slestaki think i have spotted a problem with II breaking other releases.  is a kernel dev available to discuss?  I was at ubuntu+1 but no joy there02:23
slestakthink it is dkms related02:23
slestakwhen i installed II on sda2, i got xorg breakage on sda3 gutsy install.  nvidia driver would not load on the gutsy partition after reboot.02:25
slestakif this is the wrong channel to discuss, I apologize02:25
slestaki have accel driver roking now, not asking for how to fix it02:26
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Keybukhi guys10:35
Keybukhow have these options crept back in as "y" ?10:35
Keybukwe agreed to change them to "n" (and indeed did so)10:35
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munckfishKeybuk: I can't comment on the main kernel but I note these options aren't set as desired in the ports kernel (http://paste.ubuntu.com/54603/)12:25
munckfishI can raise and issue and get them adjusted for the ports too.12:25
Keybukpgraner: ^12:37
Keybuk(I can see you're up - you're replying to e-mail :p)12:37
munckfishKeybuk: bug raised for ports LP: #27901912:38
pgranermunckfish, Keybuk: the kernel team is not maintaining anything other than i386/x86_64 so I can't speak to those, as for getting them fixed up for 386/64 not a problem. I'll ping smb_tp since he is maintaining the Hardy tree12:57
munckfishpgraner: I'm working on the PS3 Port Project so I care about and will address the change for the ports kernels and submit a pull request12:58
pgranermunckfish: thanks12:58
Keybukpgraner: I was more referring to the fact those options are _wrong_ in the x86 kernel ;)13:18
Keybukand weren't in hardy13:18
pgranerKeybuk: yep, we will get it fixed13:18
Keybukpgraner: great, thanks13:19
Keybukwas tracking down a race condition that got increasingly familiar the closer I got13:19
Keybuk"but we *fixed* this! ... check config ... hmm, someone *unfixed* it" :p13:19
munckfishKeybuk: is there an LP ticket for the race condition (just so I can read background info)?13:20
Keybukmunckfish: not a currently open one, there's an old one but I forget the #13:21
Keybukit can be simply summarised13:21
Keybuk"raw usb devices don't show up at the same time as cooked ones if CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED=y"13:21
munckfishKeybuk: thx13:21
Keybukcurrent udev isn't even tested with deprecated=y, so there may be others too13:22
Keybukin fact, I think the latest udev upstream won't even start if that config option is set13:22
munckfishKeybuk: ok so it's just much much safer to get that opt out13:22
KeybukOct  6 13:59:17 quest kernel: [93700.720031] ata2: EH complete13:59
Keybukwhat's EH?  and why do I need to be notified that it's complete every two seconds?13:59
rtgKeybuk: looks like you're getting a SCSI layer error, its coming from drivers/ata/libata-eh.c:ata_scsi_error()14:03
Keybukis there a way for me to debug further?14:03
Keybukthere are no other messages14:03
Keybukoh, there is another in dmesg14:04
Keybuk[93989.536032] ata2: EH pending after 5 tries, giving up14:04
Keybuk[93989.536040] ata2: EH complete14:04
Keybuk[93991.096042] ata2: EH pending after 5 tries, giving up14:04
Keybuk[93991.096050] ata2: EH complete14:04
rtgKeybuk: EH is a bit cryptic. I assume "Error Handler". 14:04
rtgAll of these messages are coming from the same function.14:05
Keybuk[    3.564507] ata2: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0x970 ctl 0xb70 bmdma 0xd808 irq 2314:06
KeybukI'm guessing that's sata_nv, though no dmesg makes a direct association14:07
rtgKeybuk: lspci show the device as sata_nv?14:07
Keybuk[    3.558356] pata_acpi 0000:00:07.0: PCI INT A -> Link[APSI] -> GSI 23 (level,14:07
Keybuk low) -> IRQ 2314:07
Keybuk[    3.562060] sata_nv 0000:00:07.0: PCI INT A -> Link[APSI] -> GSI 23 (level, l14:07
Keybukow) -> IRQ 2314:07
Keybukrtg: the board is sata_nv yeah14:07
Keybukfunny thing is14:07
KeybukI don't think there's anything actually on ata214:08
Keybuk[    4.036232] ata1.00: ATA-7: SAMSUNG SP2504C, VT100-33, max UDMA714:08
Keybuk[    4.837197] ata3.00: ATA-6: WDC WD740GD-00FLC0, 33.08F33, max UDMA/13314:08
Keybuk[    5.329197] ata4.00: ATA-6: WDC WD740GD-00FLC0, 33.08F33, max UDMA/13314:08
rtgKeybuk: I wonder if something is trying to probe ata2 periodically? 14:08
Keybuk[    6.184293] ata5.00: ATAPI: _NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A, 1.05, max UDMA/3314:09
Keybuk[    6.184304] ata5.01: ATAPI: LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-5236V, R$0A, max UDMA/4414:09
Keybukit's not even either DVD drive14:09
Keybukrtg: how could I tell?14:09
rtgKeybuk: good question. I'm not at all familiar with the ATA library.14:09
KeybukTop causes for wakeups:14:10
Keybuk  43.9% (101.1)       <interrupt> : sata_nv, eth0 14:10
Keybukwouldn't have thought anything from user space would be probing14:10
Keybukin fact14:10
KeybukI don't even think there's an interface for anything from user space *to* probe14:11
rtgNo udev rules?14:11
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Keybuk/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:07.0/host1 has no target14:11
Keybukjust power/wakeup14:11
Keybuk(and the link to the scsi host)14:11
Keybukrtg: udev only does things to devices which have a /dev entry14:12
rtgKeybuk: Garzik is the maintainer. maybe you should look on bugzilla and see if anyone else is having similar sata_nv issues.14:12
Keybukthere's no device on that ATA port, so there's nothing in /dev :p14:12
Keybukrtg: http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9010 maybe?14:15
Keybuknot sata_nv tho14:15
Keybukquite different though14:15
Keybuknothing exactly matches14:15
rtgKeybuk: and its a pretty old issue. It started against a 2.6.23 kernel.14:17
KeybukI've only seen this since upgrading to Intrepid from Hardy14:20
rtgKeybuk: I assume you're running 2.6.27-5 ? Its an (-rc8) based kernel, so its worth reporting upstream.14:21
Keybuk27-4 ?14:30
Keybukwhen did 27-5 come out?14:30
rtgKeybuk: iver the weekend, uploaded Friday.14:33
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BenCKeybuk: I think EH is error handler, but it usually means you have medium or hardware issues16:47
BenCoop, I'm late on that convo16:48
* BenC kicks pidgin's scroll16:48
rtgBenC: right, but how do you figure out what error? In Keybuk's case, there is nothing attached to that port.16:49
rtgI surely do hate nVidia resume issues16:51
laga_wow. do you actually attempt to debug them?16:51
rtgwell, somewhat feebly 16:52
BenCmaybe the error is it keep trying to probe something that is not there16:54
BenCor the card is producing errors that we should just ignore16:54
rtgBenC: uh, I think thats exactly the error (continuously probing when nothing is there)16:55
CarlFK[322544.947660] ------------[ cut here ]------------  http://dpaste.com/82721/16:59
CarlFK.27.4 - should I post it to lp?16:59
rtgCarlFK: which kernel version?17:01
rtgI mean, which -rc?17:01
CarlFKrtg: what is -rc?17:02
rtgrelease candidate17:03
rtgCarlFK: better yet, 'cat /proc/version_signature'17:04
CarlFKi installed u-server a week ago, did apt-get upgrade a few days ago17:04
CarlFKjust a sec.. need to power the box back up17:04
CarlFKrtg: Ubuntu 2.6.27-4.6-server17:14
rtgCarlFK: update to 2.6.27-5 and see if it makes a difference.17:15
CarlFKrtg: im not really sure what caused it - guessing it had to do with powering off a mounted usb drive 17:16
CarlFKsounds like there is no need to post what I have from the .4 kernel, right?17:17
rtgCarlFK: not unless its repeatable on a clean drive17:18
CarlFKwhat do you mean "clean drive" ?17:19
rtgCarlFK: one that has been fsck'd after being improperly shut down.17:19
Keybukrtg: good news!17:22
rtgfound it?17:22
Keybukno errors with -517:22
rtgworks for me :)17:22
Keybukquest scott% dmesg | grep ata217:24
Keybuk[    4.705119] ata2: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0x970 ctl 0xb70 bmdma 0xd808 irq 2117:24
Keybuk[    5.516028] ata2: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 300)17:24
Keybukinterestingly, I don't see that "SATA link down" in the previous dmesg17:25
Keybukso maybe that was the bug - sata_nv link detection was broken17:25
freeRagwhats the best application to configure and compile a costume kernel ?18:06
laga_freeRag: there is a wiki page on that18:07
* ogra waves18:08
freeRaghave you read it ?18:08
laga_hey ogra 18:08
ograi have a strange prob with ath5k vs ath_hal18:08
freeRagso you can just tell me18:08
BenCfreeRag: there is no "application", it's manual for the most part18:08
laga_freeRag: no18:08
BenCfreeRag: look at the topic for this channel18:08
ograi have  adevice for which ath5k doesnt work, ath_hal does, so i add a blacklist file for ath5k on this device ... during suspend/resume ath5k goets loaded despite being blacklisted18:09
ogra*gets loaded18:09
BenCogra: rm -f ? :)18:09
freeRaghow does the unbuntu kernel differs from the linux kernel ?18:09
ograBenC, from livecd-rootfs during image build ? 18:09
ograBenC, thats on the samsung Q1U which is our reference device for ubuntu-mobile :)18:10
BenCogra: hmm, got me on that one18:10
ograif i add ath_pci to SUSPEND_MODULES in pm-utils it gets loded *after* ath5k and works18:11
freeRagshouldnt the kernel be compile specifically for each machine its going to be run from ?18:11
munckfishfreeRag: best start with the KernelTeam section of the wiki, and look through the git source repos you'll find answers to a lot of your initial questions there18:11
BenCfreeRag: No18:11
ograBenC, my thinking is that pm-utils should be taught about module blacklists18:11
BenCfreeRag: that's why we have modules18:11
ograso it doesnt try loading ath5k at all18:11
BenCogra: it should be calling modprobe with -b18:11
BenCogra: or it should only be loading modules that it specifically unloaded18:12
jdonghey guys, I'm getting some interesting looking oopses on resume on my macbook3,118:12
ograBenC, well, the thing is that you dont need to unload ath_pci18:12
freeRagbut ive read about some duds that manage to considerably shorten boot times using especially compiled kernels with the driver built in to it18:12
jdonglooks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/54697/18:13
ograBenC, but ath5k gets loaded on resume nontheless18:13
jdongrepeated for every process after resuming from suspend18:13
ograso -b is it then 18:13
ograBenC, thats the original function :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/54700/18:13
ograso it doesnt respect blacklists it seems18:13
BenCfreeRag: it is true that doing so may shorten boot times, but then we, as a distributor, cannot compile a kernel for every user18:14
BenCfreeRag: if you want a custom kernel, check the wiki, but please don't ask us any more than that...you are pretty much on your own (as the wiki will warn)18:15
freeRagthats why i say that the kernel should be compiled at install with built in drivers18:15
freeRagautomatically 18:15
ograsig, why oh why dos it need to use quilt18:15
* ogra curses18:15
BenCfreeRag: Sure, so let's add 1.5+ hours to the install to build a custom kernel18:15
BenCfreeRag: and then 1.5+ hours to every security update to recompile it18:15
BenCfreeRag: and 600+megs of used space for source+binaries to do so18:16
BenCfreeRag: and 55Meg+ downloads for the updated source (as opposed to 25megs for a pre-compiled kernel)18:16
freeRagi thought open source was all about compiling your own18:17
BenCfreeRag: Go use gentoo if that's what you like18:17
BenCfreeRag: you would be very wrong18:17
BenCfreeRag: If you feel that way, compile openoffice/gcc/glibc/kernel/gnome/xorg a few times and see how much you enjoy it :)18:17
freeRagim talking about the kernel mostly has its what makes the computer ticks18:18
freeRagand the hardware drivers18:19
freeRagwont such a system run faster  ?18:19
BenCfreeRag: you are making a very bad argument...we can't expect the kernel to be built at install time on every system18:19
BenCespecially since there is never a case where a system will _always_ have all the hardware that it will ever use connected at that point18:20
freeRagwhy should i have SMP if i have a single core ?18:20
BenCfreeRag: You do know that the kernels rewrite themselves as UP code at boot for non-SMP systems, right?18:21
freeRagi dont18:21
freeRagim asking to find out18:21
BenCbinary patching to nop most of the SMP related locking and such18:21
BenCfreeRag: go read18:21
CarlFKfreeRag: plenty has been written about this.  best to do a bit of homework on your own before talking to others (especially after being asked to)18:23
freeRagso what you are saying if there no real performance gains to be achieved?18:23
BenCfreeRag: No, there may be measurable gains at a cost that we can't justify18:24
BenCfreeRag: If you want to shave 5 seconds from boot, or get 2% better performance, feel free to do so18:25
BenCfreeRag: I will tell you that reducing boot time is of major concern for us, and will be a big focus at our next developer summit18:25
freeRagso the performace gains are nearlly negletable ?18:25
freeRagwhat if i use the computer for very intensive graphical computations ?18:26
* BenC *sigh*18:26
CarlFKfreeRag: then you should read.18:26
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CarlFKfreeRag: or not read and ´╗┐use the computer for very intensive graphical computations.  18:27
CarlFKnotice that neither of those start with "keep asking questions here" :)18:28
BenCfabbione: dear godfather...tell me why we write docs for people who refuse to read them...kthxbye18:28
jdongyou mean I shouldn't spend 20 hours recompiling my system and subjecting myself to increased chances of compiler/configuration bugs in order to save 3 minutes on a 4 day video encode?18:28
fabbioneBenC: because we have to look good :)18:28
* freeRag slaps CarlFK with a 5 pounds *nix manual18:29
zulwe need no stinking manuals18:29
fabbioneBenC: there was something i had to tell you and it's totally out of my mind now...18:30
BenCfabbione: you're out of your mind?18:30
* BenC thought that was common knowledge18:30
fabbioneBenC: what's new about it?18:30
ograBenC, is the -b in modprobe upstream behavor or ubuntu/debian specific ? 18:30
BenCogra: upstream18:30
* ogra would like to file a bug about pm-utils upstream18:30
ograah, cool18:30
freeRagi always use text to speak for reading the manuals ! mostly when i m having troubles sleeping18:31
BenCogra: it's used in the initramfs scripts to honor the blacklists as well18:31
ograah, cool18:31
jdonganyway, I filed bug 279196; I'm not sure what other degugging info is relevant for oops on resume?18:32
jdongis ubotu dead again?18:33
iulianI don't think so, it's just not in this channel.18:37
DrDabblesWould this be the proper place to discuss the newly-re-included e1000e driver? Or would ubuntu or ubuntu-testing be a better venue?18:38
freeRagshould i ask a question or should i let the chat die out ?18:58
freeRagi v read kernel mode-setting is going to enable BSD on linux :D19:04
BenCDrDabbles: depends on what you want to discuss19:04
freeRagthats something that should make the windows to linux converts happy19:05
freeRagBenC: any word on this feature being available for the nest ubuntu release ?19:09
jdongfreeRag: it's terribly unstable when I tested the fedora beta19:11
jdongit makes the already panic-prone intel driver more prone to hanging and blowing up19:11
freeRagi think this articles could use some glossary because im not very familiar with some of the soudbits used 19:12
jdongI think the radeon modesetting driver is actually more stable than the intel one19:13
freeRagis Gallium3D on ubuntu ?19:14
freeRagTTM memory manager ?19:14
jdonggallium is an experimental new framework for 3d acceleration19:15
jdongit's not in any production distribution19:15
jdongit's not close to finished yet.19:15
freeRagMulti-Pointer X - must be multi mouse support on the same desktop 19:15
freeRagwould you say that linux development has accelerated exponentially  in the last couple of years ?19:17
jdongwhat on earth does that even mean?19:17
laga_jdong: you've won buzzword bingo19:17
jdongI guess it depends on whether or not the ancestry is continuously differentiable in a logarithmic domain19:18
jdonglaga_: there we go, did I top it?19:18
freeRagjdong: likes that supposed to mean something ?!19:22
jdongfreeRag: what you said didn't really mean anything either.19:22
freeRagyes it did19:22
jdongand I do believe that is a prerequired condition to establish proof of exponential growth :)19:23
jdongmaybe I slept through too many math lectures though19:23
freeRagi hate maths19:23
jdongfreeRag: what is Linux development and how can it be numerically quantified?19:23
jdongand how do you find the second moment of linux development to quanitify its acceleration? :)19:24
freeRagi hate everything that isn't in human able reading format19:24
jdongthen maybe it'd be a better idea to stop reading ricer journalism and trying to tell kernel developers what to do?19:24
freeRagthe 1st moment would be the previous 15 years19:25
laga_"ricer journalism". hah. 19:25
jdonglaga_: haha you've got a better term for phoronix? :)19:25
freeRagwhats ricer journalism ?19:26
laga_no. 19:26
freeRagsomething out of asia ?19:26
freeRagcan ubuntu support 2 users on the same computer using different accounts and different usb keyboards and mice's ?19:28
freeRagand 2 monitors 19:28
jdongthat's completely off topic to this channel19:28
jdongbut if you try hard enough, yes.19:28
freeRagthats a cool feature windows cant do 19:30
laga_freeRag: google "multiseat x"19:30
jdongsince when couldn't Windows do that? :)19:31
freeRagcan it ?19:31
jdongterminal services.19:31
freeRagterminal services ?19:31
freeRagisnt that like VNC ?19:32
freeRagyou mean terminal like in a command line terminal ?19:32
freeRagthats not what i meant19:33
freeRagnot over network19:33
freeRagnot VNC 19:34
freeRagim meant using the same box 19:34
freeRagjdong: seems pron to miss interpret my statements 19:36
freeRagjust admit windows can do that and linux can !19:37
freeRagjust admit windows canT do that and linux can !19:37
laga_i hear windows is better?19:38
freeRagin what aspect ?19:39
freeRagDRM implementation ?19:40
DrDabblesBenC I would like to discuss an issue where my link keeps dropping. I realize this is probably a bug that should be filed and possibly pushed upstream to kernel maintainers or Intel themselves, but I wanted to see if it was local to my card or if others had the same issue.19:40
BenCDrDabbles: you sure it's not hardware (cable, switch)?19:41
DrDabblesBenC I am using the same switch and cable now with an add-on NIC, and I had previously used both cable and switch with the onboard Intel NIC before the driver was initially disabled.19:42
BenCDrDabbles: hmm...well, the link dropping is generated by the phy, so it's not something that the driver would generate19:44
BenCDrDabbles: I would lean toward the actual port being flakey, but hard to tell19:44
BenCDrDabbles: best to talk to Intel19:44
DrDabblesBenC I'm wondering if my EEPROM didn't get a little bit broken, and it's causing the card to reset itself repeatedly. Ah well. Thanks!19:44
freeRagwhat intel gives MS takes :)19:44
freeRagDrDabbles: e1000e might trash your kernel upgrafe :D 19:46
freeRagor is it the other way around ?!!?19:47
freeRagtime to wonder if intel isnt poluting the kernel with fake drivers ?19:47
DrDabblesfreeRag e1000e driver was disabled in Ubuntu when it was understood that there was a problem with the kernel driver causing the EEPROM to be corrupted or overwritten.19:47
CarlFKwould anyone be to upset if someone were asked to leave?19:47
DrDabblesIntel has since taken it upon themselves to dedicate internal engineers to finding the root cause of the bug (it seems to be MMIO at this point), squash it, and even help fix any bricked NICs that may exist due to this issue.19:48
freeRagthats clarified them thanks19:49
DrDabblesIt is only something that people using RC kernels would have experienced, and the common idea is that only people willing to break hardware or data should be running testing code.19:49
laga_CarlFK: i wouldn't19:50
laga_lots of trolls on freenode tonight it seems19:50
DrDabblesCarlFK: Fiiine. I'll go. ~plays sad music~ :-)19:51
CarlFKhey... I didn't say who, or even when... :)19:52
freeRagi use the forcedeth network card driver but it didn't killed my card  :-)19:52
jdongfreeRag: umm, terminal services is *NOT* a VNC clone19:55
freeRagtrolls ? were ? lets raid them 19:55
jdongfreeRag: it is an abstraction of the hardware into virtual systems19:55
jdongfreeRag: using it as a remote desktop client is just one of its many capabilities19:56
jdongfreeRag: in fact, remote desktopping with TS is attaching a different controlling display adapter and input device to the TS19:56
freeRagTS ?19:56
jdongterminal services.19:57
freeRagterminal service19:57
freeRagim already there19:57
freeRagbut it has to much to read19:57
jdongand no peformance numbers or CFLAGS.19:58
freeRagmostlly about networking19:58
jdongwhat? the section I linked has NOTHING about networking.19:58
jdongit's about how TS allows redirection of IO devices for multiple clients19:58
freeRag# 4 Remote Desktop Connection19:59
freeRag# 5 RemoteApp19:59
freeRag# 6 Windows Desktop Sharing19:59
freeRagthat sounds like networking to me19:59
jdongthose are the common applications of it19:59
freeRag(Terminal Server) listens on TCP port 3389 20:00
freeRagsounds like networking too20:00
jdongdude you have some reading comprehension difficulties.20:00
jdongI asked you to read up on the IO redirection capabilities20:00
zulBenC: how do you surgically remove d-i from the debian directory since I dont want it20:00
jdongwhich is what directly pertains to your original question about multipointer/multioutput X20:00
freeRagmulti seat ?20:01
CarlFKjdong: I am going to start yelling at you, only because I think you will listen :)20:02
freeRagif i understand all this is using the network ?20:02
freeRageven if the keyboard and monitor a fiscally connect to the same box 20:03
jdongfreeRag: no, there is no network involved.20:04
freeRaghow come if it uses tcp ?20:04
ograthe multiseat packages were dropped though20:04
jdongfreeRag: it uses TCP for remote clients that want in.20:04
jdongTCP doesn't mean it's automatically a remote networked service20:04
jdongi.e. the entire X client-server framework listens on UNIX sockets and UDP sockets20:05
freeRagjdong: you are talking about the windows TS arent you ?20:05
jdongin fact I believe there is a KVM+software package for Windows that leverages this capability out of the box, without you having to use TS-magic20:06
freeRagthis ts thing is only available in windows server ?20:07
jdongofficially and EULA-wise yes.20:08
freeRagdamn 20:08
freeRagim usin xp 20:08
freeRagonly noticed now LOL20:09
jdongalright, what'd y'all developers do? The moment I reported the kernel oops I can't reproduce it again.20:10
* jdong files Ubuntu consipiracy theory to Digg20:10
CarlFKjdong: speaking of TS, is there a linux TS Client that does cut/paste with the local X clipboard ?20:14
ogrause ltsp :) 20:17
alex_joniis there a way to make a certain kernel be the first in grub's list? (even if new -generic kernel updates get installed lateron ?)21:54
CarlFKalex_joni: how about making a certain kernel the default ?21:55
alex_joniah, I'm not interested in a manual - aka fix my own machine - way by editing /boot/grub/menu.lst, was wondering if there is something else21:55
alex_joniCarlFK: I'm looking for a script or soemthing I can call from a postinst or such21:56
CarlFKwant a sed line that will set the default?21:58
alex_joniCarlFK: I always appreciate all I get :)21:59
CarlFKgimme a sec to boot my lappy, and hope it is still there 22:00
CarlFKsed "/^default/s/^.*$/default $1/" -i menu.lst22:05
alex_jonihmm.. but I don't think that will work.. let me explain22:06
CarlFKalso, you can do "default saved" and I have seen the code that will set what is saved 22:06
alex_joniwe have a certain kernel (2.6.24-16-rtai)22:06
alex_joniand it gets installed at a certain point of time by the user22:07
alex_jonibeeing the newest kernel it's first in the list and all is well22:07
alex_joniafter a while a -generic kernel gets updated22:07
alex_joniwhen that happens (say 2.6.24-19-generic is out), that one gets put ontop of the list, and the others shifted22:07
CarlFK## should update-grub adjust the value of the default booted system22:08
CarlFKguessing you want to set to flip that 22:08
CarlFKer... set/flip/use... study :)22:09
alex_joniupdatedefaultentry ?22:11
solarioncould we get the elantech touchpad drive in intrepid please?23:17
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