NCommanderoh, ok00:00
NCommanderI assume you have devscripts installed?00:00
NCommanderin the source directory, type dch -i00:00
NCommanderTHis will pop up an editor with a new changelog entry already added00:00
NCommanderType in something like "Rebuild for Hardy" in the changelog00:00
NCommanderThen on the versioning string, you'll see something ending in -2ubuntu1, change that to -2~ppa100:01
NCommanderAnd make sure the series (which is right after the version says hardy)00:01
NCommanderSave and exit00:02
NCommanderDO you know if this package will build out of the box?00:02
NCommander(i.e., does it build correctly on hardy?)00:02
NCommanderoh, as a second note, make sure your username and email is right in the changelog (just open it with nano debian/changelog or some other editor)00:02
mtahyes it builds00:02
NCommander(it needs to match what your GPG key says)00:03
mtahthe version just ends with ubuntu1, not -2ubuntu100:03
NCommanderJust remove the ubuntu part of it ;-)00:04
mtahNCommander: got it00:04
NCommanderThe reason you need the ~ppa1 at the end is because if the package is ever added to the Ubuntu repositories, you want upgrades to work sanely00:04
mtahso it's the latest changelog entry that debuild looks at when trying to sign?00:05
NCommanderSo it should be *your GPG Key Name* <*your GPG key email*>00:05
NCommanderOnce your done00:06
NCommanderrun debuild -S; it will prompt for your GPG key to sign the package once your done00:06
NCommandermtah, once that's done, simply upload the new changes to your PPA :-)00:11
mtah:) Launchpad is pretty impressive00:11
mtahand by that I mean awesome00:12
mtahbut it's not approving of my trailer line in the changelog00:12
NCommanderLaunchpad is a combination of awesome and frustrating at times00:13
mtahNCommander: does this look alright? http://pastie.org/28553500:16
NCommanderIt can't linewrap00:17
NCommanderThe final line has to be one line :-)00:17
NCommander(which is why it likely rejected)00:17
mtahd'oh of course not00:17
NCommanderYou need to run debuild -S -sa00:17
NCommander(since the package isn't in ubuntu, the source isn't handy, so you need to include it)00:18
mtahNCommander: Success! So now I only have to wait until the "Pending" status is gone?00:25
NCommanderIts 20 minutes from upload before the source is available00:26
NCommanderAnd 20 minutes from when the binaries are built to when they are available00:26
WillPittengerWhy doesn't Launchpad's bug tracking system have a quick link to a list of bugs that I am involved in for a project?00:26
WillPittengerI was expecting a tabbed system with bugs filed by me in one tab and those assigned to me or simply that I am subscribed to in another.00:27
beunoWillPittenger, it should. Feel free to file a bug requesting it, it's been talked about quite a few times, but I'm not sure if there's a bug open for it yet00:27
beunoyou have that, just not per-project00:27
beunobut it would be very useful00:28
mtahNCommander: Ok. Thanks for all your help, really appreciated! :)00:28
NCommanderNo problem00:28
WillPittengerWhere is the list of bugs?00:28
beunoWillPittenger, go to your user page, click on the "Bugs: tab00:28
beunoand, on your right side, you have a few filters00:29
beunoList assigned bugs, List commented bugs, etc00:29
WillPittengerI haven't found it yet.00:30
WillPittengerI also appear to have been unsuccessful changing my image.00:31
WillPittengerNow I found it.  I was looking at it like it was a project bug tab.00:34
WillPittengerConfusing at best.  I think the user name should be a drop down listing stuff like that.00:34
WillPittengerThen change the CSS to keep users from thinking they are looking at a project page.00:35
markhI'm pretty sure I know the answer: but is there any way to force a cvs import to store windows-style line endings in the bzr branch it creates?  Until bzr itself gets some support for platform line endings, I'm guessing I'm kinda screwed though...00:55
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NCommandercprov & bigjools & kiko: I've got a hypothetical about Soyuz that needs to be asked. Any of you around?09:10
bigjoolsNCommander: shoot09:10
NCommanderbigjools, is it possible for a package in a released distribution to be promoted to main09:10
NCommanderAnd not break everything to high heaven?09:10
bigjoolsNCommander: I don't think that can happen in a released distro, no09:11
NCommanderbigjools, this is from a techological standpoint, right? (I'm just asking to see if I can get the archive admins to bump a package to main to resolve a bug in xfprint)09:11
bigjoolsNCommander: the issue is that once a distroseries goes to release, the release pocket is frozen so no changes can be made in it09:13
NCommanderbigjools, could we do it via -updates?09:13
NCommanderbigjools, i.e., upload a new version to updates, and then bump that package to main?09:14
bigjoolstheoretically, yes, but I'm not sure if the distro team can do that09:14
bigjoolsyou might want to catch up with them09:14
NCommanderbigjools, well, we needed to find out first if Soyuz could possibly do it09:14
bigjoolsNCommander: I'm pretty sure it's ok as long as the release pocket is not involved.  apt-get should cope, right?09:17
NCommanderIf apt sees multiple versions of a package in multiple sources, whichever one is highest should one09:17
NCommanderWrong shortcut key09:18
NCommanderI just have that weird feeling I can see things exploding in a giant fireball of fury09:18
* bigjools also curses ctrl-q being next to ctrl-w09:18
NCommanderbigjools, can a promotion to main be done in a pocket without effecting the entire series?09:18
* NCommander is just trying to preventively prevent the destruction of Launchpad :-)09:20
bigjoolsNCommander: what do you mean by affecting the entire series?09:22
NCommanderIf you promote a package in RELEASE pocket, it also promotes it in UPDATES and BACKPORTS09:22
NCommanderI'm curious if that works in reverse09:22
bigjoolsNCommander: mmm I don't know09:23
NCommanderCare to test on dogfood :-)09:23
NCommander(I figure its better then testing it when/if this motion gets approved, and the archive self-destructs)09:23
bigjoolsNCommander: ok pick me a package in a released distroseries09:24
bigjoolsI'll override it on dogfood09:24
NCommanderThat's an easy one09:24
NCommanderbigjools, https://dogfood.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/hello09:25
NCommanderYou need one from universe09:25
bigjoolsxfprint? :)09:25
NCommanderTHat's what needs to be promoted anyway09:25
NCommanderMight as well see how badly the archive implodes09:26
NCommander(generally speaking, we probably should have a package in -updates to test what this realistically will look like)09:26
* bigjools kicks the dog09:26
* NCommander watches the dog kick back09:26
bigjoolsit's low on memory so the first request in a while makes it grind when stuff is paged09:27
NCommanderEr, did you change a2ps?09:27
bigjoolsnot yet09:27
NCommanderThere is no package in -updates09:27
NCommanderWHich is what we need to test09:27
NCommander(that a change in the updates pocket won't break release pocket)09:27
bigjoolsI can override universe/release to updates/main09:28
NCommanderAnd that will do the right thing?09:28
bigjoolslet's see09:28
NCommander(what we're expecting to do is upload a package to updates/universe, and then get it promoted there)09:28
NCommanderI'd upload to dogfood, but I'm not a core developer ;.;09:29
bigjoolsfind one that fits the bill while I try this09:29
* NCommander looks at gutsy-updates09:29
bigjoolsNCommander: meh, I can't move pockets, d'oh09:30
NCommanderso does this mean this plan wont' work?09:31
bigjoolsNCommander: well let's try one in -updates09:31
NCommanderyeah, looking09:31
NCommanderOh that's anonying09:32
NCommanderThe dogfood snapshot is too old to have a bunch of these updates09:32
bigjoolsyeah it's 2+ months old now09:32
NCommanderhttps://dogfood.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/avahi - bingo09:32
NCommanderoh wait09:33
NCommanderwhy is that in gutsy-updates/universe/Packages.gz o_o;09:33
NCommanderhttps://dogfood.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/basket - FINALLY09:33
* NCommander always wonders what the archive admin interface looks like09:34
bigjoolsscripts :)09:34
NCommanderI thought there was some things that could be done by the web interface09:35
NCommanderSuch as promotions/demotions09:35
bigjoolsonly the queues09:35
bigjoolsok check it out09:35
bigjoolsI will re-publish09:35
bigjoolsit will take a while09:35
NCommandercheck what out?09:35
bigjoolsthe url you just pasted09:35
NCommanderCool, it got promoted09:35
NCommandernow the question is does the backend glue do the right thing :-)09:36
NCommanderbigjools, dogfood is awesome; all my LP bugs now have backtraces attached :-)09:38
bigjoolsNCommander: ahem :/09:38
NCommanderIs that a bad thing?09:38
bigjoolsconfig foobar, it should not happen, I'll be turning that off :)09:39
NCommanderbigjools, argh. kiko wasn't concerned about backtraces being public09:39
NCommanderoh well09:39
NCommanderSo much for useful bug reports09:40
NCommanderpasswords and such are censored09:40
NCommanderSo there isn't much of a security risk09:40
bigjoolswell, don't rely on dogfood for bug reports please, it's rarely running the latest code09:40
NCommanderWell, I found the bug on production09:40
NCommander(edge actually)09:40
NCommanderThen reproduced09:40
NCommanderand dogfoods code is new enough; it has black icons ;.;09:40
bigjoolswhen you cause an oops on production/edge, we can see the stack trace in our reports09:41
bigjoolseven if you can't09:41
bigjoolsso you just need to reference the oops number09:41
LarstiQright, webfacing tracebacks don't sound too useful09:41
bigjoolsdogfood also often has highly experimental code on it09:41
NCommanderOk, point taken ;-)09:42
NCommander(this bug didn't generate an OOPS)09:42
NCommanderTwo bugs actually, one was a DoS, and one was an annoyance09:42
NCommanderbigjools, so at least we know that Launchpad won't self-destruct if we promote in a pocket09:43
bigjoolsNCommander: right, the publisher has finished and it was ok09:43
NCommanderSo you proved it was possible09:43
NCommanderNow I get to try and make my case to u-devel09:44
bigjoolsyou're welcome09:44
NCommanderbigjools, well, if launchpad didn't do the right thing, picture how ugly it would be to fix09:44
bigjoolsNCommander: no more so than the other crises we deal with :)09:45
bigjoolsbut thanks for asking about this09:45
NCommanderbigjools, I can picture it. Like a bad code upload causes the buildds to rm -r their chroots ;-)09:45
bigjoolsthat would be ok, the chroots are in the librarian :)09:46
NCommanderMaybe you can help me with this then09:46
NCommanderCan you find me the chroot for intrepid or hardy? We have a failure that only occurs on the actual buildds (doesn't happen in sbuild/pbuilder)09:46
NCommanderbigjools, cprov wasn't able to find it when I asked him :-/09:46
bigjoolsNCommander: I'll get back to you on that09:47
NCommanderIf it can be done, it would be awesome. I know something similar happened back in gutsy and a chroot was made available via librarian09:47
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NCommanderbigjools, I need help, I have no life :-)10:41
NCommanderHow can I resolve?10:41
* NCommander is shot10:42
NCommanderer jk10:42
* bigjools furrows brow10:47
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wgrantbigjools: Any idea how I access a branch through launchpadlib?12:35
bigjoolswgrant: I don't, but I can find out12:36
wgrantThey're exposed in the API, but there's no obvious way to get to them.12:36
wgrantbigjools: That's what I was hoping. Thanks.12:36
bigjoolswgrant: you could use Launchpad.load(), thinking about it12:40
wgrantbigjools: My launchpadlib doesn't seem to know about that. Is it a new feature?12:41
kikoshouldn't be, wgrant12:41
bigjoolsand project seems to have a branches_collection_link12:41
wgrantbigjools: Ahh, I was trying to navigate to branches directly. I guess I could use that. Thanks.12:42
bigjoolswgrant: see "persistent references" in https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib for the load() call12:43
wgrantbigjools: Still doesn't work, but going through the project should be fine.12:45
kikowgrant, is it worth filing a bug or asking a question about that I wonder12:46
wgrantkiko: I suspect I'm using a very old version (the one in Intrepid).12:46
kikowgrant, hmmm. can you confirm that? because if so we should definitely get it upgraded in Intrepid12:47
wgrantWe're way past FF, but I'm sure an exception could be organised.12:48
thekornyou should really try to update this version in intrepid, because it is missing all the nice features like load(), caching and support for hosted files12:53
james_wI'm going to work on that this week12:56
james_wif anyone wants to help that would be appreciated12:57
kikojames_w, on upgrading launchpadlib?13:02
james_wkiko: yup13:02
kikojames_w, awesome, I will tell francis and leonart to ping you. thanks for doing that!13:03
james_wno problem13:03
james_wI thought about asking to make sure there was nothing juicy landing in the next week we were going to miss out on13:04
kikoI was going to ask them exactly that :)13:05
thekornjames_w, super, great news :)13:13
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wgrantmrevell-lunch: Yay! CHR docs.13:35
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kikoleonardr, ping16:23
leonardrkiko, yo16:24
kikoleonardr, hey there, weekend okay? I was talking this morning with james_w who wanted to get in touch with you about upgrading launchpadlib in Intrepid -- can you give him suggestions or advice?16:25
leonardrsure, i don't know anything about packaging but i can answer any questions he has about launchpadlib or the web service in particular16:25
kikojames_w, be sure to let us know16:26
james_whey leonardr, how ya doing?16:26
james_wthanks kiko16:26
leonardrhi james_w16:27
james_wleonardr: my first question is about whether current trunk is good to take. Is there anything juicy landing in the next week we would want? Any known major bugs with it?16:28
leonardrthere are known bugs but they're not going to be fixed in the next week16:29
leonardrbecause i've got a deadline on another project16:29
james_wsure, but is there anything major that would make the current trunk worse than what we already have?16:29
kikoleonardr, how bad are the known bugs? (URLs help)16:29
leonardrlet me find the worst one16:30
leonardrjames_w: there are no regressions from what you already have16:30
james_wcool, that's good enough, as long as we aren't introducing known security holes or anything16:30
leonardrthe worst ones have to do with hosted files. bug 274815 and bug 27753316:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274815 in launchpadlib "Cached binary files aren't retrieved from cache" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27481516:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 277533 in launchpadlib "Deleting a file from a release raises exceptions." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27753316:32
abentleymrevell: Did you want to talk?16:32
mrevellhey abentley, it's okay, don't worry16:32
abentleymrevell: Okie dokie.16:33
james_wleonardr: they look ok, we can always SRU for fixing important things.16:33
james_wleonardr: for future reference, how do you get the debugging information from the first bug?16:34
leonardrjames_w: set httplib2.debuglevel to 1 before creating any Launchpad objects16:36
james_wcool, thanks, that will come in useful16:36
james_wleonardr: I haven't seen any waddlib changes, have I missed any?16:36
leonardrjames_w: no, no wadllib changes for quite a while16:38
james_wI'll request a freeze exception today16:38
james_wmy last question would be about API stability. We've obviously had lots of problems with things like python-lp-bugs which do screen-scraping. Are future changes in launchpad likely to break launchpadlib in released versions, or is it far more robust against that sort of thing?16:39
james_wby it's nature it seems like it would be more robust, but I wondered if API stability was a launchpad goal. I realise this may be a post-beta thing.16:40
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james_wleonardr: I filed the freeze exception request at bug 279147, thanks for your time.17:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 279147 in python-launchpadlib "[Freeze exception] Update to new bzr snapshot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27914717:25
leonardrjames_w, sure17:25
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kmoulyhow may states are there in a bug lifecycle in launchpad's bug tracker?18:36
kiko-fudkmouly, see http://news.launchpad.net/general/of-bugs-and-statuses18:40
kmoulykiko-fud: thnx18:41
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CardinalFangIs all well on lp?  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jimw/mysql-server/bug-33812/diff/2673  ->  "Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server."20:31
beunoCardinalFang, mysql is known to make loggerhead explode20:32
beunomwhudson, mornin'20:32
beunoup yet?  :)20:32
CardinalFangbeuno, Oh.  Dang.20:32
beunoCardinalFang, I'd say, try a few more times, enough RAM may be freed up at some point20:33
beunoit's a "known issue"20:33
CardinalFangIt certainly pushes bzr in general, too.20:33
S-i-Aanyone from Mailing list approval?20:33
mwhudsonbeuno: hi20:33
beunoS-i-A, that would be Rinchen or barry (which I think is off sick today)20:34
S-i-Aok thanx20:34
beunomwhudson, hi!  is CardinalFang's timeout expected?20:34
mwhudsonmm, loggerhead is using a lot of ram20:35
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RinchenS-i-A, mailing list approval?  let me look20:40
S-i-ARinchen: https://launchpad.net/~linwx.net20:40
Rinchenbeuno, actually any LP dev can do it now, unless it's ubuntu then we hand them off20:40
mwhudsonCardinalFang: i restarted the code browser, please try again20:41
RinchenS-i-A, done20:41
S-i-ARinchen: thanx20:41
stefanlsdDoes anyone know why this doesnt work - bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu     -  It just hangs and doesnt download anything...20:44
Rinchenstefanlsd, interesting20:53
Rinchenstefanlsd, i'm uploading something and it's taking a long time20:53
stefanlsdRinchen: maybe if its a big repo?20:53
Rinchenstefanlsd, let me try locally20:54
rockstarstefanlsd, yea, it might take a while.  It's a big repo.20:54
stefanlsdrockstar: its been about 15 minutes, and i have 28k so far...20:54
rockstarstefanlsd, yea, when I say a while, I mean a good long time.20:55
rockstarIf you want to make sure it's progressing,  add -Dhpss after the bzr branch20:55
rockstarstefanlsd, upgrading you version of bzr might also help.20:56
Rinchenstefanlsd, worked here but it's slow.. it's not been upgraded either20:56
stefanlsdrockstar: im using 1.6.1...20:58
stefanlsdmaybe the bandwidth to LP just sucks from me20:58
rockstarstefanlsd, I think 1.6.1 had the regression fixes in it, but I can't be sure.20:58
stefanlsdThis is interesting strace of bzr process. Its just repeating this... - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/54761/21:02
stefanlsdlooks like its working - just slow21:03
beunostefanlsd, optionally, if you branch through http, it should be faster for the first time (after that, it's faster to use bzr+ssh, the default when you use lp: urls)21:04
beunoof course, if you've already start, it's probably best to leave it as-is21:04
stefanlsdbeuno: thanks. noted. will do http next time :)21:05
james_wthis is http isn't it?21:05
stefanlsdjames_w: lp:21:06
beunojames_w, doesn't  lp: default to bzr+ssh if you specified your launchpad-login?21:06
james_wyeah, but the strace looks like HTTP21:06
stefanlsdtraceroute from me to code.edge.launchpad.net if anyone is interested - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/54762/21:06
james_wrecv(4, "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nDate: Mon, 06 O"..., 16384, 0) = 64021:06
CardinalFangmwhudson, restarting it made it work.  Thank you.21:07
stefanlsdheh. still 28K. where is it saving this 'stuff'?21:10
james_wstefanlsd: I assume you are on intrepid?21:13
stefanlsdjames_w: yeah...21:13
stefanlsdjames_w: actually, it just started increasing...21:14
james_wstefanlsd: there may be a bugfix in this area not in Intrepid. I remember one, but I need to find some time to investigate and cherrypick it21:14
stefanlsdjames_w: and u were right, i actually am running  bzr branch https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu     . run the lp one earlier...21:15
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YaManicKillhey guys, i was wondering, basically, this is my first time really doing some actual testing of ubuntu...and i was wondering if someone could direct me to somewhere that could tell me how to properly file a bug?22:00
kiko-phoneYaManicKill, launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug22:02
beunoYaManicKill, or http://help.launchpad.net/Bugs22:02
detDoes launchpad offer any statistics22:04
detlike number of times a package has been downloaded ?22:04
detfor ppas22:04
beunodet, not at the moment, no22:04
beunoit is planned for the future22:04
detThat would be really useful22:05
YaManicKillis it sad that i'm excited about the first bug i'm logging?22:06
exarkunFiling bugs is great.22:06
exarkunCommunity participation, hooray.22:06
exarkunOpen source, hooray.22:06
kiko-phonenah, it's cool22:06
YaManicKillman i'm a geek...but you are right...the whole feeling of, i can actually make a difference with the stuff i use on my computer - its great22:08
YaManicKillanyway...i'm just bout to test if my video driver works...so gotta reboot...ciao22:10
mtaylorkiko-phone: so, I just uploaded a source package to a PPA, and it didn't install a depend that was listed in Build-Depends-Indep. Is this expected?22:15
kiko-phonemtaylor, no... but that's not really something I'd expect us to not have noticed before22:16
mtaylorkiko-phone: me either :)22:17
mtaylorkiko-phone: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18274662/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-amd64.protobuf_2.0.2-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz22:17
kiko-phonemake[1]: dh_pysupport: Command not found22:18
wgrantmtaylor: Build-Depends-Indep are only installed for arch: all builds - ie. i38622:18
mtaylorwgrant: ahh... so in this case it's an error in the packaging22:20
wgrantIt is.22:20
wgrantSoyuz does give us some strange build failures, but that's not one of them.22:21
wgrantThey're generally in strange, strange things like SCons.22:21
mtaylorSCons does not give me happy22:22
markhis there a way we can ask for a Launchpad mirror of a CVS repo to use windows line endings in the repo?  Otherwise, the mirror and the real CVS trunk are always different and never the same on my platform.22:22
markh(problem is CVS checkout on windows has \r\n, but bzr branch has \n, so every file differs on every line.22:23
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tretlehi, I am trying to push some stuff to my branch but I am getting an error22:49
beunotretle, what error are you getting?22:50
tretle Unable to import paramiko (required for sftp support): No module named paramiko22:50
jelmertretle, install python-paramiko22:51
* wgrant recommends using bzr+ssh, too.22:51
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kikotretle, bzr launchpad-login and then bzr push lp:...22:54
beunowell, bzr defaults to http if you don't have lp-login set, so he may be something manually22:55
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tretlenow getting this bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)23:08
wgranttretle: See /topic23:11
tretleat least its not me doing something wrong, will try later.. thanks for the help23:12
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