askand I am not able to slideshow ppt files with latest RC of openoffice, anyone knows why this can be? Using RC3 and Ubuntu 8.0400:13
askandand this is 8.10 channel, sorry00:13
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mnis the beta of II really buggy?00:21
askandmn: not for me :)00:22
mnaskand: why not for you?00:23
HappySmileManI'm just about to reboot into it... Though i'm using Kubuntu00:23
askandmn: I don't know why not, guess Im lucky with hardware :)00:23
mneptokaskand: please do not post your same question to multiple channels at the same time. and 8.04 questions certainly do not belong here.00:31
mnmneptok: will this channel be dedicated to 9.04 after 8.10 is released?00:32
askandmneptok:  I posted her, by mistake first and realized it was wrong (therefore I said "and this is 8.10 channel, sorry") and asked my question in the correct channel00:32
Rioting_pacifistis it too late to recomend updating a package (a small package with no dependants)00:34
mneptokmn: it will be closed for a time, and then yes, reopened with a focus on Jaunty00:35
mnrioting_pacifist: what?00:35
mneptokRioting_pacifist: feature freeze was weeks ago. :)00:36
mnmneptok: When will development on jaunty commence?00:36
Rioting_pacifistmozplugger 1.11.0 was released a couple of months ago just nobody noticed, it fixes a fairly significant bug for 64bit versions, not really adding features00:36
mndoes anyone here know an easy way to regain the default C:\ in WINE? it would seem as though mine has been deleted00:38
mneptokmn: pretty much as soon as Intrepid is released00:38
Rioting_pacifisteven though its a bugfix there is no way to get the version into intrepid, it has 1 bug open on its tracker that was around before 1.11.0 all the other bugs have been fixed with 1.11.0 its also fairly small and nothing depends on it so it cant screw up dependancies00:40
mneptokRioting_pacifist: "feature freeze" means exactly what it says00:41
mneptokRioting_pacifist: lots of people have their pet packages that they want an exception for. take a number. ;)00:42
JontheEchidnaIf the bugfix could be isolated a patch to the existing package could be made which would satisfy feature freeze requirements00:42
kitchemneptok: well feature freeze can mean two things :)00:42
Rioting_pacifistwhat i mean is, is a bugfix release considerd a feature?00:43
kitcheRioting_pacifist: well to me it doesn't but to ubuntu it might00:43
JontheEchidnaIn my experience even bugfix releases needed a freeze exception00:44
JontheEchidnaversion bumped -> needs exception, generally00:44
berniv6is this channel for kubuntu intrepid as well? I'm having two very strange issues since about two weeks on a daily updated intrepid00:45
kitcheJontheEchidna: well I like usinga two step method one is feature freeze the other is bug fix freeze00:45
RyanPriorDoes the beta show the encrypted "drive" on the desktop?00:46
berniv61) every day at exactly midnight my KDE freezes ... I can still use the mouse, but it doesn't accept any other keyboard inputs than ctrl-alt-backspace or ctrl-alt-f*00:46
berniv6last line in .xsession-errors is "QObject::startTimer: QTimer cannot have a negative interval"00:46
berniv62) kwin often "forgets" to redraw the new top window when changing applications, moving the application window around a bit or changing again fixes it00:47
JontheEchidnaberniv6: the fix for the kwin redrawing should be out in an hour or so. I assume you have desktop effects on?00:48
berniv6JontheEchidna: yes, k thanks00:49
berniv6this is the less annoying of my two issues though :-)00:49
JontheEchidnaberniv6: the fix should also include the cube effect ;-)00:49
JontheEchidnayour first issue is interesting though00:50
berniv6well I'm not using it too much at all, basically just the new task switching thing00:50
JontheEchidnaI wonder if it would be possible to isolate which application is causing the freeze?00:50
berniv6the only application I have running all the time are Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin and konsole00:51
berniv6the first three are GTK+ based and should not cause a Q* error (if this is related)00:51
berniv6the rest is a fairly basic Intrepid kde with just kmix and klipper in the system try00:52
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JontheEchidnamaybe it could be something like the screensaver?00:56
berniv6hm ... I can disable it, but it's just the standard "black screen" one ...00:57
kitcheI can't get firefox to compile so I can use the QT port .....00:58
berniv6and it really freezes exactly at midnight in the middle of me typing a sentence into konsole+irssi, so it's not related to inactivity00:58
JontheEchidnayeah, it's probably not the screensaver's fault00:58
JontheEchidnathe thing about problems like that are, it's hard to find out why they're causes, lol00:59
berniv6unfortunately I can't really tell when it started, I suspected my (pretty old) keyboard first and didn't even catch it was always at the same time00:59
berniv6but it should be about 2-3 weeks00:59
berniv6I'll try to verify in the next few days without any applications running and with better timestamps on the .xsession-errors, just wanted to know whether someone already heard of that01:00
JontheEchidnakitche: you might try http://jtechinda.blogspot.com/2008/08/firefox-qt-packages-hit-kubuntu.html01:00
Rioting_pacifistis there an easy way to diff code, im trying to see if 1.11 contains anything other than bugfixes, but the comments have changed allot, all the lines of code look the same though but the comments make the diff contain just about everything01:02
JontheEchidnamaybe you could run a diffstat and see which files the most changes were in01:04
kitcheJontheEchidna: that would work if I actually ran a ubuntu really :) but that's a bit off-topic O actually meant to type that in a different channel01:04
JontheEchidnaah, heh01:04
Rioting_pacifistJontheEchidna: erm i think im using diffstat wrong it says 0 files have changed when i do "diffstat mozplugger-1.10.2/ mozplugger-1.11.0/" sorry im new to this so no idea what im doing01:10
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* DanaG likes qgtkstyle.01:11
DanaGMakes QT4 apps fit into Gnome.01:11
Rioting_pacifistahh gtk finally got the oposite of qtgtk-engine :D01:12
sourcemakercan I cancel and restart the distribution upgrade dialog?01:15
sourcemakerthere are 2 hours remaining for downloading all the packages...01:15
DanaGIf it's downloading packages, then nothing has been done yet.  It should be safe to cancel.01:17
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DanaGYay, new kernel with fixed e1000e is out in repos.01:22
DanaGIt won't show in update-manager yet, because the parent linux-generic metapackage hasn't yet been updated.01:22
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ianliu_88did anyone had troubles to install ubuntu desktop for intel? I'm getting an error on 67% of the install...01:30
ianliu_88another thing: am I able to download ubuntu with its LiveCD? My livecd is working but installation fail, so I'm downloading ubuntu again with livecd. Is it possible? where does the file goes?01:31
danbh_intrepidianliu_88: are you asking if you can upgrade with the livecd?01:32
ianliu_88no no, I'm running ubuntu with livecd01:32
ianliu_88and I want to donwload ubuntu again01:32
danbh_intrepidianliu_88: ah, so you need to mount a drive to get enough space?01:32
danbh_intrepidyou should be able to just go to places, right?01:33
ianliu_88thats it01:33
ianliu_88lol, I feel stupid01:33
danbh_intrepidnp :P01:33
veritosCan I use Wubi with Intrepid yet?01:35
veritosThe Wubi site made it look like I can just put an iso in the same directory; does that still work?01:36
ianliu_88danbh_intrepid: well, I can't figure out how to get write privilleges01:36
ianliu_88hmm, did it, thanks01:38
redvamp128Question-- I was thinking about running Intrepid on another machine here at the house until I read this... Thoughts and views -- I have another IBM NETVISTA 6578-RBU with Intel Pro LAN. http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?s=d119b46419fc21dc5926d00ba3680fff&showtopic=676948&st=0&#entry58990922001:51
redvamp128This time the question pertains to Intrepid and not 8.04...01:52
Piciredvamp128: Read the 'known issues' here: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta01:53
Piciredvamp128: The module that causes that problem has been disabled and there is a fix once you update from within intrepid.,01:53
redvamp128Would intrepid run on that machine if I usd anoter nic without issues. (I have another Knee 100)01:53
kinto_0hello, I have a hauppauge 1950 tv tuner that is said to be supported in 2.6.27 yet i can't find a driver for it, and it doesn't show up when i scan hardware01:53
Piciredvamp128: It would run fine even if you had an e1000 nic.01:54
DanaGOther NICs should be fine.01:54
redvamp128900mhz 256mb- onboard video 1mb intel 81001:54
PiciIt just wouldnt be able to use it.01:54
redvamp12820 gig hard drive and 52x CDROM.01:54
DanaGPlus, the new kernel with the fixed module is out -- but the linux-image metapackage hasn't yet been updated to use it.01:54
redvamp128Oh and to note I did get the sound working (Audigy LS) but only front channels and have to use alsa mixer for volume control.01:56
redvamp128Found the answer actually in a Gentoo forum.01:56
redvamp128So those specs with a Knee 100 (Kingston) network card should run intrepid Ok with eyecandy turned off?01:57
redvamp128Any links to screenshots of Intrepid?01:59
DanaGwtf... my pulseaudio channel isn't working!02:00
DanaGIt just randomly quits.02:00
nastasany idea how to fix seahorse in intrepid?02:03
kinto_0when i enter a '-' sign into the quick search bar of synaptic, it crashes02:06
kinto_0and is mildly unwilling to restart02:06
kinto_0don't seem to be having issues with letters, but every time i put in a - i get the darkened screen of death02:11
adrian_2002cahey guys...some stuff in intrepid beta is running very slow/crashing for me! help!02:16
adrian_2002ca - sudo gedit anything in /etc will take 5 minutes to fully load gedit and allow me to use it for example02:17
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:17
adrian_2002ca- also file manager nautilus is sluggish...and when i plug in a USB drive it hangs02:18
adrian_2002caDanaG: gksu doesnt make much difference02:18
adrian_2002cacan anyone help me weed out these speed problems? i am flabbergasted at what might be causing them02:20
adrian_2002cait's like intrepid is twice as slow if not slower than hardy for me02:21
adrian_2002caDanaG: gksudo has not yet opened scrollkeeper.conf with gksudo since (09:21:45 PM) DanaG: !gksu02:23
adrian_2002caspoke too soon...now it has02:23
DanaGWhen I tried the nouveau driver, I got everything being freakishly slow; I don't remember what caused it, though.02:23
adrian_2002caDanaG: i did mess around with themes and trying to get some eye-candy going, i must admit...any suggestions on how i can reset anything that mightve changed back to the original setup?02:24
adrian_2002caDanaG: and whats nouveau driver?02:25
DanaGIt's an alternate nvidia open-source driver; you'd know if you were using it, because it's not in the normal repos.02:25
adrian_2002cai see...well i am running metacity -- my graphics card is SiS..02:26
adrian_2002cai think i have default driver going right now02:26
DanaGI don't know what else to try.02:26
adrian_2002cai see02:27
DanaGIs it possible you've run out of disk space on some partition?  If that happens, things break.02:27
DanaGOn the root, that'd be.02:27
adrian_2002caDanaG: nope...i got only 1 partition, with 28gb of space02:28
DanaGhmm, anything interesting in .xsession-errors once you try to launch things?02:28
DanaGtry in console: tail -f .xsession-errors &02:28
DanaG(including the ampersand.)02:28
DanaGThen go to launch whatever you want to test.02:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 23917 in gksu "gksudo GnomeUI Warning" [Low,Confirmed]02:29
wsjunioris it true that intrepid wont have a brand new theme?02:37
adrian_2002caDanaG: so far, I have: http://pastebin.com/m3bd36f4c02:38
Guest24697I need some help with my graphics02:38
DanaGadrian_2002ca:  Hmm, any chance you have a mismatch between hostname in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname?02:41
Guest24697I upgraded from 8.04 and was forced into low-res02:41
kinto_0open terminal02:41
kinto_0do you have an nvidia card?02:41
kinto_0what kind?02:41
wsjunioris this awfull theme the new default one?02:41
Guest246978600 GT XXX running dual monitors02:41
kinto_0type > sudo apt-get install nvidia-177-kernel-source nvidia-177-modaliases02:42
kinto_0no time for idiots wsjunior >_>02:43
nastasany idea how to fix seahorse in intrepid?02:43
adrian_2002caDanaG: and one more error as it opened the file http://pastebin.com/m7787ba7...i will check hosts02:43
kinto_0Guest24697: once that's done ... ctrl alt bkspace and relogin should be good02:43
DanaGThat link got mangled.02:43
adrian_2002caDanaG: http://pastebin.com/m7787ba702:44
jaxdahlhow can i tell X to stop using compiz?02:44
kinto_0metacity --replace ?02:45
Guest24697I'll give that a try and will be back in a bit, Should have used the laptop to log in in the first place.02:45
wsjuniorkinto_0: idiot just for ask?02:46
kinto_0honestly ... who the heck comes into a help chat section to bitch about the default screen look ???02:46
kinto_0and then "hello?" demanding an answer for a dumb ?02:46
adrian_2002caDanaG: http://pastebin.com/m3fdf5ead ~ another error closing the file.....hosts and hostname seem to match...02:47
Guest24697kinto, getting "E: Couldn't find package nvidia-17-modaliases"02:47
wsjuniorits a simple question and if you are not forced to answer, so if you dont have something usefull to say just keep your fingers quiet.02:47
kinto_0Guest24697: it's 17702:47
kinto_0not 1702:47
Guest24697duh, thanks02:47
DanaGHmm, I'm not sure what would be doing that.02:48
Alex_GaynorIs anyone else having a problem where firefox crashes after closing a tab with a flash video in it?02:48
Alex_GaynorDanaG: Is that to me?02:48
* kinto_0 thinks it would be nice if the live cd told the installer that you wanted restricted drivers to begin w/ o_O getting low res settings after it looks just fine on startup is rather dumb : /02:49
DanaGI can't think of how to fix that slowness.02:50
adrian_2002caDanaG: thanks eh!02:50
adrian_2002caDanaG:  the universe will right itself eventually02:50
adrian_2002caDanaG: :D02:50
Alex_GaynorVideos also just pause after 2 seconds02:50
Alex_Gaynorit doesn't freeze or anything02:51
Alex_Gaynorand I can move around in the clip, and it will start playing again02:51
kinto_0sounds like fun02:51
Alex_GaynorOh yeah, it's awesome :)02:52
kinto_0is it a flash issue ? 64 bit version?02:52
Alex_Gaynor32 bit ubuntu02:52
cooljeff3000what's a "production machine"02:52
adrian_2002caspeaking of videos, my video player's best quality with an mpg file is by using gl and then it will go slowwwww02:52
kinto_0ahh ... i used to get flash to do weird things when using hardy 6402:52
Alex_GaynorI've been using intrepid since like alpha 4, and it just started about 2 weeks ago02:52
* kinto_0 loves those updates that break everything :)02:53
adrian_2002cadidn't use to be this bad in hardy02:53
Alex_Gaynorhehe, I'm not even sure what package I should be looking at is the problem02:54
Alex_GaynorIs it firefox, is it flashplugin-nonfree, I heard someone else suggest that it's pulseaudio02:54
kinto_0does it play fine w/ vlc?02:54
Alex_GaynorFlash files?  yeah if I download them they play fine :(02:54
DanaG; exit-idle-time = 20 ---- wait, it's told to exit when idle?02:55
DanaGWho in their right mind would think that's a good idea?02:55
* kinto_0 leaves for beer run :D02:55
DanaGIt means the next time something goes to use audio............. BAM, it hangs.02:55
Guest30200kino, I'm back.  Restarted X with no problems, but still only have the one monitor02:56
travisbickkle86do i need to install emerald for compiz to work? I seem to get an error when i enable desktop effects.02:57
kinto_0Guest30200: i've never dual screened03:06
kinto_0lifehacker talked about it today03:06
kinto_0showed some pics of doing it03:06
kinto_0google ubuntu in google news and it should pop up w/ the link03:06
Guest30200Ok, havn't checked my rss today, should be there03:07
gaminggeekhey there03:16
gaminggeekmy sound isnt working after I return from a suspend on my inspiron 152503:16
gaminggeekI have to log out and log back in again03:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 148043 in dell "[xps 1330] sound doesn't work after suspend" [High,Fix released]03:18
gaminggeekI have found this bug03:18
gaminggeekI will try out the work around but it would be nice not to have to03:18
myk_robinsonI tried the Kubuntu 8.10 beta live today. Started loading, then the screen went an odd shade of white and black, turned off entirely, and did nothign else... Had to hold the power button to turn off the computer.03:24
myk_robinsonMy installed Hardy is still working great, wonder why Intrepid craps out before I can even see a desktop? The alphas didnt do this...03:24
myk_robinsonanyone else seen this?03:24
Frijolieis ubuntu-8.10-beta-desktop-i386.iso a liveCD or only for installations?03:27
danbh_intrepidFrijolie: I think thats the live cd03:27
FrijolieI can't find where it mentions that info03:28
gaminggeekFrijolie: it is both03:28
Frijoliehow do you tell what intel wifi driver you're using--even if it is disabled in the beta03:28
DanaGActually, what's disabled is e1000e, the WIRED network driver.03:29
danbh_intrepidhey, check out slashdot03:30
FrijolieAh, it's the LAN driver. Well I meant that one then. If I just run the LiveCD then I won't be harmed right?03:31
Frijoliereading that blog now03:32
FrijolieMan I love torrents! I'm downloading the Beta @ ~750Kib/s03:33
Frijoliewith regular HTTP it was only ~300Kib/s03:33
myk_robinsonare there known issues with the beta and intel graphics? i have been able to test the alphas, but cannot get a desktop on the beta03:35
FrijolieSo this "bug" will be fixed on the 5th according to that link danbh_intrepid03:36
Frijoliethat's reassuring!03:36
bytor4232This is more of an annoyance than a bug, but when I upgraded from hardy to intrepid, the NetworkManager forgot my WEP keys.  I had to re-enter them.03:41
mneptokwhy even bother? ;)03:42
bytor4232cause Im a glutton for punishment, apparently.03:43
mneptokseriously though. WEP is not secure. there's no point in using it.03:44
danbh_intrepidwep is supposed to be crackable within like 10min03:44
bytor4232Yeah yeah, I know.03:44
mneptokbytor4232: save the (weak) encryption overhead and filter clients by MAC address. or use WPA.03:45
bytor4232mneptok: You know, its just my house.  I really don't feel like going to great lengths to "secure" my home network.  For one thing, I live on half an acre with 10 acres behind me.03:46
mneptokbytor4232: OK, so then you don;t need WEP *or* MAC filtering ;)03:47
bytor4232Besides, I don't broadcast the ESSID, so its not like someone driving by is even going to see the wireless access point.03:47
bytor4232Honestly, no, I don't need anything.03:48
Daisuke_Idoi just called mine Fort Wayne Police Department...  no one's ever attempted to connect :)03:48
DanaGHere's a random idea: bogus access point, that serves up all dns requests to a page that says, "HA HA, YOU LOSE."03:49
bytor4232Heh, well, I wasn't going to say anything, but there is that too.03:49
DanaG... and then is disconnected from the real internet.03:49
mneptoki think FBI agents are hot, so my AP's ESSID is "alqueda-us"03:49
bytor4232I have a Linksys G router and a B router.  The B router is just plugged in, it doesn't do anything but broadcast "linksys"03:49
mneptokbytor4232: any Intel 3945 wireless chipsets in your machines?03:50
bytor4232The only wireless is my lappy, and it only uses it once in a while.03:50
* DanaG has a 3945.03:50
DanaG... and dislikes iwl3945.03:50
bytor4232I don't use my laptop at home that much.03:51
bytor4232Anyhoo, back on point, just reporting an annoyance thats all.  Just would think that NetworkManager could keep the keys from Hardy to Intrepid.03:53
bytor4232Seems wierd that I had to enter it again just because I upgraded.03:53
danbh_intrepidnm is still a work in progress I think03:53
bytor4232That makes sense.03:54
danbh_intrepidbytor4232: but, it might still make sense to file a bug03:55
bytor4232Hm.  I guess its kindof a bug.03:55
john__Need some assistance with livecd04:22
kinto_0on a non ubuntu not ... where does irssi save files from dcc ??04:25
bilickiI just did a clean install of 8.10... why do most applications still use KDE 3.5 ?04:26
john__anybody having trouble running Intrepid beta livecd?04:27
Hagg1Hello, does anyone know why I get "No networkdriver found" while trying to install "Ubuntu 8.10 Beta" onto my EeePC 901? Isn't the atl1e-driver included?04:27
Allahjohn__: do you have a problem?04:28
* Allah used the alternate cd.04:28
john__Yes, livecd does not boot to and gui04:29
bilickiwill this beta eventually update to the 8.10 as if it wasn't a beta?04:29
bilicki(using apt-get upgrade)04:29
Hagg1the alternate cd (8.10 beta) does not boot for me :(04:30
kinto_0bilicki: as i recall, when i was using hardy beta ... they had updates pop up w/ the update manager and would upgrade the diff versions automatically04:31
Hagg1when I hit "enter" at the prompt "boot:" I get to the menu, and when I hit enter there, the computer make strange click-noises and then reboots04:31
kinto_0so i'd assume that 'yes' is the answer to your ?04:31
john__The livecd displays the initial language selection and options screen.  I select language, then F6 to remove "quiet" parameter.  Livecd displays lines of text, the screen clears, flashing cursor, and the machine goes quite.04:33
john__I've had this problem since alpha 5.04:34
nastaswhen i login, seahorse-agent crashes. any idea?04:35
Hagg1are there anyone interested in helping me?04:35
john__I do have a working Kubuntu Hardy install right now.  Am exploring the look and feel of Intrepid, but it has no look or feel.04:35
john__With the flashing cursor (upper left), I assume it's a video driver or subsystem thing.04:36
john__Oh well.  Try again later04:39
ecai removed gdm, installed fluxbox, and i get error- /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/x-window-manager corrupt: invalid update mode. this is from a xubuntu system. fluxbox works fine, menu had to be made but that wasnt hard. this error is reoccurring, any suggestions?04:52
frybyeHi - when I try to run skype I get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/53643/ any tips? (I am a relative- newbie)04:55
outbrifrybye: is your sound configured properly? can you listen to music and play youtube videos?04:57
frybyei will try youtube...04:58
frybyehave had a big fight with the sound setup on this installation...04:58
outbrifrybye: many things don't work when the sound doesn't work, I had a bunch of programs that wouldn't go when my sound wasn't working05:00
frybyeon trying to start amarok i get a fault report xine no audio driver installed"" - eh what now?05:01
frybyeyou tube worked by the way...05:01
outbrifrybye: well, you can try going to System>Preferences>Sound and making sure the right device is selected for output05:03
frybyeseems to be related to xine drivers - eh - hang on pse..05:05
frybyeI have an entry in there - |backend| Xine - eh is that right...?05:07
outbrino idea :P05:07
frybyeit is also sent to " use_vo_driver "05:08
frybyethat can be set to Linear - LinearBlend - Greedy - Greedy2Frame etc etc.. do u know what that is all about - what is the "backend?"05:09
BrianFreytag_anybody around?05:41
outbriBrianFreytag: yep05:43
=== BrianFreytag_ is now known as BrianFreytag
outbrifrybye: nope, dunno05:43
BrianFreytagso.. has anyone heard anything recently about Intrepid and ATI Catalyst driver compatibility?05:44
BrianFreytagI heard a rumor that the 8.10 version of the catalyst were going to work, but I don't know if that's true05:44
nikolamI tried to download beta xubuntu with jigdo-lite05:56
nikolamI got this message(and xubuntu-8.10-beta-alternate-amd64.iso.tmp):  http://paste.ubuntu.com/53659/05:56
nikolamWhat should I do to get proper *.iso and move on?05:57
BrianFreytagnobody is answering questions right now06:03
frybyeanybody had problems with vlc vers. 9.3 in interepid beta??06:04
frybyeat least playing iptv seems a mess...06:05
outbriYa, this channel has been unusually slow the last few hours, and I'm not the best for questions.06:09
outbrinikolam: I'd offer to let you download the iso from my website, but I have the i386 version06:09
frybyeoutbri: your right about the channel slow - almost dead would be more accurate a description.. ;=)06:10
nikolamoutbri, Thank you but I am more then capable to download ISO with http from bublic mirrors06:10
nikolamProblem arised when jigdo download did not finish06:11
outbrinikolam: they are all failing?06:11
frybyenikolam: tried a torrent??06:11
outbriRight now, yeah, It is odd, I've been hanging around for a month or so and there are usually 4-5 people answering questions.06:11
frybyedepends a bit on the time of day i guess...06:11
frybyeeast coast usa is now night...06:11
nikolamI could try torrent to fix download, yes, but that is not the point, I want to be able to use jigdo in the future, to just fetch cahnges06:11
frybyewest coast is not so late though.. would expect a few more here...06:12
nikolamMaybe I should just finish it with torrent for today06:12
frybyedont know that one... jigdo?06:12
frybyehmm .. i am a star - not only screwed my kubuntu but now have messed up the vista box i use for work stuff.. hmmm..06:13
nikolamfrybye, jigdo, it is the way to download new iso by just downloaing changes within an *.iso file not the whole file over and over06:13
frybyei c06:13
frybyethe irc channels seem generally a bit lame at the moment... everybody is watching cnn etc or...?06:15
SebNaitsabesok had to happen to me of course :D     oh well good learning experience  getting this fixed.   so  I was doing an upgrade from Hardy to  Ibex Beta,  and  stupid lose power cable so yep it went off, as it was installing packages.  so I tried to finnish stuff  using hardy recovery mode.   ,but it woudn't even download the packages  that it wanted.  ,but  I am on a Gutsy Live CD right now, and it's been a while since I used a Live CD to fix problems, bu06:15
frybyeloose power cable = deadly...06:16
SebNaitsabesmore like annoying, because it can re boot the computer when I don't want it to06:16
frybyenot so much literally "deadly" but will cause u awefull problems with a pc...06:17
SebNaitsabesI think it's the power cable anyway06:17
frybyeu need to fix that cable pal... or a new power supply unit or whatever the prob. is...06:17
SebNaitsabesmaybe it's the power unit that's a point06:18
SebNaitsabeswell  this PC is   around 2 years old06:18
frybyeright.. they are not even so expensive these days... some quieter than others..06:18
SebNaitsabes,but  I am not here to talk about a power cable06:18
DanaGsilentpcreview.com... reviews PSUs for more than just noise level.06:18
SebNaitsabesand yes before I was running recovery stuff with the old  Hardy kernel and I thought,  well that's not going to really work well,  if it's got Ibex stuff on there now06:19
frybyehere in the EU the normal guarantee is 2 years - everything seems to fall over and die 1 - 2 weeks overf that limit...06:19
SebNaitsabesEU  well that's me to06:19
SebNaitsabesEngland what about you?06:19
DanaGYou can always chroot.06:19
frybyeSebNaitsabes: but to be honest until you get that hardware prob. fixed - all the rest is a bit pointless...06:19
frybyei am a Cornishman living in Berlin...06:19
SebNaitsabesno  it happens very rearely06:19
SebNaitsabesthat it goes off06:20
SebNaitsabeslike that06:20
SebNaitsabesI am trying Pidgin out for IRC on this Gutsy Live CD,   I am so sticking with Konversation in proper Ubuntu install :)06:20
frybyeyeah - but if your harddisk is just in the process of a read/write at the moment it goes off - you can have a wrecked installation...06:20
outbriyay, DanaG showed up with some more knowledge.06:20
SebNaitsabesyeah  the errors when booting with  hardy kerenl  was saying about it being a read only partition06:21
SebNaitsabesI think my partitions are ok06:21
SebNaitsabesseem to be06:21
frybyeone the side.. if anyone has vlc- iptv infos - pse mention....06:21
SebNaitsabeswhen accessing from Live CD06:21
DanaGIf it's read-only... run fsck on it.06:21
DanaGBut unmount it first.06:21
SebNaitsabeswell  when it booted from  Grub with old  hardy kernel it just  came up with errors.  and  I didn't think it would work.  I mean Ibex needs the Ibex kernel right or?06:22
SebNaitsabesthen I finnished off  dist-upgrade in recovery mode, but some stuff still did not want to be installed from that,  but I can edit my sources.list and run commands on this Live CD anyway so06:22
DanaGOh yeah, one thing that helps: bind mount /proc and /dev to the chroot.06:23
DanaGboot and mount -o bind /dev/ /media/whatever/dev06:23
DanaGthen same for /proc06:23
DanaGThen chroot.06:23
SebNaitsabesit's been a while since I did stuff like this, but first of course the terminal needs to know it's working on the Ibex partition not the Live CD06:24
SebNaitsabesactsaully the stuff that woudn't  get installed in recovery mode,  it was like it coudn't get a connection   or  maybe just access to that repo.  well I just changed all my hardy ones in sources.list to intrepid06:25
nikolamHI I can`t download latest 8.10 Beta Xubuntu amd64 *.iso because there are 6 changed files and jigdo-lite is complaining it cannot downloadthem!06:25
SebNaitsabesDanaG:  terminal  on  this Live CD by default will be for the Live CD,  so do I just CD into my Ibex partition and then start running commands or?06:26
shirishanybody here knows how to use ufw?06:43
nikolamshirish, Install gufw, GUI for ufw and adjust its properties06:45
nikolamI personally still prefer Firestarter06:46
shirishnikolam: hi, thanx don't need that, just need to know if ufw understands xmpp protocol yet or not06:46
nikolamIt has an option to forward internet connection to my other machibes, etc..06:46
hansinI just downloaded the Interpid i386 alternate ISO and tried to install.  At near the end where it is installing the base system, it gives me an ncurse dialog box saying to install another media.  I couldn't open my CD drive and doesn't seem I need another CD anyway (never have for this).  Anyone seen this?06:48
hansinI ran the media check before installing (not to mention my ISO burning program has a verify option I used).06:48
nikolamhansin, What happens next, does it continue to install?06:50
hansinNo, in the ncurses dialog box my two opens were [back] and [continue] I think.  It pretty mcuh didn't do anything if I tried to pick either.  It gave me a number of the media wanted (I shoudl have write it down exactly what it said), but I think it was date coded.  It appeared it wanted another CD, but I have never seen that for any previous alternate install CDs.06:52
hansins/my two options06:52
TuTUXGi saw that intel has fixed the problem with e1000e driver? is the fixed kernel been released for upgrade yet?06:55
Asa_AHow can I install my nVidia driver in intrepid? The Hardware Drivers doesn't offer to install my driver so I installed nvidia-glx-173 (there seems to be 4 drivers) and it didn't seem to work. I can't enable compiz and glxgears won't run.06:55
Asa_AI have a GeForce 7600 GT06:55
hansinAsa_A: Just a guess at something worth trying, but I have GeForce 6200 based card and I can't remember off the top of my head which driver works, but only one of them does.  Maybe keep trying to install the various nvidia drivers and see what one works.  What I remember is that if you install a new one, apt-get/aptitude removes the current version so you don't have multple of the nvidia variations installed at one time.06:58
Asa_Athanks i'll try that. if it doesn't work i'll be back to ask again later :)06:59
hansinAsa_A: Okay.  If you install one that doesn't work, I think it drops back to the nv driver, or maybe the generic vesa driver.07:00
hansinDang, Asa_A left.  It looks like07:02
hansin... nvidia-glx may be a virual package that will link to the right driver!!!07:03
Geoffrey2is it possible to build Empathy 2.24 from source in Hardy Heron?07:04
LynoureGeoffrey2: why do you ask here, hardy is ubuntu+-007:06
LynoureGeoffrey2: that is, #ubuntu is better suited to help you07:06
Lynoureusually you can build anything from sources, just in worst case might have to build a whole lot of things and end up with something non-Ubuntu07:07
Geoffrey2ok, thought I'd ask here first since Gnome 2.24 would be in Intrepid, and my make attempt is crashing....I'll check in regular ubuntu and see if anyone can help me then....07:08
nikolamHi *.iso I downloaded and checked with Bit Torrent, does NOT pass the md5sum check!07:12
nikolamIt is xubuntu-8.10-beta-alternate-amd64.iso07:14
literalI've been having a weird problem with intrepid07:18
literalafter I adjust the LCD backlight (Fn+Up/Down), I can't get keyboard focus on any input fields, thought Alt+Tab and other keycombos still work07:19
literalit's fixed by switching to a console (e.g Ctrl+Alt+F1) and back to X (Ctrl+Alt+F7)07:20
literalalso, hald-addon-dell-backlights starts taking 100% CPU when I adjust the backlight07:21
Lynoureliteral: sounds to me (non-Dell-using non-hal-expert) that hal does not deal with it correctly on the fly, and thus ends up thinking things are not where they are07:24
literalthis seems like two problems07:28
literalif I kill hald-addon-dell-backlight, the 100% cpu thing doesn't happen again07:28
literalbut I always lose keyboard focus07:29
LynoureI'd think hald-addon-dell-backlight contributes to the focus07:29
Lynoure(so sounds like just one for me)07:29
LynoureHas anyone reported it at Launchpad yet?07:29
literalnot that I can see07:30
LynoureCertainly worth reporting then07:32
elmargol:/ lost my mouse cursor :(07:37
Lynoureelmargol: have you tried replugging the mouse as the first aid method?07:38
frybyetried unplugging and re-inserting the plug...?07:38
frybyesorry Lynoure07:38
elmargolLynoure: it is a touchpad07:38
frybyeelmargol: and a re-boot did not fix it...?07:39
Lynourefrybye: lost me there..07:39
frybyeLynoure: i was just apologizing for having cut across your own similar answer to the ?07:40
elmargolfrybye: I guess rebooting fixes the problem...07:40
frybyeelmargol: but you mean it keeps happeing again and again or...?07:40
elmargolfrybye: I'm more interested in debugging this in order to write a bugreport07:40
frybyeelmargol: but if it was just a one-off occurance...?07:41
Lynoureelmargol: usually not point in debugging something that has happened only once, unless everything else is Perfect and you are bored07:41
frybyeif anyone has infos on using vlc 9.3 for iptv under intrepid beta or with the running skype on 64bit intrepid beta - pse get back to me here..?07:42
frybyeskype produces this error when trying to make a call :- http://paste.ubuntu.com/53643/07:43
frybyehmm.. weather is turning out nice here this morning (Berlin...) - good argument for giving the pc a bit of a rest.. heheh07:44
Lynourefrybye: does that library exist?07:45
Lynourefrybye: the last Skype package I saw was for something older than hardy, even.07:45
frybyehmmm better check up .. hang on...07:45
frybyethere is a load of stuff/infos for intrepid... but i did the various stuff...07:46
frybyethanks stdin i will go look at those locations...07:47
stdinlooks like some pulse-audio plugin, but I'm not entirely sure07:47
frybyethe libr. is there at both locations - permissions - user r and w but not execute...?07:50
frybyewhich for a library is normal or...?07:50
=== PriceChild is now known as Guest79425
joebob777as7Can someone help me get my nvidia working? Here is my xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ca/1218767 and tail of Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.ca/121876808:15
joebob777as7been broken since alpha 4... and nvidia-xconfig doesn't fix it...08:16
=== Guest79425 is now known as PriceChild
frybyei got my nvidia to work with propr. drivers in intrepid beta..08:19
frybyebut after adding a load of repros...08:19
frybyei only have the gs8400 gs though....08:20
joebob777as7when I start gdm again I get the same errors: (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module (EE) Screen(s) found, but non have a usable configuration08:22
gaminggeekhello, anyone here know any tips for getting wacoms to go in intrepid08:28
* Allah yawns.08:48
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment09:27
user_can you use reportbug on ubuntu? its installable and runs fine, but sending the final report does not work, because the sender address gets rejected09:30
Lynoureuser_: sounds like a problem in your mail setup...09:31
user_Lynoure: i have no mail-setup (just installed the live-iso to hd), but i can also get no hit for "find -name *reportbug*" in /home/$user/. On debian it usually asks on first startup of reportbug for email of submitter etc.. Not here09:33
ttauser_: are you referring to "apport" ?09:33
user_tta: i am using console program reportbug (sudo apt-get install reportbug)09:35
Hobbseeuser_: you'll probably need to set a different smtp address.09:35
Hobbseeusually your ISP gives you one.09:35
Lynoureuser_: If you have absolutely no mail setup, I would not expect anything to go anywhere anyway...09:35
ttauser_: ah, ok, then i'll be quiet.. never used neither apport or reportbug09:35
HobbseeLynoure: reportbug can send directly to a smtp server, which, iirc, it does by deafult09:36
user_Lynoure: it works on debian with a direct smtp connection to smtp.debian.org (or something similar)09:36
user_Hobbsee: ok, will try, found /etc/reportbug.conf09:36
LynoureHobbsee: yes, but very many ISPs block stmp that is not to their servers, unfortunately09:37
HobbseeLynoure: that's true.  That's why it only works OOTB for a relatively small number of people (ubuntu members who use their @ubuntu.com addresses, iirc)09:38
Lynoure(so many it's nearly the default state of things, at least for consumer broadband here)09:38
Hobbseeoh, hang on.09:38
dmh65can someone tell me if the ati driver for xorg 7.4 is on its way, no mention on the ati site at all?  http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/linux64/linux64-radeon.html09:38
Hobbseei know fiordland will only let out @ubuntu.com addresses.09:39
dmh65if not why on earth is Ubuntu thinking of using xorg 7.4?09:39
user_Hobbsee: yes, does not accept @web.de09:41
user_Hobbsee: any @ubuntu.com address for non-@ubuntu-people? ;-)09:41
user_does on get get an @ubuntu.com adress if you register on launchpad?09:43
ttauser_: not as easy as that :(09:44
Hobbseeuser_: no.09:45
user_Hmm, ok, understandable. Still the problem is, i am not going to save my personal smtp credentials into a virtualmachine testing ubuntu beta.09:46
Hobbseeuser_: just find out what your isp's server is, and use that09:46
Lynourewell, there is always the web way of reporting bugs (though it is less handy)09:46
user_Lynoure: i will wait until it is (no offence intended of course)09:47
* user_ likes that the beta runs with full resolution in his virtualbox and wishes everybody good luck for final release09:48
Nece228kubuntu 8.10 beta still has kde3 applications10:38
Nece228i think they should remove them10:38
literalgood luck with that10:39
rskiNece228: do they have kde4 similar programs? or replacments10:40
Nece228rski: i guess so10:41
rskiok then file a bug10:41
=== Teiseii is now known as Teisei
UnksiNece228: not all have, thats why there still are some.. like k3b, amarok etc10:57
Nece228Unksi: there are other programs for kde4 like juk can replace amarok10:58
Unksilol hell no :D10:59
zenohi, why is ndiswrapper not in the repos11:39
frybye10$.jpg is also not there in sufficient resoloution to be usefull ..;=)11:40
rskizeno: it dosen't work with recent kernels11:43
Tallkenhey guys, how is the situation concerning the aggressive HDD's PM in Intrepid?11:47
rskichek the bug in launchpad11:47
Tallkenanother question, is the menu icon in KDE really supposed to be a left arrow? xD11:50
frybyeI try to use vlc for iptv but the picture is a mess - and I dont know how to config...?11:52
markit hi, how can I upgrade from kubuntu 8.0.4 to 8.10 Beta? I've read it does have nomore "-kde4" package name11:52
markitany special care? or the conversion is done automatically by some package?11:52
Tallkenmark: check the Kubuntu Project page11:53
Tallkenmarkit: check the Kubuntu Project page11:53
frybyemarkit: 8.10beta has kde4 als default... no choice...11:53
markitfrybye: yes, I've already kde4 installed, is nto that the problem11:53
markitTallken: thanks, i've found the instructions, did not some days ago, prbably because was just alpha11:54
Tallkenmarkit: you can help me as well11:54
frybyemarkit.. you have got hold of this by the wrong handle - intrepid is a whole distro for itself.. nut an upgrade of hardy....11:54
zenorski: ut oh.  its the only way i can get my current card to work :\11:54
Tallkenmarkit: how is your KDE menu icon?11:54
Tallkenfrybye: you can upgrade from Hardy........11:55
frybyeat www.kde.org you will find upgrade infos...11:55
Tallkenmarkit: my KDE icon is a blue circle, with a left arrow xD11:55
markitTallken: the problem is not mentioned there11:55
Tallkenmarkit: this gotta be wrong11:55
frybyeyes you can do a DISTRO-upgrade -from- hardy but it is not -within- hardy afterwards....11:55
Tallkenmarkit: what problem?11:55
markitTallken: that "-kde" part has been removed, and config was on ~.kde411:56
markitnow should all be in .kde11:56
Tallkenmarkit: ah! sorry! thought your problem was just with the packages11:56
markitwondering if settings are copied or I will just loose them11:56
Tallkenmarkit: forgot the confs location11:56
Tallkenmarkit: i haven't read this anywhere, but you can try11:57
frybyemarkit - at www.kubuntu.org i think.. hang on - sorry...11:57
markitTallken: my "history" was: kubuntu kde3, --> kde4 (wityh -kde4) ---> full kde4 with 8.111:57
frybyemarkit see:- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu11:57
markitfrybye: thanks, but as I stated, the problem is not cited... seems strange to me11:58
frybye8.1 is not yet available - only 8.1-beta and that has kde4.1 as far as I know...11:58
Tallkenmarkit: before starting the upgrade, _copy_ the whole .kde4 folder to a backup folder11:58
zenois there a guide to getting wl to work?11:58
markitTallken: that's a good tip :)11:58
Tallkenfrybye: KDE4 settings in 8.04 were kept in .kde4 ; in 8.10 beta, in .kde ; he is worried he might lose the settings11:59
Tallkenmarkit: but wait, there is more11:59
frybyeif your question is - can i choose kde3 or kde4 for intrepid - answer is no - only comes with kde4.*something*11:59
Tallkenfrybye: read what I said11:59
markitand my OLD kde3 settings are still in .kde11:59
frybyenot sure if compatable...11:59
Tallkenmarkit: immediately before starting the upgrade, rename .kde to OLD-kde3 or something like that11:59
frybyeTallken: yeah seen it now...11:59
Tallkenmarkit: immediately before starting the upgrade, and copy again .kde4 to .kde12:00
frybyeTallken: but can you take all the settings from hardy too intrepid - nomatter where or how you store them...?12:00
Tallkenmarkit: don't rename unless you do a clean install, otherwise your current KDE4 install might go wacko12:00
Tallkenmarkit: copy twice: .kde4 -> ~/BACKUPkde4 ; .kde4 -> .kde12:01
frybyeI ended up doing a fresh install - there was a dual boot with opensuse11 on the pc and after intrepid update the fhing was miffed...12:01
Tallkenmarkit: should work12:01
frybyeso I did a complete wipe out and fresh install...12:01
Tallkenfrybye: the thing is KDE4 in 8.04 was not official12:01
Tallkenfrybye: and settings went to .kde412:01
kiba_how do I resume the installation wizard?12:01
rskiwhat do you mean12:02
Tallkenfrybye: I don't expect the upgrade path 8.04 KDE4 -> 8.10 KDE is fully supported in the sense of seamless settings import...12:02
Rioting_pacifistTallken: will that not remove settings for the kde3 apps that still exist?12:02
kiba_I quit the installation wizard to 8.10 because it got stuck on that virtualbox-ose12:02
frybyeTallken: that was my impression also...12:02
Rioting_pacifistkiba_: stuck downloading or installing?12:03
Tallkenmarkit: do you want to keep your KDE3 settings?12:03
kiba_I know that was a dumb move12:03
TallkenRioting_pacifist: yes, I expected he didn't want to keep them12:03
kiba_but it wasn't progressing any further12:04
kiba_and the terminal is buggy12:04
markitTallken: not at all12:04
kiba_I don't know where it is taking place in the show terminal12:04
markitTallken: fear will conflict with kde4 usage12:04
Tallkenkiba_: In case stuff gows awry, if you want to skip trying a clean install, use the alternate cd ; if you want to save bandwidth and have a faster download, use JIGDO and point it to /var/cache/apt/archives for the partially downloaded files, when it asks you to; otherwise, just download the ISO12:04
Rioting_pacifistahh if you were using the liveCD then i have no idea, i was just going to recommend running the last command again12:04
rom1vin hardy, when I installed digikam (on ubuntu-gnome), it installed some kde libs12:04
rom1vbut in intrepid12:05
s0mehey everyone.can u tell me some good im messenger like licq ?12:05
rom1vit install ALL kde (kmail, koqueror, dolphin, k3b...)12:05
rom1vhow to avoid that?12:05
zenodo you think it is possible to get BCM43XG working?12:05
Rioting_pacifists0me: ubuntu comes with pidgin/kopete12:05
kiba_Tallken: it is an installation problem, not a download problem12:05
kiba_all the packages are now downloaded12:05
Tallkenmarkit: COPY .kde4 -> BACKUPkde4 ; MOVE .kde -> OLDkde3 ; COPY .kde4 -> .kde ;12:06
s0mepidgin work only with groups/ all my group are empty so i cant see contacts12:06
kiba_and I can't use apt12:06
Tallkenkiba_: why?12:07
kiba_because apperantly, the resource is still locked12:07
rom1vdo someone know how to avoid that?12:07
Tallkendoesn't it give the locking file?12:07
Tallkenkiba_: like /var/lock something?12:07
kiba_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)12:07
Rioting_pacifists0me: there must be some setting to not use groups, but i use kde so dont know pidgin settings try asking in #ubuntu12:07
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »12:08
kiba_I hate update GUI12:08
s0meRioting_pacifist ok thx12:08
damhyojunganyboby installed 8.10beta???12:09
Tallkenkiba_: look at what ubottu said12:09
Tallkenstdin: thanks! didn't know about fuser :D I always do what it does manually :D12:10
stdinyeah, fuser saves some hassle :)12:10
kiba_you know12:11
kiba_I hate update GUI12:11
Tallkenkiba_: use the CLI lol12:11
Tallkenkiba_: anyway12:11
kiba_so damn annoying compared to the terminal12:11
Tallkenkiba_: just try to restart it12:11
Tallkenkiba_: if it doesn't work12:11
kiba_well now it is upgrading everything..12:12
Tallkenkiba_: say my nick so my IRC window flashes12:12
damhyojunganybody from China??12:12
zenowhy deleted? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/i386/bcm43xx-fwcutter? doenst work either?12:13
bazhang!cn | damhyojung12:13
ubottudamhyojung: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:13
Tallken[12:11] <Tallken> kiba_: if it doesn't work [12:12] <Tallken> kiba_: say my nick so my IRC window flashes12:13
TallkenI'm minimizing the window12:13
damhyojungthanks anyway12:15
Rafikhi, is there any chance to get OOo 3 with intrepid ?12:19
Tallkenhum... I expected openSuSE's fix to the HDD Load Cycle Count issue would be incorporated in this Ubuntu release12:19
Rafikas rc3 is out..12:19
TrewasTallken: how did they fix it?12:21
TallkenThey have a script which checks the harddrive's info against a "database" (aka, text file) of known bad harddrives and apply correct settings, usualy 254. I'm not aware if it survives a suspend, I'm guessing it does, but haven't tested it12:23
OzoNehi, anyone knows how to get nvidia restricted drivers-173 working on intrepid? My old config don't work with the new x.org version seems12:25
TallkenTrewas: ping, replied to you, forgot to type your nick, 3 lines above.12:25
TrewasTallken: sounds quite simple, running that again when resuming from suspend would be easy if HDs lose those settings12:25
TallkenTrewas: ya, I suppose. Some people say from time to time the HDD reverts to 128, testing it now, I had laptop-mode-tools brute forcing 254 on Hardy :P12:27
TrewasI have a thinkpad X41 which has a harddrive with way too aggressive powersaving no matter what settings, I don't care about it breaking but head unloading makes annoying and LOUD click12:27
zenois there any hope to get BCM43XG working?12:28
TallkenTrewas: Pavillion 6500 here, supposedly a BIOS update came out which fixed it, but can't find it12:29
mifritscherhow can I set the maschine into standby?12:32
mifritscherI didn't find it under sytem ->shutdown12:33
mifritscheralso, hibernation and shutdown don't work, but these are displayer12:34
mifritschera echo disk >/sys/power/state works12:34
mifritscherso... any ideas?12:34
Tallkenmifritscher: you using 8.10 beta?12:34
mifritscherI upgraded few minutres ago12:35
mifritscher(and restarted then)12:35
Tallkenmifritscher: ok, wait, checking sth12:35
mifritscherbut I got the problem for few weeks now12:35
biberaoany ideas to improve speed in ubuntu like boot and the use?12:36
Tallkenmifritscher: $ hal-device  |grep system.hardware.product12:37
Tallkenmifritscher: and tell me the output12:37
mifritscher system.hardware.product = '776295G'  (string)12:38
mifritscherits a ibm thinkpad x61 (tablet edition)12:38
mifritscherthe number relates to the exapt configuration12:39
mifritschercore2duo, g965+ich812:39
Tallkenhum... you don't happen to have a Intel Gigabit Ethernet, do you?12:39
mifritscheryes, I've12:39
mifritscher2.6.27er kernel disabled this, the beta seem to installed a new 2.6.26 kernel12:39
mifritscherbut its right,  I've spurios other problems, too12:40
mifritscher(tablet very instable, without wacdump it doesn't work at all, crashes in X etc.)12:40
lore20GREAT, beta released = graphics stop working!12:40
Tallkenmaybe you should revert to an old version until it gets clear what's going on12:41
Tallkenmifritscher:  maybe you should revert to an old version until it gets clear what's going on12:41
mifritscherif you want to see my other bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~michael-fritscher12:41
biberaolore20 nvidia?12:41
lore20no... vmware12:41
Tallkenmifritscher: though it's not very probable, you can get your Intel Gigabit fried....12:41
Tallkenmifritscher: ok to be 100%, Intel Gigabit with incorrent info in EEPROM12:41
mifritscheras I said, I use the 2.6.26 kernel now12:42
Tallkenmifritscher: ah sorry missed that12:42
mifritscheryeah, I know ;)12:42
Tallkenmifritscher: you using KDE?12:42
mifritscherno, gnome12:42
mifritscheron xfce I get the "normal" shutdown box with all 8 or so options12:42
lore20mifritscher, when have u upgraded to 2.6.27?12:43
Tallkenmifritscher: ok, my menu icon in KDE is a blue circle with a left arrow, thought it was a bug, wanted to check if I was the only one12:43
mifritscherlore, some time ago12:43
mifritscherif it was relaesed on ubuntu12:43
mifritscherif you want to see my other bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~michael-fritscher12:43
mifritschergrml, I it seems that this was already sent12:43
lore20mifritscher, on intrepid?12:44
Tallkenmifritscher: sent what?12:44
mifritscherthe line about launchpad12:44
lore20and now it doesn't work with 2.6.26?12:44
mifritscher2.6.26 didn't changed anything12:44
lore20you might have bricked your network adapter12:45
mifritscherthe network adapter is working all right until now ;)12:46
mifritscher(detected and right ip)12:46
lore20have u tried it with windows?12:46
lore20and what's the problem ?12:46
Tallkenlore20: you don't brick the network adapter until it fails to enumerate on the PCIE bus and even so a BIOS update may get it back to life; you *just* corrupt it's firmware :P12:47
mifritscherlore20: not displaying standby, all options in the shutdown-menu aren't working12:47
Tallkenmifritscher: Xfce uses hal values as well? do you know?12:47
mifritscherno, sorry12:47
Tallkenmifritscher: ah and restart and shutdown also don't work?12:47
mifritscherno reaction12:48
mifritscherI suspect a right problem12:48
mifritscheras normal shutdown -h now is working12:48
Tallkenmifritscher: ok, forget then, I was assuming it was a blacklisting in HAL, I was looking for your model in /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/ ; but if the other options don't work, shouldn't be it...12:48
mifritscheras I said: standby isn't even displayed, the others are displayed12:49
Tallkenmifritscher: as a workaround, use sudo pm-suspend to suspend (won't lock the screen though) instead of echo mem > (...)12:49
Tallkenmifritscher: well, don't know what the issue is then12:50
mifritscheryust found an interesting thing12:50
mifritscherthera are actually quirks for my thinkpad12:51
mifritscherbut I'm trying it now12:51
mifritscherit didn't resume clrearly with the echo12:51
mifritscherbut I suspect that the quirks are only applied with the pm-suspend?12:52
mifritscherif it lasts longer the notebook crashed^^12:52
mifritschernothing happened *G*12:53
mifritscherI wrapped it with strace12:54
mifritscherit seems that it doesn find s2ram?12:54
Linux_Galorewell that huge update worked12:54
Linux_Galore56 packages12:55
Tallkenmifritscher: LOL ?12:55
Tallkenmifritscher: weird12:55
Tallkenmifritscher: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop just in case lol12:55
Linux_Galoreyou guys should try running kde 4/interpid  lots of weirdness12:55
TallkenLinux_Galore: you using KDE4?12:56
Linux_Galorelike a puzzle within a puzzle12:56
TallkenLinux_Galore: you also get a menu icon which is a Left arrow in a blue circle?12:56
mifritscherTallken: as the package search ( http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=s2ram&mode=filename&suite=intrepid&arch=any )12:56
Linux_GaloreI get the normal K menu icon12:57
TallkenLinux_Galore: how is the first icon in the taskbar?12:57
Linux_Galorefine its the file applet12:57
Tallkenmifritscher: %-|12:57
TallkenLinux_Galore: shouldn't it be the K menu?12:57
Linux_GaloreQuick access applet12:58
Linux_Galoreno I had the same in kde 3.512:58
Linux_Galorefirst icon obviously is the K menu thats normal12:58
Linux_GaloreI thought you meant the one after12:58
TallkenLinux_Galore: I get a blue circle with a left arrow LOL :D12:59
TallkenLinux_Galore: like in a browser, to go backwards12:59
zenodoes b43 work with intrepid12:59
Linux_GaloreTallken: aah its linking the wrong icon, just swap icon themes then swap back to the default12:59
Tallkenmifritscher: well..... you can get dpkg reconfiguring everything :P12:59
Linux_GaloreTallken: that should force the k menu icon back to the norm13:00
TallkenLinux_Galore: LOL thanks, it worked :)13:01
Linux_GaloreTallken: does drag and drop work for you, I found the fix for that13:01
Linux_Galoreie dragging an icon from the menu to the taskbar13:02
Tallkendidn't try to drag and drop13:02
Linux_Galoreie an application icon13:02
=== zeno is now known as zeno__
TallkenLinux_Galore: is gtk-qt-engine working for ya?13:02
=== zeno__ is now known as zeno_
Linux_GaloreTallken: yes works fine13:02
=== zeno_ is now known as zeno___
Linux_Galorehad a problem with the fonts but I figured that out13:03
TallkenLinux_Galore: my GTK apps have a retro feeling13:03
TallkenLinux_Galore: dragging from desktop to Kate works13:04
Linux_GaloreTallken: aah yes, you may have to install gnome and define the theme as right now gtk apps are running on default13:04
TallkenLinux_Galore: dragging from the K menu to taskbar as well13:04
Linux_GaloreTallken: you got better than me I had no drag and drop accept within konqueror -> desktop13:05
rmnhow do i avoid having the tld in hostname.local when pinging other hosts?13:05
Linux_GaloreTallken: then I dragged an application link icon from konqueror to taskbar and bang konqueror seems to have fixed the bug for me13:06
TallkenLinux_Galore: lol13:06
Linux_Galoreall my drag and drops work13:06
TallkenLinux_Galore: well, bugs found so far; first boot failed on kernel boot, didn't understand why, got a garbled display and puff! hanged (I don't have splashscreen on)13:07
Linux_Galoreif I dragged from the menu to my desktop I got a text file lol with nothing in it13:07
Linux_GaloreTallken: this the install ?13:07
TallkenLinux_Galore: let me try it13:07
TallkenLinux_Galore: after installing13:08
Linux_GaloreI couldnt get it to install at all for two days13:08
Linux_Galorethen I did something stupid and it worked lol13:08
Linux_GaloreI selected "use driver cd" in the options and for some weird reason the installer worked13:09
TallkenLinux_Galore: upgraded from Hardy13:09
Linux_Galoreah, I never upgrade I always find things break13:09
TallkenLinux_Galore: using alternate CD, mounted the ISO, kdesu /media/cdrom0/cdromupgrade and voila13:10
Linux_GaloreI copy /home to my NAS then do a fresh install13:10
TallkenLinux_Galore: don't have the time to a clean install but got the need for new version xD13:10
TallkenLinux_Galore: it was risky being the beta13:10
TallkenLinux_Galore: but felt the urge to do it :D13:10
Linux_GaloreTallken: well I just built a brand new machine with a Gigabyte EP45-DS3P mobo so I needed a pretty recent kernel for the new southbridge13:11
TallkenLinux_Galore: last time I did something like this got a libc6 breakage on my hands :D13:11
TallkenLinux_Galore: you could always get a git version :P13:11
Linux_Galoreyeah, my last update didnt go well because I always use unofficial sources13:12
Tallkenmedibuntu, opera and google repos13:12
Tallkennothing more13:12
Tallkenmifritscher: how's that going?13:12
Linux_GaloreTallken: I couldnt be bothered rebuilding a kernel only to find some weirdness is there that I dont have the time to track down13:12
TallkenLinux_Galore: ok, fair enough :)13:13
Linux_GaloreTallken: I moved from computers to marketing and now I dont have any time to stuff around for hours13:13
TallkenLinux_Galore: do you have keyboard shortcuts to increase the volume?13:14
* Linux_Galore misses the IT support dept13:14
Linux_GaloreTallken: yes works fine13:14
XVampireXI installed kubuntu 8.10 now I didn't have any sound for some reason, I'm thinking it's mostly because of the bugged phonon13:14
XVampireXnow I'm installing ubuntu studio13:14
Tallkenphonon ?13:15
Linux_GaloreTallken: scrathc that the last update seems to have screwed up the volume applet13:15
TallkenLinux_Galore: my progress bar doesn't work, doesn't increase and sometimes the sound seems to go up, sometimes doesn't13:15
TallkenLinux_Galore: LOL13:15
TallkenLinux_Galore: bug report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the rescue13:15
Linux_GaloreTallken: well all I get is what my volume setting is13:15
Linux_Galoreit doesnt actually change the volume anymore13:16
XVampireXHow can intrepid become beta if it's barely bug free :P13:16
TallkenXVampireX: explain in detail the sequence of events13:16
TallkenXVampireX: are easily offended? I'm tempted to make a joke as a reply, but it's not my intention to annoy you? :P13:16
Tallken*are you13:16
reqqitSo, any news on the UI? Is it going to be the one in the alpha shots?13:17
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: I had audio problems, turns out everything is muted13:17
reqqitor is it still in the air? (or is it being kept 'secret')13:17
TallkenLinux_Galore: as well, but insist and it seems to work13:17
XVampireXWell here's how it goes, I had 8.04 KDE4 remix, 64bit edition. Now one thing that really sucked was that sometimes when I boot via the normal kernel (Not recovery) I had some the pc speaker go on madly13:17
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: there is not such thing as bug free software13:17
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: just more stable and less buggy software than others13:18
XVampireXAlso not always when I got on the splash screen or whatever it was called, when you see kubuntu load up, I saw only the textual start up...13:18
TallkenXVampireX: pc speaker module is now blacklisted, AFAIK13:18
frybyeHi - I had horrible sound with the on-board sound system - have switched it off in bios and inserted a pic-sound card but intrepid does not "see" it - how to proceed.. eh has irqprobe got anything top do with this - if yes - how to do boot with irqprobe??13:19
TallkenXVampireX: using the beta? I always disable splash screen so can't tell you if it is working13:19
* Linux_Galore wonders about noobs using Intrepid13:19
XVampireXAnd when I got on Kubuntu itself I didn't have sound, and the nvidia drivers or the xorg didn't let me configure xorg.conf for my nvidia card.... if I add too much to it (That means 1-2 lines) It wouldn't boot into X and would freeze up the kernel most likely...13:19
XVampireXYeah I'm using the beta...13:19
frybyeLinux_Galore: fair comment... ;=(13:19
frybyeso how do i get intrepid to see the new sound card???13:20
Tallkenfrybye: check the module responsible by the card, use google, and try loading it; check dmesg as well and after you try loading the module13:20
Linux_Galoreshould have a warning on the download page,  if you dont know how to run sudo alsamixer  do not install13:21
TallkenXVampireX: disable the Nvidia drivers for now13:21
frybyetallken - can you tell me that a bit more step by step - newbie here...13:21
XVampireXThey work "fine" without those settings, I'm talking about the shm stuff and pixmapplacement13:21
XVampireXor whatever13:21
Linux_GaloreNvidia drivers + ATi drivers = dont work13:21
XVampireXI know....13:21
TallkenXVampireX: so, the problem ___now__ is what?13:22
frybyeok - i think i know now... hang on...13:22
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: Intrepid has the new new totally different version of xorg13:22
XVampireXWell I'm really hoping gnome will work.13:22
XVampireXLinux_Galore: So I heard... something that doesn't require an xorg.conf file13:22
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: the old binaries for nvidia and ati "do not work with the new version of xorg"13:22
XVampireXI'm using the beta binaries13:22
XVampireX177.76 on ubuntu13:23
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: yes so if things are buggy with the beta driver ??13:23
Linux_Galorethats normal :-)13:23
XVampireXNo no no...13:23
XVampireX32 bit ubuntu first of all worked fine for me with those drivers13:23
TallkenLinux_Galore, XVampireX, frybye: awaying, cya later13:23
XVampireXBye bey :D13:23
XVampireXWell I wanted to go back to gnome for a while, KDE4 while being cool with a lot of features is still not stable enough.13:24
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: trust me if your going to run beta, run the 32 bit version heh13:24
XVampireXespecially because distros don't know what the heck they are doing with it13:24
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: duh!13:25
biberaoubuntu destroyed my pc13:25
XVampireXWell, It's just that I see 64bit increasing the performance a bit...13:25
XVampireXWhich makes me happy :D13:25
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: kde 4 is far from mature, I would say 9.04 will be the sweet spot13:25
biberaoit doesnt move13:25
biberaoi think hdd is gone13:25
biberaobut cdroom cant boot either :|13:26
biberaoit boots and it stops13:26
XVampireXLinux_Galore: You mean KDE 4.2 or 4.3?13:26
XVampireXI know nvidia are working on a rather nice new driver 180.xx series13:26
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: 4.3 should be out by then 4.2 beta is already out13:26
XVampireX4.2 beta... right13:26
XVampireXso why did I uninstall 4.1.2 ?13:26
Linux_GaloreXVampireX:  ??13:26
XVampireXI bet I didn't uninstall it completely though13:27
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: 4.1.2 is the latest stable shall we say13:27
XVampireXStill must be some non kdelibs5 dependant apps13:27
Linux_Galorenot finnished just stable13:27
XVampireXthe stable is not stable enough :D13:27
Linux_GaloreXVampireX: well so far it hasnt crashed so thats stable for me13:27
OzoNehi, anyone knows how to get nvidia restricted drivers-173 working on intrepid? My old config don't work with the new x.org version seems13:28
Linux_GaloreOzoNe: you cant13:28
mifritscherTallken: some more infos: hibernation didn't work because of wrong info un  the uswsup.conf13:29
mifritscherbut resume isn't working13:29
mifritscherwhile testing it, it didn't found resume data13:29
OzoNeLinux_Galore, I though that broken drivers was 96-xx and older series13:29
Linux_GaloreOzoNe: the old xorg.conf means nothing, not used with xorg 1.5 anymore13:29
Linux_GaloreOzoNe: my xorg.conf file is empty13:29
OzoNeLinux_Galore, then there is no way to get glx working in 1.5 at the moment?13:29
XVampireXlooky there...13:29
XVampireXI HAVE SOUND!!!!!13:29
mifritscherbut later on booting, while mounting the swap it found hibernation data and reinitilized the swap13:29
Linux_GaloreOzoNe: use the nv driver for now and wait13:30
XVampireXand I'm on ubuntu studio!13:30
OzoNeLinux_Galore, my xorg.conf is empty too, but then I haven't acceleration13:30
OzoNeLinux_Galore, for use nv, I need modify xorg.conf?13:30
Linux_GaloreOzoNe: always try envy, they seems to have the latest stuff working13:30
Linux_GaloreOzoNe: no just remove the nvidia driver13:30
OzoNeok, thanks13:31
Linux_GaloreOzoNe: xorg will see its not there then swap to nv13:31
Tallkenmifritscher: so hibernate is working?13:31
XVampireXAnyway I'll go on via xchat13:31
XVampireXbe right back13:31
mifritscherTallken: . hibernate: yes resume: no13:31
OzoNeand the last question, where can I read about the new drivers?13:31
Linux_GaloreOzoNe: to use envy you have to remove the nvidia driver anyway13:31
OzoNeI don't like envy :S13:32
biberaoubuntu cd doesnt bring any utility13:32
OzoNeI will wait13:32
biberaoto test the hdd right?13:32
Linux_Galorebiberao: yes it does13:32
mifritscherTallken: the swap is dmcrypted, but the password is asked before trying to resume, and says teh right device13:32
OzoNeLinux_Galore, in ubuntuforums there is ppl with nvidia drivers working in 1.5 :S13:33
mifritscherperhaps a version mismtch  or something?13:33
biberaoLinux_Galore i installed ubuntu and it stops in the loader13:33
biberaoafter that tried to boot the cd again13:33
Linux_GaloreOzoNe: yes, bet they are using the envy hacks13:33
biberaoand now it stops in the loader before installing13:33
biberaoany idea what could be?13:33
zorglu_q. what is mythubuntu13:33
Linux_Galorebiberao: select the "use driver cd" option after the language section, I think it under f413:34
Tallkenmifritscher: no idea13:34
Linux_Galorewhen it asks for the cd hit enter13:34
mifritscherTallken, ok13:34
biberaoi think the hdd fried13:34
mifritscherTallken: do you know who makes the s2suspend?13:35
Linux_Galorebiberao: Linux doesnt tough the hdd till it does the install13:35
Tallkenmifritscher: nop13:35
Tallkenmifritscher: awaying13:35
biberaoso can be the cd problems?13:35
biberaobut it was working yesterday13:35
Linux_Galorebiberao: not the cd read what I posted13:35
biberaomaybe the drive13:35
mifritscherbtw, on a 8.04 there isn't s2*13:35
biberaoLinux_Galore what for use driver cd?13:36
Linux_Galorebiberao: you dont13:36
frybyehi - how can I view the file /dev/sndstat - with OPEN i get a menu but cant find kate or similar anywhere?13:36
Linux_Galorebiberao: you force it to black list the problem hardware thus it goes into a normal install13:36
Linux_Galorebiberao: as I said read what I posted13:36
biberaoi did that13:37
biberaohappens the same13:37
Linux_Galorebiberao: so does it ask you for the CD ?13:37
biberaoi chose enter13:37
Linux_Galorethen hit enter13:37
biberaobut it was already frozen13:37
biberaomaybe ill use13:38
biberaousb pen13:38
Linux_Galoresounds like a bad cd13:38
biberaoto install ubuntu13:38
biberaoit worked yesterday13:38
frybyeeven when i run kdesudo kate and go to /dev/sndstat it wont let me read it...????13:38
biberaoto install 2 ubuntus13:38
biberaoi think the drive fried13:38
biberaodvd drive13:38
Linux_Galoreaah, swap it then13:39
biberaoor maybe the HDD13:39
biberaosomething happen13:39
biberaocant i use usb?13:39
biberaoto install it?13:39
Linux_Galorebiberao: yes if the bios supports it13:39
biberaoit does13:39
aji_Does someone know why hydrogen in ubuntu intrepid is crashing whole computer?13:39
biberaoLinux_Galore isnt there an utility13:39
Linux_Galorebiberao: yes google it, there are a few howto's13:40
XVampireXBoo :D13:40
Linux_Galoreaji_: run it in the command line see were its bugging out13:41
biberaoi cant remember the one13:41
biberaolive usb creator13:42
aji_Linux_Galore, http://pastebin.com/d15086b7113:43
aji_after that welcome screen starts, and then total crash13:43
aji_i have to reboot whole computer13:43
biberaoaji_ isnt that old version?13:44
aji_im running inteprid x86_64 "installation with Linux wotan 2.6.26-1-rt #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Fri Aug 29 12:39:10 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux"13:44
biberaoi mean13:45
XVampireXI've got a little problem, if anyone could help me :D13:57
XVampireXSo I had KDE4, and I also had the gtk-qt engine, now I'm on Gnome and gtk-qt engine is still working, though I uninstalled KDE4...13:57
derspanksterpretty quiet this time about the new version. Any reason to get excited about an upgrade from those of you running the beta?13:57
teethdoodI couldn't boot into Ibex using the latest kernel for the past couple of days, had to use the "Last Successful Boot." Anyone experiencing the same thing?14:02
platiusteethdood;  2.6.27-4-generic is booting fine 4 me14:05
mifritscherTallken: it is NOT related to the dmcrypt14:06
mifritscherTallken:  it seems that there even sould exist no s2suspend14:07
m3Fi downloaded the intrepid beta, but it does not recognize one of my hard disc drives (the primary one), is this a known bug in the installer? i can see the 5 partitions in the LiveCD, but, when i run the installation process the primary hard drive appears empty.14:08
m3For maybe my liveCD is the broken one?14:09
m3Fi do not think so, because the live CD runs good, and i can see does partitions in nautilus running the liveCD14:10
m3Fthose partitions*14:10
mifritschersorry, mean s2ram14:11
m3Fbtw, i really like ubuntu, becouse of the art of the stuff and the great integration between gnome and compiz and awn14:12
m3Fbut one thing i really do not like at all is the pour PulseAudio integration14:13
rskino idea14:13
rskifile a bug14:13
teethdoodm3F: have you tried mounting it manually? does it still appear empty?14:13
m3Fi thought maybe in this new release, with the new Alsa the things would change, but it seems they are not14:14
mifritscherTallken: after a bit searching, I assume that s2ram was forgot to pack in uwsusp14:15
m3Fwhy ubuntu does not improve his audio system? PulseAudio is really pour in Ubuntu, even the new Intrepid14:15
m3Fteethdood: i see my partitions in the Nautilus Live CD, if i mount it, i could not install anything there14:16
m3FFrijolie: hola amigo14:16
FrijolieI'm looking at upgrading from Hardy to Intrepid via LiveCD, but I don't want to overwrite my current /home partition14:17
Frijolieis this an easy task, or something a little more advanced?14:17
m3FFrijolie: there is a command you have to run to upgrade from hardy to intrepid14:18
Frijoliethe updrade -d14:18
m3FFrijolie: there is an app for that14:18
Tallkenmifritscher: ??? weird14:18
bytor4232upgrade-manager -d14:18
m3Fyes, that one14:18
Frijoliebytor4232: yeah that thanks14:18
Tallkenmifritscher: but I can suspend, so that's weird14:18
Frijoliem3F: wouldn't it be better to do a fresh install?14:18
m3FFrijolie: personally, i do not like to upgrade, always problems14:19
bytor4232So far the move from Hardy to Intrepid went fabulous with me, except for one problem.  NetworkManager on my Laptop forgot my security key for my wireless access point.14:19
m3Fbytor4232: really a very little problem, right?14:19
Frijoliem3F: I had problems with the Feisty --> Gutsy upgrade by doing it that way14:19
bytor4232I have all my desktops and my primary laptop upgraded.  The only thing thats still Hardy is my server, which will probably stay hardy for a while.14:20
bytor4232m3F: yeah, just had to enter the key back in.14:20
m3FFrijolie: me too14:20
Frijoliebytor4232: due to LTS right?14:20
bytor4232m3F: More of an annoyance.14:20
bytor4232Frijolie: Yes14:20
bytor4232Frijolie: Its a server afterall.14:20
mifritscherTallken: back to the s2disk issue: it works now from an unencrypted disk :-)14:20
mifritscherTallken: , what do oyu have in yours /etc/acpi/sleep.sh?14:21
Frijoliewhen you do the "upgrade-manager -d" does that change your repos over to Intrepid as well?14:21
m3FFrijolie: it have to, that is a must14:21
mifritscherTallken: , I try to put back the echo disk/mem in it14:22
kibait seem that the latest kernel image doesn't work for me14:22
aji_Why in intrepid there is no AUDIO group?14:22
kibahow do I kill the kdm?14:22
aji_i had to create it manually to edit limits.conf to support realtime cabaplities14:22
m3Fwhy Pulseaudio is so pour in Ubuntu?14:23
mifritscherTallken: ah, even in /etc/acpi there is the echo command14:23
mifritscher->patching pm-suspend14:23
m3Fi have lots of problems in hardy to set my audio system to surround, due to Pulseaudio is not well implemented in ubuntu14:24
* kiba wonders how to kill the kdm14:24
kibamy kdm is not behaving14:24
m3Fkiba, maybe if you install gdm over kdm14:25
m3For maybe is you remove and purge kdm and install it back14:25
Frijoliewell I'm in the process of backing up my data now...so if I have to wipe it I won't loose data14:25
markitkiba: /etc/init.d/kdm stop ?14:25
Frijoliem3f: I agree PulseAudio blows! I'm having troubles with it in Hardy, but have been told that may be fixed in Intrepid. My main reason for the upgrade14:26
m3Fi seems Ubuntu worry about everything but Sound System (Pulse Audio)14:27
XVampireXDoes anyone here have problem with enabling totem bbc plugin?14:27
mifritscherTallken: found the finally pproblem it seems14:27
TallkenI don't know what makes rcconf show a whole new world of init scripts available to enable/disable now, but I like it :D14:27
Tallkenmifritscher: what?14:27
mifritscherpm-action's configfile that it is defaulting to kernel14:28
aji_so why there is no audio group in intrepid?14:28
mifritscherbut it ueses uwsusp as deafult14:28
mifritscher->I set it to kernel14:28
mifritscher->works :-)14:28
mifritscherthe only problem is the gpu now ;)14:29
m3Fi love the eye candy, and ubuntu is the best for me in that matter, but music is my lover, and ubuntu does not care to much about my lover, that is sad for me :(14:30
Tallkenmifritscher: cool14:30
Tallkenmifritscher: gotta go, cya! good luck with that :)14:30
mifritscherTallken: bye :-)14:30
sourcemakerI have big problems with kde 8.10...14:38
sourcemakerkde does not start with my old kde home14:38
sourcemakerand with a fresh kde home... there are two directories .kde and kde4... why?14:40
m3Fsourcemaker: fresh intrepid installation?14:43
sourcemakerm3F: no upgrade from hardy...14:43
sourcemakerand the upgrade manager also crashed...14:44
m3Fsourcemaker: hardy gnome and then you upgrade to intrepid gnome?14:44
sourcemakerm3F: so I installed the packages via command line... but i hope that there is no difference14:44
m3Fsourcemaker: did you installed kde or kde4 in your hardy gnome before?14:44
Chousukeacuster: I auppoaw .kde = kde3 and .kde4 is for 414:44
sourcemakerm3F: no... hardy kubuntu kde14:44
sourcemakerm3F: kde414:45
Chousukesourcemaker: even14:45
m3Fsourcemaker: you have to start from that, telling that you had hrdy kde414:45
thepeonAnybody have some time to help me get a nvidia 8600 and dual monitors set up.  I'm lost14:45
sourcemakerm3F: I was using kde4.1 using hardy... that I started the upgrade manager... to upgrade my system to intrepid...14:46
sourcemakerm3F: while installing the new packages... (after download has been completed)... the upgrade manager crashed :-)14:46
sourcemakerm3F: so I installed the packages via command line... apt-get dist-upgrade... and restarted my system...14:47
sourcemakerI renamed my old .kde4 profile... because kde did not start with this profile... and I also renamed the old .kde3 profile... because I think it is deprecated...14:48
m3Fsourcemaker: maybe you have to make "sudo apt-get install -f" to fix the crashed upgrade14:48
sourcemakerm3F: yes... I have done... all packages are installed14:48
sourcemakerm3F: but now... kde creates 2 directories... (1) .kde (2) .kde4... which one is the right?14:49
kibadid anybody got amarok-kde4 working?14:49
kibait doesn't like to play network14:49
kibawell..it couldn't play a stream14:49
m3Fsourcemaker: i do not know if the Kubuntu kde4 upgrade is set up as good as the Ubuntu distro upgrade14:49
=== lenios is now known as Airi
m3Fsourcemaker: ok, i heard that the new Kubuntu kde4 is not installing in the old .kde4, so the new distro upgrade set your system to the .kde instead of the old .kde414:50
m3Fsourcemaker: then, your new system works with the .kde14:51
sourcemakerm3F: yes... I have tried this... renaming .kde4 to .kde3... but then.. kde does not start... only a black screen14:51
m3Fsourcemaker: i guess the .kde4 is useless now14:51
sourcemaker renaming .kde4 to .kde...14:51
m3Fno no14:52
m3Fsourcemaker: your .kde4 is useless, you do not have to rename14:52
ianliu_88how can I install other languages for openoffice? I wanted pt-br spellchecker14:52
m3Fsourcemaker: actually,i think you have to remove it14:52
sourcemakerm3F: why? I would like to use my old configuration and application data?14:53
m3Fsourcemaker: i am not an ubuntu developer, but i think your old personal .kde4 stuff is no longer to be used, becouse the Kubuntu kde4 distro upgrade does not match your old hardy stuff14:54
m3Fbecause of the .kde4 and the new .kde14:55
m3Ffor Kubuntu, it is very different than in gnome ubuntu14:56
m3Fbecause gnome hardy does not need to set a new .gnome :D14:56
m3Fsourcemaker: i suggest, move manually all your personal stuf from your .kde4 to the new .kde and then remove the .kde414:58
m3Fsourcemaker: even better, i suggest you have to ask in #kubuntu, not here maybe14:59
stdinm3F: #kubuntu does not support intrepid15:09
m3Fstdin: so, who does?15:13
m3Fstdin: here?15:13
stdin#ubuntu+1 is for all (official) *buntu variant development versions15:13
Delvienafter the last update did anyone elses network card (not the e1000e) not work anymore?15:14
m3Fstdin: why ubuntu does not care about Pulse Audio?, other distros have a much better Pulse integration (Mandriva for example)15:15
stdinI don't use pulse audio, so don't know15:15
skyjumperm3F: what's wrong with it in ubuntu?15:17
m3Fstdin: i need that for surround with audigy SE 7.1 sound card15:17
thepeonAnybody have time to help me with a disply problem15:18
Delvienm3F what is the benefit of pulseaudio anyway15:19
skyjumperDelvien: it takes sound from any number sources at the same time, and outputs to any number of outputs (potentially over the network also)15:21
m3FDelvien: pulse audio is a sound server, i can duplicate the channels for my sound card, to have surround15:21
Delvieni see.15:21
m3FDelvien: i cannot get surround with ALSA by itself15:21
Delvienim partially deaf, so my 7.1 sounds the same for me :D15:22
m3Fi do not why, but Mandriva asks me if i want surround from the beginning of the instalation process and, when the installation ends, i have surround, something that i can not see in Ubuntu anywhere!!!!!!15:23
m3Fsound system in ubuntu is crappy15:24
DelvienI agree15:24
Delvienbut its a sacrafice for everything else15:24
m3FDelvien: that is my problem, of course, the sacrifice :(15:24
m3FDelvien: i love music, ubuntu makes my sound card play noises15:25
Delvienm3f my sound is pefect. using pulseaudio atm15:25
m3Fshows me around 7 sound devices, when there is just one sound card15:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about realtime15:25
Delvienm3f only one here :x15:25
ubottuThe RT kernel is the Ubuntu kernel with a realtime preemption patch applied. It is included in Ubuntu Studio by default. For more information please see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime/15:26
XVampireXHow do I install rt on 8.10 ?15:26
DelvienXVampireX: if you were looking for realtime, i dont think an RT kernel is the one for you. Hold on15:26
XVampireXI need it for ubuntu studio, I'm a musician...15:27
m3FXVampireX: i would install Ubuntu Studio, but i do not have a DVD rom drive15:27
XVampireXI installed it via apt...15:27
XVampireXand it didn't come with the real time kernel15:27
DelvienXVampireX: I see, i thought you were looking for realtime codec15:27
DelvienXVampireX: Have you installed the rt kernel package>15:28
berniv6anyone else on kubuntu 8.10 with kde4 redrawing problems that tonights kwin packet (4:4.1.2-0ubuntu2) did not fix?15:28
XVampireXDelvien, not exactly... it doesn't let me :-/15:28
DelvienXVampireX:  elaborate15:29
m3FXVampireX: i have the Ubuntu Studio installer, but i do not have a DVD drive :'(15:29
XVampireX  linux-rt: Depends: linux-restricted-modules-rt (= but it is not going to be installed15:29
XVampireXE: Broken packages15:29
DelvienXVampireX: sudo apt-get install -f15:29
Delvienerr, hold on that could be wrong15:30
XVampireXthat command gives me nothing15:30
Delvienbeen a while hehe15:30
XVampireXMight have to downgrade to 8.04 studio15:30
XVampireXI'll just download it :P15:30
XVampireXI think it's worth it anyway15:30
DelvienXVampireX:  might be broken with ibex anyway, since its still in beta15:31
DelvienXVampireX:  unless you want to spend time submitting bugs15:31
XVampireXHmm, 32 bit or 64 bit? I 'll choose 32bit this time15:32
DelvienXVampireX:  try sudo apt-get install --fix-broken15:32
XVampireXdoesn't work :D15:32
rmni broke the boot sequence.  bios does no longer start to boot linux, but doing so from the rescue cd works fine (boot from first hdd).  boot-flag dropped?15:32
Delvienelaborate XVampireX15:32
XVampireXdoesn't fix anything15:32
DelvienXVampireX:  what does it give you15:33
XVampireXI know what those commands are supposed to do :D15:33
Delvienrmn what is the error?15:33
XVampireXserge@serge-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install --fix-broken15:33
XVampireXReading package lists... Done15:33
XVampireXBuilding dependency tree15:33
XVampireXReading state information... Done15:33
XVampireX0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.15:33
DelvienXVampireX:  did you remove the broken packages?15:33
rmnDelvien, no error.  bios just blinks underscore.  as in no bootable devices15:33
XVampireXNevermind I'll just get 8.04.1 studio I'll be fine :)15:33
rmnDelvien, i remade initramfs15:33
Delvienrmn but does it give you an error, just blinks and thats it?15:33
DelvienXVampireX:  smart thinking15:34
XVampireXBesides I have to figure out  how to get zynaddsubfx to work with midi on linux15:34
XVampireXalthough with the amount of VSTis that I have, I don't need zynaddsubfx :D15:34
rmnDelvien, just blinks forever.  and as said when i force it to book from the first hdd via the alternate cd it goes through grub as usual15:34
XVampireXIt's too... electronic and fake anyway15:34
DelvienXVampireX:  not a sound guy, sounds like gibberish to me. Is there a flux capacitor involved?15:35
XVampireXWell, MIDI is the messages used mostly by digital music instruments that go from them to the PC and back...15:36
thepeonHas anyone else had issues with X on 64 bit upgrades?15:36
XVampireXVSTi's are virtual studio technology instruments... that means you can get a synthesizer or digital piano and use midi to control another virtual instrument on the PC :D15:36
XVampireXIf you want me to get into detail I don't mind :D15:37
Delvienhuh? what15:37
rmnDelvien, do you know of a way to check if the boot-flag is set?15:37
XVampireXand zynaddsubfx is a ladspa plugin (the VSTis technology for linux) :P15:38
Delvienrmn install CD is the only way i know, you can check the partitions when it asks you have to partition Select manual15:38
rmnDelvien, ok, but that involves a new install.  after changing menu.lst for grub is there a command I should run (i think lilo required that back in its day)?15:39
Delvienrmn you dont have to install, just get to that menu15:40
Delvienrmn it doesnt change anything15:40
rmnDelvien, ok.  i'll try gparted first though.  seem to recall that it could see that flag15:40
Delvienrmn should be able to, but i havent used that tool in years15:41
Dylan^hey everyone, when trying to boot into ibex, i get some errors spouting about my sr0, has this happened to anyone yet?15:41
Dylan^if it hasn't, i'll get more details15:41
=== emma is now known as emma42
rmnreboot attempt...15:44
=== emma42 is now known as emma
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment15:48
dylan__"end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 1424776" "Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 178097"15:49
dylan__it does that three times when trying to boot into live cd environment15:49
dylan__any ideas? :(15:50
CarlFKdylan try the 'check cd for errors' ?15:50
dylan__looks like it's trying to boot into ubuntu...15:52
dylan__alright, that did exactly the same thing15:53
dylan__this is the second cd i've tried as well15:53
CarlFKthe test program needs to be able to read the cd and display output15:53
Delviendylan__ sr0 sounds like a cdrom drive aye?15:53
CarlFKwhich is what an OS 'does'15:53
Delvienor a media card reader15:53
dylan__i'm guessing so Delvien15:53
Delviendylan__ you have ubuntu already installed ?15:54
dylan__no, this is live cd15:54
dylan__i've been able to use wubi to install15:54
dylan__but that's not what i wish to do15:54
Delviendo you have a media card reader installed?15:54
dylan__yes, but nothing is in theree15:54
Delvientry disconnecting it from the mobo and booting15:55
dylan__that could be problematic with my laptop's warranty ;)15:55
dylan__and it's an asus bios, so it has a horribly limited amount of settings15:56
CarlFKor tr pluggin something in, give it something to read from15:56
CarlFK(totally guessing here...)15:56
Delviendylan__ ah, didnt know it was a lappy15:56
Delviendylan__ well cant you just take some wire cutters and chop it off the board ? :D15:57
dylan__well it appears the girlfriend has stolen my camera, so nothing to plug in there15:58
dylan__i'm going to go test the cd in her computer15:58
Delviendylan__ is it just not booting to live cd?16:00
dylan__no, it gets past the splash screen16:01
dylan__and hits busybox16:01
dylan__i can get a initramfs prompt16:01
Delviendylan__ is it a live cd16:01
=== Airi is now known as lenios
Delviendylan__ try and alternative CD16:02
dylan__yeah i'm going to go burn a new one with higher quality cds16:02
dylan__i got it through torrent, so md5 hashes are definitely the same as sending end16:03
thepeoncould still use some help with my xserver desplay problems when someone has a chance16:11
Tuv0khow do you restart the pulseaudio server?16:11
Tuv0kand why is it dying on me after a few hours or whenedver flash crashes16:11
Tuv0kI have to reboot to regain audio?16:11
Tuv0k/etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart does restart the server16:11
DelvienTuv0k they are still working on it16:12
DelvienTuv0k several bugs are opened up about pulse16:12
Delvienthepeon whats happening16:12
thepeonDelvien, every time I change the drivers and reboot X, it kicks me into low grafics mode16:15
Delvienthepeon what gfx card16:15
thepeonnvidia 8600 GT XXX16:16
DelvienI have the same card,16:16
Delviendo you have the nvidia-glx-new package installed?16:16
thepeonI'll take a look16:16
void^that's nvidia-glx-177 now16:17
thepeonYea, I installed that last night both manualy and through the restricted drivers16:17
Delvienvoid^ ah, thanks :D16:18
thepeonwhen I did it manualy, I realoaded X with no problem, but when I went to setup the second monitor, I had to reboot and it went into low graphics again16:18
Delvienyou disconnect the 2nd monitor and try again?16:19
thepeonLet me give that a try16:20
thepeonDelvien, getting met with the low-graphics mode again16:28
Delvienthepeon using intrepid right?16:28
thepeon"Faild to load module 'type1' (module does not exist,0)16:28
thepeon64 bit16:28
thepeonI dont like the "eww"...16:29
marliesI have installed the upgrade directly from the upgrade tool, and now when I start I put my user name and password and then keeps there waiting let's say for nautilus, but I an not sure, some suggestions boys ?!!? and girls ?!!?!16:29
Delvienthepeon do you have restricted modules installed?16:30
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment16:30
thepeonI did for hardy, do I have to install it again?16:30
dylan__gah, ibex hates me.16:30
dmh65try to remember that Ibex is using xorg 7.416:30
Delvienthepeon you are running a different kernel, of course you do16:30
dmh65ati driver stops at xorg 7.316:31
Delvienthepeon linux-restricted-modules-2.6.27-4-generic (or whatever one you are running )16:31
thepeonwhat else would I be running other then generic?16:31
Delvienthepeon sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-generic should work16:32
Delvienthepeon in a terminal run "uname -r"16:32
marliesI have installed the upgrade directly from the upgrade tool, and now when I start I put my user name and password and then keeps there waiting let's say for nautilus, but I an not sure, some suggestions boys ?!!? and girls ?!!?!16:32
marliesI mean the beta ibex upgrade16:32
Delvienmarlies that is broken english and i cant understand it "and then keeps there waiting let's say for nautilus"16:33
dmh65marlies upgrade what?16:33
Delvienthepeon aye do this "sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-generic"16:33
thepeonalready installed16:34
Delvienthepeon wait.. why are you using hardy's kernel with intrepid16:34
dmh65I hardly even watch a dvd in Linux, boot to vista for that :)16:35
thepeonIf I am, I'm not meaing to16:35
marliesI mean the beta ibex upgrade16:35
marliesI have installed the upgrade directly from the upgrade tool, and now when I start I put my user name and password and then keeps there waiting let's say for nautilus, but I an not sure, some suggestions boys ?!!? and girls ?!!?!16:35
Delvienthepeon should be using x.x.27-x16:35
dmh65marlies why not do a fresh install?16:35
marliescause I want to keep old programas file and so16:35
aji_Anyone have a Intel X4500HD display adapter?16:35
Delvienmarlies repeating the question doesnt mean someone is going to answer it16:35
marliescan I do that ?16:35
dmh65just backem up16:36
marliessorry Delvien16:36
marliesif I don't repeat it16:36
marliesthen no body will see it16:36
dmh65just backup your files16:36
Delvienmarlies I already said i saw it, and i dont understand what you are asking16:36
thepeonnope, 2.6.24-17, how do I fix that16:36
Delvienthepeon reboot and boot into the proper kernel from the grub menu16:37
Delvienthepeon (the newest) .2716:37
marlieswell, I have upgraded, to ibex beta, and then I could not started up the system anymore, stop after logging in16:37
Delvienthepeon i had troubles with .24 kernel in intrepid16:37
Delvienmarlies any error?16:37
thepeonI didn't see one listed, I'll get to grub and let you know what I have.16:37
marlieswell during the upgrade, there were somethings that could not be setted up16:37
marliesso I have passed it over as only option that existed16:38
thepeonDelvien, I have x.x.24-17-generic and x.x.24-16openvz and generic, no .2716:39
Delvienthepeon and you are in intrepid?16:39
dmh65marlies is it wise to upgrade a stable production sytem to a testing beta, you tell me!16:39
thepeonno, sitting at grub16:39
marliesyes, I have learned now16:39
DelvienWell i mean you have intrepid installed16:40
thepeoninfact grup stil says 8.04 for all the kernel options16:40
dmh65backup your important stuff and do a fresh install, all will be fine then16:40
marliesthank you16:40
dmh65your welcome16:40
Delvienthepeon then you arent in intrepid :p16:41
aji_what is status of intel driver?16:42
Delvienaji_ still blacklisted16:42
aji_Delvien, why?16:43
Delvienaji_ still broken is my guess16:43
aji_Delvien, oh the e1000e16:43
td123aji_: because the developers can't do everything at once...16:43
marlieshey guys I could enter, in gnome safe mode16:43
aji_ok, but i meant intel display adapter16:43
marliesand I can start yakuake16:43
Delvienaji_ ah, dont know16:43
marliesbut no alt f2 or so16:43
td123aji_: why is that blacklisted?16:43
rzktd123: it can brick the EPROM16:44
marliesmaybe you know something from the command line16:44
td123rzk: thats the intel network card...16:44
rzki know16:44
aji_i have x4500hd (g45-chipset) and i have to disable dri if i want to use it16:44
thepeonDelvien, I run system monitor and under system it says I'm running 8.1016:44
td123rzk: I was asking why the graphics was blacklisted16:44
aji_i made bug raport already16:44
Delvienthepeon hmm, i think your install is borked or something16:44
thepeoncould it be a grub issue??16:45
aji_td123, no no.. graphic intel driver is no blacklisted,16:45
td123rzk: if you've read any linux news recently, you heard about that bug :P16:45
thepeonor is there a way to upgrade the kernel16:45
td123aji_: you said the display adapter..16:45
Delvienthepeon install it via synaptic16:45
aji_td123, yes i asked if someone know what is status of intel display adapter driver, cause it creates hard locks16:46
dmh65how long has the synaptic pkg manager been around?16:46
marliesDelvien I have made dpkg --configure -a in yakuake and it gaves me a lot of errors16:46
dmh65I used SuSE for years so I am new to debian and ubuntu16:47
thepeonDelvien, what package?16:47
Delvienmarlies sorry, not a KDE guys16:47
Delvienthepeon the kernel packages16:47
marlieswell Im using gnome16:47
dmh65marlies your system is corrupt, I reall would recommend a fresh install16:47
Delvienmarlies yakuake is kde terminal16:48
Eldkde4 was ok on 8.04 but it's really slow on 8.10, does any body has the same problem ?16:48
td123aji_: conversation got confusing since there is an "intel" bug with the network card.. :D16:48
marliesDelvien but the only thing I could start was yakuake when I have entered in gnome safemode16:48
td123Eld: wait for the release16:48
Eldthat doesn't answer my question16:48
aji_td123, yeah, i have that problem also :-D but im using nintendo wii usb ethernet adaper for network access16:48
Eldis you say "wait for the release" to anybody reporting a problem, testing the beta won't help at all16:49
Delvienthepeon the thing is, intrepid should of installed it, which tells me your install is messed up16:49
dmh65Eld I find kde4 not very good on anything16:49
td123Eld: the reason why it is slow is because optimizations are most likely disabled and debugging symbols aren't excluded... know before you install16:49
Delvienthepeon which tells me there could be more wrong16:49
Eldbut gnome seems ok16:49
Eldand it's really slow, don't think that's just because of a debug build16:50
td123Eld: do you want a link so you could read about this furthur?16:50
dmh65kde 3.5.7+ is the best :)16:50
thepeonDelvien, So would I be better just to whipe and start over?16:50
Eldtd123: sure16:50
Delvienthepeon thats my belief16:50
td123Eld: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optimization_(computer_science) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debug_symbol16:51
dmh65ximian xd2 was the best, loved that16:51
EldI'm not that noob... thought it would be specific to that problem16:51
RotlausI just put a fresh installation of Intrepid on my Netbook, did a fully update and installed the nonfree flasplugin, but it doesn't work neither in firefox nor in opera. How can i get it to work?16:51
td123Eld: apparently you are because you are asking these questions16:51
Eldas I said before, it's really slow, and I don't think it's ONLY because of the debugging simbols16:52
marliesok, last question, how I can start the bottom bar or let's say the gonme enviroment16:52
td123Eld: oh, well.. if you ask detail lacking questions, you will get bad answers...16:52
marliesthank you dmh6516:53
dmh65thank me when it works16:53
Eldif you read what I said you wouldn't be making those bad answers16:53
td123Eld: please post the line that i missed16:53
Eld<Eld> and it's really slow, don't think that's just because of a debug build16:53
td123Eld: ... that was a minute a go. you asked your question like 10 minutes a go16:54
dmh65Rotlaus when you surf a site that needs flash what does the browser say?16:54
Eldwell anyway, you don't have any answer to my question obviously16:54
EldI was just looking for someone using kde4 to have his feeling about it16:54
td123Eld: why do you argue with me when I'm actually try to teach / help you?16:55
RotlausI get the standard 'Get the latest Flash player' link.16:55
td123Eld: I run ubuntu8.10 + kde4 under a vm and it works pretty fast.16:55
Eldcause you seem to think that every one around you is a noob and your first answer to a problem report is "wait for the release"16:55
Eldso it might be specific to my computer16:56
Eldthat's what I wanted to hear16:56
dmh65Eld most people who use Ubuntu like Gnome and dont bother with KDE unfortunately16:56
dmh65xfce is becoming very popular though16:57
td123Eld: unfortunatly a lot of people I see in here are what you say you aren't16:57
dmh65xubuntu is good16:57
td123dmh65: did you ever check out lxde?16:57
dmh65no, :)16:58
dmh65sounds interesting :)16:58
td123dmh65: it is lighter then xfce and only includes the minimal things for a de16:58
dmh65quite a traditionist here I am afraid16:58
dmh65lighter :)16:58
td123dmh65: you would be using gnome if you were :P16:58
dmh65I find normal Ubuntu very light, guess my pc is not bad16:59
td123dmh65: light in your resources (% used :D)16:59
dmh65happy with Gnome17:00
td123dmh65: my 10 year old computer seems to think otherwise :D17:00
dmh65my first was a 486 with 4mb ram :)17:00
dmh65this one has 3gb and a dual processor17:01
td123dmh65: 686, p317:01
dmh65running a bit faster than the first I might add17:01
dmh65nothing expensive mind17:01
dmh65pc's are quite cheap these days17:02
dmh65I saw a acer gemstone laptop 17" screen on the web the other day for 350 euros17:03
dmh65wish I bought it, cant find the site now17:04
s0u][ighthello the new gnome is nice!! :D17:31
s0u][ightjust upgraded to beta and i've liked it;)17:31
s0u][ightcompiz-real gave a problem and the bug is being uploaded17:31
s0u][ightthe new driver works great as well :D17:31
SebNaitsabesdo I really need to re install?   Hardy  to Ibex upgrade screwed up, because I lost power.   and for some reason it has hardy  repos when I run aptitude or apt-get even though they are not in my sources.list17:34
SebNaitsabesand it can't download anything also17:34
s0u][ightquodlibet doesn't work anymore :(17:36
Tallkenwhat is this: [ 2557.835258] Pid: 8197, comm: modprobe Tainted: G        W 2.6.27-4-generic #1 ?17:37
Tallken"Tainted: G" ?17:37
sysdocI just did some updates from the update mgr and after a reboot I got another update notification for restricted drivers. Now the restricted drivers is presenting 3 options for the Nvidia drivers. I'm currently running ver 173, I have a choice of two others ver 73 ver and 96. Does anyone know which is actually the newest??17:40
Tallkenno idea, Intel here17:41
Tallkenguys, can someone check this and tell me if that is what I suppose it is: http://pastebin.com/m3b42cb2917:42
TallkenI thought an OOPS in a module would bring the system down?17:42
Tallkenor it isn't a OOPS?17:42
dmh65guys, hardy to ibex17:47
dmh65is that wise?17:47
dmh65at this stage17:47
Tallkendmh65: it's never wise until it's final17:48
Tallkendmh65: even then, wait for a few days17:48
Tallkendmh65: but myself had to try, so I'm with the beta17:48
dmh65lots of people are saying they have problems, its hardy suprising :)17:48
dmh65I installed the beta afresh and have not added a thing but updates17:49
dmh65all is fine with me17:49
sourcemakeris there a frontend für strigi?17:49
TallkenI've had an issue with usbserial17:49
TallkenI think I misconfigured the APN with NetworkManager17:50
Tallkenand couldn't connect17:50
Tallkenand got the usbserial to print an error17:50
Tallkenat http://pastebin.com/m3b42cb2917:50
blackvdSo I got bored yesterday and decided to upgrade to Ibex figuring if it broke it fixing it would give me something to do. Well it beyond the call of duty when it broke my system. Unable to get any nvidia drivers to load so far, trying to open any folders opens vlc instead. are these standard problems so far?17:50
dmh65thing is as well bugs will not get seen and sorted as long as people dont try, so I will add some stuff I think17:50
Tallkenalso, kppp doesn't reset the traffic count17:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nivida17:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nvidea17:51
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment17:51
blackvdyeah I've been through that before17:51
dmh65drivers are not there yet$17:51
dmh65its xorg 7.4 not 7.317:51
dmh65atleast for ati17:52
dmh65which is what I am waiting for17:52
YaManicKillcan i ask what people think of 8.10 beta?17:53
blackvdyeah none of the drivers will load17:53
dmh65fine but no vid drivers17:53
blackvdalso every app I have crashes when I try to run it17:53
dmh65not that bad for me17:54
dmh65blackvd hardy works fine for you?17:54
YaManicKillso far on my laptop everything works perfectly17:54
blackvdoh yeah also I have no sound17:54
blackvdI have  a dell so its certified hardware17:54
dmh65acer here17:55
blackvdinspiron 640017:55
dmh65aspire 3100 desktop17:55
YaManicKilli've yet to test it on my desktop...but i'm not sure how it'll work with my motherboard, cause 8.04 doesnt work properly with it17:55
YaManicKillmy laptop is Toshiba Satellite pro L2017:56
dmh65sold mine17:56
YaManicKilland my desktops motherboard is an Nvidia 8200 - which for it nothing works properly with 8.04...so i'm going to try 8.10 soon17:56
dmh65want a acer gemstone though badly lol17:56
YaManicKillgraphics dont work, sata doesnt work, sound doesn't work17:57
YaManicKillso i really hope 8.10 will sort some of these issues17:57
dmh65YaManicKill any distro work with it?17:57
YaManicKillnot that i've tried dmh6517:57
YaManicKillsupposodly the newest fedora works with it, but i cant seem to get it to work17:58
dmh65try opensuse, then come back here17:58
YaManicKillyou think it might work?17:58
dmh65next best17:58
YaManicKillok...well i've still not tried 8.10 beta yet...so we'll see17:58
ba5ehi I am loading the live cd on a ATI x1950Pro and a DVI interface and when xorg loads the screen goes to powersave, any ideas?17:58
dmh65if its not graphics related then Ubuntu is the best in my opinion17:58
YaManicKilli mean, i've survived for a while without graphgics working. and i use an IDE hdd for the time being, and i have a pci sound card17:59
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment17:59
YaManicKilli'm ordering a sats-usb so i can then use my sata harddrive...and then the only thing really that bothers me is the grapgics17:59
sourcemakercan I install "apt-get install kde" in intrepid to install the full kde?18:00
YaManicKillsourcemaker, use apt-get install kubuntu-desktop18:00
ba5ehi ubottu the problem is I have no screen when xorg loads18:00
dmh65is there not a kubuntu 8.10?18:00
sourcemakerYaManicKill: I will install the complete kde... not only the kubuntu.desktop18:00
YaManicKillubuntu-desktop is full kde isn't it?18:01
sourcemakerYaManicKill: no18:01
YaManicKillreally? what does it miss out?18:01
dmh65I never have gnome and kde on the same system18:01
YaManicKilldmh65, i have before. infact...when i wasn't sure what WM i liked best...i has gnome, kde, xfce and flux installed at once18:02
sysdocI run KDE and Gnome on the same system18:02
dmh65happy for you18:03
ba5ebooting of 810 livecd I have my monitor go to powersave - no screen18:03
dmh65sourcemaker http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/kubuntu/8.1018:03
sysdoc I just did some updates from the update mgr and after a reboot I got another update notification for restricted drivers. Now the restricted drivers is presenting 3 options for the Nvidia drivers. I'm currently running ver 173, I have a choice of two others ver 71 ver and 96. Does anyone know which is actually the newest??18:07
ba5edamn, how do I configure xorg?????18:08
cup0spamFailed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!18:08
dmh65what drivers are on offer?18:08
cup0spami'm having the same problem18:08
cup0spamjust upgraded from hardy to ibex18:08
ba5ewhat have xorg done in this latest 'minimal config'18:09
sourcemakerdmh65: thanks18:09
cup0spamget the above error18:09
dmh65sysdoc what drivers are on offer for you?18:09
sysdocver 173, 71 and 9618:09
dmh65for nvidea18:10
cup0spami'm also having trouble with xorg and nvidia18:10
sysdoclol, ummmm yea18:10
dmh65guys its xorg 7.418:10
dmh65not 7.318:10
sysdoccup0spam: did you try installing a new driver that broke X?18:11
cup0spamsysdoc: no. i upgraded from 8.04 to 8.1018:11
ba5eI have ATI, I hear xorg boot up and the sound play after logon on the livecd, but no display18:11
dmh65makes me wonder if  Ibex will fall when it is released if the drivers aint there18:11
dmh65opensource will deal with 2d and your screen rez but not 3d18:11
sysdoccup0spam: see if there is a xorg.conf.1 or it may be -1 file in /etc/X11/18:12
cup0spamonce i get the nvidia drivers installed and set up in the nvidia-settings-mangager thing, everything works fine.18:12
dmh65I want basic desktop effects18:12
cup0spami just cant save it18:12
cup0spami manually added everything that it was going to add, into /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:13
cup0spamand no dice18:13
cup0spamsomething changed from 8.04 to 8.1018:13
dmh65its called xorg 7.418:13
sysdoc"cup0spam: i just cant save it" < you can't save the xorg.conf file?18:13
cup0spamsysdoc: i'm sure i can launch the nvidia thing with root18:14
cup0spambut i just did sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:14
cup0spamand added it in like that18:14
cup0spamthere should be no difference18:14
sysdocyour right18:14
dmh65The fglrx and two of the older nvidia binary drivers are not available for X.Org 7.4 yet, so users of these drivers will be automatically switched to the corresponding open source drivers.18:15
sysdocIs there any other xorg.conf.XXX files in that dir?18:15
cup0spami was using nvidia-glx-new on ubuntu hardy18:15
cup0spamjust fine18:15
ba5ea new failsafe X is intorduced? SURE but it dont bloody work!!!!!!!18:15
sysdocI broke X is exactly the same way18:15
dmh65buy vista18:15
dmh65have done with it18:15
cup0spamsysdoc: sure i have backups18:16
cup0spambut what changed?18:16
ba5eI will stick with 804 for the mo18:16
dmh65wise man18:16
dmh65I will stick to playing Steam in Windows18:16
cup0spami'll make it work18:17
ba5eif it cant even give me an X display using fairly old graphics hardware, not even low VGA res, it is crap18:17
dmh65when they let you18:17
sysdocWell when I upgraded a file was xorg.conf.1 or it may have been -1 I don't recall18:17
dmh65nothing works till its sorted18:17
dmh65especially graphics18:17
ba5eI will fix it.....I hope18:18
ba5ehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=937921 I have posted there on a like problem18:18
dmh65if only Linux had the budget and numerical customers as Windows heh :)18:18
Chousukelots of money goes into Linux18:19
dmh65a bit more into vista18:19
Chousukemost of it just goes on the server side18:19
Chousukedesktop linux is still small18:19
dmh65but cool18:19
ba5eI would say more money goes into computers, the software is only a small amount of the outlay18:20
FrijolieI've just recently upgraded to Intrepid and now my network manager applet is not working so I cannot connect to my wifi network18:20
Chousukeon the server-side, Linux is huge :P18:20
dmh65games have a lot to do with it as well I think18:20
ba5ewe use RH4 and 5 servers at work18:20
Chousukeba5e: millions of dollars go into development :/18:20
dmh65my server is debian18:20
dmh65I would not change18:20
dmh65rock solid18:21
Frijolieany ideas on how to get network-manager working?18:21
siretartanyone interested in having an encoders enabled ffmpeg in intrepid? I have some test packages that desperatly need feedback with applications...18:21
FrijolieSynaptic says that it's intsalled and that it's version 0.718:21
ba5eright, I will try to test the beta ISO again and troublkeshoot to get it working....18:21
Frijoliehow do you manually start network-manager? both "network-manager" and "gnome-network-manager" says "command not found"18:24
sourcemakerhow can I resolve dependencies problems?18:32
sourcemakerapt-get install kde is not possible in intrepid...18:33
sysdocEasiest way is through Synaptic18:34
siretartsourcemaker: sudo apt-get install -f18:38
sourcemakersiretart: did not work... process died because of /usr/share/applications/kde4/step.desktop18:38
siretartsourcemaker: then you should file a bug. but please check if it hasn't been reported yet18:39
sourcemakersiretart: ok thanks18:39
Astral_Projectioi tried upgrading18:40
Astral_Projectiobut im stuck with aptitude dist-upgrade18:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastbin18:40
Astral_Projectioaptitude upgrade went well18:40
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)18:40
Astral_Projectioheres error18:40
Astral_Projectiois there help for me? :)18:41
jaysonsantosHello people, How Can I dump edid.bin using "nv" driver ?18:41
sourcemakernext question.... apt-get tells me... that there are unused packages... is this right... to remove this packagse? http://paste.ubuntu.com/53886/18:41
ianliu_88anyone having problems with sound?18:47
=== Bascule is now known as bascule
ianliu_88I run totem ubuntu\ Sax.ogg and get this error message:18:48
ianliu_88** Message: Error: Failed to connect stream: Invalid argument18:49
ianliu_88pulsesink.c(487): gst_pulsesink_prepare (): /play/visbin/abin/audiosinkbin/audio-sink/bin6/autoaudiosink1/autoaudiosink1-actual-sink-pulse18:49
Astral_Projectiook guys can i reinstall ubuntu hardy without formating (hurting my current configuration) . im stuck with intrepid upgrade18:50
sourcemakerAstral_Projectio:  I had the same problem... but now.. intrepid is working fine :-)18:51
Astral_Projectiobut i cannot  upgrade to intrepid :|18:51
Astral_Projectiodunno what is the problem18:51
Astral_Projectioheres the dump of aptitude dist-upgrade18:51
Astral_Projectioi ran aptitude upgrade and it went fine18:52
Astral_Projectiosome packages are upgraded18:52
sourcemakeraptitude dist-upgrade -f :-)18:53
antoranzHi, Guys!18:54
antoranzI just updated to intrepid18:54
antoranzI was using thye nvidia driver18:55
antoranzI lost that in intrepid18:55
antoranzi had to manually edit the xorg.conf file to set the driver to vesa so it started18:55
Astral_Projectiosourcemaker, same thing with -f :\18:55
antoranzwhat do I have to do now to get the nvidia driver working?18:55
Regeltried reinstalling the driver?18:55
antoranzbut there are a number of nvidia-glx drivers and didn't know which one to use18:55
Frijolieafter an update I've got one package saying that it needs updating but it wont allow me to click on the checkmark to update it.18:56
Frijoliedanbh_intrepid: hola18:57
Frijolieany ideas?18:58
RegelFrijolie: why dont u way a few days and see if the problem goes away18:58
RegelMaybe some unmet depencies or something similar..18:59
Regelor then run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:59
FrijolieRegel: yeah, I guess that could be it. It's on the multiverse repo so could be a while18:59
Regelyea, havent upgraded my Intrepid for 2 days or so19:00
FrijolieThe following packages have been kept back:  gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse19:00
Regeltry the dist-upgrade19:00
RegelIf it doesnt work, then wait19:01
Frijolielooks like I'm waiting...D'oh!19:01
NovellX crash if I change resolution to 800x600 (intel GM965 gfx card)19:03
Astral_Projectiocan someone pls help me i'm stuck :|19:04
Frijolieanother thing that I've noticed is that my network-manager applet doesn't auto start19:05
s0u][ighthi guys19:08
s0u][ighti have underestimated the intrepid release ;)19:08
s0u][ightflash movies don't give sound in firefox :|19:12
td123s0u][ight: did you install the flash pulseaudio support?19:15
biberaocant i burn iso on a dvd?19:15
s0u][ighttd123, nope didn't hear of that before19:15
td123biberao: yes19:15
biberaoubuntu's iso'19:15
biberaotd123 why doesnt work then?19:15
td123biberao: I don't remember the package name, you have to install that so that other programs don't control the sound that flash outputs to.. google ubuntu flash pulseaudio problem..19:16
td123google it...19:16
td123biberao: theres a simple solution19:17
biberaowhats that got to do with my problem?19:17
biberaoflash sound?19:17
td123biberao: yes....19:17
biberaoim lost now19:17
td123biberao: then wait until 8.1019:17
td123biberao: I explained to you exactly what to do/find19:18
s0u][ighttd123, thanks ;)19:18
biberaoi never said anything19:18
biberaorelated with19:18
td123lol, stupid tab completion, sry biberao19:19
biberaotd123 but glady19:19
biberaothat you told me that19:19
biberaobecause i was wondering19:19
biberaowhich flashplugin package to install19:19
td123biberao: :D google it, I don't remember19:19
biberaoi saw -pulse the normal one and the other19:19
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
biberaoso pulse is that flash isnt controlled then19:20
td123it adds pulseaudio support to flash which will cause other programs to not interfere with flashs audio output19:20
td123err, you could try searching in synaptic for "flash pulseaudio support" ;P19:21
biberaocool then19:22
biberaoi have always had problems19:22
biberaowith youtube sound19:22
biberaothanks td12319:24
danbh_intrepidtd123: that package should not be necessary in intrepid19:35
DigitalFizhow can i find out what capture cards will be support in intrepid when its finally release at the end of this month?19:36
danbh_intrepidtd123: I thought there were a bunch of fixes to pulseaudio in intrepid that resolved those issues...19:36
danbh_intrepidDigitalFiz: I don't really know, but I thought that ubuntu relied mostly upstream for driver development19:37
danbh_intrepidie, the kernel19:37
danbh_intrepidso the answer might be that you just have to test it.19:37
DigitalFizi thought so too but i was told greater support for capture cards and video devices in intrepid i tried it last night and mine still dont work but i dunno how old the iso is it is the last beta19:38
DigitalFizjust hoping ill get a last minute woo hoo my card works heeh19:38
danbh_intrepidDigitalFiz: is there a bug report for your card?19:39
DigitalFizi dont think so but i was givin a possible solution of which my abilities are not capible of doing hehe19:39
danbh_intrepidwhats that?19:39
DigitalFizpart of 1 driver does what i need and part of another one does the rest19:40
DigitalFizso if those parts could be combined then it would probably work19:40
danbh_intrepidwell,  according to the guy who posted, you are screwed19:42
DigitalFizim almost willing to accept that19:42
danbh_intrepidseriously, in this case, IMHO, you should use windows if you want to use that device19:42
robert__anyone know why compiz cube caps don't work in beta? i have to use the cylinder view to see the top and bottom caps19:43
DigitalFizyeah i got a laptop with windows on it but i was hoping to use it on this machine :/19:43
robert__for some reason the cube caps plugin has been removed in 8.10 beta19:44
DigitalFizdanbh_intrepid, you know of any webcams that look decent in linux? my webcam looks great in windows but always looks like crap in linux19:44
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
robert__does anyone know why the cube caps plugin has been removed?19:45
danbh_intrepidDigitalFiz: well, I bought one because it was supported in linux, but I'm still going to use it in windows19:45
danbh_intrepidbecause the webcam software sucks19:45
DigitalFizsomeone needs to make a tricaster for linux hehe19:45
danbh_intrepidDigitalFiz: I found mine on the fsf.org website19:45
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection19:45
DigitalFiza good tricaster19:45
robert__does anyone know why the cube caps plugin has been removed?19:45
danbh_intrepidThere is a link at the bottom of the first page19:46
DigitalFizrobert__, i really doubt contantly repeating yourself will get you an answer19:46
DigitalFizty danbh_intrepid19:47
danbh_intrepidrobert__: yeah, you can repeat, but every 50 seconds is probably too soon.    Try searching bugs.launchpad.net to see if you can find an answer19:47
DigitalFiz1 more danbh_intrepid how does the camera look in ubuntu?19:47
danbh_intrepidIts pretty close to how it looks in Windows, which for this webcam is really good.  I got the logitech notebook pro / 9000.19:48
danbh_intrepidBUT, I don't know how to change any of the settings19:49
DigitalFizthats really what im looking for19:49
DigitalFizi have a microsoft life cam 3000 looks good in windows but terrible in linux19:49
DigitalFizi have 2 others that are the same way but those are real cheap cams19:49
danbh_intrepidin Windows, a window just pops up where I can change the lighting quality, whatever.  I think on linux, you have to issue commands from the terminal to the uvc driver19:49
DigitalFizyou can change settings in camorama19:50
DigitalFizif it knows how to with your cam19:50
DigitalFizi bet theres a uvc gui somewhere19:50
danbh_intrepidcamorama isnt maintained anymore.  IT only supports vfl, which is depreciated19:51
danbh_intrepidmy webcam is vfl2 only, so camorama crashes out19:51
DigitalFizhmm that logtech is an hd cam too19:54
DigitalFiznice i think ill try it19:54
DigitalFizcan you show me a screen shot of the quality?19:55
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DigitalFizoh that was nasty19:56
danbh_intrepidCRAP, cheese sucks so much19:57
danbh_intrepidITS NOT WORKING!!!19:58
* danbh_intrepid has to file _another_ bug report19:58
danbh_intrepidweird, it works from the terminal, kinda19:59
DigitalFizhttp://www.cameroid.com/6JMN-A1 thats the camera i have now it sucks20:01
danbh_intrepidnaw, flash isnt detecting it20:01
danbh_intrepidhmmm, is there an anonymous pastebin for images?20:03
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danbh_intrepidDigitalFiz: http://s435.photobucket.com/albums/qq73/jarjarbuggle/?action=view&current=screeny.png20:09
danbh_intrepidI think all those quality issues are software related, and I was moving around20:10
danbh_intrepidmy room is actually much darker20:10
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tenshinonekohello, can we discuss 8.10 in here?20:17
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Picitenshinoneko: This is the place.20:18
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=== EvilDaemon is now known as Joeb454
tenshinonekoOh i am having an issue with my wacom tablet it;s a bamboo. Hovering works great but when i tap it, it stops working. any ideas?20:28
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
tenshinonekoOh i am having an issue with my wacom tablet it;s a bamboo. Hovering works great but when i tap it, it stops working. any ideas?20:39
biberaobye gtg20:43
biberaotake care20:43
hansinI tried install the 8.10 beta alternative image and had an issue.  Some facts: downloaded via torrent, matched md5 sums, burned with a prog that does post-burn verify, booted CD and ran check media utility.  Here is what happened...20:51
hansinI first tried full install and had issue, so then tried minimal install and same issue.  I get through the partitioning (in the text installer of course since its the alternative CD) to the 'Install the base system' point. and it starts loading, and then at I think 78% an ncurses dialog box pops up telling me:20:53
penhansin, issue?20:53
penhansin, it works for me flawlessly so far20:53
hansin"Please insert the disk labeled: 'Ubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Beta i386 (20080930.4) in the drive '/cdrom' and press enter"20:54
hansinMy choices are: <Go Back> and <Continue>, though I can't even open my CD rom drive, and choosing either doesn't do a darned thing.  I have done many Ubuntu alternative, server, and Debian text installs, and have never seen this before.20:55
hansinSo it basically freezes at 78% during the 'Install the base system' stage (I know it is 78% because I can hit the spacebar or enter a bunch of times at the ncurses dialog box explain above and it flashes enough that I can see the progress bar and percentage that is behind it in the regular ncureses box you see during this stage.20:57
DigitalFizdanbh_intrepid, good quality i think ill be getting that camera :)21:04
Astral_Projectiohi, i just upgraded to intrepid, but i cannot start nm-applet21:05
Astral_Projectiogoran@horus:~$ nm-applet21:06
Astral_Projectioit just hangs like this21:06
Astral_Projectionothing happens21:06
ZaidenHave they fixed the issues with Pulseaudio in the 8.10 beta?21:06
penAstral_Projectio, nm-applet not wotking at all?21:07
lore20hi, how to detect if my ethernet card is affected by e1000e firmware corruption issue21:08
Astral_Projectiowhen i add network monitor applet to panel, gnome-netstatus-applet is started21:08
danbh_intrepidlore20: I think you should just keep updating21:09
lore20with lspci I see only the wifi adapter21:09
lore20no sorry, i see also ethernet21:10
lore20so Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/81689 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 02)21:11
lore20is it affected?21:11
hansinpen: Where where did you get your alternative image from?  Was it for 1368?21:11
danbh_intrepidlore20: http://blogs.computerworld.com/when_linux_does_well_the_e1000e_ethernet_bug_fixed21:11
penhansin, I didn't use the alt image21:12
penhansin, but I think you can find it online21:12
lore20however in intrepid beta e1000e is blacklsited,isn't it?21:12
* danbh_intrepid digs up his favorite bug for Astral_Projectio21:13
lore20danbh_intrepid, "This fix will be in the next pre-release version of the 2.6.27 kernel -- Linux 2.6.27-rc9 - on October 5th."21:13
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danbh_intrepidbug 25915721:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259157 in network-manager "[MASTER 0.7 regression] atheros/madwifi and orinoco drivers not supported" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25915721:14
Astral_Projectiowhen i try sudo i get ** (nm-applet:24410): WARNING **: No connections defined21:14
hansinOkay, I was just checking because you stated 'it works flawlessly for me so fay'.  But since it sounds like you used the Live CD for you beta install, you would not ahve seen the issue I am having.  But for now, no one else is chiming in that they have had issue with the alternative install CD.21:14
Astral_Projectioi have ndis drivers21:14
hansinBTW, I am getting versed in Grub due to some of my install issues with various things (yeah, I triple boot and like to try out different things).  In the partion stage, at least on the text installer, I can choose if I want to set the partion as bootable.  I always leave the default 'no'.  If I pick yes, does it install a Grub onto the start of that partions, so I would then be able to chainload that partion?  Just not sure what settin21:17
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Astral_Projectioi cannot set 'roaming' mode in network-admin21:24
Astral_Projectioi was able to do that on hardy21:24
Cheerymy ubuntu keeps crashing without giving any kind of mark about it21:31
Cheeryappeared few days ago.21:31
AyabaraAny known issues with dist-upgrading from 8.04 at the moment? I'm considering taking the plunge :)21:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about digikam-kde421:32
Ayabara!info digikam-kde421:32
ubottudigikam-kde4 (source: digikam-kde4): digital photo management application for KDE 4. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.0~beta1-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 9744 kB, installed size 24116 kB21:32
Ayabarahm. that's ... old21:32
berntsenAyabare: Just upgraded my desktop computer from 8.04 to 8.10 with update-manager. Had a problem with the rarian-compat oacgage which led to an unusable system.21:40
Astral_Projectiodoes someone know what is the name of package for font configuration for kde apps? (kcmshell fonts)?21:40
berntsenIt's already marked as a bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rarian/+bug/25613121:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 256131 in rarian "failed to upgrade : "update-xmlcatalog: error: entity already registered"" [Low,Confirmed]21:40
berntsenYes. Had to install rarian-compat explicitly using dpkg, then dpkg --configure -a. Now everything just a charm :-)21:41
Ayabaraberntsen, thanks for the heads-up. if I don't know what rarian-compat is, should I be fine? :D21:47
berntsenAyabara: Yes, as long as you follow the instructions at the link i posted.21:48
Ayabaraberntsen, ok. thanks21:48
hansinSpeaking of dist-upgrading, has there been a way developed to due this in a text console yet, other than changing the repo entries to intrepid?  I only ask because it was an issue in the past I think, that the upgrade manager only worked from the GUI.  Thanks.21:49
hansinI know changing the repos will get you the new packages, but it doesn't handle fro things like fundamental "core infrastructure" changes that may have occured, though I think "dummy" packages can help with some of that.21:50
hansinAt least that is how I remembered it.21:50
Ayabaraberntsen, should I download and install the rarian-compat package before I do the upgrade?21:51
berntsenAyabara: Download the file first. I used update-manager first. At the end there's some error messages. I rebooted, went into a console (ctrl+f1), and then installed rarian-compat with dpkg --install <filename>. Then at last dpkg --configure -a. Reboot again and you should be up and running. Also remember to read the release notes before you start!21:54
Cheeryperhaps fixed my firefox trouble21:54
Cheerysurprise surprise - it was flash21:55
Cheeryflashblock solved the trouble21:55
Ayabaraberntsen, tusen takk :)21:55
Cheeryit didn't21:55
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:55
CheeryI don't know, this stupid thing keeps crashing even without any plugins involved21:56
CheeryLjL: thanks from mentioning foul language, perhaps I will learn to not use common curses at some point.21:56
berntsenAyabara: værsågod :-)21:57
TamagotonoDoes anyone else have duplicate entries when using lancelot menu plasmoid?21:57
CheeryI can't believe they are still falling for that21:58
CheeryMS has never released an OS in schedule.21:59
Cheeryerror log22:00
berntsenCheery: what does it say?22:01
Cheerythat occurs occassionally22:01
berntsenjava plugin22:02
Cheeryhow to get rid from it?22:02
Cheeryjava is rarely used anywhere22:02
Cheerybetter yet...22:02
Cheeryhow to fix it? :)22:02
CheeryI believe that may be too much, so I just want to bomb it down for now22:03
berntsenCheery: well, I don't know what plugin you're using. Try starting synaptic and search for gcj22:04
Cheerynothing found22:06
berntsenCheery: nothing at all?22:07
Cheerynothing at all22:07
berntsenCheery: that's kind of strange. When I search I get 7 pages or something that has gcj in it's name or description.22:08
Cheerynow it just did: Segmentation fault (core dumped)22:09
berntsenCheery: If you want to try to remove the plugin: Open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get remove gcjwebplugin"22:10
Cheeryits not installed22:10
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Cheeryinstalling it and seeing what happens22:11
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berntsenCheery: OK. Not icedtea-gjcwebpluigin either?22:11
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Cheerythe worst thing is that it crashes randomly!22:13
CheeryI open it idle22:13
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Cheery(after couple of minutes)22:13
berntsenStrange. nothing listed in firefox about:plugins either?22:13
Cheeryall seems ok22:14
Cheeryinstalling firefox 2.022:15
berntsenok. too bad i couldn't help22:15
CheeryI can't let my browser crash like a window during a chairthrowing spasm.22:17
berntsenCheery: i understand. You are obviously not the only one with this problem. http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-471249.html22:20
berntsengotta go. bye!22:23
CheeryI yet try removing my mozilla confs22:23
Cheeryanyway, my firefox worked pretty well to some extent, then it started crashing frequently22:24
berntsenyou could always check out swiftfox.22:24
Cheeryno problem22:24
Cheeryit feels like the problem went away22:24
Cheerybut I can't be sure22:24
Cheeryit may crash just right on when I'm going to say it's fixed. :)22:25
Cheeryresulting in cursing and foxbashing22:25
Cheeryperhaps it truly works now22:27
Cheerywell, going to sleep22:27
D-BoIs there an Intrepid Ibex PS3 beta?22:28
D-Boguess there is22:30
getxsickpython 2.6 is going to be distribute with 8.10 ?22:56
DigitalFizdanbh_intrepid, was that image you put up the image capture or the video? i know most cameras have better photo quality then video23:14
danbh_intrepidit was a screen shot of the video test23:14
danbh_intrepidcheese rarely works for me, and every other webcam package fails also, except ekiga23:15
danbh_intrepidmeh, even ekiga is crashing.  You know, I think my install got hosed with that unitit whatever crash23:21
skyjumperfor some reason, when using gdm and the nvidia driver, i get 15 (or so) seconds of black screen, the nvidia splash, then X dies, then again the black screen, over and over23:58
skyjumperhowever gdm seems fine with the vesa driver, and i can run X manually with nvidia just fine23:58
comicinkerin beta, cryptsetup/luks seems to broken. did the packages change significantly?23:59
RAOFskyjumper: Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log & possibly .log.old please?  After trying with nvidia, that is.23:59
RAOFcomicinker: Works For Me(tm)23:59
comicinkerRAOF: using luks?23:59
skyjumperRAOF: the log when running via gdm?23:59

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