217:38
davmor2liw: how are the dvd test going17:39
liwdavmor2, it's now again progressing, I had to take a phone call, which turned out to be long17:42
liwshould be finished soon17:42
davmor2cool :)17:42
liwhm, konqueror shows images badly, with monochrome colors and vertical white stripes17:46
davmor2liw: might be a kvm quirk they've been fine on hw.  What link you looking at?17:47
davmor2I'll double check it once this install finishes17:47
davmor268% come on17:48
liwok, this is embarrassing: how does one install a package in adept? I can search and get a list of packages on the right, but how do I mark one for installation?17:50
davmor2click on the box beside the package17:52
liwthat just toggles the long description on and off17:52
davmor2oh sorry hang on I need to see it17:53
davmor294 % won't be a second17:53
davmor2famous last words17:53
davmor2liw: fetching list18:00
davmor2liw: click on the extend and at the bottom of the description it says install this package ;)18:02
liwit does?18:03
liwoh yeah, I have to scroll to see that18:03
liw(I see that KDE also has not figured out how to place and size windows properly)18:03
davmor2konqueror is fine on hw18:04
liwdavmor2, good, then I won't worry about it under kvm18:05
liwhrmph, I have to scroll by clicking on the scroll bar's down arrow, can't scrol with the scroll wheel, otherwise it scrolls so much that I don't get to see the "install this" button18:08
davmor2Yay finished :)18:08
* davmor2 dances badly around the room with happiness :)18:08
persia\o/ \o/ \o/18:09
liwis everyone now waiting for me?18:09
davmor2Yeap, No pressure Dude :)18:09
liwseems so18:09
liwno worries, I can gripe about bad user interfaces all night long ;-)18:09
davmor2tea time18:09
davmor2liw: SSSSSHHHHH did it install ?18:10
liwdavmor2, patience, :)18:11
* davmor2 gets big hammer ready ;)18:11
liwfirefox shows the images properly, so it's just konq that has a problem, but let's assume that's due to kvm18:11
stgraberdavmor2: well, I'm not sure what's the bug, that can be apt or ltsp-build-client, you should ask ogra maybe he's filed one.18:15
liwinterestingly, konq shows pictures badly on ubuntu.com, but not on kubuntu.org18:16
liwdavmor2, completed both of my tests18:17
* liw looks admiringly at the long list of green18:33
slangasekhrrm, has anyone reproduced ara's last comments in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/276657/comments/10 ?18:34
ubot5`Launchpad bug 276657 in ubiquity "Main menu is still in English after installation from LiveCD" [Critical,Fix released]18:34
slangasekdoesn't seem possible that it's the same bug...18:35
liwam I blind or is that comment page missing a link to the full bug discussion?18:36
slangasekseems so18:37
* liw will file a bug about that18:37
sbeattieliw: I cannot comment on your (in)ability to see, but yes, individual comments don't contain links back to the bug, unfortunately.18:37
liwslangasek, should someone try to reproduce that in kvm?18:38
liwhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/78565 -- it's reported already18:40
ubot5`Launchpad bug 78565 in malone "no direct link from bug comment page to corresponding bug" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:40
slangasekliw: I don't think it needs a special effort, just wondering if anyone's run into it18:40
liwslangasek, ok, in that case I say I haven't run into it18:40
davmor2slangasek: Before I sod off for the night is that it is beat being released now?19:01
slangasekyes, as soon as I finish dotting everything19:01
davmor2slangasek: I think it is thrown out by the extended text19:02
davmor2ara's xubuntu bug19:02
davmor2Yay \o/ see you all tomorrow :)19:03
sbeattiewhy on earth does the kubuntu dvd have linux-image-debug-2.6.25 debs on it?19:18
persiaLeftovers from the kernel packaging split, and issues with linux-ports-meta not yet accepted.19:24
persiaCan't be fixed easily now, but it's of great interest to the archive-admins.19:25
* sbeattie remains unenlightened.19:27
persiaOK, so there was a decision to split the kernel maintenance into three: one for amd64+i386, one for lpia, and one for everything else.19:30
persiaAs a result, there are three sets of source packages, and three sets of binary packages.19:30
persiaThere are also some leftovers from the kernel packaging (2.6.25) done before the split.19:30
persiaThe leftovers can't be removed yet, because the new metapackage for some of the architectures hasn't been uploaded to intrepid yet, and it would break things in odd ways.19:31
persiaOnce the metapackage is uploaded and accepted, it should provide architecture-specific hints, so the older kernels and stuff can be dropped from i386, amd64, and lpia.19:32
persiaOne that happens, they should drop from the DVDs, which otherwise contain almost everything in main.19:32
sbeattiepersia: hrm, okay. Is there a reason we're not providing debug packages for the post-split kernels?19:33
persiaI don't know the answer to that question.  Sorry.  You might ask in #ubuntu-kernel.19:34
sbeattieyay, I just saved 2 hours of downloading time. It only took me, uh, two hours to do it.19:38
hecklerusamy windows lag when appearanetce is set to normal help20:31
slangasekand beta is out - thanks to everyone for their help in testing :)21:17
liwslangasek, so now is a good time to start pestering you with exceptions? O:-)21:19
slangaseknow is a good time for me to go back to bed, I think ;)21:20
liwsweet dreams :)21:20
slangasekdidn't say I was going to /make/ it to bed... :)21:21
liw(I've filed one sync request, and will file an exception request for system-cleaner tomorrow)21:22
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lordnoidintrepid beta: make guest session, switch user to normal user, switch back to guest, logout guest.. theres still 'guest' in the menu.. clicking it makes it crash.21:56
lordnoidso... should i report this at launchpad?21:58
persialordnoid: Yes please.22:00
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* rupprich is back.22:53

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