pooliejam, hi00:01
poolieand lifeless00:02
pooliejam, want to talk?00:03
jamisn't it standup time?00:04
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 230902 in bzr "BzrError: Must end write group before releasing write lock on KnitPackRepository" [High,Confirmed]00:16
lifelessspiv: un00:26
lifelessspiv: fun00:27
pooliejam, nicely done with setup.py, but it should be in news too00:27
spivjam: I just realised there's a problem with my batching patch; mail sent.00:33
lifelessspiv: btw I think your batching should apply to all repos00:47
lifelessspiv: there is no reason to special case it for remote00:47
spivlifeless: Hmm.00:53
spivlifeless: I think it would penalise plain pack repos.00:53
lifelessspiv: index lookups for 5 keys are more efficient than 5 lookups for 1 key00:54
lifelessspiv: with both GI and BTGI00:54
spivlifeless: e.g. if there's only one new revision, then asking about 50 revisions will cause extra work for no benefit.  And doing it one-by-one with plain packs isn't so bad because it's filling the caches of the indexes AIUI.00:54
spivWhat's GI/BTGI?00:55
lifelessspiv: tell you what; test it :)00:55
lifelessgraphindex btreegraphindex00:55
spivAh ok.00:55
lifelesskiko: why have you moved the download instructions lower on the front page?01:00
lifelesskiko: they used to be lower and we moved them to the top based on feedback from users of the web site01:00
kikolifeless, because I had to scroll to read what it was.01:01
lifelesskiko: yes, thats the tradeoff we made01:02
kikoa bad one. but it's fixed now.01:03
lifelesskiko: another one, and this one matters more, is why you've just moved the toc to the bottom of the workflows page01:03
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lifelessits entirely useless there01:03
kiko-zzzlifeless, yeah, maybe we should just remove that ToC entirely, I'm not sure01:03
lifelesskiko-zzz: its a long page, I think it needs a toc01:03
kiko-zzzyeah.. ok01:03
kiko-zzzI wish we could at least float the damn toc or something01:04
kiko-zzzbut it would fight with the sidebar01:04
lifelessjust put it under the intro01:04
lifelessright before solo01:04
kiko-zzzthat page is a bit of a mess01:06
lifelessthanks for putting the toc back01:12
kiko-zzzthe images should be like 1/3rd of the size01:12
kiko-zzzmaybe tomorrow01:12
lifelessI'm not sure the welcome page is better; but I let others worry about that01:12
kiko-zzzI'm absolutely sure it's better, luckily01:12
kiko-zzzman who do I have to kill to get some food in this office01:12
lifelesskiko-zzz: you just reminded very strongly of linus01:13
lifelessabsolute confidence, and yet, still wrong01:14
kiko-zzzat least I get it done01:14
kiko-zzznow get out of my way :)01:14
jmllifeless: for a minute there I was thinking you meant the Peanuts character.01:16
lifelessjml: perhaps I was01:16
jmllifeless: it doesn't gel.01:17
lifelessjml: ah, then perhaps I wasn't01:17
pooliekiko-zzz, maybe we should really split the wiki from the web site01:20
poolieit's hard to make it look slick in moin01:20
kiko-zzzyeah, it's an idea. for now I think it's okay but it needs a facelift for december01:21
kiko-zzzmaybe just a moin facelift, but maybe something more nicer01:21
lifelesswhat happens in december?01:21
pooliethe end of the year :)01:22
kiko-zzzgod's last 3 gifts to mankind01:22
poolie'myrrh... how nice!'01:22
pooliemakes a change from socks01:23
poolielifeless, more seriously i think kiko was wanting us to have something exciting and public happen before then01:24
poolierepostiory stuff will be exciting, but maybe not ready for wide use01:24
markh"tests suite passes on all major platforms" would possibly qualify as exciting and public :)01:25
pooliethat is pretty exciting01:27
poolieis that true on windows at the moment, or not quite?01:27
markhwill be exciting :)  No movement on the LockContentionErrors AFAIK01:27
markhI need guidance on how to handle them before I can progress on it01:28
lifelessimplement dirstatev2, new tree format, then silence the existing one01:29
lifelessor v4 or whatever the signature would reach01:30
pooliesomeone else had a problem with file locking on a mac the other day01:30
markhoh, I didn't think it was *that* easy! ;)01:30
poolieeventually we need to get away from that01:30
lifelesswell I mailed the list with a proposal01:30
poolienot to say we can't take a smaller step first01:30
lifelessthe responses seemed to vary01:30
markhtests are too noisy on windows so regressions will not be noticed.  Silencing the test noise is IMO more important than fixing the implementation01:30
markhand presumably easier01:31
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pooliemarkh, did you get my pm?01:32
lifelessmarkh: given that tests fail because of the implementation, I really can't agree01:32
markhlifeless: my concern is that regressions completely unrelated to the *known* problem of locks will be hit01:33
markhand experience shows that *has* happened in the past - regression have been introduced that the tests *did* see, but got lost in the noise01:34
markhthat IMO is worse than what we already know is bad about locks on windows01:34
lifelessmarkh: selftest -v | grep 'FAILURE|ERROR'01:34
lifelessmarkh: then do that and diff, if there are + lines, its new failures01:35
markhlifeless: who are you saying should do that regularly?01:35
markhit wasn't me that introduced the regressions I'm talking about01:35
lifelesswhoever is doing release related stuff on windows; before the release01:35
markhwell - the end result is we end up in a catch 22 - wont fix tests until we fix the impl, impl is very hard to fix, especially on windows, as tests are too noisy to see what regressions you introduced :)01:36
markhbut - I'm not interested in arguing this01:36
markhI just suggested it might be good public info to work towards and announce01:36
markhtake it or leave it :)01:36
markhI'm interested in helping fix tests - but have no time to help with a dirstate impl01:37
lifelessmarkh: I don't get the catch-22, but perhaps I just have a different understanding on how the tests fit together01:41
markhlifeless: i think if the situation was reversed, and we had massive linux test failures due to an implementation problem, I doubt your solutions would fly - either the "live with it or provide a new impl" position or the "live with it and use grep to detect regressions" position.01:43
* jml emulates looms with branches01:45
poolie> Silencing the test noise is IMO more important than fixing the implementation01:45
pooliei mostly agree, getting to a known reliable state is a good first step01:45
markhWe *know* all about the lock problems.  We *don't* know about new regressions01:46
lifelessmarkh: actually, I use the diff approach when I'm dealing with horribly broken branches, which happen when I do some of the heavy lifting I do regularly01:47
lifelessmarkh: if I was a windows dev, I would be hacking on the tweaked implementation at top speed because that would permanently fix this issue01:47
lifelessmarkh: but I'm not a windows dev, so even if wrote a new impl for you (which really is quite small, ~500 lines totall diff I think) I couldn't be sure it had fixed things for windows01:48
lifelessmarkh: you seem to feel I'm not helping, so I'll drop it01:49
lifelesspoolie: silencing the test noise doesn't get us a known reliable state01:49
poolieok i'm going to look at this usertest thing with spiv01:52
lifelessI thought someone wrote a stats gatherer that determines by annotate the contributors to the code base02:06
lifeless(rather than commit cout, which is... crude)02:06
spivlifeless: maybe abentley did?02:12
jmlooh, fancy: "You can restore the old tip by running:..."02:18
lifelesspoolie: bzr 1.8. branch created03:16
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teratornanyone alive that knows about bzr-svn internals? got a bug that I wouldn't mind talking about: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/27736904:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277369 in bzr-svn "Push to SVN: exceptions.AttributeError: children" [Undecided,Fix released]04:08
jelmerteratorn, Yeah, I just closed that one, it's already fixed04:08
teratornjelmer: oh wow that rocks04:08
teratornjelmer: in trunk?04:08
jelmerteratorn, Not exactly sure what version, 0.4.13 for sur ehas the fix04:09
teratornoh, heh. well I just commented on the bug after having upgraded to the latest release04:09
poolienicely done04:10
teratornI mean, it still crashes :)04:10
jelmerteratorn, You'll probably have to repush the other revisions as well04:12
jelmerteratorn, since the error would actually be in there04:12
teratornjelmer: hmm, how would I do that?04:13
jelmerteratorn, the easiest way is to remove the revisions manually from svn04:15
jelmerteratorn, that requires administration access to it though04:16
* jelmer gets some sleep04:16
teratornI didn't even know that was possible, with SVN04:16
abentleyspiv: wisnae me.05:15
gimmalhey folks. having trouble installing bzr-xmloutput plugin. 'bzr plugins' gives me this: Unable to load plugin 'xmloutput' from '/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins' # so how do I find out why it can't load the thing?06:30
gimmalfwiw, it's being installed for sake of bzr + eclipse eclipse plugin06:31
markhgimmal: check out .bzr.log - executing 'bzr version' will tell you where it is06:31
gimmalok. thank you06:32
markhprobably in ~06:32
gimmalhey do y'all have a minute to look at a paste? I'm no python student as of yet ... heh06:33
gimmalit boils down to this in the traceback: TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'short_name'06:33
gimmalwhich is in the traceback, listed after this: File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/xmloutput/__init__.py", line 108, in cmd_xmlstatus06:34
gimmal    short_name='V'), # any ideas?06:34
gimmalbzr version mismatch?06:34
markhthat would be my guess06:35
gimmalok; could be simple to fix, thanks06:35
gimmalsimple, muahahah ... so i just start virtualbox, copy my /etc/apt/soruces.list to a vfat partition, move my hdd to the gateway laptop (where bzr is, and where eclipse is installed), then use gnome-terminal via an xming (xserver for vista) session ... update the apt repo on that comp, install the bzr deb from backports.org, then start eclipse (via gnome-terminal via xming) again ... pretty simple, yeah, just involving a lot of steps...06:38
gimmalthe hdd is a portable, duhuhuhehe06:38
gimmalif only virtualbox was booting the virtual deb image ... it's some kind of ext2 fs support in the windows env...06:40
gimmalwoo success ... weird wait preiod after plugging in the hdd06:41
vilahi all06:59
gimmalwell thanks for the help07:24
loswilliosI have a little problem here, bzr pull tells me to do 'bzr upgrade' to get better performance but 'bzr upgrade' says format 1 is already at the most recent format.07:42
loswilliosanyway to solve that, or workaround the message?07:42
jmlloswillios: perhaps it's the remote branch that needs to be upgraded?08:01
bob2it may say that if it is an old rich-root format08:03
loswillioshm.. I guess I should do a clean check out08:11
loswilliosjml: seems like it: even 'bzr get http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~team-mms/mms/1.1.0 mms-1.1.0' says "Format <RepositoryFormatKnit1> for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eteam-mms/mms/1.1.0/.bzr/ is deprecated - please use 'bzr upgrade' to get better performance"08:15
jmlloswillios: so, if you want to work around it, you need to upgrade that branch.08:16
jmlloswillios: which is only something you can do if you are a member of ~team-mms08:16
loswilliosI'll poke the author, thanks08:17
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_raz_Does someone know a solution for the push/branch issue for ftp in version 1.7 (https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/259855)?10:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259855 in bzr "Wrong mode of .bzr files when pushed via FTP" [Medium,Fix committed]10:04
_raz_looking at the 1.7 bzrdir code, the patch for it is already in, but does not resolve that issue - at least not for me10:05
_raz_looking at the push result on the server, the .bzr directory and all subdirectories miss a g+x in contrast to the old behaviour10:08
_raz_files accordingly lack g+r and so on10:10
_raz_though this only seems to affect anything directly under .bzr, not under the directories within it10:12
kiorkyUhm is that normal ,that with pyrex, i can not run 'easy_install bzr' (i go into sandbox violation)10:26
lifelesskiorky: no idea, we generally recommend people use packages10:52
lifelesskiorky: we have binaries for windows, macos X and most linux distros have current packages10:52
poolienight all11:02
rockydoes bzr 1.7 run on py2.6 ?13:09
fullermdI don't think so.13:09
fullermdvila is doing some work on that.13:09
vilabzr.dev should, but since 2.6final is not yet out, take it with a grain of salt...13:10
rockyvila: 2.6 final is out =P13:15
rockyjelmer: any release of bzr-svn supporting bzr 1.7 yet? or still use the 0.4 branch?13:15
vilaoops, since when ?13:15
jelmerrocky, 0.4.1313:16
rockyvila: lol, you must not read much python blogs ... it was released yesterday i think, i read about 50 blog posts about it ;)13:16
rockyjelmer: awesome, thanks13:16
rockywill test it out13:16
fullermdvila: See what you miss when you sleep?   :p13:16
vilarocky: anyway, you're welcome to test it and report any problems, but the test suite is passing (modulo a very minor/cosmetic error)13:17
vilafullermd: damn, I knew it !13:17
vilafullermd: I'm still wondering when *you* sleep though :)13:18
fullermdI'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead   ;)13:23
jelmerhmm, no python 2.6 in debian yet :-(13:24
fullermdDebian?  Do they even know there's a python 2.4 yet?13:24
* rocky just finished building python2.6 on his ubuntu13:28
rockyjelmer: when i "bzr co https://dev.serverzen.com/svn/cluemapper/ClueMapper/trunk ClueMapper-trunk" (you can do this too, it's an anonymous svn repo) at around rev 82 it slows down *big* time ... bzr 1.7.1 + bzr-svn 0.4.13 + svn 1.5.113:42
jelmerrocky, svn rev 82?13:44
rockyi guess, i'm watching the status bar13:44
rockyit gets to 82/156 and slows down (it's at 87 right now)13:44
* rocky integrates cluemapper svn repo into jelmer's bzr-svn test cycles ... :)13:46
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Leonidasis it possible to manipulate a bzr branch without having a working tree?15:06
fullermdDepends on what manipulation you want to perform.15:07
Odd_BlokeLeonidas: It depends what you mean by 'manip... yeah.15:07
Leonidasjelmer: python 2.6 is probably not going into debian anytime soon - freeze.15:07
Leonidasfullermd: add files, commit stuff.15:07
Odd_BlokeLeonidas: It could go into experimental.15:08
Odd_BlokeOh, wait, it'd be a separate package, it could go into unstable. >.<15:08
fullermdWell, no, since that would be manipulating a working tree.15:08
LeonidasOdd_Bloke: yeah, thats possible15:08
jelmerLeonidas, I run experimental15:08
Leonidasfullermd: ok, thanks.15:08
* Leonidas runs testing and stable and backports important stuff.15:08
fullermd(of course, if you dug into bzrlib, you could pretend to have a working tree in some ways, but then you sorta HAVE a WT)15:08
Leonidas(but as long as there are no packages, there's nothing to backport)15:09
Leonidasfullermd: no, thats too problematic, I'll just make me a working tree.15:09
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LarstiQLeonidas: those kinds of things are what a working tree is for, so no :)15:27
LarstiQLeonidas: but you need not have a working tree _on disk_, you can use a memory backed tree.15:27
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abentleyLeonidas: You need a working tree to *commit*, but if you prefer, you can create a Tree and a Revision, and install those.16:10
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LeonidasIs there a low-level commit? I have a list of files which changed and want to commit them without creating files in the working tree.16:33
LeonidasI'm trying to understand bzrlib.commit.Commit.commit() - where does it gather the changes to the WorkingTree?17:03
jpeIs bzr ls --non-recursive http://url supposed to work?17:07
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chadmillerHi all.  One of my co-workers is using a SVN tree converted to BZR.  In merging one tree to another, bzr complained that the files inside src/ were versioned but src itself was not.  It moved src to src.moved, and added the merging files as src/... .  I thought we worked around it by collating them with "find -exec mv" .  Now, when he's finished merging files, "bzr commit" looks like it's removing all files.  All his source files are "unknown" and "removed18:06
chadmiller" at the same time.  What can he do?18:06
AmanicALeonidas: I think its in  self.builder = self.branch.get_commit_builder(self.parents, ..18:07
LeonidasAmanicA: yeah, I'm now currently trying to overwrite stuff in the Commit class. Fiddling with the builder was a bit too complicated.18:09
AmanicAI saw its a bit complicate18:09
LarstiQchadmiller: that sounds confusing18:10
chadmillerWell, we certainly are.18:11
AmanicAchadmille: it sounds like the src dir was added in 2 different branches (thus 2 different file ids)18:11
chadmiller-ed.  not -ing.18:11
chadmillerAmanicA: I thought so.  He insists it wasn't.  The latest-common-ancestor has it, he says.18:11
fullermdWell, leaving aside the "how did you get src moved in the first place", if you find -exec mv'd all the files, as far as bzr is concerned they ARE removed...18:12
chadmillerWe didn't "bzr rm" them or anything.18:13
fullermdBut they're not where it expects them.18:13
chadmillerfullermd: So, it expect them in "src.moved"?18:14
chadmillerWhich we then "bzr mv" to "src"?18:14
fullermdSure.  That's where it put them.  I don't think your description works; the files can't be versioned while src/ is not, but if src (in the branch you merged) isn't the same as src (in your branch), you'd expect yours to end up in src.moved, and everything cascades from there.18:15
chadmillerOkay.  I'll try that.18:15
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fullermdMass moved like that tend to lead to wackiness down the line though.  I'd start with investigating why the src/'s are distinct.18:15
chadmiller"Conflict because src is not versioned, but has versioned children.  Versioned directory."18:17
fullermdThat sounds like src was removed on the other branch.18:18
fullermdIf it were then re-add'd (instead of revert'd back into existence), that would explain why it's considered different.18:18
chadmillerfullermd: Occam's razor says it is a svn conversion bug.18:18
fullermdSo, the thing to decide is, which of the src/'s is more likely to be used going forward, and which exists in other branches you may want to merge in the future, etc.18:19
fullermdThen you can decide which to keep.18:19
chadmiller"bzr: ERROR: Could not move src.moved => src: src is already versioned."18:19
chadmillerI'm having him "bzr mv src src.old", then "bzr mv src.moved src"18:21
LarstiQthat error I'd expect when he did "bzr mv src.moved src"18:24
LarstiQwithout the .old step in between18:24
LeonidasAmanicA: right, bzr seems to have no memoery-API, this looks like it's goingt to be painful18:26
LarstiQLeonidas: did you see what abentley said? And look at how bzr-svn does things?18:29
LeonidasLarstiQ: no, sorry - my bouncer has no backlog.18:29
LeonidasThis is a bit of a problem, I have to reconfigure it some day. or find one which is not crappy18:31
abentleyLeonidas: You need a working tree to *commit*, but if you prefer, you can create a Tree and a Revision, and install those using install_revision.18:40
Leonidasabentley: ah. This sounds easier.18:42
Leonidasinstall_revision(repository, rev, revision_tree)18:46
LeonidasSo after I installed the revision, I have to link it to the branch.18:47
abentleyLeonidas: Yes; Branch.set_last_revision_info18:48
Leonidasvery nice, trying this.18:50
chadmillerBack next week.18:52
fullermdOh, surely there aren't THAT many files to move   :p18:52
chadmillerideas to chad@sun.com, please.18:53
LeonidasI'm getting "Revision is not compatible with KnitPackRepository" when adding an empty revision (that is, it only has a revid)19:07
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ArjenHow do I determine the commit in which a file was introduced?19:43
VerterokArjen: bzr log -l 1 --forward <the_file>19:49
loxshello, I can't find any documentation on how to setup a "smart server". could anyone help me please?19:54
beunoloxs, all you need is to have bzr installed on the remote server19:55
beunoand for clients to use bzr+ssh19:55
loxsyou mean sftp?19:56
beunono, I really mean bzr+ssh19:56
loxsbecause for this I don't need bzr installed on the remote server19:56
loxshm, then could you please explain what do you mean by bzr+ssh19:56
beunofor bzr+ssh you do, because it uses the remote bzr installation to, well, be smart  :)19:57
beunoloxs, sure19:57
beunoyou would do:  bzr branch bzr+ssh://user@host/path/to/branch19:57
beunoinstead of: bzr branch sftp://...19:57
loxsahamz... that sounds nice19:57
loxsand how do you manage permissions? on filesystem level?19:58
beunosince you're using ssh, whatever that user has read/write access to19:58
loxsI want to allow my developers commit to their own branches, but disallow them to commit to trunk. But for them to be able to commit to their branches, they need to have a write access to the .bzr in the main repository directory... is it safe?19:59
beunoloxs, they can have their own branches in their home dir20:00
LeonidasI need some help on this code: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/86963/20:01
loxshm, right... I can't stop thinking in svn terms... thanks for opening my eyes :)20:01
LeonidasI'm currently missing two things: 1) how to generate a revid 2) how to get the proper revno20:02
beunoloxs, :)20:02
VerterokLeonidas: I known nothing about commit internals, but it seems that rev_id id returned by the commit_builder20:10
Verterokbeuno: hi20:12
LeonidasVerterok: yeah, me too. but CommitBuilder does not generate it, it gets it as an argument on instantiation20:12
beunoVerterok, ho20:12
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VerterokLeonidas: it's an argument of Commit20:14
VerterokLeonidas: from the docstring: "        :param rev_id: If set, use this as the new revision id.20:14
Verterok            Useful for test or import commands that need to tightly20:14
Verterok            If null (default), a time/random revision id is generated."20:14
Verterok            control what revisions are assigned.  If you duplicate20:14
Verterok            a revision id that exists elsewhere it is your own fault.20:14
Verterokapologize the big paste20:15
LeonidasVerterok: I know, but I don't understand where it is being generated.20:16
LeonidasVerterok: rev_id is None by default20:17
LeonidasVerterok: self.rev_id is set to None in commit()20:17
Leonidasbut I'm missing the part where it gets generated20:17
VerterokLeonidas: I think this should clarify that :) "If null (default), a time/random revision id is generated."20:18
Leonidasthe builder returns an id, so I suspect it generates it.20:18
LeonidasVerterok: but where is the part where it gets generated in the code?20:19
VerterokLeonidas: I assume in the Commit builder, beacuse if it's null, it returns a generated rev_id20:20
LeonidasVerterok: repository.CommitBuilder.commit() only returns the rev_id that was passed to its constructor20:21
Verterokmmm...maybe we are missing something :p20:22
LeonidasVerterok: yeah, I feel stupid/blind ;)20:24
VerterokLeonidas: don't feel alone :)20:25
jamLeonidas, Verterok: In CommitBuilder there is _generate_revision_if_needed which calls _gen_revision_id20:35
jamwhich is used if you don't supply a revision_id20:35
jamand _generate_if_needed is called as part of CommitBuilder.__init__20:36
Verterokjam: thanks!20:37
LaserJockquick question, is it possible to change the committer's email address in the log?20:37
LaserJockwould rebase do that?20:37
beunoLaserJock, you could do it with rebase, but it would break compatibility with anyone else who branched20:38
Leonidasjam: thanks, gen_revision_id was what I was looking for.20:38
jamLaserJock: it would be possible to do so during rebase, I don't think it specifically supportsr it20:38
jambeuno: that's what rebase *does* anyway :)20:38
LaserJockbeuno: I don't care about anybody else ;-)20:38
Leonidasjam: can you also tell me how to get the right revno?20:38
beunoLaserJock, life's so much easier that way  :p20:38
jamLeonidas: "right revno"? in what context20:39
LaserJockbeuno: I don't do anything people care about anyway :-)20:39
beunojam, you may be the right person to answer this. How can I find out what revno a revid is part of?20:39
jam"is part of" ?20:39
LaserJockok, so related question, is it possible to have multiple email addresses in bzr?20:39
jamyou mean when it was merged?20:39
beunojam, it's merged into that revno, yes20:40
jamLaserJock: you can generally set a email address per branch20:40
jambeuno: "bzr log" ?20:40
LaserJockjam: ah, excellent20:40
jam"bzr log -r revid:XXX..-1"20:40
beunojam, right. Now, let's say I need to do that through python20:40
jambeuno: you could use the output of 'bzrlib.tsort.merge_sort()'20:40
jamit is what 'bzr log file' now does20:40
beuno"here's a revid, give me the mainine revno it belogs to"20:40
jamyou can see the code in log.py20:40
* beuno looks20:41
jamaround line 60320:42
Leonidasjam: In this context: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/86963/20:42
Leonidasjam: line 1 is already replaced with something that is not static anymore20:42
jamLeonidas: so for the "set_last_revision_info()" call?20:43
jamand you aren't doing this as a commit on something else20:43
jamwhich you know the revno?20:43
jamI can give you a way, but some are easier/faster than others20:44
jamfor example, if you know the revno, parent_id for the parent of this commit, then it is just revno+120:44
Leonidasjam: well, I commit this on something else.20:44
jamotherwise there is bzrlib.repository.get_graph().find_distance_from_null()20:44
jamyou can look at bzrlib/graph.py find_distance_from_null20:45
jamto figure out what to pass it20:45
jamgenerally you'll want to give it a hint about some other revision20:45
Leonidasjam: actually I am now writing a converter from hg to bzr and constucting changesets.20:45
LaserJockhmm, I must be doing something wrong, rebase isn't working20:48
beunojam, so I would sort the graph, and then iterate over it, until scheduled_nodes[-1][1] < merge_depth ?20:49
LaserJockthere's gotta be a simple way to do this. I just want to change my email address on a branch that only has 3 revisions20:49
Leonidasjam: isn't revno+1 a bit too easy? The revno is this number that bzr log outputs, right? But then the revno can look something like 34.1.3 etc.20:50
abentleyLeonidas: A commit can never produce a dotted revno, by definition.  revno + 1 is exactly what commit does.20:54
Leonidasabentley: ok, fine. Then I can just take the last revno and add 1.20:56
LaserJockrebase just says there aren't any revisions to rebase :(20:57
abentleyLeonidas: As long as the previous revision is the lefthand parent of the new revision.  (Otherwise, you're not simulating commit.)20:57
LaserJockok, let's try this a different way. How do I go back to a previous revision?21:11
LaserJockdo I have to branch each revision separately?21:12
LarstiQLaserJock: that depends on what you mean with "go back to"21:15
LaserJockok, I just want to go through these 3 revisions and make a new branch from them21:15
LaserJockso I was thinking if I can get back to revision 1, then copy that over and commit, then go to revision 2, copy and commit, then same for revision 321:16
LaserJockbut I don't exactly know how to go back in history21:18
LarstiQLaserJock: that sounds like what rebase does, sort of21:22
LarstiQLaserJock: unless you want to use those 3 actual revisions21:23
LaserJockwell, I couldn't get rebase to work21:23
LaserJockit just said there was nothing to rebase21:23
LaserJockperhaps it's because I'm trying to rebase a whole branch21:33
LaserJockman, this is really frustrating21:33
james_wLaserJock: how are you running rebase?21:34
LaserJockwell, I've tries several things21:35
LaserJockjust plain bzr rebase21:35
james_walso, it will still leave the original email adress as author I believe21:35
LaserJockI also tried --onto and -r to see what that'd do21:35
james_wI'd try "bzr-fast-export", edit the output, then "bzr fast-import"21:35
LaserJockoh, good idea21:35
james_wfor rebase I'd guess rebase on to an empty branch would be what you want21:36
LaserJockI couldn't21:36
LaserJockit said that there was no history21:36
james_wah, ok21:36
LaserJockI know it's not exactly bzr-specific but I can't  believe how hard it is just to change the email address21:37
james_wwell, it's designed to have immutable history21:38
LaserJockright, which I suppose works, except when you want to change history21:39
LaserJockjames_w: well, I ended just doing bzr export into 3 directories then cp the files in an commit21:48
ArjenI can't get the bzr search plugin to accept multi-word multi-word strings to search for22:25
taconehow space efficent bzr is for binary files ?22:29
taconelet's say pictures (which normally doesn't get modified, just added or removed)22:30
GPHemsleyjam: Version number for 1.7.1 still says 1.7.1-rc1 (or something else with "rc" in it; I didn't look closely) in some parts of the Mac installer/upgrader23:51
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