gomikethat did it, would be nice to have a way to force a guide update, weird00:23
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Fooplecan anyone recommend a good USB analog tuner for mythbuntu, one that hopefully exists on amazon?09:34
Fooplefrom an hour of searching and reading guides, it seems there are some gotchas.  Some don't work in Linux, some do work but there's some kind of sound issue requiring some kind of strange loopback, and some do/don't have built in mpeg2 compression which is possibly needed or maybe not.09:36
jphillipFoople analog tuners are a dying breed currently, most of the hauppauge dual band ones should work in 8.10 but not OOB in 8.0414:03
Shadow__Xhey anyone here15:36
jphillip!ask | Shadow__X15:39
ZinnShadow__X: Please don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.15:39
Shadow__Xeh i know15:39
Shadow__Xalright fine ill just ask then15:39
Shadow__Xdo it your way15:39
Shadow__Xi wanna do for x in /mnt/drive/delete\ this/somefile*.file; do rm $x; done15:41
Shadow__Xbut i believe the space is throwing rm off15:41
Shadow__Xbecause the erros i get pertain to what it invokes the space15:41
mykoolI would like to use my dell latitude C600 to watch videos on my television using the svid. how do I do this?16:57
tgm4883_laptop!digg it18:33
ZinnHave you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_8_10_Beta_has_arrived18:33
jphillipdugg it18:57
mishehuhi folks.  I just installed 8.04.1 on a machine, master backend & frontend, uses fglrx drivers, and I ran synaptic after the installation.  currently fglrxinfo reports all well with the drivers, and mythtv has eben working fine except...  when I hit esc to exit from a playing dvd, I get a segmentation fault.21:26
mishehuany assistance would be appreciated.  thanks in advance.21:29
superm1if its only crashing in mythdvd, i say go ahead an use a different dvd player21:43
superm1like xine21:43
mishehusuperm1: well, that would only bandage the problem. I'd like to know if the problem is specific to my machine or if others have encountered it.22:50
superm1mishehu, yes it would only bandage the problem but you are limited in debugging when using closed source drivers unfortunately22:50
superm1your only debug option will be to try a newer version of the driver22:50
mishehuI've not yet configured my remote (and have no idea if it will work, I've never gotten the damn ati remote wonder to work...)22:50
superm1from amd's website22:50
mishehusuperm1: I'm taking a guess that mythtv on mythbuntu is stripped?22:51
superm1mishehu, well you can install debug symbols for mythtv easily22:51
superm1mishehu, but when you start seeing calls for fglrx functions, you're limited22:51
superm1mishehu, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash22:52
superm1that's how you can add debug symbols if you would like to use them22:52
mishehusuperm1: well if I could get a coredump it *might* give a hint as to whether it's a crappy fglrx issue or if it's a mythdvd issue22:52
mishehulet me take a look at that page22:52
superm1mishehu, the apport service will be able to grab crash dumps for you too automatically using these symbols22:53
mishehuwhat's the apport service?22:53
superm1its turned off by default in "stable" releases though, so you have to  turn it on by modifying /etc/default/apport22:53
superm1and then running it's init script or rebooting22:53
mishehuis that an ubuntu tool?  I usually use slackware/slamd64, so I'm not familiar with it.22:53
mishehuyeah thougoht so ;-)22:53
superm1it's a very neat tool though22:54
superm1grabs all relevant data and puts it into a single report22:54
superm1then there are a few other tools (described on that page) for how to unpack and run retraces22:54
mishehudoes fglrx list in synaptic?  I didn't see it last time I ran a search for packages22:57
mishehuit's the one thing I've hated about ati cards for the past years - fglrx is teh suck.22:57
mishehuyou can't even do fglrx --version to get the version.  have to muck around dmesg.  blah.22:58
mishehuyeah, I think I'll try the most recent and see how that goes.22:58
mishehuthen try the apport stuff22:59
superm1fglrx is listed in synaptic yes23:00
superm1but the version on the website is much later23:00
mishehuyeah, the machine currently has 8.47.3 from feb 2008.23:01
mishehu8-9 is out (I don't get their versioning scheme)23:01
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superm18-9 is equal to about 8.5223:02

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