tuxiceanybody here?00:55
caleb_anyone know what font they use in the screenshots?03:57
PRGUY85kwwii will the community theme package get update soon?05:07
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Cimi_kwwii, I've rewritten the drawing section for the second time ;) now it allows easily global modifications for the glazestyles11:26
Cimi_so if you have ideas, I can implement for the overall look in less than 20 lines11:26
rsc-ey if anyone's got any feedback on this http://img380.imageshack.us/img380/263/studiomd0.jpg that'd be awesome.11:31
Cimi_rsc-, really nice11:34
Cimi_rsc-, buttons and other widgets?11:34
rsc-just plotting out the basic idea for the window borders11:35
rsc-...that'd have a "pro" amp-like feel for Ubuntu Studio.11:35
tuxiceHello, what is the news?11:37
rsc-not much.11:40
rsc-you can check the ML for some updates if you want11:40
rsc-but theres not much happening aside from breathe11:40
rsc-i just made a new thread if you wanna check it :b11:41
tuxicewhere is it?11:43
tuxicelooking now11:45
tuxicehmmm ok,11:47
tuxicenothing really pops yet11:47
tuxicealthough i believe we should incorporate more transparency into ubuntu11:47
tuxicetransparent menus?11:47
rsc-what do you mean "nothing really pops yet"?11:48
tuxiceno inspiration yet, for me at least ;)11:48
rsc-i'd personally hate to see more transparency but that's just me11:49
tuxicehmmm ok11:49
rsc-for the record, a lot of people didn't like that OSX Leopard came with transparent menus11:50
tuxicei see ok11:50
rsc-(of course the OSX crowd is different from Ubuntu's target market)11:50
tuxicei retract my comment11:50
tuxiceyes yes, very11:50
tuxiceWell i've been working on these https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid/BrownOrange_Wallpaper11:51
rsc-why stick to the ubuntu logo?11:51
rsc-do something different11:51
tuxicesuch as?11:51
rsc-i can't tell you what that is.11:52
rsc-you'd have to figure that out yourself as a designer :)11:52
rsc-the wallpaper: it's okay, it's safe.11:52
rsc-which is exactly as everyone's reservations against the current default ibex wallpaper.11:52
tuxiceactually i should rephrase the question of, what else really fits ubuntu? But i guess i could mess with a few things11:53
tuxiceWhat do you mean?11:53
rsc-everyone doesn't like the default ibex wallpaper because it's just a mere brown gradient with some circles11:54
rsc-nothing really particularly special about it11:54
rsc-what would set your work apart from that?11:54
tuxicegood point.11:54
tuxiceill begin some modifications11:55
tuxiceyou did see both right?11:55
tuxiceok, im starting from scratch12:07
zirodayrsc-: ooh that window is nice. What font is that?12:08
rsc-I think that's humanst777 and avenir12:08
rsc-proprietary fonts sorry :(12:08
zirodayoh, they looked really really good12:09
tuxiceok check out the one at the bottom of the page12:41
thorwiltuxice: the background must allow icons and windows to stand in front. they would have to scream if the background is already that loud with a strong orange12:44
thorwiltuxice: i don't want to sound mean, but i'm very sure that you do not stand a chance to create a replacement for the intrepid bg that will be accepted. there have been more sophisticated wallpapers that have not been chosen12:47
thorwiltuxice: if you want to have an impact, you should set sight on the next release afterwards, jaunty jackalope12:48
tuxicei know12:48
thorwiltuxice: that will give you plenty of time to practice, learn and improve12:48
tuxiceIs it really called jaunty jackalope12:48
thorwilyes. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2008-September/000481.html12:49
rsc-thorwil ;)12:53
rsc-got something to show you!12:53
thorwilrsc-: a bit on the loud side. ibex appears too detached from the bg for my taste12:54
rsc-just playing around12:55
thorwilrsc-: on the forum, people seem to like your ibex on my trivet :}12:56
tuxicei like it12:56
rsc-i posted it  there too12:56
rsc-that thread is annoying though12:56
rsc-too much bitching12:56
thorwilthe whole forum is annoying, imho :)12:56
rsc-good point12:57
thorwilmaybe i will release a set of backgrounds in proximity of the release date12:58
thorwilrsc-: with your stuff in there, i just can't call it thorwils backgrounds like initially considered :)12:59
rsc-"Ibex on wood" :P12:59
thorwilheh, there's a bit more12:59
thorwiloh boy, SorinN is exhausting to read13:28
rsc-i gave up reading it.13:30
rsc-i simply cant13:30
* thorwil writes mail asking for whole sentences or silence13:38
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tuxicewould you happen to have an svg or xcf?15:09
nox-HandThe real version is 7016x9921 pixels, i.e an A1 printout15:09
nox-HandI have it in .psd, and can export it to whichever format15:09
zirodaynox-Hand: thats nice. You may want to ask in #ubuntu-marketing15:09
nox-HandPSD version handy for editing later15:09
nox-HandOho, so I should go there? =]15:09
tuxicenox-Hand, the only problem i see is you is ou "The system has everything ou need"15:09
nox-HandHAHA =P15:10
nox-HandI just translated it from Danish, forgot to proofread15:10
nox-HandFixed psd now :)15:10
tuxicethank you,15:10
tuxiceand yes ask in ubuntu-marketing15:10
nox-HandThanks for pointing out :)15:12
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PRGUY85rsc-, I think I found one of the best wallpapers that go with Dust.15:25
rsc-PRGUY85, what is it?15:27
rsc-also, http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Intrepid-Ibex/132891 :P15:28
PRGUY85rsc-, http://img397.imageshack.us/my.php?image=desktopjk4.png15:28
PRGUY85rsc-, its one of the Mac Rocks wallpapers but this one fits better.15:28
rsc-is that from the leopard default wallpaper pack?15:29
rsc-nah, it's gotta be free.15:29
rsc-nice find though15:30
PRGUY85i know, but I'm just saying.  Fits perfectly15:30
PRGUY85since its brown rocks too15:30
rsc-i got that wallpaper pack from my mac too15:30
rsc-its the one that fit nicely from the entire pack15:30
PRGUY85I just installed latest Dust on laptop with Intrepid Beta15:30
PRGUY85Dust looks awesome on laptops don't know why15:31
PRGUY85only thing missing is a fitting GDM15:31
PRGUY85rsc-, latest ibex wallpaper you did is awesome too.  Fits Dust perfectly.15:32
rsc-hehe thanks15:34
PRGUY85hey the community theme package hasn't got the latest dust15:35
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thorwilCimi_: i have to run for dinner, but just one question: would it be ok to use gaussian blur in mockups? is there a clean way to reach similar effects in implementation?18:10
Cimi_cairo doesn't support gaussian blur, but you can do gradients18:12
thorwiltoo bad. blur can make it a lot easier to signify smoothly bend surfaces18:40
Cimi_thorwil, you can do a lot of algorithms anyway19:03
thorwilwell, at some point within project kyudo, we should create lots of mockups for all common widgets19:05
thorwilis there anything a theme could get wrong, that would hinder i18n?19:07
Cimi_what do you mean?19:08
thorwili'm currently working of the consequences the goals of ubuntu should have for an optimal theme19:10
thorwilone point is about language support. the only thing i can think of that you could do wrong is to include text in icons or wallpapers19:10
carciofowhat means that  wartwork anyway?23:18

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