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cobradevilhello all16:24
cobradevilwill there be xen dom0 support in intrepid?16:24
aboganiI suppose that zul know it.16:27
cobradevilwill wait then?16:31
joumetalI am trying to triage bug 272537. Is it related to new tlsup driver for toshiba laptops?16:53
CarlFKbug #27253717:47
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munckfishBenC: spufs isn't getting mounted on boot - it's module so it isn't listed in /proc/filesystems and that's what is checked to see if a filesystem is supported.18:06
munckfishI'm working with Colin W to see how to work this through in the scripts in sysvinit18:07
munckfishbut how would you feel about spufs being a builtin instead of a module in powerpc64-smp18:07
munckfishOf course I realise it's only needed for Cell18:08
munckfishspufs.ko amounts to 191K I'm guessing that's a fairly average to small size module18:12
DGMurdockIIIguy I have a problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/27774920:09
BenCDGMurdockIII: the driver is labeled as beta20:20
BenCDGMurdockIII: and we are frozen right now for our own beta release20:20
BenCDGMurdockIII: likely wont make it in, but we'll see what we can do20:20
DGMurdockIIIif it dosent make it in this realese would it be possable that it could be made as a update20:22
DGMurdockIIIafter the new version of ubuntu is realsed20:22
joumetalBenC: Could you have quick look at bug 272537?20:23
DGMurdockIIIand you could contact there live support is open if you want to talk to them about there linux driver and there a pritty small compony20:24
DGMurdockIIIhttp://www.bigfootnetworks.com/support/ left of site says live support20:25
DGMurdockIII(BenC): you still there20:27
munckfishBenC: any thoughts on the above question ^20:30
BenCmunckfish: I thought we had solved the spufs module loading previously20:33
BenCmunckfish: I think initramfs loaded it if it detected a cell machine20:33
munckfishBenC: well we have a new problem20:34
munckfishsee my last comment20:34
BenCDGMurdockIII: to start off with, the module doesn't even compile with our latest kernel20:34
lagaDGMurdockIII: why don't they support their kernel to upstream?20:34
munckfishIt's a chicken and egg situ20:35
DGMurdockIIIlthey have another driver20:35
munckfishBenC: so the fix is either by making the module a builtin or by modifying the scripts in sysvinit. If you're happy for it to become a builtin like the other kernel filesystems procfs and sysfs20:36
DGMurdockIII(BenC): http://www.bigfootnetworks.com/Support/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=13&nav=0,2,8 if you have problem you can try posting in there forums here they are very helpfill http://www.killernic.com/KillerForums/forumdisplay.php?f=720:36
munckfishBenC: then that would be a very quick and decisive fix20:36
munckfishBenC: would just appreciate your viewpoint on the matter (if you have any)20:37
BenCmunckfish: I think the sysvinit scripts is a better place, not being built-in20:42
BenCmunckfish: it should only be loaded and mounted for cell machines (which is easily detected in /proc/cpuinfo, IIRC)20:43
munckfishBenC: cool thx that's where I'll focus my attention20:44
BenCmunckfish: The reason I say that is because ppc kernel+initramfs has a size limit imposed by yaboot (I think, but never-the-less, no-bloat is best)20:44
munckfishBenC: aha I see. So we'll keep it slim then.20:47
DGMurdockIIIdo ubuntu support fingerprint readers21:22
Nafallodefine 'support'21:23
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DGMurdockIIIas in will they be able to be used to for like as loking in21:56
DGMurdockIIIloging in to the OS21:56
BenCDGMurdockIII: not out-of-the-box, but there are things you can install and configure to make use of it22:01
BenCprobably a howto on the wiki22:01
DGMurdockIIIwill ubuntu ever support it out of the box22:02
BenCCurrently our security team tells me that fingerprint reader is not very secure22:11
BenCmainly because of the hardware22:11
BenCThere are some good fingerprint readers, but it's not easy to tell from the OS whether it's a secure reader or not22:11
BenCAnyway, there's probably comments and discussion about it all over launchpad.net and wiki.ubuntu.com, so best to go there for answers22:12
CarlFKyou mean "touch here to log in" isn't secure? :)22:33
* kees likes to think of fingerprint readers as someone having a 3-character password.23:47
kees(i.e. effort to crack, etc)23:47

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