shahriar86hello everyone13:08
shahriar86AliTabuger7:  there?13:08
shahriar86anyone from spread ubuntu team?13:08
shahriar86greetings nox-Hand15:10
nox-HandI made a poster for a college exam project, an advertisement for Ubuntu, and I was wondering whether this is anything you guys can use for anything?15:10
nox-HandThat is a small export, real version is 7016x9921 pixels, PSD format15:11
nox-HandAnd the typo "The systemhas everything ou need" is fixed in the PSD.15:11
shahriar86thanks nox-Hand :)15:11
nox-Hand7016x9921 pixels = A1 poster format. Have it printed out myself for the exam, and looks really sharp (all screenshots of full resolution, outer ones are 1680x105015:12
nox-Handshahriar86: Thankyou for?15:12
tuxicethe poster15:12
nox-HandHaha, if you guys can use it I'd think that'd be awesome15:12
shahriar86nox-Hand: thanks for the poster :)15:12
nox-HandJust have no idea where to put the .psd? It's a 500mb file, but can thus obviously also be edited fully15:13
tuxiceshahriar86, would be useful on the website15:13
nox-HandCan also export a rasterized version, but then you cannot edit text, etc15:13
tuxicei think,15:13
shahriar86yes I also think so :)15:13
shahriar86nox-Hand:  you can join and forward this poster to the Marketing team mailing list15:14
nox-HandOne comment I must point out; I believe one or more of my fonts MAY not be open source, since we (unfortunately, college EXAM RULES) had to use Adobe Photoshop. I know it's a small stab for Open Source, but I had to make it in that or fail my exam :\15:14
tuxiceis there a place on the ubuntu website where users can upload user-created wallpapers (other then the wiki/deviantart)15:14
nox-HandSo you may have to change to an open font if you feel this will be an issue (sorry about that :\)15:14
shahriar86since currently sadly we don't have the Database to hold works like this15:15
tuxiceit would look cool in the ubuntu font15:15
shahriar86but we are currently working on one Spread Ubuntu as you might know]15:15
shahriar86nox-Hand: its not a problem I suppose, you can put those details once we upload15:15
nox-Handtuxice: There is a place where there is advertisement stuff, but that's not user uploadable, and if you want the psd I'd need somewhere with access, or I could merely upload to MY server, and you could get it from there (sure your servers wget can get from my server very snappishly :) )15:16
nox-Handshahriar86: Indeed, but there are many open fonts out there :)15:16
nox-HandYou may find it funny to note, this Open poster gave me an A+ :D15:16
nox-HandCollege exam A+, w00t ;)15:16
shahriar86great nox-Hand15:17
shahriar86@ nox-Hand this is what we are currently working on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Projects/SpreadUbuntu15:17
shahriar86in a few days (hopefully) you will be able to upload your works over the Spread Ubuntu (diy) website15:18
nox-HandRighto :]15:19
shahriar86we have one old Spread Ubuntu diy website but that is currently off limit (since that project is literally dead)15:19
nox-HandPerhaps I should see if I can find some open types to write this with, so it will be fully legal to upload. Will tend to that now, better get all that done right15:19
shahriar86nox-Hand: you can keep an eye on the marketing team mailing list (or the spread ubuntu mailing list) we will need help from volunteers to upload their works15:20
nox-HandThe bugger takes 15 mins to save every time, so you don't want to do that too often :P15:20
tuxiceHOLY SHIT!15:21
nox-HandRighto :)15:21
tuxiceg2g, family home.15:21
shahriar86nox-Hand: may I ask which course you created the metarial for?15:22
shahriar86just asking :)15:22
nox-Handshahriar86: Danish Technical College coursework, Communication and IT class -> had to make some advertisement material15:22
nox-HandTook me a bugger of a while to get this thing made :P15:22
nox-HandBut all but fonts is open stuff, the logos are either painted from scratch (free tag) or GPL'd svg's recoloured (the arrow, cd, etc)15:23
shahriar86why don't you share it at the marketing team mailing list? many will have time to prepare for intrepid release?15:24
nox-HandI can do :) Will start by giving them a link to a full res and low res JPG, then will upload PSD over a few days (*sigh* @ 20kb/s upload at home :< )15:25
shahriar86ha ha sorry15:26
shahriar86you wont be sorry if you know my upload speed15:26
nox-HandProbably not :)15:27
shahriar86its 1.2 KB/s upload15:27
nox-HandOw =|15:27
nox-HandThat's like dial-up o.o15:27
shahriar86yes I know. and download is like 14KB/s15:27
shahriar86no I am not on dial-up I am on fraudband (fraud + broadband)15:28
shahriar86its a local name we give to the isps over here15:28
nox-HandWhere might this "here" be?15:28
shahriar86Bangladesh (South-Asian country if you don't know)15:29
nox-HandI know :]15:29
shahriar86ha ha any way I think now you are not sorry for your slow line :)15:30
nox-HandSlice of perspective, yeah15:30
shahriar86I have given up working on my sites because of this slow line15:30
nox-HandHmn, Ubuntu-title does not have ?/!, nor does it have capital letters15:30
nox-HandI always feel that non-capital letters in documents makes it look cheap :<15:31
nox-HandThe ubuntu font does not have the questionmark(?) and exclaimationmark (!) symbols15:31
nox-HandIt only has a-z in letters, and a .15:31
shahriar86humm you might then work with other free/libre fonts15:33
shahriar86its not mandatory you use Ubuntu Fonts15:33
nox-HandI am also not going to :) Doesn't even look very good in general in this poster -- will find some other open fonts :)15:33
shahriar86if this is your link http://nox-hand.com I would like to see more of your stuff :)15:38
nox-Handshahriar86: THe stuff on that site is unfortunately highly out of date, but yeah, that is actually my site :P15:41
nox-HandBut yeah, have a look in the 3d and photography folder, that's my stuff15:41
shahriar86yes I can see those are from January this year, A lot happens in 6-7 months15:41
nox-Handhttp://nox-hand.deviantart.com/ also mine15:42
nox-HandBut yeah, have not got all that much to show, really15:42
shahriar86ok browsing through :)15:42
nox-HandI have not made much in the past year to be honest15:42
nox-HandSmall stuff, really15:42
shahriar86currently browsing your house :P15:42
nox-HandAh yes, I need to update that one, too15:43
nox-Handhttp://omploader.org/vc3Iw/signature_wallpapered2.jpg <-- When I say small stuff, I mean this is the sort of stuff I've been doing lately15:43
nox-HandSmall things to pass the time15:43
shahriar86looks really nice :)15:44
nox-Hand( I posted that link cause that's something I made two days ago, so gives impression of stuff I do when bored)15:44
nox-HandThat's just small photoshop stuff, and most of the time I just get bang on lucky :P15:44
shahriar86:) so its good that you get bored frequently :P15:44
nox-HandAnd yeah, I use Photoshop, please don't hate me for using proprietary =| I just am not able to use GIMP for what I do (proabably because I lack skill, but yeah)15:45
nox-HandHaha, bored, more like find time to push doing stuff like homework etc :P15:45
shahriar86I don't hate people even if they use proprietory apps15:47
nox-HandOnly stuff I've done for Open Source so far is the logo set for Quassel IRC client/core: http://omploader.org/vc3Iy/quasselconcept5_eye_test4.jpg15:47
shahriar86I agree in some ways we lack good alternatives15:47
nox-HandGood stuff :)15:48
nox-Hand(that you do not mind that :P )15:48
shahriar86well if you use single bit of free/libre stuff that's a success :)15:49
nox-HandI use Linux a lot :) Unfortunately during school I do not15:49
shahriar86we have a saying in our Language that "bindu bindu jal, somudro atal"15:49
nox-HandI tried, but our teachers require we use software_X that does not run on Linux. Office2k7 (not allowed to use Open Office), Mathcad, etc15:49
shahriar86that means small drops of water makes the sea15:49
nox-HandGreat saying :)15:50
shahriar86that is you start with single free/libre produc then you strive on :)15:50
nox-HandThe Quassel set was made in Blender3d (yes, odd to make 2d in a 3d app, but I like it :P)15:50
nox-HandAaah darn, there goes Photoshop :|15:51
nox-Hand1gb ram in my computer, and the file takes up 1.1 when open :P15:51
nox-Hand*sighs as he force quits Photoshop*15:54
shahriar86:) I also liked Serenity :)15:56
nox-HandOooh yes15:59
nox-HandWas that on my DeviantArt? :P15:59
nox-HandI should really get all these things updated, especially my website and the room tour15:59
nox-HandJust for the hell of it15:59
shahriar86though I thought the movie started damn slow and boring, but later picked up all the fun16:00
shahriar86any way you do update, I think it will be fun to watch :)16:01
nox-HandHaha :P16:02
nox-Handshahriar86: I watched the TV series first, so I found it bonus interesting ;)16:03
shahriar86ohh ok :)16:03
nox-HandNow fully open :]16:13
nox-Hand*waits for the loooooooong save time*16:14
nox-HandNow fully open, going to write mail to mailing list now :)16:21
shahriar86do so :)16:22
nox-HandAm I correct when I think I should write simply from my own mail (that is tied to Launchpad) to >> spreadubuntu@lists.launchpad.net ?16:25
shahriar86yes I think so16:27
=== shahriar86 is now known as shahriar_away
nox-HandMail sent.16:42
=== shahriar_away is now known as shahriar86
meoblast001there's a date problem at this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam18:15
meoblast001i think it might need fixed18:15
shahriar86meoblast can you please explain what date problem (aside from the team meeting notice)18:17
meoblast001the team meeting notice18:17
shahriar86yes its basically there have been no official meeting for about a month (or two)18:18
shahriar86and no specific meeting coming up18:19
shahriar86we can remove it, but I suppose someone who is off higher involvement should take the initiative18:20
* shahriar86 is confused whether he should try kde 4.1 or Intrepid in vm?18:24
meoblast001i just posted something on brainstorm18:28
shahriar86ah what?18:28
meoblast001and at the same time i noticed that exact same idea was just posted today and is the most popular post18:28
shahriar86really :o18:28
meoblast001can i mark my own as a duplicate?18:28
shahriar86yes why not18:29
meoblast001Live CD should have the upgrade script18:29
shahriar86yes perhaps18:29
shahriar86it will save a lot of hassles18:30
shahriar86atlest for us who wants to upgrade but also don't want to use alternative cd since its not redistributable18:30
shahriar86I have personally avoided alternative cd because its of no use once I upgrade18:31
meoblast001i've had problems with netupgrades in the past18:31
meoblast001my sister's install broke during an upgrade from gutsy to hardy18:31
shahriar86sadly with poor internet connection like we have over here its not an viable option to netupgrades18:31
shahriar86yes I heard there are few issues like that18:32
meoblast001i have an internet connection that can get it done in 4 hours18:32
shahriar86yes and I will need 3 days18:32
meoblast001i dont mind having it go over night18:32
meoblast001my dads can get it done in 2 1/218:32
meoblast001his connection costs 40 dollars though18:32
meoblast001mine costs 2618:32
meoblast001same ISP just different plans18:32
shahriar86$40 a day? or hour or month?18:33
meoblast001is that bad?18:33
shahriar86then I think cheaper than we have18:33
meoblast001AT&T is better than my ISP18:33
meoblast001they give you the same speed the 40 dollar plan on my ISP gives but its only 24 dollars with AT&T18:34
shahriar86my connection costs me almost $20 for 14KB/s download & 1KB/s upload18:34
shahriar86what's your speed>?18:34
meoblast001uhh... idk... i forget how to check18:34
meoblast001i just know it can get 600 Megs in 4 hours18:35
shahriar86you might check there18:35
shahriar86*if you wish18:35
meoblast001download is 811 KBPS18:36
meoblast001upload is 233 KBPS18:37
shahriar86from the site or you transfered it to KB?18:37
shahriar86the site should show in kb18:37
shahriar86ahh not bad :)18:38
meoblast001its KP/S18:39
shahriar86thats why over here we call the isp's fraudband (fraud + broadbands)18:39
meoblast001i want AT&T18:39
meoblast0011 dollar less and 1.5 Mbps dl and 384 Mbps upload18:39
meoblast001yay the tv just shut off a commercial telling users how to fix a windows computer lol18:39
shahriar86:) still you guys want beter connection, I guess this will never be decided how far we have to go to be satisfied18:40
meoblast001=/ maybe it will one day get better18:40
meoblast001we have 2 options here18:40
meoblast001the local cable company (what i use) or AT&T18:40
shahriar86I think when advanced country will have 1or10 TB/s and we will have like 10MB/s people over there will still want to get 10TB/s line :)18:40
meoblast001or you can get Narrowband Dial-up18:40
meoblast00110 TB/s18:41
meoblast001is that possible18:41
shahriar86*just saying over time it might be possible18:41
shahriar86*10MB/s line over here will take another decade to get18:41
shahriar86believe me :P18:42
meoblast001compositing graphics rule18:42
meoblast001something keeps makinga noise18:44
meoblast001that i recognise18:44
meoblast001i think its an ubuntu noise18:44
meoblast001did your ISP cut out?18:47
shahriar86no, needed to restart x18:47
shahriar86sorry for going without notifying you18:47
meoblast001i think i just fixed something on my computer18:48
meoblast001it kept registering clicks on my mousepad when i type18:49
meoblast001so i made it not register clicks anymore18:49
shahriar86you on kubuntu right?18:49
shahriar86klipper does that I suppose18:49
meoblast001i dont like kubuntu18:49
shahriar86oh ok18:50
shahriar86then what was your problem?18:50
meoblast001shahriar86: are you in KDE or GNOME?18:50
meoblast001and my problem was a laptop specific problem18:50
shahriar86I am on kde for the apps18:50
meoblast001GNOME can run KDE apps18:50
shahriar86I also hate kde environment18:50
shahriar86yes I know, but I like most of the kde apps than gnome apps18:50
meoblast001yeah... when you try to install a KDE app in gnome, it installs the KDE base to run the app in GNOME18:51
shahriar86just my feeling :)18:51
meoblast001then install the KDE apps in GNOME18:51
shahriar86actually I don't like gnome apps18:51
meoblast001then uninstall them18:51
shahriar86but like the way gnome is presented18:51
shahriar86yes that's a hassle18:51
meoblast001i dont like many gnome apps too.. and i have KDE apps18:51
shahriar86I onced broke my system18:52
shahriar86trying to make it pure kde18:52
meoblast001oh... well.. dont uninstall the gnome apps18:52
meoblast001just install the KDE apps and leave the GNOME apps as be18:52
meoblast001i have Konqueror and Kdenlive18:52
shahriar86humm that would have been a option if I had large hdd18:52
meoblast001and Kdevelup18:52
meoblast001i only have 60 Gigs of HDD18:52
shahriar86my hdd is only 40GB while I have only 7GB for root18:53
shahriar86home another 8GB18:53
meoblast001you limit yours?18:53
shahriar86this pc is shared18:53
meoblast001tell me you dont run  as root18:53
shahriar86I mean my sister & father also use it.18:53
shahriar86no god18:53
meoblast001oh lol18:53
meoblast001well.. im gonna play a game of frozen bubble18:54
meoblast001im wireing in.. brb18:57
meoblastmother fucker.. pidgin is crashing19:06
shahriar86humm it have crashed on me only two or three occations19:07
meoblastare you gaving X problems?19:07
shahriar86ahh its ok now19:08
shahriar86actually it was not a major problem19:08
=== meoblast is now known as meoblast001
meoblast001im installing Windows updates in Linux19:36
shahriar86windows update in linux?19:37
shahriar86in vm?19:37
meoblast001in WINE19:37
shahriar86why you need them in linux?19:37
meoblast001just cuz i heard yo cant do it19:38
meoblast001i heard it checks for a WINE specific registry value19:38
meoblast001it asked if i would like to restart now lol19:39
meoblast001its restarting WINE19:39
meoblast001hopefully it doesnt restart the whole system19:39
* shahriar86 finally decided to try Intrepid, he can try Kde4.1 anytime19:39
meoblast001i heard DKE 4.1 sux19:39
shahriar86may be not sure19:40
shahriar86few liked it while other hated it (most probably because it looks more like vista)19:40
shahriar86I used kde 4 for few days and I started hating it19:40
meoblast001the slogan is Don't Look Back.19:41
meoblast001reminds me of Vista19:41
shahriar86ha ha19:41
shahriar86lets see what they brought up in final release19:43
shahriar86goodnight everyone19:50

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