thorwilnewz2000: a comment on my blog: "Is there a generic banner we can use on WP.com blogs? It's unfortunate that there's no noscript option like we had for Ubuntu Gutsy, but if there were even a static, generic image that would really helpful for those of us under WordPress' limitations."16:36
newz2000thorwil: yes, I think the "coming soon" banner would work wouldn't it?16:36
thorwilnewz2000: i guess. once only a few days are left16:37
newz2000that's surprising that you can't use javascript on your wordpress blog16:38
thorwilif i insert the line as given, wordpress removes it once i submit16:38
thorwilno idea if the same is true for wp hosted elsewhere16:39
* thorwil writes comment pointing to appropriate links16:42
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