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persiaBig news for this morning: no dailies : it's a fresh day in other activities :)07:58
aradavmor2: good morning08:19
arapersia: yahooooooO!!!!!!!!08:20
davmor2Good Morning Everybody08:20
* davmor2 starts smoke testing again :) 09:00
persiadavmor2: On the beta?09:01
* persia points at the disabled cronjob09:01
davmor2persia: what disabled cron job?09:01
persiaThe one that generates daily images.09:01
persiaGo ahead.  rsync.  You'll be amazed at the speed :)09:02
davmor2persia: This is where I test apps rather than the installer though.  I use the desktop all day and highlight glitches :)09:03
persiaOh.  That's different then.09:04
davmor2persia: on main tests I test mostly the installer and then a couple of app just to see that the desktop is working.  With the smoke tests I test all the apps their plugins etc etc etc :)09:06
davmor2persia: it just acts as a second layer of testing to the main batch :)09:07
persiaThen not having dailies is a good thing for that :)09:07
davmor2persia: it makes no odds you can spot flaws that fixes have introduced etc09:09
persiadavmor2: That's why we upload stuff : it generates bugs, and they can get reported, and triaged, and fixed, and we can have an upload.  A self-fufilling cycle, that keeps everyone happy and occupied :)09:10
davmor2persia: The sad thing I believe you :)09:10
persiadavmor2: The only flaw is that sometimes a piece of software stops generating bugs, but there's always new software to add, to keep up the cycle.09:11
davmor2persia: No you have it all wrong the base package might of stop generating bugs but it's at that point that devs add a new key feature or plugin that breaks the base package again :)09:13
persiaNo, that's a well behaved functioning package.  My problem is with the ones where the developers stop adding features and users stop reporting bugs.09:14
persiaThese packages don't contribute to the free software ecosystem anymore.09:14
persiaThey just work :/09:14
davmor2persia: aren't those the packages that are simply no longer support because something newer came along :D09:15
persiaWIth luck they might get old enough that nobody remembers how they work, and someone is tempted to touch them, but there's usually one or two people who prevent that happy state by keeping it up to date.09:15
persiaThat's the best way to deal with them: by replacing them with new buggy software, we can keep everyone involved :)09:15
davmor2gnome-vfs gvfs/gio for example :D09:19
davmor2cjwatson just posted this link which maybe of interest here too :) http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/10:06
davmor2I've just done all the vista updates and am resaving the partitions.  15.85 GB for vista and nearly 2 gig for system partition so nearly 20gig total10:43
araam I the only one that thinks that bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/260492 is extremely annoying?10:52
ubot5`Launchpad bug 260492 in nautilus "opening a directory using an application change associations incorrectly" [Medium,Triaged]10:52
arathanks the workaround works pretty well10:53
persiaUnfortunately, that's a complicated one.  Someone ought sit down and sort out the four or five different ways file types and open hints are done now, and push towards a unified solution.10:56
davmor2anyone running intrepid11:04
affluxis that a question? yes, amd64 here.11:05
davmor2afflux: have you installed any n-m-(vpn solutions)11:06
affluxdavmor2: network-manager-openvpn is installed11:06
davmor2:( you can't confirm my bug then :(11:06
affluxI can remove it if you want ;)11:07
ubot5`Launchpad bug 277496 in network-manager-applet "Intrepid: Network-Manager should document additional packages are required to enable VPN" [Undecided,New]11:07
davmor2afflux: ^11:07
davmor2ta :)11:08
affluxwill add a comment in a minute11:09
affluxwoohoo. Didn't notice the vpn thing from NM does work now. Didn't work one or two months ago.11:10
davmor2no I was check stuff out in general when I got the issue of not being able to click on add :)11:13
affluxwhen installed, the connection works for me now. I like it ;)11:15
davmor2afflux: :)11:15
affluxcomment added11:15
davmor2Has anyone had an success burning a video project in brasero?11:57
aradavmor2: I haven't tried12:02
davmor2I can't get it to work at all I've added all the packages that the docs ask for but nothing :(12:03
arabut, definitely it is something nontrivial in ubuntu due to the licenses issue12:04
persiaShouldn't be.  There oughtn't be a license problem *creating* a DVD, only extracting an encrypted one.12:07
davmor2I'm trying to burn a copy of progbox which I'm sure won't be an issue for testing purposes.  However it goes so far through the process and the burn button doesn't highlight again so you can't burn it :(12:10
persiaIs the source protected or encrypted?12:15
davmor2no standard divx12:16
davmor2http://www.progbox.co.uk/site/ it's by pete savage the guy that created the intro music for Ubuntu :)12:17
popeythe _old_ intro music :(12:17
popeyshame it changed IMO12:17
davmor2popey: it ain't has it or am I dreaming?12:18
popeyi get a different tune now12:18
davmor2search ubuntu podcast for the episode12:18
popeyas someone said "it sounds like the end of level in prince of persia"12:18
popeyit has changed in intrepid12:18
persiaHmm.  No idea then.  Pete doesn't tend to make his stuff too inaccessible.12:19
davmor2persia: That's why I went for it :)12:23
davmor2popey: I still hear the same music on the intrepid install :P12:27
popeyhmm, odd12:28
davmor2popey: there is a bug about some people getting the freedesktop tune12:28
popeyhit me!12:28
popey(with the bug number) :)12:29
* davmor2 hits popey12:29
davmor22 ticks12:29
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davmor2popey: meh can't find the bug but found the convo with muso12:36
davmor213:38TheMusodavmor2: I think its more random than that. Most of the time when I log in I get the Ubuntu one, but occasionally I get the freedesktop theme.12:36
davmor213:38TheMusoBut thats only eover for the login sound. It has something to do with the gconf key for the theme not being loaded by the time it has to play.12:36
davmor213:25davmor2TheMuso: has the login music in ubutnu been changed?12:37
davmor2 13:26TheMusodavmor2: No, its just that there are two themes, the freedesktop theme and the ubuntu one, and there seems to be a weird bug where sometimes the ubuntu one is not used.12:37
davmor2I felt sure he gave me a bug number for it meh12:38
* davmor2 gives in can't find it :(12:44
davmor2so writes one to be sure :)12:44
davmor2popey: goto System->Preferences->Sound Preferences and you can hear the 2 Ubuntu has pete's default is the freedesktop version12:51
mazzenhi! just for the case, that someone is here who has edit access to http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta. the links for the mirrors points still to 8.04.112:55
davmor2mazzen: I've pasted the info onto the release team13:00
mazzendavmor2: thanks13:01
araI am still having a lot of issues regarding localization of the different *buntu builds. can anyone try this: install kubuntu in a lang other than English, but without iNet connection. The language pack is not installed (i guess is not in the cd). Restart, everything in English. Fix the inet connection. Go to language settings and click on Install Language. Only English appears on the list of possible languages13:02
davmor2Riddell: ^13:04
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Riddellara: yeah, I need to look into that for kubuntu, it's high up on my todo list13:08
araRiddell: thanks, localization is not working very well in Kubuntu...13:09
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mazzen hmm.... i just tried the 8.10 live cd and i got a black screen. all i could see was the mouse pointer, which was very slow. i have an ati mobility radeon 9700, which should be a very rare card, or?15:06
davmor2_lunchmazzen: I'm not sure what to say.  You got a mouse pointer so x is up.  only other thing to try is alt-ctrl-F2 and see if you get console login which would mean there was an issue with the driver.15:12
davmor2_lunchmazzen: try run in safe mode graphics15:12
mazzendavmor2_lunch: i guess it is the driver. when i upgraded von 8.04.1 to 8.10 aplha5 everything worked proper, until i rebooted. after that i had to use the vesa drivers instead of the free ati driver.15:15
mazzeni showed my log files to #xorg and#ubuntu+1, but they couldn't find anything :-(15:16
davmor2_lunchmazzen: bug report it.15:17
mazzendavmor2_lunch: ok, i'll do, after i try to boot it again. maybe i can find another information.15:18
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cowboydhowdy folks. qq: I've got a new laptop, and thinking of installing the beta and helping with the testing. My question is, what type of upgrade process (if any) will there be once the release comes out?16:03
davmor2update from update manager that's it16:03
cowboydsweet, that's what I wanted to hear. no need to change the apt sources or anything like that?16:05
davmor2cowboyd: no the repo's will already be setup for intrepid16:05
cowboydok then, I'll give it a shot. thanks16:06
VisitorI found some minor things on the latest beta livecd. can I drop it here or should I file a bug per item16:58
mhenleyhi, i installed intrepid a few nights ago on my new acer aspire one netbook using a usb key and the installation went very smooth17:08
mhenleyonce i had updated the packages, the wireless started working with no help from me17:09
mhenleythe one thing i don't understand is that I have to enter the code for the wire WEP security every time i start up... I understand this should be handled by a keyring using seahorse and i have created a keyring but it doesnt seem to work17:10
mhenleyis this a bug or am i doing something wrong?17:10
Visitormaybe you can check the keyring itself in system, prefs, encryption and keyrings17:14
mhenleyi did that and created a new keyring17:15
Visitorhm, I'm running a liveCD so no keyring for me... but you could remove the old one17:15
Visitoroh... :)17:15
mhenleyon my home computer i run gentoo but never use keyring since i don't need wireless (with its looong password)17:16
mhenleyany suggestions or pointers to howto's?  usually ubutu just works for little things like that17:27
mhenleysorry.. ubuntu17:27
mib_rjshf4hi guys17:52
mib_rjshf4what are the appropriate MLs to subscribe when testing a dev version?17:52
mib_rjshf4e.g., being warned in advance if a libc6 breakage happens again ^^17:52
mib_rjshf4ok, assuming ubuntu-dev && ubuntu-devel-discuss17:55
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