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josephusogra: I just noticed the firmware is missing for the rt73 wifi. I don't know if you plan to support other devices than the Samsung, if yes, I'd like to help making everything work on the Amtek U56001:49
loologra: Can you move back to aufs in your image as well?09:15
loolThe new generic has the new aufs09:15
StevenKI can force his image too09:15
loolStevenK, ogra: I guess first come first serve then :)09:42
ogralool, i need to pull the latest image first, on yesterdays it didnt work10:30
ogralool, it doesnt on todays either, linux-meta wasnt uploaded yet, so i still have the 4.6 image on the build10:37
* ogra bootstraps a mojo system :)12:56
* ogra mumbles .... sits since 20min at "unpacking openssl"13:01
ograwow, installing scrollkeeper on arm takes a cebtury14:49
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kavonso what is everyone's opinions on WiMax? is the feature worth it in a device or is the service not going anywhere19:07
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yannickHi, is it possible to use ubuntu-mobile with lpia kernel and packages?20:53
loologra: Glad you spotted that21:08
loolyannick: That should mostly work, except for some oddness21:08
loolLike cheese being built with hildon support on lpia21:08
yannicklool, do you know how i must install to get the lpia packages?21:08
yannicki mean, it seem the "mobile" images are not lpia based...21:09
loologra: Do you think we should build lpia images on cdimage?  I'm not quite sure of the difference in performance21:10
loolyannick: Why is that you're targetting lpia?21:11
ograi doubt there wil be any21:11
loolyannick: You could either install the ubuntu-mobile package manually, or you could try running the tools that we run to create the officila images21:11
yannicklool, i want to install on msi wind. I think the atom processor could benefit from the lpia arch, right?21:11
loolthe second part is a bit hard because the scripts are numerous and a bit hairy21:11
loolyannick: Actually, we didn't see much difference between lpia and i386 binaries to be honest21:12
loolI would like to revisit the maintenance of a special debian architecture for lpia as in our experience, there's little difference except perhaps for large things like the kernel and libc which could be optimized differently21:12
yannickthen i'll try the "mobile" image21:12
loolyannick: Should work just fine21:13
ograjudge yourself :) the images are both live environments21:13
ograyou can just run it from the usb key21:13
loolAlso, the lpia arch causes hard to fix "issues"; for instance some people want to install random public .debs which are only available for i38621:13
yannicki'm not like that... i can build .deb myself21:14
loolDidn't think about you, but about random people wanting to use proprietary software21:14
loolAn easy example is *cough* skype21:15
yannickdo you think CPU intensiv apps (like video encoding.decoding)  could benefit from lpia packs?21:15
yannicklool, if you remember i'm part of Ekiga team... ;)21:15
loolyannick: Usually, these apps have runtime detection of the CPU21:15
loolyannick: That's the reason for the "*cough*" :)21:15
loolyannick: For instance, vlc or liboil will select the most effective algorithm at runtime with sse, sse2, etc. if the CPU supports it21:16
ian_brasilskype sucks21:17
ian_brasilithas do_nanosleep and schedule_timeout i21:18
ian_brasil which wake the machine up constantly and eats your battery21:18
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josephusENE Technology UTS 668023:34
josephusanyone familiar with this touchscreen?23:35
josephusapparently it "works" with the xorg default mouse and synaptics drivers but needs to be calibrated23:36
josephusso which touchscreen driver should i use? evtouch?23:36
ogratry it23:37

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