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* johnc4510-laptop tells all: UWN #111 is out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue11104:50
jendajuliux: ping13:05
juliuxjenda: pong13:07
juliuxjendastill waiting that the money arrived at paypal13:08
reabyAliTabuger7: yes, i thought i readed it. It says if you want to use logo on eg. t-shirts one must get a lisence.16:00
reabyalso the logo we are attenting to use has word suomi (finland in finnish) under the text of ubuntu, so it's so called modified logo, what in my understanding needs to be checked.16:04
Flannelreaby: You're a LoCo team, right?16:50
reabyFlannel: yep. there's a topic on forum, one guy is leading project to get t-shirts to ppl on forum16:53
reabyeverybody pays for shirts, but he organises ordering16:54
Flannelreaby: They're LoCo shirts? or forum shirts?16:54
Flannelreaby: Right.16:54
reabyLoCo shirts, with ubuntu suomi-text16:54
Flannelreaby: The guidelines say if you're doing it for community advocacy (with a few restrictions), you need no further permission16:55
reabybut before we had to ask permission for the added text for web page, that's why i wanted to make sure we got proper rights16:56
reabyso it's clear now. we can publish ordering page and go ahead with the project16:57
FlannelI'm not so sure you needed to ask for permission to add text for a web page, but I'm not familiar with your situation.16:57
reabyI mean text under official logo16:58
reabyFlannel: ordering page with the logo: http://koti.mbnet.fi/reaby/paitatilaus/17:04
reabyto be sure, it's ok to use that logo on our shirt?17:07
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