Genelyksource is void00:04
GenelykThe requested URL /xubuntu/releases/intrepid/beta/xubuntu-8.10-beta-desktop-i386.iso was not found on this server.00:05
charlie-tcaThey are updating the server, maybe00:07
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ZerothisI'm trying to use a USB drive to install ubuntu on another computer with no CD drive. I used UNebootin, Ubuntu, 8.04_Live. I think I wrote to the previously blank drive correctly (it shows 21 files/folders including "syslinux.cfg") but the other computer does not find a bootable image on the USB drive (I disabled all boot options except USB, still doesn't find it).01:23
tonibuntuguys, i'm trying to print a document ... when i do the print command, i get the normal window that asks how many copies, etc... the printer is showing as the default, and it is connected, on, and has paper and ink.01:33
gaurdroZerothis, you're computer prolly can't boot from a usb drive or you haven't written a boot sector to your drive.01:34
gaurdroZerothis, try method 2 here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:35
ron_ois it a good idea to always burn DAO? I do and have much better success with my burns, from data to iso's01:37
tonibuntui've deleted the printer as default, and tried to add it new again, and the printers model, Dell AIO Photo 924 appears like its being detected, but when it searches for drivers, doesn't show a driver specific to this01:44
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows01:46
tonibuntuoh, my, theres alot of them01:47
tonibuntulemme look, thanks favro01:47
Zerothisgaurdro: never mind, i managed to get my device to recognise a CD-R/W drive on my USB-IDE cable.02:00
tonibuntufavro, on the hardware support page you sent me : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrintersDell  can you possibly look at it?  it is saying that the printer (Dell Photo AIO 924) is not supported and doesn't work on feisty, but i'm running hardy ... would you say that means we are still SOL with that printer?02:15
favrosome can use the lexmard drivers for that apparently02:20
favrotonibuntu: ^^02:21
tonibuntusry, i'm here, lemme look02:23
tonibuntuyou mean lexmark, right?02:23
favroyep - that post on the forum says dell's printers are rebranded lexmarks02:26
tonibuntufavro, i'm looking at the long string of command line, should i copy/paste the whole thing into a terminal and then go back thru erasing the stuff to the right of the hash marks?02:27
favroObviously, exclude the comments to the right of the hash (#) marks, I include them only to explain the commands it says02:28
tonibuntufavro, are you the author?02:28
favrotry copying only the commands one at a time02:29
tonibuntufavro, i'm thinking the author should have provided the command string in a separate box without the explanation02:29
favrothat would've made it easier :)02:30
tonibuntunormally, you could input the whole string and the terminal would handle them one by one right?02:30
tonibuntuis there anyone who could help me with the process described on page: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49714 ?  i'm not sure how to do the first step, which is downloading a specific driver (z600)02:36
tonibuntuprocess definitely not working for me .... arrrrrrggggghhhhhh02:43
loonysalmonHi, I installed  xubuntu from alternate install cd.  Then i installed ati  proprietary driver from their website.  Then I did 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop kubuntu-desktop' and now my graphics doesn't display right.  Is there some sort of way I can reconfigure it so that it works again?  It's saying low graphics mode.02:49
IronJanhi guys. i today installed hardy heron with xfce on my desktop pc. on this install i could switch between my desktops by simply moving my mouse to the sides of the screen. is this possible with xfce4 on gutsy too? i tried some options but i cant get it working02:51
kaffertrying to install nvidia driver on new install but i keep getting w: failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu....... 404 not found03:01
kafferok to dl driver from nvidia site?03:01
kafferor is there another way to fix this porb03:02
charlie-tcakaffer: You can download and install drivers from nvidia site. However, make sure you aren't mixing Xubuntu supplied03:03
kafferwhat do u mean by mixing?03:04
charlie-tcaand nVidia supplied drivers. You should find directions on nVidia's website03:04
kafferyea i see the directions there03:04
kafferso as long as i follow them i should be ok then?03:04
charlie-tca;To the best of my knowledge03:05
charlie-tcaYou will still want to have the other issue working, but the servers are having problems today03:05
kafferok ty03:06
charlie-tcaIronJan: Yes, it is possible in Gutsy, but I think you have to turn it on03:06
kaffercould that be y synaptic doesnt bring up "ntfs-config" ?03:06
charlie-tcaI don't know ntfs-config03:07
kaffergui for configuring ntfs drives03:08
charlie-tcaIronJan: try Applications - Settings - Window Manager - Advanced - Wrap workspaces...03:08
IronJancharlie-tca: i tried (dont know exact english phrases, got german install) "change desktop .." "..when mouse pointer touches the side of the screen" and "..when a window is dragged out of view". but none of them is working.03:08
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE03:08
charlie-tcakaffer: that should not affect nvidia settings03:09
charlie-tcatonibuntu: I'm sorry, I can't help you with that03:09
kaffersry that was another topic03:10
IronJancharlie-tca: i tried your tipp, but it still isn't working :(03:10
charlie-tcaIronJan: It should be the last tab under Window Manager.03:10
kafferu said servers having probs, i was wondering iof that would have something to do w/ synaptic not seeing a package03:11
charlie-tcaGive me a minute, I'll go look on gutsy03:11
kafferhmm add/remove sees the package03:12
IronJancharlie-tca: could you wait a minute? i'll boot my desktop pc. then i can tell you which options did get that function working under hardy03:13
charlie-tcaIronJan: I found it in the same place as in Hardy. Two lines and a slider.03:13
charlie-tcaGo ahead03:14
charlie-tcakaffer: Yes, that's what I meant03:14
IronJancharlie-tca: these options are activated, but dont work03:14
charlie-tcasometimes you have to try a couple of times to get connected when they are busy.03:15
charlie-tcaIronJan: Perhaps then a bug report is in order. Although it probably won't be fixed since Intrepid comes out the end of October03:15
charlie-tcakaffer: we released the intrepid beta cd's today, so things are pretty busy03:16
kafferok cool03:20
kafferum tried to: sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-173.14.12-pkg2.run03:20
kafferbut i get sh: cant open ....... now03:20
IronJa1charlie-tca: now it's working partly. i can switch desktops by moving the mouse to the right/left side, but not up/down03:21
IronJa1(got 4virtual dekstops)03:21
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* charlie-tca glad it works03:24
IronJani would like to switch up and down too^^ switching in all 4 directions was the one thing, that fascinated me in hardy ;)03:25
charlie-tcaI don't know if gutsy could ever do switching up and down. What about upgrading to Hardy?03:26
kafferi get sh cant open file........03:30
kafferhow can i fix this?03:30
IronJancharlie-tca: i today got a new image of ubuntu hardy... then i sat some time on upgrading 150packages (my regular used programs wanted to be installed too). didnt like that very much. and this is my laptop for school and i dont have any cd-rs left to backup my stuff. i dont want to risk losing my data by upgrading ;)03:30
charlie-tcaI know that one. I can't say I blame you for not upgrading then.03:31
charlie-tcakaffer: Is that to run a file?03:32
kaffertrying to get this laptop for school use :)03:32
charlie-tcaTry sh filename; otherwise the shebang is missing.03:33
kafferno .run at end?03:33
kafferand i just dled it to desktop03:34
kafferso shes there03:34
charlie-tcaWhat kind of file is this? what is the filename?03:36
charlie-tcakaffer: what is the full file name?03:39
kafferi think it was the wrong file03:40
IronJanoh. i know see that the versions of xfce are slightly different. gutsy got 4.4.1, hardy 4.4.2. could it be, that this function was added in 4.4.2?03:40
charlie-tcano problem; I can't keep up either03:41
charlie-tcaIronJan: It's possible03:41
Genelykibex 4.6:D03:43
IronJanmmh gonna get some cd-rs from my brother.. then i'll go for hardy03:50
IronJanthanks for help03:50
charlie-tcaYou're welcome03:53
kafferbbs ty charlie03:56
charlie-tcanp :)03:57
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE04:13
ZerothisI have an install problem, my IDE hard drive is ntfs. When I use manual or guided, I get the error "the ext3 file system creation is partition #1 of SCSI (0,0,0) (sda) failed". Using ubuntu 8.04_Live CD. The CD and HD are on the same cable, due to only 1 IDE connector on the MB.04:22
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Kafferhow do i remove recent docs from places menu on panel?04:27
Kafferlol nvm04:28
Kaffergot it sone04:28
coili wish i knew how to troubleshoot this freezing problem04:38
coili leave for 10 mins and come back and my computer is frozen04:38
coilit did this yesterday too04:39
PorkSodais there a way to configure synaptic to do a direct download of 8.04 upgrade04:58
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:59
PorkSodawhat does lts stand for05:01
charlie-tcalong term support05:02
charlie-tcaNormal releases are supported for 18 months, LTS is supported for 3 years05:02
PorkSodacharlie-tca: let me tell would I am trying to do: I have Xubuntu 6.06 LTS what I want is 8.04 is that possible and if so how do I avoid 322 updates for the 6.06 version?05:04
charlie-tcaIt is possible, but I don't know any way to avoid the updates. I did a fresh install and then moved the files in /home/charlie that I wanted05:05
charlie-tcatake a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades about half way down;05:06
PorkSodawell is there a way to get just critical security updates or just basically the necessities and cut the updates in half. Like for example I really don't need a new version of cupsys05:07
charlie-tcaUpgrade from 6.06 LTS to 8.04 LTS05:07
PorkSodaBe sure that you have all updates applied to your current version of Ubuntu before you upgrade.  What does that statement mean05:08
charlie-tcaIt means make sure all the updates are current. In a terminal you can do "apt-get update" and then "apt-get dist-upgrade"05:09
charlie-tcaThat checks for updates and applies them.05:09
PorkSodaSo I will still have to upgrade either way huh?05:09
PorkSodadownload the updates05:09
charlie-tcaI'm afraid so05:10
Kafferso does that mean once new xubuntu comes out all i have to do is those 2 commands and im set?05:10
charlie-tcaNo, check the upgrade page and see what the procedure is05:10
charlie-tcaMost of the time, we reference a page to read for upgrading05:11
Kafferok will do ty05:11
PorkSodacharlie are you from California?05:11
charlie-tcaKaffer: check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:12
charlie-tcaPorkSoda: no05:12
PorkSodaoh ok just wondering what the ca was for well thanks for the info05:12
charlie-tcaIt's tca for TeamCharliesAngels, my multiple sclerosis support team05:13
PorkSodaoh ok gotcha now05:13
charlie-tcaAlso teamcharliesangels.com, my website05:13
PorkSodaok cool I'll check it out05:13
charlie-tcaIt's out of date, again.05:14
PorkSodaout of date?05:14
PorkSodathanks again charlie05:14
charlie-tcaYea, I don't do so good keeping it up05:14
charlie-tcaYou are welcome05:14
PorkSodasee u all later05:15
Chainsinthewallmy built in sound card on my Shuttle AK32V mother does not get along with linux at all. what, if anything, can i do about this05:39
travisbickkle86anybody try the beta?05:42
ron_oupgrading.. wish me luck....06:01
ron_odidn't know I'd need 2GB of HDD space.06:01
telephonehey, can anyone recommend an app that can convert mov->mp4?06:03
malekBonjour à tous06:35
malekJ'ai installer xubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386 (cd d'installation) sous un vieux pc portable pentium 3 (700 GHz), 128mo ram, disc dur 20go. Je confirme que xubuntu est une des plus fiable et légers des distribution linux 2008 pour vieux pc ou neuf, Il tourne 4 fois plus vite que windows xp pro surtout avec un antivirus. Redonné un coups de jeune à vos vieux pc XUBUNTU 8.04.1 "choisir cd d'installation"06:45
loonysalmonHi, I installed  xubuntu from alternate install cd.  Then i installed ati  proprietary driver from their website.  Then I did 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop kubuntu-desktop' and now my graphics doesn't display right.  Is there some sort of way I can reconfigure it so that it works again?  It's saying low graphics mode.06:53
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:18
favroloonysalmon: what does   lsmod | grep fglrx   return?07:22
jadecan someone help ?08:34
jadeam still confused about partitions08:35
mnemochi, I'm using "Intrepid" Xubuntu but when I log in it "chooses" to use 1024x768 instead of the marked-as-preferred-in-xrandr 1280x800, any hint? in #ubuntu+1 they said it's a DE issue09:19
Myrttisorry, just woke up09:20
mnemocdesktop environment, not germany :p09:36
mnemocconfiguration manager -> display, shows 1024x768, 800x600 and 640x480 ... ignoring the "preffered" 1280x80009:42
mnemocdoh, switching to 1024x768, accepting, and the back to "default" and logout solved the problem :)09:51
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bassboiIM ON CRACK11:21
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jarnosHow do you call to landline or GSM by Linphone?13:32
Grey_LokiDamn, i'm a day late for Xubuntu hug day :(13:34
jarnosjarnos: I figured the way to call already.13:36
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loonysalmonHi, I installed  xubuntu from alternate install cd.  Then i installed ati  proprietary driver from their website.  Then I did 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop kubuntu-desktop' and now my graphics doesn't display right.  Is there some sort of way I can reconfigure it so that it works again?  It's saying low graphics mode.14:12
loonysalmonfavro: loonysalmon: what does   lsmod | grep fglrx   return?14:12
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DarkTani seem to have lost my menu bar and desktop bar, any idea how to get it back?14:16
cody-somervilleloonysalmon, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:16
loonysalmoncody-somerville: thanks, am doing it righ now14:16
cody-somervilleDarkTan, press alt+f2 and type xfce4-panel then hit enter14:16
cody-somervilleloonysalmon, you should use the restricted driver manager to install those drivers14:16
loonysalmonuse fb?14:17
DarkTanaha! there it is, thanks cody-somerville14:17
loonysalmonahh, poop, i was closing out windows and accidentally closed out my dpkg-reconfigure terminal window14:20
loonysalmonnow it's complaining about some locked file in /var/cache14:20
loonysalmoncody-somerville: got any suggestions for the locked file?14:23
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:25
loonysalmonsudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a14:25
loonysalmonmiddle click, fraggem daggem.  Love it and hate it :)14:25
loonysalmondebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable   no fix yet14:26
favroif synaptic isn't open try a logout/in14:28
MarkopotamusHi peeps. Having a bit of a problem with xfce4 (think it is) right now... refuses to stay running17:00
Markopotamusit starts if I use 'sudo startxfce4' but closing the terminal closes the app. So no menu bars17:01
knomeMarkopotamus, are you talking about the panels or xfce4 now17:02
vinnlMarkopotamus, is it just the panels that are not there?17:02
vinnlIf so, press Alt+F2 and type "xfce4-panel"17:02
Markopotamuserm... knome, vinnl :: I'm not entirely sure. The pannels certainly arent there though.17:02
vinnlMarkopotamus, and your wallpaper?17:02
Markopotamusoh yeah, that worked, thanks, vinnl17:03
vinnlNo problem :)17:03
* Markopotamus makes a note in case it happens again17:03
vinnlIt's too bad it happens this often :(17:04
Markopotamuswas confusing the fek out of me. Seemed very bizzare indeed.17:04
MarkopotamusIncdentally, is there a command to clear the temp folder?17:04
vinnl"rm /tmp/*" I suppose17:05
vinnlMarkopotamus, but it should empty it every shutdown17:05
Markopotamusoh right. Hmm. When I looked in the tmp folder there were a bunch of crossed folders that I couldn't do anything with - even open. Is that normal?17:06
Markopotamusvinnl: ah right. Ok, cheers.17:06
knomeIronJan, ?17:26
IronJani wanted to see if charlie_tec is online and used autocompletion.. but instead of backspace i hit return, sry17:26
zoredachewe will forgive you, this time.... :p17:29
ron_I tested my tar.gz archive. I need to know if it's safe to delete the old folder. The test came out pass.17:41
venomehi, i've got a decent problem: all the manuals to pulseaudio say I should add 'default-sample-channels = 6' to my /etc/pulse/daemon.conf ... but when I added it, then pulseaudio says that the newly added string is an unknown lvalue ... is there any other way?17:52
cody-somervilleare you even using pulseaudio?17:57
cody-somervilleXubuntu doesn't by default17:57
venomeyep, I run it manually18:04
venomeit's strange but the configuration parser just does not accept the parameter, but I got it working by changing the alsa default device and the device pulseaudio uses ...18:05
venomehi, does anyone know how to create a custom boot screen splash?21:08
TheSheep!usplash | venome21:13
ubottuvenome: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork21:13
thinkmassiveI'm experiencing a huge video performance hit after coming back from the screensaver sometimes, has anyone else witnessed this?22:34
thinkmassiveI first noticed it with Flash animations running at about 1 fps, and I couldn't determine the cause22:35
thinkmassivea few minutes ago, I accidentally hit ctrl-alt-del, which sent me into screensaver, so I typed my password and when I got my session back it was extremely slow22:36
thinkmassivewhen I restart X, everything is back to normal, but that's a pretty major inconvenience sometimes22:36
favrodoes xscreensaver show in top?22:36
E17Hi, are any screensaver components run in the background?22:36
thinkmassivethe screensaver process is not running after I get my desktop back22:37
thinkmassiveX is usually taking up a fair amount of CPU22:37
thinkmassiveE17, what do you mean?22:37
thinkmassiveI had electric sheep a while ago, but removed it because I couldn't get it to work and it would run in the background22:38
E17I have noticed that there was sometimes Xlyap in the background... But probably  (don't remember) don't it hung, wasn't taking CPU.22:38
thinkmassiveI don't see Xlyap in ps22:38
thinkmassiveI'm using the binary nvidia driver, wonder if that's the culprit22:39
E17xlyap is one of the screensavers, maybe you have something other running; have you checked in top for process most utilising the cpu?22:40
thinkmassiveit's weird because now the cpu and memory are at normal levels, but Flash still draws extremely slow22:40
thinkmassivethe entire screen refreshes at only a couple fps22:40
thinkmassiverestarting firefox doesn't help either22:41
E17"the entire screen"? Mean the Firefox browser, or ALL the screen?22:42
favroit's not a poor connection or busy site?22:42
thinkmassiveE17, that's a good question, it's definitely the entire firefox window but I'm going to try watching a video to check22:43
thinkmassivefavro, definitely not the site, it's all flash content and firefox window redraws in general22:43
thinkmassivedefinitely just firefox22:47
thinkmassiveso it's either firefox or flash, hard to say22:47
favrostart it from terminal and look for errors maybe22:47
thinkmassivethanks for the help debugging, I'm heading to happy hour22:47
E17I had to restart X... :-(22:48
thinkmassiveah, well I determined it's definitely either firefox or flash22:48
thinkmassiveI'm going to happy hour now, thanks for the help E1722:48
E17Happy hour? WTF?22:48
favrohappy hour = cheep beer at the pub :)22:49

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