* wgrant watches loggerhead's machine burst into flames.00:00
Tomcat_Anything wrong with LP at the moment? I'm not getting any pages any more.00:20
Tomcat_Plus a lot of "try again" pages.00:20
Tomcat_And the second I tell it to someone, it works again. ;)00:21
Tomcat_And again...00:24
kikoTomcat_, hmmm00:24
kikoTomcat_, edge or no edge?00:24
Tomcat_No edge.00:24
kikoTomcat_, OOPS or no OOPS?00:24
Tomcat_Needs minutes to send or receive any page. Although it was back to normal for a couple of minutes.00:24
Tomcat_What's oops?00:24
kikoan OOPS code is triggered when launchpad times out or fails00:25
kikoit's rendered in the page00:25
bdmurrayubuntu bugs is timing out for me too00:25
* wgrant is happy - edge is working fine.00:26
Tomcat_Oh, okay. Didn't see that currently.00:26
Tomcat_Only need to close one more bug, then I'll go to bed anyway. :D00:26
kikobdmurray, timing out where?00:26
Tomcat_"Try again" page again.00:28
Tomcat_No oops.00:28
kikobdmurray, with OOPS or no OOPS?00:28
bdmurrayno OOPS00:28
kikobdmurray, on edge?00:28
bdmurraykiko: no00:28
kikobdmurray, Tomcat_: can I ask you guys try edge for now?00:29
kikonobody in #is is around00:30
kikoand I need to skip out00:30
kikoif something really bad happens00:30
kikobdmurray, just ring me at 55 16 9112 643000:30
bdmurraywhat's really bad?00:31
kikoi.e. everything stops working completely00:32
wgrantHmm, I was thinking we should have a LOSA around now, but of course it's Saturday.00:32
bdmurraykiko: got it ;)00:32
* wgrant bans the usual working week division.00:32
kikosaturday in australia :-/00:32
Tomcat_Thanks guys.00:33
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wgrantGrmph, now edge is timing out too.01:10
Rinchenis it now?01:15
* Rinchen looks01:15
wgrantRinchen: As both prod and edge are being stupid, I presume the Postgres server is angry...01:16
Rinchenseems to be working for me at the moment :-)01:16
Rinchenor rather :-(01:16
wgrantTry https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu01:17
wgrant(you can probably find loads of other oopses that are actually there, however)01:17
wgrantBut I guess you can see the traceback anyway.01:17
Rinchenthat oops isn't done baking yet so I can't see it.  I'm trying to get one myself01:18
Rinchenlp devs get the traceback if we get an oops01:19
Rinchenso it's handy to diagnose things on the fly01:19
wgrantRinchen: Right, that's what I meant by there would be some that were already visible.01:19
Rinchenlet me get off edge and onto production01:20
wgrantCan you not reproduce on edge?01:20
wgrantGrr, it works for me now on edge.01:20
Rinchenok your oops is done baking01:20
wgrantOnly a couple of minutes until the OOPS is available, anyway...01:20
* Rinchen reads.01:20
Rinchenyeah, that was a spectacular timeout01:22
wgrantWhich query is borked?01:22
Rinchenit's not just one01:22
wgrantAh, right.01:22
Rinchen9 if I'm reading this correctly01:23
Rinchenwhich points to maybe something else awry01:23
RinchenI'm going to poke our DBA01:24
Rinchenhe's not awake yet but I'll leave him a message01:24
wgrantstub's in Thailand, isn't it?01:25
wgrantEr, isn't *he*01:25
Rinchenok, got him01:27
Rinchenhe'll be here in an hour or two to take a look01:27
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BUGabundois some one looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/183685 ?08:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 183685 in compiz-fusion-plugins-main "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Fix released]08:40
BUGabundousers are going crazy in there!08:40
BUGabundolots of unsubcribe  requests!08:40
wgrantSome of the users who complain that they have unsubscribed are clearly still directly subscribed.08:46
HobbseeBUGabundo: it's a weekend...08:47
wgrantI guess it's particularly unobvious how to unsubscribe from that bug, because there are lots of dupes.08:47
Hobbseeoh, classy.  an autoresponder.08:48
wgrantIt has stopped now, fortunately.08:48
wgrantI suspect that somebody should reorder those portlets.08:49
* Hobbsee ponders subscribing the launchpad team so something gets done about the general issue08:50
BUGabundodon't do that Hobbsee08:50
BUGabundoit would be crazy08:51
Hobbseethey've had bugs abotu this before, and haven't done anything about it.08:51
Hobbseei'd just wonder if it would set off the autoresponder again08:51
Hobbseealthough, i'd wonder why it just doesn't run a spam filter or something08:51
BUGabundoyeah spam filter on LP would be great08:53
BUGabundoor at least rules for auto-reply headers08:53
wgrantOr maybe people who write autoresponders should not be so stupid.08:54
wgrantThere's little point autoresponding to the same address a dozen times.08:54
BUGabundoyes, that too08:54
HobbseeBUGabundo: canonical has been traditionally less inclined to run antispam filters than I would expect - there's often a lot of spam (although they fixed some of it) on the mailing lists in the moderation queues, and a lot of spam from the @ubuntu.com addresses.08:55
wgrantI think that adding a spam filter would cause a larger problem than it solves.08:56
wgrantSpam on Launchpad isn't a huge problem (yet).08:56
BUGabundoHobbsee: since all mailinglist seem to white-list all @ubuntu.com and @canonical I guess it is just waiting for trouble08:56
wgrantBUGabundo: On the lists I moderate there's an awful lot of spam, but I rarely see anything get through on a domain whitelist.08:57
wgrant(these are not lists.u.c lists, however)08:57
HobbseeBUGabundo: sorry, *to* the @ubuntu.com addresses08:57
Hobbseeand not all of them - just most of the lists08:57
BUGabundomost list... I know08:58
BUGabundoit was easyer to write08:58
Hobbseewgrant: that's true.  I keep forgetting how shocking launchpad is at actually going through their moderation queue for launchpad users.  I'd imagine moderated comments for the bugtracker to be much worse.08:58
wgrantHobbsee: Regarding your complaint about the lack of spam filtering on our @ubuntu.com addresses, I don't want somebody in the middle of my mail path tampering with my mail, really.09:03
Hobbseewgrant: that's true.  But I'd still think there's a limit on that.09:04
Hobbseewgrant: ie, certainly spam.  maybe a spam score of >10 or something.09:04
wgrantSpam score is very, very subjective.09:05
Hobbseethat's true09:06
Hobbseebut i thought there was still a level of stuff to be known to be "certainly spam"09:06
Hobbseealthough, i guess if you were actively attempting to buy viagra, or something, that wouldn't be spam.09:06
wgrantI can train my spam filter to give inverse results if I want to.09:06
detIs there any way to copy a package from one ppa to another ?09:15
detFor example, I upload to my personal ppa for testing, then I upload to the project ppa to publish, any way to avoid waiting for the second build ?09:16
wgrantdet: Hit "Copy packages" on the source PPA.09:17
wgrantYou can then copy into any PPA that you can write to.09:17
wgrantJust watch out for dependencies.09:17
detAhh, cool, thanks09:17
detI wonder why it always takes so long to show up in the pool, like 10 minutes after it is successfully built09:21
wgrantdet: Packages are published every 20 minutes, as it's not an incredibly cheap operation.09:22
wgrantdet: So you'll see new things show up at :00, :20, :4009:22
detOk, good to know, thanks.09:22
detIndeed, showed up at :2009:22
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\shlaunchpad-api: it's now possible to search inside a project/project-group/distro/milestone or so for bugtasks assigned/commented/subscribed to person objects...but how does someone search for bugtasks from a person perspective? seems like "has_bugs" is not related to a person object, right?11:25
cprovwgrant: you know, you are my hero. You answer all PPA questions! Thanks, dude.12:03
wgrantcprov: I don't entirely like seeing questions go unanswered, which they inevitably do otherwise...12:04
* Hobbsee gives wgrant the crown of being the Resident Volunteer Question Answerer, and covers him in confetti12:05
* wgrant drowns in it.12:06
* wgrant curses GTK.12:06
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