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espaciousim installing gos on an old lappy whick filesystem should i select?03:24
espaciouswhat a hell happened to ndiswrapper i was using TEW424 usb adapter for wireless04:35
espaciousbut since i upgraded/renstalled to new version my pc freezes when try to connect04:35
espaciousto my ruter04:35
espaciousi need to hard reboot04:35
espaciousi fonund out 128bit WEP works ok but not WPA.04:35
espaciouswhich ndiswrapper was in 7.1007:47
Hobbseeespacious: gutsy?  ndiswrapper | 1.43-1ubuntu2 |         gutsy | source07:53
Hobbseeespacious: that's your answer?07:54
espaciousu asid 1.43 was the version?07:55
espaciousim asking i have no answers.07:55
HobbseeI did.  I gave you the answer.07:55
espaciousyes i see. thanks07:56
espaciousi found out07:56
espaciousi hope it helps07:56
espaciousas my pc freezes when i connect to wirless07:56
Hobbseeoh, and support in #ubuntu please.07:57
HobbseePlease see the /topic07:57
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davmor2Has anyone tried to burn a video project in brasero?12:12
asacseb128: do you know whether gnome mailing lists have a general issue? my mails take ~12h to get through there12:50
asacand so do the responses afaict12:50
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seb128asac: other people were complaining yesterday that @gnome.org email had some latency but dunno why13:05
asacseb128: ok. isnt that hosted by us?13:05
seb128asac: I don't think so, we host the svn I think which works fine, I think the mail server are at redhat, not sure thouh13:05
davmor2guys I'm still having issues with this https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/25336713:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 253367 in compiz "Intrepid: Ubuntu screen saver kicks in then switches off again" [Undecided,New]13:06
asacseb128: ok thanks13:06
* asac back to holiday13:06
seb128asac: enjoy ;-)13:07
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crevetteseb128, there is an huge backlog of mails I think13:11
crevettethere was 33k this morning, and now it is 24k13:11
seb128crevette: if there is a backlog that's due to something not keeping up with incoming messages usually13:12
crevetteI'm just transfering info for the topic of #gnome-hackers13:14
asaccrevette: thanks. so they have either a spam flood or other issues ;)13:29
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Ngevolution is supposed to get authentication details for things like calendars from gnome-keyring, right?14:27
NgI just configured my google calendar in it (in intrepid) it never asks me for a password. run from a terminal with debug output it says it was unable to load the calendar because authentication is required14:28
Ngbleh, nuked gconf:/apps/evolution and ~/.evolution and set it up from scratch and it's working14:31
Keybukdid you use the Google backend or WebCal?14:37
* Laney stabs Intrepid's gnome-terminal14:51
* cody-somerville stabs Laney by mistake.14:58
tedgcody-somerville: Did you get a chance to run that GPM and make sure the power button works on Xubuntu?14:58
tedgI don't want to push it if it breaks XSMP.14:59
cody-somervilletedg, I didn't check back to see if it had built14:59
cody-somervilletedg, whats the bug # with the test case?14:59
tedgcody-somerville: LP: #25279515:00
tedgbug 25279515:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252795 in fedora "pressing the "Power" button shows a logout dialog" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25279515:01
* tedg wonders why the changelog and IRC syntax are different...15:01
tedgcody-somerville: The test case is to set it to "Ask Me" when the power button is pressed, and press it :)15:02
cody-somervilletedg, I'll test this if you do me a favour15:03
cody-somervilletedg, Can you modify the desktop file for g-p-m to show in Xfce4 as well as gnome?15:03
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tedgcody-somerville: It's set to show in "XFCE" -- does it need to be different?15:04
cody-somervillehmm... let me investigate.15:05
tedgcody-somerville: Wait, the gnome-power-preferences.desktop15:05
tedgthat one isn't XFCE15:05
cody-somervilleah :)15:05
tedgcody-somerville: So they all should be "OnlyShowIn=GNOME;XFCE;"  correct?15:06
tedgcody-somerville: ~ppa3 when it builds should have the new desktop files.15:15
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cody-somervilletedg, I'm going to test it now17:52
tedgcody-somerville: \o/17:55
DGMurdockIIIis this where i would ask about getting a networkcard to be detected bu ubunto19:46
DGMurdockIIInetwork card19:46
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