[Solaris]question about a dhcp server, does the server need to be "inline" (eg external --dhcp server --internal) or can the dhcp server exsist anywhere in the network00:34
[Solaris]i.e. internet connected to the router (currently running dhcp) and 4 computers connected to the router... I want to mvoe the DHCP to one of the servers00:34
stainerSolaris: Thats how we have it set up at work, with a windows server handing out addresses00:45
[Solaris]which way00:46
[Solaris]the first way "inline" or the second "in the cluster"00:47
stainerin the cluster00:49
stainerI was just looking at my linksys router and I can do it that way here at home00:49
stainerjust disble dhcp and the other server will hand out the addy,s00:50
stainerKeep the default, Enable, to enable the Router' DHCP server option. If you already have a DHCP server on your network or you do not want a DHCP server, then select Disable.00:50
[Solaris]I want to activate the servers DHCPd and turn off the routers00:51
[Solaris]but maintain the current dhcp settings00:51
[Solaris]but then would i have to tell the server DHCP to redirect traffic to router00:52
[Solaris]since the router will no longer be the defualt gateway00:52
stainerno, thats not the way I understand it00:52
stainerthe router will still do what it does, but the dhcp service will just be handled on another box00:53
stainerits just a service like httpd or sshs00:53
stainererr sshd00:53
[Solaris]erm i don't think my router has an interal dhcp request, and it will need to be hardcoded anyways00:54
[Solaris]right now the router is .1 server is .3 other boxes are .2 .4 .5 etc00:55
stainerwhen a computer needs an addy it just sends out a request, and as long as you have the port open through your router it will get the dhcp server. I would put a static on the router of or simaliar and keep it as a gateway00:55
[Solaris]if that option worked that be great00:56
[Solaris]won't have to change anything really then00:57
stainera router/switch is idependant of dhcpd, the dhcp is an added feature of a router00:58
[Solaris]stainer kewl beans01:02
staineryou could go modem/linux box/router/network and have the linux box handle the netork AND dhcp, but that is above my skill set... I think there is a distro that will do that though01:04
[Solaris]erm so i have to write my very own dhcpd.conf ... joys01:04
[Solaris]thats the way I used to do it01:04
[Solaris]but this server doesn't have two nics01:05
[Solaris]and its a internal fileserver and don't want it on the outside really01:05
stainermaybe you can help me now... I have 2 cpu's in my server. How do I know if the cpu #2 is getting used?01:06
[Solaris]i use conky to monitor loads on my cpu and other stuff01:08
[Solaris]but you have to have X installed01:08
stainerI googled it01:08
stainermpstat -P ALL show everything01:09
[Solaris]systat doesn't exsist on ym server01:09
stainersorry sysstat01:10
stainerextra s01:10
[Solaris]heh still don't ahve that cmd01:13
[Solaris]heh there used to be a online place to generate dhcpd.conf files01:14
stainermpstat is the command, but the package is sysstat01:15
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KrystallKittHow busy is it in here?04:27
ScottKThis time of day, not very.04:28
KrystallKittOkay thats good04:28
ScottKMuch busier during the US/European working day.04:28
KrystallKittWell I kinda need help with my audio drivers i think04:29
ScottKAudio and Server don't generally go together.04:29
KrystallKittWell i've been having trouble with installing a game "Frets On Fire"04:30
KrystallKittand honestly i know I'm never going to get help in a room with 1200 people in it..04:30
ScottKI can understand that, but it doesn't make this the right place to get support.04:32
ScottKNot a huge deal this time of day, but it's also unlikely anyone here can help.04:32
KrystallKittAh, mmk, thanks anyhow04:33
lukehasnonameThe guy looking for FoF help here05:05
lukehasnonamewho else here buys linux magazines monthly?05:20
[Solars]havden't for a long time05:23
rebel_kiddoes the ubuntu server have trouble in virtbox?05:25
SteckelBudwow--udev 117-8 is killing my system. Anytime I try to copy files it fills up to 100% and I can't do anything--ideas!?05:31
[Solars]rebel_kid dunno why you would run server inside of VBox but the people in #vbox can help05:34
rebel_kidto run the server on my desktop (lightweight development server)05:36
rebel_kidso if i f*** everything up (which i definatly will at least once) it only effects the virt box lol05:36
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lukehasnonameWhy would finch require sound06:37
lukehasnonameit's a console IM client, right?06:37
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uvirtbotNew bug: #278610 in shadow (main) "login crashed with SIGSEGV in dump_core() (dup-of: 260687)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27861007:46
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uvirtbotNew bug: #278933 in samba (main) "Guest samba share stops working when winbind is installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27893308:36
ivoksoh, i can confirm this bug08:37
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[Solars]ivoks can you look over my dhcpd.conf to see if i miss anything i need to fix09:19
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uvirtbotNew bug: #279022 in samba (main) "Problems with trusted domains" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27902213:01
bogey-Does anyone have a problem with Ubuntu on VMware that involves not being able to log in after the server has been online for a couple of hours?13:45
brouschbogey- i have several servers running on vmware with no problems. can you be more specific about your ubuntu and vmware versions?13:47
bogey-Ubuntu 8.04.1 on Vmware 1.0713:47
bogey-I am using Squid 2 and it seems that after a few hours the server stops responding13:48
bogey-Now thats over13:57
bogey-Does anyone have a problem with Ubuntu on VMware that involves not being able to log in after the server has been online for a couple of hours? I am using Ubuntu 8.04.1 server, text only mode. I am using VMWare 1.07. I am using the server primarliy for Squid 2 from the ubuntu repo. The server seems to freeze or unable to respond to requests from any service. No logins, No squid, No www, etc.....13:57
ivoks_bogey-: i do13:58
ivoks_bogey-: but i figured out that's cause of dlink router/switch13:58
bogey-ivoks_: have you been able to figure this out?13:58
bogey-oh, nm :(13:58
bogey-it doesnt even respond through the vmware console13:58
bogey-Lets you put in a user/pass and just stops13:59
ivoks_but it is working13:59
bogey-ivoks_: naw, it just stops after you put in a password.13:59
ivoks_but once you plug in keyboard and log in, run some network tools (like apt-get update), it's available from network again13:59
ivoks_bogey-: server is working, but my router doesn't allow connections to it14:00
ivoks_bogey-: i guess it's puzzeld by different MAC's on same port14:00
bogey-ivoks_: thats what i was just about to say14:00
bogey-ivoks_: dont use bridged networking, use NAT and those cheap store and forwards start working right.14:01
ivoks_that's my plan, but i needed bridge at this point14:01
bogey-brb, coffee time14:02
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ivoks_zul: ping14:11
=== ivoks_ is now known as ivoks
zulivoks: yo14:11
ivokshe's alive! :)14:11
ivoksi've fixed that drbd thing14:11
zulyeah its monday morning but barely ;)14:11
zulyeah I saw14:11
ivokscould you review the package?14:11
ivoksyou could just grab it from my ppa and remove last changelog entry14:12
ivoksit was there cause ppa doesn't accept same version upload14:12
zulwas the fix in the kernel source or in drbd?14:12
ivoksone liner :)14:12
zulyou serious?14:12
ivoksyou'll see changelog :)14:12
zulill get an ffe for it as well14:13
ivokszul: current status is unusable and dangerous14:13
zuloh the one we have in the archive :)14:13
ivokscause it's gogin to try communicating with vesa driver, not drbd :)14:14
ivoksgoing ... s/vesa/some frame buffer module/14:14
ivoksi've actually sent the patch to upstream14:17
ivoksthey were shocked :D14:17
zulgood job!14:18
bogey-Does anyone have a problem with Ubuntu on VMware that involves not being able to log in after the server has been online for a couple of hours? I am using Ubuntu 8.04.1 server, text only mode. I am using VMWare 1.07. I am using the server primarliy for Squid 2 from the ubuntu repo. The server seems to freeze or unable to respond to requests from any service. No logins, No squid, No www, etc.....14:24
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luckyonehello everyone15:13
luckyonewould someone mind talking with me about partitions and lvm15:13
luckyoneivoks: I am just trying to make sure that I know what I am doing... because I run ubuntu at home, I am the 'linux expert' at work by default15:21
luckyoneessentially, we have a linux server and we need to add some disk space15:22
luckyoneso we had our IT staff allocate some additional space to the virtual machine15:22
luckyoneI need to get that additional space added to the logical volume15:22
luckyonemy thoughts are that I first need to extend the partition with something like ext2online15:23
ivoksyou have to add pv first15:24
ivoksthen extend volume group15:24
ivoksand then logic volume15:24
ivoksafter that you can extend ext215:24
ivoksor ext315:24
ivoksor xfs :)15:24
luckyoneI *think* the pv is already there15:24
ivoksyou already have LVM set up, right?15:25
luckyoneit is a vm, so they just said, instead of 15GB, here is 1815:25
luckyoneivoks: yes15:25
ivoksluckyone: so, it's not additional disk, but you've expanded virtual disk?15:25
luckyoneivoks: correc15:26
luckyoneivoks: still just /dev/sda15:27
ivoksluckyone: run pvdisplay15:27
ivoksluckyone: there should be only /dev/sdaX15:27
ivoksor whole /dev/sda15:28
luckyoneshows /dev/sda215:28
ivoksand it's size?15:28
ivoksthis is not expanded size, right?15:29
ivoksfdisk -l /dev/sda15:29
ivoksdoes it show additional space at the end?15:30
luckyone/dev/sda1 1 - 1315:30
luckyone/dev/sda2 14 - 195815:30
luckyoneit shows /dev/sda as being 19.3 GB though15:31
ivokspvresize should be your friend15:32
ivoksumount partition first15:32
ivoksbackup all data :D15:32
luckyoneso if I unmount and pvresize, it will automatically extend the pv and add it to the lv?15:34
ivoksit will just expand pv15:34
ivoksthen you have to expand vg15:34
ivoksand after that lv15:34
luckyoneI guess can you explain the process, I am opening man pages now15:34
ivoksat the end, you have to extend filesystem15:35
ivokslv is part of vg, while vg is on top of pv15:35
luckyonepvresize says you currently see this physical volume as 15GB, it is actually 18GB15:36
ivoksthen resize it to 18G15:36
ivoksbackup data first!15:36
luckyonehehe, we had them take a snapshot15:36
ivoksexpanding isn't that painfull... a week ago i resized 120Gb to 20GB :)15:37
luckyoneI am not going to do it until 1) I understand it or 2) after 11:00 CDT, whichever is later15:37
luckyonebut the process is 1) run pvresize to tell the physical volume how big it is15:38
ivokswell, which part you don't understand now?15:38
luckyone2) add the additional space to the vg?15:38
luckyone3) extend the partition?15:39
luckyoneis that right at a high level?15:39
ivoksthat's bellow logic volume15:39
ivoksand bellow volume group is physical volume15:39
ivokson top of logic volume is filesystem15:40
ivoksso, if you are exanding:15:40
ivokspv -> vg -> lv -> fs15:40
ivoksif you are reducing:15:40
ivoksfs -> lv -> vg -> pv15:40
ivoksfilesystem can be only on one logic volume15:42
ivokslogic volume can be only from one logic group15:42
ivokslogic group can be on multiple physical volumes15:42
ivoksthere can be multiple logic volumes in volume group and there can be multiple volume groups on physical volumes15:43
ivoksso, it's quite easy15:43
luckyoneso, it doesn't make sense to try and run ext2online on something that doesn't even 'belong' to the pv yet15:43
ivoksyou can't extend filesystem if lv isn't bigger15:45
ivoksyou have to extend lv before that15:45
luckyoneok, resize the pv, extend the lv, extend partition15:45
ivoksand before extending lv, there needs to be room in vg15:46
ivoksto get room in vg, extend pv first, and then vg15:46
ivokspv vg lv15:46
luckyonepvresize, vgextend, lvextend, ext2online (or fdisk)15:46
ivoksjust go for it15:47
luckyonehaha, what could I possibly screw up?15:48
luckyoneI have a backup!15:48
luckyoneivoks: thanks for the help15:49
luckyoneivoks: if you are still on when I do this in an hour or two, I may ping you...15:49
ivoksdo it now15:50
luckyonenot now, one of my associates is using that box for a demo15:50
ivokswho cares15:50
ivoksnow! :D15:50
luckyoneit is one of our peoplesoft demo boxes15:50
ivoksah... marketing... kills all the fun in software15:51
frame45does anyone know if you can put Ubuntu on a LaCie ethernet disk, like you can the Linksys NSLU2 (slug)16:02
zulmathiaz: ping16:10
mathiazzul: ouch16:10
zulmathiaz: slangasek refreshed the patches Ill try to work in samba-3.2.4 this week16:11
mathiazzul: great16:11
Koonzul: about samba, any success in reproducing bug 260687 ?16:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 260687 in samba "pam_smbpass.so segfaults" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26068716:17
zulKoon: not yet16:18
Koonzul: also about bug 277447, let me know what option we should pursue : try to get rc11-1 in or prepare a fix for just the issue. My guess is that there are plenty of useful fixes for bugs we'll hit anyway... but changes in rc10 are quite extensive16:21
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 277447 in openvpn "script failed: could not execute external program " [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27744716:21
mathiazKoon: are there new features in rc10 ?16:26
mathiazKoon: if they're mainly bug fixes we don't necessarly require a FFexception.16:27
Koonmathiaz: there are new configuration options16:27
Koonmostly driven as bug fix complements16:27
Koonmathiaz: check out http://openvpn.net/index.php/documentation/change-log/changelog-21.html16:28
montesluanyone have luck with a "RAID bus controller: Dell PowerEdge Expandable RAID controller 5" ?17:36
[Solars]where should i start looking for an answer for this17:59
[Solars]Oct 6 07:45:08 hel dhclient: DHCPREQUEST of <null address> on eth0 to port 6718:00
[Solars]Oct 6 07:45:46 hel last message repeated 3 times18:00
[Solars]Oct 6 07:46:59 hel last message repeated 6 times18:00
[Solars]got a ton of entries like18:00
[Solars]lots of repeats18:00
[Solars]thats in the syslog file18:01
[Solars]i am unable to ping
[Solars]nothing shows drake@hel:/srv/media$ nano /var/lib/dhcp3/dhcpd.leases18:03
[Solars]for that address18:03
[Solars]i physically check each network device and find nothing18:04
Fenix|workI'm having some difficulties with sarg-reports on my server18:05
[Solars]thik its a bootp device? in my dhcpd.config file i have it to deny bootp devices18:05
Fenix|worksarg-reports today works like a champ, but sarg-reports daily (or weekly and monthly) exit fine, but don't actually generate reports of any kind18:06
stainerSolars: I read something about maybe an extra step for Windows devices... something about a WINS server, or something18:08
[Solars]erm i don't have another server here18:10
Fenix|work[Solars], what's the problem?  I only caught the very tail-end of your info18:11
[Solars]it has litereally fills up the entire syslog (many hours)18:11
[Solars]i got soemthing on my network thats18:11
[Solars]Oct 6 08:00:20 hel dhclient: DHCPREQUEST of <null address> on eth0 to port 6718:11
[Solars]multiple times per sec18:12
[Solars](its not doing it right now it appears)18:12
[Solars]but no address exsist on the network18:12
[Solars]nothing in dhcpd.leases18:12
[Solars]can't ping it18:12
[Solars]and can't account for that address18:12
[Solars]but is in the dhcpd pool18:13
brouschcould be a virtual machine on NAT?18:13
[Solars]NAT is taken care by the router18:13
[Solars]from the isp18:13
[Solars]and no virtual machines running18:14
Fenix|workand we're talking about dhclient.leases right?18:14
[Solars]heh yea18:14
[Solars]sorry about that18:14
[Solars]trying to find whats flooding the dhcpd18:14
[Solars]for a request18:15
Fenix|work[Solars], hehe... I believe it's a bug in DHCP318:15
[Solars]is there a work around/fix for that18:16
Fenix|workwhen you see DHCPREQUEST of <null address> what you're actually seeing is a client renewing it's IP address.  you only see an IP where null address when it's a new client looking for a new IP18:16
Fenix|workIt's not really a bug per-se ...18:17
Fenix|work... turn down debugging logging for dhclient18:17
[Solars]i only have 4 computers online last night18:18
[Solars]and i was getting hundred if not thousands of requests18:18
Fenix|workwhat's the default lease time?18:18
[Solars]12 hours and 24 hours18:19
[Solars]12 hour min 24 hours max18:19
Fenix|workyou know how dhcp renewals work?18:19
[Solars]computer sends request to network (broadcast), the server responds I am here (handshakes), etc etc18:20
Fenix|workeach client trys to renew it's lease halfway through it's lease period18:20
Fenix|workso yours is 12 hours lease18:20
Fenix|workso every six hours it requests to re-lease the address18:20
[Solars]erm when i had the lease times lwoer18:21
[Solars]to like 5 mins (when i was setting up)18:21
Fenix|workif it doesn't get a response it tries again in 3 hours, then 1.5 hours, then in .75 hours, and so on and so forth... until it gets small and the lease expires.18:21
[Solars]it did not show "DHCPREQUEST of <null address>"18:21
[Solars]no lease renewed18:21
[Solars]no devices on my network as that ipaddress either18:22
[Solars]i been tail -f the syslog all night18:23
[Solars]and i have a ton of requests18:23
luckyonei am about to attempt to add disk space to a logical volume, can anyone help me?18:24
[Solars]also have a ton of these18:25
[Solars]Oct 6 11:30:53 hel dhclient: DHCPREQUEST of <null address> on eth0 to port 6718:25
[Solars]Oct 6 11:30:53 hel dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:1a:4d:45:a6:7f via eth018:25
[Solars]bah i need to start using pastebin18:25
luckyonethe process I discussed earlier was using pvresize, vgextend, lvextend, and ext2online18:25
[Solars]raid or no raid?18:25
[Solars]can't help you on that subject, sorry18:26
[Solars]erm i think i found the problem but not sure how to fix it18:33
[Solars]in the dhcpd.conf i setup so the server itself will get a static address, when request it self for a ip address....(not sure if thats a good or soso idea)18:34
[Solars]but anyways i restarted dhcpd318:34
[Solars]now i am getting flooded with acks and requests18:34
[Solars]from the server ip address18:35
[Solars]so i am going to try and just restart the /etc/init.d/network18:37
Fenix|workis there any way to have logrotate exclude a set of logs?18:39
Fenix|workor have a different schedule for a different set of logs?18:39
[Solars]there are some examples in 'man logrotate18:40
trashguywhat up18:41
Fenix|workok... I now know fully what's going on18:42
Fenix|workAny devs here attached to the sarg package?18:43
Fenix|workor maintainers :)18:43
Fenix|workor squid people :)18:44
Fenix|work[Solars], if I want to concatenate the log files together18:49
Fenix|work.log.2 is the oldest, followed by .log.1 then .log correct ?18:49
trashguyi dont typically do that18:49
trashguybecause there is a reaosn they are broken down18:50
trashguythey get to big18:50
trashguyand searching is a pain in the ass18:50
Fenix|worktrashguy, I agree, they do get big18:50
luckyonecan anyone in here help me add disk space to my lvm?18:50
trashguymy webserver logs get in to the gigs18:50
Fenix|workbut when logrotate runs daily and I need to generate montly reports on a set of logs, I can't get monthly reports cus a month doesn't exist :)18:50
luckyoneI have a vm that our IT staff added disk space to, but i don't know how to make that usable (add it to the lvm)18:51
luckyoneI tried to run pvresize to add the additional space to the physical volume, but it didn't do anything18:51
[Solars]Fenix|work then why not just do a monthly rotate?18:53
Fenix|workI am18:53
[Solars]if thats what you need18:53
Fenix|workThere's a misconfiguration in the logrotate.d/squid file18:53
Fenix|workand I need to find out more how sarg-report works18:53
[Solars]erm okay dunno what to say then sorry18:54
Fenix|workmore specifically sarg, since it appears sarg-reports is a kind of wrapper that simplifies running reports with sarg18:55
rrittenhouseI just updated my feisty (desktop) server last week and now i'm having problems with the networking. If i SSH and port forward I can't connect to "Remote Desktop" (VNC). Is this a known problem? It also seems that I can't VNC into it at all.18:56
rrittenhouseI was using firestarter to block connections to all but SSH before this happened but I have to start firestarter up everytime i want it18:56
r00tintheb0xhello all.18:57
r00tintheb0xIm trying to set up a BIND server... for internal use.18:57
r00tintheb0xI had to move our domain controller from our DC here to a co-lo during hurricane ike.18:58
r00tintheb0xBig pain, DHCP relay isnt working over a VPN tunnel between the two locations.18:58
r00tintheb0xSo im trying to relay get dhcp to work on this new ubuntu server i put up and get all my internal names off the old win2k3 ad server.18:58
r00tintheb0xAny magic commands?18:58
cyris|hey everyone. every time i sudo apt-get install package i get the following error. sudo: unable to resolve host s142-179-206-147.ab.hsia.telus.net. this is what my /etc/hosts file looks like. Any ideas ? thanks http://rafb.net/p/Lo4foa84.html19:23
ivoksand what's your hostname?19:25
ivoksthat's your hostname? :)19:25
ivoksis that dynamic or static ip?19:25
cyris|static, but my isp doesn't support hardcoding of ips so i have to use dhcp to grab it.19:26
r00tintheb0xI got it.19:26
ivokswhat does this return:19:26
r00tintheb0xMy problem at least.19:27
ivoksnslookup s142-179-206-147.ab.hsia.telus.net19:27
ivoksis it resolvable?19:27
r00tintheb0xHey guys, how can I reconfigure my network via dpkg ?19:27
r00tintheb0xdpkg-reconfigure networking isnt working19:27
ivoksr00tintheb0x: dpkg can't configure your network19:27
cyris|ivoks: doesn't seem to :/ user@s142-179-206-147:~$ nslookup s142-179-206-147.ab.hsia.telus.net19:28
cyris|** server can't find s142-179-206-147.ab.hsia.telus.net: NXDOMAIN19:28
cyris|my bad im sorry19:28
ivokscyris|: no need to paste19:28
ivokscyris|: well, that's your problem19:28
ivoksyour DNS doesn't know anything about that hostname19:29
ivokscyris|: why don't you use some normal names like 'mysuperserver'19:29
cyris|this particular box is using my ISP's dns servers19:30
ivokscyris|: so what...19:30
ivokscyris|: you could call your server 'twingo'19:31
ivokscyris|: and add twingo in hosts, as an alias for
r00tintheb0xOkay, ivoks should I just manually edit /etc/network* to reflect the changes I want?19:32
ivoksr00tintheb0x: after you edit it, restart networking /etc/init.d/networking restart19:32
r00tintheb0xOkay, thanks.19:33
ivoksr00tintheb0x: be sure not to make any mistakes :)19:33
r00tintheb0xhehe, yeah. the server is local so it wont be too bad.19:33
ivoksr00tintheb0x: if you fsck up, use ipmi to fix it :)19:34
ivoksif your server supports it, of course19:34
ivokslots of servers support ipmi, and their owners don't know that19:34
ivoksand that thing makes live so much easier :)19:34
r00tintheb0xI see.19:35
Fenix|workHow do I go about verifying a bug in launchpad?19:40
ivoksclick on 'New' and select 'Confirmed'19:40
webtech_m33hello.. i am looking for a how to, to rebuild a .deb package19:49
webtech_m33i dpkg-buildpackage and created a new .deb file19:50
ivokswebtech_m33: #ubuntu-motu would be a better place for those kind of questions19:50
cyris|ivoks: sorry i had to jet their for a sec. my only problem is that I need to use a hostname for this machine thats resolvable publicly.20:11
ivoksi don't see why you should have to do that20:11
cyris|ivoks: maybe i dont :/ zimbra is complaining that my hostname isn't resolvable with my dns servers. i'm gonna just alias a hostname like you said and see what happens20:14
ivokscyris|: set up nice, normal hostname20:15
ivokscyris|: add that hostname as an alias for and problem sloved20:15
cyris|so i added an entry into /etc/hosts with london and edited /etc/hostname with london.20:15
cyris|ivoks: is that correct?20:16
[Solars]ivoks by chance you ever get a chance to look at my dhcpd3.config file>20:17
ivoksi'm not the only one around here :D20:17
[Solars]but your the most spoken one :P20:17
ivoks[Solars]: iirc, it looked ok20:18
[Solars]erm how to restart python or kill python threads20:19
[Solars]ivoks thats good to hear20:19
[Solars]first time in years i made one of those config's20:20
cyris|ivoks: I must be setting up my /etc/hosts file incorrectly, or zimbra's installer is picky. check this out. http://rafb.net/p/X4HsNt33.html20:20
ivokscyris|: like this:20:22
ivoks127.0.0.1 localhost.localdomain localhost london20:22
ivoksone line20:22
cyris|ivoks: err sorry!20:22
[Solars]erm whats the command to list current threads/20:25
cyris|ivoks: ah ok i gotcha. i question tho. is that 2 alias's then ? it was my impression that the order was IP,hostname,alias20:27
cyris|a question*20:27
ivokscyris|: you can have numerus aliases20:27
cyris|ivoks: ok20:27
RediXesudo setfacl -dm g:mygroup:rwx /mnt/common/    permission denied any idea's?20:37
ivoksmounted with acl?20:39
ivoksi would really love to see 9.04 with acl by default20:40
RediXeivoks: sshfs#steven@ /mnt/colossus/common/ fuse,acl user 0 0 is in my fstab20:43
RediXeNot sure if the acl is supposed to be there or after user20:44
ivokssshfs supports acl?20:44
ivoksi kind of doubt that20:44
RediXeNo idea20:45
ivokswell, you'll need server supporting acl if you want to set up acl on it's directory20:45
RediXesshfs is the way we are mounting network drive for the users and we are running into the issue of when a new file is created on the directory they permissions are wrong and we are running chown and chmod to get them working again20:46
RediXeThat's getting to be a pain to do everytime20:47
ivoksi know20:47
ivoksthat's why i said; ACL would be great by default20:47
RediXeivoks: :P This is the first time I have ever used it20:47
ivoksif you want to use it now, you'll have to setup ACL on the server's filesystem, not on the client20:47
RediXewell I have ACL installed on the server I just don't have anything set up on it20:48
ivoksyou are mounting server's directory, which is probably on a filesystem that isn't mounted with acl20:48
ivoksRediXe: check the mounted filesystem20:48
RediXeivoks: There an easy to see them or just look to see what fstab is mounting?20:49
ivoksmount [mount point] -o remount,acl20:50
ivoksah... to see20:50
ivoksrun 'mount'20:50
ivoksthat will give you an answer20:50
RediXenothing with acl20:50
ivoksthere you go, that's the problem20:51
RediXeso would I set the acl on the ext3 fs?20:51
RediXeguided - entire disk20:51
RediXeno special partition done20:51
ivoksif you want, go ahead20:52
RediXewell I'm assuming the ext3 is where all the home directories are stored20:52
ivoksext3 is filesystem20:52
ivokspartition is where your home directories are20:53
ivokspartition can be ext2, ext3, xfs, jfs, reiser...20:53
RediXemount /dev/sda1 -o remount,acl will add the option to the list I assume?20:54
ivoksit won't add it to fstab, just to current situation20:54
ivoksyou'll have to edit fstab if you want preserve that during reboots20:54
ivoksnot /dev/sda120:55
ivoksmount point20:55
ivokslike - /20:55
cyris|ivoks: thank you very much for helping me with my hostname problems. everything seems to be working.20:55
ivokscyris|: np20:55
RediXeivoks: Thanks! It seems to be working except for the client I was testing with. It is showing d??????????? ? ? ? ?                      ? common and same for finance directory. These are the mount points for sshfs. Any idea's? I tried to chmod them with sudo but permission denied still21:18
ivoksi didn't understand those ?????21:19
ivokscommon and finance are dirs?21:19
RediXeon the clients machine I do ls -l and i see "d????????? ? ? ? ?                ? common" and the same for the finance21:20
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ivoksit can't read permissions for some reason21:21
RediXeI tried to run the setfacl -b /mnt/colossus/common but I get permission denied21:21
ivoksRediXe: i never used sshfs, so i don't know what could've happend21:23
RediXeivoks: Anyway to force remove the directories and I can just recreate them? They're just mount points? ... let me try to umount them and see if that helps (not even sure if they are mounted cuz I can cd into them and forgot to check mount) :P21:24
RediXeivoks: Yeah, they're mounted so that might be why I'm having some trouble.21:24
RediXeivoks: Alright, I think we're good on that issue. Do you know if ACL can auto set the new files and directories to 770 and to a specific group?21:32
ivoksi think it's -R21:32
ivoksor -d21:32
RediXesudo setfacl -dm g:finance:rwx /home/finance ..... this is what I have ran but when they create a new directory the group is not being set to finance21:34
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uvirtbotNew bug: #279316 in bind9 (main) "SRU for bind9 to 9.4.2.dfsg.P2 on hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27931622:16
jdstrandlamont: I finally did the SRU for bug #27931622:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 279316 in bind9 "SRU for bind9 to 9.4.2.dfsg.P2 on hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27931622:26
jdstrandlamont: hi btw :)22:26
jdstrandlamont: can you comment on its regression potential (the P2 part, not the sgchase or apparmor parts)22:27
jdstrandlamont: also, I noticed that we went from libisc32 to libisc35, but it looks like only bind9 binaries use it-- can you mention that as well?22:28
lamontjdstrand: will do so in a bit.22:35
jdstrandlamont: thanks-- I took the liberty of subscribing you and dejeuren as well22:36
[Solars]holy cow,23:12
[Solars]now it seems i have another problem23:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #279127 in debian-installer (main) "Corrupted screen in Intrepid server installer (dup-of: 277153)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27912723:14
[Solars]gettting "Connection Interrupted" while trying to surf the web23:15
[Solars]it looks up the address, then says "waiting for website.url.com"23:16
[Solars]i can ping said servers23:17
[Solars]just seems as if http is being blocked23:18
[Solars]no clue if its my server causing the problem or my isp23:19
[Solars]any idea what files/logs i should check on my server?23:21
[Solars]i can access internal http pages23:22
[Solars]nslookup works23:27
trashguywhats going on [Solars]23:28
[Solars]its strangs23:28
[Solars]I can't access 'outside' internet23:28
[Solars]while intranet works23:29
[Solars]i can ping the outside, i use the DNS from the outside23:29
[Solars]but when 'surfing' i get interrupt page23:29
trashguystop hitting esc kep23:45

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