thismamacooks200´╗┐when I log onto another account's desktop, my music player goes silent. But if I'm running a noisy game, it is still heard. How can I make the music always play?00:47
zzazahi all12:24
zzazaI was trying to install edubuntu classroom server to connect some clients as x-terminal, the installation went ok, but i cant configure the clients. i cant find the ltsf.conf file. am using the latest edubuntu.12:26
nubaezzaza: u have to create that file12:29
nubaeit should be here: /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf12:29
nubaeand the first line should be [default]12:30
zzazanubae: i didt creat that file, i last tried edubuntu version 7.10 all was striaght forward12:31
zzazai did check in /var/lib/tftpboot  but there was no lts.conf file12:32
nubaeI know...12:33
nubaeu have to create it12:33
nubaeahhh damn Nick Kendall....14:00
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sbalneavMorning all16:16
nubaehi sbalneav16:16
highvoltagemorning sbalneav16:17
nubaeI'm having a problem with pulseaudio...16:17
nubaeI get a connection refused when it tries to connect to the pulse server16:17
nubaeah wait... forget it, just fixed it...16:18
sbalneavWhat was it?>16:18
nubaeneeded echo "default_driver=pulse" in .libao16:19
nubaewierd though, thats new for intrepid16:19
nubaecause hardy worked fine16:19
nubaehi Lns18:06
Lnshey nubae18:06
nubaeafter adding something to anacron in cron.hourly, does one need to reload cron?18:07
Lnsnubae: Not if it works like regular old cron18:07
Lnsthe man page says itself that one of its features is that you don't need to reload it after editing configs18:07
nubaeits weird, I've got a script that works fine if i execute it, and its in /etc/cron.hourly, but doesnt seem to get exectued18:08
nubaeby cron18:08
Lnsnubae: did you chmod +x it ?18:08
Lnsyeah it would if yo ucan yousefl ;)18:09
Lnsick..monday morning fingers18:09
Lnsnubae: did you reload anacron or no?18:09
nubaeI did that too, without much success :-)18:09
nubaeit works if I make an entry with crontab -e, but I thought the point of cron.hourly is u drop the script in there to exectue every hour18:10
Lnsit is18:10
nubaehmmm... then what am I missing18:10
Lnsnubae: what does the script do?18:10
nubaeawks users out of passwd, shadow and groups and puts into another file18:11
nubaeah? u know whats wrong?18:12
Lnsnubae: have you verified other scripts run in cron.hourly?18:12
Lnsno, not yet ;)18:12
nubaethere arent any18:12
Lnshave you verified crontab has a stanza for cron.hourly runs?18:12
nubaeand there is no /var/spool/anacron/cron.hourly18:13
nubaewhich I guess answers your question18:13
Lnshrmm... /me is an old style cron user18:13
Lnswhere everything is in /etc/crontab18:14
nubaewell guess Im gonna have to do the same, I just thought this would be neater18:14
Lnssure, i mean it should work18:14
Lnsis it stock anacron in hardy?18:14
nubae17 *    * * *   root    cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly --- that should execute anacron18:15
Lnsoh ok we're talking about different beasts here18:15
nubaebut it doesn!18:15
Lnsnubae: did you try running "run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly" manually on a shell, and/or examining logs?18:15
Lns(as root)18:15
nubaeno thats an idea, let me try that18:16
nubaeyep works18:17
nubaesigh... this makes no sense18:17
Lnslook in your cron logs18:19
Lnsnubae: FYI AFAIK there's anacron, then cron. they're 2 different things, and both installed by default18:21
Lnsmake sure you're running the right one18:21
nubaeanacron does cron.hourly, cron.daily, etc as I understand it18:21
nubaeand cron does /etc/crontab18:22
nubaeor am I missing something?18:22
Lnsnubae: anacron uses /etc/anacrontab18:23
nubaewell doh no wonder... there is no hourly in there :-)18:23
nubaehow silly is that18:23
nubaeits supposed to replace cron but has no cron.hourly18:24
nubaeat least got to the bottom of it, thanks Lns18:24
Lnsyeah what's weird is that i have a different line in /etc/crontab for hourly18:24
nubaewith cd / && in the front?18:25
nubaeyeah took that out =)18:25
Lnsand why does both crontab and anacrontab have day/week/month stanzas?18:25
nubaeit should be one or the other18:27
nubaeits very confusing18:27
nubaeI really thought cron.hourly was run by cron, but its not, its run by anacron and isnt in the anacrontab18:27
Lnswell it looks like it's supposed to, with "17 *    * * *   root    cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly" in crontab18:28
nubaeyes but without the corresponding line in cron.hourly in anacron, its not being spooled it looks like18:29
Lnsnubae: looks like it works for me... Oct  6 10:17:01 Fibonacci /USR/SBIN/CRON[15189]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)18:30
LnsI have nothing in cron.hourly though so i haven't tested18:31
nubaeyeah its annoying cause its working for me too18:31
Lnsnubae: are you using a sane shell descriptor at the top of your script?18:31
nubaegtonna test with another script18:32
Lnshrm..actually running it manually didn't work for me18:32
Lnsoh wait18:32
Lnsyeah it's not working for me either (running run-parts manually)18:34
nubaeso crontab pretends to do its job18:34
Lnsand even reports to syslog18:35
nubaecron executes cron.hourly, but then it stops... so I guess cron.hourly triggers anacron?18:35
nubaeis that possible?18:35
Lnsnot sure18:35
nubaebecause its only hourly not working18:35
Lnsits just a dir...i can't see how18:35
nubaetried with a real simple test... touch itworks.txt18:35
Lnsyeah me too18:36
Lnsonly if you i wonder why crontab has a different style execution for .hourly18:36
Lnstaking out the test anacron18:36
nubaeyeah what does that do, test anacron?18:38
Lnstests to see if anacron exists18:38
Lnsbut to me it almost looks like run-parts is broken18:38
Lnsrun-parts --list /etc/cron.hourly/ doesn't result in any scripts being returned, although i do have one in there and it's chmod +x'd18:39
nubaewell, lets try a daily one... by setting the clock to a minute after or so...18:39
nubaeno work either18:42
nubaeure right run-parts must be broken18:42
nubaethat means all the scripts that are in there are not being executed18:42
nubaethats a pretty serious bug18:42
Lnswell i'd hope others would notice too18:42
Lnswe could be doing something wrong18:42
nubaeyeah like what? ever document Ive read and every wiki points to simply putting the script in .hourly or .daily or whatever, + there are scripts in there already and they're not being executed18:44
Lnsnubae: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=567710518:44
nubaeits a mystery18:44
nubaethat would mean that by default everyones crons are broken18:45
Lnsi sure would hope that isn't the case18:45
Lnsthats *buntu, not just edu (i'm using ubuntu)18:45
nubaeme too18:46
nubaeso how do we verify that, I guess if a reinstall fixes it, then that is verification18:47
Lnsguess so.. ?18:48
nubaesudo apt-get reinstall cron anacron --- that does not work18:49
nubaeyeah the www doc is wrong18:50
nubaenah that doesnt work18:52
Lnsnubae: apt-get --reinstall install cron anacron18:53
nubaeyeah I know, I mean that didnt fix the problem18:53
Lnsnot sure...very eerie though18:56
nubaeits run parts thats broken, cause putting into crontab normally works18:57
Lnshold on a sec18:58
nubaejust dont want to put a bug report up, unless I'm absolutely certain :D18:58
Lnsyou have an extension  ( .sh ?) on your script, no?18:59
Lnsrun-parts works when you remove all script extensions18:59
nubaeno .sh, I read about that19:00
Lnswell that fixed it for me =)19:01
Lnsare you using /bin/sh as your shell in the script?19:01
Lnshave you 'set -e' in it at the top?19:01
nubaewait Ive still got the cd / && missing, let me put it back19:01
nubaeset -e ?19:02
Lnsi believe that sets the environment19:03
nubaeok, lets see if that does it for me19:03
nubaeyep :-)19:04
Lnsshit, that was right at the top of the run-parts manpage too19:04
nubaethat only took half a day19:04
Lns If  neither  the --lsbsysinit option nor the --regex option is given then the names must consist entirely of upper19:04
Lns       and lower case letters, digits, underscores, and hyphens.19:04
Lnsso the 'set -e' did it for you, eh?19:05
Lnsdamn anal cron ;)19:05
nubaenowhere was that mentioned19:05
nubaethink I'll add an entry to my blog about this wonderful cron experience19:06
nubaegod, feel like I was banging my head against a wall19:06
Lnscron (moreso run-parts) should REALLY be more forgiving19:07
Lnsof course i'm sure there's a very good reason for its behavior, I'm just not seeing it19:08
nubaeI had #!bin/sh there19:08
nubaejsut not the env19:08
nubaegonna check the other scripts19:08
Lnsdefault ones normally have it - that's where i got it from i think19:09
nubaewell apt has it disabled19:09
Lns"set -e" terminates the shell if any command returns a non-zero status19:09
nubaecheck yours... cron.daily/apt19:10
Lnsdoesn't have it19:17
Lns(commented out)19:17
nubaeso wtf?19:18
Lnsnot sure..maybe not every script requires it19:19
nubaeyeah, guess I should just be glad it works now :D19:20
Lnsyeah but understanding it would be nice too =)19:20
LnsSO... regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/269188 - the people in #ubuntu-mozillateam seem to think that getting this patch into the beta Intrepid is even a longshot. Any thoughts, since it affects *buntu LTSP setups on a critical level?21:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269188 in firefox "Extreme slowness, "Firefox is already running" error for >3 users launching Firefox in LTSP environment" [Undecided,Incomplete]21:01
nubae1Lns: The school I was working at before also mentioned extreme firefox slowness21:03
Lnsnubae1: I don't doubt it21:03
LnsIt seems like it would be critical to any Ubuntu LTSP setups with > 3 thin-clients (and nobody at the server feeding it mouse/keyboard entropy for everyone else)21:05
LnsI'm just really scared that people aren't even going to look as far as Launchpad when installing *buntu LTSP and will just walk away since Firefox is broken21:05
LnsAnd if it's really THAT hard to get a patch pushed into Hardy (even in -proposed)... what's the use?21:05
nubae1I'll add my 2 cents to the bug list and shout a bit ;-)21:06
sbalneavLns: Any reason given?21:06
Lnsheh...thanks nubae1 it'll be nice to have someone else's whining in there ;)21:06
Lnssbalneav: 'fta' in #ubuntu-mozillateam says "we could take it in nspr, but it's a bit late in this cycle.. and we have the de-sonamization still under discussion blocking both nspr and nss"21:07
LnsI don't know what "nspr", "nss" or "de-sonamization" means...21:08
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sbalneavNubae: Section on "hardware", talking about hubs, switches, etc...21:09
sbalneavYou want them converted to sect3's, or maybe a bulletlist.21:09
sbalneavOh, btw, gimme 2 seconds, I'll push up my branch21:09
Nubaeok... whatever u think looks best, I set them up as sect3s, but obviously openoffice killed that21:11
sbalneavCrumb.  Can I delete a branch on launchpad?21:14
* sbalneav thinks he'll never get used to LP21:14
* Lns watches http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyEl3w7SFK421:22
Nubaeheh, I was watching that the other day21:24
NubaeI opted for printouts in the end21:25
NubaeLns: does your triage fix the issue totally?21:32
LnsNubae: I don't know, but I'm assuming so. I haven't tested it (I don't know how to build packages/PPA it for use in my environment)21:32
LnsThat's why i'm learning about MOTU...21:32
LnsI know that through all my troubleshooting, it was determined that /dev/random was sucking up all the entropy, especially when creating new user profiles in Firefox, and /dev/urandom would be a better choice since it doesn't block requests when entropy runs out21:33
LnsI have a hack-ish patch that would work for testing21:33
Lnsbut not the same patch..it would, however, prove that using /dev/urandom would fix the bug21:34
sbalneavgot it21:35
sbalneavNubae: OK, check out lp:~sbalneav/ltsp/ltsp-docs-sbalneav21:35
sbalneavThere's a LOT more work needing to be done, I'll work on it tonight, but at least I've got all of it in book form, with all the proper entities.21:36
sbalneavOO.o's inserted some weeeiiird characters here and there, I have to hose them21:36
LnsNubae: download http://logicalnetworking.net/other/urandomize.tar.bz2 if you want to test it - you need to compile urandomize.so and then load it so calls to /dev/random get pushed to /dev/urandom instead (see README)21:37
sbalneavplus, all of the screencap stuff like ps listings etc. has to be converted back into <screen></screen> entities, so that's left to do21:37
Nubaeok, if there is anything I can do, sbalneav, let me know21:37
Nubaealthough I fear I've already done too much ;-p21:37
sbalneavsh*t happens, we deal :)21:38
sbalneavcontent's more important, so if content's been added, I'm happy to do whatever reformatting to get it into shape.21:39
Nubaedoes read ok?21:40
sbalneavSo far, the content's fine with me.  I'm assuming you spell checked it?21:40
Nubaeyeah, the one good thing about open office :D21:41
sbalneavQuanta for KDE looks like a promising docbook editor.21:43
Nubaewont mess up formatting? guess I can compare against vi21:45
sbalneavI'm installing it now.21:48
sbalneavAh, by the way, for spell checking an XML document, you can use aspell -H check <document>21:49
sbalneavand aspell's smart enough to ignore all the XML tags21:49
Nubaeah good to know21:49

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