tethridgeI'm trying to push my first branch to launchpad.  I've registerd a branch and now I'm trying to push it, but I'm getting an error that reads "bzr: ERROR: Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()"00:23
tethridgeanybody know what I'm doing wrong?00:23
fullermdYou need to use bzr+ssh to push to launchpad, not http.00:24
beunotethridge, yes, you need to specify your Launchpad id with:   bzr launchpad-login <username>00:24
beunothat will start using bzr+ssh instead of http (which is the default read-only)00:25
tethridgethat did the trick00:25
* beuno is off for a run00:25
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keesin RCS and CVS, there are in-file ident tags ($Id, $Source, etc).  How can I get bzr to update these?00:38
kees(i.e. the strings that "ident" looks file)00:38
fullermdThe phrase you're looking for is "Keyword Expansion".  There's no in-core support for it.00:39
fullermdThere's a proof-of-concept plugin floating around somewhere.  That keyword should bring it up.00:40
keesfullermd: thanks, yeah.  the search terms were not obvious (id, tag, rcs) heh.00:40
fullermdhttp://bazaar-vcs.org/KeywordExpansion specifically.00:41
keesthanks.  I had just found it too :)00:42
markhis support for platform-specific line endings (ie, windows line endings) still moving, or has it stalled?00:59
fullermdI haven't heard anything about it recently...01:03
Peng_Was it ever not stalled?01:05
markhits a bummer as it prevents me from effectively using a launchpad mirror of a CVS branch on Windows - the "real" CVS trunk and the bzr branch aren't identical at all on my platform - every single file differs :(01:05
fullermdWell, it was backfiring for a while.01:05
markhin the short term, I wonder if I can convince launchpad to allow a branch to nominate the line-ending for such an import...01:06
fullermdI dunno.  I thought at the end of the last spurt, the POC plugin for it was roughly completeish.  Not sure.01:06
bob2proof of concept01:09
bob2I thought the only issue was dumb editors destroying the existing line endings01:09
markhright - the wiki at http://bazaar-vcs.org/LineEndings doesn't refer to an impl...01:09
bob2so it seems a bit weird that the bzr import of a cvs branch is broken01:09
markhright - how to change the copy in the working tree?01:10
markhwell - not "broken"01:10
fullermdWell, either that, or Pinocchio On Crack   ;)01:10
markhthe cvs checkout on windows has \r\n, the bzr branch has \n01:10
fullermdAnyway.  It might have been an actual bundle for bzr.dev instead of a plugin.  That would make it tougher to play with.01:10
markhwhy is it wierd?01:10
markhif I checkout on linux, the cvs branch has \n01:10
bob2cvs is stupid like that01:10
markhie, cvs does have basic line-end translation01:10
markhor smart ;)01:10
bob2bzr just faithfully copies it01:10
markhI get the correct line endings01:10
bob2so the bzr import should just have whatever was in the cvs repo01:11
bob2and the only issue would be editors messing it up01:11
markhthe cvs repo stored \n IIUC01:11
markhbut I expect if the cvs import process was run on Windows, the bzr repo would get \r\n01:11
markhassuming that import process just does a normal "cvs co" on the platform01:12
snovai'm getting an error when i try to set my launchpad username01:12
markh(ie, I expect that the cvs import process doesn't use the repo at all - it just uses whatever cvs checkout/export does on the platform - subtle but important difference)01:12
snovacan anybody help?01:13
bob2snova: pastebin the error01:13
markhsnova: if you give us a clue *what* error, we might :)01:13
snovait's a paltry two lines, going there now...01:14
snovahere: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/87187/01:15
snovaoddly enough, i can still push/checkout branches under my username (like ~snova/+junk/test)01:16
markhit looks a little like curl-ca-bundle.crt can be found by pycurl01:17
snovai thought it had something to do with certificates01:18
markhIIUC, that .crt file is full of certificates01:18
snovamight it be possible to download launchpad's certificate manually?01:19
markhI think that file contains some top-level trusted issuers, which allows a whole lot of sites automatically01:20
markhtry executing with '-v', then looking in .bzr.log.  IIUC, there should be some messages about that .crt missing if that is the problem.01:20
markh(probably even without -v - I'm not sure)01:20
snovait doesn't look very useful. just the same error and a traceback01:21
fullermdYou could work around it by shutting off pycurl momentarily.01:22
snovai found a file on my system that might be useful: /usr/share/apps/kssl/ca-bundle.crt, which appears to contain a bunch of certificates01:22
fullermdI'd do it just by chmod'ing away the pycurl module while doing it...01:22
fullermdHacky, to be sure.01:23
snovai've done worse01:23
snovawhat will bazaar do without pycurl? fall back to something else?01:24
fullermdYeah, it'll use urllib, which doesn't do cert validation (and thus won't fail from not knowing the CA)01:24
snovai guess i'll find out -- oh, it worked now.01:24
snovai'll try putting it back and seeing what happens -- how might i test it?01:25
fullermdNormal operations you can force one or the other with URL decoration, but since you don't directly type the URL for lp-login...01:25
snovai tried lp-login again (without arguments) and i got the same error. the configuration file is correct now, though.01:26
snovai could just remove python-pycurl, nothing depends on it except a package i can get rid of anyway01:26
snovai don't even know why i have it (the extra package, that is)01:27
snovathanks everybody, removing the python-pycurl package worked01:29
chandlercjelmer: any news on my segfault bug? its really blocking me currently02:17
kiko__chandlerc: what are you getting a segv on?02:17
kiko__chandlerc: crashing inside an extension?02:18
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chandlerckiko: bug #27621902:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 276219 in bzr-svn "Segmentation fault in the calling of subversion libraries." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27621902:18
chandlercits extra weird, the python wrapper is pulling a null pointer out instead of a valid C-string02:18
jelmerchandlerc: just repleid03:12
markhI guess it would be interesting to know if path starts out as the "impossible" value of NULL, or something in the frames called by that manage to set it.03:21
jelmerVerterok|out: ping03:24
nbjaymehello i have a question on the use of sftp.06:49
nbjaymei have multiple priv keys and i want to use an identify file named launchpad.net.  how do I specify that in bzr push sftp ?06:50
nbjaymelike, i.e. -i <identity file> when using ssh.06:50
bob2are you using openssh?06:51
nbjaymei am under ubuntu ... yes i believe it's openssh.06:53
nbjaymexubuntu (to be more correct).06:53
bob2http://paste.pocoo.org/show/87195/ -> ~/.ssh/config06:54
nbjaymethanks!  i'll try that. :)06:55
vilahi all07:08
nbjaymehello too. :)07:09
nbjaymebob2 your config worked. thanks.07:10
nbjaymei tried uploading my branch but launchpad returned an error that mkdir is not allowed.07:10
nbjaymei also done the bzr push bzr+ssh  but i am not allowed to create a directory.07:11
nbjaymeso, i cannot create a directory under trunk, noh?07:12
bob2trunk is a branch?07:14
nbjaymeokay, thanks again bob2.07:14
jmlnbjayme: what's the exact error message that Launchpad gives you?07:16
nbjaymehere is bzr+ssh error:  ERROR: Generic bzr smart protocol error: bad response ("Not allowed to execute '/home/bzrrepo/bin/bzr serve --inet --directory=/ --allow-writes'.\r",)07:17
nbjaymehere is bzr push sftp error:  Permission denied: "/boi-php/trunk/boiChat": [Errno 13] mkdir failed07:17
nbjaymethis project can have multiple modules... boiChat is one.  I was thinking the trunk can accept multiple branch (like a shared repo).... may need to setup my local repo then to meet what's expected by trunk.07:19
jmlnbjayme: branches on Launchpad need to live in ~<username>/<project>/<branch-name>07:30
jmlnbjayme: if you aren't pushing to something that looks like lp:~foo/bar/baz (or bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~foo/bar/baz), then it's not going to work.07:31
nbjaymejml, thanks.... i was able to commit using ~<username>.  will people that want to download the branch need to place ~<username>?07:31
jmlnbjayme: they'll need to use whatever username you used.07:32
nbjaymeokay. thanks much. :)07:32
jmlnbjayme: if you are the maintainer of that project, you can register that branch as the development focus07:32
jmlnbjayme: or as the branch for a release series07:32
jmlso then people can do: bzr branch lp:<project-name>07:32
nbjaymejml... it's still all new to me though, sorry for newbie questions.  you mean I need to specify that by clicking "link the branch to this series"?  then they can do lp:<project-name>?07:34
jmlnbjayme: yes, if that series is the 'development focus' (i.e. trunk)07:34
nbjaymethanks!  :-)  i've done it.07:35
jmlnbjayme: since most people will probably want to fetch trunk, this is Launchpad's way of making it more convenient.07:35
jmlnbjayme: it's one of my favourite features :)07:35
nbjaymethanks so much.... will upload additional projects in the coming weeks. :-)07:41
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vilajml: sorry to bother you, but can you ping mthaddon about pqm being blocked10:12
vilajml: by the way, did I thank enough for showing me iswitch ?10:12
james_whey vila10:16
vilajames_w: iswitch is an emacs dwimmy package to change buffers, really handy10:18
vilajfroy: ping11:09
Odd_BlokeI have someone who wants to use bzr-svn on a Subversion working directory and be able to communicate commits to the server once he has access to it again.  Can this work?  If so, how?12:09
intellectronicahya. i'm giving LP-hosted stacked branches a try. everything works fine, but i'm having problems when trying to submit to PQM12:50
Odd_Blokeintellectronica: That _probably_ means that the bzr that PQM is using doesn't have a bzr that understands stacked branches.12:53
intellectronicaOdd_Bloke: i don't think that this is a problem with the PQM. i get the same problem when trying to branch back from the branch i pushed. i get 'Permission denied (publickey)'12:54
james_wintellectronica: when you created the stacked branch did you use lp:whatever as the "stacked-on" url? Or did you use http://bazaar.lp.net/... ?12:55
intellectronicajames_w: i used lp:12:55
Odd_Blokeintellectronica: "lp:" will probably have resolved to your bzr+ssh:// URL, which won't work for PQM.12:56
james_wintellectronica: what I think has happened is that is translated to a bzr+ssh://intellectronica@ URI, which no-one else can access12:56
intellectronicajames_w: still, the push went fine, and LP shows me that it's there12:58
james_wpush from you may be ok, as you have access to both branches12:58
Odd_Blokeintellectronica: Have you tried a pull from the http location of the branch?12:59
james_wcreating the stacked branch with http://... as the stacked-on URI may be worth a try12:59
intellectronicaso, problem solved. turns out i needed to specify my lp username in the URLs used in locations.conf (since it is different from my local username, which ssh would have used by default)13:02
intellectronicabzr+ssh works fine after that, b.t.w13:03
Odd_Blokeintellectronica: It might not for other people, FWIW.13:03
kikointellectronica, I find it interesting that launchpad-login doesn't fix that under the covers.13:03
kikointellectronica, I think it's worth reporting a bzr bug with lots of details and the workaround. I'll talk to martin about it13:04
intellectronicakiko: indeed. it obviously does the right thing when i try to push, just not when i try to read13:04
kikointellectronica, did you file the bug?13:31
intellectronicakiko: not yet. will do shortly, though13:32
kikocool, I want to use it in a reply to salgado13:32
intellectronicakiko: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+bug/27903713:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 279037 in launchpad-bazaar "bzr tries using local username when reading from LP" [Undecided,New]13:37
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jelmerOdd_Bloke, hi15:01
Odd_Blokejelmer: Ho.15:06
jelmerOdd_Bloke, What would be blocking me from using PQM with a git repo?15:06
Odd_Blokejelmer: I don't know, TBH.15:07
jelmerOdd_Bloke, but on the PQM side of things?15:07
Odd_Blokejelmer: Not sure, I'll look into it in a while.15:09
Odd_Blokejelmer: If you look at Bazaar2Handler in pqm/__init__.py in the PQM source, that's all that is needed.15:12
jelmerOdd_Bloke, ah, ok, that doesn't look too bad15:16
jelmerOdd_Bloke, it looks like some of your branches are not yet merged - is that correct?15:16
Odd_Blokejelmer: http://bzr.daniel-watkins.co.uk/pqm/dependencies.png are the branches waiting to be merged. :p15:17
jelmerOdd_Bloke, wow..15:17
jelmerOdd_Bloke, is there an integration branch that contains all of them?15:17
Odd_Blokejelmer: Not yet, that's on my TODO list.15:19
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Odd_BlokeI'm getting "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.ImportError: cannot import name bisect_right" with a traceback whenever I try to run bzr.dev.  Any thoughts on what might be causing this?16:39
Odd_BlokeHappens even with '--no-plugins'.16:40
nevansI just used the rebase plugin (because rebase-push is the only bzr-svn workflow that puts all changesets into the svn-repo)... but it didn't rebase the first changeset.16:40
nevansgot a bunch of conflicts, but I resolved them rather than notice what had happened.16:40
nevansso I can't run rebase-abort anymore16:41
nevansis there an easy way to find the previous branch head (prior to rebasing), and get back to it?16:41
jelmernevans: "bzr heads" should give you a ist of heads16:41
nevansjelmer, thanks.  running that now.16:42
nevansjelmer: any idea why rebase might have missed a changeset?16:42
jelmernevans, what do you mean by first changeset exactly?16:43
nevansrunning rebase 0.4.1 and bzr 1.7.116:43
Odd_BlokeOh, epic fail.  I have a directory called 'bisect' in the directory I was running from, which happens to be a Python module. >.<16:43
nevansI had three changesets in my branch that weren't in the parent... after the rebase, only two of them were rebased on top of the parent16:43
jelmerNephyrin, was one of them a merge revision perhaps?16:43
nevansall of new/modified files in that first commit were lost16:44
nevansjelmer, yeah, it was.16:44
jelmernevans, rebase skips merges by default16:44
jelmernevans, you can force it to rebase merges by using --always-rebase-merges16:44
nevansyeah... I think I'll need to use that.  :)16:45
jelmerrebasing a merge will potentially cause a lot of conflicts though16:45
nevansI was merging from a third branch into a branch based off of svn-trunk16:45
nevansthen rebasing that branch against svn-trunk16:45
jelmerBtw, rebase is not the only workflow anymore these days that makes all revisions end up in svn16:45
nevanscool... because using rebase just feels a bit weird.  :)16:46
jelmeryou can set push_merged_revisions = True; that'll push revisions that were merged in branches/FOO16:46
nevansI'll play around with that.16:46
nevansjelmer: any news on #248289?16:52
nevansthat ticket is why I originally switched to the rebase-push workflow...16:52
nevanshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/248289 (concurrent access problems)16:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248289 in bzr-svn "concurrent access problems" [Medium,Triaged]16:53
jelmernevans, no, that requires changes in bzrlib16:54
mdmkolbeHelp! bzr complains that it can't aquite lock "(remote lock)".  I think it broke when the network died durring a commit.  How do I fix it?16:57
jelmermdmkolbe: bzr break-lock <url>16:58
mdmkolbejelmer: thanks, that fixed it.  Yea!16:59
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clementeHi, I'm just trying to continue the patch I did on another computer. And I try on a branch of lp:bzr :  bzr pull  "http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/download_patch/%3C87abdj9e18.fsf@yahoo.com%3E"18:28
clementeAnd I get: bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the merge command to reconcile them.18:28
clementeHow could they diverge?18:29
clementeAnd I don't want to merge, only to pull18:29
james_wclemente: if lp:bzr has moved on in the meantime they will be diverged18:31
james_wclemente: if you don't have any local commits on top of lp:bzr then "bzr pull --overwrite" will do what you want18:31
jelmerhmm, somebody needs to give pqm a kick18:32
clementejames_w: ok, with --overwrite it is applied (because the still applied cleanly). That's what I needed; thanks18:32
clementeIf a patch can apply cleanly (with no conflicts), shouldn't pull really pull it even if the branches diverged? (I think there was some discussion about that)18:35
fullermdPull doesn't apply patches.18:36
fullermdPull syncs _branches_.  You can't sync to something that's not a superset of you without losing data.18:36
fullermdHence, requiring forcing.18:36
clementefullermd: I understand that a bit, but I think an unexperienced new user can see this as a limitation18:40
clementebecause... sometimes you can sync without losing data18:40
clementeIt is like applying a patch and then commiting afterwards18:40
fullermdBut then your branch isn't synced.18:41
clementeIf the remote changes are different to the local changes, a clean merge is possible18:41
fullermdpull makes it so that the branches are the _same_, not the files.  If 'log' doesn't show EXACTLY the same thing on both sides, the branches are different.18:41
fullermdIf you want to merge, then you use merge.18:41
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fullermdIn git, they're not so distinguished; you have merge which fast-forwards (pulls) if it can, or falls back to merging if it can't.18:43
fullermdBut they're distinct actions, which is why bzr makes them different commands.18:43
clementefullermd: yes, git confused things for me still more18:44
fullermdpull means "update my _mirror_ of that other branch".  merge means "bring in the _changes_ from that other branch".18:44
clementeBut --speaking as a user who looks at the interface-- merge joined my branch with the trunk; what I was looking for is to _bring the changes_ but without joining the two branches18:45
clementeNow I know that it's bzr pull --overwrite18:45
luksnot really, pull --overwrite will get rid of your local revisions18:46
clementeAnd how can bzr otherwise bring the changes without joining the branches?18:47
clementeWell, for the patches it would be „bzr patch“.... but for the new _revisions_?18:48
luksif you care only about changes, not the original revisions there is bzr-rebase18:48
luksif you care about the revisions, there is no way18:48
lukspull --overwrite is something you want to use _only_ if you want a mirror of the pulled branch18:50
clementeI wanted to do this only so that Bundle Buggy could detect that I superseded my own patch (written in another computer). I assume this objective will be difficult...18:50
luksif you have two diverged merge requests (branches), and want BB to recognize one of them as superseeded, you need to merge18:51
luksor pull the other branch before committing to the new branch18:51
clementeluks: you mean pull --overwrite from the patch, right?18:53
clementeThe two branches (on each computer) are disconnected18:53
luksclemente: the patch represents the branch18:55
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clementeThanks, that was very useful19:03
clementeI have a hard time trying to correlate bzr commands/plugins (for instance, rebase) with the actions they do in fact to the revision graph shown by „bzr vis“19:03
clementeI would like a „bzr vis“ where you could edit/drag/cut/copy/... nodes :-)19:04
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mathiazjames_w: Hi - I'd like to get your input on using bzr branches for packaging. Here is the situation - the dovecot packaging branch in debian is in svn.19:06
mathiazjames_w: here: svn://svn.debian.org/svn/collab-maint/deb-maint/dovecot/branches/1.1-work/debian19:06
mathiazjames_w: I'd like to create an ubuntu branch that has the structure ubuntu/debian/19:07
fullermdclemente: There are few manipulations of nodes that you can do, without replacing the nodes.19:07
mathiazjames_w: the problem is that the debian svn repository has just the files in debian/ - it doesn't have a sub-directory debian/ with the files in it.19:07
clementefullermd: if you start from the top, this doesn't affect the older nodes (below)19:08
fullermdclemente: rebase is for doing those sort of changes19:09
mathiazjames_w: so how can I structure an ubuntu/ directory that would have a debian/ branch in it ?19:09
clementefullermd: For instance, what I wanted was just to „cut“ the wire which connected my branch with the trunk branch...19:09
clementefullermd: ok, I should learn it19:09
fullermdWell, there aren't any "wires" per se connecting branches.  The important thing is the revision graph.19:10
fullermdEssentially, you can add nodes into the top of it; pretty much any other action is destructive to one degree or another.19:10
clementeok, I wanted to cut the „edge“ which connected the latest revision nodes of each branch (mine, and trunk)19:11
clementeThere are many operations on the top nodes which could be represented graphically and through drag & drop19:12
fullermdWell, you can represent a lot graphically.  You're more limited in what you can do within the constraints of the bzr revision graph   :p19:13
fullermdYou can't create a new node "underneath" an existing one, for instance.19:13
clementeThat would replace all the upper nodes19:15
fullermdRight.  You'd have to create a whole new set of all the nodes after that point.19:15
fullermdWhich means that everybody else's copy of the branch would now be incorrect, and need to be force-sync'd.  Any work they'd done on top of those old revisions would have to be recreated or it couldn't be merged or kept up to date.  etc.19:16
fullermd(which isn't to say it's necessarily or always a Bad Idea; just that it has reprecussions, so it needs to be done deliberately)19:16
james_whey mathiaz, "bzr join" can do that I think19:18
james_wmathiaz: I've never used it though19:18
clementefullermd: I suppose this graphical revision editor would be too ambitious to be placed in the bug tracker as a RFE... :-)19:22
fullermdWell, in thse sense that rather open-ended wishlist items don't fit the bugtracker well...19:23
fullermdIt could be a handy thing to have around.  Probably more "useful" to define a full rewriting engine and language, then write a GUI frontend for it.19:24
fullermdI've mentally fiddled with a language from time to time for it.19:24
fullermdIt's definitely something that's needed.19:24
mathiazjames_w: hm - it kind of works. I think I was looking for something similar to svn externals definition.19:24
clementeThat's very interesting. The revision specification has already many ways to locate revisions, but --I think-- not to manipulate them19:25
mathiazjames_w: the problem is that I cannot add the files in debian/ to the ubuntu branch.19:25
mathiazjames_w: I've joined to the debian/ branch with the --reference option.19:26
fullermdYeah, that's what revspecs are for; ways of specifying revisions   :)19:27
james_wmathiaz: yeah, --reference is more like svn:externals, but it's experimental, so I would recommend it if this is more than an experiment.19:27
james_wmathiaz: I hope it becomes supported soon.19:27
fullermdA good general mechanism for rewriting history is certainly necessary.  But it's also necessarily an extraordinary action.19:27
mathiazjames_w: right - I'm working on the dovecot package for now.19:28
mathiazjames_w: whenever I touch a package that is maintained in svn in debian I look into ways to create an ubuntu branch in bzr.19:29
mathiazjames_w: while still making it easy to forward patches to debian/.19:29
mathiazjames_w: in this case it's a bit tricky as it's a package in experimental that doesn't use a pkg-name/debian/ structure.19:30
mathiazjames_w: I'd like to end up with an ubuntu branch I could use bzr bd with.19:31
james_wmathiaz: I'm glad you are trying these things. It's a shame I often don't have a good answer for you.19:31
mathiazjames_w: but I don't see how I can connect the debian branch with ubuntu/debian/19:31
mathiazjames_w: ok - thanks for the help. I'll play with this a little bit more.19:32
james_wthere's the merge-into plugin, which is similar to "bzr join" without --reference, but I don't know if it will have a benefit over "bzr join" for your case.19:32
james_wmathiaz: I'm interested by "the problem is that I cannot add the files in debian/ to the ubuntu branch." Could you expand?19:32
mathiazjames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/54737/19:36
mathiazjames_w: and that's when I try to join the subtree: http://paste.ubuntu.com/54738/19:37
james_wmathiaz: can you try "bzr join" without --reference please?19:39
james_wmathiaz: I believe it still allows you to "bzr pull" later19:39
mathiazjames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/54740/19:42
mathiazjames_w: well - what I'd like to be able to do is also bzr diff in debian/19:42
mathiazjames_w: and get the diff with the debian svn branch19:42
james_wmathiaz: hmm, yeah, I guess that "bzr diff -r branch:svn://..." might work, but I don't really know19:43
james_wmathiaz: that looks sensible19:44
mathiazjames_w: hm - bzr diff --old seems to almost work19:44
james_wmathiaz: confusing but sensible19:44
mathiazjames_w: hm - bzr  merge doesn't work once I've joined the debian branch.19:48
james_wmathiaz: are you in ./debian?19:48
mathiazjames_w: yes - it fails with an error about Key 'new-2' not found19:49
mathiazjames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/54741/19:49
james_wmathiaz: I would guess it's a bug then19:49
james_wmathiaz: rather than not being supposed to work19:49
james_wmathiaz: sorry about that, it looks like you can't really do what you want currently19:50
mathiazjames_w: oh well - this not the end of the world. I'll survive :D19:50
james_wyou always do :-)19:51
clementeWhat format does tree.set_parent_ids([....]) expect?19:57
clementeIs that the „revision graph“?19:57
james_wclemente: a list of revision ids19:58
james_wwhich are strings19:58
clementeand what relation is there between the elements of that list?19:59
clementeIs that function declaring that each left-most is parent of the right-most ?19:59
james_wthe left-most is the first item in the list20:01
james_wthe right-most is the last item20:01
clementeAnd each revision is the parent of the revision right to it20:02
clementeSo ["a","b","c"] is a tree with 3 revisions, right? The first one (in time) was "a", then came "b", then came "c"20:03
james_wno, it's just about the parents of the working tree20:06
james_w[] is the tree before any commits20:06
james_w["x"] is a normal tree20:06
james_w["x", "y", ...] is a tree with pending merges20:06
clementeouch! I thought that all parents were listed there. So that's why it's more normal to list just one revision there. Thanks20:08
clementeOnly parents of the working tree. Not the parents of those parents, etc.20:09
clementeA tree has a revision as its parent. And which parent has that revision?20:11
clementeDoes it matter for tree.set_parent_ids()?20:11
james_wit doesn't matter20:12
james_wthe parent(s) are stored as part of the revision20:12
james_wor rather the revision tree, which is referenced by the revision, I think20:12
clementeI always think that I must describe the whole revision graph, from [] to any revision20:14
james_wthat only really happens in tests I think20:15
clementeI'm seeing this on a test I'm writing: bzrlib.tests.branch_implementations.test_sprout.TestSprout.test_sprout_with_utf8_symlink(RemoteBranchFormat-default) is leaking threads among 2 leaking tests20:42
clementeThe tests are failing and I throw KnownFailure20:42
clementeIs something wrong?20:42
clementeRan 7 tests in 0.661s.  OK (known_failures=5).  The other 2 „leak threads“...?20:43
james_wthat's not necessarily your test20:48
james_wif you comment out your test do they go away?20:48
james_wI'm not even sure whether it's deterministic20:48
clementeIt's my test. „I'm leaking threads“ if I do just „tree = self.make_branch_and_tree('tree1')“ but not if I do „print "a"“20:50
clementeMmm... not only my test. Others do it too:  ./bzr selftest test_sprout_from_any_repo_revision20:51
clementebzrlib.tests.branch_implementations.test_sprout.TestSprout.test_sprout_from_any_repo_revision(RemoteBranchFormat-default) is leaking threads among 2 leaking tests20:52
stefanlsdDoes anyone know why this doesnt work - bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu     -  It just hangs and doesnt download anything... - would it be a bzr thing with big repo's?20:53
clementestefanlsd: works here. Try pressing ENTER several times (>4). Maybe you are also experiencing bug 24605220:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246052 in bzr-dbus "Bazaar halts and silently expects input from STDIN" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24605220:55
james_wclemente: hmm, self.make_branch_and_tree shouldn't leak threads, if it is, it's not your fault20:57
clementestefanlsd: in any case, to see what the bzr process is doing, you can attach to it with: strace -p pid_of_the_bazaar_process20:58
stefanlsdclemente: thanks. thats useful - repeating this over and over http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/54761/21:00
clementestefanlsd: the send() and recv() show that it's downloading things from the net21:02
clementesend("GET /") is requesting21:02
clementeSo it is just slow...21:02
stefanlsdok... heh. slow21:03
clementeSo that you can enjoy Bazaar longer :-)21:03
clementeBazaar could show more information during that time (or something else to read); maybe you can find or file a bug report about that21:03
stefanlsdjoys of being in south africa :)21:04
clementeOk, I wrote my second patch much faster than the first one; thank you for helping beginners to learn Bazaar :-)21:15
james_wmathiaz: I just came across bug 203376, which I think is what you are hitting. It's fixed in 1.7, which unfortunately isn't in Intrepid21:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203376 in bzr "traceback when merging a branch with a 'bzr join'ed branch" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20337621:16
clementestefanlsd: by the way, the „branch“ command I started when you said that, has finished right now successfully on my machine. 108 Mb21:16
mathiazjames_w: ok. It turns out that I missunderstood the branch structure. The branch actually follows the pkg-name/debian/ structure :D21:17
mathiazjames_w: so I've setup a merge mode for bzr builddeb.21:18
mathiazjames_w: it's just that the svn branch has two other directories in addition to the debian directory.21:18
stefanlsdclemente: aah. ouch.  mm.  is it possible for me to branch ignoring all previous changes history etc?   just want the latest so i can merge a 5 line patch into...21:18
mathiazjames_w: that confused me.21:18
stefanlsdclemente: i'm on 8mb so far :)21:18
james_wah, at least it works21:19
mathiazjames_w: so now I've co the debian svn tree, and branched it to an ubuntu/ branch.21:19
mathiazjames_w: I've setup merge mode for builddeb and added the configuration to the bzr branch.21:20
clementestefanlsd: mmm... from memory, I think there are „lightweight checkouts“ to check out just the latest things, and „stacked branches“ to have a part here and another remote (I think, please correct if needed)21:20
mathiazjames_w: now I have to import the ubuntu changes.21:20
mathiazjames_w: any suggestions ?21:20
james_wdoes ubuntu touch anything outside of ./debian/ ?21:21
mathiazjames_w: let me check that21:21
clementeclemente: probably with „stacked branches“ you could do that. Although I never used them21:22
clementeclemente: stop talking to yourself!21:22
james_wmathiaz: it's not easy though21:22
james_wmathiaz: I don't think I can offer you more that diff+patch or equivalent currently21:23
clementestefanlsd: see ./bzr help branch   on bzr >=1.6 for --stacked21:23
mathiazjames_w: right - I may try to use loom again21:23
stefanlsdclemente: yeah. reading about stacked right now. sounds interesting...21:23
jelmerchandlerc: ping21:29
clementeAfter „bzr selftest“:  Ran 14132 tests in 956.732s.  FAILED (failures=37, errors=43, known_failure_count=27)21:29
clementeIs this the normal state? I mean failures!=021:29
james_wno, shouldn't be21:30
james_wif the "./bzr" you said a moment ago means you are on linux at least21:30
james_wwindows may have that, I'm not sure21:30
clementeyes I am21:30
james_wyeah, should be 0 failures21:31
james_wPQM tries to ensure that21:31
clementeMost of them are like:21:31
james_wplatform differences etc. can mean that it's not always 0 on your machine21:31
clemente    self.run_bzr('patch --silent mypatch')21:31
clementeAssertionError: Unexpected return code21:31
clementenot equal:21:31
clementea = 021:31
clementeb = 321:31
james_wah, you might like to run the tests with --no-plugins21:31
james_wassuming that you aren't testing a plugin21:32
clementeAren't plugins required to pass tests?21:32
james_wshouldn't be21:32
james_wit won't load the tests of the plugins either21:33
james_wand nothing in bzr core should rely on a plugin being present21:33
clementeI only had 2: bzr_push_and_update  bzr_rebase21:33
jelmerclemente, patch is in bzrtools21:39
clementejelmer: mmm... do I have bzrtools installed? :-)21:40
clementeI think not21:40
clementeDoes it mean that if I add it to my Bazaar, the bug will disappear?21:40
jelmerclemente, It appears like you have bzrtools installed21:41
jelmerclemente, does "bzr plugins" list  bzrtools?21:41
clementejelmer: yes... But I don't know where did it find it21:41
clementeNot in ~/.bazaar/plugins21:42
jelmerclemente, in the system folkder perhaps?21:42
clementeprobably. I thought that if I ran bzr like ./bzr, the system folder wouldn't be read21:43
* clemente has bzrtools in /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/bzrtools21:43
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stefanlsdis there a suggested ppa for 1.7?21:46
clementeRan 13889 tests in 954.235s. OK (known_failures=27). 862 tests skipped   <== with --no-plugins. Runs as expected21:49
clementewhat's a PPA? :-)21:49
james_wstefanlsd: the ~bzr one I expect21:50
clementeOk, Personal Package Archive21:50
clementeOnly for Debian?21:50
stefanlsdmmm. looks like..  https://edge.launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive21:50
clementeand Ubuntu, etc?21:51
james_wclemente: just for Ubuntu currently21:54
jelmerlifeless, 'morning22:51
lifelesshi jelmer, how are you?22:51
jelmerlifeless, Good, thanks22:51
jelmerjust got "bzr svn-serve" working22:52
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james_whey lifeless, have you had a chance to review my config-manager patch?23:09
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