asac[reed]: but it asked your for secrets and stuff like that right?00:01
asac[reed]: is the connection in connection-editor?00:01
asacright mouse click -> connection editior00:01
asac[reed]: how does it fail to connect?00:03
[reed]"association took too long"00:04
[reed]"disassociating by local choice (reason=3)"00:04
asaci saw that today in the NM channel00:05
ubottuwww.intellinuxwireless.org bug 1629 in others "iwl3945 disassociates from AP continuously" [Normal,Assigned]00:06
asac[reed]: look at the modinfo output of iwl496500:07
asacdisable_hw_scan is an option00:08
asacyou could try to00:08
asacmodprobe -r -v iwl496500:08
asacand modprobe -v iwl4965 disable_hw_scan=100:08
asacand see if thats better00:08
asac[reed]: you could also see how bad thing go when you boot the old hardy kernel :/00:11
[reed]that didn't work00:12
[reed]I was able to connect to another network00:12
[reed]that forces VPN use00:12
[reed]so, I used vpnc00:12
[reed]and got connected00:12
[reed]lame lame00:13
[reed]both my wired and wifi messed up00:13
asaci told you about the wired thing ;)00:13
[reed]I did `dmesg | grep "e1000"`00:13
asacwifi is a bug i have only remotely heard off00:13
[reed]but didn't see anything!00:13
asacand i didnt assume that you have EAP ;)00:14
asac[reed]: so at least vpnc works ;)00:14
[reed]it's just slow00:14
asac[reed]: but configuration was not properly migrated you said right?00:14
[reed]nothing was migrated00:14
[reed]at all00:14
[reed]no wifi networks, no VPN00:14
asac[reed]: nothing?00:14
asac[reed]: can you file a bug with that and put the output of gconftool-2 -R /system/networking there?00:15
asacor give me that output and i file a bug ;)00:15
[reed]run that as me or as root?00:15
asac[reed]: as you00:15
asac0.6 settings where all user-session settings00:15
asac[reed]: you can now make system connections in 0.7 ... also configure static IPs and stuff like that00:16
asacin general a win00:16
asacof course the kernel is a show-stopper :/00:16
asacpersonally i wouldnt have released beta with e1000 disabled :/00:16
[reed]the gconftool-2 stuff shows me my info00:17
[reed]hardy info00:17
asac[reed]: yes. the old settings are at some path and the intrepid connections are under another halfd00:17
asace.g /system/networking/connections... thats 0.700:18
asaceverything else is 0.6 and should have been moved to connections00:18
asacby the applet00:18
asacactually the applet is supposed to migrate things on every run00:18
asacso if you are struck by a bug, chances are good that they get migrated later00:18
[reed]ok, let me anonymize this00:18
[reed]too much personal stuff in this output :)00:19
asacthere shouldnt be any secrets in it00:19
asac yeah00:19
asacof course depends on the level of "privacy" one finds appropriate ;)00:19
asacbut yeah. if you move around it can probably accumulate quite a lot of data ;)00:20
asac[reed]: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/25835400:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 258354 in network-manager-applet "[0.7] nm-applet crash in nm_gconf_migrate_0_6_connections on first login with 0.7" [Undecided,New]00:28
asacmaybe you got struck by that?00:28
asac(when nm-applet wasnt there)00:28
asac[reed]: which exact package version are you using?00:32
asacCOLUMNS=200 dpkg -l network-manager-applet00:32
asacCOLUMNS=200 dpkg -l network-manager00:32
asacCOLUMNS=200 dpkg -l network-manager-gnome00:33
asacnot applet00:33
asac[reed]: ok. updated the bug.01:03
saivannasac : I added a milestone for bug 153739 so it get to your attention05:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 153739 in firefox "Firefox opens under top gnome-panel in intrepid" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15373905:11
pwnguinis it just me or did slashdot tank on rendering?05:14
[reed]asac: bug 277403 -- have you all not been backporting fixing?07:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277403 in firefox "Firefox-3.0 in Gutsy has multiple open security vulnerabilities and should be updated or removed" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27740307:12
armin76bad asac09:26
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gnomefreakasac: you around for a sec?14:44
gnomefreaki know your "off" today14:44
asacgnomefreak: yeah ;)14:47
asacpub holiday :-D14:47
asachave to catch on so many things that i should really shutdown my system ;)14:47
sebnerasac: somebody have to kick you ;)14:47
gnomefreakasac: firefox last update slowed down14:47
gnomefreakive noticed a small difference on att site but someone else just brought it up. but i need a translation14:48
gnomefreakwann gibts denn mal eine unvermurkste version davon, die nicht staendig14:48
asacsebner: lol ... yeah i need to kick myself to do my tax declaration for instance14:48
gnomefreaknur dumm abkackt?14:48
gnomefreakda funktioniert ja der mickeyschiss-indernett-explodierer ja noch besser14:48
asacotherwise i will end up in prison at some point :-D14:48
asacgnomefreak: thats a rant: means:14:49
sebnerasac: well a good oportunity to be offline then :P14:49
asacwill there ever be a version of this that works ;)14:49
gnomefreakdamn i hate to send that through but i will14:49
gnomefreakasac: thanks14:49
sebnergnomefreak: denglish boy :P14:50
asacgnomefreak: no dont let that through14:50
asacif its a mailing list blog14:50
asacerr message14:50
asaci mean we only accept english text14:50
asacif it gets through no problem ... but otherwise it should get trashed ;)14:50
gnomefreakasac: ok14:51
asaclast sentence reads: "even the mickey-shit internet exploder is better than this crap" :)14:51
sebnerIE with wine \o/14:52
gnomefreaki discarded it15:05
gnomefreaki need to figure out failure to build on 0.9 maybe this weekend15:05
gnomefreakim gone for a while15:06
jdstrandfta: hi!16:13
jdstrandfta: can you tell me more about nss-fips in your seamonkey update?16:14
jdstrandthis almost 632000 debdiff raised my eyebrows :)16:15
jdstrand632000 line16:15
ftajdstrand, nss is unrelated, this is just a work-in-progress from asac, only living in my ppa. you can just ignore that, it has nothing to do with hardy or intrepid16:16
ftajdstrand, yes, i know the diff is huge. there are so many CVEs in there :P16:17
jdstrandfta: but you changed 80_security_build.patch to reger to it16:17
jdstrandfta: 95% (or more) is the nss-fips stuff16:17
ftajdstrand, eh??16:17
jdstrand+       $(MAKE) -C $(topsrcdir)/security/nss-fips/lib $(DEFAULT_GMAKE_FLAGS) export16:18
ftajdstrand, 80_security_build.patch is from debian, it is still valid. i just had to refresh it because one of the changes from upstream touched the context of this debian patch so it created a reject. nothing to worry about, this is regular packaging work16:19
jdstrandfta: I understand that, but the 'regular patching work' is now compiling nss-fips, which you told me to ignore, so I am confused16:19
ftahmm, let me have a closer look16:20
ftajdstrand, http://bonsai.mozilla.org/cvsblame.cgi?file=mozilla/security/manager/Makefile.in&rev=
ftathis is mozilla bug 41903016:26
ubottuMozilla bug 419030 in Build Config "FF2 should pick up NSS fixes, but keep the FIPS approved softoken module" [Major,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41903016:26
jdstrandokay... it just gives me pause to upload 600,000 lines of new code in a -security update16:28
jdstrandasac: ^^ can you comment?16:28
ftajdstrand, i guess the same code went into the security update of ff216:44
ftathis bug says fixed1.8.1.15, verified1.8.1.15, so we have it in firefox-2 >=
ftathan in the latest thunderbird16:46
jdstrandfta: I'm not opposed to having it there, I just want to know what it is, and if compiling all that new code for (apparently) 1 bug is required16:48
jdstrandeither way, I updated the bug report, so it's documented16:49
ftajdstrand, comments added17:02
asacjdstrand: nss?17:13
asacjdstrand: i will take care of that17:13
asacjdstrand: we have to push that through security .... or -updates17:14
asac600k new code?17:14
asacsounds wrong17:14
asacnss doesnt even have that much code17:14
jdstrandasac: basically-- the debdiff is almost 632,000 lines, with the vast majority being new files in nss-fips17:15
ftajust one thing, the nss sources are included, but we use system nss, so we don't build the one inside ff/tb/sm17:16
ftaso it's in the debdiff but not used17:16
ftaasac, i let you handle that, i have to go do some shopping, be back later17:18
asacjdstrand: what is this about? nss in gutsy?17:19
jdstrandfta, asac: that sounds fine, but with the changes in 80_security_build, I wasn't sure they weren't really being used17:19
jdstrandasac: the seamonkey update for hardy17:19
jdstrandbug #27643717:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276437 in seamonkey "security upgrade of seamonkey 1.1.12" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27643717:20
asacjdstrand: simple: look in rules ... there is --with-system-nss/nsp17:20
asacin that case its not used17:20
asacjdstrand: but we have to look into updating system-nss17:20
asacat some point17:20
jdstrandasac: ok, so you're saying that while we updated the 80_security_build to play with Makefiles to build nss-fips, we are ok because we use system nss17:21
asacjdstrand: yes. that patch is obsolete17:21
asacjdstrand: we just didnt drop it in hardy (most likely nobody reviewed the patches)17:21
jdstrandasac: obsolete for Ubuntu, or everyone? (I don't understand why it's there and we're fiddling with it)17:22
asacjdstrand: its obsolete for those builds that use system-nspr/nss17:22
asacjdstrand: which we started to do in gutsy iirc17:22
jdstrandasac: ok. good enough for me. thanks for the clarification :)17:22
asacjdstrand: at least for ffox and tbird ... might be that gutsy iceape still uses in-source17:22
asacjdstrand: but in hardy seamonkey uses system-nspr/nss17:22
asacjdstrand: to be sure just look in rules. if it has --with-system-nspr/nss then this patch is carried around for nothing17:23
jdstrandasac: I am, and I'm going to look at the build before uploading17:23
asacjdstrand: yeah17:23
jdstrandbut now I know what to look for :)17:23
asacjdstrand: yeah. you can also look if seamonkey ships any libnss/nspr binaries17:24
* jdstrand nods17:24
asacjdstrand: might be that we ship links. but the real binaries should be those from the system-nss17:24
ftajdstrand, fta@ix:~ $ wget -qO- http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18102739/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.seamonkey_1.1.12%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz | gzip -dc | grep -c nss-fips18:14
ftanot built18:15
ftajdstrand, ^^, the only part of nss that is always built is security/manager/* but neither security/nss nor the new security/nss-fips18:17
ftabecause of system-nss18:17
fta[reed], regression with font rendering in trunk between hg20080926r19786 and hg20081001r2006218:26
* Nafallo gives fta zgrep18:27
ftaNafallo, i know :)  but on some of my boxes, zgrep is missing, same as gunzip, so gzip is always safer18:28
jdstrandfta: cool, thanks18:37
fta[reed], it also crashes a lot (hg20081001r20062). rebuilding to get symbols18:48
lonejackhi, I'm working on ubuntu. My firefox doesn't allow me to change some inputs on about:config. That is, it's possible to to change them buy the change remain only until firefox isn't closed. Can somebody help me?19:01
lonejackIn order to be precise(if this cna help you), my /home/ hasn't  been created during system installation. It comes from my previous installation...19:03
Lnslonejack: did you try removing your ~/.mozilla directory and starting over? It's probably a configuration problem if your old ~/.mozilla came from a different install.19:11
lonejackLns: I try19:11
lonejackLns: prob solved but I had to reinstall all my components...19:29
Lnslonejack: you might be able to cherry-pick things such as bookmarks and password lists - are you using FF 3 or 2?19:31
ftanever *remove* you .mozilla dir, rename it19:32
Lnslonejack: Many times, especially between different versions, you have to remove your user-level config and start over - and put things back in place afterwards19:32
Lnsfta: yes..unless your current .mozilla is already a test config/etc19:33
ftaLns, well it's not a good advice anyway, user may loose important data. it's better to ask for a test with a blank profile first, we have a page on the wiki describing that19:34
Lnsfta: well it'd seem pretty pointless to keep all sorts of "test" configs when you know you're working with something specific19:35
Lnsas a general rule of computing, you should never delete anything unless you are sure you don't need anything in it19:35
ftai think it's clear lonejack said his home dir is not a test dir19:36
lonejackfta: thank you for your kindness. Yeah it was better to save all my info.... anyway in a hour I'll solve. Thank you19:39
Lnsfta: i wasn't talking about lonejack's situation specifically...sorry, I guess I just assumed that he would know not to delete stuff that has important data in it.. "remove" was probably a bad choice of words19:40
lonejackhey, what's the url of the wiki mentioned?19:43
ftarecommended procedure is there: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs19:44
fta[reed], asac: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/53515/19:50
fta[reed], another crash trying to move tabs across20:15
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[reed]fta: known21:59
fta[reed], i guessed so, fixed ?21:59
[reed]fta: let me get the bug22:00
fta[reed], which one btw ? the tab one or the nss one ?22:03
ftahm, the font rendering regression is still there22:07
fta[reed], the tab crash is still there with latest trunk22:18
[reed]mozilla bug 45804822:23
ubottuMozilla bug 458048 in Drag and Drop "Drag & Drop of tabs crashing browser with new API [@ nsINode::GetCurrentDoc() ]" [Blocker,Reopened] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45804822:23
fta[reed], do i need to post my stack trace? or is the problem already fully understood?23:00
[reed]fta: you could test if the patch in mozilla bug 454324 fixes it23:01
ubottuMozilla bug 454324 in Drag and Drop "Crash when selection-less items are dragged [@ nsINode::GetCurrentDoc() ]" [Blocker,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45432423:01
fta[reed], next comment reads "That patch is wallpaper in presshell over what looks to me like serious bustage elsewhere."23:02
ftaso doesn't seem worth it23:02
[reed]it's a beta blocker23:03
[reed]so, it'll get fixed23:03
[reed]asac/fta: bug 277403 -- have you all not been backporting fixes?23:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277403 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox-3.0 in Gutsy has multiple open security vulnerabilities and should be updated or removed" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27740323:03
ftaok, i'll try to track my font rendering regression then23:03
fta[reed], it's in main, i can't do it23:04
ftaand it's time consuming :S23:04
[reed]"In Gutsy, firefox-3.0 is in Universe"23:04
ftaoh, right ;)23:05
ftalol http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93688723:11

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