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doorntjei've an complain an ubuntu channel11:01
naliothdoorntje: what seems to be the trouble?11:02
bazhangdoorntje, do you know why you were banned11:02
doorntjenja, they gave me an permban because i said: anti-rude-mods11:02
doorntjeit were in #ubuntu-nl-offtopic11:03
doorntjecould someone help me?11:04
naliothw/o the input from the ops, there's not much to do, i'm afraid11:06
ompauldoorntje, to understand more of what is expected of users and ops alike please read these two documents, they may inform your decision11:09
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines11:09
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/11:09
doorntjei've actually read that11:11
doorntjecould someone help me?11:44
erUSULdoorntje: as nalioth said the other side of the story is needed11:47
doorntjebut they ignore me when i ask somethinh11:50
bazhangdoorntje, when did this happen11:52
doorntje2 months ago they banned me11:55
bazhangdoorntje, and you are banned from #ubuntu-nl as well?11:55
doorntjeand #ubuntu-nl-offtopic11:55
doorntjei asked Seveas and SWAT to come on this channel11:56
bazhangdoorntje, well absent their input nothing can be done.11:56
doorntjetonight i heared they gave me a permban11:56
doorntjeow, it were 1.5 month ago12:00
doorntjeAugust 1812:01
doorntjebazhang: the ops wouldn't come to this channel...13:56
MyrttiI've seen them both here on several occasions14:02
LjLdon't anger the dutch, you are bound to regret it.14:07
doorntjeshell i ask it again?14:11
LjLdoorntje, not knowing precisely what happened, my suggestion would be to leave them alone for a couple of days, then try asking nicely14:12
doorntjesomeone is now uploading the logs of August 18 for me ;)14:15
doorntjeSWAT: can i talk with you about my ban?16:31
doorntjedead line...17:48
Myrttidoorntje: I'm sorry, but the operators do have life outside IRC17:53
LjLand nobody told me before?17:54
MyrttiLjL: shut up.17:54
Myrttiyou've been on the alps.17:54
MyrttiI've been working allllll summer.17:54
Myrttibar Lugradio Live and Assembly0817:54
LjLMyrtti: hey, i've walked 5 hours a day and taken a lot of photos of flowers.17:54
Myrttioh shut up.17:55
MyrttiI hate you.17:55
LjLthat's only fair17:55
doorntjeMyrtti: sometimes you think they doesn't have17:55
* doorntje were also been on the alps17:56
doorntjeit's 1000km from here by car17:56
doorntjehere some copy from logs18:07
doorntje[Mon Aug 18 2008] [21:29:55] <doorntje>[EXIT 4] Anti Rude Mods Parkway -->18:07
doorntjeMon Aug 18 2008] [21:35:45] <doorntje>Seveas Parkway â‡-/->18:08
doorntjeand then Seveas banned me18:08
Myrttiand we still need him and some other -nl ops here18:10
doorntjeSWAT is here already18:11
doorntjei asked Seveas this morning to come here18:11
doorntjehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/53872/ <-- it's in dutch i'll you understand it ;)18:12
doorntje*i'll hope you*18:12
* doorntje dyslexie18:13
SWATdoorntje: some people aren't behind their computer 24/719:12
doorntjei know19:12
doorntjethis is the first time you answer me in 1.5 month ;)19:13
doorntjeSWAT: i'll you will talk about the subject 'ban'19:14
SWATdoorntje: first off, I don't remember you pm'ing me, I get a lot of messages. Second, what seems to be the issue? Don't you understand why you got banned?19:14
doorntjei don't why i'm banned19:15
doorntjei asked per pm why you banned me19:15
doorntjeCugel telled that Seveas banned me because i said Anti Rude Mods19:15
ompauldoorntje, are you aware that respect for others is a requirement, not an option for ubuntu channels19:16
SWATdoorntje: as explained (you can read it in the exempt you posted on pastebin), you were trolling, I think that's the best way to put it. And (above that) you were rude.19:17
doorntjei said only: Anti Rude Mods19:17
doorntjewho said you are Rude?19:17
doorntjemaybe i referred that they had on #ubuntu-nl non rude mods ;)19:18
doorntjeSWAT: i asked only on you per PM: Kan je mij een stuk arceren wat fout was...19:22
doorntjebut you didn't answer ;)19:22
doorntjeSeveas also.19:23
doorntje(sorry, for the dutch words)19:24
SWATdoorntje: if you read your own pastebin post, it should be quite clear.19:25
doorntjeand when question for everyone here, is it aloud to ban some people without give an warning?19:25
doorntjeSWAT: please read the same logs in another context ;)19:28
doorntjeand i'll hope, you ask yourself: why didn't we gave a warning...19:28
SWATdoorntje: if this is your way of asking for a ban removal, it's not the right way. If you would've asked niceley, perhaps with an excuse and with the promise to behave in the future, it shouldn't have been a problem. You can also read the dutch channel guidelines: http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/ubuntunl/richtlijnen19:34
doorntjeSWAT: that's what i've done per pm ;)19:35
doorntjebut Seveas didn't answer...19:35
Myrttiand was seveas the only person you tried to contact?19:37
doorntjealso SWAT19:38
doorntjeand 2 more19:38
SWATdoorntje: if you promise to behave in the future, the ban can be removed. Enough time has passed and I hope you learned your lesson. I'll check with the op who banned you, but I think you'll be unbanned by the end of the week. I'll keep you posted19:43
doorntjeactually i leant enough with the ban...19:44
doorntjei've asperger, and by that sort of people when you give one warning they stop19:45
doorntjeSWAT: thnx19:51

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