bryceif it's correct that it worked with alpha6 but not beta, then something is misfiring with how X is being set up.  hmm00:09
brycethe 1.5.1 merge was sep 2400:10
brycetimo put in a driver fallback patch sept 9, was that pre-alpha6 though?00:10
brycetjaalton: you around? ^^00:11
brycehmm, sept 9 was between alpha 5 and 6, so I don't think timo's patch would be to blame00:11
brycelemme look at what went into 1.5.100:12
brycebdmurray: did you see any of the bugs where they posted an Xorg.0.log from their alpha6 session?00:14
bryceI'm wondering if previously the livecd put them on -vesa00:14
tjaaltonbryce: there was a freeze exception for this00:16
tjaaltonbryce: but it didn't get in for beta00:16
brycetjaalton: oh you know of the fix?00:17
tjaaltonbryce: it's committed alread00:17
bryceah okay, what was the change?00:17
tjaaltonjcristau knows more about it.. brown paper bag stuff :)00:17
brycewas it a fix to xorg-server or -nv or...?00:18
tjaaltonthe .ids -stuff didn't work like before00:18
tjaaltongot to hit the hay, so.. have a nice weekend :)00:19
bdmurrayI'm not sure I'm following everything, X is broken for some Live CD users with Beta?00:20
bryceok, night00:20
brycebdmurray: in the past, debian/ubuntu had it's own mechanism for mapping driver to pci id's00:21
brycebdmurray: but with xserver 1.5, they've added code in the core system for doing this now00:21
bryceso debian has switched over to this new system, and apparently in doing so there was an issue that made it behave somewhat differently than the old system00:22
jcristaunot quite00:22
jcristauwhen gravity's code went upstream, it was modified to look in some #defined location instead of hardcoded /usr/share/xserver-xorg/pci/00:23
jcristauexcept we didn't define it, so it didn't look anywhere at all00:23
jcristaubryce: btw look at NVIsSupported, it matches on id & 0xfff0, so it works on more cards than are explicitly listed00:24
brycejcristau: hm, what was I not quite right about?00:26
jcristauthat we switched to a new system00:26
jcristauit's the same system, just in the upstream tarball instead of debian/patches/ :)00:27
brycebdmurray: anyway, so looks like that issue is what's causing the different detection behavior with the livecds00:29
brycebdmurray: guess we'll be getting a lot of bug reports on this one00:29
bdmurraybryce: maybe we should get it added to the caveats then?00:30
brycebdmurray: yeah00:30
brycebdmurray: 261977 seems to be the master bug for this00:31
bdmurraybryce: so I'll mark bug 277452 as a dupe of 261977 and any others I find. sound good?01:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277452 in xserver-xorg-video-nv "-nv doesn't support 0x10de07e3 (GeForce 7050/nForce 610i)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27745201:14
brycebdmurray: sounds very good01:18
brycethanks for doing that01:19
bryceI'm working on a new git snapshot for -ati which should close a slew of bugs01:19
bdmurraybryce: yep, I might mail the bug squad too01:20
wgrantbryce: Are you aware of the -synaptics config GUI in System->Preferences-Mouse?01:44
brycewgrant: yeah01:44
brycewgrant: not familiar with the internals tho01:44
wgrantbryce: Just wondering why you advised LaserJock to write a fdi file for the config options exposed there.01:44
brycewgrant: wasn't aware that synaptics was special cased01:47
wgrantbryce: Ah. Well, it turns out all of the options that he needed were exposed there.01:48
brycemjg59 had written the synaptics gui earlier, but I didn't know it worked with input hotplug01:49
wgrantbryce: I ported it to XInput properties a couple of months ago.01:49
wgrantI believe we've even dropped the awful hack from -synaptics.01:50
bryceok good, didn't know that01:50
wgrantLaserJock points out that we really need to fix up docs, as lots are broken by input-hotplug... I'm trying to update various Synaptics-related ones now.01:52
wgrantI wonder if I can get a UI freeze exception to add a couple of extra often wanted options to the GUI (two-finger scrolling).01:54
bryceworth a try01:55
wgrantIs that an ubuntu-release question, or some docteam?01:56
brycehmm, I'm not sure who officially approves UI freeze exceptions, but I'd probably start by asking slangasek02:03
wgrantI just did. Thanks.02:04
brycejcristau, tjaalton: how's -nouveau coming along in your opinion?  something we should look at for intrepid?02:10
bryceok, sync'd it from experimental02:21
tjaaltonbryce: haven't tried for a while, but it needs a snapshot of libdrm to be useful08:20
tjaalton*in a while..08:42
jcristaubryce, tjaalton: not just libdrm, nouveau needs drm modules from git13:53
tjaaltonoh that too13:58
tseliottjaalton: I'm thinking of removing (i.e. not including) nvidia-xconfig in the nvidia packages. This would fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-177/+bug/24832715:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248327 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-177 "Broken X if nvidia-xconfig is used" [Low,Confirmed] 15:20
tseliotI'm also working on this (a FFE will be required for a new upstream release): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-settings/+bug/27486615:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274866 in nvidia-settings "nvidia-settings creates invalid xorg.conf" [Medium,Confirmed] 15:21
tseliottjaalton: what do you think about the problem with nvidia-xconfig?15:21
tjaaltontseliot: if there's no source for -xconfig, then dropping it might be wise15:34
tseliottjaalton: the source is not in the nvidia installer. There is only a binary "nvidia-xconfig"15:36
tjaaltontseliot: ok, but the -settings one should be fixable?15:36
tseliottjaalton: yes, I have packaged a new release15:37
tseliotwhich solves the problem (at least the changes in code seem to suggest that the problem is solved)15:37
superm1tjaalton, tseliot and i were talking about the repercussions of removing nvidia-xconfig.  there are some projects that use it still (but not explicitly in rdepends), so I proposed a compatibility shim instead 15:45
superm1that uses xkit to turn on the driver15:45
superm1at least basic functionality - not reimplementing "all" of nvidia-xconfig15:45
tseliottjaalton: we should add a dependency on python-xkit (which is in main) and install a script named nvidia-xconfig to /usr/bin which enables the nvidia driver15:46
mnemodoes the x.org intel driver use a frame buffer by default?16:50
tjaaltonsuperm1, tseliot: ok, sounds like a plan17:31
tseliotI'll work on it17:46
mnemoif I disable DRI for the intel driver, am I still using the code from the drm and mesa repositories listed here: http://www.intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html18:45
tjaaltonmnemo: no18:46
crevetteis an ubuntu repository for intel driver snapshots?18:52
tjaaltoncrevette: not that I know of18:57
crevettehello tjaalton18:58
mnemotjaalton: so if DRI is disabled and I dont have the "drm" kernel module loaded... how does the xserver communicate with the graphics card?18:58
tjaaltonmnemo: um, with the intel DDX driver?18:59
mnemotjaalton: so basically the xserver is sending data directly to the graphics card then?18:59
jcristauwell, yes, that's what a driver does..19:00
mnemoI got a crash on intel G45 hardware with DRI off and EXA (no compiz) and this is my xorg.log --> http://rafb.net/p/RVwNLB13.html19:04
mnemoso can I be sure that this bug is in the 2D xorg driver for intel? i.e. the xserver-xorg-video-intel code??19:05
jcristaupretty much19:06
tjaaltonAIUI even the 2.5 prereleases still have bugs with G4519:06
mnemoyes I tried git head as well, same bug19:06
mnemoim trying to analyze it though so I can file a usable bug report19:07
tjaaltonyou should probably file it upstream too19:07
tjaaltonthanks :)19:07
mnemofrom the xorg log it seems that the ring buffer (used for sending commands to the GPU) becomes full and the intel driver loaded into xorg waits for 2 seconds and then it assumes something it wrong because the ring buffer is not being emptied/processed19:09
mnemothe code refers to this buffer as an "LP" buffer, do you know what LP means in this context?19:10
mnemoI tried to read the intel docs but "LP" is not mentioned in there19:10
tjaaltonno idea19:14

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