ompaulin many the irc channel that would get you into the topic!00:01
ompaulSeeker`> I'm not on planet.ubuntu.com :(  <ompaul> are you on planet.earth.this-solar-system? <Seeker`> I dont think I qualify00:01
ompaulif you want00:02
ompaulyou can post it00:02
Seeker`not posting myself00:03
Seeker`anyways, I dont think I qualify for planet.ubuntu.com00:04
Seeker`1. I'm not a member00:05
Seeker`2. I dont post to my blog00:06
Seeker`and I dont think epopel would be interested in whatI had to say if i did00:09
ompaulepopel is people I thunk00:13
mneptokor Alan Pope's female alter-ego00:14
Seeker`typos suck00:14
ompaulSeeker`, or maybe you got that wrong there, it is a matter of opinion, and you are too young to have one ;-)00:16
ompaulsurrender surrender 00:17
Seeker`why am i too young to have one00:19
Seeker`how old do you have to be to have one?00:19
ompaulSeeker`, younger than mneptok 00:20
ompauland always two days older than you :)00:20
* ompaul stops messing00:21
ompaulit is three days00:21
mneptokbut don't give yourself away. aaay-aaay. aaaay-AAAAAAAAAAAAAY!00:22
Seeker`how old is mneptok 00:22
mneptok2 days younger than God.00:23
ompaulmneptok, spot on00:23
* ompaul is older than god in that case00:24
ompaulhmm lots of paradigims just broke for people there:)00:24
Seeker`wow, you two are old :P00:24
ompaulSeeker`, quiet child :P00:25
ompaulmneptok, that was a cheap trick putting that in the channel00:25
mneptokompaul: raises our Neilsen rating, though.00:26
ompaulmneptok, ain't that a shame00:27
* ompaul wonders who da king of the whole wide world00:27
mneptokoh wait. he just thinks he is.00:30
ompaulit is really just being ruled by prince while king crimson is feeling unwell00:33
Seeker`ompaul: the little boy that lives down the lane00:36
ompaulmneptok, this is why purple rain is a consequence of global warming00:36
ompaulnote that this winter global warming will be under performing00:36
Seeker`what happened to the irc council vote00:49
mneptokthey passed the bailout resolution. doors close at midnight saturday.00:54
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (pollopolis)01:14
LjLwhat's making me think there is a problem with the bots01:18
mneptoknalioth ....01:19
mneptokFB1 is freaking01:19
* mneptok is about to ban it ...01:20
LjLfb1 is mine mneptok01:20
LjLalthough it's fb1 and fb2 that are quarrelling for the fb1 nickname01:20
mneptokLjL: it's colliding with services, disconnecting, and repeating the process01:20
LjLmneptok: no, 1 is colliding 2, 2 is colloding 101:21
LjLthey both think they own the fb1 nickname01:21
PiciThe name Martiini sounds familiar.. and not in a good way.01:32
LjLPici: i was highlighted when he joined01:32
LjLthough as you know, that doesn't mean much01:32
PiciWell the bantracker reveals something, but it wasn't what I was thinking of.01:32
ubottusnuxoll called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (georgetowntimoth)01:54
ubottu__mikem called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (geirha)01:54
PiciSomeone got trolls in my #ubuntu, I'd like a refund.03:18
mneptoki knew we shouldn't have built this distro on a bridge03:19
Flannelmneptok: At least its not on a swamp03:19
Flannelwhy do I have 0 nicks in my #ubuntu?03:20
mneptokFlannel: look again at high tide ;)03:20
Flannelfreaking disconnects03:20
mneptokFlannel: wait for the sync ...03:20
PiciFlannel: Stay on target.... stay on target.03:21
mneptokalmost there ...03:21
FlannelMy internets went down (along with television) for about 3 hours this morning.03:21
Flanneland apparently when you reconnect, you don't rejoin channels in order03:22
FlannelWell, that was fun.03:27
Flannelubottu: tell DamienGray-SLEEP about away03:47
Myrttiwhat the hell am I doing awake at this hour04:39
FlannelNot sleeping!04:40
FlannelWhy does rodsterling have voice in -offtopic?04:56
MyrttiI've got no idea04:59
elkbuntu* [myg0t]skillztha (n=drew@rh-redwood-cs2-140-190.njit.edu  ... will likely be back05:27
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jussi01Has anyone got a good reference page for dualhead? perhaps an actual ubuntu wiki one? as the one in the factoid sucks...08:36
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama08:37
Flannelhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaMultiMonitors is nvidia specific08:39
jussi01Im thinking this http://www.paralipsis.org/2006/01/enabling-xinerama-in-ubuntu/ 08:41
jussi01but its weird that there isnt a updated ubuntu wiki one08:41
Flannelthe one I psted was for Hardy08:41
jussi01only this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo08:41
Flannelbut, don't we let XRandR take care of it now?08:42
FlannelPage you give looks good, except I thought we don't do manual X configs anymore, just let everything auto detect?08:43
* Flannel has very little idea what he's talking about.08:43
jussi01Flannel: I wish...08:44
* jussi01 cant get dualhead working, hence he sought this out...08:44
Flanneljussi01: ah, intel works fine OOB for me ;)08:45
jussi01Flannel: clone or big screen?08:45
Flanneljussi01: but, if thats the case, and that link works, I'd say update it.08:45
jussi01cause clone works fine here, good luck with big screen08:45
FlannelI don't remember.  I want to say big screen.  But it was a bit ago and Ive only done it once.08:46
jussi01be back in a few, going to play with xorg08:47
ompaulgoing to do the great saturday morning unbanning in #u08:48
ompaulor I could do it a few hours 08:49
ompauljussi01, your call08:49
ompauljussi01, is missing08:49
ompaulFlannel, ^^08:49
Flannelompaul: now is fine08:50
Flannelfew hours is fine08:50
ompaulI'll go later then :)08:50
ompaulI'm outa here08:50
* nalioth is on intrepid now.09:49
naliothcomputer quit several times during the upgrade - but after the new kernel got in, the mysterious quits stopped.09:51
stdinompaul: bug snarfing disabled in the main channels and offtopic channels now (still enabled in dev-land and here)10:31
ompaulstdin, :-) well good10:31
ompaulI could see someone doing bug 1 bug 2 bug 310:32
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Won't display info)10:32
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2 could not be found10:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 3 in rosetta "Custom information for each translation team" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/310:32
ompaulthat might still be an issu :-) 10:32
ompaulstdin, which would have had the flood bot doing you know what10:33
stdinompaul: it has a 5 bug limit10:33
ompaulstdin, and then a shout for people like you10:33
stdinie: even if you post 100 bugs, it'll only show 510:33
ompaulstdin,  make that count 5 and ignore the sender for a minute :)10:33
stdinand it's not enabled in #ubuntu, so no floodbots ;)10:34
ompaulyeah I think anyone doing it in #ubuntu-dev would have a bad day 10:34
stdinI'm pretty sure it won't repeat bugs for a time either10:35
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (simon49)10:42
jpdsHe's gone.10:42
ompauljpds, i was mr typo for a moment there10:43
jpdsompaul: Right...10:46
ompaulso you got him 10:46
bazhangdoorntje, how may we help you10:58
doorntjei've an complain about an ubuntu channel10:59
bazhangdoorntje, which channel and what is the complaint10:59
doorntjenja, they gave me an permban because i said anti-rude-mods10:59
doorntjeit's in #ubuntu-nl-offtopic11:00
bazhangdoorntje, that should be addressed in #ubuntu-irc11:00
doorntjewhy can't you help me here?11:01
bazhangdoorntje, this is not the channel for it.11:01
Garybazhang: yeah, sorry for that, we passed him on from #freenode - forgetting the correct channel for loco channel disputes11:02
bazhangGary, thanks; got him to -irc :)11:03
Garydoorntje: don't forget to not idle in this channel, thanks11:03
CalAirc.dedibox.fr #dedibox11:34
elkbuntuGary, please tell me mr spammerific above has already been dealt with11:37
Garyno longer connected11:41
* Myrtti sings happily12:33
MyrttiI WANT A DONUT!12:47
jussi01me to...12:48
LjLi want a free eeepc12:48
jussi01LjL: Id rather the dell mini thing ;)12:48
MyrttiMSI wind.12:49
LjLjussi01: yeah, i want a free eeepc precisely to see if it's good enough or i buy another12:49
jussi01yeah or that12:49
MyrttiPINK MSI Wind12:49
LjLthen if it's not good enough, i want a free, yeah, whatever, wind, dell, acer12:49
jussi01LjL: hehe12:49
jussi01actually the one from one.de is nice12:49
LjL /kb Myrtti blasphemy12:49
jussi01/kb LjL for being a cheapskate :P12:50
LjLis the msi wind with the decent battery out even?12:50
LjLi'm not a cheapskate, i just think my purchases through12:51
LjLvery, very, thorougly through.12:51
jussi01See Im kina over those mini laptops, I want a proper PC, quad core or something12:51
LjLthen i don't make them12:51
MyrttiLjL: http://www.fonepoint.fi/PublishedService?pageID=9&itemcode=U100XPp12:51
LjLAkku: Li-Ion 3-kennon :(12:51
Myrttioff goes the XP, in comes Xubuntu12:52
Myrttiso what12:52
MyrttiIT'S PINK12:52
LjLyeah, and that12:52
Myrttiand it's better than eeepc12:52
LjLMyrtti: the eeepc has a 6 cells battery that actually lasts though12:53
Myrttiit's still not pink12:53
LjLMyrtti: pfff, you can get a pink eeepc 900 with a lousy battery just like the wind, or a non-pink 901 with a decent battery12:54
LjLwhat's keeping me from getting an eee right now is the keyboard12:54
LjLit's just plain not on par with the ones on the others12:55
LjLi *think* i would get used to it, but thinking isn't being sure12:55
jussi01LjL: nah, the eeepc keyboard sucks12:56
* Myrtti huggles skype12:56
LjLwell, that's keeping me, and the fact i cannot find one in stores12:56
Myrttijussi01: would you like to fix my microphone on my laptop?12:56
MyrttiI got it *almost* working12:56
jussi01LjL: take a trip here, they are *everywhere*12:56
LjLjussi01: reasons for such drastic sentence?12:56
LjLjussi01: they're everywhere here too, just not the 90112:56
jussi01LjL: I hated the one we had at work...12:56
LjLalso, i wouldn't mind if the msi wind and the others were everywhere too, so i could at least compare12:56
LjLthere's only the aspire one around12:57
* Myrtti yawns12:57
Myrttishould get up from bed, right?12:57
LjLjussi01: well but how long did you use it? i'm absolutely certain you do need some non-negligible adjustment period12:57
LjLwidescreen keys need getting used to for sure12:57
jussi01LjL: have you looked at the one from one.de? that looks real nice, though its via based, not atom12:57
jussi01LjL: yeah true, used it for about 3 days...12:58
LjLjussi01, i'm not buying something completely unknown to the masses from a foreign internet retailer, with no inland warranty and no real support... i want something i can touch in stores and can read forums over forums about12:59
LjLi realize that's restricting choices, but that's what i'm like12:59
jussi01LjL: whatever floats your boat mate, just making sure you were aware of it13:00
* pleia2 waiting for the mini9s to be pink13:01
* jussi01 hugs pleia213:03
* LjL wonders what process exactly apparently makes women's hormones excited by the color pink13:03
* pleia2 hugs jussi01 13:05
* Myrtti pokes LjL with The Pink Fluffy Pen of Poking™13:05
* Myrtti larts LjL with a Nokia Internet Tablet 77013:05
pleia2LjL: honestly I don't see it a ton in women, moreso in girls, and pink was a recent discovery for me ;)13:06
* pleia2 does it backwards13:06
Myrttiyeah, I had my black/red/white graphic phase for years13:07
Myrttiand before that blue13:07
LjLwhen i was young, i had a black phase13:08
LjLthen i grew up, and had a black phase13:08
LjLnow i am in a black phase13:08
pleia2yes, well, there is always that13:09
LjLbut i made a promise that when i get a degree, i'll start a lack-of-visible-spectrum-frequencies phase13:10
jussi01If I could motivate myself to finish my thesis, Id actually have a degree...13:10
LjLif i could motivate myself to start a thesis, i'd actually have some hope of a degree13:11
LjLbut that involves waking up before noon and speaking with people... pff13:12
jussi01just got my "big desktop" working :D14:00
elkbuntuoh, the idiots are on fire now14:05
* Myrtti yawns and gets up from bed14:06
Myrttithought of today: "How can someone be that goddamned CUTE?!"14:06
stdinoh, btw. I edited !version to be "lsb_release -rc", as most people seem to want to paste the whole "lsb_release -a" output to the channel14:15
jussi01stdin: nice :) (although we should be doing factoid edits in here so everyone can see them)14:22
stdinfor major edits, sure. but for 's/-a/-rc/' it's a little overkill ;)14:23
stdinjust mentioned in case anyone wondered (though !-version would tell them)14:24
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu ()14:38
LjLhello erusul, you've found a buggie14:38
ubottuko aliases: korea, korean - added by Seveas on 2006-06-18 00:11:0014:38
ubottuFor Korean help, /join #ubuntu-ko14:39
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()14:39
stdin@config plugins.Encyclopedia.alert14:39
ubottu['ops', 'op', 'kops', 'calltheops']14:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about callt14:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about calltheop14:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about calltheo14:40
stdinI think it needs to be a real factoid though14:40
stdin!callt is nothing14:40
ubottuI'll remember that, stdin14:40
ubottucallt is nothing14:40
ubottustdin called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()14:40
LjLi see14:40
stdin!forget callt14:40
ubottuI'll forget that, stdin14:40
stdin!unforget callt14:51
ubottuI suddenly remember callt again, stdin14:51
ubottucallt is nothing14:51
stdin!forget callt14:51
ubottuI'll forget that, stdin14:51
stdinit's less broken again14:52
ubottuIn ubottu, Igg-man said: !no Igg-man is totally awesome!15:01
jussi01!scope > Igg-man15:02
ompaulOT post to here>>  http://inx.maincontent.net/inx-1.0.iso.torrent   << exists on LP it is ubuntu with no X "Is Not X" is where the INX comes from  you can blame an ozzie for it, and it is nice 15:52
* ompaul pings Daviey ^^ that you might get a giggle from15:53
ompaultoo late I told em :P15:53
LjLso he did15:53
thoreauputicthe more the merrier15:54
LjLi'm told there's no cowsay15:54
thoreauputicLjL: that's a bug I guess ;)15:54
thoreauputicfiglet features prominently though :)15:55
LjLthoreauputic: also, if that's your connection that's feeding the torrent... find another isp15:55
thoreauputicLjL: ?15:55
ompaulLjL, we have a few people with the torrent15:55
ompaulLjL, are you saying the host for the box tracker or something15:56
thoreauputicLjL: there are 5 or 6 seeds from various ISPs15:56
LjLi'm saying i'm downloading <50kb/s15:56
thoreauputicLjL: I just tested and got an average of over 500KB/sec , touching 1 MB/sec at times15:57
ompaulLjL, go again15:57
thoreauputicd/l took about 5 and a half minutes15:57
thoreauputicLjL: something odd at your end - it is fast enough here and I'm half a world away from the tracker16:00
LjLyeah, it appears i was merely using a sucky torrent client.16:01
ompaulLjL, you have appeared :)16:02
LjLfrom magic smoke.16:03
thoreauputicLjL: are you getting better speed now? 16:06
LjLnot stellar, but yeah, >100kb/s16:07
LjLalthough ompaul's bti is embarassingly slow16:07
thoreauputicLjL: hard to please :)16:07
ompaulLjL, I could close it16:07
ompaulI am providing the tracker also16:07
ompauland it is not here16:08
LjLompaul: well, after realizing the client has commands called "kick" and "ban", i'm trying hard to resist the temptation to begin with16:08
LjLit's a reflex you know16:08
thoreauputicLjL: hahahah16:08
ompaulLjL, you want my bandwidth that much - sorry to have to tell you it is all I have16:09
ompaulso you won't get any benefit that way16:09
LjLi know, as i said, rationality tells me i want those nanobits per second16:09
ompaulyah right16:10
ompaulLjL, you should be getting 35 from the torrent server itself16:10
Myrttiyou're silly16:10
Myrttiall of you16:10
ompaulI have that choked16:10
LjLMyrtti: you haven't had your coffee16:11
ompaulMyrtti, we love you too, now tell us why we are silly16:11
ompaulLjL, you cannot be serious mannnnnn16:11
MyrttiLjL: as a matter of fact16:11
Myrttiam just now sipping excellent "espresso"16:11
thoreauputicompaul: the tracker rtorrent is currently putting out *exactly* 35 as instructed :)16:11
MyrttiI've tried some Segafredo and it was doodah.16:12
LjLanother netsplit is coming16:12
Myrttithis Robert's Café Brutal espresso ground nomnom roast is excellent16:12
MyrttiLjL: how did you know that?16:13
LjLMyrtti: like i knew last time, check -monitor16:14
thoreauputicLjL: so, now you can offer all INX torrenters your generous bandwidth ;) You seem to have completed your d/l?16:30
thoreauputic'no answer' came the stern reply...16:31
LjLthoreauputic: yeah, being behind a NAT though, i'm not entirely sure there will be many leechers who manage to connecto to me :P16:31
thoreauputicLjL: I'm sure you are capable of working out your port forwarding...16:31
LjLthoreauputic: it's not my NAT, i can't port forward a thing16:32
thoreauputicLjL: I'm also behind nat and you were getting 60 KB/sec from me16:32
thoreauputicah I see :)16:32
LjLthoreauputic: bittorrent is smart then16:32
Nafalloit tries to be.16:33
LjLanyway, ktorrent is there seeding, those who are brave can leech16:33
Nafalloyour seeding client will try to connect to leechers IIRC16:33
Nafallothat way the connections opens from the inside and gets through NAT16:34
LjLNafallo: it would only be reasonable for it to do that16:34
LjLNafallo: i'm not entirely sure how it worked if we were *both* behind NAT, though16:34
Nafallono idea either. that might be the people you wouldn't reach when behind NAT...16:35
thoreauputicLjL: umm, I have the relevant ports forwarded so it makes no difference - attempts to connect to me sail through the router 16:35
LjLthoreauputic: ah ok16:35
thoreauputicand hit the torrent port16:35
Nafallocan haz IPv6,kthxbai!16:36
thoreauputicit isn't rocket science you know :)16:36
LjLNafallo: if you have a tunnel with 10mbps bandwidth, i'll consider that16:36
Nafalloanyway. bye. I need to head for a party via another things.16:36
NafalloLjL: SixXS16:36
LjLsounds like a porn site16:36
LjLi did16:37
LjLthat didn't make it sound any less like a porn site16:37
LjLplease have a look at afallenhope in #ubuntu17:59
LjLi call myself out17:59
jussi01LjL: looking18:07
LjLjussi01: well, he's stopped answering, i've left a @mark on the BT anyway18:07
jussi01LjL: alrught, he's active in #u right now18:08
Myrttianyone awake18:18
Myrttigood, go back to bed then18:19
* Gary is bored18:21
MyrttiI just configured skype on my laptop18:22
Myrttinow I can make video calls ;-D18:22
Myrttiwoooooo \o/18:22
* Myrtti sees jussi01 online on skype, hides behind a blanket18:23
jussi01Myrtti: nothings set up here...18:23
Myrttinot that I'd want to see your face anyway ;-)18:24
jussi01Myrtti: that was uncalled for!18:25
* Myrtti larts jussi01 with "Handbook of Finnish irony, sarcasm and selfbelittling"18:27
ubottuIn ubottu, bobertdos said: media-prefs is If you want to set the default application for your removable media, go to Nautilus->Edit->Preferences->Media18:36
ubottuIn ubottu, bobertdos said: media-prefs is In Hardy Heron, default apps for some removable media are set in Nautilus (File Browser)->Edit->Preferences->Media. For older distros, System->Preferences->Removable Media18:43
FlannelHmm, whats the factoid with that website that'll help figure out packages for sneakernet19:50
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.byethost14.com/19:52
Flannel!sneakerent is <alias> offline19:54
ubottuI'll remember that, Flannel19:54
Flannel!sneakernet is <alias> offline19:54
PiciIt doesnt have anything after feisty though19:55
Flannelthats annoying.  The synaptic thing still works, provided you had internet at some point?19:56
Flannel(a recent package list)?19:56
PiciDunny, havent used.19:56
FlannelI really wish AptOnCD worked on windows.19:56
jussi01yeah, that'd be nice19:57
FlannelYou don't even have to implement all of the functionality of libapt, just the basics.19:57
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate19:58
Myrttiperhaps the wubi guys would know how to do something like that?19:59
MyrttiI have to tell you fellas20:00
Myrttinothing, and I mean nothing beats good coffee and a tomato-mozzarella-basil salad with fresh olive oil and a dash of balsamico20:00
jussi01Myrtti: meh... :P20:01
PiciI'm not even that big of a salad fan and that sounds good.20:01
PiciMinus the coffee though.20:01
FlannelMyrtti: Its not something you'd need wubi to do.  You'd just have to write a script that knows how to read the packages format, and resolve dependencies20:02
jussi01nah, my salad of choice: chicken, chili, paprika/bell peppers, rae juusto, cherry tomatos, lettuce. mmm... nam nam20:03
MyrttiFlannel: yes, but when looking for people who have been doing ubuntu related stuff for windows, wouldn't it be logical to go and ask from known perpetrators?20:05
PiciHah, perpetrators.20:05
Myrttijussi01: sure, that's nice thoug20:05
MyrttiI'm not that big fan of chicken though20:06
* LjL will try to add gutsy and hardy...20:11
FlannelMyrtti: writing a script like that is just writing a script.  If you do it in python, perl, whatever, its not really OS dependant (because we're not using the apt libraries).  Wubi people were dealing mostly with ntfs.20:50
FlannelMyrtti: thatd be like asking the ext3 guys to hack GIMP or something20:50
MyrttiFlannel: and you seriously think I a) gave it a thought b) know about what's needed c) care?20:52
* jussi01 hugs Flannel... there there, Aunty Myrtti is in a bad mood tonight. :D21:05
Myrttino I'm not21:12
Myrttiskype works :-D21:12
MyrttiworkED damnit21:13
Myrtti Skype ♥ 21:41
ubottuDragnslcr called the ops in #kubuntu (Denise)22:22
jussi01err, what?22:23
PiciLjL: are we repelling boarders?22:27
LjLPici: no, grepping logs22:28
Pici3rd party lamp suites really annoy me.22:59
FlannelEspecially since theres no reason to use them on *nix23:00
LjLi build all my lamps23:00
FlannelLjL: I usually break down and buy the bulbs23:01
LjLno spine, no spine23:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sysreq23:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sys-req23:48
ompaul!search req23:49
ubottuFound: requirements-#xubuntu, hacker, aptproxy, requirements, f5, nonxgl, xfcemem, lol, reqs, nbs23:49
ompaulanyone got any idea?23:49
LjLompaul: what about?23:55
ompaulis there a factoid for sys rq23:58
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key23:58
* ompaul head butts the deskl23:58
ompaulLjL, I guess that was FAIL!23:59

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