dr_willisdelilaz,  they have to be in the right sudoers list and groups.00:00
dr_willisI think theres a gui user admin tool that can enable that.. but i dont rember where.00:00
delilazwouldn't that mean to give the new user sudo power? which I don't want to do00:01
bdheemanHow is about I install the beta right now and update/dist-upgrade it after a stable release comes up00:02
delilazIs there a command that the root user can use to update apt in another user??? Anyone know?00:05
dr_willisI tend to just wait a week or 2 after the release and do clean installs. :)00:05
dr_willisLess of a hassle thta way00:06
bdheemandelilaz: create group and allow only a set of commands to this groups in the /etc/sudoers00:06
bdheemandr_willis: you are right00:08
Nythainquick problem... in intrepid, im trying to change my refresh rate from 85 to 75, and every time i do, it defaults to "auto" and stays at 85, any suggestions???00:09
delilaz Is that done through System Settings? I'm still learning this OS :)00:09
Nythainyeah, system settings --> display00:09
Nythainbut like i said, it just sets it to "auto" and stays at 85 :(00:09
dr_willisThis is a CRT monitor or LCD?00:22
dr_williscould be its thinking the crt cant handle 85, and you may need to put in a proper modeline in the xorg.conf00:23
Nythainwell, it handles 85, just wont switch to 75... xrandr tells me its supported, and even when trying to set it manually in xorg.conf it keeps defaulting to 8500:24
* DaskReecH hates the new X00:35
=== adam is now known as Guest14823
mowaeyhi pxc00:43
pxcdoes anyone here know how to launch vlc without launching the GUI?00:43
pxcI want to use it in a cron script to rip a Windows Media stream (mplayer crashes, streamripper doesn't support it)00:43
stijni've a question about kubuntu 8.1000:45
stijnwill the KDE4.1.2 also contains KDE 3.5 software?00:45
stijncause when I install kubuntu 8.04, it installs KDE3 and 4 apps00:46
stijnWhich i hate00:46
izzybI'm trying to get syntax  folding of perl scripts working in vim.  I've added set foldmethod=syntax to my .vimrc file, but it still doesn't work.  I've added vim-perl and vim-scripts in the hopes they would solve the problem but so for no luck.  any idea what I'm missing?00:46
stijnfor example KDE3 konsole and KDE4 console00:46
thismamacooks200when I log onto another account's desktop, my music player goes silent. But if I'm running a noisy game, it is still heard. How can I make the music always play?00:47
pxchello, all00:49
pxci'm working on a little script to record the streaming version of a local radio show that runs once a week at a specific time.00:49
pxcMy question is this: how can I tell VLC to record for a certain length of time and then shut down?00:50
cj7jeepwill someone help me with a login problem.  I am new to ubuntu and am trying to login into my server (on a workgroup not domain)  I can see it but when i double click it just opens folder and nothing there - not even a prompt for a username and password00:50
mowaeyhi cj7jeep00:53
cj7jeephello mowaey00:54
cj7jeepany ideas on the above00:54
DaskReecHcj7jeep: Hi00:58
DaskReecHA little more detail. what are you logging into?00:58
cj7jeeplogging into a workgroup00:59
cj7jeepother users with shared windows folders are ok just server r200:59
cj7jeepdoes not prompt me for username and password01:02
dr_willisThis is Linux box, connecting to windows shares - correct?01:07
dr_willisso you see the remote mchine  address in the file manager like...01:10
dr_willissmb://mshome/   but cant get to the specific share eh?01:10
dr_willisin my case fileserver named tiny, became smb://tiny/ which then poped up a dialog for my user/password01:11
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_2!info 9wm | w9wm01:15
ubottuw9wm: 9wm (source: 9wm): emulation of the Plan 9 window manager 8-1/2. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-8 (hardy), package size 24 kB, installed size 104 kB01:15
_2glenna ?01:15
yurimxpxmananybody know whether Requiem will still work if I use an older version of iTunes?01:25
_2!info xapple201:39
ubottuxapple2 (source: apple2): Apple ][ Emulator. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.7.4-5 (hardy), package size 62 kB, installed size 244 kB (Only available for i386)01:39
_2why does nvidia-glx-legacy depend on linux-image-i"3"86 ?  i have linux-image-i686 because intel HDA doesn't work with i386  but can't install propriatery driver or i'll lose sound   ???01:48
_2syntax error01:49
=== sgallinger is now known as splooge
_2three things about ubuntu linux i don't like.   1. the installer is bloated.  supose i want to install on an older box with only 128m ram.    2. the release cycle expects everyone to have a bzillion terabytes of bandwidth to dl a new cd iso worth of data each day.   3. they try to hard to make the "reboot will fix anything" crowd feel at home. (i.e. linux != M$  never has, never will, and, we don't want it too, so stop trying.)   <01:55
=== yurimxpxman is now known as Darth_YuriMxPxMa
=== Darth_YuriMxPxMa is now known as Darth_Yuri
Daisuke_Ido_2: 1. alternate install is great for those with limited ram, but to be honest, an amount of ram like that would be better suited to a distro like DSL or Puppy Linux.  2. That's what LTS releases are for, three years of security updates on the desktop.  3. Agreed, though I rarely even need to reboot aside from a kernel update02:06
_2Daisuke_Ido why so.  i hardly ever use that much ram from a console ?02:07
Daisuke_Idofrom a console02:07
Daisuke_Idoubuntu is by its very nature a graphical distro02:07
_2it's linux.02:07
Zorixhow does everyone like kde 4 so far in intrepid?02:08
_2or should i say GNU/Linux02:08
Daisuke_Idoit's a linux distro aimed at the "everyday" user, which is a group (a majority) that uses a graphical environment02:08
_2<Daisuke_Ido> ubuntu is by its very nature a graphical distro <<< sounds very "reboot will fix anything" oriented02:09
_2Daisuke_Ido answer me this.   if it's so gui oriented why are there 7 active tty's on your box and only one of them has a gui in it ?02:10
Daisuke_Idobecause the everyday user has no need for seven different guis02:10
=== Darth_Yuri is now known as yurimxpxman
_2so why are the other six running ?02:10
Daisuke_Idowhich is why it activates the one that HAS a gui by default02:10
=== diego is now known as Guest24844
Daisuke_Idofor those that choose to use them.02:10
kalorinsorry I'll take the gui any day02:11
Daisuke_Idoif you choose to use them, you're provided for, but not necessarily the target audience02:11
_2so it's not "by its very nature a graphical distro"   it's simply GNU/Linux02:11
kalorincommand shells are easy to open and it's nice to be able to see them side by side02:11
kalorinthat alone makes the gui >>>02:11
Daisuke_Idoif you prefer a straight console install, use the server install, which also takes care of the ram limitation02:11
kalorin_2: I agree, linux is linux, X by it's nature is GUI02:11
Daisuke_Idoi find it interesting that you continue to quote the original, and not revised statement02:12
Daisuke_Ido[21:08:01] <Daisuke_Ido> it's a linux distro aimed at the "everyday" user, which is a group (a majority) that uses a graphical environment02:12
* _2 looks for the revision02:12
_2oh was that a revision ?02:13
_2i thought that was supposed to be an explanation.  sorry, my bad.02:13
_2Daisuke_Ido will the server installer in hardy run in 128m ?02:14
Daisuke_Idoit's basically debian's text-based installer02:15
Daisuke_Idono reason it shouldn't02:15
_2i thought they said the minimum was 192 now...02:15
_2because of extensive use of ramfs or somethin.02:16
Daisuke_Idoi know the livecd uses a ramdisk, but i don't think the alternate installer does02:16
Daisuke_Idobut don't quote me on that02:17
_2hmmm i may be misinformed on that.  i'll do some research.   i know that 64m was not enough for hoary02:17
=== david is now known as No1PeaceDragon
kalorinI want to know why my VPN connection to our cisco server suddenly stopped working02:18
_2128 was enough to install server   and then 16m was enough to run it.02:18
kalorinit gets to 80% connected then says that it can't connect02:18
kalorinI can get to the port and others using the windows client can02:18
kalorinwondering if the knetworkmanager version changed or if something changed in the cisco that's stopping it02:18
kalorinis there a log for the knetworkmanager vpn connections that I can see what's going on there?02:19
_2kalorin should be in /var/log/02:19
_2not sure tho02:19
_2and check auth.log on the server.02:19
No1PeaceDragonHave a question on synaptic when kalorin is helped02:20
_2jump in now.02:20
No1PeaceDragoni opened syanptic pack.man. and got this message02:20
No1PeaceDragonE: Type '--20:56:03--' is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list02:20
No1PeaceDragonE: The list of sources could not be read.02:20
No1PeaceDragonGo to the repository dialog to correct the problem.02:20
No1PeaceDragonE: _cache->open() failed, please report.02:20
_2!pastebin | No1PeaceDragon in the future02:21
ubottuNo1PeaceDragon in the future: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:21
kalorinOct  5 20:12:11 satellite kernel: [ 6531.070988] tun0: Disabled Privacy Extensions02:21
kalorinthat's got to be what's the problem02:21
No1PeaceDragonI am a noob so I at a lost02:21
dr_willisNo1PeaceDragon,  looks like a typo on line 1 of that file..02:21
_2No1PeaceDragon pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list02:22
dr_willis /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list02:22
No1PeaceDragonUbotto sorry I didn't know how else to post it02:22
_2err yeah /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list02:22
_2looks like a missing # on line one.  but that's a guess until we see the file.02:23
_2kalorin so it's a kernel change that done it to you.02:23
kalorinwell possibly02:24
kalorinlooking at some boards now seeing if others are seeing the same02:24
kalorinseems like02:24
No1PeaceDragonok how do you want me to send this?02:24
_2  http://paste.ubuntu.com02:24
_2No1PeaceDragon go there ^02:25
_2bring back the final url02:25
dr_willisYou totally messed up that file. :)02:28
dr_willisits showing the output of the wget command, not the file itself02:28
_2eeek looks like the output of blah   2>02:28
No1PeaceDragonthen this noob really messed up?02:28
dr_willisNo idea what you did...02:28
dr_williswget http://deb.mulx.net/playonlinux_hardy.list02:28
dr_willissudo cp playonlinux_hardy.list  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/02:28
dr_willis'should' get it fixed.02:29
bilicki_will the 8.10 beta eventually, through updates, upgrade to the stable version of 8.10?02:29
No1PeaceDragonthat goes in command line right?02:29
_2No1PeaceDragon right02:29
dr_willisof course. :)02:29
dr_willisbilicki_,  yes02:29
kalorinwow i'm still here02:29
kalorinknetworkmanager crased02:29
No1PeaceDragon2 and Dr_willis thanks probably be back lol02:29
_2No1PeaceDragon the more the more.02:30
_2i would say the marier but that's not always so02:30
_2so just come on back.02:30
mister-teano some are grumpy02:31
_2oh mister-tea just shut up.02:31
bilicki_dr_willis: excellent, it is my humble opinion that Kubuntu 8.10 is the best linux distro right now :)02:31
dr_willisbilicki_,  last i tried it.. it wouldent even boot on my laptop. :)02:32
dr_willisbut that was 3 weeks ago02:32
mister-teai couldn't grt it to boot either02:32
_2bilicki_ you do know it's early beta02:32
dr_willisEarly beta.. theybetter get a move on! :002:33
dr_willisBut ya gotta love last minit rushs to meet deadlines02:33
_2well it is.  </shrugs>02:33
bilicki_I bought a new dell computer... 8.04 wouldn't boot, fedora would, but after installation, messed up vista and KDE wouldn't boot after one reboot, openSUSE couldn't set up Xorg properly, so GUI didn't work at all...02:33
dr_willisThis is when it pays to lern how to troubleshoot. :)02:34
* dr_willis would guess video card/drivers issues02:34
_2yeah and use a console02:34
* _2 adds to dr_willis's guess prolly ati02:34
bilicki_yes, ati radeon 345002:35
bilicki_I think02:35
bilicki_or was it 354002:35
_2doesn't really matter, it's all geek to me.02:35
dr_willis'ati' says it all.02:35
bilicki_is there a "sytem information" window (or command) that will tell me info about my system?02:37
No1PeaceDragonok same problem but when use command on hardy list get the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/54506/ the other post still applied tho02:38
bilicki_ok, it's ati radeon HD 3450 :)02:39
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:39
_2No1PeaceDragon that one looks ok.02:39
No1PeaceDragon2    can I delete the first one so it doesn't give me the error in line one?02:40
=== splooge is now known as vacheeli
_2No1PeaceDragon you should overwrite it with this on.02:41
=== vacheeli is now known as vacheela
No1PeaceDragon2 ok thanks02:41
_2No1PeaceDragon with the sudo cp command02:41
No1PeaceDragonwow I must be getting smarter I actually knew that miracles never cease02:42
_2No1PeaceDragon :)02:42
* _2 hopes that No1PeaceDragon hasn't messed up his native /etc/apt/sources.list in the process.02:43
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_2Gallinger find a name.   and preferably a non-offencive one.02:58
No1PeaceDragon2    thank you and Dr_willis now my synaptic works again hopefully play on linux will work as well03:00
_2No1PeaceDragon welcome.03:00
No1PeaceDragonhagn all03:00
_2hagn ?   yahoo code ?03:01
_2prolly have a good night ?03:01
_2or aol code ?  :)03:02
francoAnyone can help me?03:03
_2franco it's down the hall on the left03:03
_2you can't miss it,   there is a sign on the door03:03
francoI am serious03:04
francoI need help03:04
francoRegarding Kubuntu03:05
francocan you or can you not help me03:05
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:05
_2franco oh that kind of help.    :)          what i mean is you can't get help if you don't explain the issue.03:05
Fieldyhas anyone else had thunderbird crash every few days reliably?03:05
BluesKaj_2 , if you can't help or won't , pls drop the smarta** remarks03:05
_2BluesKaj ok.  done.03:06
francoToday I installed Ubuntu for first time and the wireless is not working. I am currently using cable but I would like help to fix the wireless. My wifi card is an Atheros card.03:06
BluesKaj!wifi | franco03:07
ubottufranco: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:07
francoI'm noob on this, can you please tell me which option should I have a look at?03:08
ubottuIVTV can be installed on Edgy by following the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_IVTV_Edgy03:08
BluesKajFieldy, I haven't used t-bird for quite a while due to the link probs it has with default browser , therefore I recommend Kmail03:08
francoHey guys03:08
francowhich option in the wifi docs should I look at?03:09
francoSetting up a Wlan connection or Enabling WPA on Kubuntu or Wireless Access point?03:09
BluesKajfranco, Have you looked for updated drivers for your card ?03:10
FieldyBluesKaj: okay, thanks for the input03:10
francoLike I said, I have never used linux so I don't know what I can do.03:10
BluesKajwell, google is still your friend , even in linux , franco :)03:11
francoWhat should I do?03:11
francoThe driver was updated I believe03:11
anom01yhow do I restart the ivtv driver, it is not working right now, and I don't want to have to restart the computer. I cannot pkill ivtv either, and modprobe ivtv doesnt do anything to fix my problem.03:12
francoOk, my card is updated03:12
francoThe wireless still won't work!03:12
anom01yI keep having the crtl-alt-esc to get it to work03:12
=== franco is now known as franco_
=== franco_ is now known as franco
=== franco is now known as franco_
=== franco_ is now known as franco
BluesKajsorry franco , I'm not an experienced wifi user , still using cat5 on my network03:14
francoWill anyone here help me?03:14
francoI just gotta know how to activate it03:14
mister-teafranco what is the specific card model03:14
francohow can I see that through terminal?03:14
franco03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 0103:15
francoI believe it should be Atheros AR242x 802.11abg03:16
francois that what u needed?03:16
mister-teayeah hold on03:16
mister-teatry somr reading there^03:19
francoit says to access System > Administration03:22
francobut administration is not an option03:22
cmburboaque rollo03:23
cmburboahola a todos03:23
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:25
cmburboawhat's up everybody?03:25
mister-teade nada03:25
cmburboaneta hablan en ingles aqui?03:26
cmburboasomebody there?03:27
mister-teaI might be a little bi lingual but it's english here03:27
cmburboaok that's rigth no problem for me!03:27
cmburboabut it seems like we were the ones here!03:28
cmburboaare ther someone else?03:28
mister-teathis is a support channel for kubuntu03:28
cmburboao I really sorry im new on kubuntu, so its a perfect way to comunicate my problems03:29
cmburboa(I've had a lot)03:29
cmburboaisn'n it?03:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:29
cmburboaok thank you, but where are the social channels?03:30
ArlianinHey guys03:31
mister-teado a channel list or #kubuntu-offtopic or such03:31
ArlianinI entered the link I was suggested and still nothing :/03:31
cmburboawell, Im fascinated with kubuntu is so better than the windows03:32
mister-teai agree03:32
cmburboawell i dont speak very well the english so excuse me for the wrong expressions! HA!03:33
Arlianinsomeone linked me to03:33
Arlianinbut that is for Atheros 5006 driver03:33
cmburboawhat's that?03:33
ArlianinI got AR242x not AR500703:34
Arlianin what can I do?03:34
mister-teasupposedly it works for your card according to what read on google03:35
Arlianinit didn't03:35
Arlianinit all worked up to: "cd madwifi-nr-r3366+ar5007"03:35
mister-teagoogle your card and include kubuntu and see what you come up with03:36
Arlianinthat part wouldn't load and all the other lines wouldn't load either03:36
cmburboaok dudes nice to chat with you03:37
cmburboakubunut & Linux rules!03:37
mister-teakubuntu too03:38
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ArlianinHey guys03:46
Arlianinstill not working my wireless03:46
ArlianinI've followed like 3 tutorials03:46
mcinemy sound are down03:47
ArlianinI got no wireless internet03:47
ArlianinI'm Franco!03:48
ArlianinI still need help for the wireless connection!03:48
mcinemy volume no up03:48
ArlianinI still need help for the wireless connection!03:48
Guest99223hello wow Konversation is alot like zinc ..03:49
ArlianinI still need help for the wireless connection!03:49
Arlianinok, this is not helpful03:50
Arlianinwow.... anyone active here?03:52
=== Guest99223 is now known as johnny
Arlianinanyone helpful online?03:52
=== johnny is now known as Guest78125
ArlianinI need help with the wireless connection...03:53
=== Guest78125 is now known as johnny__
Arlianincan u help me or not?03:54
Arlianincan u help me or not?03:55
ArlianinI still need help for the wireless connection!03:55
compilerwriter!attitude > Arlianin03:56
ubottuArlianin, please see my private message03:56
Arlianincompiler, I'm requesting for help and each person who answers disconects like 2 seconds after that >.>03:57
DaskReecHArlianin: Fun eh?03:57
DaskReecH /part03:57
Arlianinit was fun03:57
Arlianinnot anymore03:57
ArlianinDask*, can you help me please?03:58
DaskReecHI have no ide03:59
mcineai jose tui e brasileiro?04:00
ubottuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:00
DaskReecHArlianin: I don't know what the problem i04:00
joseno mexicano04:01
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:01
ArlianinDark, the problem is that my wifi doesn't load04:01
Arlianinso I can't connect through wireless04:01
mcinece entende de ubuntu amd64?04:01
DaskReecHYou read the Wifi link?04:01
DaskReecH!wifi | Arlianin04:03
ubottuArlianin: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:03
ArlianinDask I've already read that04:04
Arlianinthat didn't help me a bit04:04
kevin_hello all, can anyone tell me which repository I should use to get the 'unrar' application?04:11
Arlianinsudo apt-get install rar04:12
kevin_Arlianin: thnaksI tried that and  get the following: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable04:13
kevin_should I try later?04:13
kevin_(I thought may be it was in a repository that I am not subscribed to)04:14
Arlianindoubt it04:16
ArlianinI did that and it worked for me04:16
kevin_thanks anyway... I wonder if teh servers are busy.04:17
Arlianincan u help me?04:18
sf-irc<Arlianin>, probably not .. new Kubuntu user .. .1st day of using it ....04:19
ArlianinSame as me04:20
ArlianinI need help with wireless04:20
ArlianinI might have to change to Debian04:20
sf-ircwell, BF suggests that you go to the ubuntuforms.org to see if you can search for your issue there ... or try the #ubuntu channel04:21
=== franco__ is now known as Arlia
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DaskReecHArlianin: Fixed?05:18
yao_ziyuanwould like to create a "shortcut" command, say, "upup", which executes "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade", how?05:19
ArlianinYeah Dask05:19
Arlianinit got fixed05:19
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!05:20
DaskReecHAnyone have any idea how to resolve a grub error 2 ?05:24
bdizzlehi, I'm lately having problems with my camera and digiKam05:25
bdizzleI tried to download the pictures off of it and it says "Unknown erro, Could not lock the device."05:25
=== mike is now known as Guest51478
bdizzle any ideas on how to get it to work?05:27
mario_A camera storage is much like a usb pendrive filesystem isn't it?05:28
mario_has anybody used a projector or beamer with (k)ubuntu05:29
DaskReecHmario_: I'll hazard a wild guess and say yes05:30
mario_daskreech: it's kind of messy cause normally they have a lot less resolution than a screen05:31
bdizzleyes, it is05:32
bdizzlefor a temp fix, I just took out the SD card and put it in the SD card slot05:32
DaskReecHmario_: So you need dualhead controls?05:34
mario_daskreech: yes i don't know whether to use the kubuntu display settings tool  or the nvidia one.05:37
DaskReecHmario_: I'll wager nvidia right now. The kubuntu is still undergoing work05:45
DarkShinigamiI'm not sure what is happening, but I cannot SSH into my desktop and my desktop cannot SSH into this laptop. Cannot find server. The IPs are correct. Any hints?05:45
DarkShinigamiAlso, where is the known_hosts file? I forgot.05:46
DarkShinigamiThank you DaskReecH05:46
DarkShinigamiI get SegFault with ssh. How can I fix this?05:52
DaskReecHDarkShinigami: what's the error?05:55
DarkShinigamiDaskReecH: Segmentation fault05:55
DaskReecHwhat's the command that you are using?05:56
* gkffjcs LOLOLOLOL05:59
DarkShinigamiDaskReecH: ssh 192.x.x.x06:00
DarkShinigamiI get asked for the password, then I get segmentation fault06:00
DaskReecHDarkShinigami: They both started segfaulting on the same day?06:00
DaskReecHand you can walk over and login to the machines fine?06:00
geremyssh is segfaulting?06:01
DarkShinigamiYes, as of today.06:01
DarkShinigamiI am about 2 feet away from each one06:01
geremydid you apply new selinux rules?06:01
DaskReecHDarkShinigami: Were they updated?06:01
DarkShinigamigeremy: Yes, ssh is segfaulting.06:01
geremydid you roll your own or get it out of the repos?06:01
DarkShinigamigeremy: Doubt it. I haven't done anything with rules.06:02
DarkShinigamiDaskReecH: Updated? Last update was maybe two days ago06:02
geremycan you pastebin the output of ssh -v <machine>06:02
DaskReecHDarkShinigami: was ssh used the day after?06:02
DarkShinigamiI don't recall the last time I used it06:03
DaskReecHah might have been a botchy update then06:03
geremybe a hell of a botch06:03
geremyare you using a command like authprogs, etc?06:04
linuxmceanyone know how to install ati drivers?06:04
DaskReecHhi linuxmce06:04
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:04
geremyubottu terrifies me06:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about terrifies me06:05
DarkShinigamigeremy: No, I'm not using anything other than Yakuake for my terminal.06:05
geremythat's reassuring06:05
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)06:06
geremyjust copy and paste06:06
DarkShinigamigeremy: It's lengthy... http://paste.ubuntu.com/54549/06:08
geremyis that having entered your password properly?06:10
geremyor no?06:10
geremyhmm does it work with RSA?06:11
DarkShinigamiHow do I check?06:11
geremyyou don't have rsa set up?06:11
DarkShinigamiNot to my knowledge06:11
geremyyou own these machines?06:11
DarkShinigamiYup, both are mine and are 2 feet away from each other06:12
geremyk, first off, these are x86_64?06:12
DarkShinigamiNo 6406:12
geremyhmm ok06:13
geremyalright, lets try this06:13
geremyyou have a flash drive?06:13
DarkShinigamiSadly, no06:14
DarkShinigamiNot on hand, anyway.06:14
geremyyou have any way other than ssh to get into the machines?06:15
DaskReecHor a screwdriver06:15
DarkShinigamiSSH is the only method I have for remotely accessing each of them from the other.06:16
DarkShinigamiDaskReecH: Yeah, but I don't think so ;)06:16
geremyDaskReecH: i prefer a dry martini, but a screwdriver'll do06:16
geremyDarkShinigami: well, neither of them would happen to be accessable across the public web, would they?06:19
geremyDarkShinigami: well damn06:19
geremydo you have a floppy, a cdr, anything?06:20
DarkShinigamiNot on the laptop06:20
geremyalll righty then. I'm running out of options.06:20
DarkShinigamiLaptop is DVD-R06:20
DarkShinigamiCan't burn06:20
geremywell, my only remaining suggestions would be to get an ssh client on the server, generate an RSA keypair there, add the rsa pubkey to your .ssh/authorized_keys, then copy the id_rsa file to your laptop06:22
geremyits a backasswards way of doing it, but it will work06:22
aaron_Hi, I just installed the Ibex Beta and ran into a few snags...can anyone help please?06:53
cb_salut à tous06:57
cb_j'ai une petite question : je suis sous kubuntu kde3.5.10 et une fois j'ai activé des effets graphiques pour voir ce que cela donne06:57
cb_j'aimerais les desactiver maintenant06:57
cb_comment faire ?06:58
cb_je ne trouve pas06:58
Jucato!fr | cb_07:00
ubottucb_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr07:00
cb_I ask my question in english07:00
cb_sorry I did not realise07:00
cb_I have a question07:01
cb_I am on kubuntu kde 3.5.10 and 4.107:01
cb_now using 3.5.1007:01
cb_but I enable one special effect07:01
=== root is now known as vietnamese
cb_and I would like to switch it off07:02
cb_how to do it ?07:02
cb_I don't find  ! If someone have an idea it would be very helpfull07:02
cb_hi vietnamese07:03
vietnamesei want setup a system linux07:03
vietnamesehow to?07:03
vietnameselike windows07:04
cb_I am not sure to understand your need : do you want to install linux ?07:04
vietnamese a system linux07:05
cb_did you read this page ?07:06
vietnamesehave got : LDAP ,posswall, mail, web, NIF ...07:08
vietnameseyou has install fosswall ?07:09
vietnamesei can't setting openVPN over fosswall07:09
vietnamesehelp me, please!07:10
vietnameseare you here?07:15
=== Roy_Muzz is now known as Roy_M
cb_how to disable the special effect of kde ?07:53
=== logico is now known as Logico_h
=== saint is now known as Sa[i]nT
cb_how to disable the special effect of kde ?07:59
emilsedghcb_: System Settings->Desktop->Desktop Effects08:05
emilsedghcb_: there is a checkbox, named 'Enable desktop effects'08:05
emilsedghjust uncheck it :P08:05
cb_I have a french system so I check ...08:07
cb_Yes I found desktop effet ( on system  )08:08
cb_Thanks Now I log out and log in I imagine08:08
cb_Thanks it works08:10
cb_now I loose the history I don't know who helped me08:10
Sa[i]nTcb_: I believe that would be emilsedgh.08:11
emilsedghnp cb_ :)08:13
cb_emilsedgh thanks08:18
=== Tallken_ is now known as Tallken
crimsaqI've got kubuntu 8.04, and I havent been able to get sound with work in FireFox whatsoever.08:24
crimsaqany ideas?08:24
crimsaqto work*08:25
noaXesswhere is a good place to ask about racoon and/or sh programming08:36
=== saint is now known as SA\INT
jwjust made a new install of kubuntu 8.04 and had sound on my 2 cards.  just installed realtime kernels, and booting them there is no sound what so ever.  i can't even find /proc/asound at all.  any ideas ?08:47
=== SA\INT is now known as Sa[i]nT
ocshi. which is the best desktop video capture for kubuntu (with kde4) ? I've tried istanbul but it doesn't work very well, so i'm searching some alternatives08:58
=== Teiseii is now known as Teisei
kblinhi folks. I'm trying to build the 8.10 kernel in 8.04 to help check if a bug was fixed for 8.10. however, the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile don't work for me, there's no makedumpfile deb for 8.0409:25
kblinwhat's the ubuntu 8.04 way to build a kernel?09:25
mattosaiTotal linux newb here, I just installed Hardy on my laptop and though the sound works if I use headphones, the laptop speakers don't make any sound.  How do I go about fixing this?09:36
noaXessdoes anybody use kvpnc? i try it, but not really happy with it.. is there any other gui for racoon?09:37
busfahrerHi. I am trying to setup the TV Out of my nvidia geforce 7600gs card. According to google there are GUI ways to do this today, so I tried to install nvidia-settings. However, trying to install that package would remove nvidia-glx-new, which I assume are my vidcard drivers. Any help on that one, please?09:43
busfahrerOh, I'm using Kubuntu 7.10 i38609:43
DreadKnightheya, upgraded yesterday to intrepid, i also made updates on my mom's ubuntu hardy and the internet doesn't works on both of them09:47
DreadKnighttried my laptop at work (intrepid), also no internet..09:47
kblinDreadKnight: define "no internet"09:49
kblinDreadKnight: does local networking still work?09:49
DreadKnightkblin, i won't see any shares from the network here at work09:53
administrateurhi all09:53
DreadKnightkblin, anyway, the knetworkmanager sucks hard in intrepid09:54
=== administrateur is now known as saka_
kblinDreadKnight: shares?09:54
DreadKnightkblin, yeah.. local network :P shares on other computers inside the network09:54
kblinDreadKnight: isn't that samba?09:54
kblinI was asking about networking09:55
DreadKnightkblin, i'm very noobish when it comes to networking / internet stuff09:55
kblinDreadKnight: then I hope you've got some time to learn it, given that you're running a beta release distro :)09:56
DreadKnightread about on ubuntu forums about  'no internet connection' issues on intrepid09:56
kblinDreadKnight: kidding aside, can you check ifconfig and route -n to see if your ip address and default route is set?09:57
DreadKnightkblin, trying right away09:57
DreadKnighti might have bad luck with intrepid and no internet connection at home (there was a storm...), since my mom's hardy doesn't works concerning internet as well like i said09:58
DreadKnightor bad updates in both cases09:59
kblinwell, I'm currently using an up-to-date 8.04 box, and all I can say is that networking is fine09:59
kblinso it might indeed just be your line09:59
DreadKnightkblin, backports and all the stuff enabled?10:00
kblinjust hardy-proposed10:02
DreadKnighti see around there  mask and a lot of 0 for packets10:03
DreadKnightno numbers in route -n10:04
DreadKnightthe tray icon globe thingy is greyed out10:04
kblinso loopback networking is fine ;)10:06
kblinDreadKnight: is this wireless or wired network you're using?10:06
DreadKnightkblin, at home i tried both; here at work only wired10:09
DreadKnightgoing away for a while, gonna get a 8.04 cd and try it home and at work as well10:09
saka_i'm upgraded the 8.04 version to the 8.1010:09
Under_Wrapscan anybody help me with http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3097952.010:11
Under_WrapsI cannot enable DMA on my HD10:12
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots10:21
junkY_Sanhi, i have installed the latest kubuntu (8.10). i have setup an encrypted root fs during the installation. i also have setup an encrypted home for my user. but i never get asked for the password of the home folder. is the encryption working?10:22
kblinjunkY_San: did you set up an encrypted lvm or did you encrypt / and /home separatelt?10:23
junkY_Sankblin: manually i did nothing. i set this all up during the installation wizard10:24
junkY_Sani have to look at the fstab, one second please10:24
kblinhow many different passwords did you set?10:24
junkY_Sani have to say i really like the encryption of the root device. is it all done during the initrd?10:25
kblinjunkY_San: I guess so. I haven't tried the beta yet10:26
weedarWhy isn't there Firefox and Thunderbird compiled with QT instead of GTK?10:26
kblinask in #mozilla10:26
=== Guest42527 is now known as pvandewyngaerde
kblinbesides, qt and gtk are quite different10:27
kblinso it's not as if you'd be able to swap them in five minutes10:27
=== batman is now known as batmane
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:42
ActionParsnipits dead in here10:45
NCommanderActionParsnip, you can fix that by apt-getting phoenix-down10:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about phoenix-down10:47
ActionParsnip!info phoenix-down10:47
ubottuPackage phoenix-down does not exist in hardy10:47
ActionParsnipI guess kubuntu just works ;)10:48
weedarkblin: Thanks, sorry for the late reply :)11:05
=== Roy_Muzz is now known as Roy_M
ocsweedar: wht's kblin ?11:10
kblinocs: me11:11
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=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
thale__Got a kinda strange VPN/DNS question.11:30
thale__I have a local DNS server, and when I VPN in, I get a DNS server assigned by the vpn concentrator11:31
thale__What I would like is to have my pc query one, then the other if the query isn't answered11:31
thale__does that make sense?11:31
jwanyone seen this before (on kubuntu 8.04)?  upon installing and booting with a realtime kernel, alsa is no longer available11:31
=== sspr is now known as kaltan
=== eric is now known as Guest62452
Guest62452How do i add webcam and mic utilities for kmess ?11:38
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
=== Zorix_ is now known as Zorix
strukturedanyknow know where to acqure "/usr/share/cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake"? I can't compile any kde4 applications as of result of this file missing11:51
strukturedapologies for the terrible english, past my bed time11:51
ghostcubemaybe ask in kubuntu-kde4 :)11:53
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
eric_How do i install webcam and mic plugins for kmess ?11:54
struktured/join #kubuntu-kde411:55
ghostcubeeric_: no idea so far here :) i just use skype :)11:56
eric_does anyone here use kmess ?11:57
buntfalkeWill the 8.10 release still contain kde 3.x?12:04
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
buntfalkeWill the 8.10 release still contain kde 3.x?12:19
linux_прет мужики12:24
buntfalkeghostcube: thanks12:25
ghostcubebuntfalke: on kubuntu.org there is an articel about what happens if u update to 8.1012:25
buntfalkeoh, thanks. i'll have a look.12:25
linux_Подскажите прогу для тестирования hdd под Linux12:26
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ghostcube!ru | linux_12:26
ubottulinux_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke12:26
buntfalkeghostcube: which one? is it not a news article on the frontpage?12:28
ghostcubeehm moment12:29
ghostcubebuntfalke: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades/Kubuntu12:29
ghostcuberead the first line12:29
buntfalkeah, thanks. i thought there would be a more detailed article, too :-)12:30
kblinthat's not an article about what happens on upgrade12:30
buntfalkei found that one yet, though i didnt read it, as it looked like "random generic upgrade instructions only anyway"12:30
ghostcubekblin: it will overwrite kde312:31
ghostcubeso thats what he asked if there will be an kde3 and the answer is just no12:31
kblinbut that's just about the default settings, it seems12:32
kblinghostcube: but I agree that's a major difference12:33
buntfalkeWell. Luckily 8.04 has support until "April 2011" (wikipedia)12:33
buntfalkeso i dont need to worry too much :-)12:33
kblinghostcube: which is why I'm trying to compile just the 8.10 kernel, without too much success so far12:33
ghostcubekblin: afai understand it right the kde3 will be completely overwritten or ? i dont know only read the article on kubuntu.org oO12:34
kblinghostcube: they're talking about settings12:34
kblinso I figure this is the application settings in ~/.kde12:34
buntfalkei'd guess the same way12:34
ghostcubekblin: yeah true12:34
buntfalkekblin: what's the kernel issue/12:35
kblinbuntfalke: the 8.04 kernel is horribly broken with kvm12:35
kblinand the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile seem to be for 8.10 already12:35
kblinat least the makedumpfile package is 8.10 only12:36
buntfalkeoh. might be. Well, I am using the vanilla kernels only.12:36
kblinmake-kpkg fails trying to create the docs12:36
kblin(e.g. when I try to do this the old way)12:36
* buntfalke has to leave12:36
buntfalkethanks for the kde info kblin, ghostcube12:37
kblintake care12:37
MrKenniekubuntu 8.04 isn't LTS afaik12:40
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!12:44
eagles051387dr_willis: hey12:44
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
lee_o lala12:45
eagles051387hi LeeJunFan12:51
dfaureis it a known bug that the numeric keypad doesn't work in vim-in-konsole? (works everywhere else though). I get newline+letter instead of a number there.12:52
dr_willisYou may want to try the 'vim-full' package, the default vim-tiny - may have some limits12:53
* dfaure closes his eyes on the fact that this installs vim-gnome ;)12:54
dr_willisbecause its working here fine.. I always install the vim-full package first thing however.12:54
dfaurehmm I see, it's due to kde4-konsole. Works ok in kde3-konsole.12:54
* dr_willis dosent want to get started on 'kde4' :)12:55
eagles051387dr_willis: care to help me with something on kde412:55
dr_willisI dont use kde4.12:55
dr_willisI dont find it useable at this time.12:56
* dfaure uses kde4 -- and fixes those bugs ;)12:56
dr_willisperhaps some day the filemanager, and panel will quit crashing with normall ussage...12:56
dr_willisbut i will wait.12:56
dfauredr_willis: yep I fixed a large amount of crashes lately.12:57
dr_willispost bug reports/fix's then.. :)12:57
dfauredr_willis: I defy you to find a crash in konqueror or dolphin in 4.1.212:57
dr_willisI plan on waiting a LONG time befor i try kde 4.XXX again12:57
dr_willisperhaps some day it will actually offer me somtning i need.12:58
dfauredr_willis: bug reports that I fixed? here are some: bug:171117 bug:169436 bug:167851 bug:16005712:59
* dr_willis gives dfaure a gold star for being a good Linux user.12:59
* dfaure senses some irony12:59
eagles051387dr_willis: i want 113:00
dr_willisIm sticking with my jwm+rox-filer combo for the foreseable future.13:00
geekdr_willis: ditto. i'm tempted to not upgrade when intrepid comes out even, and i'm using fairly vanilla KDE (black theme, modded for visibility)13:00
dfaurethat's your choice, I'm just saying that I'm interested in any filemanager crash you find in 4.1.2 or later.13:01
dr_willisIve noticed the 'lack of contrast' in a lot of default themes - getting annoying also..13:01
eagles051387kde4 is nice but still has things missing13:01
geekdr_willis: black on black in a LOT of cases....13:01
dr_willisbut at least now we have gotten away from  the pinstripes everywhere tht was common for a long time..13:01
dfauregeek: only with an old .kderc afaik, hasn't happened here for 2 years or so13:02
dr_willisI did find a thing on kde-look.org with 200+ color schemes.13:02
geekdfaure: i'm using a system which had a fresh hardy install13:02
tyson_is it considered bad practice to install software, say, eclipse, within my home directory (as opposed to /usr/local/bin, or, /opt) ?13:02
dfauregeek: strange13:03
geekdfaure: two different systems too13:03
dr_willistyson_,  if i want stuff to be accessed by a user.. and not messing with the whole system.. i dont see why it would be bad..13:03
* geek used to run kubuntu on a server before i decided i didn't need a terminal server13:03
ahoxis there a good irc client for kde4?13:04
dfaurekonversation isn't ported yet, but kopete with the jabber-to-irc bridge seems to work nicely, although that's admitted convoluted :-)13:04
dr_willisdoes irssi in a konsole window count? :)13:05
geekkonversation is one of my favourite KDE apps ;p13:05
dfauregeek: me too.13:05
ahoxjabber2irc sounds interesting, any howtos?13:05
DragnslcrKonversation works fine in KDE413:05
geekdr_willis: maybe if its on yakuake ;p13:05
geekinstant boss mode13:05
ahoxwell, while I really like konversation, it does have some trouble when I have the desktopeffects enabled13:05
eagles051387im having issues with samba13:05
dfaureahox: with a jabber account, join the groupchat kubuntu%irc.kde.org on server irc.kdetalk.net13:05
peacecan anyone teach me how to unrar..i have a hard time with it...again :D13:15
Tm_Tpeace: use ark13:15
dr_willisunrar e file.rar13:16
dr_willisi belive13:16
dr_willisor install and use 'unp'13:16
peaceunrar x filename works.. if i unrar a thing that has many parts..then the unrared stuff has the size of the part.. example 15mb... thats lame...and ark doesnt work with .rar13:16
dr_willisif you install the proper rar packages - ark should work13:17
* dr_willis is not clear on what peace said about the 'parts' stuff...13:17
geekdr_willis: multipart archives13:17
peaceif i would have installed the proper rar packages..then i would have succeded. what packages are for ark to unrar rars? :)13:17
dr_willisive unrar'ed multipart archives just fine13:17
dr_willisI belive you want to use e, not x.13:17
geekpeace: unrar-nonfree works with arc for me13:17
dr_willisor it may depend on the archive13:18
peacei think i installed both..nonfree and free unrar13:18
dr_willisI think the 2 may have some differnt command line options also13:19
peacein adept..yes rar is installed..in synaptic...unrar and unrar free is also installed13:20
peaceany other advice?13:21
peaceok..i managed somehow.. for the love of god please remember to advice to those who gets same problem... ( to select all rars and check them as executable ) this solves the mistery of suffering :|13:29
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
ahoxUsing my gmail account I get an unknown error when connecting to kubuntu%irc.kde.org@irc.kdetalk.net - any ideas?13:38
* dfaure is no expert; ask in #kopete maybe.13:39
=== lavacano5 is now known as lavacano201014
=== pvandewyngaerde is now known as Guest18022
eagles0513875!hi | sirina14:00
ubottusirina: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!14:00
sirinathx! - does anybody know if there is a buglist or something akin for hardy with kde4 package?14:01
eagles0513875sirina: all bugs can be found at launchpad.net also you can report bugs there14:05
=== rigo_blue is now known as rigo
=== rigo is now known as rigo_blue
=== gerrit_ is now known as antfarm
sirinathx a lot, eagles0513875 :-)14:19
BluesKajIs there a fix for k3b / libk3b3 upgrade problem ? I have a k3b upgrade broken dependency issue with libk3b2/libk3b3.14:22
=== umer is now known as atwork
BluesKajNM , just noticed its for KDE4 only...bah!14:28
=== _sspr is now known as kaltan
KosmofieldWhat does the following apt-message mean?... "The following packages have been kept back: k3b" :/ ??14:43
rjbKosmofield: apt is not upgrading them at this time, possibly due to dependency issues14:44
=== NikLP_ is now known as NikLP
Kosmofieldaha, but the may be updated later then? Oki ^_^14:44
rjbare you running apt-get at the cli?14:44
Kosmofieldyes, mostly for update & upgrade14:45
rjbthen try apt-get dist-upgrade14:45
KosmofieldI use hardy but I don't want kde4, is it safe to run that command, does I get kde4 packages also?14:46
ghostcubeKosmofield: it wont update to inteprid it only takes the hardy packages :)14:47
Kosmofieldoki, thanks :)14:48
NikLPHi, I've just installed php/mysql/apache and all the other gubbins - how do I go about securing this machine as if it were "on the web" ?14:48
ghostcubeNikLP: iptables or any firewall script14:48
ghostcubeand php restrictions inside the allowed functions14:49
NikLPhm there's a generic firewall app that people mention, iic?14:49
BluesKajKosmofield, there's an issue with K3B and KDE3 , for some reason the libk3b3 upgrade needs kde4 not kde3 ,... why this is so is a mystery to me.14:49
NikLPghostcube: not sure what you mean about php restrictions there mate?14:49
ghostcubelook on google u can disallow many php functions only needed for exploiting an xss14:50
ghostcubeNikLP: shorewall or fwbuilder should work for servers14:50
ghostcubeor a small one is lokkit14:50
NikLPghostcube: cool thanks - which is the "industry standard" though?14:51
Kosmofieldthe command  'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' don't do anything, do I need to activate some other repos?14:51
ghostcubeKosmofield: is this k3b update ?14:51
KosmofieldI have the backport repo also, It may be that there's a newer version with missing dependencies14:52
ghostcubeKosmofield: what package is to be hold back14:53
Kosmofieldghostcube: k3b only14:53
ghostcubesudo apt-get install k3b14:53
ghostcubeits an error14:53
ghostcubewrong build package14:54
Kosmofieldk3b is already installed :/14:54
ghostcubesudo apt-get upgrade14:54
KosmofieldNothing happens, it seems that k3b has some unsatisfied dependencies14:55
ghostcubeshould not happen14:56
Kosmofieldnot a big issue, I not often burn any dvds14:57
NikLPhm how can I get synergy working?? I'm typing synergyc <hostname> but nothing happens?14:59
NikLPI have of course setup the relationship in the server and it's running :p14:59
Kosmofieldapt-get issue solved :)15:01
michaesaurhi.  how do i upgrade to kde4?15:04
michaesauror install alongside?15:04
geniiinstall kubuntu-kde4-desktop15:05
NikLPusing synergyc -f <hostname> I just get failed to connect to server: timed out :/15:07
michaesaurgenii: is there a difference between kde4 & kubuntu-kde4-desktop?15:09
geniimichaesaur: kde4 is a component of kubuntu-kde4-desktop, which is a meta-package that pulls in a bunch of kde4 applications and the kubuntu kde4 theme, etc15:10
michaesaurgenii: i'll see what happens.15:13
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bbeckHey, is anyone else having any difficulty with amarok-nightly?  Mine crashes shortly after attempting to start it.15:28
afeijowhere can I check my mail configuration? I use Maildir, but mutt and others are sending to /var/user/mail, I guess it is postfix config?15:30
ghostcubemutt is working with mbox afaik or ?15:30
afeijomutt and mail cmd dont open Maildir, so I cant see my last emails as it is probably going to Maildir15:31
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afeijoso mutt is opening /var/user/mail file15:31
afeijoops, /var/mail/user15:33
afeijowhat is the name of postfix config file?15:33
eagles0513875afeijo: etc is where all config files will be located15:34
eagles0513875afeijo: most likely under /etc/postfix15:34
afeijothanks, checking...15:35
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BluesKajjust installed kde4.1.2 ...seems much more mature than previous devs15:40
BluesKajexcept I don't still care for the kicker/kmenu setup15:41
NikLPsomeone care to recommend a firewall package?15:44
stdinNikLP: either Guidedog for Firestarter15:46
stdinBluesKaj: you mean the KickOff menu?15:46
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Sa[i]nTWhats a program to manage my startup files?16:12
gorswinQuick question. when Kmail imports ssl and tls server certs where are they saved?16:13
gorswinSa[i]nT I think I saw that in kcontrol panel16:13
gorswinSa[i]nT type kcontrol  in term and see if what you need is there16:15
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gorswinadrian hiya16:15
mbahamondehi, i just installed intrepid and noticed that the plasma add widgets from internet doesn't work. the list doesn't populate. maybe the feed is corrupted? the wallpaper downloader works though16:26
Picimbahamonde: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid/8.10 support/discussion.16:26
mbahamondePici: will do. thanks !16:29
michaesaurhello.  how do i switch back to kde3 login from kde4?16:30
michaesaurthe login manager.16:31
NikLPcool I got synergy working :)16:34
NikLPcan't get on the web now tho :p16:34
NikLPwhat do I need to allow in guarddog to allow me to connect to google etc??16:34
allenhave KD3 with 2 error msg that seem to be related. at boot error reads KDE Par, under that Malformed URL and under that System/ when this began to occur I lost ability to trash as well something about io-slave and klauncher16:37
allenI would not object to anyone contacting me directly with any suggestions or options at chef11994@sbcglobal.net16:43
Arlianin!join #ubuntu16:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about join #ubuntu16:43
vilhelmHello... does anyone know why it lags in full screen on youtube?16:44
miltonesalut à tous16:47
miltonecomment ca va16:48
michaesaurhow do i autoremove a kde4 update?16:48
ArlianinCan anyone please help me?16:49
michaesaurHelp me first.  First come first serve.16:50
miltone#join ubuntu-fr16:50
michaesaurhow do i autoremove packages from a metapackage?16:52
miltonejoin #ubuntu-fr16:54
miltone#join ubuntu-fr16:54
michaesaurj/ #ubuntu16:54
miltonemmm ok thank16:54
miltonejoin/ #ubuntu-fr16:55
miltonej/ #ubuntu-fr16:55
miltone ppffff16:55
miltonebullshit join16:56
jussi01/join #ubuntu-fr16:56
jussi01miltone: ^^^like that16:56
miltonemmm ok jussi0116:56
miltonethank man16:57
jussi01no probs16:57
NikLPtry "help" :p16:57
Aleksander-plHello. I am trying to install Brother DCP-150C printer. I've installed driver packages and configured printer in kcontrol, yet it still doesn't work.16:57
NikLPI am still looking to get my internet connection working - it fails after I installed guarddog - not sure what to do next?16:57
desarrollo05anybody write spanish?16:58
jussi01!es | desarrollo0516:59
ubottudesarrollo05: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.16:59
desarrollo05jussi you write spanish?16:59
desarrollo05jussi do u write spanish?17:00
Aleksander-pldesarrollo05: go #ubuntu-es17:00
jussi01desarrollo05: no.17:00
Aleksander-planother channel.17:00
desarrollo05ah ok...17:00
jussi01desarrollo05: type /join #kubuntu-es17:01
desarrollo05well ok...17:01
desarrollo05thx everybody..17:01
desarrollo05nice to meet you vatos y chavas!!!17:01
Aleksander-plAnyone has any idea how to configure Brother with Ubuntu?17:01
peacehow to make firestarter load on boot without asking password? :)17:07
compilerwriter2OK you gurus out there I started up an internet update to the Ibex last night.  Somewhere in the middle of the mess my dsl connection took a crap.  I now have a machine that will only boot into single user mode.  I have a usb stick installed on the back that I want to use to backup my data and then I will do a cdrom clean install.  How do I get the blasted usb stick mounted? I can't remember how manually mount an17:12
Picisudo mount /dev/devicename /media/mountname17:12
compilerwriter2pici what should I call the thumbdrive in devicename?17:13
compilerwriter2pici I am doing something wrong it says that mount point doesn't exist.17:15
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Picicompilerwriter2: no, you need to create the mountpoint.17:15
Piciits just an empty directory.17:16
XManDonde estoy....17:16
compilerwriter2Pici so I just need to mkdir in /media?17:16
Pici!es | XMan17:16
ubottuXMan: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:16
Picicompilerwriter2: yep.17:16
Picicompilerwriter2: sudo mkdir /media/something17:16
compilerwriter2now the device doesn't exist pici17:18
compilerwriter2pici I have the mount point now how do I get the machine to see the drive17:20
compilerwriter2pici Can I get a cdrw to write from the comand line?17:21
jmuxcompilerwriter2: cat /proc/partitions shoud show you the detect devices and partitions17:22
The-Compilerhi vaiursch :)17:23
compilerwriter2jmux I havd sda sda1 sda2 sda5 and then I think these are the thumb.  I have sdb and sdb117:24
compilerwriter2jmux should then try to mount sdb to the mountpoint I created?17:25
jmuxcompilerwriter2: no, sdb is the disk, sdb1 is the partition17:25
compilerwriter2jmux so I should then try to mount sdb117:26
jmuxcompilerwriter2: yes17:26
compilerwriter2Now then I just need to copy my home directory etc to the thumb and I can start over. Am I correct Jmux?17:28
jmuxcompilerwriter2: If the thumb is using any linux file system (means no fat32) you should be fine17:29
compilerwriter2jmux how would I check that out?17:30
jmuxcompilerwriter2: mount17:30
thedarkhello everyone17:31
compilerwriter2jmux is vfat ok?17:31
jmuxno - that's fat32, as all sticks are normally formatted for win, which doesn't know most unix file attribs17:32
thedarkI am trying to use Mplayer to "rip" rm streams, but for some reason it Mplayer as a standalone player won't play them (which would let me dump them to wave), but they will play in the Firefox plugin17:33
compilerwriter2I need to format the stick then don't I jumux17:34
jmuxcompilerwriter2: you should be fine, if you use tar17:34
compilerwriter2just create a tarball and write it to the stick in vfat?17:35
jmuxcompilerwriter2: simply tar it to the stick, somethink like tar -cf /media/stick/my-backup.tar /home/myhome17:36
jmuxcompilerwriter2: check out the tar manpage - I guess you would also need --preserve and probably compress it (-z or -j)17:39
compilerwriter2will do jmux17:39
compilerwriter2thanks jmux17:40
compilerwriter2One more thing jmux how does one suspend and then restart a job in the background.  I think it is a ^z and then one does something to put the process back into motion in the background.17:41
compilerwriter2jmux does one just type bg jobnumber?17:42
Picifg to bring a process to the foreground again17:42
jmuxcompilerwriter2: jobs list all jobs, bg + fg <jobid> puts them where you want17:43
compilerwriter2Thanks jmux it is amazing how much one forgets when one doesn't have to use the terminal on a daily basis.17:49
thedarkso nobody knows how I can get Mplayer to play .rm streams?17:58
NickPrestathedark, mplayer isn't play the real media stream by default?17:59
GWillakersthedark: send me a link to an .rm stream17:59
ghostcubethedark: hmm what codec pack si used in mplayer options ?18:00
ghostcubeffmpeg ?18:00
NickPrestathedark, try mplayer -v -v STREAMURL and see what it says18:00
ghostcubeand if not playing add -playlist as option too18:01
ghostcubeif this works18:01
jwhmm tried to install sun java6rte and the installation exited with errors.  no i get a msg that the apt-get database is in use ?18:01
thedarkokay give me a sec, thanks for the advice18:02
afeijoits possible to reorder my accounts on thunderbird ?18:05
MrKennienot sure, have you tried dragging them?18:06
thedarksthanks ghostcube, it seems to be working18:06
thedarkwonder why it doesn't work in the gui18:07
ghostcubethedark: with the playlist option ?18:07
thedarknm I take it back18:07
ghostcubethedark: btw did u install w32codecs ?18:08
thedarkis that in the repo?18:08
NickPresta!info w32codecs18:08
ubottuPackage w32codecs does not exist in hardy18:08
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org18:08
compilerwriter2jmux I just realized that I have tar in the tar file I just created.  That can't be good.  Perhaps I should try again?18:10
Vermuxhow do I specify the interfaace wich I want to ping from?18:12
NickPrestaVermux, ping -I interface (capital eye)18:12
ghostcubesorry was afk :)18:12
jmuxcompilerwriter2: Shouldn't be a problem, if one of the tar'ed files is a tar18:13
thedarkokay I installed it and it worked :)18:14
thedarkoy vay this command line stuff takes some getting used to though18:14
cknowlesIs it possible to copy an entire install of kubuntu to another drive... i.e. if upgrading a harddrive, do an exact copy of the origional drive onto the new one so that all programs, settings etc remain without having to do a fresh install?18:15
thedarkokay so now I have the url streams I want to record in a playlist.txt file, and am going to use this: mplayer -playlist playlist.txt -ao pcm -aofile mystream.wav -vc dummy -vo null18:17
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thedarkbut how do I make sure that mplayer doesn't overwrite the previous stream when it moves to the next stream, since they are all the streams are set to be saved with the same filename?18:18
thedarkcome on this has to be an easy one after all that!18:21
thedarkis there a way to set it to save it with a variable filename?18:21
thedarkor will it by default no overwrite files and save files as mystream1.wav mystream2.wav mystream3.wav etc.18:22
afeijoI have .tif file with several images, can I see it with kubuntu?18:29
ntimmyHi all18:31
ntimmyWhat named russian ubunru chanel?18:32
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:32
emilsedghcould someone paste his /etc/init.d/kdm file for me?18:35
thedarkokay easy question: how do I save a file with the current time from the CL? I know for the date it would be date +%b%d.mp3 for example18:41
trappistthedark: try %T18:44
trappistthedark: man strftime for more options.  if that doesn't give you anything, sudo apt-get install manpages-dev18:45
thedarkThe Corporation_date +%b%d%t.mp318:45
thedarkhow does that look?18:46
trappistthe t is case-sensitive18:46
trappistso, %T not %t18:46
ntimmyrecovery /etc/init.d/kdm from apt-file search name_of_packet and reinstall  finded packet18:46
thedarkcool, thanks18:47
tnt_hi all, i am an new user on ubuntu and i search how to install flah player, an persoons for me help please18:47
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash18:47
tnt_yes flash18:48
trappisttnt_: I was asking the bot to help you.  refer to ubuttu's comments.18:48
stdinthedark: I just use "+%Y%m%d%H%M%S" to get a timestamp18:48
ntimmy<tnt> go www.adobe.com and follow from links  your need flash player for linux18:49
tnt_no i'am search how to use command targz and i'm not have see an help for this on the comments18:49
trappistif I just need something that will increment as time passes, I use %s for the epoch (seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00)18:49
ntimmyuse mc18:50
trappisttnt_: tar xf filename.tar.gz18:50
stdintnt_: just install the package "flashplugin-nonfree"18:50
stdinthat'll download, extract, install and set up flash18:50
stdineasiest way is "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" from a terminal18:51
tnt_yes i have the file (flash) but how the manip, for install i have an icon i'm clicking but it's not an install with windows18:51
stdinyou don't need to do that, just run that command I posted18:52
tnt_ok ok i try just one or two minute18:53
jwi have a java program that i'd like to create a mnu item for.  what is the command and path for sun jave6 jre executable ?18:56
tsbIntrepid will still ship kde3.5 right?18:59
stdinjw: just use /usr/bin/java19:09
afeijoI have files to nobody:sambashare, but I cant save it thru my network.  Only if I change it to feijo:sambashare.  How can I improve it?19:09
stdintsb: no19:09
jwstdin: thanks got it going with /usr/bin/java -jar x.jar19:15
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||arifaXhi, my wireless won't work if I boot up without enabling it during boot. if I enable it afterwards no wlan0 is present. tried restarting networking,udev but no chance. any ideas (hp 6715b notebook)19:25
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npresta!hi | Arlianin19:36
ubottuArlianin: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!19:36
l3r1k[Mass Message] Apologies to all clients for the network issues we're currently experiencing. Back online in approximately 1 hour.19:44
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webstylecan you heklpp methi broadcom 4306?19:49
webstylei can see wifi networks but i cant connect to them19:49
webaseverytime i load kubuntu i have 1desktop only..not 4 as i choosed from compiz..neither 2..as default..how to fix?19:49
ghostcubewebas: thats normal19:50
ghostcubekde has 1 workspace compiz makes 4 out of this19:50
webaskde has 2desktops by default :|19:51
ghostcubeu can change this by using an different switcher miniprog19:51
ghostcubewebas: not with compiz19:51
ImLizhello everyone, can anyone tell me how to edit xorg.conf???19:52
ghostcubesudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:52
ghostcubemake backup before this19:52
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vampdogtotal noob here first time using ubuntu or linux in any form need some help on connecting to an irc network and channel19:53
ImLizghostcube: I've already made backup thank you :)19:53
ImLizAlso when I make the changes do I save or just close the file?19:54
ImLizAnother question, anyone know how to make a user that's not root have access to  apt updates??19:55
ImLizntimmy: thanks19:56
ntimmysudo useradd -m user_name19:57
ntimmyI'm do that... sudo su19:57
ntimmyand passwd to change root password.19:58
ninjafuryguys, how do I upgrade from 8.10 alpha to beta. running (kdesudo "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel") tells me I don't have kdesudo.19:58
ntimmy<ninjafury>  apt-get install kdesudo19:58
ninjafuryntimmy: tried that, it says I've got it19:59
ntimmySorry for my english19:59
ArlianinHey guys19:59
ArlianinI got a question19:59
ImLizntimmy: thanks again, hope it works :)19:59
ArlianinI got 64 bits Kubuntu20:00
Arlianinand i wanna play tibia20:00
Arlianinwhich is for 32 bits20:00
ArlianinI know a guy who made it work20:00
Arlianinbut how can I make it work for me?20:00
ninjafuryI'm assuming the upgrade instructions on kubuntu.org are only for Hardy users. So how do Intrepid Alpha users upgrade to the beta?20:01
favroninjafury: they'll know in #ubuntu+120:02
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ninjafuryfavro: thanks20:08
ImLizok using sudo useradd -m user_name didn't work because the user_name already exists... anyone else know how I can make a non-root user have access to adept????20:12
ImLizmaybe by editing the secondary group in system settings??"""""""20:15
JampiterHi, I'm having trouble with Kubuntu freezing in KDE4, mainly when I'm using firefox. I'm forced to restart every time this happens. Any ideas on how to remedy this?20:19
favroImLiz: afaik since adept makes changes to the system the user would need to be in the admin group20:20
webasvga is okay? jampiter?20:20
Jampiterwebas: I'm not sure what that is :(20:21
favroJampiter: they might know about that in #kubuntu-kde420:21
nprestaJampiter: support for KDE4 in #kubuntu-kde420:21
nprestadarn, beat by a second ;)20:21
JampiterThanks :)20:21
JampiterI'll ask there20:21
ImLizfavro: wouldn't that give the user total access like the root user???20:24
favroImLiz: yes it would20:25
ImLizyet I wouldn't want the second user to be able to mess around with the system20:25
favroImLiz: it would need those rights as it writes files systemwide20:26
ImLizfavro: I see, and there's no other way? Not even a way that the root user can install those applications for the second user?20:27
favroImLiz: if the app is installed and the user starts it it should work20:28
ImLizok, because I have flash installed but when I sign in as the other user, I still have to install flash again :/20:31
webashow to make all links to open via firefox..instead of konqueror?20:31
ImLizwebas: make firefox you default browser20:32
ninjafuryWhere does FSTAB keep its log?20:34
dr_willisIm not sure fstab has a lot..20:34
dr_willisthe fstab file is just where mount looks for some settings, and so forth. So any logs would be from system logs, or other services.20:34
dr_willisall logs are  normally in /var/log  if there is one20:35
ninjafurydr_willis: cheers20:35
franco_lmLiz: How do I install ia32?20:38
geniifranco_: Should be a package named ia32-libs20:38
* genii hands out a round of coffee in shiny new Kubuntu mugs20:39
rocciamaxHi all20:40
rocciamaxM'e' sparita la barra delle applicazioni... qualcuno ha idea di come recuperarla?20:42
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:42
dr_willisor was that French?20:42
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr20:42
rocciamaxOx--- sorry, did nor tealize. Twas italian.20:43
geniidr_willis: italian I beliebe20:43
coucoufthat wasn't french I can tell :p20:43
rocciamaxI thought i was in it-ubuntu. Sorry.20:43
dr_willisIts all greek to me.20:43
rocciamaxhalf latin, half ghreek, in fact :D20:43
franco__Genii: How do I install ia32-libs?20:44
rocciamaxBTW... i fiddled with ATI proprietary drivers... and now i'm without an application bar.20:44
geniifranco__: Perhaps try:   sudo apt-get update       then: sudo apt-get install ia32-libs20:44
rocciamaxNow... how do I get my application panel back?20:45
senorpedrohi folks20:53
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper20:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about java-plugin20:53
genii!info sun-java6-plugin20:54
ubottusun-java6-plugin (source: sun-java6): The Java(TM) Plug-in, Java SE 6. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 6-06-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 1 kB, installed size 40 kB20:54
senorpedroman i have the icedtea-java7-plugin installed...is it possible to use that with firefox?20:55
senorpedro!info icedtea-java7-plugin20:57
ubottuicedtea-java7-plugin (source: icedtea-gcjwebplugin (1.0-0ubuntu5)): Java plugin based on IcedTea and gcjwebplugin (transitional package). In component universe, is extra. Version 7~b24-1.6-0ubuntu5 (hardy), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB20:57
senorpedro!howto set link icedtea-java7-plugin20:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:57
senorpedro!info update-alternatives21:01
ubottuPackage update-alternatives does not exist in hardy21:01
senorpedro!help update-alternatives21:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:01
senorpedro!help java 64bit21:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help java 64bit21:02
webasjust install firefox and install kubuntu restricted extras via terminal only...21:03
webasif you have 64bit kubuntu or ubuntu21:03
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senorpedroi need java to work in firefox21:04
senorpedroin 64bit kubuntu21:04
senorpedroeverything else works perfekt21:04
webasso do in my way21:04
webasim on 64bit21:04
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper21:05
senorpedrowhat did you install? icedtea-java7-plugin ?21:05
dr_willisNo idea on the 64bit stuff however...21:05
webassenorpedro | sudo apt-get kubuntu-restricted-extras i guess this is the normal line21:06
webasand then you just install firefox via adept21:06
kibatherer this thing called Filter that keep poping up21:06
webasits easy as it should be21:07
senorpedroman i did that21:07
senorpedroi have everything installed21:07
senorpedroi think my symlinks are screwed21:08
senorpedrotheres no java link in ~/.mozilla/plugins21:08
webasif you have done those two things then it should work..at least it works for me in this way.. everytime i jump on linux21:08
kibathere is this filter box thingy that keep poping up21:13
kibahow do I get rid of it?21:13
dr_willischecked the 'disable filter box thingy' check box?21:16
abdoupirathello every bady21:19
ntimmywhat named ubuntu russian chanel21:24
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke21:25
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itsatrickWhy is it that Takbar Compiz still shows windows on all desktops?  It's annoying.21:26
yad__hi why is ,y text really nig as if i had 800X600 screensize altough it says that i have larger21:33
yad__really big i mean21:33
phitooHello all!21:34
phitooTrying to install Intrepid as a KVM machine and I keep getting a Segmentation fault during the install process.21:35
phitooThe same happens for Ubuntu, Kubuntu amd64 arch and for Ubuntu i386.21:36
janzkarijawhere can i find firefox.deb :S21:36
phitooAny similar experiences?21:36
neoneuronehi all. Which package provides g++ ? I have g++-4.2 but I don't have the g++ command21:36
newtonciao a tutti21:40
yad__hi i have two newbie questions for  you21:40
janzkarijaminge munni siis kui te aita21:40
yad__the first one is why my screen looks like    800X600 altough the settings says larger21:41
KRFneoneurone, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=g%2B%2B&mode=exactfilename&suite=hardy&arch=any21:46
benbloomok really simple question21:46
benbloomhow do you exit a vnc session?21:47
benbloomi tried ctr+c and it doesnt do anything21:47
rickestbenbloom: is it running full screen?21:47
benbloomalso I can't seem to get it to run unless it's full color (error message is rect too big21:48
KRF!package build-essential21:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:48
rickestbenbloom: try pressing F8, that should give you a menu21:49
KRF!show build-essential21:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:49
benbloomhmm I can't remember how I get past the rect too big error21:52
neoneuroneKRF, found it. Thanks21:52
rickestdid F8 help benbloom21:52
benbloomthat does the trick21:53
benbloomthanks! (typing now from my other computer via vnc)21:53
benbloomrickest: is there a way to make a larger resolution fit in a smaller oone?21:54
benbloomI guess that wouldn't really work now that I think about it21:55
rickestbenbloom: http://kvm.qumranet.com/kvmwiki/FAQ#head-0e277db4c2a9b0e5da11422f5245530fe972cd8a21:56
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zer0ohi i have a slow flash streaming even if have a high speed internet connection, can anybody help?22:01
webastry ubuntu channel to ask as well22:01
zer0oi have kubuntu22:01
zer0oif i try there they'll send me here :D22:02
webasyou use firefox?22:03
ntimmyYes and opera. Opera the best.22:04
benbloomthanks rickest, seems simple enough22:04
grendal_primewhen you ssh into a box. the fingerprint check that happens. is it checking against  /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key.pub ?22:04
zer0owebas: yes22:05
webascant help22:07
afeijoppl, can I have my home shared folders thru ssh as a folder on /mnt/ ?22:07
afeijoI'm at office22:07
zer0oalright then just tell me how do i sudo open ksysguard to modify the nice value of my movieplayer22:08
snikkerhow can i see the information displayed at boot ?22:09
busfahrerHi. I want to install nvidia-settings, but when I try to, it would remove nvidia-glx-new, which I assume is my video driver. It also suggests to install nvidia-glx-legacy. My card is fairly recent (7600GS). Any help on how to get nvidia-settings installed?22:10
ntimmy<busfahrer> envyng can help to you22:11
busfahrerntimmy: It doesn't seem to be available in the repository. I'm using Kubuntu 7.10 i386 by the way.22:12
ntimmyworking from X1122:12
ijnhi all22:12
ijnwhere to install manually the file .so in order to play flash in konqueror?22:12
ijncan anyone help?22:12
ijnis the version 10 of adobe flash22:13
ijnand i want it to install it like I do in firefox22:13
ntimmysee /usr/lib22:14
ijnjust put the  .so file in usr/lib/firefox22:14
ijnbut where it goes in  for konqueror?22:14
afeijoppl, can I have my home shared folders here in my office on a folder in /mnt/ ?22:14
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JampiterHi, how do I switch on antialiasing for 3D effects with onboard graphics?22:16
ArlianinAnyone here has ever played Tibia?22:16
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ArlianinAnyone has played Tibia?22:19
ntimmyabout plugins for konqueror22:19
ntimmygoogle know all22:20
ign0ramushey all.  how do i stop ksystraycmd to stop displaying all open windows in the systray (kicker)?  it just started happening after i installed kde4.1.2...22:21
ign0ramusi can kill the task, and that works for the session, but it doesn't appear to be a package that can be removed (I have no need for this 'feature')22:22
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RenzoreKAre there any half decent graphical dockbars that work for KDE other than ksmoothdock? any others in the repos??22:41
jussi01RenzoreK: awn is good, even though its not native, it works well.22:43
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kj2222can any one help me.... how   can  I tell if I have the unrar  program installed on my system?22:49
blacksandswhat is the file extension22:53
blacksandsis it a tar.gz?22:54
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invsblduckanyone here using a GeForce 8600 GT w/ nvidia-glx driver ?23:07
dr_willisHmm.. got an 8800gtsxxx here.23:08
dr_willisI do seem to recall some others with issues with 8600's but ive no personal experience with them23:09
invsblducki just placed an order for one (for my work pc).23:09
invsblduckwas gonna run kubuntu with it.23:09
geniidr_willis: I'v got also an 8800 gts23:10
dr_willisinvsblduck,  its very likely - you will have no issues at all.23:10
invsblducki'm guessing i can make it work fine, but i wanted to hear some success stories first :)23:10
dr_willismost of the issues i recall was with the older nvidia drivers.23:11
geniimy 7600gt and 8800gts both work flawlessly under 8.04 with proprietary drivers23:11
dr_willisi salmost got a 8600 for this box.. then spurged on the 8800.. then the newer ones came out  2 weeks later.. :)23:11
invsblduckgenii: great, ty23:11
invsblduckdr_willis: i've made that mistake before :)23:18
invsblduckdr_willis: now i always see what's on the horizon before i purchase..23:18
invsblduck(of course that could lead to an infinite waiting game :)23:19
dr_willisinvsblduck,  :) yep. but it was the best value at that time.23:19
dr_willisand it does the job. I rarely game.. but it has plenty of power for when i do game23:19
invsblduckso, kubuntu is like the best linux distro i've ever used23:19
invsblduckkde 4.1.x of course23:20
invsblducki'm a brand new convert23:20
invsblducki've been using debian for a long time (~10 yrs), and gentoo for a long time23:20
invsblducki even built a 32-node distcc compile farm for gentoo i was so into it...23:21
armandohola a todos23:21
armandoalguien q sepa ubunut23:21
armandosoy nuevo en esto23:21
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:21
invsblduckbut i don't think i'm ever going back...i installed hardy on my new dell laptop, and it's pretty much like a dream (except for one inexcusable thing ;) ...23:23
coreymon77which is?23:23
invsblducki've always been too proud to look at ubuntu23:23
invsblduck"it's for noobs" etc.23:23
invsblducki'm really impressed, it's really great. :)23:23
deardeathWho would be kind enough to help out a noob with Display related issues on Hardy?23:24
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invsblduckcoreymon77: an atkeyboard.c bug from 2005 related to acpi that causes my keyboard to go nuts when i type23:24
coreymon77oh, cant help you with that23:24
invsblduckno. apparently not.  i've been reading launchpad bug reports and kernel.org bug reports for a week, and it's really confusing23:25
invsblducki've never seen anything like it in my history of using linux23:25
invsblduckand it's *years old* ... i don't get it.23:26
dr_willisold bios bug they cant get a kernel patch to fix ?23:26
invsblduckseems to affect a lot of ubuntu users, i've never seen it before for some reason23:26
dr_willisacpi=off  i imagine is the normal suggestion?23:26
invsblduckdr_willis: right23:26
invsblduckdr_willis: brand new bios on my dell notebook23:27
dr_willisIcve had to do that on some of my machines for ages.. then suddendly a new disrto/release - fixes whatever issue it was.. and i dont need it any more23:27
dr_willis'brand new laptop' = BINGO.. :) exactly what i had to use it for last time23:27
dr_willisbios makers/laptop makers tend to do 'weird' things at times.23:27
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deardeathAnybody around to help out?23:28
dr_willisMy laptop was running its clock at like 10x normal speed.. every 6 min.. the clock would show an hr had passed.23:28
dr_willisa bios update fixed that23:28
dr_willisinvsblduck,  its possile the next ubutnu release might fix your issue also.23:28
geniidr_willis: I had a box like that too23:28
invsblduckdeardeath: what's up?23:28
invsblduckdr_willis: it's incredible to see a bug report that started in 2005 and was last modified 1 week ago23:29
invsblduckdr_willis: apparently it's not fixed in 2.6.27, which is targeted for 8.1023:29
deardeathI installed Hardy few hours ago, and have been trying to deal with its graphical issues.23:29
dr_willisif the bios makers are making the bug.. :) or common mistake.. or making the same mistake a dozen different ways...23:29
webasati card deardeath?23:29
deardeathMy computer's video card (Nvidia FX5200) supports 1024/768 60hrtz at Windows.23:30
deardeathThough somehow I cannot seem to get to that point on Ubuntu23:30
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dr_willisdeardeath,  lets see common checklist.. you did install the nvidia drivers? you are using a DVI or Analog cable?23:31
invsblduckdeardeath: i'm new to ubuntu, but i heard that nvidia-settings and nvidia-glx are good things to have :)23:31
deardeathI had them both, and I'm pretty new ot Linux.23:32
deardeathwell not new but have been a newbie for many years23:32
deardeathThe odd thing is 8 months ago the ubuntu I installed worked perfectly with my graphics card.23:32
deardeathThough this one won't.23:32
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invsblduckegrep '\(EE' /var/log/Xorg.log.023:34
invsblduckany useful errors?23:34
invsblduck/var/log/Xorg.0.log i think23:34
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deardeathI'll have to check that out.23:35
deardeathactually let me get some sleep and I'll drop by here again.23:35
Ybeddyji'm using kubuntu intrepid, when i click on any of my other disk partitions nothing happens ... its as if i didnt click them....is there a package i'm missing that allows it to mount the partitions when i click on them...23:43
geniiYbeddyj: #ubuntu+1 for intrepid23:44
Ybeddyjtk you23:44
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