ubottuDear $DEITY, Give me strength to understand and work with users who question my logic, the rules, netiquette and common sense. Give me resilience to teach them the basics of Linux, Ubuntu, Community Guidelines and IRC. Allow me not to stray to nitpicking, argument, foul language or leisure op abuse. Deliver me my daily xkcd, User Friendly, LWN, /. and Planet Ubuntu, and guard over my encrypted drives. Let it be so.00:10
LjLPici: yes, indeed00:11
Myrttiskype ♥ 00:16
LjLnow the fun is #freenode's00:19
Myrttibeen down for months00:22
LjLwell it doesn't matter, this is not really bash.org's thing00:23
Myrttishould I know someone called Giuseppe Scrivano ?00:39
LjLMyrtti: he's apparently a developer of something named MyServer00:40
Myrttiso it seems...00:41
Myrttihe's asking me to befriend him in Facebook...00:41
LjLnever befriend an italian00:41
LjLor someone with an italian name anyway00:41
Myrttitoo late for that00:41
MyrttiI had my skype call with webcam and it's really late already00:43
Myrttiso I'll head to bed00:43
LjLMyrtti: rocky_10_balboa!*@gnu/giuseppe is him here00:44
Picinice name00:45
MyrttiI declined his request though00:45
MyrttiI've never heard of him, so I won't befriend him either00:45
Myrttioff to bed to dream of a cute linux geek -->00:46
Picigoodnight ;)00:47
LjLhey, maybe you just declined a cute linux geek00:47
PiciHe was the Italian Stallion...00:48
LjLanyway i'm even more convinced i'll never join facebook00:48
LjLjrib: do extremely fancy misspellings apply for your hitlist?00:52
jribLjL: sure!00:53
LjLjrib: then look six lines or so from the last in #ubuntu00:53
jribLjL: better than "duel boot"00:54
Picijrib: Do you mind sharing a copy of the list?00:55
LjLhe has, it's on the pastebin00:55
LjLbut you have to earn the right to read it00:55
LjLby browsing through every pastebin post until you find it00:55
LjLthough when you have, you'll feel enough nausea that you won't want to look at it00:55
PiciSounds like a great rainy day activity.00:57
elky_workjrib: but 'duel boot' is in some cases correct ;)00:57
jribPici: http://pastebin.com/f78cec2600:58
LjLelky_work: have a bare-metal machine with two virtual machine monitors running on it00:58
Picijrib: I will cherish this always00:58
LjLelky_work: have the virtual machine monitors expose a vulnerability that lets one get out of the memory protection jail00:58
LjLelky_work: have two OS's boot in each of the virtual machines, the first that crashes the other wins00:59
LjLalthough, i didn't invent this00:59
elky_workjrib: are they all from the same person?01:05
jribelky_work: lol01:06
PiciThat would be impressive.01:06
elky_workbecause, you know, i'd believe it if you said yes.01:06
LjLoh jesus, the stuff that guy posted in -ot should earn him a scolding, but it's fun01:07
elky_workconsidering i reguarly hear "I am a doctor, I think i know how the internet works" reguarly when i explain that no, google going down when you forget to pay your isp is not actually our fault, despite yes we do send you electronic pathology and radiology results.01:08
Picijussi01: I think ubottu needs a bit of an apt refresh or something.01:09
Seeker`I heard someone talk about googling for something on youtube the other day01:26
Seeker`and googling for something on amazon01:27
* Hobbsee wishes we'd declare an outright ban on politics discussions, and send everyone to ##politics today.02:21
naliothi'd not wish ##politics on anyone02:25
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)02:30
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)02:30
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)02:30
Hobbseei'm told about <JesseL627> www.surestocks.info - Anyone think this site is legit? Their first pick did shoot up 9% today, I'll be following it myself. in #ubuntu a couple of times03:00
PiciHobbsee: Following that stock or that user?03:00
HobbseePici: sorry, the < to the . is the user comment.03:01
Hobbseethe in to the times is my addition03:01
* Hobbsee should have used quotes03:01
* Hobbsee gets worried about the cluefulness of these #ubuntu users, sometimes.03:03
PriceyAre they gone now?03:04
HobbseeOne just appologised to the floodbot.03:04
Hobbseeyeah, seem to be.  One of the guys warned him in +1 not to try that again, and he left03:04
naliothgood manners should be welcomed  :)03:04
PriceyIts pure spam right?03:04
Hobbseeindeed.  but it's like apologising to your wall.03:05
HobbseePricey: that would be my interpretation of it, yes.03:05
PriceyIm on phone and hard for me to do much sorry but hopefully nalioth has seen.03:06
elky_workHobbsee: nalioth: i find #wikipedia is sane enough and welcomes politics discussion03:24
naliothyeah, #wikipedia is their screw off / catch all channel03:36
nalioth#wikipedia-XX is where you're supposed to go for help03:36
FlannelWho are we keeping an eye on?03:46
mneptoki'd like the steamed eggs and wikipedia - http://ourfounder.typepad.com/leblog/WindowsLiveWriter/Menu.jpg03:54
elky_workmneptok: i think i'll just have the stir-fried wikipedia, thanks.05:09
Flannelubottu: tell g06|in about nickspam07:06
jussi01stdin: can you sort this? Im just running out: [03:09:37] <Pici> jussi01: I think ubottu needs a bit of an apt refresh or something.08:24
stdinjussi01: about the !find thing?08:24
jussi01stdin: doesnt it need equivalent to apt-get update?08:25
stdinjussi01: that gets run by cron every day08:25
jussi01ahh, ok08:26
stdinand the !find thing is just insane, I have no clue why it breaks08:27
stdinor why it breaks for ubottu but not nubotu, even when they use the same aptdir and same code :|08:27
Tm_TFYI: ~5 hours and I'm married <3<308:56
* jussi01 hugs wgrant10:39
stdinjussi01: do you read the kubuntu-users mailing list?10:42
jussi01stdin: on occaision... I get it...10:43
stdinyou know, it used to be good :s10:44
stdinnow just seems to be full of people winging (not bringing up legitimate complaints, but winging)10:44
stdinerm, s/winding/wingeings/10:45
* stdin wonders if the ubuntu list is the same10:46
Myrttihello my lovelies10:48
stdincould someone set a forward on #kubuntu+1 to #ubuntu+1 ? please :)10:56
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
MyrttiI loves you all ♥ 11:25
* bazhang has the day off Sunday!11:26
* jussi01 sighs at how long it takes to format 500gb...11:36
* Myrtti huggles jussi01 11:40
Myrttiho-hum "load average: 8.33, 8.38, 5.91"12:25
LjLMyrtti: that sounds like my bots' server12:25
Myrttiit's ma laptop, with nothing but apt-get dist-upgrade and terminator running...12:26
elkyapt is a hog12:26
Picihogs don't go moo.12:27
MyrttiIt also makes my computer unusable for five minutes12:27
elkyit's a hog with a personality disorder.12:27
LjLMyrtti: /me hints at that little percentage figure that shows up when you do "df"12:28
Myrttiand which one would that be?12:28
LjLMyrtti: the one that's small enough to cause a hard drive to trash. if it's not, then the lack of a PASSED sentence in "smartctl -H"12:29
LjLthrash, even12:29
MyrttiSMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED12:30
Myrtti10% / says he12:30
Myrttiany other bright ideas?12:30
Myrttino? that's what I expected12:32
PiciI don't get any bright ideas until after I've had my caffeine 12:33
LjLMyrtti: 10% means fragmentation is possible *shrug*12:42
LjLMyrtti: do *you* have a bright idea on how to avoid having a root canal and yet restore a healthy tooth?12:43
Picituxice: Howdy, how can we help you today?12:45
tuxiceis there an ubuntu artowork team chanel12:45
Picituxice: #ubuntu-artwork12:45
LjLwhich is still registered to jdub FTR12:45
tuxicethank you12:45
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines12:45
jribpabix's question sounds like homework13:20
jussi01Pici: lancelot is an alternate menu for kde413:22
jussi01Pici: I wrote a blog post not so long ago about it: jussi01.com13:22
Picijussi01: Ah13:23
pleia2nalioth: you about? we need the modes changed on the #ubuntu-training channel13:43
pleia2nalioth: for now they just need it set +t (changing +s setting will be discussed at their upcoming meeting)13:47
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
LjLmy apologies in advance14:18
bazhangoh that stinks14:18
LjLand anesthesia that doesn't work14:18
bazhangsorry to hear it LjL 14:18
jdongLjL: yeah, it really sucks14:25
jdongLjL: it's been 3 months since mine and I still feel "fantom teeth"14:25
jdonglike a really weird tingling/numbing pain that runs down my upper jaw bone into my cheeks14:25
LjLjdong: thanks, that's reassuring :<14:26
LjLnot to mention the cost of a crown without an insurance14:27
jdongouch that probably hurts more :(14:27
LjLbesides, the idea of having a crowned tooth when i'm 26...14:28
Seeker`LjL: how did the tooth get that bad?14:30
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.14:54
LjLSeeker`: it apparently already had a filling, it started aching, i went to the dentist, he said it had quite a hole15:18
Seeker`ah, thats bad15:29
jussi01root canals suck... I had one when I was 17...16:05
PiciI fail16:52
LjLPici: i'll make a redirect16:53
LjLoh, there already is a redirect...16:53
LjLand yet the channel is not registered16:53
LjLmysteries of staff, i guess16:53
PiciSo.. I was right?16:53
LjLPici: no, the right channel is #ubuntu-mythtv16:53
LjLPici: but if you try joining #mythbuntu, you are indeed forwarded there16:54
LjLPici: but if you /cs info #mythbuntu...16:54
LjL[17:53:55] <eregi> Ljl can you just pls give me lines to add to the terminal, don't have time to read. please..16:54
LjLcan i give him the rf? can i? uh?16:55
LjLPici: the mythtv people should be thankful you weren't right anyway16:58
LjLPici: because if you had been, i'd have dropped their channel and made a new one to make you not right anyway16:59
LjLeh christ enough is enough17:04
bazhangbad day to ask for car advice :)17:04
LjLnever troll when an op has had a root canal, i say17:05
bazhangthat should be a factoid17:05
PiciLjL: I feel your pain, I was going in circles with amanulla for the past two days.17:25
LjLPici: hardcore's alter ego?17:26
PiciLjL: It very well could be.17:26
Seeker`nalioth: Please can you update mootbots logs17:28
Seeker`nalioth: I'm beginning to get people complaining about it17:29
naliothSeeker`: every time they do, you can curse Dreamhost18:27
johndarkhorsehas anyone heard of any powerpc troubles lately?18:56
johndarkhorsei can't seem to keep my machine going more than a few minutes if i'm working on it since i updated18:57
johndarkhorseseems load spikes are tickling something in the kernel and spontaneously killing  the box18:58
LjLjohndarkhorse: is "working on it" something that could cause overheating?18:59
johndarkhorseLjL: i've been doing the same thing for years19:04
johndarkhorsethis happened a couple of years ago with the powerpc machines + Ubuntu19:04
johndarkhorseback then, it needed more load before it'd CLICK off19:04
johndarkhorsethis time, it's not taking much at all19:05
LjLjohndarkhorse: still sounds like overheating to me, you know, cpu fans get dusty and slow down19:05
johndarkhorseno, the fans spin up just fine (and slow down)19:08
johndarkhorsei'm not sure if this is a "too many higher load threads" or what - it's different than last time19:09
johndarkhorsei'm on the live cd now, btw19:09
johndarkhorsegonna recreate my normal workspace here19:10
johndarkhorseand we'll just see19:10
LjLjohndarkhorse: just one thing since i guess you aren't reading -irc, you cloaked luis, was he really actually a member?19:13
johndarkhorseLjL: he's a Kubuntu member19:14
LjLjohndarkhorse: i saw he's in Kubuntu *Users*, but didn't notice any Kubuntu Members belonging...19:15
LjL`Chris:  what's the problem?19:24
`ChrisHey there is an issue regarding ubottu, when I typed "/msg ubottu equivalents" one of the links is reported by firefox as an attack site19:24
`ChrisThat link19:24
LjLhello maniheer19:24
LjLanything we can do for you?19:24
maniheerhi LjL19:24
maniheernutin much19:24
LjL`Chris: uhm, let me fire up firefox then19:25
`ChrisOk ;-)19:25
LjLmaniheer, we like to keep this channel for purpose-specific use only19:25
maniheerso I cant watch19:26
LjL`Chris: my firefox doesn't say anything, what version is yours? is it actually firefox reporting it, or do you have some proxy that does that perhaps? (not too familiar with firefox, kde user here)19:26
`ChrisI'll C+P19:27
`ChrisReported Attack Site!19:27
`Chris      19:27
`Chris      19:27
`Chris      19:27
`Chris      19:27
`Chris        19:27
`Chris        19:27
`Chris          19:27
`Chris          19:27
`ChrisThis web site at www.linuxrsp.ru has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.19:27
`Chris        19:27
`Chris        19:27
`Chris        19:27
`Chris          19:27
`Chris          19:27
`ChrisAttack sites try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.19:27
`ChrisSome attack sites intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.19:27
`ChrisDamn are there massive spaces in that?19:27
LjLyes there were ;)19:28
`ChrisOk I am not sure if I spammed a tonne of blank lines?19:28
`ChrisAh right19:28
`ChrisWell basically19:28
`ChrisThis is the summary19:28
`ChrisSpecifically "Of the 6 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 2 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 10/01/2008, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 09/30/2008."19:28
LjL`Chris: well, you know what19:30
LjLi doubt that page actually contains malware19:30
LjLbut anyway, it licences the text under the GNU FDL19:30
LjLso we can just copy the text to the wiki19:30
LjLand link to the wiki instead19:30
`ChrisSo you can host is elsewhere?19:30
`ChrisAh right19:30
LjLthanks for reporting it19:30
`ChrisOk no problem just testing out ubottu19:30
`ChrisAh well my bit is done I dunno how ubottu works so I'll leave the rest up to you guys19:31
`ChrisGoodbye ;-)19:31
LjLa good time to make that page better, for that matter19:31
LjLas in, more ubuntu-centric19:32
johndarkhorse`Chris: lots of russian sites are erroneously labeled as "attack sites"19:32
johndarkhorsejust about any user input site can get that label19:32
ompaulthat looks like an interesting conversation :019:36
* ompaul sits back in the lang19:36
johndarkhorseLjL: i am thinking it's kernel trouble.  trick is: how do i proceed?19:36
PriceChildis there an old kernel in the grub menu to try?19:37
johndarkhorsePriceChild: the problem is _powerpc_19:39
johndarkhorseno grub19:39
johndarkhorseno list of old kernels to choose from19:39
Nafallojohndarkhorse: hardy?19:46
johndarkhorseNafallo: yes19:49
Nafallojohndarkhorse: I think you want to check the memory used.19:50
Nafallosee if there is a certain point where if dies19:50
johndarkhorsewhere would i check that?19:51
Nafalloehrm. I dunno? free? :-)19:52
johndarkhorsekinda hard to run any commands on a dead box19:53
johndarkhorseit totally turns off ( instantly ) upon reaching a certain load19:53
johndarkhorsei've not been able to find anything in /var/log/, either19:53
PiciAre you sure its not a heat issue?19:54
johndarkhorsei will have apt-get build gimp for me and we'll see19:54
Nafalloah. not the same problem then. we had OOM after about 50%19:55
johndarkhorseNafallo: are you on powerpc?19:58
Nafallonot to a huge extent, but they exist.19:59
johndarkhorseis your memory issue on a powerpc machine?19:59
Nafallootherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it...19:59
johndarkhorsethis is not the first time kernel ooopsies have shown up20:03
ubottuIn ubottu, DSpair said: !ifup is A special wrapper script which references the /etc/network/interfaces config file and calls the appropriate system commands to configure an interface.20:05
ompaul!search ifup20:06
ubottuFound: 20:06
ompaul!search network20:06
ubottuFound: fusesmb-#xubuntu, mldonkey, network manager, umode, emesene, network-cli, scp, hacker, samba, network20:06
ubottuif you want to set up networking on a ubuntu server this should help http://www.sourceguru.net/archives/12420:06
johndarkhorseis intrepid anywhere near stable?20:06
ubottuIn ubottu, DSpair said: !ifconfig is An administrator command which allows you to manage network interfaces from the command-line.20:06
Nafallojohndarkhorse: *shrugs* beta is out...20:07
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:07
johndarkhorsethis livecd is running just fine20:07
ompaulPici, ^^ some eth0 stuff would be cool 20:07
Nafallothe last one was weird :-)20:07
Nafallocause really... my fiberlinks doesn't run on wifi ;-)20:08
ompaulNafallo, my 100meg interwebz link is not working on anything other than wire20:08
Nafalloompaul: draft-n :-)20:09
ompaulwell cool :020:09
ompaulit is nice to have disk i/o bound installs 20:10
Nafalloehrm. slow disks? :-)20:10
ompaulraided scsi20:10
Nafallomy laptop peaked at 520Mbps when I grabbed DVD ISOs :-)20:10
ompaulNafallo, ibm build for working not for speed :-/20:11
NafalloI'm not sure I agree with that one :-)20:11
ompaulI had a choice I could have working, or I could have speed, I could not afford both20:11
ompaulNafallo, it can serve fast 20:11
ompaulNafallo, but if you ask it to install 100meg debs it takes a bit of work20:12
Nafallosure sure20:12
Myrttipuss och kram allihopa20:23
NafalloMyrtti: *puss*20:26
LjLpussa means kiss, and kissa means piss?20:28
LjLoh the irony.20:29
Nafalloeven if some says pissa as well20:29
Myrttikissa in finnish is a cat20:29
LjLand the difference between pussa and kyssa?20:30
Nafallokyssa is more seriously meant.20:30
Nafallopussa is what children tends to do a lot.20:30
LjLhah, i know you two didn't kiss seriously.20:30
Nafallokyssa what teenagers tend to do ;-)20:30
Myrttismooching vs kissing20:31
Nafallowell, teenagers and upwards :-)20:31
LjLthank you, but i had no clue what smooching meant either before now20:31
jdongis today completely OT day in -ops?20:36
jdongI think I've stumbled across at least three distinctly OT conversations the 3 times I checked here today :D20:37
LjLjdong: have you ever seen a kangaroo?20:37
jdongLjL: only on TV :)20:37
LjLjdong: they have a lot of OT conversations on TV20:37
MyrttiI just love you all, is there something wrong with that?20:37
PiciOnly in mneptok's case.20:38
PriceChildMyrtti: jdong doesn't believe in love20:38
* mneptok slithers out from behind the toilet20:53
LjLtritium: those two trolls managed to make me half believe they were right20:54
Gary_arghh it's a mneptok20:55
LjLcoming from the toilet, at that20:55
mneptoki prefer cool, dark places. like behind the toilet or inside ompaul's psyche.20:56
mneptoki get that a lot.20:56
* johndarkhorse toddles off to experiment21:00
ompaulmneptok, you no see your pm?21:01
ompaulor did your brain explode?21:01
tritiumLjL: sorry :(21:07
tritiumI stepped away to let the pest exterminators in the house.21:08
naliothweirdly enough, these problems started when i made a 60mb file available for download ( so i've removed it and will see how weird it is )21:10
LjLtritium: yeah but i have to leave. gpart and testdisk are his friends, i'm pretty sure21:25
tritiumOK.  See yu.21:26
LjLnot gparted mind, gpart21:26
tritiumI hadn't seen gpart before.  That's a nice tool.21:30
LjLi've made him backup his *current* mbr (if any) to ~/mbr_backup, so if my solution screws things up even more, someone tell him to restore that21:30
LjLtestdisk is nice too, if a bit user-unfriendly21:30
tritiumThanks, LjL.21:30
tuxicewhats the channel for ubuntu intrepid development?22:08
naliothtuxice: #ubuntu+1 ?22:09
tuxicei thought that was intrepid help?22:10
nalioth  /msg alis list #ubuntu-*22:10
* nalioth has no idea22:10
* jussi01 hugs mneptok22:50
jussi01little late there mate ;)22:50
ompaulmneptok, you forgot - you never realised :)22:52
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ompaulstdin, jussi01 can we have this stopped in #ubuntu <ubottu> Launchpad bug 205773 in nautilus "Nautilus tries to copy a dragged file into Network on hover and freezes" [Low,Fix released] 23:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 205773 in nautilus "Nautilus tries to copy a dragged file into Network on hover and freezes" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20577323:43
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!23:43
ubottuompaul is well ompaul, don't get me started about that guy23:45
Seeker`ompaul is a guy?!23:45
ompaulSeeker`, for more years than I care to remember23:46
jdongSeeker`: please don't start another planet meme from that statement23:46
jdongSeeker`: the last one put up enough burning images of nipples and hair that I now have all images blocked on planet23:46
Seeker`jdong: what?!23:49
Seeker`what commente prompted that?23:49
jdongSeeker`: 18:45 <+Seeker`> ompaul is a guy?!23:50
Seeker`jdong: "the last one..."23:50
Seeker`what was the last comment23:50
jdong(1) Take a picture (2) Include enough proof of your gender (3) dont' edit or censor the picture (4) post on planet.23:50
jdongor something like that.23:50
jdongI forgot what the exact meme was23:50
jdongbut the end result was something along those lines ;-)23:50
jdongSeeker`: yeah23:51
jdongSeeker`: one of the steps should've involved "put a shirt on" or something like that.23:51
Seeker`I'm not on planet.ubuntu.com :(23:52
jdongnor am I23:52
ompaulare you on planet.earth.this-solar-system?23:52
Seeker`I dont think I qualify23:52
Seeker`ompaul: ocasionally23:52
ompaulthat is so topically 23:53

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