Madpilotremind me what the channel for Ubuntu Intrepid chat is again pls?06:57
naliothMadpilot: #ubuntu+1 ?06:57
MadpilotWow, I'm tragically out of practice w/ irc...06:59
cypherdelicwhat will 10.10 be called?07:13
Nafallocypherdelic: Ubuntu 10.1008:55
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luis_lopezelky, ping16:13
LjLluis_lopez: can i help? i strongly suggest elky is in bed16:21
luis_lopezthanks LjL, I would like to apply for an irc cloak16:22
jussi01luis_lopez: are you an ubuntu member?16:22
Myrttiluis_lopez, please read all the steps in http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup and make sure you've completed them, after which a cloak can be set up for you.16:24
luis_lopezI did :)16:24
jussi01PriceChild: nalioth ^^16:25
LjLluis_lopez: are you sure you're an ubuntu member?16:30
luis_lopezwell, I have an @ubuntu.com email address...16:30
luis_lopezand IRC is as valid as email for communication16:31
LjLthing is, i don't see the Ubuntu Members team at https://launchpad.net/~luis.lopez/+participation16:31
Myrtti@ubuntu.com email address isn't a sure way to tell if you're member or not16:32
PiciYou could probably get a canonical cloak though from whomever manages those.16:33
luis_lopezgood point, thanks!16:33
Myrttiactually there is some real point of contact...16:34
Myrttiit's on the logs somewhere16:34
Myrttijust so people are aware: Regarding canonical cloaks. If someone comes here requesting one - please send them to #canonical-sysadmin, or get them to speak to James Troup (elmo)16:35
Myrttiper http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/06/05/%23ubuntu-ops.txt16:35
Myrtti(via Mez)16:36
LjLnalioth: so you've cloaked luis, was he actually a member?18:57
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