pwnguinok, this is crazy00:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276850 in thinkfinger "thinkfinger disabled mouse and keyboard in x" [Undecided,New] 00:13
brycejcristau: can you reproduce lp #276887 on debian?01:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276887 in xkeyboard-config "Input to TTYs goes to X after returning" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27688701:09
jcristaubryce: i get some 'fun' stuff on vt switch, but it seems to be mostly the alt-f7 release, not other stuff i type on the console01:19
jcristauxev sees a keyrelease for XF86_Switch_VT_1, then keyrelease for control, alt, and f701:21
jcristaubryce: actually it looks like i can reproduce01:23
brycejcristau: ahh01:23
ion_Huh. On one intrepid box, multiple gdm logins work just fine. On another, only the first one receives input.01:24
jcristaubryce: probably xserver bug. or maybe evdev driver. talk to whot, i guess?01:26
brycejcristau: kees was able to reproduce without evdev01:27
jcristauanyway, 2:30am here, and i need to be more awake than the students tomorrow morning, so, sleep :)01:29
wgrantbryce: Do you know what a reasonable value for XRandR max brightness is?01:42
wgrantg-p-m is trusting it a bit too much, I think.01:42
brycewgrant: nope01:42
jcristauwgrant: very machine-dependent01:42
wgrantI think that gpm_brightness_xrandr_output_set is on crack, then.01:43
wgrantIt seems to loop, incrementing it by one each iteration, presumably to get a gradual change.01:44
wgrantBut that doesn't work so well when it changes it to 15000.01:44
wgrant(it also sleeps for 5ms each time)01:44
wgrantI see that on another machine it's 7...01:47
wgrantDo I complain at X, or do I complain at g-p-m?01:47
wgrant15125 doesn't sound like a particularly sane value for XRandR brightness.01:49
wgrantjcristau: Do you think I should complain at X for giving me a bogus value, or should I complain at g-p-m for trusting it? Can X be expected to give a sane value in circumstances where the hardware doesn't support it?01:51
brycewgrant: you should probably raise it to g-p-m01:58
brycewgrant: since it sounds like xrandr is simply exposing hardware-provided values01:58
brycelet me take a quick look at the source though01:59
wgrantbryce: Dell backlights are controlled through other means.02:00
wgrantg-p-m will stop if X says that it failed, but X doesn't.02:00
wgrantMaybe g-p-m should be taught to not use more than 10 increments or something.02:01
brycewgrant: I see this is new code in 2.24 that wasn't in 2.22 apparently, so that leads me to think it's incorrect implementation in gnome02:01
wgrantbryce: Right, I've looked through those bits of code fairly thoroughly.02:02
wgrantIt's probably fine unless X reports ridiculous values.02:02
bryceok, so it's using XRRChangeOutputProperty to set the brightness I gather02:03
wgrantOn my machine we get something like this:02:04
wgrantTI:11:04:06TH:0x9777640FI:gpm-brightness-xrandr.cFN:gpm_brightness_xrandr_output_set,322 - percent=50, absolute=756302:04
wgrantTI:11:04:06TH:0x9777640FI:gpm-brightness-xrandr.cFN:gpm_brightness_xrandr_output_set,324 - hard value=15125, min=0, max=1512502:04
bryceand XRRQueryOutputProperty to retrieve them02:04
bryceso on the xrandr side, those are going to be fairly generic functions02:04
wgrantAnd now we get:02:05
wgrantTI:11:04:49TH:0x9777640FI:gpm-brightness-xrandr.cFN:gpm_brightness_xrandr_output_set,322 - percent=100, absolute=1512502:05
wgrantTI:11:04:49TH:0x9777640FI:gpm-brightness-xrandr.cFN:gpm_brightness_xrandr_output_set,324 - hard value=7563, min=0, max=1512502:05
wgrantSo we have 7562 iterations.02:05
wgrantWhich is very slow.02:05
wgrantAnd those values look like they come straight from X.02:06
wgrant(from XRRQueryOutputProperty, at least)02:06
bryceright, but I think gpm needs to be smarter at how it uses them02:07
bryceI think the numbers are likely to be valid representations from the underlying hardware (I guess)02:07
wgrantRight. It should probably limit the number of increments.02:07
wgrantThey don't apply to my hardware.02:07
wgrantSo it should really fail.02:07
wgrantBut it doesn't.02:07
bryceI wonder if that shared_value_abs calculation is incorrect02:09
wgrantI don't think so.02:10
wgrantIt's max/2.02:10
wgrantAnd max is very large.02:10
brycewhat does this say? 02:12
bryce$ xrandr --prop | grep -i light02:12
bryceBACKLIGHT_CONTROL: kernel02:12
bryceBACKLIGHT: 7 (0x00000007) range:  (0,7)02:12
wgrantBACKLIGHT_CONTROL: combination02:12
wgrantBACKLIGHT: 15125 (0x00003b15) range:  (0,15125)02:12
wgrantAs expected.02:12
brycewgrant: can you manually poke at it with xrandr --output <output> --set backlight <number>02:14
wgrantX Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist) Major opcode of failed request:  153 (RANDR) Minor opcode of failed request:  11 () Serial number of failed request:  18 Current serial number in output stream:  1802:15
wgrantSo maybe it does fail.02:15
brycewgrant: see if that 0,15125 is a smooth range, like if you poke 1000, 2000, ... 15000 does that give reasonable increments02:15
wgrantbryce: It doesn't do anything - it's a Dell.02:15
wgrantBut if it fails, then g-p-m should break out of the loop. But it doesn't...02:15
bryceah, has to be BACKLIGHT, not backlight02:16
brycexrandr --output LVDS --set BACKLIGHT 3 dims my display02:16
wgrantIt works.02:16
wgrantBut does precisely nothing.02:16
bryce$ xrandr --output LVDS --set BACKLIGHT 7 sets it to max02:16
wgrantThat's what I would expect.02:17
brycethis fails:02:17
bryce~$ xrandr --output LVDS --set BACKLIGHT 802:17
bryceX Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)02:17
bryce  Major opcode of failed request:  153 (RANDR)02:17
bryce  Minor opcode of failed request:  13 ()02:17
bryce  Value in failed request:  0x3c02:17
bryce  Serial number of failed request:  1902:17
wgrantBut Dell does things specially (it's handled by hald-addon-dell-backlight02:17
bryce  Current serial number in output stream:  2002:17
brycehmm, well mine is a dell inspiron 1420n02:17
wgrantRight, it fails appropriately if I put it out of range.02:17
wgrantIt just gradually went dark, I think.02:17
wgrantIt did this for a while in hardy.02:17
wgrantIndeed, it works, but very, very slowly.02:18
bryceon a different dell with -ati I have backlight range (0,255)02:18
brycetake it yours is intel graphics?02:18
wgranti915, yes.02:18
wgrantInspiron 630m.02:18
wgrantLet's see if it goes dark again...02:18
bryceinteresting, on the ati system I can poke whatever I want into the backlight value but the backlight doesn't change02:19
wgrantRight, this is similar to the behaviour I was seeing for a while in Hardy, without having to poke anywhere... if I set BACKLIGHT low, over a little under a minute it will get there.02:19
wgrantIf I set it high, it'll get there, but very slowly.02:19
bryceok, well at least this sort of rules out g-p-m02:20
brycewgrant: why not report it to bugs.freedesktop.org against the xserver and see how it goes?02:20
wgrantI believe I do really have 0->7.02:20
wgrantThat's what the brightness keys used to do, at least.02:20
wgrantBut they seem to largely be in hardware.02:21
wgrantAlthough the OSD was right.02:21
* wgrant files it.02:21
brycefwiw, I notice in the xrandr manpage for properties that both decimal and hex values can be given02:21
brycehowever I sort of doubt this is a mixup between number systems.  Sounds like it's hardware giving bad data02:22
wgrantbryce: Hmmm, it seems that g-p-m can't really be blamed for my other bug either.02:52
wgrantThere really are many thousands of brightness key events.02:52
wgrantBut there weren't in Hardy AFAICT.02:52
wgrantTHey just keep coming until I press another key...02:54
wgrantMorning tjaalton.06:46
tjaaltonNg: yes, work just fine06:46
tjaaltonhey wgrant06:46
tjaaltonour nurse is sick so I had to stay home.. probably can have a look at the properties stuff again some time today06:47
wgrantI'd really like to know why it particularly dislikes me.06:48
bryceheya tjaalton06:49
tjaaltonhey bryce, remember to push the patch to git too ;)06:50
bryceoh feh06:50
bryceer, which patch?06:50
brycehm, didn't know evdev was in git06:51
tjaaltonyeah, probably so.. i haven't been too vocal about what packages are06:51
tjaaltonsynaptics is too06:51
tjaaltonsince we need stuff from master06:52
tjaaltonso it's easier to pull with git06:52
bryceto be honest having things in git hasn't been that convenient for me06:53
bryceadmittedly it may just be due to me getting confused by git, but...06:54
tjaaltonhmm :)06:54
tjaaltonI probably should update the git docs in wiki06:56
Ngtjaalton: huh, weird, my x61 owning chum says his aren't working at all09:37
tjaaltonNg: ask him to try a livecd10:09
Ngyeah good plan10:09
tjaaltonor a fresh user10:09
Ngtjaalton: the same guy is also seeing http://gallery.casualgenius.com/corrupt_boot.jpg about 1 in 3 boots :o14:06
tjaaltonoh, still14:09
tjaaltonI don't anymore14:09
Nghmm, but you did?14:10
NgI think he's using some weird version of usplash. he's a bit of a magpie about downloading random crazy debs14:10
tjaaltonyes, I did, but not anymore with the current kernel14:11
Ngtjaalton: do you happen to know if there was a bug about it?14:12
tjaaltonNg: I think so, but can't remember which one14:19
=== Ng_ is now known as Ng

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