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Rinchenshe's away for a bit01:07
kiko-zzzbut ask Rinchen and me cuz after all we have no life01:13
RinchenLaunchpad IS life01:13
kiko-zzzwell, that too01:13
* wgrant wonders how the Freeing roadmap is.01:21
kiko-zzzit's long01:22
kiko-zzzand full of fucking problems01:23
kiko-zzzluckily WE PERSEVERE01:23
ajmitchit probably drives poor kiko to drink01:24
jmlajmitch: so, based on my day-to-day experience, it drives kiko to _work_01:24
ajmitchoh dear01:24
wgrantkiko-zzz: Oh dear. Big problems?01:28
wgrant(you're sleep-IRCing again. Bad kiko)01:28
kiko-zzzwgrant, nothing insurmountable. just some hard decisions and then Work.01:31
kiko-zzzneed to figure out what to do with some of the blocks so they don't conflict with customer requirements01:32
kiko-zzzget rid of some other proprietary bits we can't redistribute in the tree01:32
kiko-zzzI will release a roadmap later this month01:32
wgrantI wondered if there would be bits like that.01:32
wgrantRelease as in to us mere mortals?01:33
zookofamilytimeI still don't see any new events on my trac due to its linkage with launchpad.01:37
zookofamilytimeAlso, everyone please download Tahoe and try it out.  It is a secure distributed p2p filesystem.01:37
wgrantWon't it only do things if bugs have been linked?01:37
zookofamilytimeIt's awesome.01:37
zookofamilytimeSo, then please report some bugs in Tahoe, using launchpad, and see what happens.  ;-)01:38
spivThe pycon talk about it was certainly awesome.01:38
zookofamilytimeGlad you liked it!01:42
zookofamilytimeThat talk was Brian Warner's doing.01:42
zookofamilytimeI'm about to give a talk of my own: http://allmydata.org/~zooko/lafs.pdf01:42
zookofamilytimeaway I go to family time01:42
radixOk, so I'm building a package which build-depends on a package that's already in my PPA, but it's saying it can't find it02:06
radixso I guess I'm doing something wrong02:06
persiaradix: Are the binaries in your PPA as well as the source?  Other than that, it's hard to guess what might be the issue.  Maybe a versioned dependency?02:08
radixpersia: yes, libglktermw-dev built successfully, then I uploaded glulxe, and it couldn't find it02:08
radixmy log is at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18146684/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.glulxe_043-0ubuntu1_MANUALDEPWAIT.txt.gz02:08
wgrantradix: How long between the build completion and other upload?02:08
radixwgrant: not very long02:08
wgrantradix: You might need to wait up to 20 minutes (the binaries are only published on */20)02:09
radixok, they're there, so I'll try another build of glulxe02:09
persiaradix: If you add the PPA to /etc/apt/sources.list, can you download the -dev package?02:09
wgrantJust hit "Retry build".02:09
persia(with apt-get install)02:09
wgrantOr maybe wait - but it might take a while to automatically retry.02:09
radixpersia: I'm just looking at the http server now: http://ppa.launchpad.net/radix/ubuntu/pool/main/g/glktermw/02:10
persiaradix: OK.  When you *know* it's published, wait a bit for for tbe buildd internal mirror to get a copy (buildds have no network access), and then click retry.02:10
wgrantDepwait builds should be automatically retried when their deps are available.02:11
radixoh, sweet02:11
wgrantI'm not sure how frequent that is for PPAs, however.02:11
radixI guess I won't hit that button then02:12
radixI don't see any indication that they'll be retried, but I guess I'll wait a while longer02:13
wgrantThere hasn't been a publisher for 13 minutes.02:13
wgrantThere's little point retrying before another publisher run.02:13
radixthat's good to know02:14
radixthis is the first time I've used PPA, and the only docs I've found are https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA , so I'm still pretty clueless02:15
wgrantThat build probably only started a couple of minutes too early.02:16
wgrantIt might actually work if your retry it now.02:16
* radix pushes the buttons :)02:17
* Hobbsee spins the dials02:18
* wgrant turns everything off.02:18
* Hobbsee runs 240v through wgrant.02:20
wgrantI wouldn't voom if you put 40000V through me.02:20
wgrantOr is it vroom? I forget.02:21
jmlhmm, a contested assertion02:21
jmltry to try Science!02:21
jml"time to try"02:21
radix"try to try" works too02:21
* wgrant fails to try.02:21
Hobbseevroom, iirc.02:22
jmlradix: not quite as well though02:22
wgrantHobbsee: Probably so.02:22
wgrantradix: Well, it worked, but failed.02:39
radixwgrant: yeah, but for a reason I know how to deal with :-)02:42
radixThanks very much for the help02:42
radixI should really set up a barebones VM so I can more easily spot these build-deps errors02:43
wgrantWhy do you need a VM?02:43
radixor a chroot, whatever02:43
wgrantWe use either pbuilder or schroot.02:43
radixI'll look into those02:44
jtvhelloooo launchpad!04:39
Hobbseehey jtv!04:41
* wgrant escapes04:42
jtvhi Hobbsee04:44
jtvHobbsee: what did I do to scare wgrant?04:44
Hobbseejtv: i'm not sure.  But he just had to deal with an incredibly dim user, and has been dealing with the forums, so he was probably already highly traumatised.04:44
Hobbsee(how do people know about #ubuntu-bugs, #ubuntu-quality, etc, yet not know how to install a program with ubuntu?)04:45
wgrantSelective cluelessness.04:46
jtvHobbsee: don't ask me.  I've been dealing with some guy who uses my mailing lists and bug tracker to ask for help with issues like "I'm using your C++ library and I'm getting these link errors about missing functions"04:46
jtvWhere the issue is of course simply that he's not linking to the library.04:46
Hobbseejtv: classy.04:46
Hobbseeyes, of course.04:46
jtvOr "I'm getting an error, something about a variable definition.  Why?"04:46
wgrantSome of the stuff in the Programming Talk subforum of ubuntuforums.org is great.04:47
jtvWhen I get him to tell me the actual error messages, it's "I'm getting this error, what's wrong with my program?"04:47
jtvwgrant: ah, examples!04:47
jmljtv: "give me a minimal, runnable example that reproduces the problem" is my favourite way of dealing with those.05:00
jtvjml: In this case of mine I've moved on to "I can help you solve your problem, but you must put in some effort—such as bothering to read the error message."05:03
jmljtv: sucks :(05:04
jtvjml: I once spent time explaining that to someone, and the guy told me what an idiot I was for wasting my time on that.05:05
jtvjml: we do get some entertaining stories out of it...05:05
jmljtv: explaining "reading the error message"?05:05
jtvjml: and "produce a minimal example" and such05:06
jmljtv: ahh ok.05:06
jmljtv: well when they do that I reach for my ignore gun.05:06
jtvjml: and resolve not to spend so much time on it next time?05:07
jmljtv: well, this is mostly in an IRC context05:07
jmljtv: so I say, "can you please paste a minimal, runnable example to <pastebin>" and then generally don't actually bother elaborating until they do so (or confess that this is proprietary code they are being paid to work on or what have you)05:08
jtvjml: and on IRC I suppose the ignoring is more work.  :-)05:09
jmljtv: /ignore <foo> all05:09
jmljtv: also, having op privileges is nice :)05:09
jtvjml: ahhhh  :)05:10
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Ursinhame again05:39
jdrakeI have specified a milestone called 'demo1a' and pushed some updates to a related branch and tagged it demo1a. How can I get the demo1a milestone to be connected with the specific revision?05:49
Ursinhajdrake, with the specific revision you've pushed to lp? I'm not sure you can do such association05:54
Ursinhabzr revision, there is05:54
jdrakeWhat is the point of saying a milestone on lp? What does it link with to have any meaning?05:55
Ursinhajdrake, you can associate bugs and blueprints to it05:56
Ursinhaso, targeting these items to a milestone, you can keep track of what is supposed to be released05:57
jdrakeBut you can't associate actual code to it?05:58
Ursinhayou can associate a branch to a milestone, but not a specific revision06:00
wgrantI thought branches were associated with series, and releases could have tarballs.06:00
wgrantReleases should really be able to have a bzr tag attached to them, IMO.06:00
Ursinhawgrant, you're right, sorry, it's a series that can be associated to a branch06:01
Ursinhayou clearly have much more experience on LP than me :)06:02
jdrakeok, I am confused here.06:03
Ursinhawgrant, when I said that you can keep track of what you'll release, I use the milestone as a "release target", as we do in LP06:03
jdrakeSo I have a milestone, can I get something associated with this tag 'demo1a'/revision 3, that can be a release of some kind?06:03
Ursinhajdrake, let me try to clarify, and wgrant can correct me if I'm wrong06:03
wgrantUrsinha: Right, Launchpad fails the dogfood test. Launchpad developers don't use Launchpad properly.06:03
wgrantProbably because milestones don't make much sense for Launchpad.06:04
wgrantWell, some milestones should be able to be marked as being releases, IMO.06:04
Ursinhajdrake, no, you can't associate a specific revision to something in LP06:04
wgrantWhereas at the moment they are separate concepts.06:04
Ursinhajdrake, but yes, you can associate a whole branch06:04
jdrakeThat seems buggered06:06
wgrantIt makes sense to be able to associate revisions or tags with releases, and it makes sense to have the concept of releases and milestones merged. Neither of those are currently possible.06:07
wgrantjdrake: At the moment, you can upload files to a release for users to download.06:07
Ursinhajdrake, what I'm saying is that the smaller unit of code you can associate to something is a branch06:07
Ursinhajdrake, if you want to "release" something that belongs to a specific revision, you may package that somehow and release it06:07
Ursinhaas wgrant just said06:07
Ursinhabut all suggestions are welcoe06:08
Ursinhawgrant, why you say milestones don't make much sense for LP?06:10
wgrantUrsinha: LP 2.1.10 is a release.06:13
wgrantBut in the Launchpad webapp it is a milestone.06:13
Ursinhawgrant, it's a milestone to a release06:13
wgrantI think 'release' should just be an extra flag on a milestone, as that's all it is.06:13
Ursinhamilestone is a point to achieve06:13
Ursinhawhich is not wrong in the sense we use, I think06:13
jmlUrsinha: we don't use releases though.06:14
wgrantIf Launchpad were open, Launchpad itself 2.1.10 would have downloadable files. Thus it doesn't make sense in the current model.06:14
Ursinhamaybe we should be more clear in using releases06:14
Ursinhajml, yes, faster than me06:14
wgrant2.0 should be a series, 2.1.10 should be a milestone with the release flag.06:14
beunowgrant, the whole release/milestone/series is having a makeover06:15
beuno"it's in the works"06:15
wgrantbeuno: Oh, good to know. What's changing?06:15
beunothey are a bit confusing06:15
wgrantIs the design public?06:15
wgrantI think bzr shows how it's broken.06:15
wgrantTheir milestones inevitably duplicate their releases.06:16
beunowgrant, I don't really remember right now, but, if IIRC, series and milestones will be collapsed unto one06:16
wgrantAnd I think they make rather good use of the current functionality.06:16
wgrantbeuno: That makes approximately 0 sense. Do you mean releases and milestones?06:16
beunoor milestone will become releases06:16
beunoit's 2am06:16
beunoso I'm a bit off  :)06:16
wgrantThat's what I would have suggested.06:16
Ursinhahey beuno06:16
Ursinhayou there06:16
beunohi Ursinha06:17
beunonope, not here06:17
beunowgrant, something with series will happen as well06:18
beunobecause it's confusing right now06:18
wgrantbeuno: I bet we're going to have this sprung on us and it will be completely broken.06:18
beunoyou have to create a series to create a release to add download files06:18
beunowgrant, I bet it won't be completely broken, and it will rock your socks off06:18
* beuno is a bit fuzzy on the details, and is very very very tired06:19
wgrantI think that the series data model shouldn't change, but they should cease to be explicitly managed.06:19
wgrantie. when creating a release it should ask you to either select an existing series or create a new one.06:20
beunoand who said it wasn't going to work that way?06:20
wgrantYou learn to doubt Launchpad design after a while, I'm afraid.06:20
beunoI haven't06:20
beunoand I've been around for a while...06:20
beunothis was fun06:21
beunobut it's way past my bedtime06:21
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siretartany lp dev around that could edit a project's ownership?09:35
adeuringsiretart: I'll ask who can do it.09:37
wgrantsiretart: You'll need an ~admin unless it's owned by Registry.09:37
stdinsiretart: probably best to file a question at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad09:38
siretartfiled as https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/4700109:38
* wgrant agrees with stdin.09:38
* siretart hopes it is filed in the right place09:38
wgrantadeuring: So you are actually going to have somebody assigned to respond to things in the channel now? This is good news.09:39
adeuringwgrant: since two week or so there should be a developer "on call" here. Excat times depend on where the person lives, of course ;)09:41
adeuringwgrant: see the channel topic ;)09:41
adeuringsiretart: yes, a question is exactly right09:41
wgrantadeuring: It doesn't explain the purpose of the community contact.09:41
siretartadeuring: danke! :-)09:42
wgrantAnd I've not seen anything more about the existence of the community contact, and I watch LP things fairly closely.09:42
adeuringwgrant: yeah, we have been parhaps a bit too silent about it...09:42
wgrants/a bit too/completely/09:43
wgrantAnyway, it is a welcome change.09:43
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kiko-zzzmrevell, ping11:19
mrevellhi kiko-zzz11:19
kiko-zzzmrevell, wgrant has a good point -- we haven't told anybody about CHR11:20
kiko-zzzmrevell, and I was going to ask you if we could extend management of launchpad-users to the CHR11:20
kiko-zzzwanna pile that on the stack and clear it with ole jojo?11:20
mrevellkiko-zzz: Interesting you should mention that. The releases team and I were discussing this yesterday and I'm going to blog about CHR today. I was wondering if we want to put the name of the current CHR person in this channel's topic.11:21
kiko-zzzmrevell, well, Ursula and joey did that yesterday, and I think it should become standard yeah11:21
kiko-zzzmrevell, but I was more suggesting we haven't said anything about it on news.launchpad.net or help11:21
mrevellkiko-zzz: Great, I'll add it to the CHR process page, along with launchpad-users management11:21
kiko-zzzmrevell, what do we do with the password I wonder11:22
wgrant(what does CHR stand for?)11:22
kiko-zzzcommunity help rotation11:22
kiko-zzzwe are full of acronyms this year11:22
wgrantThankyou for introducing it.11:22
kiko-zzzwgrant, you think it's working out well?11:23
wgrantkiko-zzz: Having somebody that people can ask, and reducing response latency, is always a good thing.11:24
kiko-zzzyeah, we're still figuring out how to do it, but I agree11:24
wgrantSupport latency has frankly been awful at times.11:26
kiko-zzzyeah, it's because we don't actually have support personnel. well, didn't! :)11:28
kiko-zzzwgrant, hey, I had a thought. maybe you want to apply for a CHR post? :)11:29
kiko-zzzwgrant, hmmmm? :)11:30
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zookoGood morning!12:53
zooko 12:53
* zooko checks his trac to see if launchpad pushed any updates into it while he slept.12:53
siretartadeuring: what part of launchpad is responsible for this page: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/i386/libquicktime1/2:1.0.2+debian-2build213:04
siretartadeuring: is that soyuz?13:04
wgrantThat's Soyuz.13:04
adeuringsiretart, wgrant: right13:04
siretartthanks. bug filed13:07
Hobbseeyay CHR!  Will it cover !european workdays, though?13:08
adeuringHobbsee: well, today, since I live in Germany. On other days people from other parts of the world may be on duty13:09
Hobbseeadeuring: so, not most of the time.  Right.13:10
Hobbseeadeuring: what do you do on launchpad?  Are you new?13:10
lagawait. i didn't get that. you are on duty because it's not a work day for you?13:11
adeuringHobbsee: I'm working since ~1 year on Lauanchpad; mostly on a hardware database.13:11
Hobbseeadeuring: ahhh.  I'd not seen the nick before.  Hardware database for distributions, or?13:11
wgrantadeuring: Are we going to be able to get useful data out of that at some point?13:12
wgrantThe raw stuff is there, but that's not entirely useful...13:12
adeuringHobbsee: Distributions: yes and no; the idea is to collect data from Ubuntu users, and to get for example an idea how many devices (say, Lexmark printer 1234) are in use; links to bugs etc.13:13
adeuringHobbsee: We'll have soon an API for the HW database13:13
Hobbseeadeuring: ah, right.  Cool!13:14
adeuringHobbsee: But running the data collection client (hwtest-gtk) is technically not restricted to Ubuntu13:14
Hobbseeadeuring: indeed.13:15
zookoWhere is this database?  I want to see it!13:15
adeuringHobbsee: but I am not aware of any other distros using this program13:15
Hobbseeadeuring: no, it seems they have their own.  Or at least some of them13:15
adeuringHobbsee: right; collecting hardware data became fashionable during the last two years or so ;)13:16
Hobbseeadeuring: heh, yes :)13:16
* wgrant is yet to find traversers other than +fingerprint under /+hwdb. Are there any?13:17
adeuringwgrant: nothing really interesting; but you can look for example to lp.net/~your-account/+hwdb-submissions13:20
wgrantadeuring: Right, that's the other I knew about.13:21
adeuringwgrant: wait a bit and we'll have a bit more to present13:21
wgrantWhy are there so many anonymous submissions? Isn't one required to enter a valid Launchpad email address at the end of the process?13:21
adeuringwgrant: There are many more Ubuntu users than Launchpad users, and we did not want to require an LP account for the submissions.13:22
adeuringwgrant: But as soon as somebody registers an LP account with the email address from a submissions, he'll own that submission13:22
wgrantadeuring: Hmm, it looked to me like it needed an LP account. But maybe I misread.13:22
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bigjoolssiretart: FWIW, you can file bugs against "Launchpad" and they will be triaged and moved to the right place13:39
morgsI'm trying to copy a package in my PPA from hardy to intrepid, and I get "The following source cannot be copied: sugar-artwork 0.82.0-1ubuntu1~ppa1 in hardy (same version already has published binaries in the destination archive)" - even though it doesn't exist for intrepid yet.13:42
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cprovmorgs: https://edge.launchpad.net/~morgan/+archive?field.name_filter=sugar-artwork&field.status_filter=published13:43
morgscprov: hey - so can I copy it to intrepid?13:44
cprovmorgs: it was already built and published for hardy, you can't rebuilt it for intrepid. You have to copy the exiting binaries too.13:44
morgsoh I see13:44
morgsIf I want to build it for intrepid, do I have to reupload?13:45
cprovmorgs: no, when copying, select the option (radio-button) to include the binaries.13:45
cprovmorgs: and *hey*, didn't notice it was you Morgan.13:47
morgscprov: yeah Celso :) Nice to be using soyuz...13:48
morgscprov: OK, that works, but does the package actually get rebuilt on intrepid at some point?13:48
cprovmorgs: yeah, great to see olpc stuff in the PPA too.13:48
cprovmorgs: no, you will be using the binaries built in hardy in intrepid clients.13:49
cprovmorgs: do you have any new library in intrepid ?13:50
morgscprov: hmm, I actually want to get the packages built on intrepid too (my goal is to get a feature freeze exception to sync from debian where these packages come from), so I'll reupload. I did that for sugar - the ~ppa2 I uploaded for intrepid.13:51
* wgrant dreams of a "Backport" button in the web UI.13:52
* laga joins wgrant13:52
cprovmorgs: right, when you really need to rebuild to a new series you need a new source.13:52
morgscprov: OK thanks!13:52
lagajust copying packages to another series actually sounds broken. there is no dependency checking AFAIK13:52
Hobbseewgrant: no you don't :)13:53
wgrantlaga: We do it all the time in Ubuntu...13:53
lagawgrant: without a rebuild?13:53
wgrantlaga: Yes. Or the buildds would be even more angry.13:53
wgrantlaga: Where do you think we get the binaries to start a new distroseries?13:54
lagawithout dependency checking? it surely breaks for dpkg-shlibdeps13:54
laga.. stuff13:54
lagawgrant: ah, that's not a backport.13:54
wgrantlaga: It's a forward-port without rebuild, right.13:54
cprovlaga: exactly, copying binaries over is more common (and right) than you think.13:55
morgswell, your first build of the toolchain on a new distroseries requires something to build it with...13:55
wgrantWe carry many binaries from Warty.13:55
wgrantCopying backwards sometimes makes sense.13:55
wgrantNot always.13:55
wgrantBut people should be smart enough to check this.13:55
cprovlaga: but I'm not saying we don't have to rebuild in some cases, forward (new build-deps) or backwards (backports).13:55
wgrantmorgs: We carry over the entire archive (except for partner... or is there a bug on that?)13:55
lagaforward-ports to a completely new series are a different thing then letting joe sixpack copy packages in their PPA ;)13:55
wgrantJoe Sixpack should be allowed to shoot himself in the foot and learn from mistakes, I think. It's nothing particularly damaging.13:56
cprovlaga: yes, and it doesn't mean that plain-copy isn't necessary.13:56
Hobbseewgrant: but why are they allowed to with removing packages?13:56
wgrantHobbsee: Because version ratcheting is good. In some cases.13:57
wgrantJust not those that Ubuntu people are more likely to use.13:57
lagaalright. i'm convinced.13:58
* wgrant puts away the brainwashing gear.13:58
siretartbigjools: thanks! i've noticed that soyuz alone has about 130 untriaged bugs, and I wanted to spare you some triaging work13:59
bigjoolssiretart: they all need triaging regardless of where they start :)13:59
Hobbseewgrant: occasionally.  but it does seem to confuse people13:59
bigjoolsbut thanks for the thought!13:59
wgrantHobbsee: Confusing people is good... we don't want easily confused people to be publishing packages for the world, do we?13:59
Hobbseewgrant: that's a point14:00
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radixinteresting, does uploading something to a PPA automatically create /ubuntu/+source/<pkg> ?15:03
bigjoolsno, that's separate15:04
cprovradix: no, the domains are separate.15:04
radixbecause I notice that glulxe and glktermw now exist in /ubuntu/+source , empty15:04
radixand I'm pretty sure glktermw at least has never been packaged for ubuntu15:04
Horyradix, where's the latest incarnation of twisted reality?15:04
wgrantAre SourcePackageNames shared?15:04
HoryI can't find it in all of the files15:04
radixHory: it's called "Divmod Imaginary" now15:05
Horyaha, thanks15:05
cprovradix: yes, the page is available, but it says in 'no versions available'15:05
radixcprov: yes I understand15:05
radixit seems it became available because I uploaded to a PPA15:05
radixjust a curious thing I noticed :)15:06
cprovradix: right, it's not a 404 because of that.15:06
wgrantBug #15734215:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 157342 in launchpad-foundations "PPA-created SourcePackageNames appear to exist in Ubuntu too" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15734215:06
radixbut actually, it's interesting, because it means bugs can be filed against it15:07
wgrantradix: No, that was fixed.15:07
wgrantOr it was meant to be.15:07
cprovradix: no, the bug facet of the problem was fixed.15:07
radixhum, ok, I'm just guessing based on the fact that there's a "Report a Bug" button15:07
wgrantLooks like it might have been unfixed.15:08
* wgrant tries on staging.15:08
wgrantOne can certainly get the form...15:08
radixotoh, it'd be nice to have a place for bugs to be filed on my PPA packages :)15:08
wgrantAh, no, the bug is still fixed.15:08
cprovradix: ubuntu-qa guys would cry loudly, I guess.15:08
radixcprov: oh, sure, if I were to put bugs in there15:09
* wgrant will gladly reject the bugs.15:09
radixcprov: is there an outstanding feature request for having bug trackers specifically for PPAs?15:09
radixthat I can subscribe to?15:09
cprovradix: I think so, let me find it.15:09
radixI think I found it15:11
radixbug #23456415:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 234564 in malone "Cannot file bugs against packages in a PPA" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23456415:11
cprovradix: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/179873, too15:11
radixah :)15:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 179873 in soyuz "Can't report bugs on PPA packages" [Undecided,New]15:11
radixok, thanks guys15:13
* radix is subscribed15:13
radixthat'd be much better than using my blog comment section as a bug tracker :)15:14
cprovradix: wordpress guys would disagree :)15:14
* radix shudders15:14
radixthose guys are weird ;-)15:14
radixoh ho, I just used "This bug affects me" for the first time15:15
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james_wdoes anyone know why there are apparently duplicate rows on https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/9menu/+publishinghistory ?15:21
james_wthere are 3 lines with "Superseded   Dapper   release  universe  x11   1.8-1.1"15:22
cprovjames_w: looks like broken overrides we had in the past.15:25
james_wcprov: thanks15:28
jbalintHi, how can i delete a branch?15:30
adeuringjbalint: There is a little red button on the main page of the branch,15:34
adeuringjbalint: on right to the title15:34
jbalintaw crap , i wasnt logged in. i see it now. thanks adeuring15:35
adeuringjbalint: common problem; happens to me too ;)15:35
kikowgrant, #1 strikes again15:55
* zooko checks whether launchpad has synced with http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe .15:58
kikohey zooko16:01
kikogmb, zooko's lookin for ya ;)16:01
rexbronhey cody-somerville, kiko: LP blueprints is still timing out when I try and link a dep. (OOPS-1007EC106) Any idea if/when this will get looked at?16:30
kikorexbron, uhhh uhhhhh uhhhhhh16:30
kikomatsubara, how about you escalate rexbron's problem?16:31
=== kiko is now known as kiko-fud
rexbroncool, it's not critical, but a blocker16:31
matsubarakiko-fud: will do16:31
kiko-fudmatsubara, who do you think could sort us out?16:31
gmbzooko, kiko: So, we're still seeing issues trying to sync with the Tahoe Trac. It looks like a permissions problem, which is pretty weird.16:32
gmbzooko: Can you confirm that the 'launchpad' user has XML_PRC and LAUNCHPAD_RPC permissions on your Trac instance?16:32
matsubarakiko-fud: someone from registry, I think16:32
matsubararexbron: I need to grab lunch now. I'll take a look when I get back.16:33
rexbronmatsubara: np, enjoy :)16:33
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sylvainvhhello do you speak french?16:36
sylvainvhi've a bug16:36
adeuringsylvainvh: sorry, unfortunately I don't speak French16:37
sylvainvhno problem16:39
nealmcbI read about launchpad bzr integration, and thought that using --fixes on my commit and then uploading to trunk would do something automatic in my new launchpad project - but now the fix is there, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/electionaudits and the bug still says "confirmed"  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/electionaudits/+bug/277341   Do I just need to wait some more, or is there something else to configure?16:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277341 in electionaudits "makeauditunits: DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is undefined" [Medium,Confirmed]16:39
sylvainvhwhen i start my computer. After the grub, i've sometime a sound and my computer crash16:40
sylvainvhit's a bug16:41
zookoHey there gmb!16:41
adeuringsylvainvh: sorry, this channel is about Launchpad, not about Ubuntu. You might get help for example on Freendoe's #ubuntu channel16:42
zookoYes -- the launchpad use has the LAUNCHPAD_RPC and XML_RPC permissions.16:42
sylvainvhok, sorry16:42
nealmcbwow - good to see you here zooko!16:43
adeuringsylvainvh: no problem16:43
zookoHi there Neal McB!  THanks for the recent e-mail.16:43
adeuringnealmcb: I don't think that the bug status automatically updated16:46
nealmcbadeuring: then what is the integration about? and  I thought it worked for ubuntu16:46
adeuringnealmcb: need to check...16:47
gmbzooko: Hmm. Interesting. Okay, I'm continuing to look into this, but it actually looks at the moment as though Launchpad can't authenticate properly for some reason with the Tahoe Trac instance. I suspect it's a bug in the plugin that I've not seen before.16:47
gmbzooko: I'm going to set up a test instance and debug this. It might be worth your while to disable the plugin for now so that Launchpad can at least import statuses from the Tahoe Trac again.16:48
zookoCould it be that the authentication mechanism I'm using is not the one you expected?16:49
zookoThere are several authentication mechanisms people can use for Trac./16:49
gmbzooko: Well, the launchpad user should be special-cased by the plugin.16:49
gmbIt bypasses the standard auth mechanisms for exactly that reason.16:49
zookoI'm using apache htdigest.16:49
zookoOkay I'll disable the launchpad plugin for now.16:50
zookoPlease join #tahoe if you want me to try it again.16:50
gmbzooko: Thanks. Sorry about this... Isn't beta software great? Thanks for helping with testing, though ;).16:50
zookoSure thing!  I hope you get back to me for the next round.16:50
adeuringnealmcb: just checked with other Launchpad devs: The feature does not work with Launchpad :(16:52
nealmcbadeuring: surprising -  thanks for checking!16:53
rockstarnealmcb, you can do --fixes=lp:12345 on commit16:53
nealmcbrockstar: that's what I did16:54
rockstarnealmcb, and it didn't work?16:54
nealmcbrockstar: right - like I said above16:54
nealmcbnote it is a new project, not ubuntu16:55
* rockstar could've sworn it worked16:55
nealmcbBut I just changed it by hand myself.  Yeah - that's what I thought16:55
* nealmcb is headed out now....16:57
gmbzooko: Will do.17:01
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mrevellNew episode of the Launchpad podcast - http://news.launchpad.net/podcast/launchpod-episode-10-api-and-bug-plugins17:04
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lagaany chance we can get a transcript or a short summary containing the most important points?17:10
exarkunlaga: but audio is such an efficient media for information transfer17:14
kikoexarkun, and don't forget you lose the colourful language and accent of the speakers17:14
lagawhich makes it even harder for not-so-native speakers to understand them17:15
lagamaybe we could have videos where canonical employees are holding up signs with text on them ;)17:15
salutishello guys. I have problem with build of my package in PPA. my build crashed (according to log file) but status is 'currently building'. please help!17:19
cprovsalutis: url ?17:20
salutiscprov: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18164676/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.salutis-desktop_1.0.7_NEEDSBUILD.txt.gz17:20
cprovsalutis: on sec, let me check.17:21
salutiscprov: thx17:21
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matsubararexbron: feel free to subscribe to bug 244957. I'll try to find someone to work on it17:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 244957 in blueprint "time out linking blueprint dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24495717:34
cprovsalutis: seems to be fixed and building correctly right now.17:38
salutiscprov: perfect. thank you very much!17:40
kikocprov, what was it?17:41
cprovsalutis: np, sorry for the *noise* we were migrating stuff in the ubuntu infrastructure.17:41
cprovkiko: new drescher.17:41
affluxin bug 183685 we have an outofoffice responder and two people who want to unsubscribe but ignore my explainings.17:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 183685 in compiz-fusion-plugins-main "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18368517:42
salutiscprov: but I have 3 source packages and 2 binary. probably I should rebuild the package, should I?17:43
kikocprov, new "new"?17:44
cprovsalutis: sorry ?  lack of context. Why should you rebuild stuff ?17:44
salutiscprov: ops, now package is built. sorry17:45
adeuringafflux: sounds like a bug in Launchpad that you ca subscribe but not unsubscribe other people.17:45
cprovkiko: yes ;)17:45
kikocprov, how many TBs?17:46
cprovkiko: 1,6 TB17:47
kikocprov, pas mal eh? disk space at an acceptable level?17:48
adeuringafflux: if it becomes too annoying, can you file a question? Launchpad admins can manually remove these users, if necessary.17:48
adeuringafflux: I'll also file a bug about it.17:48
affluxhm, will do. thanks.17:49
sorenadeuring: About --fixes=lp:12345... What exactly "doesn't work"? I just tried it, and https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~soren/vmbuilder/libvirtoverwrite is now clearly related to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/vmbuilder/+bug/276322.17:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276322 in vmbuilder "Domain ubuntu already exists at qemu:///system" [Undecided,New]17:50
adeuringsoren: the bug status is not automatically set to "fix committed" of "fix released"17:51
sorenadeuring: Ah.17:52
salutiscprov: I can't upgrade the package :(17:52
salutiscprov: 1 not upgraded (aptitude)17:53
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ahasenackI used "also affects project" in a ticket and I shouldn't have, is there a way to *remove* the affected project from the ticket?19:03
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affluxquite some people in bug 183685 complain about still getting emails after subscribing. Maybe someone should look into that.20:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 183685 in compiz-fusion-plugins-main "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18368520:19
beunoafflux, any specific examples we can look into?20:20
affluxbeuno: check the last 30 comments20:22
kikoafflux, do you mean unsubscribing?20:23
kikoafflux, they are probably subscribed to dupes.20:24
kikoand don't read email footers20:24
* kiko says rude words20:24
affluxthat's... not good indeed ;)20:25
kikoeven after I invested DAYS of my life adding explicit information in the footers20:25
kikonielsen is right. UDR.20:25
* beuno hugs kiko and keeps on walking20:25
bdmurrayIs there a way to link a ppa to a bug? kind of like with bzr branches20:26
Odd_Blokebdmurray: Would you expect it to keep track of bugs _in_ packages in that PPA, or bugs _fixed_ by them?20:29
beunobdmurray, short answer is no  :)20:29
bdmurrayOdd_Bloke: Both, but I'd prefer to find bugs fixed by PPAs first20:29
bdmurrayIs it on the radar at all?20:30
beunobdmurray, there is a bug open, and I've seen discussion around it20:30
bdmurrayI'll look for the bug then20:31
bdmurrayOkay, I think I found it thanks!20:34
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kirklandkiko: barry: hey guys, i'm hoping you can bump through two more mailing list approvals for me20:37
barrykirkland: i can when i'm done with this thing i'm doing :)20:38
kirklandbarry: rock on ;-)20:38
kikobdmurray, not easily, but you can put a URL in a comment. :)20:39
bdmurraykiko: right, but then those are really searchable which is what I'd find valuable20:41
kikoyeah, good point20:44
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barrykirkland: done20:54
kirklandbarry: awesome, thanks ;-)20:54
kirklandbarry: i think we have now supplanted sourceforge for the ecryptfs project ;-)20:55
barryrock on20:55
* barry really needs to look at ecryptfs20:55
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v6lur_hi. what is "kde po format" as opposed to just "po format"?21:42
kikov6lur_, I think they are almost the same21:42
v6lur_why the distinction, then?21:49
kikoI think there's something special about plural forms21:55
kikoI think so.21:55
kikov6lur_, yeah, that's it22:00
kikofrom Whttps://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+spec/kde-plural-forms e need to support special KDE plural form messages which are not using standard gettext support.22:01
kikoKDE 4.0 is switching over to standard gettext plural forms, but older KDE versions will still be around for a long time.22:01
kikoImplementation will provide support for legacy KDE plural forms: on import, pre-processing of KDE 3.5 (and earlier) PO files and correctly separating plural forms; on export, post-processing exported PO files to use KDE style plural fields instead of standard gettext fields.22:01
kikoThis will fix #46982: a bug which caused all KDE translations with more than two plural forms to be rejected. Translators will now be able to complete KDE translations using Launchpad.22:01
v6lur_ok, thanks again:)22:04
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pjvIs there a way I can put a small xml file in a launchpad project that will always (I would want to update it with subsequent releases) have the same url pointing to it from externally?23:17
pjvIs there a way I can put a small xml file in a launchpad project that will always (I would want to update it with subsequent releases) have the same url pointing to it from externally?23:22
kikopjv, can you explain further?23:23
pjvwell, I want to provide a version history with update information that can be retrieved in an automatic way23:24
pjvjust a small text xml file23:24
pjvthat has a link to it like https://launchpadlibrarian.net/18194682/AndroidsFortune.xml23:25
kikopjv, why don't you add a download file to your project?23:25
pjvbut then so I can change the file (or rather its contents) at new releases without having the link changed23:25
pjvdownload files can be deleted and re-uploaded but the number in the link changes23:25
kikoyeah, it's true.23:26
pjvany way whatsoever (it can be a small hack)? maybe as an attachment in the blueprints or answers sections (that I am not so familiar with)?23:28
kikopjv, I don't think we host any user content raw with a predictable URL23:30
kikowe do in PPAs23:30
kikopjv, and in bazaar!23:30
kikopjv, just push a branch that contains the XML file23:30
kikoand you can use bazaar.launchpad.net to see it23:30
pjvhmm, ok let me see23:30
pjveh oh yes my problem there was how do I say "latest revision"?23:31
kikopjv, not beautiful eh?23:32
pjvthis contains the number "16" which is the revision23:32
pjvI don't care how human-readable it is23:32
kikobeuno, do you know if there's an answer to pjv's question?23:33
* beuno looks23:33
kikoI suspect you can't get latest there23:33
beunoyes you can!23:33
pjvbut yeah, I was also wondering about the randomness of the other numbers23:33
pjvah thats interesting23:33
beunopjv, one sec, I'll let you in on the secret23:34
pjvthx for your effort23:34
beunopjv, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Epjv/androidsfortune/trunk/download/head:/androidsfortune.xml-20081003215357-77py3411h119elj2-40/AndroidsFortune.xml?file_id=androidsfortune.xml-20081003215357-77py3411h119elj2-4023:38
beunojust replace the "16" with "head:"23:38
kikobeuno, man, that has got to be added to the FAQ23:38
beunokiko, yeap yeap23:39
pjvok, but does that solve it?23:39
beunoor to Logerhead itself!23:39
pjvwhat about the "-20081003215357-77py3411h119elj2-40" part?23:39
kikopjv, that varies, but I wonder23:39
pjvto be clear, I'm looking for something like: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Epjv/androidsfortune/trunk/download/head:/androidsfortune.xml23:39
kikobeuno, can loggerhead give me the latest version of a file at a predictable URL?23:40
beunopjv, I have a branch to be able to do that23:40
pjvor something less human-readable23:40
beunokiko, not now, i ahve a branch I havne't mananged to finish yet23:40
pjvbeuno, elaborate?23:40
beunobut "soon"23:40
* beuno looks for his branch23:40
pjvah, you're working on some project?23:40
kikopjv, he's working on the code which runs on bazaar.launchpad.net23:41
beunoI seem to have deleted mine at some point23:43
beunobut that's one of the latest versions23:43
beunoso, there will be easy paths soon23:44
beunojust need to find time to fix some quirks23:44
beunopjv, you can cheat and use head: for the time being23:44
pjveh no I don't think that would cut it23:44
pjvbecause some parts in the link still depend on revisions/releases etc.23:45
pjvwe were halfway there though23:45
kikopjv, yeah. it's unfortunate because this would be the most flexible setup23:45
kikoeasy to update etc23:45
pjvand using bazaar sure is the most logical way23:45
beunopjv, the other bits are file_ids23:45
beunothey don't change23:45
beunoso, you just have to find out the file_id for the file23:46
pjvhow can I change the contents of the file without changing the file_id's then?23:46
beunopjv, bzr does that magic23:46
beunofor you  :)23:47
pjvhmm, that would be nice of bzr ;-) let me check23:47
beunoit even keeps the file_id if you rename that file23:47
pjvseems you're right23:48
pjvjee thanks, thats great!!23:49
beunohappy to help23:49
kikopjv, so cool :)23:49
pjvthe "head:" thing is cool23:49
pjvshould make it public, or at least a public secret23:50
pjvif you care about karma, I had a question opened here: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/4707123:50
pjvmight as well grab the honnors23:50
beunopjv, I'll add the answer23:52
beuno...when I get home23:55
* beuno -> home23:55
pjvok, well thanks alot, beuno and kiko23:56
kikopjv, sure thing23:57
kikopjv, btw23:57
kikopjv, what are you trying to do?23:57
pjvautomating some stuff23:57
beunopjv, the ubuntu art team is doing that as well23:58
kikowell that I could figure23:58
kikobut what exactly? :)23:58
beuno(those are all linked from loggerhead)23:58
pjvgetting app update information by version checking23:59

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