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wgrantjdong: You're a forum person, aren't you?03:13
jdongwgrant: I am.03:13
wgrantjdong: How does one get one's account renamed?03:13
jdongwgrant: depends on the reason for it being renamed. officially we don't do it, but extenuating circumstances can be evaluated :)03:13
wgrantAh. Damn.03:14
Hobbseejdong: do you want anything else sponsored ever again?  If so, you'd better do the rename :P03:14
jdongwgrant: that extenuating circumstances part was an invitation to PM.03:15
wgrantjdong: Aha.03:15
RAOFdirecthex: Rock!  monodoc 1.903:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272210 in ubuntu "Megatunix needs to be packaged and added to the repository." [Wishlist,Confirmed]03:56
RAOFTetracomm: That's unlikely to see any action until after the Intrepid release.03:57
suicideduckyhello there, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but how would I go about helping out with MOTU activies / becomming a MOTU??03:58
wgrantTetracomm: FeatureFreeze was months ago.03:58
HobbseeTetracomm: because there's a release in under a month?03:58
wgrantsuicideducky: The topic has a good link.03:58
wgrantHobbsee: Shh, don't tell the users.03:58
suicideduckyhahahaa thanks wgrant >.<03:58
Hobbseewgrant: oh. my bad.03:59
TetracommI really want to see it packaged.03:59
TetracommCould anyone recommend any software that would help me to create a .deb package?04:00
wgrantThere's no magic incantation that will do it.04:01
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports04:01
RAOFThere's the software.  It runs on your brain :)04:01
TetracommThat takes too long.04:06
HobbseeTetracomm: which is precisely why things don't get put into the release, so late, when people are focussing on existing bugs.04:07
TetracommI really want to help, but that looks so complicated,04:09
ScottKjdong: Given the firefox propensity for security problems, I think you either ought to update it in gutsy-backports or remove it.05:28
jdongScottK: agreed; I shall work on upgrading it over the weekend.05:29
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didrocksNCommander: too much love :) (even by error ^^)07:20
didrocksmorning :)07:21
geserHi didrocks07:21
IntuitiveNippleI have an interesting packaging bug with xorg-server (hardy). A patch (21_glx_align_fixes) modifies ./configure.ac, *but* ./configure is not rebuilt, and ./configure isn't patched to match. This causes a FTBFS for the xdmx module, so that in turn was disabled (debian/rules ... --disable-dmx) as the 'fix' - the real fix would be to either patch ./configure or ship the package with the regenerated ./configure. How should this kind of issue07:46
IntuitiveNipple be dealt with?07:46
StevenKAlso patch configure in the same patch by regenerating ./configure with the *same* autoconf version07:48
IntuitiveNippleStevenK: Thanks07:49
directhexregenerate configure, distribute as a patch. that's how the packages i work with do it07:49
IntuitiveNippleI thought that would be it, but it can get confusing, all the levels of indirection07:49
IntuitiveNipple2nd question. In the package, it builds some dbus bits and includes <dbus/dbus.h> but  libdbus-1-dev installs to /usr/include/dbus-1.0/dbus/dbus.h - do all the source-files get patched or is a symlink supposed to have been created in /usr/include/ by libdbus-1-dev ?07:55
StevenKA -I flag should be added to gcc calls by autoconf07:58
IntuitiveNippleahhh good point :007:59
IntuitiveNippleand finally... 3rd question. The xorg-server source package, as shipped contains a whole bunch of symlinks, obviously accidently put there by some previous packager (e.g. GL/mesa/main/stencil.c -> /home/david/debian/xorg/git/lib/mesa/src/mesa/main/stencil.c) - should they be removed?08:01
persiaIntuitiveNipple: Nothing in base packages should either generate or depend on anything in /home, as I understand things.  Cleaning that up is probably a good idea.08:14
IntuitiveNipplepersia: yeah, that was my thought :)08:14
BurgundaviaIntuitiveNipple: that is probably david nusinow, one of the main debian xorg people08:15
persiaIntuitiveNipple: You'll be linking your git branch to a bug, and praising it's benefits in #ubuntu-x, right?08:15
IntuitiveNippleperisa: It *looks* like someone was experimenting, trying to fix the FTBFS for dmx - which is caused by the incorrect 21_glx_align_fix patch08:16
IntuitiveNippleBurgundavia: Yes, I thought that, having looked at changelog08:16
IntuitiveNipplepersia: Will I?08:16
IntuitiveNipple#join #ubuntu-x08:17
IntuitiveNippleoops lol08:17
persiaIntuitiveNipple: I hope so.08:17
persiaIntuitiveNipple: Also, where did you stick your patch to get kvm compiling on lpia?  I noticed it still FTBFS in the archives a couple days ago, and wanted to push that.08:17
IntuitiveNipplepersia: you've lost me? what git branch?! I don't have the package git externally visible :)08:18
IntuitiveNipplepersia: sheesh! Um, the source of kvm-74 in my PPA (one of the patches I think)08:18
persiaIntuitiveNipple: You're not basing your xorg-server stuff off the ubuntu git tree?  I'll go find it.08:18
persiaThanks.  I'll see if I can extract it easily.08:18
IntuitiveNipplepersia: let me look locally08:19
persiaIntuitiveNipple: Thanks.08:19
IntuitiveNipplepersia: 1:72+dfsg-0ubuntu1~ppa4h "Fix: add debian/rules build capability for lpia and ia64"08:19
IntuitiveNipplepersia: Inherited by 1:74 of course08:20
persiaRight.  I'll try that against the current version in the archive.  One of my lpia laptops strangely supports vmx, and I'll actually use it.08:21
IntuitiveNipplepersia: If I recall correctly, I added "QEMU_EXE = qemu-system-x86_64" to each of the lpia and ia64 cases08:21
persiaLooks like the git tree is git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-xorg/xserver/xorg-server : I'm not sure how the Ubuntu branch is stored.08:21
persiaIntuitiveNipple: Hrm.  lpia isn't 64-bit.  I'll try that, and in the worst case, try shifting it to x86.08:22
IntuitiveNipplepersia: oh, yeah. I saw the 'packaging' git reference but I've been working on the apt-get source package08:22
IntuitiveNipplepersia: No, there are two cases... the statement is added into both08:22
persiaYeah, the apt-get source is a little out of date for X, as X moves pretty quick.08:22
IntuitiveNipplepersia: It doesn't do what it suggests... hence my original confusion when it first came up08:22
persiaOh, so x86_64 doesn't actually mean x86_64?08:23
IntuitiveNipplepersia: strangely... no lol - it is just, if I recall correctly, a build dir or something similarly transient08:23
IntuitiveNipplepersia: The build-logs on my PPA will reveal how it is used08:24
persiaheh.  Right.  Well, when we last talked about it, my only lpia kit didn't support vmx, but Intel seems to have lost sight of the "L" in lpia, so I've a testbed now.08:24
persia(well, it's still low-wattage, but it's dual-core with vmx, which doesn't strike me as trying to save every last joule)08:25
StevenKPower Intel Architecture!08:25
IntuitiveNipplepersia: re xorg-server: hardy ships all the xdmx tools but not the module since it was FTBFS (the ./configure not patched issue), so I'm just fixing it so it will provide the xdmx module (1 or 2 other knock-on effects I'm chasing too).08:28
persiaI don't suppose you could do that for intrepid?  It's more likely to be easy to apply, and more likely to be beneficial to more people.08:28
IntuitiveNipplepersia: It looks as if 1.5.1 (Intrepid) has it fixed08:31
persiaOh, cool.  No worries then.08:31
persiaThanks for checking.08:31
IntuitiveNipplepersia: at least, it has --enable-dmx in debian/rules and I assume it isn't FTBFS08:31
persiaYou'd have to check build logs to verify, but I think someone would notice.08:31
IntuitiveNipplepersia: package xdmx is in universe08:32
persiaExcellent then :)08:32
IntuitiveNippleI've been using the Intrepid package as a clue-stick to sort out the hardy 'mess' :)08:33
IntuitiveNipplepersia: xdmx is allowing me to run 5 monitors on the laptop :p08:33
persiaIntuitiveNipple: USB<->VGA ?08:37
IntuitiveNipplepersia: DFT, VGA, s-video (projector), and xdmx to a dual-matrox 'twinview'08:38
persiaAnd the rest of the dual-matrox is just a headless server?08:38
IntuitiveNipplepersia: no, with xdmx the remote xserver becomes an extension of the local desktop08:39
persiaRight, but I'm guessing the remote computer running the xserver also becomes effectively headless, doesn't it?08:40
IntuitiveNippleonce i'd built the module and got the configuration sorted, I wanted to get the package to build too, so others can use it08:40
persia(because it's granted access to the xserver to the remote session)08:40
IntuitiveNipplepersia: oh, I see what you mean... well, it seems there are several ways it can be done, both with the remote logged in, or logging in remotely. right now I've got 'dual-control'08:41
persiaAh, so the xserver provides access for both the remote box and a local session?08:41
IntuitiveNippleUntil you mentioned it, I'd not really thought about it! I was just pleased when I finally got it to work :)08:44
IntuitiveNippleI'll write up a wiki article on it once I'm clear :)08:44
persiaIntuitiveNipple: Thanks.  Now you just have to find a minion who will mine your wiki for all the good bits :)08:47
IntuitiveNipplepersia: It's called 'Google' :)08:49
IntuitiveNippleand, there's only 'good' bits on my wiki!08:49
persiaIntuitiveNipple: Well, I'd say 80% : you move quickly enough that there's sure to be a fair bit of bitrot.08:50
persiaAnd my only issue with Google is that it doesn't have the patience to push the patches back to Debian and upstream :)08:51
IntuitiveNippleit's only a matter of time :)08:52
persiaheh.  I suppose.08:53
IntuitiveNipplefunny you should mention that, actually. with the thread on the -devel mailing list I was working out an AI-based upstream patch submitter... give it a couple of 'best practice' bugs to to follow and then it'll figure it out for new bugs that have Ubuntu patches08:54
norsetto\sh: around?08:55
persiaNifty.  That would certainly solve some of the Ubuntu patch discussions, and probably be of inestimable value to you in not having to forward-port stuff.08:55
volkrisHow do I package a program that is distributed in multiple source files?09:30
persiavolkris: In multiple source packages.09:31
persiaFor example, consider a game that has separate upstream releases for the server, the artwork, the engine, the module, and the sound server.09:32
persiaThis would be 5 different source packages, and probably 7-8 binary packages, depending on the contents of the source packages, and how they should be installed.09:32
persiaIn my example, you could then add new packages for other contributed scenarios or artwork, and it would still work.09:33
volkriscan you think offhand of a package that does this?09:33
persiauqm, uqm-content, uqm-voices, and uqm-music.09:34
volkrisI'll read up. Thanks.09:34
persiaThat's multiverse, but it's the package like that I've touched the most.09:34
quadrisproDktrKranz: what do you think about bug 275502 ?10:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275502 in mail-notification "Make mail fetchers recommended instead of suggested" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27550210:42
eshello, I've followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/HandsOn and I succesfully build a newer version of a package (sympa). dumb question: where is it? debuild -S -sa completed succesfully but I don't see the deb...11:18
azeemdebuild -S is for building source packages11:19
persiaes: You've successfully built an updated source package.  Congratulations.  To convert that into a binary package, you'll need to build it.11:19
azeemlook for .dsc and .diff.gz in the parent directory11:19
persiaPersonally I use sbuild, for that, but many people use pbuilder.11:19
ubottusbuild is a system to easily build packages in a clean schroot environment.  To get started with SBuild, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SbuildLVMHowto11:19
ubottupbuilder is a system to easily build packages in a clean chroot environment. To get started with PBuilder, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto11:19
esthanks I'm looking to those links11:20
IntuitiveNippleDo we have any xorg-server build experts ?11:29
persiaThey tend to live in #ubuntu-devel, xorg-server being fairly core.11:33
volkrisIn the package I'm working on I need to extract one tarball of makefiles and such, then another tarball of code that goes into the src/ subdirectory of the first.11:35
volkrisI don't know that this is the situation persia had in mind when  he said to distribute separate source pacakges11:35
volkrisThe result of the compilation is basically a single executable file, but I don't know how to handle .orig files and such11:36
james_wdoes anyone have a clue what the fix for the build problem in https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/271919 might be?11:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 271919 in firebird2.1 "Sync firebird2.1 debian experimental" [Wishlist,New]11:36
persiavolkris: Ah.  I thought of separate sources that weren't so intertwined.  No good suggestions for that : maybe a fiendishly compliex get-orig-source, or some sort of stacked tarball-in-tarball solution?11:37
volkrisI figured some other package somewhere would have dealt with this matter before11:37
volkrisI've packaged on gentoo pretty regularly, and they  have ways of extracting to specific places in the source tree11:38
volkrisCould repackaging end up being reasonable in this case?11:38
RAOFvolkris: That sounds like the only option, really.11:39
persiaMaybe, although I'd personally prefer to see layered tarball-in-tarball, as much as I generally dislike that format.  repacking breaks md5sum verification against upstream.11:39
RAOFSomething in source package format 3.0 might support you more, but nothing accepts it yet.11:39
persiaRAOF: No.  There remain many options, just none pretty.11:39
volkrisis unpacking of tarball in tarball handled through get-orig-source?11:40
persiajames_w: You might catch NCommander later : seems to be handy with the libtool change.11:40
persiavolkris: No.  get-orig-source would construct your tarball-in-tarball orig.tar.gz.11:40
volkrisI'll look into it11:40
persiaThen you need to add extra targets in debian/rules to unpack the tarballs in the right way, usually into a ./build/ directory defined in the diff.gz.11:41
quadrisproanyone on bug 275502?11:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275502 in mail-notification "Make mail fetchers recommended instead of suggested" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27550211:41
persiavolkris: Be prepared for someone to complain about tarball-in-tarball, but it's slightly less distasteful than repacking.11:41
volkrisThis is pretty specialized software for running particle accelerators, so I probably won't worry too much about distribution outside of the lab11:42
persiavolkris: Perhaps, but I'll encourage you to share it : other labs might find it useful, and I'd guess that having a somewhat standard system would let you actually focus on the problem, rather than managing particle accellerator drivers.11:43
persia(plus I want to be able to say "Here's an Ubuntu disk.  It gets used for lots of things.  It can even run your particle accellerator")11:44
volkrisha. Well, PPA at least11:44
persiaWell, PPA for now.  Come back in December, and we'll get it in the distro properl.11:45
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sebnerjames_w: well, we have to decide if we want an ipe that can handle *normal* ipe files or ubuntu ones :(13:29
james_wsebner: yeah, it sucks13:29
james_wI think it's partly the programs fault for using symbolic names in the files13:29
sebnerjames_w:  ^^, the problem is we started patching ipe with feisty IIRC :\13:30
sebnerjames_w: however, thx for you work :)13:31
james_wno problem13:31
sebnerjames_w: now you are a sponsor of mine :P13:33
morgsI'm trying to copy a package in my PPA from hardy to intrepid, and I get "The following source cannot be copied: sugar-artwork 0.82.0-1ubuntu1~ppa1 in hardy (same version already has published binaries in the destination archive)" - even though it doesn't exist for intrepid yet.13:35
LaneyHow can I see which packages provide an alternative via update-alternatives?13:35
ScottKmorgs: PPA questions should be directed to #launchpad.13:42
morgsScottK: thanks13:42
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Riddellpersia, geser, soren, nixternal: what's the status of apachelogger's core-dev application?14:20
* persia checks14:20
persiaRiddell: Waiting for more review and comments at this point, from the archives.14:31
Riddellhuh?  I suspect it's had all it's going to get14:31
persiaI hope not.  It needs more input from MC members to get anywhere : it's essentially stuck in limbo right now.14:32
ScottKI think all the sponsors have commented.14:33
Riddellthen this process isn't working.  if MC is blocking new members it needs to sort itself out or we'll just have to work around it14:33
persiaI agree the process isn't working.  I agree that sorting it makes sense.  I think that aside from ArchiveReorganisation, it's not best to work around it.  I have opinions about why it doesn't work, but no real understanding.14:35
* sebner missed the MOTU meeting. did anything special happen?14:39
persiasebner: Nobody appears to have attended, or expressed anything.  There was no agenda.14:41
sebnerpersia: kk, thx14:41
sebneraloha RainCT :)14:41
bddebianHeya gang14:58
nixternalpersia, geser, soren: concerning apachelogger's core-dev app, I have already commented and voted15:00
persianixternal: Indeed.  In the very beginning of september.15:01
nixternaljeesh, that long ago....what is the hold up?15:01
persiaThe process seems broken.15:02
nixternalI don't like the fact we are hung up on apachelogger when Kubuntu really needs him, especially with me being afk so much and not being able to package15:04
nixternalor sponsor his work15:04
siretartokay, the ffmpeg unstripped version actually seem to work. cool15:28
jdongsiretart: encoding junkies everywhere rejoice :)15:30
siretartjdong: I just have had an tester next to me. it works with the packages from ~motumedia15:32
siretartjdong: I'm seriously considering to upload them to ubuntu right now15:33
siretartjdong: input welcome :)15:33
jdongsiretart: you know, that would solve a lot of the grievances out there but what about the encumberance issues?15:34
jdongit would also resolve the medibuntu-ubuntu off-sync every time we do a ffmpeg update15:34
siretartjdong: I think it makes the medibuntu ffmpeg package obsolete15:35
jdongsiretart: agreed. which would be a good thing for both teams15:36
jdongsiretart: and right now we're already half-hypocritical shipping the mpeg4-ASP encoder on by default15:36
jdongand hell decoding of mpeg4 is already "encumbered" so honestly I think we should just ship it all...15:36
jdongthe question is whether it'd go into restricted or main...15:36
jdongsiretart: how well does it coexist with gstreamer and friends?15:38
siretartjdong: it would go to multiverse15:38
siretartjdong: as for gstreamer and friends: it conflict/replaces libavcodec51.15:39
jdongsiretart: sounds reasonable15:39
jdongI think it'd be a good thing to have15:39
jdongand I don't think any problems with archive since we've already got implementations of ALL of those encoders in other packages in multiverse15:39
jdongyeah I'd say just do it15:41
jdongbut given the mdz conversation in #u-d... I'd like to hear his response15:42
mr_pouitsiretart: so the only stuff remaining for medibuntu would be amr I guess (since libamr* is currently unredistribuable :])15:42
siretartmr_pouit: yes, and I have even for that I have a solution or at least an idea how to fix that15:43
jdongif you "magically" supply a libamr, ffmpeg-evil will find it :D15:44
morgsnorsetto: sugar install and build logs available - see bug 274820.15:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274820 in sugar "Sugar feature freeze exception" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27482015:44
siretartexactly. the altlinux folks have a patch for that15:44
siretartthat way ubuntu's ffmpeg could dlopen() medibuntu's libamr libraries15:44
siretartmr_pouit: please do have a look at the 'ffmpeg' source package in the ~motumedia PPA15:45
siretartpatches welcome, everything is in PPA under ~motumedia/ffmpeg15:45
siretartpatches welcome, everything is in bzr under ~motumedia/ffmpeg15:46
norsettomorgs: thanks. Did you check if there is any issue with upgrading?16:02
morgsnorsetto: no, I didn't check, but we will need some slight changes from the debian packages to handle two packages which are renamed: sugar-base -> python-sugar, and sugar-datastore -> python-olpc-datastore16:03
norsettomorgs: right16:04
norsettomorgs: I have no problem to ack this, if you could make sure that upgrades are fine that would be sweet16:04
jcastroYokoZar: you dropping by for UDS/Fosscamp? I see you're basically local16:05
morgsnorsetto: I have a personal interest in making them work, being an upstream dev, so yeah :)16:05
norsettomorgs: I bet ;-)16:05
james_wsebner: have you seen bug 269301 ?16:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269301 in wordpress "[CVE-2008-3747] - wordpress before 2.6.1 ssl problem might allow remote attackers to gain administrative access by sniffing the network for a cookie" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26930116:12
FFEMTcJhow is it possible to get a package in the repo's updated to the current version?17:06
sistpotyhi folks17:16
siretarthey sistpoty17:27
sistpotyhi siretart17:27
siretartsistpoty: do you have plans for this weekend? http://lusc.de/ww :)17:29
sistpotysiretart: hm... I do have some plans for the weekend already :/17:32
slytherinsuperm1: Have you checked latest comment on the bluez 4.x bug? LOL.17:35
superm1slytherin, lets see.17:38
superm1slytherin, well I would hypothesize that those segfaults are probably null pointer checks, but we'll have to wait for a backtrace17:40
superm1the important part is whether these are "regressions" :)17:40
superm1slytherin, would you be able to craft a patch to make tooltips on the icons possibly?17:41
superm1i'm working on a patch to properly set input devices to trusted mode17:41
slytherinsuperm1: 1. I will be able to provide tooltips. I will have to check what is the current GTK+ requirement for bluez-gnome. If it >= 2.12 then our life is easier.17:46
superm1slytherin, well we can easily bump the GTK requirement up if necessary17:47
superm1slytherin, it's very highly unlikely we'll backport this since it only works with bluez 4.x17:47
slytherinsuperm1: Ideally shouldn't we ask upstream to fix the tooltip problem?17:48
superm1slytherin, well we can fix it and submit the patch upstream17:50
superm1slytherin, they've got very few developers, so it would be fixed a lot quicker that way17:50
slytherinsuperm1: Ok. Will do tomorrow.17:51
superm1slytherin, okay great17:51
slytherinsuperm1: by the way, by latest comment I meant the one by Christoph Langner18:11
fabrice_sp_Hi. If upstream doesn't provide an icon for the app, can I package it without menu entry? Or I should use a generic icon?18:18
fabrice_sp_(for bug #272210)18:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272210 in ubuntu "Megatunix needs to be packaged and added to the repository." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27221018:18
csilkare you abloe to test megatunix?18:28
csilkI was origannly going to package megatunix per a user request but thought i best not when i realised i had no way to really test it18:29
YokoZarjcastro: Yeah, not much need for sponsorship this year.  I can probably crash at a friend's house.18:38
YokoZarjcastro: which is lucky for you, as Wine will be in Main for Jaunty.18:39
esI'm new to the ubuntu way of building package, pbuilder fails because the new upstream package has a new directory previusly not present. I specified it to debian/dirs without success, also there path looks weird they go in var/lib/something instead of usr/lib/something of the previously installed package.18:40
esany advice?'18:41
jcastroYokoZar: ok, I was thinking we should invite dan kegel since he's @ google also18:42
james_wes: if you give the failure message then it may be easier to see what is going on18:43
esjames_w: sure thanks:) cp icons/*.png /usr/lib/sympa/static_content/iconscp: target `/usr/lib/sympa/static_content/icons' is not a directorymake[2]: *** [installicons] Error 118:44
esthese are specified in dirs18:45
james_wes: is the cp command in debian/rules?18:46
esyes it's in configure options: --with-iconsdir=/usr/share/sympa/icons18:47
james_wes: the "cp icons/*.png", is that in debian/rules?18:47
james_wes: is it in a Makefile?18:48
esno I made a grep -R and I can't find it :/18:49
james_wes: can you put the build log in a pastebin please?18:49
esjames_w: sure, thanks for your help but err where are the logs usually?18:50
james_wes: you will have to build again with --logfile, or grab them from the scrollback in your terminal18:51
esjames_w: weird the logfile is not created I pasted from the terminal http://pastebin.myrror.net/193818:56
esjames_w: thanks again for your help :)18:56
james_wes: so it appears to be the wwsympa directory that has the problematic command18:57
james_wes: can you pastebin the Makefile from that directory please?18:58
esjames_w: http://pastebin.myrror.net/193918:59
esline 10218:59
james_wes: ah, should have spotted that19:01
james_w*I* should have spotted that19:02
james_wes: it's not using $DESTDIR19:02
james_wes: so it's trying to install in to the real /usr, rather than ./debian/.../usr/19:02
esyep! so it should be $(DESTDIR)/static_content/icons ?19:04
james_wes: no, it should be $(DESTDIR)$(DIR)/static_content/icons I think19:09
* sistpoty is off again... cya19:12
esjames_w: yeah, we passed that error! now: cp sympa_soap_server-wrapper.fcgi /tmp/buildd/sympa-5.4.3/debian/sympa/usr/lib/cgi-bin/sympa/cp: cannot stat `sympa_soap_server-wrapper.fcgi': No such file or directory19:13
esguess it's the same problem19:13
eswwsympa-wrapper.fcgi: wwsympa-wrapper.fcgi.c Makefile ../Makefile        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -DWWSYMPA=\"$(WWSYMPA)\" -o wwsympa-wrapper.fcgi wwsympa-wrapper.fcgi.c19:15
james_wI think that's a different problem19:15
eserr no it's another line19:15
james_wit can't find sympa_soap_server-wrapper.fcgi, does it ever build it?19:16
esjames_w:  where should I check out?19:16
esjames_w: actually I don't see it in the logs19:21
james_wis it mentioned anywhere else in the Makefiles?19:22
esjames_w: nope19:24
escd sympa-5.4.3/wwsympa && grep sympa_soap_server-wrapper.fcgi Makefile  -> none19:25
fabrice_sp_csilk: I assume that the user requesting the packaging will be able to test it (I'll put it in my ppa meanwhile). Anyway, I'm able to do some things.19:27
esjames_w: it's in soap/Makefile19:28
csilkfabrice_sp_,  that's the only thing that stopped me form packaging it really19:31
fabrice_sp_csilk: apart from a compilation error because of gcc4.3 and the missing icons, it's an easy package.19:32
fabrice_sp_If you wan't, you can still package it19:32
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lfaraoneHey, is there any way if I have to make a lot of debian sync requests (we already have FFEs for them) to do it in _one_ bug?19:34
esjames_w: well, thanks for your help, tomorrow I'll look into it better. I'm hungry and I my mind isn't working anymore as you can see :)19:35
csilkfabrice_sp,  I wouldn't mind packaging it to be honest, I've been trying to get involved with ubuntu for a while now but it's hard managing a heavy load at university etc etc19:35
csilkbut if you wouldn't mind assiging the bug/request to me I'd love to do it19:36
geserlfaraone: can't you just add the missing info for the sync to the FFE bugs? that way all infomation is in one place19:37
lfaraonegeser: It's one FFE bug.19:37
fabrice_spcsilk: all your's. If you have problem, you can ping me here (if I am online)19:37
csilkThanks fabrice_sp19:38
geserlfaraone: have you the bug number handy?19:38
lfaraonegeser: No, but it's against the "sugar" pacakge19:39
geserI've found it (bug 274820)19:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274820 in sugar "Sugar feature freeze exception" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27482019:43
geserlfaraone: how many package are affected?19:44
slytherindoko: Do you plan to fix bug #254368 in intrepid? or is it deferred?19:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 254368 in openjdk "openjdk-6-jdk should depend on libxt-dev" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25436819:49
slytherinanyone willing to test DVD playback fixes in gstreamer backported form upstream CVS? I am waiting for some feedback before I can submit the debdiff.19:52
bddebiansiretart: You around by any chance?20:04
bddebianHello emgent20:20
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iulianHey bddebian and congrats!20:26
bddebianHi iulian, thanks20:27
bddebianGads, how the heck do you folks use LP anymore?  I've obviously been waaay too out of touch lately20:30
lfaraonegeser: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SugarTeam/Packages has a list20:37
siretartbddebian: yes, a bit afk (lug event), but sort-of20:52
bddebiansiretart: Any idea what to do about xine-lib in Debian for Lenny?20:55
james_wanybody have an opinion on bug 275502?21:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 275502 in mail-notification "Make mail fetchers recommended instead of suggested" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27550221:07
* cody-somerville takes a look.21:09
geserjames_w: do you know how common are hotmail/yahoo accounts inside and outside the USA?21:11
james_wpretty common I believe21:12
nxvljames_w: if you are trying to sponsor it, please don't, see my comment21:13
nxvljames_w: i don't want to have all of those packages i don't need in my system if i'm only using one of them21:13
james_wnxvl: thanks21:14
nxvljames_w: also i don't have that much experience with that package/tool but from the comments/report i get that you need at least one of them for the tool to work, but all of them is crazy21:14
nxvlthatfor it will be | instead of , if you want to make the change anyway21:15
nxvli will suggest to talk to the DM better21:15
geserI use mail-notification but with mutt and I don't need either of those packages21:15
ScottKThey are common, but I don't think they'd rise to needed except in unsual situations (which is the 'recommends' definition).21:16
james_wI get the impression the tool isn't very good at hinting that you could install other packages to get the functionality21:16
james_wSuggests is how the package should do that, but it helps if the program does as well21:17
geserI could understand to add m-n-evolution to recommends (as evo is the default mua), but I don't know about getlive and fetchyahoo (it would be for me easier to accepts something for googlemail)21:18
james_wI think gmail is still far smaller in overall usage21:18
nxvlgeser: that's why using "m-n-evolution | getlive | fetchyahoo" will be better, by default it will grab m-n-evolution21:18
nxvljames_w: don;t bet21:19
james_wnxvl: but that doesn't bring any benefit over Suggests, so it's not worth it in my opinion21:19
torkelis it working with the current version of evo?21:20
nxvljames_w: actually there is some apt option to install suggest by default21:20
nxvljames_w: but yes, i agree with you on that21:20
cody-somervilleIs there atleast one fetcher module thingie installed by default?21:21
nxvljames_w: i'm saying if it will be raised to Recommends, that is the way it should be rised21:21
siretartbddebian: ?21:40
siretarttoo bad, he already left21:40
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cody-somervilleScottK, ping21:48
cody-somervilleor anyone else from motu-release21:49
norsettocody-somerville: yes?21:50
cody-somervillenorsetto, bug #26215621:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 262156 in envyng-gtk "envynggtk.py crashed with ImportError in <module>()" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26215621:50
norsettocody-somerville: yes?21:50
cody-somervillemotu-release I imagine should be responsible for ensuring that gets fixed or envyng gets removed from the archive.21:51
norsettocody-somerville: indeed, see bug 27712621:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277126 in envyng-core "Update EnvyNG to 2.0.1" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27712621:52
cody-somervilleok, thanks21:55
norsettocody-somerville: np21:55
sebnernorsetto: you making ad for your ppa? nice :)22:03
norsettosebner: yes, I'd like to provide 0.8.0 to intrepid users22:04
sebnernorsetto: nice :)22:04
norsettosebner: next version is also coming out pretty nice22:05
sebnernorsetto: ^^, in time for jaunty?22:05
norsettosebner: absolutely22:05
sebnernorsetto: great to hear :)22:06
james_wlfaraone: hi, do you have a blanket FFe for the sugar sync requests?22:45
ScottKjames_w: They do.22:46
james_wScottK: thanks22:47
lfaraonejames_w: Yes.23:13
csilkwhy does the wiki (packaging) not discuss what to do with all the extra files in /debian such as init.d.ex and all the manpage related files?23:45
nhandler_csilk: They are example files. If you need them, you rename them (remove the .ex suffix). If you don't need them, you just delete them.23:47
csilknhandler_,  I'm not 100% sure what they are to be honest23:48
nhandler_csilk: For most basic packages, you can safely remove the files. What are you packaging? Or what type of application is it?23:50
csilkan app called megatunix, it's a software utility for measuring variious things within a combustion engine23:52
csilksuch as air to fuel ratio23:52
csilknhandler_, ^23:53
nhandler_csilk: You most likely won't need the example init script for this application. Give me a second to check what other example files there are23:54
csilkThank you23:54
nhandler_csilk: The only example files that you might want are the ones concerning the man page, the one for the watch file, and possibely the ones for the menu file and maintainer scripts. None of these are critical, and there are plenty of guides and wiki pages that outline how to create these files youself.23:58

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