superm1or /host/ubuntu/mythtv I suppose00:00
xivulonyep, although you cannot be completely sure about /host/ubuntu but will do for 8.1000:00
cjwatson./autopartition-loop:285:               mkdir -p "/host${path%/*}"00:00
cjwatsonso yes00:01
superm1xivulon, why wouldn't /host/ubuntu do it?  isn't that where the loop image gets stored?00:02
xivulonfinished copying now00:03
xivulonso seems syncio is in because it seems a bit slower, not 10x worse though as predicted by cking00:03
xivulonsuperm1 yes, but in the future it might be /host/mythbuntu00:04
superm1xivulon, well what happens for kubuntu,xubuntu etc?00:05
superm1do they get /host/xubuntu?00:05
xivulonno all in /host/ubuntu in 8.10, I meant things might change in future versions, but we will have time to do it properly then00:06
mathiazhm - in a partman recipe, if I set a priority that is bigger than the size of the disk is, the install fails (with an unable to create partition error)00:10
mathiazis that expected ? although the minimum size fits the disk00:11
mathiazhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53318/ <- that's the partman expert recipe - however the drives are 1GB in size.00:12
mathiazthe last partition is not created.00:13
cjwatsonmathiaz: I'm totally not going there after midnight, but you can ask me again tomorrow ...00:15
mathiazcjwatson: sure00:16
superm1xivulon, ah well that would just be modfiying the preseed anyway if that behavior changed00:17
superm1xivulon, i'll do some experiments with a preseed for master backend frontend then too and see how things work out00:18
xivulonhave a build ready00:18
xivulontest went well00:18
xivulonother than nm00:18
xivulonI think that the main advantage of allowing a backend is sparing me the trouble to answer "What is a backend? Why can't I press forward?" :P00:20
xivulonevand wubi rev 509 is up00:21
xivulonsuperm1 http://wubi-installer.org/devel/minefield/Wubi-8.10-rev509.exe00:31
xivulonevand wubi 509 is required if we have lupin 111+00:34
xivulonhi, didn't notice that the kde3.5 -kde4 dicothomy has been abolished09:27
xivulonwill need a new revision for wubi09:28
davmor2xivulon: Yes kubuntu is just kde 4.1.2 now09:29
xivulonOk uploaded wubi rev 5.10 (evand all yours), Davmor, please test http://wubi-installer.org/devel/minefield/Wubi-8.10-rev510.exe09:36
xivulondavmor2 ^09:36
xivulonthat also contains the uninstaller progressbar fix by the way09:36
xivulonhave to go now09:36
cjwatsonhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/ - some folks here might be interested in that set of landing pages10:02
cjwatsonthey're just links to the right bits of the archive10:02
davmor2cjwatson: sweet10:05
persiacjwatson: Should those be scheduled to test cases, etc. as with other images?10:08
davmor2persia: netboot is10:10
persiaAh.  I suppose I was confused by two images vs. 7 images, but it all becomes clear now.10:10
persiaYeah :)10:11
cjwatsonI'll update for older releases as well when I have a chance10:12
davmor2I've just done all the vista updates and am resaving the partitions.  15.85 GB for vista and nearly 2 gig for system partition so nearly 20gig total10:42
xivulonevand can we have a new iso with new wubi (510) and lupin (115) and sysvinit (2.86.ds1-59ubuntu9)?11:35
davmor2xivulon: is this to remedy the loop issue11:36
cjwatsonxivulon: let's wait for the cron jobs to be turned back on11:37
cjwatsonSteve hasn't done that so it wouldn't surprise me if he's intentionally letting cdimage cope with the beta load for a while11:37
xivulondavmor2: what loop issue do you refer to exactly?11:38
davmor2xivulon: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/204133 this one11:40
xivulonah yes11:40
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superm1xivulon, okay i downloaded it.  i'm going to do a build today with my own patched network manager on our hotfixes PPA and make sure that network manager bug is resolved14:30
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xivuloncjwatson, cking was mentioning that it might be better to use dm-loop as opposed to loop for performance reasons, do you think it would be feasible?16:25
cjwatsonI don't know anything about it - it doesn't *sound* difficult16:28
xivulonwould not think so, I have asked cking to join us though16:31
xivulonhi cking, was discussing with cjwatson about your suggestion to use dm-loop as opposed to losetup16:31
cking_Ok. its a case of modprobing dm-loop and then I using dmlosetup (this is a symlink to the dmsetup binary)16:32
cjwatsondoes that amount to some arguments to dmsetup?16:32
cjwatson(otherwise we could change dmsetup-udeb to add that symlink I suppose)16:32
cjwatsonis dmlosetup equivalent to mount in that setup?16:33
cking_cjwatson: The rune I used was:16:33
cking_dmlosetup loop1 /mnt/ntfs/wubi_ext3.img16:33
cking_and then mount -o loop /dev/mapper/loop1 /some/mount/point16:34
cking_that's it16:34
cking_..of course the path names need to be changed to match the Wubi config16:35
xivulonif I want to list the loop devices, can I still use losetup?16:35
cking_xivulon: not sure. never tried that16:35
xivulonwould be good to know as some script that does not actually mount the devices, might be using losetup to check the setup16:36
xivulonor detach them16:37
cking_dmlosetup -f is reporting that this it's not currently implemented .. and AFAIK losetup won't help us for this case16:40
cking_xivulon: mm.. I don't know how to list the dmloop devices.16:54
xivulondoes $(dmlosetup /dev/loop$loopn) spit out the same string as losetup?16:57
cking_xivulon: ..just a mo.17:02
cking_xivulon: /dev/mapper is populated with loopN when loopN is created. You can therefore tell which dm-loop devices are being used17:09
cking_/dev/mapper/control should always exist for 0-N dm-loop devices17:11
superm1xivulon, can you pop in #ubuntu-mythtv-dev again17:12
superm1tgm has some more questions17:12
xivulonthe files that need to be modifed should only be autopartition-loop and initramfs/scripts/local17:13
xivuloninit.d scripts should be fine, have to check grub/grub-installer but should be ok17:13
xivulonsuperm1 sure17:13
xivulon #ubuntu-mythtv-dev again17:13
xivulon #ubuntu-mythtv-dev again17:13
xivulonops paste gone wrong17:13
cjwatsondmlosetup doesn't exist in Ubuntu17:20
cking_cjwatson: it's a symlink to dmsetup17:20
cjwatsonnot here it ain't17:20
cjwatsoncommand-not-found reckons it's not in intrepid17:20
cking_cjwatson: one needs to symlink it by (hand at the moment) - which needs to be fixed17:21
cjwatsonsomebody should file a bug on devmapper about that17:21
cking_cjwatson: yep... I seemed to overlook it back in July when I started faffing around with dm-loop17:22
cking_cjwatson: I will create a bug report in a short while for this17:31
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