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directhexguys, do all browsers on ubuntu sharing a common XUL version look in a common folder for plugins? e.g. will all of them look in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins?11:40
asac[reed]: ffox 3.0 in gutsy isnt firefox 3 ... its granparadiso.15:52
asacdirecthex: if you package things up, use /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins ... if you want to write a custom installer use the dir you suggested15:53
directhexasac, so *all* xul-based browsers on ubuntu will look in /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins?15:54
asacdirecthex: all xul-1.9-or-later based applications ... yes15:54
asac(not only browsers)15:54
directhexasac, okay, good. and that applies on debian too? i know their xul stack differs a little15:55
MechtiIdeasac hello15:56
MechtiIdewhen can we expect lightning 0.9 for Deb and Ubuntu?15:57
asacdirecthex: debian does their own thing. we have been first with all this ... the intentionally broke things to make our life harder15:58
asacdirecthex: but debian doesnt really try to seriously maintain this16:00
asacdirecthex: they even want to cancel security support. which basically means that hopefully they wont include xulrunner or iceweasel at all - but probably they will do anyway and just dont care that the xulrunner maintainer doesnt care about security16:01
directhexi'm not enormously fussed about the politics, i just want to prepare the best package i can. preferably without the rather bulky debian/links in the current source package16:04
asacdirecthex: which package?16:05
directhexasac, moonlight, the open-source implementation of microsoft silverlight. marillat has made an initial package without asking anyone on the pkg-mono team if they had anything to offer, i'd like to fix up what he's done & get it into debian, and from there, jaunty.16:06
asacdirecthex: ok. put it where you want then ... mozilla.plugins will probably work too16:08
asacdirecthex: what license is moonlight?16:11
directhexi.e. mostly lgpl2, some mit/x11, ms-pl16:12
asacits a mess license16:13
asac"no later" + everything that interfaces with other licenses becomes that license16:13
asacalso you can buy other rights from novell16:13
asacso either i can make this GPLv3 or later by just changing the code to use GPLv3 bits16:14
asacor its a complete mess :)16:15
asacdirecthex: is there a spec for this silverlight thing? how did mono figure out how to code this?16:17
directhexapplying text on http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/bb188743.aspx to lessons learnt from mono, i think. i think they got a basic implementation running within 3 weeks. #mono on gimpnet can better answer history lesson questions16:31
directhexand i think about a year ago MS started providing detailed specs & test suites to novell16:32
directhexfrom what i hear, it's also been suggested more than once that MS get the spec submitted to ISO/ECMA. but that kind of thing takes time16:32
asacdirecthex: ok thanks17:35
asacdirecthex: can you put that plugin in a ppa?17:35
asacdirecthex: could you please add the Npp-* headers to the binary plugin package control?17:37
asacdirecthex: look in gnash or other plugins we ship17:37
directhexasac, yes, i can, it'll go into my mono PPA  - but i want to clean it up a little first. an inital version is already in debian-multimedia, but needs tweaking17:37
asacdirecthex: with those Npp-* headers the plugin package will be automatically picked up by the plugin finder wizard of firefox17:38
directhexasac, oh, that's clever. thanks for the tip!17:38
asacdirecthex: how high is the likelyhood that the silverlight files will actually be playable on linux/mono/moonlight?17:39
asacis that supposed to be 100% compatible?17:39
directhexasac, this likely: http://www2.apebox.org/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/00-single/moonlight.png17:40
directhexasac, it's totally a work in progress, but it's heading towards 100% much much faster than, say, gnash17:40
asacdirecthex: ok.17:41
directhexasac, i have a fair few people using my PPA - though only 2 of the packages right now aren't just simple backports - http://directhex.mfgames.com/hardy.html17:44
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