anilgHi... i pulled in ubuntu-doc and tried to run make serverguide.. but it failed with06:44
anilgcompilation error: file libs/ubuntu-html-chunk-cust.xsl line 6 element import06:44
anilgxsl:import : unable to load /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/xhtml/chunk.xsl06:44
anilgHow do I build the serverguide?06:45
nixternalanilg: sudo apt-get build-dep ubuntu-docs07:29
nixternalthen retry the makefile07:29
anilgnixternal: thanks.. that worked17:13
* anilg is replying around 9 hours late17:13
anilgis it normal for hundreds of "No localization exists for "c" or "". Using default "en"." when running make serverguide17:14
nixternalanilg: no prob...that is fine, because I went to bed then and just woke up :)17:16
nixternalnow I am getting ready to head to our Linux Fest here in Chicago17:16
nixternaland yes, you will see those warning messages17:16
nixternalI had fixed that once locally years back but I can't remember what I did17:17
nixternalif you google the warning messages, you might find the answer17:17

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