sourcemakerdanbh_intrepid:  i think it works now... I can't install apt-get install kde00:00
danbh_intrepidwell, whatever, no one can help you unless you pastebin the actual errors...00:01
danbh_intrepidbut then again, I may not be able to help you anyway00:01
sourcemakerdanbh_intrepid:  in kde... there is a broken dependency to kdewebdev-kde400:01
danbh_intrepidthat wouldn't cause an error in apt-get install -f00:01
sourcemakerapt-get install kde =>  kde kdeedu kdewebdev-kde4 kfilereplace-kde4 kimagemapeditor-kde4 klinkstatus-kde4 step00:02
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:02
danbh_intrepidsourcemaker: you are correct, kde does depend on that package00:02
dougbwhen is 8.10 going to be officially released?00:02
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, NOT #ubuntu00:03
sourcemakerok... I will wait for update :-)00:03
danbh_intrepidsudo apt-get clean failed too?00:04
sourcemakerdanbh_intrepid: german text... sorry... clean also failed00:06
sourcemakerand there is a second problem.. maybe... http://paste.ubuntu.com/54461/00:06
sourcemakerunused packages... but i don't think that there are unused00:06
DaskReecHYeah :)00:06
danbh_intrepidwhat distro are you looking for?  ubuntu?  kubuntu?00:07
DaskReecHAnyone know if the Grub Error 2 is a well known error?00:07
sourcemakerdanbh_intrepid:  I am using kubuntu00:08
danbh_intrepidDaskReecH: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#Stage2-errors00:08
sourcemakerdanbh_intrepid: when I apt a unused software again... there is no install (already installed) and it will be removed from the unused list... what's wrong?00:09
Nythainok, lets see if the third time is a charm... kubuntu intrepid, tryin to change refresh rate from 85 to 75, everytime i select 75 and click "apply" it sets it to "auto" and stays at 85, any ideas00:13
Nythainno takers eh00:19
Necrosanintrepid ibex doesn't install properly on ps300:19
Necrosanleaves system unbootable00:19
d4t4min3ri have a question.. if someone is on the old 7.10 i think it was ubuntu .. whats the easiest way to tel them how to update to 8.0400:21
d4t4min3ror even 8.10 beta00:22
RAOFd4t4min3r: Update manager should offer them an update to 8.0400:23
danbh_intrepid!upgrade | d4t4min3r    its all in the doc00:25
ubottud4t4min3r    its all in the doc: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:25
d4t4min3rthank you00:26
danbh_intrepidsourcemaker: well, just make sure you have kubuntu-desktop and linux-generic installed.  Did you try to do a manual upgrade?00:27
sourcemakerdanbh_intrepid:  I have solved the problem... there was the old package step-kde4 installed... I remove all kde packages... and step-kde4... and reinstall kde... everthink is fine now00:28
sourcemakeryes... I made a manual upgrade... because the upgrade manager crashed yesterday at 50% :-)00:28
danbh_intrepidcool, glad it worked out00:28
danbh_intrepidmmm, that sucks, hopefully, the get that worked out00:28
KakuradyIs it possible to upgrade the system, but use some packages on the LiveCD?00:30
alteregoaare there plans to merge intrepid v2 with 2.6.28?00:32
DaskReecHKakurady: Huh?00:34
KakuradyLike, so I don't have to download 1162M of packages from a web server.00:35
KakuradyI want to update from Hardy to Intrepid, to clear things up.00:36
DaskReecHKakurady: Ah do you have the CD?00:37
DaskReecHOr the DVD?00:37
KakuradyUmm, are there any DVDs yet?00:37
KakuradyI've got a CD...00:37
Stormx2How can I check if I'm using the e1000e driver? I don't want to upgrade and brick my computer...00:38
remuhello everyone, does anyone here have an hp dv4t, 5t, or 7t? or the IDT HD Audio Codec Soundcard, I believe it is Intel 8201 ICH9 family, I am having problems where the sound keeps stuttering/looping, I was able to get a work around in Hardy by adding pci=noacpi, but this doesnt work in intrepid00:39
DaskReecHKakurady: as far as I know then no00:40
DaskReecHYou can upgrade directly from the DVd00:40
gaminggeekanyone got first class to work on intrepid?00:41
DaskReecHbut I gotta warn you that Ibex is probably going to have you downloading a whooole heap of stuff in any case00:41
DaskReecHStormx2: lsmod | grep e100:41
KakuradyAhh. Just that I don't see a DVD for Beta...00:41
DaskReecHcheck cdimages.ubuntu.com00:41
KakuradyOh well. Too late I guess.00:42
Stormx2DaskReecH, ieee1394              106968  2 sbp2,ohci139400:42
Stormx2DaskReecH, does that mean i'd be affected?00:42
Stormx2I guess not, right?00:43
remuno ones running intel ich9? :(00:43
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remucan I get some help? I went to alsa-project.org and it says that my soundcard is supported, but im having audio issues00:50
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DaskReecHStormx2: no00:56
=== DM| is now known as Delvien
DaskReecHStormx2: You are ok00:56
DaskReecH!sound | remu. tried this?00:57
ubotturemu. tried this?: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:57
Stormx2DaskReecH: Awesome, thanks00:58
root0howdy. i've just installed intrepid using the alternate cd. only one question i have. how can a new user that i'l create will have an encrypted home folder? do i have to do something else or is allready done?01:25
TurlHi, my clock is malfunctioning :S01:27
Turlit always gives me one hour more01:27
TurlI have checked my timezone and it's OK :S01:27
spiritssightHow ofton is the ISO done01:29
spiritssightin other words is the updates that came out today on the ISO if I download it right now??01:29
root0i've just installed intrepid using the alternate cd. only one question i have. how can a new user that i'l create will have an encrypted home folder? do i have to do something else or is allready done?Turl your hardware clock should be set to UTC i think...01:29
root0oh my. sorry. :|01:30
root0Turl, your hardware clock should be set to UTC i think...01:30
Turlroot0, my clock always gives one hour more, i have updated it with ntp servers so it's set to UTC...01:30
root0spiritssight, i think depends on what ISO you download. some are update but some are not. can you tell me what ISO do you wanna download?01:31
root0Turl, you should set it from your system's BIOS to UTC and after that you should set it with ntp to the local time01:33
Turlmy BIOS doesn't have that option :p01:33
root0spiritssight, and the direct link to the iso would be?01:34
Turlbtw, I have never had problems with the clock before :S01:34
root0spiritssight, i am not sure about that one. what time/date does it have?01:35
spiritssightI don't know yet, I am downloading it :-), I wanted to know if it has the newest kernel as in the update manger when I run the live cd it says there is a newer version, and I just created this CD about 6 hours ago maybe longer then that01:37
root0Turl, that is not possible. even the oldest BIOS that i've seen, from '84 if i remmeber well, had an option to set the time and date. you should check your main board manual to find out that.01:37
Turlyeah, you can set time01:37
Turlbut it doesn't say UTC nor whatever01:37
Turlit just says Time: 02/08/2008 12:30:56 for example01:38
spiritssightit looks like Oct 1st was the last ISO for the beta, I just looked downblow and it has a list of the files and there dates and times01:40
burneranyone know what's up with e1000 driver?  I thought it was to be addressed in -5.  still broken here01:40
root0Turl, if your local time would be 5:30 am and you would be here in Romania your local time would be UTC+3:00 and to set the BIOS to UTC you would set it to 2:30 am. use this "trick". you'l have to figure out what is your local time and what is the diference bethwen your local time and UTC...01:41
spiritssightIs there any change in how 8.10 handles wireless eithernet stuff01:41
burnerspiritssight: there's a manager now01:42
Turlok root0, but I don't think that will solve anything01:42
spiritssightthats different from 8.0401:42
root0burner do you know something about the encrypted home folder?01:43
burneri haven't used it01:43
Turlroot0, I think you have to install some extra packages for that01:45
root0spiritssight, you should stop that download if ya still wanna the newest ISO01:45
spiritssightShould I run the update installer before doing the real install01:45
burnerif you install ubuntu-desktop in 8.10, you get the ecryptfs thing01:45
spiritssightroot0: yes I would like to have the newest ISO for the 8.1001:46
root0burner, what about installing from the alternate cd?01:46
burnerroot0: it will be there by default in all installs01:46
root0spiritssight, try this one: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20081005/intrepid-desktop-i386.iso it is from 5 Oct01:47
DanaGI discovered something about my audio dropouts and such.... it really is mostly just the Audigy2 sucking, or my cardbus controller sucking.01:47
DanaGIf I close my lid, I get a dropout for about 2/3 to 1 second... but only on that sound card.01:48
DanaGAll others are fine.01:48
root0burner, i've installed from the alternate cd, got a new thing at install about inserting a passphrase, i've entered one and that's all. no ~/Private or any thing like.01:49
burnerroot0: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedPrivateDirectory01:50
root0burner, beside that, ecryptfs-utils is not installed... i've read that many times...01:51
burnerinstall it01:51
kindofabuzzso there are no working drivers for nvidia cards in intrepid?01:52
root0kindofabuzz, why do you say that?01:52
burnerkindofabuzz: rockin here on my ge720001:53
kindofabuzzroot0, from everything i've read it seems that way. i know the restricted doesn't work for some reason01:53
spiritssightroot0: when I try to download from that link it does nothing01:53
kindofabuzzit downloads it and installs it but nothing01:53
kindofabuzzwell so i guess it doesn't install it01:54
root0kindofabuzz, i'l lett you know in less than 5 minutes... i've got a gf 620001:54
burnerkindofabuzz: what card do you have?01:54
kindofabuzzburner, old school ti 440001:55
root0kindofabuzz, i think you'l have to enable some repositoryes first...01:55
burnerkindofabuzz: is that like a quadro fx 4400?01:56
kindofabuzzburner, i don't think it's a quadro01:56
burnerkindofabuzz: oh, i see... it's old :)  get the -96 driver01:56
burnerkindofabuzz: use synaptic or apt-get and install 'nvidia-glx-96'01:57
kindofabuzzahh i don't have the restricted uncommented in sources, maybe that's why01:57
kindofabuzzwait, that's hardy resticted01:57
kindofabuzzburner, already installed01:58
kindofabuzzburner, when i go to the hardware drivers and try to enable it i get nothing01:58
kindofabuzzit shows the drivers but does nothing01:58
burneryou can try to just run "sudo nvidia-xconfig" and restart x01:58
kindofabuzzburner, when i do that i get an error01:59
* burner shrugs01:59
burneryou using vesa right now?  or nv?02:00
kindofabuzzsays error in xorg.conf02:00
burnersudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-glx-96 ?02:00
kindofabuzzi dunno, was using nvidia in hardy, did the upgrade02:00
kindofabuzzlemme try that02:00
burneroh oh oh... does the dkms load the driver?02:00
kindofabuzzi don't know what that is02:01
burnersudo /etc/init.d/dkms_autoinstaller start02:01
burnerrun that... see if it says "ok"02:01
kindofabuzzseems like it's installing it now02:01
burnermake that pass somehow ;)02:02
burneryou need to reconfigure the nvidia kernel package02:02
kindofabuzzlol any ideas how?02:02
burnersudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-glx-96-kernel-source02:02
root0kindofabuzz, i can asure you that it is working verry nice. first enable the repositories.02:02
DanaG96?  That's just broken.02:02
burnerthen run the dkms auto installer again and it should pass?02:02
DanaGnvidia 96 does not work with Intrepid's X server.02:02
burnerdoh, sorry kindofabuzz :\02:02
kindofabuzzwill it ever?02:02
kindofabuzzor any driver that will work?02:03
burneryou could try nouveau?02:03
root0kindofabuzz, what card do you have? i've lost that info way up on the logs...02:03
kindofabuzzroot0, ti 440002:04
kindofabuzzGeforce 402:04
kindofabuzzwhy is 96 in the resticted drivers if it doesn't even work??02:06
root0you need 71. you can see the list of cards that are suported by 71 here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/i386/nvidia-glx-71/71.86.04-0ubuntu502:06
crdlbbecause the ubuntu developers are hopeful that nvidia will get around to fixing it before intrepid goes gold?02:06
crdlb71 is just as broken02:06
kindofabuzz71? why so far back? i used 90 something in hardy which worked fine02:07
crdlbthere are four nvidia driver versions, but only the newer two (177 and 173) have been fixed for xserver 1.502:08
kindofabuzzso no 3d in intrepid until nvidia fixes it?02:08
burneror nouveau gets cooler02:08
mc_abyssis there any support for belkin pcmcia wireless cards in intrepid?02:10
burnermc_abyss: depends on the chipset of course... you can check the wiki02:11
mc_abysswill have a look as the laptop its on is old and ive forgotten more about it than i know thnx02:11
spiritssightSo is Broadcom wireless cards work better now then before and is there any diffent since the new daily build02:12
d4t4min3rjust for clarification, when you talk about 3g and like these broadcom wireless cards.. these are satellite cards from cell phone companies?02:14
danbh_intrepidspiritssight: jigawha?  "since the new daily build"    What do you want?  Minute by minute, play by play updates on every little change in ubuntu? :p02:14
r4bdoes the ibex beta have the new version of wubi?02:14
danbh_intrepidd4t4min3r: I thought 3g was a cellular thing02:15
slestakcrimsun: hey, i got that nvidia gutsy kernel module issue figured out02:15
d4t4min3ri guess, im not sure i havent messed with it.. how much do they charge for 3g02:15
danbh_intrepidd4t4min3r: but maybe some cells use satellite?  I dunno, I thought it was all towers.02:15
d4t4min3rprobably  i dono02:16
slestakis there an ubuntu kernel dev available I can discuss a prob with intrepid with?02:16
danbh_intrepidprobably not here02:17
danbh_intrepidmaybe a post on the devel-discuss list?02:17
danbh_intrepidslestak: ^02:17
slestakdanbh_intrepid: id love to talk first before I get my thoughts on the list02:18
slestaki;ll try regular ubuntu channel02:18
danbh_intrepidno no02:18
slestakno, ok02:18
danbh_intrepidmaybe ask in #ubuntu-motu02:18
spiritssightdanbh_intrepid: if you would like to do so :-) but serusly, no, I just wonder as I have not been able to get my wireless to work at all02:21
danbh_intrepidspiritssight: I was just poking fun at you.  The daily build IS all the latest updates, and you asked if there was something later.02:22
danbh_intrepidspiritssight: I don't know anything about the broadcoms, but there was a kernel update today that fixed my wireless, ath9k02:23
spiritssightcool, I hope it gets mine up and running also, that would be great02:25
spiritssightHow can I find out :-) besides waiting intill its installed :-)02:26
spiritssightheres another one for you, do you know if there has been any change in ATI x1300 radeon video02:27
mc_abyssthe new update got my pcmcia card working lol help if i checked the latest drivers next time02:32
NecrosanIs there a beta that will install properly on PS3?02:32
NecrosanOf intrepid?02:32
TurlLOL xD why does aptitude say "Play Minefield?"02:37
Turland if you press it says Ouch!  Got SIGABRT, dying..02:38
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DanaGGrr: SNDRV_PCM_IOCTL_START failed02:41
DanaGI pause mplayer.... and it fails to resume playback.02:41
DanaGOh yeah, and NetworkManager doesn't realize it when I trigger my rfkill... it still tries to reconnect wireless.02:41
danbh_intrepidDanaG: I don't think this room is the place to post bug reports02:43
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots02:43
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DanaGAah, switching to openal output (after having tweaked openal, itself) seems to fix it.02:53
DanaGOh yeah, anyone know how to grab a frame from a video with gmplayer?02:53
literalDanaG: S03:03
literalman mplayer03:03
DanaGThat just un-pauses a video if it's paused.03:04
DanaGOr rather... where does it put them, so I can see if it works?03:04
literalcurrent directory probably03:05
literalmplayer's man page doesn't say...03:06
nemoliteral: mplayer -really-quiet -vo jpeg -frames 1 -ao null somefile03:08
nemoliteral: and -ss if you want a position somewhere inside03:08
literalnemo: you mean DanaG03:08
DanaGYeah... I'd want to be able to just grab arbitrary frames.03:08
nemoDanaG: -sb might be better since you can pick a spot, say, 25% of way through.03:09
DanaGEeh, I can also just ctrl-printscreen.03:09
nemoif that's all you want to do...03:09
nemothought you were trying to script something03:09
nemothen,  "s" key03:10
nemoand yeah, well covered in manual03:10
chamunksanyone in here have experience with snort ids and could help me with setup?03:16
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Kr0ntabheya folks... I was just curious, does anyone know where I can pose questions and potentially contribute to the NetworkManager CDMA/GSM wizard options?03:26
Kr0ntabI notice that for the US, there are only options for AT&T and TMobile.  I would like to add the option for Verizon and Sprint...03:26
root0Kr0ntab, start from there: https://launchpad.net/network-manager03:27
danbh_intrepidKr0ntab: http://www.gnome.org/projects/NetworkManager/03:27
Kr0ntabah thanks mates...03:28
danbh_intrepidKr0ntab: use bugzilla03:28
Kr0ntabbugzilla sounds like a good idea... where I can propose a patch, etc...03:28
* root0 does anyone know anything about the encrypted home folder from intrepid?03:29
darius_I just upgraded to 8.10 and my Intel Wireless NIC iwl3945 went into Hardware Disable mode.  The key on my keyboard that should re-enable it has no effect.  Any ideas?03:49
TehSnarfI'm trying to get wakealarm to work, but when I try to edit /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm, it gives me a "Permission denied" error, whether I attempt to use sudo or as a regular user... how exactly do I edit the file?04:02
amrikHi, i'm having a bit of difficulty getting sshd to start. using intrepid ibex beta04:33
anilmI am trying to install the beta of Ibex and I am getting a "no screens found", "unable to connect to X server" error ... is this a know issue?04:35
amrikOK nevermind i figured out why it wasnt working. it was trying to listen on :: instead of (ipv6 vs ipv4 i guess) now it works fine04:35
DaskReecHgrub sucks05:21
blackvdanyone else having trouble loading nvidia drivers after updating to Ibex?05:30
* DaskReecH isn't05:32
DaskReecHI have ATI :)05:32
blackvdanother weird problem I'm having is when I open a folder from 'places' it opens vlc05:32
srinot I, i just use envyng05:36
blackvdenvyng won't start after update it crashes05:36
sriuse envyng -t05:36
srifrom terminal05:36
DaskReecHAnyone know how to fix the Grub Error 205:37
blackvdtrying the envyng - t now05:37
* sri wishes he could figure out why ehci_hcd doesn't work05:38
blackvdlooks good gonna reboot to see05:40
frybyeanybody using a Logitech Communicate STX webcam with intrepid-beta??05:47
frybye- or a more general ? - how to deal with the usb-camera not identified correctly - I have "USB Camera (046d:08ad) (dev/video0) - if correctly identified there would apparently be a "Logitech Inc." in there some place - is not though...?05:50
mike__vlc fails to open via context menu, but can open same file via terminal05:52
mike__other progs open same file via context menu05:52
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:55
Peddyhey guys, when running cdromupgrade from the alternate installer CD, when I choose 'install additional packages from internet', the installer quits. Help please?06:00
DaskReecHPeddy: Don't choose install additional packages from the internet? :)06:01
PeddyDaskReecH: yeah I guess I have to do that :P06:01
Peddyhope update-manager'll work later06:01
Peddywill restarting gdm log me out?06:11
Peddythought so06:11
Peddything is, I'm upgrading to the Intrepid beta and dpkg-reconfigure wants to restart these services: samba gdm cron atd06:12
Peddyshould I just remove gdm from the list?06:12
Peddydpkg-reconfigure for libpam0g, btw06:12
Peddywill the install be able to continue if gdm restarts?06:13
DaskReecHwhere are you upgrading from?06:13
DaskReecHin the GUI?06:13
Peddyalternate install CD06:13
DaskReecHSO you put in the alternate CD wait for the popup to ask to upgrade then upgrade?06:14
DaskReecHYeah it will probably kill the upgrade but you can always start it back06:14
DanaGActually, I think it may just do reload, rather than force-reload.06:14
Peddybut it's only 1/2way through installing. will it still continue?06:15
DanaGReload just reloads config files; force-reload is a full restart of gdm.06:15
Peddywhat about 'restart'?06:16
frybyeDaskReecH: re the logitech communicate stx - Intrepid problem.. the supported cams page says nothing about intrepid - but in the meantime I have found an "Incomplete" bug report on this theme relating to this cam+intrepid-beta at lauchpad..06:17
Peddyhere's a screenshot of the debconf thing06:18
PeddyPlease help, I don't want to break the upgrade :P06:20
danbh_intrepidPeddy: I would just keep going, then reboot after the install is done06:20
Peddyso, remove gdm?06:21
danbh_intrepidwhy remove gdm?06:21
Peddydanbh_intrepid: from the restart list on debconf06:21
danbh_intrepidwhy not just leave it?06:21
Peddybecause then I'll get logged out06:21
Peddyand the upgrade will be terminated06:21
danbh_intrepidPeddy: if so, that would be a major bug06:21
PeddyLet's find out then :D if I get disconnected, you may start filing a bug report lol.06:22
danbh_intrepidok : )06:22
Peddysamba's stopping...06:22
Peddyit just reloaded06:22
Peddyeven though debconf said restart.06:22
Peddythe other services, restarted though06:23
PeddyBtw, this could already be on launchpad, I had to make an alternate 'cdromupgrade' file because the Beta 1 iso had an invalid path in it.06:23
PeddyI had to remove a '/', because the path to the upgrade tarball was like /hardybeta1/upgrade//whatever06:24
blackvdAble to load nvidia driver finally! unfortunately nvidia-settings doesn't recognize my external 1680x1050 monitor06:24
Peddytwo '/'s.06:24
danbh_intrepidso: extra / is cdromupgrade?06:25
PeddyI'll show you06:25
danbh_intrepidyeah, in06:25
Peddytar: ./dists/stable/main/dist-upgrader/binary-all//intrepid.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directorytar:06:25
blackvdyou want to know what's weird is when I have vlc installed and I open any folder it opens vlc instead?06:26
danbh_intrepidmeh, im just gona leave it.  I figure someone will catch that...06:26
Peddyso I copied cdromupgrade to my HDD, changed the line 'UPGRADER_DIR=dists/stable/main/dist-upgrader/binary-all/' to remove the very last /. and changed the cddirname, of course06:27
danbh_intrepidI'm waiting for RC till I file more bug reports, unless they are major, but feel free to file that yourself06:27
PeddyDon't know how, only a beginner ;) But I saw someone else with the same problem on a mailing list. So I'm sure someone's probably aware. It could be for the 64-bit release only, as well. Thanks.06:29
DanaGHmm, what benefit does the 64-bit version offer?06:46
joejoecircusboyDanaG: If you have a new system, there no real reason not to use 64-bit06:48
aaron_Hi, I just installed Kubuntu Ibex and running into some issues, is anyone around?06:54
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bobertdosI'm sure this question is asked a lot, but will the beta smoothly upgrade to the final release when the time comes?07:06
bobertdosthank you07:08
bobertdosEverything is working surprisingly well on my system. I'm quite satisfied with the progress Intrepid has made.07:09
DanaGOh yeah, something funky I ran into on Hardy, on an HP DV4T... something that would make for good techno music.07:10
DanaGPicture taking the incoming audio stream, slicing it into half-second sections, and then looping each section 4 or 5 times.07:10
DanaGI had to add pci=noacpi.07:10
crimsunalready known and being addressed.07:11
DanaGDo you happen to know what this "Analog Loopback" switch on the thing does?  Is it just an incorrect pin config?07:11
DanaGThere are two of them.07:11
DanaGBut the first time I heard it, it gave me (and all the other people around) a good laugh.  =þ07:12
DanaGAnother thing I discovered: disabling Bluetooth in Windows on the thing trumps the OS, and actually removes the device from the system, essentially.  It then makes the Wireless LED flicker madly when wifi 'wl' module loads.07:15
crimsunI've only done a walk-by on a dv4 at best buy a couple times.  Might have time mid-week to revisit.  [So, not yet.]07:15
DanaGAah.  I wonder how many computer companies would be willing to lend such systems to kernel developers to help get them fixed... it'd be nice to see, but probably doesn't happen very often.07:18
TallkenI'm getting a lot of errors related with 'option' module07:23
Tallkenand the whole usb seems to go a bit wacko (at least mouse pointer starts jumping on the screen, until I rmmod all usb moodules and modprobe them again)07:24
Tallkenfilling a bug report then :P07:47
frybye- still keen to hear from anyone with successfull use of logitech communicate stx camera under intreped-beta..?07:58
Sa[i]nTThe great google might know something.07:59
Sa[i]nTI guess everyone is so stunned, they can't help.07:59
frybyeSa[i]nT - with the help of google I was able to discover that is an existing bug report on lauchpad marked as "Incomplete" - so it it just the hope of meeting somebody here who has found a soloution perhaps but not reported it upstream..08:18
frybyerather quiet at the moment here though...?08:18
Sa[i]nTThey are sceeming lol.08:18
Sa[i]nTWere you the guy with the sound problem?08:19
frybyeyes - if you want to call it that - i resolved the sound problem by taking the tip and dumping the whole Kubuntu and clean instaleld a ubuntu/gnome intreped-beta...08:20
frybyeit was still a bit of a fight to get the sound to work -..08:21
frybyei went back to the onboard sound system.. tweeked arround a load and started using the mike in the logitec cam at least - cos the external (plustech-?) mike did not work at all well..08:22
frybyeeven with gnome etc..08:22
frybyeI will bang that on the win-pc where the logitech has come from...08:22
frybyehow do you mean there a screeming???08:22
frybyewhat is that...?08:23
Sa[i]nTI dunno.08:23
frybyeoh - fine - nice new word.. I will make a note of it - and perhaps help to discover a passing meaning for it...08:24
Sa[i]nTMaybe so.08:24
frybyeor you mena they sceem to not be online...08:24
frybyebut that is spealt seam or..?08:25
frybyemust admit I have been in a non-engl- speaking country for a long time now.08:25
Sa[i]nTWhich one?08:25
frybyeI am a Brit living in Germany...08:26
Sa[i]nTI'm an American, scourge of the planet lol.08:26
frybyethat too.. heheh08:26
frybyethe real scourge- candidates would fit into a large wooden crate - that at best would fall off the end of Italy into the Mediteanean..08:27
frybyenot that I want to end up on a terror-watch-list.. heheh08:27
TeslaTonyAmerica. The country that celebrates its independence by blowing a portion of itself up.08:27
Sa[i]nTI'm the redneck kind, living in the woods in a trailer with a laptop lol.08:28
frybyetime will tell - like mostly at some stage it becomes apparent what was consp. t h e o r y and what was consp.08:28
frybyedoes the laptop help you earn a living (or something resembeling a living - the most that many of us manage these days...)08:28
frybyeeh this is all off topic and being archieved here on the main support channel - do we wanna move to ...hang on..08:29
Sa[i]nTNo need to move, no one is giving a crap at the moment.08:29
Sa[i]nTI need to get that paper that says I know what I know. You don't earn shyt in this country with a comp, unless you go to college.08:30
frybyeok - but it will all be in the archive - that was my thought..08:30
Sa[i]nTThey'll know that humans stood here, and actually... chatted.08:30
frybyeso - taking what you said literally with a trailer out in the woods.. how do you earn a living...08:31
Sa[i]nTWhen I'm here, reading my linux and perl books, sometimes.. it would be nice to talk to someone lol.08:31
Sa[i]nTI get by, barely, but the lights are on, and I go to my friends for net.08:32
frybyei am on a labour office "jobs for the boys" scheme - getting benefits and a bit extra by doing 6 hours a day here in a school as "media assistant" ie underpaid and underqualified sys-admin..08:32
frybye- talk to someone - that is what skype is for or..?08:32
Sa[i]nTNahh, not actually talk. I don't wanna hear no voices. That's too personal.08:33
TeslaTonyWe could always act really indifferent08:33
frybyefor the job of sys-admin underqual i mean - in fact i studied as a ships radio officer but that trade as such went up in smoke as the sat-link/fax machine and similar came along08:33
frybyehehe - i suppose one dosent even need skype to start hearing voices.. but that is a different theme.. heheh08:34
frybyeso you are a bit of a loner - by choice i mean??08:34
frybyewith me - i live fairly isolated - but not of choice..08:35
Lynourefrybye: What's causing your isolation?08:35
Sa[i]nTI live in the land of false promises and fear. You gotta be a loner.08:35
LynoureSa[i]nT: What land is that?08:36
Sa[i]nTLynoure: America, the beautiful lol.08:36
frybyesocial exclusion - i was officially disabled to the extent of unemployable (in fact busy as hell in the grey/black ecconomy to make ends meet but ...) until the 1.1.08 when i bludgeoned them into re-assesing me as employable - took over 20 years to do it..08:37
frybyeoriginal thrust to classify me as disabled came from a nationalistic local labour office official who told me (just the two of us in the office..) that he though we (EU-) foreigners should all go home yesterday and he wouild "make sure of it" that you will never work again...08:38
frybyehe almost managed it..08:38
frybyeSa- loner of with strong elbows - trample on the others and move up at any expense..08:38
frybyethat is the way a lot of folks in mainland europe see the us (and to some extent UK too..)08:39
frybyein the anglo-saxon nations (german term used here...) you tend to either sink or swim - nothing much in between...08:40
frybyejust getting by fairly comfortably or with a bit of hasstle is not an option in those places apparently...08:41
=== saint is now known as SA\INT
SA\INTGahh, wifi sucketh.08:41
frybyeon the other hand a person with talent and a lot of energy - good health etc - can probably make more progress quicker in the US as most other places..08:42
SA\INTYeah, good luck with that one.08:42
frybyein Europe they basically want to know what your grandfather did for a living - based on that answer depends how much opportunity you will have...08:43
frybyewhats your prob with the wifi - too far from the router.. (if your neighbour finds out!!?`? heheh)08:43
SA\INTWell, the dude next to me seems to have way faster net.08:44
SA\INTSo, some "Warhousing" is in order lol.08:44
frybyewhat has he got u dont have - different adsl set up - or both using sat or..?08:44
SA\INTWell, my peeps are supposed to have Road Runner, but there net is shyt.08:45
edphy everybody08:45
SA\INTGot a prob that need fix'n?08:45
edpi had a problem last week, i've upgraded my 8.04 to an 8.1008:47
edpso got intrepid08:47
SA\INTHow you liking it?08:47
SA\INTI was a big gnome fan, but this KDE4.1 is a badass contender.08:47
edpbut a big problem arrived08:47
TeslaTonyImmediately install Vista. Use it for two weeks. Reinstall 8.10, and you will no longer care08:47
edpmy gdm didnt' stop flikering08:48
frybyewhat is road runner???08:49
* SA\INT is addicted to this "Myspace thug" music vid.08:49
SA\INTfrybye: A form of Cable net.08:49
frybyeoh and that is what you have??08:49
frybyeand what has the neighbour got..?08:49
SA\INTWell, what my friends have got.08:49
frybyeah - you live with your friends just now..08:50
SA\INTI'm supposed to be getting 2000+k/sec on here. But I'm only getting 40k/sec and they won't call they company.08:50
frybyethats a bummer...08:50
frybyeperhaps too many folks on the same loop.. if it is cable not adsl...?08:51
SA\INTYou would think for $100/month, they'd do something about it.08:51
frybyedoes the speed vary or...stay at 40k constant...08:51
TeslaTonyedp: I think this is a known issue without a known fix08:51
SA\INTVaries, like it's struggling. I'm thinking they have been capped or something.08:51
frybyei c..08:51
SA\INTSome companies around here will cap your bandwidth to stop torrent downloads and whatnot.08:52
frybyethey were d-loading too many films etc right?08:52
edpTeslaTony: i read the know issues, but it didnt' figured out08:52
TeslaTonyedp: You might try reinstalling GDM, or reinstalling 8.10 altogether08:52
edpi tried reinstall gdm but it fucks08:52
frybyeyeah i read about it - a bummer.. the regulators dont allow it here..08:52
SA\INTNever do a fresh install. I upgraded from Ubuntu Ultimate and it works great.08:52
edpTeslaTony:  i tried reinstall gdm but it fucks08:53
SA\INTI wish some real programmers would get down on Enlightenment. Or start a perl desktop manager.08:53
frybyegetting a new iso on 40k connect must be a bummer..08:53
SA\INTfrybye: Updating the 1920+files was a bitch on 40K net.08:54
frybyesince I let them twist my arm to subsc. to triple play (net-phone+iptv) i have 16.000k/sec net - whoosh heheh08:54
frybyein fact works at 12000 mostly..08:54
=== SA\INT is now known as Sa[i]nT
Sa[i]nTI don't want the world's speed. But I like to download and whatnot, at a decent speed.08:55
frybyehere in the school we have 70+ pcs on a 6000 connect but seems to work mostly ok - no torrents and stuff..08:55
* Sa[i]nT MMMMM this new burger from Whataburger is GREAT.08:55
frybyesa - stop pal - yr killing me - i wil lhave to go dive in my sandwich box now.. heheh08:56
Sa[i]nTI was hungry.08:56
Sa[i]nTAnd this is the BBQ chicken monster.08:56
frybyeu ordered it over the net??08:56
frybyefrom out in the woods...?08:56
Sa[i]nTNo lol. The resturant is right down the street.08:56
Sa[i]nTI'm not in the woods right now, at a friends. Keep up.08:57
frybyeoh right - they deliver...08:57
frybyei c .. heheh08:57
Sa[i]nTAmerica, has one thing. You can eat ANYTHING here. Mmmmm, They don't give a shyt about your health here.08:57
frybyeare u switching nicks or is SA\INT sbdy else...?08:57
Sa[i]nTI was waiting for this nick to ping out.08:58
frybyei c08:58
frybyei thought it was in s. korea where they eat "anything"08:58
Sa[i]nTThis burger comes with a bucket of fries and a 64oz drink.08:58
frybyea whole new meaning to "doggy bag!" heheh08:58
frybyehow much $$?08:59
Sa[i]nT$7.00 for the meal.08:59
imchrislabeardHey guys 08:59
imchrislabeardim trying to mount a windows drive using 8.10 on the live cd08:59
imchrislabeardsomeone told me to come here to ask08:59
frybyekool - that is nuttin... no way in berlin here for $7 they would not kick youir butt09:00
Sa[i]nTAlright, what's the prob?09:00
imchrislabeardwell when i try to mount the windows drive it says cannot mount volume09:00
Sa[i]nTCannot mount ntfs volume?09:00
imchrislabeardi need to get some files off the drive09:00
imchrislabeardi cant really send you what it says it wont let me copy the details09:01
imchrislabeardbut it says something about a force mount09:01
imchrislabeardand since im running the live cd i wasn't sure where to force mount it to09:01
Sa[i]nTWhat that means, is that the drive was shut down "dirty".09:01
imchrislabeardoh alright09:01
Sa[i]nTIt should show you the command in the popup.09:01
imchrislabeardyeah but when i run it .. it doesn't really work09:02
imchrislabeardlet me try again though just to tell you what it does09:02
frybyeimchrislabeard: you no longer got access to that drive under windows???09:03
frybyecos if it is corrupted to hell and back perhaps that is why ubuntu cant either...?09:04
Sa[i]nTI know this problem. Dirty windows.09:04
imchrislabeardwell actually im fixing a computer for a friend09:04
imchrislabeardshe downloaded sp1 for vista and blue screend her09:05
imchrislabeardso i was gonna just grab off her personal files using trusty ubuntu and wipe the drive09:05
Sa[i]nTShould be something like sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/hdahere /media/whatnot -o force09:05
imchrislabeardyeah but since im running a live cd where would i mount it to09:05
frybyei have the same problem last thursday here at work with a laptop.. during sp1 update - a screen full of white text black background and then froze with a fault report..09:05
Sa[i]nTTry to mount it as /media/HD or something like that.09:06
frybyehere luckily it was a new laptop with little data on it so will just have to re-install and hope and pray that the next sp1 update goes ok...09:06
imchrislabeardk says $logfile indicated unclean shutdown fuse: failed to access mountpoint09:07
imchrislabeardwhat would be the virtual hd i put it on or what have you09:07
Sa[i]nTWhat's the drive number, you know it?09:08
=== Teiseii is now known as Teisei
imchrislabeardfor the ntfs one09:08
frybyehvae to go for a bit now - hope you folks find your soloution - bye now..09:08
imchrislabeardwhen i do fdisk -l i get ------ /dev/sda1 - /dev/sda209:09
imchrislabeardonly two drives09:09
Sa[i]nTsudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/sda1 -o force09:09
Sa[i]nTsudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /media/sda2 -o force09:10
imchrislabeardsays failed to access mount point /media/sda209:10
imchrislabeardoh wait09:11
imchrislabeardon the details it says media/PRESARIO_RP09:11
imchrislabeardbut that for some reason doesn't work either09:11
Sa[i]nTDo you know what kind of filesystem it is?09:12
imchrislabeardyeah both drives are HPFS/NFTS09:12
Sa[i]nTsudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /media/PRESARIO_RP -o force09:13
Sa[i]nTshould work.09:13
imchrislabeardi just tried it and it said it couldn't find the mount point09:13
Sa[i]nTCould try to mount it to a folder.09:13
imchrislabeardyeah anything will work just to grab those files off09:14
imchrislabeardi found this tutorial09:14
imchrislabeardbut its not for 8.1009:14
imchrislabeardso some stuff is outdated09:14
Sa[i]nTTry this.09:14
Sa[i]nTcd ~/home09:15
Sa[i]nTmkdir /temp/windows09:15
Sa[i]nTsudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /home/you_name_here/temp/windows -o force09:15
imchrislabeardall that after each other?09:15
Sa[i]nTEither ntfs or ntfs-3g.09:16
Sa[i]nTWell yeah.09:16
imchrislabeardfor some reason its not letting me do the sudo cd -/home09:16
Sa[i]nTGo home, make a folder and try to mount the HD to it.09:16
Sa[i]nT~ not -09:16
imchrislabeardit won't let me create temp directory says no such file or directory09:17
Sa[i]nTWell then.09:18
imchrislabeardis their a remote desktop option for ubuntu?09:18
Sa[i]nTI'm sure there is. But I never used it.09:19
PeddyHey everyone, I'm getting this error from jockey (restricted drivers hadrware manager). "Reconfiguring X.org video drivers is not possible: /etc/X11/xorg.conf is invalid". Any help please?09:19
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: What's "cat /etc/fstab" show ya?09:20
elmargolDoes the closed source nvidia driver work for you on intrepid?09:20
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: do i need to open that in guedit or whatever it is09:21
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Type that in your terminal09:21
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: cat /etc/fstab09:21
elvelindhi. I just upgraded the kernel and now the nvidia module doesn't load09:22
imchrislabeardaufs / aufs rw 00 - tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nosuid,nodev 00 - /dev/sda1 /media/windows ntfs-3g defaults 0 009:22
Peddyelmargol: yeah I'm about to try the one from nvidia's website09:22
Peddyelvelind: same here.09:22
PeddyThe new kernel doesn't load (black screen), can anyone help me please?09:23
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: sda1 is where the windows is?09:23
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: I added that last line in there from eariler09:23
imchrislabeardtrying to get it to work09:23
elmargolMy problem is somehow different... If i use the closed source driver the driver somehow crashes and locks the system09:23
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: sudo mount -a09:23
elvelindPeddy, for me it loads, it just can't load the nvidia so im running in crappy graphics09:23
Peddyelvelind: does the Hardware Drivers give you any messages?09:24
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: unknown filesystem type 'ntfs-3g'09:24
Peddyelvelind: yeah, I had to boot into the old kernel.09:24
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: ohh wait, duh.09:24
elvelindPeddy, no. it doesn't say anything09:24
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g09:24
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: See if it'll let you do that.09:24
Peddyelvelind: does it say that the driver is in use?09:25
elvelindand I can't modprobe it either09:25
linnyim having problems with ff3 when it starts it goes to fullscreen mode and f11 doesnt resize it ,im using 8.10 compiz,gnome,and i have an 8500 gt is it a known issue are there work arounds imo ff is a essential program ?09:25
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: already the newest version ;-)09:25
Peddyelvelind: yeah and they removed nvidia-glx-new -.-09:25
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: sudo mount -a -t ntfs-3g09:25
Peddyelvelind: I'm gonna give the official binaries a try (from nvidia.com)09:25
Peddyelvelind: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/27010809:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270108 in jockey "[Intrepid] Can't install nvidia driver (xorg.conf is invalid)" [Undecided,Incomplete]09:25
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: -leave windows alone- from now on lol.09:26
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: oh trust me i hate windows i don't even use it but that didn't really do anything09:26
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: is it supposed to say anything09:26
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: ls /media/09:26
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Show anything different?09:27
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: says disk windows windows09:27
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Can you access them?09:28
imchrislabeardi dont even know where those are09:28
imchrislabeardi have a windows folder on the desktop and its empty09:28
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: konquerer /media/ should do it.09:28
elvelindPeddy, i'm gonna reboot to the old kernel.09:28
PeddyHow do I install v86d, please?09:29
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: command not found ?09:29
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: dolphin /media/09:30
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: gotta install dolphin real quick09:30
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: You don't have dolphin already?09:31
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: no man its just a live cd i just downloaded09:31
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: didn't think it was gonna be this hard to mount a ntfs drive to get some files off09:31
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Well, windows does'nt like being probed by aliens lol.09:31
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: yeah i can see that now09:32
imchrislabeardi wish i could just install ubuntu on her computer and say here you go09:32
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: but people are so scared of linux09:32
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Life is never that easy.09:32
linnyyou could dual boot ?09:32
linnymaybe with wubi ?09:32
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: I converted alot of peeps to linux, by way of Compiz fusion.09:33
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: haha the cube09:33
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: thats all you have to say09:33
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Vista guys are all like, 3D-switcher.. beat that. I'm like, are you serious? Watch THIS.09:33
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: my window just caught on fire09:33
imchrislabeardcan you do that09:34
Peddyhey guys it's NOOB QUESTION TIME! :D09:34
Peddywhat does 'append' mean?09:34
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: in your face vistas eye candy to cover up an ugly girl09:34
elvelindPeddy,  add at the end.09:34
Sa[i]nTPeddy: To add on to a file to say. To Append to the end of a file.09:34
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: putting beer goggles on someone doesn't mean that its going to be better09:34
Peddythanks elvelind and Sa[i]nT :-[09:34
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: If you don't have konquerer or dolphin, what you got?09:35
imchrislabeardwhatever comes on the 8.10 beta09:35
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: dolphin and konquerer09:35
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: i have dolphin now09:35
imchrislabeardthats why i coulnd't read the drive09:36
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: It's a great window explorer.09:36
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: the drives are mounting now09:36
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: kill me now09:36
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: w00t! I helped someone, props fo' me!09:36
imchrislabeardyes you did09:36
imchrislabeardnow hopefully we did it to the correct drive ;-)09:37
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: ahhh now its saying im not privileged to mount the drive09:37
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Hmm.09:37
linnyim having problems with ff3 when it starts it goes to fullscreen mode and f11 doesnt resize it ,im using 8.10 compiz,gnome,and i have an 8500 gt is it a known issue are there work arounds ?09:38
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: we did the wrong drive09:38
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Great.09:38
imchrislabeardso what was the line of code i need to do to mount the other one09:38
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: sda1?09:38
imchrislabeardwe just did sda109:38
imchrislabeardso i guess sda2 now09:38
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /media/windows2 -o force09:39
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: failed to access mount point09:40
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: could it be cause of that /etc/ file thing i edited09:40
elvelindyah. back in 2.6.27-4 with nvidia drivers09:40
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: You edited it? or just cat'd it?09:40
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: whenever someone else was helping me he told me to go into that file and write that line of code and save it09:41
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Ubuntu should have automatically done that file for you.09:41
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: okay new problem when i click on the second drive it says dbus error org.freedesktop.dbus.error.noreply09:42
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: wtf. I have'nt seen that before.09:43
TeiseiWhy does amsn not go in system tray if it's set to launch at startup ?09:43
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: so if i were to turn off the computer and restart i could essentially start over right09:44
TeiseiIt will, however, go to system tray if launched afterwards09:44
imchrislabeardsince its a live cd09:44
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Does that comp still have windows installed on it?09:44
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: just can't boot into it09:44
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: When you shut it off, did you do a clean shutdown?09:44
imchrislabeardnot yet09:45
imchrislabeardwell what happens is it acts like its loading windows then goes strait to a blue screen of death09:45
Sa[i]nTDelete that added line to the fstab and restart, just incase of temps.09:45
Sa[i]nTUbuntu should be automounting this HD. Or letting your force mount it.09:46
imchrislabeardwhats the line to get into that editor guedit /etc/fstab09:46
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: I use pico. Ummm, I don't know what kinda text editors come standard on it.09:47
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: I upgraded and I got alot of stuff on here.09:47
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: i think it just froze09:47
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: wow this computer hates me09:48
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: lol.09:49
Cheerywhat does it mean if in bootup, instead of bootup text, you get just two green 'UU', which jump on the upper screen?09:49
=== m-y-t-h-o-s is now known as mythos
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: so when i get into ubuntu should i restart it since i had to manually shut it down just now09:50
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Nahh, wont matter.09:50
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: ls /media/ Showing any of the drives?09:51
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: just a sec its still booting up i honestly have no idea how this computer ran vista09:51
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: damn lol.09:51
=== m-y-t-h-o-s is now known as mythos
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: its not showing anything09:53
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: ok.. now, sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/windows -o force09:54
imchrislabeardyou mean sda209:54
imchrislabeardwe did sda1 last time09:54
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: ok replace it with 2 then lol.09:54
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: failed to acces mounpoint /media/windows: no such file09:55
imchrislabeardblah blah09:55
Peddyhey everyone, what happened to the Video section of dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg? Thanks09:56
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: need to make a folder first right?09:56
ikoniawhat do you mean what happened to it09:56
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Yeah, we could try that.09:56
PeddySorry, I meant it's not there anymore.09:56
Peddyikonia: debconf just asks me for keyboard settings, nothing else.09:56
ikoniaPeddy: it's now dynanic09:56
=== KuB^ is now known as KuB
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: sweet09:57
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Working?09:57
Peddyikonia: thanks, but how do I configure video settings then?09:58
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: haha yeah09:58
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: so funny story you were right about the sda109:58
imchrislabeardbut its cool i fixed it09:58
CheeryHas anyone other even happened to get this kind of trouble? when I install all four RAM modules, the system says CRC error system halted, but when I take one out from any slot, it boots again09:58
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: >.>09:58
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: Happy to help.09:58
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: thank you so much for you help09:58
Peddyelvelind: did you get nvidia fixed?09:58
ikoniaPeddy: put them in the xorg.conf gfile, but you shouldn 't need to unless detection/autoconfig is failing09:59
=== KuB is now known as L-G
Sa[i]nTimchrislabeard: You know where I be, if you got more problems.09:59
elvelindPeddy, I reverted back to the old kernel09:59
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: k thanks09:59
Peddythanks ikonia09:59
elmargolSomeone here who uses intrepid and the closed source drivers + the 3d effects?09:59
elmargolnvidia closed source drivers10:00
PeddyCan anyone help me with this error from Hardware Drivers? "Reconfiguring X.org video drivers is not possible: /etc/X11/xorg.conf is invalid."10:00
Peddyelmargol: I'm about to try that, I guess10:00
ikoniaPeddy: it means you have some wrong options in your xorg.conf, please paste your xorg.conf into a pastebin10:00
elmargolmaybe i should try disabling kwin and use compiz instead?10:01
Peddyikonia: I will in a minute, just trying nvidia-glx-177 first (just found the package).10:01
elmargolit seems that noone cares about kde410:01
Sa[i]nTI'm using kde410:02
ikoniaPeddy: why ?10:02
ikoniaPeddy: the error says there is a problem with your xorg.conf, why would another nvidia package fix that10:02
elvelindPeddy, fix the xorg.conf first10:02
Peddyikonia: it's the default one.10:02
ikoniaPeddy: paste it please.10:02
Peddyikonia: the one in /usr/share/docs10:02
elmargolSa[i]nT: kwin or compiz?10:03
ikoniaPeddy: there isn't supposed to be on in /usr/share/docs10:03
Sa[i]nTelmargol: compiz10:03
ikoniaPeddy: it's supposed to be /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:03
=== m-y-t-h-o-s is now known as mythos
Peddyikonia: It's identical, it's the default (sample) one.10:03
ikoniaPeddy: please paste it10:03
elmargolok lets try compiz10:03
Peddyikonia: http://pastebin.com/m2cd432dc10:04
ikoniaPeddy: and thats from /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:04
Peddyikonia: sure is10:05
linnyim having problems with ff3 when it starts it goes to fullscreen mode and f11 doesnt resize it ,im using 8.10 compiz,gnome,and i have an 8500 gt is it a known issue are there work arounds ?10:05
ikoniaPeddy: that filel ooks fine, what video card are you using /10:05
Peddyikonia: nvidia 9600GT10:06
Peddyikonia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/27010810:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270108 in jockey "[Intrepid] Can't install nvidia driver (xorg.conf is invalid)" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:06
Peddyhm ubottu's gotten smart.10:06
ikoniaahh most interesting10:07
Peddyikonia: any ideas?10:07
Peddyikonia: this error when installing nvidia-glx manually: http://pastebin.com/m567ffb7d10:08
ikoniaPeddy: looks like the kernel source is out of sync for that10:09
Peddyikonia: should I install the linux header files for my kernel?10:12
ikoniait looks like the kernel source is out of sync10:12
Peddywhat should I do to make the kernel source in sync?10:12
ikoniayou can't fix it10:12
ikoniayour using a beta version of the OS10:12
ikoniawait for the issue to be resolved10:13
ikoniainstall the kernel source for that version - if it's available10:13
ikoniathen follow the instructions on screeen10:13
ikoniabut it doesn't look like that source package is available.10:13
Peddymmm fried oreos at http://fairy.mahdzan.com/story/189.asp10:14
ikoniaPeddy: how is that anythign to do with ubuntu ?10:14
Peddyikonia: ubuntu is the african concept of showing humanity toward others10:15
Peddyikonia: I am sharing a recipe for fried oreos with you10:16
ikoniaPeddy: how is a cooky link anything to do with supporting 8.10 release10:16
ikoniaPeddy: this this channel is for the 8.10 release support/development questions only10:16
Peddyoreos.. they're more than cookies10:16
ikoniatype "/topic" if you need an exact description10:16
Peddythey're a way of life10:16
ikoniaPeddy: please keep it to 8.10 discussion10:16
linnyim having problems with ff3 when it starts it goes to fullscreen mode and f11 doesnt resize it ,im using 8.10 compiz,gnome,and i have an 8500 gt is it a known issue are there work arounds ?10:17
Peddyikonia: Yes sir10:17
ikoniaPeddy: thank you10:17
Peddyikonia: where might I find the 2.6.27-4-generic source?10:17
ikoniaPeddy: in the ubuntu repos - but as #I said I don't think it's availabler yet (I can't see it at a glance)10:17
imchrislabeardSa[i]nT: funny story got all the files needed to back up trying to install xp now and windows says there are no HD detected10:18
ikoniaimchrislabeard: with Peddy please try to keep this channel to ubuntu 8.10 discussion10:19
Peddyikonia: sudo apt-get install linux-source-2.6.2710:19
ikoniaPeddy: am I not making myself clear ?10:19
Peddyikonia: what?10:19
Peddyikonia: I found the package -.-10:20
Peddyikonia: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/linux-source-2.6.2710:20
ikoniaPeddy: then grab it10:20
Peddyikonia: I already have, I was just showing you10:20
Peddyikonia: for future reference if you need it10:20
ikoniaI don't10:21
Peddyyay! bash.org is back up !10:21
imchrislabeardso can you format a drive strait from the terminal10:21
ikoniaPeddy again - how is bash.org helpful to 8.10 support10:21
ikoniaPeddy: PLEASE keep on topic10:21
Peddyikonia: sorry sir, I wish there was a #ubuntu+1-offtopic10:21
ikoniaPeddy just use ubuntu-offtopic10:22
ikoniayou don't need a +1-offtopic10:22
Peddyikonia: won't the mods get mad because I'm using Intrepid?10:22
ikoniaPeddy your not asking for support in #ubuntu-offtopic10:22
ikoniayour just having discussion about random things, which is what it is meant for10:22
Peddyhm they sped up Synaptic a lot in Intrepid10:23
imchrislabeardare there any disc utility programs in 8.1010:23
imchrislabeardor do i need to download one10:24
ikoniagparted ?10:24
ikoniapretty much the same as 8.0410:24
imchrislabeardoh how do i get to that10:24
ikoniainstall it from synaptic, then it appears in the menu10:24
Hobbseeinstall it?10:24
imchrislabeardhigh fives10:24
Peddyimchrislabeard: system>administration>partition editor10:24
elvelindbtw. How can I make sudo applications ( like synaptic) use the same gtk theme as normal?10:25
savvaswell.. mine does, 'sudo synaptic' uses the dust theme10:27
=== Guest42527 is now known as pvandewyngaerde
savvasor.. gksu synaptic is more appropriate :)10:27
elvelindit used to do that for me to. not anymore10:27
savvasdid you set up the root account?10:28
savvastry backup and remove these folders: /root/.gnome2/ /root/.gnome/10:31
savvasthen do: sudo -k; gksu synaptic10:31
elvelindsavvas, no change10:33
savvas< Hobbsee> install it? <- gparted isn't installed by default, it's only included in livecd (if that's what you meant :P)10:33
Hobbseesavvas: i knew it wasn't installed.  But i would have thought that anyone here should know about the 'add/remove programs' program by now.10:34
savvasah sorry :)10:35
Hobbseesavvas: no problem :)10:37
savvasI'm out of ideas elvelind - maybe clearing out /root/.config/ too?10:37
savvasor /root/.gconfd/ and /root/.gconf/ heh10:38
savvasbut I won't be held responsible if something gets hosed! :P10:39
savvaselvelind: check if you have /root/.themes: sudo dir -ld /root/.themes10:40
linnyim having problems with ff3 when it starts it goes to fullscreen mode and f11 doesnt resize it ,im using 8.10 compiz,gnome,and i have an 8500 gt is it a known issue are there work arounds ?10:45
elvelindsavvas, nope. none of those.10:49
BabylykkeI got a problem here..10:50
BabylykkeI upgraded to 8.10 beta since itavisen.no said it was very good.10:51
BabylykkeNow I miss my internet-icon at the clock10:51
Babylykkeand I cannot connect to any wirless networks :S10:51
Babylykkemeans I cannot use my pc at school.10:51
BabylykkeHow do I get it back?10:51
BabylykkeI have tryed to install kde`s and two more networkManagement and nothing seems to work :S10:52
BabylykkeRest is working good, besides some problems with "places" in the menu.10:53
BabylykkeI hope someone can help me with the network-management icon..10:53
BabylykkeI would be very very happy.10:53
ikoniaBabylykke: is there a reason your using 8.10 and not 8.04 ?10:54
Babylykkeitavisen.no wroted about 8.10 and it was so many good things with it.10:54
BabylykkeSo I upgraded :S10:55
Babylykkeand there are lots of good things with 8.10 also, but the network-management problem is driving me crazy.10:55
BabylykkeI found a bug in Pidgin to.10:56
BabylykkeChanging status with the icon at the clock doesn`t work.10:57
savvaselvelind: maybe you could use "gksu gnome-appearance-properties" then, it should set the theme you want for root applications10:58
linnyBabylykke: Changing status with the icon at the clock doesn`t work. it does for me are you up to date ?10:58
BabylykkePidgin is merged with the shutdown button.10:59
Babylykkeand I cannot change status there in pidgin.10:59
BabylykkeNothing happends.10:59
BabylykkeBut that`s not the biggest problem.10:59
BabylykkeThe biggest problem is the network-manager.10:59
Babylykkesince I cannot be without it.10:59
linnysorry mate i dont use wirless11:02
linnykeep asking in here tho someone will help11:02
BabylykkeI have upgraded pidgin to 2.5.1. Maybe that`s why I cannot change status in the bar.11:02
BabylykkeHope so11:02
BabylykkeSince I don`t have any cd`s to burn 8.04 on and reinstall :S11:02
Oli``Whenever I upload (through nautilus, deluge-torrent, the browser) it ends up using way more than twice as much bandwidth as it's limited to (or says it's going at). So if I upload something to my ssh server and it says it's uploading at 20KB/s, it's actually going at closer to 50. Here's a video I just made of Deluge suffering the same sort of pain: http://i.thepcspy.com/oli/deluge-upload.ogv - Any idea what's causing it?11:50
BonezAUI just upgraded from Hardy to Intrepid, after booting the new kernel I get: Init: Error passing configuration: Input/Output error - Kernel Panic - Not syncing: Attempted to kill init! - I am able to boot the old hardy kernel but not the new one. Can anyone help?11:54
linnycould someone scrool up about ten minuters and remind me who was asking about the network manager11:54
linnyi promised to pm hiom but i forget the name11:54
linnyi think it began with a g11:55
BonezAUI got heaps of errors from NM during the upgrade but it seems to be working now11:55
kenti asked about NM some time ago, but i solved it myself by removing all of ppp0 in some interfaces-file.11:56
linnyi have a problem  when i start ff3 it starts in the super full screen mode and f11 doesnt resize it i have 8.10 compiz gnome and a 8500gt any workarounds or ideas ?11:59
skyjumperlinny: compiz might be responsible for that12:00
dns53alt +m to move the window and then resize it12:01
rom1vmy touchpad is not configurable anymore in ubuntu intrepid12:06
rom1vdo you have a tip to make it configurable?12:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 278736 in xorg-server "[Intrepid] mouse properties regression : no touchpad tab (dup-of: 267611)" [Low,New]12:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267611 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "[intrepid] cannot see touchpad tab in mouse configuration" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:06
rom1v(I would like to disable it)12:06
BonezAUI just upgraded from Hardy to Intrepid, after booting the new kernel I get: Init: Error passing configuration: Input/Output error - Kernel Panic - Not syncing: Attempted to kill init! - I am able to boot the old hardy kernel but not the new one. Can anyone help?12:09
wgrantrom1v: You can use xinput to set things until I get the Touchpad tab fixed.12:10
cwraighi all, a really weird thing just happenedi have 8.10 installed on acer aspire one. It incorrectly identified my wireless chipset and there fore failed to work. following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne#Install%20Ubuntu%20Intrepid%20Ibex%208.10(Alpha6)%20on%20the%20Acer%20Aspire%20One the first step is to turn off madwifi driver and reboot. as soon as i did the card works and the driver manager says the madwifi driver is not enabled. I am ple12:10
cwraigase but confused.12:10
wgrantNo, that won't work. Damn.12:10
rom1vI use kernel 2.6.27-5-generic12:11
wgrantrom1v: Follow the Synaptics instructions on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config12:11
rom1vdo you think it will be fixed in intrepid final?12:11
wgrantrom1v: I hope to get it fixed before then.12:11
cwraigthere were more steps to the install but they were not needed the card just works now (sorry for flood )12:11
rom1vhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/267611/comments/36 look at the xinput list-props results12:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 267611 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "[intrepid] cannot see touchpad tab in mouse configuration" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:12
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment12:12
rom1vwgrant: could you, if it is possible, give me the xinput commandline to 1/enable touchpad 2/disable touchpad12:14
wgrantrom1v: I've just realised that xinput won't work - that's why the Touchpad tab isn't there.12:16
wgrantrom1v: Use the wiki page I linked to.12:16
rom1vok, so for the moment, the only way is to wait?12:16
wgrantOr use the wiki page I linked to...12:17
rom1v(I looked at the wikipage, but don't really understand what to do)12:17
wgrantYou need to create an fdi file with the your desired xorg.conf settings in it.12:17
=== uli is now known as Guest65592
rom1vok, thanks, I will read12:19
BonezAUI just upgraded from Hardy to Intrepid, after booting the new kernel I get: Init: Error passing configuration: Input/Output error - Kernel Panic - Not syncing: Attempted to kill init! - I am able to boot the old hardy kernel but not the new one. Can anyone help?12:27
dmh65just bought a new razor lycosa keyboard, works in Ibex as well  :)12:28
dmh65well chuffed12:28
dmh65should say my girlfriend bought it, they have their uses heh12:31
rom1vwhere can I add a script for planning its execution every boot, BEFORE launching compiz12:37
rom1v(I want to execute nvidia-settings -l before launching compiz)12:37
rom1velse nvidia settings are not used by compiz12:37
dmh65not sure if I like the new human window border12:39
BonezAUcan anyone help with my kernel panic... please? :)12:42
dmh65doubt if I can12:44
dmh65whats up12:45
slavikHow can I fix rdesktop's inability to share clipboard between host and remote systems when using it through tsclient?12:46
X3Hi guys I had hardy installed on a triple boot system and found out that I cant boot to IBEX the same way I booted to hardy I had BCD modifiefed to show Hardy on the Vista Boot menu13:07
X3I did a clean install of IBEX and tried to modify the bcd with no success13:08
PiciWhat is BCD?13:10
linnyits a window boot thing isnt it ?13:10
linnyim not sure but it rings a bell from when i dual booted vista ?13:11
X3erm windows boot loader13:11
linnywell if the problem lies there youll have to edit it from inside windows ?13:11
ConstantineXVIhow difficult is it to setup broadcom wifi cards in intrepid?13:12
linnyi think theres an app called vista boot for editing that13:12
X3when installing XP pro, Vista, Ubuntu Vista will take priority on boot13:12
X3I used easybcd13:12
linnytbh i have limited experience with it but im just firing ideas :)13:13
X3I have IBEX installed the same way I had Hardy13:13
slaviknow that people are awake, what's up with the tsclient calling rdesktop and can that be easily changed?13:14
PiciConstantineXVI: Hopefully the b43 kernel module should handle some things.  I personally don't have any experience with it though13:14
ConstantineXVIPici: as in, do you still have to manually grab the firmware from your windows drivers, or is there a nifty GUI widget to do it for you?13:14
X3Well I found out the only way to boot to IBEX is to make the HDD where IBEX is installed a primary boot HDD but then I loose the ability to boot to Vista or XP pro13:14
PiciConstantineXVI: I don't know.  I just noticed the existance of the kernel module, thats all.13:15
X3IBEX recognises a whole load of different WIFI cards however I was unable to make it connect to Router even though I was using the correct settings password and auth method13:17
X3I dont think its quite ready to be installed on laptops like XPS M173013:18
X3but TBH my problem really is how to make IBEX be part of a triple boot system and work as HARDY did13:19
ikoniaX3: the 1730 has a intel card does it not13:20
X3ConstantineXVI: I would really give it a run and experiment13:20
X3yes it has a 4965 AGN13:20
ikoniaX3: that works fine13:20
HobbseeX3: what's the problem with it being tripple booted?13:20
X3it wont boot to IBEX13:20
ikoniaHobbsee: can you spare a minute in -op for an eagle issue ?13:20
ikoniaX3: defiune "won't boot" ?13:21
Hobbseeikonia: ah, thanks.  Could you give me the backscroll please?13:21
ikoniaHobbsee I'll pastebin in a moment13:22
Hobbseeikonia: thanks13:22
X3I have modiefied the Vista boot Menu to include UBUNTU when I choose UBUNTU it will show the GRUB version and then stop at command line which has a GRUB> prompt13:22
HobbseeX3: ewww.  Doesn't grub handle vista now?13:22
HobbseeX3: why not let grub be the bootloader?13:22
X3Ah no go on that13:23
slavikwhy have vista in the first place ...13:23
Hobbseeah, darn.13:23
Hobbseeslavik: there are legitimate uses for vista.13:23
X3theres no GRUB per say as in HARDY showing the other options13:23
ikoniaX3 using the vista boot menu to boot grub is not the best approach13:23
ikoniaX3: using grub overall is the better generic solution13:24
X3it worked fine with Hardy13:24
slavikHobbsee: like?13:24
Hobbseeslavik: games?13:24
Hobbseeslavik: i run XP, and have legitimate uses for it.13:24
X3I beta test13:24
Hobbsee(i rarely boot to it, but tha'ts not relevant :) )13:24
ikoniaX3: but it gets more complicated, more so with multiple distros with multiple boot partitions against one grub binary13:24
slavikHobbsee: you just proved my point13:24
ikoniaHobbsee: gruhandles vista fine13:24
slavikHobbsee: then again, I am a proud PS3 owner13:24
Hobbseeikonia: it handles tripple boots fine too - has for ages.13:25
X3right How can I say this13:25
X3the Grub in IBEX does not display at all13:25
X3goes straight to load13:26
X3even if I wanted to have the IBEX grub handle the boot and all other OS it wont show Ive tried to modify it Ive treid the same approach as I did with Hardy whic was flawless BTW and nothing13:27
ikoniaX3 your probably using the menu.lst from ibex rather than hardy, where grub was already linked to13:28
X3now If I have IBEX HDD the Boot HDD I Boot To IBEX just fine but I loose the ability to boot to other OS's13:28
ikoniaX3: yes, you've mesedup your bootloader by a.) using vista to boot grub b.) using a seperate boot partition per distro13:29
X3ikonia: I have modified that again using easy bcd to acommodate IBEX instead of Hardy13:29
ikoniadoesn't look like it13:29
ikoniaI do'nt believe in easybcd as a tool13:29
ikoniathe only way to fix that is to use grub to re-apply it's self to the boot sector referecing the correct boot partition13:30
X3I guess you dont understand what I said13:30
ikoniaI do13:31
X3I been triple booting in all sorts of manners just fine since Vista came out and only IBEX refuses to work properly13:31
ikoniaX3 then it should be quite straight forward to fix13:32
X3if only13:32
void^grub is exactly the same in ibex13:33
sorush20hi can I change the colour of the kde task bar from black to something else?13:33
X3heres the snag all previous UBUNTU releases and including IBEX dont like mixed SATA/IDE while on install because it messes the grub so the work around for all other UBUNTU installs was to unplugg the sata drives and install IBEX or whaever to IDE Drive13:35
X3that bug has been reported and still exists13:36
X3second of all my IBEX install is perfect except for the GRUB never displayed on IBEX like in HARDY13:37
sorush20I keep getting this eroro why should I do? W: GPG error: http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>13:37
sorush20this is in synaptic13:37
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto13:37
sorush20is there a skype in kubuntu repositories13:40
X3ikonia: If the IBEX GRUB is the same why is it it wont display and it skips straight to loading menu with progress bar and UBUNTU art13:40
ikoniaX3 possibly because it didn't detect the other OS13:40
ikoniaX3: so you'd need to alter the menu.lst that is correctly linked to the grub boot loader being used13:41
X3I have tried that it only loads IBEX never shows anything else13:42
X3or the other way around it loads and gets stuck on the prompt GRUB>13:42
X3do you get a proper GRUB menu Like in HARDY displaying the Kernel the memtest and the recovery options?13:44
void^so remove hiddenmenu and set a higher timeout in menu.lst13:47
aurel42And Howdy, too.13:49
aurel42Since I upgraded to intrepid, I get a lot of "Unable to retrieve message / Could not find message body in FETCH response." when I try to access messages in my IMAP mailbox with Evolution.13:50
aurel42Where would I look to find out whether that's a known problem?13:51
sorush20how do I get public keys13:51
ikoniasorush20 make them13:51
ikoniatons of docs on ssh13:51
sorush20ikonia: I need them for apt-get13:51
sorush20they don't work13:51
ikoniado you mean the repo public keys ?13:51
Hobbseesorush20: man gpg.13:51
ubottuGetting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « gpg --keyserver hkp://subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys <key> ; gpg --export --armor <key> | sudo apt-key add - »13:52
Hobbseesorush20: gpg --recv-keys is the particular rune you want.13:52
sorush20yes the repo pblic keys13:53
sorush20I'm getting a lot of these13:53
sorush20W: GPG error: http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid-backports Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 40976EAF437D05B513:53
BonezAUI just upgraded from Hardy to Intrepid, after booting the new kernel I get: Init: Error passing configuration: Input/Output error - Kernel Panic - Not syncing: Attempted to kill init! - I am able to boot the old hardy kernel but not the new one. Can anyone help?13:53
ikoniaintrepid backports ????13:54
ikoniaintrepid isn't live, why would you use backports13:54
sorush20BonezAU: anymention of mounting ?13:54
BonezAUsorush20, prior to those messages I get a whole heap of i/o errors about being unable to mount, yes13:54
sorush20BonezAU: I'm just wondering if you had un statble shutdowns.. so the best thing is to boot from live cd which is what I'm assuming your doing right now.. and do e2fsck.. something.. but you have to check the system..13:57
sorush20after that then mount the root partition and have a look at /etc/fstab and see if you have the right mounting option setup.13:58
sorush20man e2fsck13:58
BonezAUsorush20, I am booted from the HDD right now, but only from the older Hardy kernel, - the new intrepid kernel panics but the old hardy kernel works fine13:58
ikoniaBonezAU whats the issue13:59
BonezAUikonia, when I boot up my kernel panics.13:59
=== pvandewyngaerde is now known as Guest18022
ikoniaBonezAU: need more info13:59
sorush20hi Mitchell_Hancock13:59
BonezAUikona:  I just upgraded from Hardy to Intrepid, after booting the new kernel I get: Init: Error passing configuration: Input/Output error - Kernel Panic - Not syncing: Attempted to kill init! - I am able to boot the old hardy kernel but not the new one. Can anyone help13:59
ikoniaBonezAU look at the differences in your boot lines (UUID specifcally) in your menu.lst14:00
sorush20ikonia: and he gets i/o erros before that14:00
Mitchell_HancockSAVAGE The Battle for Newerth won't stay in full screen mode. Keep switching window mode and then back to full screen mode. What causes that? There are some games will not run on 8.04.14:00
ikoniasorush20 before what ?14:00
sorush20before the kernel panic..14:00
ikoniaMitchell_Hancock: areyou playing that through wine14:00
ikoniasorush20: how can he have io errors before the kernel panic, the kernel is the first thing it boots14:00
sorush20BonezAU: you do don't you ?14:00
Mitchell_HancockLinux version14:00
ikoniaMitchell_Hancock very cool14:01
Mitchell_HancockI don't use wine14:01
sorush20ikonia: check with BonezAU14:01
Mitchell_HancockToo buggy14:01
edgyHi, networkmanager and nm-applet asks me for the wifi password twice, is it only me?14:01
Mitchell_HancockUsing 8.04 32 bit.14:02
BonezAUikonia, ok 2 sec14:02
ikoniaMitchell_Hancock then you'll get support in #ubuntu, not #ubuntu+114:02
Mitchell_HancockSeem like it have some bugs left14:02
Mitchell_HancockThey send me here.14:03
ikoniaMitchell_Hancock your using 8.04 - so #ubuntu is the correct, place14:03
ikoniaMitchell_Hancock: apologies if you have been miss-informed14:03
PiciMitchell_Hancock: Thats because you asked about an 8.04 to 8.10 issue.14:03
Mitchell_Hancockwell I did try 8.10 which will not boot14:03
BonezAUikonia, sorush20 there are no differences between 2.6.24-21 and 2.6.27-5 in my menu.lst14:04
ikoniaBonezAU could you please pastebin your menu.lst into a pastebin please.14:04
Mitchell_HancockOk I going back onto other place14:04
BonezAUikonia, http://pastebin.com/d7cd858c14:05
Mitchell_HancockShould uninstall Ubuntu and just wait on the next release?14:06
ikoniaBonezAU what's happened to your msnu.lst14:06
ikoniayour hardy kernel now has a heading "intrepid" as well as the intripd kernel14:06
BonezAUikonia, no idea - I had a fairly fresh/recent install of Hardy and this afternoon I did an update-manager -d14:06
ikoniaI suspect it should panic too14:07
BonezAUikonia, I have not modified the file myself in any way... I just let update-manager do all the work14:07
ikoniaBonezAU: what happens if you boot into you intrepid recovery mode14:07
BonezAUikonia, it panics also14:07
ikoniaBonezAU how important is this install to you ?14:08
ikoniahang on hang on14:08
ikoniathis is na upgrade14:08
BonezAUikonia, pretty important... he he. I only have 1 PC right now. Yes it's an upgrade.14:09
ikoniaif it's importtant you shouldn't be using beta releases14:09
BonezAUobviously it is not important enough for me not to be willing to risk upgrading to a beta version14:09
BonezAUbut it is still kinda important...14:09
ikoniaif this is an upgrade hardy files should all be updated14:09
Mitchell_HancockBeta release should be removed14:09
ikoniaboot into your hardy kernel and do an lsb_release -a14:09
ikoniaMitchell_Hancock: how do you suggest he does that14:09
BonezAUI am booted in to my hardy kernel right now, it's the only one that boots...14:09
BonezAUNo LSB modules are available.14:10
BonezAUDistributor ID:Ubuntu14:10
BonezAUDescription:Ubuntu intrepid (development branch)14:10
BonezAUsorry for not pastebinning it14:10
ikoniaBonezAU thats fine, it wasn't much14:10
ikoniaso now if you do an "apt-get update" then upgrade what happens ?14:10
BonezAUikonia, The following packages will be upgraded:14:11
BonezAU  envyng-core nautilus-sendto14:11
BonezAUthat's all14:11
ikoniathats it14:11
Mitchell_HancockNo LSB modules are available. <<< I got that14:11
ikoniano notes ont he kernel14:11
ikoniaBonezAU: do you see where I'm going with this ?14:11
BonezAUI already have done a fully successful upgrade14:12
BonezAUyeah I do... ;)14:12
BonezAUI work in IT, have been an ubuntu user for years. I'm sick of hearing people say "omg, why is <insert name here> using a beta *sigh*14:12
BonezAUI use the beta's because I enjoy it when things break and then I learn how to fix them. If it means I have to wipe my HDD and start again it is not a problem for me14:12
ikoniaBonezAU from your hardy kernel I suggest you try to re-install the intrepid kernel, to make sure it's installed fine (the menu.lst worries me)14:12
ikoniaBonezAU thats a great attitude14:13
ikoniathats why I checked how important your install was14:13
ikoniaas one of the possible issues is your disk system is not supported/configured in the intrpid kernel, so it can't see a disk to boot14:13
ikonia(hence the io errors)14:13
BonezAUI like being a part of the community, trying to break things, reporting bugs etc. I don't claim to be a hero and know everything about ubuntu, in fact I am nowhere near that. But I do enjoy breaking things and then learning how and why it broke ;)14:13
BonezAUyeah that is possible14:13
ikoniaI was going to ask you to do a clean 8.10 install to find if it actually run on your pc14:13
BonezAUthe PC I am using is an old IBM T40 notebook that I borrowed from work, it is about 5 years old and has probably been dropped 100 times14:14
ikoniathat way it would remove the possability of the upgrade going wrong14:14
BonezAUit's a Centrino 1.5ghz with 512mb ram and a 40gb hdd14:14
ikoniawell your 8.04 kernel boots, so hardawre is porbably not an issue14:14
BonezAUyeah... I think I will download the Beta ISO and install it14:14
BonezAUI can tell you one thing though - since upgrading to 8.10, my system runs a LOT faster14:14
BonezAUHardy was running very badly on it, far, far worse than WinXP14:15
BonezAUI don't know why, I never really figured it out14:15
ikoniaBonezAU: I only asked why you where using the beta/important due to the fact I was probably going to ask you to do a re-install14:15
BonezAUI think it was a video driver issue14:15
BonezAUyeah that is cool14:15
BonezAUI have no problem with doing a re-install14:15
BonezAUyou think that would be the best path for me?14:15
ikoniabest to work out what the current state of play is14:16
BonezAUyeah okay14:17
BonezAUwell right now - at 9:17pm on a Monday night, my system is working fine under the hardy kernel. Come tomorrow when I have more time and energy, I will do a rebuild :)14:17
BonezAUI will download the ISO tonight just before I go to bed... my internet connection is only about 1mbps so it will take an hour and a bit.14:18
Mitchell_Hancock8.04 work fine on boot to me.14:21
cypherdelicwhats going on with updates? linux-image is releases in 2.6.27-5.7 but linux-image-2.6.27-5 is not available, those packages hanging in my upgrade queue is that correct?????????????????14:29
sorush20_I can't get server keys14:35
sorush20_I keep getting timed out14:36
sorush20_gpg --keyserver hkp://subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys 437D05B514:36
TheOValsa doesn't seem to be working with the latest updates here14:39
TheOVthe -5 kernel14:39
TheOVit says something about an i/o error?14:40
TheOVmeh i'll try restarting14:40
hyperairhello there. can anyone who uses seahorse-agent and have a gpg key help test this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/seahorse/+bug/27907714:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 279077 in seahorse "[intrepid] seahorse-agent GPG password prompt doesn't capture any characters" [Undecided,New]14:41
X3nope IBEX wont play on triple boot14:43
X3the GRUB is disabled by default but able to be accessed via pressing esc this option is set to 3 seconds and regardless of what wont show other OS's14:46
X3I guess HARDY it is14:47
hyperairmisconfiguration of grub.conf14:53
TheOVyeah so ALSA doesn't seem to be working14:53
hyperairi mean14:53
bsniderpulseaudio 9.13 was released today14:54
bsniderintrepid is now 3 milestones behind14:54
TheOVI'm on 9.1014:55
bsnideri'm 100% sure fedora will switch to it14:56
bsniderthey're already using 9.1214:56
TheOVwith the sound test, i get this: gconfaudiosink: Could not get/set settings from/on resource.14:56
TheOVthat's testing alsa14:56
hyperairTheOV: there's no 9.1014:56
TheOVso then obviously pulse isn't working either14:56
hyperairTheOV: oh whoops i thought you were talking about ubuntu version14:57
TheOVhyperair: 0.9.10-2ubuntu14:57
TheOVhyperair: oh lol14:57
TheOVso is anyone else having the same problem?14:57
TheOVor know of anything I can do to fix it?14:58
TheOVOSS seems to be working14:58
TheOVbut i hate it14:58
bsniderthere's a forum post about this including fixes15:00
TheOVbsnider: link?15:00
soundrayRunning intrepid in vmware, I get a long delay when I shut down. The last message shown is "Checking battery state" on vt8, on vt7 it's "Shutting down ALSA". What might it be doing?15:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 274389 in fuse "Intrepid installer unmount problem with Unetbootin" [Undecided,New]15:08
Rictooanyone have a quick fix for this? :\15:08
TheOVthx bsnider15:08
open_saucejust installed ibex beta and it cannot see my network, gutsy saw it ok.  I realise it is beta but assumed network drivers would be in place.  any suggestions please?15:09
void^what device?15:10
* hyperair wonders if there is anybody using seahorse agent here15:10
open_saucevoid, is there a command to tell the device?15:11
nixternalhey, anyone having issues with a dual monitor? intel gm960 with dual mon...worked like a charm in hardy15:11
* hyperair couldn't get a dual monitor setup with intel gma965 on hardy15:12
open_saucevoid :  00:19.0 Ethernet controller: intel corporation 82562V-2 10/100 network connection (rev 02)15:14
open_saucevoid: sorry, had to copy and type that all, as cant paste/pastebin due to no network!15:15
thebishopIntrepid is looking great15:15
saintI need.. coffee.15:15
thebishopi find the beta more stable than Hardy15:15
=== saint is now known as SAINT_
void^open_sauce: that's supported by the e1000e driver, which is currently blacklisted due to an issue that damaged network cards15:16
=== SAINT_ is now known as _SAINT_
open_saucevoid, right i heard about that15:17
=== _SAINT_ is now known as _SA
open_saucevoid, so i guess issue is not fixed and I should hold off for now?15:17
* _SA gahh, everything is reggged.15:17
=== _SA is now known as SAINT_UBUNTU_X
* SAINT_UBUNTU_X there.15:18
SAINT_UBUNTU_XDid'nt they say, that due to the bug with e1000e, your card or whatnot, could cease working forever?15:19
SAINT_UBUNTU_XHow come intrepid does'nt seem to have PSK support? Or am I missing something in the options?15:21
void^open_sauce: i'm not sure, i think it was fixed in the -5 kernel15:22
bsnidervoid^, i thought that bug was addressed with the -5 kernel15:22
=== SAINT_UBUNTU_X is now known as Sa[i]nT
open_sauceok I guess Ill wait for final release to be sure, thanks all15:24
Sa[i]nTI was at a friends house about to convert them from windows. When to much of my supprise I could'nt even connect to their PSK secured network.15:24
bsnideryeah, that bug has been fixed15:24
bsnidervoid^, he's not using the gigabit chip. it says 10/100, not 10/100015:26
void^bsnider: http://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/E1000E.html15:26
rom1vdoes anyone know where is located the script which launch compiz when computer starts?15:26
void^bsnider: (yes, he could probably safely unblacklist the module and update, but i'm not feeling confident enough to propose that.)15:27
bsnider* e1000e: write protect ICHx NVM to prevent malicious write/erase15:28
bsniderif it's write protected, it should be fine15:28
rom1vcould someone help me?15:28
void^bsnider: yes, but he's apparently using an older version, since it appears to be blacklisted on his system15:29
darthanubisthis console kit daemon keeps crashing15:30
bsnideran older kernel? well, upgrade the darned thing15:30
void^lack of network connection might interfere there ;)15:30
bsnidermaybe he has wifi15:31
=== pvandewyngaerde is now known as Guest16869
open_saucebsnider, void, I have wifi but its not showing up, so stil stuck, the kernel version is whatever came with intrepid beta15:34
bsnidermaybe i'll submit a packaging request for pulse 9.13 just to be a jerk, and solicit the inevitable "we don't have time for that crap" response -- to which i'll respond "you guys suck compared to fedora"15:35
open_sauceill wait it out though, thanks for helping :)15:35
bsnideropen_sauce, yeah, you're a kernel behind. that's the problem. try the cd image today15:35
bsnideruse today's cd image not the beta15:36
open_sauceah ok!15:36
bsniderhold on a minute15:36
bsnideri'll check the manifest15:36
AmyRoseHow do I prevent PulseAudio from even starting up in Intrepid?15:36
DanaGPA 0.9.12 is annoying in some ways.15:37
bsnideropen_sauce, the manifest says the new kerenl is on today's image15:37
bsniderlive boot it and if your network card works, use that15:37
DanaGThe glitchyness is no longer an issue for me... but the unloading on idle...15:37
open_saucebsinder, ok thanks, and you are confident my network card should be safe?15:37
DanaGPA 0.9.12 is a lazy bum, to use a figure of speech.15:38
maxagazwhat will be new in Xubuntu 8.10 ?15:38
bsnideropen_sauce, it's write protected, so yes15:38
DanaGOh hey, I'm idle.  I quit.15:38
DanaGThen you go to unpause a gstreamer app.... and it hangs.15:38
bsnideropen_sauce, if not, track down tim gardner and beat him up15:38
DanaG... and Flash hangs, too.15:38
maxagazI can't find anything on the web talking about the new xubuntu and kubuntu, it's all about gnome15:38
bsniderDanaG, use pulse 9.10. good ol' 9.1015:39
=== pvandewyngaerde is now known as Guest63208
open_saucebsnider, great, thanks.15:39
DanaGBut I need the ability to disable LFE remixing... otherwise my sub becomes too bassey.15:40
bsniderDanaG, you don't have those controls on the sub directly?15:40
DanaGWell, the thing is, it's taking left and right to make center... and then also sending center to the sub... in addition to the sub grabbing its own LFE signal from the satellites.15:41
bsnideractually alsa controls that. pulse has little to do with it15:41
DanaGNot true.15:42
bsniderpulse 9.10 anyway15:42
bsniderlower the lfe channel volume in your alsamix15:42
DanaGIn PA 0.9.12, you can disable LFE remixing, so it won't send anything to the LFE channel unless the source material actually has an LFE channel.15:42
DanaGThat's the only real solution for correct behavior.15:42
DanaGAnyway, I disabled the unload-on-idle...15:42
DanaGI'm just questioning why the heck they enabled unload-on-idle by default...... it's really bad to do so.15:43
bsnidermaybe YOU should sumbit a packaging request for 9.1315:43
bsniderbut they'll just tell you they don't have time15:43
bsnideryou might havet o switch to fedora15:44
DanaGWhat does 0.9.13 give over 0.9.12?  As long as the PPA stays up, I don't need the official repos to have
DanaGPerhaps we just need a PPA for
bsniderand bluetooth support15:45
open_sauceok, where do I get todays cd image of intreped? i can only find the beta, or does the beta always point to the latest?15:45
s0u][ighthi guys15:45
bsnideropen_sauce, that's the link. i provided it earlier15:45
DanaGIt's one of those things where the type of people who'd need 0.9.13 specifically... are the type of people who'd be able to use a PPA to get it.15:45
s0u][ightthe intrepid kernel comes with iwlagn15:45
open_saucebsnider, sorry must have misseed that15:46
s0u][ighthow can i make it use iwl4965 in stead?15:46
bsniderDanaG, luke might put it in there, if he's not too busy i guess15:46
DanaGDoes it now also have the Airport Express raop-discover thingy?15:46
=== crd1b is now known as crdlb
bsniderdon't know what you're talking about15:47
s0u][ighthow can i change the driver used for some hardware?15:48
s0u][ightmeaning permanently15:48
s0u][ighti know i can blacklist the one it uses15:48
ubuntu_hello there15:48
DanaGiwlagn IS iwl4965.15:48
DanaGThey just changed the name because it now also covers the 5xxx cards.15:49
ubuntu_i was looking at wireless network manager, and cant find the hex option anymore15:49
s0u][ightDanaG, for some reason iwlagn doesn't work that smoothly with my hardware15:49
ubuntu_any tips15:49
* DanaG goes off elsewhere, to classes.15:49
bsniderDaisuke_Ido, yeah, i see what you mean now. my roommate has one of those crappy things15:49
ubuntu_connecting to an open acces point right now15:50
ubuntu_where is , the hex option in wireless15:50
ubuntu_who else uses wep connection over here15:53
hyperairdoes anybody use seahorse here?15:53
s0u][ightubuntu_, try connecting through the cli15:53
ubuntu_yes i know, i was just wondering if i should file a bugreport, for hex thats missing15:54
ubuntu_or if anyone else has noticed this15:54
ubuntu_you see..15:54
s0u][ightubottu, i use hotspots so i can't help :(15:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:55
s0u][ightubottu, the bots my friend writes have a high artificial intelligence niveau15:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:56
s0u][ight:| now i get it15:56
s0u][ighthe made an amazing one taking care of his system etc.15:57
s0u][ightsynch. with his mobile15:57
Sa[i]nTIn KDE4.1, how do I change the startup files?15:59
ubuntu_bbc plugin totem hangs16:00
ubuntu_force quit is only solution16:00
hyperairseahorse-agent doesn't capture any characters!16:01
thebishopI notice Intrepid isn't shipping with a GTK FTP client16:01
thebishopwhat's up with that?16:01
hyperairever tried firefox for ftp?16:02
hyperairor nautilus?16:02
ubuntu_firefly , used to be an ftp plugin16:02
s0u][ightis there just a new kernel upgrade?16:02
ubuntu_but its does not wokr16:02
ubuntu_in newer version16:03
thebishophyperair, I mainly use filezilla16:03
s0u][ightbrb reboot16:03
hyperairthebishop: well, my point was that there is an ftp client on ubuntu16:03
hyperairwhether it's good or not is a different matter16:03
ubuntu_youtube plugin for totem works, but needs codecs16:04
thebishopdidn't previous releases come with gFTP?  that works just fine16:04
ubuntu_hex for wep, we need hex for wep wireless16:05
mitchellhancockIs there a Ubuntu gamer chat room?16:06
ubuntu_linux gamers16:07
mitchellhancockI need help16:07
ubuntu_what do you need to know16:07
mitchellhancockMy issues http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5916864#post591686416:07
mitchellhancockNvidia is installed.16:08
ubuntu_try to run the game without desktop effect16:08
mitchellhancockNobody know what I'm talking about. <(16:09
ubuntu_yes i know16:09
KtronHey, I'm noticing my boot time is so slow it almost appears as if II has hung... anyone else run into this?16:09
ubuntu_is this the new savage , or the old one16:09
mitchellhancockubuntu_>try to run the game without desktop effect  Huh?16:09
mitchellhancockSavage 116:10
Picimitchellhancock: Turn off compiz and then try running your program.16:10
ubuntu_yes, you have desktop effects on, you know the dropshadow etc...16:10
mitchellhancockWork on the older Ubuntu release.16:10
PiciOlder released did not have compiz by default.16:10
ubuntu_system preferences apperance ...16:10
Sa[i]nTWhat proggy would it take to manage my startup files?16:11
mitchellhancockOk I going to try now16:11
Ktronanyone else run into excessively slow boot times with II?16:11
ubuntu_i have savage on an ati radeon and on an nvidia, it runs fine,16:11
ubuntu_yes i have bad and slow boot times here too16:12
LynoureSa[i]nT: What do you mean by managing startup files?16:12
Sa[i]nTLynoure: Equivalent to msconfig16:12
LynoureSa[i]nT: the boot scripts, grub, something else?16:12
mitchellhancockThank you. Problem solve. It turn off now.16:12
LynoureSa[i]nT: I have not used Windows that way for ages, would not know what it does16:13
KtronIt's roughly every other boot, it takes at least 10, if not 15+ minutes during boot16:13
ubuntu_going for an reboot need to look into the wireless16:13
Sa[i]nTLynoure: Manages the files that start when you come into your window manager. Ya know all the programs in the taskbar?16:13
mitchellhancockCan you test this game at your end? http://www.timeinvaders.com/mutant_fruits.html I think I missing something to make it run.16:13
mitchellhancocksudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras won't make it run still16:14
LynoureSa[i]nT: oh, those. in KDE3 you would just put shell scripts for those things in .Autostart, are you talking about kde4 or gnome here?16:14
Sa[i]nTLynoure: KDE4, normally I would just use "sessions" or whatnot. But that seems to be gone.16:14
=== adrian is now known as koomi
LynoureSa[i]nT: I seem to mostly get sessions anyway in KDE4, except for the panel itself16:15
Sa[i]nTLynoure: We must not be on the same page.16:15
LynoureSa[i]nT: that one always gets a hickup and even resizes it to what it used to be by default :/16:15
s0u][ighthi guys16:16
LynoureSa[i]nT: By sessions I mean the programs/windows/taskbar being pretty much the way you left them when you restart the next time16:16
LynoureSa[i]nT: you mean something different?16:16
Sa[i]nTLynoure: I just wanna be able to change what programs run with I come into my window manager.16:17
koomijust upgraded my kubuntu/hardy and broke my kdm login. is this a known problem?16:17
danbh_intrepidkoomi: #ubuntu for hardy problems16:17
LynoureSa[i]nT: that has mostly just happened to me by having them on when I shutdown16:17
koomidanbh_intrepid: this is an ibex upgrade problem16:18
LynoureSa[i]nT: with exception of Pida, which more than not dies in the session saving stage of things16:18
LynoureSa[i]nT: http://www.kde-forum.org/artikel/18196/Autostart-on-kde-4.html says $HOME/.kde4/share/autostart/ still works, like it did in kde316:19
mitchellhancockOh I need libstdc++5 install for The Attack of Mutant Fruits from Outer Space. Installing it right away. =)16:19
mitchellhancockE: Invalid operation libstdc++5   Wth!16:21
mitchellhancockI found it16:22
pookmuHow can I stop update manager from using privoxy/tor?16:22
Mechdavepookmu, just looking at finding a config file16:24
pookmuMechdave Thank you16:24
BabylykkeWhen I upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 Beta the network-manager icon at the left side of the clock disappeared.16:26
BabylykkeHow do I get it back?16:26
BabylykkeI need to be able to connect to wirless networks.16:26
pookmuBabylykke Right click on the panel and add to panel16:27
BabylykkeI cannot find it there16:27
BabylykkeOnly networkmonitor.16:28
Mechdavepookmu, does apt-get work with privoxy off?16:29
mbahamondehi, i just installed intrepid and noticed that the plasma add widgets from internet doesn't work. the list doesn't populate. maybe the feed is corrupted? the wallpaper downloader works though16:29
Mechdavepookmu, try with sudo apt-get update16:29
BabylykkeAnyone know how to get the network-manager icon back?16:29
pookmuErr http://us.archive.ubuntu.com intrepid Release.gpg16:31
pookmu  Could not connect to ( - connect (111 Connection ref16:31
pookmuMechdave, guess not16:31
Mechdavepookmu, it looks like that apt-get is trying the wrong ports maybe...16:32
pookmuAny luck finding a config file?16:32
pookmuBabylykke its under gnome main menu bar, I think16:33
BabylykkeWhere is that?16:34
danbh_intrepidBabylykke: I think its broken16:34
Mechdavepookmu, type this into a terminal grep -rin proxy /etc/apt and see what you get16:34
Babylykkedanbh_intrepid: Would be a disaster for me..16:34
danbh_intrepidnm just broke for me today16:34
pookmuBabylykke right click panel, add to panel16:34
Babylykkefirst and last try I upgrade to beta version.16:34
Babylykkepookmu: I cannot find it in that menu...!16:34
Mechdavepookmu, I found this --> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-51479.html16:34
BabylykkeI`ve seen 3 times now.16:34
lore20i got some problem updating package infos16:35
Mechdavepookmu, it describes the same problem as you are having16:35
danbh_intrepidBabylykke: you could try wicd maybe?  also, you can configure with iwconfig and the interfaces file16:35
lore20it say that it can found some "index"16:35
pookmu/etc/apt/apt.conf:1:Acquire::http::proxy "";16:35
pookmu/etc/apt/apt.conf:2:Acquire::ftp::proxy "";16:35
pookmu/etc/apt/apt.conf:3:Acquire::https::proxy "";16:35
danbh_intrepidlore20: pastebin?16:36
Babylykkefuck this shit..16:36
BabylykkeI go buy one cd, burn out 8.04 and install it again.16:36
BabylykkeCan`t stand this.16:36
pookmuBabylykke, I just looked its there for me16:36
Babylykkewell, it`s not for me.16:36
BabylykkeDid you upgrade?16:36
pookmuMain menu16:36
Babylykkeor fresh install?16:36
pookmuim using intrepid16:37
lintelwill Intrepid's kernel contain ath5k?16:37
BabylykkeI rightclick at the upper bar, press add to panel16:37
danbh_intrepidBabylykke: if its just missing, try nm-applet16:37
pookmumain menu16:37
pookmuadd it16:37
Mechdavepookmu, You have apt configured for privoxy/tor... just a sec and I will find out how to change that16:37
Babylykkechrister@laptop1:~$ nm-applet16:38
Babylykke** (nm-applet:23100): WARNING **: <WARN>  applet_dbus_manager_start_service(): Could not acquire the NetworkManagerUserSettings service as it is already taken.  Return: 316:38
Babylykke(nm-applet:23100): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed16:38
danbh_intrepidlintel: you should try and, and see.  It should, but its buggy,  but it may have been fixed?16:38
BabylykkeThere are anything to add there, pookmu.16:38
pookmuMechdave Thank you16:38
pookmuBabylykke sudo apt-get update16:38
pookmuthen do the updates and reboot16:38
Babylykkeokey :D16:38
BabylykkeIl try16:38
linteldanbh_intrepid: try and see already @ this stage?16:39
pookmuIntrepid doesn't update normally? I had to run sudo apt-get update16:39
lore20so i cannot update / install any package16:39
danbh_intrepidlintel: sure, if you like.16:39
danbh_intrepidpookmu: isnt that normal?16:39
pookmuBut that might be related to my privoxy problem16:39
linteldanbh_intrepid: ok16:39
pookmuI thought that updates were automatic16:39
danbh_intrepidlore20: do you have any sources other than cdrom enabled?16:40
Babylykkepookmu: Only updates for python, printer and totem plugin.16:40
BabylykkeNothing else.16:40
pookmuI'm a linux noob :)16:40
danbh_intrepidpookmu: well, update-manager runs from time to time, and checks for updates16:40
lore20danbh_intrepid, i don't know. i'm checkin16:40
KtronBabylykke, I didn't know any were completely automati16:40
BabylykkeYou didn`t know what?16:41
danbh_intrepidlore20: go to Sys > Admin > Software Sources, and check some sources other than the cdrom16:41
lore20uhm..just main restricted universe multiverse and cd rom16:41
lore20they are already checked16:41
danbh_intrepidlore20: uncheck the cdrom16:42
lore20i'm using a persistent live usb16:42
lore20yes i've unchecked16:42
danbh_intrepidoh, nvm, I don't know what Im doing then,  good luck, sorry16:42
lore20but i think that package information filled my usb16:42
danbh_intrepidsudo apt-get clean  ?16:43
lore20yes.. i'm removing all cache and unused files16:43
pookmuBabylykke, you did you try ps -A? and then killall networkmanager?16:44
BabylykkeI tryed to kill it yes, and when I write nm-applet in terminal nothing happends.16:45
lore20packages list is update now16:45
BabylykkeI`ll try to reboot.. brb16:45
Mechdavepookmu, put this in a terminal --> export http_proxy= ; export ftp_proxy=16:46
s0u][ighthello is hw multiqueue enabled in the kernel intrepid is using?16:47
lore20let'see if I've enough space for XviD codec16:47
pookmusudo: export: command not found16:47
lore20pookmu, it's impossible16:48
Mechdavepookmu, go System -> Preferences -> Network Proxy and check the direct connection to internet16:48
pookmuwhat's impossible?16:48
lore20try without sudo16:48
Mechdavepookmu, and then click close16:48
lore20<pookmu> sudo: export: command not found16:48
Mechdavepookmu, export http_proxy=16:49
pookmuMechdave and lore20 your command without sudo worked!16:49
pookmuThank you so much16:50
pookmuthis has been such a pain in the rear16:50
Mechdavepookmu, but when you reboot it will revert16:50
pookmuI'll just make a text file so I wont forget16:50
Mechdavepookmu, to stop it from reverting go System -> Preferences -> Network Proxy and check the direct connection to internet16:50
Mechdavepookmu, then click close16:51
Mechdavepookmu, that will fix it across reboots16:51
pookmuI did that but it didn't work16:51
Mechdavepookmu, Oh ok... You will have to restart network for it to work sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart16:52
bobertdosPulseaudio seemed to break after I updated the kernel to 2.6.27-5. I've been trying to gather enough information to file a good bug report, but there are certain things I'm not sure of.........16:54
pookmuapt-get update works now, but the actual update does not16:54
Mechdavepookmu, also do the same for ftp_proxy too ie: export ftp_proxy=16:54
danbh_intrepidbobertdos: does killall pulseaudio && pusleaudio -D work?16:54
BabylykkeNothing has changed after reboot :S16:55
BabylykkeThe network-manager icon is still gone (nm-applet).16:55
BabylykkeThe applet is running in the background though.16:55
bobertdosdanbh_intrepid: W: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.16:56
danbh_intrepidbobertdos: but sound works, right?16:56
Babylykkeguess it `s the name of the network-manager..16:56
rom1vdo someone use intrepid + compiz + nvidia?16:57
s0u][ightrom1v, yes16:57
s0u][ighti du atm16:57
danbh_intrepidBabylykke: were you referring to nm-applet when you said applet is running?16:57
s0u][ight do :|16:57
rom1vcould you test the very little patch I provided : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/21587616:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 215876 in ubuntu "compiz & nvidia-settings" [Undecided,New]16:57
danbh_intrepidBabylykke: hmmm, try killing that, and restarting it16:58
rom1vcompiz didn't use nvidia-settings config16:58
rom1vit works for me16:58
danbh_intrepidBabylykke: the error you posted before would stem from trying to run nm-applet twice16:58
Babylykkedanbh_intrepid: I tryed, and when I wroted nm-applet in terminal nothing happends.16:58
s0u][ightrom1v, compiz just works fine for me ;)16:59
danbh_intrepidabsolutely nothing?  it just returns to the terminal?16:59
DanaGHmm, why IS pulseaudio 0.9.12 set to exit when idle?16:59
s0u][ighti've done some changes in the compiz general settings16:59
DanaGIt's really a bad idea.16:59
rom1vs0u][ight: it works, but it doesn't use nvidia-settings config?16:59
DanaGIt means that if you pause your music... goodbye all audio apps.16:59
rom1vantialiasing, anisotropic...16:59
bobertdosdanbh_intrepid: Nope. See, this is where it gets tricky to explain. I've seen some bug reports in Launchpad similar to this, but I can't be sure where my problem fits in exactly. Everything was working marvelously before updating the kernel. Then, (and this is why I think Amarok may be to blame), it plays a KDE login sound and deadlocks the sound server.16:59
Babylykkeyes, nothing happends...17:00
danbh_intrepidBabylykke: so you can enter a new command?17:00
rom1vin fact, if you change nvidia-settings config (enable antialiasing 8x for example), then in a shell : nvidia-settings -l && compiz --replace &17:00
rom1vthis works17:00
rom1vbut on a reboot, with compiz started automatically, it didn't work17:00
danbh_intrepidbobertdos: so even after restarting pulse, it doesn't work.  Hmmm17:00
Babylykkedanbh_intrepid: it just a blinking box on the next line..17:00
s0u][ightrom1v, i'm not that much into the graphical17:01
s0u][ightso don't tell me :P17:01
danbh_intrepidBabylykke: actually, thats what is supposed to happen, and the icon should show up17:01
Babylykkedanbh: sadly it doesn`t show up17:01
rom1vs0u][ight: ok, but could you just test and confirm/infirm?17:01
Babylykkeand I cannot find it in the "add to panel" menu :S17:01
DanaGgrr... laptop-mode-tools isn't applying my settings.17:01
s0u][ightcan someone plz tell me wether in this kernel (intrepid one) hw multiqueue is enabled or not using my nick17:01
rom1vif you have 5 or 10 minutes17:02
s0u][ightrom1v, ok just say what i have to do ;)17:02
rom1vI would like this patch (or another which fix the problem) to be included17:02
rom1v1/ enable antialiasing 8x in nvidia-settings17:02
rom1v2/ restart X, confirm that antialiasing is not present in compiz17:03
rom1v3/ apply patch : sudo patch -p0 /usr/bin/gnome-wm < gnome-wm-nvidia.patch  (gnome-wm-nvidia.patch is the one posted on the bug report)17:03
rom1v4/ restart X, confirm that now, it works17:03
rom1v(which nvidia card do you have?)17:04
s0u][ightrom1v, i have the setting as: use the application settings17:04
s0u][ightgeforce 8600m gt17:04
rom1vok, choose : override17:04
rom1vok, the same as me :)17:04
s0u][ightchanged to 8x17:05
rom1vnot really in fact, 8600 m gs :(17:05
s0u][ightnothing about anisotropic?17:05
DanaGnvidia settings are volatile -- they only apply to apps started AFTER you set the setting, and the setting is lost on logout.17:05
rom1vyes, enable it if you want17:05
rom1v4x for example17:05
bobertdosdanbh_intrepid: I'll keep plugging away at it. given its history, I highly doubt I'm the only one having Pulse problems :D17:05
rom1vDanaG: that's why I proposed a patch which loads this config on boot17:05
rom1vs0u][ight: after that, just for testing : restart compiz : nvidia-settings -l && compiz -replace &17:06
rom1vwhen you rotate the cube, the borders should be far smoother17:06
rom1v(and rotation slower ^^)17:06
s0u][ightrom1v, feels pretty the same17:07
rom1vscreenshot while rotating?17:07
s0u][ightrom1v, it caused an error17:08
s0u][ightcompiz.real closed unexpectedly :|17:08
rom1vscreenshot caused the error?17:08
s0u][ightsomething :| but never mind17:08
s0u][ightwhat to do with screenshot?17:09
rom1vok, redo : nvidia-settings -l && compiz --replace &17:09
rom1vsend it to imageshack or something else17:09
s0u][ightrom1v, uploading17:10
rom1vhttp://images.imagup.com/06/1223318794_Capture.png ← without antialiasing17:10
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
s0u][ightrom1v, never have such bad views17:12
rom1vdisable antialiasing/anisotropic17:12
rom1vuse cube (not sphere)17:12
rom1vyou should have the same17:12
rom1v(after disabling, restart nvidia-settings -l && compiz -replace &)17:12
rom1v(you should increase the grid resolution for sphere ^^)17:13
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
s0u][ightrom1v, yes i see it now17:15
rom1vok :)17:16
rom1vso re-enable antialiasing17:17
s0u][ighti'm patching atm17:17
rom1v(unfortunately, enabling antialiasing have some side-effects, due to nvidia driver, so I only enable anisotropic)17:18
rom1vthe problems : http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=11263817:19
s0u][ightso i just now have to restart x?17:19
rom1vreboot to be sure :)17:19
rom1vand confirm that antialiasing is still enabled17:19
s0u][ightrom1v, a reboot would be hard17:19
rom1vok, x restart so :)17:20
s0u][ightrom1v, it works ;)17:21
rom1vcould you confirm that on the bug report please :)17:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 215876 in ubuntu "compiz & nvidia-settings" [Undecided,New]17:22
s0u][ightrom1v, you ask too much :P17:22
rom1vI really would like this problem to be fixed, it annoys me for 3 versions of ubuntu17:22
rom1vI used to just add "nvidia-settings -l" at the very beginning of /usr/bin/compiz, but it's dirty, and every compiz upgrade it's lost17:23
BabylykkeIf I have managed to remove the nm-applet from the panel and I cannot find it again in the "add to panel" menu, is it possible to get it back?17:23
rom1v(vblank is important too in nvidia-settings, to avoid tearing effects while rotating)17:24
rom1vthank you very much :)17:27
d4t4min3rcan someone link me to instructions to share with someone ... on how to install ubuntu17:27
d4t4min3rthe burning of iso and all that good stuff17:27
d4t4min3ri cant find the page17:27
rom1vhmmm... just burn the iso with any burning tool17:27
rom1vput the cd, reboot :)17:28
gnubied4t4min3r; http://futuredesktop.org/17:29
rom1vgood evening, see you soon17:30
mitchellhancockbye everyone.17:31
GumaLiveCD 8.10 lockups on Asus P5Q Delux mother board. Same is with installation.17:35
GumaAnyone can help17:35
travnewmatici'm having issues with xine17:48
travnewmaticcan you help me with something?17:50
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:51
GumaLiveCD 8.10 lockups on Asus P5Q Delux mother board. How can I tell why is this happening17:55
ikoniaGuma: any over clocking ?17:57
ikoniaGuma: are they hard locks (does the caps lock light on the keyboard still respond when it's locked)17:57
GumaCaps light does not go on when I press it17:58
ikoniaok so it's a hard lock17:58
ikoniaGuma: first thing to do is tedious, memtest for about 24 hours, get at least 4 passes through to test your menu17:58
GumaIt stops @ the progress bar17:58
ikonia(~full passes not test passes)17:59
ikoniamemory is one of the major causes17:59
ShackJackHi all - I had trouble determining from the repo website (Ibex) is Gimp 2.6 would be included in the backports at launch. Does anyone happen to know if this will be the case?17:59
GumaJust to tell you that I had Vista installed on it for couple of months and never had a problems. If that helps17:59
ikoniaGuma: sorry not really17:59
ikoniaShackJack: I don't believe so18:00
ShackJackikonia: Although I'm sure at one point it will, eh?18:00
GumaI also did google little and some people also  have problems specificly with ""Configure SATA as ..." to [AHCI]. This allowed the " and "change "BIOS EHCI Hand-Off" to [Disabled]"18:00
GumaBut that did not do the trick for me18:00
ikoniaShackJack: your guess is as good as mine18:00
ikoniaGuma: frist step is a ram test18:01
ikoniafirst even18:01
Gumaok let me on this. Any other things after the mem test?18:01
ianliu_88I can't navigate my local network trough Places > Network, only if I specify the IP address on the location bar. Any tips?18:02
ikoniaGuma sort that first18:02
ikoniaianliu_88: you just asked in #ubuntu18:02
ikoniaare you using 8.04 or 8.1018:02
ianliu_88I asked on wrong place18:03
ianliu_88its here I wanted to ask :)18:03
ikoniaare you using 8.04 or 8.1018:03
ShackJackianliu_88: You could go there via IP then bookmark it in Nautilus, maybe?18:03
ianliu_88but what is wrong with navigating trough nautilus? Why it doesn't work?18:04
ikoniaare you using 8.04 or 8.1018:04
ikoniawhat are the other machines on your network, linux/windows/macs ?18:04
ShackJackianliu_88: I dunno you weren't specific on error messages, if something wasn't showing up, etc...18:05
ikoniathe most common cause for this is them not broadcasting themselves18:05
ikoniaso ubuntu can't see them, (they need to resolve by name)18:05
Gumaikonia: I will start the test in a few sec. I am in Bios and want to a question. Should ACPI 2.0 and ACPI APIC both be enabled? Plug and Plays O/S? Enabled? or Disabled.18:05
ikoniaso you can't navigate18:05
ikoniaGuma: doesn't really matter from my experience18:05
Gumaikonia: I am about 5% done. Looks like it will tak a while18:11
ikoniaGuma hence why I said 24 horus18:12
Gumaikonia: I am on 17% and got 6 RED lines printed Tst 3, 4, 4, 4, ,4, 418:18
ikoniaGuma not good18:18
ikoniaGuma: needs to do a complete test - say 4 times over18:18
BabylykkeWhy do I get this when I type sudo apt-get update?18:22
BabylykkeW: Klarte ikke å skaffe http://no.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/main/source/Sources.bz2  Hashsummen stemmer ikke18:22
BabylykkeW: Klarte ikke å skaffe http://no.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/universe/source/Sources.bz2  Hashsummen stemmer ikke18:22
BabylykkeE: Klarte ikke å laste ned alle oversiktfilene. De ble ignorerte, eller gamle ble brukt isteden.18:22
Babylykkeoh.. crap.18:22
Babylykkeit in norwegian18:22
ChousukeBabylykke: LANG=C and run it again18:22
Picirun it with: LANG=C sudo apt-get update18:22
Babylykkewell, it says it could get those two adresses and they are getting ignored/old adresses are beeing used.18:22
Chousukebut your hash doesn't match18:23
ChousukeI wonder why18:23
danbh_intrepidIs there a way to kill a program, and make it stay dead?18:23
BabylykkeW: Failed to fetch http://no.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/main/source/Sources.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch18:23
BabylykkeW: Failed to fetch http://no.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/universe/source/Sources.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch18:23
BabylykkeE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.18:23
BabylykkeSomeone know why I get "Hash sum mismatch"?18:25
sorush20what is wrong with my sources list18:26
ChousukeBabylykke: maybe your apt-keys are outdated or something :/18:26
ChousukeBabylykke: or maybe the files on the server are corrupted18:26
Chousuketry using aptitude update18:27
ChousukeBabylykke: you might also try using the official servers; that kind of stuff can apparently happen if the mirrors are being updated18:28
Chousukesorush20: no-one can tell until you provide details18:29
sorush20Chousuke: http://pastebin.com/m2ed96b0218:29
sorush20just wanted to know hy plasma is messing me a bout..18:29
sorush20it is not arranging widgets right to left its arranging them top to buttom18:30
Chousukesorush20: remove hardy from there18:30
Chousukethough it shouldn't cause a lot of trouble.18:31
Chousukehow exactly does it break?18:31
danbh_intrepidsorush20: yeah, thats strange that hardy got in the mix...18:33
KakuradyMy network doesn't work if Nvidia proprietary display drivers are in use. It worked yesterday...18:37
|neon|? i have an external hd which uses e-sata t connect to my laptop, it worked flawlessly under 8.04 but i can seem to find where to go to mounted on ibex any suggestions?18:39
AyabaraI can't install kdelibs5-dev on my system. I get this error output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/54709/. On my work-pc, also running intrepid, it installs fine18:41
KenBWis there any reason why having no swap could cause a grub error?18:41
ikoniaAyabara apt-get update first18:41
Ayabaraikonia: done that, both yesterday and today18:42
Gumaikonia: I stopped this test and swapped for another set of Memory sticks from my other system. Test shows that memory test fails as well on this system. Perhaps I will try to put such memory back to other system and try to run memtest on my other system to see if indeed the memory is bad or perhaps there is something wrong with this board18:42
GumaWhat do you think?18:42
ikoniaGuma yes did you stop the test, I told you to let it run for 24 hours or so18:43
danbh_intrepidKenBW: error 22?18:43
KenBWat install i thionk18:44
ikoniaAyabara: maybe the recent package updates broke them18:44
KenBWits not my pc18:44
Ayabaraikonia: also, if I try "apt-get build-dep konsole", I get E: Build-dependencies for konsole could not be satisfied.18:44
GumaI did stopped. I swaped with other memory sticks and did rerun the test18:44
ikoniaAyabara: you're missing deps18:44
ikoniaGuma: why ?18:44
ikoniaGuma: I told you it needed to run for around 24 hours - or 3 - 4 passes18:44
Ayabaraikonia: I think so too, but apt-get -f install does nothing, so how can I find out what I'm missing?18:45
GumaI figured that since I see errors seing more errors will not help anything just eat time. That is why I switched to other memory18:45
ikoniaAyabara: what happens if you just try to install konsole18:45
Ayabara!info digikam-kde418:45
ubottudigikam-kde4 (source: digikam-kde4): digital photo management application for KDE 4. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.0~beta1-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 9744 kB, installed size 24116 kB18:45
ikoniaGuma: no, I wanted to know how many errors it go, how bad your ram was working18:45
Ayabaraikonia: that's already installed. I have kubuntu-desktop installed18:46
ikoniaGuma: errors are not good, but if you only got 2 errors, that shouldn't cause your machien to hung18:46
ikoniamachine to hang18:46
ikoniaGuma: your not overclocking your board at all18:46
ikonianot got the machine bios profile set to "high performance" or anything like that18:46
GumaOk the previous memory was total 8G and I had 6 errors on 24% not I got total of 4G and 9 errors @ 42%18:47
leftyfbanyone know of any reported problems of intrepid having issues with any serial console app (minicom) having issues with communicating with devices over ttyUSB0?18:48
Gumaikonia: I do not. I just got the board from fry's yesterday just upgraded the BIOS to latest and loaded defaults18:48
leftyfbI was able to login to serial console's before with hardy, now with the upgrade, I get nothing for input18:48
Ayabaraikonia: is it possible to get more info about which dependencies are not satisfied?18:49
Stormx2Hi. Upgraded this morning. My desktop icons are gone, and I can't do anything with my desktop. No context menu or anything :/ How can I fix this?18:49
leftyfbStormx2: you might not have nautilus running18:50
leftyfbtry running "nautilus" from terminal18:50
GumaI remember that yesterday when I did put to the motherboard to case It was starting out but I could not see video. Than I took out the board from Case and booted it on my desk. I got video but I got some garbage ASCII charactes right after initial BIOS screen was visible. I upgraded the BIOs @ this point to latest and loaded defaults. No more garbage charactes. Perhaps this board is bad?18:50
jmworxAny info on getting Intrepid beta to work with a machine that has the e1000e card?18:51
Stormx2leftyfb: Already tried. Didn't work.18:51
jmworxi.e. Are there any kernel updates I can easily install to re-enable my e1000e now that the bug is fixed?18:51
Gumaikonia: now @ 53% and 15 errors on 4Gb sticks18:51
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
Ayabarawhere can I search for .deb's and view their dependecies?18:52
Stormx2Ayabara, Synaptic?18:52
SwedeMikejmworx: 2.6.27-5 fixes it according to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93813918:52
AyabaraStormx2: the dependencies on my system are broken, so I thought I'd check the web. it was packages.ubuntu.com I was looking for :)18:54
jmworxSwedeMike: Thanks. I just "dpkg -i" all these and I'm all set?18:56
mte_hi.. when I was using Hardy LAN transfers were slow (I have realtek RTL-8169). Just after upgrading to Intrepid beta they became good enough (20MB/s on a gigabit lan) just as I read on some forums but after a few updates and reboots they slowed down to 3-4MB/s again. Is this a known issue? Is there any workaround?18:57
Ayabaraikonia: I think my problem is here: libstreams-dev: Depends: libstreams0 (= 0.5.11-1) but 0.5.11-1ubuntu0~hardy0~ppa1 is to be installed19:02
SwedeMikejmworx: I received those kernels via dist-upgrade, so if you have network connectivity, just dist-upgrade and you should get it19:03
Ayabaraikonia: and manually installing libstreams0 seems to have solved my problems.19:04
|neon|? i have an external hd which uses e-sata t connect to my laptop, it worked flawlessly under 8.04 but i can seem to find where to go to mounted on ibex any suggestions?19:05
BabylykkeI think I know why I don`t have the nm-applet icon in the panel anymore. Think I removed it because it was a weired icon there.19:06
BabylykkeIs it possible to get it back?19:06
BabylykkeI did update it now19:06
Babylykkeand there was some updates for network-management.19:06
BabylykkeI still cannot find it in "add to panel" menu.19:06
Babylykkeand the nm-applet is running.19:07
ShackJack!enter > Babylykke19:08
ubottuBabylykke, please see my private message19:08
ShackJackIt's not a panel app, but you add it to your session startup programs...19:08
Babylykkethat`s ok, ShackJack and obottu.19:08
ShackJackBabylykke: nm-applet --sm-disable19:09
BabylykkeThank you.. I`ll try to find it :D19:09
ShackJackBabylykke: You do need a "notification area" notified in one of your panels, of course.... Under Prefs->Sessions is where you add the startup stuff..19:09
BabylykkeThe command should be "nm-applet --sm-enable"?19:10
ShackJackBabylykke: Yep..19:10
Babylykkeit was "nm-applet --sm-disable"19:10
Babylykkebrb.. gotta try this now :D19:10
BabylykkeI`ll kiss you if it works!19:10
ShackJackPlease don't :)19:10
ubottuA schedule of Intrepid Ibex (8.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule19:16
Gumaikonia: Little update. After switching memory stick that failed on my new system seems like I do not get any errors yet when running memtest on my older system. Perhaps is the board?19:19
BabylykkeThe nm-applet icon does not show up :s19:20
Babylykkenm-applet --sm-enable19:21
Babylykkethat what I putted in the sessons --> Network Manager --> edit19:21
Babylykkein the command field.19:21
Stormx2I thought I got rid of pulse in 8.0419:24
Stormx28.10 seems to have brought it back and it's making things crash19:24
Stormx2So how can I remove it again?19:24
|neon|? i have an external hd which uses e-sata t connect to my laptop, it worked flawlessly under 8.04 but i can seem to find where to go to mounted on ibex any suggestions?19:30
ratpoisonhello! question about upgrading to 8.10. I currently use 8.04.1 amd64 fglrx. If I upgrade to 8.10, will I lose compiz support?19:33
BabylykkeIf I was you I would have waited till 8.10 stable release.19:35
BabylykkeLot`s of buggs in 8.10 beta.19:35
berniv6JontheEchidna: kwin 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu2 did not fix the kwin redrawing issue for me (we talked about that two or three days ago)19:35
JontheEchidnahmm, should probably tell Riddell about that19:36
ratpoisonsure, but given that current fglrx isn't compatible with xorg 7.4, will that ever be resolved in 8.10?19:36
ShackJackBabylykke: Do you have a notification area in your panel?19:36
ratpoisonIf ati releases fglrx 8.10 which will probably have xorg 7.4 support, will that make it into intrepid?19:37
berniv6JontheEchidna: me or you? I don't have any more information than I got from you, I didn't even find a launchpad bug or forum post describing it19:37
Babylykkewhich is what?19:37
JontheEchidnaberniv6: I saw the bug earlier today too19:37
ShackJackBabylykke: It's a panel applet - the system "tray" that shows certain icons/notifications...  Should be one in your panel - a pidgin icon should be there, etc...19:38
BabylykkeEverything is in norwegian here :S Not sure if I have it or not, ShackJack.19:38
berniv6JontheEchidna: "good", I'm not seeing ghosts then19:38
BabylykkeShackJack: I have the "username + loggoff button", sound and the time.19:38
Babylykkeat the upper right corner.19:39
ShackJackBabylykke: You are using pidgin and not seeing an icon for it?19:39
ShackJack(in the panel)19:39
BabylykkeWhen I have pidgin up and running the icon changes to a green circle.19:39
ShackJackHmmm...  Try evoking nm-applet from a terminal...19:40
Babylykkechrister@laptop1:~$ evoking nm-applet19:40
Babylykkebash: evoking: command not found19:40
BabylykkeMaybe I have done something stupid :S19:40
BabylykkeI tryed to install kde`s network manager.19:41
ShackJackBabylykke: There's your problem - you have to install the program - it's not called nm-applet though.. can't remember the bame..19:41
ShackJack!enter | Babylykke19:41
ubottuBabylykke: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:41
Babylykkea few hours ago19:41
ShackJackBabylykke: do you have network-manager installed?19:41
BabylykkeI do have "network management framework (GNOME frontend)" installed.19:42
Babylykkein the add/remove programs.19:42
ShackJacknetwork-manager-gnome - try doing an install of that... if that's installed nm-applet should run... sudo aptitude install network-manager-gnome ;)19:42
BabylykkeIt says it`s allready installed.19:44
ShackJackThen nm-applet should be abled to be called from the command line...19:45
ShackJackUnless it's an Ibex bug..19:45
BabylykkeDid the sudo aptitude install network-manager-gnome. I`ll try to relogg now and see what`s happening.19:46
stankilsHi, I have a problem with ethernet card not detected on a fairly old hp laptop, the card is ich7 based and iirc was using e1000 driver. in hardy it worked fine. ibex doesn't show it on `ifconfig -a'.not sure whether the module is blacklisted or not, if it is where do I cancel it(the bug seems to be ich8+ only according to launchpad)?19:47
ShackJackstankils: Check /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist19:48
stankilsActually, e1000e module isn't even loading, and modprobing e1000 manually doesn't seem to help, I still don't have the interface in ifconfig19:49
AyabaraI'm trying to compile digikam 0.10 beta4. I have libkdcraw5 installed, but cmake still says I don't. Any good ideas?19:50
stankilslsmod returns `used by' 0 for e1000... Any ideas for getting the interface?19:51
BabylykkeStill not showing up... think I give up now.19:52
ShackJackBabylykke: the command is not found?19:52
Babylykkenot the one you said no.19:53
Babylykkebut nm-applet does work.19:53
Babylykkebut it doesn`t show up.19:53
ShackJackO.K. only thing I can think of is your don't have a notification area in your panel...19:55
BabylykkeI do got it, right, ShackJack?19:59
ShackJackI don't see a notification area in that pic... add one...19:59
BabylykkeHow do I add it then?19:59
ShackJackIt's a panel app...19:59
BabylykkeI found it :D20:00
Babylykkethank god..20:00
Babylykkeit`s working!!!!20:00
* Babylykke kiss ShackJack :D20:00
ShackJackThat is where program notification icons, battery, and things like that show up... If you have nm-applet in your session it should appear automatically...20:01
ShackJackBabylykke: I hope you're a girl cuase I don't swing the other way :)20:01
* ShackJack is a little perplexed if you don't know about the notification area, why you are testing beta OS's20:03
ninjafuryhi, how do I upgrade from kubuntu 8.1 alpha to beta20:03
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.20:04
ShackJackninjafury: Just sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade20:04
ninjafurythanks guys. Also, how does this chat room differ from #ubuntu?20:06
Babylykke"ubuntu+1 is for 8.10 Beta20:06
Babylykke#ubuntu is for all other releases20:06
BabylykkeI guess.20:06
ninjafurySo this is bleeding edge then.. Well, this saves me a lot of time for future problems.20:07
PolitikerNEUDoes anyone know if there is a (if possible, non-server) kdepim synchronisation tool to sync between desktop/desktop/laptop (KDE 3.5/KDE 4.1/KDE 4.1)?20:15
wastreli'm installing intrepid tonight on my thinkpad20:22
Assidthere goes another laptop in dust20:22
gilhas anyone noticed huge slowdowns in firefox.20:22
gilrather i should say, with firefox20:23
AssidFF has been slow since 320:23
gilmine is really sluggish20:23
Assidand thats in windows as well20:23
Ayabarahm. segfaults when compiling digikam 0.10 from source. that can't be good20:30
ninjafuryWhere does fstab keep its log file?20:31
ZaidenWhen 8.10 is officially released, will you have to install it over the beta?20:34
SwedeMikeZaiden: no, you just upgrade to it20:35
SwedeMikeZaiden: via the regular upgrade tool20:36
wastrelAssid: are there reports of trouble on thinkpads?20:36
Assidwastrel: nah.. just messing with you.. i m not sure if theres any known issues anywhere20:36
Assidjust avoid it if you have the e100020:36
wastrelmy poor thinkpad is not loving hardy atm20:37
wastrelupgraded since feisty so i think it's time for a fresh install20:37
Assidim not too fond of hardy to be honest.. its just sluggish20:37
Assidspecially if you compare feisty20:38
PolitikerNEUIs the e1000e bug "fixed" (I know it isn't fixed yet, but I think some kernel developers have found a work-around) in the current intrepid kernel?20:38
SwedeMikePolitikerNEU: 2.6.27-5 supposedly fixes it20:38
Assidi wonder how many e1000e's they broke permanently to get that fix20:39
mnemochi, is intrepid supposed to support 3g modems without hacking?20:39
maxb_linphone is broken in intrepid, for want of a no-change rebuild. There's a lp bug, but is there some central place where need to no-change rebuilds for library transitions should be notified?20:40
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bofh80mnemoc, the network manager applet now appears to support 3g modem connections, but i haven't tried it20:46
bofh80pity it doesn't support bluetooth with pand yet . . .20:46
sharmsUsing intrepid beta, when I look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log, using 'cat Xorg.0.log' prints different results than 'more Xorg.0.log'20:49
sharmsanyone have any insight into that?20:49
sharmsless also sees the same things more does20:49
sharmserr cat does20:49
mnemocbofh80: what "update to ppa" means?20:50
m[a]ttis there a easy way to change the resolution of an ubuntu 8.10 box if there isnt a monitor connected to? i just want to use it over remote desktop20:53
rmnm[a]tt, still present?  if all you want to use it for is remote desktop have a look at FreeNX21:05
MenZaHey all - I'm having some GRUB issues in the beta. I get an error 2, so I'm attmepting to setup GRUB manually right now. However, when I setup (hd0) in grub on the livecd, I get "Error 2: Bad file or directory type" - that said, I just mounted the drive---an ext3 drive---where /boot/grub/stage1 does exist, which this claims it doesn't. Help?21:05
maxb_heh. 20 mins after I ask my question, a fixed linphone hits the archive :-)21:05
m[a]ttrmn: iam pretty pleased with the inbuild vnc server, isnt there a way to tell ubuntu to use some higher resolution even if no monitor is present?21:08
rmnm[a]tt, i think X in ibex uses auto-conf to determine available resolutions each time.  anything you write in xorg.conf should in principle take precedence over autoconf21:09
m[a]ttoh i thought you cant use xorgconf anymore because of that autoconf thingy - i suppose that would work then, thank you!21:10
rmnm[a]tt, however I like the elegance of FreeNX, and I dare to use it over the internet.  Second, it makes the machine available for multiple users and doesn't allow anyone to see what you're doing21:10
rmnm[a]tt, NX allows you to set the resolution client-side for each session/session resume.21:14
m[a]ttmh i dont need multi user but i read its faster than vnc so iwill give it a try, thank you :) i hope there is a windows client for it21:14
m[a]ttah thats a nice feature )21:14
rmnm[a]tt, there is a client21:14
m[a]ttwell freenx is my way then :) i wonder why it isnt included as default21:15
rmnm[a]tt, most guides are out of date.  it comes configured out of the box, but you must add another repository to install it21:15
m[a]ttk google will tell me the rest then, thank you for fast help :)21:15
rmnm[a]tt, VNC is excellent for tech support because it is remote control.  "the real wtf" is why it isn't in the central repository.21:15
rmnhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX should be all you need.  the guide is outdated.  simply add the repository and install via synaptic21:16
m[a]ttoh a dailywtf reader ;)21:16
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bofh80rmn, with ubuntu VNC is used with vino. and you enable the 'server' by going to System > Preferences > Remote Desktop ? i can't quite remember but isn't it installed by default too?21:18
rmnbofh80, sounds correct to me.21:19
bofh80and freenx is very nice extension to XDMCP , i have the client install, although i've yet to try it21:19
bofh80apart from a couple of quick tests ofc21:19
rmni started with NomachineNX, but "forgotten" sessions clogged it up (max 2 users and max 1-2 session)21:20
bofh80nasty, using freenx now ?21:20
rmnthe neat thing with NX is that if you have an NX server on a net you can use it as a via to VNC other machines on the intranet, yet still secured (ssh) from the nx server to client (ie. internet)21:21
rmni've yet to set up freenx on my server (currently debian etch, replacing it with ibex when i get a set of new disks).  i did set up freenx on my ibex laptop, thouhg21:21
bofh80lol. ssh, secure. heheh. ohh that was a ring dinger recently. everyone with a brain been regenerating those keys lol21:21
bofh80random ey lol21:22
rmnonly tested it with client on localhost, which i must say is a LOT better than VNC on localhost (window in window in window ....)21:22
bofh80i'm currently stuck using 8.04 on my old 30gig that's dying (you can hear it :S ) and i can't use 8.10 on my newer 80gig cos i can't get pand connected :) well it connects, but it suddenly drops it afterwards21:23
bofh80bluetooth network connection, using 3g connection on phone via bluetooth21:24
rmnoh, sweet.  i haven't tried it yet with my SE K750 (note, only gprs).  which phones are supported?21:25
bofh80any that can do internet via bluetooth it would appear21:25
bofh80on hardy anyway21:25
rmnthey actually managed to agree on a standard?!21:26
bofh80via usb as well, but my usb connection on the phone don't work no more21:26
rmnwhich phone?21:27
bofh80erm erm, erm, erm, k770i, sonyericsson21:27
bofh80i got a sweeeet deal. :) i don't pay for data, and i got no cap ;p21:28
rmndid SE ever fix the calendar so you can have recurring events?21:28
bofh80but only runs at 384kbps so like 46k/s max lol21:29
acemois it a known bug for the kubuntu live cd installer to crash after choosing a keyboard layout and when at 56% of scanning disks?21:29
bofh80and aint great for games either. well would be better, but i got like 10 hops till i reach the actual internet21:29
bofh80i have no idea about the calander i don't use em21:30
rmnbofh80, is that an issue with ubuntu, or bad coverage?21:30
bofh80my phone network21:31
reabyupdate manager replys that i have to correct broken packages, apt and synaptic doesn't find any broken packages, what to do, file a bug report on unknown issue ?21:31
bofh80there internal network21:31
bofh80pass me through proxies filters and all sorts from machine to machine, ti's sick. gotta be loggin everything21:31
rmnset up some secure link home first, then.  the speed, is that also a network-limit?21:32
ianliu_88anyone getting "Invalid argument" when trying to play some mp3 with Totem?21:32
bofh80phone limit at the moment, i'm not sure they'd be happy if i stuck my sim in one capable of full 3g tho ;p21:33
bofh80secure link, sure i could, but that would just make it slower, more hops lol21:33
rmnbofh80, currently on edge, and not 3g then?21:33
rmnbofh80, sure, but faster than tor ;)21:33
bofh80rmn, nah not edge only 1 operater in UK does edge i think, it's just a basic 3g, there are better 3g's now that do 8meg, but my chip is just a basic kind and this is as fast it goes heh21:34
reabyanyone had same problem with update manager ?21:35
ianliu_88Hmm changing sounds to OSS works. The Autodetect gives an error21:36
balachmarDoes anyone know how I can pump up the volume? My sound volume is low since my upgrade...21:37
rmnbalachmar, try the mixer.  on my machine the master does nothing, whereas there are two PCM-controls that both are set to medium, and can be turned up.21:39
balachmarrmn: that one is totally up...21:41
balachmarooh found it... it is surround\21:42
balachmarthanks man! I really found that annoying!21:42
acemothe scanning disks bar went to 100% and then disappeared.. and am still on the keyboard layout option in the setup.. great >.<21:44
jester7i'm about to upgrade to intrepid beta and am getting the message that there are no fglrx drivers available on 8.1021:50
jester7my question is....does that mean i will get no 3d at all out of my x1250?  or will there be another driver installed21:50
DJonesAfter todays updates, my wireless won't connect to the router, its an Atheros Ar2413 802.11bg built in device, can anybody suggest a solution?21:55
jester7DJones: does your network manager show the wireless networks?21:56
jester7DJones: meaning...does it actually show your router in the "available networks" list?21:56
DJonesjester7: no, its not showing anything21:57
jester7DJones: ahh, ok.  i dont' really have any info, as i haven't even installed intrepid yet.  just figured if it was simple, i'd be able to help21:58
jester7i was actually trying to find out of, since there is no fglrx drivers for intrepid, would my ati x150 work for compiz21:59
taggiejester7, i can't speak directly to your card, but my mobility 5250 (equiv to x1600 desktop) works _great_ with compiz. did need to force "Option"AccelMethod""EXA" in xorg.conf tho.22:02
taggieprior to intrepid, i needed xgl and all sorts of funny workarounds to get compiz happy, and when it was happy, it didn't perform very well.22:03
DJonessolved it, i hate it when people press the little button on the front that disables the internal wireless - Doh22:06
jester7DJones: lol, i was seriously going to suggest that, but figured a beta tester would have taken a look :p22:10
jester7taggie: thanks for the info.  i'm going to try the livecd first to see how it goes22:10
taggieyeah, the livecd worked right off the bat, but also try modifying xorg.conf and using ctrl-alt-backspace to restart X to try that EXA mod.22:11
reabyso. Update manager says i have broken packages, but apt-get and synaptic doesn't find any errors in database, tried even apt-get install -reinstall update-manager, but problem persist.22:14
bardyrreaby, tried a dist-upgrade ?22:17
reabyyep, it works.22:17
Daisuke_Idotime to grab a beta disc and give this a shot22:18
reabylooks like i'm having some sort of unknown bug in update-manager22:19
Daisuke_Idoshould be fine keeping my home partition intact, i would hope22:20
Tallkenreaby: no errors?22:20
reabyTallken: running from terminal, it only says "current dist not found in meta-release file"22:21
Tallkenreaby: today, thanks to having tried PPA's kde4's repo, I had to use aptitude to figure out what the hell was happening... automatic conflict solving, yum yum! and I usually don't like aptitude :P22:21
Tallkenreaby: weird... unaware of what that might be22:22
reabywell, time to file a bug report.22:22
ttareaby: unable to reproduce... just run, update-manager installed 7 updates22:23
ttareaby: only error was the one you mentioned, current dist not found in meta release file22:24
Omoikane_I upgraded to Ibex beta and my track pad scroll and mute button don't work anymore. I can't find the settings to make the adjustments. any ideas?22:28
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BenHoltzCan someone help me get compiz working on my newly upgraded machine?22:37
taggieBenHoltz, what's your video card?22:37
BenHoltzthe problem is it cannot find the bin file22:38
taggieSorry, don't know intel well enough to help.22:38
BenHoltz/usr/bin/compiz: 415: /usr/local/bin/compiz: not found22:38
taggiethat's odd.22:38
BenHoltzanyone want to help me figure out if my settings are messed up of the package manager?22:39
taggiedid you do anything special to get compiz working on the version you upgraded from? I don't have /usr/local/bin/compiz either.22:39
BenHoltzit was soo long ago, I cannot remember22:40
taggieI'd try from a liveCD. I'd be willing to bet you had to jump through hoops to get running on your old version and it broke the upgrade path22:40
BenHoltzI'm sure it might be the xorg.conf, but I haven't a clue where to start...  the compiz guys say that its  the package manager22:41
BenHoltzthe live cds work22:41
BenHoltzout of the box22:41
taggieyeah, i'd say it's the packages too22:41
taggiemay want to try a dpkg-reconfigure of the compiz packages.22:41
RAOFBenHoltz: That's a bug in the compiz package which should be fixed in the next upload.22:43
RAOFBenHoltz: I presume you're using either Edubuntu or Ubuntu Studio?22:43
BenHoltzubuntu studio22:44
BenHoltzRAOF: is there a fix I can apply by had for now, or just wait?22:44
amrikHi I'm testing 8.10 and my network just died22:45
amrikI click the icon in the top right and it says "device is unmanaged", im not sure what that means though22:45
amrikif i look at the network connections dialogue it just has lfupdown (eth0)22:46
amrikconnection information is also greyed out22:46
RAOFBenHoltz: You can stick something in ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager... let me check.22:47
RAOFBenHoltz: COMPIZ_BIN_PATH="/usr/bin" COMPIZ_NAME="compiz.real"22:48
RAOFStick those on separate lines in ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager22:48
BenHoltzok I'll give that a go22:48
BenHoltzRAOF: I cannot find that file22:50
amriki think hal being upgraded has something to do with it22:51
TriMNHi, I just upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 and wondering where the Network Manager choice from System => Preferences is22:51
TriMNI can right click on the Network icon in the top bar and select "edit connections" ... but I would like to have that choice in the menu (System => Preferences) too22:51
amrikTriMN, can you do me a huge favour and tell me what you have listed under your eth0?22:52
bobbydI updated to Intrepid and my gnome "places" menu is a bit broken, when I click on "home folder" I get "Failed to execute child process "audacious" (No such file or directory)"22:52
RAOFBenHoltz: Sorry.  You'll need to create that file.22:52
bobbydI uninstalled audacious as it was launching every time I clicked "home folder"22:53
bobbydany ideas? I've checked the default actions settings in Nautilus and there's nothing obvious there22:53
amrikis there any way to reset the networking completely?22:53
amriki cant even edit the settings under network connections its telling me that Ifupdown is readonly22:54
TriMNamarik: http://pastebin.no/49245 <- that?22:54
* PatrickAupperle waves hello22:55
PatrickAupperleHello everyone, I broke compiz22:55
PatrickAupperleI then removed it22:55
PatrickAupperleNow it refuses to uninstall22:55
PatrickAupperleI mean reinstall22:55
PatrickAupperleI have a topic on the forums22:56
PatrickAupperleIs there anyone here?22:56
TriMNHow do I add the Network Manager back to the panel menus (System=>Preferences) ... It ran away after upgrading to 8.1022:58
TriMNoh well... downgrading that is :)23:00
bobbydTriMN: right-click panel "add to panel..." ?23:00
BenHoltzRAOF: that didn't help any23:01
BenHoltzRAOF: its saying /usr/bin/compiz: 415: /usr/bincompiz.real: not found23:06
zurnhas anyone noticed a "hum" in lcd screens / laptops in ibex?23:14
RAOFBenHoltz: Eep, sorry.  The COMPIZ_BIN_PATH should be /usr/bin/ rather than /usr/bin23:14
zurnwhere if you look at a screen really close, you can see the pixels flutter or updated?23:17
amrikok i've nailed the problem now down to dns23:21
amrikhow can i manually set dns servers in /etc/network/interfaces?23:21
rmnzurn, sure that wasn't the case before?  flickering like that is well known, and actually one of the ways to tell quality panels from lower ones23:22
zurnrmn, did not have it in 8.04.123:22
rmnzurn, http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/inversion.php23:23
zurnand before i switched from 8.04.1 to 8.10 beta, i formatted and installed 8.04.1 then did a update manager to 8.1023:23
rmnthat page indicates that it might be the voltage that's off23:25
davismjhows ibex beta?23:26
zurnrmn - i get the most on #5 especially on edge of panel and a TON on lower left corner23:26
zurnrmn: cant really do much about the VGA vs DVI - its a laptop23:26
BenHoltzhey guys... so I figured out that compiz runs as root, but not as a regular user for some reason... anyone have any ideas?23:26
TribaalHi all23:27
rmnisn't voltage settings available in xorg.conf?  try to look up on the documentation, and file a bugreport.23:27
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TribaalGot a specific question about NetworkManager in Intrepid - should I just fire ahead or is there amore relevant place to ask?23:28
amrikok so summary: to fix networkmanager issue, disable it using update-rc.d NetworkManager remove, then set the interface up manually in /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf and that will fix network23:28
TribaalIn Hardy, joining a network with TLS/TKIP encryption worked out of the box, but in Intrepid (using NM 0.7) , I can't join the network anymore23:30
Tribaalactually it's almost like a GUI bug - I fill in the wizard, but NM won't let me click "Next"23:30
TribaalLike the fields don't validate23:30
outbriTribaal: I had the same problem.23:31
Tribaaldid you solve it?23:31
outbriYes, my internet is working now but I'm trying to remember all the steps I took.23:31
TribaalBloody school network - admins feel like they work for the CIA or something23:32
Tribaaloutbri: I didn't try entering the network setup by hand in gconf - but I'm not sure it would work at all23:32
outbriTribaal: With intrepid I have had to run sudo /rc/networking restart just about every time I login, but that's after I entered some stuff elsewhere. I'm looking for which file I edited23:34
Tribaaloutbri: Thanks a lot for your help - I'll make a howto out of it and post it to the forums23:34
zurnwhats the copy url ?23:35
Tribaaloutbri: did you setup a static /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf file by any chance? I'd like to avoid that and keep my settings dynamic if I can23:36
bobbydwhat determines what's on the "places" menu on the panel? I can't seem to edit that when I right-click and select "Edit Menus"23:37
zurnrmn http://paste.ubuntu.com/54801/plain/23:38
Tribaalbobbyd: try adding "bookmarks" from Nautilus23:39
Tribaalbobbyd: They apprear in "places".23:39
TribaalIs that what you meant?23:39
bobbydTribaal: I want to wok out how it works though, as I'm getting an error whenever I click on "home folder" that's got something to do with the default action defined fro the file:// protocol23:39
bobbydit's screwed somehow, even though nautilus is working fine23:40
bobbydwhen I click "home folder" I get this: Could not open location 'file:///home/rob' Failed to execute child process "audacious" (No such file or directory)23:40
Tribaalbobbyd: I'm afraid my knowledge ends here. Let me search through gconf a little bit, I'll get back to you if I find anyything23:41
outbriTribaal: nope. I edited some file in there similar to /etc/network/interfaces and added my domain, I just can't remember which one I did.23:41
Tribaaloutbri: And that let you log on to a WPA2 - TLS / TKIP network?23:43
outbriTribaal: Yes, I also had to use ip route to set the correct ip that NetworkManager wasn't letting me set.23:44
Ybeddyji'm using kubuntu intrepid, when i click on any of my other disk partitions nothing happens ... its as if i didnt click them....is there a package i'm missing that allows it to mount the partitions when i click on them...23:45
outbriTribaal: But I'm afraid I am not going to be of too much help right now, as I can't remember.23:45
Tribaaloutbri: nevermind, thanks anyway... I guess I'll have to switch back to Hardy for a while23:46
outbriSorry I couldn't help any more.23:46
outbriTribaal: I added my namservers and domain to my /etc/resolv.conf file, and then I ran a command with ip route setting my ip and gateway. I don't remember the specifics with ip route.23:48
Ybeddyjpardon  me if i spammed i had closed the session earlier23:48
Ybeddyji'm using kubuntu intrepid, when i click on any of my other disk partitions nothing happens ... its as if i didnt click them....is there a package i'm missing that allows it to mount the partitions when i click on them...23:48
Tribaaloutbri: I just found #nm is the "official" IRC chan for NetworkManager related questions - I might have better luck there23:48
Tribaalthanks again23:49
bobbydTribaal: ok, logged in as another user and it's fine23:50
bobbydso it's something in my home directory23:50
Tribaalbobbyd: hum that means it might also be in gconf23:52
Tribaalbobbyd: if you don't know what I mean by gconf, try "gconf-editor" in a terminal - it's the GNOME equivalent of the registry in windows23:53
Tribaal(except it's built with XML files in you home directory instead)23:53
Tribaalthere's a bunch of settings in there23:54
bruce89not quite a registry23:54
bruce89it doesn't randomly corrupt23:54
Tribaalbruce89: not quite, indeed.23:55
KtronI'm trying to figure out what happened to the linux-kernel-devel package23:58

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