NCommanderIs anyone working on gstreamer0.10?07:12
loolNCommander: These were uploaded in Debian I think07:48
NCommanderI see07:48
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loolseb128: Re: shared-mime-info, I updated the upstream and added a recommends in glib :-/09:31
looland a depends in evince09:31
seb128lool: what made you change opinion on the topic?09:31
loolmccaslen saying the distributors should require it09:32
loolI still think evince is broken (as listed upstream)09:32
looland glib too, but that's another topic09:32
loolseb128: In fact, I'm still convinced that this is a broken situation09:32
loolBut I don't want debian/ubuntu to play badly if that's an upstream expectation09:33
loolIOW, if you ask be about correct packaging, I think the recommends is a bad idea, but because I don't want to hurt upstream I'm adding it nevertheless  :-/09:33
loolseb128: You see, in the case of evince it's really a Depends09:33
seb128ok, I was just wondering if there was something which was discussed on IRC or something because the bug discussion is not far from what we discussed on IRC09:33
loolseb128: When we discussed it on IRC, I went to check whether there was a .spec in glib svn, but as there wasn't, I couldn't check whether fedora was requiring it09:34
loolIt's really sad that they make it an upstream requirement like this, it's really not negligible for chroots or vms09:35
loolI even suspect it might introduce another build-dep loop when bootstrapping ports09:35
seb128it's only a recommends09:35
seb128you are not forced to install those09:36
loolI think they use a stronger dependency than us in the rpm packaging09:36
seb128well, technically if you want a 100% functionnal gio you need shared-mime-info09:37
loolSo I'm really adding the dependency for upstream's concerns here, not for actually solving evince problem   :-/09:37
seb128if that the mimetype, icons, etc informations09:37
seb128s/if that/it has09:37
loolYeah but not all apps need this and it's heavy09:37
seb128I don't think fedora for example cares about minimal environment09:37
seb128they think standard desktop installation09:37
seb128it's not heavy in fedora standards09:37
looland glib is used outside of the desktop these days09:38
seb128it's not heavy for a modern desktop and you want it on a desktop environment09:38
loolWe're not speaking of glibc, but it's the same order of magnitude09:38
seb128they optimize for what is 99% of their usecase09:38
loolLike 11500 rdeps on libc and 2150 on libglib09:39
seb128maybe the debian packaging system lacks granularity09:39
seb128we should have Desktop-Recommends Server-Recommends Bootstrap-Recommends ;-)09:39
loolWell in this case we even have the possibility to detect apps using the explicit content type guessing api09:39
loolJust not via the variadic args09:39
seb128it's not used only for that though09:40
loolPerhaps I should only be pulling this instead?  hmm complex and not reliable09:40
seb128it's used for getting icons properties too for example09:40
NCommanderhey seb12809:41
seb128hello NCommander*09:41
loolThis is all quite unfortunate   :-/09:41
NCommanderseb128, any news on gstreamer0.10?09:41
seb128NCommander: "news"?09:41
seb128NCommander: like some news are expected?09:41
NCommanderseb128, like someone fixed the FTBFS?09:41
NCommanderor is working on it?09:41
seb128NCommander: I just come back from weekend care to give some context?09:41
seb128oh, it ftbfs, I forgot about that09:42
NCommander*is someone09:42
NCommanderNasty one too09:42
loolthere's a new version in debian09:42
seb128slomo: any idea about http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17880819/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.gstreamer0.10_0.10.20.2-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz09:42
seb128lool: I'll have a look to this one ;-)09:43
loolI'd guess the -scan causes memory corruption09:43
loolYou'd need to valgrind it09:43
NCommanderlool, this is why C is evil, and Ada should replace it09:44
* NCommander runs09:44
Keybukseb128: more evo problems today10:13
Keybukunread counts in the folder list don't match the folder10:13
KeybukI don't suppose there's a configure option to disable the silly sqlite stuff?10:13
seb128counts are known to be broken and no10:13
KeybukI guess there won't be a fix for this before intrepid, since they've released now?10:13
slomoseb128: that's scary :) since when does it happen?10:14
Keybukhad another case of "folder contents in evolution don't match server" this morning as well10:14
Keybukevo was convinced there were mails in the folder that were unread, server convinced the folder was empty10:14
slomoseb128: and did it happen with 0.10.21 too? (please sync all gst packages and what's the decision about new codec installation stuff now? bgigest problem are the translations in gnome-codec-install imho)10:14
seb128slomo: since this sync of gstreamer, I didn't retry since though10:14
seb128slomo: codecs -> mvo should know better10:15
* crevette points http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=543389 to Keybuk :)10:15
seb128slomo: all are stable updates?10:15
ubottuGnome bug 543389 in Mailer "Camel Disk summary bugs" [Critical,New]10:15
slomoseb128: yes, gst0.10-python 0.10.13 and 0.10.21 of core and base10:15
seb128Keybuk: was that issue in a folder which was working before? is the folder an inbox?10:15
Keybukcrevette: open bugs that aren't fixed *sigh*10:15
seb128slomo: ok thanks10:15
Keybukseb128: the folder works fine on my hardy box10:15
Keybukit's a Maildir via imap10:16
slomoseb128: if the failure is still there i'll take a look :)10:16
seb128slomo: thanks10:16
seb128Keybuk: worded differently, did this folder was showed correctly under 2.24?10:16
slomoseb128: also, please sync ugly later when i upload it to experimental :) important bugfix... same for ffmpeg ;)10:16
seb128Keybuk: or is it possible to be a broken index staying there since you used 2.23.10:16
seb128slomo: ok10:17
Keybukseb128: I've wiped my summary db several times10:17
Keybukmost recently only last week10:17
KeybukI can wipe it again and see what happens10:17
seb128Keybuk: is the folder an inbox or a imap folder?10:17
Keybukimap folder10:17
seb128and do you modify the box by some other means while evolution is running?10:17
Keybukonly via other imap clients10:18
seb128ok, I'm wondering if that would be the issue10:18
Keybukand tbh, probably not even then - since this is on the laptop10:18
seb128I've a similar issue on an inbox10:18
seb128and I start suspecting the fact that I clean this one use fetchmail regularly and that evolution doesn't like the folder to change this way10:18
seb128Keybuk: do you get some error on the command line when selecting the folder?10:19
Keybukerr, dunno10:19
KeybukI'm currently wiping the .evolution directory :p10:20
seb128look into the .xsession-errors?10:20
Keybuk(evolution:18556): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJ10:20
KeybukECT (object)' failed10:20
Keybuk(evolution:18556): camel-WARNING **: Camel operation status stack non empty:10:20
Keybuk(evolution:18556): camel-WARNING **: Error during searching SELECT uid FROM 'Lis10:20
Keybukts' WHERE (NOT ((junk = 1))): no such table: Lists10:20
Keybukbut wasn't that folder10:20
Keybuksys:1: Warning: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed10:21
seb128Keybuk: that's http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55099810:21
Keybukthere's a veritable smorgasbord of scary looking errors here :p10:21
ubottuGnome bug 550998 in Mailer "Evolution doesn't refresh the INBOX folder" [Normal,New]10:21
seb128or it looks similar10:22
slomoseb128: ok, ugly does not need to be synced, the patch was already there since 0.10.9-1 :)10:36
seb128slomo: there is probably some other interesting changes no?10:36
seb128slomo: syncing libgstreamer, base and python now10:37
slomoseb128: nothing critical was changed in ugly... and there will be new good/bad releases in 2 weeks with some really nice changes (early enough for intrepid?)10:37
seb128slomo: are those mainly bug fixes new version or disruptive ones? and will they roll pre-versions first?10:39
slomoseb128: there will be pre-releases this night... and they contain many bugfixes but also new features (and for example the fluendo mpeg demuxer and muxers are in gst-plugins-bad now)10:40
seb128slomo: new feature are not really an issue, what is an issue is disruptives changes to existant code which could lead to things not working correctly that users expect to be working ;-)10:41
slomoseb128: well, those kind of changes exist too unfortunately :) but then there's much testing (automated and manual) for regressions before the pre-releases become the real releases10:42
seb128ok, let's consider those when the pre-versions will be in debian10:43
slomoseb128: ok :)10:48
seb128the schedule is a bit tight for intrepid10:49
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slomoseb128: btw, if the gstreamer build failure is still there it would be great if someone with access to those machines could try to reproduce it and give me a backtrace :)11:09
seb128slomo: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18252719/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.gstreamer0.10_0.10.21-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz11:32
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didrockshi seb128 !12:56
seb128hey didrocks12:56
didrocksswfdec 0.8 is still in debian NEW, preventing from upgrading gnome-swfdec. Can we take it and reshape it for intrepid? (as this is a new package entitled swfdec0.8, the risk seems to be minor).12:58
seb128didrocks: do they have a vcs? in which case just take the packaging and do a fake sync upload12:58
didrockshum, searching for it12:59
didrockshum, nothing show that they are packaging it in a VCS :/13:07
seb128didrocks: do the update then13:09
seb128didrocks: http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/swfdec0.8_0.8.0-1.html has a summary13:09
seb128use the same naming, etc13:09
didrocksok, will try this out tonight ^^ (apparently, no special changes in the changelog)13:10
didrocks(btw, the naming is horrible, but there must be some reasons I do not understand, probably ^^)13:11
seb128what naming?13:11
didrocksfor binaries packages: swfdec0.8_0.8.0-x...13:12
seb128well, that's source_version13:12
didrocksas the version number is used in the package name, it is repeated two times13:12
seb128they version the source name because upstream does it13:12
seb128and that allow to install a stable and an unstable version13:12
seb128not very useful for a distro but that's an upstream choice13:13
didrocksoh, that's the reason why the version is included in the package name? Ok, thanks for the info :)13:13
didrocks(having unstable and stable installation, with different package names)13:14
seb128right ;-)13:14
seb128ok, restarting to try changes and having lunch, be back later13:14
asacseb128: when will we get the glib fix for http://launchpadlibrarian.net/18258143/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-ia64.network-manager_0.7~~svn20081004t225044-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?14:22
asacseb128: (we talked about that a while ago if you remember ... thought it was fix committed upstream)14:22
seb128asac: it has been commited upstream but they don't roll glib tarballs every week, we can backport the change if you think that's important, I was under the impression than nobody uses intrepid and network-manager on those archs though14:23
asacseb128: i think powerpc would qualify as a valid "NM" candidate14:25
asacseb128: i can also workaround in NM14:25
seb128would be better if you can do that for now, glib is on sync with debian and I don't fancy introducing ubuntu specific diff only to fix a porter arch issue if not required14:26
seb128asac: they will roll a new tarball for GNOME 2.24.1 before intrepid and you can drop the workaround then14:27
asacseb128: ok14:28
asacthats fine14:28
seb128asac: thanks14:28
seb128Ampelbein, didrocks, huats: anybody wanting to write the MIR required for gimp 2.6 or work on the f-spot 0.5 update?14:33
didrocksseb128: I can handle it :)14:37
seb128didrocks: which one? ;-)14:37
didrockslet's say gimp it will be my first, so, looking for some doc14:37
seb128didrocks: ok, gegl and babl need a mir then, that's documented on the wiki let me know if you want the wikipage14:38
didrocksseb128: sorry, I was on the phone. Yes, if you have directly the wiki page (MIR search give back a lot of results)15:03
seb128didrocks: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess15:06
didrocksseb128: thanks a lot :)15:07
seb128you're welcome ;-)15:07
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didrocksseb128: first MIR done (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusiongegl). I will open the bug tomorrow, when the second one will be done.16:39
seb128didrocks: ok thanks16:39
dobeyseb128: it looks like ubiquity is broken, and the change cjw mentions only exposes the problem in the ubiquity tarball :)18:21
seb128dobey: could you join #ubuntu-devel and tell that to cjwatson directly? thanks18:21
seb128or reply on the bug18:22
seb128thanks for looking to the issue ;-)18:22
dobeyi commented on the bug and marked it fixed, as i added an error check18:22
seb128dobey: ok, thank you18:28
dobeyno problem18:29
didrocksseb128: swfdec is now done (https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/swfdec0.6/+bug/279207), I made it a dependency of swfdec-gnome, merging the changes. I will try to do the swfdec-gnome package tomorrow. Jumping into some social life :)19:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 279207 in swfdec-gnome "Please sponsor swfdec-gnome 2.24.0 and swfdec 0.8 to intrepid" [Undecided,In progress]19:21
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