rocka4himHey how do I access my USB drive from Xubuntu ?00:00
favroit should be in places00:03
rocka4himyeah I did not see it opened on the desktop00:04
rocka4himnewbie mistake lol...00:04
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DarkTanis there any way to take a xubuntu install and make it in to a live disk? or install it on  diffrent har drive exactly as it is?01:40
ron_oDarkTan, yes..01:47
ron_oyou can use partimage to make an exact copy.01:48
ron_oand there are tools out there to make any OS into your own live distro.01:48
ron_obtw, partimage can be found on knoppix.01:49
ron_othat and a billion other apps. :)01:50
DarkTanok thanks01:57
ron_oand if your HD is a slave drive "dd" might work too, but I've never used it before.01:58
DarkTanmaster on a laptop01:59
DarkTanold laptop, lots of issues01:59
ron_oif that's the case them partimage would work great because it's done from a liveCD, and the HD is unmounted. Look into that first.02:06
ron_owow, just upgraded to 8.04... sweet. Simply put, superb. No issues at all (except I did a clean install)02:08
DarkTanno, have lots of issues. took over a week to get it to work, then bios dumped the drive casue it's too big02:10
DarkTani'll try parmitage02:10
ron_oI really screwed up. I forgot to kill my screensaver. :/ My upgrade crashed in a sense.02:10
squarepusher101Need help. Just got a legacy computer. It's a IBM thinkpad 380XD. It's cpu runs @ 233Mhz and it has 64Mb ram. Can Xubuntu be installed? And if so, will it run ok?02:49
ron_othere's some information on the xubuntu page about that..02:52
ron_oIMHO, it won't cut it.02:52
ron_oI mean, not realistically for anything besides a firewall.02:53
ron_operhaps try fluxubuntu... or maybe even Puppy Linux.02:53
squarepusher101With puppy would I be abble to install extra software?02:54
ron_oright now I've got around 215MB RAM and 1Ghz and it's about as low as I'd like to go (but have gone lower)02:55
ron_oPuppy has their own software, .pups02:55
ron_oyou can have a persistent drive with it.02:55
ron_obut for 80MB, it flies for what you get.02:55
ron_othat's really my problem with Puppy. I love it but not having access to the .deb apps just kills it for me.02:56
ron_oand puppy uses the 2.4 kernel so it's more likely to run on that machine.02:56
squarepusher101I see, that's a pitty. Would love to be able to use some network and security test apps02:57
ron_ocheck it out, there is a lot of software with it just not like with Debian.02:58
ron_oand you could create your own .pup's02:58
ron_oor look into fluxubuntu. That might cut it for you.02:58
zurn prefered ubuntu for p2.8m dell laptop (kubuntu / xubuntu / ubuntu) ?04:33
ecai removed gdm, installed fluxbox, and i get error- /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/x-window-manager corrupt: invalid update mode. fluxbox works fine, menu had to be made but that wasnt hard. this error is reoccurring, any suggestions?04:47
ecai removed gdm, installed fluxbox, and i get error- /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/x-window-manager corrupt: invalid update mode. fluxbox works fine, menu had to be made but that wasnt hard. this error is reoccurring, any suggestions?04:54
ecaopps sry for double04:54
cody-somervilleTry asking in #fluxbuntu?04:57
nikolamI tried to download beta xubuntu with jigdo-lite05:54
nikolamI got this message(and xubuntu-8.10-beta-alternate-amd64.iso.tmp):  http://paste.ubuntu.com/53659/05:54
nikolamWhat shoul I do to get proper *.iso and move on?05:55
cody-somervillenikolam, you want to download the torrent file, not the iso06:01
nikolamI was thinking of finaly trying to use jigdo to download, since every time I was downloading New ISO, I was doing it fith http/wget06:08
nikolamI see now that download with jigdo-lite simply does not work..06:08
nikolamIf I wanted to use torrent file, I ould use transmission for that06:09
nikolam10x a lot cody-somerville , i will see to read it, 10x again06:14
nikolamcody-somerville, : I get message: Found 0 of the 6 files required by the template...06:21
nikolam*.iso file i Re-checked with Bit torrent after download, does not pass MD5SUM Check!07:13
nikolamI is xubuntu-8.10-beta-alternate-amd64.iso07:14
vinnlI've connected a USB device, but it won't automount - what could be the problem?10:11
vinnlIt is detected when I type lsusb10:11
TheSheepvinnl: is is a mass storage device?10:15
vinnlTheSheep, an MP3-player, so yeah, I guess so10:15
vinnl(With flash drive)10:15
TheSheepsome mp3 players use their own protocol, ipods for example10:16
TheSheepand they cannot be seen as simple usb disks10:16
vinnlIt's a Sansa e26010:16
TheSheepI have no idea what this is :)10:16
vinnl(My iPod Nano works fine btw)10:16
vinnlFrom Sandisk ;)10:16
vinnlHmm, fdisk -l won't list it either10:19
vinnlGot it :)10:22
TheSheepwhat was it?10:26
vinnlI had to change the USB mode in the device's settings10:27
vinnlOnly now the filesystem's damaged so everything's read-only and I can't copy stuff becaue of I/O-errors... *sigh*10:28
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reqqitHey people - I did a clean install of ubuntu on my laptop, a 512mb thinkpad I still like, worked fine, but I wanted to try Xubuntu13:18
reqqitSo I did a clean Xubuntu install. On a clean boot, the only difference was 20mb mem free in Xubuntu...13:19
reqqitI realise the 'light' part also comes from the packaged apps, but really that is something that I can't change :/ I used gedit and I use firefox etc.13:19
reqqitAre there plans for doing more selective service loading and lazy loading of more things? I have an aspireONE which has 512, it boots in seconds and uses little ram...  is this where xubuntu is heading? or is it more for 'older' machines, not just quick and light?13:20
charlie-tcaI run it on a PII 400 MHz, with 256MB ram.13:21
reqqitcharlie-tca - right, which is great, however if the full ubuntu would clean boot into the same machine with just 20mb more ram... albeit default to use heavier apps13:22
charlie-tcaI can't install Ubuntu, it won't install in 256MB ram13:22
reqqitNow, I like thunar, from using on the ONE, and nautilus has some narky bugs that really annoy me, but still, the boot cost is still almost the same from my experience...13:22
reqqitcharlie-tca, that is weird... if the boot cost is the same :/\13:23
charlie-tcaAlso, it doesn't run on a 400MHz cpu13:23
TheSheepuse alternate cd to install on low-ram machines13:28
charlie-tcaTheSheep: The live CD installs fine in Intrepid. But I still can't run Ubuntu on that13:30
charlie-tcaThat's why I use Xubuntu instead13:31
bluejis there an equivalent to "%f" to pass a file to open in terminal?14:40
bluejI want to use it in a script to open a text editor14:40
krylyxi'm new on linux world. i'm liking it a lot. but i work with webdesign and i dont know much softwares. can someone recommend a good software for creating layouts?15:20
vinnlkrylyx, you mean like Photoshop or like Dreamweaver or like...?15:21
krylyxsomething like Fireworks, I guess... I know Gimp is equivalent (or not that much) for Photoshop.15:22
vinnlGimp is as good as Photoshop for webdesign... Or at least good enough15:22
krylyxit's very different from what i usually work, but i can try using it more to create stuff :)15:23
vinnlHmm... "Adobe Fireworks, known as FW for short, is a bitmap and vector graphics editor"15:23
vinnlFor vector graphics you'd use Inkscape I guess, and Gimp for bitmap15:23
vinnlkrylyx, true, the Gimp takes a lot of getting used to15:23
krylyxand also, there isn't a flash creator as flash cs3, is it?15:23
vinnlkrylyx, Inkscape is a vector graphics editor15:24
krylyxok, i'll download it :)15:24
krylyxand for making flash, is there an alternative?15:24
vinnlkrylyx, do you know how to install it?15:24
vinnlkrylyx, sorry, no :(15:24
krylyxor i do need a virtual box? :P15:24
vinnlYou can do that, yes :)15:24
krylyxbut now you mentioned, is there any equivalent to dreamweaver?15:26
vinnlNvu is good15:27
krylyxhum... i usually work with php/javascript/mysql15:27
krylyxmaybe something only with autocomplete and highlight is enough15:27
krylyxany options though?15:28
vinnlI use Bluefish for PHP and stuff15:29
vinnlIf you want something really full-features, use Eclipse, but that might be a bit heavy if your computer is not that new15:29
krylyxit's a laptop. intel core 2 duo 1.5ghz and 2gb ram.15:30
vinnlOh that should be able to handle it just fine :)15:30
krylyxsometimes i don't feel like using something full-featured, i won't use all features anyway... bluefish higlight and autocomplete? :P15:31
vinnlIt does highlight, I'm not sure whether it did autocomplete in the current stable version15:32
vinnlBut there are plenty of good editors, so you'll be able to find one you like ;-)15:32
krylyxi hope so :)15:32
krylyxi'll try both you mentioned15:32
krylyxi think one of them will fit15:32
vinnlAnd Applications->System->Add/Remove... is great for finding them ;-)15:32
krylyxyep, synaptics takes care :)15:33
krylyxbut there are so many editors that i prefer to ask people what they use, so I can filter some of them.15:34
vinnlHehe, I love Bluefish in that case :)15:34
krylyxI'll try it ;)15:34
krylyxand can I ask you a more few questions?15:34
krylyxi don't want to disturb you also15:34
vinnlSure, no problem :)15:35
krylyxIt's because I'm making a list of softwares to download and teste. I've downloaded so many softwares that I think my HD is full of useless dependencies libs.15:36
vinnlWell, if you removed the applications you no longer use and you also want to remove packages it depended on, you can use the command "sudo apt-get autoremove"15:37
krylyxwow, nice. it removed 23mb :D15:39
vinnlWow :P15:40
krylyxah! one more thing... i'm learning C and C++, i really don't know any software to program on it.15:40
krylyxdo you know any?15:40
vinnlOff the top of my head Anjuta comes to mind, but I can't do C or C++ so I wouldn't really know15:41
krylyxHmm, nice, I'll take note of it.15:41
krylyxI guess it's all for now, thank you so much for the help :)15:42
vinnlYou're welcome, good luck :)15:42
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nparafei chane the resolution with sudo displayconfig-gtk to 1024x768. But when i restart xfce the resolution is 800x600. Can anybody help me to get a walktrough ?16:05
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto16:05
vinnlMaybe that helps?16:05
reyreyhas anybody had any issues using an external monitor on xubuntu? mine will not recognzie it?17:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about monitor17:05
ubottuscreen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen17:05
krylyxmy printscreen keyboard button never worked with xubuntu... is there any way for me to review this configuration somewhere?17:07
vinnlkrylyx, you can set a screenshot command to the keyboard shortcut17:07
krylyxthat would be nice, whats the screenshot command? screenshot? :P17:08
vinnlI'm trying to find it :P17:08
charlie-tcaYou could also add the snapshot plugin to the panel17:08
vinnlAh, good idea :)17:08
vinnlXubuntu doesn't have a screenshot application installed by default except for the plugin17:09
vinnlYou can install gnome-utils for the "gnome-screenshot" command17:09
reyrey??? i read everywhere that its supposed to be plug and automatically recognized and then the external monitor works.. i don't see any programs on xubuntu that gives you that ability to choose internal monitor or external monitor?17:09
krylyxgot it, i've followed charlie-tca tip, thank you! :)17:09
vinnlreyrey, I believe "displayconfig-gtk" could do it, but I never did it, so no guarantees17:09
charlie-tcanp :)17:09
* charlie-tca can't believe I got it right17:10
reyreyvinni i will give it a try thanks i appreciate the suggestion17:10
Rhorsekrylyx, screenshot is in the imagemagick suite use import command17:14
krylyxvinnl, i'm using bluefish but it isn't highlighting. where should i turn it on?18:57
vinnlAh, that's right, I remember now: Bluefish highlighting was a tad imperfect, try pressing F518:58
krylyxand i discovered that the php plugin for eclipse just work on newer versions of eclipse, and xubuntu doesnt has support to it.18:58
krylyxhmm i'll try18:58
vinnlPerhaps you'll need to select the Document Type in Document->Document Type but I think it should autodetect18:58
vinnlOh that's odd, I recall having used it ~2 years ago18:58
krylyxhmm that was it. i needed to select the document type18:59
krylyxwell, thats ok now18:59
krylyxbut thats really odd, i tried the eclipse official site19:00
krylyxand there is saying something similar19:00
vinnlkrylyx, which version of Xubuntu are you using?19:01
vinnlAh wait19:01
vinnlI see19:01
vinnlApparently the PHPEclipse 1.2.x series needs a higher version, the 1.1.x series should work fine19:02
vinnlkrylyx, see http://www.phpeclipse.de/wiki/Installation19:02
Grey_LokiIs there a way (using Compiz+Emerald+XFCE) to reduce the size of the toolbars and 'system' fonts within OpenOffice applications? Currently I have everything else looking nice, but the fonts for 'File, Edit', etc are huge and ugly, as are the ones for font size and format selection.19:28
vinnlGrey_Loki, you'll have to set that in OO.o's preferences19:29
* Grey_Loki nods - had already set system fonts to 10 instead of 1219:29
* Grey_Loki carries on looking19:29
vinnlHmm, I can't find where to set it in OO.o :(19:32
Grey_LokiReducing the icon size for some reason seemed to help19:33
Grey_LokiI'm currently looking for a theme to get rid of that horrible grey19:33
vinnlAh, you had to reduce the scale value...19:34
vinnlGrey_Loki, that's easy :)19:34
Grey_LokiI could do it myself, but my eye for graphic design is...well, let's just say it isn't exactly 20/2019:35
vinnlGrey_Loki, just install openoffice.org-gtk19:35
vinnlThen it'll adapt to your GTK theme19:35
Grey_LokiOh, sweet! :D19:35
* Grey_Loki apt-gets19:35
floatingwhat should i do when system jams ? harddrive just keeps noise and me trying to press ctrl alt f1, ctrl alt del, ctrl alt backspace ... none work.. i just have to reset the whole system.. now when im back, where can i look to understand this jam ?19:36
vinnlI believe the command "dmesg" might provide some hitns19:36
floatingcant see there anything19:36
floatingbut im just maybe not good enough to see19:37
Grey_Lokivinnl, worked beautifully - thanks for that, and the scaling tip :)19:37
vinnlI wouldn't know either :(19:37
floatinganyway, the jam comes always when there is lot of system load19:37
vinnlYou're welcome :)19:37
floatingso it feels like i just used up too much memory19:37
floatingbut i thought i could play able to avoid such total freezes in linux nowadays19:38
vinnlIt should not happen indeed19:38
vinnlYou might want to file a bugreport19:38
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots19:38
floatingproblem is i have no idea what this is about19:38
vinnlPerhaps a triagers knows how to further diagnose the problem :)19:39
floatingthe system freeze may be a max slow down19:39
floatinglike this time i was able to move mouse, and the mouse would move after a minute or two on the screen19:40
floatingbut if i pressed some of those ctrl alt combo, they didnt respond after minute or two19:40
l337ingDisorderhey folks, I'm trying to modify the xubuntu install .ISO files so that when I choose to install it to disk it installs with some custom options (specifically, instead of loading gnome, it would just load firefox as a kiosk, and password-protect the shut-down/log-out/etc functions)20:16
l337ingDisordercan anyone point me in the right direction to learn how to create a modified xubuntu install disc?20:17
vinnll337ingDisorder, I believe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remastersys could help20:17
l337ingDisordervinnl: Awesome! Thanks - that looks like exactly what I'm looking for!20:18
* l337ingDisorder gives vinnl a +5 Sword of Wireless Reception as thanks20:19
XacarithI have a little problem....  I can find no volume controls in the xfce desktop.20:34
vinnlXacarith, try xfce4-mixer20:34
Xacarithvinnl I seem to have it installed but I can't find the dang thing20:45
vinnlXacarith, you mean it's not in the menu?20:45
vinnlOr that the file does not exist?20:45
XacarithUnder settings sound All I get is what device to use and what Useful Controls which seems to be for turning off and on the functions of the card, like line in, mic and such20:46
XacarithThat's what mixer settings brings up20:47
vinnlXacarith, try adding the Volume Control plugin to your panel20:47
vinnlYou can then click the speaker icon to launch the volume controls20:47
vinnlOr control it directly from your panel20:47
XacarithRight lick on pannel, add new item.  Select volume control.  Press add.....  There are no new items added though...20:50
TheSheepXacarith: drag and drop it, it's a bug20:50
vinnlMaybe it ended up a bit to the right from where you clicked20:50
vinnlOh OK20:50
Xacarithooo  I didn't know you could drag and drop like that20:51
vinnlMe neither, nice trick TheSheep20:51
TheSheepit's ncie when you want to addm ore items20:51
vinnlNow if only I could drag launchers from the menu or desktop :P20:51
TheSheepvinnl: you can, to the application list of a launcher20:52
vinnlTheSheep, that's not from the menu or desktop ;-)20:52
TheSheepvinnl: from desktop20:52
TheSheepvinnl: or from other directories20:52
TheSheepvinnl: for example from /usr/share/applications20:53
vinnlTheSheep, I just created a launcher on my desktop but I can't drop it on my panel20:53
vinnlYeah I know that20:53
vinnlThat's a nice trick too :)20:53
vinnlBut I'd love to be able to drop something from my desktop (not viewed within Thunar, but really the desktop) onto the panel, and even better would be from the menu20:53
TheSheepvinnl: right click on a launcher on your panel, select properties, drag items from desktop on the list in the properties20:53
vinnlTheSheep, ah, yeah, but I'd like to have it create a new launcher20:54
vinnlIf I first have to add the launcher to the panel through the dialog I might as well create it manually20:54
vinnlDoesn't really make any difference in effort20:54
XacarithHmm..  Now...  How do I adjust record volumes...  But at least now I have some control20:54
TheSheepvinnl: but it's already taken -- dragging a file over a launcher makes it open that file in that app20:54
vinnlOh, didn't know that, that's nice20:55
vinnlXacarith, click the speaker icon20:55
vinnlBut I can't, say, create a launcher for Firefox on my desktop and drag it to an empty spot on the panel to create a copy there20:55
vinnlOr drag the Firefox menu item to my desktop or panel to do the same20:56
XacarithI've lost all mic input to my one program20:56
XacarithI can turn it up so I can hear it but that doesn't change it's record volume20:58
XacarithIt's annoying that I have to change over to gnome to up the record volume on the mic so people can here me over the net21:00
vinnlI'd love to help, but I don't have a microphone myself, unfortunately :(21:01
XacarithYou helped some actually21:01
vinnlIf it helps, there's a new mixer in the next version in Xfce that will ship with Xubuntu 9.04 ;-)21:01
Xacarith"What happened to 8.10?21:02
TheSheepXacarith: nothing, it's schedulet for 30th this month21:03
vinnlBut Xfce 4.6 won't be ready in time for that :)21:04
bodeliHi, does anyone know which channel I should go to to find out about turning off stack protection?21:10
XacarithI love this one.  Under multimedia, sound recorder.  Error msg is 'Your audio capture settings are invalid.  Please correct them in Multimedia settings.'21:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about stack21:11
bodeliVinnl: Heh, nice try. :)21:11
bodeliI've Googled the heck out of this problem, and tried everything I could find, but no go.21:12
bodeliI'm afraid I might have to use some older version of Linux to learn about buffer overflows and such.21:12
XacarithThanks again Vinnl  Take care all21:17
ooglebuttemy desktop icons are only visible when the mouse is over - how do I sort that out?21:17
ooglebutte*over them even21:17
Grey_LokiOK, this is something that's always bugged me. In distros that don't automount drives, how can you tell which /dev/* are actually plugged in/able to be mounted, and which ones aren't?21:55
vinnlI struggled with this this morning, but you can just browse to /dev in your filebrowser ;-)21:55
Grey_LokiWhat if i'm connected via ssh, or just want to use a terminal?21:56
vinnlcd /dev, then "ls | more"21:56
zoredacheI got one now21:57
zoredachewatch dmesg to see what devices have been added/removed21:57
zoredachealso look in /dev/disk/by-*21:57
stevenhello all22:01
vinnlHey steven22:02
stevenquick question22:02
steveni've been on the forums22:02
stevenbut i want to get a MS sidewinder joystick working in xubuntu22:03
stevenand i would like it to kind of mimic a mouse22:03
stevenmovement is like a mouse, map keys to mouse keys and such22:03
stevenany ide-ers?22:04
favroonce it is recognised in the system you would map it in xorg.conf22:11
stevenit would?22:17
stevenhow can i see if it's recognized22:17
ooglebuttehow is it plugged in?22:17
ooglebuttetry   lsusb   in a terminal22:18
stevenMS corp sidewinder joystick is listed22:19
ooglebuttenow see if it is listed in /dev - wouldn't know what to look for22:20
stevenit's in /dev/input/js022:20
steveni want it to mimic a mouse22:20
stevenso i don't need as mouse22:20
stevenso yeah it's listed22:21
favroI have a backed up xorg.conf that gives a few more options for the mouse - I'll paste it22:23
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)22:23
favrohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/54008/ - change the device22:25
favroand man xorg about the mapping22:25
stevenwill that xorg.conf have the joystick emulate the mouse22:25
stevenwhere it says option protocol22:26
stevenmine is usb22:26
stevendriver is joystick?22:26
favroyou'll have to map it and change the device to /dev/input/js022:26
stevenhow to map?22:27
stevenbut everything else leave?22:27
stevencan i have a mouse connected at the same time?22:27
favroI haven't don'tanything like this - google might help - I was giving a start for you22:28
stevenoh okay22:28
steventhanks favro22:28
favroI hope you sort it out :)22:29
favroI would cahnge the device in the mouse section and restart X as a wild shot22:30
favrobut only 'cause I can edit files at the command line to get it working if it fails22:30
steveni can try22:30
stevenyeah me too22:30
stevenwell thanks for the help22:31
DCPomhey, how do you remove files from the trash?22:38
zoredachedrag them out?22:39
vinnlDCPom, you mean permant delete or restore?22:39
vinnl(Both in the context and Edit menu)22:39
DCPomwhen i drag them out nothing happens22:39
ooglebutteI right click the trash icon and select "empty trash"22:39
DCPomno i mean22:39
DCPomremove to desktop22:39
DCPomfrom trash to the desktop?22:39
vinnlDCPom, right-click on in the Edit menu, select "Restore"22:40
DCPomahh, thank you22:40
vinnlCopy-paste should also work22:40
zerothi1why does  kill -kill `pgrep firefox` work from the command line but not as a command in a launcher?22:53
zerothi1why does  kill -kill `pgrep firefox` work from the command line but not as a command in a launcher?22:53
zerothi1oops, sorry22:53
TheSheepzerothi1: hint: killall22:54
DCPomwhat's the command to remove a directory that isn't empty?22:55
TheSheeprm -r22:56
TheSheepuse with care22:56
TheSheepand *never* use it with * and . at the same time22:57
TheSheepbecause .. and . also match22:57
zerothi1killall doesn't  help, it doesn't work in a launcher either22:57
TheSheepDCPom: it's really not funny22:58
DCPomi think it is22:58
TheSheepDCPom: not if you lear it the hard way22:58
ooglebuttetry killall -v firefox  then  killall -v firefox-bin22:58
bassboiIM ON CRACK23:27
ooglebutteyou said that yesterday...23:28
bassboii did?23:28
bassboioh damn23:28
* bassboi cries23:28
eikehi, i'm trying to get my atom330 working with my tv. it's a 945 chipset with integrated graphics. on my tv i only get a 640x480 resolution. how do i get 1024x768?23:33
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama23:36
ubottutwinview is a feature provided by nvidia cards, which can be configured with nvidia-settings23:36
eikei don't want dualhead23:36
eikethe tv should be the only display23:36
eikethe display-section in the settingsmanager just show 'Default'23:40

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