loologra: Should be ok to use aufs now; new meta seems to have landed10:04
loolStevenK: old post which I'm only unpiling now, but really worth checking out for you!  http://www.enricozini.org/2008/debtags/write-your-own-launcher.html10:30
loolStevenK: And /you/ have the GUI part  :-)10:30
ogralool, lrm went in at 1am and i'm not sure they are all binary NEWed yet, but i'll kick off a fresh build and see :)10:45
loologra: Oh right, we need lrm as well10:58
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loolHmm some people manage to do some really impressive hildno themes; I wouldn't use them, but it's still impressive http://faceted.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/okuda_media_player.png http://faceted.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/okuda_home_photo.jpg10:58
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loolamitk: Hmm checkout 48249.
loolamitk: -Only detected 903888 of RAM (-mobile and the 8.04 MID image both find13:23
lool2063196 kB correct amount of RAM).  On boot the kernel says (via dmesg): Warning only 896MB will be used. Use a HIGHMEM enabled kernel.13:23
loologra: Good report on Q1U usage on the list13:23
lool(in above m-id)13:23
loolStevenK: Another person wanting single click launch :)13:24
StevenKlool: Tomorrow13:25
amitklool: config mistake. Fixed in local tree. Will push with next update13:43
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ogralool, persia asked me on friday if we would like to have wubi support in the mobile images 14:15
* ogra just remembered that seeing the conversation in -devel14:16
loologra: I see no reason we wouldn't :)14:16
ograwell, then we need to add casper-lupin to the live set in the seeds14:17
loolamitk: Not sure you got, it there was a netsplit just after my line: 14:47 < lool> amitk: Yeah, that's what I guessed; thanks for the quick fix14:17
ograthe rest is up to the wubi mantainer14:17
NanojitIs bash completion working better in the latest isos?15:13
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ian_brasil_a common comment is about the size of the bar on the left19:54
ian_brasil_in that it is too big19:54
ograit only appres like :) 19:55
ograbecause the icons are so small 19:55
ograhow wide would you like it instead ? 19:55
ogra(its currently 80px)19:56
ian_brasil_well the text does not really serve much purpose as you cannot read it anyway19:56
ograprobably my thumb is to big :)19:56
ian_brasil_just the size of the icon ..maybe 50px19:56
ograright, its still a first try image, fixes for that will show up in jaunty19:56
ogratop panel is 48px 19:57
ian_brasil_maybe go with that19:57
ograi'm currently trying it on 800x48019:57
ian_brasil_also tooltips when mouseover icon would be great19:57
ograthere the 80px are just perfect19:57
ograyeah, agreed19:58
ograwe'll fix the wnck applet for jaunty to properly scale and have a gonf key to disable text 19:58
ograare there no tooltips ? 19:58
ograthere should 19:58
ian_brasil_ah, yes19:58
ograon 800x480 the 80px are actually perfect though19:59
ograi guess we need some code that applies different panel setups according to the screensize 20:00
ian_brasil_yes, that would solve it...dunno how that would work with touch though20:00
ogratouchscreen setus are anyway on a per device base20:01
ian_brasil_also midbrowser is not the easiest to use..how does one go home for instance20:02
* ian_brasil_ was certain there was a home icon in one midbrowser version20:04
ograit is in the menu we cant show yet20:05
ogramidbrowser is built with the menu sitting in a hildon applet, we dont have any hildon stuff in -mobile 20:06
ian_brasil_just found a bug on an acer aspire 1 ..hibernate just knoks the wireless connection out and nothing else21:33
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