Zorixsoundray, was asking what would be the best low power mini-itx system that works with ubuntu.. a C7 based system or what00:00
danbh_intrepidNiCK_NaME: yeah, I think00:00
Zorixsoundray, just for browsing and chatting00:00
bobertdosmartin__: I've actually been recommending the RC2 of flash 10 to people.00:00
soundrayjakisktos: then it must be disabled in the BIOS setup00:00
randywell my os is a little strange i installed ubuntu but i have edubuntu and kubuntu all in one os and everthing is conflicking with eachother00:00
martin__bobertdos: what's it's package name?00:00
ubuntu_toddHow to configure HDA audio in ubuntu? I can listen to the music, but can NOT recording my voice. Any idea?00:01
linathat is why I object to people who say apt is the best dependency manager00:01
rocka4himHow do I access my USB drive from Xubuntu ?00:01
rocka4himHow do I access my USB drive from Xubuntu ?00:01
soundrayZorix: miniITX are all pretty disappointing. Have you thought about a netbook, like the Eee PC?00:01
jakisktossoundray: then why widows see it and connects via LAN?00:01
Ulairioni need help ;_;00:01
Fat_ManTrying to bulk rename files in terminal using the command " rename 's/(.*) - (.*)\.(.*) / $2 - $1.$3/'* " which worked perfectly the night before last.  Today when I try to use it after entering the command terminal responds with " reading filenames from STDIN " and stops for good at that point.  Any ideas as to how I can fix this would be greatly appreciated.00:01
Spheroussoundray, ahhh its worse, everything is bigger and I can't make it smaller! the best res I can use is 640x480 with 54HZ for refresh!00:01
bobertdosmartin__: Well, because it's still in development, it's only available in a direct download from Adobe Labs.00:01
soundrayjakisktos: oh, you're dual-booting, you should have said.00:01
nananuucan some one help me with dosbox? I dont understadnd realy the guige in internet00:01
soundrayjakisktos: make sure you shut down Windows properly, rather than hibernating00:02
Zorixsoundray, well its for my desktop not to take with me.. i have a laptop already i just want a machine i can connect to from offsite if i need to.. or browse.. or chat00:02
jakisktossoundray: i didn`t know00:02
ubuntu_toddHow to configure HDA audio in ubuntu? I can listen to the music, but can NOT recording my voice. Any idea?00:02
martin__bobertdos: my ff keep turn ifself off after watcing 2 or 3 vids from youtube00:02
jakisktossoundray: my ubuntu is installed as application00:02
martin__no debug no nothing00:02
Ulairionmy video drivers went FUBAR after installing.... I can't go over 800x600... help please00:02
soundrayZorix: that's exactly how I use my Eee PC :)00:02
rocka4himAnyone know how to access my USB drive form Xubuntu00:02
unopFat_Man, make sure you have a space between the command and the glob.00:02
bobertdosmartin__: using flash 9 with libflashsupport?00:02
cilkayrandy: I have Kubuntu as the base system with packages from Edubuntu and UbuntuStudio installed. The only conflicts I encountered were with themes, which I don't care about anyway. I just removed the Edubuntu and UbuntuStudio themes.00:02
soundrayjakisktos: wubi?00:02
Zorixsoundray, oh.. do you use ubuntu on it?00:02
unopFat_Man, rename 's/(.*) - (.*)\.(.*) / $2 - $1.$3/'  *00:03
soundrayZorix: yes00:03
jakisktossoundray: right00:03
Zorixsoundray, awesome..sounds good00:03
Arcticummm...before I get totally embaressed, would someone give me a command on how to extract that Blender tar to /opt? Ehem!00:03
martin__rocka4him: is there flash drive icon on ur desktop?00:03
Fat_Manunop: Will give it a run right now....00:03
passivecan anyone help me with that GNOME thing ??00:03
pyMontyDoes anyone know why flashplugin-nonfree doesn't have transparency in firefox?00:03
cilkayFat_Man: If you have lots of files, you might have to use find because bash will run out of stack space.00:03
Spheroussoundray, any ideas on what to do now?00:03
soundrayZorix: I don't want to put you off the VIA Epia platform entirely -- they certainly have their uses00:04
linaArctic: what tar, is it a package or sources?00:04
techsupportbobertdos, i understand, i'm talking in #samba now00:04
soundraySpherous: thinking00:04
randyis their anyway to get a good working internet explorer00:04
linarandy: no, not even on Windows00:04
ArcticMartin: tar.bz200:04
unopFat_Man, you could write this to do the very same thing.   rename 's/(.*) - (.*)\. / $2 - $1./'  *00:04
Zorixsoundray, what do you think epia is useful for?00:04
martin__artic: ar u asking me?00:04
ArcticLina: sorry00:04
Spherousrandy, why do you want to use internet explorer?00:04
Ulairionmy video drivers went FUBAR after installing.... I can't go over 800x600... help please00:04
pyMontySo can anyone fix my flash transparency issue in firefox?00:05
linaArctic: tar xjvf <filename>.tar.bz2, is it a binary or sources though?00:05
soundrayZorix: when you need a PCI card, for example to build a DVB-enabled media box00:05
jewbileeHow do I install flash for firefox?00:05
jakisktossoundray: and my windows is not hibernatesd00:05
pyMontysudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree, jewbilee00:05
Spherousrandy, I mean you have plenty of other choices, if you use Gnome, Firefox, Chomium, Opera, or on KDE you have that one that comes installed on it00:05
soundrayjakisktos: does Ethernet work when you boot from a live CD?00:05
Zorixsoundray, the eeepc doesnt have a lot of hd space though00:05
jewbileepyMonty: i did that but its still not working00:05
Fat_Manunop:  Bingo!  Space as you noted was missing!  Thank you!00:05
randyjust like to have all of them00:05
jakisktossoundray: no00:06
linaSpherous: "Chomium", you mean "Chromium"?00:06
soundrayZorix: that's true00:06
Spherouslina, yeah yeah, that. haha00:06
trashguywould u want ie00:06
Spherouslina, missed the r~ haha00:06
soundrayjakisktos: did you spell Ethernet with a capital E in that command?00:06
linaSpherous: that's a library AFAIK00:06
ArcticLina: It's Blender Tar, that I am trying to install in /opt/blender00:06
aleatorio$ xbacklight -set 5000:06
aleatorioNo outputs have backlight property00:06
aleatoriohow to solve it?00:06
Spherouslina, O.o, I used it before, its like the linux version of google chrome~00:06
jakisktossoundray: any other ideas00:07
linaArctic: tar xjvf <filename>.tar.bz200:07
Fat_Mancilkay:  only 100 files per directory max.  Did 5 directories the other night and all worked well so will continue with what I have.  Thanks for input!  Cheers!00:07
SpherousLina, you have to compile it though00:07
linaSpherous: oh, I thought it was just the library, like libmozlib00:07
Spherouslina, nope~00:07
soundraySpherous: I think you could try to run nvidia-xconfig to create a new xorg.conf00:07
martin__lina: just extract it to some folder00:07
soundrayjakisktos: did you spell Ethernet with a capital E in that command?00:08
martin__then compile it,00:08
linamartin__: Arctic ^00:08
Arcticnope, it's self sustained00:08
Spheroussoundray, explain how~ when I run sudo nvidia-xconfig in a shell it just spits out some stuff then gives me a new line to type on00:08
perilluxI previously had gcc version 4.3 and I need to use version 4.2 or lower.  So I just installed gcc version 4.2 but I don't know how to use that one.  Anytime I try and compile it is still using 4.3.  Any help?00:08
jakisktossoundray: yes, new empty line break was appear00:08
soundraySpherous: put that some-stuff on a pastebin00:09
linaperillux: gcc-4.200:09
soundray!pastebin > Spherous00:09
ubottuSpherous, please see my private message00:09
randywhat kind of program could i use to my my own explorer00:09
soundrayjakisktos: could you run 'lspci' and pastebin the output00:09
soundray!pastebin > jakisktos00:09
ubottujakisktos, please see my private message00:09
LordFDiskSpherous, try the Package EnvyNG00:09
jewbileeHow do I install flash player on firefox, I did sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree but firefox still will not play flash00:10
Spheroussoundray: http://pastebin.com/m2b56fea900:10
aaron_are there any jobs with ubuntu for tech support specialist not a developer?00:10
perilluxlina: thanks lina.  However, it is compiling with a makefile.  how do I fix this?  can I just go into the makfile and make some changes?00:10
soundrayLordFDisk: that's what he's done. Can you guide to the next step?00:10
LordFDiskreally ?00:10
linnyive got a funny bugi just upgraded to intrepid today and every time i open firefox it goes to full screen mode and f11 wont rectify it any ideas ?00:10
linaperillux: yeah. there may be an "update-gcc-alternatives", I'm not sure00:10
jakisktossoundray: i didn`t found nothing about lan or ethernet cards00:11
LordFDiskhemmm it should have installed everything00:11
soundraySpherous: looks like you need to restart X server (ctrl-Alt-Backspace)00:11
alphaman1101What is the command to go into display properties?? sudo gtk something isntit?00:11
linaperillux: I'm certain that java had a similar update-*-alternatives00:11
Spheroussoundray, alright. brb00:11
godlygeekhow can i get hal/dbus to unload a module before Suspend and reload it after?00:11
linnyalphaman1101: gksudo00:11
bobertdosjewbilee: Are you running a 64-bit system?00:11
perilluxlina: but how do I change it in the makefile.  I don't see any lines that I could change from gcc to gcc-4.2.  I did a search in it for gcc and it had no results.00:11
jakisktossoundray: if i type ifnofig appears only lo device00:11
DIFH-icerootwhy is there a blank space on the left side in my prompt? export PS1="\033[31m\]\u@\h:\033[0m\]"00:11
Spheroussoundray, it didn't change anything00:12
jewbileebobertdos: sorry, I just actually restarted firefox and its working, thanks though00:12
alphaman1101linny, no   that gives a run dialog. i need something that edits the display proerties00:12
bobertdoslina, perillux: it does, sudo update=java-alternatives00:12
soundrayjakisktos: could you run 'lspci' and pastebin the output00:12
LordFDisksolds to me that they might need to load the Vid Driver from the command line out of X-Windows00:12
AzizLighthow can I make konsole transparent in gnome pleasE?00:12
atmathello, anyone running ubuntu on mac-intel?00:12
randyis slackware a good os00:12
atmatrandy: no00:12
DIFH-icerootalphaman1101: vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:12
zeno__i start firefox and hit restore previous session, but it just sits forever.  no errors (even on command line)00:12
atmatrandy: running slackware on 2008 is idiotic00:12
soundraySpherous: can you change resolutions in System-Preferences-Screen Resolution?00:12
perilluxbobertdos: lina: but what exactly does that do?00:12
DIFH-icerootAzizLight: profle settings for the terminal00:12
LordFDiskoops solds = Sounds00:12
thomcwhat's the command to mount an external hard drive with read/write permissions?00:12
alphaman1101DIFH-iceroot:  im not getting into that. there was a gui for it.   sudo display-gtk or something00:13
randywhat about lindowns00:13
Spheroussoundray, yeah, but only to make everything bigger, my smallest res there is 600x48000:13
Quinn_StormI'm trying out ibex and getting an annoying issue -- networkmanager recognizes my Sierra 881U just fine but it fails to actually connect with it.  The log has it giving up right after 'associating with network' (the AT+COPS line) going 'Setting APN Failed' (though it never set the apn based on that, and I've tried the built-in apn setting for at&t as well as the one I use when I dial it with wvdial.)  It also doesn't use the righ00:13
godlygeekatmat: i run hardy and debian sid on my macbook.00:13
AzizLightDIFH-iceroot: I tried that it doesnt work, I get a solid color instead everytime00:13
perilluxbobertdos, lina: I don't want gcc-4.2 permanently.  I just need to compile 1 thing and then I can get rid of it00:13
mneptokAziz! LIGHT!00:13
mneptokthank you Aziz.00:13
SpherousLordFDisk, I already ran the driver out of a shell with the x server closed00:13
soundraySpherous: try configuring your display with 'gksudo displayconfig-gtk'00:13
askandI am not able to slideshow ppt files with latest RC of openoffice, anyone knows why this can be? Using RC3 and Ubuntu 8.0400:13
linaperillux: well, use it and uninstall it00:13
soundray!intrepid > Quinn_Storm00:14
ubottuQuinn_Storm, please see my private message00:14
bobertdosperillux: What are you needing to compile?00:14
perilluxbobertdos, lina: but I don't know how lina, that's why I'm asking.00:14
Spheroussoundray, its the same there00:14
perilluxbobertdos, lina: bobertdos I need to compile something with a makefile00:15
randyhow do i change the screen resolution on the log in screen00:15
perilluxbobertdos: but if I just run the makefile as is, then it will use gcc version 4.300:15
soundraySpherous: even if you select a generic display with an appropriate resolution?00:15
Spheroussoundray, I selected the driver by make and model now, gonna restart and see if that fixes it00:15
gnychisi know there's a good disk space utility for linux that gives you an idea which folders are taking up the most space,etc... but i can't think of the name, anyone?00:15
perilluxbobertdos: so I'm wondering how I can run the makefile with gcc-4.2  I thought I could just open up the makefile and change all the lines that say "gcc" to "gcc-4.2" but it doesn't have "gcc" anywhere in it00:16
zeno__gnychis: du -hs *00:16
soundrayperillux: 'sudo apt-get install gcc-4.2', then go to /usr/bin and find out which links point to 4.3. Change all of them to point to 4.200:16
zeno__gnychis: if you want a gui search for disk in your package manager00:16
martin__gnychis: it's on application > accesorics > disk usage bla bla00:16
perilluxsoundray: how am I supposed to "find out which links point to 4.3" ?00:17
xim_i have an external ntfs drive that is alwayys giving me trouble.  does linux have a utility that might help me diagnose whats wrong with it?00:17
randywhat program would i use to log on to someones computer00:17
soundrayperillux: 'ls -l /usr/bin | grep ^l | grep 4.3'00:17
ompaulrandy, usually ssh00:17
perilluxsoundray: bobertdos: lina: it sounds like you all are giving me permanent ways to convert to 4.2.  I just want to compile a single file with it.00:18
martin__anyone have ever used playonlinux?00:18
soundrayperillux: this is permanent for as long as you don't change the links back to point to 4.300:18
Spheroussoundray: Okay, my idea didn't work00:18
Spheroussoundray, what was that line again?00:18
ompaulxim_, put it into a windows box, run the defrag stuff and so forth and then have a new look at it, btw it is more offtopic than on topic here00:19
perilluxsoundray: earlier you told me to install 4.2 (i've now done that) and then you said I just have to edit the makefile.  is that still an option?00:19
martin__anyone ever have success in running wow on ubuntu?00:19
soundraySpherous: I'm not going to repeat anything for you. If you value my advice, you make a note.00:19
martin__no one here here ever installed wow?00:19
martin__ompal: world of warcraft00:19
soundrayperillux: no, you said that the makefile does not call gcc directly. So change the links.00:20
ompaulmartin__, search wiki.ubuntu.com there is a help page there00:20
Spheroussoundray, O.o I was just wondering the line to open that screen up again, the gtk something one~ I didn't write it down and since I rebooted I don't have it in the chat anymore00:20
godlygeekmartin__: i've seen it played through wine with no problems.00:20
martin__i did,. but i got some problem00:20
kitchemartin__: wine works good just follow their instructions that they have as well if you get confused00:20
martin__i did everything00:20
martin__but no sound after i fixed graphic00:20
soundraySpherous: 'gksudo displayconfig-gtk'00:20
=== dholbert_ is now known as dholbert
martin__everything works fine, but no sound on wow and shift key is not working either00:21
Spheroussoundray, yeah that one.  I'm going to try the generic monitor like you said, but it asks for a driver, where do I find the driver for it?00:21
martin__what about pulseaudio? should i replace it with alsa?00:21
soundraySpherous: it shouldn't ask for a driver00:21
xim_ompaul: hmm ok i figured i could trust linux based diagnostic utilities more but ill ask in ##windows00:21
perilluxsoundray: ok I ran that command and I found which files have 4.3 in it.  Do I have to manually open each one and replace the 4.3 with 4.2?00:22
ompaulmartin__, search wiki.ubuntu.com there is a help page there read it again00:22
SpherousSoundray, well I clicked LCD Panel 1024x768 and hit add, and it asks for a driver00:22
bobertdosperillux: Read the manpage for GCC. I know there's a target option for specifying the version in there somewhere.00:22
ompaulmartin__,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft00:23
Spheroussoundray, nevermind, I should of pressed ok.  wants me to restart again, brb00:23
soundrayperillux: no. Example, when you update cpp, you type 'sudo ln -sf cpp-4.2 cpp'00:23
slammed87d21what do i type in console to figure out what wireless card im using?00:23
soundrayperillux: (assuming that you did a 'cd /usr/bin' at some point before that00:23
martin__ompaul: that's what i've been followed but i can't hear anysound, even i followed it's instruction00:23
dergringohey I just used the lice cd to boot my system. How do I access the local encryptet partition?00:23
slammed87d21what do i type in console to figure out what wireless card im using?00:23
mnlspci -i | grep wireless slammed87d2100:24
perilluxsoundray: I don't follow...  all I did was sudo apt-get install gcc-4.2  and then I ran that command you gave me "ls -l /usr/bin | grep ^l | grep 4.3"00:24
HNSZI try stall kubuntu on my laptop bat after i've selected the language the display just showes horizantal bars.00:24
soundrayslammed87d21: it depends on which bus it is connected to00:24
kitcheHNSZ: #kubuntu for help00:24
mnslammed87d21 did that get it?00:25
soundrayperillux: that command gave you a list of links in /usr/bin that point to components of gcc-4.3. Now you should do a 'cd /usr/bin' to change to that directory00:25
daigorobrHello, upon inspection of dmesg, I noticed that boot time is halted for a long time "checking for custom DSDT". Is there any way to stop this check?00:25
soundrayperillux: when you're there, replace those links in the way I explained for cpp00:25
slammed87d21it said there was an argument with -i00:25
techsupporthow can i restart winbind ?00:26
ompaulmartin__, never did wow but I would suggest that you do no music or you tube just to check it00:26
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soundrayperillux: I hope you don't mind me saying it, but if you have such little understanding, you should really stick with released versions... Betas are for testing -- not ideal for newcomers00:27
mn"lspci -i | grep wireless" slammed87d21 type all of that in the same line without the quotes (btw an argument is not something negative, it's just input)00:27
martin__ompaul, well, first i got everything working fine. but after i installed pulse audio00:27
martin__it just gone00:27
slammed87d21ok, just a sec00:27
HNSZI have a core2duo t5670, How do I know if it's 64bit for choosing the right download?00:27
perilluxsoundray: ya I know..  But I was asked by the kernel dev team to test out Intrepid because I was having suspend/hibernate problems and intrepid automatically comes with 4.300:27
soundrayHNSZ: it is 64bit compatible, but you can install the 32bit version just as well00:28
mnWell, .wine got deleted.  Is there any way I can just get the default .wine folder back?00:28
perilluxsoundray: but anyways....   so for example.  I would change the link "cpp" from "cpp-4.3" to "cpp-4.2"  correct?  and if so, sorry but... how?00:28
RickZillaCreative Soundblaster Live Value installed on my computer, for some reason I'm not getting any sound...anybody want to take a stab at how to go about troubleshooting this?  Thanks in advance for your help00:28
soundrayperillux: I told you. Too bad you missed it00:28
ompaulmartin__, why did you do that?00:28
slammed87d21it brought up the same thing again00:28
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michaelI just loaded ubuntu and I have a littletrouble with the web browser00:29
soundray<soundray> perillux: no. Example, when you update cpp, you type 'sudo ln -sf cpp-4.2 cpp'00:29
mnlet me see00:29
michaelIt won't accept tds.net00:29
bobertdosHNSZ: and truth be told, unless you have 4 gigs of RAM or more, the 64-bit version doesn't do you incredibly much good (as long as you're not a stickler about benchmark speeds)00:29
ajzimmermanI need some help. I installed Hardy Ubuntu on one Hard drive, (second on the list) (Third is for backup), and before that I had XP. XP is on the first hd. Grub was installed on the second hd, so grub doesn't load during start up. When I make the computer start up from the second hd with UBuntu on it, and I select xp from the list, it doesn't load. I'd like to be able to load grub at startup automatically, and be able to access both os's.00:29
soundrayperillux: make a note of which ones you changed, so you can change them back when you're done compiling00:29
bustaplzIn Fedora there is a way to set default runlevel to stop the GUI from booting, what is the way to do this in Ubuntu?00:29
martin__ompaul: just want to try out new stuff...00:29
unopsoundray, perillux - don't mine me interrupting - but isn't this a reason why you should be using alternatives00:30
Eisenhowerany french speakers here?00:30
martin__what exactly is pulseaudio though?00:30
=== lulz is now known as lol
bobertdos!pulse | martin__00:30
soundrayunop: alternatives doesn't support gcc in hardy... has that changed in intrepid?00:30
ubottumartin__: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions00:30
michaelSo, how do I get all pages to load?00:30
ompaulmartin__. http://www.linux.com/feature/119926  found this on google00:31
mnslammed87d21 sorry it's "lspci | grep Wireless" without the quotes.  That should do it00:31
martin__obottu: do we really need it? is that the same kind like alsa?00:31
RickZillaCreative Soundblaster Live Value installed on my computer, for some reason I'm not getting any sound...anybody want to take a stab at how to go about troubleshooting this? Thanks in advance for your help00:31
whitehawkhow does ubuntu control OSD (for example when I adjust the volume) I mean with what app does it display it?00:31
techsupportcan anyone give me some guidelines in editing /etc/nsswitch.conf00:31
techsupport 00:31
Bigshot_I just installled DIA-0.94 I am wondeirng how to start it?00:31
unopsoundray, hmm, alternatives should work for anything - basically all it does is create symlinks for you but with multiple intermediaries in /etc/alternatives - so you can switch easily between them using update-alternatives00:32
bobertdosmartin__: It's basically an extension of ALSA, brand new to Hardy, which is why it still has some bugs.00:32
martin__bobertdos: thanks, can i just uninstall it then?00:32
techsupportor another words i need help with getting samba to join my domain and share a hard drive with windows00:32
martin__bobertdos: it seems like i messedup /etc/asound.conf00:33
bobertdosmartin__: I wouldn't recommend it. Pulse and Alsa are somewhat intertwined.00:33
Bigshot_does anyone know how to start DIA-0.94 after installing it?00:33
Guest12635aj my info might be out dated but i believe windows :-( insists on starting first00:33
^DeathKiNG^[KiNGScript] Test00:33
soundrayunop: please go ahead and tell perillux that... For me, update-alternatives gcc has never worked (unlike e.g. for java)00:34
ChryLimeadeRickzilla: Try clicking System > Preferences > Sound Preferences.  See if your card is at least listed.00:34
Bigshot_hey ChryLimeade do you know how to start DIA after installing it?00:34
caitlin_Can someone help me figure out why I'm getting no sound? Someone patient because I'm computer illiterate00:34
bustaplzCan anyone tell me what run level I would need to set to boot without GUI and possibly how to set that?00:34
RickZillaChryLimeade:  Yeah, it's listed on the device list00:35
ChryLimeadeBigshot, I don't, I haven't had any experience with that.  Sorry man.00:35
kitchebustaplz: runlevel 3 which ubuntu uses by default you have to use a command like update-init.d or something to disable gdm from starting on boot00:35
ChryLimeaderickzilla: but just plain no sound?  that's weird.00:35
soundraybustaplz: you can boot in single user mode by selecting Recovery mode from the grub menu at boot time00:35
RickZillanope, no sound at all00:35
martin__bobertdos: so how do i get around it?00:36
caitlin_well, it makes a noise when I turn the computer on..but no other time00:36
bustaplzI'm not sure I want single user mode. This machine will be headless and I just want to disable I guess X or gdm to save resources.00:36
RickZillaI'm not sure where to go from here00:36
bustaplzI've done this on Fedora in the past but can't seem to figure it out for Ubuntu.00:36
soundraybustaplz: in that case you shouldn't mess with runlevels00:36
ChryLimeadeyea, the fact that it's listed but just doesn't work is odd to me.00:36
=== mel is now known as Guest47348
bustaplzOkay, so should I be telling gdm or X not to run on boot?00:37
soundraybustaplz: just 'sudo update-rc.d gdm remove'00:37
bobertdosmartin__: Other than switching gstreamer-properties and the rest of the sound settings to Alsa, there's not a whole lot you can do safely.00:37
zeno__on hitting play test sound i get audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Failed to connect: Connection refused00:37
martin__bobertdos: how do u switch gstreamer-properties?00:37
soundraybustaplz: Ubuntu uses upstart, which is a modern replacement for the old SysV style runlevels and stuff that Fedora has00:37
ChryLimeadeRickzilla:  Try going to System > Administration > hardwre drivers.  Does it say there are any problems?00:37
bustaplzoh okay00:38
martin__bobertdos: are u talking about one specific program, "gstreamer" or the whole system?00:38
bustaplzi'll try that command and get back to you, thanks for the help00:38
martin__linux sound is confusing00:38
ChryLimeade(yea, it is)00:38
bustaplzdo I need to stop gdm first?00:38
soundraybustaplz: no00:39
soundraybustaplz: the command only removes the startup links00:39
RickZillaChryLimeade:  none listed there00:39
zeno__is intrepid ibis out? package manager jsut started dist-upgrade!00:39
martin__can someone recommend the best setup for linux sound? like which packages00:39
kitchezeno__: nope it's beta from what I can see00:40
JoshooaHey the pages displayed in my firefox never reach the edges of my screen, even when I zoom in, the stuff gets bigger but the formatting makes to big white bars run down the side. How can I make pages load in the entire firefox window so I can actually see them the way they are supposed to be? I have to magnify EVERY page at LEAST three times to even attempt to read it. (My monitor is also not that great) Does anyone know why Firefox won00:40
IamSOGum/.. how can I set up my xubuntu hardware? it doesn't detect my sound card, or do I need to run menuconfig ?00:41
Spheroussoundray: Hey, when I rebooted it, it put me in low-graphics mode00:41
Spheroussoundray: and my res is now 800x600, still far off from what it should be00:41
JoshooaIf I change page style to no style, it looks like crap but goes to the edges, but basic page style looks better but it all skinny and narrow. ANyone?00:42
ChryLimeadeRickzilla:  try this.  Go into terminal, and type alsamixer and it'll show a list of different volume levels. are anything like "master" or "pcm" turned all the way down?00:42
soundraySpherous: is it running displayconfig-gtk for you?00:42
Spheroussoundray: yeah00:42
RickZillaJust 3D control, and Surround00:43
soundraySpherous: are all the settings in there sensible?00:43
Tigre_oh my god, 1322 users :S00:43
Spheroussoundray, what do you mean?00:43
ChryLimeadehmmm...well, at least try turning those up (press left and right, then up and down to adjust volume), it atleast wouldn't hurt.  See if that makes any difference.00:44
iShockHi guys, any guides to installing PHP-GTK on 8.04?00:44
soundraySpherous: go through all the settings and make sure they are what you expect00:44
diogohey everyone I have a dell vostro 1000 and found out that for some reason ubuntu works better on my dell laptop... I wonder would ubuntu uses some specific patches so it happens?00:44
RickZillaChryLimeade:  They don't turn up or down00:45
RickZillaI did find a driver that might work, though...how do I install those?00:45
Spheroussoundray:  well I don't expect the monitor to be Plug 'n 'play00:45
iShockHi guys, any guides to installing PHP-GTK on 8.04?00:45
Spheroussoundray, or the res to be 800x60000:45
soundraySpherous: so change them appropriately00:45
Spheroussoundray, the res wont go up to what it should be00:46
Spheroussoundray, it sets 800x600 to the maximum00:46
soundraySpherous: just switch away from the Plug and Play default00:46
ChryLimeaderickzilla:  I'm going to send you a URL, hang on.00:46
zeno__alsa cannot load drivers hmmm00:46
formodeHello, Were is the FTP folder for an apache server?00:46
formodeOn buntu hardy00:46
EvilBearHi. First time Ubuntu user. Can anyone help me with aliases? I followed instructions to make a startup file and it doesn't work...00:46
unopsoundray, looks like perillux left - but as a proof of concept -  http://pastebin.com/d7316434f00:46
NiteconEvening folks00:47
Spheroussoundray, my monitor isn't in there...00:47
Spheroussoundray, AG-Neovo00:47
soundrayunop: oh, that's how you do it. Cool, thank you00:47
bastid_raZorformode; /var/www i believe is what you're referring to00:47
soundraySpherous: select a generic monitor with specs similar to yours00:48
zezomany one know of a list of video cards that linux supports 3d for? I want to get compuwiz working00:48
Spheroussoundray, k, gotta restart again00:49
IamSOGstrange, somehow my Xubuntu is unable to boot up once a while, and the Cap Lock and the Num Key will keep blinking... anyone know hwy ?00:49
bastid_raZorzezom; nvidia 5200 and up00:49
zezombastid_raZor: thanks00:49
zeno__if the graphical dist-upgrade hangs what to do?00:49
=== david is now known as Guest1937
zezombastid_raZor: so something like XFX GeForce 7600GS 512MB DDR2 8xAGP ?00:50
soundrayzeno__: "sudo killall update-manager"00:50
bastid_raZorzezom; yes00:50
Ulairionhelp... I'm having problems with a VIA graphics card00:50
Ulairioncant go over 800x60000:50
zezombastid_raZor: thanks :)00:50
xjohnthomasxhi i need help getting my video to work! i did a fresh install of 8.04, and everything works fine.. got the restricted drivers.. got gstreamer.. got everything i thought i needed.. but now all my avi and mpeg files play reallys low and stutter.... ??????00:50
IamSOGstrange, somehow my Xubuntu is unable to boot up once a while, and the Cap Lock and the Num Key will keep blinking... anyone know why ?00:51
soundrayzeno__: and fix with 'sudo apt-get -f install' or "sudo dpkg --configure -a' or a combination00:51
saint_tropperany buddies help me00:51
Spheroussoundray: It put me back into low-graphics mode00:51
Spheroussoundray: No matter what settings I choose00:51
Spheroussoundray: Is there anyway for me to restore the thing back to how it was about 3 hours ago?00:51
bustaplzI'm having some issues with my ubuntu machine shutting off randomly, I'm pretty sure this is a hardware issue but are there any logs I can check to rule out a software issue?00:52
bravo7Does anyone know how to setup remote control to ubuntu00:52
soundraySpherous: switch the video card driver to nv00:52
bravo7from xp00:52
bravo7windows xp00:52
Niteconremote control, as in remote desktop?00:52
bravo7 Nitecon remote desktop00:52
Spheroussoundray, what was the gtk command again? gksudo displaysoemthing gtk00:53
Niteconor just console level?00:53
syntropyI need to preview images saved in the Targa format as they would be shown inside the Quake 3 engine as shaders. Is there a way to view them without re-coding an entire mod for Quake?00:53
nachohi88_can anyone help me?00:53
soundraySpherous: your bad manners are only exceeded by your bad manners00:53
NiteconUse VNC Bravo00:53
Spheroussoundray:  O.o I don't have that great of memory with shell commands, sorry~00:54
Loganhoupbustaplz:system>administration>hardware testing00:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about c:00:54
nachohi88_i just downloaded Songbird 0.7.0... doesnt need installation and im using it00:54
bustaplzThank you, I'll check it out!00:54
nachohi88_but where do i put its folder00:54
nananuuhow can I mount a virtual C: for dosbox00:54
nachohi88_a have it on my dektop00:54
Spherousnachohi88, your home folder00:55
passivescreen resolution program doesn't display 1024x768 and i tried to override the xorg.conf and it works well with KDE but not Gnome ?00:55
saint_tropperi have a problem with connections on VPN00:55
saint_tropperi can't establish with pptpconfig gui in ubuntu 8.0400:55
=== ubuntu__ is now known as ajzimmerman
saint_tropperany buddies sleep iahhh..00:55
Spherousnachohi88, it really doesn't matter where you put it. but home folder seems to be the easiest~00:55
bravo7Nitecon how i set it up'00:55
bravo7Nitecon how i setup ubuntu ito able setup for vnc'00:55
=== vincent is now known as Guest80621
Guest80621bonsoir a tous00:55
bravo7Nitecon I someone to help me test it00:55
Niteconyou can download a free vnc viewer like ultra vnc00:55
bravo7Nitecon how about ubuntu00:56
nachohi88_thanks do i need to put a . on it so to hide it??00:56
zeno__dpkg --configure -a hangs but -f install says i need --configure -a00:56
bravo7Nitecon do i have to configure ubuntu00:56
passivehello ?00:56
Niteconlemme see what the utility is on ubuntu one sec.00:56
kantlivelong is there anyway to manulla start apache in the foreground?00:57
Guest80621il y a na qui parle francais00:57
NiteconUse the item already installed under SYSTEM > PREFERENCES > Remote Desktop00:57
DaveKongI installed ubuntu on a second hard drive and made a /boot partition and told the installer to use that partition to install the boot loader but boot and get the old one still00:57
Niteconyou can configure the ubuntu side there.00:57
SpherousCan anyone tell me how to pretty much do a 'system restore' on ubuntu to like 3 hours ago?00:58
martin__can EVGA e-GeForce 8400GS Graphics Card run compiz smoothly?00:58
_haywire_can anybody tell me if there's a fix for running mirc scripts in wine when the script complains about spaces in the script directory00:58
Spherousmartin__, yes, easily00:58
DaveKongdo I need move physically move switch the hard disks locations and if I do that will it screw things up because the system will think the locations are the old ones00:58
bravo7Nitecon What is vncviewer bravo7-desktop:0 use for???????00:58
martin__Spherous, and do u know if it could handle 3d game like call of duty 4 or wow?00:58
martin__Spherous, i found it's really cheap and now time to switch00:59
Spherousmartin__, lol yeah it will, I have a 7950 and I can run COD4 on full, your like 5 steps up from me00:59
avishow do i zero out the mbr of a certain hard drive ?00:59
Niteconvncviewer is so you can connect from windows xp or vista to ubuntu01:00
martin__Spherous, it's only 30 bucks, after rebate anyone want to upgrade: http://www.buy.com/prod/evga-e-geforce-8400gs-graphics-card-nvidia-geforce-8400gs-459mhz-512mb/q/loc/101/206709003.html01:00
Niteconthats a site to get it for your xp/vista box01:00
Oxygenfa1If I have an ubuntu 64bit cd from 7.10 , will I be able to upgrade to hardy within that os ? Or will I have to download the image and reinstall everything all over again? I'm saying this because I am about to install, but want hardy 64. Can't wait for ISO to download : )01:00
reticulais there a gui app to set up a laptop as a router01:00
Niteconthen just make sure your remote desktop is set up on the ubuntu side with SYSTEM > PREFERENCES > Remote Desktop01:01
martin__Spherous, have u ever installed wow on ubuntu? does it work properly?01:01
Spherousmartin__, crapy fan on it01:01
bravo7Nitecon i can't get into uvnc.com01:01
Niteconyep thats it01:01
favro!who | Nitecon01:01
ubottuNitecon: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:01
Niteconuse www infront01:01
specialcharGood morning. I'm having a strange problem. if i run a program (bacula) from the command line, then listens in the background. if i run it from init.d, it doesn't stay running? any ideas?01:01
Spherousmartin__, yeah, its hard as hell to get to work with Wine, but I haven't tried it with Cedega yet01:01
bobertdosreticula: If by router, you mean firewall, you could use firestarter. It's a frontend for iptables, really.01:01
_haywire_what's good about it?01:01
martin__Spherous, so have u ever got it working? i could only played it but no sound01:02
bravo7Nitecon so when i download it i i punch in the vncviewer bravo7-desktop:001:02
godlygeekmounting a drive by double clicking in nautilus gives "Cannot mount volume" "You are not privileged to mount this volume"... why not?  How are permissions being determined?01:02
Spherousmartin__, yes I did get it working01:02
DaveKongOxygenfa1: If you save your /home directory you should be able to reload it or you may simply be able to choose load profile from the old install during the new installation01:02
bravo7Nitecon and the password01:02
martin__Spherous, can u post ur conf file?01:02
zeno__sudo dkpg --configure -a Setting up bluez-gnome (0.25-0ubuntu1) ... <forever>01:03
DaveKongOxygenfa1:  You may also run a command to upgrade instead of installing from an iso01:03
Spherousmartin__, but like I said, it was hard to do.  Don't expect any help from Blizz either, they would rather you spend 200$ on a Windows key to play their game than to help you with linux, even if it meant canceling your subscription01:03
martin__Spherous, i just removed everything01:03
specialcharWhy would a service not stay running from init.d? no errors when it runs the script, and runs fine when calling directly01:03
Spherousmartin__, I don't have it anymore01:03
bobertdosgodlygeek: Manual mounting is accomplished via the terminal, using sudo.01:03
Niteconbravo7 you will just click to allow other users to view my desktop, and allow it to be controlled01:03
=== jimmacdonald is now known as os2_laptop
martin__Spherous, thanks though01:04
AlabamaHitIs there a way to Dim the screen.....Im on a desktop....01:04
reticulabobertdos: i have wireless 1900mghz connection here from my work. i want to plug in my router so i can get other copies of ubuntu updated at home on other computers (the old ones).01:04
Spherousmartin__ I would try using Cedega though, even though you have to pay, its a supported game and their tech support will help you with getting it set up01:04
passivefinally It almost working the failsafe Gnome is running in  1024*768 mode but GNOME in the main sessions gives me a blank page!01:04
Niteconbravo7 then you can enable a password, and on the windows machine with ultra vnc you just type in the ubuntu machine's ip address.01:04
Oxygenfa1Thanks DaveKong01:04
bastid_raZorAlabamaHit; if you're using compiz possibly.. you could ask in #compiz-fusion to verify01:04
passiveis there a problem to use failsafe  instead of the main GNOME session ?01:04
godlygeekbobertdos: i know that.  i want to figure out why automatic mounting doesn't work.01:04
Spherousmartin__ Cedega is only 25$ for a 6 month subscription, and 45$ for a year01:04
Spherous!info cedega | martin__01:05
ubottumartin__: Package cedega does not exist in hardy01:05
bravo7Nitecon how would i check the ipaddress of ubuntu01:05
godlygeekbobertdos: i *can* mount it with "sudo mount", but not with "gnome-mount"01:05
martin__Spherous, do u think it's a big different between Radeon ATI intergrated and GeForce 8400 512 MB?01:05
JoeBaenajoin #ubuntu-co01:05
Niteconbravo7 in the terminal type ifconfig01:05
martin__obttu, it doesn't ?01:05
bobertdosgodlygeek: Have you added an fstab entry for the drive?01:05
Spherousmartin__ unless your going back to Windows, don't use ATI01:05
sojanhucan anybody help me I want to see my desktop on my tv how does that work?01:05
Niteconbravo7 that will display your ip address, the address you need is associated with eth001:06
Spherousmartin__ they work horribly with linux, NVIDIA is the best~01:06
martin__Spherous, that's what i have right now, ATI intergrated on board 128mb01:06
aaron_anybody have problem with firefox crasshing01:06
godlygeekbobertdos: no.  i don't want to have to do that; i want it to handle /dev/sda4 like it would handle a flash drive being added.01:06
Spherousmartin__ put the NVIDIA in01:06
martin__Spherous, no wonder :0p01:06
martin__i don't have it yet, but soon :-)01:06
Niteconbravo7 if you prefer you can right click on the icon in the system tray named Wired network connection and click on connection info01:07
Spherousmartin__ Alright01:07
bobertdosgodlygeek: An external drive, eh?01:07
RyanPriorMy USB subsystem just died. Can somebody help me restore it without having to reboot my computer?01:07
martin__Spherous, i'll order it right now01:07
SpherousSo, anyone able to tell me how to do a 'system restore' to 3-4 hours ago?01:07
bravo7Nitecon  I only see Ip address " which is the home01:07
godlygeekbobertdos: no, it's a local drive that i want to mount on click, rather than in a terminal, but not mount at boot.01:07
martin__Shperous, and one more thing, what kind of config do use for sound? ALSA , OGG or pulse?do u use pulse?01:08
Spherousmartin__ ALSA01:08
godlygeekbobertdos: actually, i guess i can add a line to /etc/fstab with noauto...01:08
dr_willisgodlygeek,  you can use the 'noauto' option in the fstab file to do that.01:08
Spherousmartin__ Its OSS, not OGG, by the way~ haha01:08
Niteconbravo7 are you on the ubuntu machine right now?01:08
dr_willisgodlygeek,  and the 'user' or 'users' option would let a user mount/unmount the drive.. (i forget which one, user, or users)01:08
martin__Spherous, hehe.... and i don't think u could restore. but for some file like xorg.conf it has their own backups01:08
RyanPriorSpherous: there is no system restore unless you make regular backups.01:08
martin__Spherous, what do u want to restore?01:09
Niteconbravo7 I will be afk for a few01:09
godlygeekyeah, i don't know why i didn't think of just using noauto until i was prodded here... thanks dr_willis, bobertdos01:09
bobertdosgodlygeek: that would probably be best.......otherwise, I was going to suggest you could gksudo into Nautilus :p01:10
Spherousmartin__, I messed up my video drivers and I can't get it fixed01:10
bravo7Nitecon yes i'm using ubuntu rite now01:10
Coppershade-org^Dell Vostro 1510... at 94% grub fails to install... no MBR options in BIOS... possible?01:10
Spherousmartin__, So I want to just restore it to like yesterdays date or something...01:10
martin__Spherous, what i did was starting from scratch... and if u know what u changed it'd be a good idea.01:10
Niteconbravo7 if you go under accessories and open Terminal01:10
pollopolissudo rm -rf /home01:10
Niteconbravo7 then type ifconfig01:10
Spherousmartin__, my whole screen res is messed up and I'm stuck in low-graphics mode01:11
UlairionHelp, i can't get my graphics card to work properly.. I'm stuck at 800x600... would someone please help me? please? pretty please with sugar on top?01:11
Niteconbravo7 you might have to scroll up until you see something like eth0      Link encap:Ethernet01:11
godlygeekbobertdos: yep, with a noauto,user mount in /etc/fstab, it mounts when clicked in nautilus.01:11
martin__if it related to xorg.conf,.... i found some old files of mind from few days ago in the same dir01:11
SpherousUlairion, seems you and I are in the same boat01:11
martin__Spherous, tha's what happened to mine too01:11
SpherousUlairion, no one here seems willing to help either01:11
Niteconbravo7 right below that will be inet addr: that is your ip addresss01:11
Ulairionyes Spherous... so much for the whole "community"01:12
xjohnthomasx hi i need help getting my video to work! i did a fresh install of 8.04, and everything works fine.. got the restricted drivers.. got gstreamer.. got everything i thought i needed.. but now all my avi and mpeg files play reallys low and stutter.... ??????01:12
Spherousmartin__ I have no idea how to fix that~ I'm new with linux01:12
xjohnthomasx*really slow and stuttery01:12
martin__Spherous, i cant remember what i did exactly(ATI)01:12
Niteconbravo7 should be something along the lines of etc depending on your network01:12
dr_willisUlairion,  demand a refund.. or start giving out some info, like card type. and what you ahve done to try to reinstall the drivers01:12
martin__Spherous, let me look up very fast01:12
Coppershade-org^Ulairion, Spherous: usually depends on the time of day, many here are helpful01:12
bobertdos!x | Ularion, Spherous01:12
ubottuUlarion, Spherous: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:12
ChryLimeadeI'd be totally willing to help, I just don't know exactly what's going on.01:13
bravo7Nitecon do i have to enable Static NAT?01:13
askvictor is there a file that tells me all of the installed packages on my system?01:13
martin__Spherous, i think you installed new driver for ur VGA, correct?01:13
Coppershade-org^Me, I tried to install Ubuntu to D:, but it failed to install grub and BIOS has no such options - dual boot not possible?01:13
dr_willisaskvictor,  youc an get a list.. see the following01:13
dr_willis!clone | askvictor01:13
ubottuaskvictor: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate01:13
Spherousmartin__, no idea.  I kept following what other people/guides told me to do01:14
erUSUL!ops | pollopolis01:14
ubottupollopolis: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!01:14
UlairionI have a VIA card, not sure which one nor how I could find out... I just installed this bloody thing (Ubuntu) and when I restarted I was stuck at 800x600 and no clue whatsoever01:14
Coppershade-org^!grub | Coppershade-org^01:14
ubottuCoppershade-org^, please see my private message01:14
Spherousmartin__, no one seems to explain what they are having me do, just tell me to do it~01:14
dr_willisaskvictor,  that 'my-packages' file would have a list.01:14
Niteconbravo7 you can if you like or you can reserve your ip address for the ubuntu machine if your router allows it01:14
martin__Spherous, pm me i could walk u trough it as much as i could01:14
RyanPriorMy USB subsystem just died. Can somebody help me restore it without having to reboot my computer?01:14
askvictordr_willis: I need to do this on a non-booting filesystem...01:14
erUSULUlairion: gksudo displayconfig-gtk01:14
dr_willisaskvictor,  chroot into the installed system, from a live cd.01:14
Coppershade-org^ubott u doesn't know !bios :S01:15
martin__i fixed it, although it took me 10 hours01:15
dr_willisaskvictor,  other then that.. Not sure of any other way01:15
Niteconbravo7 if you want to connect to your ubuntu machine from outside of your local lan you will have to do port forwarding to your ubuntu machine.01:15
bobertdosSpherous: Generally, what it boils down to is that you manually add resolutions that you know your monitor can support, to the main config file for X.01:15
askvictordr_willis: tried that; sh is broken01:15
SpherouserUSUL, I'm having the same problem as Ulairion, when I go into gksudo displayconfig-gtk and change it to a generic monitor (Mines not in the list) it puts me in low-graphic mode01:15
AIMsux101hey, im new to linux and i have a hard drive crisis. if anyone could help me, thatd be great01:15
Coppershade-org^btw hi dr_willis, long time no see :) Trying to add Ubuntu to my laptop01:15
UlairionIt doesn't say anything about my card.... it shows "generic card" and i can't/don't know how to do anything01:16
Spherousbobertdos: Thats not the whole problem.  I can't run any high end graphic stuff either, no compiz, no cedega01:16
bobertdosAIMsux101: Please explain said crisis :)01:16
bunnytoI DEMAND A REFUND!01:16
Coppershade-org^bunnyto :D01:16
martin__"lspci -nn | grep VGA" to see ur VGA01:16
* ChryLimeade gives bunnyto $2.01:16
* Coppershade-org^ gives bunnyto a $0 refund :)01:17
AIMsux101i accidentally clicked "mount" on my media hard drive which also has vista, and now i cant boot into windows at all. boot screen doesnt even see hard drive at all01:17
Coppershade-org^!grub | AIMsux10101:18
ubottuAIMsux101: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:18
Coppershade-org^first link there01:18
bunnytomay i know , why the VLC is not playing the DIVX movies?01:18
AIMsux101alright. havent ever used grub01:18
ChryLimeadeAimsux101: what happens?  does it just boot straight to ubuntu?01:19
Coppershade-org^it should have been installed when you installed ubuntu normally, allows you to start ubuntu01:19
bobertdosbunnyto: Do you have the restricted codecs installed?01:19
AIMsux101no, doesnt boot at. had to boot off of cd01:19
bunnytobobertdos: no sir, how do i do that01:19
bunnytobobertdos: no sir, how do i do that?01:20
c64vsn64Hey guys, doing a resh install. I got ubuntu64 cd in ... but Im not sure if it is REALLY ubuntu 64 cause a while back I think I labeled a CDR the wrong name : ) My question is, how would I find out what version this live session or CD is ?01:20
bobertdosbunnyto: Easiest way is to: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:20
bunnytobobertdos: ok sir, i love you01:21
ChryLimeadewell aimsux101, you definitely killed your bootloader.01:21
SpherousAlright, does any of the 1308 people in here know a lot about getting NVIDIA drivers to work?01:21
=== bascule is now known as Bascule
bobertdosbunnyto: disturbing.......01:21
c64vsn64Spherous , download the program EnvyNG01:22
c64vsn64It is a graphic utility, does all the hardwork for you ;)01:22
bunnytobobertdos: ok sir, may i date with you?01:22
Spherousc64vsn64, already did, it messed me up, my res is all messed up and I'm stuck in low-graphics mode01:22
ChryLimeadeaimsux101:  this is a stretch, but do you have vista install cd's?01:22
ChryLimeadeor did it just come built on your machine?01:22
AIMsux101i have the upgrade cd01:22
shaniHello friends01:22
bobertdosbunnyto: Uh, no, and please stay on topic01:22
AIMsux101and a xp cd01:22
Coppershade-org^Is the partition resize (guided thingy on livecd) fail safe?01:23
shaniCan any one help me with ipv6 go6 tunnel on ubuntu01:23
AIMsux101and a xp cd01:23
Coppershade-org^I'd like to keep my files on the windoze partition :)01:23
Coppershade-org^I'd like to keep my files that are* on the windoze partition :)01:23
LjLCoppershade-org^: no, it's not fail safe. it can fail, resizing partitions always can01:24
LjLtherefore, backups are always recommended01:24
RyanPriorMy USB subsystem just died. Can somebody help me restore it without having to reboot my computer?01:24
bobertdosCoppershade-org^: "failsafe" is a pretty absolute term, but it is certainly safer to let the partitioner do it for you than it is to do it yourself01:24
ChryLimeadeaimsux101:  I would MAYBE recommend booting off the xp cd, I think you can do a boot loader repair with that...I'm just concerned about using that to try to fix a vista boot loader.01:24
Coppershade-org^LjL, ok. So I have a D: partition, I go manual and point the livecd to it. Right now the only problem is that at 94% of file copying, grub fails to install. BIOS has no MBR options.01:24
Coppershade-org^what do I do?01:25
Coppershade-org^this is a Dell Vostro 151001:25
RHorseSpherous, reconfigure xserver01:25
LjLCoppershade-org^: tough luck. you could try the alternate or minimal cds, which, i believe, give you some more options with regards to where grub is installed01:25
AIMsux101alright,  should i be worried if i cant see the hdd at all in linux right now?01:25
MetalHeadDeadquestion, do I need install an antivirus in ubuntu?01:26
SpherousRHorse: How?01:26
LjLCoppershade-org^: as for the reason why grub doesn't install in the first place - well, the cd could be corrupted (you've checked that of course?), or your partition table might be awkward possibly01:26
bobertdosMetalHeadDead: NO! In fact, uin my experience, they CAUSE problems.01:26
ChryLimeadeaimsux101:  Maybe, but if I remember correctly, that could possibly be due to just not mounting it.01:26
askvictordr_willis: got it - I ran dpkg --get-selections  --admindir <dir> to specify the dpkg lib path on the broken dir01:26
c64vsn64So, how do I find out if I am using 64 bit ubuntu or 32 bit ubuntu ?01:26
=== tta is now known as tta_
erUSULc64vsn64: uname -m01:26
Coppershade-org^ah, found it!! :)) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69124901:27
=== skillz is now known as skilledone
c64vsn64THanks erUSUL01:27
RHorseSpherous, try http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-how-to-reconfigure-x-windows-system-xorg-server/ or google it01:27
=== tta_ is now known as tta
MetalHeadDeadbobertdos: thx i was curious if i needed to or not, I dont think i need a firewall either, i have a hardware firewall in my router01:27
Coppershade-org^ok I'm off to my laptop... hope to see you on xchat ;)01:27
c64vsn64DOes that mean 64bit ? Yes right ? But isnt x86 32 bit ?01:27
AIMsux101well, how can i mount it, i used to be able to see it before the problem started. then i accidentally click mount (maybe it was unmount) and thats when i could boot01:27
RyanPriorMetalHeadDead: an antivirus doesn't do much because there are no Ubuntu viruses in the wild. However, if you're concerned about passing viruses on to Windows-using friends, you can use ClamScan to check for viruses.01:27
iShockHow do I fix this? W: GPG error: http://deb.orangearchive.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 768FA3D9E3E1A43401:27
MetalHeadDeadRyanPrior:  Thanks01:28
RyanPriorMetalHeadDead: there's also an online service called VirusTotal which uses a bunch of (free and non-free) virus checkers to analyze a file.01:28
LjL!gpgerr | ishock01:28
ubottuishock: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « gpg --keyserver hkp://subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys <key> ; gpg --export --armor <key> | sudo apt-key add - »01:28
KenBWis there a way to get Hardy's deskbar-applet in Gutsy?01:28
ChryLimeadethat's really strange.  From what you're describing, that really shouldn't have done that.01:28
MinusSevenif they're using windows and not linux, they aren't true friends01:28
DrDerek hmm, I'm having a weird problem on my other Ubuntu Machine - after some time, the keyboard and mouse just stop responding to any clicks01:28
MetalHeadDeadWhat about a firewall?  Hardware firewall enough?01:28
ChryLimeadedo you know if you can boot off your vista disc (even if it's an update disc)?01:28
iShockLjL, what if I don't know the keyword?01:28
MetalHeadDeadI know on windows security was a major issue01:28
DrDerekI can move the cursor, but it doesn't click01:28
LjLMetalHeadDead: of course it's enough01:28
LjLiShock: you google for it01:28
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
bobertdosMetalHeadDead: Yep, it is for me.01:28
MinusSevenWindows is a major issue01:28
DrDerekI've tried both USB and PS/2 Mice as well, but still.01:29
AIMsux101i believe so, if i can boot, what should i do then?01:29
iShockLjL, deb http://deb.orangearchive.net/ hardy main GPG keyword?01:29
LjLiShock: ?01:29
ChryLimeadetry booting with the vista disc, and see if it give you any options for "repair"01:29
iShockLjL, that's the respository I added01:29
iShockTrying to set up PHP-GTK .. Unless you have a better way01:29
MinusSevenChryLimeade, Microsoft have been trying to repair their operating systems for years01:30
LjLiShock: right, so as we said you need to find its GPG key01:30
bobertdosMetalHeadDead: In Unix, the only time you URGENTLY need to be concerned about firewalls is if you're using remote access or deploying a server of some sort, to tell you the truth.01:30
iShockLjL, google isn't finding anything .. You sure you don't know a better way? :()01:30
LjLiShock: http://the.orangearchive.net/ mentions a couple of irc channel, if you can't find it on google, give them a try01:30
ChryLimeaderimshot for MinusSeven01:31
LjLiShock: i also believe that error is non-fatal, anyway01:31
Martiinihow do I start awn panel .. its installed but doesnt appear01:31
MinusSevenMost errors are non-fatal, no one I know has ever died from a general protection fault01:31
bobertdosMartiini: probably either the terminal or the run menu01:31
ChryLimeadeor have been arrested for an illegal operation01:31
bobertdosMartiini: You can also add it to the startup list if you want.01:32
iShockLjL, you know a decent way to set up PHP-GTK?01:32
lanoxx-how can i get colorschemes for vim?01:32
LjLiShock, have you actually made sure that the error you get is fatal, since i believe it is not?01:32
=== DamienGray is now known as DamienGray-Urban
iShockLjL, apt-cache search gtk | grep -i php has nothing01:33
Martiinibobertdos:  okidoki01:33
=== DamienGray-Urban is now known as DamienGray-Q3
LjLiShock: go to http://deb.orangearchive.net/pool/main/ and download manually and install with dpkg01:33
johng1970I'm doing cross platform developing, and PureBasic requires GTK+ and SDL, I'm assuming I need to use UBuntu (not Kubuntu) for that, and download the SDL libraries, correct?  I Think Hot Basic said it used the KDE, so I downloaded a KDE version of UBuntu, haven't tried HotBasic on it yet, but am just sorta playing around with live-cd's to determine which one I want to install on my desktop....01:33
iShockOh, smart one :o01:34
veritosCan I somehow use Wubi to get the Intrepid beta?01:34
LjL!intrepid > veritos    (veritos, see the private message from Ubotu)01:34
ubottuveritos, please see my private message01:34
ScorchinCan anyone recommend a usb based tv output (RCA) adapter for a laptop?01:35
jramseyive a laserjet printer on my xp machine and i used to be able to print to it from ubuntu; i recently upgraded to the latest ubuntu and can no longer print to it; any ideas?01:36
ChryLimeadeSo question for the masses: what music player do you prefer? (if this is an inappropriate question, just ignore, sorry)01:37
LjL!best | ChryLimeade01:37
ubottuChryLimeade: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:37
jramseyprint to it from ubuntu; i recently upgraded to the latest ubuntu and can no longer print to it; any ideas?01:37
iShockLjL, any reason running `make` slows up my damn computer?01:38
jramseyive a laserjet printer on my xp machine and i used to be able to print to it from ubuntu; i recently upgraded to the latest ubuntu and can no longer print to it; any ideas?01:38
bobertdosChryLimeade: Ignoring the factoid, most people will tell you Amarok.01:38
LjLiShock: because compiling is pretty processor intensive?01:38
iShockLjL: And then it stops01:38
mneptok!best > ChryLimeade01:39
ubottuChryLimeade, please see my private message01:39
LjLmneptok, you're way late01:39
Coppershade-org^hm, swap partition should be 2x physical ram01:39
Coppershade-org^ext3 file system?01:39
mneptokach so01:39
LjLCoppershade-org^: not necessarily01:39
ChryLimeadeyea, already got that, thanks.01:39
Coppershade-org^LjL, I have 2gb01:39
Coppershade-org^suggest some size (and file system) :)01:39
mneptokCoppershade-org^: desktop or laptop?01:39
LjLCoppershade-org^: then i recommend little more than 2 gb01:39
mneptokCoppershade-org^: 2.4GB swap01:40
Coppershade-org^and ext3?01:40
DeeB1my update manager froze on "preparing to configure update-manager-core"...01:40
LjLmneptok: why .4?01:40
Coppershade-org^or ext2 for compatibility?01:40
mneptokCoppershade-org^: you can't format swap as ext301:40
Coppershade-org^it's always... what? :)01:40
LjLCoppershade-org^: it's always swap01:40
bleh-hey i booted livecd and keep getting error 21 on livecd.01:40
mneptokLjL: to allow anything in physical RAM to get dumped to swap when hibernating01:40
Coppershade-org^oh. :P01:40
LjLCoppershade-org^: it doesn't have a filesystem01:40
Coppershade-org^now I remember.01:41
Coppershade-org^sry guys.01:41
turtle_I need help with audacity01:41
Coppershade-org^I did it a year ago, forgot01:41
DeeB1anyone know why my update manager is freezing?01:41
LjLmneptok: right, that's why i recommend setting it to as much as you have RAM (or little more just to be sure you aren't mixing decimal with binary multiples), why more?01:41
Coppershade-org^lovely, Ubuntu on its way to my laptop!01:41
mneptokCoppershade-org^: apologies are usually more convincing when you don;t stick your tongue out at people.01:41
turtle_Audacity says my output isnt set up correctly, but it wont let me change it?01:42
aaron_anybody know why firefox freezes when watching youtubes01:42
outbriaaron_: I have the same problem, not sure why01:42
mneptokLjL: because it's far more likely to get the desired results from gparted than is entering "2.048GB"01:42
GreedyBanyone using Empathy?01:42
LjLmneptok: right, but i'd just make it 2.1 gb. i was puzzled at the .401:43
aaron_outbri_: any luck in solving it01:44
RHorseaaron_, upgrade adobe flash?01:44
aaron_ok trying that righ tnow01:44
iShockLjL: It's not moving at all now, just slowing the hell out of my computer.01:44
aaron_is there an apt-get command01:44
techsupportcan someone help me configure smb.conf so that i would be able to share a drive with windows /?01:44
DeeB1anyone know why my update manager is freezing on "preparing to configure update-manager-core".  it's done this twice... first time i had to reinstall because it messsed up my system when i killed the update01:45
AllNewToMeDoes Ubuntu and Linux in general use ram more efficiently than Windblows? Does Linux suffer the same 3.2 gb limit of 32 bit Windoze?01:45
LjLAllNewToMe: maybe, and yes (unless you enable the PAE extension in the kernel, but it's not enabled in Ubuntu)01:46
RHorseaaron_, try adobe site and follow instructions01:46
LjLiShock: give it time01:46
AllNewToMeSo how do I enable it?01:46
LjLAllNewToMe: you either install the server kernel, or roll your own01:46
LjLor you live with 3.2 gb01:46
LjLwhich to me would seem like the better option *shrug*01:47
GodfatherofEireHas anyone here ever had a failed file transfer to a Zen or other MP3 with amarok result in a file deletion instead of a crash?01:47
RyanPriorMy USB subsystem just died. Can somebody help me restore it without having to reboot my computer?01:47
AllNewToMeSo there would be no advantage to installing 4gb ram in my Ubuntu box?01:47
Tim1_do i need to install samba on ubunto to connection windows workgroup networking environment01:47
Tim1_to connect to01:47
FatalErrorRyanPrior, you can try sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart01:47
FatalErrorRyanPrior, depending on what exactly you mean by that01:48
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209801:48
aaron_thanks doing it right now01:48
FatalErrorAllNewToMe, some memory ranges will be mapped to devices, etc., and so you won't be able to use them01:49
Tim1_any samba xpert01:49
RyanPriorFatalError: I restarted HAL but didn't get USB back.01:49
LjLAllNewToMe: currently, not much. maybe with intrepid, not sure.01:49
iShockIt moves LjL! :>01:49
RyanPriorFatalError: I've got a USB mouse and USB hard drive; I can't use my mouse and I can't mount my hard drive, so I assume that my USB system is borked.01:49
r_benderhey anybody know how to burn an .iso file for damn small linux in ubuntu via brasero?01:49
FatalErrorRyanPrior, you can try reloading the usbcore kernel module01:50
AIMsux101im back01:50
mneptokAIMsux101: as much as i'm not fond of AOL Instant Messenger, your nick is somewhat inappropriate for this channel.01:51
=== iShock is now known as AIMfails101
DeeB1anyone know why my update manager is freezing on "preparing to configure update-manager-core".  it's done this twice... first time i had to reinstall because it messsed up my system when i killed the update01:51
RyanPriorFatalError: How do I do that? Use modprobe to remove and then insert it?01:51
=== AIMfails101 is now known as iShock
AIMsux101so the vista cd actually crashed while loading. i went to the the BIOS and both of my hard drives werent listed01:51
FatalErrorRyanPrior, rmmod, then modprobe -- you may have to unload some other modules first before it will unload01:51
GodfatherofEireAnyone ever had deletion problems with Amarok before?01:52
RyanPriorFatalError: I'm not sure where I'd start. Do I risk destabilizing the rest of my system if I remove the wrong thing?01:52
FatalErrorRyanPrior, it's always a possibility, though I have never had it happen01:52
georgetowntimothHey guys01:53
RyanPriorFatalError: why rmmod rather than modprobe -r ?01:53
georgetowntimothThis world sucksss...01:54
FatalErrorRyanPrior, same difference01:54
RyanPrior!ot | georgetowntimoth01:54
ubottugeorgetowntimoth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:54
RyanPriorFatalError: usbcore is in use - how do I find out what is using it?01:54
FatalErrorit didn't say?01:54
Tim1_can ubunto be a client in windows network01:55
quentusrexHow do I determine how much each folder is using? My hard drive is full and I can't find where the huge space is used.01:55
FatalErrorRyanPrior, try using rmmod, it should tell you what is using it01:55
georgetowntimothubuntu sucks mac pwns01:55
georgetowntimothubuntu sucks mac pwns01:55
georgetowntimothubuntu sucks mac pwns01:55
FloodBot2georgetowntimoth: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:55
FatalErrorquentusrex, du -h01:55
cilkayNo cows to tip tonight in Georgetown, apparently.01:56
quentusrexHow do I get du to check only the folders in the current working directory?01:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ethernet01:57
quentusrexSuch as /tmp is using *** /etc is using *** and /home is using ***01:57
RyanPriorFatalError: well, here goes nothing. I'm gonna remove shit until all hell breaks loose then start them all back up again=D01:57
Coppershade-org^thx LjL and mneptok :)01:57
Coppershade-org^Ubuntu install underway...01:57
iShock!ohmy | RyanPrior01:58
ubottuRyanPrior: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:58
Coppershade-org^wot, geeks have families now?01:58
* Coppershade-org^ ducks01:58
iShockI'm 15.01:59
AIMsux101both of my hard drives disappeared, from the BIOS too. just booted off of cd. help01:59
aaron_what version of flash player is the latest?01:59
cibertitoI'm 18 :)01:59
RyanPriorFatalError: Alrighty - what do I do if rmmod just sits there when I tell it to remove a module?02:00
FatalErrorRyanPrior, like it just blocks indefinitely?02:00
RyanPriorFatalError: not necessarily indefinitely, but it's shown no signs of life for about a minute now02:00
aaron_9,0,124,0 can someone confirm this is the latest flash player?02:00
FatalErrorRyanPrior, strange, never had it happen02:00
histoRyanPrior: you can try hitting ctrl+c or ctrl+x02:00
FatalErrorRyanPrior, otoh, I never tried unloading usbcore02:01
histoRyanPrior: if not you can open another terminal and kill the pid02:01
RyanPriorhisto: Certianly those are options, but I'm not sure it's safe to kill a program which is in the middle of removing a kernel module.02:01
LordFDiskFlash 9.0.r12402:01
GodfatherofEireAt risk of sounding like a bot or something, I really need some help with my Amarok to transfer music to my Zen. It deleted 5 albums after not transferring them.02:03
GreedyBAnyone ever used MoBlock? supposedly its like peerguardian02:03
LordFDiskGreedyB,  I use MoBlock02:03
GreedyBLordFDisk, awesome the website looked so basic I wasnt sure if it was used much02:04
OrlyXis there any other reason to use ubuntu other than it's free, fast and doesnt have a lot viruses02:04
GreedyBthats alot of reasons02:04
GreedyBbut you can customize everything?02:04
LordFDiskGreedyB,  I don't know how many people use it .. but I like it02:05
FatalErrorOrlyX, chicks dig it02:05
OrlyXwell, i can put GNOME on windows and customize everything :P02:05
GreedyBnot just the GUI02:05
RyanPriorI am unable to kill the running rmmod processes.02:05
davidguesthey can somone help me02:05
RyanPriorkillall -9 rmmod doesn't do the job02:05
davidguesti got ffmpeg and mencoder install on draper02:05
OrlyXi used ubuntu for 2 years, its nice..etc but, now that i have a fast computer, i dont find any very good reason to not use windows? :P02:05
OrlyXi mean, i installed ubuntu.. <3 dual-booting02:05
GreedyBdepends on how you use your computer02:06
FatalErrorRyanPrior, hm, might be time for that reboot ;P02:06
davidguestbut i but i need to install Libogg + Libvorbis Flv2tool but their not in my repos02:06
OrlyX well, im sort of geeky guy and not a gamer02:06
davidguesti added the mutliverse02:06
OrlyXeverything i need is available on all OSs02:06
SebNaitsabeswhat's the difference between apt-get and apptitude?02:06
GreedyBLordFDisk, did you install from the repos?02:06
RyanPriorFatalError: Noes! This happens every so often and I really want to know how I can recover gracefully, not least of which so I can file a bug report with some good hints in it.02:06
aaron_k I am trying to freeze my firefox...so far so good nothing crashes with adobe flash 9,0,124,0 installed02:06
PiciOrlyX: Do you have a question? This is a support channel (and you should know better)02:06
davidguestcan someone help me with a ffmpeg seutp02:06
zcat[1]OrlyX: so no real reason to use windows and not linux either?02:07
FatalErrorRyanPrior, anything interseting in dmesg?02:07
davidguestcan someone pm me who can help with ffmpeg setup on draper02:07
LordFDiskGreedyB,  I had to add the lines to get it in there .... but ya02:07
GreedyBdavidguest, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=786095 or medibuntu02:07
aaron_awesome  Thanks I think the problem has now been fixed...:)02:08
GreedyBoh draper02:08
davidguesti tried that but flv2tool not in it02:08
davidguestaye 6.06 its running on a fashosts server02:08
RyanPriorFatalError: dmesg shows the meltdown of my USB system (I/O errors on my external HD, usb devices not accepting addresses, ACPI errors, etc)02:09
takamarouhey my secondary hard drive just dissapeared.. I can't even cd into from terminal.  Any help on how to remount it?02:10
davidguestanyone no how to install flvtool on draper02:10
FatalErrorRyanPrior, ouch.. only time I had I/O errors show up was when my external hdd went bad02:10
LordFDiskGreedyB,  I try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MoBlock02:10
GreedyBNICE! Thanks LordFDisk02:10
ale_ubuntu syncs nokia xpress?02:11
LordFDiskGreedyB,  np anytime =02:11
AlabamaHitDo the files(backups) made when i change a file such as a php file....delete theirself? say i have a page called....test.php and i edit it and save it it makes a file called test.php~ do they delete theirself?02:11
RyanPriorFatalError: If I reboot the computer, the external drive will be perfectly usable again. It's just that after a few hours under load, my USB subsystem peters out and I have to kill it to keep it from corrupting the drive - I have a daemon which monitors dmesg for I/O errors and force-unmounts the drive when it sees them.02:11
davidguestu see the new touch screen nokia xpress they just put pics up today02:11
davidguestlooks so sweet02:12
jpastoreI ripped 3 mini dvd's recorded with my friend's camcorder to ISO files locally on my machine. What's the best way to combine that video into 1 file that can be burnt to DVD?02:12
ameenozhey giys02:12
FatalErrorRyanPrior, sounds like a mess :S02:12
ameenozi have a problem02:12
ale_jpastore: maybe memcoder?02:12
FatalErrorRyanPrior, does it still happen if the drive isn't connected?02:12
ameenozis there any arabic guy in here ?02:12
RyanPriorFatalError: usually not - it's only when I try to store or load a lot of data that I see this happen.02:13
adrian_2002cahelp! my intrepid ibex beta(upgrade from hardy) is really slow sometimes!~anyone?02:13
RyanPriorBut when my USB drive goes, my mouse goes too.02:13
jpastoreale_, I'll check it out thanks...02:13
RyanPrior!intrepid | adrian_2002ca02:13
ubottuadrian_2002ca: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th!02:13
ale_adrian_2002ca: I'm runinng Ibex from hardy upgrade too...02:13
AlabamaHitadrian_2002ca: it is still beta....but personally a clean install with it, is what im running and its the fastest OS i have ever used...02:13
takamaroucan someone help me on remounting my secondary hard drive?  It seems to have dissapeared02:14
RyanPriortakamarou: Do you know the device name?02:14
ale_its faster than hardy for me here...02:14
AlabamaHittakamarou: have you tried rebooting?02:14
RyanPriortakamarou: mount /dev/your/device/name then02:14
AlabamaHitale_:  me to...new 8.10 is fast as lighting....02:14
adrian_2002caAlabamaHit: i see...any way to get a fresh install without messing around with burning cd's and whatnot?02:14
RyanPriortakamarou: omit "then" and replace with your actual device name, naturally02:15
ale_AlabamaHit: I love what they have done to compiz or whatever is faster more smother02:15
takamarouAlabamaHit, I've relogged.. not rebooted.02:15
AlabamaHitadrian_2002ca: not that i know of....I burned cd and did it that way.....if you want to save cds i would just wait a few weeks :)02:15
takamarouRyanPrior, it should be something like /dev/hbd1 or something.. all I know is that the drive is named data..  /dev/data doesn't work with mount.02:16
AlabamaHittakamarou: i would try what RyanPrior said...02:16
DrDerekhmm, my xserver keeps freezing randomly02:16
DrDerekno input from my keyboard or mouse will be allowed02:16
adrian_2002caAlabamaHit: ok, thanks :D02:16
savage-anyone using compiz fusion in ubuntu 8.04?02:16
RyanPriortakamarou: you've got to know a special device name02:16
AlabamaHitale_: i totally agree.....i am dumbfounded on how fast this OS is...02:16
takamarouRyanPrior, how do I find that?02:16
AlabamaHitUbuntu has completely out did theirsefl this time.02:17
savage-I'm trying to figure out how to get the desktop cube to rotate up/down -- I can do ctrl-alt-left/right, but not up/down02:17
RyanPriortakamarou: For example, my root partition is /dev/sda1, my home partition is /dev/sda2, and my external drive is /dev/sdb02:17
AlabamaHitAWESOME OS02:17
zeno__im im about to reinstall my os what should i back up besides home dir?02:17
RyanPriortakamarou: take a look at /etc/fstab02:17
jasuushow do i identify myself for certain channels here?02:17
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:17
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:17
ameenozi have a problem : its the system languge , i put it as english , but its not02:17
GreedyBLordFDisk, how do I see whats been blocked?02:17
RyanPrior!botabuse | robnyc|R6102:17
ubotturobnyc|R61: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.02:17
chris_fosterHi, what is the best programming language to make a mmorpg like bot (common uses are world of warcraft or runescape, not my intention though). I'm looking to make a bot that can click in the right place at the right time and repeat. I would perfer not to use a program, but I will if I have too. Any tutorials would be appriciated as well.02:17
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.02:17
AlabamaHitjasuus: type /nickserv identify "password"02:17
aaron_using evolution mail.......how do I get so I don't see the notification thin for a mail when it arrives02:18
aaron_I already configured it properly in the Evolution mail02:18
AlabamaHitSo anyone know abiout the back up files...like when i make a txt file it makes a file~ do they delte theirself02:18
takamarouRyanPrior, it looks like it's called /dev/sda2... but it also appears to be the same name as my cdrom002:19
RyanPriorchris_foster: This is the wrong channel for that sort of help, unfortunately.02:19
* GodfatherofEir1 is having a slight problem with Amarok, any help would be appreciated02:19
takamarouRyanPrior, actually, would /dev/scd0 make sense?02:19
RyanPriortakamarou: If you have a SCSI disk, then yes.02:20
chris_fosterRyanPrior: okay, I understand. I forgot I usually just default to the ubuntu channel for questions, any idea were I can look (IRC perferably)02:20
WDC_Hey hey02:20
WDC_This is a noob question, but where do Bittorrent downloaads go?02:20
Bizzehhey, do the ubuntu server install cd's have ssh on as default?02:21
takamarouRyanPrior, ok I did sudo mount /dev/scd0, and got mount: No medium found02:21
RyanPriortakamarou: That must not be it, then.02:21
RHorseAlabamaHit, no, they stay there until you edit again02:21
jparisAny one know about how to disable a device?02:21
RyanPriortakamarou: Do you have lots of UUID=garbledegook-more-garbledegook-28y783bs83-2672474762 entries in your fstab?02:22
TechnovikingBizzeh: I believe so, but just sudo apt-get install ssh if it isn't02:22
takamarouRyanPrior, 3 of them.02:22
WDC_This is a noob question, but where do Bittorrent downloaads go?02:22
RyanPriortakamarou: What are their mount points?02:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wireless-tools02:22
m_newton!search wireless-tools02:22
BizzehTechnoviking: im asking because im trying to install to a headless server, no monitor, keyboard or mouse... so i cant just type in apt-get02:22
jasuusAlabamaHit: i still cant get into #python02:22
takamarouRyanPrior, sda3 is ext3, sda1 is /media/windows, and sda2 is none02:22
m_newton!apt wireless-tools > m_newton02:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:22
GodfatherofEir1WDC_ Usually Ubuntu asks you to select  a directory to save to02:23
WDC_GodfatherofEir1: I wasn't asked02:23
WDC_GodfatherofEir1: Is there a default folder? It's a server install02:23
TechnovikingBizzeh: I think it is, not a 100% sure though02:23
RyanPriortakamarou: So which is the mount point you can't cd to right now?02:23
GodfatherofEir1Not sure, lemme check02:23
BizzehTechnoviking: what would be the default user/pass to log in to be able to run an install via ssh?02:24
TechnovikingBizzeh: your trying to install via ssh?02:24
takamarouRyanPrior, it's either sda2 or scd0...  not 100% sure02:24
BizzehTechnoviking: yes...02:24
turps0is there someone that can help me set up a wireless network02:25
TechnovikingBizzeh: sorry misunderstood02:25
RyanPriortakamarou: well, try mounting sda202:25
SebNaitsabesturps0 > wireless02:25
SebNaitsabesturpos0 > !wireless02:25
SebNaitsabes!wireless > turps002:25
ubottuturps0, please see my private message02:25
takamarouRyanPrior, mount: mount point none does not exist02:25
turps0i just started using ubuntu, and it doesnt boot my wireless antanne02:25
ale_Best IRC client for Ubuntu?02:25
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines02:25
RyanPrior!best | ale_02:25
ubottuale_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:25
Pici!best | ale_02:26
RHorseturps0, google *ubuntu wireless* it';s a pregnant topic02:26
turps0i have the computer hard wired to the router to get this connection, but i am not having any success getting the wireless working02:27
GodfatherofEir1WDC_  Sorry,  but I cant find anything on that02:27
RyanPriortakamarou: Wanna pastebin your fstab for me so I can take a look?02:27
Pici!wifi | turps002:27
ubottuturps0: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:27
takamarouRyanPrior, I think I was looking at the wrong thing in this file..  the one I'm trying to mount is /dev/sdb1..  I just tried to mount that and it said Failed to access volume ....  No such file or directory.     Hold on, I'll pastebin my fstab02:27
AlabamaHitjasuus: did it identify you?02:27
ale_RyanPrior: Thank you...02:28
WDC_GodfatherofEir1: thanks!02:28
ale_Pici: Thank you...02:28
AlabamaHitRHorse: so i manully have to delete them?02:28
Coppershade-org^OK, Ubuntu up and running. :)02:28
takamarouRyanPrior, http://paste.ubuntu.com/53604/02:28
Coppershade-org^Wasn't the Realtek bug fixed in HH?02:28
RHorseAlabamaHit, no, they will save your a**, believe me. leave them alone02:28
Coppershade-org^cos I have no internet02:29
DamienGray-Q3what does crontab -r do02:29
Coppershade-org^on the laptop, that is.02:29
RyanPriortakamarou: And it's /media/data that you're unable to access right now?02:29
AlabamaHitRHorse: only thing is i forget about it and i write codes for people and when i pack them i forget to delte them lol...i guess i just need to start rembering lol02:29
takamarouRyanPrior, correct02:29
Coppershade-org^usually Linux devs excel at file systems and networking, so I'm a bit baffled. :)02:29
RyanPriortakamarou: Is it an external USB drive?02:30
Coppershade-org^also, Vista boots @$$ slow now. Know issue02:30
=== sulayman is now known as Mawze_
Coppershade-org^Known issue?*02:30
xyzCertainly XChat is the best IRC Client02:30
takamarouRyanPrior, no, it's an internal HD02:30
GodfatherofEir1So, no one then, has had any problems with Amarok and MP3 players?02:30
RyanPriortakamarou: dmesg say anything tasty?02:30
Mawze_Hello World02:30
=== xyz is now known as ale_
Coppershade-org^Is XMplayer ported to Ubuntu?02:31
takamarouRyanPrior, whole lotta crap.. lemme paste it02:31
RyanPriorWorld says: Hello, Mawze_!02:31
RHorseAlabamaHit, you could write a script to move them all to a backup dir when ur done with them02:31
Coppershade-org^oh well, mission 1 completed. I'll go to the forum with my queries02:32
ale_why does fedora has 6 CDs to install and Ubuntu has just 102:32
RyanPriorale_: Fedora includes a lot more software by default. Ubuntu relegates more of it to the repositories.02:33
AlabamaHitRHorse: now that sounds like a great idea :)02:33
AlabamaHitRHorse: only problem is im fairly new to linux and no clue how to do something like that LMAO02:34
mneptokAlabamaHit: are you really laughing, or does your keyboard just lack the period key?02:35
AlabamaHitmneptok: really laughing02:36
=== mike is now known as Guest24697
Guest24697I need some help with Intrepid02:36
RHorseAlabamaHit, they are really handy. Try here to start: http://www.freeos.com/guides/lsst/02:36
wsjuniorIs it true that Intrepid Ibex won't have a brand new theme?02:36
mneptokGuest24697: #ubuntu+102:36
wsjuniorThis awfull theme actually being used will be the default one?02:36
Guest24697mneptok, thanks02:38
SpherousAlright guys, so I got my res back to normal, but when I go into system->administration->Hardware Drivers and check enable and reboot, it puts me in low-graphics mode again, and I have to reset my X server to get it back to the right res, any ideas?02:38
mneptokSpherous: lspci | grep VGA02:39
mneptokSpherous: pastebin the result02:39
Spherousmneptok 06:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G71 [GeForce 7950 GT] (rev a1)02:39
mneptokSpherous: you're using Hardy?02:41
Spherousmneptok: Yes02:41
alanI am trying to install Cheese 2.24.0 and i need intltool 0.40.0 or later - Synpatic only has 1.37.0 - Help needed? please02:42
Roeyis there a way to try out the python3 release candidate on hardy heron?02:42
Spherousalan, you might have to compile it? or find a .deb you can download online?02:42
SebNaitsabesRoey: yes if you get it from one of the servers for it,  you can't get it from the Ubuntu reo02:43
alanlooked on getdeb Nothing! kind of a ubuntu newb02:43
RoeySebNaitsabes:  ok.02:43
alantrying to work my way through it thou02:43
RoeySebNaitsabes:  or I guess I can wait about a month?02:43
SebNaitsabesRoey:  RC is RC it's not a final02:43
SebNaitsabesRoey: when is the final?02:44
Spherousalan, google intltool 0.40.0 .deb and see what you get02:44
alancompling it = downloading and ,configure, make etc.. right?02:44
SebNaitsabesRoey: and wait a mounth for what?  the final of Python or?02:44
Roeypython 3.0 comes out in a month02:44
Spherousalan, yeah, but always look on the web for the .deb before you do the compiling02:44
Spherousalan, unless you like to compile o.o02:44
SebNaitsabesRoey: ok, but  hardy heron will probably not have it02:44
SebNaitsabesRoey:  hell even Intrepid Ibex (the next one) may not just have it02:44
alangotcha - good to know i was on the right track02:45
Spherousmneptok: Any ideas?02:45
SebNaitsabesRoey:  update just does security updates02:45
AlabamaHitWhats a good program to convert DVDs to avi format?02:45
mneptokSpherous: do you know for certain that the Hardy nividia-glx driver supports that (relatively recent) GPU?02:45
alan<looks for the Thanks button on IRC> <g>02:45
SebNaitsabesRoey:  actsaul proper new versions of programs is in each Ubuntu release02:45
SebNaitsabesRoey: ,but you can install stuff that is not in the repo as I said anyway02:45
RoeySebNaitsabes:  hmm, ok.02:45
alanfound a deb thanks02:46
Spherousmneptok: Yeah, I had it working before until I tried to update my GPU driver to get Cedega to work02:46
Spherousalan, your welcome :D02:46
mneptokSpherous: install the nvidia binary driver, and the nvidia-settings package02:46
Spherousmneptok: Explain how?02:47
alanbeware i could have more questions!02:47
aaron_does anyone know how to stop getting email notification on the desktop that come from evolution mail02:47
Spherousalan, alright, I'll be looking out for you02:47
SnowniakDoes anyone is having unstable graphic interface with nvidia cards lately ?02:48
Snowniak** Is anyone having02:48
mneptokSpherous: "sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings"02:48
SpherousSnowniak: I am~02:48
SnowniakSpherous: I have a 6150go02:48
SnowniakSpherous: notebook onboard02:49
SnowniakSpherous: have you found out what is happening?02:49
SpherousSnowniak: 795002:49
SpherousSnowniak: No idea whats happening02:49
SnowniakSpherous: sometimes I have to Ctrl+Backspace ...02:49
Spherousmneptok: Okay, got that, anything else?02:49
cooljeff3000what's the problem02:50
SpherousSnowniak: Mine is doing worse~ I can't check the enable box to use compiz02:50
=== Freakin_Busy is now known as Mr_Fixit
SnowniakSpherous: Yeah, it happens to me sometimes02:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:51
SnowniakSpherous: I have disabled compiz, otherwise I cant use the computer for more than one hour without having problems02:51
SpherousSnowniak: You might have fried your card~02:51
SnowniakSpherous: noe02:51
Spherousmneptok: how do I install the nvidia binary driver?02:51
SnowniakIf I reinstall with another system, or even with a fresh install,02:51
SnowniakSpherous: all problems go away02:52
mneptokSpherous: System > Admin > Hardware Drivers02:52
SpherousSnowniak: no idea then~02:52
SnowniakSpherous: I think it might be some ubuntu update, or even the latest nvidia driver02:52
mneptokSnowniak: so boot to an older kernel02:52
SnowniakSpherous: I can run Battlefield 2 without any problem on cedega02:52
Spherousmneptok: Once I check that box I'll go into low-graphic mode02:52
bustaplzMy ubuntu machine has been shutting off randomly seemingly when it is idle. I'm running a hardware diagnostic on it for 1h45m so far and have not had an issue. Anyone have ideas as to why ubuntu would do this?02:52
Spherousand then I'll have to run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:53
Snowniakcompiz is freaking me out...02:53
mneptokSpherous: so that's when you use nvidia-settings to try to correct it02:53
Spherousmneptok: Okay, so I'll check it, and restart, what should I expect when I'02:53
Spherousmneptok: I'm restarting02:53
cooljeff3000my internet is slow02:53
mneptokSpherous: expect to have to open the nvidia-settings applet and tweak things02:54
Spherousmneptok: alright, idk how to do that, but I guess I'll figure it out02:54
bustaplznobody has an theories?02:54
mneptokSpherous: it should be in the menus02:54
Spherousmneptok: Alright, I'll be right back02:54
Gneabustaplz: are power saving options turned on?02:55
Snowniakbustaplz : Are you using a laptop ?02:55
RHorsebustaplz, dust on cpu? clogged fans?02:55
bustaplzNo, I have not checked any power saving options, No I'm not on a laptop.02:55
bustaplzI JUST put this machine together02:55
Gneaplease check them.02:55
bustaplzit's sparkly clean02:55
Gneacheck them.02:55
Snowniakbustaplz : Its ubuntu 8.04 or some 8.10 alpha ?02:56
bustaplzi've used sensors to check cpu temp and its stable at 40C02:56
=== mike is now known as Guest30200
Gneabustaplz: System->Preferences->Power Management02:56
JackEStormbustaplz: Intel Mother Board?02:56
bustaplzI can't check any power saving options at the moment as I'm running PC Check02:56
bustaplzP4 2.402:56
Gneabustaplz: make sure that the HD or anyting else isn't being turned off02:56
RHorsepsu sufficient?02:56
bsquidwrdhow do i set up a webserver with ubuntu?02:56
bustaplzit's 250w PSU onboard graphics, 1 hdd02:56
JackEStormbustaplz: I had the same problem on two intel motherboards, every 45mins it would restart02:57
bustaplzthat was my first guess but running this PC Check for almost 2 hours and not a problem02:57
Gnea!lamp | bsquidwrd02:57
ubottubsquidwrd: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:57
Snowniakbustaplz : What graphic card?02:57
RHorsebustaplz, isn't 250 pretty small?02:57
Snowniakyeah, depends on the graphic card02:57
bustaplzi'm not sure of the graphics chip its integrated02:57
Snowniak250 is really small...02:57
bustaplzit's an older motherboard02:57
RHorsebustaplz, check the voltage see if it dips.02:57
Gneabustaplz: so did you check the power management settings or not? no need to get upset about it.02:57
bsquidwrdthank you02:57
bustaplzas I said, I can't check it until PC Check finishes02:58
bustaplzjust trying to gather some information02:58
Gneaoh, okay.02:58
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:58
Gneasorry, missed that02:58
bustaplzwhat bothers me is it seems to be powering off and not shutting down02:58
bustaplzlike there is a hardware problem02:58
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
bustaplzbut it only happens in ubuntu02:58
JackEStormbustaplz: did you say it was an intel MB? how old?02:58
Gneabustaplz: it really sounds like it's going into hibernation or suspend mode02:58
Snowniakbustaplz : Well, I think is this buggy new kernel...02:59
bustaplzlet me look up the MB02:59
JackEStormGnea: I have two systems here that used to do that, and it was hub/suspend related, even thou it was off...ever 45mins the system would reboot02:59
bustaplzi'll pop the case open03:00
Spherousmneptok: Alright, restarted, it put me in low-graphics mode again, and my res went back to 800x60003:00
sullyva86do i need to run emerald to get desktop effects? I get an error when trying to enable desktop effects with the default ubuntu theme on?03:00
bsquidwrdwhere can i download ubuntu server? on the website?03:00
mneptokSpherous: login and look for the nvidia-settings app in your menus03:00
bustaplzAsus P4VP-MX03:00
Spherousmneptok: You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.03:00
mneptoksullyva86: no, Emerald is not requisite03:00
mneptokSpherous: there you go.03:01
mneptokSpherous: do as it asks03:01
chupacabrahow do I get gnome to release my desktop so I can run webcollage on it?03:01
Spherousmneptok: I tried, I can't edit nvidia-xconfig03:01
mneptokSpherous: sudo nvidia-xconfig03:01
Spherousit just spits out some file destinations03:01
ilec'lo all I'm having trouble with burning the live CD from the iso. I keep getting write errors, I downloaded the iso twice. but it happened both times. is this just me?03:01
tigranHi. After I change my mac address, I no longer have internet.03:01
bustaplzthe idea that it is going into suspend mode sounds about right, but it's completely powered off, think that could just be a bug with the suspend mode?03:02
JackEStormbustaplz: for me it was a BIOS bug, look around and check, at your own risk.03:02
sullyva86mneptok: when i run compiz --replace in terminal i get a "couldn't find decorator" error any ideas?03:02
bustaplzas in a BIOS setting or a bad BIOS?03:02
Spherousmneptok: http://pastebin.com/m63e39c4f03:02
mneptoksullyva86: that command does not enable Compiz03:02
bustaplzI did notice an option that was turned off, ACPI 2.003:02
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:02
mneptokSpherous: restart X03:03
GneaJackEStorm: i've seen that with a few systems before - if the BIOS settings are set to allow certain devices to powersave and it's new enough, ubuntu will simply grab the information via ACPI and use those values as assumptions03:03
emploif I am running ubuntu in only command line, is it possible to reduce the text size so I fit more on the screen?03:03
Spherousmneptok: ctrl alt backspace?03:03
mneptokSpherous: sure03:03
JackEStormin my case it was both, IntelBIOS had a bug that left APM on, no matter the setting, and .16 on of the kernel would get that bug, before that it didn't.03:03
Spherousk, brb03:03
fivreI keep getting EADDRNOTAVAIL from something that's trying to bind to all addresses03:03
sullyva86mneptok: Well the screen flashes the same then reverts back when i try to enable desktop effects in the appearance tab?03:04
Spherousmneptok: Still in low-graphics mode03:04
tigranHi. After I change my mac address, I no longer have internet.03:04
mneptokSpherous: try that applet again03:04
Spherousmneptok: same error03:04
fivrenothing's listening on the port it's trying to use03:04
mneptoksullyva86: are you using a 3D accelerated graphics driver?03:04
mneptokSpherous: boot to a previous kernel and install any and all updates.03:05
bsquidwrdwhere can i download ubuntu server?03:05
mneptokSpherous: sounds like some kernel modules for this current kernel are wonky03:05
bustaplzi just aborted the PC check and looked in my BIOS it, has some power management features including suspend, I just disabled all of them03:05
bustaplzi think that was probably the culprit03:05
Spherousmneptok: O.o how?03:05
JackEStormGnea: yeah, that was the basic issue I had here, first system it took 6months to show up on, 2nd, only 5days03:05
ilecmy downloaded iso keeps producing write errors. even after i downloaded a new one.03:05
mneptokSpherous: "press <esc> to enter the grub menu" at bppt03:05
Spherousmneptok: Oh, that, nah, thats not it. It has something to do with this crappy driver thing I did03:06
Spherousmneptok: I might just do a fresh install of ubuntu... again... o.o03:06
=== awflame08_ is now known as awflame08
sullyva86mneptok: I don't think so.. but it used to work before i must of changed something i dunno what happened.  I did install xubuntu-desktop then when i logged back into gnome i had issues. If i could reinstall whatevers needed maybe that will fix it?03:06
TechPepsiwhats a good open source dvd authoring program?03:06
sullyva86mneptok: Actually i must be for it to have worked before then right? I know its not a restricted driver if thats what you ment.03:08
jb_How do I " Open the terminal as root in this folder " (Instructions with a tar.gz packet I have.)03:08
bunnytook , im Unhappy with my 300 dollars Ubuntu, i want a refund03:08
=== eight08 is now known as martok
tripitakitJb_ open a terminal03:08
Gneabunnyto: wut?03:09
tripitakitjb_, then cd to the folder...03:09
chupacabrah6b -03:09
TechPepsiwhats a good open source dvd authoring program? In ubuntu?03:09
TechPepsiwith menus03:09
tripitakitthen use sudo to execute a command as root...03:09
GneaTechPepsi: dvdauthor03:09
mneptokbunnyto: stay on topic. last warning.03:09
jb_tripitakit: I'm following you....03:09
bunnytomneptok: last warning for what? do i look like i care?03:10
TechPepsiis that a package to dl?03:10
bunnytook gotta hit the party03:10
Gnea!offtopic | bunnyto03:10
ubottubunnyto: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:10
tripitakitjb_ :) what u have to do with that tar.gz as root?03:10
TechPepsiGnea, sudo apt-get03:10
GneaTechPepsi: that'll help03:11
rosalatinaEscriba el texto aquí....hola soy deperu hay alguien q hable español03:12
rosalatinahola alguien de 40 a 45 q dese conocer epruana de 4203:12
Gnea!es | rosalatina03:12
ubotturosalatina: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:12
jb_tripitakit:tar xzvf LightZone-3.5.tar.gz -C /opt03:12
jb_cd /opt/LightZone03:12
jb_sh LightZone03:12
TechPepsiSorry, I am quitee new to linux Gnea.  Another thing, does it offer to create personal menus?03:13
ilecis there an error on the x64 iso? all the versions I download produce write errors.03:13
mneptokjb_: nice machine name :)03:13
rosalatinahola alguiende 40 a 45 q dese charaalr03:13
TechPepsiIs there skype for 4.10?03:13
Gnea!es > rosalatina03:13
ubotturosalatina, please see my private message03:13
TechPepsippc ubuntu03:13
PiciTechPepsi: 4.10 is no longer supported.03:13
Pici!4.10 | TechPepsi03:13
ubottuTechPepsi: Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) was the first release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30, 2006. See !eol for more details.03:13
rosalatinaohhhhhhhhhh no entiendo primera vez q ingrso03:14
greatchuckrosalatina, sorry, me paso por un año.03:14
jb_mneptok: ??03:14
=== link_ is now known as emplo
mneptokjb_: "tripitakit"03:14
tripitakitjb_, use sudo before commands, sudo tar xvf....03:14
GneaTechPepsi: http://dvdauthor.sourceforge.net/  that should explain better :)03:14
mneptokjb_: nm. i'm losing it.03:14
rosalatinami correo03:14
tripitakitmneptok, here i am :)03:14
GneaTechPepsi: but yes, sudo apt-get install dvdauthor03:14
legendsohaican anybody tell me what is the purpose of "fakeroot"?03:14
Picimneptok: tripitakit is a another user here in the channel.03:15
jb_mneptok: Join the club...03:15
Gnearosalatina: we only speak english here. you will need to type /join #ubuntu-es and ask there to get help in espanol03:15
TechPepsiGnea, they offer personal menus on making dvd's?03:15
mneptoktripitakit: Buddham, dhammam, sangham saranam gacchami. :)03:15
greatchuckHow can  I activate the compiz effects? There's an error when I try to  activate them.03:15
TechPepsiPici, haha yeah03:15
jb_tripitakit: OK, will try...03:15
TechPepsican 9.04 work on ppc mac's?03:15
GneaTechPepsi: yes, and more03:15
tripitakitgreatchuck, what error ?03:15
rosalatinanoentiendo si hay alguien qme entienda03:16
rosalatinami coreeo es03:16
mneptokTechPepsi: we'll know when it's released next year03:16
tripitakitjb_, you'll be asked a password that is your password03:16
greatchucktripitakit, It says it can't install them (my installation is fresh).03:16
rosalatinahola de dodne eres03:16
TechPepsimneptok, I meant 8.0403:16
ElijahDoes anybody know of a distro I can download that has native support for a u727 usb modem (sprint evdo). I have no other way of connecting it to the net.03:16
bobertdosrosalatina: Tienes que ir al canal de #ubuntu-es, por favor.03:16
EvilDaemonIs there a command that shows other computers on a network?03:17
TechPepsiGnea, is dvd author GUI based?03:17
Daisuke_Idois there a way to make ls print the full path for each file?03:17
EvilDaemonAs in, displays the computer's name03:17
Gneaross`: No, ahora usted es falta de respeto del canal. Por favor, escriba / join # ubuntu-es y pedir all antes de que se eliminan.03:17
PiciGnea: they're no longer here....03:17
TechPepsiso no support for 8.03 for ppc?03:17
GneaPici: oy03:17
Daisuke_IdoPPC has not been officially supported since 7.0403:18
GneaTechPepsi: again, please visit that website.03:18
Pici!ppc | TechPepsi03:18
GneaTechPepsi: I won't tell you again.03:18
ubottuTechPepsi: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ03:18
TechPepsiwhich site?03:18
mneptokTechPepsi: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/8.04/release/03:18
GneaTechPepsi: http://dvdauthor.sourceforge.net/03:18
greatchucktripitakit, It just says the effects couldn't be activated.03:18
TechPepsiGnea, I was talking about ubuntu though for ppc03:19
GneaTechPepsi: everything you'll need to know is there. the packages are available in the ubuntu repository.03:19
bobertdosgreatchuck: Which drivers are you using for your GPU?03:19
greatchuckbobertdos, pardon?03:19
GneaTechPepsi: does this look like #ubuntu-ppc?03:19
tripitakitgreatchuck, is your  a 3d accelerated graphic adapter ?03:19
mneptokTechPepsi: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/8.04/release/03:19
TechPepsiGnea, sorry03:19
ilecso nobody knows anything about illegal write addresses in the ISO?03:19
greatchucktripitakit, how do I know?03:19
mneptokTechPepsi: the next timne i paste that URL it will be your /kick message03:19
bobertdosgreatchuck: In a terminal, type glxinfo | grep direct03:20
tripitakitwhich graphic adapter are u using?03:20
greatchuckbobertdos, "direct rendering: Yes"03:21
greatchucktripitakit, is there a command to find that out?03:21
TechPepsimneptok,  sorry03:21
tripitakitgreatchuck, the one bobertdos told you..03:22
justinburgerHi, I m trying to generate an SSL CSR, but when I upload it to godaddy they're throwing back "The CSR you have created includes a possible compromised key" I verified I have the latest version, by attempting an apt-get update and getting back "openssl is already the newest version."  thoughts?03:22
bobertdosgreatchuck: yes, same one, except no grep03:22
greatchucktripitakit, the answer that command gives me is "yes", for direct rendering.03:22
greatchuckbobertdos, there's a bunch of info. What should I look for?03:23
bobertdosgreatchuck: Pastebin the output of glxinfo by itself: paste.ubuntu.com03:23
JackEStormok I give up, I have two cx88_alsa devices in my system, as well as my built on snd_hda_intel, now, I pull any of the cx88_alsa and snd_hda_intel gets index 0, but when I put the 2nd cx88_alsa back in snd_hda_intel gets index 3 ...now tweaking /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base I can get it on index 0, but a reboot, (warm or cold) it goes to index 1...what the frack am I missing?03:24
alanWould there be a reason why System>Preferences>Screen Resolution is showing 1024X768 but actual resolution is 800x600?03:24
bobertdos!x > alan03:24
ubottualan, please see my private message03:24
greatchuckbobertdos, http://paste.ubuntu.com/53618/. Be my guest.03:24
glades20Hey guys. Can anyone help me with Emerald? I cant seem to install themes.03:25
DigitalFizwhats it saying03:26
jb_tripitakit: when I got to sh LightZone it had trouble wit the jar file and went belly-up.  I'll play with it again tomorrow, gonna pack it in now.  Thanks for your assistance....03:26
Gneaglades20: #compiz-fusion can help you better with that03:26
bobertdosgreatchuck: Oh dear.........No offense to you of course, but BLECK!!! You have one of those disgusting Unichrome cards. You're not going to have a lot of luck, I'm afraid.03:26
tripitakitjp_ u'r welcome03:26
thedarkonewhat do i need to install to get css to work on website03:27
Snowniakwhat is that?03:27
Snowniakmass kicking ?!03:27
DigitalFizw00 gotta love netsplits03:27
GneaSnowniak: netsplit03:27
DigitalFizthedarkone, firefox?03:27
JackEStormSnowniak: no netsplit03:27
very_commonhehehehe hello everyone03:27
GneaJackEStorm: are you trying to get the drivers to load in a particular order?03:27
Generic6552It's just something that happens with IRC, it's annoying, but nothing to worry about.03:27
JackEStormGnea: yes03:27
histoHrm.. don't see netsplits here.03:27
thedarkonei have a website it needs css03:27
DigitalFizthedarkone, css is clientside and has nothing to do with a server03:27
greatchuckbobertdos, why so?03:27
histoin my ignores03:27
very_commonanyone free to guide ??03:28
very_commoni need palit 2600 HD Driver for Ubuntu03:28
csilkSnowniak,  no it was a netslpit, not mass kicking lol03:28
JackEStormGnea: snd_hda_intel is my sound out put card, and needs /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer and /dev/pcm ...etc03:28
zacki cant get wireless card for my macbook pro to work03:28
zackanyone got a good link?03:28
JackEStormGnea: the other cards are the mixers on DVB cards03:28
histo!wifi > zack03:28
ubottuzack, please see my private message03:28
thedarkoneso css is on client side03:29
bobertdosgreatchuck: I have yet to run into anyone with a Via Unichrome card who has successfully set up compiz. The drivers just don't support the features needed.03:29
histothedarkone: yes its the code is on the server but the client renders the page according to the style sheet03:29
very_commoni need palit 2600 HD Driver for Ubuntu03:29
GneaJackEStorm: so if the tv card gets loaded before the intel_hd does, it becomes /dev/dsp?03:29
alteregoaehh i got a banalistic question03:29
greatchuckbobertdos, thanks, anyway. Let me think of buying something better...03:29
histothedarkone: http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/learning03:29
JackEStormGnea: correct03:29
alteregoahow can i enable acoustic management?03:30
histovery_common: what is a palit 2600 hd?03:30
very_commonits a HDMI card03:30
very_commonPCI E03:30
tripitakitalteregoa, alsamixer u mean?03:30
bobertdosgreatchuck: What are the specs of your system otherwise? I ask because theoretically, you don't really need a top of the line card.03:30
greatchucktripitakit, bobertdos, thank you and good bye.03:30
histovery_common: Is that a model of an ati card?03:30
tripitakitgreatchuck, :) bye03:30
very_commonRadeon 260003:30
histo!ati > very_common03:30
ubottuvery_common, please see my private message03:30
very_commonhisto: display is fine but sound not working03:31
GneaJackEStorm: try adding this to /etc/modprobe.d/options : options snd_hda_intel index=003:32
histovery_common: well why do you think you need display drivers then?03:32
histo!sound > very_common03:32
ubottuvery_common, please see my private message03:32
bobertdosI don't mean to be off-topic,  but what brands ship with those Via Unichrome cards?? I run into them a lot in this channel, and I'm trying to figure out why........03:32
JackEStormGnea: tried that already, when I do that, there is no snd_hda_intel03:32
very_commonhisto i m using HDMI cable03:32
very_commonso display is fine03:32
very_commonbut sound not working03:32
GneaJackEStorm: have you tried adding similar options for the cx?03:32
eirik_im running winxp on virtualbox in ubuntu. my max resolution is limited to 1024x768 - anyone know how i can set up virtualbox to support higher resolutions?03:32
histovery_common: well your system isn't going to pump sound through the hdmi cable.03:33
very_commonyesit does03:33
JackEStormGnea: yes, did find out that those should not be - numbers (as I thought looking at it, but positive)03:33
very_commonin windows it does03:33
very_commonHDMI means High definatin multimedia interface03:33
histovery_common: I know that.03:33
very_commonHDMI can carry both video and audio siglans03:33
histovery_common: what kind of sound card do you have?03:33
JackEStormGnea: index=3 for the cx88_alsa gives the best result, but snd_hda_alsa changes index on each reboot03:34
very_commonhisto lemme check03:34
JackEStormfrom 0 to 1 to 0 again03:34
GneaJackEStorm: okay - i see why that won't work - check this out: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/MultipleCards03:34
GneaJackEStorm: you need to make a container for each index03:34
tigranI have an atheros wireless card and whenever I change the mac address on it via macchanger I no longer have internet.I changed it on ath0, then on ath0 and wifi0, then just wifi0, and none of them worked.03:34
DigitalFizvery_common, converting dvi to hdmi will not provide you with any sound at all03:35
very_commonHDA ATI HDMI sound card03:35
histovery_common: i've never seen a setup like that before. Where somehow mysteriously your video card would be able to pump sound throught he hdmi cable. There has to be some sort of software you are using in windows to do that.03:35
very_commoni m onli using drivers03:35
histovery_common: unless it is all on one card03:35
histovery_common: then youneed to follow the link from ubotu about install proper drivers for your ati card.03:35
GneaJackEStorm: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/MultipleCards#Loading_the_kernel_modules_for_multiple_cards specifically03:35
very_commonand moreover i have disable default sound card from BIOS03:35
histovery_common: and perhaps search the forums ubuntuforums.org03:35
very_commonya i did03:36
very_commonno help :(03:36
histovery_common: what video drivers are you using?03:36
GneaJackEStorm: thanks for asking that, btw - i had the same problem awhile ago and could never figure it out :)03:36
tigranI have an atheros wireless card and whenever I change the mac address on it via macchanger I no longer have internet.I changed it on ath0, then on ath0 and wifi0, then just wifi0, and none of them worked.03:36
very_commonhisto : http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3509660&csid=ITD&body=WARRANTY#tabs03:36
JackEStormGnea: it's been driving me crazy this week, I added in a DVB-S card to my mythbox, and lost audio03:37
very_commoni m using this product and using HDMI cable for both audio and video03:37
histotigran: perhaps your router is filtering by mac03:37
histovery_common: that doens't tell me what video driver you are using in ubuntu.03:37
tigranhisto: nope, its disabled03:37
GneaJackEStorm: which one?03:37
very_commonits ATI driver03:37
very_commonrestricted ATI drivers03:38
alphaman1101Who makes the ps5-vm motherboard?03:38
Frijolieanyone know of a BitTorrent client that will validate MD5 checksums for your "on-the-fly"?03:38
histotigran: well the process would be to take the interface down the macchanger ethx and bring the interface backup03:38
alphaman1101Also is there anyway to chage the bios boot image?03:38
Frijolieer for you "on-the-fly"03:38
Infinito-native support to a usb modem? that's unlikely even to windows I believe03:38
ThedjatclubrockWill 8.10 use Gnome *.4?03:38
tigranhisto: I do that, ifconfig wifi0 down; macchanger -ea wifi0; ifconfig wifi0 up; /etc/init.d/networking restart03:38
JackEStormGnea: I'm going to order an S2 card this week if I can find someone I trust in NA to order from...the other DVB card is an ATI HD Wonder (ATSC/QAM card...USDVB-T)03:39
histo!who > very_common03:39
ubottuvery_common, please see my private message03:39
AtticusHim3I need some help with a secondary HDD03:39
GneaJackEStorm: i'd stick with hauupage03:39
histotigran: works for me without a hitch.03:39
very_commonhisto: its ATI RV630 drivers03:39
tigranhisto: same card?03:39
histo!ask | AtticusHim303:39
ubottuAtticusHim3: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:39
histovery_common: are you using the restrcited drivers or whatever the default install used?03:40
very_commonhisto restricted03:40
AtticusHim3Alright. I have just installed a secondary HDD and I can format it and change the label, I just can't see it in computer or actually access it. Any ideas?03:40
histovery_common: hrm... well those are drivers from ati. I would maybe check preferences by right clicking on the volume control. Also check alsamixer make sure there aren't outputs muted.03:40
histoAtticusHim3: you have to mount the drive.03:41
Frijoliein a computer techy way03:41
histo!fstab > AtticusHim303:41
ubottuAtticusHim3, please see my private message03:41
RHorseAtticusHim3, man mount03:42
EvilDaemonIs there any way to find a list of computers on a network?03:42
EvilDaemonVia command03:42
AtticusHim3Let me try it.03:42
histoGod rythmbox sucks always crashes playign radio streams03:42
JackEStormGnea: yeah, I also have a PVR 150 in the system too, but it's hard to get hauupage DVB-S in the US, and I can't find anyone with an S2 in the US, might end up going with one of the other USB devices03:42
Frijoliewhat is the Amarok clone native to GTK? I can't remember03:43
aaron_anybody from Ottawa Canada in here03:43
weylandFrijolie: exaile03:43
GneaJackEStorm: the 150 rocks03:43
Frijolieweyland: thanks...03:43
histo!offtopic | aaron_03:43
ubottuaaron_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:43
GneaJackEStorm: haven't worked with the -S yet, though...03:44
Frijolieaaron_: a/s/l wanna chat? hehe j/k03:44
very_commonhisto : i think ubuntu cant recognise sound hardware03:44
=== PrivateVoid_ is now known as PrivateVoid
GneaFrijolie: please don't do that.03:44
tigranhisto: do you have an atheros card?03:44
FrijolieGnea: as I stated I was j/k03:44
GneaFrijolie: then don't do it.03:44
FrijolieGnea: poking fun03:44
histotigran: in my laptop03:44
JackEStormGnea: yeah, I use that for Analog Cable, the ATI, I use for OTA ATSC and now DVB-S ..so far so good on the -S, but I need an S2, so I can get some of the FTA 8PSK stuff03:45
histovery_common: check out the troubleshooting steps from ubottu03:45
histo!sound > very_common03:45
ubottuvery_common, please see my private message03:45
Moodlesis having both 32bit and 64bit kernels possible with 1 ubuntu install (like choosing the 32bit or 64bit kernel from grub).. or do I need 2 seperate ubuntu installs?03:45
EvilDaemonFrijolie: Key words: DON'T, DO, and IT03:45
histoMoodles: you need two seperate /'s03:45
tigranhisto: using windows drivers?03:45
histoMoodles: but you can use the same /home03:45
GneaJackEStorm: oh my, i didn't even know FTA existed....03:46
histotigran: god no03:46
histotigran: your card should work out of the box no need for windows drivers.03:46
JackEStormGnea: still does, on C and Ku03:46
aaron_anybody from ottawa Canada that is using ubuntu and knows of employment03:46
FrijolieEvilDaemon: did you say "Keywords" or "Three words"?03:46
Gnea!offtopic > aaron_03:46
mneptok!ot | aaron_03:46
ubottuaaron_, please see my private message03:46
ubottuaaron_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:46
histoMoodles: to answer you more directly yes you need two seperate installs but you can share the same /home03:47
=== DamienGray-Q3 is now known as DamienGray-SLEEP
tigranhisto: yea it does, just asking cause changing the mac doesnt work. can you think of anything for me to try?03:47
bustaplzlooks like my problem is fixed, thanks everyone!03:47
FrijolieEvilDaemon: because "DON'T, DO, AND, IT" could be considered 4 words actually03:47
EvilDaemonFrijolie: Both. This is a support channel, not a see-saw channel. Go to #defocus for that.03:47
bustaplz38 minutes idle and no issues03:47
EvilDaemonNo spam03:47
histotigran: just double check your settings when you are tryign to connect back to your network. Perhaps the channel changed or something.03:47
Moodleshmm, will 8.10 be available as a shipit request cd?03:47
mneptokMoodles: eventually, yes.03:48
histo!interpid | Moodles03:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about interpid03:48
JackEStormGnea: after I get this sound issue taken care of, inbetween me trying to get this system over to frame buffer only (I hate loading X on a DVR), I'm going to see if I can pickup GEOS and get realtime weather sat images witht eh card.03:48
tigranhisto: it didnt, i cant connect after it changes, no settings in my router change03:48
histo!intrepid | Moodles03:48
ubottuMoodles: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th!03:48
bobertdostigran: You know, if I were you, I would temporarily strip the network of all security and see how far you can get from scratch.03:48
FlannelFrijolie: Bittorrent does check MD5s of what it downloads.03:48
Frijolie*Frijolie has left03:48
tigranbobertdos: already is =/03:48
FrijolieFlannel: but how does it know which MD5 sum to check if all you download is the .torrent file?03:49
GneaJackEStorm: i would be very interested to know how well that goes03:49
FrijolieFlannel: do you have to supply the MD5s?03:49
GneaJackEStorm: notibly, the GEOS03:49
tigranbobertdos: i read that i shouldnt change the mac on ath0, only wiif0, idk..03:49
Frijoliebobertdos: you're the support guru! You're always in here helping out.03:49
JackEStormGnea: I'll let you know, thats one of the reasons for me getting the -S card, as well at EMWIN03:50
* bobertdos thinks03:50
Gneaaaron_: /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:50
FlannelFrijolie: The torrent takes care of it03:50
FrijolieFlannel: so I don't have to check manually before burning to CD/DVD?03:51
mneptokFrijolie: if you use a good torrent client, no.03:51
=== Esquilo is now known as JulioNeto
aaron_I am using xchat and trying to get to another channel...how do I do this?03:51
tigranbobertdos: oh well03:51
FlannelFrijolie: correct.  If you download from a torrent, its been verified.03:51
mneptokaaron_: /join #channelname03:51
Frijoliemneptok: I'm using Deluge v 1.003:51
histoaaron_: you can type in /j #nameofchannel03:51
GneaJackEStorm: that would so rule. i'm trying to develop a mobile solution using ubuntu for weather spotting/chasing.03:51
tigranhisto: thanks for the help, ill just mess with it a bit more then give up and go cry in a corner03:51
mneptokFrijolie: then you need not MD5sum your downloads03:51
Frijoliemneptok: Ah, ok cool! I learned something. So the MD5 sums are for verifying a HTTP download?03:52
FlannelFrijolie: and ftp, etc.03:52
mneptokFrijolie: MD5sums can verify anything03:52
FlannelFrijolie: they're for verifying any and all images.03:52
Frijoliemneptok: yeah any file, that's right. The download method doesn't matter.03:53
histoYes you can even use md5sums to find certain files.  I use them to find kiddy porn on computers i'm investigating.03:53
JackEStormGnea: thats kinda my end thought on all this as well...as well, as get enough realtime data, I can play around with some weather computer models, and work on some ideas I have of my own.03:53
mneptokhisto: that's WAY out of line for this channel ...03:54
mneptokhisto: not to mention it shows a complete ignorance of what md5 does ;)03:54
Frijoliehisto: * Frijolie has quit ("Ex-Chat")03:54
histomneptok: ? i'm le03:54
PhilipTPixlerHi everyone. Anyone got time to help a noob out? Lol :\03:54
FlannelFrijolie: Please take jokes to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks03:54
histomneptok: and no its not we can search by hashes or md5sums03:54
FrijolieFlannel: you guys are hardcore today...03:54
GneaJackEStorm: do you idle on freenode often?03:55
bobertdosPhilipTPixler: We always have time for noobs.03:55
FlannelFrijolie: theres 1300 people in this channel, we're always strict about being offtopic.03:55
Flannel!ask | PhilipTPixler03:55
ubottuPhilipTPixler: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:55
Frijoliean MD5sum is a file integrity checker, right?03:55
histomneptok: excuse my ignorance with the terminology.03:55
PhilipTPixler:D lol alright so it's pretty much about the Tkcximage error with aMsn03:55
PhilipTPixlerOh haha sorry03:56
FlannelFrijolie: It checks to make sure the hash of the file you have is the same as the hash given to you.03:56
PhilipTPixlerok er let me restrart03:56
JackEStormGnea: yes and no, when I'm on, i'm in #asterisk-* and or #myth*  mostly, undernet #linux, but I do tend to idle everywhere alot03:56
FrijolieFlannel: right, and is all done by some genius algorithm (to get the hash)03:56
JackEStormGnea: I just sometimes forget to log back in to freenode :)03:57
GneaJackEStorm: awesome03:57
DigitalFizi have a weird issue with my volume controls03:57
Frijolieare there any known issues with the sound volume in Flash video?03:58
DigitalFizthe icon comes up like its adjusting but the sound doesnt adjust and the icon doesnt change03:58
PhilipTPixlerlol alright so it's pretty much about the Tkcximage error with aMsn. I had installed aMSN and it worked fine *after much labor* so after I did that I set to installing alot of other things which I really don't know what all I installed. So today I went to run aMsn and I received the Tkcximage failed error. I've been reading in the forums and other people have had this problem and it may have something to do with havin03:58
bobertdosFrijolie: with the VOLUME, I don't think so.......with audio in general, definitely03:58
GneaJackEStorm: i'm usually in here and #ubuntu-offtopic, feel free to PM :)03:58
Frijoliebobertdos: I'm still having issues with my sound volume on this laptop. All suggestions have failed.03:59
Frijoliebobertdos: it just seems to happen more frequently when watching YouTube videos03:59
comicinkerhelp: my audio doesn't work after hibernate! what can I doo?03:59
bill_after installing Ubuntu through the "Vista" stand-alone partition, ON the vista (NTFS) partition and booting on linux, i cant find the "vista" stracture. I can boot vista normally and ubuntu too, but when on ubuntu, where did my old files go?03:59
bobertdosFrijolie: I find it fairly unlikely I will be able to contribute anything new. Alsamixer is always my first suggestion.04:00
Flannelbill_: you mean with wubi?04:00
PramodI am not being able to load the Ubuntu Desktop... the panels dissapear, the only thing i can do is pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart the pc04:00
Frijoliebobertdos: I've read numerous suggestions on the forums, but without knowing what they really do I'm hesitant to try it04:01
Frijoliebobertdos: in fear that I may mess things up beyond my capability to fix04:01
ubuntuhow can i re-load the grub loader04:01
PhilipTPixlerSo has anyone ever had that problem before (above)04:01
ubuntuafter re-installing windows04:01
JackEStormGnea: I will, hopefully I can try and take a look at GOES12 this weekend, and I'll let you know04:01
gTeai'm looking at my ~/.profile file, and see some "if" tests, i.e.:  if [ -n "$BASH_VERSION" ]; then. Could someone explain to me what the -n option means?04:01
bobertdosFrijolie: So you haven't tried alsamixer?? It internally adjusts volume levels for Alsa components.04:01
GneaJackEStorm: with the DVB-S, have you had luck with mythtv?04:02
PramodI am not being able to load the Ubuntu Desktop... the panels dissapear, the only thing i can do is pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart the pc04:02
FlannelgTea: http://www.faqs.org/docs/bashman/bashref_68.html04:02
=== ubuntu is now known as sledge
PostersandGuitarMy ubuntu has suddenly decided that maximum is 620 by 640. It worked fine before.04:02
gTeaFlannel, thanks =)04:02
Flannel!grub | sledge04:02
ubottusledge: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:02
comicinkergTea: does man test help?04:02
JackEStormGnea: not yet, had sound issues :) working on that first, and the off to testing the -s all around04:02
Flannelsledge: check the first link out04:02
Frijoliebobertdos: I'm looking at alsamixer right now but it appears to have the volume set to 100%. However it says that the card and chipset is "Pulseaudio"04:03
Frijoliebobertdos: do I want to change that to Intel-hda?04:03
GneaJackEStorm: now i want to get that other system out, dust it off, and see if i can get that same solution to work with it ;)04:03
PhilipTPixlerI would like to uninstall tcl 8.5 and tcl 8.4 along with tk 8.5 and 8.404:03
PhilipTPixlerHow would I go about doing that?04:03
danbh_intrepidFrijolie: I think everything goes through pulseaudio these days04:03
Frijoliedanbh_intrepid: I'm confused as to what pulseaudio really is. Is it just a sound server which allows for global adjustments in the OS?04:04
JackEStormGnea: but since DVB is mostly Euro based, it should be easy, I'm just limited on my view angle here but, it should be smoth (the S2 would give better out put, because of the 8PSK support)04:04
PhilipTPixlerHow do you remove the tcl and tk files from Linux? If anyone could help it'd be greatly appreciated :D04:04
unopsynaptic has a search function - have you tried searching  for those packages?04:04
unopPhilipTPixler, ^^04:04
JackEStormGnea: now, myth had no issues with my other DVB card (ATSC)04:05
PhilipTPixlerhaha I haven't. I'm not even sure what that it ^_^ '04:05
danbh_intrepidFrijolie: well, AFAIK, pulseaudio unifies all the other sound systems.04:05
gTeacomicinker, actually, yes. for some reason i didn't put 2 and 2 together. thanks for pointing that out.04:05
Infinito-synaptic is a GUI for installing and removing packages04:05
Frijoliedanbh_intrepid: so one step forward and two back?04:05
Infinito-but you can do all from command line too04:05
PhilipTPixleroh wait I think I've found it. Under administration04:05
PostersandGuitarUbuntu now refuses to allow my resolution to go higher than 640 by 620.04:05
PostersandGuitarAny help?04:05
c_minus_minusI'm getting pretty frustrated recording an asx file in VLC.  I think I set it up correctly, but when I hit "OK," VLC just hangs at 0:00:00.  Why?  Can anybody help, please?04:05
bill_#2#  after installing Ubuntu through the "Vista" stand-alone partition, ON the vista (NTFS) partition and booting on linux, i cant find the "vista" stracture. I can boot vista normally and ubuntu too, but when on ubuntu, where did my old files go?04:05
Flannelbill_: you mean with wubi?04:06
danbh_intrepidFrijolie: you may want to try intrepid, its beta now.  Still lots of bugs, but there are supposed to be fixes for pulse in it04:06
bill_dont know the name but i installed the ubuntu while running Vista04:06
danbh_intrepidFrijolie: BUT, if you are worried about messing up your system, you should first have a separate /home partition, that way you can install again without loosing anything04:07
Flannelbill_: Alright, yeah, that's with wubi.  No partitioning, right?  Your vista stuff should be mounted automatically (I think ntfs things are mounted by default in recent versions).  Check in places?04:07
PostersandGuitarUbuntu will only run at an an extremely low resolution.04:07
bill_i dont got the system infront of me but i get a curious smile that it might be located behind the root -linux- directory?04:07
PhilipTPixlerOk so now I've found the tcl file in synaptic. How do I uninstall the file itself?04:07
Frijoliedanbh_intrepid: I just finished burning the LiveCD for Intrepid 5 seconds ago04:07
DigitalFizwill intrepid have better support for component out for audio?04:07
PostersandGuitarExcuse me, but would anyone mind helping me?04:07
bill_nay its not mounted, looked on known places and fstab04:07
Flannelbill_: Nope.  It'll be just like it normally is.  Mount the partition (sda1 or whatever) etc04:07
PhilipTPixlersorry I'm knew at this04:08
Flannel!ntfs-3g | bill_04:08
ubottubill_: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions04:08
bill_but hmm partition is already mounted since i didnt make a new partiotion?04:08
Flannelbill_: You may need to enable ntfs-3g first.04:08
unopPhilipTPixler, select the package, right click, select remove, etc04:08
Frijoliedanbh_intrepid: I always have a seperate partition for /home04:08
Infinito-bill_, nothing on /media  ?04:08
Flannelbill_: No. the wubi one exists separately, even if it is technically inside.04:08
PostersandGuitarHi, can I have some help?04:08
bill_so i can go ahead and actually mount the same partition?04:09
bill_no nothing on media or mnt04:09
Flannelbill_: Its not the same partition04:09
bill_can u explain flannel please ?04:09
callkalpaI want to start programming ubuntu, any suggestion to where to start ?04:09
PostersandGuitarCan anyone hear me?04:10
bill_if SDA is the HD and sda1 is vista whats linux whne installing though vista windows?04:10
danbh_intrepidPostersandGuitar: yes04:10
Flannelbill_: the wubi "partition" is a file in your ntfs partition, that gets mounted through an abstraction layer.  I'm not really sure about the specifics, but as far as you need be concerned for usage, your install is identical to a regular install on a separate partition.04:10
aaron_How long should it take to get UCP certification?04:10
Infinito-when you're on vista, linux would be just some files with the .wubi extension04:10
PostersandGuitarCan someone assist me with my extremely low resolution?04:10
Infinito-those files are filesystem that only get mounted when you start on linux04:11
PhilipTPixlerunop: ok one last thing. I've marked both of them for removal. How do I know when they're totally removed?04:11
bill_in other words i just go ahead and mount sda1 as ntfs-3g like recommendent04:11
Flannelaaron_: You're still offtopic.  This channel is for Ubuntu support only.  #ubuntu-offtopic is for general questions not related to support, including certification ,etc.04:11
Flannelbill_: yep04:11
PhilipTPixlerunop:lol apply marked changed right?04:11
sledgeFlannel:  do i want to set sda1 as the root device, or sda5 the partition that has ubuntu on it04:11
unopPhilipTPixler, right - they should be removed then04:11
PostersandGuitarWould anyone be able to assist me?04:11
sledgeFlannel: grub> root (hd0,1) it wants me to type that in the terminal04:12
Flannelsledge: root will be where / lives  so if you only have one ubuntu partition, your Ubuntu partition04:12
Flannelsledge: that'd be sda204:12
HappyHaterPostersandGuitar, what video card?04:12
PhilipTPixlerunop: Thank's. I might be back lol. Hopefully not04:12
bill_thanx flannel04:12
puffanybody know rync?04:12
puffI'm trying to back up some files and it seems to be ignoring my exclude, etc.04:12
RHorsepuff, rsync04:12
sledgeFlannel:  ok04:12
danbh_intrepidPostersandGuitar: have you tried to reconfigure xorg?04:12
puffEr, rsync, yeah.04:12
PostersandGuitardanbh_intrepid: what does that mine?04:13
RHorsepuff, have you read the man page yet?04:13
HappyHaterxorg fails at hardware detection04:13
PostersandGuitarhappyhater: Nvidia04:13
danbh_intrepid!xconfig | PostersandGuitar04:13
ubottuPostersandGuitar: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes04:13
wersis there something like alcohol 120% for linux?04:13
HappyHaterPostersandGuitar, got the driver installed, yeah?04:13
Flannelwers: For what purpose?04:13
PostersandGuitarI'm not using any kind of server?04:13
puffRHorse: Yes.04:13
callkalpaanyone know how to create a customized live CD step by step ?04:13
wersFlannel, .iso reader04:13
sledgeFlannel: Probing devices to guess BIOS drives. This may take a long time.  it says that, and then theres a blining cursor, do i just wait?04:13
RHorsepuff, and what do you want to do?04:13
Flannelwers: you can just mount them with mount04:13
Flannel!iso | wers04:13
ubottuwers: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:13
PostersandGuitarHappyHater: From the beginning, this problem just started suddenly, it it was working fine before.04:13
liugwhat is irc04:14
PostersandGuitarliug: this is04:14
wersFlannel, virtual optical drive04:14
sledgeliug: Internet Relay Chat : real time chat04:14
Flannelwers: see the above factoid04:14
werswow nice. thanks Flannel04:14
JackEStormsledge: no, not realtime, it's relayed!04:14
liugthank you04:15
PhilipTPixlerunop:WOOH! Hey thanks for your help. I'd like to let you know that aMSN works now. Have a good one.04:15
HappyHaterPostersandGuitar, what changed from when it was working to now?04:15
puffCopy a filetree from usb disk A to usb disk B,04:15
puffCopy a filetree from usb disk A to usb disk B, while excluding certain subdirectories.04:15
sledgeFlannel:  it still isn't doing anything after 5 minutes..04:15
PostersandGuitarHappyHater: Literally, nothing.04:15
callkalpaanyone know how to run a run ubuntu from a USB pen ?04:16
sledgeFlannel:  the page says put grub> root (hd0,1)  do i put sda 2 instead?04:16
Flannelsledge: I've never seen that message before, to be honest.04:16
Flannelsledge: What partition is your linux partition?04:16
puffHas anybody noticed a problem with ubuntu live CD occasionally having a diretory/file oriented command (e.g. mkdir,rmdir, etc) just hang forever and not be affected by "kill -9"?04:16
sledgesda2 extended is the 40gig04:16
puffNor control-C, control-Z, contorl-D...04:16
EvilDaemonpuff: kill -9 -1?04:17
sledgeFlannel:  would it be EXT3/04:17
Flannelsledge: Are you sure thats where you have your Ubuntu?  If its inside the extended, that means its actually on a logical drive.04:17
puffOdd, unplugging the USB disk I was trying to rm the directory from killed it.04:17
HappyHaterPostersandGuitar, check xorg.conf and see if your display has been added correctly... if not run 'gksu displayconfig-gtk'04:17
Flannelsledge: ext3 is a filesystem, the default one yes.04:17
puffEvilDaemon: -9 *and*  -1?04:17
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PostersandGuitarHappyHater:  How could this happen completely randomly?04:17
bill_flannel: On other system i got windows partition mounted and rwx fully. Checking on fstab i can see it nowhere to be found.. any ideas how and where it is mounted?04:18
HappyHaterI wouldn't think it would unless you did something to change xorg.conf04:18
Generic6552I've a few questions I'd like home help with ---none of them urgent--- but for starters, my system occasionally makes an 'alarm' beeping noise... what gives?  Can I stop it?  Should I stop it?04:18
Flannelbill_: If its not mounted by default, its not mounted.  It'd be /dev/sda1  and mount it as per those pages04:18
EvilDaemonpuff: yeah, just run  'kill -9 -1'04:18
EvilDaemonworks for me.04:18
puffEvilDaemon: Without a process number?04:19
unoppuff, do not try that04:19
unopEvilDaemon, why are you being malicious?04:19
EvilDaemonI'm... not, I don't think.04:19
mnunop: what does that do?04:19
PostersandGuitarHappyHater: I didn't.04:20
puffhm, odd, the "rmdir" isn't actually showing up in ps -ef, though the shell where I issued the command is still apparentlyhung.04:20
unopmn, kill pretty much every process - effectively shutting down the machine.04:20
EvilDaemonmn: kill -9 -1 kills all the processes you can kill.04:20
RHorsepuff, you would need to do something like rsync -rva --exclude=/some/dir /usb_dir1 /usb_dir204:20
EvilDaemonFor me, it logs me out to the login screen.04:20
puffRHorse: Yeah, I was trying to use --exclude-from=filename04:20
bill_@Flannel: It is mounted only not through fstab.. but where?04:21
supertankerCan I just add a scri[t into /etc/cron.daily and have it execute every day?04:21
JackEStormGnea: and thank you for the URL'S, solved my problem (took a while to read everything, and back track my testing changes), but it seems to be working now (alsa loading order)04:21
unopsupertanker, yep - that's the idea04:21
Flannelbill_: it'd be in mtab, or through gnome volume... stuff04:21
RHorsepuff, you can use the -n or --dry-run ooption to see what the command will do without affecting anything04:22
scientusmy password is only 1 haracter and cups wont take it04:22
scientusim adding a printer through the gui04:22
puffArgh, now the drive is not appearing under /media when I plug it back in.  Sigh.04:22
scientusand it says password required {username} on localhost04:22
izinucsscientus, change your pass temporary04:23
scientusits notlike the normal gksu popups04:23
bill_@flannel: You are right i was totally ignorant of mtab existance. Thanx again04:23
scientusthat sucks04:23
scientusthat really sucks04:23
scientusnoo, but its a pain to change it back04:23
izinucsscientus, 3 clicks? a pain?04:23
scientushm still doesnt like04:23
RHorsepuff, you may have to mount it manually04:24
scientusno to set a short password04:24
scientusi changed it and it still wont work04:24
EvilDaemondoes kill require sudo?04:24
RHorseor edit your fstab filre04:24
izinucsscientus, restart cups04:24
Hagg1Hello, does anyone know why I get "No networkdriver found" while trying to install "Ubuntu 8.10 Beta" onto my EeePC 901? Isn't the atl1e-driver included?04:24
unopEvilDaemon, yes if you want to send signals to processes not started by you.04:24
danbh_intrepidEvilDaemon: I think it depends on who owns the process04:24
scientusif its not do i have to set a differnt cups password?04:25
FlannelHagg1: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks04:25
EvilDaemonunop: Would 'sudo kill -9' be the process he was looking for?04:25
scientusfuck ill just start the wizard as root04:25
Flannelscientus: Please watch your language04:25
Hagg1Flannel: what do you mean?04:25
EvilDaemon!ohmy | scientus04:25
ubottuscientus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:25
FlannelHagg1: Intrepid (what will become 8.10) isn't released yet, and its supported in #ubuntu+1, not here.04:25
unopEvilDaemon, kill -9 .. is hardly ever needed - and i should think not - using it only causes more problems, not provide solutions04:25
RHorsepuff, and then make a script file or an alias in your shell rc so you don't have to type it every time04:26
mungihi,leh  knl pa ga04:26
Hagg1Flannel: ahh, you mean the IRC channel #ubuntu+1 ?04:26
FlannelHagg1: Indeed04:26
Flannel!id | mungi04:27
ubottumungi: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia04:27
Hagg1Flannel: ok, thanks04:27
savage-did anyone get their internal mic working on dell d630?04:28
wershas anyone here managed to play sims 2 on wine? :)04:28
dr_williswers,  check the wine app database04:28
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org04:28
PostersandGuitarI tried gksu displayconfig-gtk. Ubuntu still insist that my monitor can only display 640x48004:29
thon0925edit your xorg.conf04:29
PostersandGuitarHow do I do that?04:29
thon0925wait a sec04:29
izinucsPostersandGuitar, nvidia?  have you installed nvidia-settings... if not try that and load it from terminal using sudo04:30
PostersandGuitarixinucs: load what from terminal04:30
dr_willisthe 'nvidia-settings' tool is good for tweaking the res and stuff for nvidia based systems04:30
PostersandGuitarThis problem appeared without any warning or changes04:30
izinucsPostersandGuitar, after installing "sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings"  .. load it with sudo nvidia-settings and see if you can make the changes you need there.04:31
thon0925who here has 8.10?04:32
PostersandGuitarixinucs: Nope.04:32
PostersandGuitarizinucs: This problem just appeared suddenly04:32
MelwasulHello, I am having a problem with playlists on myspace showing up, or even playing. when i click play it just turns black. I have the flash player and plug ins. Is there anything else i might need?04:32
izinucsPostersandGuitar, when you're done you'll have to CTRL+ALT+Backspace.. make sure you save the xorg config in settings.04:32
thon0925did the tool install?04:32
izinucsPostersandGuitar, that is weird that it happened all of a sudden.. but nvidia settings is worth a shot04:33
PostersandGuitarizinucs: There was nothing to change.It appears to have changed it's detection of my montir to a 640by480 CRT04:33
starnmy computer was infected with a virus on windows and linux scanners say it is in pagefile.sys how would i fix this?04:33
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as !TOR and web (Java, etc) gateways due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks. If you're using mibbit, please try joining #ubuntu again. Mibbit takes a long time to connect, so you may have missed a message to do this.04:33
zurnprefered ubuntu for p2.8m dell laptop (kubuntu / xubuntu / ubuntu) ?04:33
m0n1t0rHello. I can't use my bluetooth headset in ubuntu 8.04. Someone could help me please?04:33
rootlinuxusrwhere can i find the Wine crash logs?04:33
ProseI have a .jar that needs to be executed as a java app... and when i double-click it opens the app just fine... but when I make a link, instead of opening the app, it opens the Arhice Manager04:34
MelwasulCan someone please help me?04:34
fr500_Prose: make the linker java -jar filename04:34
starnanybody know any solotions? my computer was infected with a virus on windows and linux scanners say it is in pagefile.sys how would i fix this? i need to fix this while using ubuntu.04:34
fr500_make the file executable04:34
izinucsPostersandGuitar, try nvidia-settings04:34
PostersandGuitarizinucs: I did, it detected as a 640by480 CRT04:34
fr500_starn: what partition type?04:35
thon0925you have to force xorg then, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397304:35
fr500_NTFS or FAT?04:35
m0n1t0rHello. I can't use my bluetooth headset in ubuntu 8.04. Someone could help me please?04:35
starnfr500_: ntfs with windows vista.04:35
ilecI'm new to linux, and I can't get my system to connect to either wireless or ethernet networks04:35
thon0925can u tell if the bluetooth is detected?04:35
Prosefr500_: thanks04:35
starnfr500_: i am runing linux via extrernal hd.04:35
unopstarn, it's usually safe to delete pagefile.sys offline04:35
izinucsPostersandGuitar, but will it let you change the setting?04:35
fr500_starn: mount it with ntfs-3g and delete the file04:35
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE04:35
starnfr500_: soo removing it while in linux should be safe?04:35
PostersandGuitarizinucs: Yes...up to 640by48004:36
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:36
squaloCan somebody help me ???04:36
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org04:36
m0n1t0rthon0925: my bluuetooth doongle work very nice and i can detect thhe headset04:36
ilecmaybe not, they don't seem particularly helpful...04:36
thon0925so what is the problem?04:36
m0n1t0rthon0925: but when I conect o it, it says Error: Host down04:36
ASrockok i got vmware to work for a while but now when i try to open it a thing comes up on the bottom with the vmware logo and it says "opening 0 items" then it dissappears and nothing happens...any ideas?04:37
squaloAre some ubuntu developer in here?04:37
thon0925I believe you have to pair the phone with Ubuntu04:37
bruenigsqualo: there is no such thing, just packagers04:37
PostersandGuitarGah, I'll just reinstall.04:37
fr500_any alternatives to hotspot shiled on linux?04:37
starnfr500_: ok thank you.. um.. i guess i shall rescan for more viruses... and than try loging into windows04:37
m0n1t0rI paired it, but after I do this, I get this error message.04:37
fr500_starn: or get rid of windows :D04:37
MelwasulHello, I am having a problem with playlists on myspace showing up, or even playing. when i click play it just turns black. I have the flash player and plug ins. Is there anything else i might need?04:37
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EvilDaemonASrock: Nope! But I'm sure the channel #vmware or ##vmware will!04:38
savage-okay, who has skype working on 64bit ubuntu? :-)04:38
squaloI have some questions about free software :p04:38
squaloI'm new :p04:38
starnfr500_: haha i wish i could.. but ii am a gamer.... and the games i play work only in windows.. :(04:38
Melwasullegally free or not so legally?04:38
AnzaMy pc gets frozen when I open Amarok, any idea what would be causing that?04:38
Flannelsqualo: If theyre about free software in general, you'll probably be better off asking in #ubuntu-offtopic04:38
ilecI'm new to ubuntu, how do I get my install to connect to an ethernet connection? it's all plugged in04:38
simplaAnyone using ubuntu 8.04 get emerald and themes going?04:38
fr500_starn: I'm a gamer too, but i never get virii04:38
thon0925how are you trying to connect to the phone04:38
zurnilec - dhcp ?04:38
Melwasulilec do you have the install disc?04:39
squaloooooh Ok Thanks Like I said I'm new in this :p04:39
ilecto both questions04:39
starnfr500_: i think i got it from a game i aint 100% sure.. seeing how i use linux for all other things04:39
m0n1t0rI right click in the bluetooth icon after I put my headphone in pair mode.04:39
Melwasulexplore it and there should be an ndis file(i may be wrong on this one)04:39
Melwasullet me look it up04:39
fr500_starn: oh so you are a pirate gamer :D?04:39
zurnilec - is it not getting an ip by default when you boot with it plugged in ?04:39
thon0925so it will show up, but when you click on it, it erros up?04:40
ilecit's getting an ip adress from itself, not from the dhcp on the network04:40
starnfr500_: heh yes and no.. i only do that to "rent" than go off and remove the file after 24hrs... and if iliked i buy ^^04:40
tictac232434I am new to Ubuntu....and I was wondering if their is a way for Ubuntu to tell me what graphics card I have? I know windows sometimes can from dev manager...04:40
stickboyif i'm cp a file and it asks to overwrite, do i just hit enter?04:40
thon0925sudo lshw04:40
zurnilec - you got it set to static ?04:40
fr500_starn: i see;)04:40
carthikHi, I installed ubuntu-desktop on a Kubuntu system, and update-initramfs failed. So now dpkg says I need to do a "dpkg --configure -a". However, I cannot resize /boot - what do i do to carry on?04:40
thon0925run sudo lshw in the command line and you will get a list of the hardware04:41
Hagg1Anyone knw of a good howto for installing atl1e-drivers (EeePC901) for Ubuntu 8.04.1 (alternate cd-install)?04:41
ileci'm new, I just turned the thing on, I haven't changed any settings04:41
m0n1t0rit take like 3 sec and then it appears: Não foi possível exibir "obex://[00:11:67:80:AB:8A]/".. Error: host down04:41
izinucstictac232434, use terminal and type "sudo lshw"  .. it's what thon0925 said but didn't address it to you04:41
tictac232434ok ty04:41
tictac232434much appreciated ...04:41
tictac232434its very hard in a new place..04:41
zurnilec - it should be configuered for ipv4 dhcp, so you should be able to plug it in, boot it up and surf04:42
carthikHi, I installed ubuntu-desktop on a Kubuntu system, and update-initramfs failed because there is not enough space left on /boot. So now dpkg says I need to do a "dpkg --configure -a". However, I cannot resize /boot - what do i do to carry on?04:42
Prosetictac232434:  you can try System - Administration - Restricted Hardware04:42
izinucstictac232434, just another learning experience.. coming from windows this will be much different04:42
tictac232434Already have......04:42
tictac232434It just says04:42
ileci thought it would be too, but it's not04:42
m0n1t0rok I've done that04:42
tictac232434Graphics accelerator04:42
Prosetictac232434: what gpu do you have ?04:42
RHorseilec, what isp?04:42
tictac232434umm if I remember correctly..04:43
tictac232434from windows..04:43
Prosetictac232434: and is that Graphics Accelerator 'installed'?04:43
zurnilec - behind a router?04:43
emplocan anyone tell me how change my font color in console?04:43
tictac232434its like a Radeon like....400 or something rediculous like that...04:43
izinucstictac232434, you should see it listed in there someplace.. ie.. nvidia, ATI, intel, S3 etc04:43
ilecyeah, it doesn't see the router, or my NAS04:43
ilecit's operating on a completely different netmask04:43
tictac232434I am trying to find drivers.... for it..04:43
tictac232434for FPS's...04:43
zurnilec - using network manager?04:44
tictac232434First Person Shooters04:44
sledgehey thanks Flannel got it figured out04:44
Proseow yeah okay04:44
izinucstictac232434, go to System/Admin/Hardware manager and see if your card is listed there for the "restricted drivers"04:44
Melwasultheres soething you can open on the cd for it that will fix the problem ilec is having. i had to use it04:44
Melwasuli just cant remember the name of it04:44
savage-does anyone have their iphone working with ubuntu?04:44
SixzeroHey guys...I'm having trouble getting samba to see my shared printer from a Win Vista system.  I can see and get into all my shared folders just fine, it's just that the printer isn't showing up.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?04:44
* savage- wants to pull music off of iphone and put on ubuntu04:45
ilecI have the network tools and network settings open from the administration dropdown04:45
tictac232434i Found u!04:45
tictac232434Radeon X30004:45
tictac232434i was close04:45
FloodBot1tictac232434: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:45
izinucsSixzero, plug it into the linux box and share it to the win machine04:45
node357which FPS do you play tictac23243404:45
ilecit's a 10/100 network and my connection is gigabit04:45
Prosetictac232434: ok so that' s like either old-school AGP low low end or generic laptop ati stuff04:46
tictac232434and I have been trying to figure out how to patch it.... lol since I am new to Ubuntu....04:46
Sixzeroizinucs: I would, but the cups setup doesn't support my scanner/copier functions...04:46
ilecas in the new system is gigabit on a 10/100 network04:46
zurnyour router / switch that its plugged into giga also ?04:46
izinucsSixzero, been there ... done that.. frustrating04:46
tictac232434and since I "think" i patched it, it loads but flashes as if its the graphics cards fault04:46
olegAnyone wishes to help a newbie forcemount an ntfs drive?04:46
node357tictac232434, you could download the entire new files from nexuiz.com and extract it to your home directory04:46
oleghello btw :)04:46
Prosenode357: I think that sounds rough04:47
ecai removed gdm, installed fluxbox, and i get error- /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/x-window-manager corrupt: invalid update mode. fluxbox works fine, menu had to be made but that wasnt hard. this error is reoccurring, any suggestions?04:47
ilecno no, the whole network is 10/100, but my new system has a gigabit card in it04:47
tictac232434All I do is open home director and extract it?04:47
Prosetictac232434: are you on a laptop?04:47
Sixzeroizinucs: Very.  I tried for a week to get windows to see my samba shared printer and nothing worked, so I had to swap it back for work.04:47
sledgeThat woudl be awsome to have a flash drive with ubuntu live on it04:47
zurnilec, that shouldnt matter, it should auto-negotitiate back down to 100 or fall back on 10 if it has to w/out any config04:47
rootlinuxusrsledge, it's been done04:47
tictac232434my laptop would own Ubuntu lol but since this P4..... is sluggish with Windows and my friend told me about ubuntu I was like "ok"04:47
ileci know04:47
olegcould anyone tell me the command to use to force mount an ntfs drive?04:47
dr_willissledge,  thats very easy to setup with 'unetbootin' tool  google for it. :)04:47
RHorseeca, try #fluxbox?04:48
zurnoleg - usb drive thats ntfs ?04:48
olegi found a tutorial a while back04:48
olegusb drive that is ntfs04:48
sledgeoleg yeah you just type mount -t ntfs.3g /dev/disk /media/disk04:48
dr_willisoleg,  ntfs-3g -force (i think) check the man pages for ntfs-3g04:48
sledgeoh usb?04:48
tictac232434emmm brb ima try what that one guy sia04:48
tictac232434download and extract files to home folder04:48
olegi have searched google high and low04:48
dr_willisits not a 'good' idea to force  the mounting of ntfs filesystems.  its best to fix it04:48
sledgenot sure what a usb file name is04:48
olegi know what my usb filename is04:49
dr_willisoleg,  its documented in the ntfs-3g wiki/homepage/docs/man pages. :)04:49
Prosewhere would it be listed that hardware has appropriate drivers ?04:49
rootlinuxusrsudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/DEVICENAME /media/External/ -o force04:49
olegthank you04:49
IndoctrineMy bank website doesn't work in Ubuntu04:49
dr_willisntfs-3g --help ---> Example:  ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/win -o force04:49
ecai dont think its a problem from fluxbox04:49
olegrootlinuxusr - when i type that in, with the proper drive name, it gives me a bunch of options04:49
sledgeIndoctrine:  what do you mean, in ubuntu?04:49
sledgeIndoctrine:  why not run IE in wine04:50
turtle_need help installing swiftfox6404:50
Indoctrinesledge: As in, it'll work in Windows, but not in Ubuntu04:50
tictac232434should I download patch for whole install?04:50
zurnilec - got to a terminal and type in sudo dhclient04:50
Indoctrinesledge: Something about not wanting my details stolen. It works in Windows firefox. >_>04:50
node357tictac232434, full install04:50
tictac232434ok ty04:50
izinucstictac232434, you might find the latest version on www.getdeb.net04:50
tictac232434already got it04:50
tictac232434but ty04:50
node3572.4.2 ?04:50
olegdr willis- when i type that command in, it gives me a breakdown of the options04:51
ilecwait, i had to manually configure the network, though the roaming connection04:51
node357that's the latest04:51
node357so you don't need to patch04:51
turtle_anyone tried swiftfox yet?04:51
tictac232434stupid thing was bothering me04:51
olegand doesnt mount anything04:51
tictac232434no I download/installed from respitorys...04:51
IndoctrineIt worked this time04:51
turtle_i dont think its in my repos04:51
tictac232434from Ubuntu's "new person friendly" thing04:51
IndoctrineI'm poor. :D04:51
dr_willisoleg,  thats what --help does. :) it gives that example  Example:  ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/win -o force04:51
dr_willis   as a example command line to use the force.. be sure to use sudo with it..04:51
dr_willisoleg,  of course you do ned to have a proper mountpoint, and the proper device name04:52
node357if you have 2.4.2 already you're done :P04:52
zurnilec did you left or right click on nm (network manager) on the panel bar (top right)04:52
rexushi guys, for those of you who use laptop, do you find your laptop fan keeps on and even seems to work harder when you use firefox?04:52
tictac232434ehhh I don't is the problem....04:52
zurnilec - what build are you using ?04:52
shubbaranyone using Avidemux?04:52
zurn8.04 or 8.10 beta?04:52
tictac232434I installed from respitory and of course its not uptodate...04:52
turtle_is there a 64bit channel?04:52
savage-what's a good program for Ubuntu for managing photo albums, etc?04:52
tictac232434I was just needed to know how to apply the full installed like u just told me to get04:52
zurnshubbar - i have using it w/ virtualdub in winxp04:52
AnzaGood day! I have a question, until today amarok was working well, but then suddenly it started to fail, the pc got so slow and then suddenly the screen was frozen, like blocked, and since that it's been happening everytime I open Amarok, any idea how to fix that or what could be causing that??04:53
zurnsavage - google's picasa?04:53
node357tictac232434, you shouldn't write over the files that were installed, instead run Nexuiz from your home directory04:53
ilecand i have network manager open04:53
savage-zurn: i didn't realize there was a version for ubuntu, thanks04:53
tictac232434dude I am from Windows I have no clue what ur saying..04:53
zurnsavage - i could be wrong, i though there was04:53
shubbarzurn, i keep getting a time shift when encoding from mpeg2 to xvid of x26404:54
savage-nope, just XP support04:54
dr_willissavage-,  lasti looked picassa was using wine. :) so it is the windows version04:54
node357darn, I thought it was pretty simple04:54
tictac232434I know where "Home Folder" is...04:54
dr_willissavage-,  they just package theuyr own wine with it.04:54
olegjust a quick question04:54
zurnshubbar - a/v sync off?04:54
dr_willissavage-,  it works very well.04:54
olegwould it be simpler to boot into a live windows cd and disconnect the drives from there?04:54
savage-dr_willis, really? so I need to first install wine and then download the picasa exe?04:54
tictac232434Places>Home Folder...04:54
RHorsesavage-, how about apt-cache search photo?04:54
ilecokay I have it believing that it's running of dhcp now, how do i get it to refresh the IP04:55
zurnsavage - picasa page says windows or linux04:55
tictac232434Its cool I will be patient.....just wanting help badly....04:55
savage-zurn: really? hmm i didn't see that!04:55
mshhello all! Is there any software which can do similar thing as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freegate04:55
zurnhavent tried it04:55
shubbarzurn, yes, a/v sync problem. audio is delayed about 2 sec04:55
node357when it's downloaded, go to Applications, Accessories, Terminal and then the terminal comes up type unzip nexuiz-242.zip04:56
dr_willissavage-,  No you dont. :) it inludes its own wine.04:56
tictac232434U might wanna try wine04:56
mshtictac: yes?04:56
olegthank you04:56
savage-dr_willis, cool! trying it now04:56
mshtictac: Anything that is for linux? Wine would be a heavy solution04:57
frybye Hi - when I try to run skype I get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/53643/ any tips? (I am a relative- newbie)04:57
tictac232434Emmm...... not that i've seen04:57
tictac232434Why don't you post something in the forums?04:57
tictac232434They have people constantly helping people04:57
mshoh sure04:58
zurnilec were you able to left click and choose connections for networking via the netowrk manager icon on the panel (upper right) ?04:58
tictac232434Node u still here dude?04:58
node357im still here tictac04:58
tictac232434ok I have downloaded the actual 2.4.2 just need to install it...04:59
savage-wow, picasa3 works very well in ubuntu 64bit04:59
tictac232434or I could get the patch which one do u think is best?04:59
node357open a terminal and type unzip nexuiz-242.zip04:59
ileci left click and get 1 option for a wired connection. my wireless doesn't even show up, but we can deal with that later04:59
zurnilec - once you get wired working05:00
zurndownload the 1.5.x (whichever is latest) of wicd05:00
tictac232434Ok done now what?05:00
node357now type: cd Nexuiz05:00
puffRHorse: Hm, does rsync exclude take directory arguments, e.t. --exclude=/home/puff/.mozilla/firefox/puffuser/Cache or do I need to tag a wildcard on the end of that, --exclude=/home/puff/.mozilla/firefox/puffuser/Cache/*05:00
node357and then: ./nexuiz05:00
zurnilec - it works tons better for wifi05:00
ileckk, can we wait till i have wired first?05:00
RHorseilec, may want to check here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkDevices#Wired networking05:00
mungijhfktfv lu05:01
zurntime for a poll, im reinstalling my laptop (dell 1150 p4 - 2.8ghz, 1.25gb ram) ubuntu 8.04.1 or 8.10 beta (im installing so its going to be default...)05:01
tictac232434Ok.... u realize to unzip the file I was on my "desktop"05:01
tictac232434now how do i get to exactly where u need me?05:01
node357tictac232434, oh crap... I forgot05:01
j12112I have a quick questions for all you pros. I haven't been in IRC for... oh, 10 years or so.  Just curious as to what's changed in regards to IRC.  Thanks.05:02
node357cd Desktop05:02
node357cd Nexuiz05:02
tictac232434yea I realized that05:02
zurnj12112 - not much05:02
tictac232434I am from Windows so I know a bit of CMD05:02
tictac232434just enough05:02
FloodBot1tictac232434: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:02
node357ah lol05:02
RHorsepuff, no the first way will work fine.  You can go like --exclude=/one/dir --exclude=/second dir --exclude=/third/dir, each argument separated by a space05:02
j12112zurn - really? wow.05:02
node357there are a few different versions which you can see by typing ls nexuiz*05:02
tictac232434otherwise I would be freaking out haha05:02
ilecokay i left click and i get manual configuration and that's it05:03
tictac232434I unzipped it05:03
tictac232434now what?05:03
node357./nexuiz-linux-686-glx is probably what you want05:03
tictac232434OH BOY!05:03
tictac232434DO I LOVE YOU05:03
node357it worked then?05:03
tictac232434it worked!05:03
hosstesthow does Ubuntu FS deal with fragmented files?  Is there a need to defrag?05:03
node357good deal :)05:04
tictac232434Ok do I keep the Nexuiz folder?05:04
tictac232434ok.... do i make a link to something...?05:04
tictac232434or how will I run it nextime..05:04
node357I think in GNOME you can make a link but it's sometimes flakey05:04
zurnhosstest - no, there is no fragmentation on ext2 or ext3 filesystems05:04
dr_willishosstest,  its the ext2/ext3 fulesystem. and No fragmentionis not an iussue. :)05:04
Flannel!enter | tictac23243405:04
ubottutictac232434: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:04
node357it might be better to run it from the command line, but that's just me05:04
tictac232434O ok sorry Flannel05:05
puffRHorse: http://pastebin.com/d1650eabf05:05
tictac232434oic yea since I do not know the cmd well yet in Linux/Ubuntu might be a problem haha05:05
ChlorateMy USB ports won't work in Ubuntu. I can't tell if when it was installed if it even detected it. Anyone help?05:05
node357always remember if you want to start an application like nexuiz you need the ./ before the program name05:06
node357if it's in your current directory05:06
TrevI need help configuring my windows wireless driver for ubuntu.05:06
tictac232434ok ty dude05:06
tictac232434that will help a lot more05:06
node357you can "create launcher" by right clicking the desktop and point it at Nexuiz/nexuiz-686-glx but I don't really remember how that works05:06
node357you're welcome05:06
tictac232434Ty Peace05:08
bruenigor write a .desktop file in vim05:08
very_commonok i need some answers :)05:08
very_commonif i setup open ssh in home, what advantage i can get ??05:09
owen1i connect a vga cable from my sony vaio to a tv but it doesn't display anything. any idea?05:09
ChlorateMy USB ports won't work in Ubuntu. I can't tell if when it was installed if it even detected it. Anyone help?05:09
TrevTrev>I need help configuring my windows wireless driver for ubuntu.05:10
RHorsepuff, don't use wild card after directory -- that is improper syntax. Also, don't use wildcard between dir's .  I donl\t think that'll work. If you have many dir's you can use the switch --exclude-from= and make a text file with one dir per line.05:10
turtle_no 64 bit browsers for uubuntu 6405:12
puffRHorse: Okay, so I need one line for each user... how do I use a space in a directory name, quote it?05:13
mshany http proxy for linux?05:13
ChlorateIs 64 bit ubuntu okay to use yet in your guys opinion? I have an AMD64, but some stuff is still screwy and Im on 64 bit unbuntu or whatever05:14
turtle_anyone have a 64b browser05:14
ArtVandalaepuff, either quote, or use the escape character i.e. \. So something like my\ directory05:14
jim_pChlorate: do you have more than 4GB of ram?05:14
RHorsepuff, I *think* you can escape it with a backslash like some\ dir\ with\ spaces\ in\ it OR you can try single or double quotes around the directory. Not sure. 8 )05:15
Anzawhat is it you type in a terminal to "kill" an app?05:15
roukouni have created a new user in my pc... i dont why but a removable hd change its ownership... now im trying to change it to its default but when im issuing the command: 'sudo chown roukoun /media/My\ Book' it says 'Operation not permitted'05:15
Chloratejim_p, I have 3GB.05:15
jim_pAnza: killall firefox05:15
ArtVandalaeroukoun, ls -l, and tell me who owns the dir05:15
RHorsejim_p, killall firefox-bin05:15
ArtVandalaeroukoun, oh wait, nvm, you're using sudo05:16
roukounArtVandalae: its the new user i created05:16
jim_pChlorate: then go with the 32bit. you will have less trouble with flash05:16
Anzawhat about when it gets so slow, like getting blocked and you cannot get to the terminal, there is like a short cut or something to open it fast?05:16
ArtVandalaeroukoun, try: sudo chown roukoun: /media/MyBook05:16
ArtVandalaeroukoun, note the ":"05:16
jim_pRHorse: correct :P but it was an example05:16
roukounchown: changing ownership of `My Book/': Operation not permitted... same as before05:16
Chloratejim_p, Hmm. I was wondering (I'm very newb but just trying anything) if my USB ports will work in 32bit05:16
ArtVandalaeroukoun, what kind of a device is mounted?05:17
jim_pAnza: i have mine set to Ctrl+~. do one yourself05:17
joebob777as7anyone know if there is a way to force an iso to mount? I get bad superblock when trying to mount avchd iso files05:17
jim_pChlorate: of course they will work!05:17
Anzajim_p, you know why Amarok is making my pc to get froze? :(05:18
Chloratejim_p, Cause I'm on 64bit and they're not working! So will that really help!?05:18
roukounArtVandalae: it is an external hdd with vfat format05:18
jim_pAnza: probably some huge databese of tracks makes it read and read05:18
ilecokay so my ethernet adapter is: intel  RTL8111/81 68B PCIexpress Gigabit Ethernet Controller05:18
dfgassoemthing happen to my buddys file system and it booted up to a prompt. well no i don't know what he did but now he got it to boot into X but everything is read-only. i asume he got the file system to mount read only. how does he fix it?05:19
Anzajim_p, that could be it, I will try moving the music database somewhere else05:19
[Solaris]whats the command to make a bash script executable?05:19
jim_pChlorate: they dont work in 64 bits? what os? the 1st time i hear such thing. or is it the devices on them that dont wirk?05:19
callkalpaanyone know how to create a customized ubuntu CD ?05:19
jim_pdfgas: he probably booted into resque mode05:20
winnipegmhi there i need sum help mounting my raid onto ubuntu... it was previously on gentoo linux until sas hardward died thanks for any help i can get :)05:20
dfgasjim_p: how do i get him to fix what ever is wrong with this system?05:20
jim_p[Solaris]: chmod +x file.sh05:20
Chloratejim_p, Dunno. I have tried to get my usb ports to work! I am just out of options. I'm on Ubuntu. My USB ports won't detect any devices. Ive tried multiple flash drives05:20
roukoundfgas: to change the read-only mode you have to edit the /etc/fstab05:20
roukounArtVandalae: ???05:20
jim_pdfgas: tell him to sudo reboot, and select the uppermost option in grub menu05:21
dfgasroukoun: he doesn't know how to do that05:21
jim_pdfgas: if that doesn work, we did something bad05:21
callkalpaanyone know how to create a customized ubuntu CD ?05:21
ubottuInterested in remastering the !Ubuntu !LiveCD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use Tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility05:21
jim_pcallkalpa: see what the bot just said05:22
callkalpathanks :-)05:22
joebob777as7anyone know if there is a way to force an iso to mount? I get bad superblock when trying to mount avchd iso files05:22
jim_pChlorate: what mobo do you have? in brief05:23
jim_pjoebob777as7: was that iso converted to .iso from some other filetype extention/05:23
joebob777as7jim_p, ripped from blu-ray to iso05:23
scientusdoes video memory count against the 4gb limit?05:24
jim_pjoebob777as7: sorry i cant help you then05:24
jim_pscientus: no. on a 32bit system the video memory will be "cut" from ram though05:24
Chloratejim_p, no clue. What's a command I can do to look it up?05:24
jim_pChlorate: lspci and let me guess!05:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lshw05:25
jim_pdoes anybody know some stuff about the lshw command?05:25
roukoundfgas: the file that controls the sda1 is the /etc/fstab so if the fstab tells the sda1 to be mounted in read-only mode then you have to edit it if you want something different!05:25
[myg0t]skillzthaI HATE NIGGERS05:25
FloodBot1[myg0t]skillztha: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:26
roukoundfgas: can you pastebin the /etc/fstab?05:26
joebob777as7[myg0t]skillztha, so racist don't be a homo05:26
dfgasits not my computer and he lives on the other side of the state. if it was mine it would be fixed  :D05:26
dfgashe did not touch the fstab at all05:26
Chloratejim_p, Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS690 Host Bridge Is that it?05:26
roukoundfgas: can you tell him to pastebin its fstab?05:27
dfgasbut the partition is mounted read-only now05:27
dfgasi am trying to05:27
jim_pChlorate: no. paste the entire output in pastebin05:27
dfgasbut again, i know there is nothing wrong with it05:27
roukoundfgas: fstab defines if a device is going to be mounted in read-only mode05:28
turtle_no luck with Swiftfox 64?05:28
Chloratejim_p, Okay. I pasted it05:28
jim_pChlorate: can i see it (you post the url here) :P05:29
Chloratejim_p, Oh duh. Ehehehe.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/53654/05:29
jim_pChlorate: give me some time to find the mobo05:30
Chloratejim_p take your time.05:30
jim_pChlorate: is it a laptop? anyway the amd 690 chipset it has is supported by the kernel05:34
RHorsepuff, I noticed your exclude list isn't even in your source directory tree! Won't be synced anyway!05:35
neetoMy DHCP server will not recognize my eth0 device to listen on. Help05:35
Chloratejim_p, Yes. It's a laptop. So what's that mean? I mean it is detected I think, but if I plug something in like a flash drive, it doesn't mount or whatever05:35
acuI am runing Kopete 0.12.7 and have no sound - any hint ?05:36
[Solaris]how do you change ownership of a file05:36
bill_chown command05:36
neeto[Solaris]: chown <user> file05:36
BrianFreytagsudo chown user:user filename.xh05:36
jim_pacu: kopete in gnome enviroment?05:37
acujim_p: no - KDE 3.5.905:37
BrianFreytaghas anyone heard anything from ATI or Xorg about Catalyst drivers being supported in Intrepid?05:37
bill_...the story with ATI not making valid 3d drivers is getting into me....05:38
jim_pacu: then have a look at kdes control center for notifications or ask #kubuntu05:38
roukouni have created a new user in my pc... i dont why but a removable hd change its ownership... now im trying to change it to its default but when im issuing the command: 'sudo chown roukoun /media/My\ Book' it says 'Operation not permitted'05:38
BrianFreytagI  there is a work around by removing xorg 7.4 and downgrading to 7.305:38
BrianFreytagthere are also rumors about 8.10 of catalyst supporting intrepid... any truth to that rumor, do you know?05:39
bill_i think you must mount the drive as read/write and users defined aswell. fstab or mtab config file05:39
FlannelBrianFreytag: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid questions, thanks05:39
jim_pChlorate: the mobo chipset is supported by the linux kernel,so i dont know what to say05:39
Chloratejim_p, Blah. No ideas at all?05:40
BrianFreytagcopy that Flannel.. thanks05:40
ianliu_88How do I install new spellcheckers for openoffice?05:40
puffRHorse: Doh!05:40
puffRHorse: Good catch.05:40
jim_pChlorate: no nothing. you can insert a usb device and check how lsudb understands it05:41
RHorsersync requires lots of trial and error but once you get it, it's invaluable tool. good luck. good night all!05:41
jim_pChlorate: and make sure the usb ports are not disables from bios :P05:42
=== wch` is now known as wch
Chloratejim_p, http://paste.ubuntu.com/53656/05:44
owen1how to connect a laptop to an external monitor? (there is a key to send the signal to a monitor but it's not working on my vaio)05:44
jim_powen1: you need to change xorg.conf05:44
owen1jim_p: ok. what should i change there?05:45
jim_pChlorate: Bus 006 Device 002: ID 04f2:b070 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd      do you have this device on a usb port? then the usb port works05:45
dr_willisowen1,  will depend on your chipset  to some degree.05:45
dr_willisowen1,  i know how to do it with nvidia. but  not ati/intel.05:46
jim_powen1: there is a different setup depending on your vga i think. i dont know more. do you have xinerama instaled?05:46
ChlorateChlorate, Yeah. I also took it out and it still said it.05:46
very_commonok i m running vsftpd server as a explicit TLS/ssl  and using filezilla as a client when i login i get reply " cannot list file "  can anyone help pls ??05:46
owen1jim_p: i can install it if needed.05:46
AussieGuyis it fine to put thousands of entries into your /etc/hosts?05:46
jim_powen1: if you want something like expanded desktop, do so05:47
=== caleb_ is now known as gaminggeek
very_commonnone ??05:47
owen1jim_p: i don't care about fancy stuff. just want to see the screen on tv.05:47
dr_willisAussieGuy,  ive seen 'anti-ad hosts files' that do that.05:47
jim_pAussieGuy: yes and no. thousands of entries usually mean adblocking through hosts file, but it sometimes delayes a lot with network related tasks05:48
dr_willisowen1,  tv out - is a bit different from 2nd monitor also...05:48
owen1dr_willis: i want tv out. no need for second monitor. unless it gives the same result.05:48
jim_pdr_willis: like putting the addblocking stuff somewhere else/05:48
very_commonError:Failed to retrieve directory listing05:49
very_commonok i m running vsftpd server as a explicit TLS/ssl and using filezilla as a client when i login i get reply " cannot list file " can anyone help pls05:49
jim_pChlorate: it stays there? is something else connected on anyusb port?05:49
Chloratejim_p, Nothing else is connected.05:50
jim_pChlorate: then something IS broken05:51
dr_willisjim_p,  i use the adblock extensions, or privoxy proxy05:51
=== donny is now known as hdon
=== hdon is now known as donny
Chloratejim_p, Yeap. =(05:52
=== jmhealey is now known as jDdoi
pretendercan anyone help my mytharchive just sits there doing nothing running Mythbuntu and Gutsy.  Mytharcive temp directory set to  /usr/share/mythtv/mytharchive/temp05:53
jim_pChlorate: have you tried some other live cd, or even from enother distro to check?05:53
=== donny is now known as hdon
kho_zhihi guys, know any network security chatroom?05:55
Chloratejim_p, Not yet. What one would you suggest?05:56
starnanybody know any way to fix firefox 3 from crashing when viewing flash videos?05:56
jim_pChlorate: parted magic live cd. ~50MB, can boot to ram because of its size, its fast and gets your maintnance work done. plus it has the latest kernel 2.6.2605:58
personhi, i was wondering if there was any trivia scripts for xchat05:59
personanyone know?05:59
Gneaperson: try asking in #xchat05:59
dr_willisxchat web site has lots of scripts/info06:00
havocstormDoes anyone know if Rhythmbox supports ipod synch now?06:00
personthanks Gnea06:00
Chloratejim_p, Think you could walk me through it to make sure I don't mess up?06:00
jim_pChlorate: sure06:01
Chloratejim_p, Ah nevermind.. I don't have a spare CD. I usually use my USB for this kindof stuff!06:01
jim_pChlorate: download the lice usb parted magic stuff then!06:02
roukouni have created a new user in my pc... i dont why but a removable hd change its ownership... now im trying to change it to its default but when im issuing the command: 'sudo chown roukoun /media/My\ Book' it says 'Operation not permitted'06:03
Chloratejim_p, Well I mean my flash drive can't be detected so normally I would install stuff through my usb06:04
JasonWoofI'm having a weird mouse problem where I cannot select text in xterm by dragging, or use pulldowns in firefox. I played with xev for a while, and discovered06:04
jim_pChlorate: you are right :(06:05
JasonWoofthat when I press fn+up (brightness increase) I get an unending stream of these events:06:05
owen1how to send the video signal to my tv? i have Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950.06:05
JasonWoofalthough the screen only brightens the once06:05
Darksaeder`idlehello ubuntu lovers :)06:05
JasonWoofsame things happens with brightness-down06:05
JasonWoofonly way to stop it seems to be to press fn+somethingelse, like fn+pageDn (which is vol-down) or fn+f12 which is scroll lk06:06
Darksaeder`idlecan someone point me in the direction of how to set a bash script to run every...(lets say every hour for examply) that will tell wifi radar to disconnect, then reconnect to a certain router/network06:07
jim_pJasonWoof: do the buttons react like "increase brightness" / "decrease brightness" when they are pressed?06:07
JasonWoofyes, the screen brightness functions work as expected06:07
Chloratejim_p, Nevermind! I have a CD! I will burn it then06:07
jim_pChlorate: ok then06:08
jim_pJasonWoof: then they work fine. better check if they conflict with some system shortcut06:09
Darksaeder`idleno worries, i found some crontab whitepapers06:09
JasonWoofjim_p: but according to xev there sticking06:10
JasonWoofalso, when I stop the repeating by hitting scroll lock or something, I still can't select in xterm06:10
JasonWoofoh, here's another clue, the KeymapNotify thing from xev always has 103 as the first number06:10
JasonWoofI think that's unusual06:10
JasonWoofjim_p: how do I check for system shortcuts?06:11
jim_pJasonWoof: System > Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts06:11
Chloratejim_p, Okay it burned. Now what/06:12
jim_pChlorate: you insert it in the drive and boot from that cd!06:12
JasonWoofjim_p: oh, I'm not running gnome. I've got wmii, you think it's a problem with wmii?06:12
Chloratejim_p, Alright be right back.06:13
JasonWoofI'll try switching window managers and see if I can fix it that way06:13
Chloratejim_p, Well, rather. What should I do when I am there?06:13
jim_pJasonWoof: ok, although i dont think that gnome's showtcuts will work on some other wm06:13
eTiger13if i changed the default port of sshd, how do i change it back to 22?06:14
KjoeryI'm trying to compile code using KDE4. Specifically, ktorrent-3.1.3. The installation guide says to use the command: cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/prefix/of/kde4/installation . What should be the prefix, and the path? Thanks!06:15
jim_pJasonWoof: i found something about keyboard shortcuts in wmii06:15
eugmanAny suggestions on a program for doing some pixel art in?06:17
jim_pKjoery: although the best thing you can do is to wait for ktorrent 3 to be released in the ubuntu repos, i suggest you use "/usr/bin" as the path requested there06:17
KjoeryOkay, thanks06:17
jim_peugman: mtpaint?06:17
marcustomizedKjoery PREFIX=/usr/local/06:18
FlannelKjoery, jim_p: things you compile yourself belong in /usr/local/*06:18
crazzI"m looking for a program to get the desktop background to change automatically from a specified list of pics... can't seem to find one under add/remove programs in Ubuntu... any recommendations?06:18
marcustomizedI think "feh" can display random walls from a specified directory06:19
Flannelcrazz: Add/remove is a small subset of the total packages/programs available.  Try using synaptic package manager.06:19
crazzfeh, synaptic, got it... thx06:19
Dr_willisits also farly esay to do a script that does random wallpapers. :)06:20
JasonWoofjim_p: I logged out of my session, and had the same problem with the pulldowns on the gdm screen06:20
JasonWoofto choose gnome I had to click the pulldown, then use the keyboard to select "gnome"06:21
user1can anyone help me with telinit?06:21
jim_pJasonWoof: i found some documentation, but it is in greek :( http://foss.ntua.gr/wiki/index.php/WMII_howto06:21
crazzmarcustomized, where do i find FEH after installation?06:21
=== radam_mac is now known as hyrlvl
bprwhy is it that my "Passwords and Encryption Keys" application fails to generate a PGP key?06:21
jim_pJasonWoof: pm me if you want to translate anything, i am greek06:21
=== hyrlvl is now known as radam_mac
JasonWoofjim_p: I know how to remap my keys in wmii06:21
marcustomizedi would guess "/usr/bin"06:22
bprI have the default install of Hardy06:22
bprit creates SSH keys without a problem06:22
user1i am trying to switch to a CLI by using init 3 or telinit 3 but nothing happens06:22
marcustomizedcrazz, in your terminal, type "whereis feh"06:22
tritiumuser1: debian and ubuntu use 2 runlevels06:22
tritiumWell, 3 if you count 0.06:23
cyrus__Trying to install a program (Brisa) and it requires gstreamer0.10-bad, python-gst . how can I find if these packages exists for ubuntu?06:23
crazzthx marcom06:23
user1the cmd is telinit 2?06:23
owen1i opened port 22 on my router. wneh running ssh from the same machine i get 'connection refused'06:23
NallepHow can I start downloading the distribution upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04, I just want to start downloading for now, and install on several machines later on.06:23
crazzmarcustomized, so it's command-line only and not installed anywhere in the menus06:23
marcustomizedcrazz, correct06:24
jim_pNallep: download the alternative installation cd and use it as an upgrade in sources.list06:24
marcustomizedits fairly simple to setup tho06:24
crazzNallep : System, Administration, Update Manager - should be a box on top that says to upgrade to new version06:24
ballzeecan you download the dvd ?06:25
JasonWoofjim_p: huh, just noticed my trackpad works fine06:25
acudid anyone made sound work in Kopete ?06:26
Nallepjim_p: thx, I'll do that,       crazz I know from the gui, but I just wanted to download, not do a complete install just yet, I'll download the alternate cd, thx06:26
JasonWoofsomething related to that mouse, I'll try replacing the batteries06:26
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209806:26
bpranyone know why seahorse (v 2.22.2) would fail to generate a PGP keypair on Hardy (default install)06:26
JasonWoofjim_p: well, I'll be damned. New mouse batteries fixed it. Thank you for your help!06:27
jim_pNallep: keep in mind thet the alternate cd will only update packages thet already are on the disk!!! for instace, i dont think it can update mplayer!06:27
jim_pJasonWoof: mouse? you said the Fn keys!! anyway, you are welcome06:28
JasonWoofthe fn key was doing weird stuff in xev06:28
crazzmarcustomized, that program appears to just be a command-line image viewer... I'm after something that actually changes the desktop background at specified intervals reading random image from specified folder06:28
marcustomizedcrazz, u can find a great deal of info setting up feh at http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Feh06:28
Nallepjim_p: I know, I'm not worried about that, jsut want to get the comps upgraded this weekend, worry about individual software later06:28
JasonWoofjim_p: still does weird stuff in xev, but I guess that's unrelated06:28
jim_pJasonWoof: lets hope not06:29
Darksaeder`idlewhen specifying a directory in a bash script, what is the sign for starting at the file system level? i mean where /bin/ /root/ /proc/ /etc/ all are. would it be ~/root/ to specify /root/ folder (for example) ?06:29
crazzmarcustomized, i.e. I just read the "Man" on feh and didn't see anything related to desktop background06:29
smm289I just shared a folder by using the right click share option in Nautilus (hardy).  I then open up my XP VM, I go to the network computers listed under the XP but the new share is not listed.  Do I have to log out of ubuntu then log back in in order for the share to to effect, is there a way to force the share to be published to the rest of the network computers without rebooting?06:29
roukounwhat's the command to add modules to perl? i want to use the Tk module but it isnt installed by default06:30
marcustomizedcrazz, feh can set the background with the command "feh --bg-scale /path/to/wallpaper.jpg"06:30
marcustomizedit doesnt HAVE to be a .jpg, just an example06:30
JasonWoofroukoun: sudo apt-get install perl-tk06:31
crazzthanks marcustomized, must've missed that in the man... I"ll read the page ya gave me... appreciate it, thx.06:31
roukounJasonWoof: thanks06:31
user1how can i run in a CLI environment away from x?06:31
tuntunHi, How do I set DOS to sort alphabetically by *default*?06:31
JasonWoofuser1: ctrl+shift+F206:31
tritiumuser1: Ctrl-Alt-F1 through Ctrl-Alt-F606:31
Flanneluser1: ctrl-alt-fX where X is 1-6, 7 gets you back06:31
jim_psmm289: how is the host and the guest pc connected to each other? (what do you have under network in vbox?06:31
JasonWoofuser1: ctrl+shift+F7 to get back to X06:32
Flanneltuntun: You mean your shell? (it isn't DOS).  It does by default06:32
coonlokht_ver irc.undernet.org06:32
tritiumJasonWoof: don't forget F1 and F3 -- F6.06:32
user1JasonWoof: thanks, that works.06:32
JasonWooftritium: tmi ;)06:32
user1I should have known that.06:32
user1Im going to the dungeon.............................06:32
tuntunFlannel, oh, I didn't mean to post it here... I meant xp cmd.exe06:33
smm289Jim_p: Host PC is running ubuntu, the gues OS is running XP Vm using virtual box OSE.  The XP machine can see all shares in the workgroup, this includes multiple ubuntu boxes.  I just shared a folder on the host, I want the Virtual Machine, XP OS to recognize it, but I dont want to log out of the host then log back in.  The log out log in usually makes it work for the first time a new share is created, I just dont want to reboot, wonderin06:34
jim_psmm289: i think this was a bug, i dont know if they fixed it06:36
jim_psmm289: ask at #vbox06:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about goto06:36
swapnacan anyone please explain me about signal handling in linux06:37
Darksaeder`idleif i set a crontab for root, using gnome-schedule, and im lokked in as a user, will the bash script i set in the crontab to run every hour run every hour regardless of wether i still have gnome-schedule open?06:37
SebNaitsabeshow do I get the Live CD  to run commands on my  Ubuntu partition?  is it just CD into it.  like cd /media/whatever or?06:37
Darksaeder`idlecan someone answer me please? if i set a crontab fr root will it run regardless of what user is logged in? or do i need to set my bash script to sudo?06:39
marcustomizedSebNait, just mount it and go nuts06:39
Syndronejoin #lol06:39
odivntop/rc.local help, anyone?06:40
marcustomizedDarksaed, what are you trying to do?06:40
odivntop is in my rc.local file for startup, but doesn't seem to start with the settings I have written in there.06:40
odivAlso, I can't see ntop in top.06:40
odivHow can I kill it?06:41
user3_bnbn b06:41
endracan nickel metal hydride batteries be used in place of alkaline batteries in all devices06:41
Yota79Server: irc.moofspeak.net06:41
user-03yes i can06:42
Flannelendra: Try #ubuntu-offtopic06:42
* Darksaeder`idle was just about to say that06:42
nominis something currently wrong with the repositories?06:44
SebNaitsabesin what way?06:44
SebNaitsabesnomin: in what way?06:44
nominI'm getting "failed" messages when I say to reload in synaptic06:44
swapnaplz explain about signal handling in linux06:44
odivI only seem to be able to get B&W on the svideo out of my geforce 6800 vanilla. Anywhere I can look for help on that? (besides google :P)06:44
nominmedibuntu won't connect also06:44
SebNaitsabesnomin: can you download anything?06:45
nominSebNaitsabes: I'll check06:45
jim_podiv: change from PAL to NTSC or the other way round06:45
marcustomizedswapna, http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/398506:46
nominSebNaitsabes: yes, I can download packages.  I'll look into this more to see what's going on.  I know medibuntu repos can't be accessed right now.06:47
odivjim_p: I'll try that, thanks.06:47
Darksaeder`idlewhat is the bash alternative to PHP's $argv array that provides the command-line input that was used06:48
Darksaeder`idleits $0/$1/$2/$306:49
Darksaeder`idlethanks for the help06:49
* Darksaeder`idle rolls his eyes sarcastically06:49
odivjim_p: Where is that setting? In the NVidia X Server settings somewhere?06:50
jim_podiv: i dont know. i dont use nvidia. what i said is a general rule for your problem. Better look in xorg.conf06:51
jim_podiv: and me too06:51
jamesishodiv: just joined; what was the issue?06:52
=== ziroday` is now known as ziroday
cyrus__I am looking for a package (python-gst). The following website says it is in the pacakge repository - http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/python-gst06:52
odivcool, thanks jim06:52
odivjamesish: b&w nvidia svideo out.06:52
odivcan't seem to get colour.06:52
crisocyrus__, and?06:52
jamesishodiv: what have you done so far?06:52
cyrus__criso - when I run apt-get install python-gst it says not found06:52
jim_pcyrus__: python-gst0.1006:53
crisoor download the deb and use dpkg -i06:53
crisothe dependencies are standard06:53
odivgone through every screen of the nvidia x server settings. updated my drivers (which gave me saturation settings, which helped the flicker!)06:53
odivgoogling now. :)06:53
jamesishodiv: I suspect jim_p is corret, then. The nvidia driver has a great configuration instructions page online, it'll tell you what the best solution is. I used it to configure dual monitors and whatnot.06:54
odivalso, noob question. How do I kill something I can't find in top?06:55
jim_podiv: if you know what it is, killall app06:57
jim_podiv: if you dont know, maximize the terminal window :P06:57
odivcool. For some reason my ntop isn't starting correctly.06:57
odivfrom the parameters in rc.local.06:57
jamesishodiv; alternatively, you can use ps auxww | grep foo where foo is the name of the process to try and find its pid.06:57
odivmaybe something else is starting it first.06:57
Geancarlohi to all06:57
odivexcellent, thank you jamesish and jim.06:59
odivcouldn't find it in top even with the window maxed.06:59
crisoyou can sort top06:59
Killeroidhi guys, what is the name of the app that I install emerald themes in?06:59
Flannelodiv: try ps aux instead of top.  Or use xkill or one of those sorts of things.07:00
u007hi, anyone can help me with a corrupted SD ext3 partition? it happened to corrupt due to suspend of the system :(07:00
odivFlannel: Yeah, ps aux worked just fine.07:00
marcustomizedcan u corrupt a partition by suspending o.O?07:00
odivNow I have to figure out what's starting it incorrectly in the first place :)07:00
marcustomizedwhats wrong with it?07:00
odivlinux: an adventure. :)07:01
jamesishodiv: the w flags on ps expand the listing; so if the name of your program is truncated with the default output, the w flags can sometimes help a lot.07:01
u007marcustomized, its SDcard, thats why07:01
u007marcustomized, i just realised it :(07:01
odivjamesish: I noticed that, thanks. That's how I can tell it's definitely not the one I want to be running (from my rc.local)07:01
marcustomizedso you formatted the SD card to Ext3, or are you assuming it is?07:02
u007marcustomized, it is confirmed on ext3, i was using it b4 it corrupt :(07:02
swapnathanks marcustomized07:02
odivHm.  Apparently this B&W issue has been solved in the past with an svideo to composite adapter.07:02
vasilisaWell #xml, #cegui and #ogre3d are silent. Anyone here know how to tell cegui to use tinyxml instead of xerces? Ogre's not runinng thes xsd files and i dont know squat about em07:02
marcustomizedno prob swapna, u007, can u mount it?07:02
odivI'm outputting at 60hz, which is apparently NTSC... I think.07:03
u007marcustomized, no...07:03
u007wait.. let me try07:03
marcustomizedthe journal is probably screwed up then07:03
marcustomizedhold on07:03
ludwig__grettings.. i have the following error:  * Stopping domain name service... bind                                         rndc: connect failed: connection refused07:04
ludwig__                                                                         [fail]07:04
ludwig__ * Starting domain name service... bind07:04
ludwig__been trying to figure it out.. for a while07:04
odivI'll just have to watch old movies on this box until I get the colour fixed :P07:04
swapnacan you tell me what exactly set_up_frame function does in signal handler07:04
=== afallenhope is now known as fallenhope|sleep
* fallenhope|sleep is away: Sleeeeeeeep leave a message I'll get back to you in the AM....well.. when I wake up07:05
u007mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mmcblk0,07:05
u007[  198.975696] EXT3-fs error (device mmcblk0): ext3_check_descriptors: Block bitmap for group 1 not in group (block 0)!07:05
grendal_primeok this is making me crazy..i cant sent an image from my phone to my laptop via bluetooth..but i can send an image from my laptop to my phone, that make any sence?07:05
marcustomizedyeh, its most definitely the journal, but i cant remember the command to fix it :(07:06
csilkis there a way to find out what date a package was added to packages.ubuntu.com ?07:06
u007marcustomized, okay, let me search :)07:06
tritiumfallenhope|sleep: please disable that07:06
crisowhat if you try mount it as ext2 ro?07:06
u007criso, won't it corrupt it?07:06
grendal_primeit sees the laptop, says its connecting to it..but never completes the connection07:06
Geoffrey2is it possible to build Empathy 2.24 from source in Ubuntu 8.04?07:06
marcustomizedno, that wont07:06
csilkis there a way to find out what date a package was added to packages.ubuntu.com ?07:06
crisoyou had better dd it to your hard drive first07:06
Socialoutcastany of you guys running Ubuntu on your PS3?07:07
ludwig__i'm trying to set p a bind server.. and the only thing i'm wondering about is the named.conf.options file is my problem07:07
crisoalways ghost before you try any recovery07:07
csilkoh.. yeah.. the chnagelog07:07
ludwig__yes i'm using ps3 ubuntu now07:07
u007[  214.965027] EXT2-fs error (device mmcblk0): ext2_check_descriptors: Block bitmap for group 1 not in group (block 0)!07:07
Socialoutcasthow is it?07:07
Socialoutcastdoes it work better than yellow dog?07:07
ludwig__aside from having to recompile the kernel07:07
ludwig__never tried yellow dog07:07
Socialoutcastlol dont07:07
ludwig__i'm more of a debian/ubuntu guy07:07
Socialoutcastupdates are slower than hell07:07
Socialoutcastwhy did u need to reompile?07:08
ludwig__i use it because it's in the living room07:08
ludwig__wifi support07:08
Socialoutcasthard to get working?07:08
Socialoutcastyou have a link on it?07:08
marcustomizedu007, its not the journal then07:08
ludwig__grab new source07:08
crisobtw how long does it take to compile kernel on ps3?07:08
SocialoutcastI am a fedora and Red Hat guy lol07:08
u007marcustomized, damn, my files :(07:08
crisoassuming you didnt cross compile or something07:09
Socialoutcastfirst experiance with Ubuntu07:09
ludwig__i wish you tried ubuntu on desktop07:09
marcustomizedi found a random blog entry with a situation similar to yours07:09
marcustomizedwant the link?07:09
ludwig__there aren't enough ppc items.. that i'd enjoy07:09
u007marcustomized, yeah, sure :)07:09
ludwig__err in the repositories07:09
u007thanks marcustomized :)07:10
Geoffrey2I'm trying to build Empathy 2.24...it configures fine but the build process is crashing with numerous errors....07:10
marcustomizedhope it works for u07:10
ludwig__i haven't found vlc and honestly.. i usually just watch blue ray in ps3 mode07:10
DapsG'mornin' Anyone with any insight into installation of (pure-ftpd) ???07:10
ludwig__it's all about time i guess07:10
ludwig__do you know how to set up bind07:10
ludwig__i'm having issues07:10
Socialoutcastwhats the problem?07:11
ludwig__i guess thats a personal problem, but seriously07:11
jamesishmarcustomized: fsck might get it.07:11
ludwig__well, when i restart bind i get error, port 953 connect rndc failed..07:11
Socialoutcasthave u googled the error lol07:11
jamesishmarcustomized: there's a version specifically for ext2, too. I used it on ext3 once without arsing everything up.07:12
ludwig__of course07:12
ludwig__and i've read every gentoo, debian, ubuntu, tldp howto i can think of07:12
ludwig__err google07:12
ludwig__truthfully, i think my named.local.conf is wrong07:12
marcustomizedjamesish, tell u007,07:13
Cheekycould anyone help me with my web cam .. when i plug it in ..and start skype it works find but when i try to use it on web chat room it rezodnizes my camera but doesnt turn on can anyone assiste me with this please?07:13
ludwig__i have forwarders setup to
Socialoutcastdo the logs give you anything more than just that error?07:13
ludwig__and maybe it's confusing it07:13
ludwig__err yeah07:13
ludwig__my logs, rats.. well it's full of dropped packets. let me look see07:13
u007jamesish, e2fsck fail :(07:13
u007my group descriptor for the partition is bad07:14
jamesishhave you read the man page and tried the various options? There's one to do a manual step by step.07:14
Socialoutcastis there a need to have a forwarder to the local host?07:14
ludwig__in your experience,do you unremark query-source address * port 53; when there is a firewall between you and nameservers?07:14
jamesishUm, I'm assuming it's not mouinted when you're doing fsck?07:14
ludwig__i have that port open07:14
SocialoutcastI dont think you need to07:14
u007jamesish, i can't mount yet07:15
u007all mount fail :(07:15
paul68hi I have a question about thunderbird07:15
Socialoutcastis this fore internal DNS only?07:15
ludwig__ok, i'm getting another error in tail /var/log/syslog07:15
Socialoutcastnew install of Bind?07:16
Socialoutcastwell full new config anyway?07:16
paul68I want to sort mail mails by sender in ascending order and group them by sort07:16
marcustomizedu007, have u tried tune2fs07:16
ludwig__line 26 "allow-recursion { }07:17
paul68however I can't sort the mails from that group in descending order07:17
paul68how can I solve this07:17
ludwig__allow-recursion {; };07:17
Digital_1Anyone using MythTV on Ubuntu who can compare the experience to KnoppMyth?07:17
ludwig__it's the latest bind07:17
Cheekyhas anyone got their webcams to work in ubuntu?07:17
ludwig__webcams yes07:17
Socialoutcasttry removing the local host forwarers07:18
dr_willisCheeky,  it VERY much depends on the specific webcam07:18
ludwig__you have to have one that works :) in linux07:18
ludwig__or has support07:18
Digital_1Yeah these days ANYTHING I buy MUST work with Linux.07:18
odivHey, what do you know. Reading the man page did the trick.07:18
ludwig__yeah, it stops the impulse buying at least07:18
Socialoutcastman page FTW07:18
Digital_1lol- true07:18
Cheekydr_willis: its a logitec web cam that i have it seem to work using skype but doesnt work when i got to chat rooms .. like i gave it permission through firefox but still doesnt turn on07:19
ludwig__i used to be dangerous with a credit card and at micro digital/bestbuy/pc blamo07:19
Digital_1Its amazing though, because really its getting to the point where anything Windows can do so can Ubuntu.07:19
SocialoutcastI have 5 PC and 2 laptops in my house07:19
dotchhello all. i have a problem with infra-red on my Thinkpad. i cannot seem to get it to work with Hardy 8.04 although it worked really well under gutsy07:19
ludwig__now i'm always thinking... do you think it'll be recognized.. is there support07:19
Socialoutcastthey all have some form of Unix/Linux on them07:19
odivjim_p, jamesish: there's a setting for SVIDEO in my xorg.conf.07:19
=== samba is now known as Guest54305
winnipegmim running newest ubuntu and smb4k but when i view my network on windows my ubuntu folders dont show up on the network is there sumthing i need to do?07:20
jim_podiv: are you asking us or have you found it?07:20
ludwig__yes.  i only using windows in a vm07:20
odivI've found it.07:20
odivit did the trick :)07:20
u007bah.. google didnt help much, i'm doomed :(07:20
SocialoutcastI have ESXi for all my VM needs lol07:20
jim_podiv: well done07:20
jamesishodiv: welcome to linux.07:20
odivyay colour.07:21
ludwig__ok it successfully restarted, but!  rndc connect failed.07:21
dr_willisCheeky,  err... webcams in flash/browser.. are not supported - at this time with flash.. i belive07:21
SocialoutcastI really wish the PS3 was a bit quicker with linux07:21
ludwig__rndc: connect failed: connection refused07:21
odivand now, onto ntop.07:21
Cheekydr_willis: actually i found a site that can be used but iam not sure it work for me ..07:21
ludwig__yeah, it's probably sony's ulterior motive to keep linux only as a hobby07:21
ludwig__if they only opened it up07:22
Socialoutcastwell all other OS dont have direct access to the hardware it's gay07:22
physically_fitCheeky, install flash 10. it did the trick with my logitech webcam07:22
ludwig__i'd stop using my PIII desktop07:22
Socialoutcastthey have to go threw some stupid chip to even talk to the rest of the PS307:22
Cheekyphysically_fit: how do i know wat version of flash i have coz..i did install a bunnch with ubuntu extra stuff package07:22
Socialoutcasthince the reason it does not work on most distros07:23
Cheekydr_willis: http://www.swift-tools.net/Flashcam/  thats the site  i was talking about07:23
tritiumSocialoutcast: watch the language, please, and keep it family-friendly.07:23
marcustomizedu007, im stumped07:23
dr_willisCheeky,  i have no intention of ever using a webcam-video chat. :)  unless the grandbaby wants to chat to grandpa someday...07:23
physically_fitCheeky, go to this page: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/07:23
ludwig__it is silly, their business model is flawed because they only perceive linux as a way to increase revenue and not a way to increase market share07:23
Digital_1When running Ubuntu and Compiz, why does the occasional window seem to "stiick" to the desktop when I try to move it?  Sometimes it will even start "shaking" in place.  Is that a Compiz settings?07:24
Socialoutcastludwig: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/servers/6406-rndc-connect-failed-connection-refused.html07:24
Cheekyphysically_fit: i have this version .. : 9,0,124,0 installed ....07:24
Socialoutcastthat may give you some help07:24
dr_willisDigital_1,  sounds like the 'wobbly windows' setting.. i always turn it off.07:24
Cheekyphysically_fit: how do i get flash 10 .. alone through apt-get ?07:24
Socialoutcastdo u have Bind listening on the correct int?07:24
bullgard4After restarting my T42 IBM laptop computer top indicates that Xorg consumes 51% of the CPU time. The CPU temperature has risen to 56°C. The fan rotates faster than usual. What might cause such a high CPU load?07:24
Digital_1That's Dr_Willis.  I think I will give that a try.07:25
Digital_1Thanks I mean.07:25
ludwig__lemme check.. i think i may have remarked it in named.conf.. i think i had that line in named.conf.local07:25
owen1i can't seem to open port 22 on my router. this site shows it's closed - https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd207:25
jim_pbullgard4: loads of stuff. it happened to me once because of a bad written gtk theme!!! does your cpu usage reach 100%?07:26
marcustomizedowen, your isp is probably blocking it07:26
jim_pwgar is the other alternative for adobe's flash player? gnash and...?07:26
Socialoutcastmmm good ol ISP port blocks07:26
bullgard4jim_p: My CPU usage does not reach 100%, at least not during the last hour.07:27
Socialoutcastdamn verizon blocking 8007:27
marcustomizedlol, really?07:27
volanteif i'm on amd64 architecture, can i still download and install the i386 distribution?07:27
ludwig__seems like i don't have rndc.conf07:27
haydncvolante: yes, it'll work just fine07:27
Socialoutcastso my apache servers and oracle backend are useless07:28
jim_pbullgard4: install htop and check what process uses the most cpu power (sort them by cpu%). you can use sgnome-system monitor too07:28
ludwig__is this a default file found after a sudo apt-get install bind9?07:28
Socialoutcastshould be07:28
Socialoutcastno rndc.conf = no rndc connection lol07:28
volanteok. i was thinking of running 32 bit to avoid issues with 64bit like needing to run nspluginwrapper for flash.  does that seem reasonable or would you recommend going with 64 bit?07:28
ludwig__i guess i could create it.. is it in etc or in bind directories?07:29
marcustomizedvolante, as long as u dont mix between 32 bit and 64 bit pkgs07:29
SocialoutcastI would say if u need more than 4 gigs of ram go 6407:29
haydncI'm running the i386 version on AMD64 - have been since I first started with Ubuntu because back then the 64bit variety wasn't working so well07:29
Socialoutcastlol I dont recal07:29
ludwig__wow, i can't believe it doesn't exist by default07:29
haydncnow I believe it's largely up to you07:29
ludwig__i man'd rndc07:29
volantealso google gears not on 64 bit07:29
volanteand several other things ive come across, make me want to just use 32 bit if possible07:30
Socialoutcastya I have heard of that happening on the rare ocasion07:30
Socialoutcasthappend on a BSD I was working with a long time ago07:30
Socialoutcastwas very odd07:30
owen1how to port forward on my router?07:30
tritium!enter | Socialoutcast07:30
ubottuSocialoutcast: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:30
haydncunless you've got something in your machine that would make running 64 bit necessary, like an insanely large amount of RAM, you might as well run 32 bit then07:30
tritiumowen1: that depends on your router.07:30
marcustomizedthere r no cons to running 32bit unless u have over 3 gigs of ram07:30
volanteok cool07:31
dr_williserr.. 4 gb of ram..07:31
ludwig__is that a 32bit limit (3 gigs of ram)07:31
owen1tritium: i have netgear and i follow this guide - http://kbserver.netgear.com/kb_web_files/N101145.asp#RP614Anchor07:31
tritiumowen1: good07:31
dr_willisand dependign on the hardware  32bit disrto might be able to use most all of the 4gb.07:31
criso2 gigs is the usual limit07:31
ludwig__do ou really have to use 64 bit to use > 3 gb07:31
[Solaris]ludwig__ that microsofts limit07:31
haydncI thought 32bit could handle 4GB RAM?07:31
Socialoutcastwell most 32 bi OS have a address space of only 4 gigs that for everything on your box including ram07:31
jim_pludwig__: to see more than 4GB07:31
owen1tritium: but when checking which ports are open it shows 22 as closed - https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd207:31
marcustomizedthe 32bit limit is like just under 4 gigs max, including your video ram07:31
Ayabaraanyone with a Dell laptop sold with Ubuntu here?07:32
owen1tritium: even though i opened it!07:32
crisopae allows more than 4GiB07:32
bullgard4jim_p: I started htop and sorted processes by CPU%. On top is seen (apart from /sbin/init) dictd 1.10.10: 0/0 with CPU%= 0.0. But still htop shows CPU64% at this moment.07:32
Cheekyhey could anyone help me iam kind .. confused .. iam trying to install flash 10 and i have flash v 9... i did a search flashplugin-nonfree in synaptic so i can uninstall it so i can install flash 10 but in synaptic it looks like i diont have that plug in and needs to be installed its also v 9..  but when i went to the flash site it says i have flash 9..07:32
zirodayAyabara: what is your problem?07:32
bullgard4jim_p: I started htop and sorted processes by CPU%. On top is seen (apart from /sbin/init) dictd 1.10.10: 0/0 with CPU%= 0.0. But still htop shows CPU=64% at this moment.07:32
ludwig__what's the 64 bit limit07:32
volanteok and what about debian vs ubuntu. would ubuntu be a better choice for a desktop system?07:32
Socialoutcast128 or somehting like that07:32
=== phoenix_ is now known as phoenix_tiggers
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:32
dr_willisvolante,  i perer ubuntu for my desktop/laptop and fileservers :)07:33
jim_pludwig__: theoritically its 2^64 bytes. practically it depends on the os kernel07:33
[Solaris]another thing about x86 64 linux distros... adobe flash player doesn't work07:33
Cheekyphysically_fit: hey man how did you install your flash 10 .. did you do it over flash 9 ?07:33
bullgard4jim_p: This morning I dist-updated the dict DEB program package.07:33
jim_p2^64 is roughly nubler 16 followed by 18 zeroes07:33
Socialoutcastany luck ludwig?07:34
physically_fitCheeky, follow these instructions: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/releasenotes.html#install07:34
Ayabaraziroday, my xps m1530 has a stac 9228 audio codec, and the output power is way lower than in windows. it's reported a bug on it in alsa, that more people have confirmed. Since Dell now sells m1530 with Ubuntu, I figured there maybe are som dellpackages/patches that can solve the problem07:34
marcustomizedadobe pr0n player07:34
haydnc[Solaris]: isn't there some way to get Flash running on 64bit Ubuntu? or at least something that can play flash?07:34
ludwig__about to restart07:34
jim_pi remake my question now07:34
[Solaris]haydnc not that i am aware of atm07:34
marcustomizedhaydric, try gnash07:34
zirodayAyabara: you might be best to ask in the ubuntuforums ubuntu dell section07:35
phoenix_tiggersanyone know basic BASH?07:35
BAMH1Hello everyone! I have been experiencing difficulties installing linux via the 64 bit CD. Whilst I can view the live ubuntu without difficulty, installation unfailingly causes the computer to freeze completely or reboot immediately at around 25% (copying of files, after the successful formatting of the harddrive).07:35
zirodayphoenix_tiggers: what is your question. Also see #bash07:35
ludwig__ok it failed again07:35
jim_pwhat is the other alternative of flash player? gnash and...?07:35
ludwig__but.. new errors07:35
BAMH1I really want ubuntu. Is there another method of installation to try?07:35
zirodayjim_p: swfdec07:35
Cheekyphysically_fit: wats linux rpm?07:35
zirodayBAMH1: you can try the alternate cd07:35
jim_pbullgard4: what programs do you run now?07:35
volanteok.. and for a new installation on desktop, shall i go for 8.10 or 8.04.. is it easy to upgrade to 8.10 from 8.04 when it gets oficially released?07:35
phoenix_tiggersI'm in #bash, but my question is how do I do a basic logical OR, this is the statement I'm evaluating  :  if [ "$knl" = "2.6.24-19-generic" ||  "" ]07:35
Ayabaraziroday, ok07:35
BAMH1I have already tried the alternative CD on the website and it hasn't worked either sadly.07:36
[Solaris]volante stay with 8.0407:36
haydncthanks marcustomized, I'm thinking of running a copy of 64bit Ubuntu along side my existing 32bit version to see how it goes - I'll give gnash a try and see how it handles things like youtube :)07:36
jim_pziroday: thanks07:36
cordenhello guys are you experiencing an internet problem after upgrading your 8.04?07:36
bullgard4jim_p: 6 gnome-terminals and firefox 3.07:36
zirodayBAMH1: does the alternate cd give any errors? Where does it stop?07:36
ubottuHardy Heron is the codename for the current release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS) You can get it now from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu but please use !torrents07:36
physically_fitCheeky, i dunno, i used the other option: i deleted the libflashplayer.so binary first and then i installed flash 1007:36
haydncvolante: 8.10 isn't officially released until the end of this month, you're probably much better off sticking to 8.04 until then. The upgrade path should be pretty easy07:37
jim_pbullgard4: just in case, what theme are you using?07:37
BAMH1It does give an error, yes. Umm... IIRC it copies a bunch of files but gets to the kernel and chokes.07:37
Cheekyphysically_fit: how did you delete it ..did you do it through terminal .. or snyaptic or some otherway ?07:37
tritiumcorden: 8.04 has been out since April.  Most users have already upgraded successfully with no such problems.07:37
u007-2marcustomized, if fsck with -b failed, what else can i try?07:37
bullgard4jim_p: 'Glossy'07:37
volantecool thanks for all the advice07:37
u007-2marcustomized, fsck -b on recovery mode says the device is bz :(07:38
volantei'll install 32 bit 8.0407:38
BAMH1And then it tells me that the core installation has failed.07:38
zirodayBAMH1: unfortunatly to help you we need more information, could you please use the alternate cd again and record the error07:38
jim_pbullgard4: no connection to my useless theme that cause it. do you use proper drivers for your vga?07:38
Cantiwhat is the easiest way to create a custom livecd with some applications that need to be installed for source?07:38
BAMH1Okay. I will certainly do that!07:38
marcustomizedfsck -b?07:38
BAMH1But before I do -07:38
jim_p!remaster | Canti07:38
ubottuCanti: Interested in remastering the !Ubuntu !LiveCD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use Tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility07:38
BAMH1Are the CDs the only way to install Ubuntu?07:38
Socialoutcastwhats the default Ubunto root pass?07:38
physically_fitCheeky, i used nautilus (the file browser). went to /home/<user>/.mozilla/plugins07:38
ziroday!install | BAMH107:39
ubottuBAMH1: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:39
ludwig__ok, in var/log/dameon.log, i discovered.  /etc/bind/rndc.ke: permission denied07:39
Socialoutcastit never asked me to set one up07:39
tritiumSocialoutcast: the root account is disabled by default.  Use sudo instead.07:39
jim_p!root | Socialoutcast07:39
ubottuSocialoutcast: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:39
[Solaris]!toot | Socialoutcast07:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about toot07:39
ludwig__no root passwd with ubuntu07:39
BAMH1Thank you all.07:39
[Solaris]heh ops07:39
cordeni upgrade my system and boot-up again my internet connection is keep on connecting07:39
cordenmy internet connection is only irc and torrent07:39
cordeni cant connect any software that connects to the internet07:39
u007-2marcustomized, ... someone should seriously fix this issue.. it sux :(07:39
bullgard4jim_p: I am using the drivers fpr my vga that ubuntu installed by default on my IBM Thinkpad T42. And I had no reason to complain so far. I can name them to you.07:39
cordenhere's another situation after logging in there's a small window appeared and disappered immediatly07:39
jim_pbullgard4: is it ati?07:39
cassio0101the ubuntu don't have root password07:39
tritium[Solaris]: careful with that word.  It'll trigger us.07:39
ludwig__the user you created in the install has sudo power07:39
marcustomizedu007, i honestly don't know07:40
cordenit is possible that it's a virus?07:40
marcustomizedi've never had an  issue like yours07:40
[Solaris]tritium huh?07:40
physically_fitCheeky, here is the tar.gz file you need to download: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html07:40
tritium[Solaris]: it'll call the channel operators07:40
cassio0101use the sudo with your password07:40
[Solaris]oh heh sorry forgotten about that07:40
ludwig__if you want to do something root"ish", use sudo07:40
dr_williscassio0101,  direct logging in as root is disabled basically07:40
ludwig__man sudo07:40
tritium[Solaris]: I think you meant "oops" anyway, not the other ;)07:40
Socialoutcastok well I need to head out the pregnant wife just woke up good luck Lud07:40
[Solaris]sometimes they need to waken up :p07:41
ludwig__for the manual07:41
ludwig__thanks man07:41
bullgard4jim_p: The wrapper is ati_drv.so. I wraps around radeon_drv.so or radeon.ko.07:41
u007-2marcustomized, okay, thanks man :)07:41
tritiumSocialoutcast: sudo -i, if you want a root shell07:41
ludwig__good luck with the wife07:41
ludwig__mine's sleeping as is my son07:41
jim_pbullgard4: you used ndiswraper?07:41
bullgard4jim_p: No.07:41
cordeni can't surf because my internet is kept on connecting07:43
cordeni wonder. i can connect to irc and torrent07:43
cordenalso my torrent is kept is disconnecting07:43
cordenthis happen after i update my system07:43
FloodBot1corden: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:43
cordendoes anyone experiencing this one?07:43
Cheekyphysically_fit: thnks07:43
t1n0m3nhow do I restart the xserver from a command line?  I cant seem to find the command via google, all I get is the "CTRL+ALT+Backspace" way to restart the server07:43
cordenops sorry i'm just explaining my case07:44
zilot /j #ubuntu-ru07:44
zirodayt1n0m3n: you can do /etc/init.d/x11-common stop IIRC07:44
jim_pbullgard4: so you have an ati. which one is it and what drivers did you install for it?07:44
dr_willist1n0m3n,  restart the gdm service - is one way07:44
cyziehi, how do i know the package is from which repo ?07:45
t1n0m3nI am trying to make a custom command in gdm to make it restart... thanks for the info07:45
bullgard4jim_p: I told you before: It is ati_drv.so. And This driver is a wrapper.07:45
jim_pbullgard4: what does it mean? isnt fglrx the one for you?07:46
bullgard4cyzie: Consult packages.ubuntu.com07:46
zirodayt1n0m3n: sorry to restart is /etc/init.d/x11-common restart or you can try restarting gdm with /etc/init.d/gdm restart07:46
cordenhope somebody can help with this one07:46
cordenby the way FloodBot1 - can't open that site since my internet connection is kept on connecting07:46
cordenand that's my problem - cannot establish the connection after the update :(07:47
dr_willist1n0m3n,  Hmm.. check the gdm config files. I recall ages ago there being a extras menu, that had things like  shutdown, reboot, and even a 'restart x server' option.07:47
dr_willist1n0m3n,  theres also a 'always restart x server' option. that works around some X bugs07:47
t1n0m3ndr_willis:  ahh, ok that would be better, thanks07:47
bullgard4jim_p: The ATI driver  ati_drv.so does not drive the screen directly but calls another driver. I do not use fglrx.07:47
cordeni can't even access my localhost07:47
outbackwificorden: what does ifconfig tell you?07:48
dr_willist1n0m3n,  i even recall at one time on some disrto.. you could run the gdm config/theme tool from the gdm screen.. but i dont think that was in ubuntu07:48
jim_pbullgard4: oh. then i cant help you. here is something you may want to read07:49
jim_pbullgard4: http://horizon.ath.cx/gentoo/07:49
bullgard4jim_p: Thank you for providing this link.07:50
znikhow can i upgrade to 8.04.1 from gutsy thru the CD? i dont want to lose my previous files!07:50
cordenoutbackwifi, ifconfig give me my localhost ip07:50
cordenbut my internet connecting is kept on reconnecting the internet07:50
cordenthat's why my firefox can't open the localhost and any websites :(07:50
cordenit been 2 hours now, after the update.07:50
jim_pbullgard4: you are welcome07:50
FloodBot1corden: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:50
cordeni observed a window that popup after logging in and gone after a second.07:50
winnipegmim running newest ubuntu and smb4k but when i view my network on windows my ubuntu folders dont show up on the network is there sumthing i need to do?07:50
speedhunt3rhey can i use clamtk to scan a windows drive mounted on the network? it's usually under /home/user/.gvfs/ but when i try recursive scan it doesn't initiate...07:51
outbackwificorden: what did you update?07:51
Rat409!swat | winnipegm07:51
ubottuwinnipegm: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209807:51
cordenoutbackwifi, the repository and the available update in the notifier07:51
bustaplzI noticed that after installing Samba on my Ubuntu box I could see a shared PDF printer on my Vista machine. I'd really like to be able to use this but when I tried to print with it Vista wants me to install a driver. Anyone know what machine would need the drivers installed and which drivers?07:52
AyabaraWhen Dell sells laptops with Ubuntu, do they have a custom iso (and is there a place I can get it?)07:53
CanadianLinuxLooking for some help. I play Nexuiz in Ubuntu, My computer has been shutting down on me at random times when playing the game. I opened htop and it says the game is running at 100% CPU usage. I have no idea why07:53
winnipegmthank you ubottu07:53
FlannelAyabara: I believe they do, and you'd have to ask them for the location or how else you'd get it07:53
znikhow can i upgrade to 8.04.1 from gutsy thru the CD? i dont want to lose my previous files07:54
Flannelznik: Do you have an alternate CD? or the Desktop CD07:54
fr500_CanadianLinux: the game using cpu 100% is normal07:54
cordenby the way outbackwifi is the dns of opendns usable?07:54
cordenmaybe i will manually input there dns address.07:54
=== darksider is now known as Darksaeder
fr500_CanadianLinux: laptop?07:54
CanadianLinuxno destop07:54
cordenoutbackwifi, my main problem is that inet cannot establish connection.07:54
fr500_probably overheating07:54
fr500_CanadianLinux: or dying PSU07:54
jim_pznik: doenload the alternative installation cd and use it as a update source07:54
Cheekyphysically_fit: hey you got a min ?07:55
CanadianLinuxMaybe the PSU07:55
znikFlannel i have the desktop cd from canonical07:55
physically_fityes Cheeky07:55
CanadianLinuxhardware monitor says its not overheating07:55
Flannelznik: You'll need the alternate CD to upgrade07:55
Flannel!upgrade | znik07:55
ubottuznik: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes07:55
Flannelznik: Or, just download the packages from the internet, of course.07:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pae07:55
CanadianLinuxfr500_, so there is no issue with the game running at 100 cpu07:55
CanadianLinuxI do have a dual core processor07:56
fr500_no issue07:56
CanadianLinuxSometimes I can play for hours07:56
fr500_games tax processors a lot07:56
Cheekyphysically_fit: iam running the installer though terminal and it prompts me for my installation path but when i give the path way i get this error WARNING: Please enter a valid installation path.07:56
CanadianLinuxsometimes minutes07:56
znikFlannel i dont have a fast net connection so iwouldnt it be better if i use the desktop cd i got from canonical?07:56
Cheekyphysically_fit: i used this path /home/cheeky/.mozilla07:56
outbackwifiUjjwol: hey07:57
cordenoutbackwifi, can you give me the DNS of opendns? i'll try to use it. since i can't surf. tnx07:57
hmlis there a way to update from 8.04 to 8.10 update beta w/o burning a cd ? (none on hand); can i do an apt-get [some type of magic here] ?07:58
Ujjwolhow to use yum instead of apt-get in ubuntu hatdy07:58
Canti!livecd | canti07:58
ubottuCanti, please see my private message07:58
Cheekyphysically_fit: says its not a directory ?07:58
outbackwifiUjjwol: dont know about yum but alien lets you use rpms07:58
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)07:58
physically_fitCheeky, it didn't ask me for a path. did you open the tar.gz file?07:58
Ujjwolyum also can use debain packages07:59
Cheekyphysically_fit: iam just running it it right now in my tmp directory is that a problem?08:00
jim_phas anyone ever used blackbox as a wm? how does it minimise the windows?08:00
speedhunt3rhey can i use clamtk to scan a windows drive mounted on the network? it's usually under /home/user/.gvfs/ but when i try recursive scan it doesn't initiate...08:00
outbackwifi!repeat | speedhunt3r08:01
ubottuspeedhunt3r: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience08:01
ludwig__anyone here use rndc-confgen before08:01
Ujjwolhey is there any open-source nVidia Driver08:01
Ujjwolfor ubuntu08:01
outbackwifiUjjwol: nv08:01
cordenby the way guys how to install clam-win?08:01
cordenok i sarch it at the repo :)08:01
Ujjwoloutbackwifi: nv means08:02
outbackwifiUjjwol: nvidia driver08:02
Ujjwolis that open-source08:02
Lul2xHi. I would like to set up a web server to host my own blog and also use this server to host files that I can access from other computers on my network. I know I can do the latter with Ubuntu Desktop version, but I was wondering if I would be better-off going with the Server version for my needs. What is the main difference between these two? Thanks!08:02
outbackwifiUjjwol: yes08:03
physically_fitCheeky, then you have to run ./flashplayer-installer from that folder08:03
Ujjwolit is returned proprietary in nVidia's site08:03
TidusLul2x: the main difference between the two is simply the last part of the install, where it runs the debian "tasksel" command08:03
jim_pLul2x: desktop setup will get you to a full desktop, server setup will get you to command line only and you ahve to install the rest08:03
outbackwifiLul2x: the server version does not come with a graphical interface08:03
Tidusotherwise they're the same distro08:03
Ujjwolhow to install Kde 4.1 in ubuntu hardy08:03
Cheekyphysically_fit: yeah the installer works..and its asking me to give it a path08:04
jim_pLul2x: for the rest of the questions, look at how you can make an http server08:04
Lul2xthanks guys. So I can still successfully run my blog from Ubuntu Desktop? I will need php, mysql, and a few other things. The elimination of the "tasksel" command in the Desktop version won't prevent this?08:04
Cheekyphysically_fit: it asks me this Please enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape,08:05
Cheekyor Opera browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla):08:05
Lul2xjim_p: ok, I'll take a look08:05
znikjim_p cant i use my live cd like an alternate cd?08:05
outbackwifiUjjwol: i guess installing kde-base should do the trick08:05
TidusLul2x: tasksel is simply what's run at the end of the alternate or server install cd08:05
jim_pznik: depends on what you want to do08:05
Lul2xI am making a transfer from Gentoo, which has been on my server for a couple of years now and I have become a bit rusty with Linux in the meantime08:05
Ujjwoli am looking to buy Dell XPS m1530 with ubuntu and does the wi-fi and webcam works well in ubuntu08:06
znikjim_p i want to upgrade my gutsy to 8.04.108:06
Lul2xI appreciate the advice!'08:06
* outbackwifi thinks tasksel has Lul2x confused08:06
crisoTidus, in other words after running aptitude, they are exactly the same..08:06
outbackwifiUjjwol: yes08:06
Lul2xa bit, but I can use google to find out exactly what it does :)08:06
crisoLul2x, just install whatever you have08:07
crisoapt has magical online repositories that will work to install whatever you want08:07
crisounless this is an offline webserver :/08:07
Flannel!lamp | Lul2x08:07
ubottuLul2x: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)08:07
Lul2xnope, it'll be online08:07
Ujjwolwhat is messenger to use the video call08:07
Tiduscriso: yes, basically08:07
crisoLul2x, just install with the CD you have and go from there08:07
nxmehtajust started working with ubuntu server- does ubuntu not use inetd?  what's the ubuntu way of dealing with internet services?08:08
TidusLul2x: the server install cd gives you the option to have a pre-configured LAMP server set up, but it's easily doable on the desktop edition as well08:08
Cheekyphysically_fit: does it have to go to the /usr/lib/mozilla  folder ? or the mozilla folder thats hidden in your /home/user directory ?08:08
Tidusnxmehta: i think it uses xinetd08:08
outbackwifinxmehta: xinetd08:08
jim_pznik: if you can add it as a cd rom source, then yes. i dont know if the "nature" of the cd allows it to be added that way. anyway, with the cd rom in the drive run    sudo apt-cdrom add08:08
Lul2xok, cool. This is incredible, you guys are so much help. I'm used to the old-school linux rooms where noone is willing to help--only show their superiority by not helping at all :P08:08
physically_fitCheeky, did you delete the libflashplayer.so that was in your home/mozilla directory?08:09
Lul2xThank Tidus. It would be nice to have the desktop gui and then install LAMP after. The server won't be hardcore, so this way I get the best of both worlds :)08:09
znikjim_p would u join me in an IM?08:09
Cheekyphysically_fit: yes i did08:09
nxmehtaok, xinetd... looks like it's not installed by default on ubuntu server 8.04?  i have to apt-get it...08:09
physically_fitCheeky, if so, then give that path (i never got that question though)08:10
Cheekyphysically_fit: i went to /home/cheeky / .mozilla / plugin and deleted it08:10
TidusLul2x: see, i hate the old-school linux rooms that did that.  it does nothing to advance the open source world08:10
Lul2xoh, one last thing. is the home directory still the same style? E.g. /home/pat  (I ask b/c I'm afraid some file links may fail when I transfer my server files)08:10
outbackwifiLul2x: yes08:10
TidusLul2x: yes, it's the same style.  that's a LSB standard (Linux Standard Base) which ubuntu loosely adheres to08:11
Lul2xthought so, just wanted to double-check08:11
Lul2xthanks a ton, I'm going to start downloading :D08:11
crisobasically ubuntu doesn't put in enough effort (microsoft..) to come up with crazy ways to breaks everything08:11
Tiduslol... MS releases a patch to fix what they broke in the last patch08:12
outbackwifiLul2x: you might want to install any version that says LTS (long Term Support)08:12
Lul2xok, I'll take a look outbackwifi08:13
Lul2x8.04 looks good (support until 2011)  :)08:13
=== PriceChild is now known as Guest79425
crisois intrepid an installable release yet?08:14
=== abeeky is now known as maffic
crisoor rather, is it "installable"08:14
joebob777as7Can someone help me get my nvidia working? Here is my xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ca/1218767 and tail of Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.ca/121876808:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sdb08:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sda08:15
jamesishsda is the first sata hard drive.08:15
jamesishsdb the second.08:15
crisoI'm thinking that intrepid is like debian experimental? (they fear it and don't want anyone to install from those packages)08:15
bullgard4What fonts are collected in /usr/share/consolefonts?08:16
paedrighi need to make two vfat disks read and writable for everyone in fstab, can't change permissions in nautilus. Help appreciated.08:16
crisobecause I didnt see an 'experimental' repository for ubuntu08:16
=== Guest79425 is now known as PriceChild
outbackwifijoebob777as7: client 4 rejected from local host is the prob; not nvidia08:16
paul68can someone help me with sorting mails in thunderbird08:16
outbackwifijoebob777as7: are you trying to login from remote08:16
frybyecriso - it is beta now  - only the final release will be classed as stable...08:16
roukounjamesish: i want to find out what is every device under /dev!08:16
joebob777as7outbackwifi, no08:16
roukounjamesish: do you know any tutor or guide or something like this?08:17
crisofrybye, can I08:17
frybyesorry.. disregard that - I was in the wrong channel...08:17
crisoupdate or upgrade to it?08:17
outbackwifijoebob777as7: though this is dangerous, type xhost + on a comand line and then try to login08:17
frybyeor - never mind - intrepid stuff is in #ubuntu+108:18
joebob777as7outbackwifi, dangerous?08:18
Decepticon!release date08:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about release date08:18
joebob777as7I have vesa video at 640x48008:18
marcustomizedjoebob, your xorg looks really weird,...08:18
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases08:18
paul68join /ubuntu+108:18
frybyecriso - a full new install is nearly always better imho - back up your pers. data first...08:18
outbackwifijoebob777as7: dangerous as in allowing anyne to connect08:18
marcustomizeddid they change they xorg.conf setup in the newest version?08:18
Decepticonwhen is it going to be released?08:18
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marcustomizedjoebob, is this for a laptop?08:19
=== Guest15550 is now known as vagilinux1
=== vagilinux1 is now known as Vagilinux1
DaveKongis there a way to have your password emailed to you if you forget it?08:20
ompaulDaveKong, for ?08:20
=== pramod is now known as Pramod
joebob777as7outbackwifi, just gave me unable to open display "" then when I start gdm again I get the same errors: (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module (EE) Screen(s) found, but non have a usable configuration08:21
bullgard4paedrigh: You can change permissions in fstab using sudo gedit.08:21
DaveKongompaul your nick ident password08:21
AyabaraFlannel, if someone here knew where it was to be found, that would be a way :-)08:21
ompaulDaveKong, go to #freenode and say you want a password reset, if you have an email address set up they can help if you have not then they can't08:21
Ayabaraif they have put it out for downloading, that is08:21
ykphuahcan I prevent ubuntu from opening rhythmbox everytime I insert a CD? it also pauses whatever I am playing in the background.08:22
PramodI am currently on Failsafe Gnome08:22
Cheekyphysically_fit: hey man .. it got it to work thnks for the help08:22
Pramodwhen i log on to the normal Gnome, the panels do not load... only ctrl-alt-delete works...08:22
FlannelAyabara: You'd have to ask dell.08:22
Pramodi cannot even right-click...08:23
joebob777as7outbackwifi, any ideas on why it can't load the module? running beta08:23
Pramodcan anyone please help me out?08:23
paul68is there a good althernative for edit++ underlinux especially for php purposes?08:23
Flannelpaul68: try SciTE08:24
icedwaterHow do I create a shared folder visible to Mac hosts on the same wired network?08:24
crisopaul68, try editplus3 under wine08:24
paul68can i get this through synaptic?08:24
crisoseriously :)08:24
crisopackage is called "scite"08:25
Flannel!info scite08:25
ubottuscite (source: scite): Lightweight GTK-based Programming Editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.75-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 845 kB, installed size 2148 kB08:25
crisobut editplus runs very nicely under wine08:25
crisoyou'd be surprised08:25
crisoI actually use it to multifile search08:26
PramodMy penls do not load on startup...08:26
PramodMy Panels do not load on startup...08:26
Flannelcriso: scite can do that too (and so can a bunch of others)08:26
paul68criso I can imagine however I'm still exploring the world of ubuntu and I'm not familiar with wine yet08:26
crisothere is a special affinity of people to editplus08:27
paul68use still dualboot since I need to some ms applications08:27
crisosimilar but no equal to bbedit08:27
crisopaul68, what apps do you need on windows?08:27
=== caleb_ is now known as gaminggeek
Flannelpaul68: SciTE is available on windows too, so you can consolidate08:27
bullgard4What fonts are collected in /usr/share/consolefonts?08:28
subdolusHi guys, I've been playing with trying to get a second monitor cranking on the secondary output on my Eee (using ubuntu-eee). At the moment it just clones the other dektop, but I want it to send particular windows on to the second monitor. Any ideas? I've tried editing xorg.conf but it is earily barron.. so the GDM must use other configs, is this right? help!08:28
paul68criso on windows fort the moment cs3 and office2007 since I have to run support on it at work08:28
paul68that's the main reason that I don't switch completly to linux just yet08:29
crisopaul68, do you need cs3 for any professional print work?08:29
joebob777as7paul68, same for me with cs3 and lightroom unfortunately but luckily I can run them both in a vm with VirtualBox08:30
crisoI'd go ahead and try to learn gimp and try to use (ugh) openoffice08:30
joebob777as7don't bother with gimp there is no alternative to photoshop CS308:30
crisoalso look into crossover or bordeauxgroup.com08:30
crisojoebob777as7, are you sure?08:31
paul68Well the cs3 I mainly use for creating pdf's since I'm not familiar with a program that does this under linux08:31
crisothe main objection I've heard is cmyk in gimp08:31
joebob777as7closest would be pixel criso08:31
outbackwifisubdolus: try xinerama08:31
paul68but use from time to time photoshop and illustrater to08:31
joebob777as7paul68, good illustrator alternative would be inkscape08:32
crisoI didn't even know cs3 was good for making pdfs..08:32
joebob777as7criso, in combo with acrobat pro there is no competition08:32
paul68criso in the complete cs3 pqckage you have adobe acrobat professional who does this perfectly08:33
joebob777as7I've never found a linux app that can do as good with compression and whites as acrobat pro08:33
crisoyes but what does cs3 do specifically for pdf?08:33
crisoI have acrobat08:33
joebob777as7I'm talking 20 page forms in under 100KB!08:33
vinkahey: i'm having a problem using evolution with my school imap server. everything seems to work fine in a send/receive, but no mail appears in the inbox08:34
paul68it was in the package of cs3 cracked08:34
joebob777as7Can someone help me get my nvidia working? Here is my xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ca/1218767 and tail of Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.ca/121876808:34
paul68ofcourse because it's to expensive to buy it08:34
joebob777as7I start gdm and I get the errors: (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module (EE) Screen(s) found, but non have a usable configuration08:35
jamesishsubdolus: it's an xorg configuration flag. I forget what it's called but googling around for linux dual monitors'll reveal all.08:35
crisopaul68, try cegeda/crossover/bordeauxgroup.com08:35
Flannel!dualhead | subdolus08:35
ubottusubdolus: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama08:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about evolution08:35
crisopaul68, they are better versions of wine08:35
Flannelpaul68: try wine first.  A lot of the stuff that works in the others will work in wine.08:35
paul68ok thanks criso and flannel bbl08:36
vinkahey, can anyone help me with setting up evolution?08:37
=== Dr-Markey is now known as eth01
crisovinka, wizard didn't do it?08:38
jamesishvinka: what's the issue? Email clients tend to be pretty self-explanatory.08:38
overridercan anyone recommend a really good personal finance / accounting sofftware i can run under apache php on my local machine? something like gnucash for the web. thanks08:39
vinkacriso, jamesish - i think i have it set up correctly. nothing complains during a send/receive, i just don't get any mail in my inbox (there's mail on the server)08:39
bullgard4What fonts are collected in /usr/share/consolefonts?08:39
joebob777as7overrider, yes there is nolapro08:40
jamesishIf you don't get mail, then it's not set up correctly or your mail server is hosed. Which do you think it is?08:40
crisovinka, I'm thinking there is a way to see the "debug output" of send/receive08:41
crisoto see if it's the server's fault or what08:41
crisobut I dont remember off hand08:41
bullgard4packages.ubuntu.com does not find 'setfonds'. What is the Ubuntu replacement for 'setfonds'?08:42
jamesishsetfonds isn't a package.08:43
jamesishptfonds ubuntu08:44
FloodBot1jamesish: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:44
DaremonaiMy ubuntu's crashing, and when it loads again, it sometimes tells me "Kernel panic, wait to kill init!" (or something like that) kernel version is 2.6.24-19-generic08:44
foouh, removing firefox also wants to remove firefox firefox-gnome-support gnome-user-guide ubufox ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-docs yelp08:44
fooI don't think I want to remove all of those08:45
dr_willisfoo why are you removing firefox anyway?08:45
crisojust tell it to install all the ones it wants to remove08:45
crisoin aptitude just type 'i' over those ones08:45
joebob777as7Can someone help me get my nvidia working? Here is my xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ca/1218767 and tail of Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.ca/1218768  I start gdm and I get the errors: (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module (EE) Screen(s) found, but non have a usable configuration08:45
foodr_willis: I want to install version 3, and I think I Just download, untar, then run ./firefox08:46
bustaplzand cups-pdf experts?08:46
dr_willisfoo,  what release of ubuntu you using? version 3 is  in the current repos.08:46
crisofirstly you dont need to uninstall that package08:46
crisoor you could pipe dpkg -L firefox into xargs with rm :)08:46
dr_willisIt would be 'best' if installing manually - to install it for a specific user..  i guessing..08:47
vinkacriso, do you know how?08:47
Flannelcriso: Thatd.... be bad.  Please don't suggest things like that here.  Ever.08:47
crisovinka, I'm looking but I didnt have pop3 set up atm08:47
crisoFlannel, bad?08:47
marcustomizedjoebobjoebob, i tried writing you a new xorg.conf here http://pastebin.ca/121878208:47
foodr_willis: I'm on lenny/sid according to debian_version. My source files say gutsy, hmm08:47
marcustomizedbackup your current one and try it out08:47
Flannelfoo: lsb_release -a08:47
jamesishjoebob777as7: did you try out things like this (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module08:47
crisofoo, type dpkg -l firefox08:47
jamesishJeez, my pasting sucks today08:48
foocriso: that's version 2, not what we're looking for, I don't think08:48
jamesishhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213409 things like this, joebob777as708:48
=== fraggedNick is now known as fragged
fooFlannel: thanks, what does lsb stand for>?08:48
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins08:48
Flannelfoo: linux standard base08:48
foodr_willis: gutsy08:48
fooFlannel: thanks08:48
vinkacriso: when the send/receive window come up, it seems to be ok. also, i'm using imap08:48
dr_willisfoo,  you may want to upgrade to hardy, I think there was a FF3 packages for  gutsy - but i dont know for sure.08:48
crisovinka, ah..08:48
dr_willis!info firefox gutsy08:49
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): lightweight web browser based on Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 8991 kB, installed size 26092 kB08:49
Flannelfoo: gutsy has FF3 beta4 in -backports.  If you wanted to do it yourself, follow the instructions on that firefox new version wiki page.08:49
vinkacriso: ah?08:49
crisovinka,  you could wireshark it heh08:49
crisoI don't know what imap does but it should give a count of messages on the server08:50
vinkacriso, yeah, then i'll just parse the packets in my head, right?08:50
foodr_willis: hm, I'm debating making the move... a little afraid because if this breaks I really don't have the time to fix it / reinstall. Should I just use v2 until I have some time? Or should I upgrade to hardy?08:50
codecowboyi just deleted a folder by accident from an ntfs formatted drive attached via usb. whats the the best way to try and recover the files?08:50
crisowireshark can parse imap I think08:50
bustaplzI'm trying to change the output location of cups-pdf but if I change it from anything but default it stops working completely!08:50
dr_willisfoo,  next release is due out in like 30 days also. :)08:50
vinkacriso: this seems like a non-ideal troubleshooting stage08:50
overriderjoebob777as7, thanks, nolapro looks like a great piece of software. issue is only, it is way too complex for my needs. i would use nolapro for running a small business or so, but for personal home finance, its too much. id love something like grisbi,gnucash or homebank but as an online version. badger is online, but really buggy and not under development for over a year. any other suggestions?08:50
Flannelfoo: You can install v3 locally.  Its really easy.  Or stick with v2.08:51
jamesishbustaplz: I imagine man cups-pdf or cups-pdf --help will assist some.08:51
foodr_willis: hm, I'll just wait08:51
Flannelfoo: Nothing wrong with version 2, that's for sure.08:51
fooFlannel: yeah, I grabbed the source, unzipped... ran ./firefox ... voila08:51
crisothe problem is that imap can do weird things with archiving messages on the server08:51
joebob777as7overrider, why online?08:51
bustaplzI know how to edit and what syntax to use but I cannot make it change08:51
nik_hi, i am having trouble with DLing patchs for WoW. getting Error #125...anyone know anything about that?08:51
jamesishoverrider: try lessaccounting.com -- it's pretty awesome.08:51
dr_willisfoo,  that wasent really 'source' :) but we get the idea08:51
Flannelfoo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion  make sure you didnt miss anything.08:51
foodr_willis: ha, that's true, I guess it isn't08:52
bustaplzif I set it back to ${HOME}/PDF it works fine again, but I want it to go to /home/me/Desktop/Share/PDF, if I try this or ${HOME}/Desktop/Share/PDF it stops functioning08:52
bustaplzam I mistyping something?08:52
jamesishbustaplz: use a symlink.08:52
overriderjoebob777as7, dunno, im just looking for something online so i can easily switch platforms and os, have my wife who uses windows use it also and so on. also, my calendar and taskmanager, projectmanager is online, so naturally id like my finance app to be online, even if its in my local lan08:52
overriderjamesish, ill try, thanks. but i think its hosted only08:52
hmlis there an easy way in ubuntu to get BadRAM module, or do I have to follow the insturctionss at help.ubuntu.com/community/BadRAM ?08:53
bustaplzCould you tell me how to create on for those directories?08:53
bustaplzI never even considered that!08:53
joebob777as7overrider, do you have a window or linux server on your lan?08:53
nik_has anyone got the patches for WoW to work?08:53
=== Guest87799 is now known as msh
overriderjoebob777as7, yeah08:53
mshI have installed firestarter and I want it to start on each startup how do I do that?08:54
jamesishbustaplz: man ln, paying attention to the ln -s option. OR right click in Nautilus and choose "create shortcut" or whatever it's called.08:54
Daft_Punksay you have a theme you like in emerald but it doesnt use "shade" feature, how can you enable it on that theme?08:54
joebob777as7overrider, you can run it on that and just use nomachine, x forwarding, or rdp (terminal services)08:54
bustaplzhaha doing this through ssh so no easy button for me08:54
joebob777as7it as in gnucash08:54
bustaplzgoing to go investigate, thank you08:54
enzotib_msh: it is the default for the backend, the frontend is started from the menu08:54
overriderjoebob777as7, could :-)08:54
jamesishbustaplz: use ssh -Y then open nautilus.08:54
joebob777as7jamesish, yeah been through that but it doesn't fix my nvidia issue it just sticks me back to using vesa...08:55
marcustomizedjoebob777as7, i tried writing you a new xorg.conf here http://pastebin.ca/121878208:55
bustaplzi'm actually on putty, so that won't work will it?08:55
joebob777as7marcustomized, thx I'll teset it out08:55
mshenzotib: so it means its started on each startup?08:55
Hernzdravim vsechny08:56
jamesishbustaplz: never underestimate X's powers. But ln -s is really what you should use. Surprised you're comfortable using ssh but not ln -s. Putty has some built in X windows stuff, but you'll need to read up on it; naturally, you can't pass in the -Y flag on startup. Try installing cygwin, though, then you can.08:56
dr_willisbustaplz,  with xming, you can x forward x apps to the windows desktop. :)08:56
enzotib_msh: yep, check with pgrep firestarter08:56
bustaplzit's been a while since I've done the linux thing so i've forgotten some commands08:56
marcustomizedjoebob, u may need to adjust the horizontal sync rate i suggested because I pretty much guessed08:57
mshenzotib :ok :)08:57
bustaplzi'll look into xming and cygwin08:57
jamesishbustaplz: makes sense :) With a little time, it'll all come flooding back like some kind of unstoppable nightmare which will haunt your days and nights.08:57
bustaplzsounds interesting08:57
dr_willisbustaplz,  cygwin is a bit out of date i think.. xming is handy.. :)08:58
bustaplzI've been doing this all day08:58
bustaplzi love it08:58
bustaplzis it just a client like putty?08:58
DaveKongwhat is the difference between joining through freenode vs ubuntu servers and oftc vs debian servers?08:59
dr_willisbustaplz,  its a X server for windows.08:59
dr_willisbustaplz,  it can work with putty08:59
bustaplzhaha you're going to have me up all night08:59
Daft_Punksay you have a theme you like in emerald but it doesnt use "shade" feature, how can you enable it on that theme?09:00
bustaplzi imagine I have to be running X running to use something like Xming?09:00
jamesishX has to be installed on both machines, but it doesn't have to be running on both, only on the local machine.09:02
joebob777as7marcustomized, same errors... :(09:02
marcustomizedhave u tried reinstalling the nvidia drivers through the restricted drivers manager?09:03
joebob777as7marcustomized, i'm going to try to install nvidia-glx-173 see if that makes a difference09:03
joebob777as7marcustomized, that's how I have 177 installed now09:03
marcustomizedalright, go for it09:03
simon49to hack venerable # sikelo09:04
bovecan the default ubuntu network manager be used from a console?09:05
hosstestis there anyway I can make it so that I can see folders in List mode and see Hidden files and folders at all times?09:05
fariahow to kill the process09:07
joebob777as7marcustomized, the downloading adn installing driver screen  just sits at 0% and I can't even cancel it...09:07
marcustomizedjoebob, you're getting it directly from nvidia's site or doing something else?09:08
macoi just got a kernel panic in hardy.  how can i find out what caused it?09:09
joebob777as7that's in the restricted driver download rebooting and going to do it in command line instead09:09
kirdnehi have problem09:10
PeoplesAdvocateHello, Im new to this IRC stuff, any basics i should know?09:10
joebob777as7kirdneh, that sucks!09:10
marcustomizedi'd just stay away from the restricted drivers now, and jus compile it from source09:10
joebob777as7marcustomized, from nvidia site?09:11
marcustomizedjoebob, http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html09:12
marcustomizedmake sure the old one from restricted is completely uninstalled09:13
DaveKongI installed both ubuntu 32bit and 64bit sharing a /home partition with their own roots but from grub I only see one kernal and can't tell if I am in 64 or 32 or where the other has gone09:13
DaveKongif anyone could let me know how to get the other in grub or how the 64bit could have installed 32 please let me know09:13
velkoPeoplesAdvocate, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC09:14
marcustomizedalso, if u have a 9800gt, or greater, the old drivers wont do09:14
PeoplesAdvocatethanks velko09:14
Terabytehey, does ubuntu come with java vm?09:15
hanakwhen i'm on my wireless lan, i can't download above 40K sombody know why?09:17
joebob777as7marcustomized, ran envyng and it reinstalled 177 and now all is working thx09:18
marcustomizedgreat :)09:19
macoi just got a kernel panic in hardy.  how can i find out what caused it?09:19
maco!ru | stepnoff09:19
ubottustepnoff: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:19
PeoplesAdvocateI have a fujitsu P1120 and I have recently installed xubuntu. It runs real slow compared to my XP on another partition. Specs of the laptop are (256mb RAM, 800MHz Transmeta Crusoe, 30 GIG HD, ATI Mobility Rage 8 mb Video card). Any suggestions?09:22
KelenHi, all. How to control the volume only left or right with Alsa driver?09:22
marcustomizedKelen, what?09:23
macoKelen: right click the volume thing, go to open volume control. unlock PCM or Front (varies by computer) and move the sliders independently09:23
marcustomizedmaco, I want to know how you deciphered that sentence09:24
macomarcustomized: ignored the part where they thought the mixer and the driver were the same thing09:24
xjohnthomasxcan anyone help me get my videos and mp3's to play on my new ubuntu 8.04? i thought i'd installed all the necessary codecs with ubuntu-restricted.. but i guess not maybe?09:25
slytherinhas anyone successfully installed IE7 using wine?09:26
macoslytherin: ies4linux has ie709:26
marcustomizedxjohnthomasx, just install totem with the xine backend09:26
slytherinmaco: I will check09:26
macoslytherin: it looks like ie6 still, but they've got ie6's gui rigged up with ie7's rendering engine09:26
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: i did that.. but how do i know if it's running? it still eff's up09:26
marcustomizedplays just about everything09:26
slytherinmaco: is it ies4linux or ie4linux?09:27
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: how do i switch between -xine and -gstreamer for totem?09:27
marcustomizedwhat do u mean, "if it's running"?  Are you not getting audio or something09:27
Kelenmaco: thanks a lot..09:27
xjohnthomasxi get stuttering video.. and no audio.. and rhythmbox doesnt playmp3's either..09:27
Kelenmaco: i got it.09:27
macoslytherin: er...something along those general lines? tatanka i think for the website name09:27
DaveKongok I ran uname -a and it says ubuntu x86_64 ... so that means I am in 64 bit right?09:28
slytherinmaco: ok, then it is ies4linux09:28
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: i get stuttering video.. no audio.. rhythmnbox doesnt play mp3's either..09:29
xavierkHow do I make a visudo command that allows me to run a bash script using a variable... such as "nobody ALL=NOPASSWD:/home/my/serpublic_html/cmd.sh ALLOWEDVARS" ??  instead of /cmd.sh *?09:29
Peddycan someone please explain the difference between eth0 and wlan0? Thanks.09:29
marcustomizedtotem-xine should automatically use the xine backend, so im guessing u have both totem xine, and totem-gstreamer installed09:29
marcustomizedif thats possible09:30
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: i do, but where is the totem-xine, or should i uninstall gstreamer?09:30
xjohnthomasxwhy does gstreamer exist, if it messes up and doesnt work?09:30
slytherinDaveKong: No, it simply means that your machines architecture is x86_6409:30
ubbuntu-newbie@ all im using fiesty fawn ubuntu 7.04 and want to upgrade to gutsy... do i have to download 625 MB???? or is there a quicker way???(less download time)09:30
marcustomizedkeep gstreamer, because I think rhythmbox can only use a gstreamer backend09:30
marcustomizeduninstall totem xine09:30
slytherinmarcustomized: xjohnthomasx: totem uses only one backend at a time09:31
PeoplesAdvocatevlc player is great!!!09:31
Ab3Lhello everybody. ciao a tutti. salut à tout le monde...09:31
macoPeddy: eth0 = first ethernet device. wlan0 = name of first wireless device with intel wifi, maybe some others09:31
marcustomizedand install every gstreamer plugin package in synaptic09:31
DaveKongslytherin, how do I know if I am running 64 bit?09:31
ubbuntu-newbieim using fiesty fawn ubuntu 7.04 and want to upgrade to gutsy... do i have to download 625 MB???? or is there a quicker way???(less download time)09:31
steve_i installed postgresql i cant find where it is in the system09:31
Peddymaco: so if I want to configure IP masquerading, do I choose eth0 or wlan0 for NAT?09:31
macoDaveKong: "uname -a" output says so09:32
marcustomizedslytherin, my mistake, i dont use ubuntu, just going off of stuff i vaguely remember about Fiesty09:32
macoPeddy: depends if you're using wifi or wired. eth0 is your wired one, wlan0 is your wireless09:32
Peddymaco: I'm using wireless ;)09:32
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: ok, i uninstalled totem-gstreamer, and then the video seemed to play all right for about 30seconds.. and then it froze, and  totem crashed09:32
=== arash_ is now known as |PiP|
macoPeddy: then wlan009:33
slytherinxjohnthomasx: what kind of vide is it?09:33
slytherinDaveKong: no idea09:33
macoPeddy: though i've no clue what IP masquerading is09:33
xjohnthomasxa movie09:33
marcustomizedwhat codec?09:33
DaveKongmaco,  it says 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP ... x86_64 GNU/Linux09:33
xjohnthomasxyou mean suffix? it's a mpg09:33
PeoplesAdvocateI want to know if the MADWIFI drivers that come with the ubuntu distro supports INJECTION for AIRCRACK already or do I need to install a different version?09:33
macoDaveKong: see the 64?09:33
Kelenmaco: in addition. is it possible for ubuntu to upgrade kernel automatically?09:33
macoPeoplesAdvocate: try and see what happens?09:33
Peddymaco: IP masquerading is the linux equivalent of Internet Connection Sharing09:34
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: mpg09:34
DaveKongmaco I see a 64 but not in the kernel name just the part later09:34
Peddymaco: so is eth0 not being used at all?09:34
Peddyif I use wifi09:34
macoKelen: i dont believe so. that's a big change and requires a reboot. automatic rebooting while you're doing important things isn't my idea of a feature.09:34
slytherinxjohnthomasx: I don't understand why you are having trouble playing it with totem-gstreamer. Did you install all the gstreamer codecs in repositories?09:34
slytherinPeddy: of course not09:34
martPeddy, yes09:34
xjohnthomasxslytherin: how will i know?09:34
marcustomizedsee, i've always used only one backend for everything, he's mixing them09:34
macoDaveKong: yeah, that's the part that tells you. -a is "all" i forget which flag (-r maybe?) tells just the architecture09:34
slytherinxjohnthomasx: open System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager and search for gstreamer.09:35
xjohnthomasxok, and then what?09:35
Peddythanks maco09:35
xjohnthomasxslytherin: ok and then what?09:35
DaveKongmaco, ok thanks... so now I just need to add the location of the root for the 32 bit install to Grub and I can boot either?09:35
Peddyslytherin: isn't eth9 a LAN device?09:36
Peddyslytherin: eth0*09:36
marcustomizedxjohn, are all the "bad", "good", and "base" sets installed09:36
slytherinPeddy: yes it is.09:36
kdaveyHello all09:36
marcustomizedalso the "ugly" set09:36
Peddyslytherin: you said 'of course not', was that 'of course it isn't used' or 'of course it isn't not used'?09:37
macoDaveKong: /me looks at you funny.  "grub should have been automatically set up"09:37
martit isn't use09:37
slytherinxjohnthomasx: make sure you have installed gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad, gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse, gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly, gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse and gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg. Then make sure you have totem-gstreamer installed.09:37
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: it seems to have at least one of each of those sets.. it doesn't have a few packages from each of those sets, usually with suffix -db or -dc etc.09:37
slytherinPeddy: when you are using wifi why would your ethernet card be used?09:37
Peddyslytherin: as a LAN device :P09:38
Peddyslytherin: for the wlan09:38
marcustomizedinstall everything gstreamer, uninstall totem-xine and replace it with totem-gstreamer09:38
DaveKongmaco well that is why I am confused and why I thought I might not be 64 Grub set up my windows and other installs but does not show the 32 bit ubuntu09:38
Peddyslytherin: ok I'll tell you how I got confused09:38
slytherinPeddy: No. eth0 is for wired lan, wlano is wireless lan09:38
Zhaneis there any guide for writing device driver module?09:38
macoZhane: don't waste your money on the book Linux Device Drivers v 3.  it's terribly outdated.09:39
slytherinZhane: for which device do you wish to write driver?09:39
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: i had all those things installed before..09:39
Peddyslytherin: Firestarter autodetects wlan0 as a 'internet connected network device' , and it autodetects wlan0 as 'local area network device'.09:39
macoZhane: it's also creative-commons licensed and thus available freely online09:39
Zhaneerm.. RTAI? ucsimm?09:39
CoderCRI am trying to get hardware acceleration working with Kubuntu (latest). I have an ATI 9100IGP.09:39
Zhanei know how to write basic modules, but have no idea how to make modules share variables09:39
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: um, now it's playing back in blue shades09:40
xjohnthomasxlike, shades of blue09:40
slytherinPeddy: haven't used firestarter for a while.09:40
georgeafhey guys, i'm having a prob with wvdial and pppd, anyone interested in helping ?09:40
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: and it's again slow and stuttering.. nos ound either..09:40
Kelenmaco: yep, i know it's a require to reboot while i done some important thing with system.  i just don't know the kernel will be  upgrade automatic or not.09:40
marcustomizeddelete the "/gstreamer" folder in your home folder09:40
marcustomizedits hidden09:40
slytherinxjohnthomasx: check in totem preferences if you have messed up hue and saturation settings09:40
xjohnthomasxslytherin: it's stuttering too.. i ddnt change nay settings..09:40
Peddyslytherin: and when I try to set both internet connected network device and local area network device as wlan0, it says 'the local and internet connected devices can not be the same'.09:40
Daremonaimy ubuntu's giving me kernel panics. Also when ubuntu's loaded and everything, sometimes it freezes and the keyboard's caps lock and scroll lock start flashing on and off, if I reset it (hard reset) it gives me kernel panics and doesn't load. but if I press power button to turn it off then on again, it works.09:40
xjohnthomasxslytherin: xine played it a little better it seems..09:40
xjohnthomasxslytherin: but still had no audio09:40
xjohnthomasxand crashed after 30 sec09:41
DaveKongmaco I shared /home, swap, /boot, and /usr/local over the two installs because SAG and forum posts suggested this but gave it it's own "/"09:41
paul68hi is there a possibility to move my mails in thunderbird under windows to the mails from thunderbird in ubuntu?09:41
slytherinxjohnthomasx: I am sure both gstreamer and xine developers will thank you for the file that can reproduce teh crash. :-)09:41
georgeafhey ppl, pppd disconnects automatically for me just after connecting09:41
zirodayDaremonai: thats not good. Does it happen on a fresh install? Does it happen right after you start up?09:41
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: i deleted .gstream.. now what??09:41
marcustomizedgo into .config09:41
georgeafhey ppl, pppd disconnects automatically for me just after connecting09:41
marcustomizedand delete the "totem" folder09:42
kdaveyAnyone else having problems getting Kubuntu 8.10Beta to use resolutions over 800x600 in Virtualbox?09:42
marcustomizedbasically clearing all all the settings09:42
CoderCRCould someone help me get hardware acceleration working for my ATI 9100IGP09:42
xjohnthomasxslytherin: i dont see why. it's just a music video09:42
zirodaygeorgeaf: I presume you are trying to connect a 3G modem?09:42
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: where's the totem folder?09:42
ziroday!ati | CoderCR09:42
ubottuCoderCR: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:42
macoDaveKong: /usr/local? well that's a bad idea. if you compile something for 64bit, it won't run on your 32bit system. /boot can also cause a bit of an interesting situation when multibooting...get filled up with all those kernels...and ubuntu expects grub to be installed on the mbr09:42
georgeafi have a licensed linuxant driver09:42
marcustomizedif i recall, its in your home directory, within the hidden ".config" folder09:43
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: where's the totem folder im supposed to delee?09:43
macoDaveKong: probably didn't know to add the other install's lines because of your separate /boot09:43
macoDaveKong: so yeah, add them manually and it should be fine09:43
marcustomizedif it isnt there, check the ".gconf" folders09:43
zirodaygeorgeaf: what are you trying to connect to? What guide are you following? What model modem do oyu have?09:43
kdaveyAnyone else having problems getting Kubuntu 8.10Beta to use resolutions over 800x600 in Virtualbox?09:44
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: totem deleted. now what?09:44
zirodaykdavey: ask in #kubuntu09:44
marcustomizedclose out totem if if it isnt already, then try to play your video again09:44
georgeafi'm trying to connect to my ISP. I'm not following any guide AND my modem is an Intel HDA (on an Acer laptop) which is actually conexant09:44
hanakanyone knows why my network speed is so slow09:44
hanakon ubuntu?09:44
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: still blue and slow and stuttering with no audio09:45
leetsaucehey guys, can i install the 8.10 beta on a machine that already has windows xp? will it update itself to the full version when it's out?09:45
zirodaygeorgeaf: okay, one moment please09:45
Daremonaiziroday, it's not a fresh install, i've been running it for months, well, actually i had it since 8.04 was released. It doesn't do it on start up, what it does is it loads GUI and at some point (random times - for me anyway) it does what i described above. And if I reset, on boot it tells me "Kernel Panic" blabla09:45
georgeafziroday: ok thanks09:45
marcustomizedxjohn, then I have no idea what the issue is09:45
ortsvorsteherhanak, how is your computer connected?09:45
xjohnthomasxslytherin: you have ideas?09:45
hanakortsvorsteher: wireless09:45
zirodayDaremonai: can you see if the issue persists with a fresh install?09:46
hanakortsvorsteher: i dont have speed above 30kb 40kb same wifi card on windows i get 1mb.09:46
ortsvorsteherare your near the access point? hanak09:46
slytherinxjohnthomasx: I never had any problem with any file with gstreamer, not sure why it is not working for you.09:46
Daremonaiziroday, I can't do a fresh install now.. am trying to fix it without having to install again.. I have a LOT of services running and stuff :(09:46
leetsaucehey guys, can i install the 8.10 beta on a machine that already has windows xp? will it update itself to the full version when it's out?09:47
zirodayleetsauce: yes, however the beta is extremely unstable, can destroy your hardware and its not recommend at all.09:47
xjohnthomasxslytherin: i need to get the videos and mp3s to playback. i had all those files installed. i have a quad core 2.64, nvidia geforce 8400, 3gb ram, and ubuntu 8.04.. what should i do? i made sure the restricted, and the w32codecs, and the gstreamer were installed.. but it's not working..09:48
leetsauceso what do you recommend? do i install v8.04 or wait for v8.10 final?09:48
Daremonaiziroday, do you know which log file i should check so that i can further diagnoze the problem?09:48
hanakleetsauce: yeah09:48
zirodayDaremonai: no sorry.09:48
martleetsauce, just install hardy09:48
zirodayleetsauce: install 8.0409:48
DaveKongmaco, ok thanks wish I could fine some more comprehensive stuff on this I read everything I could find over the course of some days09:48
leetsauceanyone here tried installing ubuntu on a toshiba laptop?09:49
hanakdamn i hate that speed, damn :p09:49
HNSZI have a problem installing linux on a toshiba satellite s300. After a while the screen will scramble. It happens before any of the installation steps.09:49
macoDaveKong: look for grub.conf on google. it's called that in lots of distros.09:49
hanakleetsauce: yeah I before but quite long time09:49
marcustomizedxjohn, seek out and delete all gstreamer/totem settings hidden in your home folder09:49
HNSZleetsauce: yes me09:49
marcustomizeddelete the ".xine" folder too09:49
xjohnthomasxmarcustomized: where would all those be?09:49
leetsaucecool, is it possible to dual boot?09:49
slytherinxjohnthomasx: please paste output of command - dpkg -l gstreamer0.10* - in pastebin09:50
marcustomizedwithin your home folder09:50
leetsauceand should i get the 23bit version or 64bit?09:50
hanakWhy not, its just your bootsector no?09:50
marcustomizedscattered in everything that starts with a "."09:50
hanakIf you install windows first then linux.09:50
slytherinleetsauce: why do you think it won't be possible to do dual boot?09:50
hanakhe will make dualboot09:50
marti'm using dual boot right now09:50
slytherinleetsauce: and 32 or 64 bit depends on your processor09:50
leetsauceslytherin: just asking :D09:50
martno problem at all09:50
xjohnthomasxslytherin: http://pastebin.com/m858595209:50
zirodayleetsauce: yes, and deciding between those is up to you. Some apps don't run on 32bit whilst 64bit can be faster and can use more then 3.5GB ram09:51
martmy machine is 64, but i install 3209:51
leetsaucei have a 64bit processor, but i heard there aren't much programs for 64bit09:51
DaveKongmaco: alright and I will just have to keep a careful eye on what I put in usr/local for /home I am following the advice of using different user logins to keep things seperate on the same partition09:51
mart64bit is hard to find right soft09:51
leetsaucei just need basic functionality though, no games or anything..09:51
martnot all are supported09:51
kdaveyyea give it another 2 or 3 years and 64bit will be king09:51
martthen just wait till that time to come09:52
georgeafziroday: can i somehow log what happens in windows and then do the same in linux ?09:52
leetsauceis there a significant speed difference between 32bit and 64bit? is it noticeable?09:52
slytherinleetsauce: you won't have luck with flash on 64 bit.09:52
r_a_j_eis it ok to install 386 ubuntu on 64 bit processor?09:52
georgeafziroday: i mean like the init string and all these09:52
Daremonaiziroday, in /var/log/syslog: ACPI: Looking for DSDT in initramfs... error, file /DSDT.aml not found. - does that matter?09:52
macoDaveKong: that's safe for /home for /usr/local ...when you compile, use --prefix=/usr/local/64 or /usr/local/32 (create those directories) to keep things separate09:52
zirodaygeorgeaf: no, as in windows those logs aren't displayed09:53
DaveKongmaco ok thanks a lot for all your help09:53
martit will make things complicated09:53
martunless ur running server09:53
macoDaveKong: honestly, desktop system.... / /home & swap are all ya need.  servers separate /var to keep DOS attacks from flooding their entire / and killing it all. unlikely you need that on a desktop system09:53
xjohnthomasxslytherin: did you see that? http://pastebin.com/m858595209:53
zirodayDaremonai: don't think so, but I am not an expert on the matter. You may want to file a bug09:53
slytherinxjohnthomasx: yes, you have all the necessary plugins installed.09:53
xjohnthomasxslytherin: my playback is stuttering, slow, no audio, and blue in totem!09:53
Daremonaiziroday, mmm okay09:53
slytherinxjohnthomasx: is the file available somewhere for download?09:53
xjohnthomasxno, it's any mpeg09:54
slytherinxjohnthomasx: then something else is wrong.09:54
DaveKongmaco ok09:54
Computechhello,k does somebody know how to format a hadrisk with ubuntu???09:54
xjohnthomasxslytherin: please help.. im at your direction09:54
leetsaucecan i burn the iso to a dvd?09:55
martcomputech, use gparted09:55
slytherinleetsauce: there are DVD iso available for download as well.09:55
slytherinxjohnthomasx: let me think09:55
Daft_Punk_you guys i need some MAJOR help. I was on my laptop and under CCSM i went to general settings, and opacify windows and set it to any and 0 by accident, now i cant see nothing!!! :( plz help09:55
xjohnthomasxslytherin: pm me?09:55
Computechmart, is that a programm with a gui?09:55
leetsaucewhere is the DVD iso?09:55
Computechok :)09:56
neo_chanhello everyone, which of backup tools is best?09:56
martcomputech, r u looking for command?09:56
georgeafanyone interested in my dialup prob ? :( i'm dying here09:56
Computechmart, no09:56
kdaveyneo:  that depends totally on what you need out of your backup solution09:56
dajeromm I made quite a grave error on my dad's computer. I configured mount options by right clicking on a mounted partitions but now it won't mount anymore as I entered "/media/something" as its mount point09:56
martneo_chan, use simple_backup09:57
dajeronow I cannot figure out how to undo that09:57
Computechmart, im actually looking for one (i prefer gui) that is already installed in the live cd09:57
slytheringeorgeaf: stop using internal modems. :-P09:57
martoh, it's already on live cd09:57
neo_chanI need to backup some of data such as photo.09:57
georgeafslytherin: it's a laptop09:57
martcomputech, just go to system > administrator09:57
Daft_Punk_you guys i need some MAJOR help. I was on my laptop and under CCSM i went to general settings, and opacify windows and set it to any and 0 by accident, now i cant see nothing!!! :( plz help09:57
Computechmart, and then?09:58
smidgehold your horses man i am looking it up09:58
martcomputech, there u'll see partition manager09:58
xjohnthomasxslytherin: what do you think09:58
marcustomizedDaft Punk, can u open a terminal?09:58
martpartition editor*09:58
zirodaygeorgeaf: sorry I forgot about you. Try reading this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto09:58
Daft_Punk_marcustomized, no i can go into safe boot tho09:58
smidgeDaft_Punk do you have a boot cd?09:58
Daft_Punk_smidge, yes i do09:58
slytherinxjohnthomasx: which graphics card are you using?09:58
Computechmart, i dont see a partition manager :o09:58
smidgeno worries yo not need it09:58
xjohnthomasxslytherin: nvidia geforce 840009:58
marti mean partition editor09:58
marcustomizedif u do that, I wont be able to walk u through it...09:58
georgeafok one sec09:58
smidgeyou can get a console with control-alt-f109:58
marcustomizedcan u open a file manager?09:59
xjohnthomasxslytherin: (it's an hp pavilion elite m9150f09:59
Daft_Punk_marcustomized, are you talking to me? i am on another computer right now... my laptop i cant see anything, how else can i type to u :p09:59
Computechmart, can you make a screenshot, i got the dutch ubuntu so i cant really find it :S09:59
martneo_chan, simple backup can do all the basic and advance backup09:59
leetsaucewhere is the DVD ISO for ubuntu?09:59
Computechmart, and also it looks like in synaptic that gparted isn't installed at the moment09:59
smidgeDaft_Punk_: use control-alt-F1 to get a console up10:00
Daft_Punk_smidge, i cant get a console because i cant see anything at all, just my background image10:00
slytherinDaft_Punk: Use Ctrl + Alt + F1 to go to console and use this command - rm -rf ~/.compiz. Come back to GUI with Ctrl + Alt + F7, see if it helps10:00
slytherinleetsauce: wait10:00
xjohnthomasxslytherin: should i just try using all xine stuff instead of gstreamer?10:00
smidgethis is seperate to the gu10:00
xjohnthomasxslytherin: what's the difference between them?10:00
Daft_Punk_slytherin, will that ruin my compiz settings at all?10:00
smidgenope it will take you out of x-windows temporarily10:00
martcomputech, one sec10:00
Computechmart, ok :)10:01
georgeafi think i'll try another dialer10:01
georgeafinstead of wvdial10:01
slytherinxjohnthomasx: do you think it might be problem with video card? But that still doesn't explain why there is no audio.10:01
xjohnthomasxslytherin: no, no prob with video or audio card..10:01
martcomputech, press alt+f210:01
xjohnthomasxslytherin: it's definitely something to do with the software10:01
martthen type "gksu gparted"10:01
slytherinxjohnthomasx: sorry, I meant video card driver10:01
martwithout quote10:01
marcustomizedDaft Punk, run slytherin's command10:01
Daft_Punk_slytherin, it did not work10:02
martu gotta be a root10:02
Computechmart, no sudo?10:02
martgksu gparted10:02
xjohnthomasxslytherin: i dont think so. when i used xine totem, it seemed to play back ok, but then crashed after 30 secones..10:02
PeddyCan someone please help me with configuring IP Masquerading?10:02
Daft_Punk_slytherin, it said it removed that folder but i go back to desktop and its still the same10:02
smidgeDaft_punk_ wait one i am getting you the command you need10:02
georgeafhey ain't all dialers use pppd ???10:02
* Daft_Punk_ cries, i think i just ruined compiz settings for no reaosn :(10:02
marcustomizedDaft Punk, 'Ctrl + Alt + Backspace' to restart X10:02
leetsaucehow is the dual core support on ubuntu?10:03
Daft_Punk_marcustomized, ok10:03
georgeafall dialers use pppd right ?10:03
Computechmart, it begins loading for about10 sec and then stops :o, by the way, this is a installed ubuntu, maybe thats why it doesn't work here?, does it only work if you run a live cd?10:03
zirodayleetsauce: great.10:03
slytherinDaft_Punk_: what marcustomized said10:03
Daft_Punk_slytherin, yeah i did it im checking now10:03
leetsaucegood :)10:03
leetsaucecan anyone find me the dvd iso link... i cant find it on the website10:03
slytherinxjohnthomasx: I am out of ideas. Please file a bug.10:03
Daft_Punk_slytherin, marcustomized same thing... all windows are still opacify, i cant see nothing10:03
martcomputech, go to command then run"sudo apt-get install gparted"10:04
smidgethat is because it is configured through the gconf backend10:04
martwithout quote, see if it's already installed10:04
slytherinDaft_Punk_: obviously your GUI didn't start. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. I suggest you close down all the programs and then restart machine10:04
Computechmart, is that possible on a live cd to? or is it installed on a live cd by default?10:04
Daft_Punk_slytherin, again, i am working on my laptop issue, i am on a desktop right now10:05
martcomputech, it's available on live cd but not installed10:05
marcustomizedslytherin, are the compiz settings stored somewhere else?10:05
martwhat do u have now?10:05
Computechmart, i just go try something, be right back10:05
slytherinleetsauce: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04.1/release/10:05
slytherinmarcustomized: AFAIK, no10:05
smidgeDAFTPUNK: gconftool-2 -s /apps/compiz/plugins/opacify/screen0/options/active_opacity 100 --type integer10:05
crd1bsmidge: that's not what he set10:06
marcustomizedgconf is so retarded10:06
crd1bhe misspelled "opacity windows" in his original post10:06
slytherinmaco: ies4linux doesn't have IE710:06
crd1bDaft_Punk_: just start metacity or boot into the Failsafe GNOME session from the login screen if you don't know how10:06
PeddyCan someone please help me with configuring NAT?10:06
crd1bthen you can fix that setting in CCSM at your leisure10:07
Daft_Punk_ok. my LAPTOP has this problem (i am on desktop right now). i was in CCSM and went to General settings and was in opacity settings, and added a new value so that ALL windows (any) are set at 0 opacity, which means i can see absolutely nothing except my desktop wallpaper...10:08
Daft_Punk_i dont care if i have to redo my entire compiz settings, how can i reset it all10:08
crd1bDaft_Punk_: yes, so log out, then select the "Failsafe GNOME" session at the login screen10:08
Daft_Punk_crd1b, then what?10:08
crd1bthen you will be able to fix that setting in CCSM10:09
crd1bas the failsafe session will not start compiz10:09
Daft_Punk_crd1b, ok give me a second its rebooting now10:09
macoslytherin: look around the site, there's a version on there that does.10:09
macoslytherin: it might be ies4linux beta10:09
Daft_Punk_crd1b, i am just panicky cuz it took me 1 week to get my laptop the way it was :( before i broked it10:09
kdaveybackups are good....10:10
marcustomized1 week to set up compiz?!10:10
Daremonaiusb 1-1: device not accepting address 2, error -7110:10
Daremonaiwhat is that?10:10
slytherinmaco: found it10:10
Daft_Punk_marcustomized, no, 1 week to setup EVERYTHING including, finding all the theme files and creating custom icons10:10
marcustomizedcustom icons,... delicious10:11
kdaveyerrno 71 is a protocol error10:11
Daremonaikdavey, meaning?10:11
kdaveyheh heh...  hell if I know.  but thats what errno 71 is10:12
jitu3485is there a way to revert back if I update my hardy with unstable repositories and then back to stable repository?10:12
marcustomizednow i feel like listening to Daft Punk's Discovery album.  Thank you internet stranger.  You've made my day that much sweeter.10:12
=== Guest73738 is now known as good
Daft_Punk_crd1b, that worked... now im upset that _someone_ told me to delete ~/.compiz10:12
=== good is now known as GooD
zirodayjitu3485: so you upgraded to 8.10 and now want to go back to 8.04?10:12
crd1bDaft_Punk_: there are no settings in ~/.compiz10:12
Daft_Punk_crd1b, what is in there?10:12
slytherinjitu3485: no there is no way to revert back10:13
crd1bDaft_Punk_: compiled plugins and some session information10:13
Daft_Punk_crd1b, i had lots of compiled plugins :(10:13
smidgesometimes compiz can be configured to run with that file as settings, but in ubuntu it uses gconf10:13
jitu3485ziroday, i still have  8.04 updated it with unstable repo and want revert back to stable one removing everything installed by unstable ones10:13
martanyone got compiz run with wow?10:13
slytherinjitu3485: it is not possible.10:13
Daft_Punk_gconftool-2 -s /apps/compiz/plugins/opacify/screen0/options/active_opacity 100 --type integer10:14
Daft_Punk_how do i undo that command i did?10:14
jitu3485thanks for responses10:14
crd1bDaft_Punk_: it didn't do any damage as that is the default value10:15
Daft_Punk_crd1b, wow what a scare that was lol, thanks for helping me +1 karma10:15
smidgesudo rm -rf /10:15
Daft_Punk_smidge, y would u say that?10:15
zielony is my first time in chat10:15
marcustomizedcuz he's a dick10:16
smidgeend it now :p10:16
Daft_Punk_ya hes a dick...10:16
marcustomizedmadwizard, why are you so mad :(10:16
MAdWizard`I am MAd as in CrAzY10:16
marcustomizedo, that kinda mad.... lame.10:17
MAdWizard`And I got the Doc and pills to prove it10:17
slytherinmaco: the ies4linux I downloaded can install IE 7, it was just an davanced option.10:17
marcustomizedsharing is caring10:17
MAdWizard`Ok I am very new Ubuntu, and it has been over 15 years since I got fed up with redhat and linux.10:18
martmadwizard, aren't they still linux?10:18
marti don't see the big differences10:19
MAdWizard`Now what I would like to do at this point in install the chipset drivers for my motherboard, already downloaded them.10:19
bullgard4What fonts are collected in /usr/share/consolefonts?10:19
aionhello everyone, could someone please tell me why i have "Error: ./default_policy.sh does not support version" when I am trying to install ati drivers from their server on ubuntu 8.10 b?10:19
macoslytherin: ah ok10:20
PeddyCan someone please help me with configuring NAT?10:20
MAdWizard`mart I am test/trying out Ubuntu linux to see if I like it to run as a server for my home network10:20
marcustomizedchipset drivers?!10:20
martoh i see.10:20
zirodayMAdWizard`: you shouldn't need to install any chipset drivers. They are already there for you.10:20
marti think centos would be better for server10:21
martmadwizard, but home server, i have no ideas10:21
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
MAdWizard`Ack, this is not like mIRC10:21
martmadwizard, this is crazy10:21
TerabyteHey how can I install xlib-dev package in ubuntu?10:21
marcustomizedpure debian is pretty good for servers10:21
zirodayTerabyte: sudo apt-get install xlib-dev10:22
rskiTerabyte: sudo apt-get install xlib-dev in a terminal10:22
marcustomizedand slackware10:22
MAdWizard`ok Ziroday the motherboard and CPU are 64 bit, and Ubuntu installed as a 32 bit.10:22
Terabytetried that....10:22
Terabytebut it doesn't work10:22
Terabyte"E: Couldn't ind package xlib-dev10:22
slytherinMAdWizard`: Are you sure Redhat and linux existed 15 years ago?10:22
chook1join ubuntu-fr10:22
MAdWizard`slytherin, Oh yes I'm sure I still have the book and CDs10:22
martslytherin, now that u mentioned it10:23
Terabytedski: "E: Couldn't find package xlib-dev" sorry10:23
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!10:23
martoh yea,10:23
Terabytegah!, rski* sorry :P10:23
rskiTerabyte: isnt it xlibs-dev ?10:23
rskior something10:23
Terabyteoh ok, i'm reading off a forum10:23
rskiim sure it's just  a typ-o10:23
chook1#join ubuntu-fr10:23
saurabhwhere are ip address settings stored other than /etc/network/interfaces ?10:24
zirodaychook1: its /join #ubuntu-fr10:24
slytherinMAdWizard`: redhat was founded in 1995. :-P10:24
chook1ahh ok thx ziroday10:24
Terabyteok thanks10:24
smidgezomg 12 years as opposed to 15 !!!!110:24
MAdWizard`sly hang on10:24
davidryderi'm surprised this room is normally busy10:24
zirodaydavidryder: this room is busy, if you would just like to chat you can in #ubuntu-offtopic10:25
plouffehow can I edit the bootmanager?10:25
crazy_busis there any easy way to use two programs with a webcam at once?  Will I have to compile vloopback?  As I tried that but modprobe can't find it10:25
marcustomizedediting the file at "/boot/grub/menu.lst"10:26
davidryderziroday:  i'm watching to help, but i want to chat at the same time10:26
zirodayplouffe: by editing the file /boot/grub/menu.lst Makse sure you know what you are doing as you can render your system unbootable10:26
MAdWizard`sly found the CDs but not the book, on 10 years ago10:26
MAdWizard`seams like 15 though10:26
maniheerso pastebin it and let us make sure10:26
zirodaydavidryder: then join both channels :)10:26
MAdWizard`Now back to todays issues, the 64 bit drivers10:27
rskiwhat about them10:27
slytherincrazy_bus: what two programs do you want to use?10:27
MAdWizard`This motherbaord has a nVidia chipset, and yes nVidia wrote drivers for linux10:27
marcustomizedMAdWizard, you dont really need drivers for anything besides graphics cards and obscure sound cards10:28
plouffeziroday, I just checked that file (menu.lst). Apparently it is not being used. How can I make sure that the menu.lst on this partition is used and not another?10:28
marcustomizedif u intend on jus using ubuntu as a headless server, u can use the "vesa" driver or the "nv" driver10:28
crazy_busslytherin: cheese to record the video and either skype or ekiga10:29
zirodayplouffe: what do you mean its not being used? Is the file empty?10:29
MAdWizard`marcus, reading through the tons of stuff it told me to get full use of the AMD Atrhalon dual core, I need the 64 bit drivers10:29
plouffeNo the entries are different, It must be using hte menu.lst from another partition10:29
crazy_busslytherin: as I can't find a program which will record a received webcam conversation on the other end10:29
Datenshi33Hi there10:29
rskiMAdWizard`: you really should install 64bit ubuntu instead, less hasstle10:29
slytherinplouffe: why do you think that file is not being used?10:29
MAdWizard`rski, is that a driverset or OS?10:30
rskiMAdWizard`: also you really don't gain much upgrading to 64bit10:30
zirodayplouffe: are you running multiple linux distro's?10:30
plouffeziroday, I did a test install on another partition, but I am not using that partition anymore. So I need to make sure it's using this partition's boot files before I delete the other partition10:30
marcustomized64 bit drivers will b preinstalled as well if u use the 64bit ubuntu disc10:30
rskiMAdWizard`: you have 32bit ubuntu installed from a 32bit ubuntu cd there is also a 64bit ubuntu install cd with 64bit ubuntu10:30
ziroday!grub > plouffe10:30
ubottuplouffe, please see my private message10:30
MAdWizard`Ok I used a XP Ubuntu installer10:30
slytherincrazy_bus: cheese used gstreamer as backend. So if gstreamer doesn't lock the webcam you should be able to use it with skype or ekiga.10:30
Maberhow do i add a user which only has access over the network but cannot login to the desktop?10:30
zirodayplouffe: those links will help you10:31
MAdWizard`I could not get the CDs I burned to install10:31
zirodayMaber: what would that user be doing?10:31
plouffeok thanks10:31
marcustomizedMaber, I don't think you can do that10:31
Maberhe shall have specific access to some folders10:31
zirodaymarcustomized: its linux, you can do everything.10:32
martmaber, do u mean to access ssh but not running xserver?10:32
zirodayMaber: so he can't login? what do you mean by that specifically?10:32
marcustomizedokay, do tell, cuz i'd like to know10:32
crazy_busslytherin: so if I load cheese first it should work?  Or does gstreamer need a option to not lock the webcam10:32
MAdWizard`ok how can I find out what version and bit set on Ubuntu I am using??10:32
slytherincrazy_bus: no idea. never experimented this.10:33
MAdWizard`of Ubuntu10:33
marcustomizedMadWizard, which disk did u download?10:33
rskiMAdWizard`: lsb -a i think10:33
slytherinMaber: I suppose you don't want the use to be part of GDM group. But I am not sure.10:33
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -rc » in a !shell10:33
MAdWizard`marcus, I used a windows XP installer it did tell what version I was getting10:34
davidryderi have a question... i have a usb mp3 player... any ideas what to use to detect it or use it?10:34
rskidavidryder: plug it in?10:34
davidryderit isnt' detected automatically from what i can tell10:34
rskium ok10:34
rskimight wanna try rockbox10:34
MAdWizard`not lsb -a for the version10:34
zirodaydavidryder: does it appear as just a normal usb driver?10:34
martdavidryder, u have to mount it10:35
davidryderziroday: it isn't mounting automatically10:35
slytherindavidryder: what player is it?10:35
martdoes it show up in nautilus?10:35
davidrydermart: no... i am looking at /dev but i am not sure which it is10:35
Mabere.g.: i have an ubuntu server. this server has two network shares (smb) user1 and user2. i want to create user1 with read/write access to user1 dir but not user2 to write in user1 dir. but this users shall not be permitted to login to the desktop, because they dont need a home directory etc10:36
MAdWizard`marcus I used Wubildr to install Ubuntu10:36
=== George_ is now known as GeorgeA
martbut does it show as folder in /media?10:36
slytherindavidryder: you didn't tell us which player is it10:37
davidrydermart: the only thing that i don't recognize in /media is tdm10:37
davidryderbut it's contents is empty10:37
martso that's not ur mp3...10:38
martthen u have to mount it10:38
zer0_discuss  ubuntu here??can i?10:38
davidryderyes zer0_ :D10:38
alkaliv2I updated my Bios and now bios will not boot.  Am I as bad off as I think I am?10:38
zirodayalkaliv2: yes.10:39
zer0_gud..i looking for ubuntu fix solution10:39
davidryderalkaliv2: do you have a removable eprom on your mobo?10:39
davidryderzer0_:  what's the problem?10:39
alkaliv2davidryder, I don't believe so10:39
zer0_let me tell u my story10:39
erUSULalkaliv2: probably yes... does your mobo has a backup bios (dual bios or something like that)10:39
davidryderalkaliv2: i did the same thing and asus sent me a replacement eprom, it was just replacing a chip. if your bios chip is removeable you will have to get a new mobo10:40
paul68is there a good program that I can use to do a full system backup and be able to restore a complete system when needed?10:40
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning10:40
zer0_i installed ubuntu with wubi installer on local disk D(/ntfs/8gb)..i enable nvidia driver n i got problem10:40
alkaliv2erUSUL, if by some miracle it did, where would I look for that?10:40
slytherindavidryder: does your player support MTP mode. Check if it is in MTP mode instead of usb mass storage mode.10:41
erUSULalkaliv2: mobo manual ?10:41
kwtmhow come my vim doesn't show coloured syntax highlighting?  Is there some setting I need to set?10:41
paul68which from these backup programs are newby proof10:41
FloodBot1simon49: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:41
alkaliv2erUSUL, I guess that was a foolish question.  Sorry10:41
erUSULkwtm: yep by i do not remember it right now10:41
NaamakauhuHey, I'm installing ubuntu atm. Just wondering if I'd like to keep my windows and install ubuntu for the 50gb free space am I supposed to create a partition and choose Primary or Logical and beginning or end? Dont take me wrong, I'm just pretty new with this stuff10:41
davidryderzer0_: everyone has different experiences with wubi but mine was not good. i ended up uninstalling it and creating a dual-boot system. because it's a virtual environment and it's also a new project disk reliability is low10:41
bazhangsimon49, please stop10:41
erUSUL!ops | simon4910:42
ubottusimon49: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!10:42
slytherinkwtm: do you have vim-full installed? After that you need to add option 'syntax on' to ~/.vimrc file10:42
Symmetriais there a live cd version of ubuntu anywhere?10:42
davidryderslytherin: i don't think it has that support... it's actually a phone10:42
kwtmerUSUL: Thanks for the hint; at least I know.  Remember if it was some config file?10:42
kwtmslytherin: Thanks!  WIll try.10:42
slytherindavidryder: which phone?10:42
erUSULSymmetria: the default desktop iso is livecd10:42
zer0_i cant install with live cd..eroor with initramfs10:42
Symmetriaer, oh, didnt know that, will go pull that10:42
davidryderslytherin: but in windows in rhapsody it detects it... no special software needed. although i did install drivers for it.10:42
davidryderMotorola V75010:42
erUSULkwtm: see slytherin response to you10:42
paul68which from these backup programs is newby proof10:42
lee_gksrmfdl dkscuwudy10:43
lee_gksrmfdl dkscuwjdy bb10:43
kwtmerUSUL: I did see; am trying.  Thx!10:43
davidryderpaul68: there is a way to tar your /home folder. no special software needed. if you have to reinstall you can just restore your /home folder and whatever packages you installed and it will be back to normal10:43
pengowhy does the Stopmotion application suck so much?10:44
davidryderpaul68: there is no registry in linux so it's just a matter of backing up settings files10:44
martpaul68, i'd recommend using simplebackup10:44
smidgepengo: great question10:44
martit's gui, easy to use with hella features10:44
pengosmidge: it crashes on me whenever i try to open jpgs10:45
pengoand now i am sad.10:45
pengoand without my claymation10:45
davidryderare most people here on the ubuntuforums?10:45
davidryderthis damn room moves about as fast as the forum it seems10:45
martman, there's hella people overhere10:45
jpdsdavidryder: #ubuntuforums10:46
martthat's why noone reply my thread10:46
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntuhcl.org/browse/product+Motorola_V750?id=2480 davidryder10:46
davidryderjpds: i am using pidgin and i don't know how to join new rooms10:46
alkaliv2would clearing the cmos help at all?10:46
davidryderi tried /join but nothing happened10:46
Maberthanks slytherin, i think it was the gdm group, i will try it :)10:46
paul68thanks davidryder and mart10:46
zirodaydavidryder: type /j #ubuntuforums10:46
smidgepengo: does it give any output when it crashes?10:46
martdavidryder, use xchart much simplier10:47
kwtmslytherin: erUSUL: Well, it turns out I *hadn't* installed vim-full!  Geez, no wonder!10:47
davidryderziroday: thanks!10:47
pengosmidge: i'll try from a prompt10:47
zetheroo-ubuntucan emerald themes work in Ubuntu 7.10 without compiz being enabled?10:47
erUSULkwtm: ;P10:47
slytherinkwtm: no, wonder it is not installed by default.10:47
davidryderbazhang: thanks... i tried that page but there seems to be no information10:47
slytherinzetheroo-ubuntu: you can try10:47
kwtmslytherin: erUSUL: It wanted to install vim-gnome, and I didn't think I needed the GUI version (I use KDE, so I figured I didn't want it)10:48
=== Teiseii is now known as Teisei
zetheroo-ubuntuslytherin : ha ... I know I can try ... but if someone knew it could not be done then it would save me time and effort10:48
pengosmidge: *** glibc detected *** stopmotion: free(): invalid pointer: 0xb5b515c0 ***10:48
smidgecheers, just looking around, it seems stopmotion is pretty buggy on ubuntu in general10:49
smidgeor at least on gnome based systems...10:49
slytherinsmidge: file bug10:49
martanyone know if xubuntu could be install over ubuntu? does it reflects each other?10:50
martand how about uninstalling it?10:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wm10:51
davidrydermart: won't installing it overwrite all of your files?10:51
martno it isn't, just new packages10:51
slytherinmart: just install xubuntu-desktop package, it will pull in everything that is present in xubuntu. You can then select which session to login to from the login screen10:51
martslythering, thanks but i want to know if xubuntu change the default app as well, such as office and other stuff10:52
vallhalla81mart: you can install it at the same time and just select it in the in sessions menu at the login screen10:52
martbut don't xfce apps take conflicts with gnome?10:52
paul68is there a way that I can move my mails from thunderbird under windows to my linux?10:53
pengostopmotion (the app) doesn't really do much for me anyway10:53
slytherinmart: no it won't change default apps.10:53
slytherinmart: and there is no conflict with any of the apps.10:53
martpaul68, just copy the profle folders10:53
pengomight as well just run mencoder10:53
martsyltherin, thx just want to make sure10:53
paul68mart thanks10:54
slytherinpaul68: copy the files inside the profile folder on windows to the profile folder in ubuntu.10:54
martpaul68, but u might have some problems with add ons.. just reinstall those10:54
martit should be fine10:54
peter__Hi. I've just built a custom kernel. I've already installed the .deb, but the terminal on which is was built has yet to give back input. It j