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VerterokGPHemsley: OS X 10.4 installer?00:45
ferringbanyone here use trac-bzr and been noticing some heavy memory leaks?01:03
chandlerc[g]is there a way to do automatic paging of bzr commands?01:18
chandlerc[g]or do i need to be less lazy about passing it to | less01:18
jmllifeless: found your umbrella02:44
teratornjelmer: need any clarification on 277369? Just FYI you can catch me on IRC most of the time :)03:13
chandlercjelmer: any ideas on how to make progress on Bug #27621904:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276219 in bzr-svn "Segmentation fault in the calling of subversion libraries." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27621904:28
jmlfind_branches should be a generator.07:26
teratornyield jml07:29
jmlalso, it's slow and cpu intensive07:33
* jml hacks on a plugin to switch from tree-and-branch repos to treeless repo and lightweight checkouts08:01
lukschandlerc_[m]: 8 hours later, but if you still need it :) http://bzr.oxygene.sk/bzrbrowse.cgi/bzr-plugins/pager08:06
* jml is done09:34
jmlcbranch seems to be taking an order of magnitude longer than branch; co --lightweight09:52
jmlfor some reason, I am running 'bzr check' on a large repository.10:30
* jml learns cbranch11:35
jml... and discovers bzr cbranch --lightweight --hardlink11:35
jmlman, I'm going to be making branches *all the time*11:36
* AfC just updated a Subversion project that decided it was on [svn] revision 701629.12:01
AfC700,000 ?12:01
AfCNo. A small Java build tool (ish) called Ivy.12:09
AfCOh my god. The repository root is https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf , which seems to mean that bloody EVERYTHING done under the Apache umbrella is in a single Subversion repo? Gadzooks!12:10
jmlI've just finished a draft of a plugin that does 'bzr new-project foo trunk' that creates a shared repo in foo and a branch called trunk in it12:11
jmlit also does treeless repos for those crazies.12:11
jmllp:~jml/+junk/bzr-establish if you are interested — very rough atm.12:15
jmlno warranty express or implied, all rights reserved etc etc.12:15
james_whey jml12:17
jmljames_w: hi12:17
james_wlook like you're having a productive weekend12:18
jmljames_w: not productive enough :)12:19
jmljames_w: but still kind of fun.12:19
jmls/kind of//12:19
fullermdAfC: Sure; it's easier to manage the universe if it's all in one place, right?   :p12:29
* AfC really hates the Apache community's mindset, but that's nothing new.12:31
ArjenCan I easily search the history for a deletion of a file?13:16
fullermdNot directly.13:24
fullermdClosest thing would be to dig through log -v 'till you see it disappear.13:24
LeonidasWhen I have a Inventory and bind that to Tree._inventory, how do I add files to it?15:38
LeonidasI probably can add InventoryFile (& friends) to it, but I don't know how to add the contents to the InventoryFile15:38
LeonidasI'm not sure whether using TreeBuilder couldn't be easier even.15:42
nefertumi've pushed a local repository to a remote machine, but the rights then doesn't permit anybody except me to write in it18:08
nefertumis there anyway, instead of changin with chmod, the rights for pushed repo?18:08
Peakernefertum: you want to set the repo or its container dirs to have the right group (chgrp) and possibly chmod g+s (sticky group bit) to have subdirs/subfiles inherit the right group owner18:09
nefertumyes, that's18:09
nefertumso i've started a main branch, and pushed in a remote machine18:09
nefertumi'd like other developers to be able to push their commits18:09
nefertumi can change rights by hand but it's not very elegant18:10
Peakeryou only have to change them once18:12
Peakeryou could do so before pushing in the first place, too18:12
Peakeryou have to set the right group ownership18:12
nefertumPeaker: but i have to do that for every branches i publish18:25
Peakernefertum: or to a single containing directory above them all18:25
nefertumbut when you push another branch that directory doesn't have the parent rights18:26
Peakerit does, if the parent had g+s, I think18:26
nefertumPeaker: how I set sticky group bit?18:27
Peakernefertum: chmod g+s18:27
nefertumthanks Peaker18:27
taconehello, is it possible to create a working tree on a remote host, pulling it from a local branch ?18:58
tacone bzr branch /home/tacone/tmp/my-repo sftp://tacone@localhost/home/tacone/mybranch creates an empty directory with .bzr in it, but no other files. further pull/merge attempts in that dir will fail. am I missing something ?20:43
fullermdWhy would future pull attempts fail?20:43
fullermd(obviously merge attempts would fail, since merge needs a WT, but that's another matter)20:43
fullermdIf you're in a position to merge into it (or for that matter, to pull into it) you can create the WT as needed.20:44
taconemerge will fail with a error message (says checkout dir doesn't exists)20:44
taconepull doesn't fail. works, but create no file20:45
luke-jr_Is there any way to get a Free bzr?20:45
fullermdWell, that's all expected, since you don't have a WT there.  You can create one with checkout if you want one.20:45
beunoluke-jr_, what do you mean by "free"?20:45
fullermdI'll email you a free bzr for $29.95...20:45
luke-jr_beuno: free as in speech20:45
beunoluke-jr_, it *is* free20:46
taconeluke-jr_: bzr is part of GNU20:46
luke-jr_it appears bzr depends on 'cElementTree'20:46
luke-jr_which is non-Free20:46
taconefullermd: isn't the branch command supposed create a working tree ?20:46
beunoluke-jr_, I don't think it depends20:47
beunomaybe, optionally, for perfomance20:47
taconebeuno:  it does on hardy20:47
taconeDepends: libc6 (>= 2.1.3), python (>= 2.4), python (>> 2.5) | python-celementtree, python (<< 2.6), python-central (>= 0.6.1)20:47
luke-jr_beuno: even the non-'c' version is non-Free IIRC20:47
taconeoh well. optionally, right.20:47
fullermdIt's built in to python 2.5.  Only need it separately for 2.4.20:48
luke-jr_fullermd: Python 2.5 is non-Free then, or it was relicensed?20:48
taconefullermd: isn't the branch command supposed to create a working tree ?20:48
beunoI'm pretty sure bzr wouldn't be part of the gnu toolchain if it wasn't completely free20:49
fullermdEr.  The cElementTree license is isomorphic to a 3-clause BSD license.20:49
fullermdThat's less involved and more "Free" (if you wish to attach such a mystic meaning to the word) than Python itself.20:49
luke-jr_fullermd: the cElementTree license prohibits commercial use20:50
luke-jr_or rather, prohibits sale20:50
taconeok, I just think I'll open a bug for that.20:51
fullermdOh that's the elementtree license I was looking at.20:51
fullermdThe PKG-INFO file in the cElementTree dist says   License: Python (MIT style)20:52
luke-jr_Gentoo says it's the same license20:52
luke-jr_the latest ElementTree download has the no-fee license21:03
luke-jr_but also says Python in the PKG-INFO file21:03
fullermdWhat's the latest?21:07
luke-jr_1.2.7 preview21:08
luke-jr_the 1.3 subversion repo has it as well21:09
fullermdLooks the same to me.21:09
luke-jr_Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its associated documentation for any purpose __and without fee__ is hereby granted...21:09
fullermdI don't think that means what you think it means.21:10
luke-jr_well, I am taking it literally21:11
luke-jr_he is only granting permission "without fee"21:11
luke-jr_for without fee*21:11
fullermdBy any reading I can readily imagine, it means the same thing as the similar words in the MIT license.21:11
luke-jr_whatever he meant to say, he said the permission is granted for…without fee21:12
fullermd"[...] for any purpose is hereby granted without fee" is linguistically identical, if perhaps clearer.21:12
luke-jr_I'm not an English major nor lawyer, but that seems to have a different meaning21:12
fullermdI think you're misreading it.  It would be trivial to settle with a quick email.21:13
* luke-jr_ emails.21:16
fullermdIf the "without fee" were a provision binding on the user, it would be put in the section after "provided that".21:17
luke-jr_now I've hit a larger, unrelated problem: xv appears to have the same issue, but not ambiguous21:17
fullermdYeah, xv is actually shareware.21:17
luke-jr_open source shareware, I presume?21:18
* luke-jr_ ponders if he's even willing to make *that* compromise21:18
luke-jr_working OpenGL will make xv useless anyway, I think21:18
fullermdThe README requires prior consent for distribution of modified versions.21:19
fullermdI wonder from time to time if I might replace xv in my usage, but the darn thing just keeps working, and I haven't seen a good alternative anyway.21:20
luke-jr_OpenGL doesn't replace it?21:20
fullermdOpenGL is an API, not a program...21:21
luke-jr_xv is a program?21:22
fullermdOK, maybe we're talking about different xv's   :p21:22
luke-jr_I don't even care about this one21:22
luke-jr_haha, oops21:22
fullermdI'm talking about xv the image viewer, which has been standard issue for like 15 or 20 years.21:22
luke-jr_I was talking about the 'xv' X11 extension, and confusing it with the viewer21:23
* luke-jr_ wonders what is depending on the xv app21:23
fullermdI have no idea what would or even could.  You mean bzr is depending on it?21:23
* fullermd is all confuzzled now.21:23
luke-jr_sorry, this is unrelated to bzr now21:23
luke-jr_I'm just cleaning out all non-Free cruft from my desktop21:24
fullermdAnyway, Xv works well with my video card.  OpenGL, I seriously doubt near as well.21:24
luke-jr_Gentoo just got ACCEPT_LICENSE so I can easily weed them out21:24
fullermdThough I wouldn't think libXv had a license any different than any other component of X...21:25
luke-jr_actually, X.org is a complete mishmosh of licenses supposedly21:29
luke-jr_I've had to approve about 10 different ones so far21:29
luke-jr_hah, found out that ElementTree's author did not coin that phrase21:35
luke-jr_so he has no say as to its real meaning anyhow21:36
luke-jr_that came fron font-adobe-75dpi21:36
luke-jr_dev-python/imaging depended on xv btw21:37
taconedone: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/27830321:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 278303 in bzr "bzr can't create a branch via sftp" [Undecided,New]21:48
fullermdThat's not really a bug...21:49
fullermdbranch creates a new branch, which is what it did.21:49
fullermdYou can't work with a WT remotely.21:50
taconeI didn't know.21:54
fullermdWell, that's what we have IRC here for   :)21:54
taconeyes but you got somewhat distracted before, didn't you ;-)21:54
fullermdA case could theoretically be made that the lack of remote WT support is bug-ish, but it'd be a hard row to hoe.21:55
fullermdWell, that's ALSO what IRC is for   :p21:55
taconedo you know any good bidirectional sync over ftp which doesn't require anything installed on the remote end ?21:56
fullermdOver _FTP_?  I have no idea.  I spend a half hour each morning praying that FTP is really dead this time...21:56
luke-jr_tacone: FTP is a security hole21:56
fullermdI mean, wget or any of that family of stuff can sync one way or the other of course.21:56
luke-jr_tacone: Subversion ☺21:57
taconedoesn't need to be versioned anyway.21:57
fullermdI dunno if anybody's built anything in particular for SFTP like that.  Most of the time if you have sftp, you have ssh, so you can just use rsync or something (of course that requires something on the server side)21:57
taconersync is uni-directional21:58
taconeunison requires also installation on the remote end.21:58
fullermdWell, you can't have "bi-directional" without versioning.  You can only have alternating uni-directional.21:58
* fullermd is being made highly grumpy by this merge :(22:16
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