ethana2right, but i need more detailed data than that, this could be a bug00:00
ethana2sudo apt-get install pastebin it & lspci | pastebinit00:00
ethana2sudo apt-get install pastebinit & lspci | pastebinit00:00
ethana2sorry about that, typo that second time00:00
ethana2Does 8.10 ship with pastebinit pre-installed yet?00:02
macois anyone here using intrepid in kvm?00:02
kjetil1001HP pavillon dv6921la Notebook TL/60 AMD Turion 64 2048MB 667MHz DDR2  what info specifically is necessary?00:02
ethana2the gpu line from lspci00:03
bruce89ethana2: np00:03
ethana2bruce89: what?00:03
ethana2bruce89: oh, the pastebinit thing?00:04
taggiedid e1000e ever get un-blacklisted?00:04
ethana2taggie: intel put out a patch that keeps non-volatile memory from being written to00:05
ethana2so it should be, 2.6.27 should work fine00:05
macobut thats not in beta, i dont think00:05
ethana2uh oh00:05
macoi dont think it was merged yet00:05
ethana2that's kind of important........00:05
macobefore the iso's were created, i mean00:05
macobeta has it blacklisted00:05
ethana2oh, ok00:05
ethana2i suppose that works00:05
taggieethana2: do you know if it is released? i saw in the package that it was "commited" but i don't know what that means for the beta00:05
ethana2taggie: me neither00:06
maxb_Hrm. Upgrading reverted my static IP to DHCP. That is rather undesirable :-/00:06
macotaggie: means its added to trunk, but hasnt been packaged, i think00:06
taggieokay, still blacklisted, that's good. that means my card is just blacklisted and not necessarily dead from earlier alphas.00:06
taggie*crossing fingers*00:06
ethana2intel will help us fix borked network cards, don't worry00:06
ethana2you just have to write good data to the eeprom00:07
taggieethana2: overall i'm not worried, if intel doesn't fix, it's going to be lenovo's problem since the laptop is under warranty :)00:07
taggiethe beta torrents are screaming fast.00:08
ethana2beta is out?!00:08
macoyes, today00:08
ethana2but like, /now/?00:09
ethana2not just test .isos?00:09
taggieethana2: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.10/00:09
ethana2So if i install this on hardware with an e1000e, it'll just get un-blacklisted via updates, right?00:10
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
taggieethana2, that should be true.00:11
penguin42ethana2: Assuming you find a way to get updates onto your e1000e machine00:11
ethana2i don't own one, just curious00:12
taggieha, that's true.00:12
maxb_Hrm. Perhaps the release-upgrader should warn if you have an /etc/apt/preferences00:14
maxb_I had one which prohibited the install of sysvinit-utils. I guess I'm lucky I didn't explode my system00:15
kjetil1001ethana2  Typed lspci in a terminal window, there are NO gpu line (closeste are co-processor)00:16
maxb_What's the package to file bugs against for the auto-downloaded dist-upgrader thing?00:16
ethana2that's very odd, kjetil100100:17
ethana2could I have a look at it myself, to be sure?00:17
ethana2sudo apt-get install pastebinit & lspci | pastebinit00:17
bruce89maxb_: update-manager00:20
ethana2actually, this torrent seems to lack available data00:32
ethana2..which is confusing00:33
* ethana21 shakes fist at crappy router00:34
ethana21YAAYYY it's downloading.  How far should i let my ratio go?  on 8.04.1 i think i got to like 1100:35
redvamp128I got the creative audigy ls to run the front only Channel in Ubuntu 8.04. But the main volume control does not work have to use alsa mixer. Is there any way to change the defualt panel volume control to change that mixer device?00:44
bruce89you'd be better off in #ubuntu, this is for Intrepid00:46
redvamp128I asked about help in that room and waited 2 hours no response-- someone in this room sent me to a guide--- but actually found the how to in a gentoo wiki00:47
redvamp128I just thought that since this is a developer room--- you may know how to change the panel app settings00:48
danbh_intrepidredvamp128: this room is not a developer room00:49
redvamp128That and was wondering if the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy LS works on intrepid?00:50
redvamp128Out of box?00:50
kjetil1001ethana2   OK, misread gpu for cpu.....  00:12.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 7150M (rev a2) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])00:50
kjetil1001Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Unknown device 30cf00:50
kjetil1001Flags: bus master, 66MHz, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 1000:50
kjetil1001Memory at f5000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M]00:50
kjetil1001Memory at d0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]00:50
kjetil1001Memory at f4000000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M]00:50
kjetil1001[virtual] Expansion ROM at 88000000 [disabled] [size=128K]00:50
kjetil1001Capabilities: <access denied>00:50
bruce89the wee volume thing has some kind of device changy thing00:52
danbh_intrepidanyone else experiencing consistent sound problems?  I have to restart pulseaudio after every boot...00:54
ethana21I hope I don't have to purge pulseaudio from my 8.10 like I did with my 8.0400:55
bruce89someone will probably kick i00:56
Lofde_I am running the Alpha 6, what would i do to upgrade to the "beta"00:56
ConstantineXVIwasn't epiphany supposed to go pure webkit in 2.24?00:56
Lofde_update-manager -d?00:56
ethana21Constantine: they couldn't do it in time, it'll be the next one00:56
jStefanLofde_ just regular updates will do00:57
ethana21Lofde_: you're already on intrepid00:57
Lofde_oh.. ok.. i thought i might have to have some 'lot' of updates00:57
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.00:58
Lofde_did Gimp 2.6 make it into the beta?00:58
blakare there any improvements in the wireless connectivity in Intrepid?00:58
ConstantineXVIand while I'm waiting on the .iso, how's the new tethering support in NetworkManager>00:58
Lofde_I like the new gimp.. its nice.. i found it on a apt source00:58
jStefanblak, i've heard yes00:58
bruce89I'll PPA it tomorrow as it's in Debian now00:58
blakbetter options for connecting to radius wpa 802.1x servers and such?00:59
yavapaiI want to re-install 8.01 to the new beta 386 live desktop wondering if 2.6.26 is included or 2.6.27 only00:59
bruce89interestingly GIMP depends on WebKit now00:59
ConstantineXVIyavapai: packages.ubuntu.com is your friend00:59
yavapaithanks lofde00:59
yavapaiwell ive tested too much stuff and would like a clean slate but 2.6.27 wont mount a ext3 usb hd that i use alot so i can upgrade hardy to the beta and have both right01:03
bruce89have both whats?01:04
yavapai.26 & .2701:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about linux-meta01:05
bruce89!info linux-meta01:05
ubottuPackage linux-meta does not exist in intrepid01:05
Pici!info linux01:06
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component restricted, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB01:06
PiciHrm.. thats a bit out of date.01:07
Pici2. locally.01:07
burneris the e1000e thing supposed to be fixed yet?01:07
jStefan!info linux-image-2.6.27-4-generic01:08
ubottuPackage linux-image-2.6.27-4-generic does not exist in intrepid01:08
bruce89burner: yes and no#01:08
bruce89the package was too late for the beta, but an upgrade to the new kernel will fix that01:09
burneri'm scared to boot the new kernel... i've had to do -3 to get my networking to work01:09
yavapaiwell i tried kde4 and not sure best to get rid of everything it came with i removed kubuntu-desktop and a few others but im still stuck with all the kde4 stuff01:10
bruce89the perils of not using aptitude01:10
yavapaiyea i used synaptics01:11
ethana21i suppose i'll find out soon enough01:11
jStefanseems .26 is not in the mirrors01:11
ethana21but does the 8.10 beta have new art?01:11
bruce89of coursr01:12
burnerethana21: new wallpaper is all01:12
ethana21burner: *headdesk*01:12
ethana21we still have seperate title bars, menu bars, and window backgrounds then?01:12
ethana21elegance fail.01:12
burnerethana21: phoronix.com has an article about the artwork where they link to the ubuntu wiki... look for artworkincoming for intrepid proposals... some nice stuff there01:12
* bruce89 doesn't understand all the nonsense about the artwork01:13
ethana21yeah, i can't get dust to work01:13
ethana21Pici: visually distinct01:13
Piciethana21: ah01:13
* burner does... wtf.. it's heinous01:13
burnernewhuman is cool :)01:13
bruce89all humans are no good01:13
ethana21vulcans are superior01:13
jStefanlast time i looked at it (alpha5) i didnt like it much, has it changed?01:13
bruce89that works both ways01:13
ethana21ohh, right, newhuman01:14
ethana21they reverted i think, back to plain human01:14
jStefanorange > brown01:14
burneryou can pick new human, then colors, and change the farse lookin orange :)01:14
ethana21but i use maximus, so i don't see title bars often anyway01:14
burnerethana21: netbook?01:14
bruce89me uses Clearlooks01:14
ethana21desktop with netbook elements01:14
bruce89but orange01:14
ethana21window-picker-applet is the best applet of its function ever to see the light of day01:14
ethana21barring absolutely none01:15
ethana21it'll be nice when it's more fully featured01:15
ethana21.iso is done01:15
* ethana21 burns01:15
* bruce89 freezes01:15
kjetil1001kjetil: Help guys!! May system was broken, updating from 8.04 to 8.10. will not boot, running now from 8.04CD. How to doctorthe system, apart from reinstalling 8.04?  messega from boot, > cannot find device (screen).01:16
ethana21kjetil1001: you still haven't given me your lspci01:16
ethana21the only thing you can fix without knowing what's wrong with it is windows01:17
ethana21and that's not 'fixing', per sé01:17
kjetil1001OK, you are back again. Found it now.00:12.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 7150M (rev a2) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])01:17
kjetil1001Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Unknown device 30cf01:17
kjetil1001Flags: bus master, 66MHz, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 1001:17
kjetil1001Memory at f5000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M]01:17
kjetil1001Memory at d0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]01:17
kjetil1001Memory at f4000000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M]01:17
kjetil1001[virtual] Expansion ROM at 88000000 [disabled] [size=128K]01:17
kjetil1001Capabilities: <access denied>01:17
ethana21not in the channel01:17
jStefan!pastebin | kjetil100101:17
ubottukjetil1001: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:17
ethana21pastebinit is the package that does that for you01:17
ethana21..which should be installed in ubuntu main01:18
ethana21ok wait01:19
ethana21nVidia geforce 7150M..01:19
ethana21...i don't remember what to do after that point, any X experts here?01:19
jStefanask if using nv or nvidia?01:19
ethana21what he said01:20
ethana21he's on a livecd now, so he'd be using the 2d nvidia obfuscated drive01:20
ethana21does nv mean noveau?01:21
remuanyone here running intel ich9 sound card? like the idt one?01:21
bruce89ethana21: plain old original xorg driver01:21
jStefannv = open source nvidia driver, nvidia = drivers provided by nvidia01:21
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:21
jStefankjetil1001, does an 8.10 live cd work?01:22
kjetil1001I pasted it at   http://paste.ubuntu.com/53335/01:23
* ethana21 reads01:23
kjetil1001jStefan> I didnt make an 8.10 live CD. Could try (tomorrow)01:25
jStefankjetil1001, does the system completly hang, or can you get to a terminal. Try (ctrl+alt+f1) when it finishes booting01:26
kjetil1001It didnt completely hang, it offered in a window to try to reinstall backup of configuration. Tried to do that, was said it was done, but no effect when rebooting --- just offering the same thing anew01:30
jStefanit may something wrong with the nvidia drivers, or the xorg config01:31
jStefans/may/may be/01:32
kjetil1001So what should I do for now, start to (re)install 8.04?01:43
jStefankjetil1001, you could try moving your current xorg config and putting a blank one in01:47
jStefankjetil1001, you could also try removing the "nvidia" drivers and keeping the "nv" drivers01:47
mcquaiddoes anyone know if intreped's kernel has a newer driver for zd1211rw?01:51
mcquaidit's a usb wifi it locks up/goes down periodically01:52
ryanakcaI want to format my harddrives (each of which having LVM)... however, the installer doesn't let me erase and use the full disk because it has logical volumes still in use... what can I do?01:52
kjetil1001OKI. Will try suggestions tomorrow.01:56
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
jStefanryanakca, if you want to use the full disk, maybe you can boot to the live cd and use gparted to  delete all the partitions. note that will delete all information currently stored there02:02
danbh_intrepidanyone here watching the debate on intrepid, over the web?02:05
burnerhell yea!02:06
burnermsnbc.com streams02:06
burnerso does cspan.org02:06
burnermsnbc is flash02:06
jStefanwhat debate?02:07
burnerUSA vice presidential - joe biden (democrat) - sarah palin (republican)02:07
danbh_intrepidthank you, thankk you!!!!! burner, msnbc is working.   Thanks again02:08
jStefani totally misread that02:08
burnerhave fun :)02:08
burnergo biden! :)02:08
jStefani thought there was a debate about intrepid xD02:08
x1250anyone else suffering of high disk read/writes when using transmission? My HD seems to go nuts when opening transmission with some 2GB torrents.02:10
danbh_intrepidx1250: you have enough ram?02:10
x1250danbh_intrepid, 2GB ram, system monitor says usage is 40%02:11
x1250roughly 800MB used02:11
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
x1250I have one 5GB torrent downloading and another one of 1.8GB. When closing transmission the hd stops working. I guess this could be a upstream bug?02:13
danbh_intrepidwell, 5g is too much to cache, it might not be a bug, I dunno, but no harm in filing02:15
d4t4min3ranyone know if the new 2.6.0 gimp will be included in 8.1002:15
x1250d4t4min3r, you can get it from...02:16
x1250deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/ubuntu intrepid main02:16
d4t4min3rwill it be in the 8.10 official release?02:17
d4t4min3rgimp (2.4.7-1ubuntu1)   ... so no 2.6.002:18
Lofde_This VP Debate02:19
Lofde_Someone please02:19
Dankzorhi! I've installed intrepid ibex because it's said to have out of the box full support for the realtek wireless card RTL8187b. But it still does not work. It initially listed wireless networks, but was unable to connect to them. So i tried to use the winxp driver with ndiswrapper. It still don't work. Worse, now it cant neither list "available" wireless networks.02:19
danbh_intrepidLofde_: msnbc.com02:19
Lofde_No im watching it02:19
Lofde_I just cant believe what she just said02:20
Lofde_Canada has free govt run health care, even Cuba, has anyone seen Sicko- Michael Moore?!02:20
HobbseeLofde_: and how does that relate to ubuntu intrepid ibex?02:20
Lofde_Hobbsee,  because linux is free too02:21
HobbseeLofde_: #ubuntu-offtopic.  Or, even better again, ##politics.02:21
Lofde_=) ill shutup now hah02:21
d4t4min3rso i take it.. no gimp 2.6.0? or is it possible they will update ?02:21
Hobbseed4t4min3r: may update02:21
danbh_intrepidd4t4min3r: yeah, it looks like not at release, maybe in backports02:22
d4t4min3rnot real shore of the process but.. has it be requested?02:22
d4t4min3rnot sure what a backport is02:22
danbh_intrepidd4t4min3r: it usually comes down to timing.  Programs need to get released before the freezes take place02:23
Hobbseed4t4min3r: they already know about it, and will backport if it's got time to be tested, isn't bringing up regressions, etc.02:23
d4t4min3rinteresting.. wow im looking in sound,  http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/sound/   and there is no rythmbox02:23
Dankzorwhere can I get support on wireless card rtl8187b for intrepid ibex?02:25
danbh_intrepido crap, just lost the debate stream!!02:25
danbh_intrepidwhew, its back!02:26
Hobbseed4t4min3r: it changed sections.  http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/gnome02:26
d4t4min3roh oh i see02:27
Lofde_d4t4min3r,  if you want to install gimp 2.6 i can show you how02:27
Lofde_theres a repository you can add i have it installed02:27
d4t4min3ri havent switched to the beta 8.10 yet02:27
DaskreecHHooray!! beta is out :)02:39
DaskreecHare there any CD images?02:39
danbh_intrepidyeah, /topic02:40
ryanakcajStefan: Yep, thanks02:42
DaskreecHdanbh_intrepid: ah right cool Any reason why cdimages only has DVDs ?02:42
danbh_intrepidno clue on any of those issues02:42
cwilluDaskreecH, the ensuing confusion provides comic relief for the developers02:43
DaskreecHOh well I'm always up for comic developers02:43
DaskreecHmakes for better error messages02:43
cwillulife is better in comics sans!02:43
* DaskreecH hangs out with enough designers to know agreeing with that wil put a price on his head02:47
HobbseeDaskreecH: releases.ubuntu.com is where the cds are.02:52
HobbseeDaskreecH: because it's, y'know, a release.02:52
freeRagcan i use UNetbootin to install itrepid to USB drive ?02:56
Daisuke_IdoJesseL627: don't do it here.02:58
carutsuI cannot upgrade to Intrepid, I get the followig error: "failed to mark 'kubuntu-kde4-desktop' for install ('kubuntu-kde4-desktop')" (got it doing "cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log")02:59
xxploitthat package probably isnt avaible yet unless im mistaken03:13
DaskreecHHobbsee: By that logic why the hell are there no cds on Cdimages? :)03:13
xxploitthere are cds for all the alphas03:13
HobbseeDaskreecH: space concerns.03:13
DaskreecHand the DVD iso is better for space?03:14
xxploiti just grab the cd images, forget what is on the dvd isos03:14
HobbseeDaskreecH: the problem is having them all one the one machine, i think.03:14
Hobbseealthough i woul dhave thought there'd be old dalies there.03:15
freeRagcan i use UNetbootin to install intrepid to USB drive ? should i chose the daily live option ?03:15
DaskreecHThat's what I be grabbing03:15
DaskreecHWhat's a good way to remaster a Ubuntu ISO?03:15
td123wow, I can't believe beta is out already, time is flying so fast :D03:15
HobbseeDaskreecH: the other end of a google search - there's some good wiki stuff on it03:16
td123DaskreecH: please don't create another ubuntu spinoff :( I hate it when the ubuntu based distros just add some packages and rename it :/03:16
xxploitDaskreecH, remastersys03:17
td123xxploit: your going to see another new distro tomarrow in distrowatch :P03:17
xxploittd123, Lol...well alot of ppl like to remaster the cd's for personal use so that way they can have an install cd for themselves with whatever they need03:18
HobbseeJontheEchidna: fairly sure that would be a case of infringing on a trademark ;)03:18
td123xxploit: imo, if you have a network connection, then a simple bash script with all the things you need should be sufficient03:18
JontheEchidnaHobbsee: a good thing too ;-)03:19
HobbseeJontheEchidna: indeed!03:19
xxploittd123, yeh but relying on a netconnection + time, seems not to be as great of a benefit as having an install cd with everything you need03:19
xxploitplus alot of ppl like to precustomize things to their liking so that it does not need to be done over and over again, it just saves alot of time imo03:20
l337ingDisorderthis may be a bit too noobish a question to ask in the shadows of giants, but at the risk of being laughed out of the chan I'll ask anyway..03:20
l337ingDisorderI'm trying to write a bash script that calls another bash script for output... to clarify, I'd like to have a list of e-mail addresses in a text file separated by commas, and I'd like to have this list dumped in between a pair of quotes in a bash script.. can someone point me in the right direction for docs on how to do that?03:20
td123xxploit: how much times do you install ubuntu? its not winxp you know :D03:21
Hobbseel337ingDisorder: echo `inner script here` continue outer script here?03:22
xxploittd123, time meaning all the customizations after a ubuntu install. User settings. I mean most ppl have their various tweaks to the distro and the apps themselves03:22
Hobbseel337ingDisorder: not nice for longer scripts, but that's one of the easier ways.03:22
td123xxploit: it takes me under 30 seconds to customize a fresh install :P03:23
l337ingDisorderHobbsee: so if my list of e-mail addresses is in a file called "list" I'd just use03:23
xxploittd123, well you needs maybe less than others =)03:23
Hobbseel337ingDisorder: such as for i in `basename *.tar.bz2 .tar.bz2`; do bzcat {$i}.tar.bz2 | gzip > {$i}.orig.tar.gz && sed -e 's/\([A-Za-z]*\)-\([0-9]*\)/\1_\2/' $i; done03:23
l337ingDisorderactually wait03:23
Hobbseel337ingDisorder: oh, right, it is in a file.03:23
td123I turn off visual appearence, get rid of all the panel junk and I'm stuck with one panel, finito03:23
Hobbseel337ingDisorder: suggest consulting a bash guide for that.03:24
l337ingDisorderbasically I'm trying to automate a weekly notification e-mail for a distro list that's changing from week to week03:24
td123for l337ingDisorder03:24
l337ingDisorderso I want to call sendEmail -t "(list)"03:24
l337ingDisordertd123: many thanks, that's goin in the bookmark list for sure :)03:24
td123l337ingDisorder: dont forget about google03:24
td123that was the first thing that popped up when I search bash intro :D03:25
carutsuI cannot upgrade to Intrepid, I get the followig error: "failed to mark 'kubuntu-kde4-desktop' for install ('kubuntu-kde4-desktop')" (got it doing "cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log")03:25
carutsuwhat should I do?03:25
l337ingDisorderyeah I know all about google but was hoping to take a short cut ;)03:25
l337ingDisorderto be honest I fully expected a good hearty round of RTFM's ;)03:25
td123I do that too sometimes when i feel like being lazy03:25
td123l337ingDisorder: in this case, RTFD03:26
td123d = documentation03:26
td123since the man page is pretty skimpy, I think03:26
l337ingDisorderfair enuf :)03:26
espaciousim installing gos on an old lappy whick filesystem should i select?03:27
l337ingDisorderespacious: reiserFS, but only if you're feeling murderous03:28
td123espacious: ext303:28
espaciousoki thanks03:28
td123espacious: fine, go with murderfs03:28
td123it will kill your wife if you have one :D03:28
espaciousits an old lifebook 1400mhz 700Ram lifebook 102003:29
td123you call that old? dang03:29
espaciousnot married yet!03:29
xxploitI think reiserFS is pretty much dead no? I mean I doubt we will see v4 ever and most distros have moved away from it now03:29
espaciousits not?03:29
DaskreecHtd123: naw need to redo a livecd to login securely on boot for somethign at work03:29
td123xxploit: not true, its still has advantages over ext303:29
xxploitbut for how long? and for that matter when are we going to see ext403:30
espaciousi spent 100€ on bateery for that lappy03:30
l337ingDisorderhaha I dunno man, I can see him inside his cell right now, scrawling filesystem code all over the walls03:30
td123xxploit: let me check my crystal ball next to my giant penguin03:30
td123xxploit: it says the future looks cloudy03:30
RAOFxxploit: ext4?  Stabilising now.03:30
td123anyone here use xmonad?03:31
DaskreecHl337ingDisorder: #bash :) prepare for abuse they are very helpful and not very friendly03:31
td123nvm, this is ubuntu, :D03:31
l337ingDisorderI'm in #bash getting help right now :)03:32
DaskreecHThere you go :)03:32
l337ingDisorderand having gone in by stating that I was expecting to be slapped with an RTFM they seem to accept my humility ;)03:33
DaskreecHThey have a wonderful FAQ listed03:34
DaskreecHIt fits the term FAQ more than jsut about any other project I've seen03:35
DaskreecH (maybe grub comes close)03:35
DaskreecHWiping my main machine and putting on Kubuntu Ibex in 5.. 4...03:37
alteregoahow can i fix intrepid to mount ext4 drives?03:48
alteregoai got a fedora 9 harddisk with ext403:49
bsnidera major update to network-manager was just released03:49
bsniderfixes bug 27625303:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276253 in network-manager "NM 0.7 sets hostname to localhost.localdomain instead of what is in /etc/hostname" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27625303:50
RAOFalteregoa: By rebuilding the kernel with the ext4 module enabled.03:55
thiebaudeso far everything in 8.10 works03:55
* DaskreecH plays ominous music03:56
* DaskreecH laughs03:56
carusu_can I have some help?04:07
Hobbseecarusu_: no.04:09
* DaskreecH puts on his "/boot help a guy out!" shirt04:10
RAOFOr, less abruptly: not without telling us what the problem is :)04:10
DaskreecHWell my Radiator Hose pipe is clenched and I was wondering if someone could look at it XD04:12
carusu_Hobbsee: aparently I've been askin' for a while :P04:12
carusu_DaskreecH: lol04:13
Hobbseecarusu_: i can't see it in my backscroll04:13
carusu_as Carutsu04:13
carusu_Hobbsee: ^04:13
Hobbseerun the dist-upgrade again?04:14
IdleOnecarusu_: save us the time and effort and ask again04:14
carusu_yep, failed again04:14
carusu_sure IdleOne04:14
carusu_here it goes:  I got the error: "failed to mark 'kubuntu-kde4-desktop' for install"04:14
carusu_do you need any log ?04:16
* carusu_ tries again 04:16
DaskreecHwhat have you tried to fix it so far?04:16
carusu_DaskreecH: to be honest, nothing. I'm affraid I might break things much worse, (i've done it before)04:17
carusu_just a second, re-runnning04:17
carusu_it says that unresolved problem was encountered, that a package couldn't be found to be installed04:19
IdleOnecarusu_: did you change sources.list ?04:21
RAOFSo, you may have better luck by first uninstalling the kubuntu-kde4-desktop package.04:21
RAOFBecause it no longer exists in Intrepid.  (If that fixes it, this would need to be fixed in update-manager, I believe).04:22
carusu_let me see if I have such package04:23
carusu_IdleOne: yes but AFAICT it changed back to non-third repositores04:24
carusu_RAOF: it seems I don't have such package04:24
RAOFReally?  Odd.04:25
RAOFWhat is the command that you are running?04:25
carusu_kdesudo "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel"04:26
ethana2I'm making a script to modify Ubuntu into my own custom distro so I don't have to make the same modifications over and over and over again04:26
ethana2how do I make apt install every package whose name is in a text file?04:26
ethana2...or would it be more practical and/or proper to just make a .deb metapackage?04:26
RAOFYou'd be after dpkg --set-selections and dpkg --list-selections, I believe.04:26
IdleOne!clone | ethana2 check out this link04:26
ubottuethana2 check out this link: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate04:26
RAOFcarusu_: And can you pastebin the output of 'apt-cache policy kubuntu-kde4-desktop'?04:28
carusu_RAOF: in a minute04:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rafb04:28
carusu_I'm afraid that is in spanish04:28
carusu_RAOF: http://rafb.net/p/f28cqh13.html04:29
carusu_basically it doesn't know about it but is trying to install it04:30
RAOFHm.  I'd therefore try do-release-upgrade -d04:32
carusu_how about a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?04:32
carusu_as in "adep_manager do-release-upgrade -d " ?04:33
RAOFNo, as in "do-release-upgrade -d"04:34
ethana2'ethbuntu-desktop' text file contents:          inkscape window-picker-applet libdvdcss2 googleearth04:34
ethana2dpkg: unexpected data after package and selection at line 104:34
carusu_RAOF: I didn't know about that command!04:34
ethana2RAOF: how do i need to format the list of packages i want to install?04:35
RAOFethana2: Dunno.04:35
ethana2i think i'll just try to pipe the text file at the install command04:35
* ethana2 fiddles with script04:35
carusu_RAOF: It said that the update couldn't be calculated,04:36
carusu_said that I might wanna have a look at /var/log/dist-upgrade/* let me see04:37
ethana2ok, I want it to install the result of 'cat ethbuntu-desktop'04:37
carusu_RAOF: ok, doing "cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log" says: "ERROR failed to mark 'kubuntu-kde4-desktop' for install ('kubuntu-kde4-desktop')", "ERROR Dist-upgrade failed"04:38
RAOFHm.  Might be time to file a bug.04:39
IdleOneethana2: sudo dpkg --set-selections < ethbuntu-desktop-result && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade for example ( ethbuntu-desktop-result being the name of the file you placed the output of cat )04:39
ethana2IdleOne: printing one text file to another using cat is...  not.. productive04:40
ethana2IdleOne: I have a plaintext file with just the names of packages i want to install04:41
ethana2i'm reading bash guides now04:41
RAOFcarusu_: Against update-manager-core, attaching the files in /var/log/dist-upgrade, and also /etc/apt/sources.list and the output of "dpkg --list".04:41
ethana2DaskreecH: yeah..  Ethbuntu: so easy to use it's not unix anymore04:41
IdleOneok each package goes on a separate line and then replace the my-packages with the name of the file04:41
DaskreecHethana2: ewwww Mac04:42
ethana2no, mac is unix04:42
DaskreecHUnix is so simple it requires a lot of brain to appreciate the simplicity04:42
ethana2I'm talking an english CLI04:42
espaciouswhat a hell happened to ndiswrapper i was using TEW424 usb adapter for wireless04:42
espaciousbut since i upgraded/renstalled to new version my pc freezes when try to connect04:42
espaciousto my ruter i need to hard reboot,i fonund out 128bit WEP works ok but not WPA. somebody?04:42
ethana2with a 'remove' command that sends files to the trash04:42
DaskreecHcp file file04:42
DaskreecHRighto Chap!!04:42
DaskreecHethana2: I have that.. alias isn't that hard04:43
ethana2i have a ton of them.04:43
ethana2fixing typos like 'wget' and 'umount'04:43
IdleOneethana2: run dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages  and look at my-packages file for the format as an example. then create your own file04:43
ethana2i have an install, uninstall, friggin...04:43
ethana2IdleOne: yes, thank you04:43
carusu_RAOF: ok, I'll do it04:44
DaskreecH ethana2: what is friggin aliased to?04:44
ethana2it's sudo now04:44
ethana2but it should be gksu04:44
ethana2what i /want/ is something that's gksu AND kdesu04:44
ethana2permissions wise04:45
DaskreecHinsert script here04:45
ethana2gui toolkit permissions04:45
DaskreecHgksu and kdesudo have differnt permissions?04:45
ethana2...i'd /think/ so04:46
ethana2if you run a kde app with gksu, does it run QT in root?04:46
ethana2if not, then I don't need to change anything04:46
DaskreecHAh right. Yeah insert script here04:46
ianliu_88Is it possible to burn the CD iso file of ubuntu on a DVD?04:48
ianliu_88will it work?04:48
ianliu_88I only got DVDs...04:48
Hobbseeianliu_88: no reason why it wouldn't.04:48
Hobbseeianliu_88: will be a waste of space on the dvd, though, obviously.04:48
ethana2ok, got that working...04:49
ianliu_88uhum.. well, dvds are 60 cents, so, who cares ^^04:49
penis it timed to upgrade from hardy now?04:52
penis it safe?04:52
danbh_intrepidno. its beta04:53
pendanbh_intrepid, did you?04:53
danbh_intrepidwell, ive been running it since alpha 504:53
ethana2pen, have you alpha or beta tested ubuntu before?04:53
penethana2, I want to test it on the external and it works although it's still buggy when you have that dialog after installing the kernel04:54
penethana2, you know what I'm talking about right?04:55
ethana2pen: whatever you do, keep a stable ubuntu install around until 8.10 is out, mkay?04:55
ethana2i'm using intrepid now, it's okay, but I'm dual booting with hardy this time04:55
ethana2i'm not going to make the development-install-only mistake again04:55
penethana2, what happened before?04:56
ethana2pen: i couldn't escape breakage, because i had no where to run to04:57
DaskreecHethana2: I keep a live CD around and just work from that04:58
ethana2i did too, but they load slow and don't persist and all that04:58
DaskreecHGuess it doesn't hurt that I do most of my work from CLI04:59
penDaskreecH, what did you use? apt-get? aptitude?04:59
DaskreecHpen: What?04:59
penDaskreecH, what did you use when there is a breakage?05:01
danbh_intrepidpen: I think you can mount the broken drive, then chroot to that mount point, and then run an upgrade.  That way, you get updates, which probably contains fixes for the breaks05:01
DaskreecHpen: You mean to fix it?05:02
penDaskreecH, yea05:02
pendanbh_intrepid, I still have no clue how chroot works05:02
DaskreecHpen: Oh no wasn't talking about fixage just getting stuff done while the world breaks around you05:02
carusu_RAOF: reported05:02
danbh_intrepidpen: chroot changes where your shell thinks the / is05:03
penDaskreecH, ok05:03
DaskreecHpen: probably should play with chroot a while before playing around with the horned animal :)05:03
pendanbh_intrepid, I see05:03
danbh_intrepidpen: so, you use chroot from a livecd to get to your real root, since on a livecd, / is mounted on your ram05:04
DaskreecHdanbh_intrepid: But the beauty is you are still running the kernel from the CD which is gummy goodness05:04
penDaskreecH, why?05:05
danbh_intrepidcause we are talking about a time when your kernel is broken?05:05
DaskreecHpen: Cause stuff will break. And the more inexperienced you are the higher the likelihood the universe will force solar beams to break the machine05:07
pendanbh_intrepid, oh05:09
pendanbh_intrepid, I thought you mean the packages05:09
DaskreecHpen: highly highly recommend that you do a side by side install05:10
penI will install on my external05:10
penand when I want to try 8.10 beta I will just boot to USB hdd05:10
* DaskreecH nods05:11
penDaskreecH, but it's tricky when you install ubuntu on USB you have to change the men.lst later to fix the boot problem05:12
danbh_intrepidpen: can you do it through the bios?  thats probably the easiest,  When you  want to play with intrepid, have the bios boot to the usb...05:13
pendanbh_intrepid, my laptop have the option to press a certain key to change the boot sequence05:13
pendanbh_intrepid, so I don't really need bios05:13
danbh_intrepidI don't think my bios supports booting to usb...05:14
danbh_intrepidpen: well, what you are describing IS using the bios05:14
pendanbh_intrepid, eh, no.05:15
pendanbh_intrepid, I don't think so05:15
danbh_intrepidwhy do you say?05:16
pendanbh_intrepid, I'm not using the bios05:17
DaskreecHpen: The button is an extension of the BIOS setting.05:17
danbh_intrepidI guess you could get philosophical, and say that all the various things that the bios's do these days isn't really the bios, like some have built in mp3 and movie players, and internet browsers05:17
DaskreecHinternet browsers are not Basic Input Output :)05:17
penDaskreecH, really?05:18
danbh_intrepidbut I consider everything before the boot of the OS part of the bios :P05:18
DaskreecHpen: yeah05:18
DaskreecHdanbh_intrepid: Well does staged OS boots count? :)05:18
danbh_intrepidI mean, what else do you call it?05:18
penDaskreecH, I am not sure05:18
DaskreecHEmbedded OS?05:18
alteregoawhat kind of drivers i have to install a geforce 4 ti?05:19
penis there improvements in the new nvidia driver?05:20
danbh_intrepidhehe, but the "embedded OS" and the "bios" probably reside on the same memory chip, and are coded by the same people.  So, maybe I'll be stuck with the term "Bios/Embedded OS"   kinda like GNU/Linux  :)05:20
alteregoai don't know05:21
alteregoa177 is geforce 7 and up'05:21
alteregoai dunno05:21
carusu_RAOF: scuse me but how wise would it be to run apt-get dist-upgrade?05:22
DaskreecHdanbh_intrepid: never seen that happen :)05:22
penalteregoa, it's still not very useful isn't it? like the nvidia-settings are crap05:22
ethana2well, the next step for my script is gconf05:27
* ethana2 starts reading stuff05:28
seiya42What is difference between using a daily build and installing the beta and updating the system?05:32
calcseiya42: should be roughly the same05:33
calcseiya42: except for any potential upgrade problems i suppose05:33
seiya42Should the beta work fine in VirtualBox?05:35
DaskreecHI can't get it to boot05:39
DaskreecHI think the new kernel breaks something in VirtualBox which is fixed but is ironically only in the Intreprid packages05:40
penDaskreecH, now everything is in intrepid and you have to wait for a month to get it05:40
penDaskreecH, so ironic05:40
DaskreecHAt which point you don't need it that much anymore :)05:41
ethana2DaskreecH: this is going to sound random, but you wouldn't happen to know the syntax i should use with string key types in gconftool-2, would you?05:41
ethana2the string has "s in it, I don't have to put a \ in front of all of them or anything, do I?05:42
ethana2ethan@home:~$ gconftool-2 --set /apps/panel/applets/clock_screen0/prefs/cities --type string [<location name="Omaha" timezone="America/Chicago" latitude="41.310280" longitude="-95.899170" code="KOMA" current="true"/>]05:44
ethana2bash: location: No such file or directory05:44
DaskreecHethana2: you need to escape <05:45
ethana2so precede it with a \ ?05:46
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
* ethana2 tries05:47
ethana2Error setting value: Bad key or directory name: "name=Omaha": Must begin with a slash '/'05:47
emet!info ubuntu-restricted-extras05:48
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 17 (intrepid), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB05:48
DaskreecHethana2: That doesn't make much sense :) but you should probably escape the > as well what's the / before it for?05:49
ethana2I copied the key out of gconf-editor..05:50
ethana2Its XML I guess05:50
DaskreecHAh right05:51
ethana2What is the actual delimiter for strings with gconftool-2?05:52
DaskreecHethana2: after string encase everything in ''05:52
ethana2does it need any?  /me tries without05:52
ethana2and all those quotes within the string itself, will they make it explode?05:52
ethana2should i precede them all with \s?05:52
ethana2oh, it threw no errors05:53
DaskreecHthe ' ' should make it all good05:54
hwildewhat exactly does this mean:    NetworkManager 0.7 as included in Ubuntu 8.10 Beta is not compatible with static network configuration in /etc/network/interfaces05:56
travisbickkle86hwilde: look in /etc/network/interfaces.. If you have any static addresses configured that way it won't work. I'm assuming you'd have to disable network manager or delete the entries and reconfigure through network manager.05:58
hwildewell, how do you make static IPs then ?05:59
travisbickkle86hwilde: Lol I dunno I haven't tried it but I'm assuming it would still allow you to assign static ip's through network managers interface.06:00
hwildewhat if I have no gui06:00
ethana2oh.  Their arrangement isn't stored in one key, it's an attribute of each individual panel applet06:00
ethana2wait, that makes it resolution dependent, I can't do that06:01
travisbickkle86hwilde: Have no idea...why would you be using network manager if you didn't have a gui in the first place?06:01
hwildeI am not I ahte that thing06:01
hwildebut if my static IPs stop working that could be catastrophe06:02
travisbickkle86hwilde:Run it in a vm first?06:02
ethana2DaskreecH: I'm running into behavior I think /might/ be a bug06:11
ethana2When I set the coordinate of an applet in the panel, it doesn't move the applet to the position06:11
ethana2it just sits there until you move the applet, at which point it sets the value to wherever the applet is at06:12
=== d-bo is now known as Necrosan
ethana2DaskreecH: are you alive?06:21
Lofde_anyone having issues with every reboot having to re-enter  your WEP or WPA key06:24
ethana2every.  frigging.  time.06:25
Lofde_I found a fix06:25
Lofde_see my forum post06:25
Lofde_i wanna see if someone else it works for them06:25
Lofde_please let me know if it does ethana206:25
ethana2well, it would require a reboot to tell06:26
ethana2i'm in the middle of some stuff....06:26
Lofde_yes thats true06:26
Lofde_no prob06:26
Lofde_:) u can apply it i guess and find out later ;)06:27
ethana2but i'm glad there's a fix06:27
ethana2i'll just wait for it to get into main06:27
Lofde_sounds good06:27
Lofde_i couldnt wait06:27
Lofde_haha thats why i started the poll..06:27
Lofde_i was dying without it :)06:27
ethana2gyarr, this is probably a bug i've found here....06:30
ethana2but i'm so new to this whole thing i can't say for sure06:30
Lofde_whats a bug06:30
ethana2i can't set panel applet positions with gconf06:31
ethana2it sets the value, but the panel ignores it06:31
Lofde_one sec06:31
Lofde_not sure ethana2  id report it if i was you or ask the forum sorry i dont know enough about what your doing :)06:35
ethana2is that 'one sec', don't talk to me while i go do something or06:35
ethana2i'm making my own ubuntu derivative06:35
Lofde_i was just searching launchpad to see if i could see anyone talking about it06:35
ethana2'cause i'm tired of making the same 200 modifications to every install manually06:36
ethana2anyways, part of the thing i'm working on is a script that sets everything with gconf keys06:36
Lofde_nice ;) that sounds fun, i thought about downloading DSL, and since its only 50mb going through all the code and trying to make changes and improvements lol .. would be extremely customized .. i mean there cant be that much of code hah06:36
Lofde_sounds nice ethana206:39
DanaGOh heyas, what can I use a thin client for... besides as a thin-client ltsp client?06:39
ethana2Lofde_: here, let me see if I can get you to sympathize with me06:39
Lofde_i totally agree with you, when i had 8.04 installed i had all kinds of changes and setups, because it was the first time i really went back to linux since redhat 8/9 and fedora core 1... after that i kept using windows xp, (just because i guess)06:39
ethana2on my machine to install any package, I only have to type 'install $package'06:40
DanaGFor example... can I use a thin-client as a PulseAudio endpoint?06:40
ethana2or to uninstall, 'uninstall $package'06:40
ethana2DanaG: sounds like an awesome speaker system to me06:40
Lofde_when i upgraded to 8.10 there was some issues doing it over the net so i cleaned the slate for 8.10 fresh install and im liking it a lot better, im now re-customizing everything again so i know how u feel :)06:40
ethana2Lofde_: have you typed up your own HIG?06:41
ethana2human interface guidelines06:41
Lofde_no, i cant say i have06:41
Lofde_I like how you made changes to change apt-get install to install06:42
ethana2yeah, why complicate things?06:42
Lofde_its a nice change06:42
ethana2when i'm supporting my mom over the phone06:42
ethana2you think 'sudo apt-get' is going to go over well?06:42
Lofde_make sense06:42
ethana2pssh, no.06:42
ethana2english, man, english06:42
Lofde_I use a root terminal a lot.. so i hardly have to sudo stuff06:42
ethana2i also fix typos like 'wget' and 'umount'06:42
* DanaG uses aptitude06:43
* ethana2 never uses the root account06:43
ethana2DanaG: right, you can put whatever you want behind the 'install' alias06:43
ethana2aptitude, yast, yum....06:43
DanaGYaST? bleh.  Yum... sounds like what I say about food.06:43
ethana2i'm just saying06:44
Lofde_i dont know why im partial to using it.. theres a setting in ubuntu that shows items on the menu and it remains unchecked but i cant help it i like using the root console.. im smart enough to know better tho.. (i wouldnt do something stupid in it.. i just hate auth. when i want to do something i know i can just do really fast and get out)06:44
DanaGWhat's next, "yuck"?06:44
ethana2we should use english instead of posix06:44
ethana2in addition to rather, but the end user shouldn't have to know unix commands to navigate the CLI06:44
ethana2what's the most user friendly shell out there?06:45
Necrosanfor sure06:45
ethana2Necrosan: really?06:45
Lofde_ethana2,  chmod +x file   (in english) permission read something.txt06:45
DaskreecHethana2: No sorry left for  a while06:46
ethana2Lofde_: complex things like that confuse me06:46
ethana2i don't know how to hand--06:46
ethana2well, lojban, but..06:47
ethana2DaskreecH: should I file a bug?06:47
Lofde_i was reading in my ubuntu book ( a 7.04 book i picked up )and several books i have about linux and unix about shell scripting and its very customizable.. i wish i could say i am a console person, id say i do use it a lot, but i def love gui06:47
ethana2and if so, on gnome-panel?06:47
ethana2well i think the CLI is just a precursor to voice control06:47
ethana2that's its main destiny as i'm concerned06:47
ethana2but a phonetic shell would probably have to be quite distinct from the ones we have now06:48
Lofde_What i really wish i had was some laptop with a multi-touch screen, i was watching youtube videos and i really think ubuntu and linux need to jump on that Multi-X (multitouch x server)06:48
ethana2Lofde_: we're working on it06:48
ethana2blehh, i should go to bed i guess........06:50
ethana2i kind of wanted to get some gconf key setting lines into this .sh first though06:50
* ethana2 scouts out something to alter06:50
Lofde_I really wish i knew a programming language in depth (c++) instead of knowing general stuff about several languages (ive taken java in college and know a lot written several things in perl and studied C and visual basic) but i would love to develop some cool apps for Multitouch06:50
ethana2gyarr, the problem with using the system theme on the top panel is that it puts a border on it06:55
ethana2so when you use it with maximus, it's distinct from the current window06:55
ethana2which detracts immensely from the elegance of the whole thing06:55
ethana2i'd hate for my script to be dependent on the human theme....06:56
ethana2actually, if i can query.........06:56
td123how would you even make a script be dependant on the human theme lol06:57
alteregoahow can i disable this automatic network configuration crap06:57
ethana2well see, i need to set the top panel to a solid color06:57
ethana2but it needs to match the window background color of the current theme06:58
alteregoathis crap doesn't work, i tried to enter another gateway but it still uses the old dhcp one06:58
dmh65do I have to add a repo to get the restricted ati driver?06:58
ethana2dmh65: i don't think so...06:58
Lofde_alteregoa,  what do you mean automatic network configuration ?06:59
ethana2welcome to beta software06:59
dmh65it does not seem to work like hardy, hardy offers it to me when I login06:59
dmh65I looked in the hardware drivers, it searched but found nothing06:59
ethana2dmh65: go to system ....oh06:59
ethana2what gpu do you have?06:59
alteregoai don't need this dhcp crap07:00
dmh65they are probably just holding it back for some reason07:00
alteregoahow can i get rid of that crap?07:00
ethana2'stuff' would be preferred07:00
dmh65ati hd2400 pro07:00
Lofde_dmh65,  fglrx-amdcccle ?07:00
* ethana2 is tired07:00
Lofde_alteregoa,  are you using network-manager ?07:00
Lofde_in gnome07:00
Lofde_ethana2,  go to sleep gconf can wait ;)07:01
Lofde_it will be there when you wake up07:01
dmh65my resolution with the opensource driver is fine, it just will not utilise the 3d which is to be expected07:01
dmh65I expect it will be made available soon though07:01
ethana2Lofde_: ....I suppose.......07:02
Lofde_dmh65,  i have a forum post i want u to see07:02
dmh65btw, that startup sound is well boring :)07:02
dmh65ok, will look07:03
MadpilotInteresting - Intrepid LiveCD can't mount HDD partitions that're set up as LVM... means no access to my actual /home while playing with LiveCD...07:03
alteregoasomeone fix this crap with the network07:04
alteregoait doesn't work to set up a static adress07:04
dmh65Lofde_: catalyst is not the driver though07:04
dmh65its a options suite07:05
td123wine needs better support... there would be sooo much less ppl dualbooting if wine just worked, although I'm dreaming :D07:05
ethana2td123: I don't dual boot.07:05
dmh65wine should be called why07:05
td123ethana2: I didn't say you were...07:05
dmh65this is linux :)07:05
ethana2and i use windows installers whenever they're handier07:05
ethana2like with wolfenstein07:05
ethana2their linux thing was some script, i was all 'screw that, i'll just use the .exe'07:06
raddyWould Interpid contain new innovative artwork?07:06
ethana2not a single problem07:06
td123ethana2: well your lucky, lots of windows programs (popular) still don't work under wine07:06
ethana2hopefully we'll get native directX soon07:06
ethana2that should make things a lot better07:06
td123ethana2: I want to run the programs I want first, then games :D07:06
cypherdelicBeta is fine here :) Only my TV-Stick doesnt work with 2.6.2707:07
ethana2td123: when the wine project doesn't have to worry about direct3d, they'll make more progress on win*07:07
td123cypherdelic: the vm is looking good also07:07
td123ethana2: is that a fact?07:07
ethana2i think so07:07
ethana2...which means it's an opinion07:07
td123ethana2: dang, Its bad news for me then07:07
ethana2..you have microsoft stock?07:08
td123ethana2: ?07:08
td123what do you mean stock07:09
ethana2well, awakeness has gotten boring, i'm going to go for some complete paralysis and vivid, nonsensical hallucinations07:09
ethana2oh, nevermind07:09
* ethana2 goes to bed07:09
raddyWould Interpid contain new innovative artwork?07:09
td123ethana2: go to sleep, that's right >:)07:09
cypherdelic8 am in the morning .... 8 am in germany07:09
cypherdelicgood night ;)07:09
td1231:09AM in central(us) time :P07:10
dmh65is ethana2 a girl?07:10
ethana2whoa holy crap07:10
ethana2window backgrounds are translucent07:10
alteregoaridicoulus network applet07:10
alteregoawhat a crap07:10
dmh65I always put my foot in it07:10
cypherdeliccan we call 10.10 Mad Monkey?????07:11
dmh65why do I think that polite helpful people are females lol07:11
td123dmh65: because they are...07:11
ethana2i'm just.....07:11
ethana2a bit07:11
DanaGHP has a multi-touch all-in-one desktop thingy.07:11
* dmh65 puts a sock in it07:12
ethana2yeah..  i'll leave the channel so i don't keep getting distracted on my way to bed07:12
td123females tend to use their vocabulary skills in times of discomfort :D07:12
td123DanaG: proprietary all the way07:12
DanaGActually, it shows up as multiple HID devices, I believe.07:13
DanaGI'm not entirely sure, though.07:13
dmh65I have no problems using drivers offered by manufacturers07:13
dmh65makes sense if you ask me07:13
* dmh65 goes for breakfast07:14
DanaGThu Oct  2 23:14:18 PDT 200807:14
DanaGno breakfast here.  =þ07:14
dmh65just toast and coffee07:14
dmh65cyphherdelic: why not mad masturbating monkey :)07:16
raddyHello Everybody Would Interpid Ibex contain new innovative artwork?07:16
dmh65doest look like at the moment07:17
* DanaG goes off to bed, and sets status to "S£33Þing." -- yay, Unicode07:17
raddydmh65 : Ohh no07:17
dmh65Ibex looks the same pooey brown to me07:18
raddydmh65 : No new artwork this time too :(07:18
dmh65maybe they will?07:18
dmh65first snowfall here today07:18
dmh65about @ 800 meters I would say07:19
dmh65French Pyrenees07:19
dmh65right, breakfast07:20
raddydmh65 there was an innvovative design shown  in the Ubuntu issue tracking system.07:20
cypherdelicdmh65: that mast. monkey is cool either :)07:38
Lofde_how do we install win32codecs and libdvdcss ?07:38
Lofde_i tried sudo apt-get install win32codecs07:38
Lofde_and it didnt work07:38
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:39
Lofde_so if i live in a country where its legal to have win32codecs and libdvdcss there is not a easy 1 package install?07:40
Hobbseedon't think so07:41
Hobbseealthough various places have separate packages around07:42
Lofde_i am a little offended heh07:44
espaciouswhich ndiswrapper was in 7.1007:47
Lofde_im not sure07:51
Lofde_are you having the FLASH: npviewer.bin crashing  bug?07:51
Hobbseeespacious: how is that *possibly* relevant for here?07:53
Hobbseeespacious: and why do you feel the need to cross-post?07:54
espaciouscros post?07:54
Hobbseeespacious: here and #ubuntu-desktop, at the same time07:54
espacioussorry. just wanted to ask as may ppl07:55
frybyewho has upgraded to kubuntu8.01??07:56
Hobbseefrybye: no one.  It doesn't exist.07:57
bugabundo_worklol Hobbsee07:57
frybyethe beta I mean... out yesterday or???07:57
frybyesorry.. my mistake...07:57
bugabundo_workfrybye: plus this is a channel for 8.1007:57
Hobbseefrybye: fairly sure a whole people have instaleld it, or upgraded to get to it.07:58
frybyeme wrong again - i mean 8.10beta07:58
bugabundo_workwhy are you so interessed?07:58
bugabundo_workhave you found any trouble?07:58
Lofde_frybye,  the kubuntu 8.10 is nice.. i perfer the ubuntu tho i like gnome07:59
frybyeI am just in the process of doing the distro-update on other pc right now... just wanted to hear how other folks had got on with it...08:00
frybyeI tend to tweek around quite a lot with my pc's - so an update can leave one with a lota stuff that needs customizing afterwards I guess...08:01
frybyeup till  now I have had kubuntu with kde3+ and kde4.1 - and another partition with opensuse11 (for work-) and hope the upgrade does not cause too much problem.. dont have a load of background knowledge when things go wrong...08:03
bugabundo_workfrybye: just remember to do backups, okay?08:03
frybyeLofde_: you just installed the beta??08:03
frybyebug - too late.. ;=(08:04
frybyeI have an old backup if it comes too it - but did not do one just before starting this upgrade.. hang on the other pc is calling me heheh08:04
Lofde_frank23,  yes08:05
Lofde_frybye,  yes08:05
bugabundo_workthis people are crazy08:05
bugabundo_workthey change OSs without backups...08:05
Lofde_frybye,  i would recommend doing a fresh install of the ISO not doing the upgrade from the internet08:05
bugabundo_workand then complain when something goes wrong08:05
Lofde_I think you might as well be wasting your time, unfortunately08:06
bugabundo_workLofde_: doing a upgrade is okay08:06
bugabundo_workit helps test out the system08:06
bugabundo_workand report bugs for the RC08:06
Lofde_well you can try to do the upgrade08:06
bugabundo_workif it fails, he can always try a fresh install08:06
Lofde_i mean why not try, but if you have a lot of packages instatlled they might not roll forward08:06
Lofde_yea i agree08:06
frybyeright bugabundo_work08:06
Lofde_you can always try08:06
Lofde_and of course i did try08:06
Lofde_but in the end i had to reinstall off live cd08:07
Lofde_it was crazy, lost gnome all together08:07
frybyenow it is on about manually restarting services in the pam libraries.. but has listed none that need manaual restart...08:07
Lofde_and then there was a bug that prevented gnome from being installed08:07
Lofde_it was a nightmare08:07
frybyeLofde_: - thanks for the encouraging"" words hehehe08:07
Lofde_frybye,  haha i mean try it.. if you like. .all i can say is 1.backup 2. burn a live cd iso just in case 3. try the internet update 4. reinstall if needed08:08
* bugabundo_work looks side ways!=!08:08
Lofde_I had problems, that doesnt mean you will.. it could work flawlessly for you08:08
bugabundo_workno need to burn media08:08
bugabundo_workuse usb-creator08:08
bugabundo_workto run it of a Pendrive08:08
Lofde_i think my issue was with 8.04 i downloaded EVER and ALL package i thought  was "cool" i had so much crap installed half of which i never used08:09
bugabundo_workehehe Lofde_08:09
bugabundo_workwe all been there08:09
Lofde_bugabundo_work,  if someone has such, sure good option i like keeping the cds, i put them in my collection heh08:09
bugabundo_workbut it is important to remove some none standard packages08:09
bugabundo_workbefore upgrade08:09
Lofde_yea i didnt at all.. went right on forward08:09
bugabundo_worklike drivers, PPAs, other repositories08:10
frybyebugabundo_work: hmmm - nice to read now that the upgrade is running .. doooh....08:10
Lofde_sorta glad i reinstalled.. cleaned up a lot of stuff nice clean crisp new installation now08:10
bugabundo_workwe have an entire wall at LinuxKafe with old CDs08:10
frybyeLofde_: that is the other side of same problem...08:10
bugabundo_workfrybye: there are lots of docs around helping you out BEFORE and upgrade08:11
frybyebugabundo_work: perhaps you can find a way to re-use them - as building material or similar... hehhe08:11
bugabundo_workbut I guess update-manager should hint users to some wiki08:11
bugabundo_workor local help doc BEFORE running08:11
frybyebugabundo_work: yeah - smart people do it that way I guess... ;=(08:11
bugabundo_workfrybye: its already at use!08:11
bugabundo_workits a Ubuntu wall08:11
bugabundo_worklet me see if I find some pics of it08:11
Lofde_frybye,  i have been loving the 8.10 install since i did it a few weeks ago08:12
frybyehere in the appt it is getting a bit that way...08:12
frybyeLofde_: well now it is the beta and not an alpha any more so perhaps I will get lucky with the upgrade...08:12
bugabundo_workI don't even know how it is08:14
bugabundo_workbeen using ibex, even before alpha1 come out08:14
Lofde_frybye,  the beta is really great!08:15
frybyeLofde_: now your talking heheeh08:16
frybyethe next step will be to go for the gnome intrepid on my eeepc/701 here.. but there I am a bit carefull cos of all the effort in tweeks etc that has gone inot 8.04 to get it working here...08:17
Hobbseefrybye: hopefully, that'll be easier, as it's a newer kernel and such08:18
Lofde_i love my icons haha i went to something called icons-something.com a lot of free ones some really cool 256x256 png ones, that were so neat, and i replaced the unfamiliar  linux icons with something more familiar like pidgin i replaced with AIM icon hah, (really wanted to find a yahoo but couldnt) and Abiword (replaced with the MAC MS word 08 icon) lol VLC (wmp11 icon) aduacious (winamp icon) Transmission (bitcomit icon) aMSN08:19
Lofde_ (msn icon) lol list goes on!08:19
frybyeright - and in that case I really will be checking on stuff before I start an upgrade if at all - prolly a fresh install...08:19
frybyeanyhow folks - I will catch you back in here in a bit - bye for now - nice talking with you...08:20
bugabundo_workdo you guys know if tseliot comes around often? Hobbsee?08:20
Hobbsee[17:20] [Notice] -NickServ- Last seen  : Oct 02 22:49:50 2008 (8 hours, 30 minutes, 50 seconds ago)08:20
bugabundo_workhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~lrm-intrepid/+archive aint building!08:20
Hobbseewhich isn't?08:21
bugabundo_work          nvidia-common - 0.1-0ubuntu308:21
bugabundo_workfor hardy08:21
bugabundo_workI gues I'll email him08:22
bugabundo_worknot sure a bug on LP will do any good08:22
Hobbseehe'll probably be on irc in another few hours08:22
Hobbseehm, not sure how he ever expected that to build.08:22
Hobbseeit's requiring python2.4 for some reason, and also doesn't bring in lsb-release.08:23
Hobbseehm...which should be there.08:23
bugabundo_workthen it's a bug08:24
* bugabundo_work heads up to LP 08:24
Hobbseesure, but it's not an ubuntu bug, so you shouldn't file it against an ubuntu package.08:24
bugabundo_workcan I use PPA bug?08:24
HobbseePPAs don't let you report bugs against them.08:25
Hobbseejust like you can't report bugs against people08:25
bugabundo_workyeah, I reported that bug!08:25
bugabundo_workand against tems08:25
Lofde_on the ubuntu forum how can i view the "thanks" i have received ?08:27
HobbseeLofde_: #ubuntuforums08:27
macoanyone using intrepid in kvm?08:29
Blinkizmaco, yes08:30
macoBlinkiz: on top of hardy, by chance?08:30
macodid you use ubuntu-vm-builder?08:30
Blinkizmaco, No, I have intrepid 64 bit as host08:30
bugabundo_workHobbsee: how should I report it then? no bugs on PPA, not a package of official ubuntu reps08:31
Blinkizmaco, I have used uvb, but it does not support installing onto lv's (lvm) so I haven't used it in a while08:31
macooh. i'm trying to figure out how to get intrepid in a vm on top of hardy since hardy's just too nice to give up :P08:31
Blinkizmaco, You having problem with this? It shouldn't be any problem.. I think...08:32
Blinkizmaco, You can ask these questions in #ubuntu-virt.08:32
macoah didnt know there was a channel for it08:32
Blinkizmaco, :)08:32
macoand yes, it seems the only way is to have u-v-b install a hardy one then do a dist-upgrade08:33
Blinkizmaco, I believe uvb in intrepid (vm-builder) is supporting intrepid. The one in hardy is not08:33
macothat's silly08:34
macomakes it a bit hard to safely test08:34
frybyeupgrade did not work.. cos of the opensuse121- dominated system probably...08:40
Hobbseebugabundo_work: email, or poke the guy when he comes on irc?08:40
frybyeosuse11 i mean..08:41
Hobbseebugabundo_work: otoh, he would have already got a mail about that.08:41
frybyeam now d-loading the 8.10beta iso and will make a clean sweap on that pc...08:41
frybye-hmm and i had been wondering how to amuse myself on todays national holiday.. heheh08:42
bugabundo_workfrybye: no need to download it all08:50
bugabundo_workjust use rsync08:50
bugabundo_workto download the missing parts08:50
mrtimdogI've just realised that some of the gnome control centre dialogs are non-resizable (About Me, Sessions, AT, Preferred Apps, Windows, etc.). How do I make these resizable again as I can't see some of the contained text, at least in the sessions dialog? Is this a bug?08:54
mnemochi, there is any tool to generate an accurate xorg.conf based on Xorg logs?08:57
Hewmnemoc: 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg' may be what you're looking for, but I don't think it works off logs. xorg 7.4 in Intrepid no longer requires a xorg.conf anyway.09:02
mnemocHew: it produce a useless almost empty xorg.conf... I have to run xrandr -s 0 manually every time I log it09:07
Hewmnemoc: xorg 7.4 does not require xorg.conf. Try removing it. Does it work?09:08
mnemocI get a deform 1024x76809:08
mnemoceven if 1280x800 is marked as preferrred when running `xrandr`09:09
mnemocI have tried to set 1280x800 in xorg.conf, but Intrepid ignores it and insist in using 1024x76809:09
Hewmnemoc: Ah ok. I'm not really sure how to fix that. A dodgy fix could be to put that command in sessions so that it gets run automatically on startup? There may be an existing bug on this issue, or maybe one needs to be reported.09:10
mnemocin 1024x768 everything is blurry as hell09:11
mnemocI get lost in lauchpad :\09:12
RAOFmnemoc: Does 1280x800 appear in System->Preferences->Screen Resolution?09:12
mnemocXfce here. Xfce's configuration manager (wrong translation probably) -> display   doesn't show it09:14
RAOFAaaah.  In GNOME, gnome-settings-daemon would be setting your preferred resolution on startup.  I don't know about xfce.09:15
mnemocintrepid radeon 1280x800   gives no issues in lauchpad09:15
mnemocRAOF: so it's the job of the DE and not Xorg itself?09:16
RAOFmnemoc: Indeed.  The slogan is "Policy separate from mechanism".09:16
RAOFXorg can't really know what resolution you like; it merely provides your DE (which _can_ know what resolution/dual head settings/etc you like) the ability to set the right thing.09:17
RAOFIt's probably possible to set your preferred resolution in xorg.conf, though.09:19
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1209:20
mnemocRAOF: Xorg knows which resolution is "preferred", but i'll bug #xubuntu09:20
RAOFMight have the relevant information.09:20
x1250when accesing my phone via bluetooth I try to copy a file but it says: "file not found". Nautilus shows in permissions column "unknown". I can access all directories in the phone, but I can't open or copy any files. Why would this be?09:20
mnemocRAOF: it is marked as preferred, but it's ignored09:20
mnemoc`xrandr` shows 1280x800 marked as preferred09:20
mnemocand 1024x768 as current when I login09:21
RAOFWhat does xdm run in?09:21
RAOFIE: Before you log in, what is the resolution?09:21
mnemocRAOF: it looks good (but with the wrong keyboard layout)... maybe 1280x800... how can I know?09:23
RAOFYour monitor might report the resolution it's being driven at?  My LCD has an "info" button, for example.09:23
RAOFBut it sounds like xfce is deliberately setting 1024x768 as the mode once you log in.09:24
mnemocjust tried all the fn+ buttons of the laptop, none gives info :-\09:26
mnemocI'll try to research from the Xfce front09:27
dmh65doesnt seem to be a big difference in Ibex from Hardy or is it me09:28
x1250anybody else having no sound in pidgin? Strange thing is that the preview option in preferences->sound works ok, but when in a conversation I have no sound, and yes, I have tripled check preferences, everything is as it should.09:47
Lofde_I love leaving my footprint on the web :) Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008092515 Ubuntu/8.10 (intrepid) Firefox/3.0.109:54
x1250oh man, the intrepid's wallpaper is a real bad joke :/09:58
mnemocxubuntu's is nice :)10:01
damhyojunghey all10:26
ratpoisonhello! do the open source ati drivers offer 3d support? (model ati x1950)10:27
bugabundo_worknot yet AFAIK ratpoison10:29
damhyojunghey,guys,where r u from10:29
ratpoisonand will the new fglrx drivers be made available, if they come out and include support for xorg 7.4 / xserver 7.5 ?10:30
* maxb_ wonders if anyone knows if the oss ati drivers can play DVDs with reasonable performance10:32
maxb_In Hardy I had to go to fglrx to get that - so I'm reluctant to upgrade losing fglrx on my home machine10:33
sjanssenwhile doing a dist-upgrade, NetworkManager apparently became unresponsive taking down eth0.  Is this a bug?10:36
bugabundo_worksjanssen: are you upgrading from hardy to ibex?10:38
sjanssenbugabundo_work: I upgraded 24 hours ago and was just pulling the changes since then10:38
sjanssenNetworkManager[6045]: segfault at 30 ip 00007f8d34a119e0 sp 00007fff3db052c0 error 4 in libdbus-1.so.3.4.0[7f8d349f6000+3c000]10:38
sjanssenfrom /var/log/messages10:38
bugabundo_worksjanssen: does are strange10:39
bugabundo_workplease use update-manager instead of dist-upgrade10:39
bugabundo_workits remomend, because it won't do parcial instals10:39
bugabundo_workand will wait for depencies to be built10:40
bugabundo_workabout your logs, I guess you can put them on LP and then ping asac to take a look10:40
dmh65The fglrx and two of the older nvidia binary drivers are not available for X.Org 7.4 yet, so users of these drivers will be automatically switched to the corresponding open source drivers.10:44
dmh65not sure why people do not seem to know that on here?10:44
dmh65now I can rest in peace :)10:44
dmh65can someone add that above txt to !ati10:46
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:46
dmh65and !nvidia I suppose but the latter is not important lol10:47
stdindmh65: edit the wiki instead10:48
dmh65for Ibex?10:49
stdinit's all one wiki10:49
stdinjust make a note on the relevant pages10:49
dmh65I would think that everyone who installs Ibex will come here wondering why no drivers are available and will type !ati or !nvidia I suppose10:50
stdinand be sent to the documentation page, so they'll get there in the end ;)10:50
fat_ratanyone tried intrepid on eee?10:50
dmh65any idea exactly where in the wiki?10:50
dmh65dont think I am a member either10:51
stdinall you need is a Launchpad account10:51
stdinjust add a note to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI pages10:52
stdinprobably under the "troubleshooting" sections10:52
dmh65thays what I mean, its not an obvious thing shouting at you10:52
dmh65I will stay here for a few hours and I bet loads of people ask, hey, no drivers offered to me, I asked last night and no one pointed me to that fact10:53
dmh65no that I know I am content to wait :)10:54
frybye using kubuntu 8.10beta - wont let me install the proprietary drivers for the nvidia grafic card?? says prop. drivers not used on this system??10:54
dmh65I think a lot of ubuntu users are not aware that Ibex is available for download either, I only found out yesterday by chance10:55
frybyepse note - there is no #kubuntu+1 - so that is why I land here...10:55
dmh65frybye: there are no drivers for the new xorg10:55
frybyedmh65: do you know how to get it to install the nvidia drivers..10:55
dmh65The fglrx and two of the older nvidia binary drivers are not available for X.Org 7.4 yet, so users of these drivers will be automatically switched to the corresponding open source drivers.10:55
frybyei c10:56
frybyedosent seem to work to bad anyhow... good...10:56
dmh65perfect example stdin :)10:56
dmh65yes the opensource drivers are quite good10:56
dmh65but no 3d10:56
frybyeanother ? - can somebody point me to a list of addition usefull stuff - restricted metapackages etc for 8.110:56
frybyeof give me some tips for looking with adept?? here...10:57
dmh65I am keeping my ibex as standard as I can10:57
frybyedmh65: when do you think 3d support will be avail...?10:57
dmh65no idea10:58
frybyeor are there developer packages that work now??10:58
stdindmh65: fglrx, nvidia-glx and nvidia-glx-legacy?10:58
dmh65fglrx is what I need10:58
stdinI mean are those the affected packages?10:58
dmh65not sure10:59
dmh65I would think so10:59
dmh65The fglrx and two of the older nvidia binary drivers are not available for X.Org 7.4 yet, so users of these drivers will be automatically switched to the corresponding open source drivers.10:59
dmh65the above txt I got from the link in the topic10:59
stdinso I'm guessing that means that nvidia-glx-new is the one not effected11:00
amon_hi guys11:00
stdinas there are three nvidia packages in ubuntu11:00
regitali jsut upgraded from kubuntu 8.04 to 8.10, and been having trouble to start the dang thing11:00
dmh65I think if any driver is supported with the new xorg it will just work and the user will be offered it11:01
dmh65maybe ubuntu need to tell us which are supported11:01
regitalgrub load fine, and after ´Starting up....´ it just freezes with a black screen11:01
frybyeanybody got a url for good additional stuff to add to intreped.. mplayer - vlc etc.. ???11:01
regitaland recovery gives Kernel panic11:01
frybyea list of what works for example???11:01
dmh65regital: maybe your screen rez is too high, do you get an error11:02
regitaldmh65: no i dont get anything11:02
schmidtmstdin, the nvidia drivers have been restructered, there are noe nvidia-glx-71, -96, -173 and -17711:02
stdinahh well, I'll just make it generic11:02
regitaland when i press any key on the keyboard the Num lock light flashesh, if that makes any difference11:02
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment11:02
RAOFstdin: Actually, there are 4 nvidia drivers in intrepid.  nvidia dropped support for _another_ class of hardware :(11:02
vistakillerregital try to boot with older kernel11:02
vistakillerhave you try?11:03
stdindmh65: ^ better ?11:03
regitalvistakiller: i dont have any anymore for some reason11:03
stdinschmidtm, RAOF: yet another reason I'm happy with intel11:03
dmh65they have altered it11:03
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment11:03
vistakilleryou must because you have upgrade the system11:03
stdinwho's this "they" ?11:03
vistakilleryou have dual boot?11:03
dmh65someone here I expect with the clout11:03
stdinyes, me :p11:04
regitalvistakiller: theres 7 Ubuntu intrepids in the list11:04
frybyeanybody got the source address for medibuntu??11:04
vistakillerok try to boot with older kernel11:04
vistakillertake a look to the numbers11:04
stdinfrybye: it's the same as the normal line, but with "deb-src" instead of "deb"11:04
frybyeand will the compatability thing in snyaptic - adept work with intreped if i add medibuntu??11:04
amon_can somebody tell me if it is a problem when i have backports installed and want to upgrade11:04
vistakillertry to boot with 2.6.24 kernel11:05
frybyestdin: i am a bit lost there - eh...?11:05
vistakilleryou will find it in grub11:05
regitalvistakiller: didnt think of that11:05
vistakilleri think11:05
vistakillerall the kernel and the old11:05
stdinfrybye: what do you mean by "source address" ?11:05
vistakillerafter the upgrade it say ubuntu intrepid11:06
regitalVistakiller: yea i found it11:06
frybyei am using the german os - the quelle for the packages in snyaptic or adept?11:06
vistakillerboot there11:06
frybyequelle = source...?11:06
regitalvistakiller: after the splash theres some mounting options i think they are11:06
vistakillerwhat options?11:07
stdinthen edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list and uncomment the last line11:07
amon_yes frybye11:07
stdinfrybye: ^11:07
amon_ quelle = source11:07
dmh65quelle heur, C'est midi :)11:07
regitalvistakiller: thanks for the help but i gotta go11:07
regitalreally appreciate it11:07
frybyecan I install + use gedit in kubuntu8.1???11:08
dmh65I would think so, but will bring some gnome with it11:08
frybyewhat is the kde equiv of gedeit??11:09
dmh65I think11:09
frybyeok - thanks...11:09
dmh65xfce has mousepad :)11:09
dmh65nano is a good one as well11:09
frybyelooks like I have to start kate as sudo or...???11:11
dmh65to edit system stuff yes11:11
frybyeor better kdsudo or...?11:11
stdinkdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list11:11
dmh65su works as well I think11:11
frybyethanks pal you are a star...;=)11:11
stdinsu won't work with a GUI, and you never use sudo with a GUI11:12
frybyeit still complains that I dont have the privalages to edit medibuntu.list11:12
bugabundo_work1frybye: sudo it11:12
stdinyou sure you ran it with kdesudo11:13
stdinand *NOT* sudo11:13
stdinnot unless you want the GUI app to write config files to *your* $HOME that *you* can't edit11:13
Tim183anyone want to help with getting this infuriating ar5007eg atheros card to work?11:13
frybyei fear it was already running.. hang on...11:13
uffohello, i try to launch 8.10 beta on esprimo mobile v5535 but it shows ubuntu is running in low graphics mode, how i can force load desktop in low graphics mode11:13
dmh65why I like su root11:13
stdindmh65: I use "sudo -i" or "sudo -s" myself :)11:14
dmh65I use sudo with gedit?11:14
stdinthat way I don't open the root account to ssh attack11:14
dmh65on my desktop11:14
frybyehmm.. I am lost now...11:15
dmh65my server is debian11:15
stdindebian has a sudo package too11:15
dmh65not installed though I think11:15
stdinI don't think by default, no. but I haven't installed a debian server in a while11:15
dmh65I ssh in as root and I am a happy man11:15
frybyeif i install gedit - then I can run that with plain ole sudo or...?11:16
stdinuse gksudo or kdesudo for GUI apps, they make sure not to mess things up11:16
bugabundo_work1on debian11:16
bugabundo_work1via ssh you won't open gedit11:16
dmh65sure, just my desktop, I use nano on the server11:16
bugabundo_work1I use sudo gedit all the time! as always worked fine for me11:17
stdinif you want a non-sudo way and have ssh, you could "ssh -Y user@host app" ;)11:17
frybyestdin: I understand the theory.. but that with kdesudo and the command above it does not let me edit the list...11:17
dmh65me too11:17
frybyesays I dont have the privalages..11:17
bugabundo_work1I remember feisty days where a bug mess things and GKSU was important11:17
frybyeit also did not ask for my pw...11:17
dmh65check your syntax :)11:17
bugabundo_work1TODAY I think it works behind the scenes to do the same thing11:17
stdinfrybye: try running "kdesudo kwrite" and opening the file11:17
frybyecommand not found...11:18
dmh65sometimes it wont ask for a pw if you entered it just before doing something else in the same shell11:18
uffoanyone knows how to force load desktop?11:18
dmh65at least with me it has in the past11:19
frybyekdesudo kate no good???11:19
dmh65frybye install gedit and sudo the darn thing :)11:19
bugabundo_work1uffo: from a TTY: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart11:19
stdinfine, but dmh65 can fix your config files after :)11:20
frybyedmh65: yeah that might be it .. heheh11:20
uffobugabundo_work1: how i can get to terminal when in low graphics mode and do this continues to forcly to load desktop11:21
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
dmh65stdin: so what happens when you sudo a gui, I have always done it when sorting numlockx file for Hardy, never a problem that I was aware of11:22
bugabundo_work1uffo: didn't get that! please try to explain again11:23
dmh65alt f2 and type exterm11:23
dmh65or whatever11:24
dmh65uffo: do the above11:24
stdindmh65: it's not so much a problem when it's an app you always run as root (like a package manager). but for others, like a text editor, it is. the app will write write to config files in $HOME, and sudo does not reset $HOME by default. so root writes to your conf files11:25
stdinand if you haven't ran the app before, the conf files are created as (owned by) root11:25
dmh65stdin: infact the official howto tells you to sudo gedit?11:25
stdinI *did* edit the wiki once11:25
frybyenow we have it - there is nothing in sources.list.d11:25
dmh65only time I use gedit is as root :)11:25
uffobugabundo_work1: i have esprimo v5535 and i try beta livecd (bug was on alpha6 too) but when ubuntu wants start then it shows ubuntu is running in low graphics mode and there is no option to force load default vesa driver11:25
frybyeno medibuntu.list - no nuttin11:25
stdindmh65: which howto says to use sudo ?11:26
dmh65sure for fixing the numberslock fault in Hardy, hangon I will find the page if I can11:27
bugabundo_work1ahh uffo11:28
bugabundo_work1what video card do you have?11:28
uffobugabundo_work1: i do not know how i can get terminal when that message is front11:29
Tim183wasnt the atheros issue supposed to be fixed before this release???????????11:29
bugabundo_work1uffo: control+alt+F211:30
dmh65stdin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/numlockx/+bug/21820211:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 218202 in numlockx "[hardy] numlockx does not turn num lock keyboard light on." [Low,Confirmed]11:30
dmh65....sudo gedit /etc/gdm/Init/Default11:31
uffobugabundo_work1: i try now, btw that safe graphics mode will end with same message11:31
stdindmh65: that's not an official howto, that's some random person subscribed to a bug report11:32
dmh65ah, works though, the original was on the ubuntu forum but got removed I think11:32
stdinthe forum isn't "official" either ;)11:33
stdinhelp.ubuntu.com or wiki.ubuntu.com are more official guides11:33
dmh65cant nail anything down can I lol11:33
dmh65not sure why they have not fixed that simple bug, if its a bug11:34
stdinbecause they have bigger fish to fry? ;)11:34
stdinthough some new motu could probably whip up a debdiff for a fix11:35
* stdin thinks about poking someone11:35
dmh65your speaking in tongues :)11:35
uffobugabundo_work1:  dmh65: after tryng it reaches back to same gnome message, how gnome message can showed but why i cannot load desktop then11:36
dmh65I like the way pigin scrolls up smoothly when you enter some txt11:37
Cheeryis there a way to disable the plash screen in ubuntu?11:37
affluxCheery: which one?11:37
Cheerythe one that shows a loading bar11:37
dmh65cheery install startup manager11:37
affluxCheery: we have usplash for booting, gdm for logging in  and the loading thing after logging in11:37
dmh65its well cool11:37
bugabundo_work1Cheery: permanently or just once?11:38
affluxCheery: you mean the thing that comes before login? thats usplash. change /boot/grub/menu.lst and remove all occurences of "splash"11:38
Cheerywell, I could perhaps try it first11:38
bugabundo_work1uffo: we need to know your card and what driver you have: proprietary or opensource11:38
dmh65Cheery: there is a program called 'startup manager'11:39
dmh65it does it all11:39
Cheerything is, a quad core, new SATA disk and 800Hz RAM is so fast that the whole thing boots in 10 seconds anyway11:39
Cheeryso I wonder whether to get it all faster somehow11:39
dmh65limit the shown kernels, mem test, password boot, colours for grub and images etc etc11:39
uffobugabundo_work1: sis mirage 3+ and i dont know what driver ubuntu 8.10 beta livecd uses but vesa should work always like windows vesa does beginning of installation11:40
affluxCheery: so you're talking about usplash. Do the menu.lst solution to remove it permanently.11:40
afflux(or remove the usplash packages, I'm not sure how safe that is)11:40
dmh65geez, in startup manager you can turn usplash off11:40
dmh65am I connected here :)11:40
affluxdmh65: you are11:41
* dmh65 makes a coffee11:41
Cheerythis page talks about booting in just 5 seconds11:43
Cheeryon that EEE -PC11:43
Cheeryreasoning it could drop my comp's boot time down to a second from ten11:44
bugabundo_work1uffo: look on launchpad.net/ubuntu for probs with your card11:44
fat_ratanyone tried 8.10beta on eee pc?11:45
uffobugabundo_work1: if i reconfigure display to use default (generic) configuration after that it shows black screen - generic (like windows) is should work always11:45
bugabundo_work1I have not fat_rat11:46
bugabundo_work1send me one, and ill test it for free11:47
bugabundo_work1I don't know uffo. I don't have SIS... give it your best shot11:47
bugabundo_work1I remember reading about some probs with vesa and sis, but can't pin point it11:47
fat_ratbungabundo_work1: i think it's a bit to far away i'm from poland :]11:48
dmh65think I found a bug11:49
uffobugabundo_work1: i hope they fix it, maybe you can mention some word to developers because my bug report failed to them.11:49
fat_ratbungabundo_work1: i'm just looking for a good distro on it... i don't want xp on it :]11:49
dmh65when using pidgin the power off button top right becomes the online status for pidgin?11:50
frybyewhen i look for "  kubuntu-restricted-extras   " nothing gets found - any tips??11:50
dmh65add the repo that deals with that maybe11:51
frybyeis there some place in the os to de-restrict ...11:51
frybyedmh65: i thought I had done it...11:51
frybyeeh - I am still swimming a bit here..11:51
dmh65anyone using pidgin and ibex here?11:52
frybyethe only source i dont have selected is the cd...11:52
bugabundo_work1yes it does, dmh65 and so does empathy11:53
dmh65supposed too?11:53
bugabundo_work1I'm dmh6511:53
dmh65your me lol11:53
bugabundo_work1don't mess with my head11:53
bugabundo_work1why wouldn't people use pidgin?11:54
bugabundo_work1empathy was pushed to jaunty11:54
dmh65it still says switch or log off but when you click it you get weird choices11:55
dmh65as well as logout and restart etc you get, busy or away :)11:55
bugabundo_work1I don't get you11:56
dmh65top right the power button11:56
dmh65its got mixed with pidgin11:56
dmh65click it and you get a odd drop down menu11:57
dmh65plus at the moment it is a green circle, if I close pidgin it goes back to the red power button11:57
dmh65might be intentional but I am doubting it11:58
dmh65will take a screen11:58
dmh65where can I post images like pastebin but with images?12:00
bugabundo_work1dmh65: imageshack?12:00
dmh65I will put it on my site12:00
dmh65sod signing up12:00
dmh65bugabundo_work1: http://www.welshweb.net/screens/pidgin.png12:07
bugabundo_work1so what?12:08
bugabundo_work1you can make an IM client offline12:08
bugabundo_work1or invisible12:08
bugabundo_work1what's the prob there?12:08
dmh65just does not seem right12:08
bugabundo_work1you do the same on pidgin and empathy12:08
bugabundo_work1do you mean it can confuse users12:09
bugabundo_work1to think it's the PC, not the IM ?12:09
dmh65because the im client is already in the notification area12:09
bugabundo_work1so you don't like FUSA12:09
bugabundo_work1I actually like it preaty much12:09
dmh65if its not a bug I will shut up :)12:09
bugabundo_work1makes me look just one place for it12:09
bugabundo_work1pidgin and empathy have very diferent UIs12:09
bugabundo_work1I could be a UI bug12:10
bugabundo_work1but it would be a bug agaisnt the fact it does what it is supposed to do...12:10
bugabundo_work1but I can see your point. one should be able to OPT to not use/see it12:10
bugabundo_work1I'll talk to the guy behind it, on the devel-discuss ML12:11
dmh65if its intentional it might grow on me but it implies shuting down the pc without closing a program first, unless its integrated12:11
bugabundo_work1dmh65: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2008-September/005740.html12:12
bugabundo_work1you close programs BEFORE shutdown?12:12
bugabundo_work1I never do it12:12
bugabundo_work1what ever is open gets a kill 15, or killl9 if it takes to long12:13
dmh65:) thanks12:13
dmh65thanks for that link, now I know I am not going crazy12:15
dmh65there is 42 updates for Ibex, cool12:22
bugabundo_work1only those?12:22
dmh65first time I checked since last night12:22
dmh65system restart needed12:25
=== stefanlsd_ is now known as stefanlsd
dmh65I wont close pidgin, just restart :)12:25
fat_ratif i install 8.10 beta now, can i smoothly upgrade to final release?12:27
Pici!final | fat_rat12:27
ubottufat_rat: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.12:27
Picifat_rat: thats a yes ;)12:27
fat_ratPici: thx ;] i'm runnin' it on eee & it works well :]12:28
sivelhello all12:29
arpui have the problem i can not opnen websites with https12:29
arpuopera and firefox12:29
arpui get a white blank site :-(12:29
sivelhas anyone been able to fix the ketring for nm-appelet always asking for password?12:29
arpuanyone have the same problem ?12:29
user___hello, how long does it approximately take until you can see the bbc content in the totem playlist (DSL)?12:30
gnubiearpu,  repost the google link and I will try it12:34
user___it dumps a python trace call on the terminal, so never mind12:34
arpugnubie: https://www.google.com/accounts/Login?continue=http://www.google.at/&hl=de12:34
gnubiearpu,  OK for me12:34
arpuhmm strange12:34
arpui have no idea whats the problem12:35
=== enyc_ is now known as enyc
mazzenhi! just for the case, that someone is here who has edit access to http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta. the links for the mirrors points still to 8.04.112:51
elkymazzen, #ubuntu-testing i believe is probably the better bet12:54
mazzenelky: thanks12:54
user___do you also hear stuttering music when listen f.e. to this stream with totem?
PiciI logged bug 277544 anyway, they can remove if necessary I guess.12:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277544 in ubuntu-website "Mirrors list link to wrong release in 8.10 Beta Technical Overview" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27754412:58
HobbseePici: bugs are good - they leave a paper trail12:59
erle-will open office 3.0 and gimp 2.6 be available in ibex repos?13:01
dns53openoffice will be there even if it is beta13:01
erle-gimp 2.6 is no beta any more13:01
erle-and i think it is an important application for many users13:02
dns53i have no idea, ask the maintainer, you can find the contact info with the package13:03
rockyhm, no python2.6 in intrepid yet?13:05
user___rocky: it was just released two days ago..13:10
Rioting_pacifistrocky: <dns53> i have no idea, ask the maintainer, you can find the contact info with the package13:10
Hobbsee!info python2.6 intrepid13:11
ubottuPackage python2.6 does not exist in intrepid13:11
Hobbsee^ answer13:11
rockyuser___: yeah but i was kind of expecting to see py2.6 rc1 or something13:15
gnomefreakno it wont be included13:15
ianliu_88I've upgraded from Hardy, but he couldn't install network manager. Anyone with the same problem?13:15
rockygnomefreak: that sucks :(13:16
gnomefreaki answered this for you yesterday or day before aug. 26 was cut off so nothing has changed13:16
la-perrjust installed ubuntu 8.10 all ok very nice13:19
rockygnomefreak: i haven't been in #ubuntu+1 in about a couple months13:19
gnomefreakrocky: you were here the other day or someone with your nick was here the other day asking the same question13:19
rockytweren't me ... and i have my nick registered13:20
* rocky thinks gnomefreak is confusing rocky with all of the other "rockyXXX" nicks13:20
gnomefreakno im not im busy atm but i will be glad to show you the logs13:21
rockywhen you get a chance, sure13:21
rockyi'd love to know who my alter ego is13:21
Cheery400GB of free space13:23
Cheeryit feels so empty. :(13:24
ianliu_88It seems network-admin is installed on my system, but there is no icon on the tray13:24
ianliu_88any tips?13:24
rockyianliu_88: i think the 3rd issue under http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta#Known%20Issues talks about that problem13:25
dmh65is there a log to see what has been updated recently?13:28
gnomefreakdmh65: you can try launchpad.net and look for the package you want as for a list of all updated there isnt one that im aware of13:29
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th!13:30
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes13:31
gnomefreakdmh65: see link on !upgrade13:31
dmh65I just updated Ibex with the 42 on offered, I just wish I had a good look at them before installing, I thought there might be a log somewhere13:31
ianliu_88did anyone got wireless working with beta? I have the BCM43**13:31
dmh65not quite what I had in mind13:32
gnomefreakianliu_88: its blacklisted13:32
gnomefreak# replaced by b43 and ssb.13:32
gnomefreakblacklist bcm43xx13:32
gnomefreaksee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist13:32
gnomefreakso im assuming its blacklisted due to a change in package (package that supports that hardware)13:33
ianliu_88this mean it won't work?13:33
PiciI think it was replaced by the b43 module.13:33
ianliu_88I managed to install it on Hardy with ndiswrapper13:33
gnomefreakianliu_88: im fairly sure it works as for trying it i havent (i dont have that hardware)13:33
debfxdmh65: a log of recent package updates?13:33
gnomefreakPici: it was13:33
debfxdmh65: http://feeds.ubuntu-nl.org/IntrepidChanges13:34
Nece228no new theme in intrepid :(13:34
gnomefreakah yes forgot about that mailing list13:34
dmh65debfx: thanks, thats what I am after I think, although it does not have todays yet13:35
ianliu_88are there any livecd for beta? I wanted to make a fresh install, not upgrade13:35
dns53where's the fun in that?13:35
dmh65interesting to see the conficts etc actually13:36
hachaboobHas anyone got DVB-T working with totem?13:36
Piciianliu_88: Of corse http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta13:36
gnomefreakdns53: see list.ubuntu.com look for intrepid-changes adn look at log it should have todays13:36
gnomefreaki havent gotten to that point in my email yet13:36
ianliu_88Pici: I've downloaded that file but it didn't have livecd.. oO13:36
debfxdmh65: the most recent updates are at the bottom13:36
Piciianliu_88: Which file did you download?13:37
dmh65todays updates are on there actually,  my bad13:37
gnomefreakhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-beta-desktop-i386.iso is the 32bit desktop installer13:38
gnomefreakhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.10/ at bottom is a full list13:39
gnomefreakbe back reboot13:39
ianliu_88hmm, well, I'm good with no livecd. The file I downloaded had a "dos like" installer. The problem is it didn't worked. It crashed when resizing the partition13:40
dmh65that partion graphic is orrible13:40
Piciianliu_88: Which iso did you download? It doesnt sound like you grabbed the right file.13:40
ianliu_88let me see, just a second13:41
dmh65the auto login check box was a neat add though13:41
ianliu_88I should have downloaded the desktop.. >.<13:42
dmh65when did Ibex become available for download for Joe Public?13:44
* user____ notes that intrepid 32bit guest in 64bit hardy host with virtualbox 2.0.2 produces stuttering sound with totem and flash-player (youtube)13:47
bugabundo_work1dmh65: 30/1013:47
bugabundo_work1!! release13:47
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases13:47
bugabundo_work1!! intrepid13:48
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th!13:48
mnemocdmh65: it is already available for download for any public, as far as they are aware it's not considered stable yet13:48
bugabundo_work1!! stable13:49
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability.13:49
bugabundo_work1!! unstable13:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unstable13:49
bugabundo_work1!! development13:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about development13:49
dmh65thanks 30th October13:49
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
ianliu_88yay, downloading beta13:53
frybyeno sound after intrepid-beta install - what now?13:54
frybyein sys-settings/sound - it has identified the HDA Nvidia (ALC883 <various flavours?>) but  - nothing comes out of the speakers and amarok says no input config...13:56
frybyewarning: i am pretty nubie to all this...13:56
NerianHi. I want to install Kubuntu with KDE 4. I undertand that currently KDE 4 is available only with Kubuntu KDE 4 remix community edition. The new release of Kubuntu, 8.10, is going to feature KDE 4. Mi doubt is, if I install Kubuntu KDE 4 community edition, is there anything I need to do once the new Kubuntu 8.10 is released?13:58
frybyewhat to do to get sound working in 8.1 kubuntu??13:59
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP314:00
PiciNerian: The remix should cleanly upgrade to 8.1014:03
NerianPici: Thank you very much14:04
bugabundo_work1any one on this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/27741914:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277419 in jockey "[intrepid beta] Jockey-gtk doesn't install drivers, it does nothing" [Undecided,New]14:04
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
dmh65dont like the stripey progress bar, looks like a sweet14:14
gnomefreakbugabundo_work1: i added comment and screenshot14:18
bugabundo_work1thanks gnomefreak... I guess the newbie I'm helping will like it14:20
gnomefreakbugabundo_work1: im still not sure what the issue is but feel freee to looka t what i wrote14:20
bugabundo_work1I read it14:22
bugabundo_work1the dude can't install the nvidia driver14:22
bugabundo_work1on his mx44014:22
bugabundo_work1it failed in hardy14:23
bugabundo_work1and after upgrade to ibex14:23
bugabundo_work1the same14:23
bugabundo_work1something about14:23
bugabundo_work1<mapd> running DKMS auto installation service fail14:23
gnomefreakmx440 is the legacy drivers IIRC14:23
bugabundo_work1he wants to use TV out14:24
gnomefreakbugabundo_work1: your bug than has nothing to do with his14:24
bugabundo_work1but everytime he gets the NV , he goes to low resolution14:24
gnomefreaknot sure if leg. drivers support tv but i dont see why not14:24
bugabundo_work1its not my bug... lol14:24
bugabundo_work1I just subscrived to it14:24
gnomefreakits not his either14:24
bugabundo_work1I didn't say I was affected by it14:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277419 in jockey "[intrepid beta] Jockey-gtk doesn't install drivers, it does nothing" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:25
affluxbugabundo_work1: haven't followed your discussion, bug in intrepid, it could be interesting to see what "dkms status -m nvidia" reads.14:25
afflux*your whole14:25
gnomefreakbugabundo_work1: the bug is not on the mx440 its on the 860014:25
bugabundo_work1I'll ask him14:25
biberaobugabundo_work1 <-14:26
gnomefreakbugabundo_work1: its best to ask him to file a bug and add the ifo to the bug14:26
bugabundo_work1gnomefreak: nvidia, 96.43.05: added14:26
bugabundo_work1gnomefreak:  meet biberao14:26
biberaohi gnomefreak14:26
gnomefreakhi biberao14:26
biberaoi installed nvidia using this now14:26
biberaoudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-96 nvidia-settings14:27
biberaoError! Could not locate nvidia.ko for module nvidia in the DKMS tree.14:27
biberaoYou must run a dkms build for kernel 2.6.27-4-generic (i686) first.14:27
biberaosorry the flood14:27
affluxbiberao: install nvidia-96-kernel-source14:28
biberaodone that14:28
affluxbiberao: good14:28
gnomefreakbiberao: ive been told to use jockey or envy since xorg+apt-get install drivers fails to configure the drivers (this might have changed in the past month i dont know. i do know that jockey/envy works14:28
biberaoive that14:28
gnomefreakif you want i can grab bung14:28
affluxbiberao: can you pastebin the output of "dkms status -m nvidia"14:28
biberaoi mean14:28
biberao[14:26] <bugabundo_work1> gnomefreak: nvidia, 96.43.05: added14:29
biberaoive done that gnomefreak14:29
biberaoenvy crashes on14:29
bugabundo_work1gnomefreak: it seems that envy is causing a lot more trouble in intrepid!14:29
gnomefreakbugabundo_work1: thats new than14:29
affluxbiberao: "sudo dkms build -m nvidia -v 96.43.05"14:29
biberaoafflux mind if i flood14:30
biberaoa little bit14:30
biberaoor paste site is better?14:30
affluxi do14:30
affluxpastebin please14:30
gnomefreakbug 27007314:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270073 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 "After installing nvidia-glx-173 it fails to use a sreen resolution higher than 800X600" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27007314:30
biberaoi dont use those ones gnomefreak14:31
biberaomy card is old14:31
gnomefreakbiberao: driver isnt the cause its caused by dpkg+xorg14:31
affluxbiberao: now that's interesting. please pastebin /var/lib/dkms/nvidia/96.43.05/build/make.log14:31
biberaoall of it?14:31
gnomefreakafflux: thanks i was about to ask for that14:32
affluxwould be best, yes14:32
biberaocool i cant copy it14:32
affluxgnomefreak: you're welcome :>14:32
gnomefreakcant copy it?14:32
Pseudomochag'day all14:33
biberaowait a second pls14:33
biberaohi Pseudomocha14:35
affluxthat looks like a bug14:35
affluxor rather, like an unusable source. I'll try to compile it locally14:35
biberaook thanks14:35
bugabundo_work1so that's why we couldn't help you out, biberao14:35
biberaobugabundo_work1 no more candy for you :p14:36
rmnanyone got lighting 0.9 for tb2 working?14:36
gnomefreakrmn: no im still working out kinks in it14:36
gnomefreakif i get a chance ill push it to my PPA when i get build failures worked out14:37
biberaognomefreak so you're a developer for ubuntu?14:37
rmngnomefreak, ok.  glad it's a known issue, and not just a freak problem on my machine14:37
gnomefreakrmn: its a known issue it fails to build as for your issue i dont know14:38
gnomefreakbiberao: not by trade but i do package for ubuntu mainly mozilla apps14:38
biberaoi see14:38
rmngnomefreak, anything you need for ironing the kinks out?  my issue is that it doesn't display, or allow the creation of any calendars14:38
gnomefreakrmn: that is known as i recall from this mornings upstream emails but i will look at it when i get it built14:39
affluxbiberao: okay, I have the same issues14:39
rmngnomefreak, and then occasionally it shows two rows of icons in mail-mode (calendar and mail)14:39
biberaoafflux any idea?14:39
affluxbiberao: they should be easy to fix, but I'm not the one in charge14:39
affluxbiberao: I'll check the bugtracker14:39
gnomefreakrmn: sunbird or just lightning?14:39
rmngnomefreak, lightning.14:40
biberaoalberto answered me14:40
biberaohe said14:40
biberao96 and 171 doesnt work in intrepid14:40
affluxI see14:40
affluxyou mean bug 270846?14:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270846 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 "build of nvidia kernel module fails" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27084614:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251107 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 "[Intrepid] nvidia_drv.so: undefined symbol: AllocateScreenPrivateIndex" [Medium,Confirmed]14:40
biberaoubottu is a url fetcher lol14:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:40
gnomefreakrmn: as soon as i get it built ill look into it.14:41
gnomefreakrmn: tbird 2?14:41
rmngnomefreak, sounds excellent.  again, if there's anything you need...  tb214:41
gnomefreakrmn: is it out build of tbird?14:41
rmn2...17 to be exact14:41
rmngnomefreak, could you explain?14:42
gnomefreakrmn: try to create new profile and see how it works14:42
rmngnomefreak, doesn't14:42
affluxbiberao: okay, got it. The build failure is because of the 2.6.27 kernel, I could provide a trivial patch which would fix this issue. As alberto said, this wouldn't help much because the xserver would not be able to load it, so you will have to wait until this gets fixed14:42
rmngnomefreak, tried two things; copy my old profile over, and delete this and start over with a new one.  same result14:42
biberaothanks afflux14:42
biberaoafflux you could fix it so fast? lol14:43
gnomefreakrmn: running it thunderbird from terminal and trying to add calendar does it give you any output? if so please paste it to pastebin14:43
AuthorityI have a number of keys that are recognized by xev, but I can't bind a keyboard shortcut to in KDE4 (Intrepid).  Any idea what's going on here?14:43
affluxbiberao: you mean the 2.6.27 kernel things? Yes, as I had fixed exactly the same thing for the vmware module some days ago.14:43
biberaosince im here14:44
biberaodo you know a language called clipper?14:44
rmngnomefreak, pastebin?  it did give a one-liner error14:45
gil__i am wandering if other people are finding firefox very slow and sluggish after the last update14:45
gnomefreakrmn: what is the errror and does it give it to you when working in lightning or starting tbird?14:45
rmn(gecko:15617): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed14:46
gnomefreakgil__: a little bit not much though im waiting for alexander for monday to bring it up14:46
gnomefreakrmn: thats it?14:46
rmngnomefreak, it comes after creating an empty profile, and installing cal 0.9 xpi, before it asks to restart14:46
rmngnomefreak, yes.14:46
gil__gnomefreak: i dont follow14:46
gnomefreakrmn: restart and run it again from terminal and try adding a cal to lighting14:47
affluxtime for coffee!14:47
gil__gnomefreak: what are you refering to!?14:47
gnomefreakgil__: give me a minute i have alexander atm14:47
rmngnomefreak, can't. that's what it doesn't allow me to14:47
rmngnomefreak, "new calendar" is blanked out.14:47
rmngnomefreak, plenty of messages in the TB error console, though14:48
gnomefreakrmn: please pastebin them for me or you can email them to me if you would like14:49
rmngnomefreak, email would be preferable.  pm an address to me.14:49
gnomefreakgil__: alexander is on public holiday so it will be looked at mondayish14:49
gil__gnomefreak: dude i am a bit out of the loop these days. what is alexander?14:50
CarlFK9 month old hp dv6700 laptop - what should I do to see if I can use it's modem in ibex?14:50
gil__gnomefreak: sorry i am not sure what you are refering to14:50
gnomefreakgil__: he is head ubuntu/mozilla develper and he is on holiday but i let him know he said he would look into it. i have some tests i can run but i need his changelog for bzr not for archives14:50
user____biberao: yes14:50
CarlFKwondering if it is the same as a few years ago it was 'run a script that will figure it out'14:51
gnomefreakgil__: your slow firefox14:51
mazzenhmm.... i just tried the 8.10 live cd and i got a black screen. all i could see was the mouse pointer, which was very slow. i have an ati mobility radeon 9700, which should be a very rare card, or?14:51
gil__gnomefreak: yes. i new we were talking about ff i just didnt know who Alexandre was.14:51
gil__thanks for clarifying14:51
gnomefreaki need his unofficial changelog to see what happened14:51
gil__my firefox was much more responsive before the last updates14:51
gnomefreakgil__: i dont think anything changed in 3.0.3 to cause this.14:52
gnomefreakonly changes should have been link fixes for other browsers, as in starting firefox-3.0 was failing it should be fixed now14:52
gnomefreaksame with abrowser-3.0 and any other way of starting it14:53
gil__yes i will see if it some settings i have here.14:53
biberaoflash-nonfree doesnt work?14:53
gil__it just seems sluggish to get from page to page. but it is not a bandwidht issue14:53
gil__gnomefreak: it seems like everytime i point fireox to a page it takes it forever to contact the page14:54
gnomefreakgil__: ill be back14:54
rmngnomefreak, where to send the extract from the error console?14:56
gnomefreakrmn: gnomefreak@ubuntu.com and ill get to it tomorrow15:04
gnomefreakor tonight15:04
biberaognomefreak know anything about flash-nonfree?15:06
gnomefreakwhat about it?15:06
biberaodoesnt work15:06
biberaoat least i cant isntall it15:06
gnomefreakworks fine. does it give you a mismatch or md5sum error?15:07
biberaoi cant do apt-get install flash-nonfree15:07
gnomefreakbiberao: try flsahplugin-nonfree15:08
gnomefreakflash-nonfree is not a package15:08
biberaoits not there either15:09
gnomefreakfunny 3.0 got same updates as 3.0 and i dont see it any slower on certain sites. im gonna have to say the slowdown is caused by page itself. example wiki.ubuntu.com works fine15:09
gnomefreakbiberao: what is the error?15:09
biberaonothing appears15:09
biberaono package15:09
gnomefreakbiberao: than you need to enable multiverse repo15:09
gnomefreak!info flashplugin-nonfree intrpepid15:10
ubottuintrpepid is not a valid distribution ['intrepid', 'medibuntu', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'hardy-backports', 'intrepid-backports', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'feisty-backports', 'dapper', 'feisty']15:10
gnomefreak!info flashplugin-nonfree intrepid15:10
ubottuflashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 18 kB, installed size 164 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)15:10
biberaoit apepared now15:10
gnomefreaksee its there ;)15:10
gnomefreakim gone for a while i have 2 meetings to get to15:11
biberaoshould i add -extrasound15:11
biberaoor something?15:11
gnomefreakbiberao: huh?15:11
gnomefreakbiberao: -extrasound for what?15:11
biberaoi saw this flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound and flashplugin-nonfree-pulse15:11
biberaojust wondering15:11
gnomefreakbiberao: sholdnt matter if anything get pulse but i dont have anything but flashplugin-nonfree and it works fine15:12
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
ianliu_88OH YEAH BABE! BCM43 works out of the box!15:24
rmndo I need to do anything else than edit /etc/nsswitch.conf hosts: .... wins to be able to ping windows machines by hostname?15:33
DanaG" 05-29-08, 01:10 PM An updated driver with support for Linux 2.6.25 and a few other fixes should become available in the near future. Support for the X.Org server shipped with Fedora 9 will follow some time after that, but unfortunately, no firm date is available at this point."15:34
DanaGApparently "soon" after May is past October.15:35
dfgashow do i upgrade from prompt?15:35
ianliu_88I'm trying to install ubuntu, but the Resizing partition never gets out of 0%15:35
ianliu_88anyone experienced that?15:36
dfgasi am trying to upgrade from alpha to beta in CLi15:38
ianliu_88how slow is that step?15:38
ianliu_88how slow is to resize partitions? I think it is stuck on that step.. although the HD light is on15:39
dfgasnever done it15:39
ianliu_88well, I will leave it for a while..15:39
ianliu_88lets see what happens15:39
DanaGHeh, another lame thing about nvidia: no hdmi audio.15:40
DanaGAnd no xrandr 1.2.15:44
PensacolaI can't login into kde with kubuntu 8.10, gnome isn't a problem15:46
Pensacolawhen I try to login to kde it just gets me back to the login screen15:46
PensacolaI removed the .kde and .kde4 folders from my previous install15:46
Pensacoladoes anyone have an idea on how to fix this?15:48
uffoWARNING: 8.10 may not even run if final has been released on Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo v5535 because of Gnome is unable to load desktop15:51
ianliu_88hmm, the resizing worked15:52
s0u][ightatm i'm installing beta in a virtual machine15:52
ianliu_88but there is a bug with the UI, ubuntu doesn't give any feedback of the resizing15:52
petersaintsWell I'm going to make an Intrepid Beta install, if it goes all Ok it will remais as my main install!! What do you recommend for Intrepid? I mean is it time to go x64 without looking the other way?16:14
affluxpetersaints: depends on what you want to do / to use.16:15
damhyojunghey.all ,who install the 8.10 beta16:15
affluxdamhyojung: probably most people around16:16
affluxpetersaints: I'm using x64 and it works okay16:16
petersaintsIs Flash working without issues?16:16
affluxfor me, yes.16:16
damhyojungreally,i had installed alpha 6,but cant go into XWindows16:17
damhyojungnow,im waiting16:17
petersaintsI mean... NSPLUGINWRAPPER introduces another abstraction layer and sometimes it can cause some trouble... Also de memory usage is greater on x64 isn't it?16:17
MvGHi! The more I work with Kubuntu intrepid, the more I feel that a single row task manager is a serious regression.16:18
MvGSadly, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/269189 got closed while a similar https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/260094/ for Quicklaunch survived. Do you know what's the policy there?16:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269189 in ubuntu "[WISH][Kubuntu 8.10 Alpha 5] Add multirows task manager as a option" [Undecided,Invalid]16:18
MvGDoes anyone know details or any followup discussion on this matter?16:19
ethana2aaaaand I'm back16:19
damhyojungabout 8.10 beta16:20
damhyojungwhere are you guys from16:20
HappySmileManFollowing the guide for Kubuntu upgrade to Beta, and the distribution upgrader quits after setting new software channels and telling me that 12 packages are no longer supported by Canonical16:21
HappySmileMan"sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" seems to list all the packages that i need to upgrade (over a gigabyte) but is that a safe way to upgrade?16:21
ethana2Ok, where's the apt configuration file?16:23
ethana2I need to modify it with a script16:23
MvGHappySmileMan: Where is that guide?16:23
HappySmileManhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu MvG16:24
damhyojungwhere are you guys from16:24
MvGethana2: afaik apt uses several config files, what exactly do you need to modify?16:24
ethana2in add/remove, set it to 'all available applications'16:24
HappySmileManI'm thinking it may be due to me using KDE4.1 instead of KDE3.5 or 4.0.516:24
ethana2and in system -> admin -> software sources, enable backports and such16:25
HappySmileManBut I don't know if it'd be good to upgrade the packages without using the official updater16:25
MvGHappySmileMan: When I upgraded to Alpha6, I used "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" from the command line, which I was told here on IRC. Back then, the upgrade removed adept, among others, but I would have thought that fixed by now.16:25
HappySmileManWell adept says it will remove adept... Just looking at that now16:26
HappySmileManIt's upgradable but will be removed16:26
MvGethana2: backports and stuff is /etc/apt/sources.list16:26
HappySmileManPresumably because adept-batch and adept-installer and stuff can't be upgraded16:27
ethana2i wonder....16:27
ethana2i may just replace the whole file16:27
MvGHappySmileMan: Solution for me: upgrade as described above using the command line, then reinstall adept.16:27
HappySmileManI'll try that, not like I have a problem with reinstalling if I have to16:28
HappySmileManWill probablky due fresh install next month anyway16:28
erle-i dont have the time to search/track bugs, but: if you have autologin in intrepid you have no chance to mount ~/Private16:30
nachosince I upgraded to intrepid network-manager is not storing the key for weps in wireless lans16:30
MvGHappySmileMan: For reference: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/09/22/%23ubuntu+1.html starting at 9:33 was my discussion. I guess I'll try find a bug report for the upgrade removing adept, and file one if I can't find one.16:30
nachodo you know if there is a bug about that?16:30
frybyewas using aptget to get the kubuntu-restricted-extras package - and accidentally closed the terminal - what to do now?16:31
HappySmileManty MvG16:31
ethana2Are the updates safe today?16:31
HappySmileManThis channel is bigger than Nethack ;)16:31
frybyethe process still seems to be running but I need to make responses or?16:31
* ethana2 crosses fingers and applies16:31
MvGfrybye: I'd try "dpkg --audit", I think, and see what's the current state.16:31
frybyewith sudo???16:32
MvGfrybye: If it's still running, find it with ps, pstree etc. and kill it.16:32
MvGfrybye: No, you can query status without sudo I think.16:32
frybyeand then start again or...?16:32
MvGfrybye: 1. Find involved process, 2. kill root process (apt-get?), 3. dpkg --audit, 4. follow instructions from audit, 5. restart installation16:33
HappySmileMansudo do-release-upgrade -d doesn't work either, quits at same point, I'll try uninstalling the packages that are no longer supported16:34
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots16:35
HappySmileManI'll wait and see if this works, that way I can post how I got it to work as well as the problem16:36
MvGHappySmileMan: They shouldn't be the cause of your trouble.16:36
vasyhi dudes, I got problem with my wifi in kubuntu alpha 6..16:36
MvGHappySmileMan: What's the last message from do-release-upgrade?16:36
vasyany help please16:36
ianliu_88When installing ubuntu, when copying files at 67% the installation fail due to disk corruption. But I checked the cd and it was ok. Is there still a possibility to be corrupted? I'm actually running ubuntu from the cd now16:36
MvGHappySmileMan: Also have a look at /var/log/dist-upgrade/*16:37
HappySmileManMvG: Last message is "Calculating the changes", after it lists what programs are demoted16:37
ianliu_88I will burn the cd again and see if it works16:37
vasyI just installed kubuntu alpha 6 intrepid edition... I am able to connect to net through cable but not through wifi16:37
vasywhy like that ?16:37
MvGvasy: I don't know any solution, but I remember reading about Problems with Wifi and Kubuntu in several places, so at least the issue is known. Have you searched the bugs database yet?16:38
Pensacolawhen I try to login to kde in kubuntu 8.10 it just gets me back to the login screen, but gnome works16:38
Pensacolawhere can I see wich errors it gives?16:38
vasyyes... I searched... but not able to find the exact solution16:38
vasyI am afraid is it something to do with kernel 2.6.7.. got some bugs that will damage our network hardware16:38
ethana2my third party sources aren't showing up in my /etc/apt/sources.list16:39
ethana2medibuntu and such just aren't there16:39
vasyis this issue related to that ??16:39
frybyeI have a page of text about the java install with ok at the bottom but dont know what to do to accept it???16:39
HappySmileManOk yeah according to logs, error is in File "/tmp/tmp8EsT9V/DistUpgradeQuirks.py", line 15016:39
Piciethana2: If you followed the steps from the midubuntu website it actually puts them into /etc/apt/sources.list.d/16:39
ethana2ah, thank you16:39
HappySmileManNameError: global name '_' is not defined16:39
vasyU know something MvG... I have also installed ubuntu alpha 6 intrepid but I didnt face this issue16:39
vasywhy this issue is very particular to kubuntu I am not sure...16:40
frybyeMvG: how do i proceed at this page of text about the java liscence - how do i enter OK???16:40
MvGPensacola: I'd look at ls -lt /var/log to find the file with the latest modification. (Re-)moving your ~/.kde might help as well.16:40
ethana2Pici: isn't that...  bad?16:41
PensacolaI tried removing my .kde but it didn' t work16:41
Piciethana2: What? Why?16:41
ethana2that's what sources.list is for, right?16:41
ethana2it's... the list of.. sources16:41
frybyeMvG: it is a page in apt-get with the sun-java6-bin liscence and somehow I have tell it OK .. how to do it???16:42
Piciethana2: And that directory contains other sources in addition, its just another way to add stuff without having to touch the sources.list file itself.16:42
ethana2I see16:42
ethana2well, the mebibuntu part of my script will handle all that anyway16:42
ethana2I'll just replace the sources.list16:42
MvGfrybye: How do you know that's the page?16:43
ethana2(g is my key for d) speaking of, does gnome have a backspace caps lock behavior yet?16:44
Piciethana2: I'm pretty sure its had that for a while.16:44
frybyethe page of text is displayed - at the bottom of it is <Ok> but it is just text.. no way to enter a command - the ok for example...16:44
ethana2Pici: why is it gone?16:44
Picifrybye: press tab until the okay button is hilighted and then press enter.16:44
frybyeok i have it now - tab and enter...16:44
ethana2Pici: now my keyboard layout does that, and it's the Wrong Way to do it16:45
MvGfrybye: You have restarted the installation already, and problems with the second run?16:45
Piciethana2: I don't know, I dont use it, I just noticed it in the options.16:45
ianliu_88is it possible to install the iso file into a usb?16:45
ethana2you should use it16:45
frybyeMvG: seems ok now..16:45
ethana2it's sweeeet16:45
ianliu_88usb stick16:45
ethana2ianliu_88: yep16:45
frybyeit had just stuck at the point that this liscence had to be OK-d and i got it to run again from there... forgot the command now but found with a google search... heheh16:46
ianliu_88is there some instructions somewhere?16:46
MvGianliu_88: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:46
frybyestill no mfsob sound though... grrrrr.. <smile.>16:47
frybyeah ha - have to reboot it said.. doooohg....16:47
frybyehow do i get konversation to not show when ppl come and go???16:49
ethana2gyarr, i'm looking through gconf-editor here....16:51
morpholologyHello all - I tried to suspend to disk a while back. Ever since then, every boot up it claims it can't find the resume image, and asks to enter the path manually. Is there any way to make it not look for one at boot?16:51
ethana2 /apps/gnome-app-install/components_seen doesn't seem to do what I want..16:51
yao_ziyuani use intrepid alpha 6 and keep installing updates, and today i heard intrepid beta is out but "update-manager -d" doesn't show any new version upgrade. am i already in beta?16:59
Piciyao_ziyuan: Just use the regular update-manager, no need for -d"17:00
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.17:00
yao_ziyuanmy kde 4.1.2 just crashed, so i didn't see any replies17:02
Piciyao_ziyuan: Just use the regular update-manager, no need for -d.17:02
Pici!final | yao_ziyuan17:02
ubottuyao_ziyuan: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.17:02
biberaoi hope ubuntu guys fix nvidia :X17:02
biberaoafflux you around=?17:02
affluxbiberao: yup17:03
biberaomind if i pm you?17:03
biberaonothing related with ubuntu17:03
yao_ziyuanPici: that also applies to the official final release?17:03
affluxfeel free17:03
debfxis there a way to grab more attention to this bug: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/263543 cause I really would love to be able to boot intrepid17:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263543 in linux "ubuntu 8.10 alpha4 boot failure" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:04
Pensacolaok the livecd has the same problem so it has to be related to my system config17:07
Pensacolaanyway I can get kde3 on intrepid?17:07
MvGHappySmileMan: Do you want to subscribe to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adept/+bug/277669 about adept removing adept? Might be useful if the devs need further information.17:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277669 in adept "release upgrade to Kubuntu Intrepid removes adept" [Undecided,New]17:12
HappySmileManYeah will do17:13
Sharavdoes the beta have a live cd where you can just test it out for fun?17:14
slanningwhen I login to the latest kernel in intrepid, the network doesn't work (e.g.: "ssh: Could not resolve hostname ...: Name or service not known"), but if I go to a previous kernel version it will work17:15
slanningit's been like that since dist-upgrading - anyone have an idea how to....regenerate whatever needs regenerated or re-defaulted ?17:15
HappySmileManSharav: IAs far as I know the regular desktop CD is a liveCD, just like the final versions17:16
MvGdebfx: Investigating kernel errors, I'd start with a manually compiled plain vanilla kernel, try to see whetehr that boots, and then try to make it incrementally more like the kernel shipped with ubuntu. Requires some knowledge of how to configure kernels, though. Once you had the issue tracked down in this way, you could probably provide the developers with the information needed to fix it.17:18
debfxok thanks, I'll try that17:24
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frybyehi - cant find flashplugin-nonfree in adept???17:38
frybyeI have clicked on all the available package sources...17:39
frybyeand tried manually editing the sources.list17:39
frybyeall to no avail so far...17:39
MvGfrybye: It should be there, in multiverse: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/flashplugin-nonfree17:41
MvGfrybye: Have you updated your package list since you activated package sources?17:42
frybyeimho lots of times.. hang on pse..17:42
MvGfrybye: Hmmm... my adept doesn't show it either, but apt-get install seems to work. Strange.17:43
frybyewhats the full command for apt-get???#17:44
ethana2frybye: apt-get install?17:44
frybyeapt-get install flashplugin-nonfree    <-- or?17:44
ethana2....i think so17:45
MvGwith sudo17:45
MvGAny maybe add some of the suggested packages as well.17:45
ethana2i need a window decorator that will put decorations /over/ windows17:45
ethana2it sounds hackish 'cause it is17:45
ethana2it also needs to take the minimum window width and add x pixels17:45
ethana2specifically, I want it to draw window controls over the empty right side of menu bars17:46
frybyegood - that seems to have done it... odd that not possible with gui...#17:46
ethana2and dragging the menu bar will drag the window17:46
MvGStrange: When I search in adept for "flash", flashplugin-nonfree is listed, but when I also type the p, i.e. "flashp", the list becomes empty.17:46
biberaoMvG when i do flash and tab nothing appears17:46
biberaobut if i do flashplugin tab it appears17:46
MvGLooks like the search would only search for package descriptions, not package names.17:47
frybyenext ? - there does not seem to be a source for getting more widgets from the net???17:51
frybyeI would like the weather widget...17:51
MvGbiberao: You pressed tab in the search input field of adept? Does nothing for me.17:51
frybyei should perhaps go to #kde4 for this stuff...17:52
klosis there new artwork in interpid17:52
biberaoMvG adept?17:52
biberaoi did this apt-get install flash tab17:52
elupushi, i'm trying to find linux-image 2.6.27-5.8, on pakages.ubuntu.com it is mentioned in the changelog, but can't seem to find the binary .deb file17:54
elupusany ideas?17:54
danbh_intrepidthere is a -5 out?17:54
MvGbiberao: adept = kde package manager, i.e. kubuntu17:54
elupusyea, should contain fix for the e1000e issue17:55
frybyeanybody know the name of a package with a load of kde4 widgets...?17:55
elupusi suspect it just haven't spread to all mirrors, anybody know what is the main host?17:56
JontheEchidnafrybye: kdeplasma-addons17:56
elupusyes i'm impatient :)17:57
danbh_intrepidelupus: its not listed on packages.ubuntu.com...17:57
elupusbut the changelog for current kernel image gives changelog for it17:57
JontheEchidnafrybye: searching for plasmoid in adept should show a list of other installable plasmoids17:58
danbh_intrepidoooo, yay, fixes for ath9k!!!!17:59
* danbh_intrepid wonders why that kernel didnt make it into beta17:59
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.18:00
elupushehe, yea that would be nice todo if i did have network :)18:00
Novellhi, does the 2.6.27-4-generic kernel include the patch to make the NVM read-only on e1000 cards ? and why doesn't my ethernet card on my X61s work with that kernel ?18:07
PiciNovell: No, the release notes said that this patch did not make it into the beta.18:07
NovellPici: ah ok, didn't see that18:07
NovellPici: any kernel update on the way ?18:09
PiciNovell: I would think so, but I don't have any definitive info on it.18:15
Novellok, hopefully before monday hehe18:15
elupusNovell, http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux/linux_2.6.27-5.8/changelog18:28
elupusso obviously someting is on the way, but can't find that release anywhere :)18:29
Novellelupus: ahhh nice18:29
biberaooh thx MvG18:29
Novellshould come soonish then18:29
superrikerI have a problem with my bootloader grub18:29
superrikerI have freshly installed 8.10 beta and the grub loader seems not to be installed18:30
superrikerand I cant find the /boot/grub directory. Is there something new18:30
danbh_intrepidsuperriker: no, i dont think so18:38
gsI'm just trying to get compiz to run18:43
gsbut the same problem as before the upgrade18:43
gsit removes the window-bars and the last statement is "Xgl not present"18:44
danbh_intrepidgs: did you use the hardware manager to install your drivers?18:44
gsdid it automatically18:44
gsit offers me 177 and 17318:44
gsbut has activated 17718:44
gsthe other is deactivated18:44
PatrickMellohi guys...18:45
gsnvidia btw18:45
danbh_intrepidhmmm, automatically?  Thats not supposed to happen I thought...   I don't really know.  You could try deactivating, and then reactivating them.  See if the setup does a better job.  If that works, I'd file a bug report or something18:46
biberaowait a second18:46
gswant to see my xorg.conf or the compiz output?18:46
gsbiberao, ok18:46
biberaointrepid has some problems18:46
gswell it was the same before18:46
biberaowith 96 and other driver18:46
biberaofrom nvidia18:46
PatrickMelloI have a problem with reboot. I try to reboot in su mode and ssh terminal, I receive the reboot message on console but system does not appear reboot... reboot only if I use reboot -f now... everybody have any idea from this behavior?18:46
gsso I thought try it with the new version18:46
gswhat version is 96?18:47
jemarkPatrickMello: I think this is a known bug in the kernel18:47
biberaoold cards18:48
PatrickMellothanks jemark.. a kernel update is recommended?18:48
LynourePatrickMello: which one you have now?18:49
LynourePatrickMello: because I'm not sure I'd recommend 27-4 without caution (does not boot on mine, at least reliably)18:49
jemarkPatrickMello: They probably fix it before the final release ;)18:50
PatrickMellojemark: : my version is 2.6.22-14-generic18:50
danbh_intrepidPatrickMello: are you running hardy?18:50
PatrickMelloops.. Lynoure, my version is 2.6.22-14-generic18:50
PiciThat would be Gutsy.18:51
PiciPatrickMello: What version of Ubuntu are you running?18:51
LynourePatrickMello: I don't think Intrepid comes with that old kernel, and this is #ubuntu+1, the development channel for Intrepid18:51
danbh_intrepidhehe, it sure aint intrepid  : )18:51
Lynoureor support channel, or whatever :)18:51
Lynourejemark: But there is a know bug like that in which version of the kernel? The one I'm having hassle with?18:52
PatrickMelloahh sorry danbh_intrepid... you have a suggestion from related channel to support?18:52
jemarkPatrickMello: I run Hardy  2.6.24-1918:52
LynourePatrickMello: #ubuntu would be it, I think18:52
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -rc » in a !shell18:52
jemarkLynoure: let me check on launchpad18:53
gsbiberao, I only see this: http://img356.imageshack.us/my.php?image=drivergm3.png18:53
PatrickMelloPici: , my version is 7.1018:53
danbh_intrepidPatrickMello: well, I don't have a specific suggestion, but upgraded versions tend to have lots more fixes than new bugs.  So, I think you should upgrade.  gl18:53
biberaoif i cant install nvidia drivers18:53
PiciPatrickMello: This channel is only for 8.10, please ask in #ubuntu18:53
biberaoif i cant install nvidia drivers isnt it possible to atleast use any to make my resolution get to 1024 or something?18:53
PatrickMellook .. thx!! i try it ...18:53
jemarkPatrickMello: why don't you update to Hardy?18:53
gsbiberao, I usually do that in the xorg.conf18:54
biberaoi cant make it work arr18:54
biberaoi need some default18:54
biberaodriver right»?18:54
PatrickMelloall my stations are distributed in some places... and this station is a old and stable.. the problem starts a few days ago..18:54
jemarkLynoure: it's bug number 24867718:55
jemarkLynoure: and this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/21326018:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 213260 in linux "Hardy: Kernel bug at shutdown" [High,Triaged]18:57
Scuniziwill the fix for the e1000e ethernet bug be in the official release?18:57
PatrickMellothanks for any help guys.. regards!!!18:57
jemarkyes, it is fixed already :)18:57
Scunizijemark: that's a good thing :)18:58
jemarkScunizi: yes :)19:00
Scunizijemark: yep .. just reading the bug report but it doesn't mention Linux putting the fix in the kernel that will be released on the 5th19:02
Scunizijemark: see http://blogs.computerworld.com/when_linux_does_well_the_e1000e_ethernet_bug_fixed19:02
becky_is there anything we can do to stop that eye-sore of a wallpaper from making final 8.10 release?19:02
Lynourejemark: I just have a startup bug, haven't even gotten to shutdown with .27-419:02
Scunizibecky_: have someone change it just before you look19:02
becky_Scunizi:  that's what i'll be doing on installs for sure!19:03
Lynoure.27-3 however is pretty as much sweet as roses (32bit, though, not 64)19:04
NakkelIf I do a upgrade to Intrepid thru update-manager, does this install KDE4 side by side with KDE3 or removes KDE3? Also how well do KDE4 progs munch my old KDE3 configs?19:06
jemarkScunizi: I saw that the Ubuntu testing prepared the latest ubuntu kernel with the fix... we will see if the fix will be there in the final release. I think so...19:06
JontheEchidnaNakkel: It will remove KDE3. We have been getting some reports of icons getting messed up due to KDE3 configs19:07
becky_Scunizi: it will be out october 519:07
Scuniziyep.. read that..19:07
becky_lol oh sorry I should read whole history19:07
NakkelJontheEchidna: Ok, thanks.19:09
td123becky_: what will?19:10
becky_td123: e1000 kernel fix19:10
td123becky_: oh, ya, well I run it in a vm so IDC :D19:14
becky_hope you're not virtualizing the e1000 driver!?! :P lol19:14
asdf25anyone had alsa break with snd_hda_intel in intrepid recently and manage to fix it?19:15
td123becky, :D19:15
balachmarHi, just upgraded one machine and got this error: already reported a bug about it: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.27-4-generic_2.6.27-4.6_amd64.deb: subprocess dpkg-deb --fsys-tarfile returned error exit status 219:26
balachmarHowever fix broken packages in synaptic doesn't work.19:26
vita_hi all19:28
balachmarIf I do sudo apt-get install -f now, I get: dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)19:31
vita__Hi all. How can I mount disk via USB on II. It isn't detected by Solid, it doesn't appear in /media. Which device it is? It isn't /dev/sdb?19:39
DGMurdockIIIwhere would i ask for support to get a non stander network card supported19:49
DGMurdockIIIthe killer nic19:49
PiciDGMurdockIII: What card?19:49
DGMurdockIIIthey have a linux driver19:50
woogenslol @ killernic.com -- Could be a reference to the e1000e driver. ;-)19:51
DGMurdockIIIhere there link to there driver http://www.bigfootnetworks.com/Support/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=65&nav=0,219:52
DGMurdockIIIfor linux19:52
NakkelHm, did "do-release-upgrade -d" and now I presume it installed the server version coz its configuring MySQL and Postfix on my desktop upgrade? Er wut?19:53
PiciDGMurdockIII: Are you asking how to get it to work in Intrepid or how to get it included with Ubuntu?19:53
DGMurdockIIIhow to get it included19:53
DGMurdockIIIso when you do a install os ubuntu it dectect it19:54
DGMurdockIIIeven if it just basic support then you get the full driver off the restriced drivers installer19:54
PiciDGMurdockIII: File a bug against the 'linux' package on launchpad, this is for the kernel.19:55
DGMurdockIIIon the launchpad19:55
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots19:56
=== in is now known as s0me
DGMurdockIIIwhat package should i choose19:59
_GumaI just reported a bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/27774420:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277744 in ubuntu "Second ATI Radion HD 3650 not detected" [Undecided,New]20:03
_GumaAny one know if there is a fix or if I can help with providing additional information20:04
vita__Could anybody help me with problem to mount USB disk?20:04
vita__dmesg | tail says nothing new when I plug it into USB20:05
_GumaI am running amd64 version20:05
DGMurdockIII(Pici): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/277749 how dose that look20:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277749 in linux "Killer nic network card not detected" [Undecided,New]20:07
Daisuke_IdoDGMurdockIII: is that the "gamer NIC"?20:14
Daisuke_Idothe one that makes all sorts of vague promises about lower latency and such20:14
DGMurdockIIIit actally dose what works20:14
Daisuke_Idodoes it actually work?  or is it just an overpriced piece of niche hardware designed to lure in the gullible?  if it works, i'm interested20:14
DGMurdockIIIi dont play many mmo20:15
DGMurdockIIIbut i hear hear it reallyhelp for mmmo like world of warcraft20:16
DGMurdockIIIand others20:16
XVampireXOkey, Daisuke_Ido if you don't know about pianos then answer me this, why doesn't kubuntu let me upgrade to 8.10 beta?20:17
Daisuke_Idoi do not know20:19
Daisuke_Idoi haven't yet tried to upgrade myself20:19
PiciWhy doesn't it let you?20:19
tvakahso, my intel wireless is worknig wores than it was in hardy so far... ie it's unusable20:20
tvakahhowever in hardy I was running compat-wierless compiled replacement all the time to get it to work at all with wpa20:20
skyjumpertvakah: o20:20
tvakahiwl3945, any clues?20:20
tvakahkill switch on after modprobe, can't get the card to activate20:20
skyjumperi'm not completely sure, but someone in here mentioned before that intrepid is using a different driver for some wifi cards20:21
tvakahfn-key does nothing... same story as in hardy, except in hardy it was on by default and only died if you hit the fn-key once20:21
PiciMy iwl3945 works fine.20:21
PiciI've never had any of these issues that I've heard other people report.20:21
tvakah"iwl3945: Radio disabled by HW RF Kill switch" in dmesg anytime the driver loads20:22
tvakahnotebook's an asus c90s20:22
tvakahI'm trying to find out what to set debug to for the iwl3945 module to get it to cough up more hints20:23
Daisuke_Idotvakah: that's saying it's physically off...  weird20:23
Picitvakah: dmesg | grep iwl reports the following for me: http://pastebin.com/f7309bd26   I'm not sure why yours is not working20:23
tvakahDaisuke_Ido, aye, and it's that way from boot20:23
carl_did the online update from 8.04/kde4.1. Everything went swimmingly. On reboot, instead of login usr/pwd, there's an error box "No greeter widget plugin loaded. Check the configuration." w/ ok button. OK goes to CLI. Sign in works. Startx doesn't.20:23
Daisuke_Idois it actually on?  i hate to ask the dumb questions, but you'd be surprised how many times people (myself included) will run aroud for hours trying to find a solution when the answer is to flip a switch somewhere20:24
tvakahisn't there some nifty pipe-to-pastebin program?20:24
Daisuke_Idothere is20:24
skyjumpertvakah: pastebinit20:24
Pici!info pastebinit20:24
tvakahI tried the fn-key, thats' the only switch20:24
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB20:24
tvakahthere's no side thing, just the fn-f2 key20:24
Daisuke_Idotvakah: you don't have a hardware switch on the front?  that's absolutely bizarre20:25
tvakahDaisuke_Ido, nope just the function key20:25
tvakahdmesg | grep iwl > http://pastebin.com/f2e01de4e20:26
tvakahhmm I should try rebuilding the kernel and changin this I think "# CONFIG_ACPI_ASUS is not set"20:42
tvakahsince most things are telling me to poke at /proc/acpi/asus20:43
tvakahI tried the keycode trick mentioned here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2713567&postcount=14 to no avail20:43
tvakahso this leads to asking: what is the Ubuntu Way (tm) to recompile the kernel while still coloring within the lines20:48
biberaothanks all for your help20:50
fabiohi I just wanted to try kubuntu intrepid beta on my thinkpad t61p, when i boot the desktop cd, all i get after the screen where i can chose, whether i want to try or to install or boot from hd etc. is a black screen and my laptops pc speaker is beeping like crazy20:51
hmullerfabio:  Hit F6, and delete 'quiet' and 'splash'20:58
tvakahwell I got the led to turn on, and nm-tool shows an access point, however knetworkmanager doesn't seem to be in on the idea20:59
tvakahthe trick was to echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/asus-laptop/wlan after loading the asus_laptop module21:00
tvakahthat turned off rf kill21:00
fabiook will try21:00
frybyenot been able to run skype on 64bit intrepid - any tips? (I have done the stuff to be found with google - but it seems to not work with the new beta?)21:04
kane77when was the beta released?21:08
JontheEchidnakane77: yesterday I think21:10
kane77JontheEchidna, so then I already am running beta :D21:10
JontheEchidnayep :)21:11
kane77I know there will not be much differences but I like to know officially :D21:11
ConstantineXVIis the guest user broken right now?21:11
kjetil1001Update from yesterday: I made a bootable pendrive of intrepid (8.10) beta, doesnt boot from that either. back on 8.04 now. Should I (How) report a bug?21:20
ConstantineXVIdoes anyone else use gnome-do, and is it broken for them?21:23
debfxMvG: I tracked down the kernel bug to a commit21:24
MvGdebfx: A commit even? Nice! What part?21:24
frybyere - skype still crashes when I try to login... ah well....21:25
MvGdebfx: Quite an achievement, it seems, tracking that thing down.21:26
debfxI used git bisect, had to compile like 15 different kernel versions :/21:27
MvGdebfx: Probably faster that bisecting over all config options, as I had in mind. I take it the bug occurred even with the default config?21:30
debfxMvG: yes, always used the default config to test21:31
MvGdebfx: Are you going to file bugs against upstream kernel and the ubuntu kernel packages?21:31
debfxMvG: there is already a bug against ubuntu: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26354321:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263543 in linux "ubuntu 8.10 alpha4 boot failure" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:34
MvGOh yes, now I recall that you started by mentioning that. So long ago...21:35
x1250When accesing my phone via bluetooth (explore device option), I can browse all directories but I can't access, copy, or view any file. Trying to copy or open any file results in a "file not found" message. Nautilus shows "unknown" in permission column. What can this be? I'm trying to access a Sony Ericsson W890i.21:35
_GumaIs any one here who has two GFX cards in their system? Do you have both working?21:42
td123_Guma: your asking on ubuntu? pff21:43
_GumaYes. I have two Radion HD 3650 and only one is driving two displays. I can't get the other card working 3rd display21:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277744 in ubuntu "Second ATI Radion HD 3650 not detected" [Undecided,New]21:44
tvakahso what can I do to get this fixed automatically? where should I post how to fix asus c90s wireless rf kill?21:47
_Gumatd123: Where should I be asking such question. I am testing 8.10 beta21:48
tvakahI'm guessing it's two parts, asus_laptop needs to be loaded, not sure where the detection for this goeus... and then networkmanager or something nedes to twiddle the sysfs file to enable/disable wirelses21:48
td123_Guma: google if it works with other distros or are they experiencing the same thing21:49
x1250how can I restart the sound system without restarting X ? Intrepid is leaving me without audio from time to time here :/21:49
hardcoreis there a way to install 8.10 beta with the terminal?21:50
x1250the usual $ pkill pulseaudio doesn't work21:50
tvakahhardcore, sure, s/hardy/intrepid in /etc/apt/sources.list then use aptitude21:50
tvakahhardcore, or apt-get dist-upgrade21:50
tvakahbut aptitued's likely your best friend21:50
tvakahaptitude* even21:50
jaxdahl2diff apt-get aptitude ?21:51
danbh_intrepidtvakah: please suggest the supported method, update-manager -d21:51
x1250diff apt-get aptitude < google.com :P21:51
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, oh hmm, I had never seen that before heh21:51
hardcoreit says nothing was upgraded when i did apt-get dist-upgrade21:52
danbh_intrepidtvakah: yeah, someone asked me to do the same.  Its for the bugs.21:52
l337ingDisorderhey folks, having a weird keybinding problem ever since updating to intrepid alpha...21:52
danbh_intrepidhardcore: try update-manager -d21:52
l337ingDisorderlike... PARTICULARLY weird.21:52
l337ingDisorderhere's the link to my post in the ubu forums describing the problem, in case anyone has time to help debug: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93444421:52
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, hmm what pulls in update-manager, I seem to not have it21:53
sourcemakercan I upgrade to kubuntu 8.10 using cryptoLUKS (whole encrypted file system) in hardy???21:53
danbh_intrepidtvakah: its under ubuntu-desktop somewhere, what distro are you using?21:53
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes21:53
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, ahh that'd do it, kubuntu-desktop doesn't21:53
hardcorei tried update manager, nothing about beta21:53
jaxdahl2hardcore, you ran it with -d?21:54
hardcorei'm using 8.0421:54
hardcorewhats -d?21:54
danbh_intrepidtvakah: then you should use adept_manager21:54
jaxdahl2it checks for a dist upgrade21:54
danbh_intrepidtvakah: officially: kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel"21:54
jaxdahl2-d, --devel-release21:54
jaxdahl2intrepid is still in beta21:55
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, hmm so what might I be missing from doing a natural aptitude upgrade then? just worried if I may have old packages or be missing something important21:55
hardcoreis downloading the only way to get beta?21:55
danbh_intrepidtvakah: yeah, apt-get will fail to do the whole install sometimes, and leave old packages behind.  The devs take care of those problems in the other update tools...21:56
kulightany way installing skype on x64 system (i get alsa error) when trying to run from terminal21:56
danbh_intrepidhardcore: well, you can download the alternate cd21:56
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, yeah I had lots of dependency circles to untangle, but that's why I use aptitude usually since it lest me manage all that21:57
sourcemakerthere are no upgrade notes regarding to encrypted file system using crypto luks...21:57
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, but then I'm new to doing things the Ubuntu Way, rather than the Debian Unstable/Experimental Way ;)21:57
danbh_intrepid: )21:57
l337ingDisorderkulight: did you install from synaptic or compile from source?21:58
tvakahhowever kdesu's missing kdesudo instead? or should I have kdesu instaled still?21:58
l337ingDisorderkulight: i don't think the 64 ver is in synaptic..21:58
danbh_intrepidtvakah: I dunno, I know on gnome, we have both gksu and gksudo.21:58
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, adept_manager also seems to be outmoded in intrepid, only adept21:58
kulighti used medibuntu packegs21:58
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, adept_manager is old kde3, conflicts with the kde4 adept21:59
danbh_intrepidtvakah: hmmm, well, then thats a bug, eh?  at least in the documentation21:59
tvakahand there is no kdesu anymore it seems21:59
danbh_intrepidtvakah: if you give me the correct command, I'll change it21:59
tvakahaye, but the kde4 stuff is all still new, networkmanager's not v4 yet21:59
danbh_intrepidbut Im gona check packages.ubuntu.com to see whats happening22:00
x1250gnome-volume-control dies with message "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found". I tried sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart && sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart, but this doesn't work. Any ideas? Generally to fix this issue I must restart X, but I don't want to keep o doing that :(22:01
danbh_intrepidtvakah: looks like you are correct on adept_manager being depreciated22:01
XVampireXWhy doesn't intrepid have nvidia 177.78 yet?22:01
tvakahXVampireX, it does, install envyng22:01
XVampireXWell not as an official binary for ubuntu though22:01
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) we suggest you use envyng if every other (official/supported) method fails! it can have various results from works, to fails!!!  if you want the very latest drivers from the manufacturer you use them at your own risk22:02
XVampireXI'm just finishing the upgrade :)22:02
arnath02hi, how is 8.10 shaping up? i mean in respect to the ... trouble ... encountered with the 8.04 release? :p22:02
tvakahwhat's the official nvidia driver in intrepid then? restricted-modules no longer has it?22:02
XVampireXinstead of 177.7822:03
XVampireXWhich does improve in some respect22:03
hardcorei'm upgradingright now :)22:03
sourcemakerare you having problems on you webpage?22:03
kulighti only got 17322:03
tvakahXVampireX, not sure then I'm running 173.14.12-1-0ubuntu3 installed by envyng-qt22:03
XVampireXYou're using older hardware then22:04
arnath02o btw, is there any hope for better multiscreen support in 8.10?22:04
arnath02got 2 nvidia computers and 1 ati and never did manage to get dual screen to work properly on either of em :(22:04
tvakahXVampireX, nope it's just what envy reccomended22:04
XVampireXwhat card do you have?22:04
tvakahXVampireX, 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600M GT (rev a1)22:05
XVampireXAh okey :)22:05
tvakahhowever I'm very seriously looking to get an ati module for my notebook instead of nvidia after all the driver crap with kde4 and etc22:05
hardcorei noticed they made the new distro a little smaller so it can fit on a cd-r. i always use dvd+rw anyway22:05
danbh_intrepidtvakah: can you test this command for me (if you have kubuntu)?  I'm just curious if it suggests any packages to install: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop^                                         dont forget the ^carrot22:05
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, what's the '^' do to apt-get?22:06
danbh_intrepidtvakah: it makes it a tasksel22:06
danbh_intrepidtvakah: but doing it with apt-get instead of tasksel, you get to see everything thats happening, and you can say 'no' if you want to cancel out22:06
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, I already had that package installed, but when I ran that apt-get it's suggesting a handfull of upgrades, mostly a bunch of kde4 packages that look to still be at a ppa version22:07
danbh_intrepidtvakah: so you already have those packages?22:08
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, actually scratch that, the upgrades are there anyhow due to updating a few minutes ago, kde4's still in flux22:08
danbh_intrepidtvakah: ah, actually, I just figured it, adept_manager IS the correct command, because thats whats on Hardy22:09
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, ahhh that makes sense22:09
tuxiceHow about this for a wallpaper https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid/BrownOrange_Wallpaper22:10
tvakahso back to about my wireless, where can I file a bug to get it fixed for everyone else too?22:10
tvakahI'm not sure what package to file against rath er22:11
danbh_intrepidwhats wrong with your wireless?22:11
tvakahnothing now heh, but I want it to get automagically fixed to Just Work for others ;)22:11
tvakahI have no hardware kill switch, it's a software kill switch22:11
* danbh_intrepid looks for his favorite bug22:11
tvakahto turn the kill switch off, I had to load a module for my notebook that wasn't automatically loaded, then poke sysfs22:12
x1250I'm having a really strange keyboard problem. I can't do "`" and "^" characters with my keyboard, except in yakuake terminal (they work there). In other gnome apps, trying to get those characters results in no output. I'm using spanish - spanish keyboard, but I've tried other ones, and the same thing happens.22:12
danbh_intrepidbug 259157 is the bug I'm waiting on22:12
x1250any help?22:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259157 in network-manager "[MASTER 0.7 regression] atheros/madwifi and orinoco drivers not supported" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25915722:12
tvakahjust google for iwl3945 rf kill switch ubuntu and you'll see how common this issue is, I've at least figured it out for asus c90s notebooks22:12
danbh_intrepidtvakah: so, it turns the wifi card on and off?22:13
tvakahthe function-key doesn't work under ubuntu, that bit I've still not figured out, but I can poke it through sysfs22:13
tvakahsome fedora guy apparently can get his fn-key to work with a setkeycodes call22:13
danbh_intrepidwhere do you think the functionality should go?  network manager?22:14
tvakahnetwork manager should poke sysfs if it's there for sure, but as to how to get asus_laptop loaded, I'm not sure what should do that detection22:14
danbh_intrepidbug 267875   how about this one?22:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267875 in linux "rf_kill interface not available for iwl3945, iwl4965 in 2.6.27" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26787522:15
tvakahdanbh_intrepid, hmm that seems to be a generic iwl3945 bug, my fix is asus specific afaik22:16
danbh_intrepidtvakah: well, then definitely file a bug22:17
danbh_intrepidtvakah: and it sounds like you are talking about a problem with the drivers, which AFAIK go under the linux package22:18
EvilDaemonGuess what's way too cool?22:18
asdf25anyone had alsa stop working with snd_hda_alsa recently and manage to fix it?22:18
EvilDaemonI booted up without my ethernet cable, and my wireless works!22:18
EvilDaemonNow I'm happy.22:18
danbh_intrepidasdf25: I have sound problems with pulseudio, which kinda relates22:19
asdf25alsa doesn't work at all for me, and a few other people who filed bugs on launchpad, apparantly started a few days ago... no fix yet that i've found22:20
kimushi, I have a problem with compiz when i do the login. compiz does not load22:21
kimusif I go to appearance, visual effects and enable them then works fine22:21
asdf25with visual effects disabled i believe it uses metacity as the WM22:22
kimuswhen I do my login (after a reboot) it does the same problem...22:22
kimusno WM is loaded22:22
asdf25ah well that's not supposed to happen =) no idea22:23
kimusnot loading the compiz with effects enabled every time i login should also not happen22:23
kimusI'll go to LP then22:24
danbh_intrepidasdf25: try this, killall pulseaudio             and then run pulseaudio22:28
danbh_intrepidasdf25: or pulseaudio &22:29
Darfepulseaudio -D :)22:29
danbh_intrepidDarfe: good call!22:30
_GumaIf I install 8.10 beta can I update online when final release is available without re-installing again?22:30
Darfeis the ctrl+alt+f1 terminal bye bye in 8.10 ? i can't see it :(22:31
danbh_intrepidDarfe: I can still get it22:32
danbh_intrepidthough, it took a couple tries22:32
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.22:33
jaxdahlDarfe, my c+a+f1 stopped working when i enabled the nvidia drivers22:37
jaxdahlit changes to a blank screen, and i can't bring X back, have to ctrl+alt+backspace.. using nvidia 177 and uvesafb22:37
asdf25danbh_intrepid: hey that did it! thanks22:38
Darfejaxdahl, ok i use nvidia to..22:38
Darfebut i can switch back to f722:39
jaxdahlsometimes i can't even switch back. like now22:40
ConstantineXVIafter upgrading, ive noticed some fuzzy lines on window borders and etc.  is that bad?22:48
TeiseiWhy does aMSN not start in system tray if it is set to launch on startup ?22:49
_GumaIs it possible to put 8.10 to sleep? or Hibernate? I am running LiveCD and such option is not available. It is becouse LiveCD?22:50
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ConstantineXVI_Guma: yes22:52
isleshocky771 I upgraded from Kubuntu 8.04 - kde 4.1 to the new 8.10 beta. I now get an error on login "Could not start kstartupconfig4, Check your installation".  Any direction would help.  Couldn't find anything on the forums.22:53
hardcorei figured out how to install beta without downloading the cd22:59
_GumaConstantineXVI: Is there a way to pull ati driver like you can with nvidia (none open source). Or do you have to download it from ATI site and install it manually?23:05
amon_hi guys23:09
OsamaKWill Ubuntu 8.10 includes Python 2.6 and GIMP 2.6?23:11
danbh_intrepidOsamaK: packages.ubuntu.com23:11
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hmullercrimsun: Are you still working sound related issues?23:23
becky_ok so I figured out how to get tags displayed in my templates (finally) but when I iterate over the tags it is iterating over all of the tags not just the ones for self: tags_for_model client.Client as btags with counts23:35
becky_oops: {% tags_for_model client.Client as btags with counts %}23:36
becky_LOL wrong channel heh23:36
arakthorhowdy, any one know how to create a key ring manually? I can't seem to find any information on it through google.23:46

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