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HobbseeHave you guys seen http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/14082/ yet?02:56
BHSPitMonkeywtf, a "blatant digression"?02:59
BHSPitMonkeythis is what happens when people think they're smart02:59
BHSPitMonkeyOh my word, those are terrible.03:02
rsc-I know that with the "no default" policy around here, this'll go to waste.13:10
rsc-but i'd love some comments on this.13:10
rsc-no likey?13:17
rsc-oh well13:17
lucazadeit's nice rsc!13:18
rsc-thanks thanks :)13:18
kwwiisooo...let's pick a new wallpaper and see what people say13:27
kwwiirsc-: you should show that to nuzum13:28
kwwii 13:28
kwwii"Matthew Nuzum" <newz@bearfruit.org>13:28
rsc-kwwii, sorry bout the whole community backlash against your circles swirl wallpaper.13:28
rsc-*group hug*13:29
kwwiirsc-: no worries, I was kinda expecting that13:29
rsc-any thoughts on what the wall should be?13:29
kwwiiit had more to do with internal issues than external that I put that wallpaper in anyway13:29
* karmaferit suggests using a lighter version, how about the same style but with white as the background13:29
kwwiiuntil now I have been looking into your stuff and thorsten's remix of it13:29
rsc-too dark/busy/aiming-at-a-little-demographic imho13:30
kwwiirsc-: I am afraid that, while your pic is really nice, it has too much contrast to be a desktop13:30
karmaferitlike so http://thorwil.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/countdown_8_10_a_date.png?w=180&h=15013:31
rsc-kwwii, so how should it be?13:31
kwwiirsc-: well, that is hard to sum up in words, but generally I would say "not so dark, not so busy/less contrast"13:32
kwwiialthough maybe I should put the original dark version of the current wallpaper in13:33
karmaferitkwwii: so rumor has it that mark has some kind of art team happening in the shadows?13:35
rsc-thorwil, http://img162.imageshack.us/img162/8030/screenshot1ta6.jpg13:35
kwwiiI guess when I say contrast I mean the contrast to the other elements on the screen13:35
kwwiikarmaferit: we are building a new team, yes13:35
rsc-karmaferit, any way i can join in from the other side of the globe? :p13:35
thorwilrsc-: what is that screenshot supposed to tell me?13:36
karmaferitrsc-: i've got nothing to do with it actually13:36
rsc-thorwil, just something im working on. kinda trying out some Kyudo ideas and hitting the main site with it13:36
rsc-karmaferit, oops, that was for kwwii13:36
karmaferitrsc-: no worries13:36
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thorwilrsc-: the Learn More button stands out because of the color13:37
rsc-yeah. i didnt want a brown/orange monotone thing13:37
rsc-and it should, as a call-to-action13:38
thorwilrsc-: well, you know my take on changing the webdesign13:38
rsc-not really *shrug*13:38
thorwilrsc-: sure, but that color doesn't seem to say: touch me, i feel good13:39
thorwilrsc-: i think that we will have a much better stand after having proven our ability with a theme13:39
thorwilrsc-: by all means, work on whatever you feel like. i can only say that i think your time could be spent more efficiently in other ways ;)13:41
thorwilrsc-: you mockup looks like one could sell coffee with it. that might be a pretty good thing :)13:42
rsc-haha coffee shops were an inspriation13:45
thorwilkwwii: a decision on the wallpaper? any tweaks i could help with?13:45
rsc-thorwil, in what ways?13:45
rsc-where can i get a good ibex silhouette?13:48
thorwilrsc-: by helping to define the message, mood images, personas if you want to take responsibility for that area, by starting to list parts like windows, wallpaper and widgets and what has to be taken care of for each13:49
thorwilrsc-: what kind of view exactly?13:49
rsc-i got an idea of showing a landscape of a mountain with a small ibex perched on top of a cliff.13:50
rsc-...in silhouette13:50
thorwilrsc-: http://picasaweb.google.com/uriahyaniv/TheNabateanCityOfOvdatAvdatAndNearbyNahalOvdat#514043443636581304213:52
rsc-hehe, could work13:52
thorwilrsc-: everyone's favorite has been http://pages.usherbrooke.ca/mfesta/images/IsraelIbex1.jpg13:53
thorwilbut he has a broken horn13:53
kwwiiI had an idea on vacation, not sure how to realize it though: http://flickr.com/photos/kwwii/2801625988/13:53
thorwilrsc-: and i have an SVG shape, but it looks a bit silly: http://www.ubuntu.com/files/countdown/810/c_brown/countdown_8_10_c_00_days_a_here.png13:54
thorwilrsc-: you can have my 25 ibex pictures, but i already linked the good ones regarding posture13:55
* thorwil packs and mails13:56
rsc-rico@ambiescent.com :)13:57
thorwilrsc-: is an 9 MB attachment acceptable?13:57
rsc-as long as gmail can accept it13:58
rsc-i think 10mb's the limit, so yeah13:58
thorwilkwwii: well, with a screen filling rock texture shot and layer effects it should be relatively straightforward. getting said shot not, necessarily, though :)14:01
* thorwil -> coffee14:02
rsc-an idea, i has it14:52
thorwilwhy the inverse contrast?14:59
rsc-(pardon the grundge, lots of leftover layers)15:02
rsc-was thinking it'd need to be dominantly orange/brown15:02
rsc-and the bottom has to contrast against it without making the thing dark15:02
thorwilrsc-: i think it would be better with normal contrast. as is, it has a gothic/techno feel15:03
rsc-but anyway the main idea is a mountainscape + ibex silhouette.15:05
rsc-maybe someone can iterate on that :)15:06
kwwiirsc-: that is pretty cool :-) is the source available?15:16
rsc-not really15:28
savvaswhat do you think: http://savvas.radevic.com/previews/ubuntu-ibex/ubuntu-ibex-0.8.png - sucks? :p15:53
kwwiiso, test out this panel bg for the light human theme16:13
kwwiioh, and don't forget to set the gconf key to stretch the panel bg16:13
thorwilhttp://www.sinecera.de/panel_light.png actually16:15
savvasI'm not familiar with panel bgs.. but shouldn't they be pixmaps or something?16:16
thorwilsavvas: what do you think what that .png is?16:17
thorwilkwwii: appears rather dark compared to the plain default16:17
savvasah ok16:18
savvasas I said, I don't know about pixmaps :P16:18
savvasjust read that in some old email archive in artwork's mailing list :)16:18
savvaswhat was the default size of a panel, 30 pixels?16:21
savvasthanks, looks nice on my end :)16:23
kwwiithorwil: yeah, I might have made the sizes a bit too dark16:28
kwwiiohhhh, on this computer it is quite dark16:29
kwwiiI love my new system and all but everything looks too good on on it :p16:29
rsc-that's what makes the other languages special :)16:48
rsc-if the global lingua franca has them too, the special characters won't be too special16:48
* xanax` appreciates that English language's easy16:48
savvasmaybe easy on the eye, but not in spelling :p16:49
kwwiinot that the "I" at the top of that picture should have been blue :-)16:54
thorwilkwwii: seems the panel bg has the side effect of removing the outline around unfocused window items16:58
* thorwil wonders how to better structure the kyudo main page17:05
kwwiithorwil: yes but on the mouse-over you see one :-)17:13
thorwilkwwii: oh, i'm fine with, just the coupling with settings that say nothing about this is ... a bug17:14
kwwiithorwil: the whole panel is a bug if you ask me17:14
kwwiisomeone seriously needs to rewrite the panel17:14
* kwwii makes dinner for the family, bbl17:15
TuniX12 who is reponsible of rmaking default wallpaper for ubuntu?17:18
thorwilTuniX12: why do you ask?17:18
TuniX12is the wallpaper of intrepid beta the final one?17:19
TuniX12its really horrible an unprofessional17:20
thorwilTuniX12: chances are good that it will be replaced17:20
TuniX12look at this  http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/14082/17:20
TuniX12good idea17:20
thorwiloh dear, the sounds say Windows17:22
thorwilTuniX12: i understand your position but have to say that the uproar has been noticed and there's nothing else to do than to wait and see. except perhaps if you actually want to create artwork yourself17:24
TuniX12there are many good backgorunds here but they choose the ugly one for intrepid beta     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid17:26
TuniX12sorry for my bad english17:27
thorwilTuniX12: it is not too clever to show us our own wiki ;)17:27
thorwilTuniX12: no problem with your english at all so far17:27
TuniX12thorwil i know that it is "your" wiki i'm not new to ubuntu17:28
thorwilTuniX12: what i meant to express is that we are all very familiar with the submisions there17:30
thorwilkwwii: i think the vertical gradient of the panel bg stays a bit weird in my eyes, as the titlebars and other stuff next to it is rather uniform in that direction18:22
kwwiithorwil: well, i tried to make it fit well with the active window decoration18:43
kwwiimaking it lighter will make the gradient less noticable, perhaps an improvement in that area18:43
thorwilhmm. cory is still the only other one subscribed to kyudo wiki pages19:47
thorwilrsc-: the mountain scape background ... do you think a version with normal contrast, brighter sky, cropped and much smaller could be good for the wubi site?19:53
* thorwil throws tribbles at rsc- 20:39
savvasI found a great way of promoting art.. pARTicipation! I was listening to a serbian podcast, when I saw "When artists share their ideas with non artists you get pARTicipation" :)20:42
* savvas minimizes thorwil 's eye :p20:52
thorwilhi aantn, ye who you appear when i will leave soon :)21:04
Half-LeftHello folks, ibex still put for a change in artwork/wallpaper?21:49
kwwiiyes, the wallpaper will change23:46
kwwiienough info?23:46
kwwiinight all23:46

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