amanullahii every one11:01
persiaHello amanulla11:01
amanullai want to install and run java on ubuntu11:02
amanullabut im new to ubuntu11:02
amanullahow can i?11:02
persiaJust busy and distracted.  Sorry.11:08
persiaWhich version of Ubuntu do you have installed?11:08
persiaWhat do you want to do with Ubuntu?11:08
amanullarun java11:08
persiaWhat do you want to do with Java.11:08
persiaSo, run tomcat or something?11:09
amanullaim running tomcat on xp11:09
persiaOK. Does apt-get install tomcat5.5 work for you?11:09
amanullabut i dont know how to find any11:10
amanullaany ides11:10
amanullai just tried with this11:10
amanullasudo apt-get install ecclipse11:10
amanullain terminal11:10
amanullabut no use11:10
amanullaok i will try now11:10
amanullasome error11:11
amanullaE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.11:11
persiaapt-get install netbeans should work.  If it doesn't, I'll be personally annoyed.11:11
persiaOh, something is broken in your apt-cache.  Run the suggested command.11:11
amanullaoh same error11:11
amanullawhat can i do11:12
persiaWhat error do you get from dpkg --configure -a ?11:12
amanullaE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)11:13
amanullaE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?11:13
persiaOK.  sudo dpkg --configure -a11:13
amanullai got some screen11:14
amanullalike above11:14
persiaOK.  Answer the question.11:14
amanullawhich one to select11:15
amanulla install the package maintainer's version                      │11:15
amanulla  │           keep the local version currently installed                    │11:15
amanulla  │           show the differences between the versions                     │11:15
amanulla  │           show a side-by-side difference between the versions           │11:15
amanulla  │           start a new shell to examine the situation11:15
persiaDunno.  I usually install the package maintainer's version, but if you made changes, you might want one of the other choices.11:15
amanullathank u im now installing tomcat11:29
amanullabut i dont know how to open it afetr installation can u11:30
persiaNo idea.  I know *lots* of work went into tomcat recently, but I haven't used it since 2001, so anything I might be able to remember is surely out of date.11:32
persiaThere should be some documentation in /usr/share/doc/tomcat5.5/ which might help.11:32
amanullaok thank you11:32
amanullafor spending your time to help me11:33
amanullahave a nice day11:33
amanullatake care bye11:33
persiaYou too.11:33
cfmHi, installing Java on 8.04 LTS Server.  Picked openjdk-6-jre-headless, but it wants to install all kind of extras including X11 and GTK.13:23
cfmAny way to avoid all this?13:23
cfmAh, found sun-java5-jre package, which looks a lot nicer!  Any reason this package wasn't suggested by the system when I ran "java"?13:32
persiacfm: The recommendation is for openjdk because we can fix bugs.  the sun binary blob has some bugs that cannot be fixed.  With luck, you won't hit them.14:12
persiaFor Intrepid we've spent a lot of time trying to make -headless more -headless, but may not have succeeded entirely.  For 8.04, it's unfortunately bloated.  Sorry about that.14:13
persiaslytherin: I didn't give back jhope (or whatever).  Just build-depending on sun-java5-jdk isn't enough, because the build-dependency on ant pulls in headless openjdk.  You'll need to find some way to advise the build which JDK to use.14:19
slytherinpersia: Got it. Will do over weekend.14:20
persiaslytherin: Great.  Poke me when you get it, and I'll try it, as I definitely have some time to focus on Java this weekend.14:21
* robilad apologizes for missing the last meeting, on the road since yesterday until tomorrow14:23
persiarobilad: No worries.  This close to release, there's not much we can do other than maybe get some plans together for jaunty, and publish some specs for discussion/approval.14:24
persiaUnless you have some RC issue you want to raise?14:24
robiladI'm loving intrepid so far ;)14:26
persiaIt's a bit of an improvement on the Java front :)14:26
persiaFor the next meeting, I think we should try to get some specs together for the server stuff.14:27
persiaI know Koon pretty much finished the maven spec, and is seeking an approver.14:27
persiaIs there anything else we want to do other then get more stuff free, and maven?  Surely something glassfish related.14:27
robiladgood question - i think the next important bit would be the osgi support (felix)14:36
persiaRight.  We'll need a bit of a roadmap to give to developers at UDS (in December), including a list of targets, and some specs to get completed.14:36
persiaWe'll want to have those drafted in the next 6 weeks or so, so if there's nothing RC outstanding for you, that's probably the best target.14:37
robiladok, thanks14:59
cfmpersia: Ah, that makes sense, thanks!  I'm going with sun for now purely because of those dependencies.15:01
persiacfm: Makes sense.  Depending on your use, you may be happy with the intrepid upgrade in another month or so.15:02

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