tuxicehow do i work the ubottu encyclopedia plugin?00:44
PriceChildtuxice: I believe there is documentation with it.00:45
tuxiceif im identified with the bot whats the command to add a factoid00:45
PriceChildtuxice: are you trying to do stuff with ubottu, or have you downloaded the plugin and are using it on another bot?00:46
tuxicedownloaded and using w/ another bot00:46
PriceChildThere is documentation with the plugin when you downloaded it.00:46
PriceChildI believe.00:46
Myrtti#supybot might have more people answering00:46
* PriceChild points out he is just an operator... in an operator channel00:47
MyrttiI know it's coded with Python :-D00:47
PriceChildI think it depends on what you've set it up as. Check your configuration.00:47
jdongPriceChild: are you sure you aren't an operatour?01:03
jdongof a chat programme?01:03
jdongor an IRC servre?01:04
LjLi can catch it, i can catch it!01:04
LjLno, i missed it.01:05
LjLi don't know where the pun landed.01:05
PriceChildjdong: pardon?01:05
PriceChildMyrtti: hmmm i'm trying to do your n95 sip thing...01:05
MyrttiPriceChild: yes, dear?01:06
PriceChildMyrtti: its not working :P01:06
MyrttiPriceChild: and which part isn't?01:07
PriceChildaha... registrar is not sip:sip.ekiga.net01:08
PriceChildnow it works01:09
PriceChildhow cool01:09
PriceChildi'm probably never going to use this again though :/01:09
LjLi think i have like the only s60 phone with no builtin SIP01:10
PriceChildMyrtti: how do you manage the sip, telling it to unregister etc. ?01:10
Myrttihow do I tell it to unregister?01:11
Myrttiwell, I usually just shut down the 3G connection01:11
Myrttiby holding the red button down01:11
PriceChildi connected over wireless 8-)01:12
PriceChildand i didn't know the red button did that01:12
* PriceChild hit power and switched to offline01:12
Myrttiif you're using wifi, you're on your own01:12
PriceChildsuch a messy phone01:13
Myrttiit's the best phone I've had01:13
PriceChildi hope mine lasts01:14
Myrttiyou've got the same?01:14
PriceChildi can imagine breaking it and being all :(01:14
PriceChildi've got the 8Gb01:14
MyrttiI can send you one of my knitted pouches :-D01:15
jdongack stupid irssi scripting engine01:17
jdongPriceChild: just testing out a new britishfying script that takes hints from the wikipedia article01:17
LjLjdong: pebkac pebkac!01:17
jdongonly problem is that it hangs on connection issues01:17
jdongthis one's a bit more effective on word suffixes01:18
jdonglike if I say garage, it'll change garage to garage01:18
jdongonly problem is that I need to make it stop saying petrol pedal and such01:18
LjLjdong: you really are a master in the venerand art of having nothing better to do01:18
jdongLjL: lol I got bored doing homework01:18
LjLgiven you always actually wrote garage01:20
LjLwhat the heck is the other spelling for garage?01:20
jdonggas station01:20
LjLuh... i thought those were two quite entirely different things01:20
jdongLjL: no, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_words_having_different_meanings_in_British_and_American_English#G01:21
jdongwas a pain to parse and a real testament to my hatred of perl01:21
LjL*shrug* weird brits *and* weird americans.01:23
LjLa garage is a garage, duh.01:23
LjLhi bobertdos01:23
bobertdoshello.........umm, I think there's a channel somewhere for wiki issues. I'm having a brain fart.01:24
LjLthough if it's about the servers themselves, then i don't know01:25
bobertdosI am just needing some opinions on where I should write an addendum.01:25
LjL-doc should be the place then01:26
Technovikinghowdy I would check into speener on #ubuntu, kinda acting up01:57
* Hobbsee grrr.01:57
FlannelTechnoviking: Its being handled, thanks though.01:57
Hobbseei didn't think eagles was smart enough for ban evasion.01:57
Hobbseeit was only banned by nick, so he decided to change his nick01:58
Hobbseeiirc, he kept changing hosts a while back01:58
FlannelHobbsee: Not the same host02:00
HobbseeFlannel: hmm?02:00
HobbseeFlannel: it's definetly the same guy02:00
Flannel[n=jonathan@c206-157.i03-4.onvol.net] vs n=mario@c-76-30-93-229.hsd1.tx.comcast.net]02:01
Hobbseesame guy, though.02:01
HobbseeFlannel: put in bans for both hosts, thanks.02:02
FlannelHobbsee: er, the latter is in #u, not -motu02:04
HobbseeFlannel: oh, i thought you'd found the original host his quiets had been on.02:04
HobbseeFlannel:who's the #ubuntu guy?02:04
FlannelSomeone else ;)02:04
Flannelthe former is the host from -motu02:04
Hobbseeerm, why did you bring him up then?  :)02:05
Flannelthe latter is the host of a guy, who I can't imagine is the same guy.02:05
* Hobbsee confused.02:05
FlannelI didn't.  Technoviking did.02:05
FlannelI thought your eagles comment was re: him,02:05
Hobbseeoh.  no :)02:05
HobbseeFlannel: i was referring to the guy who came in here a few days ago, so i switched a ban to a quiet, and told him he couldn't talk in there.  So he changed nicks, and crapped on in channel anyway.02:07
Hobbseewhich was *precisely* what i was attempting to stop him doing.02:07
Hobbseebecause, y'know, development channels != soapbox, and != slaves for wahtever you want done.02:08
Hobbseeright.  fixed.02:09
Hobbseeoh, not in -bugs.02:09
* Hobbsee fixes there too02:10
* Hobbsee adds to the BT.02:13
FlannelI wish mikem would get some new topics for debate04:57
FlannelI've heard all of them a few times now.04:57
elkbuntuFlannel, he has to stick with what he believes he knows05:37
elkbuntupretending to know something else would probably be too much for him05:38
Flannelelkbuntu: At least when we get to math, he at least brings up relatively different stuff each time.05:41
FlannelEven if it turns into more of a "lets try and stump people" instead of "lets discuss"05:41
ubottuIn ubottu, DaskReecH said: kde4 is KDE 4.1.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde406:10
ubottuIn ubottu, DaskReecH said: kde4 is KDE 4.1.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.2 - Support in #kubuntu-kde406:11
DaskReecHJust sent in a factiod correction06:12
Tm_Thi hi DaskReecH 06:13
* DaskReecH waves06:13
DaskReecHHow are you?06:13
Tm_Tfine thanks, busy though, have to do material for plasma presentation in a few hours06:13
DaskReecHWhere are you presenting?06:13
ubottuKDE 4.1.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde406:13
Tm_T!kde4 ~= s/4.1.1/4.1.2/g06:15
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, Tm_T said: !kde4 ~= s/4.1.1/4.1.2/g06:15
Tm_TDaskReecH: sowwy06:16
DaskReecH:-) Where are you presenting?06:16
Tm_TDaskReecH: Openmind, http://mindtrek.org/openmind06:18
stdinTm_T: use @login06:21
* Tm_T uses @login06:21
ubottuThe operation succeeded.06:22
FlannelTm_T: be sure to use @login!06:22
Tm_Tubottu: whoami?06:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about whoami?06:22
Flannelno question mark06:22
Tm_T!kde4 ~= s/4.1.1/4.1.2/g06:22
ubottuMissing end delimiter06:22
stdinI don't think it takes a 'g'06:23
Tm_Tstdin: wondering the same too06:23
stdinboth ~= and =~ work (and <sed>)06:23
FlannelI think its global by default06:23
Tm_Tstdin: also dot escaping?06:23
Tm_T!kde4 ~= s/4.1.1/4.1.2/06:23
ubottuI'll remember that Tm_T06:23
ubottuKDE 4.1.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.1 - Support in #kubuntu-kde406:23
FlannelTm_T: You'll need to do that too, yes.06:23
Tm_TFlannel: no I don't06:23
Tm_T!kde4 ~= s/4.1.1/4.1.2/06:23
FlannelTm_T: only because . happens to be a part of "any character"06:23
ubottuKDE 4.1.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.2 - Support in #kubuntu-kde406:24
Tm_TFlannel: I know (:)06:24
FlannelTm_T: if there was a 42124, you would've replaced that06:24
Tm_TFlannel: I know it very well (:)06:24
stdinI probably could make it recognise 'g', but when I have the strength to deal with supybot06:26
Tm_Tnah, it's ok06:26
Tm_Tless damage when mistaken06:26
jussi01Morning all!07:55
FlannelHowdy jussi0108:06
jussi01Heya Flannel! :)08:08
MyrttiSUN SHINES!09:27
* ikonia nods09:34
Myrttiand gone again09:36
elkbunturight, so we're hovering on about 1300 regular now. what's everyone's early estimates for release day?09:37
elkbuntuhave we even hit 2k yet?09:43
ikoniaof which 2384 will ask "why can't I get flash to work" or something of that nature09:44
jussi01Damn I love having dualhead :)09:56
Myrttiit's his ident09:56
ikoniaMyrtti: who is that09:57
ikoniacala, not seen that before09:57
jussi01Ive seen him, there was a discussion a few days ago iirc09:58
* Myrtti gets up09:59
Myrttiwhile it's still mornin09:59
jussi01[13:26:59] <-- ompaul (n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul) has quit (Client Quit)10:00
jussi01[13:34:01] --> CalA (n=fuckstea@AMarseille-157-1-127-3.w90-37.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #ubuntu-ops10:00
jussi01[13:34:06] <CalA> irc.dedibox.fr #dedibox10:00
jussi01[13:34:43] <-- CalA (n=fuckstea@AMarseille-157-1-127-3.w90-37.abo.wanadoo.fr) has quit (Client Quit)10:00
jussi01ikonia: ^^10:00
elkbuntucala again?10:05
elkbuntusomeone was all about him not having multiple ips because he was in china and shelling via the US, iirc10:06
ikonialooks like he's in france10:55
ikonia@bansearch rebal_kid11:08
ubottuNo matches found for rebal_kid!*@* in #ubuntu-ops11:08
MyrttiTm_T: have I lately declared my undying and eternal love to you?11:26
elkbuntu@bansearch rebel_kid11:26
ubottuNo matches found for rebel_kidn=justin@freecode/founder/rebelkid in #ubuntu-ops11:27
Tm_TMyrtti: nope11:42
MyrttiTm_T: I love you.11:43
ikoniacan someone do a last in #ubuntu and look at nikon it looks like a bot12:40
zirodayshould there be a 3G factoid?12:41
PiciShould there be? 12:41
zirodayPici: no, I mean can there be?12:42
Piciziroday: suggest something.12:42
zirodayI mean bah12:42
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-ops's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:42
zirodayPici: okay12:42
PiciSee the wiki page on how to suggest factoids.12:42
PiciIf it sounds good, we'll add it12:42
zirodayPici: alright thanks12:42
zirodayPici: have a great night12:42
Piciziroday: you too12:43
Myrttierm. yeah12:43
Myrttiwhat is the problem with 3G?12:43
PiciI dont even know what 3g he was talking about.12:43
PiciWe'll see!12:43
Myrttiprobably mobile broadband12:43
ikoniahe measn the mobile broadband adaptors12:43
Myrttiwhich is virtually solved in Intrepid12:44
ikoniathe support for them sucks at the moment12:44
ikonianah, it's not solved, the adaptors hardware is pretty badly supported12:44
ikoniaalmost like old windomodems12:44
MyrttiHUAWEI's work fine12:44
ikoniasoem do12:44
ikoniaI've found two that are mega12:44
Myrttithat's what they sell here with eeepc's12:44
ikoniabut then there are another 40+ that suck12:44
PiciI have no 3g hardware to test.12:44
ikonia(in the yuk)12:44
ikoniaPici: think usb wirless sticks and how well they work12:45
Piciikonia: badly!12:45
PiciI don't trust using USB for networking or sound.12:45
MyrttiI guess I'm just lucky12:45
ikoniathats pretty much what a 3g adaptor is12:45
ikoniaa usb network stick12:45
Myrttithen again I have a *phone*12:45
ikoniaMyrtti: eepc had linux in mind at design time so they may have actually thought it through12:45
* Pici makes a note to find out where he lost his cellphone12:45
Myrttihttp://lwn.net/Articles/294599/ <--12:48
Myrtti♥ Wellark12:48
Myrttihe lives like half a mile from me12:48
MyrttiI've been overseeing that project of his this summer12:49
MyrttiI recruited him to our company12:49
Myrttihe's doing a speech tomorrow at the conference12:49
Myrttithat's in Intrepid12:49
Myrttihttp://www.kaijanmaki.net/blog/2008/06/14/status-report-w24/ that still makes me laugh12:50
ikoniaMyrtti: that looks very interesting (libmbca)12:50
Myrttiif you can, please please PLEASE contribute to his service provider database12:52
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, ziroday said: !3G is The easiest way to get 3G networking is using Network Manager 0.7. You can get it from http://tinyurl.com/3pqbz6. You can also use wvdial, gnome-ppp. pppconfig12:53
Myrttithe problem with NetworkManager 0.7 is that it broke ~everything in Hardy12:54
Myrttiit works like a charm in Intrepid12:55
PiciWhich is A Bad Thing™ 12:55
Myrttiyeah, I don't know if it's gotten any better12:55
Myrttibut I couldn't authenticate into WPA/WPA2 on hardy with nm0.712:55
Myrttithen in intrepid it worked again12:56
MyrttiI suspect it might have been something with the keymanager, but couldn't be sure12:56
Myrttiand besides12:56
MyrttiIntrepid is so full of love anyway12:56
PiciMinus ATI's non-existant support for the version of xorg we're using, Intrepid is working great for me.12:59
Picieagles051387: How can we help you today/13:02
eagles051387how did i get banned again from motu channel again13:02
ikoniaeagles051387: you didn't helpyourself trying to ban dodge13:03
ikoniathen pestering -devel didn't help either13:03
Myrttiyou *still* don't have any idea why you were banned the first place?13:03
eagles051387ikonia: i didnt ban anyone13:03
ikoniano, you can't ban anyone13:03
ikoniayou where banned, and tried to avoid the ban13:03
ikoniaas well you know13:03
ikoniaas it happened 4 - 5 times13:03
eagles051387O_o hobbsee unbanned me13:03
ikoniano she didn't13:04
ikoniashe banned you13:04
ikoniastop messing around 13:04
eagles051387then other day she unbanned me13:04
ikoniaand you where banned agann last night13:04
eagles051387what for13:04
eagles051387was it because i talked in motu channel13:05
PiciAparrently, yes.13:06
eagles051387well when i was first unbanned i couldnt talk in channel someone changed my permissions in that channel 13:06
eagles051387and i was suprised by that13:06
Tm_Thi kids13:07
ikoniaeagles051387: lets cut to the chase, it looks like you where band dodging in #ubunut-motu and #ubuntu-devel all last night13:07
eagles051387can u explain to me what band is13:07
eagles051387band dodging is13:07
ikoniaban is "mute" not allowed to enter the channel13:07
Tm_Tban dodging13:07
ikoniaeagles051387: ban dodging is trying to get around the ban13:08
ikoniaog, sorry, my typo13:08
Picieagles051387: ban evasion. knowing that you were banned/muted and doing something (like changing your nick) to get around the ban.13:08
eagles051387ikonia: hobbsee the other day unbanned me and made it to where i couldnt say anything in motu13:08
ikoniaeagles051387 so ?13:08
eagles051387and someone changed it to where i could talk in that channel13:08
ikoniaso ?13:08
ikoniasorry, I'm not following your point13:09
eagles051387i have gotten rebanned un fairly cuz someone made it to where i could say something in motu channel13:09
ikoniaeagles051387 if you new you couldn't talk, why did you try13:09
Picieagles051387: No.. you changed your nick. You used to be eagles0513875.13:09
eagles051387Pici: what happened was this i upgraded to kde4.1.2 and it lost all my setting for some reason when i resetup konvo couldnt remember my name that i had before cuz i use both this one and the other one for other stuff13:10
eagles051387if i hop back on the other name would i be banned or be allowed in those channels13:10
Picieagles051387: Still banned.13:11
Picieagles051387: One moment.13:11
ikoniaeagles051387: if you knew you couldn't talk why di dyou try to talk ?13:11
eagles051387all i did in motu was ask bout what ask bout what moonlight was13:12
ikoniaeagles051387 why ask if you knew you couldn't talk /13:12
eagles051387ikonia: i thought someone changed my permissions13:12
ikoniaeagles051387 why13:12
eagles051387i didnt realize i had used a different name13:12
ikoniawhat made you think that ?13:12
eagles051387cuz i was able to say stuff in the channel is what made me think my permissions had been changed13:12
ikoniaeagles051387 why did you try to say stuff, when you know you are muted13:13
eagles051387i was curious as to what moonlight was13:13
ikoniabut why ask you know you can't talk13:14
Tm_Teagles051387: also it's wrong place to ask such things13:14
ikoniaI'm not convinced this was a "nick error" as you claim as if you know you can't talk in that channel (which you do) why would you try to talk 13:14
eagles051387ikonia: when hobbsee first unbanned me i went in there tried to type something and it wouldnt let me after i hit enter this time i typed a question and when i hit enter it went through13:15
eagles051387and y was i banned from devel channel13:15
ikoniaeagles051387 but why did you type a question13:16
ikoniayou know you can't type in that channel13:16
* Pici goes around in circles.13:16
ikoniaand why was the question nothing to do with development or motu - 13:16
eagles051387and if i had the right nick it wouldnt have gone through13:16
ikoniaeagles051387 but why did you try to get it through13:16
eagles051387i wasnt trying to13:16
ikoniayou know your not allowed to type in that cahnnel13:16
ikoniawhy did you type it /13:16
Picieagles051387: Part of the reason for the intial bans/mutes was that you didn't seem to understand that the -devel and -motu channels were not for support, but rather for development.  Support in #ubuntu, offtopic in #ubuntu-offtopic, development in -motu and -devel.13:16
eagles051387Pici: these days i just idle in there and follow various things that are going on in there in the hopes of learning a few things so that i may contribute to the distro13:17
Picieagles051387: Seems not, since you were asking offtopic questions yesterday.13:18
eagles051387i was in offtopic channel13:18
ikoniaeagles051387: which channel where you in ?13:18
PiciNo, you were in -motu asking general questions.13:18
eagles051387just bout something that someone was working on 13:18
eagles051387the moonlight pkg13:18
ikoniathis is nonsense13:19
ikoniaI'm not wasting anymore time on this knowing the users history also13:19
eagles051387this is rediculous13:20
* ikonia returns to support13:20
eagles051387cant a guy make mistakes 13:21
eagles051387Hobbsee: 13:21
* Hobbsee hopes ikonia will give a backscroll pastebin soon :)13:21
* eagles051387 will let Hobbsee see the backscroll pastbin to understand my issue13:22
ikoniaHobbsee: you got it13:23
Hobbseeikonia: thanks13:23
eagles051387Hobbsee: let me know when i can plead my case13:24
Hobbseeikonia: where was the pestering of -devel?13:25
eagles051387i didnt say anything at all in -devel13:26
* Hobbsee didn't see -devel stuff, only -motu stuff.13:26
eagles051387can i explain what happened in regards to motu13:26
Hobbseeexplain away.13:27
eagles051387i upgraded from kde 3.5.10 to kde 4.1.2 13:27
eagles051387and i lost all my settings so i had to setup kde with all nics and channels13:27
eagles051387and the nic im currently on wasnt the one that had me muted13:27
eagles051387it was eagles0513875 that had me muted13:27
eagles051387with that nick used to go in there if i accedentally typed something in that channel instead of another one it wouldnt go through13:28
eagles051387but this time it did cuz the nic was different13:28
HobbseeSo, what do you think the point of that ban was?13:28
Hobbseeor, that quiet.13:28
eagles051387i had asked this individual who was pkgs an equivalent to microsoft silverlight called moonlight whatit was13:28
eagles051387they r saying ban dodging 13:28
eagles051387i didnt realize i had used a different nic from the one that had me muted 13:29
eagles051387and in regards to the -devel channel i believe i have been falsly banned from there13:29
eagles051387i know thats for bug fixing and what not and i just sit in there maybe learn a thing or 2 in there13:29
eagles051387i wasnt trying to dodge the ban at all13:29
Hobbseewow, you guys took the round trip before someone pointed me at it :)13:30
eagles051387i honestly thought that someone had changed my permissions in motu channel 13:30
Hobbseepity i think i'm going to take it again.13:30
Hobbseeeagles051387: I said it would only be reevaluated after release.13:30
Hobbseeeagles051387: perhaps you need to actually listen to what people say a little more carefully.13:30
ikoniaHobbsee: didn't see you active, sorry13:30
Hobbseeeagles051387: now, has ubuntu released yet?13:30
Hobbseeikonia: no problem, i was watching a movie, but almost always on irc anyway :)13:30
eagles051387Hobbsee: i know and no it hasnt but i accidentally changed the nic13:30
Hobbseeeagles051387: listen to me carefully.  What was the intent of that ban?13:31
eagles051387just to sit in there and learn a few things in motu was the reason u unbanned me and muted me in there13:31
HobbseeAnd you knew you weren't to speak in there, just listen?13:31
eagles051387was told ban dodging which was not intended13:31
eagles051387ya but if i typed something and hit enter it wouldnt go through since i was muted on the other nic13:32
HobbseeBut *why* were you typing things at all, if you knew people couldn't hear you, and if you knew it would never go through?13:32
HobbseeSeems like a waste of effort, to me.13:32
eagles051387maybe it is but sometimes i got a million things at once on my mind13:33
Hobbseeeagles051387: part of the point of that ban was to see if you could be a responsible person, and to follow the rules.13:33
HobbseeYou shouldn't have been talking in there *at all*.13:33
HobbseeNow, while you were on the silenced nick, people couldn't tell.13:33
HobbseeHowever, you did get around that, by using another nick, and showed that you were talking in there.13:33
eagles051387i did that unintentionally 13:34
eagles051387i use both of these nics for other things13:34
HobbseeSo, I can only conclude that you can *not* follow what you've been told, and not follow the agreement given to you.13:34
eagles051387and when i was resetting up konversation i was drawing a blank on which nick i had used13:34
ikoniabut why did you type, when you know your not meant to 13:34
Hobbseethat's fine.  But you knew you weren't to talk in those channels, and may be allowed to after release, but you did so anyway.13:34
HobbseeThus, you can't follow the agreements, and thus, you won't be allowed in there again.13:35
eagles051387Hobbsee: i can though just made the mistake of changing nick13:35
HobbseeI will be speaking with those in #kubuntu-devel, as it appears you are not suitable for any kubuntu/ubuntu development channel13:35
Hobbseeeagles051387: no, you made the mistake of talking where you knew you weren't allowed to.13:35
Hobbseeeagles051387: the fact that you *did* change nick just allowed others to see your mistake.13:36
eagles051387the change of nic was unintentional13:36
Hobbseeread what i said.13:36
Hobbseeuntil you understand it.13:37
eagles051387i do understand13:37
Hobbseeokay. So, why, in your eyes, will you not be allowed back into ubuntu development-related channels again, indefinetly?13:37
eagles051387nick change talked in motu against agreement13:38
eagles051387-devel i find the ban to be unfair13:38
Hobbseeif you can't obey the rules, and stay on topic in -motu, why would you be any different in -devel, which is a busier channel anyway?13:38
eagles051387i didnt do anything in that channel13:38
eagles051387i just sit in there13:38
Hobbseewell, that's what you were supposed to do.13:39
eagles051387i didnt think the agreement extended to -devel channel as well13:39
eagles051387the original ban was on motu13:40
HobbseeUse your brain.  Why do you think you'd be stopped from disrupting development in one channel, but allowed to do so in a busier one?13:40
eagles051387i give up13:40
Hobbseebesides, you've put rubbish into #ubuntu-devel before.13:40
eagles051387that was a while ago13:40
HobbseeGood.  Come back after we release jaunty, and I'll re-evaluate it.13:40
eagles051387when i first started using the distro13:40
Hobbseeeagles051387: yes, and you've proved that you haven't learned to be on topic since then.13:40
eagles051387thats not true since then i have kept my mouth shut13:41
HobbseeLike you didn't do in -motu?13:41
eagles051387and the last time i said anything in devel was when i was starting bug fixing13:41
ikoniathats the point you 've not13:41
eagles051387in -devel i have ikonia13:41
ikoniayour muted13:41
Hobbseeeagles051387: actually, you haven't.  13:41
eagles051387how havent i13:41
HobbseeYou haven't been able to get through to that channel at all, and you didn't speak there last night, when you could have.13:41
eagles051387-devel i was never banned from there before13:42
HobbseeStill, seeing your unchanged behaviour (although I notice you've stopped using !u - well done!), doesn't lead me to change my mind.13:42
HobbseeYes you have.  You just never tried joining there, so didn't find out.13:42
Hobbseeanyway, I said the final decision before...13:42
Hobbsee[23:40] <Hobbsee> Good.  Come back after we release jaunty, and I'll re-evaluate it.13:43
eagles051387i have devel on auto join when i sign onto konversation13:43
eagles051387ill see if i dont have my own distro out before then13:43
Hobbseegood luck...13:43
ikoniaown distro....ok13:43
* wgrant starts his own too.13:43
ikoniawgrant: I was thinking about you on the train today, reading through some usplash code13:44
ikoniadidn't realise that was yours/seavas13:44
PiciCWii: Can we help?13:44
ikoniait's not13:44
ikoniawgrant: ignore me13:44
wgrantikonia: You're confusing me with somebody else. I didn't write usplash.13:44
CWiiPici, Wha?13:44
wgrant /ignore ikonia13:44
* CWii is channel surfing13:44
PiciCWii: see /topic13:44
Tm_TCWii: this is wrong channel to surf (;)13:45
Tm_Twgrant: why you're here btw?13:45
Pici!idle | CWii 13:46
ubottuCWii: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.13:46
Myrttimy IRC is broken.13:46
Tm_TMyrtti: hug me13:46
* Myrtti hugs Tm_T and tries to pick up pieces of her brain from the floor into a bucket13:47
=== essy is now known as Guest90743
PiciLjL: ah, too fast14:20
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://tinyurl.com/4faslb (now with Gutsy and Hardy support)14:32
LjL!no offline is <reply> If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ (now with Gutsy and Hardy support)14:33
ubottuI'll remember that LjL14:33
=== Guest90743 is now known as SportChick
ElijahDuBarryVTwhy I'm here? I wont to enter in #ubuntu not here, but when I try I came here :(16:30
Myrttibecause you've been banforwarded here16:30
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:30
ElijahDuBarryVTwhy? Because of away mode that's stupid16:31
ikonianot really, just to explain to you to disable the away messages please. 16:31
ikoniait's only a 30 second thing16:31
ElijahDuBarryVTbut why what is the the problem of away mode?16:32
ikoniait adds to an already busy channel 16:32
ElijahDuBarryVTwhy i can not use here16:32
ikoniapeople don't need to see your away16:32
Myrttibecause nobody in #ubuntu CARES if you're away16:33
Myrttiand it just adds to the noise16:33
PiciA 'quiet' away is fine, just not one that adds to the traffic.16:33
ElijahDuBarryVTok i will not use anymore16:33
ikoniasuper, thank you 16:34
ikoniahang on.....16:35
ikoniaI#'m not that quick16:35
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:35
ikoniastupid ubottu not working for me16:35
ikonia@bansearch dury17:13
ubottuNo matches found for dury!n=chatzill@55.red-217-127-111.staticip.rima-tde.net in #ubuntu-ops17:13
ikonia@bansearch #ubuntu dury17:14
ubottu(bansearch <nick|hostmask> [<channel>] [<sendlink>]) -- Search bans database for a ban on <nick|hostmask>, if <channel> is not given search all channel bans. If <sendlink> is given, and true, send a link to the bantracker log to you in a /msg.17:14
ikonia@bansearch dury #ubuntu17:14
ubottuNo matches found for dury!n=chatzill@55.red-217-127-111.staticip.rima-tde.net in #ubuntu17:14
ikoniaI've convinced N1X0N is a bot i n#ubuntu17:23
ikoniathats all it does all day17:24
ikoniaI can't figure out the trigger17:24
Myrttihi all seems to do the trick17:25
ikoniaMyrtti: nice find17:26
Myrttibetter to remove17:26
MyrttiI've got a funny feeling that it's not there for a good reason17:27
rohan_1something is wrong every body is saying hi everyone 17:27
Myrttirohan_1: how may we help you17:27
ikoniarohan_1: sorry that was me doing a little test, sorry to distrub17:27
Myrttirohan_1: we were trying to trigger a bot17:27
rohan_1i see heh thankyou17:27
Myrttiit's banned and removed now17:27
ikoniaooh it's r2r again17:28
ikoniathats dmseg I believe17:28
ikonia(personal opinion nothing more)17:28
Myrttifood, food would be nice17:28
ikoniamake it so17:28
Myrttihmmmmm, next step taking the garbage out17:40
PiciGet mine too?17:41
* Pici needs to clean out his refrigerator17:41
MyrttiI need to scrub mine with bleach17:41
PiciI'm not that messy.17:41
Myrttimine is from year 7717:41
MyrttiI think it might be a good idea to scrub it with bleach sometimes17:42
PiciProbably a good idea. 17:43
MyrttiI loathe today19:03
Myrttiif there's something good about today, I've not yet found it.19:04
PriceChildLook! A pony!19:08
Myrttinope, that doesn't do the trick19:15
MyrttiI'm so fed up now.19:15
Tm_Mhi kids19:52
Myrttihello lov19:53
Tm_Phmm, an hour left in my joyrney20:02
stdinit's a sad day, when a *NATIVE* English speaker can't decode the comments on that page :(20:16
stdinit may as well be in polish20:16
ubottuShackJack called the ops in #ubuntu (ballsac)20:32
ballsacwhy my winidow close20:35
ompaulhi there welcome to #ubuntu-ops20:36
ballsaci was d/c from ubuntu chan. and this is not ubuntu chan20:36
ompaulyour real name "ihateyou" is not in the spirit of ubuntu20:36
ompauland therefore I terminated your access20:36
ompaul!guidelines > ballsac 20:36
ubottuballsac, please see my private message20:36
ballsacu mean my ident20:36
LjLyeah, he always mixes them up20:36
LjLthough it's strange...20:36
ompaul!codeofconduct > ballsac 20:36
LjLthat you know what an ident is, and you don't know how to get PM20:36
ballsacok listen. if u dont like my real name say so. ur syaing 100000 times u send PM. but i toldu i cant receive PM and i dont know why. i DO know what ident is i typed in ident on mIRC i know that much20:37
ompaul[ballsac] (i=ihateyou@ ihateeveryone20:37
ompauland your nick sucks too20:38
ballsacif u dont like me being in the chan. just tell me and ill never join ur chan. but be frank with it 20:38
ompaulI just did20:38
ballsacmy nick is very cute ppl tell me20:38
ballsacbut that's the truth. i do hate everyone. especially faggot kikes like you with no real brain20:38
ompaulLjL, I think my point was valid20:39
LjLborderline troll (that is, perfectly complete troll, willing to troll, but knowing he'll achieve the effect better if he does everything in a borderline way)20:40
LjLsemi-bad idents, semi-idiotic talk in #ubuntu, semi-rtfm given gratuitously20:40
lolsac<3 <320:41
LjLhe forgot all that semi eventually though20:41
ompaulLjL, I think that party was on the old banned lists20:47
Myrttifolks, try to behave at -ot21:16
Myrttino random kicking, please21:17
=== seanw_ is now known as seanw
ompaulMyrtti, someone invoked the seveas in us all :)21:19
Myrttiompaul: unfortunately, that isn't funny21:20
ompaulok folks I have had enough, i am taking my ball and going home21:24
LjLgah, why does the only irc proxy in the repo that actually looked interesting (znc) not come with a log plugin21:39
elkbuntuLjL, what's wrong with bip?21:41
LjLMyrtti: muh is the one i'm trying to replace, psybnc, puhleaze21:41
LjLelkbuntu: bip is the one i'm currently thinking about, yeah. but znc had some interesting stuff21:41
LjLelkbuntu: such as detached channels21:41
elkbuntudetached channels?21:42
LjLelkbuntu: yeah, you can be in a channel but not have it actually showing up on your client (unless there is activity if you so choose, otherwise you can just check the logs)21:42
LjLthat could be handy especially given my client doesn't have channel-specific highlights21:43
* elkbuntu resists the obvious remark here...21:43
LjLelkbuntu: what, a remark about how i should use client that aren't made for my system's desktop?21:43
LjLdoes bip log well at least?21:44
elkbuntuLjL, well, would you buy a stock part for your car if you knew it was lacking needed functionality?21:46
LjLelkbuntu, because buying a part that's made for a different car would be worse21:47
elkbuntunot necessarily21:47
elkbuntuanyway, i'm procrastinating, off to work :(21:47
elky_worki misread, i didnt mean for a different car, i meant compatible with the same car, but not neccessarily made by the same manufacturer23:12
Seeker`LjL: what client do you use?23:35
LjLSeeker`: konv23:37
LjLelky_work, here's where our definitions of "compatible" probably differ. well no they don't, a GTK program is definitely "compatible" with KDE (i can't deny it, it starts up and runs), but it's not a KDE program, and that's important to me23:38
elky_work"i can't use gray windscreen wiper rubber. because my car is painted black, the wiper rubber must match my paintwork."23:49
LjLelky_work: that's not what it's like. KDE and GNOME aren't just paints for your computer (although GNOME is often perceived as such, given the lack of actual GNOME software)23:55
LjLelky_work: i could just as well use mIRC in WINE with your reasoning.23:55
LjLhey, mIRC works, is fast, i've been used to it for years.23:56
LjLi respect people who mix and match KDE and GNOME applications, or for that matter run uTorrent, or even mIRC, in WINE, as they evidently have different priorities than me.23:56

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