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ethana2well, nobody on #ubuntu-netbook, so....17:59
ethana2i'm using maximus on 8.10b, and it's not getting rid of my window title bars like it did on 8.04.117:59
ethana2..would anyone know how i tell it to get rid of title bars?18:00
ethana2oh wait18:01
ethana2ok, something went wrong and i had to close everything..18:04
ethana2it seems to work now, but....18:04
ethana2** (maximus:21091): DEBUG: Excluding: #ubuntu-mobile18:05
ethana2Where's its configuration file?18:05
ethana2I'd like to remove a few exclusions18:05
ethana2..and before it would exclude from auto maximize, but when you /did/, it would still get rid of the title bar, doesn't seem to be doing that now :(18:05
ethana2is there a maximus.conf somewhere?18:09
* ethana2 restarts pidgin to apply facebookchat installation18:14
mbomanAnyone here having the eee pc 901?18:15
ethana2Ok, maximus keeps bugging all out and making me restart my X server...18:20
* ethana2 uploads crash report on compiz.real....18:21
ethana2Is there a gnome panel applet out there with nothing but window control buttons that operate on the current window?18:41
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ian_brasilmboman: i have one here18:44
mbomanian_brasil: do you feel it being sluggish?18:44
ian_brasilare you crazy ;)..it flies with ubuntu mobile18:45
ian_brasilit runs open office, gimp and midbrowser at the same time!18:46
ian_brasil I'm trying to create a clean rootstrap for lpia18:47
ian_brasil and I got the error that I cannot download binary-lpia package18:47
ian_brasilis this going to be supported?18:47
ian_brasilmboman: where do you perceive the sluggishness? 18:51
mbomanian_brasil: in X.. I am using the UMPC launcher.. and I find it unresponsive18:52
mbomanbut then I also use more a less a standard Ubuntu build..18:52
ian_brasil you are not  using the ubuntu-mobile image then?18:53
ian_brasilin this image there are some customizations done ..in ubuntu-mobile-default-settings18:55
ian_brasilmaybe it is a gconf setting18:55
ethana2ian-brasil: oh?18:56
rbelemian_brasil, apt-get source ubuntu-mobile-default-settings ;-)18:57
ethana2rbelem: do you know where maximus stores its configuration file?18:58
ethana2oh wait, you said mobile18:58
ian_brasilhere are the gconf settings18:58
ethana2also, I want to try out ubuntu mid, part of why i'm on 8.1018:59
ethana2what's the metapackage again?18:59
rbelemethana2, ubuntu-mid and ubuntu-mid-default-settings19:00
ethana2will default settings mess anything up?19:00
ethana2i'm very particular about my desktop settings19:00
rbelemethana2, maybe it's better to create a virtual machine19:01
ethana2ok no, i don't want those19:02
ethana2well i'm installing it now19:02
ethana2i want to log out and log into it19:02
ethana2i may like it more than what i have19:02
ethana2i'll probably find one or two things that are awesome and just integrate them into my own little ubuntu spin19:02
ethana2i'm making a customization scripts for myself19:02
ethana2tentatively calling the result 'ethbuntu'19:02
ethana2is there a panel applet that only contains controls for the currently in focus window?19:04
ethana2holy crap19:11
ethana2Removing ubuntu-desktop ...19:12
ethana2Removing update-notifier ...19:12
ethana2Removing update-manager ...19:12
ethana2why is it /removing/ ANYTHING?!19:12
ethana2ethan@home:~$ install ubuntu-desktop19:15
ethana2The following packages will be REMOVED:19:15
ethana2  ubuntu-mid update-manager-hildon19:15
ian_brasilvou descer barra ..depois manja com o canola19:16
ethana2ethan@home:~$ install update-manager update-notifier19:17
ethana2The following packages will be REMOVED:19:17
ethana2  ubuntu-mid update-manager-hildon19:17
ethana2Well, how is update-manager-hildon?  Any good?19:17
ethana2I guess I'm going to find out.19:17
* ethana2 logs into MID sessions19:17
ethana2what the----19:19
ethana2it didn't give me a new session, it took over my gnome one!19:20
ethana2ok, well, this billiard game is okay19:24
ethana2okay, i want to see the clutter and flash interfaces before i uninstall this19:26
ethana2.......erm, nevermind, i can't wait that long19:27
* ethana2 restarts session19:29
* ethana2 purges mid install19:33
ethana2ok yeah, it installed so many things...  and they're not new UI paradigm stuff, its hardware config and workarounds for tiny screens19:36
ethana2how do i remove every package installed within the last x hours?19:37
ethana2E: matchbox-window-manager: subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 219:39
ethana2it appears that I'll want to get some work in on my customization script and then do a clean 8.10 install19:40
* ethana2 reverts to 8.04.119:40
ograbah, he's gone 20:06
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ograsomeone should tell ethana2 that the netbook-launcher needs a graphics card with composite support, else its quite useless (sluggish as he said)20:07
ian_brasilogra: nice looking calibration mock up b.t.w20:14
ograthanks :) 20:14
kavonso how's ubuntu mobile? is the development active? i'm looking into a device and i would LOVE to run it on the device20:15
kavoncan anyone suggest some affordable ones that are compatible? (with the N810 would work with it)20:15
ograits massively active, yes20:15
ograno, n810 is sadly arm based20:15
ogracurrently ubuntu only supports ix86 based CPUs20:16
ograthere are plans for an arm port and there is the mojo project but officially there is no support yet20:16
kavonogra: ah20:17
ografor the current ubuntu-mid image which targets 4-7" touchscreen devices like the n8x0's i cant suggest any device, for the current ubuntu-mobile image (for 7-9" touchscreens) things like the samsung Q1U are the target devices20:18
kavonogra: what do you use with it, or can you think of any manufacturers or models that work well with UM?20:19
* ogra uses the Q1U for development ...20:19
ian_brasilkavon: ubuntu-mobile works on the eeepc, acer aspire one20:20
ograhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/mobile/ there are some screenshots of ubuntu-mobile on a Q1U20:20
kavonhum, i'm hoping for somthing pocketable.20:21
ograyeah, the mobile image is for rather larger devices, and for the mid image there are not many out yet20:21
loologra: You know what'd rock to write USB images?20:29
ogratell me :)20:29
loologra: Something like nautilus-cd-burner: right click on a .img and you get "Write to USB key"20:29
loolnautilus-usb-writer :)20:30
ograyeah, that would 20:30
loolWe could also run usb-creator in this way on ISO images20:30
ograyeah, that sounds cool20:30
ian_brasilwhat is the correct way to disable udev settle ..doing a chmod -x /sbin/udevsettle seems hackish20:31
loolian_brasil: You can dpkg-divert it, but just comment it out from the init scripts20:31
ograian_brasil, udevsettle really should be removed20:31
ograchmod -x /sbin/udevsettle seems cowardish ... rm -r /sbin/udevsettle ;)20:32
ograand ln -s /bin/true /sbin/udevsettle ;)20:32
loolian_brasil: "dpkg-divert /sbin/udevsettle" and ln -s /bin/true /sbin/udevsettle20:32
ian_brasillool ogra thx20:33
ian_brasilogra: you are really crazy ;)20:35
ograjust pragmatic20:36
loolcrazy pragmatic20:40
ograas long as it gets me there :)20:40
* lool waves 'night20:42
* ogra goes to prepare some reunion dinner20:43
ogranight lool 20:43
ian_brasillool: tchau20:46
josephusi just got an Amtek U560 umpc, tried latest snapshot on a usb stick21:41
josephuskernel boots ok, but X keeps restarting21:41
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josephusis there a development image which doesn't use squashfs-loop and drops to shell in case of an error?21:50
ograits likely that your umpc uses a poulsbo graphics chipset, sadly intel didnt provide a driver for that yet22:01
ograwell, they did, but not for xorg 1.5, it might work with one of the 8.04 (hardy) images22:02
* ogra needs to go afk again22:02
* rhp_ is installing VMWare in the mean time in hopes of getting something running that will allow him to create custom image without much hassle...22:05
josephusogra: thanks, it's indeed an Intel 945 stuff. 22:37
josephusrhp_: tried that, didn't work22:38
rhp_josephus: why not?22:38
josephushad some issues with the syslinux22:38
josephusdding the squashfs and installing grub might work though22:39
nanojitJust would like to know what version of Gecko midbrowser is currently built with.23:44
ograxulrunner 1.9 23:48

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