Olwetrashguy, did you find anything?00:04
Olwei tried changing the video card, but my MOBO didnt like that at all.. something may be wrong with my AGP slot... or the card... but i mean, i get partway with the pci card, which i installed with00:06
mawwhen "apt-get purge" is used and aptitude is identifying "ubuntu-minimal" to be removed as well00:57
mawI assume that would be bad to remove00:57
ScottKmaw: Almost certainly whatever you are removing that's part of ubunutu-minimal is something you want to keep on your system.02:57
mawScottK: indeed, I was just removing all of the dhcpd and dhcp3-server related stufd03:34
ScottKubuntu-minimal is just a metapackage, so removing it doesn't actually hurt anything.03:35
ScottKYou really ought to be sure you know what you're doing though if you remove stuff that's in minimal.03:35
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[Solaris]how do i put soemthing in cron to every 15 or 30 mins?04:57
sommer[Solaris]: */30 * * * * command04:59
sommer[Solaris]: change the 30 to 15 for every 15 minutes04:59
[Solaris]do i need to put the file somewhere?04:59
sommerthat would be the cron entry... the crontab -e will let you edit the cron jobs05:00
[Solaris]so it doesn't matter where the file resides?05:02
sommernot sure what you mean by file?05:04
[Solaris]i have a bash script that i want ran05:05
[Solaris]script == file05:05
sommerI usually put custom scripts in /usr/local/bin so your cron entry would be: */30 * * * * /usr/local/bin/filename05:06
[Solaris]is 15 min to often for a cron..05:08
sommerI have some jobs running every 5 :-)05:09
sommerit's really a matter of what your script does, how resource intensive, etc05:09
[Solaris]it moves files from one dir to the next05:09
sommerI wouldn't think you'd have any issue, but I guess it depends on how many files and their sizes get moved, still shouldn't be an issue05:10
[Solaris]cp: cannot create regular file `/usr/local/bin/CTDM': Permission denied05:11
[Solaris]ohh id idn't chmod +e or what ever tothe file05:11
portablejimWhat happens if you put 2 dhcp servers on one network? does the second stop the first from working, or does the second one just not work?09:18
MitosKalandielmost likely you will get very unpredictable effects, either dhcp server a0 or b0 answering leases being given double etc, i am not sure if that's even mentioned in ip-specs09:28
MitosKalandiela or b even09:28
MitosKalandielbut in every case i had 2 dhcp servers running my network became unstable and unpredictable, downright to the point of unusability..09:30
portablejimso the second one would bring down the network. is that what you are saying?09:33
ropetinportablejim: I'm late to this party, but I'd concur with MitosKalandiel, two active DHCP servers on the same segment is not worth the agro09:47
MitosKalandielportablejim: not necessaraly bringing the network down, but you will be tackling major problems when you do run two dhcp servers09:50
ivokssometimes i just want to cry10:01
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ropetinivoks: any reason or just in general?10:14
ivoksropetin: i've spent lots of time (a week) on debugging of one problem10:40
ivoksropetin: it turns our it's just an online change in one header10:40
ivoksone line10:40
ivoksand i figured that out this morning, after last night and lots of alcohol10:42
ivoksmoral of the story: alcohol can be good sometimes :D10:42
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bogey-i was running 8.04 and i did an apt-get upgrade and now my network stopped working. It says it is configured but no traffic goes in or out14:06
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EvilDaemonSo I have an older box with 3 different ubuntu operating systems on it, and I want to put ubuntuserver on it. All of the thing I want to keep are backed up, now what?16:40
EvilDaemonAlso, when installing, it won't let me overwrite all of the partitions, just one out of two.16:41
EvilDaemonSo... nobody?16:59
stainerare you using the manual option?17:09
EvilDaemonWell, I'm going to try dban and then install it17:14
stainerI some trouble overwrite partitions with an older version. I deleted the partitions manually, the ran the install and that worked... I cant remember if that was a bug or not.17:15
staineror something I was doing wrong17:16
EvilDaemonHow did you delete them?17:16
stainerused a live disk, and ran gparted17:17
EvilDaemonCan you boot into a shell from the live Server cd?17:17
EvilDaemoner, ubuntu server livecd17:18
stainerI used a desktop cd, but you should be able to do the same thing with fdisk in command line17:18
stainermake sure you have everything you need off that disk17:19
EvilDaemonYeah, everything is on a usb.17:19
stainerfdisk deletes the partitions, then you can use a guided install, and it should write the whole disk17:19
stainerI am sometimes slow with this stuff, so your milage may vary :)17:20
EvilDaemonfdisk just displays stuff, it's not doing anything.17:41
EvilDaemonIs there a delete-all argument?17:41
normanmEvilDaemon: you could even use cfdisk17:44
stainerfdisk /dev/hda (or your hd)17:45
EvilDaemonwhat about parted?17:45
stainerparted would do the same... fdisk is pretty old, but straight foward17:45
EvilDaemonThere's four different kinds under /dev/17:46
EvilDaemonNow I guess cfdisk is being suggested over parted.17:46
staineryou have to delete each partition17:47
stainerTry them in the order cfdisk, fdisk, sfdisk. (Indeed, cfdisk is a beautiful program that has strict requirements on the partition tables it17:48
staineraccepts, and produces high quality partition tables. Use it if you can.17:48
stainerI just found that... I have never used cfdisk before, so I didn't know about it17:49
EvilDaemonokay. will one of them tell me what partition I'm on, or do I stab in the dark and hope I don't miss?17:49
normanmstainer: lol17:49
normanmcfdisk rocks17:49
stainerit is rare that I have needed the partition manually... ubuntu takes care of it for you :) I have in the old days with dos, and slackware17:51
stainerhere is a better howto on fdisk http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Partition/fdisk_partitioning.html17:51
stainerwith everything in linux, there are about 45 ways to accomplish it17:52
EvilDaemonfdisk - disk partition table manipulator17:52
EvilDaemonfdformat - Low-level format a floppy disk17:52
EvilDaemon cfdisk17:53
EvilDaemonCurses based disk partition table manipulator for Linux17:53
blue-frogEvilDaemon: what do you need to do?17:53
EvilDaemonTo delete all my partitions.17:54
EvilDaemonsorry for the flood.17:54
normanmEvilDaemon: use cfdisk17:54
normanmI still not understand what the problem is17:54
blue-frogEvilDaemon: I assume you are on a livecd?17:55
EvilDaemonYes, but I only have a command line.17:55
stainercfdisk is nice17:55
blue-frogEvilDaemon: then either one of the tools listed above will help you do that. chose the one you prefer17:56
EvilDaemonI just took a look at cfdisk, so I'll use that. Now, how do I find out what partition I'm currently on?17:57
blue-frogEvilDaemon: if you are running from a live cd you are on cloop17:57
EvilDaemonokay, thanks.17:57
blue-frogEvilDaemon: your drive will be certainly named /dev/sda17:58
EvilDaemonokay, so that didn't work18:04
EvilDaemonall of the oses that I originally had on there are still there, after deleting the partitions.18:04
EvilDaemonfrom a livecd18:04
EvilDaemonone is on sd218:04
EvilDaemonthe other didn't say.18:05
EvilDaemonIf I run sudo rm -rf /, will it solve my problems?18:06
stainerthat would just delete the files, the partitions would still be there18:09
blue-frogEvilDaemon: what livecd do you have?18:10
blue-frogEvilDaemon: in fact are you root in your llivecd?18:11
EvilDaemonIt's ubuntu gusty, 7.10 i38618:20
EvilDaemonand I did sudo cfdisk18:20
blue-frogdid you reboot afterwards?18:24
EvilDaemonit went to grub, and still showed all of the previous oses.18:28
EvilDaemonubuntu 7.10, and ubuntu 8.1018:28
blue-frogEvilDaemon: so you didn't delete the /boot partition. that's all18:28
stuartHi All18:29
stuart8.04.1 server. Won't install on my hp netserver. Can't load installer from cd. Media check is good. ??18:30
stuart-- hp netserver E800 2xP3 1GHz 2GB ram18:31
EvilDaemonblue-frog: In cfdisk, there were two different options. one had boot on it. I deleted them all.18:31
blue-frogEvilDaemon: sudo parted /dev/sda p    gives you what?18:33
blue-frogEvilDaemon: by the way in cfdisk, you need to write out the changes you made18:33
blue-frogotherwise nothing is done18:34
blue-frogEvilDaemon: use parted, changes are made right away, no need to reboot18:34
staineronly with AT&T is a dynamic ip a selling point. Dynamic IP Addresses - Every time you log on to the Internet, your computer is assigned a new, unique IP address, making it more difficult for hackers to find you.18:42
EvilDaemonit says that the directory isn't there. So It's just deleting it off of grub?18:44
orogorhi here19:05
orogoranyone knows of any decent documentation/tutorial on apparmor?19:05
sommerorogor: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/apparmor.html19:06
sommerorogor: should get you started anyway19:07
orogoryhea, just stpotted the bottom link to suze doc , o think  was looking for that$19:08
orogorsommer, is there a repository wth additional profiles for apparmor on ubuntu  ?19:25
orogoralso stupid queston what sthe difference between gentoo and gento server if i nstall server type packages on th desktop version ?19:25
sommerorogor: there's the apparmor-profiles package which contains additional profiles, that may be what you're looking for19:27
sommerorogor: nope the server and desktop use the same repositories so installing say apache on desktop is the same as installing it on sever19:27
orogorsommer, there s like 10 profiles in it , whichb isn t much19:27
sommerorogor: ya, apparmor integration is pretty conservative, due to the chance of messing things up19:28
orogori could build profiles by myself , but ... would have been nice if there were some more19:28
sommeryou can always submit any that you create :)19:28
orogordoesn t works out server doesn t answer19:29
orogori modified the cupsd profile , i was presented with an option to uopdate the repository but had an error when submitting profle , apparently (in don t know which) server wasn t answerng http19:31
orogorbah, i ll give up for today, i bet iptable forbidding incoming connections will protect me from 90% of stuff anyway19:32
* [Solaris] wonders if trashguy comes in on the weekends19:58
EvilDaemonis for Dog20:08
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[Solaris]can someone tell me if my external IP address shows up a http page?21:50
NCommander[Solaris], sure22:11
NCommanderIP address?22:11
NCommander[Solaris], yup22:12
[Solaris]good good22:13
[Solaris]now to figure out how to make it so a user can have a http page22:14
[Solaris]<user> is the address right?22:14
[Solaris]and in the user dir they need to add?22:15
NCommanderusually public_html22:17
NCommanderBut that varies depending on the apache configuration22:17
[Solaris]erm whats defualt?22:17
NCommanderNo idea22:18
[Solaris]know where i can look?22:18
[Solaris]i thought normally you have to mkdir some directory for all the html stuff22:19
LeChacalhello can some help with this. At my school we have public printer on ip address 192.168.***.*** and my dorm pc is on ip address 172.16.***.***. I cant touch the settings in the router so i cant set up routing table to allow me to print to this printer but does any one have a different idea of how i can print to this printer. Thank You23:44

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