Guest58853thank you  . unop mind has not been working right lately.00:00
* gmm46 needs help.00:00
* gmm46 says his computer is slow.00:00
* gmm46 wants to know how to make it run faster.00:00
bobertdosmarcin: Wait, are you using Hardy Heron?00:01
reya276hello, How can I find out my MAC Address for my PC?00:01
* gmm46 really needs help!!!!!00:01
ubottu***gmm46: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:01
t2unop: ok i see the /etc/bash.bashrc... could you please tell me how to add this ?  can i simply paste the export line anywhere ?    Also i need to do this for tcsh... will i also need to modify a global tcsh profile file ?00:01
* eight thinks gmm46 talks like a moron00:01
marcinbobertdos, yes00:01
matreya6marcin, *flush*-plugin? lol00:01
BlackDesignNo-one who knows if there is a program to tell me the battery status of my bluetooth mouse?00:02
DasEi***gmm46: your hw-specs ?00:02
redf1shreya276: from terminal ifconfig will tell you.00:02
DasEieight : might be...00:02
gmm46how do i figure out the hw-specs00:02
marcinmatreya6, flash00:02
reya276redf1sh: you mean ipconfig00:02
redf1shreya276: your the little networking applet on your panel, right click>connection information00:02
gmm46i am a neeb when it comes to ubuntu so00:02
marcinmatreya6, it's late00:02
redf1shreya276: in linux its sure ifconfig, or iproute.00:02
DasEi***gmm46: lspci,lshw,hwinfo00:02
marcingmm46, what do you have hardware-wise?00:02
bobertdosmarcin: Interesting..........Well, it's up to you. The way to update would be to uninstall what you already have, and manually install the version from Adobe labs. Your decision...00:03
reya276redf1sh: thanks00:03
unopt2, you need to adjust PATH in /etc/profile then  - /etc/bash.bashrc is only for bash as you might know00:03
marcinbobertdos, I could do that00:03
bobbob1016How can I change my wifi macid?  I tried via "gnome-nettool" and it says that the interface might not be installed, but it is.00:03
gmm46hang on00:03
unopt2, a line like this would do.   PATH="$PATH":/new/dir1:/new/dir2:etc00:03
linux-newbiehello everyone00:03
marcinbobbob1016, but I don't know no more where is firefox's plugin folder00:03
unopt2, actually.   PATH="$PATH":/new/dir1:/new/dir2:etc;  export PATH00:03
marcinbobertdos, ob1016, but I don't know no more where is firefox's plugin folder00:04
gamikagehey i tried to open the cfdisk man but there says critical mistake: cannot access to the disk, any idea on how to fix this_00:04
bobbob1016marcin, I think you just typed that to the wrong person, just so you know00:04
unopmarcin, /usr/lib/firefox/plugins00:04
marcinbobbob1016, I know00:04
tuxygamikage, i got it00:04
marcinbobbob1016, sorry00:04
Irishmanlukehey val00:04
gamikagetuxy, you got what_00:04
bobbob1016marcin, no problem, just letting you know00:04
tuxygamikage, the search utility did not work. I was to search for it myself00:04
valeriewho are you poeple00:04
ubottuvalerie: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:04
bobertdosmarcin: and actually, if you use adobe's installer, you just have to give it /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.300:05
unopmarcin, or /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/  # which is better00:05
tuxygamikage, the problem finding the stack applet00:05
ubottuvalerie, please see my private message00:05
rampageoberonHi, I started to have problems with samba shares after installing wine. The shares would not mount but as soon as i delete wine its fine. What sseems to be the problem?00:05
gamikageit is supposed to be already on the program, it is the first one on applets00:05
t2unop: ok so i'll add that line in /etc/profile and /etc/bash.bashrc.....this will completely over-ride the individual .bashrc's of each user ?  what if they have made their own customizations ?00:05
marcinbobertdos, unop, I don;t think this is where the plugins are anymore00:05
gamikagehey i tried to open the cfdisk man but there says critical mistake: cannot access to the disk, any idea on how to fix this_00:06
unopmarcin, it's where I put plugins00:06
marcinbobertdos, unop all this folders are empty now... and I have some plugins installed00:06
gamikageso what you should do is open awn/manager00:06
unopt2, users can always override global defaults00:06
gamikageagain and then applets and it is supposed to be there00:06
bobertdosmarcin: In a terminal, type locate libflashplayer.so00:06
valeriewheres the people who are ussually here00:07
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gamikageSebNaitsabes, still there?00:07
DustBunn1can anyone here help me with my sound card problem ?00:07
DustBunn1I'm running the HP IQ506 touchsmart PC00:07
SebNaitsabesgamikage: yep00:07
marcinbobertdos, nothing returned00:07
SebNaitsabesvalerie: same one from Linux chicks?00:07
unopmarcin, you probably installed plugins in the user plugins dir  then.    ~/.mozilla/plugins00:07
t2unop: ok thanks00:08
SebNaitsabesvalerie: and differnet people here all the time, what do you want help with?00:08
marcinbobertdos, but I looked for java plugin and it is in /usr/lib/xulrunner-
billeniumIs there anyway to track what people type through SSH in real time?00:08
Shark_7-11nvidia is giving my gray hair00:08
valeriewhenever i go on its the same p[eople00:08
gamikageSebNaitSabes, I am having a problem now, I cannot open my cfdisk man, it is saying that there is a critical mistake and that he disk unit cannot be opened00:08
marcinbobertdos, no plugins in ~./mozilla00:08
bobertdosmarcin: What do you get if you type Lsb_release -a?00:08
SebNaitsabesvalerie: ok what do you want help with?00:09
DustBunn1marcin, try /usr/share/mozilla/plugins00:09
bobertdosmarcin: lsb_release -a00:09
SebNaitsabesgamikage:  I don't know00:09
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gamikageSebNaitsabes, thank you00:10
Shark_7-11After selecting nVidia from "hardware drivers" my xserver freezes on boot and i have to change "nvidia" to "nv" in the xorg.conf file... GeForce 6600   searched forums and tried it all... :-(00:10
Cheek1could anyone help me with getting my web cam to work on a web cam room in firefox?00:10
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:10
marcinbobertdos, Ubuntu 8.0400:10
gamikageso, is it there anybody that can help on letting my terminal to open the disk unit of cfdisk???????00:11
bobertdosmarcin: Okay, I was just checking because your file structure doesn't seem standard.00:11
marcingamikage, are you sudo?00:11
DasEiShark_7-11:eve thought of installing """evil""" propitary driver from nv-HP ?00:11
marcinbobertdos, since firefox 3 things changed00:11
bobertdosmarcin: not for me00:12
Shark_7-11DasEi: ... err... say what? :-p00:12
marcinbobertdos, cause I had problems with java00:12
marcinbobertdos, but I don;t remember how I got it to work00:12
Scottasi cant make a folder in Home!!!Could someone tell me how to do it?00:12
DasEiShark_7-11:check out the nvidia-homepage > linuxdriver00:12
gamikagemarcin, there is saying : critical mistake: cannot access to disk unit, press anything to continue00:12
DustBunn1can anyone help me configure my touchscreen ?00:12
Shark_7-11DasEi: I just want 3d Acc. if that "evil" driver can do it/// tell me how !!! -p00:12
SebNaitsabesDustBunn1: touchscreen hummmm00:12
marcingamikage, trival question but are you doing it as root?00:12
marcingamikage, sudo cfdisk /dev....00:13
DustBunn1@SebNaitsabes, running the HP IQ506 touchsmart pc00:13
DasEiShark_7-11:open a terminal ...00:13
Shark_7-11in one00:13
DasEiShark_7-11:32 or 64 bit ?00:13
DustBunn1the touch screen works to some degree as it does detect touch just not movement00:13
SebNaitsabesDustBenn1:  got a feeling Linux does not have very good touchscreen suppourt at the moment, because the hardware makers can't be screwed to make a  Linux driver for their touchscreen products,  even with Windows,  touchscreen technologey is pretty new it seems00:13
Shark_7-11DasEi: 64*00:13
bobertdosmarcin: Alright, in Firefox, go into about:config. Find plugn.expose_full_path and enable it. I want to know where your plugins are actually sitting according to the browser.00:13
gamikagemarcin, please tell me how to get in as root00:13
tsrkwhen is ubuntu 8.10 coming out?00:14
gamikagemarcin, mine is missing00:14
zewm_sudo <commands>00:14
marcingamikage, when in terminal type in sudo -s00:14
DasEiShark_7-11:live cd handy in case of x refusig to start ?00:14
tsrkand does kubuntu 8.10 come out at the same time?00:14
DustBunn1@SebNait, i'm aware, it's not so much drivers i need, it's just configuring it00:14
marcingamikage, provide you password00:14
marcingamikage, and you are root00:14
DustBunn1@SebNait, the touch screen itself is working, just not properly configured00:14
gamikagemarcin thanks, now let me se00:14
Shark_7-11DasEi: Not realy, will start up in recovery mode (runlevel 1) and get backup of xorg.conf file :-p00:14
marcingamikage, but be careful cause you can shoot you leg off00:14
gamikageja, ok00:14
SebNaitsabesDustBunn1: hummmmmmmm  you got to configure X for it or something?00:15
DasEiShark_7-11:k, so far you know, then do a backup of it now00:15
BlackDesigntsrk, 8.10 --> 2008/1000:15
Shark_7-11DasEi: Done...00:15
DustBunn1@Seb, that's the problem, not not a big linux user, so i have no idea how to configure X00:15
DasEiShark_7-11:googling, brb00:15
SebNaitsabesDustBunn1:  ok well configuring X is a right pain in the arse for new Linux users00:15
Shark_7-11DasEi: Good luck.... i tried ... and got a lot of advice.... and here i am :-p00:15
marcinbobertdos, look at that: /var/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so00:16
gamikagemarcin, it is saying that the disk is only readable even at root, that cannot be written, and then the bull.... of critical erro]00:16
DustBunn1@Seb, i checked online for a solution and i came across the evdriver and some example configs for the xorg.conf file00:16
marcingamikage, you might be trying to access a cdrom drive00:16
Shark_7-11DasEi: I think i have tha allready   hold on00:16
DustBunn1@Seb but i have no idea how to use that example in my case xD00:16
bobertdosmarcin: OHH! You're running 64-bit, that's why everything is seeming so weird.00:16
tsrkBlackDesign, I know it's this month but what day is it?00:16
DasEiShark_7-11:dld it to desktop, else00:17
gamikagemarcin, cfdisk? when trying to make a swap partition00:17
Shark_7-11DasEi: shoul i remobre nvidia-glx-new fort though?00:17
marcinbobertdos, yes00:17
Shark_7-11DasEi: First*00:17
SebNaitsabesDustBunn1:  I guess it's like  edit the  x config file with that, restart X and hope it works or something,  but it's probably not as simple as that00:17
rampageoberonHi, I started to have problems with samba shares after installing wine. The shares would not mount but as soon as i delete wine its fine. What sseems to be the problem?00:17
DasEiShark_7-11:hm, if the installe recognizes your x-server, it shall modify xorg.conf by itself, so no00:17
Vi5inhow do i force install a package00:17
marcingamikage, you don;t have a swap partition?00:18
Vi5ineven if it claims it is broken00:18
Shark_7-11DasEi: I have driver v 177.1300:18
SebNaitsabesDustBunn1:  you can try this channel as well #linux  also your issue is probably not really that distro specific00:18
bobertdosmarcin: Just for future reference, be sure to tell us right away when you're running 64-bit, because it completely changes the approach to some things, especially plugins.00:18
gamikagedoes not let me see that even00:18
DasEiShark_7-11:but as I don't know what you've tried..  worst got a backup00:18
Vi5ini have installed libmtp from source00:18
Shark_7-11DasEi: Opose to the 173.14.12 one you meantioned...00:18
marcinbobertdos, sorry.... I will, fell out of me head00:18
Vi5inand it is version 0.3.300:18
Vi5intrying to install mtp-tools00:18
DustBunn1@Seb, yea, thanks, but the linux community has already deemed the HP IQ506 pc as non-ubuntu friendly so I doubt anyone will even try to help me00:18
Shark_7-11DasEi: k no worries00:18
Vi5inThe following packages have unmet dependencies:00:18
Vi5in  mtp-tools: Depends: libmtp7 (= but 0.3.3-1 is to be installed00:18
Vi5inE: Broken packages00:18
marcingamikage, did you try fdisk?00:19
Vi5inhow do i force it to install?00:19
FloodBot2Vi5in: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:19
SebNaitsabesDustBunn1: I see00:19
marcingamikage, what do you exactly type in the terminal00:19
=== Guest7283 is now known as mynameistux
SebNaitsabesDustBunn1: it says it does not work with Ubuntu?00:19
e\ectro_is there an issue with the 2.6.24 kernel and the e100 driver?  I'm getting this error in dmesg e100: probe of 0000:02:03.0 failed with error -1100:19
DasEiShark_7-11:did you fetch a newer package from elsewhere ? ran the firmware-installer ?00:19
DasEidid*, damn00:19
marcinbobertdos, kudos for figuring out 64bit by plugin location.... wow00:19
marcinbobertdos, you good... you :)00:19
DustBunn1@Seb, my search on google returned countless threads and such saying isntalling ubuntu or any linux distro on this PC is a dead end atm00:19
SebNaitsabes,but you have done it?00:20
DustBunn1@Seb, while i don't totally agree, they aren't totally wrong either00:20
Shark_7-11DasEi: No from nvidia today00:20
SebNaitsabesok so you got hardware that is not really Linux compatible?00:20
DasEiShark_7-11:lets give it a try then00:20
DustBunn1@Seb, of course, ubuntu doesn't make it anywhere unless someone tries something new right ?00:20
Shark_7-11DasEi: Said i dont have libc header files (installed the build-esentials pakcage)00:20
gamikagemarcin, yes, i typed sudo fdisk -100:20
DasEiShark_7-11:dld driver to desktop...00:20
Shark_7-11DasEi: k hang on, i need to stop my xserver00:20
marcingamikage, and that gives you critical error?00:21
bobertdosmarcin: Okay, well, I know that nspluginwrapper can be manually invoked in the terminal, so what you would have to do is purge the version you have, get the latest version from adobe labs, and apply nspluginwrapper to it yourself. I myself run 32-bit, so that's the extent of what I know about the process. We've got a separate factoid on flash for 64. Have you read it?00:21
bobertdos!flash64 | marcin00:21
ubottumarcin: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava00:21
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Shark_7-11k cool in irssi termina00:22
gamikageno, that is not the problem, it happens when i try to cfdisk00:22
gamikagemarcin, no, that is not the problem, it happens when i try to cfdisk00:22
bobertdosmarcin: I imagine at least some part of that is still applicable to flash 10, but yeah, that's essentially what you would have to do.00:22
marcinbobertdos, no... haven't will do right away00:22
marcinbobertdos, thanks bobertdos00:23
marcingamikage, what exactly did you type00:23
DasEi Shark_7-11: I see, so first: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:23
bobertdosmarcin: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html00:23
Shark_7-11DasEi: k sais no precompiled version is avil00:23
marcinbobertdos, will give it a try00:23
Shark_7-11DasEi: Available*00:23
Prastydionalgum brasileiro ?00:24
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:24
bobertdosmarcin: So yeah, take that (the tar.gz) and wrap it :)00:24
gamikagemarcin, cfdisk -100:24
DasEi Shark_7-11: on last cmd ?00:24
thebigkickno habla esponol00:24
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:24
nytekis this the ubuntu server?00:24
Shark_7-11DasEi: it is compiling it now (running the binary from nvidia's site)00:24
thebigkickwhat does !br mean00:24
nytekcan anybody help me with a problem im having?00:24
marcingamikage, cfdisk -1... there is no such option00:24
matreya6Got to sleep right now, thanks for the help and being part of the community00:25
DasEi Shark_7-11: ...you go on your own, kk00:25
bobertdosthebigkick: the factoid trigger for the Brazillian/Portuguese channel00:25
matreya6bye everyone, see you soon.00:25
marcingamikage, you need to provide the device you want to work on00:25
Shark_7-11DasEi: It's askinf if i should install 32-bit OpenGl libraries?00:25
DasEi Shark_7-11: as there are no others, yes...00:25
marcinbobertdos, I"ll wrap it nice and neet and put under the Christmas tree ...:)00:26
Shark_7-11DasEi: O.o  oh ok then :-)00:26
nytekanybody a ubuntu guru that can help me with a problem im having?00:26
ubottunytek: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:26
WalterBishophey guys - is some offtopic chat allowed in here?00:26
shakaponkcan someone help me with installing/setting up proftpd_admin?00:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:26
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de00:26
nytekwhen i get to my login screen, it's only showing it partial, apparently i have another monitor installed as "unknown", but the weird thing is that im running on a laptop? anybody know a fix for this?00:28
bobertdosmarcin: Good. I hope that works out for 'ya. Thanks for the compliment, I do try ;)00:28
Shark_7-11DasEi: WARNING: unable to perform the runtime configuration check for library 'libGL.so.1'; asuuming succesfull installation....00:28
SebNaitsabes!sound > DustBunn100:28
ubottuDustBunn1, please see my private message00:28
shakaponkwhy this happens? #ubuntu-de, [2] You're banned from that channel00:28
Shark_7-11DasEi: Hope his assumtion is ok :-)00:28
jsoftwanyone here know how to force install a package with unmet dependencies in ubuntu?00:28
gamikagemarcin, thanks (lol) so now how do I cf disk -1 on my HDD?00:28
jsoftwVi5in: orly?00:28
DasEi Shark_7-11: anyway, your sys was up to date before installing, also   checkinstall  installed, and move installer to approb dir ? fine00:28
FroMasterIs there a JeOS 64-bit or only 32-bit at the moment?00:29
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DasEi shakaponk:me ? see me in #ubuntu-offtopic00:29
Shark_7-11DasEi: yes everything was updated to the latest (installed today and updating everything)00:29
DasEi Shark_7-11: installer through ?00:29
Shark_7-11DasEi: Ok it is done... wish me luck... if i disapear, then know it failed :-(00:29
DasEi Shark_7-11: backup..00:30
Shark_7-11DasEi: Come again? which installer?00:30
nytekwhen i get to my login screen, it's only showing it partial, apparently i have another monitor installed as "unknown", but the weird thing is that im running on a laptop? anybody know a fix for this?00:30
marcingamikage, you would probably want cfdisk /dev/sda00:30
Shark_7-11DasEi: Yes i have backups.. if all else fails i will reinstall :-p00:30
DasEi Shark_7-11: the one you just ran00:30
gamikagemarcin, thaks00:30
FAJhi i have a d-link dwa 642 pci card,  and i was using ndiswrapper to work with it and it worked fine yesterday all day.  Now when i logged in, it is not working.  I am extremely frustrated and would like hel00:30
Shark_7-11DasEi: Downloaded it today00:30
Shark_7-11DasEi: And it downloaded something to compile too so i assume it is up to date00:31
Shark_7-11DasEi: I gonne start my xserver :-)00:31
keenscreeni just got hardy setup.  i created one account (administrator) named 'keenscreen'.  so i'm using these for work and we'll have one person per machine using each box.  should i create a separate account for each user?  or is it ok to just use keenscreen for each box (both users are named keenscreen)?  also is it possible to change the name of a given account once it's already created?  i could for instance change 'keenscreen' => username.00:31
marcingamikage, to enable swap partition: swapon /dev/your_swap_partition00:31
DasEi Shark_7-11: ...00:31
Shark_7-11DasEi: Ubuntui is running in low graphics mode... well that at least beats the black screen i used to get00:32
DasEi Shark_7-11: no option to configure ?00:32
Shark_7-11DasEi: Yes there is.... should i selevt the nvdia driver, it is on vesa now00:32
FAJhi i have a d-link dwa 642 pci card,  and i was using ndiswrapper to work with it and it worked fine yesterday all day.  Now when i logged in, it is not working.  I am extremely frustrated and would like help00:32
Shark_7-11DasEi: Select*00:33
DasEi Shark_7-11: leave driver untouched, but configure monitor00:33
maxbI find compiz tends to not work well with totem video player - is there any convenient way to suppress compiz whilst a video player is running?00:33
Shark_7-11DasEi: oh ok...00:33
maxbor otherwise some way to turn it off and on without losing settings?00:33
DasEi Shark_7-11:find your model (moni ?)00:33
bobertdoskeenscreen: I personally would create separate accounts for each user. Even though it might be possible to change the name after the fact, it would be risky -- a good way to accidentally break the system.00:34
Shark_7-11DasEi: Err no... not yet00:34
Happyafter upgrade from 7.04 to 8.04, lost scim chinese input ? any idea howto enable it ?00:34
Shark_7-11DasEi: it is on plug and play nopw00:34
DasEi Shark_7-11:I mean choose by manufacturer00:34
Scunizikeenscreen: you can easily create another account for each box that would represent the user on that box.. the administrator account I don't think you want to give to your average user..00:34
Shark_7-11DasEi: no not there... i have prestigo LCD screen00:34
DasEi Shark_7-11:I see, change matching lcd screen then00:35
Scunizikeenscreen: when creating a user account you will be able to give them access to only what you want to let them have access to.00:35
keenscreenScunizi, they are developers i want them to have a lot of access00:35
Scunizikeenscreen: then make them admins but use different login creds for each user..00:35
Shark_7-11DasEi: Err... Not sure what would be a good match00:36
Scunizikeenscreen: or not..00:36
DasEi Shark_7-11:Is it one of these 22'' monsters ?00:36
Shark_7-11DasEi: monster, well :-) not really... think it is a 17"00:37
Shark_7-11DasEi: I'm metric so i guess bout 17" yeah00:37
Shark_7-11DasEi: Selected a generic LCD screen00:38
keenscreenScunizi, should the developer who has lot of access an admin00:38
Shark_7-11DasEi: I have option to test00:38
Scunizikeenscreen: if each box has the same account it might make it more difficult to admin the boxes.  confusion will abound.. "lets see is that keenscreen on the back desk or the one in the front or middle.." if you get my drift.00:38
blakI am getting this error can anyone explain why? http://pastebin.com/m7f70ba1d00:38
DasEi Shark_7-11:right, if you don't need higher 1024x768 won't do harm00:38
Shark_7-11DasEi: k cool, let me test the bugger00:38
DasEi Shark_7-11:test might not work, as the gtk uses wrong driver00:38
keenscreenScunizi, should i delete the keenscreen account?00:39
DasEi Shark_7-11:but try, its coming back itself00:39
Shark_7-11DasEi: K test passed but the graphic card says vesa (not nvidia)00:39
Scunizikeenscreen: not really sure on this one.. a "user/guest" should be able to develop and compile within their account.  But to make system wide changes takes admin priv.. you could leave the account and create another or create another THEN delete the keenscreen account.00:40
blakWhat is the program or command that you can use that will give back in terminal the information of what version any applicatoin you specify is?00:40
DasEi Shark_7-11:the gtk is very nice for generating modlines in xorg, leave it now, log in00:40
badfishany ideas why mupen64plus would cause my system to crash every time i try to run a rom?00:40
Shark_7-11DasEi: ok00:40
bastid_raZorblak; sudo apt-cache policy packagename00:40
FAJhi i have a d-link dwa 642 pci card,  and i was using ndiswrapper to work with it and it worked fine yesterday all day.  Now when i logged in, it is not working.  I am extremely frustrated and would like help possible please b/c it was working PerFecTly yesterday00:41
Shark_7-11DasEi: k logged in but screen is on 800x600 (cant make it larger)00:41
blakbastid_raZor: thanks! Also, is there no way that version it says I have could be wrong? Say if I manually installed it myself?00:42
FAJShark_7-11:  what is your card?00:42
Shark_7-11FAJ: GeForce 660000:42
DasEipaste files: /etc/X11/xorg.conf   and  /var/log/xorg.0.log00:42
FAJahh ok00:42
Shark_7-11paste.... err yeah, about that.. im in a serial terminal at the mo (usring irssi)00:42
bastid_raZorblak; if you manually installed where did you put the binary to run the program? apt-cache.... shows you what version the repo's have and if you have that version installed00:43
Shark_7-11my xserver dies on me00:43
DasEi Shark_7-11:np..00:43
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FAJshark; have you installed linux-restricted modules?00:43
DasEi Shark_7-11:sudo apt-getinstall pastebinit00:43
DasEi Shark_7-11:sudo apt-get install pastebinit00:43
FAJShark_7-11:  and also nvidia-glx-new  ?00:43
blakbastid_raZor: I can't remember..00:43
Shark_7-11FAJ: that give me a black screen and freezes EVERYTHING excpet the power plug :-p00:44
bastid_raZorblak; how did you install it?00:44
DasEi Shark_7-11:pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:44
DasEipaste.., damn00:44
gmm46i need help. i downloaded and installed PSOBB on a windows xp computer. but i want to run it in ubuntu. i tried wine. turns out everyone said it wont work with wine and it doesnt. i tried using qemu to play it but the Tiny XP install wont get past the "Windows Setup : Please Wait" window. Help!!!00:44
DasEi Shark_7-11:   pastebin /var/log/xorg.0.log00:44
Shark_7-11DasEi: k gimme a sec00:44
FAJlol ok.... Shark_7-11 sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new ?00:45
bastid_raZorblak; it.. what is it? you could do 'which packagename' to tell where the program is being run from .. /usr/bin is normally where the system will install things, /usr/local/bin is sometiems defaulted for selfcompiled programs00:45
gmm46p.s. is there anything to play it with?00:45
DasEi***gets himself a drink00:45
yowwwwgetting authentication failure when using update-manager: trying to upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10. any ideas on how to fix that?00:45
Shark_7-11DasEi: What does pastebinit do?00:45
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:45
DasEireturning a url in trml00:46
* gmm46 is waiting patiently. (But not for long)00:46
blakbastid_raZor: This is the process  python /usr/lib/wicd/wicd-client00:46
Shark_7-11DasEi: oh cool   ok here it is   f6e33caef00:46
billhow do i know which version im running FEISTY or GUTSY or HARDY?00:46
DasEi Shark_7-11:  please paste the whole url...00:46
* gmm46 is getting testy!!!00:47
Shark_7-11DasEi: ok i need to type it then, hold on00:47
Haeginhi, anyone know any software to recoved data after rm'ing it on a jfs partition00:47
bastid_raZorbill; lsb_release -a00:47
Shark_7-11DasEi: http://pastebin.com/f5c42b00400:47
donavan_anyone know why I am getting choppy video I'm using an ATI x1650pro and anytime I do any video (games or web videos) I get something that looks like the VPU didn't render a segment of the image which reminds me of the tracking being off on an old VCR00:47
Shark_7-11DasEi: http://pastebin.com/f6e33caef00:47
bastid_raZorblak; python fun.. i don't know much about scripts so i can't be much more helpful00:47
bill@bastid: thanx!00:47
* gmm46 is starting a countdown till he quits waiting. Starting with 30 seconds.00:48
blakbastid_raZor: ok i found it it is 1.5.2 and now there is 1.5.300:48
bastid_raZorbill; np00:48
blakbastid_raZor: but this error is happening now if i want to upgrade to the 1.5.300:48
blakbastid_raZor: http://pastebin.com/m7f70ba1d00:49
* gmm46 Count Down : 3000:49
alksjalfdcan anyone help. gOS doesnt automatically mount flash drives00:49
gmm46/me Count Down : 2900:49
bastid_raZorblak; for many applications out there Ubuntu will not be updated immediately after there release. it takes a little bit of time before it will be updated in the repositories00:49
gmm46/me Count Down :00:49
FAJok i figured out how to get the d-link card to work :D00:49
* gmm46 's countdown deactivated because it got screwed up00:49
Gnea!language | gmm4600:49
ubottugmm46: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:49
Shark_7-11FAJ: Cool... good stuff man :-)00:49
bastid_raZorblak; you need to get the pgp from them00:49
blakbastid_raZor:  ok, do i have to ask them for it in there irc channnel?00:50
Gnea!patience > gmm4600:50
ubottugmm46, please see my private message00:50
gmm46DasEi said it too and i get introuble00:50
FAJShark_7-11:  oddly enough,,,, i have to install ndiswrapper AND madwifi-ng and then modprobe both of them....00:50
gmm46not him???!!!!00:50
Shark_7-11ndiswrapper works for those "closed" drivers :-)00:50
DasEi Shark_7-11:  looks good, nothing out of range, but using vesa now, so..00:51
bastid_raZorblak; i'm assuming you found this stuff on a website.. the site should have the info of where to get it00:51
drumstykdoes anyone know how to uninstall mythtv frontend?00:51
blakbastid_raZor: ok thanks let me check that out00:51
gmm46OMG thats is just stupid00:51
Shark_7-11DasEi: Yeah Vesa goes, nvidia... well i will get d/c then you know ,y pc froze :-p00:51
Gneagmm46: please stop.00:51
Bo-Hey all00:52
Gneagmm46: no one is going to help if you if you can't behave00:52
DasEigmm46: you stopped answering on pm, and I'm busy here right now.. find so. else or wait a mom;-)00:52
Shark_7-11dude... u gonne get a ban  lol00:52
Bo-Anyone know of any battery conditioner/reconditioners for Linux?00:53
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fetai'm running a webserver that's approximately 800 miles away from me, hasn't been rebooted in 4 years.   I started a mv job to migrate a large website to an nfs share, which in turn crashed apache (only a 10Mbit link on the box b/c of networkign issues).  Anyways, I'm unable to kill the mv job.  sudo kill -9 pid doesn't work.  Anyone have any idea how to stop a process when kill -9 doesn't do the trick?00:54
LjL!nickspam | blahblahblahblah00:54
ubottublahblahblahblah: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users.  (Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead.)  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»00:54
billeniumHey, i have ubuntu running on VMware, what could cause a "connection refused error" while connecting to ssh? (openssh). Ports are forwarded... Could a firewall on windows possibly be affecting it? Does ubuntu have a firewall on it?00:54
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fetaturning the machine off isn't an option00:54
DasEi Shark_7-11:  k, before : sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx , we should look in X11...00:54
DasEi Shark_7-11:  cd /etc/X1100:54
DasEi Shark_7-11: ls00:54
DasEi Shark_7-11: you find an auto-backuped conf from the installer there ?00:55
donavan_billenium if you are running windows firewall just turn it off and see what happens00:55
Bradj47how do i install a package?00:55
LjLfeta: it's most likely because of the NFS mount being stuck, processes can't be killed easily when that happens, i'm not sure as to the solution, but you really should try and unmount it00:55
Shark_7-11DasEi: got a few files00:55
LjL!software > Bradj47    (Bradj47, see the private message from Ubotu)00:55
ubottuBradj47, please see my private message00:55
Shark_7-11Bradj47: apt-get install package00:55
GneaBo-: battery conditioners aren't software, they're hardware00:55
Shark_7-11DasEi: a lot of backups for xorg.conf :-p00:55
Bo-Gnea: I know when I used my Mac for OS X, there was a util that helped, I believe. It was almost like a battery calibration tool.00:56
DasEils > listt.txt && pastebinit listt.txt && rm listt.txt00:56
Shark_7-11Bradj47: you can also use synaptic00:56
billeniumI dont think it is on, but i will check again... My HTTP server (on windows) works with localhost + + IP... My SSH server ( on linux ) works with localhost ( not or my IP )... And the portforwad is almost the same except for the actual port.00:56
Shark_7-11DasEi: ok hold on :-)00:56
godzirraHow do I get a bcm43xx to work correctly in hardy?00:56
Bradj47i knew it was something along the lines of apt or something00:56
Bradj47i just forgot the get part00:56
danbh_intrepidDasEi: or ls | pastebinit00:56
GneaBo-: apt-cache search battery  ?00:56
LjLfeta: try unmounting with umount -f00:57
predsI don't know if I should be venting in #gnome or here but the freaking gnome "save as pdf" app thing overwrites your existing file with the same name without prompting the user!00:57
Shark_7-11k need to sudo...00:57
danbh_intrepidDasEi: I think you need to use a temp file only when the command involves sudo00:57
DasEidanbh_intrepid:works for short out outputs, but i got tired to try00:57
usserBo-, what are u looking for?00:57
fetathanks LjL i'll give it a try00:57
fabiohow can i change my nickname?00:57
LjLfeta: and/or umount -l00:57
LjLfabio: /nick nickname00:57
DasEi Shark_7-11: not for ls00:58
shark711DasEi: http://pastebin.com/f8f00a0f00:58
fabiohate xchat00:58
jribpreds: isn't that cups-pdf doing that?  It saves to ~/PDF right?00:58
donavan_billenium:   it might be on you router/firewall if your hitting it ok on local host but not on the private IP it might be because your are never really broadcasting the packets outside of the local machine when your on (localhost)00:58
Bo-Basically, my battery is working at about 46% capacity. It's only about 2 years old, but I think it's borked more that it's being reported, as I only get about 10-15 minutes of battery life on "full" charge. Not sure where to go from here.00:58
Shark_7-11DasEi: no, but to create a file in X11 i need to :-)00:58
fabio-NickServ- Invalid command. Use /msg NickServ help for a command listing.00:58
billeniumdonavan: any ideas of how to actually get it to work?00:58
LjLfabio: i said /nick nickname, not to message nickserv00:58
DasEi Shark_7-11: oh yeah, is that your manually one ? > xorg.conf.backup00:59
fabioi know00:59
billeniumVMware setup itself as a whole different computer on my network00:59
usserBo-, install and run powertop that should give you some clues as to where your power is going, i get about 20-25W on my laptop00:59
billeniumso it has a different private IP00:59
billeniumnice >.>00:59
donavan_billenium: what kind of connection are you using for your VMware LAN connection00:59
billeniumdonavan: i got it, my Windows is using a different private IP than my VMware Ubuntu :D00:59
Shark_7-11DasEi: yeah00:59
LjLfeta: i have to go. if my suggestions fail, "kill process mount" has a few hits on google01:00
folksthanks LjL01:00
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DasEi Shark_7-11: xorg.conf.20081002010403       check this and xorg.conf.s711  for driver section (<> not vesa)01:01
DasEi Shark_7-11: we gonna have to remove fglrx anyway, if present01:01
NiCK_NaMEi got a question...  if i mount 1 harddrive with this command01:01
NiCK_NaMEsudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/test01:01
Shark_7-11DasEi: it said "nv"01:01
NiCK_NaMEhow would i mount a second USB HD ?01:02
Shark_7-11DasEi: When i install the nvidia drivers it changes this to nvidia and then the **** happend01:02
donavan_billenium: sorry missed the above post... so just so I have this straight you are trying to get from the ubuntu to the windows ?01:02
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Quantumrandgood news everyone! 8.10 supports AHCI01:02
Shark_7-11NiCK_NaME: propb sdb2 or sdc101:02
DasEi Shark_7-11: that was the gtk, but if you look up used xorg.conf > pretty modlines, eh ?01:03
NiCK_NaMEShark_7-11 thats a good guess huh ? know where i can look to be sure ?01:03
NiCK_NaMEits a ntfs format01:03
Shark_7-11NiCK_NaME: i guess under /dev   also check if it sees it    lsusb01:04
donavan_any one know if there is a good channel for ATI stuff01:04
DasEiNiCk_Name:man mount  >>fs = ntfs01:04
DasEialso fdisk -l01:04
Shark_7-11DasEi: not following the modlines question...01:05
NiCK_NaMEShark_7-11: yeah i have no idea what that mean... im sooo new to linux it too me like a day and a half to mount this HD untill i got professional help LOL!01:05
DasEi Shark_7-11: backup current xorg again (/etc/xorg.confMod)01:05
Shark_7-11NiCK_NaME: me too :-p   2 noobs heling each other .... dang01:05
taishi28012donavan_: #ati01:06
Shark_7-11DasEi: k01:06
godzirraHow do I get a bcm43xx to work correctly in hardy?01:06
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx01:06
NiCK_NaMEdude... i dont even know what a noob is01:06
Bo-usser: i ran it and used some of the suggestions, we'll see how it runs.01:06
ubottuAcronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.01:06
Shark_7-11DasEi: done...01:06
DasEi Shark_7-11:  sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx01:06
Shark_7-11DasEi: k01:07
NiCK_NaMEso noob is a acronym ... okay...01:07
Shark_7-11new be ?01:07
swcdxhi, can i install adobe flash in ubuntu when i a running the live cd?01:07
Terminatorswcdx, yes01:08
Shark_7-11DasEi: Done ...01:08
Terminatorswcdx, you can install everything in your ram when running live-cd01:08
NiCK_NaMEswcdx... i know NOTHING about ubuntu... but i ran it off a USB thumbdrive and01:08
DasEi Shark_7-11:  open current xorg, check driver and monitor section01:08
NiCK_NaMEi could save or install anything because when i rebooted01:08
Shark_7-11DasEi: it removed nvidia-glx-new01:08
NiCK_NaMEit was all gone01:08
Shark_7-11DasEi: k hold on :-)01:08
NiCK_NaMEi could = i couldnt*01:09
Terminatorthats the only thing01:09
Terminatoryou CAN save things01:09
Shark_7-11stil on vesa01:09
NiCK_NaMEyou can ?01:09
Terminatorjust save things to a harddrive installed01:09
NiCK_NaMEthats awesome!01:09
Shark_7-11DasEi: should i run nvidia-xconfig ?01:09
usserBo-, run it for an hour or so when doing your regular stuff, see how much power your lappy takes and what estimates on battery life powertop gives01:09
Terminatoryou can simply access all harddisks installed01:09
NiCK_NaMEi wish i new that LOL01:10
Terminatorthats why the live-cd is also such a good recovery tool01:10
DasEi Shark_7-11:  pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:10
Terminatoryou can access anything and no files on the disk get used..01:10
Bo-Where does apt usually install items to? I installed Tintin but I can't exactly locate it.01:10
Terminatorso everything is accessable and copiable01:10
shark711DasEi: http://pastebin.com/f6c136acd01:11
Terminatorto /bin I thought Bo-01:11
Terminatornot sure though01:11
NiCK_NaMEisnt a newer version of ubuntu comming out soon ?01:11
DasEisee topic01:12
Shark_7-11of the subject, any software that emulates Winblowes media center? ( i have xbox 360)01:12
Terminatorah yes, DasEi said it.. ;)01:12
sharavcan anyone help me? i installed ubuntu through wubi and everything was going great until i shut off the power to my computer and now ubuntu doesn't boot, i get to some grub4dos or grub command line and have no idea what to do.. windows still works fine though... any way to get back into ubuntu without reinstalling?01:12
Terminatorjust found it myself also..01:12
LjLShark_7-11: a media server that is?01:12
Pici!ibex | NiCK_NaME01:12
ubottuNiCK_NaME: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!01:12
Shark_7-11LjL: one that will fool my xbox yeah :-)01:12
DasEi Shark_7-11:  open the previous xorg again and get over the right driver section01:12
LjLShark_7-11: mediatomb, ushare, gmediaserver01:12
Shark_7-11DasEi: I'm not following? the one before we installed glx driver?01:13
swcdxi am running ubuntu off the live cd01:13
Shark_7-11LjL: Cool tx01:13
NiCK_NaMEPici: quick question... sooo everything i downloaded, and all that stuff will be gone and i will have to start over agian when i install the new version Intrepid Ibex ?01:13
lsgnhello. Just installed Ubuntu. My audio wont work. If I connect the headphones it works. Speakers are dead. Someone please help?01:14
PiciNiCK_NaME: No, you will be able to upgrade from within Hardy.01:14
DasEi Shark_7-11:  pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.2008100201040301:14
chris4585anyone know if apturl downloads packages only from your repo or does it download straight from http ?01:14
Shark_7-11lsgn: Check the speakers power cabel01:14
NiCK_NaMEPici: dude you just made me almost get out of bed and cheer01:14
DasEi Shark_7-11:  pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.s71101:14
lsgnlol its a laptop shark :)01:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apturl01:15
NiCK_NaMEPici: thanks i am having a hell of a time with hardy heron... lol god forbid i have to start over LOL01:15
BFI'm having problems with Evolution e-mail suddenly graying out send/receive using Hardy01:15
plouffe64 bit java seems still a bit shaky01:15
shark711DasEi: http://pastebin.com/f190fccf301:15
Shark_7-11lsgn: oh.... oops then i dont know01:15
redvamp128Anyone ever get an Audigy LS card to work on Ubuntu?01:16
=== david is now known as Guest91204
l3dI am having trouble with screenlets not saving the ones i selecet for auto start is reverts to a defualt one is there a way to fix this01:16
fetaLjL:  that didn't work, the umount command is hanging just like the mv to the nfs share and the last time i ran df -h .    i can't kill any process that's doing anythign to the network or disks01:16
tsoloxhow can we put a program's icon in Gnome's start menu?01:16
DasEi Shark_7-11: redvamp128: yes, can google it (ubuntu forum/wiki)01:16
NiCK_NaMEanyone here know anything about command lines ?01:16
timcould I get some help mounting a usb hard drive?01:16
mikeypizanohey, my fan is acting weird01:16
Shark_7-11DasEi: err...01:17
fetatsolox: you should be able to right click on the menu and select Menu Editor01:17
DasEi Shark_7-11:  pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.s71101:17
lsgnhmm someone at ebaums said its because I lack alsa e-peen...what should I do?01:17
mikeypizanosometimes it will work then others it just refuses to01:17
Shark_7-11i did01:17
DasEi Shark_7-11:  pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.2008100201040301:17
donavan_anyone know where I can get 32bit drivers for ATI ... ATI's website always links to the 64bit no matter what option I choose01:17
tsoloxfeta: i mean, i want my app to be added in the menu programmatically during install...01:17
qfour21NiCK_NaME: I know a bit.  What's your question?01:17
BFHas anybody had Evolution suddenly screw up on them?01:17
shark711DasEi: http://pastebin.com/f590fd03f01:18
qfour21tsolox: right click on the menu and select "edit menu"01:18
DasEidonavan_:which card exctly ?01:18
mikeypizanocan someone help me fix my fan prob?01:18
donavan_Dasei: x1650pro01:18
bziobnicis there any way to kill a zombie stuck in kernel mode without rebooting?01:19
NiCK_NaMEqfor21: okay... i just got to mount one of my USB HD... and got it to auto load too (with help from some wizard of linux) and i was wondering what the command line would be to mount my second USB HD01:19
unopbziobnic, what's its state according to ps?01:19
donavan_DasEi: I keep getting flakey video playback almost gives me seizers when im playing games cause its sort of flashes  but not really01:19
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: and how i can format it in fat3201:19
DasEi Shark_7-11:  the files seem to be identic, its not the one generated from installer ... you had it before  when ewe looked up these two files ...01:20
shark711DasEi: yeah they are the same01:20
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: partition it in fat32 anyways01:20
shark711DasEi: i need to run nvidia-xconfig01:20
shark711DasEi: let me do that01:20
qfour21NiCK_NaME: the "mount" command is what you're looking for to mount it.01:20
DasEi Shark_7-11:  ok, but also could find installers xorg, go ahead01:21
shark711DasEi: http://pastebin.com/f49368f7001:21
qfour21NiCK_NaME: to format it, you'll want mkfs.vfat, i think01:21
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: noooo, i was wondering about the name of the second USB HD01:21
bziobnicunop: RN01:21
qfour21NiCK_NaME: what exactly do you mean by 'name'?  The volume label?01:21
shark711DasEi: i didnt get that last one....01:21
OrangeKyohi how do i enter two commands in one line on the command line? something like cmd1 || cmd2 ?01:22
flyingfishwhat's this?01:22
bastid_raZorNiCK_NaME; make a directory in /media   then mount the 2nd drive to that /media/dir01:22
Allan_Rhaehello all01:22
lsgnhoy ppl, I'm in need for audio help here. Need Expert Hacker01:22
unopbziobnic, it should respond to signals - have you sent it a SIGTERM ?01:22
donavan_Dasei look at the last part of the file name its the 64bit package isnt it ?01:22
NiCK_NaMEqfour21, no no like i got the mount command line, but like the name ... like my 1st USB HD is sdb1... would this be sdb2 ? or sdc1 ?01:22
jribOrangeKyo: use ';' if you want it to be the same as just putting the second command on a new line.  '||' and '&&' have special meanings.01:22
unopOrangeKyo, command1; command201:22
timI have a hard drive that works on my linux laptop but not my desktop. Help please!01:23
donavan_dasei: or is it an either or file?01:23
OrangeKyook ty guys01:23
bziobnicunop: I've tried kill -9 repeatedly as root01:23
lemon_join #python01:23
unopbziobnic, you should never kill -9 .. infact a kill -9 will cause this behaviour01:23
qfour21NiCK_NaME: 'sudo fdisk -l' will give you the info you seek, i think01:24
bziobnicunop: is there any way to recover now that I'm in this state?01:24
unopbziobnic, are you sure the state is RN ?01:25
unopbziobnic, and not D ?01:25
DasEidonavan_:is whats coming up at 32 bit01:26
bziobnicunop: 10563 ?        RN   6156:51 gedit01:26
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: what the dir name for the CDROM drive ?  for command line ?01:26
badfishanybody know mupen?01:26
DasEi Shark_7-11:  have you got a gui under Apps or apps  > sys or appps> preferences (nvidia?)01:26
unopbziobnic, strange .. have you tried xkill on the window? if it is still visible?01:27
qfour21NiCK_NaME: usually it's mounted under /media/cdrom or similar01:27
shark711DasEi: What you mean? within the xserver (gnome) ?01:27
dabudhello everyone01:27
bziobnicunop: the window isn't visible01:27
donavan_Dasei: yeah I know but when ever you go to the 64bit page you get the same file for a download... I didnt want to start just throwing drivers on my system I have learned that can be a major pain to fix01:27
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: thanks01:27
=== _drtroll is now known as drtroll
shark711DasEi: oh a nvidia thingy   yes i do01:27
qfour21NiCK_NaME: no worries01:28
unopbziobnic, does  dmesg | tail -n 30  indicate anything might be wrong?01:28
DasEidonavan_:mght be using a 32 bit version for both, named 6401:28
dabudi need to talk to someone about a hard drive i just installed   and the fstab file that ntfs-config creates01:28
shark711DasEi: You do no appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver01:28
shark711DasEi: I can restart my xserver wuickly (and hope it works) cos ran the nvidia-xconfig01:28
Shark_7-11DasEi: BRB - I hope01:29
DasEi Shark_7-11:  right, at least no new one, but I wonder where the installer - xorg has gone as that won't install vesa01:29
donavan_Dasei: yeah thats what i was thinking but I guess I will have to look into it a little more first01:29
Shark_7-11DasEi: ok xserver restarted but again in low-graphics mode01:30
dn4_how do I watch CSPAN streams with ubuntu?01:30
DasEi Shark_7-11:  driver in xorg ?01:30
eedokhey anyone here know how to fix the grub bug when installing from USB?01:30
bziobnicunop: yes, there are tons of I/O errors - I think on an uncleanly unmounted usb thumb drive01:30
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: i can use the gui instead of command lines right ? I.E.   Places>Computer>Filesystem>Media> (make a new folder and mount a USB HD from that in stead of using command lines like  mkdir dev/ect...ect...ect...    right ?01:31
Shark_7-11DasEi: "nvidia"01:31
qfour21NiCK_NaME: yeah *if* the automount figures things out correctly01:31
Shark_7-11DasEi: let me try something (going to select nvidia from the config where it says vesa now)01:32
=== Kabaka[A] is now known as Kabaka
lsgnneed hacker on steroid help for audio problems, reward : 12 GB of good stuff01:32
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: hmmmm and how would it do that ?01:32
Shark_7-11DasEi: Mmm test fails01:32
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: cross my fingers and pray ?01:33
qfour21NiCK_NaME: I'm not an expert on such things, but ubuntu has daemons that monitor for any removable storage media and automatically mount it.01:33
TylerPuetzHello, does anyone know the possibilities of scanning for proxies on a Linux i686 Ubuntu 8.04 machine?01:33
timcan someone help me mount a working usb (fat) hard drive?01:33
unopbziobnic, right, that's what i thought - if it's indeed due to a unclean dismount - the best way is to reboot and then check the disk out (or step into runlevel 1 and dismount everything and carry out and fsck)01:33
qfour21NiCK_NaME: sadly, yeah.  I usually mount stuff manually.01:33
TylerPuetztim: maybe.01:33
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: i soooo totally dont get linux dude its like WOW a whole new world to me...01:33
bziobnicunop: thanks01:33
jrib!vfat > tim01:33
ubottutim, please see my private message01:33
Shark_7-11DasEi: whatis the major diffrence between nvidia-glx   -glx-new and -glx-legacy ?01:33
qfour21NiCK_NaME: it's a little bit different.01:34
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: how can i learn to do that *mount stuff manually*  is their something i can read or anything ? a document i can download off line, some thing easy yo read ?01:34
unopbziobnic, but i should think this is more than just a problem with an unclean dismount - reboot and monitor /var/log/{dmesg,debug} for sometime.01:34
qfour21NiCK_NaME: also, if a usb device doesn't mount properly, sometimes you can unplug it and plug it in again and it'll be recognized.01:35
TylerPuetzDoes anyone know the possibilities of scanning for proxies on a Linux i686 Ubuntu 8.04 machine?01:35
timya ya, mounts like a sd, except it doesn't.01:35
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: i totally dig this so much i compleatly deleted windows 3 days ago and i just DOVE into this... i gotta learn it some how...01:35
jribtim: you need to be a lot more specific01:35
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: really i dont have to unmount the USB...01:35
thebigkickNickName: at least make it sound like our not a morom01:35
Shark_7-11DasEi: Xorg.0.log only has one error: Failed to initilize GLX extention (Compatable NVIDIA X Driver nor found)01:36
qfour21NiCK_NaME: Glad you enjoy ubuntu01:36
DasEi(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)01:36
qfour21NiCK_NaME: let me see if i can find a good howto page for mounting filesystems01:36
bziobnicunop: I will. This was a usb thumb drive that I inadvertently pulled out without unmounting. What stinks is that gedit is using 100% of one of my cores trying to read a file off of this drive and I've got another long running process that I really don't want to kill by rebooting01:36
sheyCan someone assist me with detecting any possible problems with my external Harddisk? It seemd when I try to write to it, it fails after about 2gb. It doesnt show any errors, just seems to hang like its writing, but doesnt move at all.01:37
eedokalternately how do I stop the ubuntu installer from installing grub to the USB key it's on, so I can have grub on my hard drive so I can boot from my hard drive instead of USB?01:37
DasEi Shark_7-11:  as in beginning of installing, you're shure the installe doesn't run within x ?01:37
jribshey: checked dmesg?01:37
NiCK_NaMEqfour21: thanks i tired for the last 2 days, i just need to learn command lines really01:37
jrib!grub > eedok01:37
ubottueedok, please see my private message01:37
sheyjrib: how would I do that?01:37
=== ir1 is now known as guitargod
Shark_7-11DasEi: it CANT, it forces me to stop the Xserver01:37
jribshey: type 'dmesg'01:37
Shark_7-11DasEi: /etc/rc3.d/S30gdm stop01:38
sheyjrib: lol, thanks, Ill give it a shot.01:38
jrib!pm | tim01:38
ubottutim: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.01:38
Shark_7-11DasEi: then only i can install it01:38
guitargodsince when is no one talking?01:38
eedokjrib that documentation doesn't work as the computer has no cd drive01:38
lsgnhey people do you think that if I change my name in shirley_18, someone would give a hand with mah audio issues?01:38
jribeedok: is it possible to boot the live environment from the usb?01:39
eedokI have a net install so no, but I can use supergrub to boot the OS01:39
trece8lsgn: tell what they are, maybe someone helps01:39
danbh_intrepidlsgn: you must be a girl!  I will help you!01:39
Shark_7-11lsgn: BlueEyedBlondy perhaps :-p   if i knew how to helkp i would dude01:39
jriblsgn: no, I think what would help you out the most is actually telling the channel what the issue is01:39
eedokI have on idea how to install it though to make it boot properly01:39
trece8what is the problem? (in one line)01:39
trece8eedok: properly?01:39
eedokas right now it just says no bootable devices when I turn the computer on without the USB key in it01:39
lsgncopypasta incoming01:40
danbh_intrepidlsgn: wait01:40
jribeedok: did you see my last question?01:40
eedokI tried doing grub-install /dev/sda but that didn't work01:40
trece8with usb is kind of... tricky... i never got one going01:40
guitargodhey all again!!01:40
jrib!who | eedok01:40
ubottueedok: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:40
danbh_intrepid!paste > lsgn       please use this service01:40
ubottulsgn, please see my private message01:40
lsgn hello. Just installed Ubuntu. My audio wont work. If I connect the headphones it works. Speakers are dead01:40
trece8lsgn: more info?01:40
Turtle2go to speakers and sound setting01:41
TylerPuetzlsgn: What is your computer model/maker01:41
eedokjrib: eedok: is it possible to boot the live environment from the usb? No I did a net install for a server config, but I can use supergrub from a usb stick to boot into ubuntu01:41
lsgnthey are coming01:41
Shark_7-11lsgn: you frogot to mention you have laptop (andmodel number etc)01:41
lsgnacer 592001:41
trece8the speaker icon have a "forbidden" simbol?01:41
lsgntrece8 nope01:41
jribeedok: sure, then install grub using the instructions on the wiki, you just need to get into ubuntu01:41
DasEi Shark_7-11:  so it seems that the installer isn't compatible with the xserver nomore, so we might try envng, next as fglrx is removed now01:41
lsgnIntel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller01:41
trece8well... i just realized the problem... its your pc, throw it away and buy mine. Here, it works :P01:41
Shark_7-11lsgn: dont you have like multiple channels or something?01:41
trece8(just for laughs)01:41
sheyjrib: this is what I found that pertains to my ext-hdd. http://pastebin.com/fd2d5b001:41
lsgnI dunno :/01:42
tim jrib: I have a usb drive that works in linux (on my eeepc) but not on my ubuntu. fdisk -l doesn't show it01:42
badfishwhat does this mean01:42
badfishSignal number 4 caught:01:42
badfisherrno = 0 (Success)01:42
badfishIllegal instruction01:42
FloodBot2badfish: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:42
trece8"works" = ?01:42
jribshey: I see a bunch of errors, ask google what they mean (I don't know)01:42
sheyjrib: ok ty, Ill check it out.01:42
Turtle2ask google, as if google is a person01:43
DasEi? anyone succesfully ran the nvidia installer for the 6600 ?01:43
trece8Google is God.01:43
eedokjrib: following those instuctions installs grub to the USB key instead of the hard drive mbr01:43
trece8Clapton Is Google.01:43
kaueri have a Hardy (8.04) guest under VMWare on Feisty (7.04). When I try to install VMWare Tools, no new filesystem appears in the guest, so I can't install the tools. Any clues?01:43
Turtle2i did it for the 950001:43
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:43
DasEi Shark_7-11:  sudo apt-get install envy-gtk01:43
jribeedok: well pick the right block device, the one that corresponds to your hd01:43
Shark_7-11DasEi: you hav e to add on amd64bit01:43
Shark_7-11DasEi: k hold on01:44
DasEi Shark_7-11:  I had same once with ati on 32 bit01:44
lsgnI think I accidentally the whole alsa driver01:44
Shark_7-11DasEi:  couldn't find package ...01:45
trece8Somebody around here has a Linux-rt running in 1680x1050 screen resolution? If someone did, please tell me. That's what i can't do (It runs in 800x600 as the best it can)01:45
eedokjrib: I get a no bootable device error when I reboot without the USB key in the computer01:45
kapuI put "VISUAL=$(whence vi)" in /root/.profile but when I su to root I am not in vi mode01:45
DasEi Shark_7-11:  also fresh installers for older cards do well, mom01:45
DasEi Shark_7-11:  sudo apt-get install envyng-gtk01:45
jribeedok: do you have /boot/grub/ on your hd?01:45
eedokjrib: yes01:45
Shark_7-11DasEi: k it is going :-)01:46
trece8eedok: excuse me if it's a dumb question, but: Do you want to run FROM the usb drive, don't you?01:46
Shark_7-11DasEi: k done...01:46
jribeedok: did you follow the wiki directions installing grub to your hard drive?01:46
eedoktrece8: no I want to run from the hard drive01:46
Aaqilhi my ubuntu is dead ubuntu is so weak in two months i installed ubuntu more than 5times with xp dual boot i am so tired, if my ubuntu is dead again i will leave it.01:46
DasEi Shark_7-11:  sudo envyng-gtk01:46
trece8eedok: ... don't plug the usb when starting01:46
trece8plug it in once ubuntu has started01:46
Shark_7-11i asume within the X server01:46
trece8it seems to me that it's the easiest way01:46
eedokjrib: yes, I ran grub, typed find /boot/grub/stage1 root (hd0,0) setup(hd0) quit then rebooted01:47
jribtim: don't know.  I don't see anything on the wiki about usb not working on an eeepc. Do other usb devices work?01:47
timjrib: yes01:47
eedoktrece8: if I don't have the USB key in the computer it says no bootable devices when I power the box up01:47
AaqilMy ubuntu programs are missing after i deleted some packages from synaptic01:47
DasEi Shark_7-11:  install nvidia-driver...01:47
jribeedok: is hd0,0 your hard drive?01:47
DigitalFizAaqil, sorry to hear about your troubles not sure what your doing wrong but maybe explaining more about the problem then my ubuntu is dead might help01:47
eedokjrib: as far as I know, how can I tell for sure?01:47
timjrib: and it works on the eeepc not on the normal computer01:47
trece8eedok: sorry... i understood it the other way01:47
DasEi Shark_7-11: getting errors ?01:48
trece8have you installed ubuntu WITH the USB on?01:48
jribeedok: type 'mount'01:48
tracihello, I dont seem to be able to extract any rar files01:48
jribeedok: in a regular shell01:48
Shark_7-11DasEi: k it is getting files from the net (installing)(01:48
jrib!rar > traci01:48
ubottutraci, please see my private message01:48
eedokjrib: just says /dev/sda101:48
trece8traci: look up on "Add or remove programs" the word "rar" and search a program that can01:48
eedokjrib: the rest of the stuff doesn't have a device attached to it01:48
GreedyBtilda is amazing01:48
jribtim: check 'dmesg' right after plugging in your usb key01:48
Aaqilfrom Places i cant open anything, there it says error message sorry there is no default actions associated with this file01:49
jribeedok: well you should be seeing your usb key as well01:49
Shark_7-11DasEi: It's gonna take a while... Im from South-Africa   'nough said01:49
jribeedok: I assume?01:49
=== trece8 is now known as Linux-rtAND1680x
GreedyBI suggest anyone using terminal alot install tilda its sweet :)01:49
eedokjrib: it's not mounted, but ist says sdb assuming drive cache..01:49
Shark_7-11GreedyB: tilda does what?01:49
DasEi Shark_7-11: kaffeine is boiling :-[01:50
=== Linux-rtAND1680x is now known as Lnux-rt1680x1050
GreedyBremember in quake to type in commands01:50
timjrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53030/01:50
Shark_7-11DasEi: it is 2:50 am here so... dont feel alone :-)01:50
eedokjrib: if it helps I installed from unetbootin01:50
GreedyBShark_7-11, its like a drop down terminal window like Quake games use to have01:50
GreedyBpretty nifty01:50
Shark_7-11GreedyB: schweeet01:50
alteregoahow can i re-compile debian packages?01:50
jribeedok: tried just running 'sudo grub-install /dev/sda'?  I'm not familiar with unetbootin01:50
DasEi Shark_7-11: lol 2:50 here, too01:50
Shark_7-11GreedyB: from within the shell?01:50
eedokyes jrib, it doesn't work01:50
nytekephcon are you there?01:51
GreedyBsorry I havent used Ubuntu in a long time I believe bash is default ?01:51
GreedyBits been like 2-3 years so Im learning all over again01:51
Shark_7-11bash is deafult with me yeah01:51
eedokjrib: the last line of output is (hd0)   /dev/sda01:51
Shark_7-11i only installed ubuntu today so...01:51
nytekGreedyB: what distro are you using?01:51
DigitalFizdoes anybody know how i can keep mounted removable devices from showing up on the desktop?01:51
bobertdostraci: rar or tar?01:51
danbh_intrepidGreedyB: I think dash is the default now01:52
GreedyBUbuntu Harty01:52
OrangeKyohey is there any quick command to tell if two text files are exactly the same?01:52
GreedyBI was guessing lol01:52
Bo-I downloaded a .package file, how do I install it?01:52
GreedyBI dont even know the version rofl01:52
jribBo-: you avoid it.  What are you trying to install?01:52
Shark_7-11Bo-: sound like a game01:52
GreedyBnytek, why do you ask?01:52
Bo-Shark_7-11: It's a MUD client.01:53
nytekSharl_7-11: is this your first attempt on a linux distro?01:53
badfishthis program keeps crashing with the line "Illegal instruction"01:53
Shark_7-11nytek: linux yeah   unix no01:53
Shark_7-11nytek: work alot on solaris so01:53
Shark_7-11nytek: and decided M$ sucks01:53
nyteki never understood the difference between unix and linux ><01:53
miloszHow can i switch from Ubuntu to Kubuntu?01:54
Shark_7-11nytek: unix you pay for support  linux you go on IRC and harras ppl01:54
danbh_intrepidBo-: have you tried gnome mud?01:54
Shark_7-11did i say that aloud?01:54
GreedyBdont ever say M$01:54
Turtle2is RHEL unix?01:54
miloszCould someone give me a single hint where to start at?01:54
nytekso apparently unix is a version of M$ lol01:54
jrib!kde > milosz01:54
ubottumilosz, please see my private message01:54
Bo-danbh_intrepid: Yea, I dont' really like it01:55
Shark_7-11can you swhith to KDE from normal ubuntu?01:55
Turtle2you mean KDE from Gnome01:55
miloszah great01:55
jribtim: pastebin 'sudo fdisk -l'01:55
danbh_intrepidTurtle2: I think its just linux, but you should ask in a redhat chat.  I dunno really01:55
lsgnhai guys, some folks at ebaumsforum said I should use the command sudo rm -f  to solve my audio issues. So should I type it on terminal?01:55
miloszThanks jrib01:55
DasEi milosz:apt-cache search kde*01:55
Aaqilfrom Places i cant open anything, there it says error message sorry there is no default actions associated with this file01:55
Shark_7-11normal, gnome, same thing, only spelling is diffrent01:55
danbh_intrepidlsgn: are you serious?01:55
GreedyBobviously he is joking01:56
l337ingDisorderhey guys.. got a bit of an issue I'm hoping someone can help with - I've updated to 8.10 and now glipper clipboard manager crashes 100% of the time because it depends on libffi4 but 8.10 uses libffi5 - can anyone tell me how to compile from source with libffi5 instead of libffi4?01:56
nyteki like when im downloading things at 4000b/s01:56
danbh_intrepidlsgn: first off, those guys are just pranksters.  NEVER go to them for technical support01:56
lsgneh? why?01:56
bobertdoslsgn: Let's try to tackle your issues a little more seriously.01:56
l337ingDisorder(I know how to compile from source, just need to know what arguments to pass to ./configure or whatever it is I need to do for the libffi5 modification)01:56
timjrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53033/ shows only internal drives01:56
Aaqilfrom Places i cant open anything, there it says error message sorry there is no default actions associated with this file, any solution?01:56
Shark_7-11DasEi: wth... my xserver just restarted   does envy do that?01:56
danbh_intrepid!intrepid > l337ingDisorder01:57
ubottul337ingDisorder, please see my private message01:57
nytekwould envy fix my problem with have an "unknown" monitor?01:57
DasEi Shark_7-11: yes, but without a request ?01:57
Shark_7-11DasEi: not sure, chatting from CTRL + Alt + 101:57
Shark_7-11DasEi: asking me now to restart my entire machine bbl01:58
sledgeso i tried to setup a SSH server as the web page instructed, but for some reason i couldn't get any connections01:58
jribeedok: not sure then.  Try #grub.  I'd be interested in knowing what you had to do once you solve it01:58
Aaqilafter i have deleted some synaptic packages , from Places i cant open anything, there it says error message sorry there is no default actions associated with this file, any solution?01:59
DasEinytek: no01:59
lubemnkyI'm looking for some help to fix my synaptic01:59
bobertdossledge: Can you ssh yourself?01:59
nytekDasEi: do you know what could fix this problem? its only when im at the login screen01:59
jribtim: what size is the usb key?02:00
timjrib: 60gb02:00
bobertdoslubemnky: What's wrong with it?02:00
nytekDasEi: btw im running on a laptop, so there shouldnt be no extra monitor02:00
DasEinytek: either manually configure monitor in xorg.conf or run dispalyconfig-gtk02:00
KattollikisdHI linux's Users :P Im looking from the Google Earth in .deb02:00
miloszok let's see02:00
lubemnkyI can't connect to any repositories it tells me I don't have a key?02:00
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository02:00
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Terminator_
bobertdos!medibuntu | Kattollikisd02:01
ubottuKattollikisd: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:01
Terminator_I had vista, installed ubuntu and now just installed xp (in that order)02:01
Terminator_but now I no longer have the grub menu02:02
Terminator_is there a simple way to restore it?02:02
bartekAnyone have any idea why despite setting up ScreenLayout (correctly?) that my second screen is being cloned onto my desktop rather then extended?02:02
nytekDeaEi: the "unknown" monitor is disabled....so why is it still giving me a problem?02:02
Shark_7-11DasEi: I got bad news and bad news02:02
bobertdoslubemnky: Have you added any additional repos?02:02
jribtim: google your last line in dmesg (I'm googling as well, but don't see anything interesting yet)02:03
Shark_7-11DasEi: Getting a black screen and everything freezes up (even CTRL + ALT + #)02:03
jribtim: what version of ubuntu?02:03
nemesis256I've got a Ubuntu computer connected to a KVM, and every time I switch to it, the mouse jumps around VERY quickly, and clicks by itself. If I leave the mouse there for about 30 seconds, it's fine. It also becomes fine after the same amount of time if I move the mouse around, but there may be new folders, new or deleted panels, etc. The mouse connected on the KVM is PS/2. Any ideas?02:03
Shark_7-11changed the driver on xorg from "nvidia" to "nv"02:03
DasEi Shark_7-11: you are in safe mode now ?02:03
timjrib: kubuntu 8.1002:04
lubemnkyyes, and it worked once but i have not been able to update since july?02:04
timjrib: last line: device not accepting address 6, error -11002:04
Shark_7-11DasEi: no, noraml runleve 302:04
Shark_7-11DasEi: I was in safe mode (and edit the xorg file)02:04
bobertdoslubemnky: Have you reloaded lately or done sudo apt-get update?02:04
DasEi Shark_7-11: nv should be the ubuntu-driver while nvidia is the installer's one02:04
Shark_7-11DasEi: then telinit 302:04
kaueroops - found it. Exactly where it was supposed to be :-)02:04
jribtim: 8.10 is a *development* version intended for developers and testers.  You need to ask in #ubuntu+1, not here02:04
lubemnkyyes neither worked02:04
Terminator_I had vista, installed ubuntu and now just installed xp (in that order). but now I no longer have the grub menu. is there a simple way to restore it?02:05
Shark_7-11DasEi: yeah the nv one works (bit no 3d) the nvidia one freezes my machine02:05
timjrib: 7.10 then I use hardy02:05
bobertdoslubemnky: You may need to go into software sources and remove the repos you've added.02:05
lubemnkylet me see what I selected.02:06
Jordan_U!grub | Terminator_02:06
ubottuTerminator_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:06
Shark_7-11DasEi: oh well, i am to tired to try more02:06
Shark_7-11DasEi: I would rahter buy a new screen card02:06
sledgebobertdos,  yep02:06
Terminator_sure hope I dont need floppies.. :P02:06
Shark_7-11how did you install kvm?02:06
bartekAnyone have any idea why despite setting up ScreenLayout (correctly?) that my second screen is being cloned onto my desktop rather then extended?02:06
Terminator_Jordan_U, !grub??02:06
sledgebooting into linux02:07
Freakin_Busyanyone familiar with xrandr? i'm trying to set extended monitors but they are of different resolutions... and it does not allow my monitor to adjust get it properly.02:07
lubemnkyunder tab 1 first 4 boxes checked02:07
Shark_7-11is there a linux version for htc tytan II phone?02:08
bobertdoslubemnky: I'm more concerned about third party sources02:08
seancarlanyone knows a channel where i can find help with signing code of conduct?02:08
bobertdos!who | lubemnky02:08
ubottulubemnky: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:08
Jordan_UTerminator_: !keyword tells the channel bot to give a message about that keyword, | nick makes it give that message to a given nick, in other words look at the message from ubottu about grub02:08
hyouginAnyone ever encounter a problem with xchat freezing everytime a dcc is received?02:08
eedokjrib: solved the problem, the automated installer didn't mark my primary hard drive as bootable, so I had to use cfdisk to mark it as bootable, thanks for the help02:08
jribeedok: ah02:09
Freakin_BusyJordan_U, you should get them to make a msg that tells users to look at the messages lol02:09
Shark_7-11eedok: cool tx for stating the resolution ;-)02:09
bobertdosseancarl: I think you're offtopic, but are you talking about ASL or something?02:09
DasEi Shark_7-11: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-797027.html02:09
lubemnkymirror.cs club.uwaterloo.ca/ubuntu/gutsy....02:09
Shark_7-11DasEi: err... can copy and paste   hold on let my write it down02:10
bobertdoslubemnky: and are you running Hardy? If so, that one is probably your problem.02:10
Terminator_ah, thanks.. ;) I thought some1 else also answered.. Didnt even see that was Ubottu.. :)02:10
Shark_7-11DasEi: or hang on let my login from the xserver02:10
DasEi Shark_7-11: carefull, older version (other x) : http://wp.uberdose.com/2004/12/11/ubuntu-and-nvidia-geforce-6600/02:10
lsgnhello people, you remember I had audio problem?02:11
lubemnkythanks for the tip ubottu02:11
lsgnwell not anymore :D02:11
DasEi Shark_7-11: I feel soory for that but the installer's seem to collide with the xserver02:11
bobertdoslubemnky: Okay, well in that case, I would suggest disabling your third party repos and seeing if you can at least refresh then.02:11
sheyAt the end of this bug-report (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/40561) it says that there should be a new kernel package available, but when I check the repos its not available.02:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 40561 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Problem with USB Mass Storage" [Medium,Won't fix]02:11
shark711DasEi: can you paste me that url again pls?02:11
DasEi Shark_7-11: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-797027.html02:11
lubemnkybobertdos: ok02:11
DasEi Shark_7-11: carefull, older version (other x) : http://wp.uberdose.com/2004/12/11/ubuntu-and-nvidia-geforce-6600/02:11
e\ectro_is there an issue with the 2.6.24 kernel and the e100 driver?  I'm getting this error in dmesg e100: probe of 0000:02:03.0 failed with error -1102:12
Terminator_thanks Jordan_U.. Hopefully I'll be right back using ubuntu again.. ;)02:12
sledgeok im back02:12
seancarlbobertdos: i am offtopic... do you know if there a channel where i can get help with the ubuntu code of conduct? (sry if reapiting) i'm new to irc02:13
sledgecan someone try my SSH server02:13
jribsledge: still?  works fine02:13
DasEiseancarl:ubuntu.com or #ubuntu-offtopic02:13
georgy_28sledge, : is working02:14
sledgeworks now?02:14
sledgeoh ok.02:14
sledgethank you02:14
georgy_28sledge : yes02:14
bartekWhats the keyboard shortcut to switch work spaces?02:15
jribbartek: ctrl-alt-<arrow key>02:15
=== Kabaka is now known as Kabaka[A]
sledgejrib, well i switched modems02:16
Terminatorso I just installed xp02:16
Terminatorbut it needs to restart and finish02:16
xaos1111hi guys. I'm having an issue with a fat 32 disk in ubuntu. it is mounted as /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       0 , and there is plenty of free space, but all of a sudden, when downloading with azureus i get an error: disk read error, read only file system, open fails. i tried unmounting and remounting drive, restarting, etc, nothing works, can anyone help?02:16
Terminatorbut I can't choose to start xp in grub..02:17
Terminatorwhat to do?02:17
xaos1111hi guys. I'm having an issue with a fat 32 disk in ubuntu. it is mounted as/dev/sdb2    /media/media    vfat   iocharset=utf8,umask=000 00 , and there is plenty of free space, but all of a sudden, when downloading with azureus i get an error: disk read error, read only file system, open fails. i tried unmounting and remounting drive, restarting, etc, nothing works, can anyone help?02:17
JoelitoTerminator: supergrub02:17
kansanhow do i get the advanced desktop effects control panel in hardy?02:17
ianliu_88Is there a prevision for ubuntu beta release?02:17
TerminatorJoelito, could you explain?02:17
fusedHey, guys. I'm receiving an error every time I try to run the AIM for linux.02:18
JoelitoHi guys... does anyone know a good ISO editor like in win32 magiciso?02:18
seancarlDasEi: thanks02:18
xaos1111aim??? why not pidgin?02:18
fusedaim: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.02:18
kansando i want loose binding?  do i want indirect rendering?  geforce 8600 gts graphics card.02:18
JoelitoTerminator: Use supergrub to return the linux the boot sequence02:18
fusedPidgin crashes too easily during the botting stages with all of the script kiddies on it now.02:18
fusedHave to have something that can stand the HTML floods without freezing up.02:18
SocceroosHello fellows, does anyone know when Ubuntu 8.10 Beta will be released?02:18
TerminatorJoelito, you mean sudo grub? cause I did that02:18
JoelitoTerminator: That's what I do: I install first ubuntu, then XP and use supergrub to return the grub to linux02:19
Terminatorbut xp isnt installed yet..02:19
Terminatorneeded to restart..02:19
JoelitoTerminator: vist http://www.supergrubdisk.org/02:19
xaos1111is it installing on a separate disk?02:19
Terminatorxaos1111, you mean me?? It's installing on a seperate partition.. :P02:20
ethiotechjoin #openser02:20
zelrikriandoIs the Intel Extreme Graphics supported on hardy?02:20
DasEi Shark_7-11: I'm also getting tired, but will byself track this error of installers don't realize x-version, sry for today, too02:20
usserzelrikriando, yes works out of the box02:20
xaos1111hm... did you have the virus protection feature turned off in the bios when you booted?02:20
zelrikriandousser, hmm ok02:20
lubemnkyhttp://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-updates/Release: Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)02:21
lubemnkyhttp://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-backports/Release: Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)02:21
lubemnkybobertdos: I get these errors when I try to update. http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-security/Release: Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)02:21
Shark_7-11DasEi: no worries   I am going to bed now :-)   tx for the help02:21
zelrikriandousser, because I know somebody who has problems with compiz right now...02:21
xaos1111Terminator: did you have the virus protection feature turned off in the bios when you booted?02:21
Shark_7-11DasEi: that url is interesting, will try that later today (want to say tomorrow) :-p02:21
usserzelrikriando, whats the problem?02:21
Shark_7-11cheers all02:21
xaos1111or installed02:21
xaos1111hi guys. I'm having an issue with a fat 32 disk in ubuntu. it is mounted as/dev/sdb2    /media/media    vfat   iocharset=utf8,umask=000 00 , and there is plenty of free space, but all of a sudden, when downloading with azureus i get an error: disk read error, read only file system, open fails. i tried unmounting and remounting drive, restarting, etc, nothing works, can anyone help?02:22
DasEi Shark_7-11: old nvids still work well, sry again02:22
zelrikriandousser, freezes and window closing02:22
Terminatorxaos1111, dunno..02:22
Freakin_Busyanyone wanna help me figure out how to use xrandr properly?02:22
shark711DasEi: :-p02:22
Terminatordidnt change anything there yet..02:22
Terminatornew laptop.. :P02:22
TerminatorJoelito, can you simply install it to ubuntu also?02:22
DasEixaos1111:did you try to save to cd ??02:22
Freakin_BusyTerminator, if you try dual monitor support.. let me know how it urns out qo802:23
xaos1111Terminator , well maybe check in the bios and see if there is a virus protection feature which will prevent you from writing to mbr02:23
GreedyBAnyone here use Tovid non gui?02:23
JoelitoTerminator: No02:23
xaos1111DasEi try to save to a cd, like burn directly from azureus?02:23
usserzelrikriando, can you pastebin the output of lspci command? to see what video chipset you have?02:23
Terminatorxaos1111, if thats so, then sudo grub wouldnt work?02:24
Terminatorcause that did work..02:24
DasEixaos1111:that won't work, unless its a ram-drive02:24
Terminatorbut Joelito, I have no working windows atm.. :P02:24
xaos1111Terminator : well if you're sure there is no feature in the bios to protect, maybe its just xp didn't understand how to write the mbr correctly for some reason02:24
JoelitoTerminator: How do you loose boot, then? .\02:24
zelrikriandousser, hmm ok nevermind02:25
xaos1111Terminator : my guess is try to use supergrub to make it see where xp left off02:25
DasEixaos1111:save your files on hd first, in a folder with user-write permissions, you can't burn incomplete torrent-files02:25
Terminatorill try installing supergrub with wine.. :P02:25
DasEiTerminator: ?? burn a iso to boot it, nor ?02:26
xaos1111DasEi I'm not trying to burn files, just download them to disk which i have plenty of room. I can read from the disk fine... i've been seeding away for a couple days02:26
ASrockare there any programs for ubuntu i could use to make some techno music with?02:26
SocceroosASrock: lmms02:27
xaos1111ASrock : LMMS02:27
SocceroosI use it myself02:27
DasEixaos1111:but the error you posted shows you tried to wite sth to cd ?02:27
sledgelmms theres also a drum machine02:27
SocceroosI've made some great stuff with it. Its a great application02:27
xaos1111no that was by mistake02:27
xaos1111hi guys. I'm having an issue with a fat 32 disk in ubuntu. it is mounted as/dev/sdb2    /media/media    vfat   iocharset=utf8,umask=000 00 , and there is plenty of free space, but all of a sudden, when downloading with azureus i get an error: disk read error, read only file system, open fails. i tried unmounting and remounting drive, restarting, etc, nothing works, can anyone help?02:27
xaos1111i fixed it02:27
Terminatoraha, its bootable.. ;)02:28
Terminatorill do that then02:28
alteregoajesus is bootable02:28
Tim1_how do i install java for ubunto02:28
SocceroosASrock: go here to get the latest packages of LMMS for ubuntu: http://www.getdeb.net/search.php?keywords=lmms02:28
DasEixaos1111:lets put it properly to fstab02:28
Terminatorand what do I do with this program exactly?02:28
sledgelmms theres also a drum machine02:28
ubottuTim1_: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository02:28
georgy_28!java | tim102:28
ubottutim1: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository02:28
Denisewasher and dryer02:29
DasEixaos1111:pm me02:29
alteregoasometime i feel gnome is written in a java like language? is it?02:29
kenporickHelp !!! ...just a noobie here...I installed the gnome destop for UBTU 8 but the mouse is not working...the arrow is there but it doesn''t move...it's an old serial mouse...do I have to install a mouse package? if so which one?02:29
DasEixaos1111  pm me02:29
akureialteregoa: why?02:29
alteregoaits so damn slow02:29
akureialteregoa: never experienced that02:29
akureiwhat exactly?02:30
alteregoayeah try it on a 800mhz puter02:30
alteregoathe whole gui02:30
akureisorry, i just ran out of old machines ;)02:30
nytekkenporick: have you tried restarting?02:30
danbh_intrepidalteregoa: how is your ram situation?02:30
sledgeAaqil:  well it should have never not worked.02:30
Terminatorxaos1111, what exactly do I have to do when I boot with this supergrub? What does the program do?02:30
kenporicknytek yes 3 times02:30
alteregoayeah, but if i compare it to windows xp, sorry but its true, xp is much faster02:30
xaos1111Terminator : I don'02:30
alteregoanow i try xfce or something as gui02:30
OmletteProgram in ADA.02:30
alteregoamaybe it runs better02:31
Aaqilsledge: Me happy :D02:31
nytekkenporick: can you get to the mouse properties in preferences?02:31
xaos1111Terminator : I don't know, someone else suggested it, it sounds like a good idea, i'm just gonna try it on my laptop to get linux restored to the mbr02:31
DasEiTerminator:me, lol : chosse restore win xp restore02:31
xaos1111Terminator : You burn it to a disk02:31
kenporickwell, i can't seem to find how to move around with the keyboard02:31
sjovanhow can i se the cpu-temp in ubuntu?02:31
=== bruce__ is now known as Freakin_Busy
SocceroosASrock: Also, if you want an entire 'studio' solution with all the best Open Source packages for music/movies creation then you could try using Ubuntu Studio. My company uses Ubuntu Studio in our professional work for clients.02:32
alteregoathere is a howto02:32
DasEiTerminator: i only got you in 'bypass' ; but you want install win after ubuntu, right ?02:32
kenporicknytek sorry i can't seem to figure how to move around using the kb02:32
Terminatorvista was on it02:32
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:32
TerminatorI installed ubuntu02:32
alteregoasudo apt-get install lm-sensors02:32
Terminatornow vista no longer works and I want to install xp02:32
SocceroosASrock: http://ubuntustudio.org/02:33
alteregoawhats the problem02:33
ASrockSocceroos: thanks ill check that out02:33
akureisjovan: cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/*/temperature02:33
[Solars]does ubuntu come with telentd and ftpd enabled?02:33
kenporicknytek i looked for a doc that explains how to maneuver around the windows w/ the KB but couldn't find anything02:33
nytekkenporick: is it a ps2 or usb?02:33
Socceroos[Solars]: by default it doesn't02:34
kenporicknytek serial...old dual pentium pro200 mboard02:34
sjovanakurei: thanks. what does acpi stand for (so i remeber this to later)?02:34
nytekmaybe the mouse is defective?02:34
kenporicknytek no works on another machine02:35
akureisjovan: advanced configuration and power interface02:35
ethiotechanyone know how to find the "Ip of your proxy" when configuring "openser"02:35
kenporicknytek this machine was running winxp and it worked fine02:35
section3any idea for where i might be able to research building a custom version of the ubuntu livecd/installer? (im looking to add/remove apps to/from the installer among other smaller customizations)02:35
sjovanakurei: spanks allot.02:36
nytekkenporick: one sec02:36
akureiyou're welcome ;)02:36
kenporicknytek okay...i'm in holding pattern...i think i'l try changing the irq setting in the bios next02:37
tuxyi'm looking for somebody who is familiar on customizing ubuntu02:37
alteregoaheh what comes after /dev/sdz?02:37
georgy_28! reconstructor02:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about reconstructor02:37
sjovan!ask | tuxy02:37
ubottutuxy: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:37
nytekkenporick: have you tried and editing your xorg.conf02:38
section3i've messed with reconstructor some, just don't really know about (or how) to add different app packages to the iso02:38
georgy_28section3, : google after reconstructor02:38
alteregoa_ /dev/sdza?02:38
inflexIs there a unique file or response on Ubuntu systems that I can use to -identify- that I'm running on a Ubuntu system?02:39
inflexeg, some distros have /etc/OSNAME-version  type of iles02:39
jorge__hello people02:40
section3perhaps i should've read that a little more before running to irc for info.... excuse me please while i read away at this...02:40
DasEiTerminator: uups, just off02:40
kenporicknytek now i'm feeling really dumb...wouldn't know how to edit xorg.conf...i'm stuck in the gui...i don't want to puch the restart button but i think i have to, to reboot...i'll try that website02:40
jorge__im having some trouble with ssh-client over wan02:40
akureijorge__: what's wrong?02:41
jorge__can anybody help me?02:41
sjovankenporick: sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:41
tuxyok... well i want a gui that displays the programs installed in the system on the bottom screen,02:41
tuxyjust like the apple MacOS X02:41
sjovanjorge__: i have a problem could be like everything.... maby you should spesefy02:41
nytekhow do i edit the way my conky looks?02:42
jorge__i cant connect to my ssh server but there are several catches02:42
jorge__let me explain02:42
sabalordwhats the most current version of gcc?02:42
jorge__i just installed ubuntu hardy02:42
inflexuname doesn't give me anything unique for ubuntu :(02:42
e-jatdid anyone in here know when will the 8.10-beta release ?02:42
HowardShoweredI have a problem with my wine application and shockwave =(02:42
=== Esquilo is now known as JulioNeto
HowardShowerednot sure02:42
akureituxy: http://www.cairo-dock.org/mc_album.php?a=302:42
sjovanjorge__: and in one line so it's easy to follow you. i'm going to bed now, but prob some one can help you out02:42
kenporickslovan thanks what do i change in there to get my serial mouse to work in gnome?02:42
ethiotechI am having problem configuring "openser" - anyone know how to configure UAC?02:43
jorge__ok, let me write it all then02:43
DasEiinflex: uname -a   /uname -r02:43
carandrauganyone here uses LyX? This is kinda of a embarassing question but where's the square root button? Should I be using LaTeX code for the square root when I don't for much more complicated stuff?02:43
sjovankenporick: the default should work... copy the  --> Identifier     "Configured Mouse" <--- and rest of that stuff, and www.pastebin.com it02:44
lagrundgei would try latex code02:44
akureituxy: cairo dock02:44
lagrundgeyou should switch to math mode wie ctrl + m02:44
carandrauglagrundge: the problem is, I don't know LaTeX02:45
kenporickslovan also, how do i get out of the gui using the keyboard?02:45
lagrundgebut you can write02:45
lagrundgein mathmode02:45
ksbalaji_I have installed vuze in Hardy. Nowadays I do not find any response in azureus-support channel. What has come to it? Anyone aware of vuze please? - I ask here because I feel this as home.02:45
tuxyakurei, can you explain, don't really know what this is02:46
scratch_does anyone know how to lock your mouse to a window (like a game window) to keep it from drifting off screen and preventing proper game play?02:46
carandrauglagrundge: ok, thanks. Since you know that, I'm guessing you never noticed the lack of that button. They mention it on the tutorial but I can't find it. And I've asked my brother, he too can't see it02:46
sjovanlagrundge: but i'm going to bed now... this is what mine says (usb mouse that is). http://pastebin.com/d5de638e902:46
akureituxy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CairoDock02:46
sjovankenporick: but i'm going to bed now... this is what mine says (usb mouse that is). http://pastebin.com/d5de638e902:47
borislav_simichow do you watch you-tube on fire fox02:47
sjovanlagrundge: sorry, wrong person02:47
GreedyBSo if I wanted to add themes to my 8.04 installation what type of themes are they? GTK2?02:47
borislav_simichow do you watch you-tube on firefox02:47
kenporickslovan okay thanks much for the tips...later02:47
carandraugborislav_simic: install flash02:47
tuxyakurei, listen do you think you can assist me as a first?02:47
carandraug!flash | borislav_simic02:47
ubottuborislav_simic: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:47
tuxyakurei, ?02:47
Jordan_Uborislav_simic: Install flash, I prefer to browse youtube with totem though02:47
jorge__i just installed ubuntu hardy in my laptop and everything went well but i tried to do ssh IP, it asked for my pass and freezed there... tried ssh -vvv IP to see what was wrong and it shows me that everything went well but it freezes in "debug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 32768" tried to see through wireshark but the thing is that i dont know what i should be looking for, there is...02:47
jorge__...no error showing up!  BTW, no FW and no IPTABLES are running02:48
ksbalaji_Is 8.10 stable ready?02:48
MaccowHello, I am looking for the source code for /lib/libcrypt.* (afaik this is not the libcrypto package that goes into /usr/lib). Can anyone tell me wher ei can find the source code for this?02:48
sjovankenporick: ctrl+atl+F1, F7-9 is back to the gui (tepends)02:48
akureituxy: nah not really. I'm not using this atm. never tried it. only heard it rocks02:48
carandraugksbalaji_: only 30th October02:48
Jordan_Uksbalaji_: no02:48
bobertdosksbalaji_: 29 more days02:48
kenporickslovan okay thans again02:48
Xcercaon my screenlets , whenever i have other windows open then press the view desktop button i cant see the screenlets..  they go away ...  how do you fix that ?02:48
jorge__also when i tried to connect through LAN and not WAN it connected!02:48
akureiGreedyB: yes, gtk202:48
scratch_does anyone know how to lock your mouse to a window (like a game window) to keep it from drifting off screen and preventing proper game play?02:49
sjovanjorge__: have you opend the port on the router=02:49
ksbalaji_Can I just upgrade to 8.10 on release? May I have to download the iso to install?02:49
scratch_must play mount and blade! :D02:49
rafase282I need help with Ubuntu Hardy, I want to install compiz-fusion form GIT02:49
sjovanscratch_: if you are useing wine, then you can tick of a box in the config02:49
xaos1111 I'm having an issue with a fat 32 disk in ubuntu. it is mounted as/dev/sdb2    /media/media    vfat   iocharset=utf8,umask=000 00 , and there is plenty of free space, but all of a sudden, when downloading with azureus i get an error: disk read error, read only file system, open fails. i tried unmounting and remounting drive, restarting, etc, nothing works, can anyone help?02:49
sjovanbut good night every one02:49
jorge__sjovan: yes02:49
rafase282have anyone done this with amd and ATI video card?02:49
bobertdosksbalaji_: You can upgrade, though I personally don't recommend direct upgrades. There are lots of other methods to install the distros too.02:50
scratch_sjovan: i tried the one for allowing directx apps to lock your mouse but to no avail02:50
jorge__sjovan: client is in DMZ02:50
scratch_same problem persists02:50
danbh_intrepidxaos1111: azureus sucks.  Great on windows, but crashed all the time on ubuntu02:50
hectorhello good nigth02:50
hectorI need a good sotware for peer to peer02:51
kitchedanbh_intrepid: well azureus package on ubuntu has issues02:51
=== harry is now known as Guest78687
hectorNecesito un buen programa para p2p02:51
hectorAny help?02:51
xaos1111azureus works fine for me... it's not azureus problem btw02:51
ksbalaji_bobertdos, thanks. now , yu know what is happening at #azureus-support? No one chats there! Something wrong with vuze?02:51
danbh_intrepidhector: transmission02:51
xaos1111it's never crashed for me02:51
Gnea!p2p > hector02:52
ubottuhector, please see my private message02:52
xaos1111i installed vuze02:52
xaos1111and bittyrant02:52
akureiI'm using deluge02:52
gbear14275my firefox seems to be hanging quite frequently02:52
xaos1111i know the az pack on ubuntu sux02:52
Jordan_Ugbear14275: Most likely flash crashing02:52
bobertdosgbear14275: Version 3.0.3?02:52
Jordan_Ugbear14275: Try installing flashblock and see if you get fewer crashes02:53
jorge__any ideas on ssh over wan problems anybody? its only on wan and no errors show up, just freezes02:53
scratch_does anyone know how to lock your mouse to a window (like a game window) to keep it from drifting off screen and preventing proper game play? game is Mount and Blade run from wine02:53
gbear14275yup 3.0.302:53
Gneajorge__: check your internet cord?02:53
akureiscratch_: there's an option in wine config02:53
jorge__Gnea: WAN02:53
bobertdosgbear14275: Does it happen most often with flash content?02:53
Jordan_Uscratch_: winecfg, there is an option to allow games to grab the cursor02:53
jorge__i have host pong02:54
techsupporthow can i share my ubuntu drive with windows ?02:54
gbear14275well.. my most recent problem is pandora.com... seems to not be playing any sound at all02:54
ksbalaji_bobertdos, Why I am worried about 8.10 upgrade is, i dont want to loose settings by a clean install. Is it possible to transfer all audio/display settings in a clean install?02:54
Gneajorge__: yeah, you know, the physical medium that connects you TO the WAN? is it loose or anything like that?02:54
gbear14275I've recently uninstalled some of the evolution packages and installed azureus... other than that should be workin02:54
georgy_28!samba | techsupport02:54
ubottutechsupport: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209802:54
danbh_intrepid!home > ksbalaji_       if you have a separate /home, you dont need to worry about those things02:54
ubottuksbalaji_, please see my private message02:54
Gneajorge__: what about packetloss to the remote host that you're using ssh with?02:55
Jordan_Udanbh_intrepid: most "audio / display settings" are not stored in /home02:55
hectortanks... excuse02:55
hectorWhich do they advise me? For experience02:55
ksbalaji_danbh_intrepid, thanks02:55
hectorfor bittorrent02:55
danbh_intrepidJordan_U: oh, oops, sorry ksbalaji_ I was wrong02:55
jorge__the thing is that only client is over wan, server is wired, and i have great ping02:55
scratch_that option is set for me but isn't working02:56
bobertdos ksbalaji_: Well, I suspect it may make a mess to directly replace the files in Intrepid, but you could always copy your xorg.conf and ALSA config files so that you can just look at them for reference.02:56
alteregoai don't understand intrepid is still i38602:56
ksbalaji_danbh_intrepid, ? what then?02:56
alteregoai386 for what?!02:56
Gneajorge__: you may find better help in #networking02:56
hectorzorry i have any problems with the englis lengage02:56
alteregoamake i686 binaries, this i386 stuff is outdated02:56
threedeehow to get firefox running java?02:56
gbear14275whew... reset firefox... seems resolved02:56
threedeethanks :)02:56
danbh_intrepidksbalaji_: (09:55:35 PM) Jordan_U: danbh_intrepid: most "audio / display settings" are not stored in /home02:56
Gnea!java | threedee02:57
ubottuthreedee: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository02:57
alteregoanow pIII is 10 years ago02:57
danbh_intrepidalteregoa: what are you talking about?02:57
threedeethanks gnea02:57
alteregoaabout the binary distribution02:57
danbh_intrepidalteregoa: the kernel?02:57
gbear14275so whats going on with ff 3.0.3 thats messing with flash?02:57
jorge__Gnea: its not a networking problem, cause putty connects and wireing the laptops also makes the problem disappear, my guess is  configs02:57
ksbalaji_Hey! It took almost a month to get my Hardy settings satifactory. I do not want to undergo the same struggle with 8.10 -shudder.02:57
alteregoaits still a i386 distro, not further optimized for i68602:57
DasEiwhat again was the cmd to show a files permission ?02:57
georgy_28DasEi, ; ls -l or ls -la02:58
bobertdosDasEi: or stat -c %a02:58
Gneajorge__: if your ssh connection is lagging, then obviously it's a networking problem. if it's configs, then why are you asking about it instead of reading the manpage for sshd_config and experimenting?02:58
Jordan_Ujorge__: Is it "freezing" after long periods of no use?02:59
DasEils- l , thx02:59
Maccowtry to enable tcpkeepalives in the config02:59
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ksbalaji_Now I hope 8.10 supports a nice upgrade! thanks friends.03:00
hectorDo you believe that azerus is the best client p2p?03:00
jorge__Gnea: it doesnt lag it just stops after "ok ack" of my key or pass it never shows the remote command line03:00
jorge__Jordan_U: no jordan03:00
jorge__Jordan_U: i never get to the "use" part03:00
Gneajorge__: and how long does it stop before you kill it?03:00
macv1hi guys... i constantly find that the audio in my Hardy stops .... then when i TEST the sound settings i get this error >>>>audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback. Device is being used by another application.<<< then i change the alsa / pulse audio to  pulse/alsa ...and sound is back... why do i keep this errors?03:00
bobertdosksbalaji_: Well, if you don't want to upgrade, you certainly don't have to. After all, Hardy is the second LTS release.03:00
alteregoai686 kernel at least please03:01
firestormhello there03:01
ksbalaji_hector, the worst thing is nowadays there is not much response in azureus-support channel.03:01
jorge__no more than 2 mins, 120 secs according to my guess with the sshd_config in other config files i have been looking03:01
scratch_does anyone know how to lock your mouse to a window (like a game window) to keep it from drifting off screen and preventing proper game play? game is Mount and Blade run from wine - winecfg option does not fix the problem03:01
Jordan_Ualteregoa: The linux kernel loads i686 optimizations at run time03:01
Jordan_U!generic | alteregoa03:01
ubottualteregoa: Background to the decision to replace -686, k7 and -smp kernels with -generic can be found here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html (the -386 kernel is still available if needed)03:01
firestormwhats that like pastebin thing?03:02
firestormcan someone link me03:02
Gneajorge__: have you tried increasing the priority of ssh traffic over others?03:02
firestormso i can past somethin03:02
jorge__no results whatsoever03:02
georgy_28! pastebin | firestorm03:02
ubottufirestorm: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:02
threedeeseems I have java, but firefox still not running a java app? how to configure forefox?03:02
alteregoayeah spaghetti kernel with architectures from 198603:02
Gneajorge__: using what method?03:02
Jordan_Uthreedee: Do you have the java plugin for Firefox?03:03
jorge__Gnea: no, previous answer was not for your q.03:03
bobertdosthreedee: Did you install the sun-java6-plugin?03:03
Gneajorge__: oh ok.03:03
gusxanybody has experienced a bug with the krb5 libs using the needchange attribute in kerberos MIT03:03
jorge__Gnea: what do you suggest?03:03
techsupporthow can i configure network connections between ubuntu server 8.04 and windows server 2003 ?03:03
firestormi get this error when trying to use yum03:03
threedeebobert - one second03:03
Gneajorge__: you should increase the priority of ssh traffic over others. #networking and #iptables would be able to help you out there03:04
bobertdosgbear14275: Well the problem varies in nature, but for flash 9, the issue is usually that libflashsupport destabilizes the browswer.03:04
Gneajorge__: either with traffic shaping or tc03:04
Jordan_Ualteregoa: Please read the rationale, and it's not some ubuntu-specific hack, the vanilla kernel has been able to do this for ages now03:04
macv1hi guys... i constantly find that the audio in my Hardy stops .... then when i TEST the sound settings i get this error >>>>audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback. Device is being used by another application.<<< then i change the alsa / pulse audio to  pulse/alsa ...and sound is back... why do i keep this errors?03:04
danbh_intrepidmacv1: try upgrading to intrepid03:04
gusxanybody has experienced a bug with the krb5 libs using the needchange attribute in kerberos MIT?03:04
xaos1111i find running a killall pulseaudio helps03:04
kansanhow do i ensure that i can connect to my ubuntu hardy box via ssh?03:04
firestormmy yum doesnt work03:05
Gneamacv1: pulseaudio needs to be stopped.03:05
macv1dandh> i hear that interpid has wireless problems?03:05
alteregoawhaetver, i just see the gtk+ is damn slow, for unknow reasons03:05
macv1gnea> how?03:05
IWHBYDI've been having something like that happen too03:05
Gneamacv1: remove it from startup03:05
jorge__Gnea: Could it be some sort of routing problem, i think the router is receiving server response but it is not forwarding it to me correctly, wireshark observation03:05
jorge__Gnea: ?03:05
alteregoawell i try the intrepid, and see if the new timer works better03:05
IWHBYDis it when you're using flash and a media player?03:05
threedeeI have a plugin called GCJ03:05
Gneajorge__: this goes beyond routing03:05
edubuntufanHello, I am new to this. I am looking for the edubuntu support channel.  Does anyone know how I can change channels?03:05
carandraugmacv1: intrepid is not ready for release. Wait until 30th October if you don't have the time (or ability) to solve much bigger problems than sound03:06
Jordan_Ualteregoa: Driver problems possibly? ( lack of acceleration )03:06
jorge__Gnea: any other sources i might find helpfull?03:06
macv1gnea> did tht but ... will i have sound on strtup?03:06
bobertdosedubuntufan: /join #edubuntu03:06
threedeebobertdos: I have GCJ03:06
jorge__Gnea: irc?03:07
MaccowHello, I am looking for the source code for /lib/libcrypt.* (afaik this is not the libcrypto package that goes into /usr/lib). Can anyone tell me wher ei can find the source code for this?03:07
Gneamacv1: just don't use pulseaudio, use alsa directly - you should03:07
macv1carandraung> ya... thats wht i'm waiting for... thanx for the heads up03:07
LaQuirrELLi want to delete a line from my fstab file     can this be done safely without harm?03:07
threedeesays its enabled too03:07
bobertdosthreedee: You're not going to be able to run most web apps with that. You'll need sun-java6-plugin from the repos.03:07
carandraugLaQuirrELL: depends on the line03:07
Gneajorge__: as I already stated: #networking and #iptables (use /join #networking)03:07
threedeebobertdos: apt-get install sun-java6-plugin?03:08
macv1gnea> but this error occurs event with alsa... i just keep switching between alsa/ pulse03:08
carandraugLaQuirrELL: pastebin "cat /etc/fstab" and point the lime you want to remove03:08
trojatraHow do I edit files on my hard drive from the Live CD?03:08
Gneamacv1: yes, and switching between the 2 is bad. stick with one or the other. i've found that pulseaudio causes more problems than it solves.03:08
bobertdosthreedee: yes03:08
threedeebobertdos: computer says "sun-java6-plugin is already the newest version."03:09
macv1gnea> i dont find alsa in my startup .... should i add it?03:09
Gneamacv1: no, not alsa - pulseaudio03:09
bobertdosthreedee: What browser are you using?03:09
threedeebobertdos: firefox 3.0.103:09
macv1gnea>? no, not alsa - pulseaudio??? i didnt understand03:10
threedeebobertdos: system is fairly up to date03:10
bobertdosthreedee: Ubuntu's version or Mozilla's?03:10
Gneamacv1: *sigh* disable pulseaudio, stick with alsa.03:10
LaQuirrELLsry carandraug  am not on that machine    but in the fstab file i have 2 listings for the same drive   i.e.   sdc103:10
threedeelooks like Mozillas03:10
trojatraCan someone please tell me how to mount my hard drive from the live cd? I need to edit files to get my computer working again.03:10
bobertdosthreedee: installed to /opt?03:11
LaQuirrELL  carandraug   sdc1 shows   twice03:11
macv1gnea> ya... i'v disabled pulse in startup/sound settings... is there any where else that i need to disable it ?03:11
threedeebobertdos: I dont have a /opt03:11
carandraugLaQuirrELL: like this? http://pastebin.com/m340162b03:11
threedeebobertdos: rather, its empty03:12
firestormi get this error when trying to use YUM http://paste.ubuntu.com/53047/03:12
Gneamacv1: just to be sure, open a terminal and type:  sudo update-rc.d -f pulseaudio remove03:12
DasEiyum? suse ? firestorm03:12
Codemasterso what's up with the nvidia drivers not working in intrepid?03:12
tundrayeti312I have a problem w/ a USB device, a Lexicon Omega, in that the system log shows the usb device is being plugged in and out, but alsa isn't picking it up, i.e. it doesn't show up in cat /proc/asoun/cards... any help?03:12
macv1gnea> will alsa handle playing sounds from dual apps?03:12
bobertdosthreedee: Okay, well, when you type about:plugins into firefox, does it show either the Java plugin or GCJ?03:12
Jordan_Utrojatra: What device?03:12
Gneamacv1: if your soundcard is full-duplex, yes03:12
Codemasterso what's up with the nvidia drivers not working in intrepid? it was working fine in hardy...03:13
LaQuirrELLcarandraug   i will have to go to other machine03:13
macv1gnea> ok... thank you...03:13
trojatraJordan_U: my root is /dev/sda303:13
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firestormDasEi, im used to fedora i was told i can use yum in ubuntu03:13
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:13
Jordan_Utrojatra: Then run "sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt" to mount it to "/mnt"03:13
bobertdosmacv1: Double check to make sure you're set to alsa in gstreamer-properties too03:13
threedeebobertdos: Its a GCJ03:14
LaQuirrELLcarandraug      am going to other machine now03:14
bobertdos!apt | firestorm03:14
ubottufirestorm: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)03:14
firestormya i know03:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yum03:14
Jordan_UCodemaster: #ubuntu+1 for intrepid03:14
DasEiCodemaster: as far as I can say, they work on envy(still crashing) but also some of the new installers fail to detect x correctly03:14
firestormi used apt to get yum03:14
Codemaster:) thanks03:14
macv1bobertos> gstreamer prop... where do i find it?03:14
threedeebobertdos: (using iced tea) FWIW03:14
carandraugLaQuirrELL: well, if both point out to the same path and have the same options, it should be safe to delete one of them. Maybe one is a old one that you formatted some time ago. Anyway, I would recommend in switching to UUID instead of paths03:14
trojatraJordan_U: nope. Saying /dev/sda3 doesn't exist. Only sda1(/boot) and sda2 (swap)03:14
bobertdosmacv1: Just type it into the terminal or the run menu (Ctrl+F2)03:15
Gneafirestorm: yes, there is yum for ubuntu - but it shouldn't be relied upon for system stability, just for installing RPM packages that do not have ubuntu-counterparts03:15
Jordan_Utrojatra: Can you pastebin the output from "sudo fdisk -l" ?03:15
bobertdosthreedee: In the terminal, type: sudo update-java-alternatives -l03:15
LaQuirrELLcarandraug      the drive in question is only a storage drive03:15
firestormi still get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/53047/03:15
DasEifiirestorm: you can, but then also easily bork your sys...  suse cmds differ,  if you absolutely have to, use alien03:16
sledgeWhat is a good HTML editor for NEWBIES?03:16
LaQuirrELLis there a way to refresh this fstab file?03:16
threedeebobertdos: java-6-openjdk 1061 /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk03:16
threedeejava-6-sun 63 /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun03:16
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)03:16
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carandraugLaQuirrELL: there is a graphical tool tough I usuallu edit it myself by hand. I'll search for name of the tool.One minute03:16
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)03:16
macv1bobertdos> i need to change both default input and output .... anywhere else?03:17
trojatraJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/m684c469003:17
LaQuirrELLmy drive that i have in use for ubuntu is under uuid03:17
firestormalso if whereis perl gives me /usr/bin/perl, does that mean i have perl interpreter?03:17
Gnea!info screem | sledge03:17
ubottusledge: screem (source: screem): A GNOME website development environment. In component main, is optional. Version 0.16.1-4.2 (hardy), package size 1961 kB, installed size 7580 kB03:17
Jordan_Ufirestorm: Yes03:17
kansanUmax Astra 3400 and it only works with Win XP. Includes power cord and USB cord ... does this work with ubuntu?03:17
bobertdosthreedee: Okay, now set java-6-sun 63 as the default. Same command as before, except -s java-6-sun (and maybe the 63, I don't remember)03:17
sledgeGnea:  i have screem installed its hard03:17
DasEiLaQuirrELL:so ?03:17
testhow to copy a.mp3 to test folder using terminal?03:17
firestormwhy isnt in /bin/perl03:17
firestormit in**03:17
Gneasledge: i usually just use vim03:18
Jordan_Utrojatra: Ahh, you use LVM03:18
techsupportafter editting /etc/fstab how can i make sure the settings where applied ?03:18
firestormpico ftw03:18
DasEitest : sudo cp mp3.file   /folder/foleder/03:18
Codemastertest: cp a.mp3 ./test/03:18
sledgeGnea i really have no experience03:18
sledgebut i remember i made a site with Dreamweaver03:18
bobertdos!info nvu03:18
ubottunvu (source: kompozer): Transition package for Nvu --> KompoZer fork. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.7.10-0ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 20 kB, installed size 100 kB03:18
Gneasledge: have you tried looking at the source for some basic webpages?03:18
carandraugLaQuirrELL: the tool is called "Storage Disk Manager" and it's in the repos. Search in Add/Remove... . Looks like this http://flomertens.free.fr/disk-manager/features.html03:18
trojatraJordan_U: bah! Sorry, I forgot. Fedora uses LVM be default, but I used /dev/sda3 for so long :P03:18
DasEiLaQuirrELL:problem with uuid ?03:19
firestormhow can i get my perl interpreter to be in /bin/perl instead of /usr/bin/perl03:19
CodemasterGnea, sledge: i usually use VIM for websites as well, lol03:19
macv1 bobertdos> i changed both default input and output .... anywhere else?03:19
LaQuirrELLDasEi     so in the fstab   file should all my drives be that way?  and if so how do I change it03:19
Jordan_Ufirestorm: Why do you want it in /bin/perl ?03:19
testok then i have a lot of files .mp3 combined with the other files and i want just copy the .mp3 files, how i do that on terminal03:19
trojatraJordan_U: would you happen to know how to mount the LVM partitions?03:19
bobertdosmacv1: oops, sorry man, forgot about'cha :p........not that I can think of03:19
Jordan_Utrojatra: No03:19
firestormsimply the unix i ssh for school is that path, and i want to be able to switch between without having to edit the first line03:20
Killer--Tuxneed help with virtual box configure a shared folder03:20
DasEiLaQuirrELL: you can either have /dev/sXX in there, but at changing drives unique identifiers are nice,  see man blkid03:20
threedeebobertdos: I get a lot of "No alternative ... " msgs03:20
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Jordan_Ufirestorm: Any portable script should use"#!/usr/bin/env perl" to work across ( almost ) all *NIX03:20
jf13hey guyz been wrestling with this sound issue with flashplayer in firefox I have sound system wide with speakers but flash doesn't give sound with usbheadset everything else works fine03:20
macv1bobertdos>np.... ok... will reboot and test the system... or will re login reset everything?03:20
DasEiLaQuirrELL: is there a certain problem you have ?03:21
trojatraDoes anyone know how to mount LVM partitions from live cd?03:21
LaQuirrELLyes DasEi03:21
bobertdosmacv1: Rebooting would be better, just to be thorough03:21
DasEiLaQuirrELL:so ?03:21
threedeebobertdos: is there a simple re-installation of a browser *with* java already installed route I could take??03:21
macv1bobertdos...> thank you..03:21
LaQuirrELLThe problem is I know just enough to be dan\gerous to me    LOL03:22
threedeebobertdos: in case this gets too involved03:22
TonnoSomeone here know where I can Download awesome Game for 8.04, ( not in 3D graphics )03:22
testDasEi: ok then i have a lot of files .mp3 combined with the other files and i want just copy the .mp3 files, how i do that on terminal03:22
bobertdosthreedee: Well, Firefox handles things a little more naturally.03:22
trojatraTonno: Battle for Wesnoth ;]03:22
GneaTonno: your definition of an awesome game might be different than mine, or others ;)03:22
threedeeTonno: Battle for Wesnoth :)03:22
DasEitest.  cp  *.mp303:22
Killer--Tuxhelp with virtualboxc03:23
tundrayeti312I have a problem w/ a recording USB device, a Lexicon Omega, in that the system log shows the usb device is being plugged in and out, but alsa isn't picking it up, i.e. it doesn't show up in cat /proc/asoun/cards... any help?03:23
Gnea!virtualbox | Killer--Tux03:23
ubottuKiller--Tux: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:23
mnhey i just installed graphcalc and i can't figure out how to run it03:23
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository03:23
jf13would really like to get sound working with usb headset tonite so I can watch shows on hulu b4 hitting the sack any suggestions would be great03:23
DasEimn: ?? graphcalc in trml ??!03:23
LaQuirrELLDasEi   I would like to straightenout my fstab file  because I have 2 entries for the same drive03:24
threedeeTonno: you get a basic game ... then you load other scenarios as and when you're ready03:24
mnDasEi: the first thing i tried???03:24
Gneajf13: plug it in, switch the default output with System->Preferences->Sound03:24
testDasEi: thanks...but why i cant use ~ to replace /home/user/ in the destination folder?03:24
DasEiLaQuirrELL:sudo apt-get install pastebinit03:24
DasEiLaQuirrELL:pastebinit /etc/fstab03:25
Killer--Tuxno answer for vbox :(03:25
LaQuirrELLDasEi     OK03:25
GneaKiller--Tux: wait.03:25
Killer--Tuxthe channel is dead03:25
jf13Gnea oh lol ok will try thanks03:25
DasEimn: you tried already ? correct name of prog ? (I don't know it)03:25
bobertdostest: Because I don't think cp accepts aliases.03:25
GneaKiller--Tux: no it's not, you just have to be patient. no one's getting paid here or there, so be patient or hit up google.03:26
mnDasEi: yes that's the correct name and i tried graphcalc in terminal03:26
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DasEimn: its also not in the repos03:26
mni know03:26
litbhello there03:26
Killer--Tuxyes i understand that03:26
litbthe next ubuntu distri03:26
LaQuirrELLDasEi    I have to transfer to my other machine    it will take me a few minutes03:26
litbwill its name start with a capital I ?03:26
DasEimn: I don't know it then03:27
Killer--Tuxbut i wasnt able to figure it out by googleing it03:27
Gnea!ibex | litb03:27
ubottulitb: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!03:27
mndasei: here  http://gcalc.sourceforge.net/index.shtml03:27
litbso it always starts with a letter in alphabetic order ?03:27
litbwhy is that?03:28
jf13Gnea didn't work it was set to auto so I set it back if I could find the file that tells flash where to send output I'm sure I could fix this03:28
bobertdoslitb: No, not necessarily in order.03:28
GneaKiller--Tux: then you must wait. someone will eventually answer.. go make a pizza or something.. no use stressing out over it03:28
litbbobertdos: oh. tho so far it did :)03:28
Killer--Tuxgnea roger that03:28
naknomikI'm trying to install a printer on a Ubuntu server 8.04 LTS (no GUI is installed). I installed and started cups, but when I visit http://ubuntu:631 from another desktop machine I get 403 error03:28
bobertdoslitb: Actually, it didn't with the first two releases.03:29
naknomikI have enabled the cups server to listen on all interfaces.03:29
litboh. maybe after them they decided to go with this strange habit03:29
bobertdoslitb: I think it's cute :p03:29
testwhat is the nautilus action extension? coz i dont see the any extension on them....03:29
litbwill they call it "Windows Killer" when they reach capital W ?03:29
ussernaknomik, try to access it by ip dont use ubuntu:63103:30
Pici!codenames | litb03:30
ubottulitb: Ubuntu has awesome release codenames. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more03:30
bobertdoslitb: This is kind of off-topic, but generally, they shoot for a bizarre adjective and an animal starting with the same letter.03:30
Gnealitb: lol03:30
naknomikusser: same result03:30
macv1bobertdos> a few days back u had given me a permissions list of ur root folder[ http://paste.ubuntu.com/52223/ ] how did u get that output?[i mean what command did u use?]03:31
ussernaknomik, sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart03:31
naknomikusser: I have done that a few times by now.03:32
bobertdosmacv1: Well, to get the octal (numeric) output, that was actually a script. The official command is ls -l03:32
lubemnkyI'm looking for help to fix my broken synaptic, anyone game?03:32
ussernaknomik, try to telnet to localhost 631 from the server03:33
_haywire_hey guys -- just wanted to see if anyone knows why my wlan drops off and dmesg gives me this error and the only way to bring wlan0 back up is to hard boot... wlan0: switched to short barker preamble... i also get a long barker preamble message... and wlan0: no probresp from current ap --- assume out of range...03:33
Gnealitb: according to the site, they'll probably skip W and head straight onto X03:33
ussernaknomik, i think by default cups doesnt allow access from external ips03:33
bobertdos!permissions | macv1 Read this if you want to learn how to read permissions.03:33
ubottumacv1 Read this if you want to learn how to read permissions.: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:33
macv1wheni use that ls -l ... i get the permissions of my home folder... not the root03:33
lubemnky:bobertdos , I didn't make any progress with your suggestion03:34
naknomikusser: I turned on debug and I see that CUPS is getting the request GET / HTTP/1.1 and then immdediately after that 'No authentication data provided.' but I was never asked to enter password.03:34
Jordan_Ulubemnky: Broken in what way?03:34
lubemnkyIt won't update03:34
techsupporti'm trying to install samba by following instructions here03:34
szx0Hello, I am running a head-less Ubuntu x86_64 GNU/Linux.... Is there anyway to use Cygwin and ssh -XY to launch an app with GUI on the head-less (no X) server and have the GUI display with the Cygwin X?03:34
VARGUXhi ubuntu-people.....03:34
techsupporti mean trying to install swat03:35
Gneatechsupport: and?03:35
pat1942I built a new system today for a family member but the hardy livecd won't boot, it just drops me to a shell any ideas?03:35
cr4techsupport: what swat do you mean ? swat - samba o swat game ?03:35
techsupportGnea, step 2 in installation instructions03:35
Joaquinm =naknomik= try giviing this http://yourusername:yourpassword@yourip:63103:35
bobertdosmacv1: ls -l gives you a long listing of the current directory. If you need a specific directory: ls -ls <path>03:35
Joaquinm*a try03:35
techsupportGnea, no such file or directory03:35
mefisto__lubemnky: what about updating from commandline? does it give any errors?03:35
Jordan_Ulubemnky: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.lst ?03:35
VARGUXwhere, in wiki.ubuntu-com, i can find some about IRC conection terms, etc...?03:35
Gneatechsupport: no no - what's the problem?03:35
bobertdosmacv1: oops: ls -l <path>03:35
naknomikJoaquinm: what is going to be the username and password? root has no password.03:35
Joaquinmyour current user and password03:36
ussernaknomik, open /etc/cups/cupsd.conf and look for listen localhost:63103:36
jjghi all, will the ubuntu installation triple-boot a system with rhel4 and xp-pro already installed?03:36
techsupportGnea, the problem is that i get errory saying no such file or directory when trying to edit and save #03:36
techsupportsudo nano /etc/xinetd.d/swat03:36
Powerusercan anyone here help with slapd?03:36
Gneatechsupport: i don't see where it says "Step 2"03:36
lubemnky:Jordan_U error says expected file in metapackage not found03:36
ussernaknomik, if u find it then it means that cups only listens on a local interface03:36
macv1bobertdos...> thank u03:36
Gneatechsupport: probably because it installed openbsd-inetd instead - try looking at /etc/inetd.conf03:37
techsupportGnea, all the way on top, under installing swat 2. sudo nano /etc/xinetd.d/swat03:37
naknomikusser: I have commented out all 'Listen' lines and added a new line 'Port 631' so it listens on all interfaces.03:37
pat1942livecd won't boot, just drops to a shell any idea?03:37
Jordan_Upat1942: busybox shell?03:37
Gneatechsupport: look for a line like this:  swat            stream  tcp     nowait.400      root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/sbin/swat03:37
Jordan_Upat1942: Have you tried the alternate install CD ?03:38
Jordan_Ulubemnky: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.lst ?03:38
litbthe ubuntu initrd uses busybox ?03:38
DasEipat1942:checked cd for defects (installer otion?)03:38
pat1942not yet, I was hoping I didn't need to03:38
mefisto__lubemnky: have you tried using a different download server? I believe you can change that easily from synaptic03:38
kenporickanyone have any ideas regarding why my mouse isn't working in the gnome gui? I checked the xorg.conf file and there is an entry for it...03:38
dabud_DasEi     http://pastebin.com/f14f0f9c303:38
pat1942DasEi, I used it to install on a different system a few weeks ago and it was fine03:38
kenporickit's a werial mouse03:38
kenporickopps serial mouse03:38
gusxanyone has experienced a problem with the krb5 libraries when using the needchange attribute in kerberos MIT (clients ubuntu 7.10 )03:38
ussernaknomik, hm, usually just worked for me. sorry i dont know anything beyond that03:39
techsupportGnea, so which path is for nano swat ?03:39
Gneatechsupport: please read what I type:  sudo nano /etc/inetd.conf03:39
DasEi/dev/sdb1 /media/WIN ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_CA.UTF-8 0 003:39
DasEi/dev/sdb1 /SataStore auto users,atime,auto,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 003:39
gusxanyone has experienced a problem with the krb5 libraries when using the needchange attribute in kerberos MIT  (clients ubuntu 7.10 )03:39
szx0Hello, I am running a head-less Ubuntu x86_64 GNU/Linux.... Is there anyway to use Cygwin and ssh -XY to launch an app with GUI on the head-less (no X) server and have the GUI display with the Cygwin X?03:40
phayzis there an ftp mirror somewhere in the world where i can get the latest intrepid? i've visited most of the mirrors i've seen listed and the intrepid folders have been empty03:40
dabud_DasEi    no     the sdc103:41
techsupportGnea, so its going to be sudo nano /usr/sbin/swat ?03:41
Mr_Sonomawhat additional packages do i need to get my logitech webcam to work with kopete?? anyone know off hand?03:41
gusxwhen using the needchange atrribute for next login change password , some ubuntu clients cant authenticate and just give a message about the password expired03:42
bobertdosphayz: We don't recommend you pursue intrepid unless you're prepared for heavy troubleshooting.03:42
dabud_/dev/sdc1 /media/Music ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_CA.UTF-8 0 003:42
DasEi dabud_: I think from the doubled one u use first line, only  > check /media/WIN03:42
linuxhelp_deSonoma = UVCVIDEO?03:42
dabud_/dev/sdc1 /Music auto users,atime,auto,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 003:42
Gneatechsupport: I'm guessing english is not your native tongue.03:42
g00dfellai'm new to linux is this a good channel for newbies or is there a better one?03:42
litbisnt swat some samba config tool ?03:43
Mr_Sonomathanks i'll try it03:43
dabud_Dasei    can I delete the last one?03:43
gusxanyone has experienced a problem with the krb5 libraries when using the needchange attribute in kerberos MIT  (clients ubuntu 7.10 )03:43
techsupportGnea, i looked at /etc/inetd.conf and i see the line swat            stream  tcp     nowait.400      root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/sbin/swat03:43
techsupport but it doesnt tell me much03:43
Gnealitb: yes.03:43
bobertdosg00dfella: We welcome newbies! :)03:43
kenporickanyone have any ideas regarding why my serial mouse isn't working in the gnome gui? I checked the xorg.conf file and there is an entry for it...03:43
DasEi dabud_: first check /media/WIN for being mounted, then comment (#) it03:43
phayzbobertdos: thanks.  i thought that with it being in beta that it might be worth trying.03:43
Gneatechsupport: that's all that you needed to say! now, run:  sudo netstat -nap | grep 901   <-- any results?03:43
g00dfellai was following a tutorial on getting my wireless card setup and it had a mkdir command the the directory had a ~ in the beginning... what does that do?03:44
techsupportGnea, not sure where i have to add text shown here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Swat03:44
bob_Can we ask for help at randm03:44
litbi recommend the kde tool for configuring samba, techsupport03:44
Gneatechsupport: you don't. forget it even existed.03:44
dabud_DasEi   I can open and access it    so it must be mounted03:44
DxCHmmm...Okay guys, got a good one for y'all, I followed a guide to get ndiswrapper/wpa_supplicant/etc working on my broadcom 4318 chipset wifi adapter....and now my lan doesn't work?03:44
linuxhelp_deMR_Sonoma= Webcam Howto www.linuxonlinehelp.de (English)03:44
kansanhow do i install sun's java on ubuntu hardy?  and get eclipse to use it instead of the silly gjc thing.03:44
mefisto__g00dfella: ~ is shorthand for your home directory03:44
bobertdosphayz: Well, this is kind of the point of the cycle where one runs into a lot of broken software packages :p03:44
DasEi dabud_: the mount-dir of sdc1 looks like it might ot be set properly, is it a fixed or removable ?03:44
l337ingDisorderhey I'd like to install glipper 1.0-1ubuntu2 but the only one listed in synaptic is 1.0-1ubuntu1, what's the syntax for a command line to force apt to get 1.0-1ubuntu2 ?03:44
lubemnkyJordan_U, I pastebinned that file.....I think03:44
dabud_DasEi    fixed03:44
bob_I am having issues with a hp printer03:45
techsupportGnea, yes lots of results03:45
Gneatechsupport: could you please pastebin them?03:45
litbg00dfella: ~ might not work always. $HOME is usually a better alternative, if you need to set a directory name somewhere03:45
DxCWifi works fine, surprisnigly, but ethernet (Which I prefer) doesn't....I can get it working by changing the IP from 192.168.1.blah to 192.168.1.somethingelse, but it only works until I reboot.03:45
Gnea!print | bob_03:45
ubottubob_: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:45
bob_I got the "driver" from the web and it still doesn't want to work03:45
DasEi dabud_:does the machine we're talking about have no internet connection ?03:45
bob_yeah i got cups working03:45
dabud_DasEi    yes it is connected    i am on it now03:46
bob_i can see the printer and that its on a usb port03:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about win03:46
techsupportGnea, http://pastebin.com/m29efe1ce03:46
linuxhelp_de@ALL Do SOMEONE have tested SEMPRON for 64bits SETUP??03:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uppercase03:46
litbbad bot03:46
ironfoot_495Hi is there someone who knows how to make Asus DSVB-D Server install ubuntu Server with Adaptec SCSI controller???03:46
DasEi dabud_:   mount (trml)  is sdc1 mounted ?03:46
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:46
litbfine :)03:46
linuxhelp_deOKOK :)03:46
bobertdosbob_: There wasn't a driver for it in the cups database itself?03:46
dabud_DseEi  yes it is mounted03:46
g00dfellai used mkdir ~/.drivers   but I can't find any drivers folder with the visual browser and it's not there when using ls03:47
Gneatechsupport: okay, run this command then:  sudo /etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd restart03:47
bob_not originaly but i got a file from the web03:47
linuxhelp_demy eyes are too small at this time :-)03:47
Odd-rationaleg00dfella: .files are hidden files03:47
Odd-rationaleg00dfella: try ls -a03:47
Gneatechsupport: it should say [OK], then try to point your webbrowser at http://localhost:90103:47
kenporickany ideas regarding why my serial mouse isn't working in the gnome gui? I checked the xorg.conf file and there is an entry for it...the arrow is there but it doesn't move...works fine in winxp...03:47
Odd-rationaleg00dfella: or, go to view --> show hidden files03:47
linuxhelp_deok thanks and how much is max RAM 8GB?03:47
DasEi dabud_:  so what your problem then ?03:47
g00dfellais there a way to make it show hidden files all the time?03:47
bobertdosbob_: What sort of file?03:48
Odd-rationaleg00dfella: remove the dot03:48
bob_i am getting that hang on once second03:48
g00dfellacan i just do mv .drivers drivers?03:48
tundrayeti312I have a problem w/ a recording USB device, a Lexicon Omega, in that the system log shows the usb device is being plugged in and out, but alsa isn't picking it up, i.e. it doesn't show up in cat /proc/asoun/cards... any help?03:48
dabud_DasEi    My problem is that i don't want two lines in my fstab for the sme drive03:48
Odd-rationaleg00dfella: oh wait. you mean the filemanager? or ls?03:48
Alyxanderhey guys quick question I have received a password protected document (it wont open without a password) is there a way to crack the password?03:48
techsupportGnea, i'm logged in :)03:48
testi want to create c source code but i dont know how. Anyone want help me?03:48
Gneatechsupport: cheers :)03:48
Odd-rationaleg00dfella: yes you an do that.03:48
DasEi dabud_: k, as told above ^^03:48
techsupportGnea, thanx, can you assist me further ?03:48
dabud_and also I have another drive that i can't get access to    permisssions  etc03:49
tundrayeti312I should add its listed as supported by ALSA and supposed to be plug-n-play...03:49
Gneatechsupport: no, but #samba can03:49
Gneatechsupport: i have to get ready for bed03:49
bob_sorry its taking some time03:49
Alyxanderhey guys quick question I have received a password protected document (it wont open without a password) is there a way to crack the password?03:49
tiggersim having problems installing ubuntu. after I boot up to the install CD and hit "install ubuntu" my screen goes black. anyone?03:49
techsupportGnea, k thanx03:49
bobertdostest: The most basic way is to install build-essential (or at least GCC) and use gedit for editing. I recommend jEdit though.03:49
DasEi dabud_: (( first check /media/WIN for being mounted,))   then comment (#) second entry in fstab03:49
techsupportcr4 here ?03:49
linuxhelp_detiggers= What for a Sytem??03:49
g00dfellathanks for all the help, i just found the option in the file manager too.  so far i'm really liking ubuntu 7.10 it seems to run faster than 8.04 did on this machine03:49
bob_it was a PPD file from i have no idea . com03:49
litbAlyxander: we wont help you with those illegal actions03:50
bob_it was a while ago03:50
Gneatechsupport: btw, sorry for the english comment.. :/03:50
litbAlyxander: you are on your own mate03:50
tiggersits an ASUS laptop03:50
Alyxanderlitb: its not illegal its actually for a test but thanks03:50
techsupportGnea, np03:50
testbobertdos: how about geany? can i use it for creating c?03:50
linuxhelp_detiggers= did you test it with Live-CD?03:50
GneaAlyxander: ask the person who sent it for the password.03:50
bob_LaserJet 101203:50
mefisto__Alyxander: what kind of document? your best bet is google03:50
dabud_DasEi   ok   ty       now   could you help me get access to my other harddrive   that i just installed which was what started me looking at the fstab in the first place03:50
bobertdostest: I'm not familiar with that one.03:51
techsupportGnea, so how can i share a folder with my win server 2k3 box ?03:51
tiggersyes, I try to boot into the live cd and it just goes black03:51
GneaAlyxander: actually, it could be illegal if you didn't get the password from a trusted source03:51
DasEi dabud_: scd1 ?03:51
Alyxandermefisto__: its a .doc file an Gnea like I said its a test so i cant really do that03:51
bobertdostest: but most likely, yes03:51
linuxhelp_detry Live-Cd if this fails take older 7.10 Live CD test it, if ok, setup, make a online dist-upgrade to Hardy03:51
Odd-rationaletest: if you mean by code highlighting, i beleive geany can do that... ( if not gedit as well...)03:51
Gneatechsupport: you'll have to ask in #samba03:51
dabud_DasEi   no   sdb103:51
tiggersi tried adding disabling frame buffers by adding  'linux nofb'  but to no avail03:52
bob_the problem I have is that if i try to print anything from any program it freezes up on me03:52
dako3256how do i find my IP address?03:52
bob_then I have to shut down the process and try again.03:52
DasEiUUID=05fb78c9-a789-4664-8398-acc9cbe47a95 /home ext2 nouser,relatime,atime,auto,rw,dev,exec,suid 0 2   , sda3 ?dabud_03:52
linuxhelp_detry vga=normal03:52
mefisto__dako3256: ifconfig03:52
litbAlyxander: you can use libwv2 i think. maybe it support opening protected .doc files03:52
DxCIf anyone can PM me if they feel like helping me with my issue, I'd really appreciate it, I'm not working at the same computer that I'm having the issue at, so I keep going back and forth, would be easier if someone would just PM me03:52
linuxhelp_deand later noapic noacpi03:52
tiggersI just found a forum post that might help, one sec03:53
bob_yet if i print from open office it works ( at least from spreadsheet)03:53
dabud_DasEi   no    sdb1  /SataStore03:53
tiggerslive vga=77103:53
Alyxanderthanks litb ill give it a shot03:53
bobertdosDxCL Could you at least tell the channel what the problem is, please?03:53
DasEidabud-: it shall be in /media/win now03:53
DxCbobertdos I have03:53
bob_also i have to keep using the cupsd restart command in terminal to get it to even see the printer03:53
DasEidabud-: it shall be in /media/WIN now03:53
DxCHmmm...Okay guys, got a good one for y'all, I followed a guide to get ndiswrapper/wpa_supplicant/etc working on my broadcom 4318 chipset wifi adapter....and now my lan doesn't work?03:53
bob_ sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart03:53
DxCWifi works fine, surprisnigly, but ethernet (Which I prefer) doesn't....I can get it working by changing the IP from 192.168.1.blah to 192.168.1.somethingelse, but it only works until I reboot.03:54
kenporicksorry to keep asking but anyone have any ideas regarding why my serial mouse isn't working in the gnome gui? I checked the xorg.conf file and there is an entry for it...says: Section "InputDevice"03:54
linuxhelp_defor setup take always vga=normal nosplash noqiet03:54
barbarellaGnea:with smbclient or konqueror (kde) if you want to access a windows share03:54
macv1bobertdos>could u check out my root permissions,http://pastebin.com/d2d888e6  i have highlighted the differences in file permissions.03:54
linuxhelp_desorry noquiet03:54
techsupportGnea, none of the links work, 404 File Not Found03:54
dabud_DasEi   when i try to copy afile to it   it gives me an access denied error03:54
linuxhelp_deCause Famebuffers Blacklisted by default and vga=771 shows black screen at tty103:55
linuxhelp_deKnown Bug03:55
techsupporti just installed SWAT for samba , all the links return 404 File Not Found03:55
DxCTempted to just reformat, heh.03:55
bobertdosmacv1: What, do you want me to compare them against mine, is that it?03:55
linuxhelp_detechsupport= see /var/log/apache2/error_log03:56
DasEidabud_: as you used ntfs-config , I don't know enough about your environment, but simply copy withsudo , sudo cp <file>  /media/WIN03:56
techsupportlinuxhelp_de, /var/log/apache2/error_log: No such file or directory03:57
linuxhelp_delook for error_log at /var/log/apache203:57
xuflashGood Evening.  I'm looking for help with a wireless USB connection on running on 8.04.  I am trying to connect to AT&T Wireless.  I'm getting it with a remote address of as it can't figure out the remote address.  The pppd gets connected and works fine.  Can anyone here help?  Thanks03:57
macv1bobertdos> are the permisions fine? or do i need to change them... i have compared them with urs and highlighted the differences... a few seem minor but some have 999 as group! and lost+found has group access!03:57
linuxhelp_deor don't you setup apache??03:57
bobertdosDxC: Are you set to static, DHCP, or roaming? (System->Administration->Network)03:58
jorge__my ssh is connecting while eth cable is plugged in, but it is not on wireless, can anybody help me?03:58
dabud_DasEi     I did not use ntfs-config when i installed this drive03:58
DxCbobertdos - eth0 properties says it's set to static.03:58
bobertdosmacv1: The permissions are octal, 777 is the highest they can be.03:59
DxCbobertdos - I can set it to dhcp, still doesn't work.03:59
DxCThink I broke something major, heh.03:59
dabud_DasEi   or at least i didn't think i did      so I obviously did something wrong        I formatted the new drive using GParted and then I mounted it    thats all03:59
bobertdosDxC: Normally, you should be in roaming.03:59
DxCI've always had it set to static, it's worked fine.03:59
* DxC tries roaming03:59
dabud_DasEi        since I have nothing on this drive can I re format it and start again somehoe?04:00
DasEidabud_:ntfs-3g instaed of ntfs as fs-type, and see headline of fstab > ntfs-config04:00
DasEidabud_:shure, but could also run it again and enable wrtiting04:00
DxCbobertdos - Restarting it04:01
DasEidabud_:I'd prefer ext304:01
=== jorge__ is now known as yor
dabud_DasEi    run it again   meaning ntfs=config?04:01
macv1bobertdos> i'm a noob[so dont know what octal means:-D] but are the permissions ok or are they messed up?[i had commited a blunder by entering a wrong command once and all the file permissions were changed to universal access then reseted them with some help here] so just trying to make sure that the permissions are ok?04:01
dabud_DasEi   it is only for storage04:01
yormy ssh is connecting while eth cable is plugged in, but it is not on wireless, can anybody help me?04:01
DasEidabud_:I'm not to familar with that, neither gparted or ntfs-config04:02
dabud_DasEi   when i formatted and partitioned  i set it up as ext204:02
KRABENhow to set resulotion for ubuntu 8.0404:03
DasEidabud_:I't issnt, start gparted, look it up (and make shure you got the right hd!!!)04:03
=== DamienGray is now known as DamienGray-Sleep
KRABENhow to set resulotion for ubuntu 8.04?..04:03
DxCbobertdos - Thanks, that seems to work, give me a second to double check.04:04
Killer--Tuxkraben  system >pref>screen resolution04:04
tiggersyeah, im still having problems getting it to work04:04
yorGnea: just been on #network04:04
tiggersit still gives me a blank screen after trying to load the live cd04:04
yorGnea: they know as much as my sister about networks04:04
dabud_DasEi     as far as I know it will never be used as a windows drive   so why wud I want it to be ntfs04:04
viciouxhow is everyone04:05
Gneayor: which is why i said #networking, not #network :)04:05
DasEidabud_:I't is, start gparted, look it up (and make shure you got the right hd!!!)04:05
KRABENkiller--tux yah...in  screen resolution 800x600 I need 1152x864 px..04:05
yorGnea: that is the one04:05
DxCbobertdos - Okay, that seems to have fixed it, I'd honestly rather use static IPs, but I guess this will work.04:05
Killer--Tuxkraben there should be a drop down04:05
alteregoahow can i route a ip over another gw?04:05
* DxC tries giving it a static IP just for kicks.04:06
Killer--Tuxdoes it give you that option04:06
alteregoai am multihomed here04:06
hrp2171KRABEN: what's the max res on for your display?04:06
dabud_DasEi    it says ext2 in GParted04:06
DasEidabud_:also ext3 isn't defragmenting and is journaling, and also readable from windows04:06
alteregoabut i have to route a specific IP over another gateway04:06
bobertdosmacv1: Just to let you know, the permissions are the first column in the listing, the one with the series of r's, w's, and x's04:06
yorGnea: i cant believe nobody at least points me in the right direction04:06
hrp2171KRABEN: sorry meant to say what's the max your display will support?04:06
kenporicksorry to keep asking but anyone have any ideas regarding why my serial mouse isn't working in the gnome gui? I checked the xorg.conf file and posted to pastebin.com04:07
Killer--Tuxkraben  try hitting ctrl  +04:07
DasEidabud_:paste the output from : sudo fdisk -l04:07
mefisto__dabud_: http://www.togaware.com/linux/survivor/Ext2_Ext3.html04:07
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:07
Gneayor: what about #iptables?04:07
alteregoais there a  command like route add "serverip" gatewayip? netmask?04:07
yorGnea: told me nothing, nobody responded for like 50 mins04:08
Joaquinm =yor= what did you ask ?04:08
dabud_DasEi         dabud@DGraBow:~$ sudo fdisk -l04:08
dabud_[sudo] password for dabud:04:08
dabud_Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160041885696 bytes04:08
dabud_255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19457 cylinders04:08
dabud_Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes04:08
FloodBot2dabud_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:08
dabud_Disk identifier: 0x000580c204:08
hrp2171KRABEN: what kind of video card?04:08
DasEi/dev/sdb1 /media/WIN ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_CA.UTF-8 0 0  , mefisto__, familar with ntfs-config ?04:08
samssshey guys, i have a question... sometimes gdm frozen and i have to do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop and start it again, any ideas why??04:08
amanullayor:what do you want?04:08
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ubottudabud_:: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:09
KRABENhrp2171 nax res 800x60004:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm04:09
hrp2171alteregoa: man route04:09
amanullasamsss:what is gdm?04:09
dabud_!paste dabud@DGraBow:~$ sudo fdisk -l04:09
dabud_[sudo] password for dabud:04:09
dabud_Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160041885696 bytes04:09
dabud_255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19457 cylinders04:09
dabud_Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes04:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:09
FloodBot2dabud_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:09
dabud_Disk identifier: 0x000580c204:09
yori cant connect to a host through ssh over wan, but over lan it works like a charm (no FW, IPTABLES -- port 22 forwarded)04:09
hrp2171alteregoa: route -h04:09
Timit keeps saying "you must manully run 'dpkg --configure -a04:09
macv1bobertdos>... ya... permissions ...i got that but the lost+found has group permissions. also cdrom,vmlinuz,intrid have group as 999. are these ok? .. i know i have highlighted a few lines with differences in bytes also04:10
samsssamanulla, gdm gnome display manager... what u use to login in ubuntu...04:10
danbh_intrepidTim: run that04:10
Timwhen i tried to install anything new namely java04:10
yorserver tells me im in but shell never comes up04:10
hrp2171KRABEN: then that's the highest res you'll be able to use.04:10
mefisto__DasEi: not really. I've used it without any problems so don't remember much about it. what's the problem (having trouble following what it is)04:10
DasEisamsss: find the process causing it, top or install conky04:10
samsssit frozen when i switch users....04:10
yorlogs tell me i connected successfully04:10
J-a-k-eHello all, does anyone know if it's possible to setupa low pass filter/bass redirection for a creative xtreme gamer card in ubuntu 8.04?04:10
hrp2171KRABEN: unless it was a higher under a different operating system04:10
ramontayagi had to install the latest version of vim because of some bug, and I followed these instructions: http://railshacks.blogspot.com/2008/08/installing-latest-gvim-and-vim-in.html .. my problem now is that apt shows "new" versions for vim to be updated but it just overwrites my installation. how do i ignore those packages?04:10
amanullasamsss:do you recieve any error messages?04:11
Timdanbh_interpid what is the syntax04:11
DasEihttp://pastebin.com/f14f0f9c3  mefisto__04:11
amanullaTim:are you working with java in ubuntu/04:11
KRABENhrp2171 gigabyte04:12
samsssamanulla, nop it goes back to terminal, i mean... to the messages at boot, but not showing any error nor the process frozen when an user is logged in, its only while switching...04:12
DasEidabud_:  getting by with paste ?04:12
danbh_intrepidTim: the syntax is exact, just run the command, just as it asks04:12
Timyes amanula i was trying to install java....it gave me this message.04:12
KRABENvga onboard04:12
dabud_mefisto      ty   but do I want this drive to be a ext3?04:12
hrp2171yep, it'll be restricted to a certain res04:12
bobertdosmacv1: They don't have 999. They have 777, which is what they are on mine too. Since you are presumably the only user of your system, it probably doesn't matter that lost+found has group permisiions.04:12
amanullaTim:i too want to work with java  how to install?04:12
=== anthony__ is now known as tonyyarusso
lubemnkycan anyone help me fix my synaptic?04:13
ramontayagany ideas?04:13
DasEi mefisto__: no write perm on sdb1, gparted saying ext204:13
Timwhen i tried to install kirc it aborted as well04:13
ramontayaglubemnky: describe what's wrong already :)04:13
xuflashCan someone point me to a place to get help with connecting to GSM network?04:13
DxCbah, seems like roaming is the only moad that works...heh.04:13
DasEidabud_: easiest way, until you find a ntfs-config used one04:13
albinoclockI'm trying to clone the windows install on my slave drive from within ubuntu is this possible?04:14
macv1bobertdos> i mean the group name as 999 for cd, vm, intrid.... is that ok too?04:14
dabud_DasEi         easiest way what?04:14
albinoclockI want to put it on one of the partitions on this drive04:14
amanullaany commands to install java editors in ubuntu    plll04:14
DasEidabud_: format to ext3 and alter fstab04:14
Timto install java and irc client it is taking forever04:14
KRABENwhere are u hrp2171 help me..04:15
GneaTim: are you on dialup?04:15
Timno dsl04:15
lubemnkyramontayag: when I try to update my package manager I can't connect to the repositories and i get an error about files missing from metapackages04:15
Timgnea: can pm u04:15
GneaTim: no.04:15
danbh_intrepidTim: run this: sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get install -f && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:15
dabud_DasEi       ok       r u talking about site that  mefisto gave me?   ext2  to ext3?04:15
bobertdosmacv1: You may want to look in the groups list to see which group 999 is.04:16
macv1bobertdos> ya i'm only user... so permissions are fine... ok..04:16
KRABENAll how to set resulotion 1152x86404:16
Timthanks danbh04:16
amanullaany commands to install java editors in ubuntu04:16
DasEidabud_: no, use gparted,  >right-click>format to ext3   and BE shure it's the correct drive (or don't cry afterwards)04:16
danbh_intrepidTim: let me know how it goes04:16
danbh_intrepidamanulla: try eclipse04:17
ramontayaglubemnky: sorry don't know.. other may04:17
dialmanI can see a windows share from ubuntu, and access it from other windows machines on the network, but if I try to access it from Places->Network in ubuntu/gnome it waits forever and then never shows me anything. I tried restarting samba but that didnt help. Any ideas?04:17
zetheroo-ubuntuI installed lotus symphony and want to find where the icon is stored ... would anyone know?04:17
modpauperdialman: are you using gnome?04:17
lubemnkyraymontayag: thanks04:17
modpauperdialman: sorry, i see:)04:18
kenporickserial mouse not working in gnome gui...xorg.conf to http://pastebin.com &  http://paste.ubuntu.com04:18
Timdanbh: after i run those commands, do i have to do : sudo apt-get install java04:18
amanulladanbh_intrepid:how to get eclipse04:18
amanullaany command?04:18
macv1bobertdos> in user/groups i have no groups named as 999... i had reset my file permissions using a command comparing the permissions of the LiveCD and copying the CD's permission setttings.... coul dthat be the reason for 999?04:18
danbh_intrepidamanulla: sudo apt-get install eclipse04:18
dialmanmodpauper: Yeah, gnome04:18
modpauperdialman: try connecting with the ip address.  in nautilus do file->connect to server, choose windows share, then type the info in manually04:19
DasEidabud_: you could also cd manually to /media/WIN to see if the correct empty drive04:19
modpauperdialman: this works for me using ip or domain.04:19
bobertdosmacv1: Possibly, but you're not looking for 999 in the name, but rather in the Group ID.04:20
dabud_DasEi    i would like to know haow to paste that info u asked for    re: sudo fdisk -l04:20
mandelsonhey im running hardy heron 8.04 and i cant install flash player04:21
danbh_intrepidmandelson: why not?04:21
amanullacan we chat and enter in this room even from windows??????04:21
Anon9050need help with changing the home directory name04:21
DasEidabud_: mark n copy the out from terminal, go to the link :04:21
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:21
Indoctrineamanulla: Yes.04:21
mandelsoni jus dont know how the instrunctions aret helping me04:21
macv1bobertdos> no... there in no name as 99904:21
dabud_DasEi    it is /media/StatStore04:21
DasEidabud_: put it in there, press poste, copy url from bowser in here04:21
yorany help in ssh connections please?04:21
amanullaIndoctrine:can we get any software to installl in xp to get into this room?04:22
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:22
bobertdosmacv1: no ID of 999? Well in that case, I suppse you're copying was to blame.04:22
DasEidabud_: you become confusing....   do again mount to see where its actually mounted04:22
Indoctrineamanulla: Yes, try X-Chat04:22
sp_re putos04:22
amanullaIndoctrine:in google?04:22
shawn__i was having problems i insmod wl.ko then i add wl to /etc/modules but on startup it appears to be loading the wrong module how would i correct this04:23
yortu hermana04:23
amanullaIndoctrine:i got something similar thank u04:23
samsssgot the error fixed about gdm frozen when switching users... had to enable AlwaysRestartServer=true on /etc/gdm/gdm and gdm.conf-custom04:23
|joshua|how do i check what version of kde i am using?04:24
daschinaMy window is missing , no exit botton,no maximize botton  .....04:24
daschinahow to resolve it?04:24
xuflas1Anyone work with USB GSM connections?04:24
DasEidabud_: I'm getting tired, do : mount04:24
DasEidabud_: where is sdb mounted ???04:25
dabud_DasEi        http://paste.ubuntu.com/53065/      the drive in ? is sdb104:25
DasEidabud_: where is sdb mounted ???04:26
DasEidabud_: its definetly an ext -fs04:26
macv1bobertdos> nope... checked again...no name/ ID 999 ...  so i guess that the copying is to blame.... thanx for the help/ patience...;-)04:26
albinoclockI'm trying to clone the windows install on my slave drive from within ubuntu is this possible?04:26
dabud_DasEi    I can open the drive    it contains a Lost&Found folder?[where did that come from?]04:26
DasEidabud_: so expect its empty  ?  format to ext3 with gparted then04:27
modpauperdialman: any luck?04:27
dabud_DasEi   I am sorry      what do you mean where is it mounted?04:27
dabud_DasEi   ok i will04:27
bobertdosmacv1: you're welcome04:28
DasEidabud_: in terminal (t)04:28
mefisto__dabud_: is the problem that your ntfs partition is not writeable in linux?04:28
DasEi(t): mount04:28
DasEi..shows where its mounted04:28
DasEi(t:) sudo umount /dev/sdb104:29
dabud_DasEi      ok04:29
mEck0hi! has the current version of ubuntu the new graphical look? I mean not the stable version, the alpha.04:29
lubemnkywhen I try to update synaptic manually this is the error I get [Failed to fetch http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-updates/Release Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)04:29
lubemnkyFailed to fetch http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-backports/Release Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)04:29
lubemnkyFailed to fetch http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-security/Release Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)]04:29
tritium!paste | lubemnky04:29
ubottulubemnky: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:29
mefisto__dabud_: if that is your problem, it may be because the ntfs is not clean (ie, it needs to be checked by windows with chkdsk)04:29
DasEidabud_: (t:)gparted04:30
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
DasEidamnSmileys, lol04:30
DasEidabud_: got it to ext 3?04:31
dabud_mefisto    i am not using windows04:31
mefisto__dabud_: so why ntfs?04:32
kenporickserial mouse not working in gnome gui...http://pastebin.com/d370561f04:32
dabud_DasEi   not yet04:32
greencookieAnyone experienced in MIPS?04:32
dabud_mefisto  because it was a storage drive when i was running windows b4 i switched to ubuntu  2 months ago04:32
amanullawhile im trying to install eclipse im getting this "amanulla@amanulla-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install eclipse04:32
amanulla[sudo] password for amanulla: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. "04:33
amanullawhat does it mean?04:33
dabud_mefisto   which is why i am trying to get this other drive running so i can move all files from ntfs to new linux drive04:33
bobertdosamanulla: It means exactly what it says. The program got stopped in the middle of working and so it didn't finish setting up the software.04:34
mefisto__dabud_: ok got it, I'll try to follow04:34
amanullabobertdos:what to do?04:35
dabud_mefisto     np04:35
bobertdosIn the terminal, type: sudo dpkg --configure -a04:35
testi just do some mess with my ubuntu.... now i cant enter trash and computer on my root account. what should i do to recover that?04:35
KRABENhow to windows xp can remote ubuntu 8.04?.04:36
TerabyteHey what's that 'build essential' command ?04:36
kenporickserial mouse not working in gnome gui... http://pastebin.com/d370561f04:36
bobertdosTerabyte: You mean to GET build essential?04:36
tritiumTerabyte: sudo apt-get install build-essential04:37
Terabyteyes, something along those lines, required before you can use gcc04:37
Terabytecheers thanks04:37
intelligentfoolcan anyone help me out? i cant get AVI files to play in any media player (vlc or movie player) and i have the restricted codecs installed04:37
wcesKRABEN: what do you want to do exactly?04:37
dabud_DasEi    am formatting it now04:37
lubemnkyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53068/ I pasted the error mesg. here04:37
dabud_DasEi    but why am I doing it as ext3  not ext2?04:38
bobertdos!putty | KRABEN04:38
ubottuKRABEN: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/04:38
KRABENok TQ04:38
bobertdosintelligentfool: Do you know how the AVI's were encoded? You might need w32codecs from medibuntu....04:39
kenporickserial mouse not working in gnome gui... http://pastebin.com/d370561f04:39
intelligentfoolbobertdos, yea, i'm not sure, but it seems to be avi's from multiple sources04:39
intelligentfoollemme try to install w32codecs04:39
shawn__where is the folder to run a command on startup in ubuntu04:40
DasEidabud: better features , so your way : http://pastebin.com/m653126f704:40
KRABENhow to windows xp can remote destop ubuntu 8.04?.04:41
bobertdosshawn__: System->Preferences->Sessions->Startup Programs04:41
KRABENhow to windows xp can remote destop OS ubuntu 8.04?.04:41
bobertdosKRABEN: use putty04:42
tritiumKRABEN: stop repeating04:42
intelligentfoolbobertdos, 'sudo apt-get install w32codecs' returns "E: Package w32codecs has no installation candidate"04:42
intelligentfooli assume i'm missing a repo or something?04:42
ubuntu_toddhello. I wanner a burn software in ubuntu. The default one braso doesn't have the capability to burn a dvd data.04:42
mneptokintelligentfool: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:42
shawn__bobertdos will this run commands from root?04:42
bobertdos!medibuntu > intelligentfool04:42
ubottuintelligentfool, please see my private message04:42
mneptokubuntu_todd: yes, it does.04:42
testi have error that say "Nautilus cannot handle computer: locations" whats wrong with this error....04:43
bobertdosshawn__: If you use gksudo, yes.04:43
tritiumintelligentfool: it's in the medibuntu repository04:43
ubuntu_toddmneptok; Could you tell me how to do that?04:43
bobertdosshawn__: but if it's something command-line based, stick to the terminal04:43
mneptokintelligentfool: you can get the same functionality from u-r-e04:43
intelligentfoolu-r-e is installed04:43
mneptokubuntu_todd: open Brasero, choose to create a new DVD data project04:43
DasEiintelligentfool:ubuntu-restricted-extras          ,your packet :D04:44
shawn__well i want to run gksudo insmod /drivers/net/drivers/wl.ko04:44
mneptokintelligentfool: then you have all the W32 codecs possible.04:44
shawn__on startup04:44
bobertdostest: That's a bug actually, with no perfect workaround.04:44
ubuntu_toddmneptok; yes. But I can't add folders. It only requires files. That takes a lot of time04:44
intelligentfoolmneptok, so then what would stop the files from playing?04:44
jf13I have sound with speakers with everything but had sound with usb headset till I unplugged then plugged back in now I have sound with everything but flashplayer in firefox with usb headset I am currently listening to audio stream with headset this has me baffled04:44
intelligentfoolmneptok, i get about a half second of video and audio and then nothing04:45
testbobertdos: can fix it? coz i cant enter computer on root user and trash?04:45
mneptokubuntu_todd: yes, you can. try dragging one04:45
xuflas1Does anyone know why I would have a network get a default remote address of
ubuntu_toddmneptok: OK, let me try again.:P04:45
mneptokintelligentfool: MS routinely "updates" their codecs to break functionality on anything but Windows and Flip4Mac04:45
mneptokintelligentfool: what is this content?04:46
e\ectro_is there an issue with the 2.6.24 kernel and the e100 driver?  I'm getting this error in dmesg e100: probe of 0000:02:03.0 failed with error -1104:46
intelligentfoolmneptok, tv shows :)04:46
=== bruenig is now known as whatwhatinthebut
mneptokintelligentfool: that tells me nothing.04:46
mneptokintelligentfool: and disable Compiz04:46
aniili wasnt able to run : sudu apt-get install ubunto-restricted -extras          for installing java04:46
tritiume\ectro_: no, 2.6.27 release candidates04:46
intelligentfoolcompiz is disabled04:46
intelligentfooland what more did you want to know about the content?04:46
mneptokaniil: try spelling it "ubuntu"04:46
e\ectro_tritium: 2.6.27 release candidates?04:47
FrijolieI'm having sound volume problems in Hardy on my Toshiba laptop. I've read the forums and a few posts I've tried has had no effect.04:47
tritiume\ectro_: yes04:47
mneptokintelligentfool: where did it come from? what encoded it? is there DRM? what version of WMP?04:47
bobertdostest: What all were you doing when these problems arose?04:47
e\ectro_tritium: they're out?04:47
ubuntu_toddmneptok; Thanks. It works. Drag works! Open files doesn't work. I never tried drag before.04:47
e\ectro_tritium: i'm referring to 8.0404:47
intelligentfoolmneptok, psh, i have no idea, i pulled a tv series from torrent04:48
jf13aniil: do you have restricted repositories enabled in admin>software sources?04:48
tritiume\ectro_: they're out upstream, yes04:48
mneptokintelligentfool: so now you know to get the avi/DivX/XviD version next time04:48
bobertdosFrijolie: Have you tried adjusting the volume levels in alsamixer?04:48
e\ectro_tritium: issues on 2.6.24 i assume then04:48
Frijolieyes, I've tried that via alsamixergui04:48
intelligentfoolmneptok, no, i dont.... how do i even find that out?04:48
e\ectro_tritium: and thats a very popular card :/04:48
tritiume\ectro_: no issues on 2.6.24 like the one you're referring to, which can actually brick your mobo04:49
Frijoliebobertdos: I'm wondering if it has something to do with ALSA and PulseAudio04:49
Joaquinm =Frijolie= did you ever have a working sound in that machine ?04:49
e\ectro_tritium: brick the mobo?  how?04:49
bobertdosFrijolie: Well, have you tried switching to just ALSA?04:49
l3dok I was wondering if i was to set something to go off in crontab would the screensaver affect it running. Hence what I am asking would the screensaver being on disable it from running at the scheduled time?04:49
FrijolieJoaquinm: yes, I have working sound now...it just seems like the volume is only at 50% although everything says it's at 100%04:49
Frijoliebobertdos: no, sorry I'm not sure how to do that04:50
bobertdos!x > DxC04:50
ubottuDxC, please see my private message04:50
Killer--Tuxlaterzzz dudes go to go to work 2mmorow04:50
tritiume\ectro_: through the e1000 firmware04:50
e\ectro_tritium: this is an old card intel pro 10004:51
Frijoliebobertdos: I've changed everything in System --> Administration --> Sound to ALSA04:52
dabud_DasEi       i have to go now    itd still not working and i fear i have messed it up royally   will come back l8r04:52
_haywire_cya dabud_04:52
kenporickscrew this...04:52
tritiume\ectro_: you have nothing to worry about, since you have a different card, and a different kernel release04:52
Frijoliebobertdos: er System --> Preferences --> Sound04:52
bobertdosFrijolie: Double check the settings in gstreamer-properties too.04:52
tiggersP.S.! I fixed my laptop~04:52
Anon9050can someone tell me how to change the name of the home directory !!!04:52
tiggerswhat is ACPI? advanced power and what?04:53
mefisto__Anon9050: you don't want to do that. it has to be the same as your username that you log in with04:53
technoid_any reason i wouldn't have sound when playing flash in firefox, but i do have sound if i download the flv and play it in totem?04:53
tiggersits a bug04:53
l3dok I was wondering if i was to set something to go off in crontab would the screensaver affect it running. Hence what I am asking would the screensaver being on disable it from running at the scheduled time?04:53
intelligentfoolmneptok, well, installing the libmpeg4ip-0 package got the shit working thanks for your attitude though04:53
kbrosnantiggers: pulse audio bug04:54
e\ectro_tritium: funny that this use to work and the newer kernel just pukes on it04:54
bobertdostechnoid_: flash 9 doesn't support pulse natively. You need libflashsupport04:54
Frijoliebobertdos: gstreamer-properties also set to ALSA now...04:54
technoid_thanks for the help everyone04:54
testbobertdos: well i use cp command to copy one of my folder to pendrive but it say permission denied so i add sudo, the command work but its create one folder with same name with pendrive instead copying my folder into my pendrive. Because of this iam trying to delete it with chown to change its user and delete using my normal account. deleting is fine but when iam on root user i cannot enter computer and trash can't show my deleted file on root...04:54
tiggerssure!, I'm kinda focused on my laptop right now...04:55
testduh sorry for a long message04:55
bobertdos!x > KRABEN04:55
Shak-hey guys, I compiled a custom iwl4965 module (wifi) but its really unstable, any idea how I could load over the old one that came with the kernel?04:55
ubottuKRABEN, please see my private message04:55
DasEitest: cp -r  >for subdirs04:55
technoid_i emailed myself that so I can fix it when I get home04:55
affanhi all... i want to install a new theme that i downloaded from gnome-look.org.... do you know how? i installed the .deb package but it doesnt show up in the theme selector app04:55
usserShak-, how did u compile it?04:56
usserShak-, using compat-wireless?04:56
Shak-usser: yep04:56
bobertdos!x | KRABEN04:56
ubottuKRABEN: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto04:56
Joaquinm =affan= for the themes only drag and drop the .tar.gz files to your theme manager04:56
usserShak-, so it was compat-wireless?04:56
Shak-usser: well I used compat-wireless to compile it so yes04:57
aniiljava on ubntu is working great thanks04:57
jf13is there a config file for flashplayer that I can edit to tell it where to send audio output?04:57
usserShak-, do you still have the folder with the compat-wireless sources from which u installed?04:57
abe3khi guys, I just replaced my cd rom drive with a dvd drive , I'm on ubuntu but it doesn't seem to recognize that I replaced it and it wont show up , any help is appreciated.04:57
bobertdostest: Can you still log in to Ubuntu using your regular user account?04:57
Shak-usser: yes I do04:57
usserShak-, if u have it just do sudo make uninstall04:57
technoid_shak: how hard was the compat-wireless to compile and setup?04:57
affanhi Joaquinm... what i have is a deb file... i dont have a tar.gz file04:57
usserShak-, from within it04:57
testbobertdos: yeah04:57
Joaquinm =affan= whats the name of the deb file ?04:58
Shak-usser: then my old module will reload itself?04:58
hosstestI dont have any sound in flash files in firefox either.  I have libflashsupport installed04:58
bobertdostest: So what is it you can't do?04:58
hosstestnever could get it to work,04:58
bjb1959I'm hoping someone can help. I got a new motherboard, cpu, memory for a cousin. the mobo has everything onboard. nvidia 7100 chipset for video etc. and I cannot get any livecd or alternate cd to boot at all just drops to a busybox shell. any idea?04:58
bobertdoshosstest, jf13: version 9.0_r124?04:59
usserShak-, compat-wireless doesnt overwrite native modules it puts them in the update folder, and after you uninstall that folder will be deleted and the kernel will revert back to old modules04:59
affangtk2-engines-murrine_0.60.1-8_i386 Joaquinm04:59
abe3khi guys, I just replaced my cd rom drive with a dvd drive , I'm on ubuntu but it doesn't seem to recognize that I replaced it and it wont show up , any help is appreciated.04:59
usserShak-, you'll have to rmmod and modprobe of course04:59
Shak-usser: ah I see, should I rmmod iwl4965 first?04:59
Shak-k here goes04:59
hmlOT: has the wednesday bailout plan vote happened yet? If so, which way did it go? I can't find this on google news04:59
jf13bobertdos: yes04:59
usserShak-, yea rmmod iwl4945 mac80211 cfg80211 led_class in that order05:00
=== whatwhatinthebut is now known as bruenig
bobertdosjf13: When you try to play flash, do you have any other programs open? I ask because under Pulse, only one app can have control at a time.05:02
mefisto__bjb1959: have you tested the cd?05:02
abe3khi guys, I just replaced my cd rom drive with a dvd drive , I'm on ubuntu but it doesn't seem to recognize that I replaced it and it wont show up , any help is appreciated.05:02
testbobertdos: enter computer using root user and when iam trying enter the root trash via 'go' tab on nautilus it say Sorry, couldn't display all the contents of "trash": Operation not supported' and no deleted files on it05:02
bjb1959cd works on other machines05:02
l3dok I was wondering if i was to set something to go off in crontab would the screensaver affect it running. Hence what I am asking would the screensaver being on disable it from running at the scheduled time?05:03
bobertdostest: Can you still use sudo?05:03
jf13bobertdos: no I tried a reboot and only went to website to see if it was working and had no joy05:03
bjb1959windows xp will install on it just fine but not ubuntu or any other linux it seems. I really don't want to install windows but it is looking like I may have to05:03
Slaj_RHello, I'm having problems fixing a broken package...05:04
testbobertdos: yeah05:04
abe3khi guys, I just replaced my cd rom drive with a dvd drive , I'm on ubuntu but it doesn't seem to recognize that I replaced it and it wont show up , any help is appreciated.05:04
Slaj_RI'll post the error message in a moment...05:04
Daft_Punki am looking for someone with artistic taste to give me some honest feedback of something...05:04
bobertdosjf13: You know, I've been using flash 10 for a long time now, and that handles Pulse much better (all on its own too). You could try it, if you wanted.05:04
usserl3d, no no way unless screensaver puts computer to sleep05:04
ScuniziDaft_Punk: post a link05:04
usserabe3k, is it recognized by computer at all? is it IDE or SATA?05:05
jf13bobertdos: ok should I purge the current flash b4 installing version 10?05:05
testbobertdos: well actually its not a big problem for me but sometime i use root account to change some files on filesystem and with this its kinda disturb me. Thanks anyway :D05:05
bobertdostest: First of all, Ubuntu doesn't allow you to log in to X as root. The account is locked by default. If you need to, you can manually delete things from the trash.05:05
abe3kusser : its IDE and it is detected by the bios, even my keyboard shortcut for ejecting the drive works.05:05
bobertdosjf13: definitely05:06
bullgard4I had my T42 Ubuntu 8.04.1 in a local computer club. Back at home in a LAN behind an ADSL router I cannot obtain Internet access. ifconfig returns "inet addr:" ping functions. ping functions. ping www.google com does not function. How to obtain Internet access?05:06
abe3kusser : the shortcut is in ubuntu05:06
Slaj_ROkay, here's what I'm getting:05:06
Slaj_RE: /var/cache/apt/archives/samba_3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.5_i386.deb: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 10205:06
* bobertdos wishes for some backup -- he's getting awfully tired :D05:06
dan_HELP -- I'm having trouble with disk space -- applications are complaining of no space on device. How do i start the investigation process !!???05:06
Slaj_RWhat's the fix?05:06
DigitalFizare there any tools i can install to make my logitech media keyboards volume buttons actually work?05:06
jf13bobertdos: ok thanks I'll give it a shot brb after its done to let you know05:06
hosstestanyone know a fix for getting me HP 1350 All In One printer to see SD memory cards?05:06
usserabe3k, hm... and when you put in a cd what happens?05:06
abe3kusser : light flashes then stops05:07
mefisto__abe3k: does « ls /dev/scd* » show more than one item?05:07
ronpzdoes anyone know why passing option home=home-rw would quit working for ubuntu-eee I used it for eee-xubuntu and nearly everything else as well with no problems05:07
usserabe3k, what does ls /dev/cdr* say?05:07
abe3kusser : it is still showing my old cdrom in the computer window from nautilus05:07
bobertdosjf13: You know where to find 10?05:07
Shak--usser: looks like it worked, though I had to restart since I was getting symbol errors when I attempted to modprobe05:07
FreedomI'm trying to export an SQLite select query into a text file05:07
Freedomcan anyone show me how05:08
abe3kusser : it says alot05:08
usserShak--, modinfo iwl4945, i think the one in ubuntu is 1.2.2505:08
bjb1959Can anyone help me? I don't want to install windows but linux won't install any ideas why?05:08
usserShak--, also if u havent already done so install linux-backports05:08
Shak--usser: 1.2.23k05:08
dan_HELP -- I'm having trouble with disk space -- applications are complaining of no space on device. How do i start the investigation process !!???05:08
usserShak--, it has updated wifi stack05:08
bobertdosbjb1959: How far do you get before things go wrong?05:08
mefisto__bjb1959: have you tried booting in safe graphics mode?05:08
testohhh ya bobertdos do you know which command that can give an emblem to folder or files?05:08
usserShak--, backports is pretty stable for me on 2.6.24-19 kernel05:08
FreedomI'm using SELECT artist.name, album.name FROM album, artist, tags WHERE album.id = tags.album AND artist.id = tags.artist GROUP BY artist.name, album.name ORDER BY artist.name05:09
abe3kusser : you want me to pastebin it ?05:09
Shak--usser: im on, is backports a package in apt?05:09
Freedomto export my Amarok artists and albums together05:09
hosstestNo audio in flash, have libflashsupport installed, any suggestions?05:09
Freedombut I need to get it into a text file05:09
bjb1959bobertdos, about 1/2 way through the boot process then it drops to the busybox shell05:09
bobertdostest: I don't know a command for that, but you can do it under the folder or file's properties, graphically.05:09
bobertdosbjb1959: Of the live cd?05:10
usserShak--, 2.6.25? are u on intrepid?05:10
testhmm got it05:10
abe3kusser : here is the pastebin http://pastebin.com/m1a09609305:10
usserabe3k, try to mount it manually sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt -o loop05:10
Shak--usser: no I manually upgraded (tinkering with iwlwifi required it)05:10
Shak--usser: so im hardy05:10
abe3kusser : ok will do05:10
slagpitHi, I mistyped a command and ran it in the wrong directory. Can someone tell me what the mistyped command did exactly?05:10
usserShak--, hm forget about backports then its for stock kernel only05:11
bobertdoshosstest: I just sent jf13 on the quest for flash 10. I offer you the same option, if you wish.05:11
Shak--ah ok05:11
bjb1959bobertdos, yes. I have tried pclinuxos 2008 livecd and get same thing. the alternate install won't work either05:11
abe3kusser : "/dev/scd0: No medium found"05:11
DigitalFizslagpit, depends on what the miss typed command was05:11
slagpitthe mistyped command was "sudo chmod -x +777 /*/*"05:11
Shak--usser: but this is fine now, for some reason I kept getting kernel panics with that other module I compiled, and they increased in frequency over time05:11
hosstestbobertdos: are you suggesting that flash 10 is the resolve?  And if so where can I get it?05:12
bobertdosbjb1959: Goll, you know, this has been happening to a lot of people ever since hardy came around. I have no idea why.05:12
dan_HELP: I'm having trouble with disk space -- applications are complaining of no space on device. How do i start the investigation process !!???05:12
mefisto__abe3k: is there a disk in it to mount?05:12
sdwrageHey all.. where is php.ini usually?05:12
usserShak--, yep same problem for me here panics with the newer kernel05:12
abe3kmefisto__ : yes05:12
bjb1959but why would it happen with pclinux0s 2008 which is Mandriva?? they have nothing to do with hardy05:12
usserShak--, also heavy cpu usage when connecting to networks to the point where computer becomes unusable05:12
usserShak--, many ppl report that05:13
Slaj_RAnyone?  Once again, what's the fix for this error:05:13
usserabe3k, hm weird... ls /dev/dvd*05:13
Slaj_RE: /var/cache/apt/archives/samba_3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.5_i386.deb: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 10205:13
sdwrageCan anyone tell me where php.ini is usually on ubuntu?05:13
Shak--usser: Im not sure if its the newer kernel or that specific wifi module, because if I used the machine with networking disabled it never paniced05:13
l3dhere is a odd ? the term app mpg123 is there a way to set the volume for that. Like a separate volume control from the main volume.05:13
bobertdoshosstest: The first thing I tell people is to purge flash 9 and libflashsupport. Flash 10 can then be found at http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html05:13
abe3kusser : "ls: cannot access /dev/dvd*: No such file or directory"05:13
raDeonhow to make irssi seperate nicknames from the chat text05:13
usserShak--, i suggest go back to hardy stock kernel 2.6.24-19 and install backports module05:13
sdwrageCan anyone tell me where PHP.INI is located on ubuntu?05:14
usserShak--, backports is 1.2.25 and as i said its been stable for me05:14
usserabe3k, thats weird05:14
Shak--usser: I still have that kernel, I'd just have to go back and reconfigure my xorg.conf05:14
jim_pgoodmorning guys. its about 7.15am here, it a cold morning, so please be patient with me :P05:14
jasuussdwrage : use the phpinfo()05:14
hosstestbobertdos:  Thanks05:14
Shak--usser: but i'll see if this gives me anymore trouble first05:14
abe3kusser : I mounted cdrw and it went perfectly05:14
usserabe3k, so you can see the contents and all?05:15
abe3kusser : yes , but still its not DVD05:15
sdwragejasuus. I really cant do that right now... you dont know a common place where its usually installed?05:15
abe3kusser : can't use dvd player05:15
bjb1959guess no one has a clue. thanks though05:15
usserabe3k, well try to insert a dvd data disk and mount the same way u did just now05:15
evilbugwhat are the features that  makes ubuntu different from debian?05:15
Terabytea packed irc channel?05:16
abe3kusser : ok will do05:16
usserShak--, the whole thing has been nothing but trouble to me, iwl driver is half baked with stuff like dynamic wep missing so i cant connect to my college's wifi05:16
abe3kusser : something is wrong I think I have to unmount first right ?05:17
usserabe3k, yea of course05:17
kandoUNIX-VMachiervveeeeerrrrrrrrrr iiiiiiiiiirrrrrrcccccccc................iiiiiirrrrrrrrccccddddddooooottttnnet.nnnnnnetttttttt05:17
kaushalwhen i do aptitude update05:17
Shak--usser: your college uses encryption on the wifi network? :/05:17
abe3kusser : whats the command for that please ?05:17
usserShak--, yea05:17
kaushali get05:17
kaushalW: A error occurred during the signature verification.05:17
usserabe3k, sudo umount /mnt05:18
eligoshello to all05:18
bullgard4I had my T42 Ubuntu 8.04.1 in a local computer club. Back at home in a LAN behind an ADSL router I cannot obtain Internet access. ifconfig returns "inet addr:" ping functions. ping functions. ping www.google com does not function. How to obtain Internet access?05:18
eligosanyone know why fire fox crashes after a few youtube videos?05:18
usserbullgard4, did u ping google.com's ip05:18
testbobertdos: how to show a windows that show some script are completed...05:19
bobertdoseligos: What version of flash?05:19
usserbullgard4, ping
abe3kusser :"/dev/scd0: No medium found"05:19
adjioeveligos: i have simular problem, if i listen music with totem i can then hear sound in youtube videos, have to restart firefox...05:19
bullgard4usser: No, I did 'ping www.google.com'.05:19
testbobertdos: with command05:19
usserbullgard4, try to ping the ip i gave you05:19
slagpitI accidently ran "sudo chmod -x +777 /*/*", is there any way to fix that?05:20
kaushalwhen i do aptitude update05:20
abe3kusser : its still telling me that everytime I want to mount05:20
r00tintheb0xslagpit, are you serious?05:20
kaushali get W: A error occurred during the signature verification.05:20
slagpitr00tintheb0x: yes, I am serious05:20
bullgard4usser: "ping" functions.05:20
r00tintheb0xslagpit, what would possess you to run something like that...05:20
usserbullgard4, so you dont get the correct dns server05:21
eligosbobertdos, it says: shockwave flash 9.4 r12405:21
slagpitthe same thing that posses people to have accidents05:21
jasuussdwrage : you there?05:21
bobertdoseligos: Do you have libflashsupport installed?05:21
r00tintheb0xslagpit, when you do a "ls -al /" are all your directories there with permissions "drwxrwxrwx"?05:21
mefisto__slagpit: so what did you WANT to do?05:21
usserbullgard4, do sudo gedit /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf05:22
Carefreeis there any gui's for apache?05:22
jasuussdwrage: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini05:22
bullgard4usser: I agree. But the other laptop in my LAN gets the correct DNS server.05:22
eligosadjioev, I hear that happens because alsa can't work with two different progrmas at the same time, but my problem is firefox actually crashes when I load another video05:22
slagpitif I try to boot ubuntu I get a busybox shell (guessing grub got destroyed)05:22
slagpitmefisto__: why does that matter?05:22
usserbullgard4, still lets try a public dns why not?05:22
bullgard4usser: I do use fixed addresses in my LAN, no DHCP.05:22
usserbullgard4, oh even better05:22
eligosbobertdos, yes, it's already at it's newest version according to my console05:23
usserbullgard4, sudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf and add nameserver comment out all other nameservers05:23
kindofabuzzsome reason I'll get logged out and taken back to the gdm screen. any ideas?05:23
abe3kusser : maybe I have to restart05:24
kindofabuzzlike X is crashing or something05:24
usserabe3k, try it05:24
abe3kusser : ok05:24
bobertdoseligos: I hate to keep suggesting flash 10 to people, but that's what I've been doing. It's pretty stable now (especially with FF 3.03 out now), and it doesn't need libflashsupport. libflashsupport is actually the unstable part of it all.05:24
Slaj_RAnyone available to answer a package management question?05:25
=== dmsuperman_ is now known as dmsuperman
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eligosbobertdos, you mean to install flash from the adobe website directly?05:25
dmsupermanHow can I run fsck on /?05:25
bobertdoseligos: Well, yeah, flash 10 is in RC2 status right now. It's in their labs.05:26
adityaghow to do i add myself into this group? "www-data" ???05:26
danbh_intrepid!fsck | dmsuperman    I think this is it05:26
ubottudmsuperman    I think this is it: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:26
dmsupermanadityag: adduser05:26
dmsupermandanbh_intrepid: I know how to fsck, I want to know how to / I can't run it on mounted filesystems and I can't start linux without mounting it05:26
bullgard4usser: I have edited " sudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf" and put in that file " nameserver" (This file was empty.)05:27
bullgard4usser: What should I do now?05:27
samsssim using gnome-main-menu like opensuse menu, and i dont see a tab showing other applications but favourite apps... any idea how to have that tab to change between other apps??05:27
danbh_intrepiddmsuperman: from the message that ubottu just sent you, to the whole room: The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check05:27
usserbullgard4, cool sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart05:27
orbisvicisany reason why gnome-system-monitor show drstically different memory usage than snmp/free, i.e 380Mb vs 1.93Gb out of 2Gb ?05:27
curz0ranyone know what the deal is with support for XMMS ?05:27
ussercurz0r, its been dropped05:28
ussercurz0r, xmms is horribly outdated05:28
bobertdos!audacious | curz0r05:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audacious05:28
usser!info audacious | curz0r05:28
ubottucurz0r: audacious (source: audacious): small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.0-2 (hardy), package size 1111 kB, installed size 3784 kB05:28
curz0russer: completely? they just released a new version on Nov 16th, 200705:28
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.05:28
curz0rI don't like audacious05:28
Joaquinmdont use audacious05:28
alteregoa!info wine | alteregoa05:28
Joaquinmget amarok05:28
curz0rcrashes a lot05:28
ubottualteregoa, please see my private message05:28
Joaquinmis the best player for linux05:28
zeusWhat would cause an I/O error but for only one folder?05:28
curz0rI'm not going to run a music player through wine.. that's silly.05:28
tsukasa1105hey all, quick question, how do you set which user something runs as in a script (and does it use that users environment variables and such)05:29
alteregoazeus, userrights05:29
abchirkhi kaushal05:29
shogranwheres the offtopic help05:29
kaushalabchirk, hi05:29
alteregoachown -R user:user /folderpath/05:29
bobertdos!ot | shogran05:29
ubottushogran: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:29
kaushalwhen i do apt-get update i get W: A error occurred during the signature verification.05:29
r00tintheb0xIve got a question for you all. I made a bash script that i can execute from bash and it works fine. When I use cron to run it it doesn't work.05:29
curz0r!info xmms05:29
ubottuPackage xmms does not exist in hardy05:29
r00tintheb0xroot is set to execute it in cron.05:29
dmsuperman_danbh_intrepid: Didn't force a check05:30
kaushalI am using Ubuntu 8.04 amd server05:30
alteregoakaushal, free space?05:30
danbh_intrepiddmsuperman_: well, that sucks05:30
abchirkr00tintheb0x did you give the full path?05:30
ussercurz0r, hm, well i suppose you can compile xmms it requires some old packages but i remember i managed to do it at some point05:30
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:30
kaushalalteregoa, 200GB05:30
slagpitr00tintheb0x: if I try to boot into ubuntu I get a busybox shell (guessing grub got messed up)05:30
r00tintheb0xyes abchirk /root/bin/xmlripper05:30
adityag i want to list all the users in www-data group05:30
r00tintheb0xdoes it need to have the .sh extension?05:30
tsukasa1105hey all, quick question, how do you set which user something runs as in a script (and does it use that users environment variables and such)05:30
curz0russer yeah I ran into some snags :/ missing libxmms.so.105:30
curz0r*sigh*.. the pains of compiling.05:30
r00tintheb0xslagpit, you've jacked all your permissions up from the look of your command.05:31
orbisvicishow does free work, whats buffers/cache ?05:31
bullgard4usser: It responds: "...[OK]. --  But it still keeps saying: "ping: unkonown host www.google.com"05:31
Joaquinm =curz0r= you should try gentoo hahah05:31
curz0russer; I don't know how far up the chain you are, but do you know if there's a possibility to pick up support for the app again?05:31
r00tintheb0xdoes "ls -al /" return all your directories with permissions of "drwxrwxrwx" or something like that?05:31
curz0rJoaquinm: LOLS05:31
ussercurz0r, first link on google http://blog.sartek.net/2008/04/install-xmms-on-ubuntu-804-hardy-heron.html05:31
usserbullgard4, drop www05:31
Joaquinm =curz0r= is really imperative for you tu use xmms ?05:31
usserbullgard4, ping google.com05:31
tritiumcurz0r: please keep the channel family-friendly05:31
curz0rgoogle skills. I do not has them.05:31
slagpitr00tintheb0x: think I would be able to recover files using a live cd disk?05:31
dmsuperman_r00tintheb0x: Try it05:31
kaushalalteregoa, any clue05:32
curz0rtritium: word.05:32
curz0rmy b05:32
zeusWhat would prevent a sudo chown from changing ownership?05:32
r00tintheb0xdmsuperman_, its at my office right now.05:32
curz0russer: thanks05:32
tsukasa1105hey all, quick question, how do you set which user something runs as in a script (and does it use that users environment variables and such)05:32
r00tintheb0xIm on my Verizon phone dialed up @ 14.4kb/sec05:32
dmsuperman_r00tintheb0x: Yes, it will05:32
ussertsukasa1105, man sudo, man sudoers05:32
bullgard4usser: "~$ ping google.com; ping: unkonown host google.com"05:32
abchirkr00tintheb0x in my crontab I cd into this DIR and then the command...05:32
usserbullgard4, hm whats your card name eth0?05:33
eligosbobertdos, do you think an rpm package is the best way to go about this?05:33
r00tintheb0xcool abchirk i'll give that a go.05:33
abchirkcd DIR && command :)05:33
usserbullgard4, do you network manager to configure? i believe it has something like restart network option try that05:33
r00tintheb0xyeah abchirk :)05:34
tritiumeligos: try to never resort to rpm packages05:34
ljsoftnethow do i upgrade vlc 0.8.6 to 0.9.2?05:34
jasuustsukasall05: not sure what you mean, but you can run a script with the owners permissions via SUID bit05:34
=== dmsuperman_ is now known as dmsuperman
bullgard4usser: ifconfig returns eth0 and lo. --  Yes I do use network manager.05:34
Slaj_RI have a question about a broken package.  Does someone have a second?05:34
danbh_intrepiddmsuperman: try this: sudo touch /forcefsck05:34
bobertdoseligos: No, for Ubuntu, the tar.gz is best.05:34
usserljsoftnet, theres instructions on the web, in short add this to /etc/apt/sources.list "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/ubuntu hardy main"05:35
usserljsoftnet, sudo apt-get update05:35
dmsupermandanbh_intrepid: Alright, just a moment05:35
eligostritium, I wanna install adobe flash player a tar.gz, an rpm and a YUM (wich I have no idea of what it is) are the only options05:35
adityagi want to list all the users in www-data group ...........lid is asking me to install some packages any other function/cmd?05:35
usserljsoftnet, sudo apt-get remove --purge vlc, and sudo apt-get install vlc05:35
Joaquinm =eligos= yum is for suse05:35
usserbullgard4, you can try sudo ifdown eth0, sudo ifup eth005:35
r00tintheb0xSlaj_R, how did you break an apt package?05:35
r00tintheb0xcrappy repos...05:35
=== passwd is now known as omolina
jim_peligos: extract that ar.xg somewhere. there is an installatio script you run05:35
eligosbobertdos, ok, I'll give tar.gz a try05:35
jim_peligos: *tar.gz05:35
tritiumeligos: yes, I know05:36
Slaj_Rr00tintheb0x: I don't know, I get this message when updating samba:
jim_phi savage--05:36
savage--i'm having trouble with my recent ubuntu 8 installation, maybe anyone can provide pointers? I'm getting the following error: error while loading shared libraries: libgcc_s.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:36
r00tintheb0xSlaj_R, thats the whole message?05:36
Slaj_ROops, wrong copy and paste.  Hold on...05:36
savage--I can definitely see libgcc when I do 'locate libgcc' , it's in /lib/ and also some other matches in /usr/lib...05:36
r00tintheb0xSlaj_R, dont paste too much.05:36
eligosJoaquinm, no wonder I was lost. Is Joaquin your real name? if you don't mind me asking05:37
Slaj_Rr00tintheb0x: just one line.05:37
barbarellaJoaquinm:for fedora05:37
r00tintheb0xok go05:37
jim_psavage--: are you getting that error while compiling?05:37
savage--jim_p, nope, just getting it when i try to launch firefox05:37
aviarIs there a place where ubuntu kept/keeps a log of all the commands made?05:38
bullgard4usser: I do not know the exact network manager command to restart network manager. --  I have done  sudo ifdown eth0, sudo ifup eth0. My IBM T42 Thinkpad computer  still does not find google.com05:38
savage--jim_p, this was working fine, but then I accidentally copied everthing from /lib to /usr/lib32/05:38
savage--jim_p, then I removed all the files that I copied over there05:38
r00tintheb0xaviar, you can check ~/.bash_history05:38
savage--jim_p, I've tried running ldconfig, but doesn't seem to help (sorry I'm kind of new at this)05:38
tritiumaviar: no05:38
hosstestFlash 10 solved my audio issues, thanks!!05:38
Slaj_Rr00tintheb0x: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/samba_3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.5_i386.deb: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 10205:38
HackerlifeOk guys, i'm having trouble with my partitions, for some reason my partiton says i'm using like almost 30 gigs of 34 gigs, when i know i'm only using like 5 gigs. i need to change this partition, how do i fix this??? thanks in advance05:38
jim_psavage--: do you have this package installed >> libgcc1 ?05:38
r00tintheb0xSlaj_R, you need to do a google search for " subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 102"05:39
CarefreeWhat's one thing I can do with ubuntu?05:39
=== Guest69835 is now known as jenny
jasuusCarefree: p0rn05:39
r00tintheb0xCarefree, you can make biscuts with it.05:39
savage--jim_p, yep, apt-get install libgcc1 says it's already at the newest version...05:39
shograni canjt think of anything i have left to do with ubuntu.. ive done it all05:39
shogranprobably not... but ive done alot..05:40
Hackerlifed) all of the above...05:40
CarefreeCan I put a nintendo DS toolchain/compiler on it?05:40
usserbullgard4, ok click on the network manager applet in your upper right corner(looks like two monitors), i presume you use manual configuration05:40
usserbullgard4, so click manual Configuration05:40
jim_psavage--: let me thing of a way to circumvent it. firefox 3 right?05:40
tsukasa1105why not, its linux, you can do anything with linux05:40
toshibado u have hacking program for ubuntu ? for all05:40
Hackerlifeok one more try: hi fdisk and df -h are giving me different reports of my system file sizes.  I am trying to use gparted, but it says that the drive i want to shrink (which is /) is 30 gbs, while i know i only have about 2 gbs of stuff in it.  i need some help thanks.05:40
jennyhey there guys can someone help me?05:40
savage--jim_p, right, but i'm seeing it with other programs that require this library05:40
zeusHow do I delete a file that will not delete even with sudo rm -r ?05:40
usserbullgard4, once you done that a window should open, switch to dns tab05:41
shogranif you can do it on windoows.. i can show you how on ubuntu carefree( in most cases involving actual windoes)05:41
bobertdoshosstest: Now something I give to people when flash 10 works out: http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/ -- This is pretty much the "official" blog that tracks its development for Linux.05:41
bullgard4usser: Ok, I have clicked on 'manual configuration'.05:41
savage--jim_p, it was working fine earlier today but somehow I think I messed it up when I copied into that other lib directory :-(05:41
FAJzeus:  sudo srm -r <path to file>  ......................05:41
jasuuszeus: um, rm -f05:41
usserbullgard4, switch to dns tab05:41
toshibacan any 1 help me plz05:41
curz0russer: awesome. yeah the problem I had with the missing libxmms.so.1 error was because it was installed to a poopy location. page / instructions gave the correct prefix. thanks again.05:41
jim_psavage--: :O05:41
FAJ!ask } toshiba05:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask } toshiba05:41
jenny\hey guys can someone help me?????????????05:41
bullgard4usser: I am on the DNS tab.05:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:41
jasuusjenny: ask your question05:41
savage--jim_p, hopefully you can help :)05:42
toshibado u know any hacking program ?05:42
jasuustoshiba: www.google.com05:42
FAJtoshiba:  this is really not the right place to talk about hacking.05:42
tritiumtoshiba: please stay on topic.  This channel is for support.05:42
toshibaplz tell me :(05:42
usserbullgard4, unlock it and add to the list05:42
NiKeCRu666hello people05:42
shograntoshiba - pm me05:42
usserbullgard4, and this one
Slaj_Rr00tintheb0x: thanks a lot!05:42
usserbullgard4, these are public dns servers05:42
jennyhello guys can someone help me with a sound problem?05:43
zeusHow do I access an inaccessible file due to I/O error?05:43
danbh_intrepidtoshiba: all hacking discussion should go to #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-dev05:43
NiKeCRu666does someone play Tibia on line game?05:43
Jazzy_Jefftoshiba togo www.christianity.com for the hacking program   :P05:43
bullgard4usser: It displays: "DNS Servers:; Search domains: alien.c-base.org, cbrp3-base.org, c-base.org."05:43
toshibaok guys thx05:43
zeusHow do I access an inaccessible file due to I/O error?05:43
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:43
toshibai love guys :)05:43
eligosjenny, what's your issue?05:43
jennyhello guys can someone help me with a sound problem?05:43
jennyoh k05:43
usserbullgard4, are any of those sound familiar?05:43
jennyummm i upgraded to hardy and the sounds doesnt seem to be working,...for youtube cds or anything05:44
shogranjenny : did you download aoss yet?05:44
jim_psavage--: dont you remember the file you copied?05:44
jennyyes i did shogran...05:44
eligosjenny, but it was working properly in previous versions of ubuntu?05:44
usserbullgard4, remove all those and add dns's i gave you earlier and search domains just add anything: workgroup for example05:44
zeusHow do I access an inaccessible file due to I/O error?05:45
jennythe problem is the sound not just the browser05:45
Hackerlifehi fdisk and df -h are giving me different reports of my system file sizes.  I am trying to use gparted, but it says that the drive i want to shrink (which is /) is 30 gbs, while i know i only have about 2 gbs of stuff in it.  i need some help thanks.05:45
shogranjenny:i see,, hmmm. do you have it all set up in your sound settings as oss or alsa?05:45
Ishnu-Does anyone know of a way to activate a program when a specific folder is opened?05:45
savage--jim_p, Yes.. it's right there in /lib/libgcc_s.so.105:45
savage--jim_p, I'm not sure why these programs can't find it...05:46
jim_psavage--: well they may need it somewhere else05:46
jennyi have it set to alsa shogran..but ive tried all of them...i can even make beeps or any sort of test noise05:46
savage--jim_p, do you have that in /usr/lib32?05:46
shogranJenny: damn... what soundcard are you using?05:47
savage--jim_p, interesting, so I copied that file from /lib to /usr/lib32, and now when I run firefox I get: ./firefox-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libgcc_s.so.1: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6405:47
jim_psavage--: yea mine is in /lib05:47
bullgard4usser: and are not familiar to me.05:47
jennyummm let me check shorgran05:48
firestormoh ya05:48
jim_psavage--: do not copy files here and there lol05:48
firestormi cant see my shares on my windows pc on my network05:48
firestormthe other pcs on my network work05:48
savage--jim_p, yes I've learned that the hard way :)05:48
firestormbut not mine05:48
jennyi can remeber the command that will tell me...do u know it?05:48
kaushalcan any one help me here05:48
tritiumsavage--: what are you doing moving system files like that?05:48
jim_pfirestorm: do you use samba?05:48
usserbullgard4, thats from a company called opendns that provides publicly accesible dns servers05:48
=== dmsuperman_ is now known as dmsuperman
bullgard4usser: I do not understand your message: " remove all those and add dns's i gave you earlier and search domains just add anything: workgroup for example."05:48
firestormdefault ubuntu 8.405:48
tsukasa1105so like i screwed up my apt-get packages somehow, like, mplayer is installed but libavcodec isnt, and i manually install the dependency for libavcodec which then makes apt-get uninstall mplayer since it depends on that but it wasnt installed and it just realized that05:48
firestormim gonna say ya05:48
tritiumjenny: lspci -v may help you find it05:48
NiKeCRu666hello people.can someone help me with this please? how can i configure my 3D aceleration?05:48
tsukasa1105so how do i fix it05:48
savage--jim_p, is there a way I can restore the /usr/lib32/ directory to how it was before when I first installed 8.04?05:49
jennytritium...i remember someone told me some other command.05:49
usserbullgard4, in the DNS tab under DNS servers remove whatever is there and add and
jim_psavage--: the whole directory? no05:49
jennya short comman like that one05:49
bullgard4The search domains  alien.c-base.org, cbrp3-base.org, c-base.org are from my local computer club, and I am now at home.05:49
usserbullgard4, under search domains add workgroup05:49
tritiumsavage--: ?05:50
usserbullgard4, right it happened because you set the ip manually, those settings are usually obtained from dhcp server05:50
savage--tritium, I accidentally copied /lib into /usr/lib3205:50
jennyi rmember someone told me what to type to find it...it listed a bunch of things but i found it ...05:50
usserbullgard4, since you dont use dhcp at home they didnt get updated05:50
bullgard4usser: I have done " in the DNS tab under DNS servers remove whatever is there and add and"05:50
savage--tritium, so then I just did a find for the most recently modified files (to find the ones I copied over) and then removed them.05:51
usserbullgard4, and so you are unable to resolve domain names because the dns server from computer club cannot be contacted05:51
usserbullgard4, cool05:51
savage--tritium, and now it seems that certain things aren't behaving properly05:51
firestormso ya why cant i see my windows shares on my pc, other xp machines have no problem seeing them, and my linux can see hte other machines shares fine05:51
tritiumsavage--: if you must, reinstall, libgcc105:51
usserbullgard4, under search domains remove everything and add workgroup05:51
savage--tritium, ok let me try that... can I do it via apt-get?05:51
tritiumsavage--: yes: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgcc105:51
tritiumsavage--: note that you need that file at /lib/libgcc_s.so.105:52
tritium(where the package provides it)05:52
bullgard4usser: I have done " under search domains remove everything and add workgroup"05:52
usserbullgard4, cool now close network manager and try ping google.com05:52
savage--tritium, ok it's there.... and I tried running the program again but I still get error while loading shared libraries: libgcc_s.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:52
savage--tritium, is a reboot required?05:52
ThanatosAnyone here have able to access a windows network share from hardy? If so, how?05:52
jennydoes antyone know the command to get my audio cards or driver to be displayed????05:52
firestormThanatos, i can05:53
usserThanatos, the trick is to provide full path to the share05:53
firestormbut not on my pc05:53
tritiumsavage--: ldconfig may need to be run05:53
FAJhi fdisk and df -h are giving me different reports of my system file sizes.  I am trying to use gparted, but it says that the drive i want to shrink (which is /) is 30 gbs, while i know i only have about 2 gbs of stuff in it.  i need some help thanks.  and when i click on properties of filesystem it only shows 12 gbs for both home and root, not the 36 it should.  any help please05:53
danbh_intrepidjenny: you could try lshw05:53
tritiumsavage--: try sudo ldconfig -v, and then run your program again05:53
usserThanatos, theres a bug in gnome-vfs that prevents gnome from displaying shares when you just open smb://servername05:53
firestormwhen i go to mitch-pc(my pc) its just blank in there05:54
bullgard4usser: I have done "close network manager and try ping google.com". It responds 0% packets lost.05:54
usserThanatos, you have to use smb://servername/sharename05:54
firestormbut other computers on the network work05:54
savage--tritium, ok, just ran ldconfig but still same error -- it's really strange because it's right there in /lib05:54
usserbullgard4, paste the whole line05:54
firestormusser why does it work with some computers but not others for me05:54
savage--tritium, could it be a path thing perhaps?05:54
tritiumsavage--: you get this error when?05:54
usserbullgard4, line after --- google.com ping statistics ---05:55
bullgard4usser: What whole line should I paste?05:55
savage--tritium, when I try to run the firefox executable05:55
Thanatosusser, i'm trying that now. thanks05:55
FAJ!ch | activeuser05:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch05:55
shograni gotta go jenny, please get better soon. im sorry your sick05:55
savage--tritium, when I run ldconfig -v I can see it first loading up libraries from /lib05:55
FAJ!ja | activeuser05:55
ubottuactiveuser: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい05:55
usserfirestorm, beats me... i have same problem it works on some computers05:55
usserfirestorm, but not the others05:55
tritiumsavage--: I'm not sure, then05:55
bullgard4usser: I have got now Internet access to http://www.google.de!05:56
eligosok, I downloaded the tar.gz, now how do I install it?05:56
physically_fit!cn | activeuser05:56
ubottuactiveuser: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:56
usserbullgard4, cool. so it was incorrect dns settings05:56
FAJhi fdisk and df -h are giving me different reports of my system file sizes.  I am trying to use gparted, but it says that the drive i want to shrink (which is /) is 30 gbs, while i know i only have about 2 gbs of stuff in it.  i need some help thanks.  and when i click on properties of filesystem it only shows 12 gbs for both home and root, not the 36 it should.  any help please05:56
firestormso wait usser how do i see the one htat doesnt work? in the gui05:56
bullgard4usser: Please be more specific: What DNS setting was wrong with me?05:56
usserfirestorm, specify the full path ie if on windows machine you have a share named Share then in file manager type smb://serverip/Share05:57
r2sis there a paid service in google that will rank up your website in search results for a specific keyword?05:57
jennywhat does it mean if it says i should run this command aas a super user?05:58
usserfirestorm, ip would be better because it will definitely work as opposed to hostname which ubuntu fails to resolve oftentimes05:58
FAJ!sudo | jenny05:58
ubottujenny: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)05:58
savage--tritium, could I use the synaptic package manager to reinstall all of my installed packages?05:58
firestormok how do i set the path in the gui like i would windows05:58
danbh_intrepiddmsuperman: did it work?05:58
usserbullgard4, the addresses that u added in manual configuration in network manager. the one u had before were not up to date.05:58
FAJhi fdisk and df -h are giving me different reports of my system file sizes.  I am trying to use gparted, but it says that the drive i want to shrink (which is /) is 30 gbs, while i know i only have about 2 gbs of stuff in it.  i need some help thanks.  and when i click on properties of filesystem it only shows 12 gbs for both home and root, not the 36 it should.  any help please05:59
kristjan_what's this ".gvfs" thing in $home?05:59
eligoscan any one tell me how to install a tar.gz ??05:59
FAJeligos:  you have to extract it and compile it:05:59
FAJ!compile | eligos05:59
ubottueligos: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:59
tritiumsavage--: yes, but that would take a very long time.06:00
firestormusser im new to ubuntu how do i set the directory path in the file window06:00
FAJany help anyone?06:00
savage--tritium, i'm trying it now:-)06:00
bruenigfirestorm: type it06:00
tritiumsavage--: I'd advise against it06:00
dmsupermandanbh_intrepid: I restarted into recovery mode and did it06:00
dmsupermandanbh_intrepid: The problem was that wasn't it06:00
Ishnu-Is there a way to view all folders open? lsof lists all files open, and I want something like that, but with folders.06:00
dmsupermandanbh_intrepid: And those errors I was getting can't be found in my syslog anywhere06:00
bullgard4usser: Thank you very much for your help.06:01
usserfirestorm, click on little icon to the very left of address bar06:01
eligosFAJ, but there's no code, just a file called "flashplayer-installer"06:01
usserfirestorm, that should turn it into text field in which u can enter the address06:01
FAJeligos:  then just double click on it?06:01
Thanatosusser, I'm trying to access my windows share. In nautilus I'm putting "smb:///desktop/d/" where d is a folder that I am sharing. and it says "couldn't find ....."06:01
firestormah ic thanks06:01
eligosFAJ, I did, nothing happened06:02
FAJeligos:  have you installed flashplugin-nonfree yet?  that may be what you are looking for06:02
brian_has anyone ever heard of kubuntu killing HDDs?06:02
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:02
brian_on a desktop06:02
usserThanatos, try to substitute desktop for the actual ip address of your windows machine06:02
firestormi think i see why06:02
FAJhi fdisk and df -h are giving me different reports of my system file sizes.  I am trying to use gparted, but it says that the drive i want to shrink (which is /) is 30 gbs, while i know i only have about 2 gbs of stuff in it.  i need some help thanks.  and when i click on properties of filesystem it only shows 12 gbs for both home and root, not the 36 it should.  any help please06:03
firestormin the other pcs on my network the password was just blank06:03
trollboy_what's up with W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox-3.0/firefox_3.0.2+build6+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.04.1_all.deb06:03
firestormbut on mine i had to enter the actual user password06:03
firestormbut you dont have to do that on xp06:03
firestormso i dunno why the settings are different06:03
firestormalso whats the best music player i guess most similar to wmp1106:04
usserfirestorm, i dont think such an abomination exists on linux06:04
Thanatosusser, It's still not finding it. It's so frustrating, cuz it worked in Gutsy.06:04
dmsupermanfirestorm: You might want to try amaroK06:05
usserfirestorm, try rhythmbox amarok but they would be more similar to itunes06:05
dmsupermanfirestorm: Exaile is a more basic one06:05
usserThanatos, hm can you ping the ip?06:05
Thanatosfirestorm, vlc media player works just fine06:05
firestormok how do i get those06:05
jennydoes anyone know the command to run to get my sound card name?? still trying to figure it out06:06
firestormya i know vlc would work but i want like an organized list of my music06:06
firestormplaylists etc06:06
firestormwhats the apt get command for those players06:06
firestormi also need to get mp3 support06:06
Thanatosusser, Ping returns a surprisingly long time of about 900ms, but it works06:06
mefisto__jenny: asoundconf list06:06
tritiumfirestorm: for your benefit, learn to search for them in synaptic, and install them from there06:06
gbear14275does gparted support jfs partitions?06:06
tritium!mp3 | firestorm06:06
ubottufirestorm: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:06
usserThanatos, thats weird providing the whole path always worked for me. are u sure you got the name of the share right? in windows you can set it to whatever you want it doesnt have to necessarily be the same as folder name06:06
gbear14275I am trying to create one as a logical drive but the option does not seem to be available06:07
usserThanatos, oh my... on a local network?06:07
samssshttp://primates.ximian.com/~jpr/Screenshot-gnome-main-menu-1.png       can someone check this image, im missing the "show:" tab--- pleease06:07
lliw00is there any reason i would be getting a socket error when using xsupplicant/06:07
Thanatosusser, make that .900 ms06:07
randancingJenny. I tried the command that tritium gave you and it works on 7.10. Give it a try.06:07
jennyim on 8.0406:07
usserThanatos, hehe thats a big difference :)06:07
tritiumjenny: it will still work06:07
firestormi suppose tritium but isnt apt get faster is there a way to search for similar named things in apt get06:07
jennyand what was the command again..and i need to run as super user..so do i just put sudo before it?06:07
usserThanatos, double check the share name06:08
tritiumfirestorm: no, synaptic is simply a front-end to apt-get06:08
tritiumfirestorm: you can use "apt-cache search <foo>"06:08
firestormya i know but fast in that i dont have to use a gui06:08
tritiumfirestorm: yes, use apt-cache search, then06:08
firestormalright thanks06:09
gbear14275can anyone suggest a partition program that supports jfs, gparted does not seem to06:09
jennytritium: nd what was the command again..and i need to run as super user..so do i just put sudo before it?06:11
tritiumjenny: what are you trying to do?06:11
=== jesse_ is now known as zero-jt
jennythe sommand u gave me to enter for my sound card name...i did but i t didnt work cause i have to enter it as super user....and i dont know how06:12
tritiumjenny: you don't need sudo to use "lspci"06:12
prohnai wanna do an HD install of damn small linux is there anyway i can do that from this ubuntu install and dual boot?06:13
prohnawithout losing ubuntu06:13
tritiumjenny: you can also try "lshw -class sound"06:13
Radithow do i search for files in ubuntu?06:13
tritium!locate | Radit06:13
ubottuRadit: locate is a command-line file search utility. To make sure its cache is up to date run: sudo updatedb06:13
tritiumRadit: there are others, such as "find", "whereis", "which"06:14
subonehi, i dunno what i did but now everytime i load up m,y computer i get the desktop wallpaper without icons, my irc, and then no gnome-panel, can anyone help me troubleshoot this?06:14
Radittritium: thanks, i'll try06:14
jennytritium..first one doesnt tell me..and second one says...run as super user06:14
Thanatosfirestorm, how did you get access to ur windows network share?06:14
suboneand apparently compiz is running too06:14
prohnasubone: stop compiz06:15
firestormThanatos, ya06:15
subonekill it?06:15
prohnasubone: sure06:15
firestormThanatos, smb://mitch-pc/media/06:15
firestormis mine06:15
firestormso you have to know your computers computer name06:15
suboneok now i have no window manager running either lol06:15
firestormand the name of the shared folder06:16
firestormand then it asked me to login06:16
jennytritium..first one doesnt tell me..and second one says...run as super user06:16
suboneso now what06:16
SebNaitsabesjenny: yes if it says super user06:16
SebNaitsabesjenny:  sudo yep06:16
tritiumjenny: you'd have to look carefully at the output of "lspci -v"06:16
SebNaitsabesjenny:  or if it's a graphical application you want to run you could do gksudo06:17
suboneis there a way to run a console in X from another virtual terminal? that would make this a little easier06:17
tritiumjenny: regarding your 2nd question, "sudo lshw -class sound"06:17
RaditI'm looking for calendar*.ics, i  used: locate calendar*.ics; even though there is a file named calendar.ics in my system locate doesn't find it06:17
SebNaitsabesjenny:  and output of commands such as lspci, may be a bit  confussing to understand, if your new to Linux06:17
lliw00can anyone tell me why im getting a socket error in hardy about xsupplicant06:18
prohnaif i use gparted to create a new partition to install dsl to will it screw up my ubuntu install?06:19
SebNaitsabesprobhna: well yes if you accidently delete Ubuntu06:19
RaditI'm looking for calendar*.ics, i  used: locate calendar*.ics; even though there is a file named calendar.ics in my system locate doesn't find it06:19
SebNaitsabesprohna: if you accidently delete the Ubuntu partitoin06:19
Raditam i doing something wrong?06:19
SpherousHey, I installed Songbird and it ran right, but I accidentally deleted the folder, so I redownloaded it and now when I open it I get a line in the middle of my screen that I can resize but all thats there is a black box... any ideas?06:19
SebNaitsabesprohna:  ,but  you should be able to put DSL on another partition and  edit Grub if it does not already do it, so both can boot06:19
prohnaSebNaitsabes: so if im careful and dont touch this partition i can do this?06:19
suboneprohna: you still there?06:20
prohnasubone: yeah06:20
subonewhat now :p06:20
SebNaitsabesprobhna: but dual booting is a bit sucky, why not just do  DSL in a virtualmachien inside Ubuntu?06:20
prohnasubone: can you open a terminal?06:20
SebNaitsabesprobhna: well if you got at least 512MB RAM that is06:20
suboneprohna: virtual terminal06:20
prohnaSebNaitsabes: i only have 512 :)06:20
SebNaitsabesprohna: that's enough06:20
suboneprohna: idk how to run one in X without any terminal open or alt+f206:20
prohnasubone: yer not even in gnome?06:21
schnoodsanyone know if there is a GTK equivelant of Krita ?06:21
suboneprohna: yeah but gnome-panel hasnt started06:21
suboneor crashed on load or something06:21
prohnasubone: what if you hit alt f206:21
SebNaitsabesprohna:  yep dual booting two Linux distros would suck quite a lot,   having the second in a virtual machine though, would be pretty good, and then you can use both at same time06:21
subonetried that :p06:21
prohnasubone: idk then06:22
suboneprohna: i can use the virtual terminal of course06:22
jasuus_schnoods: yea, GIMP :)06:22
prohnaSebNaitsabes: i should just install dsl to this other tower here06:22
prohnaSebNaitsabes: but i only got on monitor lol06:22
suboneanyone else then?06:22
Anon9050anyone what to try this one:  how to rename the home directory !06:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about monitor06:23
ubottuscreen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen06:23
jim_pAnon9050: the /home or /home/user ?06:24
Jordan_U!msgthebot | SebNaitsabes06:24
ubottuSebNaitsabes: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.06:24
SebNaitsabesprohna: think there's a good way to share two computers on same monitor06:24
SebNaitsabesprohna: but not sure06:24
Anon9050 home/user06:25
suboneim linking my website here just so that i can try to open firefox at least :p http://subone.org06:25
Anon9050There has got to be an easy way to code this06:25
SebNaitsabesprohna:  and there are ways you can use the other computer without  having the screen plugged in to it,  I just thought of something06:25
subonenope that didnt work...06:26
subonehow do you run an app in X from a virtual terminal?06:26
Anon9050usermod -l for the username works great but when I try to rename the directory it crashes06:26
adityag"sudo chmod -R 0760 *" modifies only the current folder(not the folders in that current folder) . how to make it recursive in the directories too?06:28
genericdose any one else have problems playing custom sounds on the login window?06:28
bullgard4What is the function of the file /etc/resolv.conf? (I am using network-manager and no DHCP in a LAN behind an ADSL router.)06:28
Anon9050Geniric: ass file to /usr/share/sounds06:29
tritiumbullgard4: to define domain name servers06:29
genericAnon9050: Ok i will try that06:30
tritiumbullgard4: see "man resolv.conf"06:30
Anon9050generic  are you there06:31
Anon9050move the .wav file to the Desktop first06:31
Anon9050then:  cd Desktop06:31
SebNaitsabes!sound > jenny06:31
ubottujenny, please see my private message06:31
genericwhy not just put it in usr/ahare/sounds06:32
Anon9050then sudo cp nameoffile.wav /usr/share/sounds06:32
Anon9050than go back and search for file in the login manager06:33
nownotis there a way to see what caused my system to reboot?06:33
tritiumgeneric: it's not generally advisable to drop files into system directories06:34
tritiumgeneric: if you want to make system-level changes on your machine, use the directories under /usr/local/06:34
bullgard4tritium: man revolv.conf is incomprehensible to me. --  How is it possible that it contained not the address of my ADSL router although my computer had Internet access before I visited a local computer club last night?06:34
genericAnon9050: Thanks alot! thats always been alittle promlem on my back howd u know?06:35
Anon9050tritium what is the risk !!06:35
tritiumbullgard4: I'd have to know more about your configuration06:35
nownotis there a way to see what caused my system to reboot?06:36
tritiumAnon9050: overwriting files under package-management is one.  That's the purpose of providing the /usr/local/ directory structure.06:36
tritiumnownot: logs under /var/log/06:36
Anon9050tritium explain further please06:36
nownottritium: which one theres like 5006:37
bullgard4tritium: I have 2 Ubuntu 8.04.1 laptop computers in a LAN using network-manager and fixed addresses behind an ADSL router.06:37
schnoodsanyone know if there is a GTK equivelant of Krita ? which isnt GIMP :P06:37
genericalso does know if you can veiw a chm in the term? I tried the more file.chm thing but the encoding went crazy06:37
danbh_intrepidgeneric: I think there is a wine program for that06:37
tritiumbullgard4: if you're using fixed addresses, network-manager will ignore them06:38
genericno i can veiw chms in the gui with xchm i meant in the shell06:38
tritiumbullgard4: note from /usr/share/doc/network-manager/README.Debian that "Only devices that are *not* listed in /etc/network/interfaces are managed by NM.06:38
suboneis there something i should run before gnome-panel? because i tried to run it and it didnt... it just sat there... i got metacity running06:38
tritiumsubone: you shouldn't be running gnome-panel manually06:39
genericcan some one help?06:39
subonetritium: well i have little choice i asked for help and nobody answered06:39
|0sts0u|nownot: start with kern.log and syslog06:39
tritiumsubone: nobody is forcing you to run gnome-panel manually06:40
genericsubon: was the panel worjing automaticly before?06:40
bullgard4tritium: Thank you for answering. I will need more time to think about that and to understand.06:40
subonetritium: i didnt say they were... what do you recommend i do just call my laptop a loss and reinstall or try to do something about it?06:41
tritiumsubone: I didn't see your initial question.  What's the problem?06:41
subonehi, i dunno what i did but now everytime i load up m,y computer i get the desktop wallpaper without icons, my irc, and then no gnome-panel, can anyone help me troubleshoot this?06:41
tritiumbullgard4: if you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces, please, I'll look at it06:42
subonei've since killed compiz and started metacity, but idk what now06:42
tritiumsubone: have you restarted gdm?06:42
Alyxanderhey room whats a program to allow me to view file metadata?06:42
subonegdm... lemme try06:42
genericgdm is login i think he means gtk06:42
tritiumsubone: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart06:43
tritiumgeneric: no, I mean gdm06:43
tritiumsubone: switch to a v.c. before you try that06:43
genericisnt gdm login only06:43
tritiumgeneric: it invokes Z06:43
tritiumX, rather06:43
Anon9050tritium i went to /usr/local/  no place for sounds  mkdir  placed file  login does not see the file !06:43
subonetritium: i only have vterminal :p06:43
tritiumgeneric: if you don't believe me, try killing it ;)06:43
Alyxanderhey room whats a program to allow me to view file metadata?06:44
subonetritium:  i tried running gnome-terminal but it didnt work06:44
generico so resarting gdm resarts X window system too?06:44
tritiumgeneric: yes, give it a try, if you like06:44
subone`sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart` or ` sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart &` ?06:44
SerwayHey, can someone help me with a simple command to set my computer to sleep 15 minutes from now? thanks!!!!06:44
Serwayim on intrepid btw06:44
tritiumAnon9050: did you configure the system sound to be that file?06:45
Anon9050Got me06:45
bullgard4tritium: http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/39219006:45
generictritium no ive seen in for my self when installing gnome on arch i just never caught it i geuss06:45
tritiumsubone: you don't need the &06:45
subonetritium: syntax error missing required parameter06:46
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:46
tritiumsubone: check your spelling06:46
Alyxanderhey room whats a program to allow me to view file metadata?06:46
generictry to sudo it06:46
Anon9050tritium:  Thank you very much.  I learned something new.  Thats always worth it for me.06:46
genericit its not ur spelliing ;)06:46
subonenope not my spelling06:46
generictry to sudo it06:46
subonei did06:47
genericwhats the command?06:47
tritiumAnon9050: no problem :)06:47
tritiumgeneric: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart06:47
firestormoh ya06:47
firestormwhats up with the regular multiverse and universe sections in the apt thing06:47
tritiumbullgard4: so your ADSL router is
generichmm it should work06:48
bullgard4tritium: Yes.06:48
Alyxanderhey room whats a program to allow me to view file metadata?06:48
Anon9050tritium:  want to try a stab at my problem?  How do you rename the /home/username  directory06:48
tritiumbullgard4: what's in your /etc/resolv.conf?06:48
subonehmm i got gnome-terminal to diplay but theres nothing in it its just all black lol06:49
suboneno menu either lol06:49
Anon9050usermod -d and mv  do not work!  the system crashes  even when done at root06:49
genericAnon9050: u mean to rename the user name directory?06:49
tritiumAnon9050: if you do that, you'll have to chown all the files below it, and edit /etc/passwd to reflect the change in the user's $HOME06:49
firestormwhats up with the universe multiverse and nothing things in software add remover06:49
bullgard4tritium: Now there is one line: 'nameserver'.06:50
nomingzii m newbie, pls advise me how to create VPN connection to remote VPN server ?06:50
genericall config files you run under the usernam work work after a rename06:50
subonetritium: invoke-rc.d man says i need two params "name" and "action"06:50
generici think ull need to renam the user06:50
Anon9050How is that usually done?  There has to be an easy way to code this.06:50
tritiumsubone: then you're not calling it properly.  I gave you the proper command.06:50
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
generictheir probably is but ive never needed to do this srry i cant help06:51
joseph_Could anybody help me sort out my repositories? It's all messed up06:51
subonetritium: how am I not calling it properly you only gave me 1 parameter i just told you man says you need two06:51
tritiumbullgard4: that would be correct06:51
tritiumsubone: I gave you the name: gdm and the action: restart06:51
nomingzihow to i setup a VPN connection to remote VPN device/server ?06:51
tritiumsubone: how are name + action not two parameters?06:52
subonetritium: ah i didnt see your second post06:52
tritiumsubone: all my posts said "sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart"06:52
subonemy bad i missed the gdm completely06:52
Anon9050tritium:  cd /home/username chown chgrp *06:53
bullgard4tritium: How is it possible that network-manager overwrote this line last night when I visited a local computer club and used its WLAN?06:53
favrojoseph_: can you paste the file /etc/apt/sources.list?06:53
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:53
firestormwhats up with the universe multiverse and nothing things in software add remover06:54
tritiumbullgard4: that's what it does.  When you roam, it acquires new DNS servers via DHCP, and modifies your /etc/resolv.conf accordingly so that you have domain name resolution06:54
bullgard4tritium: Thank you for explaining.06:54
tritiumbullgard4: no problem06:54
matiuIs there a script like freebsd's portaudit ?06:55
matiuThat would hook the rss feed from ubuntu's security announcements http://www.ubuntu.com/usn06:55
joseph_favro: I exaggerate with the use of ultamatix   http://paste.ubuntu.com/53095/06:55
matiuto a command line tool that would tell me which package versions I have installed that are listed on the USN page..06:55
* ghoti waves06:56
=== gOLDfish is now known as afallenhope
ghotiCan anyone tell me if there's a tool for ubuntu that does what "portaudit" does in FreeBSD?  That is, report which security notices affect packages installed on a particular system?06:57
favrojoseph_: I would put a comment (#) in front of the ultamatix lines then sudo apt-get update06:57
Anon9050tritium:  I took a look at tree and all the files have the new user name EXCEPT THE HOME DIRECTORY FILE !06:58
favrojoseph_: the rest looks fine06:58
joseph_favro:  why is it that I get a gpg key missing when I add wine repositories06:58
=== BOG is now known as Guest19853
tritiumAnon9050: so you're going to rename the directory next?06:59
subonetritium: well that didnt work i had to restart06:59
favrojoseph_: afaik the gpg key is a seperate d/load06:59
tritiumsubone: and what happened after a reboot?06:59
joseph_ok, thanks06:59
subonesame thing06:59
subonecompiz is running, xchat, desktop wallpaper... nohting else07:00
Anon9050done that at root by:  usermod -d newuser name    than  mv oldusername newusername    at that point the system crashes,  nothing works.07:00
Anon9050I reverse the code and place the old name back and everything comes back07:01
suboneis there some logs i should be checking?07:01
Anon9050Twelve hours later,  I toast !!07:02
tritiumAnon9050: yes, you'd not want to run that command as that same user07:02
|0sts0u|Anon9050 are you trying to move your user directory while you are logged in as either user? Access violations07:02
Anon9050no i'm doing this as root07:03
tritiumAnon9050: root, or using sudo as one of those two users?07:03
Anon9050ROOT ONLY !!07:03
quasimodois it possible to get a recent rubygems installation on ubuntu? the apt version is 1.1 (ancient) and gem update --system tells that is 'disabled on debian' and one should use apt-get.. which is bullshit too, because on debian gem update --system works fine..07:04
Anon9050system crashes07:04
tritiumAnon9050: no need for all-caps.  You've enabled the root account?07:04
quasimodotired of installing things by hand.. when i do this, i choose gentoo..07:04
tritiumWhich, of course, we don't advise.07:05
FatalErrorHow do I figure out who owns a particular package in apt?07:05
tritium!language | quasimodo07:05
ubottuquasimodo: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:05
vr8mfhi, it is possible to configure network conection from terminal? or i can add the network icon in my menu in any way?07:05
Anon9050the only thing that I have not tried is a cold boot,  i concerned with the system unstable,  it might not come back up !07:05
subonetritium: any other suggestions?07:06
quasimodowell, sorry i bothered you...07:06
quasimodohope to not see you again in this case... friendly here...07:06
tritiumquasimodo: in other words, please don't use foul language in this channel07:06
Jordan_Uquasimodo: Looks like intrepid has rubygems 1.9, you could backport it07:06
tritiumsubone: no, sorry07:06
suboneits funny i would have thought someone would have pointed me to some logs by now07:07
Jordan_Usubone: logs for?07:07
tritiumsubone: did you look at the logs under /var/log/?07:07
subonetritium: which?07:07
suboneJordan_U: idk, something that would tell me why i booted into X with only xchat and nothing else, no gnome-panel or anything07:08
mhz128hi all07:08
mhz128is there any way to change desktop icon size? not individually07:08
tritiumsubone: /var/log/Xorg.0.log is where I'd start07:08
FatalErrorbecause xchat 2.8.4 has a nasty file descriptor leak... it's been fixed in newer versions, but the version in the hardy repo has the bug07:09
Anon9050mhz128: I'm kinda slow with these things.  How bout..........increase the font size07:10
Jordan_Usubone: Try logging out, log in to the "failsafe terminal" session from gdm then run "gnome-session 2>&1 | tee gnome-session-output.txt"07:10
DistoJunkyanyone else running ubuntu on a powerpc?07:11
Jordan_U!anyone | DistoJunky07:12
ubottuDistoJunky: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:12
Snipefasthow do i get stacks on awn working07:13
personhi i have a problem. i'm a new linux user, currently on 8.04 hardy heron. i am having troubles with my audio, i can't get any audio to play throuhg firefox (ie youtube) and now i can only get vlc to play because i terminated pulseaudio and switched vlc to alsa07:13
subonefixed :D07:14
personcan anyone help me?07:14
SebNaitsabes!sound > person07:14
ubottuperson, please see my private message07:14
simon_bhi all!07:14
subonesomeone in linux told me to delete gnome2 and gnome2_private and restart X and it worked07:14
SebNaitsabesperson:  yes there are issues with pulseaudio in hardy, and it can effect youtbue videos this has happended to me07:15
Snipefastme too try in console while true; do sleep 0; done07:15
Jordan_Uperson: If you want all applications to use alsa rather than try to use pulseaudio change everything to alsa in System -> Preferences -> Sound07:15
subonethanks for everynes help07:16
Snipefastwhere is gnome 2 located07:16
personalright, i tried what you guys said including what the bot said and still no cigar07:17
simon_bsomeone could help me a bit with configuring devices, using serial07:17
tritiumSnipefast: ~/.gnome2/ and ~/.gnome2_private/07:17
personrythembox = no audio, youtube = no audio07:18
tritiumperson: I doubt you mean to imply equality there07:18
Anon9050tritium can you explain the difference between gnome2 and gnome2_private07:18
tritiumAnon9050: sorry, I don't recall07:19
Anon9050I'm assuming gnome2_private is your own settings on your system07:20
vr8mfhow can i add the network icon in myMenu?07:20
tritiumAnon9050: ~/.gnome2/ is also your own private settings in your home directory.07:20
Anon9050I see07:20
tritiumAnon9050: ~/ is your $HOME07:21
Anon9050got it07:21
toshibacan any 1 help me ?07:21
=== schmick_ is now known as schmick
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:22
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gagitahy guys07:23
=== kiosk is now known as sandi_m
toshibahelp me guys07:24
TrekCyclingdoes anyone know what debugging can be done when a CD can't be read under Ubuntu?07:24
toshibaany 1 here07:24
gagitahow do I create an acl rules that allow to access blocked sites in squid.conf ???????07:24
TrekCyclingI bought a music CD that SoundJuicer, etc. can't read.07:24
balzI can print most files through my ubuntu server via CUPS, but not .pdf files ... anybody know why?  Where is the cups log located, so that I might pastebin it?07:25
personhow could i configure my audigy 2 zs to work instead of using my onboard audio? i selected my audigy in everything i could find (double clicking volume control, system > preferences > sound, etc) but it still wants to use my onboard07:25
TrekCyclingand there are a few logs there07:25
balzTrekCycling:  thanks07:26
gagitahelp me07:27
tritium!caps | gagita07:28
ubottugagita: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:28
gagitaubottu : sorry07:28
ubottuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you. Those darned ewoks on the other hand...07:28
FloodBot2toshiba: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:28
balzTrekCycling... i don't have an error log at that location07:29
toshibacan any ppl help me plz07:29
tritium!ask | toshiba07:29
ubottutoshiba: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:29
ubottutoshiba: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:30
TrekCyclingbalz, Hmmm... weird. Sure you're using cups? Which version of Ubuntu?07:30
balzTrekCycling:  this is a mythbuntu box but i installed cups via apt-get07:30
balzi thought it was weird too07:30
tritiumweird?  Ubuntu uses cups by default07:30
gagitathere are any answer for my question ?07:30
jf13well I tried to fix flashplayer now I have no sound in any application but have sound in sys>pref>sound in any form lol07:30
balzi should add that it prints everything fine except for .pdf... =/07:30
personcan anyone help me? audigy 2 zs and onboard sound conflicting?07:31
toshibaI need hacking programs for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS07:31
balztritium:  this is mythbuntu though, so it's skimmed down07:31
jaksa2girls 1cup?07:31
tritiumbalz: mythbuntu as well07:31
toshiba I need hacking programs for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS07:31
toshiba I need hacking programs for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS07:31
toshiba I need hacking programs for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS07:31
FloodBot2toshiba: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
balztritium:  you sure?  i had to manually install everything for network printing support07:31
tritiumbalz: positive07:31
jf13if I purge pulse out of the system will it reset everything or just rid me of pulse sound server?07:32
balztoshiba, you must be kidding about the hacking programs...07:32
tritiumjf13: it will leave you a big mess07:32
balztritium:  do you by any chance know why cups might not be handling .pdf files?07:32
jf13I have no sound can't see anything worse lol  ohwell07:33
tritiumbalz: no, sorry.  But a "dpkg -l | grep cups" on my mythbuntu 8.04 installation confirms that cups is in use07:33
balztoshiba:  l33t hacking tools here:  http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Script_kiddie07:33
tritiumbalz: he's gone07:33
balzoh darn07:33
hampsterxhow do i remove .local from the network name. i dont really want to browse http://mypc.local07:33
tritiumNo, his question was offtopic, and not appropriate.07:33
balztritium:  this keeps getting weirder and weirder.  Can you pastebin the print-related packages that are on your myth box so that i can double check against mine?07:34
tritiumbalz: sure07:34
balztritium:  thanks a lot07:34
zefyxsilly skiddie07:34
hampsterxok i got it. google first grr07:35
jf13if I do a frsh install is there a way to setup the system so it will accept me switching from speakers to usb headset without loosing sound?07:35
tritiumbalz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53102/07:35
balztritium:  looks like i'm missing libgnomecups1.0-1 ... perhapse we have win?07:37
jf13i guess i could look myself in wikki07:38
balzdammit are the repository servers down?07:38
nlundnot the last time I apt'ed like an hour ago07:38
tritiumbalz: win?07:39
balztritium:  no i can't connect to the repos =/07:39
tritiumbalz: no, I was asking what you mean by "win"07:39
balztritium:  oh. sorry.  stupid internet speech ... i meant that I might have a solution07:40
tritiumbalz: gotcha07:41
balzI keep getting this error when I try to apt-get:   Err http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main libgnomecups1.0-1 0.2.3-1ubuntu1     Could not connect to archive.ubuntu.com:80 ( - connect (113 No route to host) [IP: 80]07:42
balzwhat gives/07:42
nlundtry tracerouting to it07:42
balznlund what's the command?07:43
balzand are there alternate repository servers i can add to sources.list?07:43
nlundtracroute <ip>07:43
nlundnot sure what tcptraceroute is, but if that is an alternative you can use that.07:44
balzneither work. i don't ahve traceroute-nanog or traceroute installed... =/07:45
nlundifconfig to see if your networkings up :)07:45
balznlund it looks as though it is.  i'm connected via ssh from a client anyway07:46
balzand the client has internet access07:46
balzand i'm on IRC =)07:46
nlundgotcha.. I was partially joking07:46
balznlund... sorry my sarcasm detector is a bit off =)07:46
balzplus it's late07:46
nlundwell if traceroute's not working, my guess is ping maybe... not sure if ping is held back on that IP though07:47
balznlund:  maybe the server's down for backups or something... it is almost 3 in the morning07:47
nlundgood point.. let me try tracerouting to it from AZ07:48
balzyeah taht would be great. Are there alternate servers out there?07:48
SurfnKidim sorry but i have to do this http://www.collegehumor.com/video:183200207:48
personcan someone help me please? my audio fluctuates between some programs working (rhythmbox, vlc, youtube) and sometimes not. i have an audigy 2 zs in my pci slot but i can't figure out how to set it as default so i'm using my onboard intel audio for now, but vlc and youtube aren't playing audio, yet rhythmbox is07:48
balzhaha that is a good one, surfnkid07:48
nlundhmmm I tracerouted fine07:49
bprHey, I just enabeled pre-released updates and unsupported updates (for Hardy) and now only one app at a time has "access" to the my soundcard (for output).  In order to let another app play sound, I need to quit the one currently playing sound and then start the other.  For example, if I'm listening to music w/Rhythm box but want to watch some YouTube, I must quit rhythmbox and then start Firefox in order for Firefox to be able to play07:49
bprany idea why this might be?07:49
bpror any idea where to go to get some info on how to start debugging this?07:50
balznlund. the only thing i can think of is that I changed my router's IP from to
nlundbalz: well your routing properly since your on here07:51
bprsound was working fine before I enabled those updates, fyi07:51
balzgood point....07:51
nlundit could be just a problem with the ISP your on getting to that IP07:51
balzpossibly.  if i typed the ip in the address bar of my browser, maybe that would give me some indication07:52
bprperson: maybe your problem is the same as mine?07:52
gligorhoriaroot@horia-laptop:/home/lfs/lfs# mount -v --bind /dev #LFS/dev07:52
gligorhoriamount: special device udev does not exist07:52
nlundas far as options, I'm a debian/gentoo/centos/etc user that just started using ubuntu07:52
personnot sure, i disabled those unofficial updates07:52
gligorhoriawhat am i doing rong?07:52
bprdid you downgrade from those updates afterward?07:52
balznlund:  it shows up in the browser... so who knows07:53
balzi also noticed that i can't access IMDB from the myth box anymore07:53
platiusblaz; http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-select-fastest-mirror-in-ubuntu.html     you might try this07:53
personbpr: nope, i updated after a fresh install then turned off updates07:54
personbpr: i'm really new to the linux scene so i really have nfi what's going on :/07:54
nlundbalz: this should be interesting to see the answer to since I know I'll see the same problem in the future07:54
vr8mfcan i add in feisty the network icon on mymenu?07:54
simon_bhi! how to see, if the serial port (ttyS0) is open?07:54
bprperson: hmm, maybe downgrading would work.  I haven't tried to do that yet.  So I don't know for sure that it would07:54
bprperson: ah.07:54
balznlund:  ahah well i will certainly report back when i've figured it out... odly enough schedules direct seems to be working so who knows07:55
nlundsimon_b: "lsof | grep -i ttys0" is the first I'd try07:55
balzmaybe a nice old-fashioned reboot will solve my problems07:55
bprperson: i'm gunna reboot with an older kernel and see if that helps...07:55
bprperson: brb07:56
nlundbalz: I donno I doubt it... if it does, that is scary07:56
gusxi got this problem with some ubuntu 7.10 clients authenticating against kerberos07:56
gusxwhen using the needchange attribute to require  the user to change the password at next login07:57
gusxtools like kinit says that password has expired07:57
balzI have a few odd lines in daemon.log:  any idea what's up?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/53106/07:58
NiKeCRu666how can i change my screen resolution, i entered to System/Preferences/Resolution, but i only have 800x60007:58
rfxcaseyHello all07:58
gusxthose are commons lines07:58
balzgusx:  you talking to me?07:59
nlundbalz: that looks pretty much normal07:59
kikaNikeCRu666: you can install a graphics driver.07:59
balzokay i'm just going through log by log...07:59
rfxcaseyI just installed AWN dock does anyone know how to get it working07:59
NiKeCRu666and how do i know whick driver is better kika?07:59
gagitaNikeCRu666 : change it in /etc/usplash.conf07:59
CrazyDiamondHi guys..08:00
gagitathen update-initramfs -u -k "uname-r"08:00
bprperson: that worked08:00
rfxcaseyis anyone in here using a dock like ciaro or awn08:00
CrazyDiamonddoes anyone knows about a live cd that is called something like "lincrack"???08:00
bprperson: what kernel are you using?08:00
personbpr: lol... no idea man. how do i check?08:00
personbpr: told you i was a noob :p08:01
bprrun: uname -r -s -v08:01
kikatwo days ago , i was puzzled by this screen resolution. but later , i install xorg driver to solved it!08:01
gagitarfxcasey : yes, i'm using awn on my gutsy08:01
BrainyiscoolBah, anyone able to help me get a VNC server up and running without needing to have GNOME logged in all the time?08:01
CrazyDiamonddoes anyone uses laptops and its heat make them horny??  it happends to me =S08:01
NiKeCRu666gagita, it says 1280x80008:01
rfxcaseygagita, I just installed awn and I have compiz running08:02
balzI'm posting my ifconfig output.  Can somebody make sure I'm not missing anything relevant?  It seems okay to me... http://paste.ubuntu.com/53109/08:02
nlundnot with my laptop... more like cooking my lap08:02
rfxcaseygagita, but I don't see any dock08:02
personbpr: Linux 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP Wed Aug 20 22:56:21 UTC 200808:02
bpryeah... me too08:02
gagitachange the Yres=to 1024 and xres=76808:02
rfxcaseygagita, do I have to press a key to start it08:02
gusxwhatz ur specific problem balz ?08:02
bpranyways, it works for me with that kernel08:02
mahmoudhi all08:03
personi suppose more googling is in store for me :(08:03
gagitarun it from accessories08:03
rfxcaseygagita, do I have to add some launchers before it appears08:03
balzgusx:  I can't seem to use apt-get ... it says there's no rout to host08:03
bprwhat sound hardware did you say you have?08:03
nlundgoogle's like a japanese teacher... have to word your question fifty different ways08:03
rfxcaseygagita, still there?08:03
gusxso anybody here using ubuntu clients to authenticate against kerberos with problems recently (ubuntu 7.10) ?08:03
personi have an audigy 2 zs, but right now my speakers are hooked into my onboard audio slot08:04
gagitai'm back  in 10 minutes08:04
ToipilasHow i can use apache2 offline? I mean i can test my server, but others cant use my server?08:04
mahmoud just install ubuntu now08:04
balzgusx:  the original problem is that my CUPS server won't print .pdf from remote clients so i'm trying to see if missing packages might solve it08:04
simon_bnlund i got: Xorg   8495   root   11u   CHR   4,64   5727   /dev/ttS008:04
bprperson: does it work with your onboard sound?08:04
CrazyDiamondI need to find out about a live cd with a unix based SO, probably a linux distro, maybe called "lincrack" or "linecrack" or linkcrack"... am i imagining it, or it DOES exists??08:04
nlundsimon_b: it's locked open then08:04
personbpr: sometimes. right now, i can play rhythmbox, but not much else08:04
rfxcaseygagita, well thanks anyways08:05
personnot much else = i don't know outside of vlc and youtube vids08:05
bprdo you mean nothing else?08:05
=== NiaGhost is now known as Niamor
simon_bnlund "locked open"? i'm a newbie... sorry08:05
rfxcaseydoes anyone know how to use avant window navigator08:05
ShinobiTenobpr you can try pulseaudio, if nothing helps.08:05
bprdo youtube vids have audio right now?  ... while rhythmbox is playing audio08:05
BrainyiscoolAnyone able to help me get a VNC server up and running without needing to have GNOME logged in all the time?08:05
nlundsimon_b: pretty much it's a matter of stopping/restarting X, or rebooting08:05
nlundsimon_b: at least from what you pasted, since it says that Xorg has it open08:06
personbpr: nope08:06
bprShinobiTeno: it seems to be an issue with my kernel.  2.6.24-19 is fine, but 2.6.24-21 is not08:06
bprnow close firefox08:06
bprand close rhythmbox08:06
bprthen open firefox, and try youtube again08:06
ShinobiTenobpr maybe alsa gets locked exclusively for every program...08:07
personstill nope08:07
bprShinobiTeno: yeah, that's possible, but why?08:07
bprperson: ok, your issue doesn't seem to be the same as mine then08:07
balzgusx:  any idea what the problem might be?08:07
ToipilasHow i can use apache2 offline? I mean i can test my server, but others cant use my server? Only localhost use.08:07
bprare you sure rhythmbox is closed?08:07
ShinobiTenobpr, dunno, just wild guessing.. ask on launchpad?..08:07
bprbe sure it's not still up in the upper right corner08:07
bpryou know a little ipod like icon there... to the left of the clock08:08
personyeah, it's closed08:08
BrainyiscoolToipilas: You could use an .htaccess file to block it off08:08
bprShinobiTeno: yeah, I haven't done that yet08:08
personi think tomorrow i'll just take the stupid audigy out and see what happens08:08
bprperson: ok08:08
bprperson: sorry i couldn't help08:08
personbpr: no prob, thanks for trying. good thing you got your problem solved :). good night08:09
rfxcaseyhey all I could use a little help with some information on using docks08:09
ToipilasBrainyiscool: thanks08:09
Anon9050tritium: you still with it ?08:09
bprperson: good night man08:10
BrainyiscoolToipilas: One sec and I'll post an example .htaccess08:10
=== rohan_1 is now known as rohan_alt
=== rohan_alt is now known as rohan_1
BrainyiscoolToipilas: http://mvokemwovr.pastebin.com/df36410308:12
BrainyiscoolAnyone able to help me get a VNC server up and running without needing to have GNOME logged in all the time?08:12
AussieGuywill an ubuntu install copy straight over to xen and boot straight away?08:12
kahnoiehi...I want to configure something. I currently have internect access over both WLAN and DSL...I use the DSL for VoIP setup and the WLAN for accessing internet..But if one of them fails (either the WLAN or the DSL) I still want my two applications to run smoothly08:13
rohan_1!ntfs_unclean > rohan_108:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ntfs_unclean08:14
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.08:14
bprperson: did you see this yet https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting08:14
spoon_How is screen resolution handled?  xorg.conf comes up super-generic and dpkg-reconfigure xorg.conf gives only keyboard options...08:14
spoon_Is there some sort of autodetect mechanism?08:15
ndlovuhi. I'm having some trouble writing cds in GnomeBaker... seems like buffer underrun (http://paste.ubuntu.com/53111/), any ideas what could cause it?08:15
rohan_1spoon_: using debian?08:16
kahnoiehas anyone configured failover for WLAN+DSL internet conenctions?08:16
spoon_rohan_1: using ubuntu08:16
ToipilasBrainyiscool: It's .htaccess folder /usr/share ... or ?08:16
=== root is now known as Guest41844
rohan_1kahnoie: failover connections are used in enterprise connections08:17
spoon_happens both on an ubuntu box with intel graphics and on a virtualbox vm running intrepid08:17
rfxcaseyDoes anyone know how to get AWN dock to work08:17
spoon_(on a difft pc)08:17
spoon_rfxcasey: awn works fine for me, you have to enable desktop effects08:17
spoon_person, try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio08:18
Brainyiscoolin your web root, open a file, put that in, and save it as ".htaccess"08:18
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
rfxcaseyspoon_,  I have all that enabled along with desktop cube and what have you but I see no dock08:18
kahnoierohan_1  yes...I mean suppose my DSL fails I want my VoIP calls through WLAN but not when DSL is active coz otherwise my voice quality would be affected08:18
spoon_rfxcasey, do you have any programs running to be in your dock?08:19
rfxcaseyspoon_, well I have xchat running08:19
spoon_rfxcasy, have you tried the awn manager08:19
rfxcaseyspoon_, of course I have08:19
BrainyiscoolToipilas: Sorry, I have to go08:19
ToipilasBrainyiscool: ok, thx08:20
rfxcaseyspoon_, I have it open right now08:20
rohan_1kahnoie: i see maybe you can try some sort of VoIP client that has failover capabilty08:20
spoon_rfxcasey, what happens when you close out avast-windown-navigator, open up a terminal, make sure its closed with top, then run it from the command line08:20
spoon_rfxcasey, in top, type k to kill, then type # of process to kill it (you may already know this)08:21
rfxcaseyspoon_, how do I run it from a command line08:21
spoon_Applications- Accessories- Terminal08:21
rfxcaseyspoon_, what am I killing again08:21
ndlovuany idea how to tell if DMA is on for my cdrom? hdparm /dev/???08:21
spoon_rfxcasey, from the prompt, pkill -9 avant-window-navigator should kill everything08:22
rfxcaseyspoon_, I don't understand in top type k to kill08:22
spoon_rfxcasey, ignore top statement08:22
spoon_rfxcasey, from the prompt, pkill -9 avant-window-navigator should kill everything08:22
spoon_rfxcasey@whatever:~$pkill -9 avant-window-navigator08:23
kahnoiewe can look it from two point of view...either configure the VoIP application or configure the internet access to swith to DSL in case the WLAN fails..and its usually the WLAN that fails most of the time..so my internet is blocked and I am unable to troubleshoot as this setup is in the remote location08:23
spoon_rfxcasey, then type avant-window-navigator, and look for errors08:23
Big_Dickgain root rights and type "init 0"^^08:24
kahnoiewould my problem be resolved if I used Dynamic DNS or made some kind of modifications to /etc/iproute2/08:25
rfxcaseyspoon_, it just give me a prompt no error message08:25
rfxcaseyspoon_, awn manager is still open08:25
thunderdani like ubuntu08:26
rohan_1kahnoie: yes you can have 2 routes one through DSL and one through WLAN08:26
Crazz1999 iMac PowerPC G3 Blueberry tray loader 333mhz 32mb ram 6mb vram 6gb hdd 4 partitions Apple_HFS+ load ubuntu_dapper boot cd type install and i get08:26
NovitaSorry for bothering you guys, But anyone know why there is no beta download link on www.ubuntu.com?08:26
rfxcaseyI love it08:26
badfishi think i'm having a dependency issue here08:26
badfisheverything goes fine except 2 lines08:26
CrazzRAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 008:26
badfish[Tmem_nasm.o] Error 108:26
badfishand [plugins/glide64.so] Error 208:26
CrazzRAMDISK: Ran out of compressed data08:26
spoon_rfxcasey, kill it.  type top at the command line, find it's pid, then type k to kill it, then enter pid08:27
CrazzInvalid Compressed format08:27
CrazzNo Filesystem could mount root, tried: cramgs08:27
Crazzcramfs even08:27
spoon_rfxcasey, and make sure avant-window-navigator isn't running in top either08:27
olskolirchi hi what is a good region or desktop video/audio recorder please?08:27
spoon_rfxcasey, or, if you cant figure this out, hit ctrl-alt-backspace to restart gnome, then login and start the terminal and type avant-window-navigator, and watch the output on the term08:28
rfxcaseyspoon_, it looks like it's not running anymore since I closed the window08:28
Flannel!screencast | olskolirc08:28
ubottuolskolirc: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.08:28
kahnoiemy end requirement is this: I have two alernate routes and I want to select the one that is available...08:28
BatsmasherI have a question......08:29
Crazzany idea's?08:29
rfxcaseyspoon_, wow cooooool it works08:29
rohan_1kahnoie: that is automatic an please use my name when you are adressing to me like i do08:29
spoon_rfxcasey, glad to help08:30
rfxcaseyspoon_,  wait08:30
BatsmasherI'm trying to connect to the internet but my wireless network is not displayed :?08:30
kahnoiedo i have to write the name myself? I tried to click on ur name in xchat and then write the message but it didnt append ur name automatically08:30
rfxcaseyspoon_, do I always have to do that to start it08:30
kahnoierohan_1: do i have to write the name myself? I tried to click on ur name in xchat and then write the message but it didnt append ur name automatically08:30
olivierj0407hi everybody08:30
ljsoftnetcan i downgrade vlc 0.9.3 to 0.8.6?08:30
rfxcaseyspoon_, how do I get it on perminant08:31
rfxcaseyspoon_, or can I at least get a launcher for it08:31
rohan_1kahnoie: iam afraid yes, the both routes are tested the one which works is used08:31
olivierj0407im getting an error code 2 when updating ubuntu 8.04 can anyone helo me?08:31
spoon_rfxcasey, you probably want an init script for it, or you can try killing it and launching it from the gnome menu, see if it works now08:31
Batsmashercan anyone help me???08:32
rfxcaseyspoon_, what should it be called in the menu and where will it be most likely08:32
rfxcaseyspoon_, oh forget it08:32
rohan_1Batsmasher: is your WLAN card ditected?08:32
spoon_applications-accessories-avant window navigator08:32
rfxcaseyspoon_, I see it now08:32
Batsmasherno, rohan :(08:32
BatsmasherIr's a newish comp so the card is intergrated into the pc08:33
kahnoiebatsmaster: do lshw and see if your hw is detected and then ifconfig -a  to check your wireless internet interface, and then try configuring the interface and check the status after restarting this interface08:33
spoon_rfxcasey, http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/how-to-add-a-program-to-the-ubuntu-startup-list-after-login/08:34
Crazz1999 iMac PowerPC G3 Blueberry tray loader 333mhz 32mb ram 6mb vram 6gb hdd 4 partitions Apple_HFS+ load ubuntu_dapper boot cd type install and i get08:34
CrazzRAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 008:34
CrazzRAMDISK: Ran out of compressed data08:34
CrazzInvalid Compressed format08:34
CrazzNo Filesystem could mount root, tried: cramfs08:34
FloodBot2Crazz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:34
Batsmasherkk thx08:34
CrazzKernel Panik-Not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(1,0)08:34
kahnoiebatsmaster: whats the brand of ur WLAN card?08:34
Crazzlol sorry didn't know it was going to do that08:34
rohan_1floodbot2: i heel to you!08:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xchat08:34
dmh65looks like Google has been nobbled, can anyone get a google site?08:34
rfxcaseyspoon_, one more question how do I change where it is placed08:35
BatsmasherAtheros...I think08:35
jim_pdoes anybody know where do i set favorite channels in xchat?08:35
Batsmasherlol what is 'do lshw'? :P08:35
magnetronjim_p, in the networks dialog08:36
ljsoftnetcan i downgrade vlc 0.9.3 to 0.8.6?08:36
dmh65xchat gnome its in network settings08:36
CodeWarI ve downloaded gtk themes its not clear how do I install them on Ubuntu? theres no .deb08:36
rohan_1Batsmasher: type in lshw in command line08:36
Flannel !themes | CodeWar08:36
ubottuCodeWar: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy08:36
dmh65I prefer the other original xchat08:36
badfishhas anybody made mupen64plus work with hardy yet?08:36
magnetronCodeWar, it's a tar.gz, right? just drag and drop it to the themes dialog08:36
jim_pmagnetron: and where is that dialog?08:36
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes08:36
GoddamnDevilCodeWar: Just drag the tar to appearence-preferences-windows08:36
magnetronjim_p, in the xchat menu08:36
dmh65jim_p you use the mouse :)08:37
jim_pmagnetron: ok got it.08:37
kahnoiebatsmaster: lshw is list hardware08:37
Batsmashernetwork UNCLAIMED?08:38
magnetronBatsmasher, it's a command. you type it into the terminal08:38
Batsmasheryup done...:)08:38
badfishhas anybody made mupen64plus work with hardy yet?08:38
arooni-mobiledoes ubuntu support a umax astra 3400 usb scanner?  i didnt see it in the compatibility wiki.08:38
spoon_rfxcasey, no idea.  it's possible you could pass it some arguments from the command line, if you cant set that up in the awn manager.  follow that link I gave you to put it in your startup (basically, System \ Preferences\ Sessions - startup programs, but I'm pulling this all out of my ass.  man avant-window-navigator shows no command line options, so if not awn manager, maybe some config file, i dunno08:38
BatsmasherIt's an Atheros08:39
spoon_rfxcasey, probably through a theme08:39
kahnoiebatsmaster: is it an AR5212 802.11abg NIC08:40
roachmmflhyrwhat causes my ubuntu graphics to look very windows 98ish??08:41
ljsoftnet can i downgrade vlc 0.9.3 to 0.8.6?08:41
kahnoiebatsmaster: try the driver from here https://sourceforge.net/projects/madwifi/  or search it in the ubuntu repository with sudo apt-cache search madwifi08:42
jim_pljsoftnet: if you find a .deb of 0.86 somewhere, yes08:42
Batsmasherk thanks :)08:42
ljsoftnetjim_p ah ok08:42
roachmmflhyris there a way to 'roll back' to original installed packages and remove any extras?08:42
rfxcaseyspoon_, alright well thanks for the help08:44
rfxcaseyspoon_, at least I know it works now08:44
badfishhas anybody made mupen64plus work with hardy yet?08:44
Batsmasherlol, which file do i download :?08:44
Flannel!repeat | badfish08:44
ubottubadfish: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience08:44
rfxcaseyspoon_, one of the biggest problems with Ubuntu is there is tooo much stuff to mess with08:44
Crazzanyone have any idea's about my problem i have been trying for 3 days and have had this prob with DSL Debian Ubuntu OpenSUSE08:45
kahnoiebatsmasher: any luck now?08:45
Batsmasherlol still on it08:45
=== haywire is now known as _haywire_
Batsmasherkahnoie, i think i already have the atheros drivers installed..08:47
olivierj0407is there somebody to help me?08:47
rfxcaseywhat kind of help do you need08:48
GoddamnDevil!ask | olivierj040708:48
ubottuolivierj0407: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:48
GoddamnDevilheh, it worked :)08:48
rfxcaseyolivierj0407, what kind of help08:48
mozai need some help with using a SD card reader on kubuntu08:48
olivierj0407Im getting this error when updating ubuntu08:49
olivierj0407dpkg: syntax error: unknown user `jabber' in statoverride file08:49
olivierj0407E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)08:49
toaste@badfish - perhaps try mupen64plus? Not packaged but http://code.google.com/p/mupen64plus/08:49
badfishi've been trying it08:49
balzdoes cups need any special packages to handle PDF printing from a network client?08:49
olivierj0407has anyone seen this before?08:49
moza(i have copied the error message, but it may be too long to paste it here)08:50
Batsmasherlol, I'm really confused....08:50
badfishi've tried the binaries and i've tried making it from the source08:50
jim_polivierj0407: remove jabber, update and install it afterwards08:50
badfishdownloading compilers and binaries all willy nilly hoping to hit something08:51
olivierj0407jim_p jabber is not installed08:51
jim_polivierj0407: sorry i just noticed jabber is a user there08:51
rfxcaseycan someone message me really fast I'm checking out my sounds08:52
kahnoiebatsmasher: I am still trying to figure it out...whats the info from lshw that u see for the theros and whats the interface configured for the wireless network?08:53
* vir0id молчит про свой калхоз08:53
rfxcaseyno in the general chat08:53
Flannel!ru | vir0id08:53
ubottuvir0id: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:53
rfxcaseynot private08:53
olivierj0407jim_p: i looked for a solution on the web but nothing worked08:53
vr8mfmy big problem, i install feisty and i can't connect to internet. can't find network settings08:53
GoddamnDevilrfxcasey: really fasr08:53
Flannelrfxcasey: generally you would do that in -offtopic08:53
rfxcaseygreat it works08:53
rfxcaseyGoddamnDevil, nice name dude08:54
jim_polivierj0407: find what that jabber is! user? application? user group?08:54
vr8mfsome help?08:55
balzI finally found my CUPS error log.  I can't print PDF file remotely... does anybody know why?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/53120/08:56
mozai have this error : An unhandled exception was thrown: F-Spot cannot find the Dbus session bus.  Make sure dbus is configured properly or start a new session for f-spot using "dbus-launch f-spot"08:58
mozachat is f-spot?08:58
olivierj0407jim_p: nothing.  ithink it has been installed with Ebox but i've removed it08:58
mozawhat* and not chat sorry08:58
BatsmasherLol can anyone help me with my wireless LAN?08:58
Crazz<--- Help Ubunto CD boot iMac G3 Blueberry Tray loader?08:58
darquewoops wrong dialog box08:58
jim_polivierj0407: what is ebox?08:59
_haywire_Batsmasher what kind of problem?09:00
=== kiosk is now known as Awang
BatsmasherI can't connect to the internet with my wireless lan on a newish comp (inbuilt)09:00
olivierj0407jim_p: ebox is a software combining post fix samba server ldap and all09:01
LonelyRacersame here09:01
LonelyRaceri cant connect to my wpa wireless lan09:01
jim_polivierj0407: i cant help you thes, sorry09:01
kahnoiebatsmasher: can you do a sudo lspci09:01
LonelyRacerthere no wpa option only wep09:01
olivierj0407jim_p: ok. thanks for trying09:02
olivierj0407can anyone help me?09:02
imzehareby using ls -l /etc/passwd i get this -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1645 2008-09-25 13:46 /etc/passwd09:02
imzeharebut what does 1 root root 1645 in it mean?09:02
kahnoiebatsmasher: also give me the result of ndiswrapper -l09:02
_haywire_and if it's a usb device try sudo lsusb09:02
LonelyRacerow and im using laptop09:02
jim_polivierj0407: did you install anything from source?09:02
Batsmasherlonelyracer, same09:02
Flannelimzehare: that file is owned by the root user, and owned by the root group.  That's normal.09:03
_haywire_LonelyRacer have you installed wpa_supplicant?09:03
jim_polivierj0407: compiling it09:03
olivierj0407jim_p: yes the ebox software but i removed it the same way09:03
imzehareokay thx :)09:03
LonelyRacer_haywire_: yes09:03
Batsmasherlol i don't kniw how :(09:03
kahnoiebatsmasher: check if you have this file and see if its correctly configured  /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-wlan009:03
jim_polivierj0407: than some file that was not inside pm did the job09:03
joseph_How do I know if I have the latest version of Wine?09:03
kahnoietype on command line on a terminal " ndiswrapper -l" without the quotes09:04
jim_pjoseph_: wine --version = ??09:04
LonelyRacerim goingto restart my system09:04
kahnoiebatsmasher: type on command line on a terminal " ndiswrapper -l" without the quotes09:04
jim_pjoseph_: if less than 1.1, its old09:04
joseph_wine 1.009:04
waanFor some reason ubuntu started doing a textboot instead of using usplash, When I check the startupmanager it says text boot is off. How can I get usplash back on?09:05
vivek /msg ubottu etiquette09:06
Batsmashercommand not found ...09:06
jim_pwaan: what does /boot/grub/menu.lst say on the end of the kernel lines?09:06
waanjim_p, ro quiet splash09:07
mozait's really getting weird! my folders show nothing inside them, although just one second ago, i was accessing files within them...09:07
vr8mfthere is any command to edit network settings?09:07
jim_pwaan: then its ok there. can you check if the uspash service loads too?09:07
mozadoes somebody know what fspot is?09:08
jim_pwaan: if there is a service09:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fspot09:08
joseph_please help09:08
Batsmasherlol I'm really new to Ubuntu09:08
joseph_Is this line correct , i'm following http://samanathon.com/how-to-install-microsoft-office-2007-in-ubuntu-804/09:08
jim_pmoza: fspot is an image managing program. it makes databases of your images, albums and stuff09:08
kahnoiebatsmasher: u mean for ndiswrapper?  if so then do "sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-common ndiswrapper-utils-1.9"09:08
joseph_first line the terminal gets stuck09:08
waanjim_p, no it's not in services. But it does show quickly before the system starts loading, then it switches to text09:09
mozathanks jim_p09:09
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Flanneljoseph_: That looks reasonable, yes.  The whole first blue thing is one line.09:09
mozaok. so it has nothing to do with Konqueror i imagine09:09
jim_pmoza: no09:09
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy09:10
jim_pwaan: did you press some button like esc?09:10
joseph_Flannel: the first line I input sudo wget -q http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/387EE263.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -    it asks twice the pwd and gets stuck09:10
mozai'm better now, the "disappearing" of display in my folders seems to be over, i can see again the files09:11
winkingso cold here09:11
jim_pwinking: here too :(09:11
winkingi can't see u09:11
mozaok, back to this sd card problem09:11
Batsmasherkahnoie, couldn't find package ndiswrapper-common09:11
waanjim_p, nope, I'll tell you when it started happening. I added a new hdd and mounted it as /home in fstab, I made a couple of errors and then the textboot cut in to warn me that some partitions were wrong. So I corrected fstab but it never reverted back to usplash.09:11
jim_pjoseph_: remove the 1st sudo!!!09:11
kahnoiebatsmasher: sudo apt-cache search ndis09:12
winkingi   c09:12
mozaabout an sd-card : sometimes it mounts automatically, sometimes not...09:12
kahnoiebatsmasher: if this doesnt show you ndis-common then you need to update your package repository09:12
jim_pwaan: reisntall usplash then, or use splashy in its pace09:12
mozai'm on hardy 8.04 if it can help09:12
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes09:13
mozaare there known problems with SD-cards readers?09:13
waanjim_p, I'll try reinstalling it09:13
jim_pmoza: i know that several cardreaders built in on laptops dont work *_for certain type of cards_*09:14
mozaoh, ok09:14
waanjim_p, whatever custom theme I select does actually show up at the pre-loading stage after grub, but it cuts out to text info09:14
jim_pmoza: eg they dont recognise xd cards, although they accept them09:14
jim_pwaan: splashy?09:14
luminerdHello, I want to clone a Ubuntu setup to many identical machines.  What options are there to go about this?09:15
blueproteini'm also on hardy 8.04 . I cannot find the w32code from google , who can help me? thanks09:15
mozamy card is a SD card "made in taiwan" i don't get to read the trade, and sometimes it mounts other times it doesn't09:15
blueproteinso I can't play the movies with rmvb format09:15
jim_pblueprotein: its on medibuntu repo09:15
hateballAnyone know how to add paths for templates and what not for all users in OpenOffice?09:15
mozajim_p : is there any forum/site about these problems with sd-cards?09:15
beliluminerd: if the harddrive partitions are identical....why not backup the whole partition and rewrite it to the new machines?09:15
jim_p!medibuntu | blueprotein09:15
ubottublueprotein: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org09:15
beliluminerd: this would be software independent then....09:16
luminerdbeli: That's what I'm asking... I want to clone it exactly as is09:16
joseph_I still have problems installing wine   E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)09:16
joseph_E: Unable to lock the download directory09:16
waanjim_p, i'll look into that if I cant fix usplash09:16
jim_pmoza: the gentoo wiki just lists what works and what not09:16
Flanneljoseph_: close any other package managers you have open (update-manager, synaptic, other apt-gets, etc)09:16
beliluminerd: ok there are multiple tools for that.....maybe you want to checkout ultimate boot disc09:17
mozajim_p, ok, i'll try that to see at least in what category is my card09:17
joseph_Flannel: thanks, had ultamatix on09:17
Flanneljoseph_: Ooooh09:17
Flanneljoseph_: NOOOOOO, you don't want that.  Get rid of it (even though its already broken your system)09:17
jim_pmoza: you siad its an SD!09:18
joseph_Flannel: It has already :(09:18
blueproteinI have try some methods from the google , but none of those are effective09:18
Flanneljoseph_: I suggest reinstall.  Give yourself a system that works, and stay far, far away from *matix.09:18
mozajim_p, yes i said that, is there something i didn't get?09:18
luminerdbeli: Hmm, is that UBCD? Can't find an "Ultimate boot disc"09:19
luminerdUBCD doesn't look like what I need though09:19
jim_pmoza: if it works with one SD card, it will work with all SD cards09:19
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
beliluminerd: wait pls sysrescuecd might be better09:19
jim_pmoza: let me find an example09:19
joseph_I started from Ubuntu ultimate ... and system died after a few days , now I use ultamatix thought it was a step forward09:19
beliluminerd: got phone......09:19
luminerdnp :) thanks for your assistance!09:20
Flanneljoseph_: don't do that either.  Use official Ubuntu.  Ultimate edition, ultamatix, are both horrible, horrible hackjobs.09:20
mozajim_p, ok, i only have one SD card, it worked once or twice, but most of the time it doesn't09:20
indian_munndacan we run tv from internet using tv tuner card instead of running it through a set top box wire or some thing like that????09:20
jim_pmoza: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HP_Pavilion_dv6850el scroll down and look at a table with the laptops specifications and what works09:20
joseph_my repositories is real mess.. If I could just sort them...09:21
jim_pindian_munnda: like use a tv card?09:21
joseph_the apps that appear in synaptic do not appear in add/remove09:21
Flanneljoseph_: Just reinstall.  There's no way to get rid of the damage from ultamatix.09:22
Flanneljoseph_: Also, add/remove isn't as comprehensive as synaptic, and never was designed to be.09:22
jim_p...and i got disconnected09:22
=== rraphink is now known as raphink
indian_munndajim_p: i have it and i have already conneted it to the pci.09:22
jim_pdid i miss something?09:22
joseph_ok.... :(09:22
jim_pindian_munnda: so what is the problem?09:23
indian_munndajim_p: no didn't09:23
joseph_just one thing... is there any way to create a ghost with linux like in acronis image for windows?09:23
jim_pjoseph_: clonezilla09:23
indian_munndajim_p: problem is that i want to start tv from the internet if it is possible can u tell me how to do that09:23
joseph_cool thanks09:24
joseph_ok.. off to    17th re-installation might fet lucky09:24
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mozajim_p : ok, i checked on the page. it seems the sd card reader is supported on other laptops and was not tested on mine on this wiki09:26
mozamy laptop is : http://gentoo-wiki.com/HP_Compaq_nx822009:26
jim_pmoza: give me a sec please09:27
zplashis there a way to get a rightclick menu with rounded corners for gnome?09:27
mozajim_p : sorry, take your time, there is no rush09:28
ameenozim new here09:28
ameenozim a kubuntu user kcd09:28
kalpa_I'm using Ubuntu09:29
beliluminerd: back...http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page09:29
beliluminerd: Partimage is what i used once....09:29
luminerdI was just looking at Partimage09:29
ameenozi dont know how to get a sceme :(09:30
beliluminerd: you need to save your partitionizing data using fdisk/cfdisk to a file...then reproduce the partition on the new system...and then copy over the data...thats all...Partimage splits files into 2GB parts to take care of filesystem limitations...09:31
LonelyRacerguys i need help to connecting to wpa wireless, i cant connect at all09:31
macoim trying to use ubuntu-vm-builder in hardy to create an intrepid vm. it doesn't like that. anyone know how to make u-v-b aware of intrepid?09:31
beliluminerd: sysrescuecd is what you need :)09:32
luminerdbeli: I read over that, not sure how it will help me?09:32
Ace_NoOnehi there - where can I find out when Python 2.6 will become the default in Ubuntu?09:33
luminerdI find it rather unbelievable that this isn't trivial :/09:33
beliluminerd: it is a linux booatable disc....containing all the tools you need....sfdisk/Partimage...so you can boot from the disc and use the tools to reproduce the discs09:33
beliluminerd: it is trivial....you save partition data and data of patitions...you write partition data and data of partitions ;)09:34
ubuntenthujust got ubuntu installed.. how do you see your LAN IP from terminal (bash)??09:34
ubuntenthukinda new to *nix09:35
macoubuntenthu: ifconfig09:35
beliluminerd: and you boot from the sysrescuecd to do all the stuff....09:35
waanjim_p, I think I know what the problem is, but not how to fix it. I moved swap to a new bigger partition, it doesn't have an UUID now and I think the system is checking the wrong partition for a hibernation image. (hence no usplash)09:35
luminerdbeli: Ok, but how will I actually back up the data with the sysrescuecd? I only have one drive09:35
pegwoleok i have an odd issue here, during install of Ubuntu Gutsy it get an error "Bug: soft hang up" CPU#0 is not responsive 11s"09:35
pegwoleany ideas?09:35
susa24could someone please tell is their a way and how can you dual boot Ubuntum, windows xp and windows 98 all at once?09:36
ubuntenthuthanks maco!09:36
beliluminerd: erm...you might need an external device you can use at all machines....like usb mass storage09:36
Batsmashercan anyone else help me lol?09:36
luminerdbeli: back up to usb? The drive is like 80 gigs...09:37
macosusa24: ubuntu should automatically add both instances of windows to the boot list so you can choose. getting both versions of windows on one computer to begin with could be tricky though.09:37
macoluminerd: DVDs?09:37
beliluminerd: and? usb mass storage devices have size of hundreds of gigs09:37
macobeli: flash drive, not usb hard drive09:37
belimaco: read....i told him about mass storage devices no  matter what kind of...MASS09:38
Batsmasheranyone, my wireless LAN cannot connect to the internet..09:38
macobeli: yes, but i think he means flash drive, and those don't come in 100s of gigs09:38
susa24can i add win 98 to the boot menu if i already have xp and ubuntu installed09:38
macobeli: i think the largest is 32G for like $15009:38
belimaco: then he should read too maybe ;)09:38
belimaco: we dont talk about flash stuff....09:39
Batsmasheranyone, my wireless LAN cannot connect to the internet...........09:39
macobeli: what?09:39
user881luminard, they mean for you to use an external hard disk that plugs in via usb, not an actual usb thumb drive09:39
CodeWarI picked up the Linsta theme from gnome art but the desktop panel at thebottom doesnt appear. Is there some setting that needs to be tweaked09:39
luminerdbeli: I've never heard of a memory stick over 4 gigs :/ at any rate I don't have that option. I need to be able to back up the system to a disk or series of disks and then put those disks into another system and "restore" them.09:39
belimaco: you brought up that flash stuff discussion...its not what we talked about09:39
susa24can i add win 98 to the boot menu if i already have xp and ubuntu installed?09:40
macosusa24: installing any version of windows after ubuntu is likely to knock out grub.  why would you want to though? it doesn't even get security updates, and if you need a way to run ancient DOS apps, dosemu on linux should help09:40
P3X-018Why is GNU gprof not found in the repositry? Is it called something else?09:40
bullgard4In what situations or cases will be overwritten /etc/resolv.conf?09:40
beliluminerd: external hard drives -> mass storage --> usb driven mass storage devices09:40
FloodBot2beli: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:40
macobeli: but he said he doesn't have another hard drive, just a usb drive. in that context, it sounds like he has a flash drive09:40
hathiwalai m developing software in gambas but i dont know what to use for date09:40
Batsmasheris anyone able to help me?09:40
indian_munnda!patience | batsmasher09:40
ubottubatsmasher: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines09:40
susa24its for running Redalert 1 in win95 mode, because im having trouble with compatability in xp for ipx09:41
beliluminerd: buy some :) 500gb external hard drive is about 70 euro09:41
luminerdbeli: Ok. But that doesn't realy help me09:41
hathiwalaanyone have a knowledge of gambas ?09:41
luminerdYeah, fix all your problems! "go buy stuff" that's fantastic and incredibly helpful advice (NOT)09:41
beliluminerd: how many systems do you have to copy over?09:41
macoluminerd: in all honesty though, you ought to be keeping regular backups as a good habit09:42
MilitantPotatoI'm not seeing HDPARM as a service in hardy, where do you set it to load on boot these days?09:42
macohathiwala: what is a gambas?09:42
hathiwalaits a GUI application like a visual basic09:42
Batsmasheri have !patience lol09:42
luminerdmaco: I do, and it's really freaking easy because I use a Mac. However I am stuck setting up these linux systems and apperantly linux users don't think backing up is important, either that or they just can't stand to make soemthing easy.09:42
macoBatsmasher: you're not giving enough information for anyone to help you.09:42
hathiwalai am developing software in that but i m not getting any tools for date field09:42
luminerdbeli: Not sure exactly, around 20+ systems maybe09:43
macoluminerd: oh it's for someone else's computer?09:43
luminerdThey are all identical, except a few have more RAM09:43
macoBatsmasher: for example, what wireless card do you have09:43
beliluminerd: so it might be a nice investion to buy an external hard drive, really...09:43
luminerdIt's for a company I work for09:43
Batsmasherof, i have an Atheros Wireless LAN Card and it is not detected in Network Manager09:43
macoBatsmasher: have you checked the hardware manager / hardware driver manager?09:43
luminerdBut it's completely unnecesary09:43
beliluminerd: alternative is to make a package list of your ubuntu install, then install ubuntu basic and let it source the package list09:44
Batsmashermaco: lol where is it :)09:44
user881luminerd, what does that company use for backups?09:44
beliluminerd: so you could do it without backup space09:44
macoBatsmasher: system -> administration09:44
macobeli: he just wants to automate installs?09:44
pegwoleanyone have a clue what would cause "BUG: soft lock up detected on CPU#0!" ?  i'm using an acer aspire with an amd 64bit dual core processor09:44
zplashhow can i get a rightclick-menu with rounded corners???09:44
beliluminerd: or you take that harddrive and put it into each clone system....and copy the harddrive over09:44
luminerdNo vital data is being stored on the systems themselves. The execs use Macs so backups are automatic for the important stuff09:44
vr8mfit is possible to configure a network connection point-to-point in terminal?09:44
macozplash: create the GTK widget and get it added to GNOME maybe?09:45
luminerdbeli: I have backup space: CDs. Discs.09:45
erUSULvr8mf: through a crossover ethernet cable?09:45
belimaco: no, he wanted to clone harddrive at first...but without backup space ;)09:45
vr8mferusul: yeap09:45
erUSUL!clone | luminerd beli09:45
ubottuluminerd beli: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate09:45
luminerdThe backup space is a DISK09:45
beliluminerd: you can use them...but you will get a juggler09:45
macoluminerd: i dont get what having a mac has to do with backing up09:45
luminerda bootable disk09:45
waanI recently moved my swap partition to a bigger logical partition, and now the system is looking for its UUID which doesn't exist, causing usplash to cut out. Is there a way I can fix this?09:45
Batsmashermaco: Atheros Hardware Access Layer and Support for Atheros 802.11 wireless LAN cards both in use09:45
erUSULvr8mf: yep  just use static ip on both ends09:45
luminerdIs it such a horrible request, to ask to be able to back my system up to a bootable Disk? Every other OS int he world can do it trivially09:46
macoBatsmasher: did you reboot since enabling that?09:46
Batsmasheryes :)09:46
erUSULwaan: edit /etc/fstab and put the correct id09:46
erUSUL!uuid | waan09:46
ubottuwaan: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)09:46
belierUSUL: thats what i told him, but initially he wanted to CLONE the harddrive/partition....whatever....i told my stuff09:46
erUSUL!fstab > waan09:46
ubottuwaan, please see my private message09:46
macoluminerd: really? because if you've got more data for the OS than the capacity of the disk...09:46
luminerdmacd: Because on a Mac, Time Machine does everything for you. It makes backing up feasible for people who aren't super geniouses.09:46
waanerUSUL, it's been corrected in fstab, the problem is when the system boots09:46
vr8mferusul: how can i do it? i'm newbie :D09:46
waanerUSUL, also because its a logical partition there is no UUID09:46
luminerdmaco: Windows COMES with a utility to back up your entire system to a _SERIES_ of discs. and restore fully.09:47
vr8mferusul: maybe some link09:47
luminerdOS X has a nice third party one that is very easy to use09:47
macoluminerd: oh, you want mondo and mindi09:47
erUSULvr8mf: edit /etc/network/interfaces see man interfaces09:47
waanerUSUL, I think it might still be looking for a hibernation image from the original UUID09:47
macoluminerd: you say that like there aren't easy tools for backing up linux09:47
ubuntenthuI have a windows xp machine whose IP address is and my ubuntu's IP is, if share a folder in xp, say, myshare how do I access from ubuntu?09:47
hateballubuntenthu: Open Nautilus, type in smb://remote.host/share09:48
erUSULwaan: it does not matter if it is logical or primary both have a blkid09:48
ubuntenthufrom windows I would do \\\myshare\ in run command and it works09:48
belimaco: he does not want to learn/read/think and wants all for free and nothing...but cloning 20 systems..... ;)09:48
luminerdWell, there might well be but I'm sure not seeing anything.  This partimage is an absolute nightmare.  You have to install like 8 libraries just to install it.09:48
macoluminerd: mondo and mindi create a series of cds for bare metal recovery09:48
waanubuntenthu, just go to network09:48
ubuntenthuthanks hateball, let me try.09:48
luminerdmacd: Sounds like exactly what I want09:48
macoluminerd: and partimage isnt for backups09:48
beliluminerd: why not clone the system by with your mac then, if it has a tool for doing it?09:48
waanerUSUL, this is what I get in blkid, /dev/hda5: TYPE="swap"09:49
macoluminerd: rsync -av /home /media/backupdisk for command line09:49
erUSULluminerd: use clonizilla. go to its website for details seems exactly what you want09:49
beliuse what's usefull09:49
macoluminerd: and there are GUI apps too, but ive never tried them.09:49
luminerdmaco: From Partimage's homepage: "This utility can be used to install many identical computers." That is why I was interested in partimage09:49
macoluminerd: its for doing the actual ghosting09:49
erUSULwaan: /dev/sdb2: TYPE="swap" UUID="bfb5c55a-d03d-4b6c-acb3-25fc417eb24f" <<<< that's what i get for mine09:49
waanerUSUL, vol_id shows ID_FS_UUID=09:49
juice__you can use partimage to install to multiple computers09:49
callkalpahi, I use Hardy. There's a problem with the LEDs in my keyboard, anyone specific on this topic ?09:49
juice__make sure to pull out the UUID code and make it /dev/sd** first09:50
macocallkalpa: what exactly is wrong?09:50
Batsmasheranyone able to help me with getting my internet up on my Atheros wireless LAN card which has the installed drivers but is not detecting the wireless input?09:50
luminerdbeli: what are you saying? Virtualize OS X and use time machine? lol... It's a PC running linux, how the hell am I supposed to use my Mac to do that?09:50
mozais feisty before or after hardy?09:50
Flannelmoza: Feisty is 7.04, Hardy is 8.0409:50
macobeli: macs are too stupid to understand ext309:50
macomoza: recite your ABCs09:50
belimaco: uh and that as a bsd system ;)09:51
MilitantPotatohow do I add 'hdparm -a32 -A1 -S42 -W1 /dev/sda' to the file /etc/init.d/rc.local so that hdparm works correctly? how should this file look when I'm done?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/53131/09:51
callkalpawhen I press the Caps key, Num Lock etc. the leds don't lit09:51
callkalpastill the functions are working properly09:51
danielm_mcyoyo - anyone know how to make dpkg stop trying to use gtk frontend?09:51
mozamaco : i didn't realize the first letters of the distributions were an abc.. !09:51
callkalpaOnly the LEDs don't work09:51
macocallkalpa: and you're sure they didnt burn out09:51
mozathank you all09:51
waanerUSUL, any idea what the problem might be then, or how to re-init that swap so the partition is correct?09:52
macomoza: well the first couple were out of order, then someone realized it'd be impossible to remember, so after D it's alphabetical09:52
callkalpayes, at boot all three lights09:52
Batsmasher anyone able to help me with getting my internet up on my Atheros wireless LAN card which has the installed drivers but is not detecting the wireless input? *sighs* :P09:52
erUSULwaan: try "sudo mkswap /dev/hda5"09:52
mozamaco : ok, thanks :) and usually, somthing that works under one distrib will be working on the next ones?09:52
macomoza: warty, hoary, breezy, dapper, edgy, feisty, gutsy, hardy, intrepid (due in a few weeks), jaunty (april)09:53
xjohnthomasxhi, can anyone help me get the internet speed much faster for my ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron fresh installation09:53
macomoza: usually, but sometimes their are regressions09:53
xjohnthomasxi usually get 1mb/s.. and now it's suffering at around 100kb/s09:53
luminerdLOL. All the docs for Mondo are "Object not found"09:53
mozamaco : ok, so i keep hope :)09:53
macomoza: we try to keep regressions to a minimum, but i know that due to restructuring of some codebases, there are a few unavoidable ones in intrepid09:53
xjohnthomasxi tried disabling ipv6, tweaking variable settings in sysctl.. etc..09:53
nicodariousi have a problem with my nvidia drivers.  i uninstalled envy and tried to reinstall the nvidia drivers with the nvidia-glx-new, but i keep getting an error saying (when manually starting X) API mismatch: the nvidia kernel module has version
luminerdNo way in hell I'm going to be able to figure this thing out without docs. I don't even know which file to download.09:54
beliluminerd: you can hire me and i bring my external usb drive and do the copies for you ;)09:54
waanerUSUL, ok that looks like it did the trick, now I'll chuck the uuid back in fstab instead of hda5. Then figure out why usplash is getting killed. brb09:54
BatsmasherI'm not that sure how I can connect to the internet anyway..09:54
mozamaco : i'm not going to move to intrepid, just sticking to long support versions (i think hardy is one)09:54
erUSULvr8mf: from command line only you can do "sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up" on both ends (with different ips of course)09:55
xjohnthomasxcan anyone help me get my internet speed up faster, with this new hardy installation?09:55
xjohnthomasxi disabled ipv6, tweaked variables.. tried everything people seem to write about in forums.. but no luck yet..09:55
Batsmasher anyone able to help me with getting my internet up on my Atheros wireless LAN card which has the installed drivers but is not detecting the wireless input?09:55
Batsmashersorry about this...09:55
LonelyRacerstill cant find wpa option on my wireless09:56