Zorixwhat do you guys suggest i use for a low power mini-itx box that would work for browsing and chatting?00:01
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AzizLighthi everybody00:11
AzizLightis it normal that I can't make konsole/yakuake transparent in gnome (ubuntu 8.04)?00:11
Daisuke_Idosince you're using gnome, probably00:12
Daisuke_Idoi believe its transparency depends on kwin00:12
AzizLightwhat's kwin? :S00:12
Jucatoif you are using Yakuake 2.8.x (KDE 3 version) then yes, that's a limitation00:14
JucatoKWin is the KDE Window Manager00:14
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AzizLightJucato: I saw a yakuake-kde4.0 (or something like that) package, if I use that instead I will be able to use transparency?00:15
Jucatolet me double check00:16
JucatoAzizLight: what exact version of Yakuake are you using? (I can't say much for Konsole)00:17
AzizLightJucato: yakuake 2.8.1-1ubuntu200:18
Jucatohm... I thought that was fixed.. but you could try installing yakuake-kde4 (make sure it's version 2.9.x)00:19
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* Jucato fails as a yakuake rep :(00:20
AzizLightJucato: I wont install yakuake-kde4 it has too much dependencies, it's not worth it just to activate tranparency00:21
AzizLightover 78MB of dependencie00:21
Jucatohm.. ok...00:22
AzizLightanyway thanks for the help00:23
aktrapperhow do I get kbuntu to remmber  desktop setups from one boot to another00:24
HNSZI try to install kubuntu on my laptop bat after i've selected the language the display just showes horizantal bars.00:25
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kitcheHNSZ: I m not sure since I don't know kubuntu or any linux like I used to that much but to me it sounds a bit of a bad cd00:30
favroHNSZ: did you do the md5 check on the cd?00:33
peaceHNSZ just check if that cd has errors.instead of choosing to install kubuntu00:34
peaceit will take a while..5-10min but its certain00:34
HNSZActually the md5 sum does not match00:38
HNSZHope nothing malicious00:38
favrothat'll make it hard to boot...00:38
favroburn the dsk slowly00:39
HNSZfavro: No the .iso is allready damaged/00:40
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kitcheHNSZ: somtimes that means it didn't do a full download00:40
HNSZI think it's googel chrome. On other download got stuck00:41
HNSZI'm getting it with good ole firefox now.00:42
kitcheHNSZ: for exapmple ever seen a download go negative :)00:43
HNSZFor a minute I was worried my brand new laptop couldnt run linux(Imagine hwo I felt.)00:43
HNSZkitche: I never have bad downloads but I guess one time is the first00:44
HNSZActually with the md5 check my first tendency was that the checker just was broken :p00:45
* SkEmO goes to (non of your business), and bbl :P01:07
sourcemakercan I cancel and restart the distribution upgrade dialog? there are 2 hours remaining for downloading all the packages...01:16
mkrahmehi think you can..not sure actually01:16
mkrahmehat least it wont do you any harm01:17
mkrahmehpackages are downloaded b4 the installation takes place01:17
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Jaredwhat is some software, tools and other cool stuff you guys use on gnome/kde?01:19
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mkrahmehi just got me the kchmviewer01:21
mkrahmehfor viewing chm files01:21
mkrahmehits awesome01:22
Jaredchm? what is that file extension?01:22
kitcheJared: it's a Windows Help file pretty much some ebooks use that format01:23
JucatoJared: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Compiled_HTML_Help01:23
JaredI see01:23
Jaredever used gimpshop?01:24
JaredI dont notice much of a difference from gimp and gimpshop01:24
Jaredthey are almost the same01:24
Jaredunless there is something I am missing01:24
Jucato"GIMPshop is a modification of the free/open source GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), intended to replicate the feel of Adobe Photoshop. Its primary purpose is to make users of Photoshop feel comfortable using GIMP."01:25
Jaredyeah, I read that01:25
Jaredbut I still see no difference01:26
kitcheJared: it's just makes users of photoshop able to use gimp easier01:26
Jaredwhat is different about it though?01:26
kitchethe "feel"01:26
Jucato"intended to replicate the feel of Adobe Photoshop"01:27
JaredI see01:27
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mkrahmehcan gimpshop fully replace the photoshop ?01:27
mkrahmehyou know01:27
mkrahmehfunctionality and so...01:27
kitchewell gimp would be better for my college work I used gimp all the time01:28
JaredI have been messing with it but I dont notice any difference from gimp and gimpshop, I dont noice a difference in the GUI but I know, I like photoshop alot better01:28
Jucatohttp://gimp.org/screenshots/alternative-2-6-ui-layout-example-one.jpg vs http://www.softpedia.com/screenshots/Gimpshop_1.png01:28
Jucato(the GIMP has multiple windows for each "panel". GIMPshop, like Photoshop, has multiple panel windows inside a single window)01:29
mkrahmehdoesnt gimp have the feature to switch to single windows multiple panels..like gimpshop ??01:32
mkrahmehits not an intrinsic difference though..01:32
mkrahmehthere must be something else01:32
mkrahmehright ?01:32
josewich is the command for get out of the virtualbox01:40
kitcheou mean unlock the mouse it's the right ctrl key01:41
josedo you speal spanish?01:41
joyi'm looking form someone i can chat to01:42
josewhat is key?01:42
kitchejose: the right ctrl key01:42
ubuntuhi anyone = )   has anyone found that KDE4 reads the size of your HD wrong?, says I have 27.7 GiB free when my HD is 80 gig? wierd huh!, I also have a 40 gig installed as a primary slave, could that be confuseing my system, it is older & not meant for 2 drives = )  any thoughts appreciated!01:50
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dopehow do i get my harddrive to mount everytime i boot up without having to type in a password02:01
VStyDShey tengo una pregunta02:08
VStyDScomo configuro para tener un cubo en el compiz fusion?02:08
* SkEmO has returned02:33
illmortalHey guys, is there any reason why K3b cannot burn MP3s? It's askin me to convert them to wav format...02:49
NickPrestaillmortal, we're here. I'm doing some Google'ing :)02:51
illmortalsame here lol. Looks like I might need to use a different cd burning program though, not sure yet.02:51
illmortali think i need to download/install k3b-mp302:52
NickPrestaillmortal, yeah, that appears to be the package you want02:52
illmortalcheckin adept manager.02:53
NickPrestamake sure you also have: libk3b2-extracodecs02:53
bazhang!info lame02:53
ubottulame (source: lame): LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.97-0.0 (hardy), package size 268 kB, installed size 728 kB02:53
illmortalcheckin now.02:57
illmortallibk3b2-extracodecs was the actual fix :D02:59
illmortalthanks, bro02:59
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yousefcan someone tell me how i can remove/disable startup processes (ie hp-systray)03:13
yousefdo u know how to remove startup processes?03:16
yousefcause i have the hp-toolbox running in my tray on boot03:17
yousefi dont want it to03:17
pgibstartup scripts work by adding/removing symbolic links in the /etc/rd.d/ directory03:18
pgibthere is a tool called update-rc.d to help you manage it though03:18
yousefi have to install it03:18
pgibupdate-rc.d -f your_service remove03:18
pgibyou have to install what?03:18
pgibI mean /etc/rc.d/03:18
pgibis a directory with a bunch of symbolic links to programs that are executed on startup03:19
pgibthere is a program, on your computer, called update-rc.d03:19
pgibyou can do: update-rc.d -f postgresql remove03:19
pgibfor example, that will remove postgresql from startup03:19
yousefi see03:20
yousef1 problem is that i dont even know the name of the process03:20
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yousefits not obvious like hp-systray03:20
pgibyou are talking about an X application03:20
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yousefits the hp-toolbox for printers03:21
pgibI thought you meant startup processes, like for the actual operating system03:21
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yousefit runs the hp device manager03:21
yousefx app03:21
pgibyou said it is a system-tray utility03:22
pgibI thought03:22
yousefwell it is in my system tray03:22
youseflittle hp icon03:22
pgibso it is an X application03:22
pgibtherefore, it probably is autostarted by kde03:23
yousefyou know how i can diasble03:23
pgibcheck in ~/.kde/Autostart/03:23
pgibif you see it in there then remove it03:23
pgiband you might have a ~/.kde4/Autostart if you are using KDE403:23
youseftheres only 1 file in there03:24
pgibwell that is odd03:24
youseflet me try root account maybe03:25
pgibit will be in your users if anywhere03:25
Agent_bobso is ktorrretn broken ?03:26
yousefok, well its not there03:26
yousefthx anyway03:26
pgibwell I don't know what to tell you then03:26
yousefwhat disto u use?03:27
pgibwell I searched google03:27
pgiband guess what it tells you03:27
No1PeaceDragondoes anyone know how to get a public key that seems to be missing?03:27
pgibit should be in /etc/xdg/autostart/03:28
pgibthose are run when your display manager starts03:28
pgib(the place where you login before kde starts)03:28
youseflol ya its there03:28
Agent_bobso is ktorrretn broken ?   all versions ?03:28
pgibdunno.. ask #kde maybe?03:29
yousefi have to delete it?03:29
nonewmsgsAgent_bob: ktorrent is what i always use?03:29
pgibwhat is "broken" with it03:29
yousefktorrent works03:29
pgibyousef: yes - it is just a symbolic-link (a shortcup in windows)03:29
cvcxv,,, tido ingles03:30
nonewmsgssometimes kmail gives me my new mail and sometimes it says i have no new messages despite me having them03:31
Agent_bobnonewmsgs i was just told that all versions of ktorrent are broken,  "<dudeman> its broken on many private trackers that use ratio systems<Agent_bob> dudeman maybe i should have said  what version<dudeman> Agent_bob, all including the latest"03:31
Agent_bobi figured the guy was probably a nut, being on #debian.03:32
nonewmsgsso i should use azaurus03:32
No1PeaceDragondoes anyone know why synaptic package manager seems to be missing public keys when updating?03:33
* mr---t- waves to Agent_bob03:34
Agent_bobmister tee03:34
mr---t-only when I'm on the play box03:34
Generic6552O~kay, I installed kubuntu-desktop the other day via SPM (Synaptic) to try out Kubuntu... turns out, it's just not for me.  How do I remove Kubuntu from Ubuntu?03:35
nonewmsgssudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop03:35
favro!puregnome > Generic655203:35
ubottuGeneric6552, please see my private message03:35
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »03:36
Agent_bobyeah that.03:36
Generic6552Ah, thanks, investigating...03:36
Agent_bobfavro didn't mean to doubble you.03:36
nonewmsgswhy doesnt mine work?03:36
favroii wwaassnn''tt ooffffeennddeedd03:36
Generic6552Bah, that's fine, I'm just appreciative of the help.03:36
Agent_bobnonewmsgs because it only removes the meta package03:37
ubottuA meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions.03:37
Agent_bobfavro :)))03:37
Agent_bobyou can install *buntu-desktop then remove *buntu-desktop   and have gnome,kde,xfce4,others???   desktops still installed.03:38
favroremoving kubuntu-desktop is like throwing out the box the toys come - afterwards the toys are still there03:39
Agent_bobactually for adding a DE i prefer the DE meta package rather than the *buntu-desktop03:39
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Agent_bobfavro yep.03:40
Agent_boband well said.03:40
Agent_bobDE meta packages like  "gnome"  "kde"  and so forth.03:40
No1PeaceDragonI like the box the toys come in makes it worth more03:40
Agent_bob!info gnome03:41
c_minus_minusI am really getting frustrated here with VLC.  Can anyone help me? I have this asx file from a site that I need to grab.  I go to File > Wizard and go through the steps.  I skip the "Transcode Audo/Video" step and use the ASF wrapper.  However, when I click okay, no transcoding takes place.  The timer stays at 0:00:00.  Why is this? Please help!03:41
ubottugnome (source: meta-gnome2): The GNOME Desktop Environment, with extra components. In component universe, is optional. Version 1: (hardy), package size 1 kB, installed size 40 kB03:41
nonewmsgswhat is the best way to reinstall windows without hurting *buntu? just a standard install for win and then reinstall grub?03:42
c_minus_minusnonewmsgs: What version of Windows?  XP, it's possible.  Vista, I've tried and failed.03:42
nonewmsgsor 2k03:42
Agent_bobnonewmsgs can't be done.    if you install windows it will install it's mbr.   so you'll have to reinstall grub.03:43
Agent_bobif that ^ is considered hurting linux03:43
nonewmsgsso use the alt cd and just go to install grub and magic happens?03:43
nonewmsgsgood deal.  thanks Agent_bob03:43
Agent_bobnonewmsgs assuming you don't hose the linux partition03:44
Agent_boband also assuming you use partitions.03:44
nonewmsgsactually i have 4 sepearte hard drives03:44
Daisuke_IdoAgent_bob: you're the only psycho that doesn't :)03:44
Agent_bobinstalling windows on hda will be a snap03:44
nonewmsgsbut i do have a /swap so i guess i do have partitions03:44
Agent_boberr hda1   sorry. :)03:45
Agent_bobDaisuke_Ido probably not.   seeing i learned it from another "idiot" :)03:45
No1PeaceDragoncan anyone help me get rid of this error message? "'W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A2783"03:45
Daisuke_IdoAgent_bob: i never said idiot :)03:46
Agent_bobnonewmsgs most people have at least a primary partition on each hdd   not i.03:46
Daisuke_Idojust psycho.  it's a compliment03:46
c_minus_minusAnyone know how to grab an asx stream in VLC?  It doesn't work for me!03:46
Agent_bobDaisuke_Ido no that's was my word.  you said psyco.03:46
Agent_bobDaisuke_Ido idiot is not actually an insult either.  it depends on what is meant by it03:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gpg-error03:49
nonewmsgsi have desktop sharing enabled in k and gnome, and in gnome it works fine, but k it won't work.  i even tried vncviewer
No1PeaceDragonIf I get rid of synaptic package manager and then re-install it, will that help, and if yes will I lose the programs I installed with synaptic?03:52
c_minus_minusAnyone know how to grab an asx stream in VLC?  It doesn't work for me!03:53
Agent_bobnot likely No1PeaceDragon that's not how things work.03:53
No1PeaceDragoni kinda figured that but I at a total loss03:53
Agent_bobNo1PeaceDragon i'm not sure why you aren't able to get the gpg key automaticly,  but try getting it manually and putting it in /var/lib/apt/lists   then update.03:54
Agent_boboh and it's name will have to reflect the repo address03:55
Agent_bobexample:   http.us.debian.org_debian_dists_etch_Release.gpg03:56
Agent_boband yes that's debian not ubuntu...03:56
No1PeaceDragonok thx was about to ask about repo address03:56
Agent_bobNo1PeaceDragon ls the dir for other examples.03:57
Agent_bobthat's lowercase L S03:57
No1PeaceDragonAgent bob I gonna give this a try and thank you for the help03:58
Agent_bobluck with it.03:58
c_minus_minusAnyone with VLC?04:00
Generic6552Well guys, thanks again for the help, especially the link --- There's plenty more for me to check out with it.  Until later, though I'm sure you'll understand if I say 'hopefully not!' ; ) , ciao!04:06
Agent_bobc_minus_minus sure i use vlc.  is this a poll?     and no i don't know anything about your asx issue.04:08
benbloomI need help adding a SMB printer. I've installed the appropriate driver but the KDE "add printer wizard" still doesn't show it PLEASE HELP!04:12
NickPrestaWhen viewing a `traceroute` what do the * * * lines mean04:15
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john__I'm looking for help with Intrepid beta livecd04:16
NickPresta!intrepid | john__04:16
ubottujohn__: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for K/ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion. Kubuntu Intrepid will have KDE 4 as the default Desktop Environment - see  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuIntrepidVersion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!04:16
john__I can't get it to even boot.04:17
NickPrestajohn__, get help in #ubuntu+104:17
benbloomI need help adding a SMB printer. I've installed the appropriate driver but the KDE "add printer wizard" still doesn't show it PLEASE HELP!04:17
NickPrestabenbloom, what type of printer?04:18
benbloomit's an epson photo rx04:19
benbloomrunning kubuntu 8.0404:19
benbloomsorry rx59504:19
* benbloom slaps the monkey who keeps turning off his numlock04:19
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NickPrestabenbloom, so you tried to add a printer from system-settings/kcontrol and you don't see the "Add Printer" button or you press the button but nothing comes up?04:24
bilickiI just did a clean install of 8.10... why do most applications still use KDE 3.5 ?04:25
NickPrestabilicki, support for 8.10 in #ubuntu+104:25
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ubuntui have just finished installing windows on partition sda1, but now i need to reinstall the grub boot loader...04:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about restoregrub04:29
NickPresta!grub > ubuntu04:29
ubottuubuntu, please see my private message04:29
benbloomNickPresta, I can run through the entire installation process but when It shows me the list of printers to chose from the RX595 isn;t there04:29
NickPrestabenbloom, which drivers did you install?04:29
benbloomGutenprint 5.204:30
NickPrestabenbloom, you should be able to select RX95004:30
benbloomNickPresta: It show's listings for RX510 and RX600 but neither work04:30
ubuntuwhen i get into grub.. find /boot/grub/stage1 says error 15: File not found04:31
benbloomNickPresta: 950? as opposed to 595? or is that a typeo04:31
dr_willistry just 'find stage1'  ?04:31
NickPrestabenbloom, 590, my mistake :)04:32
benbloomnot showing 590 that's what I used on my Ubuntu laptop04:33
NickPrestabenbloom, hmm. Strange. Have you tried the official drivers from here (http://www.avasys.jp/lx-bin2/linux_e/spc/DL1.do)?04:33
NickPrestabenbloom, Check out this topic, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58300004:34
zurn prefered ubuntu for p2.8m dell laptop (kubuntu / xubuntu / ubuntu) ?04:34
NickPrestazurn, Pentium 2, 800 Mhz?04:34
zurnpentium 4 mobile 2.8ghz04:34
NickPrestazurn, oh heh. Any is fine. The requirements for KDE/XFCE and Gnome are well below a P4, 2.8. How much RAM?04:35
benbloomfor the first link I get "description The requested resource (/lx-bin2/linux_e/spc/DL1.do)) is not available."04:35
NickPrestabenbloom, really? The site works fine for me: http://www.avasys.jp/lx-bin2/linux_e/spc/DL1.do04:35
benbloomso on that forum (as is my experience) "found that the Epson Stylus Photo RX590 driver is part of Gutenprint 5.0.1. I manually downloaded, compiled and installed it. There may be an easier way, but for reference, this is how I did it."...04:36
NickPrestazurn, you're more than fine for any04:36
benbloomI'm running a more uptodate version of Gutenprint which is now lacking the RX590 Driver04:36
NickPrestabenbloom, I really don04:36
zurni know, ive got ubuntu on it, broke the audio, was going to reinstall and was going to get recommendations04:36
NickPrestabenbloom, I really don't know of another alternative as I dont have that printer. =\ perhaps try making a topic on the forums and someone with KDE can help04:37
NickPrestabenbloom, you could always compile the older version if you know it works04:37
zurnnickpresta - i had tried xubuntu on an old p3 dell laptop, had a hell of a time getting the fan hardware working; tried kubuntu w/ kde 4.0.1 beta (or was it 4.1 beta, i forget) and it just felt broken, i couldnt make heads of tales of kde after using gnome and xfce04:38
benbloomis there a better way to get KDE to recognize the printer? besides using the wizard frontend?04:38
benbloomthe stupid package reader wont let me install an older version so I'd have to do it manually (not knowledgable enough)04:39
dr_willisits the cups printing system thats not recoginizing the printer  - most likely04:39
dr_willisits possible a newer cups release will have the proper drivers.04:39
benbloomhmmm dr_willis. that's an interesting thought04:39
dr_willisOr theres a alternative.04:39
dr_willisI noticed some getting renamed  for my printers.04:40
dr_willischeck cups.org  There may be some info on why/what has changed.  or if theres an alternativ4e.04:40
dr_willisI just discovered last wek that my Canon Printer is finally supported. :)04:41
benbloomshould I do a system reboot after installing the new gutenprint? I logged out and back in04:41
dr_willisI wouldent think a reboot, or logout would be needed04:42
NickPrestabenbloom, restart cups04:42
dr_willisrestarting cups - might help. but i dont even see why that would be needed04:42
benbloomare the CUPS updates not automatically included in Kubuntu?04:42
benbloomwhat's the command to restart cups?04:43
dr_williskubuntu like ubuntu does updates every 6 months with a new release.04:44
NickPrestabenbloom, /etc/init.d/cups restart04:44
dr_willisunless theres security issues, then they have updates for those packages04:44
benbloom /etc/init.d/cupsys?04:45
NickPrestabenbloom, To be honest, I'm not on *buntu right now but yeah, cupsys should be fine04:45
=== malek is now known as XUBUNTU
XUBUNTUSalam Alekoum04:46
NickPrestaEnglish only, XUBUNTU04:46
XUBUNTUfrench connection04:46
XUBUNTUje parle que français04:46
NickPresta!fr | XUBUNTU04:47
ubottuXUBUNTU: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr04:47
XUBUNTUmerci et bonne continuation sur linux . bonne soirée04:47
benbloomno luck! darn! I'm going to try to update cups004:48
SixzeroHey guys.  I'm having trouble getting samba to see my shared printer with a vista box.  I can see all my vista shared folders, but the printer ain't showing up.  Anyone got a clue whats up?04:49
dr_willisI think vista has some options to allow 'guest'  access to printers.. You may want to enable that.04:50
NickPrestayeah. Enable a guest account, share the printer, try shortening the printer name to less than 8 characters04:50
dr_willisMy linux machines can see/print to my vista shared printers.. (i think, been a while since i tried it)04:50
dr_willisI always have the same user/passwords on my windows & liniux machines :) that seems to help a lot at times04:51
Sixzeroguest access you say?  i'll try it real quick, brb04:51
frybye Hi - when I try to run skype I get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/53643/ any tips? (I am a relative- newbie)04:55
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto04:57
mr---t-good nite all04:57
dr_willisPerhaps its a common issue mentioned at the wiki guide.04:57
Sixzerodr_willis: I dunno what I did because I couldn't find guest accounts in the permissions section, but somehow its working now.  thanks.04:58
dr_willisSixzero,  thats the 'normal' way windows works.. :) you do things.. and hope it eventually works04:58
dr_willisBummer. My Spore Gamejust crashed.. and i dont rember the last time i saved...04:59
dr_willisya would think that EVERY game would have an autosave function in this day and age04:59
Daisuke_Idodr_willis: nah, if the game crashes and you don't save, you lose your install.  you only get three shots.  it's just EA's way of saying "remember to save!  OR ELSE."05:02
Daisuke_Idoall deserved kidding aside, i would like to check the game out05:02
dr_willisBut ive not hit the '3' install issue.. and i imagine ea will remove that limit in a few months.05:03
dr_willisIts a neat game. it does run on 'lower end' systems05:03
dr_willisbut its not got a lot of depth.05:03
dr_willisMaxis is really stuck in its 'the sims - casual time waster-gaming' mentality. :)   I rember when Simcity was actually 'challenging'05:04
Daisuke_Idocasual games are the big thing for pc right now05:04
Daisuke_Idoa friend of mine just got offered a job with a company that does games for facebook, of all places05:05
Daisuke_Idowent in for the group interview, everyone there was formerly employed by lucasarts, except for one other guy05:07
Daisuke_Idolead designer on black & white 2 >_<05:07
dr_willisthat was a rather 'over hyped' game. :) but most of them are these days05:15
dr_willis'brag about a feature, thats not used muchin the game' Yea.05:15
dr_willisWith spore - its all about the 'designer aspect' that has very little influence on the game.. its just electronic play-doh. :)05:16
trigg3rhey everyone, does anyone know where i can get sound card drivers for my hp pavillion dv5218nr? all i can find is that it has altec lansing speakers!05:25
dr_willistrigg3r,  you need to determine what chipset the  sound card is using.05:26
trigg3rdr_willis: i have been looking on google forever!!  Would it say it somewhere on my computer... Sorry kind of a noob with kubuntu05:27
dr_willislspci command.05:27
dr_willisor check the specs/website/company site05:28
trigg3rdr_willis: this is the only specs i can find on it -  http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&docname=c0069974305:29
trigg3rthe ispci command, do i have to put sudo before that?  Sorry Man!!  :)05:30
dr_willisand its LSPCI05:31
dr_willisand No you dont need a sudo05:31
dr_willisyou sure its not just a 'volume set to low/muted' issue?  Im not finding anyone else withsoundissues on that laptop05:32
trigg3rdr_willis: i'm almost positive... when i hover the speaker on the kicker it says volume at 100%05:34
dr_willisIntel Chipset Installation Utility for ICH7  http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?os=228&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&product=3192866&lang=en#05:35
trigg3rdr_willis: when i ran that command, it said that the audio device is Intel Corporation 82801G05:35
dr_willistrigg3r,  that dos4ent prove it. :)05:35
dr_willisi would run the alsamixer command from a terminal, and twiddle with the sliders while its playing somthing also.05:36
trigg3rokay, how do i check it lol05:36
dr_willisrun the media player from a terminal also to look for error messages05:36
dr_willisalso - do you rember sound when using the live cd?05:36
trigg3rdr_willis: no sound when using the live cd05:37
dr_willisits possible it has some slightly newer/different chipset  - thats alsa not liking.  - If you are feeling lucky - you may want to try some other disrtos livd cd's and perhaps the beta releases of the next ubuntu rerelease05:39
fgarceseduardohello, i'm about to install kubuntu 8,04 ao my aspire one05:39
trigg3rdr_willis: alright, i think that i have a few things to try, thank you!05:40
dr_willishttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=535001  has some info trigg3r  but its a little old.05:40
fgarceseduardobut, do you recomend me to use wubi?05:40
dr_willisgoogling for  Intel Corporation 82801G+ubuntu came up with a lot of hits05:40
dr_willisi do NOT recomend wubi at all05:40
fgarceseduardoso, how should i install it?05:40
dr_willisid much rather run ubuntu inside irtualbox, or do a normal full install05:40
fgarceseduardobecause i have winshit here05:41
dr_willisinstall it  normally. :) it can resize the windows install .05:41
fgarceseduardothe problem is the cd reader05:41
dr_willisOr if you are  paranoid. use virtualbox.05:41
fgarceseduardoand i don't know how to create a live usb from win05:41
fgarceseduardoi know how to do it for fedora, but not for uxUBUNTU05:42
dr_willisfgarceseduardo,  use that 'unetbootin' tool - it can make a bootable thumbdrive for you05:42
fgarceseduardoand, I'm not so paranoid05:42
fgarceseduardoand, what's that?05:42
dr_willisIt makes bootable usb thumbdrives05:43
fgarceseduardook, i'm canceling wubi right now05:43
dr_willissaves me burning ubuntu cds05:43
fgarceseduardothis irc channels are so good05:44
trigg3rdr_willis: i can't believe it, it WAS a mute issue!!! LOL05:52
dr_willistrigg3r,  - wowsers :)05:52
frybyeanybody got vlc vers. 9.3 to work with iptv??06:14
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gsalazarcan someone help to restore/fix a flash memory USB?06:47
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jbbarnesI'm running 7.10, which has Firefox How can I get 3.0? apt-get and synaptic only offer and a beta 3.0.07:23
jbbarnesI don't see an option for stable 3.007:23
ubottuFirefox 3 Final is currently in the Hardy package repositories.  For best results, do not install via archives downloaded from mozilla.com.07:24
jbbarnesSo do I have to modify my sources.list file?07:24
dr_willisdepending on the releae of ubuntu you got.. FF3 may or may not be in any repos for it.07:25
dr_willisits  possible theres some extra repo with newer for 7.10 -07:25
Agent_bobhave to ?   no.    can, yes.    should....  pfft    not by my openion.07:26
jbbarnesI've been told that if you have Debian, you can always get upgraded to the latest of everything. True? Is that the dist-upgrade option?07:26
jbbarnesDoes it work with kubuntu?07:26
moj0risingyou can upgrade that way.07:26
moj0risingjust be careful07:27
dr_willisevery 6 mo theres a new ubuntu release.. and dist-upgrade should upgrade you to the latest release07:27
moj0risingas sometimes things can break after the upgrade07:27
Agent_bobubuntu != debian07:27
jbbarnesso can I issue a command that will basically bring everything up to 8.04 level?07:27
dr_willisjbbarnes,  yep.07:27
dr_willisi would backup anything imporntant first, however.07:27
moj0risingsudo apt-get update07:27
jbbarnesapt-get dist-upgrad will do it, huh? Great.07:27
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes07:27
moj0risingsudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:27
jbbarnesI think I'll save off my partion first! ;-) But that sounds like fun to try.07:28
Agent_bobdr_willis no sources.list change for fiesty ?     i thought they built a script for that...07:28
dr_willisI never upgrade that way. I always do clean isntalls..07:28
moj0risinggood idea. you can even make an image with something like clonezilla (clonezilla.org).07:28
dr_willisso no idea Agent_bob07:28
jbbarnesI'll look up clonezilla, moj0rising.07:29
moj0risingit's a good tool if you like the idea of having a "bare metal" backup.07:30
Agent_bobjbbarnes the page say. System -> Administration -> Update Manager07:33
Agent_bobyeah they built a script to "automate" the process.07:34
stdinone doesn't need to edit their sources.list any more, we don't even have a script for it any more07:35
stdinwe use some funky thing which will work out the new default settings/applications and remove obsolete packages (if you agree to do so)07:36
Agent_bobstdin so how is the sources.list changed now ?07:36
stdinbasically it looks in a specific place on the archive site for a set of instructions and runs those, which will then regenerate the sources.list when it's safe to do so07:37
crazy_busis there anyway to record the video been received by skype, ekigia, kopote or does one of those support the feature?07:37
stdin(so you'll be on release+1 before it changes your sources to release+1)07:37
Agent_boband that is either a script or possably a compiled application,  but my money is on a "python" or possably "perl" script.07:38
stdinpython, yeah :p07:38
Agent_bobso that would fail on my system that has no python then.07:39
stdinit wouldn't even download the instructons if you didn't have python. python is a base component now, so it's assumed you have it07:40
stdinand if you don't, you're smart enough to upgrade the "old fashioned way" ;)07:40
Agent_bob!info update-manager-core07:41
ubottuupdate-manager-core (source: update-manager): manage release upgrades. In component main, is standard. Version 1:0.87.30 (hardy), package size 36 kB, installed size 2812 kB07:41
Agent_bobthere is what is it ^07:41
stdinthat's the guts of it, yeah07:41
Agent_bobpfft     sudo do-release-upgrade     heh.  who thinks up these command names...  ?07:43
stdinwell, it does exactly what it says :p07:44
dr_willissudo do-release-upgrade  --and-dont-break-anything --please-please-oh-please07:45
Agent_bob    2. Install the new "update-manager-core" package - dependencies include07:45
Agent_bob       python-apt, python-gnupginterface and python2.4-apt.07:45
Agent_bobwhich in turn depend on several other "python" packages07:46
stdinyeah, it's written in python07:46
Agent_boberrr what part of "terminal window"  doesn't sound like it should be on a server system ???   http://debian.pastebin.us/4454   <<< exert from the dapper server to hardy upgrade instructions.07:49
stdinAgent_bob: iirc, some part of the desktop upgrade instructions says something like "if you want to upgrade from command line, follow the server upgrade instructions" (paraphrase), so it helps to be explicit in instructions07:50
Agent_bobalso is the "alternate installation CD" a GUI "live CD" ?07:50
stdinthe alternate CD is a text install (same as the debian installer)07:51
Agent_bobi'm wondering why alt+f2 would bring up a run dialog on a text mode installer ???07:51
stdinbut it installs a GUI system07:51
stdinAgent_bob: that's not from booting the installer, that's just with the CD inserted in a running system07:52
stdinthe alternate CD has an apt repository on it07:52
stdinyeah, it doesn't say "boot from the cd then..."07:52
Agent_bobok i can see that.07:52
stdinthough, I think it does need to be more explicit still07:53
stdinas some people have though that07:53
Agent_bobstill why would a server have a gui ?07:53
dr_willisso the sysadmin can watch videos :)07:53
Agent_bobthose instructions are for "dapper server upgrade"07:53
dr_willisand play games07:53
stdinit doesn't say from a server, that's the Kubuntu upgrade instructions ;)07:53
Agent_bobit's not "kubuntu" specific07:55
stdinAgent_bob: you mean the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades page?07:56
Agent_bobi'll accept that they inteneded to instruct desktop users  errrr let me check.07:56
n3m0anyone know how to change the backend dragonplayer uses i want to change from xine to gstreamer?07:56
Agent_bobhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades stdin07:57
stdinyeah the "Upgrading Using the Alternate CD/DVD" part doesn't seem separate the server and GUI instructions07:57
Agent_bobright.  that's what i was intimating07:57
surgyim looking for a good pinwheel screen saver for kubuntu, anyone know of one?07:57
surgyyes i like to distort my perception of depth07:58
stdinn3m0: system settings -> audio -> backend, it's a global settings it seems07:58
n3m0stdin: ill check it ty07:58
stdinAgent_bob: I'm not sure the alternate cd has a server upgrade tool, only a GUI one (I don't have one on hand to check)07:59
stdinbut it does have a normal apt repository, so it should be possible I guess08:00
Agent_bobwhy are all "newer" crt's  so over backlit ?08:00
Agent_bobstdin well that would explain it.08:00
stdinI'll have a look into it sometime, there's probably a way, but I'm not sure08:01
Agent_bobthere seems to be no way to make the black background any darker than dark gray.    they don't even have bright/contrast adjustments anymore.08:02
Agent_bobi'd like for a blank screen to be totally dark.   blank screen at night time lights the entire house up.08:03
surgyAgent_bob: lol, you could rig a toggle switch up...... lol and flip the power off and on to the crt.... lol, they respond quick right? so it should pop right back every time!08:05
Agent_bobsurgy set bios to kill the monitor after 1 second of inactivity08:06
Agent_bobi found some more menus on this monitor,  maybe i am going to be able to tone it down some...08:07
Agent_bobwell i'll stop complaining about newer crt's and go back to complaining about one of them...  i did manage to get black background out of that one.08:09
* Agent_bob never has learned to like the new fangled push button crap anyway. these whipper snappers now days don't know how to build anything with knobs on it.08:10
Agent_bobyou know, some of the people in #debian called me everything but a white boy, when i removed python from this system  ;/     then some of the people in #ubuntu did almost the same when i changed root's name...  ;/08:12
* Agent_bob hides.08:13
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pxcquick question: using Nvidia binary drivers + TwinView, how do I keep the external monitor active with the laptop lid closed?08:37
Frekuhotkey on laptop08:38
Frekumost of the times08:38
Frekunot os-relatedd08:38
Frekuin bios maybe ?08:39
dr_willisHmm.. I thought it was a powersaving feture.. :) but im not sure08:45
dr_willisMy laptop worked that way.. and i dont rember what i did to it08:46
Agent_bobdr_willis my tosheba has a bios setting.08:46
Agent_bobi have actually had an external plugged into it one time.08:47
dr_willisYea. I bring my laptop home from work. plug in external. but i still have to lift the lid to power it on. :)08:47
dr_willisand the exteranl does not work untill X gets loaded up08:48
Linux_Galoreyeah there is a nvidia flag that you can set in the xorg.conf file to tell it not to turn the external monitor off when the lid closes08:48
Linux_GaloreI activated with my laptop to fix the same bug08:48
Agent_bobhmm i didn't have that problem with the ati chip and the default bios setting,  it automaticly switched to the external when it was power'd on with it plugged in.08:49
dr_willisYea.. a lot depends on the exact chipset/video cards ive noticed over the years.08:49
* Agent_bob despises ati anyway.08:50
dr_willisOn my old nvidia box.. I could plug in the tv to the tv out. and with JUST the tv out plugged in.. the whole machine would default to the tv out. No drivers/tweaks needed08:50
Linux_Galorethe only headache with the hack is when I swap back to using the laptop in standalone X org does a dummy spit until I remove the line08:50
dr_willisI got twinview setup where i dont even have to edit things..  sort of handy..08:51
dr_willisexcept for the fact. i cant use the console on the external monitor. :(08:51
Agent_bobthat would blow08:51
dr_willisOne box i had - ages ago.. defaulted to the tv out.. even if i dident have it enabled in the xorg.conf :) i was booting to a black screen.. but i heard the startup sounds...08:52
dr_willistuned on the TV and the X display was there...08:52
Agent_bobheh        ;/08:53
dr_willisfriends laptiop - with ubuntu.. some how would enable the extarnal monitor conection every so often at boot up.08:53
Linux_Galoreone cant but help wonder if Xorg produces most of the questions on here08:53
dr_willisso he had a black screen.. then we happened to hit the monitor -combo key on the laptop and it showed up08:53
dr_willisLinux_Galore,  i would say its in the top 10. :)08:53
Agent_bobwell i'm out.  you fellows can surely handle this without me.08:53
dr_willistthe new auto-confgiring X stuff - has caused lots of  issues.08:54
Linux_Galorehopefully xorg 1.5 works better08:54
Agent_bobLinux_Galore i thought kde produced the most here...08:54
Linux_Galoreso far for me its working08:54
Agent_bobanyway.   i'm out.08:54
Linux_GaloreAgent_bob: most of those questions though are lazy people who dont read manuals08:54
Agent_bobLinux_Galore i'll have you know. i resemble that remark.08:55
Linux_GaloreIm thinking more along the lines of "my [place hardware here] doesnt work" type of questions08:56
dr_willisI find that normally it works.. or its totally unsupported. :)08:57
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etfbTrouble with Firefox's Download Manager: every file acts like it has the mime type "file", and must therefore be opened with Konqueror.  How do I make it open PDFs, archives, sound files etc each as their correct type with the correct application?09:14
dvoid_tried to install the latest 8.10 beta yesterday, could not even get the installation to work :(09:22
dvoid_if i start the desktop from cd everything is broken when kde4 starts, all fonts a really big etc09:23
dvoid_and if i start the installation (from the boot meny)  it loads for a while then stops and all i get is a black screen with a mouse cursor09:23
dvoid_tried the failsafe graphics mode but no difference09:23
CoderCRI am trying to get hardware acceleration working with Kubuntu (latest). I have an ATI 9100IGP.09:37
kdaveyHello all09:45
kdaveyAnyone else having a problem with getting 8.10beta to display over 800x600 in virtualbox?09:46
* ^Lolcat_Lieber^ goes to bed10:15
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martinjh99Morning - How do you set up a printer in KDE4..?10:40
bazhang#kubuntu-kde4 for that martinjh9910:41
martinjh99oops sorry!  :)10:41
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[JokerSolutions]hmm for some reason the Plasma Workspace Add-On Installer (from kde 4.1.2) doesn't seem to have any sources in its config, anyone knows how to workaround?10:50
Dragonathhey, is there an easy way I could route internet coming in from one network adapter to go through the other network adapter?10:50
stdin[JokerSolutions]: it's an issue with kde-look.org10:51
[JokerSolutions]stdin: ok thx :)10:51
stdinDragnslcr: you mean turn your PC into a router?10:53
Dragonathkind of10:53
DragonathI imagine I could do that with a few ifconfig commands but I have no idea where to start10:54
geekDragonath: i *think* either guarddog or firestarted can do that10:54
Dragonathyou mean firestarter?10:55
[JokerSolutions]Dragonath: i think webmin should be able to make those configs in iptables quite easy10:55
Dragonathhm ok10:55
stdinDragnslcr: this is the script I used to use (before getting an actual router) http://pastebin.com/f775c82be10:56
geekDragonath: yes10:56
Dragonathstdin: you're tabbing the wrong guy10:56
stdinDragonath: you and your silly nick :p10:56
* geek sadly enough used to use a windows box as a router. still use one on a VM as a secondary wifi router since its wireless adaptor has master mode ;p10:57
[JokerSolutions]geek: *lol* i know how that feels, my firewall/router is an xp machine running in ics-mode :O, cuz i can't get drivers for my usb-umts-modem for linux :P10:58
geek[JokerSolutions]: i ended up getting a WRT 54 GL ;p10:59
[JokerSolutions]that at least works ;)11:01
MadRabbitHow do I set up (and create) my swap BEFORE my install (Acer laptop w/Vista preinstalled)? Kubuntu to gog on a seperate partiton.11:01
stdinMadRabbit: why do you need to? the default install makes a swap partition for you11:02
MadRabbit..."gog"? famn dingers...11:02
geek[JokerSolutions]: and is simpler, and in theory use less power if my win/game box wasn't on ALL THE TIME ;p11:02
DragonathI'll try out this webmin thing, thanks joker11:03
[JokerSolutions]geek: och i know ;)11:03
MadRabbitok, so putting swap before won't help anything?11:03
[JokerSolutions]Dragonath: yw :)11:03
geekMadRabbit: not unless you have a box with VERY little ram, no11:04
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.11:04
stdinMadRabbit: nothing stopping you from selecting "manual partitioning" from the installer and setting up all the partitions yourself, but you don't need to do anything special if you just want a default install11:04
bazhangbetter to use ebox11:04
ub1_ciao to all!11:04
MadRabbitstdin: thanks!11:04
[JokerSolutions]hmm, ok didn't know that with webmin, i just used it last week to get nfs running in ubuntu11:05
MadRabbitI have mandriva (along w/Vista) on one laptop since I couldn't get the wifi working in 8.04.11:07
salvatore_ragazzi, ho problemi con il router... non riesco ad aprire le porte!11:08
thorhi guys11:09
thori have a problem with my soundcard after i reinstalled kubuntu11:10
MadRabbitstdin: thanks for your time!11:10
thori have a realtek alc882 soundcard11:10
stdinno problem :)11:10
thorit worked very well until i reinstalled kubuntu11:11
thorhow can i reinstall/fix the soundcard problem ?11:12
JackWinterstdin: thanks for your advice yesterday.  got all my filesystems straightened out.  unfortunately my kde problems continue :)11:12
stdinJackWinter: do they know anything about it in #kde ?11:14
thorso, can anyone help me ?11:16
JackWinterstdin: don't think i've tried that one.  my kded racing problem met with no success in kubuntu-developer, only the suggestion to upgrade to 3.5.10 and hope it goes away.  just looked and when booting from the 8.04 live cd kded is behaving.  i suppose that means it's something i've installed or reconfigured that causes it.  am considering installing another 8.04 and try mounting my /home and see if it occurs again.11:16
stdinJackWinter: you may consider moving ~/.kde/share/config/kdedrc somewhere and letting KDE regenerate it11:18
JackWinterstdin: thanks that sounds like an idea.  the other problem i have is with konqueror and klauncher.  (new sine a few days), any idea what i'd need to delete to reinitialize konqueror ?11:19
stdinall KDEs settings are in ~/.kde/share/config/, so probably ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc11:20
JackWinterstdin: cool, that is a good start.11:21
JackWinteri am considering moving /boot to it's own partition.  that means creating a new partition and the free disk space is before my unix partitions.  fstab mounts all partitons by uuid now.  and i have the supergrub disk to fix grub.  any pitfalls i should be aware of ?11:23
stdinJackWinter: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto#If%20/boot%20is%20on%20another%20partition has some info on that11:25
thorcan anyone help me to solve my problem with my soundcard (realtek alc882)?11:30
frybyethor: what does aslamixer say???11:35
[JokerSolutions]thor: sorry but i have very similar problems here, only that this kubuntu runs in a vbox, but still, sound worked b4, upgraded to 4.1.2 and now the sounds doesn't work anymore, and i haven't the foggiest of what's going wrong :)11:35
frybyenothing muted...11:35
thornothing muted11:35
frybyein the normal kmixer - everything checked no mutes...?11:36
frybyein system-settings|sound - the right device selected??11:36
thorin system-settings|sound: autodetect11:38
frybyeand if you try selecting some of the shown stuff manually??11:38
thorin kmixer: nothing is mute11:38
frybyesorry for this question - but - phsyically - the lead to your speakers is really plugged into the right socket - power on etc etc...?11:39
frybyeyou have rebooted and no change??11:40
frybyeand there are no sounds.. or only system sounds - or only music or ???11:41
thorhold on to reboot.11:41
frybyeI am only a relative newbie to linix myself.. is there a real guru out there who can help out here a bit...?11:41
thorthere is no sound at all not even when i enter in kde11:42
frybyein linux regularly the re-boot not nearly as important as in wind.11:42
frybyeyou have a separate sound card or on the motherboard??11:42
frybyeif it is a separat sound card in a pci slot - try taking it out - boot the pc with no sound card.. then shut down - remove the lead for 90 secs and then insert the sound card in a -different- pci slot.. then try all again...#11:44
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mozahello here, does somebody know how to unmount a device that was uncorrectly mounted?11:51
mozai can't unmount under Konqueror and my error message is :11:52
mozaMethod "Unmount" with signature "as" on interface "org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume" doesn't exist11:52
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.11:56
=== ubuntu is now known as thor
thori've booted using the live cd and the sound is workig perfect11:59
kiba_How do I resume my 8.10 installation wizard?11:59
thori think i will reinstall the k08411:59
kiba_Can anybody help me?12:00
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for intrepid kiba_12:01
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geekanyone can recommend a good programme to rip a VCD to avi?12:15
manutiraciao a tutti12:34
sona_zdar lidi12:38
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)12:42
ubuntuzdar lidi12:44
ubuntuclose servse12:44
sorush20can some one help me the upgrade didn't work well now I can't do apt -get update or anything with apt12:45
jussi01geek: vlc should be able to do that just fine12:45
geekjussi01: o0 vlc can rip?12:45
sorush20geek: yes vlc can do alot of things but you just have to go to wizard12:46
jussi01geek: yeah, the wizard in file is quite cool12:46
sorush20there is the transcode12:46
jussi01sorush20: can you paste the error messages?12:47
sorush20there is not error message maybe is should run adept -v12:47
chfwiggumsorush20:  tried sudo dpkg --configure -a?12:47
jussi01sorush20: try this in terminal: sudo apt-get install -f12:48
sorush20chfwiggum: yes I done both of those nothing happned really12:49
chfwiggum:) well something should happen12:49
sorush20when I press update in adept manager a progress bar fills really quickly and I can't tell what it is..12:50
sorush20thne nothing updates..12:50
chfwiggumclose adept, use the console12:51
sorush20in terminal apt-get update i keep getting connection refused..12:51
adihi all12:51
sorush20I'm on campus and and behind a firewall and proxy12:51
sorush20I@m not sure how to setthings up12:51
adihow to use konqueror as root?12:52
adiis it any extension or command to do that12:52
sorush20I can set the proxy up in firefox with this file url http://portal.uwe.ac.uk/proxy.pac12:52
adiI need to navigate through fiile sys as root12:52
sorush20but I'mnot sure how to setup kde with this proxy12:52
jussi01adi: kdesudo konqueror12:53
jussi01adi: but be VERY careful!12:53
arild_testing out here12:53
adiok thanks12:53
arild_ first time on this12:54
sorush20I@m back12:55
sorush20stil nothing habbening12:55
arild_testing this for first time12:56
chfwiggumcongrats arild_12:57
arild_yes i have  no xp anymore :)12:58
chfwiggumyay, kubuntu the first time?12:58
arild_but it works great12:59
chfwiggumsure it works :)12:59
arild_i get it in my language .norwegian12:59
arild_this is a great system13:01
chfwiggumalready everything installed u need arild_?13:01
arild_to mutch13:01
arild_trying it out...and have som language training13:03
arild_kubuntu is debian too13:03
chfwiggumwell, all *ubuntus are debian based13:04
chfwiggumbut kubuntu is with kde instead of gnome13:04
arild_windows in the garbage13:04
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!13:05
arild_what the difference13:06
cgaarild_: support in here, chat in there13:06
JackWinterhmm, what is the best way to install several linux systems on a hdd.  sda1 is xp. sda2 is a vfat, sda3 is osx, sda4 is an extended partition. sda5 is my kubuntu root containing /boot, sda6 and sda7 are unused partitions, and sda8 is my /home partition.  i also have some free diskspace (200mb), that i was gonna use for a separate /boot, but after googling i understand it might be better to have a separate /boot/grub instead ?13:06
cgaarild_: it's a matter of keeping the channel clean for people who need help13:06
arild_first time here13:07
arild_lot of cool people here13:08
arild_see you13:08
cgaJackWinter: i never understood how to use a single GRUB for # distros. but i've read that you can install one grub and use chains in menu.lst/grub.conf to boot other oses. the latters nned to have grub installed in their /boot separate partitions13:09
JackWinterchiefly i'd like to install a paralell kubuntu to trouble shoot, and possibly a ubuntustudio to test.  i'd also like to test 8.10 when it comes out on a separate partition.13:09
cgammmm GRUB/distros should really get together to implement this behaviour better13:10
JackWintercga: i don't understand enough of how it works to decide what to do.  with one linux boot, it's a no brainer booting xp and osx, but i have no idea how to add more linuxes :)13:10
cgai just told you13:10
cgaread man grub13:10
JackWintercga: ok, going googling again :)13:11
cgai don't know much neither about it13:11
JackWintercga: i already chain to boot osx13:11
cgaand windows i suppose13:11
jussi01JackWinter: its quite easy to do, you just install them to separate partitions, at grub install time it finds them and list them13:12
JackWintercga: suppose so, but not sure.  so then it would boot into one grub, and then load another ?13:12
cgaJackWinter: grub works with 3 phases13:12
cga1 in mbr and 1.5 and 2 in /boot/grub13:13
JackWinterjussi01: i suppose i should just try it and see what happens.  in the worst case i have the supergrub disk13:13
cgayou'll have the same 1 phase for all sistem in mbr and each system will have its own 1.5 and 2 phases in its own /boot/grub13:13
cgathat's where chains come in13:14
JackWinterso no need for a separate /boot or /boot/grub ?13:14
jussi01JackWinter: just install as per normal13:14
cgaJackWinter: please read what i say.13:14
cgajussi01: that's not what he wants/needs13:14
cgaif he does as you say, he will end with the latest distro's grub caring for everything13:15
cgawhich is not bad at all13:15
jussi01cga: as I understand it, he wants 3 separate partitions with 2 different kubuntu's and an ubuntustudio13:15
JackWintercga: i am reading but not understanding :)  What i want is for grub to listen my different os's and kernels and to boot into whichever i want13:15
cgabut not really convenient if you uninstgall it13:15
jussi01cga: so whats the problem with that?13:15
jussi01JackWinter: just make the last one you install the stable on that you will keep.13:16
jussi01no use making it more complicated than he needs13:16
cgaoh my dear lord13:16
cgaJackWinter: you choose. i told you how it works and gave you a hint on what to do.13:17
jussi01JackWinter: what cgais saying is correct, you can do it that way, though it takes a bit more knowhow. My way will work, but is not as "failsafe" if you decide to remove the last installed distro13:20
JackWinterto clarify.  i already have a triple boot.  xp/osx/kubuntu.  i suppose the boot.lst might get very complex with several different distros and different kernels to boot.  if i understand chaining correctly it would give me first a menu chosing between my different (already installed) kernel in the existing kubuntu, xp, osx, and other linuxes.  once i choose another linux install i would again be prompted for kernel to load etc.  or would that have to13:20
JackWinterbe already in the first boot.lst13:20
JackWinterjussi01: i have the supergrub and some knowledge.  mostly lacking in experience :)  think i could repair my grub if things went wrong...13:21
JackWinterit's difficult to google for this, because most instructions are for what i already have set up :)13:23
cgaJackWinter: follow this: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Grub13:25
sorush20adapt crashes everytime I try to update13:25
sorush20Could not connect to localhost:4001 (
JackWintercga: thanks.  i'm gonna read that and study some more.  seems like a separate /boot/grub is probably the best idea, just a bit afraid to implement it:)  google here i come :)13:27
chfwiggumsorush20:  can u open a console?13:29
JackWinteranother thing that scares me a little is that my bios and kubuntu seem to agree as to what is disk 1 and 2.  osx and xp show them reversed in order...13:31
sorush20Could not connect to localhost:4001 ( why is apt-get trying to connect to this?13:31
sorush20Could not connect to localhost:4001 (
=== |FoxIII| is now known as FoxIII
sorush20Could not connect to localhost:4001 (
sorush20Could not connect to localhost:4001 (
sorush20Could not connect to localhost:4001 (
sorush20Could not connect to localhost:4001 (
sorush20Could not connect to localhost:4001 (
sorush20Could not connect to localhost:4001 (
sorush20sorry I though I was in terminal13:35
JackWinterhmm, which grub is being used in ubuntu 8.04 ?  seems to be several around ?13:36
JackWinterand cga, i think that the chaining might be the way to go, if i understand how it works.  then each new linux would have it's own /boot with kernels and menu.lst allowing me to choose kernel ?13:38
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
JackWinterah, it's gnu grub 0.97 (at the last page of man grub ;)13:39
frybyehow can I view /dev/sndstat - even with kdesudo kate it wont let me access it...????13:39
chfwiggumfrybye:  try cat /dev/sndstat13:42
=== sorush20_ is now known as sorush20
frybyechfwiggum: thanks.. sorry...13:43
frybyeeh now I did an lspci and the card does not show up any place - new soundcard - any ideas???13:43
frybyecat /dev/sndstat says - no such file or directory.. one can find it with dolphin - just no access...13:44
ilkinsorry , where is firefox's cach?13:45
ilkinI mean directory of cash13:45
eagles0513875how do i check what kernel version im on right now13:48
Jucatouname -r13:49
aminedo u know someone s.thing about c language ?13:52
aminei want help ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!13:52
chfwiggumilkin: check http://grownupgeek.com/blog-firefoxs-abouts-weird13:53
aminehi! do u know s.thing about c language ? i want the help please13:56
amineArabe ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!13:56
Frekui dont think this a c-language channel13:56
chfwiggumamine:  dude,maybe the wrong channel ?13:57
jeanje n'arrive pas à utiliser ma connection wifi13:58
chfwiggumlol encore une fois en anglais svp13:58
eagles0513875how do i check what kernel version im on right now13:59
Frekutype uname -r13:59
jussi01!fr | jean13:59
ubottujean: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr13:59
aminequelle matiriel avais vous ?13:59
eagles0513875!fr | amine14:00
ubottuamine: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr14:00
kthakoreI keep getting this error when  I am trying to run symantik (upgrade of kdissert) from /usr/lib/kde4/bin/semantik  symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libQtDBus.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN14QObjectPrivate15checkWindowRoleEv14:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uname14:02
Frekuotherwise google on " check kernel version "14:03
kthakoreanyone ?14:05
=== v6lur_ is now known as v6lur
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -rc » in a !shell14:13
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.14:16
DexterFis Kubuntu 8.04 an LTS release? Rumor had it it was not14:17
SSJ_GZDexterF: No, it's not.  Ubuntu 8.04 is, though.14:18
DexterFSSJ_GZ: now I'm confused. The german site kubuntu.de says 8.04 is an LTS as well supported till 201114:19
stdinDexterF: the base is LTS, KDE packages are not14:19
DexterFwhat would happen if the base was changed to break a compatibility with kde?14:20
stdinhow could it?14:20
DexterFHAL perhaps? kernel?14:22
=== itouch is now known as itewch
stdinDexterF: impossible14:24
DexterFI've been running Linux for 9 years now and come to think: nothing is impossible.14:24
stdinit's impossible because it'd never pass a SRU14:24
DexterFI am not concerned with the Scottish Rugby Union14:25
stdinStable Release Update14:25
DexterFI see14:26
stdinand KDE doesn't interact with the kernel, so that doesn't matter (it doesn't interact with HAL in any way that an SRU for HAL would effect it)14:26
DexterFnevertheless this means after the 8.10 release the kde 3.5.9 in 8.04 will not be supported any longer?14:26
stdinno, it still has the normal 18 month support14:27
thoris there any piece of software on linux for browsing anonymous ?14:28
FrekuTOR amybe14:30
Frekubut thats not only for linux14:30
DexterFthor: TOR. wiki should tell you how to get it running14:31
DexterFthor: read the info on dos and donts, too, just because you're IP cant be traced doesn't mean someone can sniff your plain text email login if you get my drift14:32
Frekuyeah  should be carefull with it14:32
matt__I have just upgraded to 8.10 beta, and I'm trying to enable the compiz desktop effects in system->Desktop Effects.  The options are greyed, and the menu states that I need to install the compiz engine. THe install button states that the requested packages are already installed14:33
matt__is there a manual way to do this or should I try a reinstall of the package it is referring to?14:33
DexterFstdin: just watching the adept video of yours on google/video. I migrated a bunch of people recently who'd possibly find something like this useful, but is there a hi res version as well where you can actually read the desktop?14:34
BluesKajDexterF, perhaps your res is set somewhat low14:35
DexterF16x12. that vid is scaled up like heck.14:36
BluesKajgot a url ?14:36
stdinDexterF: maybe the mpg4 version, but there's a mpeg2 version "Available on request"14:37
BluesKajok, I see your point :(14:37
* stdin should update that and do some more14:37
stdinbut there are only 24 hours in a day :(14:38
BluesKajyeah stdin, and i just installed a new 22" samsung monitor with 1680x1050 res :)14:39
BluesKajwife liked it so much i had get her one too , for her vista pc14:40
sourcemakerIntrepid is crashing... the kde home is not usable... what's wrong?14:41
DexterFstdin: I say we expand the earth orbit. thus we counteract global warming and the planet loses momentum, resulting in longer night/day cycles14:41
BluesKajcan't find any linux drivers for it altho the plugnplay does the job quite nicely14:42
BluesKajmethinks there will be an offtopic cop along soon :)14:42
JackWinterhmm, having studied grub for a while now, it nearly seems like the best way would be to create a special grub partition to contain menu.lst, and then let whatever os do what it was on install.  add the right statements to menu.lst and rewrite the mbr to look in the right place.  don't know it might be alot to keep track of.  don't install that many os's and not that often though.  gonna go research chainloading now to see if that has any advantages...14:56
JackWinterthink this would be the most transparent solution for the various os' but on the other hand more work for me :)14:58
jussi01Hrm, how does one change permissions for a whole drive? I have a USB hdd that currently requires me to be root to write to it... :/15:09
stdinjussi01: when it's mounted "sudo chmod ... /place/where/you/mounted/it"15:10
jussi01stdin: hrm, ok...15:10
stdinso if it's "/media/Disk" "sudo chmod 777 /media/Disk"15:11
stdinor just chown it to you15:11
jussi01oh, that was easy... hrm, why didnt that work graphically, well, nevermind, fixed now :)15:12
JackWinterhehe, think i'm gonna install ubuntustudio now reset the mbr to point to kubuntu and try the chainloader.  pretty sure i'm gonna create a separate partition for /boot/grub eventually though.15:16
JackWinterto share /boot between all my ubuntus seem like it would be a big pain..15:17
JackWinteri'll mount the grub partition into /mnt/boot on all linuxes, like that i can modify the menu.lst from any distro, and if i need, i'll just have to update the mbr again.15:19
JackWinteri hope that they will work out a more comprehensive multiboot system one day15:19
JackWinterregarding the above.  i have a win/mac cdrom that i can't get at because its owner is 501:501.  can i just sudo chown it, and the access it from other processes ?15:21
JackWinterhmm, seems like chmod and chown don't work on a readonly media.  will probably have to copy it onto my fs before trying that.15:30
JackWinterok, off to installing ubuntustudio and seeing if chainloader does what i hope15:31
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=== emma42 is now known as emma
Ash-FoxDespite having done what this error message keeps saying when I try to play this DVD the same thing over and over, "This DVD Video is encrypted. To be able to watch it you will need to install libdvdcss by running from a console: sudo /usr/share/doc/kaffeine/install-css.sh. In some countries it is illegal to install the decryption software without permission from the video copyright holder."15:58
DexterFAsh-Fox: just came in.. what did you do so far?16:04
Ash-FoxDexterF, pretty much that. But I suspect the DVD is damaged.16:05
DexterFcheck for the following package: libxine1-ffmpeg. is that installed? if not, do so16:05
byteme_hello all16:05
kevin_Hello all, I am trying to burn an image of I.I. 8.10. I have the download in the home folder. I put the dvd into the drive and k3b asks what to do. I set the  the application to burn, but k3b does not recognize the dvd in the drive...can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?16:05
DexterFAsh-Fox: ah... that script... never seemed to me like good advice. I rather you add the medibuntu repository and install libdvdcss2 from that16:05
DexterFkevin_: the dvd is blank for sure?16:06
kevin_dexter...fresh out fo the box...but I will try another.16:07
byteme_I have a problem hard drive with 2 partions that wont boot to windows so I am using it as an external drive16:08
byteme_however it looks like I can aonly see 1 partition and its the data recovery side.16:09
DexterFkevin_: describe in more detail how you attempt to write the iso and with what program, version. did writing from that installation work once?16:09
byteme_How can I view the partion with my data on it?16:09
bilickiwhat is the channel for 8.10?16:10
kevin_when I put a dvd into the drive k3b asks create data dvd....I say yes...(I am using HH 8.04.16:10
byteme_I'm sure you can get help for 8.10 (just versions that are still beta you would need another room)16:11
kevin_I say o.k.       the file I want to burn is in the top pane......what ought I do now?16:12
kevin_lower pane...current projects is blank16:13
kevin_k3b recognizes a disk is available, sinceit is  telling me how much free space I have on it16:14
kevin_dexter...I am burning the image...the trick was to add the image to a 'project' lower  pane..and tell it to burn the single image. thanks anyway16:17
=== root is now known as Guest67942
bilickiwell 8.10 is still beta. Anyway, I cannon add extra widgets from the internet. Are they just not available? I want a weather widget like in Vista16:23
bilickijoin #KDE416:25
SSJ_GZbilicki: There's not really any downloadable ones available.  Once Plasma + scripting languages take off, we should see some more.16:25
jussi01bilicki: SSJ_GZ there are some good extras in this ppa, but use at your own risk ;) https://edge.launchpad.net/~samrog131/+archive16:26
bilickithere is this thing called kweather16:28
bilickiI'll check it out16:28
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FoxxxHow can i change the audio output settings? I have a usb headset, if i boot with it connected it sets ALL audio output to it, how can i swap back to my speakers without a reboot?16:41
jussi01Foxxx: asoundconf list16:44
eric 16:44
jussi01then asoundconf set-default-card <cardname>16:44
=== eric is now known as Guest47536
Eldis there a special chan for the beta ?16:46
bazhang#ubuntu+1 Eld16:46
Foxxxi did, the audio is still just running in my headset16:46
wesley_is there a way to hide my ip in firefox or konqueror16:47
=== derrick_ is now known as derrick__
Foxxxwesley: AFAIK you'd need to use a proxy or TOR16:50
wesley_Where can i get TOR ?16:50
Foxxxi think its in the repos, but i'm not 100% sure, i havent used it in a while - Tor for KDE is called TorK16:51
jussi01Foxxx: sorry, had to run for a bit. did you restart the app in question?16:56
=== airton is now known as Guest18561
Foxxxits ALL my audio, like EVERYTHING, its all coming out of the hedset, short of rebooting i dunno what to do (im trying to get it so i can swap as needed)16:57
=== wardc is now known as Babble
Babblehi - total newbie question: I accidentally closed my Adept window, while an update was running. Is there a way I can get a window for the already-running instance of Adept-updater?17:06
Babbleif I click the updater icon in the system tray, it tries to launch a new instance of adept17:06
martijnhow do i know which binary video driver i have to install?17:08
zsoltwhat card do you have?17:12
martijnyeah, i do not know that17:13
eagles0513875martijn: lspci17:13
eagles0513875martijn: then search for ur video card its either nvidia or ati sometimes there might be another 3rd party video card17:14
martijn01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 6700 XL (rev a2)17:14
dvoideeehow does super karamba stuff in kde417:14
dvoideeei installed the superkaramba kde4 package, but i down know how to use it17:14
martijnok, but there are numerous version for nvidia17:15
martijnso how do i know which one i need>17:16
eagles0513875zsolt: easier way then that17:16
eagles0513875martijn: under system17:16
martijnno i want one from the repository17:16
zsoltlet's check this17:16
eagles0513875martijn: click on hardware drivers monitor17:16
eagles0513875martijn: what im telling u will pull the one from the repo17:16
martijneagles0513875: where can i find this?17:16
eagles0513875martijn: look under system then hardware drivers monitor17:17
eagles0513875it will pull up any drivers for any restricted hardware from video cards to wifi cards in laptops17:17
martijnin kde4?17:17
eagles0513875hold up let me check on vm17:17
eagles0513875should be same location under system then hardware drivers monitor17:17
jussi01martijn: kde4 support is in #kubuntu-kde4 :)17:18
eagles0513875martijn: go to apps system the hardware drivers monitor17:18
yao_ziyuandoes ctrl+alt+bksp restart x?17:18
jussi01yao_ziyuan: slightly uncleanly, but yes17:18
eagles0513875martijn: u get my whisper17:18
yao_ziyuanjussi01: why unclearly?17:18
* genii slides jussi01 a coffee17:19
stdinyao_ziyuan: it doesn't restart X, it drastically kills it. KDM will then notice X has died and start a new X session17:19
* Foxxx gives up and reboots his pc17:19
* jussi01 hugs stdin17:20
* stdin notes there is a "Restart X server" in KDM17:20
yao_ziyuanstdin: ok17:20
jussi01yeah, alt+e17:20
kibaI want to attach to an existing terminal session17:22
kibalike this one17:22
kibausing dtach17:22
kibaexcept I don't know the socket17:22
martijnthanks eagles051387517:23
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ziggywill there be panel hiding enabled in the next kubuntu?17:45
kevin_hi guys...I just downloaded gparted live iso...I have a pop up that says saving it will result in a corrupt file. does anyone know  how to get an iso of gparted ?17:45
kevin_that is not corrupt?17:45
jussi01kevin_: try right clicking the link, then sav17:46
kevin_jussie01...I will try that17:47
jussi01!tab | kevin_17:47
ubottukevin_: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:47
kevin_save link as...(I am using konqueror" has sent it to my   home folder, thanks17:48
Tallkenhi guys, I need help with a 2.6.27 kernel but noone answers in #ubuntu-testing nor #ubuntu+1 , so I need just one info: what is this: http://pastebin.com/m3b42cb29 ? a module crash?17:48
kevin_will k3b be able to handle the burning of this iso?17:49
ubuntu_Hello! I got a partitioning problem: I want to create a 5th partition on 1 HDD but I can't.17:50
Tallkenubuntu_: primary partition?17:51
ubuntu_There are 3 primary partitions and one swap partition (logical).17:51
chfwiggumno, ur swap is also primary17:51
jussi01Tallken: please be patient in there, as it is a weekend17:51
jussi01!weekend | Tallken17:51
ubottuTallken: It's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.17:51
eagles0513875!find ispconfig17:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about find ispconfig17:52
Tallkenjussi01: thanks... can you look for 3 seconds at http://pastebin.com/m3b42cb29 and tell me if that's a module crash and how come it didn't bring the entire system down? :P17:52
jussi01Tallken: to be honest, I wouldnt know. sorry :(17:53
Tallkenok, thanks anyway jussi01:)17:53
ubuntu_Tallken, chfwiggum: Is it possible that the partition with the root-mountpoint is a secondary partition?17:53
chfwiggumTallken: i also looked at it, maybe u try at #linux or sth, they compile frequently17:53
Tallkenjussi01: you can't have on normal x86 systems more than 4 primary partitions17:53
Tallkenjussi01: sorry not for you17:54
Tallkenubuntu_: you can't have on normal x86 systems more than 4 primary partitions17:54
Tallkenubuntu_: as a workaround someone invented extended partitions17:54
Tallkenubuntu_: you set up a special primary partition which can contain on itself more partitions, called logical partitions17:55
ubuntu_Tallken: I know. But what I didn't know was that a swap-partition is automatically primary.17:55
Tallkenubuntu_: only then can you get more partitions17:55
Tallkenubuntu_: neither do I, and they don't17:55
Tallkenubuntu_: my swap partition is a logical one17:55
Tallkenubuntu_: $ sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda17:56
kevin_jussio1: thanks, I am burning the disk now!17:56
sourcemakerhow can I see my desktop in kde 4... which plasma is requiredß17:56
Tallkensourcemaker: add a plasma which allows you to see a folder17:57
Tallkensourcemaker: and point it to the Desktop folder17:57
ubuntu_Tallken: Thanks. OK. Got it. And got it to work.17:57
sourcemakerTallken: I have no plasma with this functionality in my list! which package do I need to install?17:57
Tallkenubuntu_: :)17:57
ubuntu_Tallken: Thanks again. CU!17:58
Tallkensourcemaker: you shouldn't have to install anything, just in case, install: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop17:58
LordCrcjust installed kubuntu 8.04 on my laptop, and i'm having some problems viewing regular xvid avi files. The included Dragon player wouldnt work at all, while after some tinkering kmplayer would play locally but not over network17:58
LordCrcso what can i use for networked files? (ie samba shares)17:58
Tallkensourcemaker: and add the widget: Folder view17:58
sourcemakerTallken:  I have installed kubuntu-desktop but I do not have this widget17:59
Tallkensourcemaker: how many widgets do you have?17:59
sourcemakertoo many... but no folder view18:02
eagles0513875is kde 4.1 in hardy repos18:07
ign0ramuseagles0513875: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.218:08
Dillizar/home/home/Desktop/novi filmovi/ANCHORMAN The legend of Ron Burgundy[2004]-Addiction1018:11
Dillizar/home/home/Desktop/novi filmovi/Futurama.The.Beast.With.A.Billion.Backs18:11
Dillizar/home/home/Desktop/novi filmovi/Indiana.Jones.And.The.Kingdom.Of.The.Crystal.Skull.PROPER.SCREENER A Devils Den Kvcd By Flames18:11
Dillizar/home/home/Desktop/novi filmovi/The Brothers Solomon[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG18:11
Dillizar/home/home/Desktop/novi filmovi/The.Comebacks.2007.R1.Unrated.DvDRip.Eng-leetay.avi18:11
Dillizarcan anybody tell me how can i connect my nokia via data cable with ObexFtP18:12
Dillizarcan anybody tell me how can i connect my nokia via data cable with ObexFtP18:24
surgyi need help getting my ipod to connect with ammarok, kubuntu automaticly mounted the ipod in /dev/sdb2 and amarok sees it but when i click connect it opens a window asking for pre and psot conenct commands18:33
pgibhm, don't have a handheld player - sorry18:34
surgy i need help getting my ipod to connect with ammarok, kubuntu automaticly mounted the ipod in /dev/sdb2 and amarok sees it but when i click connect it opens a window asking for pre and psot conenct commands18:37
surgyseams like my ipod doesnt have a mount point18:39
surgyi would usually use disk and filesystems to manage this. but it is broken saying that the module failed to start, can someone give me a hand please?18:39
Dragonathsurgy, does your ipod appear when you go to storage media?18:45
=== Bascule is now known as bascule
dr_willisThis is why i always train the 'beginners'  at work. In how to manually mount filesystems/devices :)18:49
* genii hands Dragonath a coffee18:51
trigg3rhey everyone, i am using the instructions here -  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=896713  - to get my internal wireless card to work. it actually worked, however after a power cycle, it no longer worked. i think it has to due with ndiswrapper being disabled, so if i skip that step the light that indicates that my wireless card is on actually stays lit, but no wireless networks can be found18:51
* Dragonath chugs the coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!18:51
Dragonathtrigg3r: did you try "sudo iwlist scan"?18:52
ramiroanyone knows about regular expresions??18:52
trigg3rDragonath: no let me try that18:52
dr_willisramiro,  you may want to ask the actual question about them. :)18:52
dr_willisRegular Expressions is a LARGE topic with lots of interesting bits.18:53
ramiroyes, what I want is to find in a file, lines that begin with vowels18:53
=== erwin_ is now known as vaiursch
trigg3rDragonath: what was that supposed to do?18:53
ramiroany suggestions??18:53
dr_willis that should be doable ramiro18:54
ramiroyes i know but i cant find the way18:54
Dragonathtrigg3r: list all wireless networks in range18:54
dr_willisdepending on the exact regular epression language/tool     somthing like    [aeiou]18:54
ramiroyes but that finds every line in the file that contains vowels18:55
dr_willisbegginging of a line would be ^ (i think)18:55
trigg3rDragonath: under wlan0 it says "no results"18:55
ramiroi only need the ones that first letter is a vowel18:55
Dragonathtrigg3r: and you are sure there is a wireless network in range?18:56
ramirodr_willis: the problem with that is that ^ only search in the first space18:56
ramiroand if the line is "     a  sda asd "18:56
ramirodoestn match18:56
ramirobecause the first character is an space18:56
dr_willisYou have just changed your  'problem' then. :)18:57
dr_willis^ , then 0 or more spaces, then a vowle.18:57
dr_willisThat should be doable..  i just dont rember the details.18:58
dr_willisi forget how ya defind a space.18:58
trigg3rDragonath: yeah i should pick up at least 518:58
dr_willisDont forget tabs also. :)18:58
trigg3rDragonath: i had it working like 30 minutes ago that is what is so aggravating18:58
Dragonathtrigg3r: what does iwconfig say?18:58
DragonathI know exactly what you mean :)18:58
DragonathI've been in the same situation18:58
ramiroyes, Im trying, but i cant reach18:59
dr_willis[ \t]+  I think finds one or more spaces/tabs18:59
trigg3rwlan0     IEEE 802.11g  ESSID:""18:59
trigg3r          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Access Point: Not-Associated18:59
trigg3r          Tx-Power=27 dBm18:59
trigg3r          Retry min limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr=2346 B18:59
trigg3r          Link Quality:0  Signal level:0  Noise level:018:59
trigg3r          Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:018:59
trigg3r          Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:018:59
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ramiro<dr_willis> dont remember how??19:01
dr_willisramiro,  google is our friend.. and i found the infio.19:01
dr_willisDepending on what regular expression/language you are using.. thats close..19:02
dr_willis* is '0 or more' of the prev pattern. Thats the trick to the # of spaces19:03
dr_willis+ is ONE or more...  thats often a stumboing point19:03
ramiroyes i know that19:03
trigg3rDragonath: also, i don't know if this has anything to do with it, but when i try and just start over ans i get to the step where i have to sudo insmod wl.ko it says "insmod: error inserting 'wl.ko': -1 File exists"19:03
ramironow im searchin g how to represent sapce19:03
dr_willisramiro,  its  [:space:]19:04
dr_willisaccording to the posix stuff i am reading.19:04
ramiroso doesnt work19:04
Dragonathtrigg3r: this sounds familiar - I remember having to manually change the interface name in some configuration file19:05
dr_willisdepends on what/where/language you are using.. Not all of them use the same exact format.19:05
dr_willisi gotta run. bye19:05
ramiroim tryin it in the console but no19:05
ramiroanyone have knowledge in regular expressions???19:08
miti am19:08
mita bit19:08
=== mit is now known as Mi
=== Mi is now known as MitsuoDeshoDesho
=== olivier is now known as ubuntoil
Chris_FosterHi, I am running kubuntu 8.04 with compiz fusion and a intel chipset. I have the compiz taskbar program installed. When I log on, the fusion icon is gone and I dont have compiz running (its back to the kde manager). Any idea how to fix this?19:15
ramiro_hi ramiro19:16
ramiro_where are you from??19:16
=== spyke is now known as tomahto
tomahtohey everyone, a kubuntu traitor here :o)  - I was using Kubuntu hardy, and installed gnome with a sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. I've been very happy with gnome for awhile now and would like to uninstall kde (I have kde 3 AND 4 installed...) - how can i uninstall kde the RIGHT way??19:21
MrKennieChris_Foster: compiz is not officially supported in 8.0419:21
Chris_FosterI know, but I though someone might still have an idea19:21
MrKennieChris_Foster: I think there's a #compiz-fusion channel or something19:21
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion19:21
Chris_Fosterokay, Ill look into that19:21
MrKennieah there we go :)19:22
HorDwhere i cant config auto-mount for my fat32 partitions?19:26
MrKennie!removekde | tomahto19:26
ubottutomahto: Want to remove gnome/kde/xfce completely? Look at debfoster, it's a great help19:26
tomahtohmmm, debfoster sounds complicated! lol19:28
MrKennietomahto: there are some varying methods in the ubuntu forums too.19:29
peaceanyone has ati radeon ant kubuntu 64bit? :)19:29
tomahtoMrKennie: I've seen a lot of places just say sudo apt-get uninstall kubuntu-desktop - but is that enough?19:30
MrKennietomahto: I'm afraid not19:30
tomahtodidn't think so :-/19:30
MrKennietomahto: I'm sure debfoster isn't that hard19:31
tomahtoMrKennie: no, but from what I can see it needs me to remember the names of all my favorite proggies - I'm sure to forget something lol19:33
tomahto<-- paranoid19:33
MrKennietomahto: I guess you could find a core kde package and remove it.19:34
MrKenniethat should remove everything else that depends on it19:34
tomahtothat would be kubuntu-desktop19:34
Dragnslcr!puregnome | tomahto19:34
ubottutomahto: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome »19:34
MrKennieno, that's a meta package19:34
MrKennieand there you go :)19:35
f|ukeis running KDE and Gnome at the same time too much of a mess?19:35
tomahtoit is in my menus :-/19:35
tomahtoand the mixing of things... it's kinda preventing me from learning gnome - I don't always know what's what19:36
f|ukeahh. that sucks.19:36
peaceanyone has ati radeon ant kubuntu 64bit? :) my drivers works kind of but i still cant use compiz - windows freezes..slow stuff19:36
f|ukeMaybe I should have two seperate installs on my pc if I want to check out kubuntu19:36
c_minus_minusSo, I installed KUbuntu, but for some reason, I get no system sounds.  I can play audio just fine, and everything's all set in the KDE control center to play a sound if something happens, but I still get no system sounds.19:36
tomahtof|uke: if it's just to check it out i'd go with a livecd19:37
f|ukelooking at a live cd isnt enough,.. I want to see how I can tweak it19:37
f|ukeSparing 15 gigs for another OS is no problem19:38
f|ukebesides, having a backup OS is probably good in case one goes fubar19:38
tomahtoup to you - i THINK there's a way to install kuuntu and still keep the menus clean - but i'm not sure - check out psychocats maybe19:38
tomahtooh poop19:41
tomahtoMrKennie: it worked fine - but it also uninstalled virtualbox :(19:42
f|ukeoh, nice, found a tutorial on running them side by side without the mess http://tinyurl.com/5xzaym  ..its a year old tho. hope its still valid19:43
benbloomare there any cups/smb print masters around?19:47
MrKennieI'm no master but just ask.19:47
benbloomk MrKennie here's my problem http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3097961.019:49
benbloomoops, didn't mean to do that. MrKennie u read my post?19:51
MrKenniebenbloom: how did you install gutenprint?19:51
benbloomdled the deb19:51
benbloomfor i86 6419:51
MrKenniehave you checked to make sure the ppd's have installed correctly?19:52
benbloomnot sure what's ppds?19:52
=== francesco is now known as Guest70589
MrKenniethey are in /usr/share/ppd19:54
benbloomk let me check19:54
MrKenniePPD  ==  Postscript Printer Description19:54
benbloomright. thx. figured it was _______Printer Driver or something ;)19:55
benbloomoutput for ls /usr/share/ppd/:19:55
benbloom1-local-admin  cups-included  custom   ghostscript  hpijs         pxljr19:56
benbloom2-third-party  cups-pdf       foo2zjs  gutenprint   openprinting  splix19:56
MrKenniedon't paste here :)19:56
benbloomk sorry19:56
benbloomnot really security breach but probably a pain for everyone else19:57
benbloomI'mk getting this directory tree now19:57
MrKennieok, head to gutenprint19:57
benbloomfound the 595 entry19:58
MrKenniehave you restarted cupsd since installing btw?19:58
MrKennienot sure if it is required, I said I was no master :)19:58
benbloomdo I want en.ppd.gz or sim-en.ppd.gz?19:58
benbloomyeah I did cupsys restart which restarted cupsd19:59
MrKenniebenbloom: sorry, were you doing this via system settings?20:01
benbloomi was. that was the prob20:02
benbloomit's still not showing up there. but I found out how to add it now20:03
benbloomjust need to know20:03
MrKenniehave you tried seeing if cups will list it?20:03
benbloomdo I want en.ppd.gz or sim-en.ppd.gz?20:03
MrKennieusing http://localhost:631/20:03
benbloomI've been away from *nix for several years (former OSX power user stuck on Winblowz machines)20:04
MrKenniedont worry too much about those. I just wanted to see if they got installed in the right place.20:04
P3X-018Everytime I want to remove KPDF it says that Kubuntu Desktop will also be removed, why is it that? Can't I only remove KPDF?20:04
MrKenniekubuntu-desktop is just a meta package20:04
MrKenniebenbloom: head to http://localhost:631/ in a browser and try to add a printer that way.20:05
P3X-018MrKennie: So it doesn't remove the KDE Desktop?20:05
jussi01P3X-018: no20:05
benbloomyeah. I remember doing that a long time ago... thanks20:06
jussi01P3X-018: think of it like this, kubuntu-desktop is just a dummy package that depends on everything in it, if you remove something it depends on, usually it goes.20:07
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benbloomMrKennie: what would be my URI with samba if Workgroup is MSHOME and Server is SERVER and Printer is Emily20:18
=== erwin_ is now known as vaiursch
MrKenniebenbloom: iirc, smb://servername/printer should work.20:20
Ayabaraanyone know if there's a place I can get Dell's Ubuntu-ISOs?20:26
trenton_Hello all. I'm trying to compile amarok2 from svn but i need libmysqld.a. Anyone know what package to install please?20:28
benbloomMrKennie: still unsure if I want the simplified version or not20:29
MrKenniebenbloom: I guess you could experiment and see which works best for you.20:30
benbloomthanks MrKennie. I'm now up and running. I knew there was a better way. Still not sure why the system prefs wasn't showing it.20:32
MrKennietrenton_: libmysqlclient15-dev20:33
MrKenniebenbloom: np. I'm not sure either but I did stumble on a bug with kde printer manager but that was for gutsy and not sure if it's related to your problem.20:33
bluesceadahey anyone can help howto connect to a cisco vpn with network-manager?20:39
bluesceadaso far i have to use a special script and config20:39
bluesceadaIPSec gateway
bluesceadawrong paste...20:39
bluesceadait's a commandline like this: /usr/sbin/vpnc --script /etc/vpnc/cisco-vpnc-script.vpn /etc/vpnc/hs.conf20:39
bluesceadahow can i use such with network-manager?20:40
benbloomMrKennie: u are the man! Is that a bug in the system settings Printers section that should be submitted?20:43
trenton_MrKennie: I tried that. Still getting the same error.20:44
MrKenniebenbloom: I think there a several duplicates of that bug.20:45
MrKenniebenbloom: I read in one that kde printer manager is old or something.20:46
MrKennietrenton_: that's the only package that contains that file.20:47
trenton_MrKennie: OK Thanks. If in doubt....restart =)20:48
MrKennietrenton_: is this during configure or when compiling?20:48
bluesceadahey cool already found out myself about the dispatcher scripts20:48
bluesceadanot as 100% good but nearly20:48
trenton_MrKennie: Config20:49
MrKennietrenton_: I would try configure --help and go through all the mysql options.20:50
benbloomMrKennie: U think it's fixed in kde4?20:50
trenton_MrKennie: It was compiling with mysql 5.? but I was told to update to 5.120:50
MrKennietrenton_: for what reason?20:50
trenton_MrKennie: Amarok2 was not capatible20:50
trenton_MrKennie: Amarok2 was not compatible20:51
MrKenniebenbloom: that I don't know because it has taken a "plug n play" approach and I've not yet seen a printer manager in it.20:51
MrKennietrenton_: ah ok20:51
benbloomplug n play is cool except I'm not sure how you would work it out with samba20:52
MrKenniebenbloom: I say that, I think I actually mean kubuntu intrepid :)20:52
MrKenniebenbloom: network printing configuration remains to be seen as far as I'm concerned.20:53
ign0ramushey all.  what's the name of the panel in KDE4?21:09
ign0ramusi killed it to run kicker, but now i'd like to go back, but i don't know what it's called to run it again21:10
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_2i think i need to insert a module to get sound working...   but i don't know which one.21:14
eriksenwhat soundcart do u have ?21:14
eriksenRealtek ?21:15
_2eriksen i don't really know.   i think that box has ac97   maybe...21:15
eriksenoka.. then 2sek21:15
_2eriksen it's not a "default" *buntu btw21:16
eriksen_2 did u see my priv-msg ?21:17
_2yes i was just looking at the page.  but this is not "HDA"21:18
eriksenthen i cant hlp u ;)21:20
eriksenGl m821:20
=== eriksen is now known as Eriksen
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peaceam...anyone can help me install ati drivers? :)21:22
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:23
peacei tried this before but i havent succeeded.. :) so now im looking for a guidance.. :( i got freshly installed kubuntu again..dont want to ruin it in any way..21:24
carib909Help with SAMBA and connecting to Vista please21:30
peacecan anyone at least tell me how to install kubuntu restricted extras?21:31
carib909When I open my network application I get  an error message21:31
kibaanybody know how to attach a session?21:31
carib909I can ping both ways but cannot see from either computer21:32
ooglebuttepeace: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras21:32
peacethanks ooglebutte because im tired of adept crashing because of java agreement.. :) i cant select ok in adept21:32
peacedo i need to logout - login after this?? P.s. i was needed to log out login after installing this konversation client so i can see it and use it via kmenu21:34
kibaanybody plllllllllllllease tell how to attach a session?21:35
kibaI want to attach a session of tty1 to my emulator21:35
ooglebuttepeace: not unless you need to restart X afaik21:35
peacewhat do you mean attach? :)21:35
kibaterminal emulator*21:35
carib909Please help me connect to Vista box21:35
kibapeace: I don't know..there is this program called dtach21:35
kibaand my irssi client is in this tty1 thingie21:36
kibaI thought I might be able to use dtach to see tty1 from the comfort of my terminal emulator21:36
peacei have no idea how to help..maybe you dont need that program that much :)21:36
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fritz_hi all. do you know any channel about apache or/and myphpadmin configuration?21:47
Under_Wrapshi fritz_21:49
Under_Wrapsidk :(21:49
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DeniseI'll crush you22:06
=== Teisei is now known as Teiseii
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ooglebuttefeeling a little pre-menstral there Denise ?22:12
Denisewould surprised me22:13
=== Teiseiii is now known as Teisei
DeniseI m in pain22:14
Denisethats all22:14
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=== pongo is now known as pongo__
peaceim trying this guide http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Hardy_Installation_Guide but im stuck at one step..anyone want to help? :)22:17
matshow do I change my hostmask?22:19
Alan_LockwoodDo you know if Kubuntu 8.10 BETA is dangerous for hardware?22:21
DragnslcrI'd hope not22:21
radovichpeace: what is the problem?22:22
peacei dont know..22:22
Deniseit can broke ur keyboard22:22
DragnslcrIt would take some pretty impressive coding to damage hardware22:22
radovichpeace: what step is that?22:22
Dragnslcr!ops | Denise22:22
ubottuDenise: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild,  Pici or jussi01!22:22
nixternalumm, did I miss something here?22:23
LjLDenise: this is a support channel, would you mind trying to stick to support questions/answers rather than "being funny"?22:23
DragnslcrJust Denise spouting random garbage. Been happening for a couple weeks now22:23
nixternalI thought it was funny...support or not, that was funny!22:23
nixternalthen again, I am drunk, so what do I know22:24
LjLnixternal, back into your corner then22:24
* nixternal goes back into his corner22:24
roots_hey there22:24
compilerwriter!version > compilerwriter22:26
ubottucompilerwriter, please see my private message22:26
LjLDenise: i see, as a matter of fact, you've already had a couple of warnings about your behavior in both #kubuntu and #ubuntu. well, this is the last one you'll get.22:27
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=== pongo is now known as pongo__
ubuntuHello! "modprobe sha256" leads to "Error inserting padlock_sha (/lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/kernel/drivers/crypto/padlock-sha.ko): No such device". Can anybody help me?22:37
=== AaaaAAAaaaaaAAAq is now known as DarkriftX
peaceem..thanks to..i forgot whoome22:42
=== zakihashi is now known as Zakihashi
tanner__really dumb question...can anyone tell me where i can go to find out what thingsa like ubuntu "gutsy Gibbon" and stuff means?22:45
ooglebuttetanner__: http://releases.ubuntu.com/ - lists all the releases by name - that is what gutsy gibbon is22:49
ZakihashiGot a question about, gfx drivers, and resolutions22:51
ooglebutteZakihashi: you can just ask away in here :)22:52
ZakihashiIs there anyway to get 1920x1200 resolution in Kubuntu?22:52
roots_mmm same problem22:53
ooglebutteonly if your monitor supports it22:53
ZakihashiAnd I got no ide if my drivers are installed, as it says  vesa22:53
ZakihashiIt support it22:53
ooglebuttevesa is the failsafe driver that is used22:53
zerothi1why does  kill -kill `pgrep firefox` work from the command line but not as a command in a launcher?22:53
TamagotonoZakihashi: try 'xrandr -s 1920x1200'22:54
ooglebutteI kill frefox-bin22:54
zerothi1ooglebutte: from a launcher?22:54
ooglebuttezerothi1: no as a command - killing firefox doesn't work here22:55
ooglebutteI have to kill firefox-bin22:55
ZakihashiI found the place where I can change the resolution, but highest I can get is 1600x1200, but that looks wierd on my screen22:55
ZakihashiI get 1920x1200 in Vista, and Ubuntu, anyway I can make it show up on the list in Kubuntu? Also looking for my card in the place where I can change card, but it only got up to Geforce 8 series, and I got 922:58
ooglebutteZakihashi: what did you do in ubuntu to get the right resolution?23:00
ZakihashiIt was there after I installed23:00
Zakihashiso, nothing23:01
aecioghostalguien habla español23:01
aecioghostspeak spanish23:01
ooglebutteare they the same versions ubuntu and kubuntu?23:01
ooglebutte!es | aecioghost23:01
ubottuaecioghost: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:01
Zakihashiyeah, ubuntu and kubuntu versions are the same23:02
=== ubuntu is now known as BlaBla
ubottu!GTK and !Qt are !GUI toolkits (i.e. software libraries that draw buttons, textboxes, etc). !GNOME, !KDE, !Xfce and friends are "!desktop environments", which build on top of such libraries to provide a "consistent" desktop experience. !Kubuntu and !Xubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with KDE and Xfce (respectively) installed as default, instead of GNOME. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu23:04
ooglebutteZakihashi: I would edit xorg.conf so it used the nv driver and then logout/in23:05
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
ZakihashiOk, ill try that23:09
=== v6lur_ is now known as v6lur
ZakihashiAll I got to do is change kbd to nv?23:10
ooglebutteZakihashi: did you try   sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?23:11
ooglebutteit does bugger all now - that's why I edit the file23:11
ooglebuttewhere it says vesa in the file change vesa to nv23:12
ZakihashiNothing called vesa there23:14
ooglebuttewhat file are you editing? - and the command to open it please23:15
ZakihashiI just browsed to the area, and open it in kate23:16
joshuajtlarrgh can anyone help me out with virtualbox, (non ose) I'm trying to boot an iso image to install the machine.. but i get fatal no bootable mediem found. system halted23:19
ooglebutteZakihashi: you need admin rights - try alt++F2 and type   kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:21
joshuajtlmaybe i need to logout before i'm added to the vxboxusers group23:21
ooglebuttetype   group   to check23:21
ZakihashiYeah, thats the file I was looking at23:22
Zakihashino vesa or nvidia or anything like it23:22
ooglebutteZakihashi: can you paste it?23:22
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)23:22
ZakihashiI guess the closest is23:23
ZakihashiSection "Device"23:23
ZakihashiIdentifier"Configured Video Device"23:23
ZakihashiAll of the file?23:23
ooglebutteZakihashi: under the line Identifier "Configured Video Device" add a new line   Driver    "nv"23:25
ooglebutteZakihashi: you need admin rights - try alt++F2 and type   kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:25
ZakihashiSo now I try to log in and out agian?23:27
yadi need help23:29
yadi cant change  my screen size?23:29
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto23:29
zakihashiEhm... now my options is downed to 640x480 and 800x600 but it still runs at 1600x120023:30
ooglebuttewhat does   xrandr   in konsole return?23:31
ooglebuttezakihashi: ^23:31
zakihashiooglebutte: http://paste.ubuntu.com/54031/23:32
yadsorry but im really new at this23:33
yadi dont understand23:33
yadi have kubuntu but i dont find the menus u want me to find23:34
ooglebuttezakihashi:  To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - do this we might not have restarted the xserver23:34
zakihashiok, ill try23:35
biocombuenas noches23:39
biocomhola yad23:39
yadI am totally new at this and i need to get some help with changing my screen size23:39
yad? no one23:42
Under_Wrapsyad__: have a look in your System Settings23:50
yad__hi how do i get youtube to wwwwork23:51
Tamagotonoyad__: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras23:52
Astral_Projectioguys, which package contains font configuration tool (that is started with kcmshell fonts)?23:53
yad__tamagotono where do i type it23:53
Tamagotono<alt>+<f2> then type konsole.  This will open up a console where you can type the previous command.23:54
yad__Yeah! thanks23:55
yad__and one more question. the adept manager dont download the uppdates automaticly? why?23:55
Tamagotonojust the way it is designed.  no need to do download updates if you have already done so recently.23:56
yad__and an embarrasing question  how do i press ok in the console  at the  info text from sun23:57
Tamagotonouse the <tab> key to highlight it then press <enter>23:58
yad__hehe thanks23:58
yad__i see that this is learning how to use cpu all over again23:59
yad__but i like it so far23:59
Tamagotonoit is well worth the effort.23:59
zakihashiooglebutte: Still only got 640x480 and 800x600 as an option. But still running in 1600x120023:59

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