EdubuntuTcohi all!03:20
EdubuntuTcoanyone can help me to find out how to show the console on the thin clients?03:21
EdubuntuTcothe console in the thin clients only show a red screen03:22
EdubuntuTcosorry about my english :P03:23
HedgeMageEdubuntuTco: there's a vice presidential debate on here in the us so not many are online, you might have better luck tomorrow or later tonight03:25
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edubuntufanhello, do we have any active people on right now?  and what are our approved topics?17:17
Nubaeapproved topics?17:19
edubuntufanwell, it says topic for edubuntu set by ogra.  I am new to irc. SO I thought there might be a topic for the day.17:20
Nubaeah no... the topic is ancient... was set 3 weeks ago:-)17:25
edubuntufanRight now I have an edubuntu server running.  It has a live internet connection in one nice, the other nic is not in the switch yet...I unplugged it.17:26
edubuntufanI have xubuntu stalled on an imac.17:26
edubuntufanI have installed the ltsp server and the nfs-kernel-server.17:26
Nubaeright remember reading about this yesterday on here17:26
edubuntufannow I now I am trying to mount the server /opt/ltsp to the same folder on xubuntu.17:27
edubuntufanit won't let me.17:27
Nubaehow are u mounting?17:27
edubuntufanmy question is:  Do I now need to take the imac off teh internet and put it on the edubuntu servers private network to do the next part?17:27
Nubaeyes /opt/ltsp is usually mounted on the internal network17:28
edubuntufansudo mount xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/opt/ltsp /opt/ltsp17:28
Nubaeu have a file called /etc/exports?17:28
Nubaeon the server that u want to share17:28
edubuntufanok, so I will put it connected to the switch of the internel network.  Then do I use the public IP address of muy server for the internet or the private ip address for the network on my mount command?17:28
edubuntufanon the server?17:29
Nubaeyou are mounting from the server or the imac... where do u run the sudo mount command?17:29
edubuntufanI do not have /etc/exports on the server.17:29
edubuntufanI ran the mount command from the imac.17:29
Nubaeok then on the server u must have a file called /etc/exports17:29
Nubaewhich allows the server to share the connection u are trying to mount17:30
edubuntufanI do not.17:30
edubuntufanI just verified. On the server there is NO "/etc/exports"17:30
Nubaeput this in that file: /opt/ltsp *(ro,no_root_squash,async,no_subtree_check)17:32
Nubaechange ro to rw, as I imagine u are trying to build the chroot on the imac17:32
edubuntufanThat file does not exist...however, I never did do the "sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone openssh-server" because I installed the ltsp server from the alternate disc already.17:33
Nubaeyeah thats fine, doesnt come default17:33
edubuntufando I need to install those two things on the server, even tho it already works on i386?17:33
Nubaenormally we use nbd, and not nfs17:33
Nubaeinstall nfs-kernel-server and nfs-common17:33
Nubaeand portmap, if that isnt already installed17:34
edubuntufanon my edubuntu server?17:34
edubuntufanok, I installed those three things.17:36
edubuntufanNow I can edit that file, right?17:36
edubuntufanNubae, you have been very helpful!  once I edit that file (it is there!) then do I run the mount command from the server or the imac?17:37
Nubaefrom the imac17:40
Nubaeit should now allow u to use mount -t nfs17:40
Nubaemake sure the client has nfs-common and portmap installed too17:40
edubuntufannow as far as that exports file I am editing. THere is no "opt/ltsp*...." entry for me to edit.17:43
edubuntufanDo I just add it in with the "#" to start off with...like the other entries?17:44
Nubaeits normal its not there... u do this stuff manually, and especially in your case where u are building for ppx17:45
edubuntufanI added this line in the exports file "#/opt/ltsp *(rw,no_root_squash,async,no_subtree_check)" and then I put a "#" at the start of the last line down with nothing next to it.17:48
Nubae# = comment, it is ignored17:48
Nubaeso take it out of the line that u want it to read17:49
Nubaewhen thats done, do: sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart17:50
edubuntufanahhh...you can tell I am new to this. :)  But it is fun.17:51
Nubaewe were all there at one time, the good thing is, it never stops being fun ;-)17:52
edubuntufandc to go try this out..now that I copied it.17:53
jc2itHello all\19:37
jc2itHow do I transfer the 'sent items' from an Outlook PST file to an evolution 'sent items' folder?19:37
Lnsjc2it: Not really the right chan for that... try an evolution channel?19:40
nubae1or general #ubuntu19:42
jc2ithmmm, yeah I see your point. I guess it is not Edubuntu specific.19:42
Lnsjc2it: if i knew how to do that i'd tell you anyway though ;)19:42
Lnshey nubae1 !19:43
nubae1hi Lns19:43
* Lns is happy to finally realize that you *always* want to update sources.list in chroot before talking about bugs in LTSP/Edubuntu19:43
LnsI had no idea that ltsp-build-client wouldn't pull new packages from dist-upgrades by default19:44
nubae1y dat? :-)19:44
nubae1ah yeah that bug19:44
nubae1I call it bug... it should do that automatically19:44
Lnsyea...and my big mouth i guess :p19:44
LnsI really think so too...for instance, in my case it was preventing NBD_SWAP from functioning at all...my TCs were hard-locking left and right, and i was scratching my head because i thought network swap fixed that (at least partially, under normal usage)19:45
nubae1someone had a problem on here the other day related to that... where they were doing all the necessary steps but the kernel wouldnt upgrade19:45
nubae1he had to do a dist upgrade in the chroot for it to work19:45
Lnsnubae1: yea - after making sure -updates was in sources.list i'm sure right?19:46
LnsI remember doing that a long time ago but i'd forgotten, and always just dist-upgrading with the original 2 lines...ugh19:46
Lns58 upgraded packages in -updates alone19:46
Lnsjust for the chroot19:46
Lnssince hardy release19:46
nubae1well its because we are so late into hardy19:47
nubae1Im actually running intrepid now on my test machines19:47
nubae1its works great19:47
Lnsnice :)19:47
Lnsi haven't gotten the chance to check it out yet19:47
nubae1though almost no changes in ltsp side...19:47
Lnsyeah...it seems pretty stable with the fixes from -updates for me too, one school has had 2 classes in, and 0 lockups (which is amazing considering at least 10 would lock-up constantly before today, each class)19:48
nubae1yeah same experience... really need to keep updated... although now its finally stable19:49
nubae1but shouldn't be like that for a LTS release19:49
* Lns does a dance because he's so happy his clients are finally starting to see stability :)19:49
nubae1hardy had massive problems when I installed it... beginng with the infamous firefox 3 bug19:50
nubae1intrepid has non of that, so thats nice :-) just a usb stick issue thats easily fixd19:50
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Lnsyea...i dunno, I kinda wish *buntu would adopt more of the debian policy, at least for "stable" releases (although LTS != the typical term "stable" from what i learned in the past few days)19:51
LnsI like the determined release dates a lot19:51
LnsMaybe, when they release the "LTS" version, keep it in some sort of psuedo-Beta after it's been released19:52
Lnsi dunno, i think the root problem is the concept of LTS19:52
nubae1man, weirdness... suddenly my network cards are interfering with each other... I turn eth1 on, and eth0 gets blocked20:00
nubae1I turn it off, and it starts working again20:00
nubae1wonder what that is all about20:02
nubae1yeah just tried several times... every time I do ifconfig eth1 up, eth0 gets blocked20:03
Lnsnubae1: what do you mean specifically by "blocked" ?20:03
nubae1all network traffic stops responding20:04
nubae1ping google.com does nothing20:04
nubae1what could cause that?20:04
Lnsnubae1: is it being blocked at the server level itself? can you do a traceroute?20:04
nubae1let me try, I'll probably be thrown offline again...20:05
Lnsthe joys of network debugging20:05
nubae1ok, this is extremely weird...20:07
nubae1traceroute tells me the server's ip is
nubae1even though its actually
Lnsis .47 a TC?20:08
nubae1 7  ws47 (  304.091 ms !H * *20:08
nubae1my hosts file has static declarations for all its TCs20:09
nubae1its as if dhcp tries to give the internal eth1 its own address20:10
nubae1which somehow then conflicts with qth020:10
nubaehmmm why would eth1 be given a new network address when its turned on? in /etc/network/interfaces everything looks as it should20:13
nubaeeth1 is statically defined in /etc/network/interfaces20:14
nubaeas, and I've added a hosts declaration to it in /etc/hosts too20:14
nubaebut when I turn it on with ifconfig, it turns into 0.4720:14
nubaegonna restart server... hope it goes away :-)20:16
Lnsnubae: is dhcpcd running on the server?20:17
Lnsi've seen that before on ubuntu and debian20:17
Lnseven though a static ip is defined, it will still try and get a dhcp addy if dhcpcd is going20:18
nubaedhcp is running yes20:19
nubaeI need it for the thin clients :-)20:19
nubaeill try turning it off and restarting networking20:19
nubaeok now it seems to be ok20:20
nubaenow to turn on dhcpd again20:20
nubaeyep thats causing it...20:21
nubaerestarting dhcp kills the network connection20:22
nubaeok, think I fixed it... turned get-lease-hostnames off20:24
Lnsnubae: if you're not needing dhcpcd on the server i'd just nuke that package all together20:28
Lnsof course i'm relentless like that =p20:28
nubaeI need it... for the thin clients20:28
nubaelease-hostnames doesnt work though, it kills the connection it seems... the weird thing is, I had it working that way fine before20:29
Lnsnubae: having a static ip at one point in time, and then dhcpcd re-configuring it was common for me before nuking dhcpcd20:31
nubaeI've never seen that till today20:32
Lnseven after hours/days of it being static it would sparatically switch over20:32
nubaewhat could cause that, did u ever find out?20:32
nubaecause thats a pretty bad bug20:32
Lnsnubae: i never dug too deep into it after finding out the issue...that was a while ago, and i knew even less about reporting bugs than i do now =p20:34
Lnsobviously though, dhcpcd isn't honoring stanzas in /etc/network/interfaces20:35
nubaeyeah I wonder if network-manager is to blame20:35
nubaeits usually to blame for something :p20:35
ograno, people using wrong configs are :) NM is supposed to rule *all* interfaces now20:36
ograeven on commandline20:37
Lnsboooo ogra :p20:37
Lnsogra: doesn't NM honor interfaces file though?20:37
nubaenot if its telling dhcpd to do what it wants20:38
ograit does and calls the right ifup.d scripts20:38
ograbut thats not 100% working yet (it will for release)20:38
ograif you have non standard settings in that file it will probably break20:38
Lnsah...so maybe that's the issue20:38
ografor basic values it works already20:38
nubaeheres what happened to me... I turned dhcp on with get-lease-hostnames on and it took over the servers internal network address20:38
nubaeI turned off get-lease-hostnames and it works normally again20:39
ograin /e/n/i ?20:39
nubaebut I had set stuff manually in /e/n/i20:40
nubaeyep network manager takes over the /e/n/i settings20:41
nubaejust checked20:41
Lnsnubae: did you mean dhcpcd.conf ?20:42
Lnsif there is such a config20:42
Lnsseems weird the dhcp server would hose the host's own static ip addy20:42
nubaewell it does, by looking at what network manager has set up20:43
nubaeit doesnt look at /e/n/i20:43
nubaeI can understand the reasoning, but for us command line folk, its not so obvious20:43
nubaeI meant /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf20:43
Lnsah crap...is this a really bad thing(tm) ?   "Setting up procps (1:3.2.7-5ubuntu3) ... * Setting kernel variables...                                                  Cannot find /proc/version - is /proc mounted?                                                                         [fail]"20:44
Lnsthis is in updating chroot without mounting proc20:44
nubaeheh yeah one needs to mount /proc20:44
Lnsdid I just hose my chroot?20:45
nubaejust mount it20:45
nubaeand try again20:45
nubaeogra: so its normal for dhcpd to listen to network manager, but not to /etc/network/interfaces?20:45
ogradhcpd doesnt care20:47
nubaewell I had my network manager set to auto for both interfaces (it doesnt bother reading /etc/network/interfaces) and when turning on dhcpd, it does exactly what is in networkmanager20:49
nubaenot what is in interfaces20:49
nubaeso it must care on some level :p20:49
Lnsnubae: are you sure it's not dhcpCd that's not caring what's in interfaces? All dhcpD does is listen for requests...20:51
Lnshopefully i'm not missing something basic here20:51
nubaedhcp3-server is the one doing whats in network manager... and giving an address to eth1, when interfaces has it set as static20:52
nubaethis is worse than I thought, I tried to set all the settings in network manager, and upon saving, it defaults back to dhcp for both interfaces20:55
* Lns saw https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD a while ago but never looked into it...not that you want to just rip & replace NM...21:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 256054 in network-manager "[intrepid] new 0.7 branch ignores /etc/network/interfaces" [Unknown,Confirmed]22:52
nubaeI wasn't imagining things...22:52
nubaenetwork manager defaults to dhcp and ignores its own settings22:52
nubaebut its being worked on, its an intrepid thing22:54

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