[Solars]don't have speakers00:00
[Solars]i think ubuntu-desktop gives you kde gnome and some other stuff00:00
[Solars]or i can build up from xorg00:00
[Solars]dunno might keep you on speed dial :)00:02
* [Solars] checks cd to make sure the server cd burnt well00:07
trashguyubuntu-desktop gives u gnome00:08
trashguyis kde00:08
[Solars]i never actually played in kde00:08
trashguyits not my preference00:08
[Solars]looks wierd00:09
trashguyi like minimalistic00:09
trashguyxfce is even smaller00:09
trashguybut i dont liek the default look00:09
trashguyand if i mess00:09
trashguywith themes or looks00:09
trashguyit will end up so ugly00:09
trashguyand un usable00:10
trashguyill reinstall00:10
[Solars]heh didn't know people still use xfce00:10
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[Solars]for large data volumns what fs you like00:13
trashguyZFS ^^00:17
trashguyhow lare are you looking at?00:17
[Solars]1TB for main area00:17
[Solars]./boot is only 500mb. / is 1.3TB, and swap is 1.5GB00:18
trashguyext3 would be fine00:18
trashguyZFS is suns file system00:19
trashguyits pretty much amazing00:19
trashguyI have a file server at home tunning freebsd 7 and i have some disks with ZFS00:19
[Solars]i vaguely heard of it00:20
trashguyits quite powerfull00:20
trashguywith disk snapshots00:20
trashguyand maintiaing backsups etc00:20
[Solars]can i upgrade from ext3 to zfs if i choose to?00:23
trashguyits a migration00:24
trashguyzfs support in linux00:24
trashguyis hight experimental00:24
trashguyright now00:24
[Solars]figured as much00:25
[Solars]documentation for it in ubuntu referres back to 7.1000:25
[Solars]so its been around for a little bit00:25
[Solars]doc also say they are working on an ext400:26
[Solars]it was a interesting read to say the least00:28
[Solars]takes for ever to format ext3 on 1+TB00:28
kgoetzext4 has been in devel for a few years00:31
[Solars]figured as much00:31
kgoetzalso, zfs wont make mainline linux, as its CDDS (or whatever suns free licence is)00:32
trashguyStallman is a GPL nazi00:36
trashguyBSD license >00:36
trashguyYou can use our stuff just don't sue us00:37
trashguyZFS is amazing though I am glad they are rolling it in to FreeBSD00:38
trashguyi wouldn't use it as a root system but for storage its pretty pro00:38
* [Solars] must now has to determine "which install package i want"00:39
[Solars]sshd and prolly samba00:39
trashguyyou goign to use cifs?00:39
[Solars]common internet file system?00:41
[Solars]i mostly want to use samba as media storage00:42
[Solars]i suppose i could just install samba myself afterwords00:44
trashguyi liek doign stuff post install00:44
[Solars]is the preinstall sshd worth doing (not sure what other packages are included with that)00:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #277327 in samba (main) "Installing wine makes samba shares unaccessible" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27732700:46
[Solars]they need to stop wineing! heh00:49
trashguyi install base sshd00:50
trashguypdate immediatley though00:51
[Solars]heh should pay you to ssh to my box after its done setting up and have you fix everthing lol00:53
[Solars]bah i will just install nothing at first00:55
trashguyits more fun to learn yourself00:55
[Solars]but makes my wife measerable00:56
[Solars]woot i got a nakid system!01:00
stainertrashguy - what is pdate that you mentioned mean?01:05
stainertoo late01:05
[Solars]hell be back01:06
stainerk.. thanks. I just got a server up and running too... my wife got me a 1U for our anniversary01:07
Deepsstainer: as in, apt-get update; apt-get upgrade01:08
Deepsas whatever version of openssh is distributed on the install cd has already been updated01:08
stainerupdate... I understand now... sorry... I have a North Carolina public education01:09
slangasekwhereas the North Carolina private schools have apt in their curriculum? :-)01:10
stainerI started with Slack 3.1, no apt with that. tar -zxvf, make, make install01:11
[Solars]heh i started with slack 2.9!01:12
stainerlove ubuntu though, its the first time I could get wireless working on my laptop01:13
macdhttp://pastie.org/284003  <-- ideas?  (package installed, binary still doesnt exist no surprise its ruby related)01:15
mathiazmacd: what does dpkg -L rubygems say É01:17
mathiazmacd: ?01:17
macdit says its installed01:17
mathiazmacd: which PPA are you using ?01:17
mathiazmacd: like /usr/bin/gems01:18
mathiazmacd: >01:18
mathiazmacd: >?01:18
macdwait, dpkg -L rubygems doesnt have a binary at all, lket me see it rubygems1.8 does01:18
mathiazmacd: gem1.8 ?01:18
macdyeah, gem1.8 @ mathiaz is the binary01:18
macdbut it fails epicly at doing anything01:18
macdmathiaz, the ruby/gems from the PPA work fine, I was trying the packaged ones in intrepid.01:19
mathiazmacd: the version in intrepid is not 1.2.0+200808190101:20
macdhardy, Im sorry.01:21
mathiazmacd: in intrepid it's 1.3.0~RC1really1.2.0-2ubuntu201:21
mathiazmacd: hardy is 0.9.4-4 with 1.1.1 from hardy-backports01:21
mathiazmacd: where did you get 1.2.0+2008081901-0ubuntu1 from ?01:22
macdapt-get update then apt-get install rubygems01:22
mathiazmacd: what's your sources.list ?01:22
macdmathiaz, http://pastie.org/28401101:23
mathiazmacd: hm - the only place where 1.2.0+2008081901-0ubuntu1 exist is in the ubuntu-ruby-backports PPA01:25
macdand I dont use that repo01:25
macdwell I do, but not on this machine...01:25
macdthis is a fresh hardy install01:25
mathiazmacd: hm - I don't know then. Have you downloaded the deb from the PPA and manually installed it ?01:27
macdmathiaz, nahh, this is the second boot of the vm as well, first was to uncomment sources.list and dist-upgrade, then rebooted to install ruby+gems from the repos01:28
macdI can try purging them, and reinstalling01:28
mathiazmacd: that would help01:28
macdmathiaz, so rubygems or libgems-ruby1.8 ?01:31
mathiazmacd: try both01:31
macdthey can't coexist01:32
macdone removes the other on install01:32
macdlet me try a few things, and I'll stick it all in a pastie01:32
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macdmathiaz, bleh I had a entry in sources.list.d/ I must've put it in my base VM image, thanks for the help.01:42
=== stainer_ is now known as stainer
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[Solars]so now i am getting03:42
[Solars]"sudo: unable to resolve host hel"03:42
[Solars]should the host be resolved to localhost03:43
[Solars]blah i just nuke and start over :P03:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #277370 in bind9 (main) "apparmor exception missing for keytab" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27737003:51
espaciousas i got no response nowhere im also askin here04:51
espaciouswhat a hell happened to ndiswrapper i was using TEW424 usb adapter for wireless04:51
espaciousbut since i upgraded/renstalled to new version my pc freezes when try to connect04:51
espaciousto my ruter i need to hard reboot,i fonund out 128bit WEP works ok but not WPA. somebody?04:51
espaciousit was workong ok on the previsious release 7.10 i think.04:51
nxvlmathiaz: ping05:11
nxvlmathiaz: just tried to install ebox and i can't05:11
nxvlThe following packages have unmet dependencies:05:11
nxvl  libebox: Depends: libjs-scriptaculous but it is not installable05:11
nxvl           Depends: libjs-prototype but it is not installable05:11
mathiaznxvl: which package are you trying to install ?05:11
mathiaznxvl: and you've enabled the ebox ppa ?05:12
ScottKmathiaz: This reminds me of my mail to ubuntu-server the other day.  If we aren't going to fix the packages, should we just remove them?05:12
mathiazScottK: I'd rather try to get them fix instead of removing the package05:13
nxvlScottK: we are testing it05:13
ScottKnxvl and mathiaz: OK.  I got the impression from the meeting minutes that we were just telling people to use the PPA.05:13
mathiazScottK: we've been kind of pushing people to use ebox instead of webmin - so I don't think it would be a good idea to just drop ebox from intrepid.05:13
nxvlmathiaz: the weirdest part is that that package is not on the ppa05:14
nxvlScottK: well, it was some testing needed to grab the packages from the ppa05:14
ScottKmathiaz: I agree, but better nothing that one that's broken.05:14
nxvlScottK: and that's what we are doing05:14
nxvlScottK: agreed on that05:14
mathiazScottK: ok. The plan is to test the version in the PPA and if it works well then we'll start to do a FFexecption request.05:14
mathiaznxvl: I've tested the ppa on monday and it was working then.05:15
ScottKmathiaz: Did you see the mail about mailman updates today?05:15
mathiaznxvl: do you have universe enabled ?05:15
mathiazScottK: yes - I haven't looked at the version in debian though.05:16
ScottKI don't have time to deal with an FFe, but I at least looked at their changelog (NEWS) and test built the package and it looks reasonable for an FFe to me.05:16
nxvlis a problem with my sources.list05:16
ScottKmathiaz: ^^05:16
nxvlor it looks like05:16
mathiazScottK: ok.05:16
mathiazScottK: is it a big new release ? or more a bug fix ?05:17
nxvlfound the problem05:17
mathiazScottK: I don't remember the rationale for updating the version in the email.05:17
nxvli was testing it in my hardy chroot05:17
ScottKmathiaz: A few minor features.  Almost all bug fixes.05:17
ScottKIt's a sync from Debian.05:17
mathiazScottK: oh - that makes things even simpler then.05:18
ScottKI just don't have time to deal with it ...05:18
mathiaznxvl: yes - I'd suggest you to try on intrepid instead :D05:18
mathiazScottK: I'll have a look at it.05:18
nxvlmathiaz: :D05:19
nxvlScottK: if it's not done after i finish with the ebox FFe i will take care of it05:19
ScottKIt's be nice to be able to answer that mail, "Because it was released after the autosync stopped.  Thanks for pointing it out, it's in Intrepid."05:19
nxvli'm looking for some quick tasks to do after hours and/or at dead times when waiting for end process to finish05:20
nxvlbtw, Fedora 10 beta is more broken than Ubuntu alpha 305:21
mathiaznxvl: make Ubuntu rock ! <- Task05:21
nxvlmathiaz: \o/05:21
* nxvl waves on NCommander 05:22
* NCommander waves nxvl 05:22
ScottKNCommander: How's glib on hppa going?05:27
NCommanderOh yeah, I was working on that05:27
ScottKYeah, so your wiki page wouldn't be a lie.05:27
slangasekthe wiki cake is a lie05:27
* NCommander rofls05:28
NCommanderslangasek, Portal fan?05:28
[Solars]erm i want to make a script for managing files .. i.e. check to see if they are done download, move *.blah files to /my/dest, and rm-rf old files after x days05:29
[Solars]whats the best way to do this?05:29
nxvlthe cake is a lie!05:29
NCommanderScottK, the source package is glibc2.0, right?05:30
nxvli'm about to give up with schroot05:30
* NCommander pulls out a portal gun and makes slangasek's alpha disappear05:30
NCommanderslangasek, do you have any experience with the Windows NT ports?05:31
ScottKNCommander: That sounds right.05:31
NCommanderScottK, its building, but it looks like sbuild is the issue, so I'm trying to rule that out first05:31
NCommanderI guess I should fix kde4bindings while I'm at it :-/05:32
slangasekNCommander: not a fan, just helpless in the face of memes05:32
slangasekNCommander: glib2.0, not glibc2.0...05:32
NCommanderslangasek, right, typo ;-)05:33
ScottKNCommander: No point until glib is fixed.05:33
NCommanderslangasek, how about All Your Bases Are Belong To Us05:33
slangasekand what kind of "experience" are you looking for?  I know how to upgrade the console on an alpha so that it no longer boots NT.05:33
NCommanderslangasek, well, I'm trying to remove Windows NT PowerPC, but its having some sorta death grip and is resisting all attempts to removing it05:34
slangasekI think for that one, you need to get an old Apple designer, a young Apple designer, and some holy water05:34
NCommanderIt's my luck that I get the only RS/6000 that doesn't come with AIX, but evil05:36
slangasekoh, there's a distinction: "not AIX, but evil"05:41
NCommanderObviously you've never been a Windows NT Server admin. Having done the former, I'll take AIX any day of the week05:41
slangasekI've done both.05:44
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NCommanderMan, HPPA is s.l.o.w.05:56
NCommanderScottK, it seems the entire configure script can crash sh :-)06:00
ScottKNCommander: Kewl.  Have fun.06:01
NCommanderYou have no pity :-P06:01
ScottKI was nice to a senile old man today.06:02
NCommanderScottK, you were nice to slangasek ;-)06:02
uvirtbotNCommander: Error: "?" is not a valid command.06:02
ScottKNCommander: No.06:02
* NCommander shrugs06:02
ScottKNCommander: He's younger than I am.06:02
NCommanderHow old are you ScottK ?06:03
* ScottK is ancient.06:03
NCommanderwow, you probably remember the PDP-11 and COBOL06:03
ScottKThey relevant old man was in his late 70's or in his 80's.06:03
ScottKNCommander: Yep.  I've dropped a COBOL card deck and had to re-sort it.06:04
NCommanderI hope it was numbered06:04
ScottKThat would have helped.06:04
ScottKI honestly don't recall.06:04
NCommanderThat's pretty06:06
NCommanderIt builds fine on Debian06:06
vk5fossbecause hppa is hateful06:06
ScottKBecause you radiate negative waves that attract this kind of pain.06:07
NCommanderI think its a problem with dash06:07
slangasekotherwise stated: because you're there06:07
NCommanderI think I'm just not smart enough to run ;-)06:07
nxvlNCommander: the correct questions is "Why are you playing with such a weird arch" :D06:07
NCommandernxvl, blame ScottK06:07
nxvlyeah, ScottK is evil06:08
* nxvl HUGS ScottK 06:08
NCommandernxvl, so you like seeing me in pain?06:08
nxvljust like hugging ScottK06:08
* NCommander hugs ScottK 06:08
nxvlNCommander: see, it's funny06:08
* slangasek waves his cane menacingly at NCommander 06:08
NCommanderslangasek, remember, I'm an EMT. If you have a heart attack at UDS, guess who's resurrecting you ;-)06:09
* ScottK considers buying new glasses so he can read the new LP fonts.06:09
NCommanderBe nice to the people who may potentially be saving your life :-)06:09
ScottKNCommander: He doesn't get heart attacks, he gives them.06:09
nxvlScottK: use 800x600 :D06:09
NCommanderScottK, I'll have to use my amulet of reflection :-)06:10
nxvlNCommander: are you going to UDS?06:10
NCommanderI wish ;.;06:10
nxvlUDS's are fun06:10
nxvlbut don't even try to talk to slangasek, it's almost impossible06:11
nxvlon Prague i asked him to check a bug and he almost bite me06:11
NCommandernxvl, don't worry, I bet you have your rabbies shot ;-)06:11
slangasekScottK: a useful reputation to have, but for all my trying I've yet to be able to stop someone's heart remotely06:11
nxvljust found why gnome-art is so shitty: ruby06:12
* nxvl dances06:12
slangaseknxvl: huh, seriously?  did you interrupt me in the middle of a libtool rant?06:12
ScottKslangasek: Same here.  I have, however, quite literally, made a grown man cry.06:13
NCommanderScottK, WTF did you do?06:13
nxvlslangasek: heh, no, you came into the server track, and you look a little hurry, then i asked and you said "probably not now i'm quite busy"06:13
nxvl(you were on mi side IIRC)06:13
slangaseknxvl: ah :)06:13
nxvlit was in a middle of session, so it was understudable06:14
nxvlall of us were really busy06:14
ScottKNCommander: It was when I was in the Navy.  I was the investigating officer (regular officers do this for minor offenses in the military) of a case where a guy was charged with stealing some stuff.06:14
NCommanderYOu were an officer?06:14
ScottKNCommander: He claimed the other guy had left it out and he had just picked it up for safe keeping.06:14
* NCommander has considered a military carrier at times06:15
ScottKI merely pointed out that he had been caught stealing before and so wasn't very credible on the topic.06:15
NCommanderand he started crying?06:15
* NCommander guesses it was the thought of dishonorable discharge06:15
ScottKOnce I got through explaining you can plead guilty and it will suck or you can not plead guilty and it will really suck and he got it, then he started crying.06:16
ScottKYeah.  Other Than Honorable actually.06:16
ScottKDD you only get from a courts martial.06:16
NCommanderA general discharge isn't quite frowned upon as a dishonorable dicharge06:17
nxvlScottK: you were in the navy?06:17
ScottKGeneral is a step up from other-than-honorable.06:18
ScottKnxvl: Yes.06:18
ScottK5 years active duty and another 4 in the reserves.06:18
* NCommander has thought about joining the Marine Corps06:18
ScottKI have a huge amount of respect for those guys.06:18
nxvlis there even a 20% of americans not in the army?06:19
ScottKnxvl: The military is less than 1% of the population.06:19
nxvli mean is/was06:20
ScottKI'd guess less than 10% have ever served.06:21
ScottKBefore 1972 there was a draft, so it was higher.06:21
NCommanderScottK, I haven't joined at my parents requests06:21
NCommanderBut its pulled strongly on my mind06:21
ScottKI can understand their position.06:21
NCommanderEither coast guard, who gets shit on, but get my respect, or the marine corps06:21
nxvli've some friend who are in the Peruvian Navy06:22
ScottKNCommander: You know why you have to be at least 6 feet tall to join the Coast Guard?06:22
nxvland they all tell this stories from his first year in the Navy school06:22
NCommanderScottK, seriously? Damn it. I'm an inch too short06:22
nxvlof all the jokes to the "dogs" (that's how they call the newly started in the navy school)06:22
ScottKNCommander: No.  It's so you can walk ashore if your ship sinks.06:23
* NCommander falls over06:23
NCommanderThe coast guard however has my respect06:23
NCommanderUntil '01, they were the only group that actively did their mission of guarding the US coastlines and such.06:24
nxvlthere is one that they make them eat a button, which is tied to a (thread?)06:24
nxvland they they pull that out06:24
nxvland as you can imagine, all your food come after the button06:25
ScottKThere is a difference between proper indoctrination/training and hazing.06:25
NCommanderScottK, I joined the fire department for the chance to serve06:25
nxvlScottK: not in peru06:25
NCommanderIt's not the military, but the experience is amazing06:25
ScottKThe US military is generally pretty good about being on the right side of the line on that.06:25
nxvlor they come on the morning and fill your bread with salt (all the salt they can find) and make you eat that06:26
NCommanderScottK, same in the FD, though to less of the same extent06:26
* NCommander remembers he had his boots filled with shaving cream06:26
ScottKNCommander: Yeah, well the motto of the Marine Corps is that every man is a Rifleman.  The motto of the Navy is that every man is a firefighter.06:26
ScottKFire Department06:26
NCommanderScottK, well, after WWI, fire departments became paramilitary06:26
nxvlthings are way different here06:27
NCommanderOur department was created by some caption from WWI,06:27
ScottKNCommander: I did have to go through fire fighting training.  You can't serve on a US Navy ship without it.06:27
NCommanderScottK, welcome to the hot seat06:27
NCommanderWell, fire at sea is incredibly dangerous06:27
nxvlfrom 80 fire stations only 20 are opened, because the other 60 doesn't have budget even to put gas on the vehicles06:27
NCommanderWe had a ship go up in our harbor06:27
ScottKIt was one thing when I know it was a school and I was pretty confident I wasn't going to die.06:27
nxvland the firemans are volunteers, they doesn't get paid06:27
NCommanderOne of the most terrorifying calls ever06:27
NCommandernxvl, I'm volunteer06:27
nxvlNCommander: here EVERYONE is volunteer06:27
nxvlthere is no paid fireman at all06:28
NCommanderScottK, the people who take their job as a ship firefighter have cast iron balls06:28
ScottKWe practice a lot and it's not like you've got anywhere to go if it doesn't work out.06:28
NCommanderYEah, well, its our worst nightmare to get lost in a building06:28
ScottKI can imagine.06:29
NCommanderYour average cruiser is freaking maze06:29
ScottKIf you're assigned to it you know it though.06:29
nxvland it's sad that they are volunteers, they make it for nothing and sometimes they need to use their own money to maintain the firestation06:29
NCommanderThe only thing you have over us is that collaspe risk is much lower than ours06:29
NCommanderYou'll be dead before that metal will melt likely06:29
ScottKNot necessarily.  Some of the ships have aluminium super structures.06:29
NCommanderYou'll still be dead, cause the moment you go through the deck plating, you'll get roasted alive06:30
nxvlNCommander: so, you are a full time fireman?06:31
NCommanderNope, volunteer06:31
ScottKI heard a lecture by the Damage Control Assistant on the USS Stark when it got hit.  It got so hot when fighting the fires that his nylon underwear melted to his body.06:31
NCommanderI get my nuts roasted for no compensation06:31
nxvlthat means you whenever you want?06:31
ScottKHe didn't make much of it.06:31
NCommanderYeah, well, I've seen the remains of our gear when it fails06:32
NCommanderDamn, guy is lucky to have anything ... still working if you catch my drift06:32
ScottKThere was another guty that stood IN the missile magazine for 18 hours straight cooling a bulkhead so the missiles wouldn't get hot enough to cook off.06:32
NCommanderGun powder is amazingly stable stuff06:33
NCommanderIts got to get REALLY hot being bullet starts flying06:33
ScottKRight, but these have solid fuel rocket motors.06:34
NCommanderThe one that always irks me is the exploding extinguishers06:34
ScottKThey have the fuel and the ozixidizer all in one.06:34
NCommanderLittle known fact06:34
NCommanderFire extinguishers explode in fire06:34
ScottKMakes sense.06:35
[Solars]you mean co2 expands when it gets heated!?06:35
NCommander(well, CO2 ones have a release value, so they don't, but foam ones will go with the force of a few sticks of TNT at least, and water ones become ballistic missiles)06:35
NCommander[Solars], actually, CO2 extinguishers have a safety release06:35
NCommanderSo they *shouldn't* explode06:35
NCommanderThe ones that really explode are foam ones06:35
NCommanderThe other fun home cannister: the little old man with O2 and cigarettes06:36
NCommanderBad combination06:36
[Solars]NCommander i was being sarcastic :)06:36
* [Solars] is also a vff06:36
NCommander[Solars], O2 bottles scare me shitless06:36
NCommanderI was a volunteer dummy for the EMT-B examination06:36
NCommanderSomeone in the other room dropped the bottle06:37
NCommanderThe regulator snapped right off06:37
* ScottK used to SCUBA dive, so I know what happened next.06:37
NCommanderThe bottle hits the ground, goes flying, and goes through two walls06:37
nxvli used to dive :D06:37
NCommanderTHe regular shot through the ceiling, took out a comptuer and a desk and embedded itself in the second floor ceiling (we think, we never found it ....)06:37
NCommanderI personally think the regulator shot through the roof, but we couldn't find an exit hole so ....06:38
ScottKIn the Navy we didn't use compressed O2 for breathing, we had chemically generated Oxygen.06:38
NCommanderSounds slightly safer06:38
ScottKThat's the theory.06:39
NCommanderScottK, we have O2 for patients, us fire junkies use regular air. Still danger, but less likely to explode06:39
NCommanderOh, so you strap the bomb to your front ;-)06:40
ScottKYeah.  Basically.06:40
ScottKBut better than scattering a bunch of compressed air bottles throughout the ship.06:40
ScottKThey don't blow up though, then just get a 'little warm'.06:41
NCommanderWe use composites06:41
NCommanderSo in theory if it fails, you shouldn't have shrapnel06:41
* NCommander knocks on wood06:41
ScottKOr at least softer shrapnel.06:41
NCommanderGiven what we do to some of our packs, I'm suprised we haven't had a few rockets flying06:41
nxvlugh i forgot how hard was to start in a new project06:42
NCommanderScottK, anyone who can be a naval firefighter has my respect, the marines say the firefighters don't know danger, but yah know, I think being shot is better then dying rather crispy06:44
NCommanderScottK, at least you didn't have to deal with pets06:44
NCommanderOur last house fire was a farm ... with 15 or so cats, a bunch of ducks, two cows, and I think a turtle06:45
NCommanderTHAT was fun.06:45
NCommanderThose cats were absolutely phycho, one of them tried to claw my boss into minic meat06:45
ScottKWell that's all very unpleasant, but you don't have the prospect of a 500 mile swim if you don't beat the fire.  It can be very motivating.06:47
NCommanderI've always been suprised at the lack of hallogen fire supression systems06:48
NCommanderI would think it would be eaiser to seal the bulkheads of an advacing fire, and then beat the fire by removing the O206:48
ScottKThey do have it in the main engineering spaces.06:48
NCommanderhallogen is awesome06:49
NCommanderBut awesome06:49
NCommanderEver get to see a hallogen system deploy?06:49
ScottKShip I was on never had a serious fire.06:50
ScottKWe did have a major fuel oil leak once that was kind of exciting, but it didn't go up.06:51
NCommanderI've used a hallogen extinisher06:51
NCommander(aka, the oh shit extingisher)06:51
NCommanderYou get a lingering cloud of death when you use it06:51
ScottKAnother advantage shipboard is a lot of firefighting stuff is installed.06:51
NCommanderBut do they work ;-)06:52
ScottKWe had a dual firemain system that would deliver water or AFFF most anywhere on the ship.06:52
* NCommander can remember plenty of times when the supression system fails06:52
NCommanderThe worst case that I'm aware of is 1 Merdian Plazza06:52
NCommanderIn PA06:52
ScottKI'm thinking more of hoses and water/afff and such.06:52
NCommanderScottK, your probably old enough to remember that fire, it was one of the largest co-flaguations and LOF calls before 9/1106:53
ScottKI remember when the Philly police burned down an entire block of Philadelphia.06:54
NCommanderIt was in the 70s. A massive 8 floor fire on the 12-20th floors06:54
NCommander300 firefighters, and three days to simply get it under control06:54
NCommanderThree things happened06:55
NCommanderFire doors failed06:55
NCommanderSUpression system failed06:55
NCommanderCode violations caused fire spread to shoot like crazy06:55
ScottKIn the Navy there were a couple of severe fires on aircraft carriers in the late 1960's that really woke people up.  Then a couple more in the 1980s (including the Stark I mentioned earlier).06:55
ScottKBy the time I was in, the firefighting situation was pretty good.06:56
ScottKEquipment worked, people got trained, and it was serious business.06:56
NCommanderStill, things can go wrong06:56
NCommanderDuring my recruit class, there were two serious injuries06:57
NCommanderand I personally experienced a backdraft06:57
NCommanderIt blew up right in my face06:57
NCommander[Solars], ever see a backdraft?06:57
ScottKNCommander: One of them was this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chuiyXQKw3I - some what on topic for today is the John McCain was on one of the planes in the fire.06:59
[Solars]backdrafts are poerful06:59
ScottKThe guy you see charging towards the flames with a fire extinguisher around 35 - 45 seconds got the damage control school in Norfolk, VA named after him (posthumously).07:00
NCommanderI really hope they aren't using water07:00
NCommanderHoly fucking crap07:01
nxvlwell, have a good night!07:02
nxvlread you tomorrow!07:02
NCommandercya nxvl07:02
ScottKNCommander: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forrest_Fire seems reasonably accurate.07:02
NCommanderScottK, christ, I just got more respect for McCain that he survived this07:02
NCommanderThings like this change a man07:02
ScottKHe was in the plane that got hit with errant ordnance.07:02
ScottKSo he wasn't just in it, he was at ground zero.07:03
NCommanderHe just confirmed my vote07:03
NCommanderUgh, water hoses -_-;07:03
NCommanderBad combination07:03
ScottKYeah.  I've seen the full Navy training video.07:04
ScottKThey had people with water hoses washing foam away because they didn't know any better.07:04
NCommanderYOu don't use water to fight fuel fires :-/07:05
ScottKAs I said, that was a low water mark in Navy damage control that really got people's attention.07:05
NCommanderno kidding07:05
NCommanderThe worst I ever experienced was an avoidable backdraft07:05
henkjanwow, finally an offtopic talk in #ubuntu-server :)07:05
ScottKIt's not like we're drowning out real work.07:06
NCommanderWell, to get my story, you need to know a little context07:06
NCommanderOur district is great at two fires07:06
NCommanderNot ventilating, and not putting up ground ladders07:06
NCommander(it just never happens, its almost a running gag in our district)07:06
NCommanders/two fires/two things/g07:06
NCommanderSo, good two story fire in what can be best described as concrete eggcartons07:07
NCommanderWe put in a ventaliation request, which has, up until that point had gone unheaded07:07
NCommanderI was on search and rescue, and the fire went out without me observing it, so I entered a room while my parnther stayed at the door while I sweeped07:08
NCommanderLittle did I know that the room was hot (I couldn't tell, without ventilation, you simply are just melting away in your gear), and the only reason the fire went out is because it starved itself of oxygen07:08
NCommanderI think you can see where this story is heading07:09
ScottKReminds me of an interesting point from the USS STARK fire.  They tried to cut holes in the aluminium superstructure for ventilation so the heat could escape and their cutting torches weren't hot enough.07:09
NCommanderNow, we're trained when we vent, we call command to make sure it ok to do it07:09
NCommanderTo prevent said backdraft07:10
ScottKBut not then.07:10
NCommanderAs I said before, we don't normally vent due to general incompentence07:10
NCommander(its really no ones fault, but its something our training officer been working on)07:10
NCommanderAt that very moment, the guy on the roof finally pops a hole in it07:10
ScottKOf course.07:11
NCommanderyou feel air moving07:11
NCommanderand FHOOMP07:11
NCommanderI had just cleared the room when the fire relight07:11
NCommandera second earlier, and we probably won't be having this conversation07:11
NCommanderNormally I complain about the lack of venting, but in this case, I think I would have perfered to melt then being blown up :-)07:12
NCommanderTHat's the closest brush with death I personally had07:13
NCommander(I didn't quite realize how close I came to being dead, or else would have pissed myself right then and there)07:14
ScottKI think that's generally how it works.07:14
NCommanderSo the rule of thumb is07:16
NCommanderBe careful what you wish for07:16
NCommanderYou might just get it07:16
NCommanderSo hppa hates me07:17
ScottKWell that's a given.07:17
NCommanderIts getting stuck trying to use pthread() ;.;07:17
NCommanderYou navy guys are alright in my book ;-). I didn't know you got FF training07:19
ScottKYou can't be permanently assigned to a ship without it.07:20
ScottKI remember our ship doing well in a mass conflaguration drill by emptying our combat information center of almost everyone and sending them to fight fires.07:20
NCommanderWHen I think about it07:20
NCommanderIt makes sense07:20
ScottKThis one talks about McCain on the Forrestal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxGV-eRUC_0&feature=related07:24
ScottKAs I'm looking, I particularly like the blog posts that attempt to blame McCain for the fire when it actually his plane that got hit by ordnance fired from another plane.07:25
[Solars]just to keep the theme of the currect naming system of ubuntu where would be a good spot to put a samba directory called "media"07:35
kgoetzon the server or client?07:36
[Solars]file server none-the-less07:36
kgoetzi'd say07:36
[Solars]erm kk now to setup samba :P07:39
kgoetzyou didnt ask that :P07:39
[Solars]heh atleast i do have samba installed07:40
[Solars]i vaguely remember how to do it07:40
kgoetzi'll leave you to your pain - probably my pain this weekend, but yours for now07:41
[Solars]heh if i scroll up enough i'll find it :P07:42
[Solars]don't think it was this channel07:44
* [Solars] checks another07:44
[Solars]edit /etc/samba/smb.conf07:45
[Solars]set the workgroup to whatever you have07:45
[Solars][14:32:07] <aTc> [share]07:45
[Solars][14:32:09] <aTc> path = /mnt/share07:45
[Solars][14:32:11] <aTc> available = yes07:45
[Solars][14:32:13] <aTc> browsable = yes07:45
[Solars]erm errr07:45
[Solars][14:32:15] <aTc> public = yes07:45
[Solars][14:32:17] <aTc> writable = yes07:46
[Solars][14:32:23] <aTc> where /mnt share is whatever dir you chose07:46
[Solars][14:32:50] <aTc> then save it, and restart samba (/etc/init.d/samba/restart)07:46
[Solars]but thats how you do it kgoetz :)07:46
kgoetz[Solars]: :)07:46
kgoetzits logged now :)07:46
espaciouswhich ndiswrapper was in 7.1007:47
* ScottK decides it's time for bed. Goodnight all.07:47
kgoetzespacious: look at packages.u.c07:47
kgoetzScottK: night07:47
espaciouskgoetz where i fount this?07:48
[Solars]blah i hate winblows and not seeing my new smb drive07:51
Adri2000has anyone here already set up a jabber server? which one do you recommend?07:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about puc07:53
kgoetzespacious: packages.ubuntu.com07:53
kgoetz16:23 < Adri2000> has anyone here already set up a jabber server? which one do you recommend?07:54
pschulz01Someone say jabber server?07:54
kgoetzpschulz01: ^^07:54
pschulz01Do you think he might like some instructions?07:54
Adri2000hi pschulz01 :)07:54
pschulz01.. like the one's we;ve just written for ejabberd?07:55
kgoetzpschulz01: perhaps he would07:55
kgoetznah, i think he wants them re-written first :P07:55
pschulz01Adri2000: Let me just retype them..07:55
kgoetz*hears keystrokes*07:55
didrocksjdstrand: FYI, I merged with the last revision of your trunk :)07:58
chmacIs there any way to make a symoblic link appear like a hard link?08:08
chmacI'm having problems because PHP's __FILE__ constant resolves the symbolic link, so you get the actual file path, not the link path.08:08
chmacI'm wondering if there's something I can do to fool PHP into thinking the file is a real file, when it's actually a symbolic link08:08
chmacI'd prefer a symbolic link so I can easy swap the destination file without changing the links08:09
[Solars]man so many different ways to have conky show infomation08:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #277447 in openvpn (universe) "script failed: could not execute external program " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27744708:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #277492 in likewise-open (main) "lwinet crashes when joining a windows domain with likewise" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27749211:02
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
_rubenAdri2000: we're using openfire as jabber server .. mainly because back then it was one of the very few with active directory integration12:00
wo0fhi guys12:36
wo0fhow would i set up and terminal server12:36
wo0fso i can login to a remote desktop where ever i am12:37
wo0fis that edubuntu meta package any use to me?12:37
wo0fi mean remote x btw $ not just ssh lol12:39
wo0fi need x to start up a session each time i connect12:40
wo0f(ie not just reconnect an existing session)12:41
_ruben(Free)NX can be used for that12:44
wo0fdo i have to install nx on the server?12:54
lipsinjoin #ubuntu-my13:05
_rubenwo0f: that'd be the idea yeah13:33
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
=== CrummyGummy is now known as IEC
wo0f_ruben: cheers man14:52
wo0fis it in the standard repo?14:52
_rubenwo0f: yup .. nxserver package14:53
wo0f_ruben: thanksman15:33
wo0fthanks man*15:33
wo0f_ruben: hmm, sudo apt-get install nxserver?15:53
_rubenwo0f: that worked for me15:56
NikOwOwfor some reason my server installation can't fetch the settings from the DHCP server, what could be the problem?16:10
_rubenfirewall/routing and anything else network connectivity related comes to mind16:12
NikOwOwat install time auto configuration of networking doesn't work :/16:36
wo0f_ruben: hmm i get:16:40
[Solars]trashguy hows things going17:22
trashguybit hungover17:34
trashguybut good17:35
lukehasnonamehow long will the server survey go until it's done? And will the results be made public?17:47
[Solars]trashguywell i almost got my server 100% setup :)17:52
trashguynice man17:53
trashguyserve the files17:53
[Solars]its kinda a jack of all trades server17:54
[Solars]internal http, file serving via samba, thinking of having it do dhcp,17:54
trashguyi have a services server17:55
trashguythen i have a central file server17:55
trashguyuse for my MythTV boxes17:55
[Solars]heh i tried compiling mythtv for winblows17:55
[Solars]that didn't work17:55
[Solars]i want to box for my tv to stream to17:55
trashguyi have a mster box17:56
trashguythen slaves17:56
trashguyon my 2 tvs17:56
[Solars]but upnp devices are expensive17:56
[Solars]sent ya a /msg17:58
* NCommander swears18:03
NCommander[Solars], we need an ubuntu-firefighter group ;-)18:03
makkroHey! Have tried to run a 64bit Debian etch with 6Gb RAM on Intel box but have experienced laggyness ,etc, in system. Now going to try Ubuntu server 64bit and Xen, anything I should think of or do?18:06
[Solars]i hate my router18:06
[Solars]can't figure out how to make it do port fowarding18:07
trashguy32 bit18:07
trashguy64bit is more grief then its worth18:07
makkroand the 2Gb above 4?18:07
trashguythe serverkernel has pae anyways18:07
trashguyit will see it18:08
makkrothe kernel slows system down18:08
trashguyi run my dekstop with the server kernel18:08
[Solars]i run 64bit without any grief18:08
trashguythe kernel slows system down?18:08
makkroon debian etch,, it got very slow18:08
trashguy[Solars], a lto of applications dont liek 64bit and flash is screwed with firefox on 6418:09
trashguymakkro, youprobably did something18:09
trashguythings dont magically slow18:09
makkroI'm running a server,, game, mysql, web, mail18:09
[Solars]trashguy erm true i did notice that but i try not to do much flash browsing on that server18:10
makkroand no GUI18:10
trashguy[Solars], true, 64bit is just grief unles syou really need it18:10
trashguyand mostly18:10
trashguypeopel dont need 64bit18:10
makkroi need a server that can access all RAM and do it as fast as 32bit.. No 1 have experienced any slowness?18:13
[Solaris]this isn't getting fun18:13
trashguyunles syou have stupid hardware18:13
trashguyyou arent going to notice speed diff on 32 or 6418:14
trashguyubuntu server18:14
trashguyhas pae18:14
trashguywhcih will detect all your ram while being 32bit18:14
[Solaris]trashguy can you check that address i gave you18:14
[Solaris]want to see if the external address works18:14
trashguyyou never gave me one18:15
uvirtbottrashguy: Error: "^" is not a valid command.18:15
[Solaris]heh /dns [Solaris]18:15
uvirtbottrashguy: Error: "hai" is not a valid command.18:15
makkrohmm,, I'm a newbie at this,, how? :)18:15
[Solaris]makkro just install the 32bit server18:15
makkroand then?18:15
[Solaris]do what ever you want18:15
trashguy[Solaris], its valid18:15
trashguyi get the IT Works18:15
trashguythen you have a server18:16
[Solaris]so why can't i view my 'http' via the external address and I have to use hostname/<page>18:19
[Mitos]hey all, someone around who knows his 4 bits of samba as pdc? running an ebox-server (which, if I understand right, is derived from ubuntu-server) but can logon the domain after joining it with an xp/vista machine18:20
makkro<trashguy>hmm  getting to know this xchat thingy,, sorry for not responding ;)18:21
trashguyxchat is pure win18:21
makkroaahh, thats why :D18:22
[Mitos]basically i get an error message sayin (and i have to translate form german) that a connected device is not ready..18:22
makkroI'll give it a final try and if it wont work I'll go back to 32bit with a PAE kernel18:23
trashguyubuntu server18:25
trashguyhas what you need18:25
[Mitos]trashguy: you mean me?18:26
trashguy[Mitos], was talkin to makkro18:26
[Mitos]ah, k sorry :)18:27
makkro<trashguy> and what about the 6Gb ram,, have bad exp of 32bit and 6Gb ram with xen kernel?18:30
trashguymakkro, should be fine18:30
trashguyi have 8gb18:30
makkro<trashguy>OK,, then I'll go for it,, you run xen aswell?18:31
trashguyi have played it18:31
trashguywith it even18:31
trashguywas consdering it am option18:32
trashguybut went with vmware18:32
[Solaris]whats a good windows sshd client18:32
makkro<trashguy>ok, it has an web interface tho,, nice.18:32
[Mitos][Solaris] putty just google for it, it's free and also gives you options to generate ssh-keys etc18:33
trashguynever ran ssh on a windows machine18:33
trashguywell a server that is18:33
trashguyi use putty18:33
trashguyfor a client18:33
makkroputty is great18:34
[Mitos]ssh/windows - hmm how contradictive :P18:35
[Solaris]ubuntu-server vbox'ing vista6418:35
[Solaris]thats contradictive :P18:36
trashguyi vbox vista18:36
trashguyfor windows stuff i need18:36
[Solaris]i can't vbox for more then 30 days... lost my install key heh18:36
* [Mitos] runs 2 servers on a vista ultimate machine backed by vmware fedora 9 and ebox ;)18:36
[Mitos]if it weren't for all the games, i would run it other way round, linux host and 1 win guest or so :P)18:37
trashguyvbox is free18:38
[Solaris]vista isn't18:38
trashguyi run all my game sin ubuntu18:38
[Mitos]aye, and doesn't eat up as much resources18:38
trashguyincluding call of duty 418:38
[Solaris]w/o a correct key i can't run it more then 30 days18:38
trashguyohhh yea ^^18:38
trashguyjust make a snap shot18:38
[Mitos]you ever tried running assassins creed or bioshock on ubuntu? :P18:38
trashguyand when  it runs out load the snap shot18:39
trashguybio shock18:39
trashguynot assisn creed18:39
[Mitos]and btw, isn't vmware server for free anyways?18:39
trashguyi compiled wine myself with the 3dmark patch18:39
[Mitos]just needs valid regsitration with (any!) email-adress18:39
[Mitos]hmm, bugger that i can't compile software properly, my machine get's to hot :(18:40
trashguyif you can run bioshock18:41
trashguyim sure you cna compile18:41
uvirtbottrashguy: Error: "^" is not a valid command.18:41
[Mitos]freakin amd- dual-core and can't run it properly :O just havin it run when it's idle shoots cpu-temp up to 63 degrees18:41
[Mitos]aye i can run bioshock in 800x600 windowed :P18:42
makkroI've got that too18:42
[Mitos]i go any higher than that in resolution (and higher than medium details) machine hits 85 + degrees in 10 minutes and powers off :P18:42
makkro"installing ubuntu"---back soon18:43
[Solaris]in the php install where do you adjust how much memory it uses?18:44
[Solaris]if that makes any sense18:44
[Mitos]nope full fledged desktop system18:45
[Mitos]in php.ini look for line "memory_limit = 64M"18:46
[Mitos]or something like that18:46
[Mitos]also lines like "post_max_size = xxM" should be checked18:47
* [Solaris] killed the channel18:48
* [Mitos] killed [Solaris]18:49
[Solaris]kk lemme find php.ini18:50
[Mitos]try /etc/php.ini ;)18:51
* [Mitos] found the BFG900018:52
[Mitos]*zap* you;re all dead (i think) :P18:52
makkroas a zombie I'm post alive18:54
[Mitos]fair enough :)18:55
[Solaris]someone doesnt like me18:55
[Mitos]woah, sheesh! :D18:56
[Solaris]and i am still getting flooded18:57
[Mitos]lord almighty, they never give up do they? one would think that after the first couple of failed attempts people stop wasting resources :P18:58
[Solaris]well they have bounced me like 5 times in the past hour18:59
[Solaris]nothing i can see touching my server19:01
nxvlkirkland: btw, i've been using Private encr dir, and it's working awesome19:02
nxvlkirkland: i had some trouble (but it was my fault) that make me loose all my firefox data19:03
nxvlbut other than that is working fine19:03
nxvli'm just moving some more stuff into it19:03
kirklandnxvl: :-)19:03
kirklandnxvl: send a MeMe to planet.ubuntu :-)19:03
RoAkSoAxkirkland, i sent you an email about translating manpages.ubuntu.com to spanish19:03
kirklandRoAkSoAx: hey, awesome19:03
nxvlkirkland: as in what do i have in my Private directory meme?19:03
kirklandRoAkSoAx: I'll try to get a framework setup19:04
kirklandnxvl: yeah...  unless you don't want to19:04
RoAkSoAxkirkland, ok just let me know whenever you need my help19:04
kirklandnxvl: i just thought that might help exposure, see if other people need it19:04
nxvli've no problems with that, it's encrypted19:04
kirklandnxvl: s/need/use/ it19:04
kirklandnxvl: :-D19:04
kirklandRoAkSoAx: Cool, will do19:04
kirklandRoAkSoAx: i'll try to get a multi-lang setup for that page working this weekend19:04
nxvland i've no porn on it, so there is no problem :D19:05
kirklandnxvl: yeah right19:05
RoAkSoAxkirkland, ok cool19:05
nxvli don't need it encrypted19:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #277704 in openssh (main) "ssh fails with xmalloc: zero size" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27770419:08
[Solaris]putty do xtunneling?19:14
[Solaris]i guess that answer is no :P19:20
[Mitos]damn mobile broadband :(19:20
kirklandmathiaz: hey19:22
kirklandmathiaz: can you push through those two uploads, to update-motd and landscape-client that you agreed to sponsor during beta freeze?19:23
=== [Mitos] is now known as [MitosKalandiel]
zulkirkland: is the archive open again?19:28
kirklandzul: hmm, oh, maybe not?19:28
kirklandzul: i assumed it was since iso was out of the door19:28
zulcheck the /topic on #ubuntu-devel19:28
zulor ask on #-devel19:28
nxvlkirkland: http://nvalcarcel.aureal.com.pe/?p=25819:40
kirklandnxvl: \o/19:41
[Solaris]to run a bash script... you put your script in a file, lets say RunThis ... then you type 'bash RunThis' to run the script right?19:55
RoAkSoAx[Solaris], sh RunThis19:57
brousch[Solaris], normally you would chmod +x the script file and do ./RunThis19:57
RoAkSoAx[Solaris], you actually could do it both ways, sh RunThis or ./RunThis19:57
[Solaris]so what would "CTDM: 101: Bad substitution19:58
[Solaris]i know CTDM is the file19:58
[Solaris]is 101 the line number?19:58
nxvlmathiaz: i've some issues with ebox19:58
nxvlmathiaz: actually with openssh19:58
RoAkSoAx[Solaris], yes, 101 is the line number20:00
nxvlRoAkSoAx: with sh you will run it with dash, and if it has bashism it will fail20:01
RoAkSoAxnxvl, yes indeed :P20:01
[Solaris]RoAkSoAx heh this driving me crazy thats the last line "done"20:01
[Solaris]is there a way to make it be verbose on whats it doing up to the point it gets there?20:02
nxvlsh +x20:03
RoAkSoAx[Solaris], try sh -x RunThis or sh +x RunThis20:04
RoAkSoAxand see which one suits for you :P20:04
mathiazkirkland: you can check if the archive is open via this link: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/20:05
mathiazkirkland: the status is "Active development"20:05
* [Solaris] throws up his fist in anger20:07
[Solaris]don't know enough about scripting to even know where to start20:08
kirklandmathiaz: thanks!20:09
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zulkirkland: not another meme20:18
kirklandzul: muhaha!20:18
mathiazsommer: now that we're in DocumentationStringFreeze, if there is a change in a man page what should be done ?20:21
mathiazsommer: ask for a StringFreeze Exception ?20:21
mathiazsommer: do you know if man pages are translated ?20:21
sommermathiaz: good question, are man pages covered under the doc team?20:25
sommermathiaz: I guess my understanding of the SF was for the Ubuntu Official docs, but I could be way wrong about that20:25
sommermathiaz: I'd think that since the man pages are part of the package a standard FFE should work20:26
=== RoAk is now known as RoAkSoAx
sommermathiaz: probably wouldn't hurt to ask on the doc ml though20:26
* sommer isn't much help :(20:27
mathiazsommer: that's also what I thought - that SF is for the Ubuntu Official docs.20:31
mathiazsommer: and I don't think that the update-motd man page is translated.20:32
[MitosKalandiel]can one also get support here for the ebox-platform due to missing response in #ebox?20:41
ScottKPossibly, but the odds of us knowing stuff they don't is low.20:45
[MitosKalandiel]well i'll just give it a try then, following situation, one ebox server configure to be a pdc (but not to offer roaming profiles) all users are set up, firewall is open (actually turned off) and one windows xp client could join the domain but when i try to logon i get something like "A connected service couldn't be reached" (had to translate that from german, so it might be wrong, never seen that message b4 anyways with20:48
[MitosKalandiel]servers). any idea what is going wrong?20:48
[MitosKalandiel]obviously auth is working somehow, otherwise i wouldn't be able to join the domain, i can also see it in ldap, but i can just not auth against the ebox server20:49
[MitosKalandiel]have installed ebox naked from their iso20:49
[MitosKalandiel]and i'm just about out of ideas of what to checkl, i have lowered (poledit.msc) the needed algorythm for crypting password over the network but to no avail20:50
[MitosKalandiel]and the xp machine itself is freshly installed and updated to sp3 with latest updates20:51
sommer[MitosKalandiel]: do the ldap users have samba attributes?20:51
[MitosKalandiel]quite a couple of them : http://joker-solutions.pastebin.com/d6e64160e20:54
trashguywhy do people have20:55
trashguy[ ] around there names20:55
trashguyis that the default20:55
[MitosKalandiel]nope is just summit i do, no specific reason :)20:55
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sommer[MitosKalandiel]: hrmm, should work then I'd think... you might double check that smb and nmb services are indeed running20:56
MitosKalandielthat better ;)20:56
MitosKalandielk, sec just checkin20:57
MitosKalandieli see both services started and listening20:59
MitosKalandielis there anytyhing on xp side i might have overseen? i know that some samba versions offer a .reg patch for xp. or maybe some firewall issue?21:00
sommerMitosKalandiel: I'd try watching the /var/log/samba/log.hostname when trying to login, it may tell you more21:00
mathiazkirkland: is this the correct diff for update-motd http://paste.ubuntu.com/53530/ ?21:02
mathiazkirkland: I've built it from trunk.21:02
MitosKalandielfound something here : http://joker-solutions.pastebin.com/d304d509f21:04
OlweWould questions pertaining to installing the desktop packages on a server be appropriate here?21:04
sommerMitosKalandiel: are you using a user in both LDAP and /etc/passwd?  if so the uid and gid may need to match21:05
kirklandmathiaz: let me check21:06
MitosKalandielsommer: yeah one user, hmm lemme check with a user that's just existent in LDAP21:07
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MitosKalandielsame exact response in /var/log/samba/hostname.log21:09
kirklandmathiaz: that is the correct debdiff21:11
mathiazkirkland: great - thanks21:11
MitosKalandielsommer: so i would need to change at my group sid's? or what is it i need to do?21:13
sommerMitosKalandiel: not 100% sure, was the XP machine part of a previous domain?21:15
MitosKalandielnope was freshly installed for this test21:15
MitosKalandiel(both machines, ebox and xp are running on virtualbox)21:17
sommerMitosKalandiel: ya seems like it may be an issue with the way ebox configures samba, but I'm not sure.21:18
sommerMitosKalandiel: here's a thread with what looks like a similar problem: http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2005-April/103843.html21:18
MitosKalandielsommer: ok thanks very much for your time and effort, this brings me somewhere :)21:20
Olwenot really a total server question, but i installed the ubuntu-desktop packages on my server, and restarted... problem is, i dont get any graphics, just a black screen21:49
trashguyis your monitor turned on?21:50
Olwelol you know, i actually checked that first...21:51
Olwelike, the loading bar comes up, but after that, nothing21:51
Olweunless i Ctrl-Alt-F1, of course21:51
Olwei get to a prompt then, no problem21:52
[Solaris]erm you have the right 'driver' for your vid card?21:52
Olwei believe so..21:52
trashguyctrl + alt + f721:53
Olwejust waiting for the computer to boot21:54
[Solaris]bah stupid stuck shift key21:56
Olwek, so F7, or ctrl-alt-f7?21:56
[Solaris]ctrl-alt-f7 i believe he said21:56
Olwenothing, either way21:57
trashguyGDM is nuked21:57
Olweall i did was run "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"21:58
Olwethen reboot21:58
[Solaris]apt-get update && apt-get upgrade21:58
[Solaris]then try again21:58
[Solaris]see if there was anything missing/old21:58
Olwek, i'll try that again21:59
trashguydo a21:59
trashguyps -aux | grep Xorg21:59
Olwebad syntax?22:01
trashguywrong os22:01
Olwelol its aight22:01
trashguyps -e | grep Xorg22:01
Olwereturns nothing?22:02
trashguytype startx22:02
Olwefatal error, already running22:02
trashguydid u use a cpaital x in the grep22:03
trashguyits case sensitve22:03
trashguyi never installed desktop on server before22:04
[Solaris]all i did was22:05
[Solaris]apt-get install ubuntu-desktop22:05
[Solaris]and it configured and everything for me22:05
[Solaris]installed a ton of packages thought22:05
trashguyprobably has some sort of driver issue22:05
trashguyX can be a pain in the ass22:05
[Solaris]thats why i ask if he had the right video card driver :P22:05
trashguyi stuggled for years in freebsd to get it right22:06
[Solaris]if he is using 8.10 there is an ATI problem22:06
[Solaris]heh fbsd + X sucked22:06
trashguyi have an 8-current22:06
trashguywith x running its amusing22:06
[Solaris]i thought about trying FBSD again but was convinced to go with Ubuntu this time22:07
[Solaris]so far so good22:07
trashguyit has its own percs and pitfalls22:07
[Solaris]atleast it wasn't like slack in the diskette days22:08
[Solaris]i had over 30 disks to install slack22:08
[Solaris]now i don't even have a fdd22:09
Olwesorry, ran away for a sec...22:10
trashguyi installed slac on my old laptop via a slip connection over a null modem cable22:10
Olwe5023 tty7   00:00:02 Xorg22:10
trashguyits running22:10
trashguy sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg22:11
Olwetried already, but cant remember the output... so me tries again!22:12
[Solaris]also could check the logs to see if there was any error22:12
trashguyits running22:12
[Solaris]doesn't mean it didn't spit out a warning or error :p22:12
trashguyi forgot where ubuntu keeps xorg.conf22:12
[Solaris]'locate' is yourfriend22:13
[Solaris]here /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:13
trashguynot the right one22:13
Olwewarning that its over-writing the possibly customized config..22:13
trashguydo it anyways22:13
Olwethen error stating that it can't find a battery22:13
ScottKOlwe: This is a server?22:14
Olwe8.04 ubuntu server22:14
ScottKlamont: Any chance you could put your hppa porter's hat on long enough to make glib2.0 build on hppa?  Currently lots of stuff (for example pretty much all of KDE) is uninstallable/unbuildable.22:15
ScottKOlwe: OK, X issues are really not on topic since we don't ship X with Ubuntu Server, you might try #ubuntu.22:16
ScottKHP PA-RISC architecture.22:16
trashguyjust checking22:16
lukehasnonameget w/ the program trashguy22:17
trashguyi only use SParc and Intel22:17
trashguyi r not l33t22:17
Olwei do understand that, no responses over at #ubuntu though... just thouht id ask22:17
trashguyuubuntu n00b22:17
trashguywhere can you reset the video drive for xorg22:18
[Solaris]Olwe try #xorg22:18
trashguyi know what he should try22:18
trashguyjust linux distros but things in wierd places22:18
lamontScottK: meh22:18
lamontI'll look at it this weekend, maybe even after EOD today22:18
lamontesp if  you poke me > 45 min from now.22:19
ScottKlamont: Thanks.22:19
Olwei'll try #xorg, thanks22:20
trashguyOlwe you just need to se your driver to vesa22:20
trashguyget basica functionality going22:20
trashguy/etc/X11/xorg.conf is worthless22:21
[Solaris]heh yea22:21
Olweits odd that a few weeks ago, i did an install that worked fine, without any config...22:23
Olweunless.... maybe i had a different graphics card in there...22:24
trashguyi get drunk and swap graphics cards22:24
trashguyhobby of mine22:24
Olwethats umm.. just a lil... odd... but alright.. i wont judge..22:25
[Solaris]everyone needs a hobby22:28
Olwewow... those folks at #xorg really dont like to be helpful...22:48
trashguysome people are elitists it usually provides me with a daily lol22:50
trashguy#opensoalris is a good one22:50
Olweanything else you suggest i try?22:52
ScottK-palmlamont: This is your glib2.0 on hppa ping.23:05
lamontglib muppets for the win23:05
ScottK-palmGood luck with that.23:06

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