redf1shtrebnoj: though making an rpms much more annoying than a tarball00:00
SexyKenAnyone have any ideas?00:00
trebnojredf1sh: yeah i noticed.  thx for the help!00:00
Deiseltonjrib: gconftool-2 -g /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop00:00
rampageoberonleslieviljoen: the shared folders are accessible fine before wine is installed. after installing wine it can't seem to mount the shared folders00:00
redf1shtrebnoj: good luck!00:01
Deiseltonjrib; /xscreensaver/glmatrix -root00:01
jribDeiselton: erm.  That's your command?00:01
Deiseltonthats what i read to do00:01
macocan someone help me with using ubuntu-vm-builder?  it won't accept "sudo ubuntu-vm-builder kvm intrepid"00:02
jribDeiselton: what's the output?00:02
Deiseltonjrib... says i just have to set the -root00:02
blbrownI am using ubuntu and firefox3; I just wrote a long blog entry (several pages) and firefox locked up.  Anyone know a command to unlock it, so I don't lose what I wrote00:02
jribDeiselton: pastebin the full command and full output00:02
jrib!pastebin > Deiselton00:02
ubottuDeiselton, please see my private message00:02
blbrownActually, I have two instances of firefox, maybe If I close the offending instance00:02
DigitalFizno it'll ask to force quit and kill both firefox's00:03
DigitalFiztry and kill the plugin if its flash or something00:03
blbrownDigitalFiz, cool, how would I kill the plugin.  I bet that is the offending entity00:03
Ryuho-campushey does 510MB and 1GB of RAM make a lot of difference in Xubuntu on eeepc like hardware?00:04
Lamoany easy way to easily turn on/off the touchpad on a laptop? for some reason while I'm typing my cursor will appear somewhere else?00:04
Deiseltonjrib: dont worry about it.... i figured it out... i wasnt running gconf with the sudo command so it was just changing back to show desktop everytime i tried to set it... kinda wierd00:04
Deiseltonbut its fixed now... thanks00:04
thiebauderyuho-campus:more ram is better00:04
jribDeiselton: you shouldn't need to do that... especially since it returned false when you queried its value00:04
Ryuho-campusthiebaude, right, but is it worth the $50?00:04
DigitalFizblbrown, check top see if you see anything for flash00:05
Deiseltoni had the same problem with wine...00:05
bobertdos!touchpad | Lamo00:05
ubottuLamo: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad00:05
jribDeiselton: you're doing something wrong if you need to sudo gconf and wine00:05
Deiseltonwouldnt change the user.def file unless i was sudo00:05
thiebauderyuho-campus:you mean to go from 512 to 1 gb00:05
airtonixRyuho-campus, more ram is always useful...00:05
Mr_Fixithow can i test someone's ports?00:05
bobertdosLamo: either that or I'm guessing there's something under System->Preferences->Mouse00:05
naliothif your machine spontaneously shuts down, where are the logs kept for that?00:06
PhaquiLaptopHey ya'll. I'm using wine to play warcraft 3, but I have to play it in a window. Is there any way to keep the mouse from leaving the warcraft 3 window when I'm playing?00:06
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, not that i am aware of00:06
georgy_28! nmap | Mr_Fixit00:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nmap00:06
jribDeiselton: check your permissions of files in your home directory.  They shouldn't be owned by root: find ~ ! -user $USER00:06
Lamobobertdos: thanks didn't notice anything under mouse. thought I remember there being a specific app for it.00:06
Mr_Fixitthanks georgy_2800:06
georgy_28Mr_Fixit, : use nmap00:06
PhaquiLaptopairtonix, can't you think of anything? :(00:06
Ryuho-campusthiebaude, yes, from 510MB to 1GB does it make a noticeable difference if i'm just browsing web and playing music00:06
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, I always played wow on a dual screen set in window mode so i could use vent and firefox...00:06
bobertdosnalioth: /var/logs contains every log in the OS, pretty much00:06
PhaquiLaptopI know there exist dosens of these programs for windows...00:07
naliothbobertdos: any idea which one to look at ?00:07
PhaquiLaptopyes airtonix, but in wow it isn't critical that the mouse can't leave the window00:07
PhaquiLaptopin warcraft 3, for instance, it is00:07
thiebauderyuho-campus:im stuck at 512 until i get another motherboard00:07
Deiseltonjrib: any chance you know how to force the screensaver to the second screen on my dual screen system?00:07
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, postal2 has the same problem...even in single screen mode...with other quirks00:07
Mr_Fixitman nmap00:07
Mr_Fixitoops lol wrong screen..00:07
PhaquiLaptopokay yeah00:07
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, not entirely00:07
PhaquiLaptopbut this is a known problem it seems00:08
PhaquiLaptopwhy isn't there any fixes? :(00:08
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, it's an issue with wine and the game...00:08
jribDeiselton: depends on your setup.  Try setting the appropriate DISPLAY value (echo $DISPLAY on your second screen and see if it's different than when you do it on the first screen)00:08
PhaquiLaptopisn't there a functionality in gnome or anything?00:08
bobertdosnalioth: not really, I'd guess boot, syslog, or syslog.0, maybe faillog..........00:08
PhaquiLaptopit isn't an issue with wine and the game, because the game doesn't have that feature00:08
jribnalioth: a crash or your system just decided to shutdown?00:09
PhaquiLaptopwine works perfectly. the game works perfectly.00:09
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, it is an issue with wine, since it's "dont let mouse leave window" feature doesnt work00:09
PhaquiLaptopooh.. yes, I have tried that feature00:09
PhaquiLaptopbut there should exist some sort of other solution..00:10
naliothjrib: it did not shutdown properly.  it did what it would do if you unplugged it.  CLICK00:10
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, i assume your running with only one monitor and the wine screen is not using 'emulate virtual desktop' ?00:10
PhaquiLaptoplike an external program, or an option in gnome, for instance00:10
naliothjrib: twice today00:10
AnonymousOneAny grand programs for making bar graphs00:10
PhaquiLaptopthat is correct, airtonix00:10
khanfusedI've got one that seemed simple until I chased it a while.  I've got a fresh-out-of-the-package Lenovo Thinkpad T-61 ( w ) NVIDIA video board, that won't switch resolutions from 1280x800  up to 1680 x  whatever-resolution-scales-up.  It won't even see that it CAN go above 1280.  I've already loaded the NVIDIA binary drivers, along with all of the other kubuntu restricted extras.  Have also pulled in the nvidia drivers from 00:10
naliothbobertdos: thanks for the help, but none of the logs to back to before this current session  :(00:10
pan_can i add space to ubuntu's drive?00:11
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
jribnalioth: I'd add /var/log/messages to the list bobertdos gave.  Are you sure it isn't overheating?00:11
pan_if i have xtra space00:11
pan_it wont let me using ubuntu live cd00:11
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, the issue is related(i assume) to how the mouse still sends movement vectors even though its at the edge of a screen...this is wines fault00:11
pan_do i have to use gparted boot disk?00:11
naliothjrib: see last message (and no, it's a Powermac with nice automatic fans)00:11
bobertdosAnonymousOne: OpenOffice should be able to do that at least on a basic level00:11
jribnalioth: fans do fail00:11
AnonymousOnebobertdos, yes, it isn't pretty enough for my likings ;)00:12
airtonixAnonymousOne, have you enabled all your repositories and searched with synaptics?00:12
erishttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/228416/comments/4  <- anyone have any experience with resolving this issue "Hash Sum mismatch on some packages, but CD checksum OK"00:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 228416 in ubuntu "8.04 (alternate CD) Installation step failed (dup-of: 219059)" [Undecided,New]00:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 219059 in pkgsel "alternate installer: installation step failed" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:12
PhaquiLaptopso there is no other external programs that can prevent this from happening?00:12
airtonixAnonymousOne, i assume your looking for a application based solution and not something that can be viewed in a webbrowser?00:12
erisseems to be something to do with sata/ide cdrom00:13
naliothjrib: this happened a couple years ago, too.  'bad ppc kernel'00:13
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, not that i am aware of00:13
PhaquiLaptopoh well.. okay, thank you for your time00:13
DigitalFiz7does ubuntu have a identd running by default? if not what should i use and how do i enable it00:13
AnonymousOneairtonix, actually I would like to make it into an image for a webpage, but if their are any programs to make a graph that can be viewed in a website, that would work as well00:13
airtonixPhaquiLaptop, if you find out let me know or post on the forums please00:13
PhaquiLaptopWill do00:13
airtonixAnonymousOne, there are a few options...00:13
Finirashow do i minimize a fullscreen application such as a video game? like alt+tab in windows00:14
Mr_Fixitgeorgy_28, have you used nmap before??00:14
airtonixAnonymousOne, let me retrieve a link for you00:14
georgy_28Mr_Fixit, : yes00:14
heirentonkhanfused: I should add resolutions to xorg.conf for this00:14
Mr_Fixitgeorgy_28, it says all ports scanned are closed... but i know very well they are not00:14
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cow00:14
airtonixAnonymousOne, what kind of data are you using to create the graphs?00:15
georgy_28Mr_Fixit, : just give the right options ...00:15
LaQuirrELLhello all00:15
AnonymousOneairtonix, er? just simple numbers00:15
Finirashow do i minimize a fullscreen application such as a video game? like alt+tab in windows00:15
jribnalioth: you could let it run off of a known good version of the live cd and see if it happens still.  Then you would be closer to knowing if it's a hardware issue (I'd run a memtest and check the fans).  No ideas otherwise about getting more info though00:15
LaQuirrELLanyone here that can talk to me about ntfs-config and the fstab file?00:15
jribLaQuirrELL: best to just ask the channel your question00:15
airtonixAnonymousOne, i meant is the source financial from an existing spreadsheet in openoffice for example or something like a network bandwidth log?00:15
LaQuirrELLk ty00:16
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:16
naliothjrib: i doubt it's the fans ( i can hear them spin up and down )00:16
airtonix!info wip | AnonymousOne00:16
ubottuanonymousone: wip (source: wip): Interactive graphic plotting package for high quality output. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2p3-9 (hardy), package size 899 kB, installed size 1276 kB00:16
khanfusedheirenton -- the default xorg.conf doesn't seem to HAVE any defined video modes (resolutions) ... which is the first time I've seen that conf without them.00:16
khanfused... strange00:16
mefisto__Finiras: not all games will work the same way. some let you alt+tab, some switch from windowed to fullscreen with alt+enter or F11 or some other key00:17
airtonixAnonymousOne, theres more00:17
LaQuirrELLi have two files   1] fstab    2] fstab.pre-ntfs-config     both contain hardrive info    is this normal?00:17
naliothjrib: i thought some logs were supposed to survive across a sudden shutdown ( so you could diagnose this type of behavior )00:17
Luminerd__I need to connect to a printer, a big one. It supposedly has it's own ip and whatnot. Don't even know where to begin?00:18
bobertdosLaQuirrELL: It looks like the second file might just be a back up. fstab is the main one. What version of Ubuntu are you using?00:18
heirentonkhanfused: same issue. I bluntantly copied a old xorg.conf  backup over it with changing the resolutions but i don't know exactly why this happens...00:18
mefisto__LaQuirrELL:  fstab.pre-ntfs-config is just a backup00:18
unopLaQuirrELL, the second one seems to be a backup as the result of something being configured (related to ntfs)00:18
LaQuirrELLbobertos   8.0400:18
airtonix!info graphviz | AnonymousOne00:18
ubottuanonymousone: graphviz (source: graphviz): rich set of graph drawing tools. In component main, is optional. Version 2.16-3ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 385 kB, installed size 1048 kB00:18
bobertdosLaQuirrELL: yep, I think we all agree, second one is a backup, just focus on fstab00:19
airtonix!inkscape | AnonymousOne00:19
ubottuAnonymousOne: Inkscape is a powerful vector graphics drawing application - see http://www.inkscape.org/ for more00:19
LaQuirrELLok   i am having trouble getting acces to a new harddrive i installed and am tryong to sort it out00:19
bobertdosLaQuirrELL: Is it NTFS?00:20
LankenI just installed Hardy Heron and I'm getting a few error 302 Moved Temporarily when I try to update my package lists00:20
airtonixAnonymousOne, and lastly there is a webpage project called tiddlywiki00:20
LaQuirrELLso if i delete the line for this hard drive   what will happen?   other than i won't see it00:20
Lankenis something up with the repos, or is it me?00:20
airtonixAnonymousOne, there is a plugin for it that produces timeline graphs based on data it's called similie i think00:20
mefisto__it's you Lanken :)00:20
aa_hi, I upgraded to intrepid (foolish) but I see my network card is not supported (yet) is there a painless way I can downgrade?00:20
jribLaQuirrELL: it won't get mounted, that's all00:21
jribaa_: no00:21
airtonixAnonymousOne, and you can always sue javascript to manipulate a svg document :) svg = xml00:21
airtonixAnonymousOne, use*00:21
Lankenmefisto__: some of the downloads succeed though....00:21
LaQuirrELLok  ty jrib00:21
aa_jrib: for real, no way at all?00:21
jrib!downgrade | aa_00:21
ubottuaa_: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.00:21
mefisto__Lanken: you could try changing to a different download server00:21
aa_yeah my system is already broken to be honest00:21
jribaa_: you should try #ubuntu+1 to see if someone there can help you get your card to work00:21
Killer--Tuxwhat it dew00:22
bobertdosLaQuirrELL: Nah, not much will happen. It just won't automount.00:22
Luminerd__I need to set up a printer/copy machine. It's a lexmark. How do I do this00:22
aa_jrib: there are open bugs about it00:22
jribaa_: then just backup your data and reinstall00:22
aa_jrib: latest kernel was breaking the nvram, on the card00:22
airtonix!info gnumeric | AnonymousOne00:22
ubottuanonymousone: gnumeric (source: gnumeric): spreadsheet application for GNOME - main program. In component main, is optional. Version 1.8.2-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 2183 kB, installed size 6248 kB00:22
aa_jrib: I can use an older kernel, but then I get the nvidia version mismatch thing00:22
thiebaudeaa_:and flash kept crashing firefox00:22
jribaa_: so install the nvidia drivers manually or use nv00:22
aa_maybe I should just concentrate on getting nvidia at the right version, or manually isntalling it00:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about scsi00:23
ubotturaid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:23
LaQuirrELLand if i comment the line out it just wont mount either?00:23
aa_jrib: ok, thanks for the help00:23
jribLaQuirrELL: yeah00:23
airtonix!info RLplot | AnonymousOne00:23
ubottuanonymousone: rlplot (source: rlplot): Generate publication quality graphs. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4-1 (hardy), package size 955 kB, installed size 2440 kB00:23
kitcheaa_: nforce chipsets are known to not work so you'll probably have that issue for a very long time00:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about scci00:23
jribaa_: you should be able to sort the nvidia problem00:23
aa_never ever ever ever upgrade to alpha00:23
LaQuirrELLk ty all00:23
airtonix!info gnuplot | AnonymousOne00:23
ubottuanonymousone: gnuplot (source: gnuplot): A command-line driven interactive plotting program. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.2.2-1 (hardy), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB00:23
aa_jrib: yeah will try00:23
gustavonareaHi. I'm trying to install Hardy on a laptop Siragon Canaima 2013, while it hangs in te usplash. Can you please suggest me to try any boot options before downloading the alternate CD?00:23
jribaa_: it's beta now :)00:23
bobertdosLuminerd__: Just plug it in and try to run it. If it isn't autodetected, go into System->Administration->Printing and try to add it yourself from the drivers available in cups.00:24
Lankenmefisto__: synaptic prefs?00:24
airtonix!info labplot | AnonymousOne00:24
ubottuanonymousone: labplot (source: labplot): data plotting and function analysis tool for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 6181 kB, installed size 12452 kB00:24
airtonix!info matplotlib | AnonymousOne00:24
h2isupposedly python-2play is installed, how can i tell where?00:24
ubottuanonymousone: Package matplotlib does not exist in hardy00:24
thiebaudewhat is the command to use in the terminal to upgrade to 8.10?00:24
h2ii mean, how can i tell what program is using it?00:24
AnonymousOneairtonix, gnumeric has what I want00:24
AnonymousOneairtonix, thanks for the help00:24
airtonix!info gruff | AnonymousOne00:25
ubottuanonymousone: Package gruff does not exist in hardy00:25
thiebaudei think im going to try 8.10 again since it's in beta00:25
airtonixAnonymousOne, http://snippets.dzone.com/posts/show/516800:25
h2ithiebaude: sudo aptitude upgrade, no?00:25
Lankenmefisto__: it could be that some repos are blocked in china00:25
airtonixAnonymousOne, glad to help00:25
thiebaudethanks h21:next i log in i'll be on 8.10 bbl in a couple of hours00:25
LaQuirrELLcan anyone tell me the proper parameters for setting up a drive that will be for storage only?    ext2  ext3   or what?00:26
bobertdosh2i: Well, dpkg -L <package> will list everywhere the package installed something. apt-cache rdepends will show you what programs depend on a given package.00:26
jasuusim doing a dpkg-buildpackage and it does all its checking but then fails with make  make[1] entering directory `home/jasuus/gnucash/gnucasu-2.24'   then it says ***no targets specified and no makefile found Stop.       Theres a makefile right in the directory00:26
h2ibobertdos: thank you much mr.00:27
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bobertdosLaQuirrELL: Again, how is the drive formatted? What filesystem is it?00:27
jasuuswhat am i looking for?00:27
jribjasuus: are you building a package from the repository source?00:27
jribjasuus: *ubuntu* repository00:27
jasuusjrib: yes  apt-get source gnucash00:27
LaQuirrELLbobertos  that is what i want to know00:27
jasuusim following these steps: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Debian00:28
jribjasuus: did you do 'sudo apt-get build-dep gnucash'?00:28
jasuusyep all the dependancies are there00:28
LaQuirrELLother than installing ubuntu on one hard drive with instructions i havenot done this b400:28
Lankenmefisto__: it's working now, thanks for the help.  The "main repo" had the same problem, but the third try worked.00:28
jribjasuus: and you have 'build-essential' installed?00:29
LaQuirrELLi need to know what filesystem it shud be00:29
bobertdosLaQuirrELL: In a terminal, type sudo fdisk -l and post the output on paste.ubuntu.com and show us the url.00:29
noooWhat ever happened to the "load contents of CD onto ram before booting" option on the livecds?00:29
mefisto__Lanken: maybe they were in the middle of updating when you were downloading?00:29
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:30
LaQuirrELLbobertos    http://paste.ubuntu.com/53322/  the drive in question is sdb100:32
shadowbaneHey, I just upgraded to 8.10, and I can't get my screen to go to 1280x1080 anymore00:32
jribshadowbane: see the last entry in the /topic00:33
LaQuirrELLbut apparently it is the same name as another drive i used to have plugged in    if i plug it back in will i have a conflict?00:33
blaki know this isn't a wifi wpa_supplicant help channel but maybe someone can help me with those things here... check out my pastebin http://pastebin.com/m39aaeafe00:33
AboSamoorHi, I used chartboot to investigate the long boot I have, and I found the boot process take 37 second, is it normal , what can I do ?00:33
jribjasuus: still there?00:33
blakI need to know why it is skipping the AP i point the conf file to?00:33
jasuusjrib: yep00:33
jribjasuus: and you have 'build-essential' installed?00:34
jasuusjrib: eys00:34
jribjasuus: you are editing the package before building right?00:34
bobertdosLaQuirrELL: No, if you plug in another drive, the designations will adjust appropriately. It looks like the drive in question is probably ext3.00:34
jasuusim reading through the debian "rules" file that there...and finding the make where it crashes00:35
jasuusi put the actual makefile name after the call to make00:35
jasuusand it went through and then failed at the next call to make00:35
jasuussame reason00:35
sanguisdexany body know a good site to watch the debate that does not require real player or windows?00:36
jasuusso im putting the name of the makefile in that one too00:36
jribjasuus: no, does the package build from a fresh 'apt-get source' without any modifications for you?00:36
jasuusthats where im at now00:36
jribjasuus: let me try to build it here00:37
LaQuirrELLbobertos  so is that what i shud use to set up a storage drive?   ext300:37
bobertdossanguisdex: CNN may broadcast it, not sure. Of course, you probably won't have to wait for it very long to be on Youtube :p00:37
blakgoodluck sanguisdex, Linux is not respected00:37
sanguisdexI know00:38
* omolina is away: 1100:38
sanguisdexI kind of expected cspan to do it00:38
LjL!away > omolina    (omolina, see the private message from Ubotu)00:38
ubottuomolina, please see my private message00:38
sanguisdexlet me check the bbc00:38
bobertdosLaQuirrELL: most likely00:38
blakIs anyone here a wpa_supplicant guru?00:38
LaQuirrELLmy real goal is to get rid of all the M$ stuff so i don't have to deal with things like ntfs=config and such00:38
bobertdosLaQuirrELL: understandable :)00:39
AboSamoor Hi, I used chartboot to investigate the long boot I have, and I found the boot process take 37 second, is it normal , what can I do ?00:40
LaQuirrELLok  ty  now is there a place site  i can go to that will tell me what the difference is between all these different file systems?00:40
Happysys > admin > add user and group > the add user button is grey and unclickable, howto add a user?00:41
Happyfunny i m the default user of ubuntu. after upgrade from 7.04 to 8.04, this feature is lost ?00:42
patkohi I've uninstalled a program I've compiled with 'make uninstall', if I type the name of the program in bash, instead of saying it doesn't know the command, it says that it doesn't find it where it has been  installed00:42
euxneksHappy, click on the unlock button on the bottom right00:43
patkoWhere could I find a config file for removing the reference to this program?00:43
euxneksHappy, you'll need to enter your password and unlock for administration uses00:43
jribpatko: hash -r00:43
Happyah that's it00:43
patkook, lemme try00:43
Happyeuxneks: is this new feature of 8.04 ? :D00:43
euxneksHappy, I believe it was added yeah :)00:44
patkojrib: thanks a lot00:44
euxneksHappy, there are abunch of other "administrative" programs that use that unlock button as well00:44
euxneksHappy, I think it's so you can look at the data without actually having to authenticate00:45
neurosis__1Quick question: Where would I start diagnosing this - drag and drop, globally in Gnome, causes whatever application I'm attempt to 'drag' from crash the instant I click and start the drag operation.00:45
Happyeuxneks: if i add a guest user (very low access: eg internet user, play dvd etc) what's the best privilege00:45
neurosis__1If it's in Nautilus, I get a segfault message in dmesg.. same for gnome-panel.00:45
LaQuirrELLor can some one tell me the difference between ext2   and ext300:45
euxneksHappy, I wouldn't know that sorry :P00:45
Pici!zh | lin00:46
ubottulin: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk00:46
Happyeuxneks: thank :)00:46
mefisto__LaQuirrELL: they are both the same, except ext3 has journalling00:46
euxneksHappy, np :)00:46
euxneksLaQuirrELL, ext3 is newer as well00:46
euxnekswhich usually means more improvements00:46
mefisto__the only difference is journalling00:46
pyrokay__hey guys, can i use dist-upgrade to upgrade to the 8.10 beta?00:46
euxneksmefisto__, ah00:46
jribpyrokay__: see the /topic (and no)00:47
tonyyarussopyrokay__: "maybe".  The recommended way is with update-manager -d.00:47
mefisto__journalling is a great benefit though00:47
pyrokay__ok, thanks00:47
Happylin: #ubuntu-cn00:47
onx!cn | lin00:47
ubottulin: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk00:47
comicinkerhi! is there a difference between the .xsession file and the .xinitrc file ?00:47
AboSamoorI used bootchart to calculate the long boot time, and it was 37 second, is this normal ? what can I do to make shorter ?00:48
blakCan anyone here help me with a wpa_supplicant error?00:48
comicinkerin home?00:48
tonyyarussoAboSamoor: sounds about average to me.00:48
pyrokay__Perfect, thanks guys.00:48
danbh_intrepidAboSamoor: 37 seconds total?00:48
redvamp128 I got the creative audigy ls to run the front only Channel in Ubuntu 8.04. But the main volume control does not work have to use alsa mixer. Is there any way to change the defualt panel volume control to change that mixer device?00:49
jribcomicinker: that stuff is confusing. xinitrc gets called when you do startx.  xsession I don't remember00:49
AboSamoordanbh_intrepid: 37 seconds to get the GDM login00:49
irumbois this the right place to ask about getting ati drivers to run? I have an Hd4670 and can't get it to run with compiz ..00:50
comicinkerjrib: maybe this is the costum start script for login window managers like gdm00:50
AboSamoortonyyarusso: I have longer time to login using gdm, how can I measure it  ?00:50
irumboi am running ubuntu 8.0400:50
danbh_intrepidAboSamoor: bah, you should just turn on your computer, and do what you want to do.  You've already wasted more time trying to figure this out, then you will in saving time..00:51
tonyyarussoAboSamoor: stopwatch?  Not sure when bootchart stops.00:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pae00:51
LjL!msg the bot > Khisanth00:51
ubottuKhisanth, please see my private message00:51
mefisto__irumbo: you could try in #compiz-fusion00:51
neurosis__1Anyone know what package might have to do with drag and drop functionality in gnome?00:51
LjLKhisanth: PAE, as in the thing that lets you use your RAM, is only available in the server kernel, as far as i'm aware, unless you compile your own00:51
irumbothx i will do so ..00:51
danbh_intrepidneurosis__1: gio?00:52
techsupportcan anyone valateer to help me out with samba ?00:52
jribcomicinker: maybe00:52
comicinkerwhen I removed gdm, I cannot use the nm-applet anymore because of unsufficient permissions. what would I have to add the sudoers list?00:52
blak37 seconds isn't bad, i agree00:53
Khisanthactually I need to check if that would actually help first ...00:53
andrilany opinions of Wine-Doors?00:54
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neurosis__1danbh_intrepid: libgio shows up in synaptic, but is not currently installed (w/ regular 8.04 install).. hmm00:55
blakIs there a way to WINE windows wireless zero config?00:55
jasuusjrib: did you get the source?00:55
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!00:55
Luminerd__Hello. I am trying to print to a Lexmark copy machine. I have the IP and am making some sort of connection. But it prints just gibberish. Lexmark site has no Ubuntu or source driver00:56
AnonymousOneA new version of linux, already?00:56
jribjasuus: this is all I did: sudo apt-get build-dep gnucash; sudo apt-get source gnucash; cd gnucash-2.2.4; dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us -b00:56
techsupporti installed samba and swat, for some reasons none of the links work inside swap00:56
techsupporti mean swat00:56
jribjasuus: start over running only that sequence of commands and pastebin the error you get00:56
blakHas anyone seen any improvements in wireless connectivity with Intrepid?00:57
DeviantSOPAnonymousOne: no,  a new version of ubuntu.00:57
AnonymousOneDeviantSOP, yes, sorry, that was what I meant to say :)00:57
histoI've noticed that if you have a samba share with guest write enabled the files that get written are all messed up. No owner or user and permissions are screwy.00:57
Moodlestechqbert: are you logging in with the root username (in swat) ?00:57
Moodlestechsupport rather00:57
histoblak: ask in #ubuntu+100:57
jribjasuus: make sure you are in a new directory so that you actually download it to a clean place00:57
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th!00:57
techsupportMoodles, not root, as sudo user00:58
techsupportMoodles, didnt create password for root00:58
nutella_which comman line program can convert a number pictures to the same size each?00:58
ubuntuIs it possible to relable all of my partitions so the first partition becomes #1?00:58
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a00:59
Moodlestechsupport: the password is your superuser's password00:59
redvamp128I got the creative audigy ls to run the front only Channel in Ubuntu 8.04. But the main volume control does not work have to use alsa mixer. Is there any way to change the defualt panel volume control to change that mixer device?00:59
histoubuntu: what do you mean relabel them like /dev/sda1 etc...00:59
historedvamp128: did you enable the switch for secondary audio port sensing in gnomes volume control?01:00
davori need some halp01:00
davorhelp, sorry01:00
ubuntuhisto: make the first partition on the drive become #1 and the second become #2 - I've been moving them around and they're kinda screwed up now01:00
histo!ask > davor01:00
ubottudavor, please see my private message01:00
techsupportMoodles, just tried to login as user name 'swat' and 'my super user password' didnt work01:00
histoubuntu: you can change that order that is where they are like primary and so on.01:00
pan_what is the best way to remove a wireless card safely in ubuntu01:00
neurosis__1nutella_: ImageMagick convert01:00
belkinhelp2anyone have any luck with logitech pro 9000 web cam for Hardy?01:00
pan_while ubuntu is on01:00
techsupportMoodles, does not let me login like this at all01:01
belkinhelp2here is the error msg i get in terminal:01:01
belkinhelp2luvcview version 0.2.101:01
belkinhelp2Video driver: x1101:01
belkinhelp2A window manager is available01:01
belkinhelp2video /dev/video001:01
belkinhelp2Unable to set format: 22.01:01
FloodBot2belkinhelp2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:01
davorcan i post one link here, so I can easily explain what I want? link is about linux...01:01
ubuntuhisto: right - but I 0 nevermind - I'll strugle through this01:01
histopan_: you don't remove hardware while the cmputer is on. Unless its pcmcia01:01
roukoundavor: ok01:01
histo!paste > belkinhelp201:01
ubottubelkinhelp2, please see my private message01:01
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a01:01
unoppan_, sudo ifdown wlan_interface  #and then remove the hardware01:01
penanyone know why gecko engine is messed up in long sites?01:01
histoubuntu: you would have to move the partitions around to change their numbers.01:01
penmy firefox can't render long sties01:01
pan_k thx01:01
belkinhelp2ok...here is the pastbin01:02
ethiotechjoin# openser01:02
histodavor: you can put a link up the paste rule is pretty much to keep a limit of 3 lines.01:02
pan_pcmcia is my wireless card that sticks out of my laptop?01:02
belkinhelp2where did luvcviewer go wrong?01:03
pan_stupid question01:03
ethiotechjoin# openser01:03
techsupportethiotech, stop please01:03
davorhttp://cutecomputer.files.wordpress.com/2006/11/arch-desk.png?w=459&h=346 , how do you call this 'things' on desktop ? widgets?01:03
davoron the bottom of the screen01:03
histoethiotech: try /j #openser01:03
Moodlestechsupport: log in as 'root', and your user password01:03
alteregoathere is a bug with ubuntu hardy with 3com 3c905b01:03
xompI've got an HP PSC 1315 (All-in-One) printer that's showing up in my "Default Printers" as HP PSC 1310 but it will not print anything. Says it's low on ink (when there's a new cartridge sitting in there now).01:03
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a01:03
histodavor: at the bottom of the screen?01:03
techsupporttechsupport, i tried logging in as 'root' and my sudo password, it wont let me login01:04
belkinhelp2ok let me start over.....logitech pro 9000 webcam, luvcviewer gives this error msg:01:04
davorhisto, yes01:04
Luminerd__I would really appreciate some help hare. I have a lexmark copy machine. I have connected to it but it only prints gibberish. Lexmark site has no ubuntu driver...01:04
kansan__how do i enable cleartype?  how do i enable nice better easier to read fonts?01:04
FAJ!fonts | kansan__01:04
ubottukansan__: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer01:04
william_so I've followed some instructions to update ffmpeg because their seems to be a problem with the version in the normal packages... however I tried to "hold" the packages in aptitude but the updates keep asking me to update even though I have the newest version.. any help?01:05
ihabI reinstalled windows lately and this is my problem http://pastebin.ca/121743301:05
histodavor: theres different apps to do kickers like that i'm not sure which one he is using. But you would just install them with synaptic. You can also check out this forum for help with bells and whistles like that http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33001:05
jrib!pinning | william_01:05
ubottuwilliam_: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto01:05
william_thank you! jrib01:06
roukoundavor: i think it is a packet called Mac4Lin  that let you use the applications bar from Mac... it is just some shortcuts for apps01:06
jribwilliam_: though really the medibuntu versions of ffmpeg are usually all anyone needs, no need to build yourself01:06
jrib!medibuntu > william_01:06
ubottuwilliam_, please see my private message01:06
g00dfellamy ubuntu 7.10 completely hangs the ui when I try to copy a file, does anyone know what I might be able to do to figure out what's causing this?01:06
techsupportdid anyone run into this problem ? i installed samba and swat, for some reasons none of the links work inside swat01:06
Luminerd__Can any one please help me figure out this lexmark printer issue?01:06
histowilliam_: yeah you can just install single packages from medibuntu in the future.01:06
histo!printer > Luminerd__01:07
ubottuLuminerd__, please see my private message01:07
ihabI tried fdisk -l but it gives me nothing and when I try to reinstall ubuntu installer didn't see any of my partitions !01:07
fivrePHP is telling me mysql_connect() is undefined even though I do have the php5_mysql package01:07
histoihab: sudo fdisk -l01:07
FAJihab:  try sudo fdisk -l01:07
ihabwhat can I do ?01:07
FAJlol nice histo01:07
william_histo, so I can use that to install ffmpeg instead of these instructions?01:07
techsupportanyone please... ??01:08
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:08
histowilliam_: yeap as jrib suggested01:08
william_ok thanks histo, jrib01:08
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a01:08
Luminerd__Histo I have already set it up though.... It does not print right!! Just gibberish01:08
histoLuminerd__: perhaps there is a bug with the drivers or you need to try different ones.01:09
gunny_17Can anyone tell me the command used to display the installed graphics card information?01:09
g00dfellaalso how can i get my installation to accept an incomming rsync connection?01:09
histogunny_17: lspci01:09
histog00dfella:I believe rsync operates over ssh.01:09
gunny_17histo: tnxs so much!01:10
histog00dfella: sudo aptitude install ssh01:10
Luminerd__Histo yes I am not sure what driver I use. There isn't one for this particular machine on lexmarks site01:10
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g00dfellanice i'll try that01:10
histogunny_17: there is also glx_info  if you have a glx based card and drivers01:10
jurohi, I am running Ubuntu 8.04 64 bit with 4Gb Ram installed. Now somehoe I only have 800mb free but there is no reason for this :(01:10
FAJjuro:  if it is all being used it's being used01:10
jribjuro: type 'free -m' observe the +/- buffers line01:10
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a01:11
roukounhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53331/ can anyone help with this01:11
robnychey everyone.. i have a little problem lately with my new Lenovo Thinkpad R61.. when I put it to sleep on ubuntu, and then wake up later. I see its connected to the internet either on ethernet or wifi.. but it doesnt respond like if it was offline, i have to make it init 1 then init 5.. is there an issue related to this ?01:11
histojuro: 64bit uses more ram for cacheing then 32bit.01:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sleep01:11
g00dfellaok i have ssh installed, i ssh'ed into my other computer and now i want to rsnyc back to this one01:11
g00dfellabut is says connection refused, is there a firewall that I need to setup?01:11
histoFAJ: perhaps you have multiple / mounted?01:11
histog00dfella: the one you are rsyncing back in to would need the ssh also01:12
FAJhisto:  he is running off of the live cd when he does this, and so that is what shows up in gparte01:12
mefisto__FAJ: you're confusing partitions with disk space inside those partitions01:12
juroFAJ, jrib, histo. looking at the system monitor, the biggest blocks are about 512mb for VMWare and 266 MB for firefox - other than that most of the others are way under 100MB ..01:12
histog00dfella: also there is no reason to do what you are doing as you can rsync from the one you are on to the other.01:12
jribjuro: did you run the command I said?01:12
ihabI reinstalled windows lately and this is my problem http://pastebin.ca/121743301:13
FAJmefisto__:  but he is getting conflicting diskspaces right now...01:13
ihabI tried fdisk -l but it gives me nothing and when I try to reinstall ubuntu installer didn't see any of my partitions !01:13
FAJdf -h and fdisk show different free space01:13
histojuro: that is one of the caveats of 64bit. If you look in the forums under the 64bit section that is explained in the sticky.01:13
Cacodemoni tried Ubuntu on my Dell laptop, but there's no sound, no 3d graphics, no modem or anything of the sort.01:13
ihabwhat can I do ?01:13
mefisto__gparted and fdisk is telling you about space for new partitions01:13
juroyes, what does that tell me?01:13
FAJihab:  sudo fidsk -l01:13
mefisto__df tells you how much space is in the partitions01:13
techsupportdid anyone run into this problem ? i installed samba and swat, for some reasons none of the links work inside swat01:13
g00dfellaoh... let me try that... the reason i'm trying to do this in the first place is because every time I try to copy a specific file on this machine it hangs the ui except for the mouse, so I figured i'd try to send it through the other machine01:13
histog00dfella: you could do that and you could also use scp01:14
roukounhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53331/ can anyone help with this?01:14
FAJmefisto__:  ok,  so right now he has / with 36 gbs, and when he opens up gparted it says that it only has 6 gb's open give or take,,, but he has about 30 open b/c he never added anything new01:14
histog00dfella: rsync is more for making a mirror on the remote system. Like syncing two directories ...01:14
histog00dfella: scp is a way to copy files and there is also sftp01:14
FAJmefisto__: pm?01:15
jurohisto, on ubuntuforums.org?01:15
histojuro: yes there is a 64bit section with a sticky let me find link01:15
robert__i booted the beta disc and it said 2 errors on the error check. should i still install?01:15
jribrobert__: no01:15
Cacodemonhow do you install drivers for Ubuntu?01:15
histojuro: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=765428 read the part about hte memory01:15
jribCacodemon: for what?01:16
jurohisto, yes reading that already01:16
g00dfellaok thanks, i'll try scp01:16
jrib!who | juro01:16
histojuro: One disadvantage of 64-bit architectures is compared to 32-bit architectures the same data will occupy more space in memory (due to larger pointers and possibly other types and alignment adding). The increases in the memory requirements of a given process can have implications for efficient processor cache utilization.01:16
ubottujuro: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:16
g00dfellai think i've used that before01:16
jurohisto, doesn't really help though01:16
Cacodemon3d graphics and sound01:16
xompI need help with my USB printer. lsusb is showing "Bus 002 Device 003: ID 03f0:3f11 Hewlett-Packard PSC-1315/PSC-1317" but when I try and print something it does nothing but bitch about no paper or low on ink when none of these things should be an issue as it's loaded with paper and has a new ink cartridge.01:17
jurojrib, can you read the 'histo' in front of my posts?01:17
afallenhopeis libnet6-1.3-dev the same as libnet1-dev? I have libnet1-dev installed however I can't a file becase it says it's missing..,01:17
techsupportanyone ?01:17
histojuro: you've stated that most of your memory is being used. I'm explaining why that is.01:17
jurohisto, yes, I have read that - but surely the system monitor or top should show where the memory is being used (which it isn't)01:18
afallenhopelibnet ipv6.. gotcha01:18
brian_xomp take compressed air and blow it out01:18
jribjuro: I've asked you a question twice, so I was making sure you weren't addressing the channel with one of your responses01:18
histojuro: Are you speaking of where the cached memory is being used?01:18
LaQuirrELL mefisto  euxneks    why then when i installed ubuntu was it recommended that / partition shud be ext3 and /home shud be ext201:18
comicinkerhow can I add myself to the group netdev? sudo usermod --append --groups netdev comic ?01:18
brian_xomp also usb unplug printer, take cartriges out, unplug from power, leave off for 30 secs, plug power back in while holding power button01:19
jribcomicinker: sudo adduser comic netdev01:19
jurojrib, ok, yes - but I don't know what the outpur tells me01:19
william_So I've setup VNC so I can connect to my computer at work.. I ran in to a snag today though... I wanted to restart the system but could not connect to VNC cause a user wasn't logged in.. what could I do? SSH?01:19
jribjuro: then pastebin it and show us01:19
histojuro: linux uses memory quite different then windows.01:19
deathtechHello all, i will be using SSH , and was wondering if anyone can recommend some good console apps, other than elinks, irssi, and GNU Screen01:19
onxbrian__, xomp, taking cartridges out is a bad idea with some inkjet printers01:19
histojuro: if you type free -m you will see that is the case. cache memory can be freed when a program needs it.01:19
jurojrib: http://pastebin.com/d2bc50be201:20
amenadowilliam_-> yes ssh in first, and use something else not a straight vnc01:20
jribdeathtech: vim and mutt01:20
Gr33n3ggdeathtech: Use the Terminal.01:20
xompI need help with my USB printer. lsusb is showing "Bus 002 Device 003: ID 03f0:3f11 Hewlett-Packard PSC-1315/PSC-1317" but when I try and print something it does nothing but bitch about no paper or low on ink when none of these things should be an issue as it's loaded with paper and has a new ink cartridge. Printer works fine in Windows, just an issue (as expected) with linux :S01:20
steve_hi does ubuntu use both cpus in a dual core?01:20
jribjuro: you have over 2600mb free after taking into account buffers/cache01:20
xomponx, yeah I'm not removing anything lol, it works fine in Windows, should be the same for linux :(01:20
william_amenado, I'm using whatever is built in to Ubuntu with a TightVNC viewer01:20
onxsteve_, yes01:20
deathtechanyone aware of a good system resource monitoring app that is console based ?01:20
steve_thanks onx01:20
ZerothisI'm trying to use a USB drive to install ubuntu on another computer with no CD drive. I used UNebootin, Ubuntu, 8.04_Live. I think I wrote to the previously blank drive correctly (it shows 21 files/folders including "syslinux.cfg") but the other computer does not find a bootable image on the USB drive (I disabled all boot options except USB, still doesn't find it).01:21
histowilliam_: yeah you would have to log in ssh but then I don't know how you would log in to x.01:21
amenadowilliam_-> whatever is built in (which is none) is not enuff01:21
histoamenado: william_ means vino01:21
jribjuro: linux tries to be smart about using your memory.  If it can use it it will.  The idea being that it is doing you no good if you aren't using it.  If another app needs the memory, it will free it up01:21
onxxomp, what's "bitching" then?01:21
william_amenado, histo  Well I used TightVNC to connect today so I'm not quite sure... always up for suggestions01:21
amenadohisto-> you did not follow what he asked for, if no one is logged in, he wants to remote vnc01:22
histodeathtech: top01:22
jurojrib, ok - that makes sense. so how do I uninstall the system monitor?01:22
xomponx, it's saying the printer is low on ink and/or out of paper when both are untrue.01:22
jribjuro: erm, why?01:22
onxxomp, where is "it" saying that?01:22
xomponx, my print job stays in the queue as "Processing" and won't get past that01:22
histoamenado: I know I thought you were confused about what he meant when he said whatever is there by default which is vino01:22
roukounhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53331/   any help?01:22
xomponx, I'm suspecting one would call it the icon on the taskbar in gnome? has a pop-up window.01:23
histojuro: you can remove it from your panel by right click on it if thats what you mean.01:23
jurojrib, forget it - it was a joke01:23
jribjuro: heh :)01:23
amenadowilliam_-> google for x11vnc01:23
william_okay thank you01:24
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jurojrib, I am really missing my Directory Opus though .... nautilus is like Duplo ...01:24
jribjuro: which features do you miss?  (never used it)01:25
histowilliam_: or you can install tightvncserver on yoru work computer then you won't need to worry about a user being logged in. The remote user would have their own X01:25
histowilliam_: you can even connect to it via a java enabled browser with tightvnc-java installed on the same box.01:25
jurojrib, just the complete feel of it. dual windows with tabs, etc etc etc01:25
dattai am trying to use audacity, but where can i find the information for line-in and microphone and stuffs like that. There is nothing in the preference of the program saying that.01:26
william_I don't want to install anything except a viewer on the work computer... did you mean install vncserver on my home computer?01:26
jribjuro: try gnome-commander maybe.  nautilus is getting tabs next release though01:26
tonyyarussoSay, does anyone know how I can record a streaming .m3u to a file?01:26
histowilliam_:server on which ever computer you are connecting to remotely.01:26
remote200tonyyarusso,  you could use a audio editor called audacity01:27
dattacan anyone help me find line in and options like that?01:27
histo!offtop | Gr33n3gg01:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about offtop01:27
Cacodemonaudacity is weak01:27
histo!offtopic | Gr33n3gg01:27
ubottuGr33n3gg: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:27
favrotonyyarusso: a m3u file is a playlist file01:27
RickZillaHi everybody, I've been using GIMP for awhile, so I know how to install scripts, brushes, etc...in Windows, but I'm a new Linux user. I'd like to move some of those items from a folder on my desktop into the folder they belong in in GIMP. I have found that folder to install them into, but I keep getting an error "access denied" message when I try to do that.01:28
jurojrib, I am still trying to get used to Ubuntu (have used various Linux servers over the years) - not really that refined though01:28
histofavro: also used in links for stream connections01:28
william_histo, thanks for your help01:28
jribtonyyarusso: if mplayer can play it, you can record it with -dumpstream01:28
tonyyarussoremote200: how would I capture properly for that though?01:28
histowilliam_: np01:28
roukounhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53331/   any help plz?01:28
tonyyarussofavro: right01:28
dattai can't record it but i can save it which doesnot have any sound01:28
tonyyarussojrib: Ooh, that could do it.01:28
dattaits plain blank01:28
tonyyarussojrib: what's the default format for that?01:28
histotonyyarusso: why not jsut use applications > sound and video > sound recorder01:29
jribtonyyarusso: afaik it just dumps whatever data it is receiving01:29
tonyyarussohisto: That would work too, if I can figure out which one is the proper input to select.01:29
histotonyyarusso: you probably want to record your play back01:29
tonyyarussoOhp, time to jet.  Thanks all.01:30
histotonyyarusso: if thats the only audio playing.01:30
amenadoRickZilla-> what is the permission of the destination dir ?01:30
RickZillaamenado:  Not sure how to determine that01:30
dattacome on please help me with the line-in for audacity01:31
amenadoRickZilla-> man ls and perhaps do some tutorial on linux file permissions01:31
=== genii-2 is now known as genii
CacodemonBill Gates here. :)01:32
RickZillaamenado:  I'll check it out, thanks for the help.01:32
amenadoRickZilla-> also include man chown and man chmod01:32
histodatta: did you try the #audacity channel?01:32
dattaoh i didn't know there was one, thanks histo01:33
LordCIve just added a new user, with his own group. How do I stop this user/group accessing my NTFS mount?01:34
bobertdosLordC: Change the permissions in fstab to restrict group and user access.01:35
askvicto1How can I find the differences between two filesystem trees?01:37
LordCbobertdos, with the line /dev/sdb2  /media/ntfs1  ntfs  user,suid,uid=1000,dev,gid=1000,exec  0  0 How would I disallow login1/login1 from accessing it?01:38
LordCfstab has never been a strong point of mine, and documentation for it is so lengthy and complex01:38
roukounhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53331/   any help plzzzz?01:38
bobertdosLordC: Give me a minute, because I need to work it out too.01:39
dattahisto: they can't help with ubuntu01:39
LordCok cheers01:39
dattaplease help if anyone knows the solution01:39
LordCthe uid is 1001 i believe01:39
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a01:39
histodatta: you have an audacity question not a ubuntu question right?01:39
=== schnoods is now known as schnoowork
dattayeah, but they are inter related01:40
bradlyif I run a cron as a user does that user's .bashrc file get loaded before?01:40
Scunizihisto: he needs to change the default input for pulse audio.01:40
dattathey can't help so i came here, please help if anyone can01:40
histodatta: areyou talking about System > Preferences > Sound?01:41
zetheroo-ubuntudoes Banshee have a graphical equalizer?01:41
dattaits actually about recording01:41
histodatta: I don't understand your problem I'm sorry I missed your initial issue.01:42
ian_`in emacs what is the command to save and the command to exit from cmdline01:42
dattai can't record, no sound comes out to the recorder in the program i am using called ubuntu01:42
dattain ubntu* called audacity01:43
dattait doesnot go into line it01:43
dattaline in*01:43
ihabFAG : I told you when I try to install installer can't see my partitions01:43
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a01:43
ihabFAJ : I told you when I try to install installer can't see my partitions01:44
Omoikane__How do I toggle my touch pad settings?01:44
FAJihab... ok?01:44
zetheroo-ubuntudoes banshee have a graphical equalizer?01:45
^paradox^im trying to build a deb package out of hplip tarball. can someone look at this pastebin of my terminal http://rafb.net/p/n25ePG80.html and tell me where i went wrong?01:46
roukouni upgraded my ubuntu from 7.10 to 8.04 using update-manager.... after that some applications crash! now i am trying to launch vmware and frostwire but something goes wrong.... here are the pastebins for vmware: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53331/ and for frostwire: http://pastebin.com/f5c47f8dd01:46
=== ali_ is now known as alicev
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a01:47
RickZillaI'd like to upgrade to the newest version of GIMP....what's the best way to do that in ubuntu?01:48
Gr33n3ggdo not go to #peanutbutter01:48
Omoikane__I looked under mouse but I can't find anyway to setup the scrolling option for my touch pad.01:48
bobertdosLordC: You can PM me if you want.01:48
bobertdosRickZilla: Probably to compile from source.....01:49
bt3userNew Now Know How Row Zaw ZOO01:50
jbecerrildisculpen la pregunta, pero cómo le hago para irme a un canal de ubuntu en español?01:50
DigitalFizanyone here ever mess with kinda making your own driver?01:50
RickZillahmmm...was hoping for a more automated way than that, but that might be my only choice...new Linux user here01:51
DigitalFizneed to know if anyone knows how to do what the person said on the last post of the url: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=92450401:51
DFlame!es ?01:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about es ?01:51
DFlamewell, i dont know the bot01:51
DFlamethough there hsould be a spanish chan....01:51
DigitalFiztry #ubuntu-es01:52
tuxdroidfanI cant access any windows hosts01:52
JymmmEMCSorry to be a pain, but is there a straight forward way to install flash on 8.04.1 AMD64? I had found a link at one time, just can't find it anymore.01:53
ubottuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava01:53
jbecerrilgracias DigitalFiz01:53
zer0neI'm having trouble getting wireless drivers working on hardy on a Dell Inspiron 1525 - when I do lspci -nn | grep 14e4 according to the instructions HERE: http://vladgh.com/2008/05/31/dell-wireless-1395-card-and-ubuntu-hardy-heron/ , I get "0b:00.0 Network Controller [0280]: Broadcom COrporation BCM4312 802.11b/g [14e4:4315] (rev 01) -- Will the instructions on that website still work even though the BCM4312 number doesn't match the BCM943101:54
JymmmEMCfavro: That requires FF32bit though.01:54
subrandomhow would I get over to Rizon.net ?01:54
tuxdroidfanany reason why outgoing samba traffic seemd to be blocked on my box?01:54
KRABENwhere download program for ubuntu 8.04?.01:54
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a01:54
jribKRABEN: what do you mean?01:54
DigitalFizJymmmEMC, it requires you to move flash 32bit to the firefox plugins folders firefox is still 64bit01:55
subrandomso anyone know how i would get over to irc.rizon.net ?01:55
KRABENjrib exam:yahoo,mirc,winamp etc.01:55
jrib!software > KRABEN01:55
ubottuKRABEN, please see my private message01:55
utente23hey does someone know if 8.10 will have new theme?01:55
DigitalFizgo away subrandom01:55
JymmmEMCDigitalFiz: understand that page now. But there was something that's even simpler. I jsut can't find the darn link.01:56
zer0neI'm having trouble getting wireless drivers working on hardy on a Dell Inspiron 1525 - when I do lspci -nn | grep 14e4 according to the instructions HERE: http://vladgh.com/2008/05/31/dell-wireless-1395-card-and-ubuntu-hardy-heron/ , I get "0b:00.0 Network Controller [0280]: Broadcom COrporation BCM4312 802.11b/g [14e4:4315] (rev 01) -- Will the instructions on that website still work even though the BCM4312 number doesn't match the BCM943101:56
JymmmEMCI hate when that happens =)01:56
KRABENubottu: tQ01:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tq01:56
mcquaidis using ndiswrapper sometimes better than a native driver? I have a ZyDAS WLA-54L WiFi using the zd1211rw driver and it goes down sometimes01:56
mcquaidI read some people had better stability when using the wrapper which surprised me01:56
Omoikane__where is xorg.conf?01:56
roukounjrib: can you help me?01:57
LaQuirrELLi am getting an Access Denied error when i try to Copy files from 1 hard drive to another   how do i solve this?01:57
KRABENubottu :tQ=thank you,thank01:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:57
ryan___What is the path to Nautilus?  Applications > ...   I can not find it.01:57
FAJOmoikane__: /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:57
FAJryan___:   places, click on one of them01:58
FAJryan___:  alt+f2   nautilus also works01:58
ryan___FAJ: ok. How do you add nautilus to the panel then?  Oh and thanks for your previous tips.01:59
FAJryan__  right click>add to panel> custom app launcher>nautilus02:00
FAJand np ;)02:00
ryan___FAJ: I figured it out.  thanks again.02:00
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danbh_intrepidis anyone going to watch the debate?02:00
FAJ!ot | ...02:01
ubottu...: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:01
warriorforgod have it on right now danbh_intrepid02:01
danbh_intrepidif you are watching the debate, which website are you using?02:01
danbh_intrepidwarriorforgod: on the web?02:01
warriorforgoddanbh_intrepid: Through tv tuner card on my work pc.02:01
JymmmEMCfavro & DigitalFiz: Ah, found it! This is what I was talking about: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree02:02
JymmmEMCfrom  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications#Flash%20Player%209%20plugin%20installation02:02
RampageHi, just wondering is it remotely possible to just access a single graphical application running on a ubuntu desktop machine but not have to access the full desktop?02:02
JymmmEMCfavro & DigitalFiz: TY btw02:02
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a02:02
LaQuirrELLcananyone tell me why i wud get an "Access Denied" error when I try to move files from one hard drive to another?02:02
DigitalFizJymmmEMC, np02:03
danbh_intrepidsigh, I guess I can just watch it on youtube tomorrow... non of the sites im finding support linux...02:03
warriorforgoddanbh_intrepid: Try cnnpolitics.com02:04
danbh_intrepidFAJ: you should probably fsck the partition, just do it in recovery mode02:04
roukounryan___: nautilus the default file manager for gnome... the file manager is an 'application' that lets you browse your filesystem using a gui(graphical user interface)... for example if you want to see what is in your /home directory you can use either the command ls [arguments] /home to view its contents from the terminal or using nautilus so the command will be 'nautilus /usr'02:04
FAJdanbh_intrepid:  i think that he just fsckd it and restarted02:04
onx!permissions | LaQuirrELL02:04
ubottuLaQuirrELL: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:04
roukounryan___ : sorry i made some typos!!! *nautilus /home02:05
danbh_intrepidwarriorforgod: yeah, tried it, it just pops up streaming error...  it might be because I've got flash 1002:05
DelvienHow do you change the computer name with CLI ?02:05
techsupportdid anyone run into this problem ? i installed samba and swat, for some reasons none of the links work inside swat02:05
=== gOLDfish is now known as afallenhope
techsupportor is there a way i can actually get everything configured without swap02:05
techsupportwithout swat02:05
RampageHi, just wondering is it remotely possible to just access a single graphical application running on a ubuntu desktop machine but not have to access the full desktop? -- or is it possible to share the application like it is with screen?02:06
baleloi hy guys, I need your help; I've just setted up my squid on my etch, so far it's work properly. but I'm going to create an acl rules which allow some computer in my network to access blocked sites02:06
danbh_intrepidDelvien: you have to change the hostname file, and also then add that hostname to your hosts file, pointing to
onxtechsupport, it's not too hard, just go to samba.org and check the howtos02:06
jribbaleloi: etch? try #debian02:06
roukouni upgraded my ubuntu from 7.10 to 8.04 using update-manager.... after that some applications crash! now i am trying to launch vmware and frostwire but something goes wrong.... here are the pastebins for vmware: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53331/ and frostwire: http://pastebin.com/f5c47f8dd02:07
LaQuirrELLty onx02:07
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
Delviendanbh_intrepid eh, too much work, i just installed the server, looks like a reinstall02:08
danbh_intrepidDelvien: its just editing 2 files02:08
Delviendanbh_intrepid: Ah found it in /etc/hosts02:09
danbh_intrepidbtw, msnbc.com is working for me for the debate  (ironically its M$, whatever!)02:09
danbh_intrepidDelvien: yeah, change /etc/hosts, then change /etc/hostname02:09
jimmygoonHow can I get gsynaptics to actually work02:10
pac1How do you find out what filesystem is on an unmounted partition?02:10
techsupportonx, ok i just put a new 500 gb drive into ubuntu server box02:10
techsupportonx, i want to share it with my other 2 windows boxes xp and server 2k302:11
Delvienpac1 gparted is a good app02:11
techsupportonx, do you think you could help me out ?02:11
Delvienpac1 sudo apt-get install gparted02:11
=== samba is now known as Guest16922
DeniseI like02:11
pac1Delvien, I'm looking for a command  to do it.02:12
techsupportDenise, .. ?02:12
Denisei was talking02:12
Deniselike that02:12
FloodBot2Denise: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:12
Delvienpac1 mount02:12
shadowbaneso, I can't set my screen resolution to 1280x1028 while using my Nvidia drivers02:13
onxtechsupport, as i said it's not too hard, you'll just have to do a bit of reading :)02:13
onxtechsupport, start here: http://de3.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-Guide/ExNetworks.html02:13
shadowbaneanyone have any suggestions?02:13
mcquaidis there a list somewhere what devices/chipsets work with ndiswrapper?02:14
Denisewill do that part02:14
LordCI need some help with fstab, specifically I want to set an ntfs mount to either exclude a certain user (1001) or only-allow a certain user (1000). Either way should be ok. Any advice on how to do thi?02:14
karlHi, I've recently upgraded to 8.04.1, and although automounting of a usb flash card reader was working (and opening f-spot) it's now not automounting02:14
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:15
LordCCurrent line: /dev/sdb2  /media/ntfs1  ntfs  user,suid,uid=1000,dev,gid=1000,exec  0  002:15
karleven double clicking the volume name in nautilus doesn't mount it02:15
karlany ideas?02:15
roukoun!xorg.conf > shadowbane02:15
ubottushadowbane, please see my private message02:15
Delvienpac1 get it?02:15
pac1got mount, but that actually mounts the partition.02:15
shadowbaneubottu , I allready tried that stuff02:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:15
Delvienpac1 no no , just type "mount" thats it02:15
shadowbaneroukoan , I allready tried that stuff02:16
Delvienpac1 it will list all the file types on mounted partitions02:16
pac1mount tells what mounted partitions there are02:16
Denisepackage deal02:16
pac1I'm looking at unmounted partitions.02:16
pac1partitions that may not have a file system yet.02:16
pac1or may have one.02:16
shadowbaneI can only have good screen resolutions or gfx acceleration right now02:16
pac1IF it does, I want to know which kind02:16
lliw00i need to run a command on boot every time the computer is booted, is there a way i can do that/02:16
Delvienpac1 i dont believe you can look at unmounted partitions. Im not aware of the command if it even exists02:16
pac1gparted seems to do it  -- Nice tool thanks.02:17
=== diego is now known as Guest82686
pac1I'm still looking for the command line version though.02:17
DelvienNot sure, sorry02:17
shadowbaneanyone have any suggestions?02:17
karllliw: you can add links to your command in /etc/rc.d/XXX for the run level02:18
geniipac1: parted is the CLI backend02:18
karlthere's a tool that can manage the links for you, and you just put your script in /etc/init.d, but I can't remember it's name02:18
roukounlliw00: System > Preferences > Sessions02:19
lliw00roukoun: it needs to be run as root02:19
abhijeetHey Anyone know any applications that you can use to view .chm files02:19
pac1genii, thanks.02:19
abhijeetthat work in ubuntu 8.0402:19
roukounlliw00: i dont think so02:19
karlanyone have any pointers on why a usb flash card might not be automounting? var/log/messages shows that the drive was detected, and the partition, but it's not showing up in /media, and definitely not being mounted02:19
weijiaabhijeet,use firefox02:20
lliw00roukoun:  "echo 50 > /sys/devices/platform/asus-laptop/ls_level" thats the command i need o run02:20
pac1now what would be really cool is a tool that did what gparted can do and serve as an editor for /etc/fstab at the same time...02:20
karlI can manually mount the drive, with "mount -t vfat /dev/sdX1 /path/somewhere" but I really don't want to do that.02:20
Prosehey, weird problem: on a samba share, I can create and copy files or folders but can't copy folders with files in them02:20
roukounkarl: look at your /etc/fstab02:20
abhijeetUmm....I do...infact it's the default browser in ubuntu02:20
geniiabhijeet: chm2pdf is nice. There is also xchm02:20
karlroukoun: it's not there, nor would I expect it to, I'm not really used to seeing removable drives there, (other than cdroms, but well, they're legacy ;)02:21
geniiI think also chmsee02:21
abhijeetIs chm2pdf a convertor?02:21
geniiabhijeet: Yes. I use it to archive old windows help files02:21
roukounlliw00: go under System > Preferences > Sessions and +Add the command you want to run with the system startup02:22
roukounkarl: can you pastebin your /etc/fstab?02:22
lliw00roukoun: that would work except i cant run it with sudo, i have to su root first02:22
karlroukoun: http://papernapkin.org/pastebin/view/3018/02:23
karlit has wonderful notes about upgrading to edgy, though that would have been inside the auto update from 6.06 to 8.0402:24
shadowbanewhen I try to run high screen resolutions with the Nvidia driver enabled I only get one line of pixels at the top of my screen.  When I run without the driver, however, these resolutions work02:24
karlI never ran edgy itself02:24
roukounlliw00: you told that you want a command to run with your system startup....! so thats a way to do it... i may didnt really understand what you want02:24
techsupporthow can i find out what the default gateway is using terminal ?02:24
karlifconfig should do the job02:25
techsupportlooking at ifconfig not showing default gateway :(02:25
karlalso, route02:25
techsupportok route worked02:26
mefisto__techsupport: I think Bcast: is default gateway. I could be wrong though02:26
Proseone more call  : on a samba share, I can create and copy files or folders but can't copy folders with files in them02:27
roukounkarl: take it out first and put it back in and then pastebin the output of the dmesg | tail command02:27
techsupportProse, i'm working on sharing a hard drive with my windows computers with samba , you think you can help me out ?02:28
^paradox^im trying to share our printer over our network so that i can print to it from this ubuntu pc. the pc the printers connected to runs vista home and ive set it up to share thhe printer. ive installed samba, samba-common, smbfs, and hplip-2.8.902:29
^paradox^im using the hp device manager printer setup02:30
michael_ryansDCC SEND startkeylogger 0 0 0 FUCK FREENODE FUCK FREENODE02:30
michael_ryansDCC SEND startkeylogger 0 0 0 FUCK FREENODE FUCK FREENODE02:30
^paradox^i tick network/ethernet/wireless (direct connection or JetDirect)02:31
Khisanthbleh that is enough fun with compiling the kernel02:31
^paradox^and it says no devices found02:31
techsupportok i just put a brand new hard drive into ubuntu server, how would i format and mount it ?02:31
^paradox^but the printers turned on and our network is just fine02:32
^paradox^so what am i doing wrong?02:32
Prose^paradox^: the linux client doens't see the printer ?02:33
^paradox^no not at this time it doesnt02:33
Prosehave you tried it with CUPS?02:33
^paradox^im still very new to linux. how would i do that?02:34
diegolcfits possible migrate the NT4 server users to samba?02:34
Proseopen a browser and go to
Prosedoes anything show up ?02:34
pac1techsupport gparted02:34
^paradox^Prose: okie hang on02:35
techsupportpac1, i dont have gui02:35
sanguisdexso you know how I was looking for a place to watch the debate in a browser run on linux?02:36
Proseone last call: on a samba share, I can copy files and create folders but can'T copy folders WITH files in them02:36
^paradox^Prose: im there what am i doing?02:36
sanguisdexI had to leave the country02:36
sanguisdexto the bbc web site02:36
Prose^paradox^: from there, you add printer02:36
pac1techsupport, parted02:37
unop^paradox^, you might also find this helpful - http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Debian-and-Windows-Shared-Printing.html#printing_to_windows02:37
Prosethanks unop :)02:37
techsupportpac1, what about fdisk ?02:38
^paradox^ok now i windows printer via samba correct?02:39
^paradox^ty unop ill check it out soon02:39
pac1should work too I think.  Its probably what I used....02:39
pac1techsupport you're going to need the guids of the partitions to put in /etc/fstab02:40
=== LGKeiz is now known as Keith
danbh_intrepidsanguisdex: msnbc.com is working for me02:41
sanguisdexdanbh_intrepid: ahh forgot to try that one02:41
danbh_intrepidsanguisdex: hehe, but its microsoft : p02:41
tickedsilly newbie question here, i am installing madwifi-ng and when i run './scripts/madwifi-unload' the response i get is ERROR: You must be root to run this script02:41
sanguisdexI tend to defualt to bbc any ways02:41
pac1techsupport, try  sudo vol_id /dev/sdb6 |grep UUID=02:44
pac1after you set up partition02:44
johntramphey would it be possible to have screen switch between sessions every n seconds? to cycle through a few tail -f's for example02:44
^paradox^ok im not sure how to get the device uri02:44
pac1^paradox^, device uri of what?02:45
techsupportpac1, unknown volume type02:45
pac1techsupport, does it have a filesystem on it?02:45
^paradox^im at the stage where it wants a uri02:45
techsupportpac1, didnt format yet02:45
pac1techsupport gotta format first.02:46
techsupportpac1, thinking which filesystem to choose, since i want it to be my backup drive for windows computers02:46
Bhaveshwhich package do i need to install to get accelerated drivers for Nvidia MX400 chipset?02:46
chamunksIf i've locked myself out of my ubuntu distro how would i let myself back in?02:46
^paradox^cups i mean. im at the stage where it asks for a uri02:46
geniichamunks: Much depends on how it was you locked yourself out02:47
pac1^paradox^, those ^ are a pain...02:47
chamunksI've booted from the recovery mode to try and run passwd from the main users and it has no effect in normal mode02:47
pac1too many hats!02:47
FloodBot1epcom: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:47
pac1paradox, depends on your print server.02:47
ZeD_chamunks: in recovery uyou need to chroot in to your os, try single user mode02:47
pac1what's the device?02:47
chamunksgenii, simply forgot my userpassword i setup on this new box during initial install.02:47
^paradox^lol especially when im a newb and really have no idea how to get it02:47
Prose^paradox^ depends on your printer02:47
techsupportpac1, what would you recommend ?02:47
epcomkoghlg , p nloj02:48
loonysalmonHi, I installed  xubuntu from alternate install cd.  Then i installed ati  proprietary driver from their website.  Then I did 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop kubuntu-desktop' and now my graphics doesn't display right.  Is there some sort of way I can reconfigure it so that it works again?  It's saying low graphics mode.02:48
^paradox^its a hp psc 111002:48
FloodBot1epcom: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:48
epcomhtt bhght02:48
BatsmasherCould somebody help me here please: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93601402:48
pac1techsupport, a filesystem.  depends on what you're doing.02:48
epcomkj hhres02:48
techsupportpac1, thinking which filesystem to choose, since i want it to be my backup drive for windows computers02:48
davidryderoh my god this is so awesome02:48
chamunksZeD_, how would i go about chrooting into my OS?02:48
_haywire_you called?02:48
davidrydercan i post images?02:48
epcomred bluei02:48
FloodBot1epcom: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:49
ZeD_chamunks: how did you get in to recovery ? from boot , or from the cd?02:49
Prose^paradox^  cant you select the printer in a list of printers ?02:49
epcomjesshjcs nh ,kf  hfyrf nfytr02:49
geniichamunks: Then you can boot to recovery mode and issue something like      passwd yourusername02:49
FloodBot1epcom: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:49
personis there a limewire-type of app for ubuntu?02:49
epcomoh maigode02:49
ZeD_person: yea limewire02:50
chamunksZeD_, through the grub bootloader yea02:50
pac1techsupport, if you want a linux filesystem for that, ext3 would do.  even ext2 if you don't want journaling.02:50
epcomhg hh gm hh red blue green black02:50
chamunksgenii, i've tried to run passwd mainuser but it seems to have no effect within normal operating mode :S02:50
^paradox^oh lol yeh it does show it there. does this uri look right smb://WORKGROUP/RAC4006-PC/hp%20psc%201100%20series ?02:50
ZeD_chamunks: did you change the password for your user ? recovery mode goes directly in to root02:50
techsupportpac1, will this perform quick format ? sudo tune2fs -m 1 /dev/hdd102:50
chamunksZeD_, yeah but i su mainuser first before i ran passwd02:51
personloonysalmon, would i use sudo apt-get install frostwire?02:51
^paradox^RAC4006-PC is my wifes rentacenter pc which runs vista02:51
techsupportpac1, sorry ignore that02:51
pac1no idea...02:51
chamunksZeD_, i also tried "passwd mainuser"02:51
personloonysalmon, i'm noob :(02:51
Prose^paradox^  cant you select the printer in a list of printers ?02:51
loonysalmonno  idea, to tell you the truth02:51
ZeD_chamunks: is the mainuser the actual username ?02:51
techsupporthow can i quick format my new drive with ext3 file system ?02:51
chamunksZeD_, no but for irc's sake it is :)02:52
loonysalmonHi, I installed  xubuntu from alternate install cd.  Then i installed ati  proprietary driver from their website.  Then I did 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop kubuntu-desktop' and now my graphics doesn't display right.  Is there some sort of way I can reconfigure it so that it works again?  It's saying low graphics mode.02:52
alteregoamkfs.ext3 /dev/null02:52
ZeD_techsupport: mkfs.ext3 /dev/sd,yourdisk>02:52
^paradox^it shows its the default printer02:52
alteregoamv /dev/sda /dev/random02:52
geniichamunks: You can also boot to livecd, then mount the / partition of the install. Then edit the line in /etc/shadow that reads something like:  mainuser:$1$vtG03wCfgobblygookeLQ51XFfN1:14111:0:99999:7:::             into: user::14111:0:99999:7:::         which entirely wipes the password out02:53
ZeD_chamunks:  got it. try this .. from recovery in root shell do : su mainuser and then try to passwd once you are in the users shell02:53
alteregoaor get qtparted02:53
^paradox^ok i tried to send a test page02:53
techsupportZeD_, formatting....02:53
^paradox^waiting for it to print02:54
arvind_khadri!hi | Bronco_Dave02:54
ubottuBronco_Dave: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:54
ZeD_techsupport: congrats!02:54
chamunksgenii, thanks that looks like exactly what im looking for i can operate fine in nano in the cli to do this.02:54
freeRag>can i use UNetbootin to install intrepid to USB drive ?02:54
Bronco_Davethank you everyone02:54
pac1^paradox%, is it working?02:54
arvind_khadrifreeRag,  ask #ubuntu+1 :)02:54
^paradox^nothing printing yet02:54
chamunksZeD_, i've allready done that as well, genii gave me a pretty good tip ill see how that goes.02:55
pac1I went through something similar with my ps121 print server....02:55
ZeD_chamunks: good luck02:55
chamunksZeD_, thanks ill need it i dont really want to go through the trouble of reinstalling.02:55
JesseL627www.surestocks.info - Anyone think this site is legit? Their first pick did shoot up 9% today, I'll be following it myself.02:56
^paradox^it shows in jobs two test pages that it says "completed" ;-)02:56
[Solars]is there a deamon for torrent downloading02:56
Prose^paradox^ so...it works??02:56
JesseL627www.surestocks.info - Anyone think this site is legit? Their first pick did shoot up 9% today, I'll be following it myself.02:56
^paradox^no it didnt print02:56
Prosebut CUPS says completed?02:56
^paradox^i call that a flop02:56
JesseL627www.surestocks.info - Anyone think this site is legit? Their first pick did shoot up 9% today, I'll be following it myself.02:57
^paradox^yes cups is saying completed02:57
^paradox^and when i send these test pages and they dont print they stop jobs on the vista pc from being printed02:58
Proseany firewall you need to bring down or somehting ?02:58
^paradox^so ive been having to use an hp printer diagnostic tool on the vista pc to clear those02:58
^paradox^windows firewall is up02:58
tjodalvdoes anyone use the usb creative x-fi with ubuntu?02:59
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
^paradox^is it safe to bring it down?02:59
Proseyeah well AFAIK windows firewall isnt worth alot03:00
Prosebut its supposed to adjust to printer sharing03:00
^paradox^yeh its doing a good job03:00
Prosewell try to bring it down and print again03:00
Prosewhen, in CUPS, you click on the test jobs you asked, what does it say for the individual jobs ?03:01
ideasman_42histo, Im looking to install ubuntu ibex beta03:01
davidryderyo pidgin is so insane03:01
mefisto__Prose: probably designed to allow printer sharing between windows boxes03:01
pac1paradox, how is the printer connected?03:01
=== PrivateVoid_ is now known as PrivateVoid
^paradox^PSC_1100-27  Test Page  anonymous  17k  1  completed at03:01
^paradox^Thu 02 Oct 2008 09:53:14 PM EDT  03:01
^paradox^PSC_1100-26  Test Page  root  150k  1  completed at03:01
^paradox^Thu 02 Oct 2008 03:22:59 PM EDT03:01
FloodBot1^paradox^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:01
ideasman_42hi*, is the but in the e1000e driver have problems with the "e1000" module?03:02
passbeive just reinstalled 8.04, and im encountering static from my speakers. i have checked cables and speakers they are all fine. i have tried alsamixer and turned everything up and down, doesn't make a diff, any ideas ?03:02
pac1passbe, buy my old stereo?03:02
sumo_suhi. following problem: my 8.04 doesnt boot properly because the file system seems to be read-only. can someone point me in the right direction?03:02
ideasman_42At the moment the module reproted on lsmod is "e1000" so Im not sure if this is safe to install a new ubuntu03:02
^paradox^sorry FlodBot103:02
passbepac1: my stereo is fine :P03:02
Prosemefisto__:  yeah but it's a variable that can complicated stuff and shouldnt IMHO :P03:03
^paradox^Sorry FloodBot103:03
rebel_kidwhen installing virtualbox-ose i get  * No suitable module for running kernel found.03:03
rebel_kidis that common, or is it a problem03:03
Prose^paradox^ what about the Vista machine, what does the printer job queue say ?03:03
mefisto__rebel_kid: well I got that too. just installed it. so you're not alone03:04
^paradox^ill have to wait a few minutes to give any info from the vista pc. my wifes playing her favorite mmorpg03:04
rebel_kidmefisto__, does it work for you? i am getting an error when running a virt box03:04
Bamphhey all, have any of you installed the new ati-drivers and loose powerplay (powersaving)?03:04
mefisto__rebel_kid: haven't tried it yet03:04
bsquidwrddoes anyone know where *.exe files can be made with a .c program?03:04
bsquidwrdin ubuntu?03:05
Prose^paradox^ awesome wife !03:05
Hobbseebsquidwrd: i doubt you can.03:05
Prose^paradox^ bring the firewall down and any other (zonealarm, norton, whatever), try again, and check what the printer job queue says on the vista machine03:05
Blaze_BoyURGENT ! :every time i open inkscape i got segmentation fault, i reinstalled it but the problem still there, what should i do?03:06
^paradox^well she started looking at em after playing final fantasies on nintendo ds03:06
sledgeHow hard is it to setup a web server03:06
^paradox^ok will do03:06
bsquidwrdok thank you. how do i set up a server to start my own domain?03:06
pac1sledge, not hard.03:06
sledgepac1: what if i want to have a DNS03:07
kebomixi want another good browser other than firefox and Opera ?03:07
pac1sledge, harder.03:07
sledgewell i guess i want to try it as my IP FIRST i guess03:07
chamunksgenii, it seems asif im working with a whole different operating system everything i attempt has no effect.03:07
sledgebut eventually i want to have it named something03:07
chamunksZeD_, No effect :S03:07
pac1sledge, where will you be accessing it from?03:08
=== gOLDfish is now known as afallenhope
bsquidwrdHow do i set up a server to start my own domain/website for the public?03:08
urthmoverMCAIN knows what EVIL is03:08
kebomixpac1:  i want another good browser other than firefox and Opera ?03:08
Piciurthmover: Thats nice, but take it to ##politics. This is a support channel.03:08
sledgei dont know.. never mind03:08
pac1kebomix, so why ask me?03:08
sledgei would probably need web space03:08
geniichamunks: I've used the /etc/shadow  hack with much success in erasing forgotten passwords03:08
urthmoversry I was laughing03:08
sledgei was thinking about turning my home desktop into a web server03:09
kebomixpac1: just thought u know cuz im beginner03:09
pac1try midori.03:09
pac1i use firefox.03:09
kebomixpac1: is it good , and show bookmarks good , and how to install it ?03:09
Bamphhey all, have any of you installed the new ati-drivers and loose powerplay (powersaving)?03:09
geniibsquidwrd: Register a domain. Then get a static IP address on your internet connection from your ISP. Then point the DNS entries of your domain control panel to the IP you have. Install lamp server and play03:10
pac1no idea.  just installed it.03:10
pac1it's really quite spare...03:10
^paradox^gonna be about 10-15 minutes. im gonna grab some cola and ill be back when shes ready to assist me03:10
chamunksgenii, Ill poke around a bit more i thought i should make it look similar to others in the list by adding a * but im thinking that disables things... :S03:10
kebomixi have problem with firefox03:10
chamunksgenii, so i've tried removing the *03:10
bsquidwrdcan you describe it in more detail please? because i am a beginner03:10
kebomixmy bookmarks disappeared and it dont backup them or add new bookmarks , and it dont save history !03:11
fraggedHey guys, I'm looking to install Ubuntu on a system; but all I need it for is a DVB-T tuner card, both playback and recording; is there a particular subest of Ubuntu which has the best support?03:11
chamunksgenii,  now it really doesent make sense that this is not working.03:11
pac1kebomix, sounds like your firefox profile got hosed.03:12
techsupportafter formatting new drive, sudo lshw -C disk doesnt return the drive information03:12
mefisto__kebomix: you're back03:12
mefisto__did you rename ~/.mozilla/firefox to ~/.mozilla/firefox.bad   ??03:13
kebomixso , wut i can do to make firefox work good again !!03:13
pac1bsquidwrd, you're going to have to do some reading.03:13
kebomixmefisto__: no i didnt03:13
pac1I'd suggest starting with apache.03:13
takamarouanyone here know much about blackbox? I'm having some difficulties with my menus03:14
mefisto__kebomix: if you close firefox, rename that folder, then restart firefox, everything should be like a fresh firefox install03:14
l337ingDisorderevening fellow geeks :)03:14
pac1kebomix,  when that happened to me, i just deleted my profile and started over.03:14
geniichamunks: You just need to remove the md5 hashed part of the password, which is after the colon after username up until the next colon03:14
=== Fiz is now known as DigitalFiz
=== DigitalFiz is now known as Fiz
pac1profile is under .mozilla/firefox03:15
mefisto__kebomix: then you can move those .json files from bookmarkbackups folder in firefox.bad to the new firefox profile, and restore your bookmarks03:15
pac1.mozilla is a "hidden" directory03:15
techsupportsudo lshw -C disk only displays my cdrom, and only one drive out of the two03:15
techsupportdoes anyone know why ?03:15
l337ingDisorderI'm trying to write a bash script that calls another bash script for output... to simplify, I'd like to have a list of e-mail addresses in a text file separated by commas, and I'd like to have this list dumped in between a pair of quotes in a bash script.. can someone point me in the right direction for docs on how to do that?03:15
l337ingDisorderhmm.. -simplify +clarify03:17
arvind_khadril337ingDisorder, try #bash :)03:17
chamunksgenii, it would appear as if im editing the correct file and doing everything i should do but once i go to login no such luck :S this is rather confusing.03:17
rebel_kidi just installed virtualbox but i get an error saying something is not installed, when i try to install it i get another error http://pastebin.com/m63b552f03:18
* l337ingDisorder smacks his forehead03:18
pac1l337ingDisorder, try advanced bash scripting guide03:18
l337ingDisorderarvind_khadri: thanks :)03:18
arvind_khadril337ingDisorder,  :) np03:18
l337ingDisordershould have occurred to me03:18
ChamProjoin #ubuntu-help03:18
pac1what? I can't get help here?03:19
ChamProhmmmm anyone that can help out with some errors when compiling xmlrpc?03:19
ChamPropac1: whatcha need?03:19
arvind_khadrirebel_kid, did you try with the 2.x.x.x thing?03:19
rebel_kidarvind_khadri, i did not how do i find the values of x to use :)03:20
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:20
geniichamunks: You are editing from recovery kernel on hd install, or from livecd?03:20
arvind_khadrirebel_kid, well uname -r gives your kernel number so you can try that03:21
rebel_kidarvind_jhadri, YES thank you so much!03:21
arvind_khadrirebel_kid, :) welcome :)03:22
techsupporthow would i look up the information of my hard drives ?03:22
arvind_khadritechsupport, fdisk -l03:22
bullgard4In what situations or cases is resolv.conf overwritten?03:22
techsupportarvind_khadri, that didnt return any output03:22
ChamProtechsupport: or if you want a GUI utility, install gpartd03:22
techsupportno gui03:22
arvind_khadritechsupport,  sudo cfdisk /dev/sdax03:23
arvind_khadritechsupport,  s/a/x03:23
blueapplesokay so how about this one... when I rename a file that already has an extension of ".theme" such as "chameleon.theme" to a different name with the same extension, maybe "newchameleon.theme" (this is a real example working with drupal files), apparently Gnome or Ubuntu or something REPLACES the contents of that file with a header in INI format starting with "[Desktop Entry]", and heavily truncates the file. this does not, obviousl03:23
blueapplesy, happen when i use mv to rename the file. so my question is this: WTF?03:23
espaciousim installing gos on an old lappy whick filesystem should i select?03:24
ChamProespacious: how old?03:24
arvind_khadriespacious, this is ubuntu support :)03:24
espaciousum is a lifebook 102003:24
espacious1400mhz 700 Ram03:25
ChamProI guess we would encourage using Ubuntu instead of gOS03:25
espaciousor jfs or xfs03:25
^paradox^im back and she brought down the windows firewall03:25
arvind_khadri!ot | espacious03:25
ChamProsince gOS is an unsupported off shoot of Ubuntu..... ext3 is the default03:25
ubottuespacious: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:25
techsupportlooking at this tutorial, under determine drive information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive , typing in the command and one of my drives is not listed03:26
espaciousChamPro u right but is ubuntu platform03:26
techsupportit was listed before i formatted it though03:26
Matir`For a small scale mail server on Ubuntu, would Courier, Postfix, qmail, or something else be best?03:26
espaciousso evt303:27
techsupportanyone ?03:27
espaciousthanks chaky03:27
espaciousthanks ChamPro03:27
^paradox^ive tried to print another test page03:27
arvind_khadritechsupport, did you mount the disk?03:27
techsupportarvind_khadri, yes03:28
techsupportarvind_khadri, mounted to /media/mydisk03:28
techsupportcan anyone help ?03:30
carandraug!anyone | techsupport03:30
ubottutechsupport: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:30
DShepherdcan anyone point me to where can i configure my wireless via the commandline03:31
kongoveIs there anyone like Python programming.03:31
techsupportcarandraug, sudo lshw -C disk does not return info about 1 of my disks after i formatted it03:31
^paradox^remote down level document printing ink low guest n/a 64.0kb/4.53mb 10:26:46pm 10/02/2008 usb001 is what the job shows up as in the vista pc's job list03:32
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:32
ubottuAu revoir!03:32
^paradox^thats the only job showing Prose03:32
carandraugtechsupport: but does it appear under sudo fdisk -l ?03:33
carandraugtechsupport: does it work, or it's just not listed under that?03:34
techsupportcarandraug, yes03:34
techsupportcarandraug, sudo fdisk -l displays info yes03:34
^paradox^i installed hplip-2.8.9 as was suggested to me03:34
carandraugtechsupport: what about the second question. Does it work, or it's just not listed under that?03:34
^paradox^firewall is down03:34
techsupportcarandraug, let me pastebin to you03:35
^paradox^the test pages are just sitting there03:35
techsupportcarandraug, http://pastebin.com/m16f9fd1b03:35
LaQuirrELLcan anyone tell me which command to use to get access to a harddrive?    i have been reading about chmod and chown  but for some reason  [muddleheaded] i just can't grasp which one i should use03:35
techsupportcarandraug, i noticed under 500 g drive it says Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table03:35
Proseso vista sees them but ?03:36
carandraugtechsupport: are you talking about sdb?03:36
^paradox^they just sit03:36
techsupportcarandraug, yeah03:36
carandraugtechsupport: how did you format it?03:36
techsupportcarandraug, sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb03:37
_haywire_DShepherd ----------> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57118803:37
pan_is powernowd better or cpufreq-selector?03:37
pan_for save battery longivity03:37
carandraugLaQuirrELL: I think you should use chmod. Read the 6th paragraph of man chmod (the one about numeric)03:37
zetheroo-ubuntuwill the upgrades in Intrepid Ibex be made available to the Hardy users without them having to install Intrepid?03:38
techsupportcarandraug, should i have done sudo mke2fs -j /dev/sdb ?03:38
Matir`zetheroo-ubuntu, you will be able to upgrade to Intrepid03:39
carandraugzetheroo-ubuntu: you can download the intrepid packages and install them in Hardy right now ( I did that with pidgin 2.5 and Teeworlds) but that may cause errors03:39
zetheroo-ubuntuMatir` : I don't want to have to upgrade to Intrepid ...03:39
carandraugtechsupport: I have a better alternative for you. Can't you use Gparted?03:40
techsupportcarandraug, isnt Gparted for GUI ? i dont have gui03:40
drake_soemthing wierd is happening here  i keep getting "sudo: unable to resolve host hel"03:40
carandraugtechsupport: also, I think it's mkfs -t ext3 /path_to_device03:41
zetheroo-ubuntuI want to be able to stick with Hardy (as it is an LTS) and have the upgrades of Intrepid ... such as the new Banshee etc ...03:41
powerjucedoes gparted support raid drives?03:41
drake_any idea how to fix that?03:41
Matir`zetheroo-ubuntu, you could install some packages from the intrepid repositories by manually installing them, but that would be a highly unsupported configuration (mixing versions)03:41
LaQuirrELLcarandraug: are you talking about the ubuntu help websites  6th paragraph?03:41
techsupportcarandraug, ok, trying to unmont drive03:41
techsupportcarandraug, with umount03:41
^paradox^ok this is weird it says its printing the test page, but its not03:41
LaQuirrELLor the terminal 6th paragraph03:41
techsupportcarandraug, returns drive is busy03:41
zetheroo-ubuntuMatir`  : so in efect Hardy will be behind Intrepid ... even though its an LTS?03:41
carandraugLaQuirrELL: no. Run "man chmod" in a terminal03:42
carandraugtechsupport: do a lazy umount03:42
techsupportcarandraug, how ?03:42
^paradox^and the number for each test page always gets higher even after jobs have been purged and cancelled thru cups03:43
carandraugtechsupport: add -l to the command03:43
=== DamienGray is now known as DamienGray-Sleep
Matir`zetheroo-ubuntu, Hardy will continue to receive security and stability updates.03:43
zetheroo-ubuntuMatir` : ok.. I see03:43
zetheroo-ubuntuanyone know when Intrepid is due?03:44
blueapplesman i ... is this for real?03:44
geniizetheroo-ubuntu: Oct 3003:44
blueapplessomeone please tell me i'm not going insane03:44
alteregoahow can i get ubuntu server ?03:44
Denisewhat is it03:44
techsupportcarandraug, /dev/sdb is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here! when tried sudo mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdb03:44
blueappleswhen i rename a drupal .theme file, it's contents are replaced with some kind of INI file stuff03:44
zetheroo-ubuntugenii : ok thanks03:44
thiebaudezetheroo_ubuntu:mid october03:44
pw-thiebaude, no, oct 30th03:45
bastid_raZoralteregoa; releases.ubuntu.com03:45
jribblueapples: how are you ascertaining this?03:45
blueapplesjrib reproduce screenshots here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5897104#post589710403:45
blueapplesjrib it literally replaces it right before my eyes, and truncates the data that was in the file03:46
carandraugtechsupport: run "sudo cfdisk /dev/sdb" to turn everything you see in free space. Then create a partition that side with type 8303:46
zetheroo-ubuntuat what stage is Intrepid at now?03:47
xxploitfinal alpha03:47
jribzetheroo-ubuntu: #ubuntu+1 for intrepid questions03:47
carandraugtechsupport: *Then create a type 83 partition with that free space03:47
carandraugzetheroo-ubuntu: I think today was first beta-release03:48
FlannelToday is the beta release.  But this is offtopic, please continue in #ubuntu+103:48
jribblueapples: you're not insane, I can recreate it03:49
^paradox^ok i dont have clue now03:49
blueapplesjrib lol thank you! is that the weirdest damn thing?03:49
Deniseso I m not insane either03:49
jribblueapples: no, now you've ensured I'm going to have to figure out what's going on instead of going to bed :/03:50
=== Guest14027 is now known as Brucee
LaQuirrELLcarandraug   do if i open a terminal in the hard drive i want to change permissions for and type chmod 766    will that do it?03:50
blueapplesjrib i'm so sorry. i'm glad i have mv to fall back on. first thing that occurs to me is that it's theme installing code that's catching the rename. i just... it makes no sense. the actual filename doesn't change... i... my head hurts03:51
DigitalFizubuntu auto detected my lexmark x3430 print/scanner and installed a driver but it doesnt work what should i do03:51
Denisenone side03:52
alananyone familiar with logitech pro 9000 and "cheese"?03:52
carandraugLaQuirrELL: if those are the permissions you want to give, do "sudo chmod -R 766 /path_to_mount_point" -R is to make it recursive so be really careful03:52
Denisefuck de merde03:52
techsupportcarandraug, ok Name is sdb1 , Partition Type Primary, FS Type Linux03:52
Hobbsee!language | Denise03:52
ubottuDenise: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:52
Daft_Punki love ubuntu so much i made a skin for it (for laptops) if anyone wants it, msg me03:53
DFlamenot exactly #ubuntu material, Denise03:53
techsupportcarandraug, whats next? format ?03:53
jribblueapples: 1) I've got a weirder one for you: create foo.theme, rename it to foo.bar.  Same thing happens03:53
freeRagi want it Daft_Punk03:53
techsupportcarandraug, or write partition table to disk ?03:53
Daft_PunkfreeRag, i said msg me03:53
FlannelDaft_Punk: Please don't advertise that sort of stuff here, thanks.03:54
freeRagDaft_Punk: is going to be the next ubuntu code name ?03:54
^paradox^im about ready to give up. this damn printer defies printing anything from ubuntu pc03:54
odivHow do I kill ntop if I don't see it in my process list?03:54
odivAnd secondly, why is ntop not starting up with the parameters I tell it to in rc.local? I ask it to start with sticky hosts and local only and it doesn't on startup.03:54
LaQuirrELLcarandraug: can i leave out the recursive part?03:54
IndoctrineHow do I tell what programs are using alsa? Programs tend to clog it up and I can't listen to music.03:54
blueapplesjrib... wwwhhat? confirmed, just recreated it03:54
Daft_PunkFlannel, then where?03:54
jribblueapples: bug 206892 is related03:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 206892 in nautilus ".config .theme .index files can't be opened" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20689203:55
FlannelDaft_Punk: #ubuntu-offtopic would be acceptable.  #ubuntu-artwork would be another place you might try.03:55
blueapplesjrib how about when i double click one of these .theme files, it says  Couldn't display "/home/isaac/test/test.theme".   The location is not a folder.03:55
carandraugtechsupport: "mk2fs -j /dev/sdb1" I think03:55
jribblueapples: well that's exactly the bug :)03:55
IndoctrineHow do I tell what programs are using alsa? Programs tend to clog it up and I can't listen to music.03:55
Flannel!repeat | Indoctrine03:55
ubottuIndoctrine: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:55
blueapplesjrib just saw that lol03:55
carandraugLaQuirrELL: that won't change the permissions inside the mount point, and inside the folders inside the mount point03:55
IndoctrineYeah yeah, whatever03:55
LaQuirrELLcarandraug: it is an empty harddrive03:56
alanwaits patiently...03:56
blueapplesjrib i guess i should file a bug03:56
=== joe__ is now known as spasticteapot
carandraugLaQuirrELL: then I believe you can. Also, is the partition ntfs or fat? Seems that changing permissions on those filesystems like that changes nothing03:57
IndoctrineWhy doesn't my sound work when I use it in other programs? Eg. I watched a video on YouTube and then wanted to listen to music, but no sound came through.03:58
IndoctrineIs there any way to solve that?03:58
LaQuirrELLcarandraug: it is an ext3 single partition hard drive03:59
carandraugLaQuirrELL: yeah. Should work fine03:59
alanQues - i just bought a logitech 9000 cam and it shows up as B&W and small resolution in cheese.. Anything i can do..?04:00
bartekHi there .. I am trying to get dual-head monitors working on Ubuntu .. right now they are working fine with correct resolutions but the main issue is I don't want the second screen cloned. I've been playing with xandr but I have a feling this is not the solution I need .. any tips?04:00
LaQuirrELLcarandraug:  ok and 3 days ago i felt so too  LOL04:00
usserIndoctrine, install libflashsupport04:00
usserIndoctrine, flashplayer being a proprietary application doesnt play very nice with linux04:01
Indoctrineusser: I'll test it now04:01
carandraugLaQuirrELL: actually, I think I remember seeing you around yesterday or before yesterday04:01
carandraugtechsupport: so? Did it work?04:01
techsupportcarandraug, now drive is listed, still cant format says used by system04:02
whyameye_I have a remote ftp server mounted in gnome. Is there a way I can cd into the directory of that server from the command line?04:02
LaQuirrELLyeah  u gave me some info on a storage device manager04:02
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:02
IndoctrineExcellent, thanks usser. I managed to rickroll myself04:03
usserIndoctrine, heh04:03
Trevis there anybody willing to help with some basic ubuntu (installation) problems?04:03
carandraugtechsupport: pastebin "sudo fdisk -l" and "df"04:03
mobodohow's bluetooth support on ubuntu? should I worry before purchasing a bluetooth keyboard?04:03
_jabbai work with chimps04:03
IndoctrineFirst video I could think of04:03
pw-is it possible to add music to amarok through samba from another PC, as in, tap into another PC's music collection remotely04:03
testhow to interact libnotify on terminal?04:03
jribtest: libnotify-bin package04:04
carandraugLaQuirrELL: to correct fstab, right? Did it work fine? I never used the tool myself so I would like to know about it04:04
Trevcan anybody help me with disk partitioning problems?04:04
usserpw-, yea sure but amarok has nothing to do with it, you need to use smbfs to mount the remote directory locally and amarok will see it as a regular local directory04:04
pw-ah ok, tyvm04:05
carandraug!anyone | Trev04:05
ubottuTrev: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:05
LaQuirrELLcarandraug:  it created a whole other set of questions  that i can't deal with right now    LOL04:06
Khisanthanybody know how many hours it's going to take to build the kernel? :(04:07
mungicwx gokil04:07
=== NetEcho__ is now known as NetEcho
TrevWhen I go to install ubuntu and it comes to the disk partitioning step in the process I can't get past it.  I'm missing one of the partition options. (the one I need)04:07
techsupportcarandraug, http://pastebin.com/m29321b1904:07
mungicwx gokil04:07
sam_deltaTrev, which option you need?04:07
carandraug!english | mungi04:07
ubottumungi: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat04:07
sam_deltaTrev, which option are you missing04:08
TrevI need the Guided- use the largest continuous free space.04:08
carandraugtechsupport: the second command is not to use the option -df. Is to run the command "df"04:08
mungihi,blh knl ga04:09
geniiTrev: How many partitions are already on the disk? 4?04:09
techsupportcarandraug, sorry http://pastebin.com/m3da69fac04:10
sam_deltaTrev, you dont have that option because you probably dont have any free space, what you need to do is ,,,, press Alt-F2, and type "gksudo gparted" and shrink your current windows partition to whatever size you want, and leave some "free space", then restart the installer and you will have that option04:10
carandraugTrev: we could be a litlle more useful for you if you could boot in the liveCD and pastebin some commands04:10
blueapplesjrib bug filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/27737904:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277379 in nautilus "Content of file with .theme extension is destroyed when renamed" [Undecided,New]04:10
blueapplesjrib please add confirm if you can04:10
sam_deltaTrev, :free space" in the partitioiner means, space which is not formated (or outside any existing partitions)04:11
jribblueapples: I don't think you described the steps correctly.  You should have written "foo.theme" instead of "foo.txt" in step 304:11
jribblueapples: I'll just make a not in my comment about it04:12
blueapplesjrib crap i meant to have them rename after creating with content04:12
Trevi'm sorry I have no experience in this. I have two seperate partitions of "free space" how do I free up more space?04:12
LaQuirrELLcarandraug: only files kept on this harddrive will be .mp3  or avi  or txt type files   and only 2 people will have access to them  how important is it to select the right permission numbers?04:12
sam_deltaTrev, how large are them?04:13
Trevone is 30gb and one is about 5gb04:13
sam_deltaTrev, do they have anything inside?04:13
odivSo yeah, ntop help anyone?04:13
sam_deltaTrev, are they formated to any type of filesystem?04:13
odivor really, top help.04:14
odivntop isn't showing up in top, how do I kill it?04:14
carandraugtechsupport: try reboot and then run the command to make the filesystem04:14
Trevumm, They aren't formatted.04:14
techsupportcarandraug, rebooting .04:14
boumais synaptic package manager, mark for complete removal the best way to remove a package and any other packages that it may have caused to be installed but would no longer be used by anything else ??04:14
testjrib: then which command i should choose to interact with libnotify?04:14
carandraugLaQuirrELL: I don't think it's that important. That's what I use04:14
jribtest: notify-send04:15
dodilanyone know how to setup symbian development environment in Ubuntu?04:15
sam_deltaTrev, umm, then the option of "use largest continous...." should be enabled, would you mind sending me a screenshot of "gparted" showing your partitions?04:15
boumawhen you install something sometimes it has lots of dependencies, when its removed how do you get all of the things it brought with it, i cant remember them04:15
carandraugLaQuirrELL: actually, I use 777. Makes it easier when I take the hard driver to another computer (friends to share the files)04:15
pan_how do i get greedy with powernowd04:16
pan_to where my laptop makes no noise?04:16
LaQuirrELLcarandraug: but i can change it anytime i want right?04:16
Trevsam delta by gparted what do you mean?04:16
sam_deltaTrev, the program gparted, you can launch it by typing Alt+F2, then type "gksudo gparted"04:17
testjrib: wow thanks04:17
dodilanyone know about symbian?04:17
=== SOGisstillaround is now known as SOGisherehaha
Trevi'm currently on windows vista04:18
jribblueapples: heh, now we have different steps to reproduce, but both work :)04:18
carandraugLaQuirrELL: yes. With whatever numeric code you choose.04:18
sam_deltaTrev, ohh, nvm then04:18
blueapplesjrib lol just saw that04:18
tictac232434I am new to Ubuntu and had a question about Media players/Codec's....anyone who where I should go please?04:18
blueapplesjgrib i just can't type tonight, named the screen shot "Screenshot showing Nautilus and terminal disagreeing on contentst of the folder " lol04:18
sam_deltaTrev, problem is that windows vista wont see any "ext3" partition or linux type partition,  have you tryied installing linux before?04:19
jribblueapples: heh04:19
IdleOne!codecs | tictac23243404:19
ubottutictac232434: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:19
TrevI haven't tried before.04:19
PorkSodahey alll does anyone know how to extract iso files04:19
DigitalFizPorkSoda, 7zip04:19
sam_deltaTrev, well,  may i see the info on your vista partitioner?04:19
sam_deltaTrev, k, gime a sev04:20
ZerothisI have an install problem, my IDE hard drive is ntfs. When I use manual or guided, I get the error "the ext3 file system creation is partition #1 of SCSI (0,0,0) (sda) failed". Using ubuntu 8.04_Live CD. The CD and HD are on the same cable, due to only 1 IDE connector on the MB.04:20
geniiPorkSoda: Alternately if you just want to see whats in them, loop mount them instead04:20
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:20
carandraugPorkSoda: "mount -t iso9660 /path_to_iso /mount_point" I think to mount them04:20
PorkSodaDigitalFiz: where can I get 7zip04:20
boumacan someone please help me, im trying to remove all the packages that were installed along with a specific package. i cant remember them. is there a log somewhere that lists all the installed packages so i can roll it bakc ??04:21
blueapplesjgrib so that's two hours of work lost to a bug :) good times heh04:21
blueapplesjrib i mean04:21
Daisuke_Idocarandraug: actually sudo mount -o loop /path/to/iso /mountpoint04:21
DigitalFizPorkSoda, in synaptic04:21
tictac232434I have one more question....04:21
carandraugPorkSoda: search for it in System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager04:21
PorkSodaI have xubuntu 8.04 as a iso file and I am trying to install it04:21
NemesisDwhat driver is the driver nvidia lets you download from their site, nv or nvidia?04:21
fluvvellI've not figured out the new Printing system that requires gimp-print to go.  How do I print CD's from  Gimp now?04:22
tictac232434I have tried uninstalling and installing the codec's and they do not seem to work at all should I reinstall Ubuntu?04:22
NemesisDfriggn every time i do anything with my video driver it ruins my setup04:22
carandraugDaisuke_Ido: yeah. I saw what ubottu said. I was under the impressions that iso9660 was right04:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about deskbar04:22
carandraugPorkSoda: are you in windows?04:22
PorkSodacarandraug: not now I was earlier when I burned the iso file04:23
LaQuirrELLcarandraug:  well here goes .....04:23
usserbouma, remove the package itself and then sudo apt-get autoremove should remove all the packages that it was dependent upon04:23
sam_deltaTrev, you should be good by removing all the "green stuff" which is a secondary partition (i duno why they are there, they arent been used anyways), once you delete that, you will end up with "unallocated space" which whill be usable by the ubuntu installer04:23
PorkSodacarandraug: I burned it as iso 9660 only is that gonna cause problems04:23
boumausser: ok i'll give it a try thanks04:24
alan...about to give up on "Cheese" and this logitech camera.. Any suggestions for photobooth like app?04:24
donavan_any one know why M$office starts out taking up the whole screen(not maximized)?  is this something thats worth the hassle of fixing ?04:24
sam_deltaTrev, did you partitioned  your hdd before?, or those partitions came like that by default?04:24
Trevi did it before04:24
Trevbut they're worthless04:25
Trevi can't delete them04:25
carandraugPorkSoda: so, what exactly do you want to do? You've already burned the CD and installed Xubuntu. Or not?04:25
dodilI have an ubuntu question04:25
dodilcan I ask it here?04:25
sam_deltaTrev, you cant?, any error message?04:25
IndoctrineNo. :P04:25
techsupportcarandraug, ok restarted going to try it04:25
sam_deltaTrev, which error04:25
Indoctrine!ask | dodil04:26
ubottudodil: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:26
Trevit says there is not enough space available on the disk to perform this operation04:26
techsupportcarandraug, whats the command to make fs ?04:26
RyanPriorIf something has got my sound device locked up but I can't tell what, how do I find out?04:26
dodilhow can I install symbian dev environment in ubuntu04:26
PorkSodacarandraug: no I haven't installed xubuntu thats what I need to do. I have xubuntu dapper drake old version04:26
=== Zerothis is now known as zerothis
carandraugtechsupport: "mk2fs -j /dev/sdb1" I think04:26
dodilis there any equivalent to carbide C++ for ubuntu?04:26
Indoctrinedodil: g++04:26
sam_deltaTrev, id try to delete them with gparted (in the live cd), gparted is ubuntu partitioner, once you are in the live cd, type alt-F2 and type "gksudo gparted" to launch it04:27
PorkSodawhat I have burned is the 8.04 desktop iso version of Xubuntu04:27
NemesisDcan someone help me with my video driver problem? just upgraded from an nvidia 7800gt to an 8800gts. installed the new driver from the nvidia site, now it starts in bulletproof X mode when using driver "nvidia"04:27
carandraugPorkSoda: hmm, so you want to upgrade the old one or install the new version?04:27
Indoctrinedodil: Oh, is Carbide an IDE?04:27
PorkSodacarandraug: install the new one04:27
PorkSodawhatever is easier04:27
techsupportcarandraug, /dev/sdb1 is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here!04:27
carandraugPorkSoda: then just insert the CD and boot from it. You know how to do this?04:27
sam_deltaTrev, if you still have problems, id be glad to keep helping, you can contact me by sending me a private message through ubuntu forums to "sam_delta"04:28
=== seiya is now known as Guest86130
sam_deltaTrev, id try ubuntu partitioner (to delete those partitions)04:28
Trevok thanks. i'm done for the day and i'll talk to you tomorrow04:28
Trevok thanks04:28
PorkSodacarandraug: it won't boot because for some reason it won't recognize the iso file04:28
sam_deltaTrev, no proble, have a nice day04:28
Trevyou too.04:29
HappyHaterif you browse the cd and see an iso file on it, you didn't burn it right04:29
PorkSodawill 7zip do something special to recognize it04:29
gamikagehi, I am having troubles when booting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy04:29
LaQuirrELLcarandraug:  still getting Access Denied   when i try to copy a file into it.       So i guess i will tackle this again tomorrow    ty04:29
HappyHaterburn it as an image04:29
HappyHaterthat's what it is04:29
gamikageit says initramfs04:29
carandraugPorkSoda: how did you burn the iso? You just don't put the iso file inside a CD04:29
gamikagehi, I am having troubles when booting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, it says initramfs04:29
RyanPriorIf something has got my sound device locked up but I can't tell what, how do I find out?04:29
PorkSodacarandraug: through Nero burned it as a iso file04:30
carandraugLaQuirrELL: that's strange. Pastebin "df" please04:30
PorkSodaat 4x speed04:30
coilhi why does my ubntu crash every so often04:30
boumausser: ok, autoremove lists 7 packages.04:30
=== Guest86130 is now known as seiya
HappyHaterPorkSoda, what do you see on the disc if you browse it?04:31
boumausser: is there a way to find out what installed them04:31
LaQuirrELLcarandraug  df?04:31
PorkSodacarandraug: it won't even let me do that04:31
boumausser: im just trying to determine if i can just remove all the autoremove suggestsions04:31
carandraugPorkSoda: what do you see when you insert the CD while in Xubuntu04:31
coilyesterday and today it crashed04:31
gamikagehi, I am having troubles when booting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, it says initramfs04:31
carandraugLaQuirrELL: yes. The command "df"04:31
coili stepd out for 15 mins today and come back to it frozen04:32
PorkSodathe dvdrom acts like it is going to open it but it doesn't04:32
gamikagehi, I am having troubles when booting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, it says initramfs04:32
usserbouma, all the packages autoremove lists are safe to remove, they are not used by anything in your system04:32
donavan_whats a good IRC client Im using the firefox plugin but it seems to slow the web down04:32
usserdonavan_, xchat04:32
gamikagehelp guys!!04:33
gamikagehelp guys!!04:33
donavan_thank you04:33
usserdonavan_, konversation for kde04:33
gamikagehi, I am having troubles when booting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, it says initramfs04:33
FloodBot1gamikage: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:33
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:33
J-a-k-eDoes anyone kow if it's possible to setup a low pass filter and crossover in ubuntu?04:33
techsupportcarandraug, formatting, should have removed auto mount from /etc/fstab04:33
boumausser: ok thanks04:33
gamikagehi, I am having troubles when booting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, it says initramfs04:33
carandraugPorkSoda: even at low speed. it can occur some error. That sounds like some bad burns I had. Even at low speed, errors can occur. Check the md5sum of the iso and then burn it again04:33
gamikagehi, I am having troubles when booting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, it says initramfs04:33
PorkSodawhen I try to open through my computer it says something like it may not support the format04:33
carandraugtechsupport: but you had it umounted so that shouldn't matter I think04:33
coilanyway of telling why the computer crashed04:33
boumausser: btw they are all perl libs... sounds like they are hang overs... i'll give them the axe04:34
PorkSodahmmm that could be the problem iso is such a pain04:34
HappyHaternero has an option to burn a disc image04:34
HappyHatercouldn't tell you where, haven't used it in forever04:34
LaQuirrELLcarandraug:   i knew that   LOL     http://paste.ubuntu.com/53350/     sdb104:34
PorkSodaI even had nero verify it was there04:34
gamikagehi, I am having troubles when booting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, it says initramfs04:35
gamikagehi guys04:35
gamikagecan someone help me pls04:35
carandraugLaQuirrELL: "sudo chmod -R 777 /media/MUSICSTORE/"04:35
coilhi fix my computer04:35
spinz8rHi, how do  i change my kubuntu desktop to gnome as default desktop? tks04:36
geniiGah. 77704:36
gamikagehi, I am having troubles when booting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy, it says initramfs04:36
HappyHaterPorkSoda, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/iso04:36
techsupportcarandraug, so in my situation, should i be mounthing /dev/sdb or /dev/sdb1 ?04:36
carandrauggenii: he's having problems with 76604:36
techsupportcarandraug, mounting *04:36
NiKeCRu666hello, i need some help with and error in amarok's script04:36
carandraugtechsupport: /dev/sdb104:36
PorkSodaso if the file is bad what are my options? Where I live I don't have DSL04:37
alteregoayeah install the dependencys04:37
alteregoafor amarok04:37
=== michael is now known as seij0
J-a-k-egamikage: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=591746 , if you have the drive formated as fat32 you could try reinstalling and ,akinging it ntfs04:37
seij0I'm having computer trouble in general04:37
carandraugPorkSoda: if you can't download another iso, order one from canonical04:37
seij0my computer is not recognizing anything04:37
NiKeCRu666alteregoa, that about dependencys of amarok is for me?04:37
seij0let me explain further04:37
PorkSodacarandraug: will I still have to download updates?04:37
alteregoayeah, those scripts, read the manual, dependencys and stuff04:38
carandraugPorkSoda: you can do that for free. If you know someone else that may be interested, you can order more than one at the same time04:38
Ohmuive got 100 gigs used up on my portable hdd (data from my windows-box).  how can i create a 40 gig ubuntu partition from the remaining space?04:38
toonlessanyone know if theres anything like ubuntu for my smartphone?04:38
seij0i set up a computer myself using some spare parts04:38
RyanPriorIf something has got my sound device locked up but I can't tell what, how do I find out?04:38
toonlessi hate using ms04:38
seij0so i boot it, it says Detecting drives: None04:38
PorkSodacarandraug: give me the link to website04:38
NiKeCRu666alteregoa, wanna see the error?? i already installed the dependencys04:38
seij0then it comes with an error, Conflict I/0 Ports: 2F804:38
seij0then Press F1 to continue04:38
seij0so I press F104:39
toonlessguess not04:39
alteregoapress alt+f4 to continue04:39
NiKeCRu666alteregoa, check that page with the error http://paste.ubuntu.com/53349/04:39
carandraugPorkSoda: I think Imake updates every week but they are small. I don't know how much would you have to download of updates04:39
geniiIsn't 2F8 a serial port location?04:39
carandraugtechsupport: I'm guessing that means it worked04:39
seij0and then t goes to another screen and Verifies the DMI04:39
LaQuirrELLcarandraud   ty ty ty ty ty ty   may the sun shine on u always04:39
PorkSodaso what google canonical04:39
seij0and after that it says: DISK BOOT FAILURE, ENTER04:40
carandraugPorkSoda: one minute. Let me find the page to get that04:40
NiKeCRu666uhmn... yes i think04:40
NiKeCRu666alteregoa, yes i think04:40
seij0It's not just the system drive either04:41
carandraugLaQuirrELL: I'm guessing that means it worked. Try the same command but with the 766 so see wether it was the numeric code or the recursive option that made a difference04:41
seij0there's no CDRom04:41
seij0the only thing is seems to notice is the floppy04:41
digifor"bash: syslinux: command not found"  what is missing?04:41
alteregoathats why i use edcast with foobar2000 on ubuntu,04:41
NiKeCRu666alteregoa, what???04:41
PorkSodaseijo sounds like the problem I had a while back04:41
NiKeCRu666can you stream music and voice?04:42
unopdigifor, syslinux is not installed04:42
alteregoai only had problems with amarok streaming stuff04:42
carandraugPorkSoda: I've looked but it seems that there's no free shiping of Xubuntu "Unfortunately, unlike the other Ubuntu derivatives, Xubuntu does not yet have free cds available for shipping due to lack of funding."04:42
alteregoai stream only music04:42
Allahdigifor: perhaps you should install syslinux first.04:42
NiKeCRu666alteregoa, and what about voice? any option?04:42
techsupportcarandraug, yes, everything is very good, now i have to figure out how to share this new 500g drive with my windows computers04:42
espaciouswhat a hell happened to ndiswrapper i was using TEW424 usb adapter for wireless04:42
espaciousbut since i upgraded/renstalled to new version my pc freezes when try to connect04:42
espaciousto my ruter i need to hard reboot,i fonund out 128bit WEP works ok but not WPA. somebody?04:42
carandraugPorkSoda: you can however buy it from online shops, It's cheap, you pratically pay only the CD04:43
carandraug!samba > techsupport04:43
ubottutechsupport, please see my private message04:43
Allah^ digifor04:43
digiforduh!!! I am having a grey hair day. apting now04:43
PorkSodacarandraug: well I may do that and I'll just let my computer download it04:43
alteregoayou need bindings to /.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/shouter to /usr/share/apps/amarok/scripts/common/04:44
nytekanybody know how to get a circle desktop with compiz fusion?04:44
nytekdesktop cube wise04:44
PorkSodahere's a big question if I wanted to get Xubuntu through Synaptic04:44
carandraugPorkSoda: you could instead ask the to ship Ubuntu 8.04 and then, one you have it installed, remove Ubuntu and install Xubuntu04:45
techsupportcarandraug, i installed samba and swat, and for some reason none of the links work withing swat04:46
LaQuirrELLcarandraug   it was the -R that made the difference04:46
PorkSodawhere can I get xubuntu 8.0404:46
IdleOnePorkSoda: www.ubuntu.com04:46
GumaDoes any one know if 8.10 Beta comes with latest ATI drivers?04:47
carandraugLaQuirrELL: ok. well, at least now we know. Or maybe there's a difference between "/media/MUSICSTORE" and "/media/MUSICSTORE/"04:47
IdleOnePorkSoda: you can also install xubuntu-desktop but I suggest you do a fresh install to a different partition of xubuntu04:47
LaQuirrELLi tried it with out the -R    and also with-R and both 777 and 766    it only worked if i used the -R04:48
carandraugPorkSoda: download from here http://www.xubuntu.org/get04:48
carandraugPorkSoda: maybe it's better if you use torrents to download it. If your connection goes down, you can continue to download it on another day04:49
LaQuirrELLwell thats that     ty again   and yes cud may have been the / at the end    i try it a few different ways   just to see  I'll be back t ask about the anomaly of storage device manager l8r    good nite all04:49
PorkSodaI did that. thats what on my cdrw04:49
rochUbuntu seems to think opera is my main browser when i click links in irc...but my preffered application is irc.  is there anyway to fix that?04:50
rochwow preffered = firefox*04:50
Pavlzthe laptop advises me that were available updates04:50
carandraugroch: System > Preferences > Preferred applications04:50
Pavlzso i tried to update04:50
rochyea it says firefox04:50
Pavlzthe updates corrupted nautilis04:51
PorkSodaCan Synaptic be configured to do a direct 8.04 Xubuntu upgrade?04:51
Pavlzand something goes wrong04:51
Pavlzi booted the computer and started only with shell04:52
ivando I need to compile my own kernel in 8.10 if I'm using XFS/LVM? I get lock-ups during disk activity04:52
Pavlznow from shell i'am trying to recover the work that i did and that i can read now04:53
PorkSodaanyone know if synaptic be configured to do a direct 8.04 upgrade???04:53
Pavlzi am using apt-get update to update the kernel04:54
=== genii-3 is now known as genii
Pavlztomorrow i got a conference to University Popolare of Roma04:54
PorkSodaI thought there would be a way to avoid 322 updates04:55
skylar_how to get my cd/dvd player to work (only trying to auto mount and play music right now)04:55
Pavlzand if i can't read anymore my dates mark shuttlework risks that i ask him in judgement04:56
badfishcan i integrate unrar-free into my archive manager?04:57
PeroxydeHello. I am having a problem with flash freezing firefox for about 20 seconds while loading on Ubuntu x64.04:57
Pavlzubuntu is not a good distribution04:57
PeroxydeCan somebody give me a hand?04:57
jribbadfish: use unrar, not unrar-free.  It will be automatically used by archive manager04:57
arquebusIve got an empty fat32 partition I want to install ubuntu on. So if I set a manual install to ext3, root, format, will ubuntu automatically put in a swap partition? Should I delete the partition first?04:58
badfishi didn't think unrar was free04:58
skylar_System tab ---> Preferences ---> Removable Drives and Media has no multimedia tab04:58
toonlesscan someine tell me the command for an irc client to list all channels with more than 100 users please?04:58
jribbadfish: it's not free in the free software sense.  It doesn't cost anything04:58
Yomic7zip can unrar04:58
YomicCan't it?04:58
geniiYomic: Yes it can04:59
pw-Pavlz, linus likes it, that's good enough for me!04:59
IdleOnePavlz: do you have a question or just wanted to complain?04:59
IdleOnePavlz: not to mention that you cannot sue Canonical or Mark Shuttleworth because it is clearly stated that Ubuntu is distributed without warranty05:00
PeroxydeHello. I am having a problem with flash freezing firefox for about 20 seconds while loading on Ubuntu x64. Can I get a hand?05:01
tritiumPavlz: there were no recent updates to nautilus.  What updates are you referring to?05:01
YomicOnly problem I have with any distro is lack of (easy) instructions for wireless devices :)05:01
YomicI can deal until I feel like fixing it though05:01
tritium!wireless | Yomic05:01
ubottuYomic: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:01
IdleOneoh look easy instructions05:02
YomicI know;  too much on my plate right now ;P05:02
IdleOneeasy is a relative term05:02
YomicAnd I'm not entirely familiar with everything when using linux05:02
YomicThis is true05:02
YomicI'm too spoiled by WinXP05:03
IdleOneYomic: but you can read that and if anything comes up then ask in here and someone will help if they can05:03
skylar_Yomic lol05:03
badfishalready check the forum?05:03
haywireYomic here's an easy manual connection guide..... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57118805:03
pan_cpufreq-selector or powernowd?05:03
YomicBiggest problem is that I have no internet connection while on my linux partition05:04
pw-xp has nothing to spoil you with05:04
pw-aside from games05:04
pw-and, well, i'll admit samba is a bit of a finnicky slut05:04
skylar_I have no multimedia tab in system>preferences>removable drives and media how am I going to play a cd?05:04
skylar_I like XP's package manager though05:05
tritiumpw-: family-friendly channel, please05:05
skylar_it is really awesome05:05
pw-tritium, apologies05:05
Yomicgames, pnp wireless, instant compatability with many things due to..., many apps written for compatability for Windows but not linux05:05
IdleOne!hardware | Yomic check out this link to see if your card is supported05:05
ubottuYomic check out this link to see if your card is supported: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:05
YomicAnd I know Wine05:05
skylar_Yomic better things linux only05:06
tritiumpw-: no worries.  Thanks.05:06
YomicBut I'm a gamer so it benefits me not to waste as much time on Linux05:06
IdleOnewaste time on linux?05:07
YomicI still enjoy learning05:07
IdleOnehahahha no such thing05:07
pan_how do i see what services i'm using?05:07
tritiumBetween the two, I'd say time on gaming, not linux, is time wasted ;)05:07
YomicReprased:  ...not to use as much time with linux05:07
IdleOnepan_: System>Admin>Services05:07
KRABENmy pc is Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M-RH - motherboard - micro ATX -K8M800 where i can download driver?..05:08
tritiumKRABEN: for what?05:08
skylar_Yomic I could probably boot windows and play a freaking cd though hehe05:08
YomicI have an XP partition and ubuntu partition05:09
YomicJust so I can learn and fool around05:09
pan_right that tells u what loads in startup in gnome05:10
danbh_intrepidYomic: you have no net connection?05:10
pan_how would i view what is actually running ?05:10
IdleOneYomic: bottom line is that Windows is good for people who like windows and granted gaming is better supported on windows. Linux is great for people who don't need the gaming support ( getting better ) and don't want to be brainwashed into believing there is no choice05:10
pw-pan, go to system > administration > system monitor05:10
YomicI have wireless that extends to this side of the house;  house designers neglected this side of the house by not installing an ethernet port in this room05:11
Pavlznow i can't see nothing on the screen, it blinks 3 times then give me as error impossible to start X server (your own graphic interface). Probably is not well configurated. You want to see the output of server X to diagnose  the Yes or No05:11
Pavlzif i click yes05:11
KRABENtritium... for resolution my pc05:11
danbh_intrepidYomic: I don't thnk you have to draw a line, and say that windows is for games, and linux is not.  Windows has most of the games, but linux has some games too.  Check out playdeb.net     No sense in limiting your options when you can dual boot.05:12
YomicI just have no reason to switch wholley to Linux at the moment05:12
YomicBut learning it doesn't hurt05:12
penYomic, have you trieed other distro?05:13
IdleOneYomic: there is no reason to switch over completely. except because you want to05:13
IdleOneYomic: that is the whole point of Linux. use it because you can not because some big company says you have to05:14
PavlzX Window System Version 7.0.0 Release Date: 21 Dicember 2005 X Protocol Version 1105:14
GodfatherofEireAnyone care to help out a a newb who's havin a little trouble with settin up his Zen?05:14
IdleOnePavlz: what version of Ubuntu are you running?05:14
SpAcI've just freshly installed Ubuntu on my laptop. It's working great so far. Just setting up my mail in Evolution. Having trouble getting it to work the way I like with IMAP. All my folders currently show up as subfolders of the Inbox. Can I change this?05:14
linnyGodfatherofEire: what exactly dop you need help with ?05:15
chamunksi've got an issue with my php5 / apache2 i've got a string of things causing an issue where i have no /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so05:15
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: That is usually caused by the mail-server.05:15
chamunksCan someone give me some advice on this?05:15
YomicIf it ever comes to a point that I have to decide between Linux, Mac, or Windows Vista (I don't mind the others as much), I'll want to have knowledge of something that doesn't cost $100 and that I don't care to learn (vista)05:15
GodfatherofEireThe Zen isnt registering under Amarok, and I cant copy files to it from Banshee or any other program except nomad05:15
Pavlz/var/log/Xorg.0.log Time Fri Oct 3 06 06 47 200805:16
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, yeah. Although the mailserver is pretty standard. I thought others might be in the same situation.05:16
=== failure is now known as nonamecafe
IdleOnePavlz: tritium asked earlier of what update you were speaking about. there has not been any updates to nautilus according to tritium05:17
PavlzUsing config file /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:17
jasuushow do I find which file contains a <string> ?05:17
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: Courier IMAP server does that, and the author won't change it (claims everything else is 'broken'). Dovecot works fine as you expect it to05:17
chamunkscan someone give me some assistance with apache205:17
SpAcIn thunderbird I can set the 'IMAP server directory' to fix the problem. Anything similar in Evolution?05:17
linnyGodfatherofEire: try KZenExplorer it should be in synaptic05:17
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, i see!05:17
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: I changed my server from Courier to Dovecot because of that, amongst other things05:17
jasuusas in i have 100 files and i need to find which one contains the function "get_parameters(a,b)"05:17
Pavlzto update general packages05:17
GodfatherofEireTried that05:17
GodfatherofEireDidnt register it05:18
linnyGodfatherofEire: i see let me look05:18
IntuitiveNipplejasuus: grep -rn 'get_parameters\(' *05:18
Pavlzusing config file /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:18
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, I don't suppose you know, but any plugins or work arounds? (Apart from switching IMAP servers?)05:18
GodfatherofEireI'm just trying to use Banshee or Amarok cause the ID3 Tags are relatively fine on ther05:18
Pavlzwhere i must put the hands to turn back to use the gui05:19
dean0nullif i could get some help on my hp pavilion d7 1020 i'd be eternally grateful05:19
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: I did a lot of trying to work around it, and I'm a techie, but in the end it was easier to move to Dovecot. However, I do seem to recall that Mozilla Thunderbird could handle it somehow05:19
dean0nullmy wireless card doesn't work05:20
linnyGodfatherofEire: http://libmtp.sourceforge.net/index.php id you install this protocol ?05:20
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, yeah. Was using Thunderbird on Windows. It has a setting to specify the root folder05:20
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: might be worth searching Google for an Evolution plug-in that does the same05:20
passiveI want to install enveria on ubuntu is there any howto or even a deb package ?05:20
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, ok... well... I might just use Thunderbird then05:21
dean0nullanyone know where or how i could get my wireless up and running05:21
linnydean0null: what wireless card do you have ?05:21
zeusHow do I remove a file that refuses to be removed even with sudo rm -r and -f?05:21
dean0nulllinny: i'm not sure05:21
jribzeus: pastebin05:21
GodfatherofEireDid that too linny05:21
jrib!pastebin | zeus05:22
ubottuzeus: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:22
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: This might be wroth a look http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-applications/67410-namespace-imap-root-evolution.html05:22
linnyGodfatherofEire: i found this , any help ? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-467398.html05:23
linnydean0null: if you dont know what card you have how can we help ?05:23
dean0nullhow can i find out?05:23
linnyis it a laptop ?05:24
zeusHow do I remove a file that refuses to be removed even with sudo rm -r and -f?05:24
Jinx-Any ideas why with ndiswrapper I have it add and remove the inf a couple time before it works?05:24
dean0nullim new to linux...i just got it wiped and had a fresh ubuntu install05:24
linnydean0null: google the model of the lappy05:24
dean0nullit being my harddrive05:24
IntuitiveNipplezeus: maybe another process has it open. It can be removed when that program releases it05:24
dean0nullit's dv7 102005:24
dean0nulli'll check05:24
linnydean0null: i take it youve followed the basic tuts ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo05:26
PavlzWhat i must to change in Xorg.0.log05:26
linnygive them a try and if your stuck come back05:27
dean0nulli had a linux dood install this, but it died right after the install05:27
GodfatherofEireLinny: Didn't work05:27
SpAcIntuitiveNipple_, Makes no difference05:28
DoonzHey Can anyone help me with this error05:28
SpAcIntuitiveNipple_, I think I'll go back to Thunderbrid05:29
=== IntuitiveNipple_ is now known as IntuitiveNipple
Doonzintel_rng: FWH not detected05:29
linnyGodfatherofEire: im sorry im out of ideas ?05:29
GodfatherofEireNo prob05:29
=== selocol is now known as lainy
linnyGodfatherofEire: i do know that one of my pals had this prob but hes in bed now , if you idle here tomorrow ill pm you when i speak to him05:31
PavlzIs possibile to do a recovery from the cd of edubuntu ?05:31
chipbuddyis there a way to tile windows vertically or horizontally so that they take up as much screen space as possible?05:31
Doonzhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=476055&highlight=intel_rng%3A+FWH <-- can someone tell me if this is a wise solution for my problem?05:31
lucaxcan someone help me with java?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/53357/05:31
dean0nullhow do you bring up a console or run the run command?05:32
GodfatherofEireThanks Linny05:32
dean0nullhow do you get to the console?05:32
linnydean0null:  application/acessories/terminal or alt and f2 for run05:33
jasuuseh, anyone use gnucash 2.0 with online banking?05:33
bobertdoslucax: Which version do you want to use?05:33
mike1504can someone reply to my problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5887676#post5887676 Thanks05:34
lucaxbobertdos, sun-java605:34
=== haywire is now known as _haywire_
xiaopiHi, I have a question, i installed kubuntu-desktop over my Ubuntu installation but now even when i use Gnome, he tries to load KDE applets, and I have all KDE's programs in my menu (without icons of course)05:34
CorbinFoxis there a good program to burn .avi files to a dvd to play in a standard dvd player?05:34
JuNiOxHi all, I've just created a volume group with only one logical volume, but whenever I reboot the server all volumes are gone.. do I need to "save" something to keep from losing the VG?05:34
lucaxbobertdos, but i cant choose from any!! i do sudo dpkg-reconfigure java and error05:35
xiaopiCan't use them both without having them mess with each others?05:35
xiaopiMy shutdown menu doesn't have power off button in Gnome anymore either, that's really messed up =D05:35
HappyHaterCorbinFox, devede will convert them to a dvd iso05:35
badfishwhy can't i view embedded flash?05:35
CorbinFoxhappyhater: i literally just found that in the add/remove programs thing just after i asked.  i didnt see it the first run through the list.  thanks05:36
linnybadfish: you need to go to adobe and install flash05:36
sugidoes anyone know where i can find the quake wars 1.1 client for linux?05:36
lucaxhow do i install java?????05:36
badfishi thought i did05:36
badfishnow instead of telling me i need the latest version of flash, it just pops up a big empty box where a video should be05:37
linnybadfish: what browser you using ??05:37
IntuitiveNippleJuNiOx: what is the backing-store for the VG ?05:37
badfishfirefox 3.0305:38
IntuitiveNippleJuNiOx: Also, do you have devmapper installed in the initrd image?05:38
lucax/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: java no está instalado HELP!05:38
CorbinFoxwhen will gimp 2.6 be set to update into hardy?05:39
dean0nulli'm sorry but i don't know how to find my wireless card, it should be an option somewhere05:39
JuNiOxIntuitiveNipple: not sure, just installed ubunto 8 for the first time just for trying configuring it, but let me check05:39
IntuitiveNippleJuNiOx: The LVM devices should appear in /dev/mapper/05:40
JuNiOxIntuitiveNipple: sure, it works fine before rebooting05:40
badfishthe installer put libflashplayer.so in my /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.3/plugins folder05:40
JuNiOxall devices05:40
JuNiOxmount points05:40
JuNiOxbut whenever I reboot, the vg desappear05:40
Chainsinthewallmy built in sound card on my Shuttle AK32V mother does not get along with linux at all. what, if anything, can i do about this05:41
linnybadfish: check the ff settings to make sure its using that plugin also try restarting the browser ?05:41
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a05:41
lucaxlucax, sudo update-alternatives --config java thanks dude!05:41
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, back to Thunderbird :)05:42
IntuitiveNippleJuNiOx: That sounds like the initrd (initial ram-disk image) hasn't been updated to include the LVM tools. Try "sudo update-initramfs -u all"05:42
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: :)05:42
linnydean0null: what tut are you following and where are you stuck ?05:42
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, will think about moving to Dovecot... however at the moment my mail is on a shared server05:42
Pavlzso i can't backup nothing05:42
tyocHi there, I have installed anonproxy for test it on my school, I have redirected the proxy of FF to localhost:4001, then after see that it doesnt work like I spected, I have uninstalled it.... but now when I try to use synaptic for install some packages, I get: can't connect tolocalhost:4001 ( - connect (111 refused connection)05:42
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: Playing around with the Evolution root namespace value might help05:43
badfishshockwave flash files are set to "use shockwave flash (in firefox)"05:43
badfishrestarted a couple times05:43
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: It would seem logical to set it to "Inbox" :)05:43
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: That might confuse courier enough :p05:43
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, I've given it a go, but then then only the inbox appears and no other folders05:43
FAJIntuitiveNipple:  do you have any thoughts05:43
badfishi'm gonna try browsing to set shockwave flash files to libflashplayer.so05:44
IntuitiveNippleFAJ: Yes - I should still be in bed!05:44
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, tried a few different combinations... given up :P05:44
FAJlol IntuitiveNipple05:44
badfishstill get a big empty space where a video should be05:44
Pavlzi got the cd of edubuntu how can i choose only05:44
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: I know I did too, it was *very* frustrating. I was sniffing the network to watch what was going on and I couldn't find a way to kick courier IMAP into shape, either05:44
dean0nulli think i accidentally closed it....i'm trying to find a wrapped file or a file that will support the wireless card i have on my pavilion d7 1020us05:44
dean0nullthis is all new to me05:44
Pavlzthe packages necessary to setup X05:45
dean0nulli just want to watch the presidential debate or download some Hero's and be done with it05:45
tyocis like if synaptic was triying to connect to web via anonproxy, but dont know why, also anonproxy is already deleted completely05:45
linnybadfish: about:plugins what does this say05:45
FAJIntuitiveNipple:  can you think of anything?  he said that gparted messsed up on him,,,05:45
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+question/459205:46
IntuitiveNippleFAJ: I'm staying well away :)05:46
FAJwhy?? :(05:46
badfishlinny: http://paste.ubuntu.com/53359/05:47
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
badfishactually i have 205:47
linnybadfish: you could try upgrading to flash 905:48
badfishthat's the other one05:48
badfishi just purged gnash05:48
linnybadfish:  that could be your problem you only need one delete one05:48
badfishthe other one's here, it looks ok http://paste.ubuntu.com/53360/05:48
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a05:49
dean0nulli'll be back after i try to take files off my old computer with ethernet cords05:49
badfishthat's it05:49
sprocketi need to display very large text messages on a screen... can anyone suggest a linux program that would do this? Ie i need a message like "Welcome home Fred" to fill the whole screen.05:49
dean0nullif i did that wouldn't my linux box show up as a drive?05:49
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, nice to know we're not the only ones05:49
dean0nullbecause it doesn't even find it now05:50
ykphuahsprocket: you can do that using the presenter in openoffice.05:50
ykphuahsprocket: just like you would do it in powerpoint.05:50
Chainsinthewall my built in sound card on my Shuttle AK32V mother does not get along with linux at all. what, if anything, can i do about this05:50
sprocketykphuah: yeah but i have a text file that will be changing and need to display the changes.... i don't think presenter can handle that05:51
FAJhi my friend used gparted to add to his / partition, unfortunately it did something weird, and now it says that he has 30 g's of used space in his / , which is wrong, because he is not using that much space, and when he checks on df -h it says he is only using 6 gbs of space in / while in sudo fdisk -l it says 30 gbs used.  he wants to use some of that space for / but cannot take it away because gparted says it's all used (not free).  can a05:51
Flannel!repeat | FAJ05:51
ubottuFAJ: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:51
NiKeCRu666how do i kill an app that has freezed on wine?05:52
tyocsome one know where synaptic obtain his "door" to the internet05:52
FAJsorry Flannel it's just that no one knows at all, there isn't even any thoughts on what to do05:52
Doonzanyone here running mdadm with a raid 5 config?05:52
Doonzim just trying to get the array to rescan the system and rebuild the array with a new drive05:52
FlannelFAJ: Repeating it every 2 minutes won't jog anyones memory.05:53
FAJ*sigh* you never know ;)  can you think of anything _anything_05:53
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:54
_haywire_FAJ yeah start over05:54
dean0nullif i connected a laptop running ubuntu to a windows xp computer by ethernet cable and nothing happens what does that mean?05:54
FAJ_haywire_:   that's a hard one to do...05:54
dean0nulli should be able to access the hard drive shouldn't i?05:54
FAJ_haywire_:  can you think of anything other than that to try?05:55
_haywire_dean0null: possibly missing package /setting or wrong/bad cable05:55
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: I've just read an article that reports recreating the IMAP account in Evolution and changing those Namespace options *at account creation time* works/might work (depending on Evolution version) but they, unhelpfully, don't spefiy any Evolution versions, or date of article05:56
dean0nulli've tried two cables...and i've tried connecting it to my router/modem...i can't get this thing online or even recognized by two windows pc's one running vista the other xp05:56
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, ok... can I see the URL?05:56
IntuitiveNippledean0null: A direct PC to PC connection would require a 'crossover' cable05:56
dean0nullmaybe i don't know how to set up the wireless and that's it05:57
linnydean0null: youll need to setup proper network shares in the windows pcs05:57
_haywire_FAJ backup and fresh start05:57
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: There's not alot to see, but ... http://www.citadel.org/doku.php/faq:favoriteclient:why_don_t_i_see05:57
FAJ_haywire_:  how can he back upwell?05:57
dean0nullhow do i go about that linny?05:57
linnydont know i dont do windows :)05:57
bjorkhii..im tring to install gegl and i keep getting this error 2geglbuffer.c:(.text+0x1d): undefined reference to `gtk_init'05:57
dean0nullheh lol05:58
bjorkanyone have any ideas?05:58
_haywire_dean0null: create a user and password in windows for your ubuntu05:58
dean0nullhow? and would i be forced to use it to get online?05:59
testi have one broken package... what should i do?06:00
_haywire_dean0null you have to create a userid with access credentials on the windows box, plus two smb packages must be installed...06:00
jasuusugh gnucash sucks06:00
=== Starnestommy is now known as sheep
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, no breakthroughs there!06:01
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, it was worth a try :)06:01
dean0nullsmb packages?06:01
IntuitiveNippleSpAc: Well, the general consenus is, Evolution developers aren't interested in providing 'proper' namespace support, more interested in the Exchange connector06:01
dean0nulli'm thinking about just waiting for this hobbist I know to wrap the windows drivers on tuesday06:01
=== wilfrid is now known as wilfridC
dean0nulli just wanted to get some files on here and play around...but it looks like i'll be stuck reading books etc06:02
TeslaTonyIs there any way to throtlle my download speed without using QoS settings on my router?06:02
phuzion!ubotu restart sound06:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:02
linnydean0null: you can mess with windows to setup internet connection shareing then just plugin your laptop06:03
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, that's the feeling I get as well from doing some searching06:03
SpAcIntuitiveNipple, most people who use courier must just put up with it!06:03
dean0nullhow do i do that?06:03
dean0nulloh yeah, you don't use windows06:04
linnydean0null: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306126 OMG did just post an m$ link :)06:04
instahey guys, anyone built an HTPC before?06:05
telephonecan anyone recommend an app that can convert mov->mp4?06:05
DoonzHey ANyone here that can help me with MDADM Raid Array?06:05
dean0nullthanks linny06:05
instaDoonz: i can06:06
dean0nulli'll check it out tomorrow...too much stress now06:06
dean0nullgetting a freakin headache donchakno06:06
Doonzinsta i have a "failed" drive06:06
Doonzim trying to figure out howto make my array rebuld itself06:06
Chainsinthewall my built in sound card on my Shuttle AK32V mother does not get along with linux at all. what, if anything, can i do about this06:06
phuzionI have no sound, but did earlier, and tried restarting alsa-utils, anyone got any ideas?06:07
dean0nullbye guys have fun!06:07
instamdadm --manage /dev/md0 --remove /dev/sdb06:07
thxpnphi everyone!06:07
instabefore that, i'd suggest:06:07
instamdadm --manage /dev/md0 --readonly06:07
instathe --remove will ... remove the bad drive from the array06:08
instai guessed /dev/sdb in this example, use your actual drive that failed06:08
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:08
Doonzhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53363/ <-- thats what  mdadm --detail /dev/md0 gives me06:09
instaso it looks like it was /dev/sda that failed?06:10
Doonzappears that way06:10
PoisonArrowIf I wanted a firewall, what one would I want?06:10
geniiPoisonArrow: A hardware one06:10
instaDoonz: but?06:11
Doonzhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53365/ <-- this is what Fdisk outputs06:11
vega_PoisonArrow: all of the software ones are frontends to iptables, it's just a matter of how you want to configure it (gui or text-base config files)06:11
FuriousGeorgehey all06:12
telephonecan anyone recommend an app that can convert mov->mp4?06:12
instaare you just showing me that fdisk says the drive is alive?06:12
mobodotelephone: ffmpeg?06:12
Doonzand that its their06:12
mobodotelephone: though not any kind of mov06:12
Doonzshould mdadm automatically try readding the drive?06:12
PoisonArrowvega_, Ok. I have used firestarter before. I just there might be other alternatives to iptables.06:12
instamdadm will kick drives out for several reasons06:12
IntuitiveNipplePoisonArrow: Hardy has 'ufw' (Ubuntu Fire Wall) built in06:12
paulohola. hay alguien con quien combersar?06:12
instacheck the drive's smart status06:13
FuriousGeorgei have a ps/2 usb adapter that works well in other distros, but doesnt work in kubuntu unless its plugged in when i start the computer, or i hit the caps lock key on a separate usb keyboard...06:13
PoisonArrowvega_, thought there might be*06:13
insta(install smartmontools, run smartctl -d ata -a /dev/sda)06:13
PoisonArrowIntuitiveNipple, Thats the command?06:13
Doonzok and if its good?06:13
FuriousGeorge http://pastebin.ca/1217653  <---  thats the difference between dmesg on gentoo (works) and kubuntu (requires a reboot) when i plug in the adapter (p/2 -> usb)06:13
vega_PoisonArrow: yes, "apt-cache search firewall" etc.06:13
instaif you have a preliminary good, then dig through the smartctl options and kick off an offline test06:13
instaif it passes the offline test then run:06:14
IntuitiveNipplePoisonArrow: That's the package06:14
vega_PoisonArrow: can't recommend any as i don't use a graphical one..06:14
instamdadm --manage /dev/md0 --add /dev/sda06:14
xiaopiDoes the Add/Remove... use apt-get or aptitude?06:14
PoisonArrowIntuitiveNipple, ok ya just enabled it, going to check out the man06:14
geniixiaopi: dpkg06:14
phuzionI have no sound, but did earlier, and tried restarting alsa-utils, anyone got any ideas on what might be wrong?  I tried lsof | grep pcm as well and that didn't return anything06:14
Doonzthanx insta06:15
SebNaitsabesphuzion: yep sound issues like that are common06:15
xiaopijust fetch .deb and dpkg them ?06:15
SebNaitsabeswith Hardy heron06:15
Doonzso theres no way to make mdadm automatically readd drives?06:15
instaDoonz: don't readd it until you're sure the drive is fine though06:15
Doonzinsta its brand new06:15
instano, you don't want it to do that06:15
SebNaitsabesphuizon: try this  killall pulseaudio then  try anything that makes sound06:15
instabrand new drives are some of the most likely ones to die06:15
Doonzi mean i took out the failed one06:15
Doonzand put that one in06:15
SebNaitsabesphuzion: killall pulseaudio06:16
Doonzi have another boc ill scan it on06:16
geniixiaopi: Synaptic is the usual one06:16
Doonzboc = box06:16
instai thought the drive in there now was the failed one06:16
instaif you've already replaced it, then just run the --add line06:16
phuzionNope, that didn't do anything either, SebNaitsabes06:16
=== BOG is now known as Guest40755
chamunksIm having troubles getting php working again on my server can anyone lend a hand?06:16
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:16
xiaopigenii> okay thx for the answer :)06:17
william_So I'm reading a tutorial on VNC and it's saying that tightvncserver isnt that great06:17
chamunksI had to purge all apache2 and php5 packages yet still my php pages dont function.06:17
=== wilfrid is now known as wilfridC
william_Any ideas what I should use?06:17
SebNaitsabeswilliam_:  VNC is not secure unless you tunnel it over SSH06:17
SebNaitsabesor a vpn06:17
passiveI've screwed gnome when i deleted xorg.conf i can't get it back working06:18
lirithow can I share files between two ubuntu machines?06:18
SebNaitsabespassive: are you in Gnome now?06:18
passiveno KDE406:18
ubottuSCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/06:18
RickZillaAnother sound question...I just have a Sound Blaster Live card, but I'm not getting any sound06:18
william_Okay, should I even bother with TightVNCServer? I'm having a hard time figuring out how to configure it..06:18
SebNaitsabeslirit:  SCP06:18
SebNaitsabesthat's one way to do it06:18
passivei can't login to Gnome it gives me a white page for any session06:19
ubottugnome is a project that provides two things: The GNOME desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.06:19
SebNaitsabespassive: hummmmmm   so either gnome is buggered up or X is?06:19
passiveI don't know really SebNiatsabes :S06:19
PoisonArrowAnyone know of any good software in the respitories on which to teach better typing schools?06:19
SebNaitsabesPoisionArrow: there are quite a few I can't just tell you the names, but you can search for typing software with Synaptic Package Manager06:20
SebNaitsabespassive:  I guess deleting the  hidden  .gnome folders in your home folder should take care of it,  but if you can't log in well  you need to do it in the Ubuntu console or from Live CD06:21
malekxubuntu xfce 8.04.1 is good pc pentium 3, 128mo, 20go06:21
PoisonArrowSebNaitsabes, thanks06:21
passiveSebNaitsabes i'll give it a shot and come back. Thanks alot!06:21
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=== g0b|in is now known as g06|in
instaanyone have suggestions for how i can track why my I/O wait is so high?06:21
SebNaitsabespassive:  you don't have Kubuntu or antyhing like that installed?06:22
=== genii-2 is now known as genii
SebNaitsabespassive:  no other desktop environment or window manager?06:22
passiveYeah i've installed KDE4 beside Gnome06:22
jamesishinsta: i/o on the hard drive'll be something you can look at with hdparm.06:22
SebNaitsabespassive: ok well can you log into KDE406:22
SebNaitsabespassive:  ok your issue has nothing to do with X06:22
SebNaitsabespassive:  you won't need Live CD to fix it, since you can log into KDE406:23
RickZillaSound blaster Live...how do I go about installing a driver for this?06:23
SebNaitsabespassive: maybe your in KDE4 right now?06:23
passiveOkay just deleting the .gnome folder?06:23
passiveyes I'm06:23
RickZillaI'm not getting any sound at all06:23
SebNaitsabespassive:  well  user settings for all programs go in home in hidden .folders so  deleting any folders to do with gnome should probably take care of it06:23
instajamesish: i'm pretty sure it's harddrive-related actually, because my system is running on a compact flashcard that's in PIO mode.  however, it happens while streaming a movie over my network ... so ...06:24
instai'm trying to see if mplayer is thinking it will outsmart me by caching the movie06:24
passive2 folders .gnome, .gnome2_private which one ?06:24
jamesishinsta: you said it was i/o related. Is it that or your network, then? What made you think i/o? Just a guess? guesses are okay, I'm just trying to make sure I understand.06:24
instai've only ever seen "wait" be high in top when it was waiting on I/O06:25
R_YoYo_Ri love linux06:25
jamesishinsta: read man top.06:25
RickZillaSound blaster Live...how do I go about installing a driver for this?06:25
SebNaitsabespassive:  yep get rid of them all06:26
instaaw, that's a pretty official rtfm :(06:26
jamesishinsta: it tells you what all the WAIT and whatnot mean. Either that or man ps.06:26
instaok, and it says it's I/O06:26
instaso it's either network latency or disk latency, and i'd like to know how to tell which one06:26
jamesishinsta: I don't tell *everyone*to read man pages. Only people who're sounding like they already have some undersatnding and are interested ;06:26
passiveOkay I'll give it a shot. do u mind telling me how to prepend the username before the text you are typing ?06:26
jamesishinsta: they're dense information, and really awesome.06:27
Doonzanyway to pull up the motherboard model # through linux?06:27
=== khezia is now known as kesya
instajamesish: i know, i was just pretty sure of myself with it06:27
jamesishinsta: think of man pages as secret unix knowledge going back forty, fifty years. They're the awesome.06:27
instai use man a lot06:27
SebNaitsabespassive:    just type  name:  message06:27
instaactually, in my terminal right now, 3 of my 4 tabs are manpages06:28
jamesishinsta: okay, you can either benchmark your network or your latency. BUt here's a freebie: if you have solid state storage, and you're streaming a movie over the network, it's almost certainly network.06:28
passiveSebNaitsabes: Many Thanks ( I'll BE BACK the terminator :P)06:28
instagenerally, you'd think so, but solid state != fast in this case :(06:28
SebNaitsabespassive:  yes try log into Gnome now06:28
instasolid state in this context just means no moving parts06:28
jamesishinsta: try rsyncing a file with the --progress flag, that'll help.06:28
badfishis it possible to add to my "places" menu?06:30
badfishalacarte only lets me work with applications and system06:31
instadd shows me it's network06:31
airtonixdoes snmp allow for showing bandwidth usage per client address or is it only bandwidth used at the router point ?06:32
=== Linwood is now known as Adrian
chamunkslibphp5.so anyone know how i can get this file?06:33
instaand i can't do anything about it either :(06:33
R_YoYo_Rwhen i get an icon theme from gnome-look.org not all the icons change06:34
instabecause it's ndiswrapper which i need06:34
airtonixchamunks, did you install php5 as per instructions on the ubuntu wiki?06:34
passiveGnome didn't work :S06:34
SebNaitsabespassive: hummmmmm06:34
airtonixchamunks, if you did, then you can find that file with : locate libphp5.so06:34
SebNaitsabespassive:  well you could re install it06:35
Chainsinthewallmy built in sound card on my Shuttle AK32V mother does not get along with linux at all. what, if anything, can i do about this06:35
passivei've deleted all the files in .gnome2, .gnome_private and still gives me that whitepage06:35
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »06:35
chamunksairtonix, ill run that real quick and see what i get back sec.06:35
passiveHmmmmmm how to ?06:35
R_YoYo_Rwith 8.04 what version is KDE?06:35
Wickedanyone help me with this error? ICE default IO error handler doing an exit()06:35
airtonix!who | passive06:35
ubottupassive: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:35
SebNaitsabespassive: look above06:35
SebNaitsabesairtonix:  yes I know06:35
=== g0b|in is now known as g06|in
airtonixSebNaitsabes, know what?06:36
passiveairtonix: I'm sorry i'm new to IRC and just found the nick: msg thing06:36
chamunksairtonix, I just realised that i've got a different problem than that at this point "php-5.2.3.tar.bz2"06:36
airtonix!tab | passive06:36
ubottupassive: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:36
SebNaitsabesairtonix:  nevermind06:36
airtonixchamunks, is that for a version of php not provided by the repositories?06:37
chamunksairtonix, sorry old text in my copy "/usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"06:37
Wickedhow can i fix this error....it happens when running a script and messes the script up06:37
chamunksairtonix, theres more but i was just trying to avoid pastbinning it.06:37
airtonixchamunks, feel free to private message me then06:38
NukkaGubuntu is for n00bs and faggots -- true hardcore elitists use slackware or one the BSDs06:39
jamesishY'know -- I use FreeBSD. But ubuntu is a fine OS. Idiot troll.06:39
Wickedyea bsd's make awesome servers....and just that06:39
[Slug]some of us are still noobs  hey we gotta learn some how06:40
jamesishNah, I use it on the desktop. FreeBSD is a fine desktop, if you understand it.06:40
R_YoYo_Rhere is the thing. ... i have used alot of distros ... freeBSD gentoo LFS ... i have compiled to compiler that compiles the compiler ..... ... ubuntu is great if you have no TIME06:41
jamesishUbuntu, oddly enough, I use on one of my two servers. I use it because the ROOT physics framework won't compile on BSD>06:41
R_YoYo_Rface it ubuntu is a great linux os no matter how you look at it06:41
Wickedlol well for me bsd sucked for a desktop....lacked support for almost all my hardware...even my freaking wired nic was not supported....even in 706:42
[Slug]im learning the linux command line and someday maybe I will run a GUI.06:42
savage-if I'm running tar czvf to tar up a bunch of files and then cancel it in the middle with control-c, that shouldn't somehow affect the actual files that I'm tarring up, right? (ie.e., no harm to those files) ?06:42
R_YoYo_Rubuntu as a desktop > than BSD imho06:42
GreedyBSo I setup SSH/x11vnc but after I SSH  in I cannot get the vncviewer to connect to the local port06:42
jamesishWe're not flamewaring here,06:42
Wickedright...ubuntu does what i want it to do....just work06:42
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde406:42
jamesishI prefer BSD on the desktop, but who cares?06:43
ubottuKDE 4.1.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde406:43
gnuskool[Slug]: you got no gui?06:43
AussieGuyhi, if I ssh into a server that has a hardware setup the same as a server I have here, how would I go about using rsync to clone the local server to the remote one?06:43
gnuskool[Slug]: good idea, i did that for a while and its the best thing i ever did06:43
jamesishAussieGuy: look at the delete-after flag. I tink that'll help you out./06:44
[Slug]its kinda like a step back to the 80's but it forces you to get good06:44
Wickedanyone help me with this error? ICE default IO error handler doing an exit() ive googled all around and do not find a solution. ive tried removing the file and it still has the error06:45
SuperQAussieGuy: what do you mean by clone06:45
gnuskool[Slug]: yeah, you learn the how and why, instead of just clicking stuff06:45
SuperQAussieGuy: rsync tends to be a bad way to "clone" live filesystems06:45
SuperQAussieGuy: especially if it's the OS of the machine06:46
Seven_Six_TwoI enabled desktop effects in gnome but I didn't know direct rendering was off. It turned the screen totally white and I can't do anything. I can get in to gnome safemode (I am now) but not in to regular gnome06:46
AussieGuywell, here at home I have ubuntu server custom setup with my apache and web application, along with my dns servers etc.........Im going to rent a VPS server, install the default ubuntu server cd onto it06:46
GreedyBI'm stuck when trying to use SSH/VNC anyone help me with it?06:46
AussieGuythen ssh into the remote server and use rsync to clone the local server to the remote one06:46
[Slug]and believe it or not im running a nslu2 hacked with unslung hehe!06:46
SuperQAussieGuy: Ahh, so it might be a bit more trouble, but I would simply duplicate the package listings and then rsync config files06:46
AussieGuyive got the kvm stuff all worked out already06:46
SuperQAussieGuy: You can use "dpkg --get-selections" to get a package list out of the "from" server06:47
AussieGuysuperq: the local server doesnt have to be running, cos its a virtual machine06:47
jamesishAussieGuy: It's doable. If you have space, loook into doing a dd of you current drive to an isio06:47
AussieGuyI could probably extract its files into a folder06:47
SuperQAussieGuy: Still, it may not be a good idea depending on the type of VPS they use06:48
jamesishAussieGuy: Then unpacking the iso via ssh onto the remove.06:48
jamesishUm, remote.06:48
SuperQAussieGuy: They may have modified the installation a bit06:48
SuperQAussieGuy: "dpkg --get-selections > package.lst"06:48
pan_how do i save battery life?06:48
=== _weltall is now known as weltall
AussieGuythey actually reccomended rsync over iso, reason being that it would save alot of bandwidth06:48
jamesishAussieGuy: SuperQ is right, but the best way to find out is to ask them. Just email and ask if it's a default install or what./06:48
pan_does anyone use powertop?06:48
[Slug]gnuskool> this little box is kinda nifty, im trying to get it to run ircd-hybrid06:48
SuperQAussieGuy: Hrm06:49
AussieGuyso when I make changes etc I can easily update06:49
Doonzkinda a dumb question. But is 1 core on a quad core 2.4ghz better than a single celeron at 2.4 ghz?06:49
SuperQAussieGuy: I personally think that is a bad idea, but if they recommend it, maybe they have instructions06:49
AussieGuythey said do a one time install of a secondary os (ubuntu server) then ssh into it, and rsync over my changes06:49
badfishhow do i change my default dvd player to ogle?06:49
SuperQDoonz: Not a fair comparison06:49
jamesishDoonz: can't imagine so, as it doesn't hav eprivileged access to the L2 cache. THough most quad cores increase the amount of L2 cache to compensate, now I think about it.06:49
SuperQDoonz: since the core in the celeron has a lot of other changes besides being "just one core"06:50
Doonzyeah not sure why i didnt think about it06:50
SuperQAussieGuy: Yea, I don't know enough about the setup to give you specifics06:51
SuperQAussieGuy: rsync is fairly easy, the man page is good06:51
SuperQAussieGuy: if you give it a destination like user@host:/path/to/dir/ it will automatically try ssh06:52
SuperQAussieGuy: and prompt for your login06:52
=== g06|in is now known as go6|in
SuperQAussieGuy: I do something like this all the time "rsync -av /dir/on/local/ superq@remotehost:/dir/on/remote/"06:52
GreedyBI'm having trouble with x11vnc anyone have any ideas why I cant connect with my other computer when using a vncviewer?06:53
DoonzIntel Core™2 Quad Processor Q6600 2.4GHz w/ 2x4MB Cache VS06:53
DoonzIntel Core™2 Quad Processor Q9300 2.50GHz w/ 6MB Cache06:53
Doonzwich one is better06:53
SuperQDoonz: depends on a lot of stuff06:53
gnuskoolSeven_Six_Two: any progress with the white screen?06:53
SuperQDoonz: I would look at hardware review sites for benchmark comparisons06:54
AussieGuyill give that a try. thanks anyway06:54
Doonzsuper whats a decent one06:54
SuperQI dunno.  trustedreviews, tomshardware, there are lots of them06:54
DigitalFizif i want certain programs to run when i login where do i put them?06:54
SuperQDigitalFiz: System -> Preferences -> Session06:55
SuperQDigitalFiz: You can add programs under Startup Programs06:55
DigitalFizok ty06:55
=== go6|in is now known as g06|in
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot06:55
SuperQcool, there is a shortuct for that one06:56
shepherdhow do i remove flash from my comptuer?06:56
Seven_Six_Twonot yet06:58
Seven_Six_Twognuskool, not yet06:58
Seven_Six_TwoI don't know how to do it from the command line, and it doesn't change when I try to use system>>pref>>appearance06:59
Seven_Six_Twofrom gnome safemode07:00
Seven_Six_TwoI found a forum of 3 others that had the same prob in suse but there were no answers in the thread07:00
MrEgg964Hi all :) My gnome session on a distant computer is hibernated. I can access the computer through ssh. How do you think it is possible to close that distant session? TIA07:01
jitu3485whwnever I add a DNS entry in /etc/resolv.conf and execute /etcinit.d/networking restart the entry I added in resolv.conf disappears , same is the problem with graphical interface( Syatem-> Admin ->network) any help ?07:02
gnuskoolSeven_Six_Two: post your xorg.conf in pastebin07:02
shepherdhow do i remove flash from my comptuer?07:02
raddyHello Everybody07:02
raddyWould the 8.10 of Ubuntu atleast contain new art work?07:03
* susie I know how to make a program start when my session starts but what do I add to the comment if I want it to start minimized or in the tray07:03
Flannelraddy: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, but yes.07:03
switchfootis aim working for anyone here07:04
=== g06|in is now known as go6|in
=== go6|in is now known as g06|in
susieswitchfoot: no it is down07:04
switchfooti'm getting connection timed out07:04
switchfooto really07:04
susieswitchfoot: I know they are either having problems or work on the servers07:05
=== viviersf{Gone} is now known as viviersf
RawSushianyone else have a problem with firefox constantly closing on its own?07:06
gnuskoolSeven_Six_Two: ?07:06
RawSushiI'm using 3.0.307:06
surenhi can someone help me with compiling handbrake gtk?07:07
surenit gives me the error "No package 'gdk-pixbuf-2.0' found"07:07
surenanyone have any ideas???07:07
MonsieurBongood morning everyone07:08
meek1morn MonsieurBon07:08
=== mike is now known as Guest50764
_haywire_what's good about it?07:08
meek1suren: u probably need to install that package then07:08
* susie Browse the World Wide Web07:08
MonsieurBonquestion: I use my laptop with a biger display here. Can I somehow switch of the laptop display? It iritates me! :)07:08
surenmeek1, but unfortunately i cannot find it07:08
surenim using ubuntu hardy07:08
meek1suren: what ver. of ubuntu do u have?07:09
odracir34GOOG MORNING VIETNAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:09
surenmeek1, ubuntu hardy heron 8.0407:09
meek1suren: ok07:09
gnuskoolMonsieurBon: what model laptop?07:09
airtonixsuren, apt-cache search pixbuf07:09
odracir34I HAVE A DREAM.07:09
MonsieurBongnuskool, lenovo thinkpad X6007:09
airtonixsuren, or use getlib gtk-pixbuf-*07:10
Seven_Six_Twognuskool, sorry for delay, I'm following a thread I found, and I think I might know what's going on07:10
* susie I know how to make a program start when my session starts but what do I add to the comment if I want it to start minimized or in the tray07:10
surenmeek1, ive installed libgdk-pixbuf-dev libgdk-pixbuf2 and libgdk-pixbuf2-ruby to no avail07:10
gnuskoolMonsieurBon: on my thinkpad r61 its fn-F7 to use the other display07:11
surenmeek1, and getlib returns "getlib: command not found"07:11
Guest50764 tune to adjust the screen position, it keeps saying  "Sorry: you have requested a mode-line that is not possible, or not supported by your hardware configuration", I was using the modelines before I installed the nvidia drivers just fine, is there something I need to use for nvidia drivers?  Ubuntu 8.0407:11
MonsieurBongnuskool, it's the same here under windows, but it doesn't work in linux... :(07:12
MonsieurBongnuskool, I'll try rebooting without the display07:13
passiveI'm suffering i can't get gnome uninstalled :S07:13
Guest50764I'm using a KVM and installed the nvidia drivers, but now I can't use xvidtune to adjust the screen position, it keeps saying07:13
Guest50764"Sorry: you have requested a mode-line that is not possible, or not supported by your hardware configuration", I was using the modelines before I installed the nvidia drivers just fine, is there something I need to use for nvidia drivers?07:14
cypherdelicwhat will ubuntu 10.10 be called?07:14
cypherdelici prefer Mad Monkey07:15
passiveand i prefer not to use kde :S07:15
evilu like monkie?07:15
cypherdelicpassive: me to, but i extra prefer to fix gnome-panels memory-leaks07:16
=== samba is now known as Guest30069
cypherdelicevil: of course07:16
passivecypherdelic: and i prefer to successfully reinstall Gnome07:16
cypherdelicor wie call it: 10.10 Mensch Meier07:16
switchfootyeah meebo is taking way too long to load07:17
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:17
passivei tried this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE and it doesn't cut it07:17
evili wonder how many ppl uing ubuntu arond the world..07:18
passivelooks like they will be minus one :S07:18
cypherdelic11.10 oller ochse07:18
evilbt3 ownZ07:19
evilcypherdelic why ubuntu?07:19
tenXevil: backtrack?07:19
eviltenx eh07:19
passiveppl my Gnome system is down :@07:20
cypherdelicevil: its a circuis07:20
tenXevil: eh?07:20
shankygood morning07:20
passivegood morning shanky07:20
_haywire_what's good about it?07:21
evileh = yes07:21
[Slug]ok here is a good question and a debate maybe?   When will linux/ with a GUI desktop going to be used more then windows and macs?07:21
shankyI have an odd issue07:21
_haywire_what's good about it?07:21
tenXevil: how is it prior to v2?07:21
shankyI can't resolve an IP using 'ping' but it works with 'host'07:21
odracir34haywire its friday07:21
evillot different07:21
cypherdelic[Slug all the time but never07:21
odracir34last day07:21
gluonmanI'm trying to sign onto Yahoo Messenger via Kopete, and whenever I try to sign on it gives me an error messages saying that it cannot connect me to the Yahoo server: 1 - name lookup failed. This does not happen usually on my other computer, but the one I'm trying to open it on gives me this trouble a lot.07:22
tenXevil: :D haha07:22
odracir34an theen to party07:22
cypherdelic[Slug] depends what you difine "User" and "Userbility"07:22
eviltenX btw im type while sleeping07:22
passivecan't i make it bypass the uninstalled packages in PureKDE guide ??07:22
odracir34can sombody help me07:23
surenand can somebody help me as well???07:23
tenXevil: what do you use bt for if i may ask? qry?07:23
[Slug]more set up for mom/dad and grandma07:23
gluonmanDoes anyone know why kopete is giving me the problem I just described above?07:23
eviltenx exploitin07:23
gluonmanAnd how I can fix it?07:23
cypherdelic[Slug] hopefully nerver :D07:23
odracir34my batterie is almost toast and my adpter is in the room next of my bed, can some bring it to me.07:23
eviltenx u?07:23
jim_podracir34, suren can yu repeat your question?07:24
cypherdelic[Slug] those users stop innovation when they want linux to be simpliciated07:24
[Slug]well i only say cause apple and microsoft are nasty companies07:24
passiveGosh that was rough07:24
odracir34jim you know what i mean,07:24
cypherdelicthe distro that focus on dumb windows switchers will not be the bst thing out07:24
passiveHow in plain english to remove ubuntu-desktop right ? I'm very frustrated07:25
jim_podracir34: no...? go get the adapter?07:25
surenjim_p, i am attempting to compile handbrake gtk, but it gives me the error "No package 'gdk-pixbuf-2.0' found"07:25
[Slug]and it would be nice to be able to have a linux for non computer geeks07:25
odracir34i was in the shop and i see that opensuse 10.3 cost 45 euro07:25
jim_ppassive: ubuntu-desktop plus all the packges? sudo apt-get autoremove ubuntu-desktop07:25
gluonmanNobody knows anything about my question?07:25
cypherdelic[Slug] go for ubuntu07:25
odracir34paying for a linux distro07:26
_haywire_[Slug] it's called ubuntu/kubuntu07:26
odracir34wtf is wrong with the world07:26
jim_pgluonman: delete your kopete settings, and remake your account in kopete again07:26
[Slug]i do know that more and more computer companies are sticking linux on computers they sell to the general public07:26
cypherdelicodracir34: simple: money!07:26
jim_psuren: give me a sec to find it07:26
_haywire_redhat and mandrake charge now too don't they?07:26
surenjim_p, ok thanks mate07:26
[Slug]like the eeepc or the mini 9 from dell07:26
gluonmanjim_p, when I sudo aptitude remove kopete and the sudo aptitude install kopete, it just comes back with the exact same account settings. Removing the program and reinstalling it doens't erase my user information.07:27
odracir34wtf is wrong with the worldbut kinux is free07:27
passivejim_p: 53.2kB disk space will be freed !!07:27
[Slug]by the way the mini 9 from dell is kinda cool07:27
passiveI've tried that PureKDE guide and it doesn't work for me07:27
odracir34for was it linux07:27
Bc303the mini 9 w/ ubuntu configed to the same specs as the mini 9 w/ XP is the same price, its a rip-off07:27
gluonmanjim_p, unless there's some kind of removal code that is more thorough.07:27
Ademananyone here successfully setup remote sound over pulse audio?07:27
jim_pgluonman: sudo apt-get remove kopete --purge AND remove any .kopete folder inside your home dir07:27
cypherdelicodracir34: again: money! linux does not cost any money, thats why it is basically right ;)07:27
IcemanV9gluonman: sudo aptitude purge kopete (will remove EVERYthing including config files)07:27
gluonmanjim_p, IcemanV9, thank you.07:28
[Slug]bc303? what would you want on your mini 9 if you where buying one07:28
odracir34cypherdelic: what are web gonne do abouth this issue07:28
jim_ppassive: i suppose you do have kde installed, otherwise you are left with no desktop enviroment at all07:28
surenjim_p, btw i have tried installing libgdk-pixbuf-dev libgdk-pixbuf2 and libgdk-pixbuf2-ruby to no avail07:28
KRABENhow to install driver mainboard?..07:28
passivejim_p: yes i do07:29
odracir34shall we kill al opensuse developers ?07:29
cypherdelicodracir34: nothing, awaiting its sure collapse07:29
passiveodracir34: that 'd be very nice of you07:29
odracir34i nice07:29
[Slug]ok so im not going to take sides on what flavor of linux this keeps me safe07:30
jim_ppassive: ok then do what it says here http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde07:30
milligan_Good morning. Anyone here familiar with BackupPC? Can I change $topDir without affecting anything but where BackupPC tries to store backups?07:30
odracir34i nice?07:30
odracir34must i have a virusscanner for linux ubuntu ?07:30
_haywire_what's good about it?07:30
evilodracir34, no07:30
cypherdelicsomebody has to organize a big linux-learning lan-party07:30
hateball!virus | odracir3407:30
ubottuodracir34: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2107:30
jim_psuren: please tell me the relevant site. all i have found so far is rippedwire07:30
odracir34evil why not07:31
surenjim_p, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5348490&postcount=2607:31
KRABENhow to install driver mainboard gigatybe?.07:31
evilhave you ever heared there's a virues in open source systems07:31
passivejim_p: It removes 54kbs!07:31
odracir34they ask mony for the opensuse so i think that the next step shall be, that we need viruscanners to07:31
jim_pKRABEN: you dont need drivers for mobos. its all included in the kernel07:31
odracir34evil /07:32
odracir34but it can be\\07:32
KRABENjim_p... how...07:32
jim_ppassive: dpkg -l | grep gnome    paste the output somewhere07:32
evilodracir34 how come?07:32
cypherdelicintrpid rocks macrohard in hell07:32
jim_pKRABEN: in linux, any sort of driver, provided that it is not proprietary, is included inside the kernel. if is is proprietary , you must install it seperately07:33
odracir34evil  I HAVE A DREAM07:33
[Slug]i do know the mac is a unix system but???? so whats bad about apple macs, there has to be some reason why I hate mac so bad, 8P07:33
passivejim_p: http://pastebin.com/d79511c4307:33
bazhang!ot > odracir3407:34
ubottuodracir34, please see my private message07:34
evilodracir34 regarding someone sending you an exe file :P07:34
[Slug]and im starting to hate WIndows as much.07:34
jim_ppassive: sudo apt-get autoremove gnome??07:34
ushimitsudokiKRABEN: my machine has a Gigabyte motherboard and did not need any special attention. However, some low-level things (like setting pci latency) is not supported.07:34
bazhangplease take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic07:34
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:35
jim_psuren: its only svn? i can compile it then and make you a deb?07:35
meustationhello everybody, I'm having troubles with wicd, and can't figure out why. am I the only one? can't even manage to uninstall and reinstall it07:35
KRABENushimitsudoki: my resolution 800x600 ,I need setting resolution 1152x86407:36
surenjim_p, that would be great. i'm running ubuntu hardy heron 64-bit... is it possible to make the 64-bit deb?07:36
jim_psuren: no i am on 32bits yet :(07:36
jim_psuren: and i dont know how to compile in 6407:36
surenjim_p, oh :( me neither07:36
ushimitsudokiKRABEN: I don't use the onboard video, so I can't speak to that, sorry.07:36
passivejim_p: http://pastebin.com/d15144e3907:37
surenjim_p, well can you tell me if the compile works for you?07:37
surenjim_p, i.e. no error concerning gdk-pixbuf-2.0?07:37
_haywire_mini 9 w/ubuntu & 4gb hdd $349 or mini 9 w/xp & 8gb hdd $399....07:37
KRABENhow to set resolution 1152x864?.. help me T_T07:37
gluonmanjim_p, I used the purge command and after reinstalling Kopete my account information was still the same and I kept getting the same error.07:38
jim_pgluonman: did you remove the .kopete folder inside home?07:38
gluonmanjim_p, what else do I need to delete before I can completely remove kopete so that it's fully renewed after reinstallation.07:38
gluonmanjim_p, I did not find .kopete inside home, so I assumed it was also deleted if there ever was one.07:39
fservenow_playing[Nightwish - Deep Silent Complete] length[0:24/4:24]07:39
jim_ppassive: these are the packages ubuntu-desktop installs > http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/ubuntu-desktop . either remove them by hand one by one or leave them as they are. gnome is ~200MN07:40
bazhangfserve, please disable that script07:40
jim_pgluonman: the settings may be stored inside some subfolder e.g. kde. can you ask at kubuntu for sure?07:40
gluonmanjim_p, I'll look into that.07:41
passivejim_p the problem is i need to install Gnome but it doesn't work so i thought i shoud *reinstall* it07:42
jim_ppassive: what pagkage has the problem?07:42
meustationI'm having troubles with wicd, therefore can't use wireless anymore. have no idea why, and I can't seem to even uninstall and reinstall it (both through synaptic or using apt-get in terminal)07:42
passivei don't know when i login to Gnome desktop it shows a white pages and just that!07:43
_haywire_meustation have you tried manually connecting in the terminal07:43
_haywire_meustation ----------> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57118807:43
jim_ppassive: force it to reinstall then    sudo apt-get install -f gnome07:43
meustationhaywire: I'll have a look into that, and, no, I wouldn't know how to connect using just the terminal07:44
_haywire_terminal connection = one less thing to go wrong :)07:45
passivejim_p looks like gnome-desktop-environment has some problems http://pastebin.com/d71db71af07:45
=== merculiv is now known as protocol1
jim_ppassive: then some update broke gnome. it happened to me once with transcode07:46
espaciouswhich ndiswrapper was in 7.1007:47
passivejim_p, sorry how to update the broke gnome ? sorry i'm new to debian world07:48
IcemanV9ubottu: info ndiswrapper edgy07:48
ubottuedgy is not a valid distribution ['intrepid', 'kubuntu-members-kde4', 'hardy-backports', 'dapper-backports', 'intrepid-backports', 'gutsy', 'gutsy-backports', 'hardy', 'feisty-backports', 'dapper', 'feisty']07:48
Ademananyone setup pulse audio successfully for remote-ness? i'm getting "Connection failure: Access denied" and there's no firewall to be reckoned with...07:48
sullyva86my usb drive can't eject itself after i copy something to it? Do i need to format it a certain way or something?07:48
jim_ppassive: check the logs in /var/log/dpkg to see what package of gnome was recently upgraded07:48
chameleonhi everyone07:49
Cyranix0rgood morning07:49
_haywire_what's good about it?07:50
Zombie-NillerzHello. What's a good channel for discussing possible implementations of an ubuntu box, as in, not simple FAQ stuff?07:50
chameleonim new to linux and ubuntu which channel is the right one for me07:50
espaciousubottu: info ndiswrapper feisty07:50
Cyranix0r_haywire_: Friday :P~07:50
ubottuPackage ndiswrapper does not exist in feisty07:50
Administratorgood afternoon07:50
chameleongood afternoon07:50
espaciousubottu: info ndiswrapper gutsy07:50
ubottuPackage ndiswrapper does not exist in gutsy07:50
personhi i can't figure out why my audio isn't working in vlc. i have it working in most everything else (rhythmbox, movie player, youtube vids), and i have played around with the output modules and the audio settings in general but alas no cigar07:50
Cyranix0rwheres it afternoon at?07:50
frybyeanybody already put the 8.10beta on an eeepc/701 via upgrade??07:51
Zombie-NillerzWhat's a good channel for non-support Ubuntu discussion?07:51
frybye- dosent seem to be anybdy in the #ununtu-eeepc just now..07:51
chameleonim trying to get a server version installed downloaded it from the ubuntu site today07:51
IcemanV9Zombie-Nillerz: #ubuntu-offtopic07:51
chameleoni dont know which software to install07:51
Zombie-NillerzThanks, IcemanV907:51
personanyone? i'm on 8.0407:51
=== Zombie-Nillerz is now known as Nillerz
Administratorso am i07:52
passivewell jim_p : i tried to install xorg-driver-fglrx but gave me sync out of range then i removed the xorg.conf and Gnome never returned back07:52
chameleoncan anyone help me07:52
passivethat's is most suspicious act in the log07:52
chameleoncan anyone help me07:52
gbear14275I've suddenly run into some major issues watching files with totem07:52
chameleoni have a question is there anyone that can help me07:53
personask your question maybe someone will answer it chameleon07:53
Administratorwhat happened?07:53
jim_ppassive: then fglrx is the problem07:53
Kondensuotas_pieLabas rytas.07:53
gbear14275its almost like they are in slow motion... anyone heard/run into this before?07:53
jim_ppassive: use vesa as the driver in xorg.conf07:53
passivethen a restart ?07:53
IcemanV9chameleon: you installed the server edition ... which software to install ... can you explain a bit more??07:54
Administratoryou can download the driver form amd.com07:54
gbear14275on another note... am having problems figuring out how to give azureus permission to move completed downloads to a media partition...07:54
Administratorthen you can install it07:54
tutorialsHi! When I kill gnome-panel it is restarted automatically. I don't want this. How can I kill gnome-panel permanently?07:55
chameleonim trying to get a lamp going which is one of the options of the server installation07:55
passivethats freaky i can't find xorg.conf in the /etc/X1107:55
gbear14275help with either would be greatly appreciated07:55
gbear14275would rather have help with the permission problem actually07:55
chameleondo i need the dns, mail, open ssh, print server, samba servers07:55
chameleonmy focus is to get oscommerce working which is a lamp open source ecomm package07:56
chameleonso i dojnt want stuff that i dont need07:57
chameleoni think i need the mail server so thus oscommerce can talk to a mail server as its a dev box07:57
chameleonicemanv9 are you there07:57
chameleoncan anyone help with my question07:58
IcemanV9chameleon: you just answered your own question. :) lamp is a good start for "ecomm". you don't need mail server just to email07:58
chameleonok waht about sy fo instance the dnbs server i wouldnt imagine to need that  either07:58
Daft_Punki am looking for a program that will be the same as "clipboard" in windows. glipper and klipper dont work unless they are RUNNING on panel? :(07:58
IcemanV9chameleon: no. you don't need it.07:59
Daft_Punkhow do you have each desktop on the compiz cube, a different wallpaper? i have seen this done but dont know where to get the plugin for compiz?07:59
chameleonicemanv9 do i need any of the servers that i mentioned07:59
dean0nullis any08:00
meustationhaywire, I'm reading the guide you linked, it seems way off my possibilities of understanding/following. I am using the wired interface as of now on the computer with the problem, and I am just trying to get wicd reinstalled, but dpkg complains about "returned an error code (1)" when trying to remove it08:00
IcemanV9chameleon: nope. you can add them later if need.08:00
dean0nullis anyone familiar with intel corporationUnknown device 4237?08:01
chameleoncheers icemanV9 thanks for the help08:01
IcemanV9chameleon: have fun with it.08:01
shepherdi'm trying to make an iso in hardy and i get "dd: reading `/dev/scd0': Input/output error" error and the iso come out to be like 15k08:03
gbear14275anyone? permissions for applications to write to other partitions... am struggling :(08:03
meustationgbear: as far as I know, it *may* depend on the permissions that the user running the application has08:04
Ohmuive installed ubuntu on an external hdd.  But my Thinkpad doesnt find it on boot.  I've set the correct BIOS settings.  Can anyone help me?08:05
OhmuI have a feeling it may be a MBR/grub type issue, but I'm n00b there.08:05
[Solars]Ohmu grub has to be on the internal hdd (iirc) you can check with the folks in #grub :P08:08
passiveback i couldn't find the xorg.conf file so i ran dpkg-reconfigure xorg-server08:10
passiveand it generated a basic xorg.conf anyways gnome still gives me that white page08:10
IcemanV9passive: you need to restart the X server to read the new xorg.conf08:12
mib_ej6jowi have a q; i'm installing ubuntu and for 'Device for boot loader installation:', the default is (hd0)08:13
espaciouswhich kernel was 7.1008:13
mib_ej6jowwill that default to '/dev/sda1'?08:14
Eoraptor_Good morning, does anybody know the default username and password for privoxys webinterface?08:14
_haywire_what's good about it?08:14
ubuntu_toddhi, I use skype in ubuntu. I can hear people's voice. But they can NOT hear my voice.08:14
ubuntu_toddMaybe my recording has some problem08:15
ubuntu_toddAny suggestions?08:15
zeeeeeis there a program that can read what i copy to the clipboard? orca is close, but it reads darn near everything. i don't need accessibility, i'd just like to have my computer read what i select/copy (e.g. a news article in my browser).08:15
RawSushihmm, it seems I can't run nautilus as root.  wonder why08:16
mib_ej6jowi have a q; i'm installing ubuntu and for 'Device for boot loader installation:', the default is (hd0) .. will that default to '/dev/sda1'?08:17
passiveIcemanV9, i did restart the xserver and even restarted my pc08:17
Daft_Punkhow can i change the wallpaper of each of my desktops on the compiz cube? i dont know which plugin to use or where to get it :(08:18
ogzyi have a freeze problem at the boot time, the startup process is freezed when the r8169 is loaded how can i protect that module not loaded at the boot time, i think i should add some parameters to kernel options08:18
thesaint4444hi guys, how can I add a user to my system so I can set up an email account for them. I want the user name to be in the form 'firstname.secondname' thanks...08:20
gbear14275ok so how do I change the permissions I have so I can access a different partition?08:21
sia-eXtremegbear14275: are you owner?08:21
airtonixthesaint4444, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto08:21
gbear14275well I created the partition using gparted08:22
mib_ej6jowi have a q; i'm installing ubuntu and for 'Device for boot loader installation:', the default is (hd0) .. will that default to '/dev/sda1'?08:22
rolandnicht lachen....08:22
mib_ej6jowor '/dev/sda'08:22
airtonix!de | roland08:23
ubotturoland: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de08:23
gbear14275I'm not sure how to set file permissions on partitions... or in general yet... still on the steep side of the learning curve08:23
sia-eXtremegbear14275: in terminal typ : "sudo nautilus" and then right click on the partition > permissions and change them08:23
rolandaber welches Paket muss ich installieren um jpgsupport für php5 zu bekommen?08:23
ComradeHazteh number is partition08:23
ComradeHazdevice is the sda bit08:23
ComradeHazso probably08:23
thesaint4444airtonix: thanks, I have read that, adduser does not work for a name with a dot in it..08:23
airtonix!who | ComradeHaz08:23
ubottuComradeHaz: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:23
airtonixthesaint4444, try escaping the period/full-stop08:23
Daft_Punkhow can i change the wallpaper of each of my desktops on the compiz cube? i dont know which plugin to use or where to get it :(08:24
airtonixDaft_Punk, not possible08:24
ubuntu_toddAnybody know how to make me heard in skype. I can hear people's voice.08:24
Daft_Punkairtonix, ive seen it done, so it has to be08:24
thesaint4444airtonix: like firstname./secondname ?08:24
sia-eXtremeDaft_Punk: i don't know how but it would be very great if possible08:24
airtonixthesaint4444, almost (its just an assumption of mine though so be wary) but : firstname\.lastname08:25
wersi'm using utorrent on wine. where's the default download folder? i cant find the files i downloaded08:25
thesaint4444airtonix: ok, thanks, will give it a go....08:25
airtonixDaft_Punk, easiest way i can think of is to make a wallpaper that is the size of one of your workspaces x how many you have08:25
mib_ej6jowhome/.wine (?)08:25
sia-eXtremewers: can't you choose download place when you want to start a download ?08:26
airtonixDaft_Punk, ie : one workspace is 1024x768, therefore wallpaper would be (1024x4)wide, 768 high08:26
Daft_Punkairtonix, http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=427908:26
sia-eXtremewers: why you don't use deluge on ubuntu ?08:26
werssia-eXtreme, i can but i didnt manage to choose when i downloaded08:26
Daft_Punkairtonix, according to that link, you can do it but i cant find the plugins08:26
ComradeHazuh, how comes thesaint isn't in teh user list and won't 'bash complete'?!08:26
airtonixwers, use transmission...08:26
werssia-eXtreme, yeah. i just want to access the files i jst downloaded08:26
gbear14275does it create a security vulnerability to give full permissions to "others" on a seperate partition?08:27
wersairtonix, i use that. i just want to access the files i downloaded using utorrent under wine08:27
gbear14275could they install something on that permissions that would give them access to the kernel, etc?08:27
airtonixwers, download lastest transmission from their website..i just peformed the operation your talking about08:27
mib_ej6jowi have Quad Q6600 .. do i have x86 or x86_64?08:27
sia-eXtremewers: do you try Browse C:\ drive and then search in there ?08:27
=== nostferka is now known as nostferka^
Daft_Punkairtonix, http://dev.compiz-fusion.org/~cyberorg/2007/11/07/one-more-cube-right-prism-and-wallpapers/ (this is with nautilus STILL enabled)08:28
sia-eXtreme"Browse C:\ drive" under wine menu08:28
zeeeeeis there a program that can read what i copy to the clipboard? orca is close, but it reads darn near everything. i don't need accessibility, i'd just like to have my computer read what i select/copy (e.g. a news article in my browser).08:28
airtonixwers, you have to first specify a folder in the transmission config for where downloads are stored, then you load up transmissionm, then you move the current data for a torrent to that download folder and then..you load the .torrent file and press go/save/download08:29
jim_pzeeeee: festival?08:29
wersairtonix, i dont care about transmission. my objective is to access the files i _already_ downloaded with utorrent08:29
=== lipsinV1 is now known as lipsin
airtonixwers, then ask in #uTorrent08:30
AzMooHey, is there a fix for the Australian timezone changes?08:30
sia-eXtremewers: did you search in "Browse C:\ drive"08:30
werssia-eXtreme, doing it now08:30
airtonixwers, transmission is practically a utorrent clone08:30
zeeeeejim_p, isn't festival just a backend?08:30
zeeeeejim_p, how exactly do i get festival to monitor clipboard contents?08:31
zeeeeejim_p, (i do already have it installed)08:31
wersairtonix, that's what i always use. i'm just trying to play with utorrent in such a way that i would be able to use it in both my windows and ubuntu partition with the same config files08:31
airtonixwers, and i am telling you that regardless of your torrent client..the currently downloaded data for a torrent is able to be read and continued by any torrent app08:31
wersairtonix, oh. that's good. thanks08:31
airtonixwers, and transmission is also available for windows afaik08:31
chameleonwho know what command i need to viem my current ipaddress allocation08:32
jim_pzeeeee: i noticed you said clipboard after my post, sorry. enyway, you can find a frontend to it08:32
wersairtonix, dont worry. i'm using utorrent on windows. hehe08:32
wersairtonix, its just good to know that i can continue downloading on ubuntu with another client like transmission08:32
chameleonwho know what command i need to viem my current ipaddress allocation08:32
zeeeeejim_p, that's what my whole question was about. i have been searching for 30 min but have not found a frontend for ubuntu (gnome)08:32
Daft_Punkwhere can i download aquarium for compiz fusion?08:32
airtonixwers, all good, just so you know...transmission is compatiable with utorrent dht and pex data also....which only applies while downloads are in affect08:33
jim_pchameleon: ipconfig ??08:33
airtonixwers, rTorrent will also do this....but my reason for using rTorrent is for the cli, which transmission also has... including a webinterface08:34
wersnice. i'll continue downloading with transmission when i go back to my ubuntu partition08:34
chameleonkeeps on giving me command not found08:34
airtonixwers, but like i said, any torrent app worth its salt will continue since its a has check based on the .torrent file08:34
wersok. thanks airtonix08:35
ForsakenSoulhey guys what was the command for formating something08:35
ForsakenSoulformating a pendrive08:35
chameleonwho know what command i need to viem my current ipaddress allocation08:35
chameleonwho know what command i need to viem my current ipaddress allocation08:35
chameleonkeeps on giving me command not found08:35
airtonixDaft_Punk, have you looked into using the ppa repos for compiz?08:35
FloodBot1chameleon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:35
jim_pchameleon: my mistake. its ifconfig08:35
chameleonsorry ipconfig08:35
Daft_Punkairtonix, i dont know what those are08:35
airtonixForsakenSoul, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive08:35
jim_pchameleon: ipconfig is for win08:35
espacioushow to find out which kernel _package_ i have?08:36
jim_pespacious: uname -r ?08:36
airtonixDaft_Punk, here is a clue: http://ppa.launchpad.net/compiz/ubuntu/08:36
espaciousany other way?08:36
airtonixDaft_Punk, here is some instructions : http://kdubois.net/?p=11208:36
jim_pespacious: and then you have linux-image-(output of uname-r)08:36
espaciousso now i have 2.6.24-19-generic08:37
jim_pespacious: so you have the package linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic08:37
=== gh is now known as Guest97079
espaciousi want to get 386 package now08:38
jim_pespacious: sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.24-19-38608:38
airtonixDaft_Punk, actually thats a difference plugin...one sec08:38
espaciousjim_p great! will try08:38
jim_pi am not sure what you are going to  do with that kernel though espacious08:39
Daft_Punkairtonix, i think its atlantis cube08:39
espaciousim trying to resolve some ndiswrapper issue08:39
espaciousit freezes when i connect to my AP08:40
airtonixDaft_Punk, main ppa repos for compiz instructions here : https://launchpad.net/~compiz/+archive choose hardy from drop down list08:40
espaciousso im following this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/46698 jim_p08:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 46698 in linux-source-2.6.15 "[Dapper] System Freeze with Ndiswrapper" [Medium,Invalid]08:40
jim_pespacious: this is old like... in terms of prehistoric :P08:41
espaciousi know08:41
espaciousbut what shoul i do.08:41
jim_pespacious: can you explain the real problem? some wireless not working?08:41
espaciousi can.08:41
espaciousndiswrapper usb device TEW424UB --- freezes as i connect to my AP sometimes it's working but only with WEP not with WPA08:42
espacioustryed blaclist some drivers, tryed latest ndiswrapper ...08:43
IshnuDoes anyone know where the 6 included desktop backgrounds are kept in Ubuntu?08:43
espaciousno luck yet08:43
IshnuThe directory?08:43
espaciousjim_p is a SiS driver08:43
jim_pIshnu: there is no directory. its a gnome (or any other desktop enviroment) feature08:43
TeslaTonyWhy is TTY1 not responding to keyboard input?08:44
jim_pespacious: let me think08:44
espaciousjim_p http://pastebin.com/m59776e8d08:44
IshnuAh k.08:44
IshnuI just wanted to edit one of them08:44
espaciousjim_p time is not a problem-08:44
IshnuI guess i should just download it08:44
jim_pIshnu: downlaod a desktop!?!??!08:44
Lofde_anyone know on the ubuntu forums how i can view who gave me thanks and on what forums ?08:44
IshnuWhat do you mena?08:45
jim_pIshnu: what do you mean? change the wallpaper or the icons?08:45
IshnuThe wallpaper08:45
IshnuI want to edit the picture08:45
airtonixDaft_Punk, or you could risk using this script to experiment with the latest bleeding edge plugins : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=820802&highlight=compiz+plugins08:45
jim_pIshnu: the wallpaper stays the same for all desktops08:45
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
airtonix!who | Ishnu08:46
ubottuIshnu: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:46
Daft_Punkairtonix, yeah thanks i want the latest bleeding ones lol08:46
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:46
airtonixIshnu, in any case you coud begin by using the "locate" command : $ locate png08:46
Ishnuok thanks08:46
airtonixIshnu, /usr/share/pixmaps/backgrounds/08:48
turtle_i am amazed that yall are still up08:48
airtonixturtle_, its only 3pm here in australia08:48
IshnuOk thanks airtonix08:48
jim_pespacious: is this TEW424UB the name of the device? how it appears on lsusb / lspci?08:48
airtonixturtle_, woops....times fun when your having flies....its actually 5pm08:48
espaciousjim_p http://pastebin.com/m59776e8d08:49
turtle_3.49am here08:49
=== Julie is now known as antoine_
turtle_my cousin is in australia08:49
jim_pespacious: yea i have seen this, what is it? it does not look like lsusb or lspci08:49
IshnuI am in Australia.08:49
espaciousjim_p is lsusb08:49
IshnuSydney, Australia.08:49
airtonix:) back on topic08:50
turtle_people from everywhere08:50
askvictorwhere can I find a list of packages installed on my system?08:50
airtonixaskvictor, $ dpkg -l08:51
Ishnu/usr/share/pixmaps/backgrounds/ is incorrect, its not in pixmaps08:51
IshnuIt's just usr/share/backgrounds08:51
IshnuBut thanks, that led me to it08:51
airtonixIshnu, thar you go...i made you look lol08:51
askvictorairtronix: is there a list in the filesystem anywhere? I'm recovering a broken system and I can't boot to run this command08:51
airtonixIshnu, there will be programs that will create that folder though...like the cosmos screensaver08:52
jim_pespacious: this is ndiswrappers output. anywat, have a look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62892808:52
IshnuYeh, the cosmos folder was in the pixmaps/backgrounds08:52
espaciousjim_p sorry u right. i can paste u lsusb output08:52
airtonixaskvictor, yes, if you have not cleaned out the packages they are kept as backups in /var/cache/apt/archives/08:53
airtonix!paste | espacious08:53
ubottuespacious: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:53
espaciousjim_p sorry reading now but i think i already saw that08:53
jim_pespacious:  Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0457:0163 Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. this is it?08:53
jim_pdont paste08:53
airtonixaskvictor, i recommend you look at the software apt-on-cd08:54
airtonix!info aptoncd | askvictor08:54
ubottuaskvictor: aptoncd (source: aptoncd): Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.98-0ubuntu1.1 (hardy), package size 207 kB, installed size 1528 kB08:54
espaciousjim_p yes it is, i meaned paste to pastebin:D08:54
airtonixespacious, there is a nice gnome-applet for using pastebin...its called webboard should be in your 'add applet to panel menu'08:55
espaciousairtonix thanks but im on win now08:55
jim_pespacious: it seems that ndiswrapper is the only way. can you tell if its ndiswrappers fault or the drivers?08:56
[Solars]is it possible to change the load splash image of unbuntu (right after grub done its thing) with a animated gif?08:56
C0p3rn1cis there by any chance a ubuntu forum moderator here?08:56
SOGisherehahaDoes Ubuntu gives EVERY drive a UUID? because I found out once I format them with another OS, my Xubuntu can no longer see my drive08:56
espaciousjim_p i can tell for 100% sure is kernel or ndiswrapper as i had this working for an year or more08:56
askvictorairtonix: would rather just get list of packages so I can re-install (am fearful of things on the fs being corrupted, hence reinstall)08:57
espaciousjim_p a older release of ubuntu08:57
=== SOGisherehaha is now known as IamSOG
[Solars]SOGisherehaha all devices have a UUID number associated08:57
espaciousjim_p it happened upon reinstall08:57
IamSOGOh.. I see thanks [Solars]...08:57
[Solars]!UUID >> IamSOG08:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uuid >08:57
IamSOGguess I shouldn't have format it then :o08:57
[Solars]you can find the new uuid08:58
airtonixaskvictor, dpkg --get-selections do the job?08:58
[Solars]sudo blkid08:58
jim_pespacious: you are on ubuntu 6.06?08:58
IamSOGthanks [Solars] um... but UUID is given by Ubuntu right ?08:58
C0p3rn1cyay mysql-workbench-alfa for linux has bin released!08:58
airtonixIamSOG, btw there is a tool here : /usr/bin/uuidd08:59
espaciousjim_p now i tryed latest gos before i tryed latest daly ubuntu.08:59
IamSOGOh, thanks, l am looking at it now08:59
espaciousjim_p no luck, i think before reinstall i had 7.1008:59
askvictorairtonix: I can't run that as the system won't boot - all I can do is access the (partially corrupted) filesystem08:59
IamSOGThanks airtonix and [Solars] I am looking at the UUID now, thanks.09:00
jim_pespacious: i have heard thet ndiswrapper fails sometimes and the solution to this is to compile it from source and install09:00
airtonixaskvictor, then can you : ls /var/cache/apt/archives09:00
airtonixIamSOG, do a search with google for : ubuntu uuidd09:00
airtonixIamSOG, throw in ubuntuforums as a keyword also09:01
espaciousjim_p did this i get the 1.53 from sf.net did make and make install09:01
askvictorairtonix: not all there; has been cleaned up I think09:01
hosstestwhat app can uncompress .7z archives?09:01
espaciousjim_p same thing.09:01
airtonixaskvictor, factor in a back up script next time round or have a look at apt-on-cd09:01
airtonixhosstest, $ apt-cache search 7zip09:02
airtonix!info p7zip-full | hosstest09:02
ubottuhosstest: p7zip-full (source: p7zip): 7z and 7za file archivers with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.57~dfsg.1-1 (hardy), package size 1167 kB, installed size 3000 kB09:02
C0p3rn1cI have a problem copying files to my nokia n95 8gb, the files are often corrupted and it hangs at 99% of the copy09:02
jim_pespacious: i cant think of anything more then, sorry :(09:03
hosstestyou guys rock!,  Jim_p, you da man!  Later guys.09:03
espaciousjim_p thanks, if u get sth on mind PM me.09:03
pyrohotdogMy usb drive mounts on my laptop. but not on my desktop....and they're identical systems!09:04
jim_pespacious: ok09:04
johntramphey can anyone recommend a command line rss aggregator?09:05
espaciousjim_p thanks again.09:05
jim_ppyrohotdog: what usb?  flash drive?09:05
Curious-Tuxhi, how could i install 3ds max in ubuntu with wine?09:05
xiaopiCurious-Tux, forget about it :)09:05
Curious-Tuxxiaopi: why?09:06
xiaopiIF you're serious about using 3ds, dual boot your comp09:06
jim_pCurious-Tux: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=343 after all these critics here, i would not even bother burning to disk09:06
Curious-Tuxxiaopi: i'm using 3ds max for 7 years and it's very bad if i can't havi it!09:06
xiaopiKeep on using windows then09:07
jim_pCurious-Tux: dual boot then. virtualization lacks 3d acceleration09:07
Curious-Tuxxiaopi: nope09:07
pyrohotdogIt's an external usb drive.09:07
C0p3rn1cCurious-Tux: don't know about 3ds but I recommend you to install wine-doors , it's a tool that makes it very easy to install wine apps09:08
xiaopiAnd 3ds is mainly developed for windows, so chances to see a port aren't around the corner09:08
jim_ppyrohotdog: is it listed in lsusb?09:08
xiaopiMaya is cross platform though09:08
Curious-Tuxxiaopi: really09:08
pyrohotdogjim_p: negative.09:08
xiaopiYeah that's the closest thing you'll have09:08
jim_pCurious-Tux: i use premiere and photoshop for my job, thats why i need dual boot09:08
jim_pCurious-Tux: sometimes its the only way09:09
C0p3rn1cjim_p, photoshop runs fine with wine09:09
xiaopics3 had some issues, but cs2 always worked fine09:09
Curious-TuxCurious-Tux: yeah.. where could i find about dual boot?09:09
xiaopi(exept some plugins that jus crashed :)09:09
jim_pC0p3rn1c: i prefer native running. faster, more fluid09:09
xiaopiDual boot is when you install linux and windows at the same taime09:10
C0p3rn1cit's all very easy to install with wine-doors09:10
jim_ppyrohotdog: is it listed as a drive in fdisk -l ?09:10
Curious-Tuxxiaopi: mmm...09:10
airtonixCurious-Tux, have you not used blender?09:10
pyrohotdogjim_p: Nope.09:10
Curious-Tux airtonix: yes i have09:10
airtonixCurious-Tux, blenders bone system pwns 3ds09:11
Curious-Tux airtonix:  but it's more difficult!09:11
TzahiI have a question09:11
C0p3rn1cjim_p, it runs pretty fluid here09:11
airtonixCurious-Tux, you can always return to windows :)09:11
passiveI've managed deleting and installing Gnome and it still doesn't work!!!09:11
Curious-Tuxairtonix: oh don't say it... i hate windows and love ubuntu :d09:11
Daft_Punkairtonix, found solution. run script at this forum 4th post down (compizplugins4.sh) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=820802&highlight=compiz+plugins&page=409:11
jim_ppyrohotdog: plug it out and plug it back in. what does " dmesg | tail " say at that time? (you run it AFTER you plug it)09:12
Tzahimy wireless card changed it's name from wlan0 to eth1 is it a problem?09:12
airtonixCurious-Tux, then i suggest you learn to use blender...many a pro move maker have done so09:12
jim_ppassive: then its the fglrx fault09:12
xiaopiWell use windows and run ubuntu in a full screen virtual machine09:12
xiaopiIf you computer is powerfull enough (chances are if you run 3ds)09:12
passivejim_p: there's no fglrx phrase in the xorg.conf09:12
Daft_PunkCurious-Tux, install windows using virtualbox OSE (a virtual machine) works great for running windows only apps :) (i use it for photoshop)09:12
Curious-Tuxairtonix: i am programmer... my friend want 3ds max... ok.. he can use maya too ;)09:12
jim_ppassive: can you post it somewhere?09:12
passivelike where?09:13
Curious-TuxDaft_Punk: really? how?09:13
xiaopiDaft_Punk, virtualbox doesn't support 3d accelerated softwares :)09:13
airtonixCurious-Tux, look at the orange project : http://orange.blender.org/background09:13
euw3648Daft_Punk: you would have no 3d in virtualbox, so no 3ds09:13
* Daft_Punk cries09:13
pyrohotdogjim_p: Device offlined - not read after errorr recovery09:13
xiaopiAnd SUN clearly isn't focusing on 3d now :09:13
jim_pDaft_Punk: virtualbox is good for apps that dont NEED 3d. there is no 3d accel in vbox09:13
C0p3rn1cwindows runs great using vmware, it seems faster than running faster as my old native install :)09:13
airtonixeuw3648, doesnt vmware have 3d accel?09:13
euw3648airtonix: no09:13
C0p3rn1cmaybe it's because I have a 64 bit system09:14
xiaopiairtonix, does but too slow to run 3ds in a VM09:14
passivejim_p: this the xorg.conf http://pastebin.com/d7fc1556209:14
jim_pi think that no virtualization product has 3dacceleration... yet09:14
Curious-Tuxairtonix: yeah.. i've seen09:14
euw3648xiaopi: vmware does 3d accel? since when?09:14
airtonixC0p3rn1c, and thats as far as you will get .... anything that requires 3d will slow down...since there is no direct access to the 3d card09:14
anaklnHello all, i am trying to play counterstrike, problem is, i need the '-steamlocal -cstrike' option added to the commandline in wine. how do i get this done?09:14
xiaopi1 or 2 year (you just had to manually edit the config file of the vm)09:14
jim_p3d acceleration is in the future plans of every virtualization maker09:14
xiaopiwith last workstation 6.5, it supports up to dx9 and shaders209:15
C0p3rn1cno vmware doesnt have 3d acceleration atm09:15
euw3648jim_p: but none of them managed to do it09:15
xiaopiyes it does..09:15
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:15
airtonixCurious-Tux, http://www.theorangeproject.net/09:15
C0p3rn1cxiaopi: nice , I did not know tat09:15
C0p3rn1cyeah I was using vmware-player09:15
xiaopivmware-player alone does too from last year option just isn't in the GUI :)09:16
passivejim_p, and this is the old backup  http://pastebin.com/d2dad25c509:16
euw3648jim_p: and if virtualization is also used for security reasons, direct hardware access (which is needed for 3d accel) is a very bad thing09:16
airtonixCurious-Tux, woops...wrong site09:16
jim_peuw3648: we may see it in the near future. when i started linux, compiz was like "look what we managed to do :O" and now everyone has it09:16
Curious-Tuxairtonix: yeap :d09:16
jim_ppassive: do you have fglrx installed?09:16
passivei deleted it09:17
C0p3rn1cxiaopi: are you also running a 64 bit system?09:17
xiaopiwe won't have correct gpu virtualisation until GPU manufacturer dev a chip for it (like vt-x)09:17
jim_ppassive: Then add under the device section this line09:17
xiaopiYes i do09:17
jim_ppassive: Driver"vesa"09:17
Curious-Tuxhow could i update OpenGL?09:18
jxanderdoes gnome-volume-manager have a configuration gui?09:18
jim_pCurious-Tux: for what reason? update gpu drivers?09:18
xiaopiBut using Windows and running a few app and using 3ds which is a memory eater monster and use heavy 3d rendering09:18
Curious-Tuxjim_p: yeah09:18
qweqweHello. How do I replace kdm with gdm?09:18
C0p3rn1cxiaopi: my windows xp pro seems to run faster using vmware, am I seeing things or ? :)09:18
jim_pjxander: i think not, its all in gconf-editor :(09:18
xiaopiC0p3rn1c, try running a direct3d application then :)09:18
euw36483ds, blender, blah... i only use povray :)09:18
passivejim_p : in the Device section or after it ?09:19
jim_pqweqwe: install it and a prompt will come up to select09:19
ogzyis there a way to change my eth cards ONBOOT=yes to no?09:19
Curious-Tuxhow to update OpenGL?09:19
xiaopipovray is Sweet/Slow =D09:19
C0p3rn1cxiaopi: I don't need 3d, I'm a web programmer and I don't play or design games09:19
jim_ppassive: under this line         Identifier      "Configured Video Device"09:19
airtonixjxander, does the drives and media gui do it for you? found in the system -> preferences menu09:19
jim_pCurious-Tux: you need to install drivers for your vga !09:20
passivejim_p: okay then restart xserver ?09:20
jim_pCurious-Tux: from ati or nvidia09:20
jim_ppassive: yes09:20
Curious-Tux jim_p: NVIDIA09:20
jxanderjim_p: thanks... is there a way to set gnome-volume-manager to mount at boot and leave a certain ntfs partition mounted for like ever? :)09:20
passivejim_p, ok thanks09:20
xiaopiC0p3rn1c, so it's totaly different from this kind of software09:20
airtonix!fstab | jxander09:20
ubottujxander: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:20
jim_pjxander: use fstab for this, its the noauto option09:20
qweqwejim_p: thanks09:20
ogzyis there a way to change my eth cards ONBOOT=yes to no at ubuntu hardy 64 bit desktop edition?09:21
jim_poooops sorry09:21
airtonix!partitions | jxander09:21
ubottujxander: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap09:21
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C0p3rn1cxiaopi: I can imagen that09:21
airtonixjxander, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive09:21
qweqwejim_p: Preparing to replace gdm 2.20.7-0ubuntu1.1 (using .../gdm_2.20.7-0ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb) ...09:22
qweqweUnpacking replacement gdm ...09:22
qweqweSetting up gdm (2.20.7-0ubuntu1.1) ...09:22
qweqwe * Reloading GNOME Display Manager configuration...                                                                                                        * Changes will take effect when all current X sessions have ended.09:22
qweqweinvoke-rc.d: initscript gdm, action "reload" failed.09:22
FloodBot1qweqwe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:22
qweqwesorry :S09:22
euw3648ogzy: ONBOOT=yes is redhat, not ubuntu09:22
jxanderwhoa, many thanks...09:22
Curious-Tuxhow could i install maya? with wine or?09:22
jim_pCurious-Tux: you need to install nvidia drivers (dependong on what card you have there are 2 sets of drivers) and make a minor change in xorg.conf09:22
jxanderback to fstab then... lazyness not ubuntu compatible :(09:22
C0p3rn1cdid any1 here try ubuntu ultimate edition?09:22
C0p3rn1clooks fun :)09:22
Curious-Tuxhow could i install maya? with wine or ...?09:23
chameleoni already have ubuntu server installed and want to install teh ftp server so i can ftp from my windows box and install some files accross the lan, ho dod i do it if i already have installed09:23
airtonixCurious-Tux, with the maya installer09:23
euw3648ogzy: if you don't want an interface set up at boot time, edit /etc/network/interfaces and comment out lines like "auto eth1"09:23
ogzyeuw3648, i am asking how can i do such a thing at ubuntu09:23
airtonixCurious-Tux, most programs wont know your not using windows09:23
Curious-Tuxairtonix:  u mean it is crossplatdorm?09:23
euw3648ogzy: the interface config in debian and ubuntu is /etc/network/interfaces09:23
chameleoni already have ubuntu server installed and want to install teh ftp server so i can ftp from my windows box and install some files accross the lan, ho dod i do it if i already have installed09:23
passivejim_p: you are my hero09:23
C0p3rn1cchameleon: you can also use samba09:24
airtonixogzy, this is how you do it in ubuntu ergo debian09:24
chameleonyeah i know i would rather use the ftp09:24
airtonixCurious-Tux, i mean that ... when you run the maya-installer-of-pawnage.exe its most likley going to install09:24
ogzyeuw3648, ok will try it now09:24
euw3648ogzy: and read the manpage (man interfaces)09:25
passivewell now the screen resolution totally missed up09:25
jim_ppassive: did it work? you dont have 3d acceleration now though09:25
chameleonhow do i get to the package installer from the command line09:25
C0p3rn1cchameleon: isnt there documentation on ubuntu server explaining this? if not just install a popular ftp server09:25
passiveno and i wasn't trying to enable it till today09:25
airtonixCurious-Tux, every single windows app i have installed with its own installer has : installed, created a desktop icon and works09:25
passiveyes it did work09:25
C0p3rn1cchameleon: !install09:25
airtonix!apt-get | chameleon09:25
ubottuchameleon: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)09:25
poing_Is there a way to access the content of the clipboard in a gnome-terminal via a command? Like "clipboardcontents >> somefile.txt"09:25
airtonixpoing_, middle click after you highlight something09:26
jxanderwhich one is more compatible with using multiple applications that require sound? alsa, oss, pulse?09:26
Curious-Tuxairtonix: yeah.. i used wine before... tnx09:26
Lofde_anyone know on the ubuntu forums how i can view who gave me thanks and on what forums ?09:26
airtonixLofde_, rephrase your question it seems incomplete09:26
poing_airtonix, via a command, not by mouse, and it should not just be pasted there.09:26
Lofde_airtonix,  on the forums when someone gives you thanks, can you see who it was and on what post09:27
airtonixLofde_, have you looked at your profile page?09:27
airtonix!info xclip09:28
ubottuxclip (source: xclip): command line interface to X selections. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.08-7 (hardy), package size 16 kB, installed size 72 kB09:28
airtonixpoing_, is this what you want? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/xclip.html09:28
VanterI'm trying to do a dist-upgrade from feisty to gutsy, and apt-get wants to remove the current kernel and the modules directory for it.. anyone experienced that before?09:28
Lofde_airtonix,  yes, but i didnt see where on my profile page it might be09:29
VanterI doesn't seem to want to install a new kernel image either..09:29
poing_airtonix, yeshu! that looks exactly like what i was thinking of :)09:29
airtonixpoing_, also more info here : http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Comp/comp.lang.ruby/2008-01/msg00663.html09:29
ogzyeuw3648, there is not eth entry et the interfaces file09:29
Lofde_airtonix,  i found it thix09:30
euw3648ogzy: please pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file09:30
passivehow to set the screen resolution to 1024*768 ??09:30
jim_ppassive: if you are patient enough, here is my xorg.conf. you can make on of your own and istall fglrx    http://7g.pri.ee/mine.conf09:30
ogzyeuw3648, auto lo iface lo inet loopback09:30
euw3648ogzy: pastebin, not here09:30
airtonix!paste | ogzy09:30
ubottuogzy: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:30
passivejim_p: wow it'll take ages for me to know all these options :s09:31
ogzyeuw3648, there is no eth entry just lo information pasting doesnt change09:31
airtonixpassive, but once you do youll see that its not as hard as you once thought it was09:31
passiveairtonix, will i'll do it one a time09:32
euw3648ogzy: so the file consists only of one line?09:32
jim_ppassive: its the same in 90% of it09:32
ogzyeuw3648, ok pasting09:32
jim_ppassive: most of the options under fglrx are just tweaks09:32
ogzyeuw3648, http://paste.ubuntu.com/53395/09:33
euw3648ogzy: you pasted nothing09:33
euw3648ogzy: sorry09:33
passiveHmm okay i'll get to it but first i should use subsection display to set the resolution right ?09:33
jim_ppassive yea09:33
ogzyeuw3648, as i said there is nothing related with eth09:33
jim_ppassive: note that mine has to do with a tft monitor09:34
passiveand restarting x again right ?09:34
euw3648ogzy: then the eth* interfaces are set up by network manager09:34
passivei'll set it to 1024*76809:34
ogzyeuw3648, and normally there isnt any entry for other interfaces at the interfaces file, network manager automaticaly handles them09:34
euw3648ogzy: if you don't want that, you have to remote the network manager package09:34
airtonixogzy, not always true...09:34
euw3648network manager stinks09:35
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ogzyeuw3648, lets first identify the problem, i removed the parameterf quiet and splash from the grub and after pressing enter it freezes after sayin r8169 is loaded and eth0 information line09:36
ogzyeuw3648, it sometimes happens indeed09:36
ogzyeuw3648, while plaing with acpi anc pci options it sometimes passes it and i got my desktop09:36
airtonixeuw3648, ogzy in my experience, the problems i had with  network-manager were to do with my own lack of understanding on how things were behaving...and my own pervasive interference and lack of patience09:36
Falcons_roostI have question about EVE there is the licience agreement to view when you first start the game . For me there is no text to scroll to get the end of agreement anyone know what might be wrong09:37
euw3648airtonix: i prefer to handle interfaces with /etc/network/interfaces only09:37
euw3648airtonix: network-manager is too much automatism09:37
airtonixeuw3648, which is why network manager hates you09:37
* Kondensuotas_pie a a a a Stay'in alive stay'in alive !!! 09:37
airtonixFalcons_roost, this is a question best taken up on the linux section of the eve-online forums09:38
euw3648airtonix: okay, i edit /etc/network/interfaces _after_ i deinstall network manager09:38
pavanhey can u tell me a software that is very useful and handy09:38
euw3648ogzy: okay, this sounds more a like hardware/driver issue with that realtek gbit card09:38
airtonixpavan, read the tutorials and tips section of the ubuntuforums website09:39
_haywire_pavan: terminal is both useful and handy09:39
airtonixogzy, wait are you using intrepid?09:39
pavanok  thanks09:39
pfohey guys09:41
ogzyairtonix, no hardy09:41
pfokaffeine screwed my ac3 sound :/09:41
Daft_Punkairtonix, http://img214.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot17il9.png09:41
ogzyairtonix, do you think i should try it?09:41
pfoby automaticall trying to install some codecs09:41
pfowhich didn't work09:42
pfobut now ac3 sound only works partially09:42
pfobackground track works fine09:42
airtonixpavan : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=801404 & http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51081209:42
pfovoices are gone09:42
pfoany hints?09:42
pforeinstalled moste libxine1-* liba52 mplayer kaffeine etc.09:42
pfostill no changes.09:42
airtonixogzy, not sure, i know that intrepid has a network card driver that will smoke and brick your network card. so dont touch it yet09:43
euw3648!enter | pfo09:43
ubottupfo: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:43
airtonix!restricted | pfo09:43
ubottupfo: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:43
indian_munndacan anyone tell me how can i get x-mplayer2 plugin for firefox???????09:43
airtonixindian_munnda, read the above msg from ubottu09:44
Falcons_roostcan some one give me path to wine director for windows09:44
jim_pindian_munnda: sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer09:44
jim_pi am GONE. see you09:44
airtonixFalcons_roost, windows questions are best discussed in #windows09:44
IndoctrineFalcons_roost: ~/.wine/drive_c09:44
ogzyairtonix, so what it that freezing problem at eth, indeed it freezes at different places sometimes passes sometimes says use bus_type methods so random behaviors09:45
amorphous_I'm having massive problems with dbus & hplip. Is there a better place to discuss it or can I go through it here?09:45
pfosorry, but the wiki pages contain 0 information.09:45
airtonixogzy, no idea sorry09:45
IndoctrineFalcons_roost: Np09:45
airtonixogzy, try another nic card...09:45
ogzyairtonix, it is a laptop09:45
airtonix!who | pfo09:45
ubottupfo: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:45
airtonixogzy, usb nics are available :)09:46
ogzyairtonix, but the eth still on it i can not remove it09:46
pfoairtonix:  the wiki stuff is worthless.09:46
sullyva86Anybody know a simple way to enable ICS in ubuntu? It's easy in windows but I don't know what to do in ubuntu.09:46
airtonixpfo, in your opinion09:46
ogzyairtonix, i need a way ti disable it from kernel parameters if possible09:46
airtonix!firestarter | sullyva8609:46
ubottusullyva86: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).09:46
pfoairtonix: no, there's nothing relevant to my problem there.09:47
euw3648ogzy: maybe it is a 64bit only issue. already tried the 32bit version?09:47
airtonixsullyva86, it also has a internet connection sharing section in it09:47
ogzyeuw3648, 32 bit is working09:47
pfoairtonix: not even remotely.09:47
sullyva86airtonix: Can i just use it without enabling the firewall then?09:47
euw3648ogzy: then use that. 64bit gets you nothing on the desktop except you have 4GB+ ram and very big file09:47
airtonixpfo, make a post on the forums describing your situation and provide pastes from : lspci -vvv09:48
pfoairtonix: did you read what i said?09:48
sullyva86airtonix:  I don't think i have the ubuntu ucf enabled09:48
ogzyeuw3648, i need ti solve this problem :)09:48
airtonixsullyva86, ucf?09:48
pfoairtonix: i don't have any problem with general sound output.09:48
pfoairtonix: damnit.09:48
euw3648ogzy: why does it have to be 64bit?09:48
sullyva86airtonix: The uncomplicated firewall or whatever they call it thats included with ubuntu09:48
pfoairtonix: it's something ac3/liba52 specific.09:48
airtonixsullyva86, get rid of it ...firestarter is better09:49
pfoairtonix: i removed all rc files for kaffeine/mplayer/libxine1.09:49
airtonixsullyva86, firestarter and ufw, are just frontend guis to  the underlying firewall that is already insatlled....which is called iptables09:49
chameleoni installed vfstpd and i cant work out where the config file is for it i can actually log into it from my windows ftp client, filezilla but its preveneting me from transferring any files and i think is the case as i can only login as anonymous09:49
airtonixpfo, sorry cant help you im afraid09:50
pfoairtonix: np, thx anyway.09:50
airtonixchameleon, tried using the locate command to search for the conf files?09:50
Ademanis there any way to get mplayer to play files mounted using gvfs ssh ?09:50
airtonixchameleon, $ locate vsftp | grep conf09:51
chameleoncheers airtronix09:51
sullyva86airtonix: Do i need to remove ufw before installing firestarter?09:51
euw3648airtonix: why not simply list the files of the package? dpkg -L vsftp09:51
airtonixchameleon, another way might be to read the man pages for the program, they usually list the conf files paths09:51
airtonixsullyva86, dont think so, just stop it but you can if you want09:52
airtonixsullyva86, ufw is mainly for use on ubuntu machines without a screen09:52
chameleonyeah airtronix, i cant work ou two things where the vfstpd folder is after the install and how to view the man pages and how to edit teh conf files09:53
sullyva86airtonix: I actually have gufw a graphical frontend installed for ufw but never turned it on cuz i didn't think i needed it.09:53
chameleonim sorry im asking so many questions im trying to get this done in a hurry usually iwould just sit and read09:54
airtonixchameleon, euw3648 has suggested that you use the dpkg command to list the files : dpkg -L vsftp09:54
amorphous_does anyone else have issues with printers stopping working using hplip09:54
euw3648chameleon: dpkg -L vsftpd09:54
Lofde_I love leaving my footprint on the web :) Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008092515 Ubuntu/8.10 (intrepid) Firefox/3.0.109:54
airtonixsullyva86, imo gufw is a poor replacement for firestarter...only the cli portion is worth holding onto if you run a server and dont want to enable x-forwarding09:55
euw3648Lofde_: this is not the web09:56
sullyva86airtonix: So is there a way to just use the ICS without leaving the firewall on? I'd hate to have to open ports on a firewall and a router.09:56
chameleoneuw3648: dpkj command doesnt work saying command not found09:56
euw3648chameleon: dpkg, not dpkj09:57
airtonixsullyva86, you dont have to open ports by using firestarters ics09:57
airtonixsullyva86, unless the machine making use of your ics requires ports to be forwarded09:57
sullyva86airtonix: I know. I mean now that i installed this firestarter am i going to have to configure it so it doesnt block bittorent and other apps etc.09:57
sullyva86airtonix: Since before i was running zero software firewall.09:58
Lofde_thanks euw3648  ;)09:58
airtonixsullyva86, set your torrent ap to use a dedicated port and open that port09:58
airtonixsullyva86, then set your router to forward that port...09:58
airtonixsullyva86, you always had a firewall running....firestarter is not a firewall..only a config app09:58
sullyva86airtonix: No everything is already working i'm just asking if installing firestarter is going to block all that. Yeah but i had it turned off.09:59
chameleoneuw3648: dpkg command saying not installed, which is funny i just did an aptget and it downloaded and installed some dependencies i have logged in with filezilla09:59
airtonixsullyva86, i can only suggest that you experiment and find out09:59
euw3648chameleon: dpkg -L vsftpd    says it is not installed?10:00
sullyva86airtonix: Oh ok thats10:00
sullyva86airtonix: thanks*10:00
airtonixsullyva86, but from memory... if your using upnp then i dont think you do need to worry about opening ports.10:00
upnPADhey all, does anyone know the font used in http://www.ubuntu.com/files/u3/helpmenu.png I've never used ubuntu, it's just that the font is really easy on my eyes10:01
sullyva86airtonix: Yeah im sure about that im just wondering about other services etc. I'll just try to remember its on now and if stuff doesn't work to configure it lol.10:01
airtonixsullyva86, but you will get better transfer peformance by using a dedicated port10:01
airtonixsullyva86, have a read of this forum post : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51081210:02
kongoveIs there anybody like Python?10:03
sullyva86airtonix: Nope10:03
airtonixsullyva86, nope what? no you didnt read the post or no you wont get better peformance when specifying a port to use?10:04
{g}Hey People! Is it safe to assume, that a user without root privilieges cannot restore a deleted file, even if he was the owner of the file?10:04
sullyva86airtonix: Post looks interesting i'm glancing over it. I think i already use a dedicated port cuz UPNP wasn't working for me or something.10:04
airtonixsullyva86, imo upnp is also a security risk10:05
euw3648airtonix: ACK10:05
rebel_kidwhat is the package for pureftp, sudo apt-get install pureftp doesnt work10:05
sullyva86airtonix: So is leaving ports open10:05
airtonixrebel_kid, apt-cache search ftp | grep pure10:05
IntuitiveNipplerebel_kid: pureftpd ?10:05
euw3648rebel_kid: apt-cache search pureftp10:06
airtonixsullyva86, which is beside the point since upnp opens ports that you dont know about10:06
euw3648rebel_kid: the package name is pure-ftpd10:06
kongove"apt-cache search" can help us find the right name of the software.10:06
rebel_kideuw3648, u said it just as i found it :)10:07
rebel_kidthanks all10:07
airtonixsullyva86, so when monitoring traffice with something like jnettop or etheral...how would you know that port 58333 is for torrents when just yesterday maybe it was 3222210:07
* euw3648 wonders why so many people use stupid protocols like ftp10:07
sullyva86airtonix: Oh yeah it just opens ports whenever? I'm no expert I just know its more convenient.10:07
sullyva86airtonix: If you set your client to stay on one port and not to randomize right?10:07
airtonixsullyva86, mhmm and what did we learn from windows, safe-sex & fast food  about convienence?10:07
airtonixsullyva86, jokes10:08
sullyva86airtonix: Some of that safe-sex stuff is overblown too haha10:08
UnionPivoairtonix, use netstat -p it shows you which programs are using which port10:08
ken_do_sangood evening all10:08
sullyva86airtonix: Do you know what package i need to install to enable the dhcp function of firestarter?10:08
airtonixsullyva86, not sure, i assumed it was part of firestarter10:09
airtonixsullyva86, again, i like to set stuff up in a static manner10:09
airtonixaiet time for sleep...big dinner make me sleepy10:11
sullyva86sullyva86: I'm just doing ics to get this old laptop online i have next to my new one. I found it.10:11
stdin!offtopic | [Slug]10:12
ubottu[Slug]: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!10:12
[Slug]come on lighten up bit10:12
stdin[Slug]: nope10:12
shyam_ki was surprised to see ubuntu working on an ntfs partition..as my friend installed ubuntu inside windows..anyway thats pure virutalisation and not that much recommendable for not-so-high-end pcs right?10:12
euw3648shyam_k: that's no virtualization at all10:14
stdinshyam_k: it's not virutalisation exactly, it just uses a file on a partition as a fake hard drive. the only thing that would be slower is disk access, the rest should be the same10:14
euw3648shyam_k: it just runs from a loop-mounted file on the ntfs partition10:14
euw3648shyam_k: which is of course slower than having the filesystem directly on a partition10:14
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joerack_Is there a way to remove manually applications installed in wine?10:15
shyam_koh ic its like mounting from the live cd in that partition..10:15
zplashhi, in which folder are the icons of ubuntu located?10:15
shyam_ki mean booting from the live cd ..10:15
shyam_kok and its not yet to make ubuntu/other GNU/Linux to run on ntfs right?10:16
shyam_kor i heard still ext3 is the best or something.10:16
stdinit doesn't run on ntfs exactly, it still uses ext310:17
euw3648shyam_k: ntfs can't be used as a native filesystem under linux. many things like ownerships, device files etc. would be missing10:17
pavanhey can anyone tell me how to open a bin file10:17
euw3648shyam_k: and btw, ntfs is not documented by microsoft10:17
pavancoz i am downloading realplayer it is coming in bin file10:17
Vanterdist-upgrade wants to remove my current kernel when i want to go from feisty to gutsy, anyone know how to work around that?10:18
shyam_kohk so its the same story.. i thought the story changed all the way:)10:18
euw3648shyam_k: the wubi based install creates a ext3 _in_ a file on a ntfs partition10:18
pavaneven google earth is downloaded as bin file.. iam not able to open it10:18
Vanterpavan: you probably have to execute it, as it's most likely a installer10:18
pavanso it is executed as?10:19
pavanany command such as install etc?10:19
Vanterpavan: in a terminal ./nameoffile.bin10:19
shyam_kpavan: btw google earth is as proprietary as windows is:)10:19
ernesthello room10:20
pavanhey but it says permission denied10:22
pavanso how to operate that bin file?10:22
Vanterpavan: you probably have to give it execute permission10:22
pavanhowz that going to happen?10:22
Vanterpavan: chmod u+x nameofbinfile.bin in a terminal10:22
Vanterpavan: that gives your user permission to execute it10:23
bullgard4man 1 dhcdbd includes an example that orders dhclient-script not to change resolv.conf. What swich in the example effects this?10:24
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Finiraswhat are the ubuntu hotkeys for copy and paste? ctrl c and v doesn't seem to work?10:29
Finirasnevermind it does.... but not in a fullscreen application?10:30
bullgard4Finiras: Also in fullscreen applications.10:31
indian_munndacan anyone tell me how tro extract .rar files10:34
indian_munndacan anyone tell me how to extract .rar files?? archive manager says archive not supported.10:35
euw3648sudo apt-get install rar-nonfree10:35
indian_munndaeuw3648: THANKS10:36
euw3648indian_munnda: correction: sudo apt-get install unrar10:36
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indian_munndaeuw3648: i got rar, so i just installed it. :)10:37
euw3648!info unrar10:37
ubottuunrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.7.8-1 (hardy), package size 94 kB, installed size 240 kB10:37
Vanter!info linux-image10:39
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB10:39
Aytughey hi10:40
Aytugr u there ?10:40
VanterThere are a lot of people here.10:41
ernestanybody can help me find focus sis open source package?10:42
ubottuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", only for Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers10:42
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications10:42
Aytugi have a problem for DISPLAY settings :S10:43
linnyAytug: that a bit vague could you be more spesific ?10:44
euw3648Aytug: that is not a question10:44
linnyhehe my spelling stinks :P10:44
Aytugeuw3648 : Can u help me ?10:44
yepyephello, I can't get help in the italian channell... can someone help me to install ubuntu on ALIX3C3, please?10:44
euw3648Aytug: i don't know. you didn't even ask a specific  question.10:44
linnyAytug: we can help if you ask a proper question10:45
vallhalla81it says vmware is in the repo but when i search i in synaptic it does not show10:46
euw3648!info vmware10:46
ubottuPackage vmware does not exist in hardy10:46
stdinvallhalla81: it says "(package "vmware-player", only for Feisty and Edgy)", it broke in gutsy+10:47
stdinyou should still be able to get it from vmware and install manually10:47
vallhalla81ah is there any way to install it any way the site lets you downoad a bundle but i dont kknow how you use them10:47
fat_ratanyone tried intrepid on eee?10:48
euw3648fat_rat: this channel does not support non-realeased versions of ubuntu. please go to #ubuntu+110:49
Aytughii ... i  did set ubuntu 8.04.1 but after load brogres bar  OUT OF Range10:49
shawehi people10:50
euw3648Aytug: please stop using caps lock10:50
shaweyesterday I upgrade to Intrepid Ibex, and now I don't have decoration Windows with GTK or emerald, any idea?10:50
euw3648Aytug: what is brogres bar?10:50
euw3648Aytug: do you mean progress bar?10:50
amanullahii recently i downloaded mini.iso for ruuning ubuntu on my usb stick how can i any one plss10:50
Aytugprogres barr is loading bar10:50
linnyeuw3648: i think he means its out of range for his monitor10:51
euw3648Aytug: man, your english is... funny10:51
euw3648Aytug: crt or tft monitor?10:51
yepyephelp please... my situation: board: alix3c3 = 1 LAN / 2 miniPCI / LX800 / 256 MB / USB / VGA / audio, no boot possible from USB CDROM, only 1 CF 1Gb available... How to install Ubuntu on this board?10:51
AytugCRT 19"10:51
euw3648Aytug: sorry, no crt here anymore10:52
Aytugi have graphic card : ATI RAdeon 955010:52
amanullawhile im trying to install eclipse im getting this message "amanulla@amanulla-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install eclipse10:52
amanullaE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem."what does it mean10:52
linnyAytug: you need to get in and edit xorg.conf i think to a resouloution thats supported10:52
Greenhouseyepyep: Did you try burning a CD and install fromt hat one?10:53
shyam_keuw3648: oh ubuntu people have changed focus out of crt monitors?10:53
euw3648shyam_k: not ubuntu, but xorg10:53
shyam_ki mean that could answer why its not syncing correctly with a lott of monitors..10:53
yepyepGreenhouse: no external cd support...10:53
shyam_kgreat! we here are still on crts..10:54
euw3648shyam_k: newer xorg versions rely on timings that must be probed from the monitor10:54
euw3648shyam_k: and many older crts just give bogus timings back10:54
euw3648shyam_k: it's the monitor manufacturer's fault10:54
Greenhouseyepyep, perhaps you can start up another OS just to get CD support, then run Ubuntu intall?10:54
amanullaE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem."what does it mean10:55
shyam_kyeah sure.. no offense,but dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg has been the key command that i adviced for a lott of people:)10:55
linnyamanulla: run 'dpkg --configure -a'10:55
yepyepI've a very minimal X terminal distribution working now (I don't know the linux core if it's debian or other)10:56
euw3648shyam_k: so in these cases, one has to edit xorg.conf and put in timings and probably even modelines, just like in the ugly old days of xorg10:56
shyam_kyeah and i saw that change too.. dpkg-reconfigure is no more going to monitor section..10:57
amorphous_could anyone tell me how to get dmesg to keep sending lines to my term?10:57
Greenhouseyepyep, unfortunally i'm a beginner at this, can't help you i'm afraid. :(10:57
yepyepcan I install from network with X terminal? if yes, how? can you send me a link with some help about network setup for ubuntu? (this is my first time with linux...)10:57
euw3648shyam_k: things get worse if the a monitor (crt or tft) is connected via a kvm switch. most kvm switches break the monitor probing.10:57
Greenhouseyepyep, there's extensive help to be found on ubuntu forums, i'd try that one.10:58
regitalive been having some trouble since i updated from kubuntu 8.04 to 8.1010:58
vallhalla81regital: ubuntu+1 is where you will get help for that10:59
bullgard4man 1 dhcdbd includes an example that orders dhclient-script not to change resolv.conf. What switch in the example effects this?10:59
linnyregital: 8.10 is beta there will be bugs till the final rc10:59
regitalvalhalla: thanks10:59
amanullalinny:yes i have a window with some text "http://paste.ubuntu.com/53405/"10:59
vallhalla81regital: no problem10:59
hellwolfHow could I install package that contains /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build11:00
linnyamanulla: im not familiar with that aolserver software but as a rule update it ?11:01
euw3648"aolserver" sounds frightening11:02
linnyeuw3648: lmao anything with aol sound frightening lol11:02
euw3648linny: that's what i meant :)11:03
amanullaany one familiar wtih this "Configuring aolserver4"11:03
Frost^I've installed the kde4 metapackage, and now I want to remove kde4. What can I do to achieve this?11:03
euw3648amanulla: well you must have installed it and even changed its config, so why aren't you familiar with it?11:04
linzertortehey,hey,anyone from CHina?11:04
linnyFrost: use the same method you did to install it , how did you put it on ?11:04
Frost^using apt-get install11:04
Frost^but using apt-get remove kde4 does nothing.11:05
linnyuse apt-get autoremove then11:05
Frost^What will that do?11:05
amanullaeuw3648:may be i have changed but not of my own knowledge but with some ones advise..........ohhhhhhh i knows nothing11:05
bazhang!cn | linzertorte11:05
ubottulinzertorte: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:05
amanullaabout ubuntu11:05
euw3648amanulla: then i cannot help you, as i know nothing abount aolserver11:06
wookiehi, i want to establish aconnection to a news gruop and issue some raw commands to check an install. can i just use telnet to do it?11:06
jitu3485while updating my system i am getting this error:  GPG error: http://ftp.debian.org experimental Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY A70DAF536070D3A111:06
jimiusi'm runnning ubunutu on a laptop and want to install windows and dual boot, but the entire partition now11:06
jimius is dedicated to ubuntu, so how do i shrink it to make room for windows?11:07
bazhangjitu3485, you are using ubuntu or debian11:07
linnyFrost : type apt-get --help for an explination of commands11:07
vallhalla81jimius: why not use a vm to use windows11:07
jitu3485bazhang, ubuntu-hardy 8.0411:07
amanullaany one familiar wtih running java/html in ubuntu11:07
jimiusvallhalla81 >> i dualboot for games11:07
vallhalla81or just wine to run the program you need11:07
Frost^linny, I'll try it, thank you.11:07
bazhangjitu3485, then why are you using a debian repo11:07
linzertortehow to get into other channel?11:07
euw3648jitu3485: you cannot mix ubuntu and debian repositories. why did you add a debian repo to your sources.list?11:07
bazhanglinzertorte, /j #ubuntu-cn11:08
linzertortebazhang,are you administrator?11:08
amanullavallhalla81:for using vm i think u need more ram how much yours ram?11:08
bazhanglinzertorte, not of that channel no11:08
vallhalla81amanulla: 2gig11:08
jimiusbut yah, it's for games, and gonna need directx for that11:09
=== samba is now known as Guest97616
Vanrergot a ssh problem, anyone who can help? "ssh user@localhost" works, but "ssh user@ipaddress" gives Permission denied..11:09
vallhalla81 jimius:  i see11:09
iwishiknewHello, I am teaching myself opengl on an ubuntu system. my opengl programs only work if I set Visual Effects to "None" in the Appearance Preference Window. Why is that? Can't I run opengl programs with all the desktop effects?11:09
vallhalla81 jimius: if you use gparted you should be able to set your partition ok but back up first as always when doing such things11:10
jimiusthe problem is not dual-booting, it's altering the current partition so i can keep my current ubunutu insta11:10
ubottugparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php11:10
euw3648Vanrer: are you trying "ssh user@ipaddress" from the same machine or from another one?11:11
vallhalla81 jimius: hope that helps11:11
jimiusthkns vallhalla8111:11
Vanrereuw3648: From the same machine..11:11
vallhalla81 jimius:  no problem11:11
euw3648Vanrer: so "ipaddress" is the address of a local network interface?11:12
euw3648Vanrer: can you ping that address?11:12
amanullaE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?11:13
amanullaim GETTING THIS ERROR11:13
amanullaSOME ONE PLS HELP11:13
FloodBot1amanulla: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:13
HanosI have a sound problem11:13
euw3648amanulla: for the last time, don't use caps lock11:14
=== stelk_ is now known as StelK
HanosHow can I get a help?11:14
vallhalla81amanulla: go to the terminal type"sudo su" then navigate to the file and use it from there11:15
euw3648amanulla: whatever command you have used, it is probably necessary to put sudo in front of it11:15
=== hyya is now known as choonming
bazhangvallhalla81, that is not needed11:16
bazhangamanulla, try with sudo11:16
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)11:16
SiDiHi allz11:16
amanullawhile im trying to install netbeans for java im getting this error11:16
Vanrereuw3648: aww... nevermind.. Ive spend several hours with this, playing with the ssh_conf file.. now I noticed Ive typed wrong ip when I set the static ip...11:17
euw3648Vanrer: alright11:17
wookiehow do i establush a ssl connection to a server?11:17
vallhalla81bazhang: okies sorry11:17
bazhangamanulla, sudo apt-get install netbeans11:17
amanullabazhang:E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?11:17
VanrerI set, when it should have been (and I thought I had)
* SiDi is happy cause he's runnin irssi from his PC with SSH from a "secured" network11:17
VanrerFeeling like a complete idiot :)  Thanks anyway11:17
StelKpeople, I've got a problem with ubuntu Gutsy and my laptop: the desktop bars are smaller than the screen... with Ubuntu Hardy it works there is a second screen named "Unknown" when I go to System -> Preferences -> Screen resolutions and after disabling this screen it works.. but with Gutsy Gibbon it is different, do you have any idea?11:18
bazhangamanulla, close add/remove or other apt11:18
euw3648Vanrer: at least its working now :)11:18
Vanrerheh, yeah...11:18
bullgard4man 1 dhcdbd includes an example that orders dhclient-script not to change resolv.conf. What switch in the example effects this?11:18
bazhanglinda, please dont11:18
bullgard4linda: Stop it.11:19
amanullabazhang:right now i wont have any add/reove application running11:19
amanullabazhang:but i have some downloads pause..........11:19
bazhangamanulla, then finish them first11:19
euw3648linda: got a ubuntu related question? if not, just go away.11:19
StelKno one can help me?11:19
tzolkinmy boot menu has two new options, can i del the old two options?11:20
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto11:20
bazhangtzolkin, may want to keep them just in case11:20
SiDitzolkin: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst11:20
bazhangtzolkin, you can delete them if you wish from synaptic11:20
SiDitzolkin: check for the options you wanna remove, and.. remove 'em :)11:21
amanullabazhang:are my paused downloads "for some data" are causing to generate the error?11:21
StelKI don't think this is a resolution problem, because in fact the desktop background is displaying right...11:21
SiDibazhang: how to do it from synaptics?11:21
bazhangamanulla, via firefox or via apt-get/synaptic11:21
amanullavia firefox11:21
bazhangSiDi, just search for the kernels :)11:21
bullgard4Synaptic writes: "dhcdbd provides a D-Bus interface to dhclient, the DHCP client from ISC." Whatdoes 'ISC' stand for?11:22
bazhangamanulla, close all synaptic/add-remove etc and try from the terminal using sudo11:22
SiDiIn fact, bazhang, i never use synaptics :p always console now :|11:22
rebel_kidhow can i compile a simple c++ command line app for ubuntu?11:22
bazhangSiDi, apt-cache search then :)11:22
euw3648bullgard4: internet standards consortium11:22
amanullabazhang:for some softwares through links in net11:22
rebel_kidsidi, ?11:22
bazhangamanulla, first do as I suggested11:22
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
bullgard4euw3648: Thank you.11:22
SiDig++ *11:22
SiDig++ *11:23
FloodBot1SiDi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:23
tzolkinanother qustion, I use xface, how can i put the icons such as Terminal on the desktop?11:23
SiDidamn sorry, being laggy11:23
tzolkinI found drag is not use11:23
Asukagerman here?11:23
amanullabazhang:i have mounted a image from terminal recently shall i need to unmount it?11:23
euw3648!de | Asuka11:23
ubottuAsuka: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de11:23
bazhangAsuka, #ubuntu-de11:23
bazhangamanulla, dont see why you would11:24
Asukadanke (thank you)11:24
StelKno one can help me with my problem?11:25
amanullabazhang: i cant get u11:25
ogzyhow can i regenerate initramfs at ubuntu, update-initramfs?11:25
IndoctrineStelK: It could be a Compiz problem11:26
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg StelK11:26
=== mike is now known as MikeDX
amanullahow to unmount a .iso image mounted via sudo mount/media/isomount11:26
ogzyi want to remove r8169 module from my initramfs, how can i do it11:26
amanullaany one plsssss11:26
bazhangamanulla, close all versions of add/remove, synaptic etc11:27
MikeDXsudo umount /media/isomount11:27
bazhangamanulla, then open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install netbeans11:27
amanullabazhang:im not having any thing opened dear11:27
StelKbazhang, thanks... i'll try that11:27
bazhangamanulla, then open a terminal and try that command; what error do you get11:28
euw3648ogzy: edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and blacklist r8169 there. then run update-initramfs -u11:28
agentnm-applet does not differentiate between two ap's with the same essid.... is there a way to force it to differentiate? That is, to bind to an hw address + essid?11:29
agentusing iwconfig it works, but nm-applet does not seem smart enough to do so :(11:30
amanullabazhang:im now installing tomcat11:30
amanullayes now i can11:30
euw3648agent: that's why i don't like network manager11:30
agenteugene_, :-)11:31
bazhangagent, you have two routers?11:31
amanullabazhang:i hope after installation i may work with it11:31
=== Indoctrine is now known as Doc|Away
bazhangamanulla, ok11:32
=== Delphi_FTP is now known as SpekMetUien
agentbazhang, they are not mine, but I have permission to connect to them... it's internet access for the whole apartment... unfortunately someone else has the same essid somewhere around here11:32
agentbazhang, point being, i cannot change the essid's :)11:32
bazhangagent, any way to contact the owners and have them change one?11:33
agentbazhang, they are reluctant because it works fine on everyone else's computer11:33
agentbazhang, but thats a bad solution... I would rather solve the problem at it source (nm-applet)11:34
bazhangagent, well you can associate the ap and then it will pick up the strongest one most likely11:34
bazhangagent, but if the essid are the same there is nothing you can do except hope11:34
euw3648bazhang: ...or use iwconfig11:35
bazhangeuw3648, but still need to hope it gets the stronger one as they are identical and no mac filtering he mentioned11:35
agentbazhang, you know, nm-applet has something really wrong with it.... because even if i edit the nm-applet settings via nm-editor and put in the correct ap hw address, it still refuses to connect to that ap (even though it has by far the strongest signal).... iwconfig works fine...11:36
lachlani need  some help11:36
amanullalachlan:just ask11:36
euw3648bazhang: they are not identical. same essid, but different bssid11:36
bazhangagent, agreed; I dont like that applet so always use the terminal for that :)11:36
agenteuw3648, itconfig seems to always work... i just use iwconfig ath0 ap XXXXX essid YYYY and it works...11:36
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
lachlanok i was messing around in gnome and change a display setting to flip my display 180 degrees11:36
amanullalachlanL:so that some one may answer to you11:36
agentbazhang, i'm lazy and would like it to be automatic ;-)11:36
lachlannow i cant load the gui properly and need to know how to change the setings thro the terminal11:37
euw3648bssid == hw address (ap setting in iwconfig)11:37
agent^---- yeah!11:37
mohkohnI have a gprs modem. A couple days ago it was working as per this blog: http://tinyurl.com/3ggyc911:37
vallhalla81lachlan: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart11:37
bazhanglachlan, using xrandr?11:37
amanullalachlan:so want it to get it back to normal position11:38
lachlanwas that to me? ubuntu begginer as well so bare with me11:38
lachlanyea i need it back to the normal config11:38
euw3648agent: the problem with wlan is, there are so many names for the same thing11:38
mohkohnNow when I connect I can connect and I get a ppp0 in ifconfig but I cannot connect to the internet.11:38
vallhalla81lachlan: just type what i put should fix all for you11:38
agenteuw3648, so true!11:38
euw3648agent: like "station mode == managed mode" or "ap mode == master mode"11:38
kebomixhello , i found solution for my bookmarks problem , by deleting profile.ini in firefox folder and packup bookmarks11:38
amanullasome onle pls help lachlan to get his display back to normal view11:39
HemebondHello. Why is this thread (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=560578) locked out? It was updated in July. I want to provide a (IMO) better solution.11:39
mohkohnI cannot ping anything except myself. The modem is a Nokia N7011:39
lachlanso feffsudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart ? in x server?11:39
amanullalachlan:im helpless in this case im also a newbie to ubuntu11:39
tzolkincan compiz run under xface?11:39
bazhangHemebond, try #ubuntuforums11:39
amanullalachlan:but i will google for it11:39
Hemebondbazhang: Will do!11:39
euw3648agent: i forgot "infrastructure mode" which is also "managed mode"11:39
amanullalachlan:mean while you to google11:39
vallhalla81lachlan: just sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart in a terminal11:40
lachlani googled and came up with rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity11:40
mohkohnThe techs from the isp can see me connecting so I think the problem must be my end. (I know they always say that!)11:40
lachlanok i'll try that now thanks vallhalla8l11:40
=== Aragon^ is now known as Aragon
agenteuw3648, i tend to forget all of them and just read the man pages when needed :)11:40
tzolkinis there anyone would like tell me can compiz run under the xface?11:40
tzolkinis there anyone would like to tell me can compiz run under the xface?11:41
bazhangtzolkin, using xubuntu?11:41
euw3648agent: the man pages usually only use one name11:41
bazhangtzolkin, you asked in #compiz-fusion yet?11:41
vallhalla81tzolkin: it does run11:41
lachlanbrb if it works thanks alot if not i'll...cry or something :P bye guys11:41
tzolkinalready install compiz11:41
agenteuw3648, true.... but usually thats good enough for me to fix whatever problem i may have.... hopefully.... ;-)11:42
vallhalla81tzolkin: did you install the settings manager ?11:42
euw3648agent: for example, the iwconfig manpage uses "ad-hoc mode", but not "ibss mode"11:42
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 agent here is a refresher if you need11:42
tzolkinlet me check11:42
PeanutHorstwhere is the correct place to seek help with ubuntu-ppc ?11:43
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ11:43
PeanutHorstbazhang: i'm using 6.06LTS. that's still supported.11:43
bazhangPeanutHorst, not sure if there is a freenode chan or not11:44
delirei have compiled a module that i'd like to run on start up. it installs into /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/usb/media/uvcvideo.ko but there is already a module in /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/ubuntu/media/usbvideo/uvcvideo.ko.11:44
delireeven if i remove or replace the ubuntu module, it still loads on a reboot. why is this?11:44
bazhangPeanutHorst, ie a separate one11:44
delireis it somehow being loaded from an image?11:44
=== Doc|Away is now known as Indoctrine
vallhalla81delire: have you tryed adding it in the sessions manager?11:45
euw3648vallhalla81: loading a kernel module as part of the X session? think again11:45
bazhangPeanutHorst, there is a separate chan for that #ubuntu-ppc but only 8 or so people in there11:46
IndoctrinePeanutHorst: :O <311:46
delirevallhalla81: that would need root. i was looking at /etc/rc.local but still this fails to load the new module11:47
euw3648delire: how did you remove the old uvcvideo.ko module?11:48
=== richard is now known as Guest35059
PeanutHorstIndoctrine: yes, i feel dirty just being here. you saw nothing. :P11:48
delireeuw3648: rmmod (rather than modprobe)11:48
euw3648delire: that will not remove the *.ko file11:48
IndoctrinePeanutHorst: You're off your nut. Hurrrr. I help da pplz.11:49
PeanutHorstIndoctrine: i got off my nuts some time ago.11:49
PeanutHorstwent off, rather,.11:49
moniahi, how to start lircd as normal user?11:49
euw3648delire: i'd rename ubuntu's uvcvideo.ko to uvcvideo.ko.GONE11:49
IndoctrinePeanutHorst: What's wrong with ya?11:50
richard_he every one11:50
delireeuw3648: i have actually removed it entirely, yet still it loads.11:50
euw3648delire: can't be11:50
delireeuw3648: an updatedb and a locate returns no other binary uvcvideo* on the system.11:50
delireeuw3648: i know it is odd. it simply doesn't happen on my Debian Etch machine11:50
euw3648delire: so modinfo uvcvideo returns the path to the new uvcvideo module?11:50
PeanutHorstIndoctrine: mentally or in relation to ubuntu?11:51
IndoctrinePeanutHorst: Both.11:51
PeanutHorstmentally: aspergers and psychosis. ubuntu-wise, failure to cleanly boot and start X on powermac3,3 .11:51
delireeuw3648: i will check, one moment.11:51
IndoctrineGood job. :P11:51
euw3648delire: ah wait, maybe uvcvideo is one of the restricted modules, so it gets linked at each boot11:51
PeanutHorstIndoctrine: quite.11:52
delireeuw3648: ahah, that's why it's different in Debian11:52
delireeuw3648: i wondered if something like this was afoot.11:52
euw3648delire: to get rid of that, you have to edit /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common11:52
NiCK_NaMEDoes anyone know how to use a webcam on Ubuntu, My wife wants to be able to see me when we chat together, we been separated for 15 months due to my job... i was wondering if their is a way to see he and her see me on wecams...11:52
delireeuw3648: just what i was after. thanks a lot.11:52
PeanutHorstNiCK_NaME: there's a lot of help on the ubuntu wiki about this - perhaps telling us what type of webcam you use would allow us to provide more specific help.11:53
delireeuw3648: do you know if that would be called *before* /etc/rc.local?11:53
IndoctrineAwww, that's sweet11:53
euw3648delire: yes11:53
NiCK_NaMEI have a Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks...11:53
PeanutHorstIndoctrine: what is lol11:53
delireeuw3648: perfect11:53
euw3648delire: the module will simply not be there11:53
PeanutHorstNiCK_NaME: then your cam is supported by gspca and uvcvideo.11:53
IndoctrineNiCK_NaME's reason for wanting his cam11:53
PeanutHorstboth work well with ubuntu.11:53
delireeuw3648: great. i'll load in my module in rc.local then, just to be sure (this is for a big museum exhibit, has to work without me around!)11:54
PeanutHorstI recommend using uvcvideo as it's officially (semi) supported by the Logitech Video Engineering team.11:54
euw3648delire: the ubuntu concept of restricted modules is to have them only as .o files on the hard disk and link them to a .ko file which resides in a tmpfs11:54
NiCK_NaMEPeanutHorst  okay. thanks  do you know where i can get gspca  or  uvcvideo ?11:54
beliNiCK_NaME: at first....what os is your wife using?11:54
euw3648delire: so the .ko form of the restricted module is never on the hard disk11:54
delireeuw3648: i see. Debian has no such fanciness.11:55
NiCK_NaMEMy Wife is using Windows Vista11:55
NiCK_NaME@ beli11:55
euw3648delire: it's just to clearly distiguish between free und non-free code11:55
delireNiCK_NaME: i wish you both luck ;)11:55
PeanutHorstNiCK_NaME: general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeWebCams    specifics: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/uvcvideo11:55
delireeuw3648: with that explanation in place, it makes sense.11:55
beliNiCK_NaME: ok so if you got your webcam working under linux, you need a client software later to communicate...you could use msn for windows vista and amsn for linux as one solution....11:56
NiCK_NaMEPeanutHorst: Thanks man, i am sure my wife you bake you cookies for this LOL!11:56
euw3648delire: it's all the hardware manufacturer's fault. i they would give enough info to free driver developers, there wouldn't be any restricted drivers.11:56
PeanutHorstthanks kindly11:56
euw3648delire: *if they11:56
PeanutHorstI wish you every success with your endeavour - webcams are brilliant for keeping relationships alive over a distance11:57
NiCK_NaMEbeli: what do you mean ?11:57
delireeuw3648: yes, i realise. thankfully in the 10 odd years i've been using Linux, the situation has greatly improved.11:57
NiCK_NaMEamsn chat cliet works under linux ?11:57
beliNiCK_NaME: at first you need your webcam to work with linux............if that is done, you need software to communicate with your wirfe11:57
euw3648delire: well, not for many cheap usb hardware..11:57
beliNiCK_NaME: amsn is a msn clone for linux.....with webcam support11:57
NiCK_NaMEPeanutHorst: yeah they are...11:57
=== jscinoz_ is now known as jscinoz
NiCK_NaMEbele: Thanks alot...  My Wife uses yahoo!messenger...  is she just going to have to change ? or is their a way for the to keep Yahoo!11:58
NiCK_NaMEBeli: *11:59
Tanazzociao a tutti11:59
Rioting_pacifistNiCK_NaME: pidgin or amarok support yahoo! it may also be usable under wine11:59
beliNiCK_NaME: there is no known yahoo support with webcam11:59
Rioting_pacifisthow do i debug my suspend resume failing11:59
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots11:59
NiCK_NaMERioting_pacifist:  pidin does not have wecam support, and wine wont run Yahoo!Messenger12:00
NiCK_NaMEbeli: thanks!12:00
Rioting_pacifistby amarok i ment kopete, but im not sure if it can do webcam stuff on yahoo protocol12:00
beliRioting_pacifist: it cannot12:00
futureholdhi all - is some german people here? OMG i've got a problem with Firefox 3 and Flash, i cant remove the GNAFLASH Plugin, i cant install adobe flash . PLS HELP THX12:01
beliNiCK_NaME: there's a well done solution for you, but i cant remember the name atm....12:01
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de12:01
NiCK_NaMEbeli: amsn right ?  okay should i google.com/linux that ? or do you know of a site ?12:01
Tanazzo! list12:01
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:01
tghy11Well hello!12:01
Rioting_pacifistfuturehold apt-get remove gnash gnash-plugin should remove gnash though12:01
tghy11I have to falled GLX module12:01
beliNiCK_NaME: sudo apt-get install amsn12:02
delireeuw3648: i've been surprised at just how many usb network adapters, bluetooth adapters and webcams now work in Linux. back in the days of Debian Potato i remember struggling for days to get various usb peripherals to work.12:02
NiCK_NaMEbeli: LOL a well done solution for me ? ...  hmmm looks like something worth looking into if only you could remember where to look LOL!12:02
beliNiCK_NaME: and your wife can use native msn of microsoft12:02
tghy11Failed to initialize the GLX module12:02
IamSOGit's stramge, I update from version 7 to verion 8 but now I lost all my hardirve on the desktop :o12:02
NiCK_NaMEbeli: thanks12:02
futureholdthx Rioting_pacifist / it says: apt-get remove gnash gnash-plugin should remove gnash though12:03
redheathi everyone12:03
futureholdthx Rioting_pacifist / Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?12:03
NiCK_NaMEbeli: she is going to be sooo excited when i messenger her tonight and i send her a webcam invite out of no where :P12:03
beliNiCK_NaME: she needs to be on msn then ;)12:03
Rioting_pacifistfuture hold you need to use sudo apt-get remove gnash gnash-plugin12:03
futureholdIve made sudo admin before and typed in my root PW12:03
redheatfolks, I have a question regarding the linux filesystem I should adopt for my Ubuntu 8.04 installation is it Ext2 or Ext3?12:04
futureholdOK i try big thx !12:04
redheatbecause I'm having a problem getting the Ext3 being read or accessed under windows...12:04
NiCK_NaMEbeli: yeah. i think she has it she just never uses it... i will e-mail her to get on it :P12:04
Rioting_pacifistredheat: ext3 is backwards compatible, if windows can read ext2 it can read ext312:04
IamSOGit's stramge, I update from version 7 to verion 8 but now I lost all my hardirve on the desktop :o12:04
NiCK_NaMEbeli: thanks you just man this long distance thing easier, untill my job sends me home :D12:04
Rioting_pacifistIamSOG: is that the ubuntu version did you go to 8.04 (stable) or 8.10 (unstable)12:05
IamSOGoh... Rioting_pacifist I am not sure, I just run the auto update :o12:06
Tanazzo! list12:07
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:07
futureholdRioting_pacifist YOU ARE THE KING !!!!!!!!!!! BIG THX =)12:07
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)12:07
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)12:08
nasri151569hello every body12:08
huangjunHi there, I.m a ubuntu newer.12:08
KRABENheloo too12:08
ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen12:08
Rioting_pacifistnp futurehold you may want to read !sudo and !apt to understand what you just did better12:08
KRABENhi all:>12:08
beliNiCK_NaME: if you need to change the protocol try openwengo12:09
futureholdok thx12:09
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)12:09
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)12:10
urioli tried to install google talk on ubuntu hardy heron12:11
redheatPacifist, so sorry I was away..you said that Ext3 is backward compatible, the problem is when I format any partition to Ext3, and go back into windows and click on that partition I get this message "partition is not formatted do you like to formate it now" and it doesn't matter which version of windows I'm using vista or xp. The program I'm using for viewing the linux partitions is Ex2 IFS you can find it here www.fs-driver.org12:11
coder__hy allz12:11
uriolthrough the wine application12:11
uriolbut the windows it appears without text12:12
uriolonly the textfield were you put login id and password12:12
urioland no bottons12:12
redheatanyhow I checked with their website and asked if that was normal or not..and I came across this question which relates to my problem, it's the first question on this page http://www.fs-driver.org/troubleshoot.html12:12
coder__I wonder how can be record the screen on ubuntu? Anyone could help me?12:12
DimensionsHiya .... i have a program which crashes some times ... how do i monitor it ( i know top, free etc tools) with a tool which logs the out put into a text file or some thing ... every 5 minutes ?12:13
redheatPacifist, are you still there?12:13
uriolsomebody can help me ?12:13
futureholdBig UPS 2 all the helping people out there ! thx12:14
redheatRioting_Pacifist, mate, are you still there?12:14
IamSOGoh my version is  8.0412:15
coder__Anyone who is able to help, click on me, please!12:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about recordmydesktop12:16
Rioting_pacifistredheat: im not an expert but afaik ext3 is just ext2 filesystem + journaling which means that if windows can read ext2 it can read ext312:16
redheatthat's exactly what is driving me crazy12:17
IamSOGI am wondering... does verion 8 slower than version 7 ?12:17
Rioting_pacifistbut im not 100% sure, ext3 is preferd to ext2 but if you dont crash there is no real difference in using ext2 over ext312:17
[Slug]time for coffee12:18
redheatwindows should read it, but it doesn't..and it just gives me that stupid non-formatted nonsense..and by the way this is not related to any distro..12:18
Rioting_pacifistIamSOG: it may be as it comes with compiz running by default but 7 doesnt12:18
DigitalFizext3 has journaling which is a big difference12:18
coder__ubottu, thx :)12:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thx :)12:18
coder__I've to use my brother's pc to solve this matter12:18
delirewindows can't read ext3 by default IIRC12:18
coder__on ms :S12:18
IamSOGthanks Rioting_pacifist ... um.. compiz...12:18
redheatI mean it happened with Mandriva, Opensuse, Ubuntu, gOS, Pclinux12:18
Rioting_pacifistredheat: are the fs-drivers installed and working properly12:19
Rioting_pacifist!compiz | IamSOG.12:19
ubottuIamSOG.: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion12:19
IamSOGOh, but I run Xubuntu12:19
redheatabsolutely Rioting_pacifist, and delire..thanks for asnwering..the only drivers I use are fs-drivers..12:19
redheatand they work fine but they're can't detect ext312:20
redheatlook at the first problem on the troubleshoot page..12:20
Rioting_pacifistIamSOG: bassically it adds fancy effects , which can slow down your comuter, ahh well it may have been turned on in the upgrade, im not sure what the easiest way to check is12:21
DimensionsCan some one please tell me about any System monitor tool which stores the output in a text file every few minutes ... I want to monitor a program whcih crashes some times ... how do i keep a check on how much memory and resources its using12:21
redheatthat's exactly what I'm getting..when I ran that program..it told me that the "inode is not 128 but it's 256, so while chosing the formate for my linux partition, I should make sure that its inode is 128..12:21
ubuntu-irhello  i have firefox 3 b 5 in my ubuntu 8.04 , how can i repleace it with firerox 3 final source ?12:22
redheatI think my safest bet would be to use ext2, Rioting_Pacifist, is there a difference between ext2 and ext3 performance-wise? I mean is it like NTFS vs. FAT3212:22
Tanazzo! list12:22
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:22
AwaDoVthe task bar disappeared..! Can anyone help ??????12:22
EarthLionhey i used a usb hard dirve to do a backup on a ubuntu server as root. Now I want to backup a different ubuntu server but when i mount the usb drive it says I only have read access to it. A mount outputs the following for the relevant drive /dev/sdd3 on /media/percy type hfsplus (rw)12:22
EarthLionwhen i plug it into a osx laptop i can instantly read and write to the drive12:22
AwaDoVthe task bar disappeared..! Can anyone help ??????12:23
EarthLiona ls -n shows that the files are setup to 775 on user root group root12:23
Vanterredheat: If you google fs-driver inode 128, there's a forum post that explains that fs-driver can't handle 256 inodes12:23
AwaDoVthe task bar disappeared..! Can anyone help ??????12:23
Rioting_pacifistredheat: im not sure i think there may be but not too significant on a modern system12:23
redheatroger that Rioting_Pacifist thank you so much mate for your help12:24
redheatVanter are they suggesting any other alternative to fs-driver12:24
amorphous_I have a machine that keeps losing the ability to resolve(?) ip addresses (making it incapable of getting websites etc), could someone tell me where to start on finding out what's wrong?12:24
Rioting_pacifistIamSOG: do you have an nvidia or ati card12:25
belendaxI have some packages in my flash memory, how can I add flash memory to source.list ?12:25
redheatI looked everywhere..and couldn't find another piece of software that make linux partitions accessible under windows12:25
Vanterredheat: not in the thread I read, but I saw the user was able to get it working by reformatting the partition with 128 inodes before reinstalling, and not format it again during the install.12:26
fat_ratif i install 8.10 beta now, can i smoothly upgrade to final release?12:26
AwaDoVthe task bar disappeared..! Can anyone help ??????12:26
LjLfat_rat: if it doesn't break in the meanwhile. ask in #ubuntu+112:26
FloodBot1AwaDoV: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:26
fat_ratLJL: ok thx :]12:26
redheatI tried that yesterday with Opensuse and it almost exists in any repos installed it's an advanced option...12:27
DimensionsEarthLion: you backed up the system as root user ... so only root user can now read write on it ...12:27
belendaxI have some packages in my flash memory, how can I add flash memory to source.list ?12:27
EarthLionyes but i have been a root user on both systems...12:27
redheatthank you so much Vanter..totally appreciate the help..I was about to go out ballistic I'm running 5 operating systems side by side and it's driving me wild..12:27
Rioting_pacifistbelendax:  do you have  repo or just a few debs ?12:28
redheatagain...Thank you all for your help..totally appreciate it..12:28
belendaxRioting_pacifist: I have repo12:28
ubuntu-iri have firefox 3 b 5 in my ubuntu 8.04 , how can i repleace it with firerox 3 final source ?12:28
AwaDoVi can't access any App. can you help ?12:29
Rioting_pacifistbelendax: im not sure, maybe apt-cdrom will work otherwise adding it as a repo without a http:// might work12:30
MrKennieubuntu-ir: do a software update12:30
Rioting_pacifistAwaDoV: alt+f2 then try typing compiz --replace12:30
WoetIs it possible to use apt-get with beta software, instead of all the tested ones?12:30
Rioting_pacifistubuntu-ir: sudo apt-get upgrade should work12:30
WoetI know I need to change something in sources.list, but I'm unsure.12:31
PiciWoet: Ubuntu is not like Debian, we do not have testing or experimental repos.12:31
ubuntu-irroiting_pacifist : can me update with source and without upgrade?12:31
WoetAh, okay12:31
Woetmy bad12:31
kebomixVisit my Blog For Free programming E-books with direct links , http://request-ebooks.blogspot.com12:32
Rioting_pacifistWoet: ubuntu uses fixed release cycles, there is a proposed and a back-ports but there not really like testing in debian12:32
Picikebomix: Please don't advertise  here. This is a support channel.12:32
Rioting_pacifistAwaDoV: if your x is running thats not possible12:32
kebomixPici: god know thati  dont want benefit for me  , i just want programmers to get useful of these books12:33
Rioting_pacifistAwaDoV: i dont know much about gnome but perhaps running the not compiz window manager will help, what happens when you restart xorg12:33
AwaDoVhow i can restart it ?12:34
amorphous_hey! anyone in here able to help me out with an hplip problem??12:34
Rioting_pacifistAwaDoV: ctrl+alt+backspace , it will close all open programs though12:34
Picikebomix: Its still concidered advertising.12:34
amorphous_I'm having problems with dbus (i think)... I have output from hp-check, hp-setup, hp-firmware etc, but my machine can't seem to see the printer :(12:34
kebomixPici: ok sry12:34
bytecodeHi, I have a font problem: on Ubuntu 8.04 - Firefox 3 displays just lines instead of text  unless I have firefox -> prefs: "allow pages to choose their own font" disabled. can anyone help or suggest alt. irc channel pleasE?12:34
Rioting_pacifistubuntu-ir: you could compile it and install it manually but why would you want to do that instead of upgrading12:34
amorphous_it's there in lsusb, but localhost:631, system-config-printer & hplip can't see it.12:35
amorphous_any offers on how to get there? even just a key phrase/term for google would help. I keep ending up going in circles.12:35
=== enyc_ is now known as enyc
ubuntu-irRioting_pacifist : because i connected with dial up and i haven't  high speed connection !12:36
bytecodeIs there an Ubuntu specific firefox IRC channel?12:36
erUSULamorphous_: had the same probelm. unplugging and plugin it again worked for me (the new printer detected dialog appeared and  system-config-printer)12:37
ubuntu-irbytecode : firefox12:37
Rioting_pacifistim not sure how to update one package at a time, perhaps going into a graphical update manager may give an easy way to do this though12:37
PeanutHorstwho rigged things so the ppc livecd won't accept noquiet and nosplash as boot parameters?12:38
PeanutHorsti demand they be shot in the nuts. :P12:38
AwaDoVi can't access12:38
bytecodeubuntu-ir: thank you12:38
AwaDoVany App. because there is no task bar12:39
amorphous_erUSUL, tried it :( had no joy... did you get 'unablr to connect to dbus session' messages when trying to run hp-setup etc?12:39
Rioting_pacifistubuntu-ir: you could install firefox3 entirelly manually by downloading it from the firefox website and unpacking to /opt but i wouldnt recomend it12:39
Piciubuntu-ir: apt-get install firefox3 should force it to get the latest version.12:39
Rioting_pacifistAwaDoV: is your deskop running12:39
erUSULamorphous_: nope... just the printer does no show up in lsusb and hplip can not find it either... but cups and other apps do12:39
Piciubuntu-ir: If that doesnt work try: sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox312:40
r_a_j_ehas anyone managed to make bluetooth headset work with hardy?12:40
Piciubuntu-ir: Sorry, the package name is actually 'firefox-3.0'12:40
VanterI'm trying to do a dist-upgrade from feisty to gutsy, and apt-get wants to remove the current kernel and the modules directory for it.. anyone experienced that before?12:40
amorphous_erUSUL, Hmmm... my printer doesn't show in cups or hplip, but Does show in lsusb. *Grrr~*12:40
konnerAny clue if the beta release for 8.10 has better wireless support than 8.04?12:41
erUSULkonner: well it should... newer kernel and driver → better support...12:41
konnerthats good :D12:42
ubuntu-irRioting_pacifist : i copid it to /opt but when i run firefox with gnome applet fire fox 3 b 5 rund!12:42
Rioting_pacifistkonner, its a beta1 i wouldnt try it tbh, it will depend on the card stuff like atheros may actually be workse12:42
konnerI have a linksys WMP54GS and it worked with 7.10 but when i used 8.04 my wireless didnt work.12:42
erUSULubuntu-ir: ypu have to modify the path of the binary that the icon launch12:42
erUSULkonner: broadcom?12:43
adachow can I run a check of my hard disk on command line?12:43
konnerI usually use Ndiswrapper and it didnt seem to work on hardy.12:43
Rioting_pacifistubuntu-ir: well if your gonig to do a manual install the program is launched by running /opt/firefox/firefox instead of firefox, if you want to cheat (and its probably not a good idea) you can link /usr/bin/firefox to /opt/firefox/firefox12:43
Rioting_pacifistIn my experience with broadcom, distro updates are hit and miss, so dont hold your breath for it to work well in 8.10 unless theres been a recent developement in the drivers12:45
mozabonjour tout le monde12:45
Pici!fr | moza12:46
ubottumoza: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr12:46
mozasorry... my bad... hello al12:46
konnerIm trying to change back to ubuntu thats why i wanted to use the new beta :P because 8.04 doesnt work for me. im on the mandriva RC2 for 2009. but i want to use ubuntu.12:46
liza0_whats the recommended amount of ram for a system using ubuntu for multimedia, running two database servers for development , apache/php  and tomcat ?12:46
ikonializa0_: depends on the size of the databases12:46
ikoniahow many hits12:46
ikoniawhat sort of multi-media your using12:47
liza0_:say the databases won't consume no more than 3G .12:47
ikonializa0_: how many hits is the webserver getting, how many threads open to the database ?12:47
liza0_mulimedia such as playing and encoding video and audio12:47
liza0_ikonia:maximum of around 3 clients since it is a development machine12:48
ikonializa0_: for the media - the more the better, faster, you can do it on 256 of ram, but you'll be quicker with 8gig, so thats just a speed thing12:48
ikonializa0_: 1 gig should see you safe and reasonably quick12:48
ikoniaobviously the more the better12:48
liza0_i was thinking of 4G and i thought  that may be an over kil in linux12:49
ikonializa0_: I'm just encoding now on a machine with 8 gig, makes a good difference especially for threaded encoding12:49
ikonializa0_: 1 gig is "safe and nippy" 1gig + more = better12:49
coldhitman47hi all, i wish to use rsync to copy files from my computer to another local area network computer, what bash do i write?12:49
ikoniacoldhitman47: there are rsync examples on the web12:49
ikoniacoldhitman47: find an example and change the settings you need12:49
mozaPici : thanks for the reminder :)12:50
AwaDoVhow to add a new panel  couz i lost it all12:50
tzolkinI already install the compiz on XUbuntu and I can open the Advanced Desktop Effects Settings, but the effects doesn't work, why?12:50
ikoniatzolkin: what video card ?12:50
AwaDoVno body here12:51
ikoniaAwaDoV: you can see people talking12:51
tzolkinATI mobile12:51
tzolkinold card12:51
ikoniatzolkin: what drivers are you using,12:51
PiciAwaDoV: New panels are empty, do you want to reset all of your panels to the defaults?12:51
ikoniaahh old card, may not be supported12:51
AwaDoVor even a new one12:51
Pici!resetpanel | AwaDoV12:51
ubottuAwaDoV: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:51
ikoniatzolkin: check the card version against supported compiz cards, then look at the drivers your using12:51
tabbuhi, is there a cmdline program which shows how much bandwidth an app uses?12:52
ikoniatzolkin: ntop may be helpful12:52
pale-yafahi, is it possible to view a web site in the terminal without the need for web browser?12:52
ikoniatzolkin: or play with conky12:53
ikoniapale-yafa: use lynx12:53
AwaDoVdats all ?12:53
ikoniapale-yafa: or elinks12:53
tabbupale-yafa, lynx12:53
chazcoHi... how can I move windows above the gnome menu when compiz is active? I've been told to uncheck "Constrain y" but there is no move-window plugin showing...12:53
xmagixxtrying to execute a pl file and i get this error Can't locate Compress/Zlib.pm in @INC . how to fix this ?12:55
vallhalla82i just rebooted my system and when i got back in my screen is at a low res so every thing is huge i went to screen res settings and it only has 640x480 as a option can anyone help?12:55
ikoniaxmagixx: your missing the zlib.pm perl module12:55
ikoniaxmagixx: or it's in a different location12:55
xmagixxikonia: hmm in apt-get i can see various of zlib but not zlib.pm12:56
ikoniaxmagixx: no, because it's a perl module, not an individual package12:57
ikoniaxmagixx: find out if that module is packaged for ubuntu, and if it is, what package is it in12:57
xmagixxikonia: ookey, i'll try google once more, thanks so far12:57
ogzyat my nvidia plugged laptop when the boot is ended and the next thing is to see the nvidia logo, the screen become black and waits i have to reboot each time, what can be the problem?12:57
DimensionsCan some one please tell me how do i log the output of system monitor ? or any other such application ?12:58
ikoniaDimensions: I don't think system monitor logs12:58
ikoniaDimensions: I think it's just real time12:58
coldhitman47how can I revert graphic card configuration?12:58
=== hume_ is now known as hume
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:59
coldhitman47ke yi12:59
linnywho was it wanted help with the creative zen ?13:00
AwaDoVsini da ya kabten :D13:00
linnyif your still around pls msg me13:00
maek!jp | maozhu13:00
bazhang!cn | maozhu13:01
ubottumaozhu: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい13:01
ubottumaozhu: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:01
liza0_one other question since my machine does have integrated video whcih video card you guys think is bst to use with ubuntu ati radeon HD 3850 256MB or geforce 8600 GT 512MB13:01
=== rebel_kid is now known as rebel_kid|zZzZ
maekliza0_, if you want to use compiz and play videos then get the GeForce card13:01
linnyliza0_:  i hva the hd2600 and i have no probs with that13:02
Hagg1Hello,, where do I download ubuntu-eee 8.10 (beta) ?13:03
liza0_ linny:do you use compiz and play videos ?13:03
maeklinny, is compiz smooth and is there trouble free video playback for you ??13:03
linnyyes it works fine13:04
FreduardoHagg1: not sure if there's already a beta out for eee13:04
AwaDoVhow i can add a New panel ?!!! please ?13:04
=== lipsinV1 is now known as lipsin
AwaDoVsome one reply13:05
maekAwaDoV, right click on existing panel and select "new panel"13:05
Hagg1Freduardo: ok, that's sad :(13:05
AwaDoVthere is no existing panel13:05
FreduardoHagg1: patience :)13:05
AwaDoVand this is the problem ?!!!!!!113:05
AwaDoVcan you help maek ?13:05
maekAwaDoV, ALT - F2 ... type in gnome-panel13:06
AwaDoVtype what ?13:06
maekAwaDoV, "gnome-panel" without the quotes13:06
AwaDoVand Alt+f2 doesn't work13:06
AwaDoVit doesn't work13:07
maekAwaDoV, then open up a terminal and type in "gnome-panel" without the quotes13:07
linnymaek: sorry i was on the phone, yes compiz and vid playback works fine with 8.04.1 and the hd260013:07
AwaDoVjust Ctrl+alt+f213:07
linnyi assume it would with the 3850 too ?13:07
Hagg1Freduardo: yes, I know.. :)  btw, Do you gnow if there will be an alternate-cd for eee? I would like to use encrypted root with luks on my eee, otherwise I'll go with the ordinary ubuntu-alternate and try to customiz it myself13:07
AwaDoVfrom where i can open the terminal while there is no panel and no place to access any App.13:08
FreduardoHagg1: Sorry don't really know13:08
Hagg1Freduardo: ok, thanks anyway13:08
maeklinny, I had the hd2600 and video playback with compiz was shockingly bad with poor quality and tearing ... the drivers must have improved dramatically since when I had an ATI card13:09
AwaDoVthe terminal reply ... Can't open display13:09
linnyAwaDoV: alt + f2 = run13:09
linnymaek: thankfully ive had no problems13:09
CCNATitihi people!!!13:10
maeklinny, you use the latest ATI drivers ??13:10
amanullahii recently i downloaded mini.iso for ruuning ubuntu on my usb stick how can i any one plss13:10
AwaDoVplease guys focus with me for just min13:10
AwaDoVsomething wrong going on my OS13:10
maekAwaDoV, why don't you have a panel ??13:11
CCNATitiwhat happened?13:11
AwaDoVno panel exist13:11
linnymaek: yes13:11
AwaDoVand Alt+f2 doesn't work13:11
maozhuExcuse me, I try to install "php-gtk-pcntl "  but apt-get say I need libglade0 and libglib1.2 . Where I can find this?13:11
AwaDoVi don't know13:11
CCNATitioh.. that's a big trouble!